Black Box USB Display Adapter Specifications

Black Box USB Display Adapter Specifications
Thank You!
Thank you for purchasing the Black Box™ by Blue Tiger®. This dash or windshield
mountable camera is your first line of defense in traffic incident litigation protection.
With a full 1080p HD camera, photograph capability, high-quality night recording,
motion detection, voice record and external SD memory, the Black Box™ produces
great picture quality and a reliable user experience.
Please take a few moments to review the contents of this manual in order to ensure
the best user experience.
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Get to know the Black Box™:
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1. Record /Camera (OK) button
2. Bracket hole
3. Front camera
4. Night vision/Photo flash
5. Bracket screw hole
6. GPS module port
7. Reset button
13. Microphone
14. Working indicator (Blue) / Charging
indicator (Red)
15. Menu key
16. 2.7 inch LCD display
17. GPS Module (available as an add on
from and select
8. USB Slot
9. SD card port
10. Up/LED light on-off
11. Power / Mode Button
12. Down/front, LCD screen contrast
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Basic Usage Instructions:
Before turning on your Black Box™, insert a compatible microSD card into the memory
card slot on the side of the camera under the plastic guard to the right of the menu
controls. Blue Tiger recommends using at least a Class 4 microSD HC name brand
memory card in order to get the best performance from your camera. The memory
card included with your Black Box™ is a Class 10 SanDisk Ultra HC.
After the microSD has been installed, turn the camera on using the Power/Mode
button on the right side of the menu controls.
Once the camera has been turned on it will automatically enter record mode.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Never remove the microSD card while the camera is on. Doing so
may damage the memory card or the Black Box™ DVR Dash Camera.
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Safe Operating Temperatures:
The Black Box™ is designed for operating use within the temperature range of 30° and
90° Fahrenheit. Operating or leaving the camera in environments outside of this “safe
zone” may cause permanent damage to your camera and will not be covered by
For instance, leaving your camera mounted on your windshield while your vehicle is
parked and the temperature outside the vehicle is 85° F could cause permanent
damage to your camera. It is recommended that you remove the camera from the
windshield and place it somewhere that is not in direct sunlight in circumstances like
Power Modes:
Use built-in Polymer battery
The built in lithium polymer battery allows the camera to operate without being
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hooked up to a power source for 2 to 4 hours when fully charged and not using the
LCD preview screen.
Use included car charger
When the vehicle is started, the Black Box™ will automatically come on and begin
recording will also enter charging mode. You may turn the camera off after charging
has begun. While charging, the LED light will light up red. Once charged, the battery
icon on the screen will show fully charged.
Note: This device can only use a power source output of 5V.
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Setting up the Date and Time:
In order to set up the date and time, press the menu button and scroll down to “Date
and Time”, then press the camera/ok button on the top of the Black Box.
In this menu, the month will be selected. Use the up and down keys to change the
month and press the camera/ok button to confirm. Once confirmed, the day field will
be automatically selected. Repeat this procedure until all fields have been updated,
then exit the Date and Time screen.
Installation Instructions:
1. Find a clear and secure place to mount the camera. Use a clean and soft cloth to
wipe off the surface that you are mounting the camera to and remove the adhesive
cover that is stuck to the bracket pad. Install the camera with bracket pad and secure
on the windshield or dashboard.
2. Connect camera’s USB terminal and car cigarette lighter to the power source.
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3. Adjust the camera position to attain the best view.
Make sure the lens perpendicular to the ground 90°.
4. Check to see if the device has installed correctly.
Operation Instructions:
Record Mode
Press and hold the “POWER” button to turn on the device. Then press the “OK” button
to enter record mode. The device will begin recording. (Note: be sure to insert the SD
card before attempting to record) While recording, the blue LED light will flash
indicating that the device is recording. Press the “OK” button again to stop recording.
Still Photo Camera Mode
Press the “MODE” button once to enter still photo camera mode.
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Playback Mode
Press the “MODE” button twice to enter preview/playback mode. Press OK to confirm.
Use the UP/Down button to select the file directory that you want to browse. Files are
sorted by year, month, and day. Select the file you would like to view and press the
OK button to begin playback. Press the OK button again to pause playback.
Setting Record Options in the Recording Menu
To access the recording options, turn on the camera and enter recording mode, then
press the MENU button to enter the camera settings interface. Press the UP/DOWN
button to select the setting from the list that you would like to modify and press OK.
You may then press the UP/DOWN button to change the parameters of each selection
and confirm your change by pressing the OK button again.
Recording Options
1. Recording Resolution: 640x480 (lowest picture quality), 1280x720,
1920x1080(best picture quality)
2. Sound recording: open/close
3. Volume Level
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Motion Detection: On/Off
Frame Rate: 20FPS/30FPS (30 is preferred)
Recording Time: 2, 5, 10 mins or OFF
LCD Backlight: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or always on
Date: On/Off
Date/Time: Month Day Year Time
Language: English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Russian
Frequency setting: 50HZ 60HZ
Default settings restore: Yes or No
Version: V/120****
Using Photo Mode
Power the camera on and press MODE button once to enter into photo mode. You may
press the MENU button again to enter setup interface.
Still Photo Options
1. Resolution: 1280x960 1600x1200 2048x1536
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2. Motion Detection: Off / On
3. Automatically snap: Off / 5 sec/ 10 sec
To view or delete photos taken, press the MODE button twice to enter into the preview
mode, then press the MENU button to enter the setup interface. Use the UP/DOWN
button to choose the specific parameter and press the OK button to confirm.
File Management Options
1. Delete single (deletes only the selected file)
2. Delete all (deletes all files in the selected directory)
3. Format (completely erases all data on the memory card)
Viewing Your Videos
There are four options that you may choose from to play back your recorded videos.
Option 1: Play Your Videos Back on Your Camera’s LCD Screen
From the video record screen (the default view when turning your camera on), press
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the Mode button twice. The mode button is located on the right side of the four way
button wheel to the right of the display screen.
Pressing this button twice will bring you to the file view. The first file folder will be
listed as the year (2012, 2013, etc.). Use the up and down arrow to select the correct
folder and then use the Camera/OK button on the top of the camera to enter into that
file folder.
The next screen will have other folders listed from 01 to 12. These folders indicate
what months in which the videos were taken. Again, use the up and down arrow
buttons to select the appropriate folder and then use the Camera/OK button to select
and enter that file folder.
The next screen will have more folders listed ranging from 01 to 31. These folders
indicate the day of the month in which the videos were taken. Select the day, and
press the Camera/OK button.
Once inside this final file, simply use the up and down arrow buttons to select the
Blue Tiger USA |
desired video and use the Camera/OK button to select and play the video.
Option 2: Use the HDMI Cable to Play Videos from the Camera through an HDTV
To play your videos back on an HDTV from your camera, plug the HDMI cable into your
camera and your television and make sure that the corresponding display input is
selected on your TV. Once this is completed, turn your camera on. Your camera should
automatically display the video file menu as described in option 1 above. Follow the
same instructions as option 1 to browse and select your desired video file.
Option 3: Use the microSD Card to Browse for Your Videos on a Computer
Making certain that your camera is turned off, remove the microSD card from the
camera and insert the microSD card into the SD Card adapter. Once secured, insert the
SD Card adapter into the SD Card reader port on your computer. Browse through the
file tree to find and play your video files on your computer. You may also copy or move
your video files from the microSD Card to your computer’s hard drive.
Blue Tiger USA |
Option 4: Access Your Video Files on a Computer Using the USB Cable
To view or transfer files from your camera using a computer, power off the camera and
connect it to PC USB port using the included USB cable. The LCD screen will display two
function modes. The first icon, the USB icon, indicates PC Web Camera mode, and the
second icon, the USB/Memory disk icon, indicates using the camera as a removable
disk. Select the removable disk icon by pressing the DOWN button and touch the OK
button to confirm. Note: You may view your files without a USB by removing the SD
card from the camera and plugging it directly into a card reader on your computer
using the SD adapter included in the box.
PC Camera Mode
To use your camera as a webcam, turn the camera off and connect it to PC USB port,
entering USB mode. The LCD screen will display two function modes. Select the first
icon by highlighting it and pressing the Camera/OK button. The Black Box™ uses
dedicated driver software which will need to be installed on the computer before using
PC CAM function.
Blue Tiger USA |
Installing PC/Webcam Device Drivers
To install the drivers for your Black Box in order to use it as a PC Webcam, find the CD
that came packaged with your camera. This CD contains four file folders containing the
drivers for the camera based on your PC operating system. For Windows 7 and
Windows 8 64bit users, please use the folder titled Win XP 64. Windows 7 and 8 32 bit
operating system users should select Win XP.
Since there is not an executable file for installing the drivers, you will need to go the
Device Manager inside your Windows OS and select the device labeled “Coach” from
the device list. Right click on this device name and select “Update Driver.” On the next
screen you will have the option to search automatically for drivers or select the
location on your computer. With the driver CD in your CD drive, select the option to
manually locate the drivers and browse for the correct folder for your operating system
on the driver CD.
(Note: If no operation occurs within 10 seconds after you have connected the camera
to the USB port of PC, the device will enter PC CAM mode by default.)
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LED Light
To manually activate the LED light, after the device begins recording, press the UP
button to turn this function on. The LED light can be cancelled by pressing the UP
button again. NOTE: The LED light is recommended for use when your headlights are
not turned on and you are using the camera under low light conditions. If you are
using headlights, the LED function is not recommended.
Motion detection
If motion detection is activated and your camera is turned on, the Black Box™ will be
able to detect if your vehicle is in motion and will begin recoding.
If the G-Sensor function is activated, your camera detect collisions. Should this occur, a
"lock" icon will display on the screen. The “lock” icon indicates that the camera has
automatically saved the last video and marked it so that it will not be overwritten.
Blue Tiger USA |
You may choose to add the Blue Tiger® GPS module to your camera in order to be able
to track and synchronize your location with your videos while using the Black Box™.
Please note that the GPS module is not included with your Black Box™ but may be
purchased from your retailer or from Blue Tiger® directly.
The GPS module is connected via the attached cable into the corresponding port in the
side of the Black Box™ (please see diagram). An icon in the bottom left corner of the
LCD screen will change from gray to green letting you know that the GPS module is
attached and working. While recording, the GPS module will write your location data
to the camera memory as the video is recorded. You will need the software included
with the GPS module in order to see the location data.
Please follow the instructions included with the GPS module for software installation
and playback
Blue Tiger USA |
HD 1080P Output
This product includes HD full digital video and voice transfer interface, which can
transfer video and audio signal for DVB-T, DVD players, PC, TV, integrated amplifiers,
digital sound and HDTV.
Important Notes:
1) Please plug in the SD card before recording and do not unplug the SD card when
recording or during playback as doing so may damage the camera or memory card.
2) The Black Box™ is designed for cyclical recording, meaning that once the memory
card is full, it will begin to overwrite the existing data on the card. This way, the most
Blue Tiger USA |
recent data is stored and you do not need to add additional memory once the capacity
is reached. You may set the video record time to 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes
of recording before the camera begins recording a new clip.
3) When not plugged into a power source and the battery gets low, the battery icon
will turn red and begin flashing on the screen. After 20 seconds, this camera will
automatically save the current file and shut down.
4) If you need reset your Black Box™, press and hold the RESET button for 3 seconds
then release. The reset button is located above the USB port on the camera and can be
accessed with a pin.
5) RED “F” On Screen- If a red letter “F” appears on your screen, your camera is
indicating that your memory card is full. This should only happen if your G-Sensor has
locked too many files for the camera to continue recording. In this case, it will be
necessary to delete the files by using a computer. This will free up space on your
memory card and allow you to continue recording. Please note, you cannot delete
locked files from the camera. These files must be deleted by using a computer.
Blue Tiger USA |
Video resolution
File Format
Seamless loop
Embedded 3axis
G(X,Y,Z) sensor.
Motion detection
OV9810 9M pixels image sensor
640*480 1280*720 1920*1080
Image : JPEG, BMP
Video : AVI
USB 2.0 High Speed
1280*960 1600*1200 2048*1536
Port available, module not included.
See your location on Google Maps.
Supported. Lock and save the recording file when the car
Blue Tiger USA |
Year, month, day
hour, minute
Built-in flash microSD Card port:
Supports 1GB-32GB Class 4 and above
HDMI output
USB function
English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Russian, etc,.
1. Charge
2. Connect to PC
3. PC camera
1. Rechargeable polymer battery, 3.7V 700mAh.
2. Car Charger, 5V/1200mAh.
Included Accessories
• Manual • Bracket • USB cable • Car Charger • SanDisk Class 10 MicroSD 8gb• HDMI
Blue Tiger USA |
Warranty and Conditions
North American Blue Tiger Company (“Blue Tiger”) warrants your product to be free from
physical defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of the
original retail purchase. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, we will repair or
replace the product at our option using new or refurbished components. In order to process
your warranty claim swiftly, be sure to register your product online at using your serial number on the back of the manual.
Product failures not covered by this warranty:
This warranty covers defects in manufacturing that arise from the correct use of the device. It is
limited to defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover damage caused by abuse,
misuse, unauthorized modification, lightning or power surge damage, extreme heat or cold, and
corrosive environments. The warranty also does not cover the normal wear and tear on covers,
cases, housing, connectors, and accessories.
Blue Tiger USA |
Limits of liability:
If these products fail or do not perform as warranted, your sole recourse shall be to repair the
product as described above. We will not be liable to you or anyone else for any damages that
result from the failure of this product. These damages include, but are not limited to, the
following: lost profits, lost savings, lost data, damage to other equipment, and incidental or
consequential damages arising from the use of or inability to use this product.
Express or implied warranties are disclaimed. IN NO EVENT WILL BLUE TIGER BE LIABLE FOR
Blue Tiger specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, and the user shall
deem the installation or use of this product an acceptance of these terms.
Blue Tiger USA |
How to obtain service under this warranty:
RMA Numbers are required for all product returns by doing one of the following:
✔ Completing a request on our web site at
✔ By sending an e-mail to [email protected]
✔ By calling 800-935-1165 and speaking to a Technical Support Engineer
Once a Blue Tiger Technical Support Engineer verifies you have a hardware problem that
requires you to return your product, you will be provided with an RMA number. You must
acquire an RMA number and deliver the defective unit to Blue Tiger in order to obtain service
under this warranty. A sales receipt may be required to verify the original retail purchase. All
returned units must have the RMA number visible on the outside of the shipping package. You
must either use the original packing or pack the unit securely to avoid damage during shipping.
Return Authorizations are valid for 30 days after the RMA number is issued. Ship your product
pre-paid to Blue Tiger at the address listed on the website under the
link Contact us.
Blue Tiger USA |
(Affix a copy of your receipt here)
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Additional Notes:
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