Sharp SJ-D51J User manual

Sharp SJ-D51J User manual
77.-f I \.Y-iiilt<:M9~'115- Privacy Warning
lftiWf'j;JL'· A!JWO)B.*~H~imi ·ll2f~9G<:c~<l:. t-mfmJA0)-1 :1- --:; c/71' 1 \~­
HiH~9G:t\tLIJ'<If>'J, :ltffro~lm~<:~lfilb'tl;l;-ltlvo ~~<:üimid:>J::U/di>G~ '~<l:-1
/9- .:7-- ·y 1- Ud;J:fl!JO)<If>S i'J>Gl!Jitfii;L'·IJJOOiO)l!2f~H!t~9GO)c·df>tL~;t·, ti~M
~<: -fO)A!JWIJ'6Wfj'j)"~~~-r <ti<!~ ' o1' ;;f.-:J~' ?/di>G~ '~<l:A!JWO)~!j!IJ;J;td<l:~
~~f~?~TQB.*~~;J:l!2fill1J:L 'L'' (tc;!~ ' o
'iiii*J!, ID!l~13 W<.H<=d::GiReceiverO)~IJm~<l:. ~<r;tt.::StL"Cd:i'J, ll.!J.Illmtt~cfJ:Gil)l
~b'd5 1J;l;9o 1J;;f.7:J.='Y l-0)5i5m5'Cb'":171' I \~-~il~<:ll!I9G5'C~~:@J'<fl"C
~ 'GiJ'~Ii(fiJ'~""[(ti;!~ 'o
IRec:eiuer •wR-010
Wireless LAN Radio Control System
· ~~m~~~mm~~~&<~~~~~o+ft~~M~T<~a~
Before beginning assembly, please read these instructions thoroughlyo
Unauthorized recording and distribution of video with images of other people risks
infringing their privacy and could result in liability issueso Piease ask prior
permission, especially if video will be posted or used on the internet or other mediao
Do not publish video that is likely to embarrass or humiliate other peopleo
Use of the iReceiver for surveillance of other people is strictly prohibited and
may be punishable under lawoMake sure use of the camera unit follows the
laws and regulations governing privacyo
iReceiver WR-01 O~cB~l, 'OHfl, 't<:t.:~"*L "LS•Jti'.!::?c::·~t, '"*9o
'111i~~+5t~<:~~L n 't<:t.:~, 'tt'~~<:ci5~LCJ;-l. 't<:t.:<tcJ1)~<:,
l, 'maJJ~~J:<ci5~CJ;-~<:1J:IJ+5t~<:f,!l!ilL "l<tO:~l. 'o
Thank you for purchasing the iReceiver WR-01 OoTo use this product safely
and enjoy its full performance, please read this instruction manual thoroughlyo
~~mr·;t":17''- 1-, <!6~<:Wfl~ ''i1~!H<:?~;l;L""[~;l:.
l13t±?:r:/'-tt1' 1-~t::·li"f<!~ 'o
For product details and the app to be released, please visit the website below:
Mlll."C • ~ffOJtllli:!01'~11il-<\o
Piease read carefully before assembling and Operating your modelo
ltl!i~- ';
: ~$'\>&tf*l~a*t.I:MWtJ'ft~9-iäJft1tfJ'MmNI~ml..ll19o
: This symbol indicates where caution is essential to avold lnjury to yourself or others.
=•ä'\>l<!!lliC7)Jiii!il.!:t.l:i>toM. '\>-:>"l"!;l:~'ltt.l:~'<::.!:~ml..ll:9o
PROHIBITEO : This symbolpointsout actions that you should NOT do to avold possible darnage
or accidents.
oL:O)i!"tiJM<l:~~ '1iliEHtiB!9GJ::?~<:~rr<!tL ZC '*9ol\!l.:i'I"C~<:'FtiitL1J:1.H<l:, *l~
~ ~ (~-::>ZC 'GA~<:7' 1-''1\1':7-~~~tli(f~~<:l\l!:i'I"C"C""F<!~ ' o
•i!Jf'F;!-lt.Qf!1;H<:~;I:. JJIJI-O)$~~;t"C;J;t>•JO)'l;:~~lii~l"C, ~ffHo"C<I3Sii€LCff.""F;!~ \
• L:O)i!"li ,ll,~;J: 14~1.X..t ~tf~~<:~Hl"Cd:>•J;J;9o -r·~;J:df>IJ;J;-tt lvo
-~~~ '~il)lf->7:J:>t5.1Si·1il1M~IJ'5~~ 'il)li'JT, ;J;tc'wi-Fi;?-.·y 1-'7-7 (1!!1~1'/9 -.:7--·y 1-l
0)~~ 'c<:0 -r·O)~Ifl ~<l:. lhf'F~<=:!i:lllb'~joL, +:SttJ:I ~7:t-"'<'/:A~~}l9G<:cb'
• iReceiverf->1J :1-7 ::1= 'Y H<:~a:<: 1JIJ' AGc:iEm~<=lli~lfJ: <tJ: 1JI&:Ill9G:t\tLIJ'd5 1J;l;9o
oiReceiver~;l:~fE~. ~!IWJ. -fO)fl!JO)df>€>1-P.Qff;;~!fWJb'Silltltcil)li'JTL'~Ifll"C(ti;!~ ' o
• iReceiver~ffi~1'!1Wfii;~<:J:l!i~9 GMH<:~;l:. -fO)ffi~J'!JWfii;IJ' 131Jll!iiJ!OOl~<:J::'J 13 :i'Iffi~J'j'j)"JiE
tJ:!jWfii;~<:J:l!i~l"C <ti<!~ ' o 13:i'Iffi~1'1J't:I:H~1J:~ '!JWfil;~<:iReceiver~J:l!i~ltcil)l~~<:~;l:.
t-7:/'Jv~<:d::'Jl!itJiOOJifi~)JSiiJ'i!iitJJtLtd!!;H<:!/f)"i9G:t\tLIJ'd5 1J;l;9o
oiReceiverL'·fl!k*11t~llll~9GI!1;H<:~;J:. ~~f.> :1- -Jvb'ti'lillfJ:~ 'd::-3~<:771' I-'E-1-''~<:
·ltWI!Ji!i'tO)f±~ of:t~~ <:J:-::> "[~;I:. ltl1ltlll?:1 1 J'T-~3 /IJ'iEm~<:i!Jf'FLfJ:~ 'il)l~IJ'd5•J;J;9o
JH1, ffi~1'~~1'? iliH<:~;J:d:>~n~<:Z +:St~<:7'/ 1 J7"-~3 /O)'li:J'E~t::·li(f~"f<!~ ' o
•!ll"fii;·IJifii;O)i!SJ!/!, ~;E. 7'/'JL'O)~J'E~~J'?~~<:~;l:. !ll"fii;~;J:~"f~O)_t~c:~-ttZ!ll"
~~~IJ'l, !lifii;~;J:i:,9/D~7~1& 1J7!-l"CIJ'6i!SJ!it', ~;;E~~J'-::>Z(ti<!~ 'o
oThis model is designed for high performance. lf you arenot familiar with the assembly,
please ask help from an expert to assemble correctly.
oYou are responsible for the safe operation of this product so please ensure the safety of
those araund you in case something unexpected occurs.
oThis product is designed for people aged 14 years or oldero lt is not a toy.
oSignal interference can affect performance so please avoid using in areas with strong
magnetic fields, radio waves or radiation and wireless networks.
o/f dust enters the iReceiver and Camera Unit, it may not function normally or may
become damaged.
oUse the iReceiver away from high-voltage power lines, trees, buildings and other
dangeraus materials.
o/f installing the iReceiver on an aircraft, please install on aircraft with self-correcting
olf installing iReceiver on an aircraft without self-correcting capability, the aircraft may
crash if radio signal is interrupted.
oSwitch the phone to flight mode to prevent email/text or phone calls being received
when you start using the iReceiver.
oDepending on the control device specifications and performance, the control
application may not function properly.
o(onfirm the stability of the application before you operate the model car or airplane.
oWhen adjusting settings on the chassis or airplane, or the app settings, always place
the chassis on a stand and raise the wheels off the ground, or remove the propeller from
the airplane first.
•~31<:~ (~ o~ o5$00) t>*J!W-IJ':f +5ttJ:!i!JI (~) c·O)iReceiverO)fflf.H;I:illW·-r <ti;!~ ' o
ojjlfii;O)-f~;fl''ff!ll LfJ:~ 'c'T~"L ' oiReceiver~7.1<iiit>5ib tcil)lP!i~<:lib'fJ:~ 'c·(tc;!L ' o
• Avoid using the iReceiver in bad weather (rain, snow, strong wind) and in
poor visibility conditions (night).
oDo not operate near liquid so Do not leave the camera unit in water or places
where it will get wet.
o~;!:!iO)il)lpJT (~J :!IR, ~7.!1J:El ~<:d:i~ 'ZRC'E7''JvO)ifmb1Wf'j'j]";!tl.ZC 'Gb'E?
·fl!JA"'0)/71' ~- H<:l!2~l z.::·~Jf!""F<!~ ' o
•Confirm that RC models are allowed in public places (example: train
stations, airports etc.)
o(onsider the privacy of other people.
• iRecieverc!:t;t About the iReceiver
iReceiver~;!: RCfll:~lfl ~<: llll ~<!tLtc 5R.Jfl ~f~lli L'' 9 oil 0) RCfll:~lfl 0) ~f~l)i~;J:W 0)
z'lillli~~ml -rf~i5- (~~) ~~fillli"'zfill;l;91J\ iReceiver~;l:iPhonef.>Android~
>i<IJ'60)1!!\~LANO)f~i5-~~f~l"Cf'FIJJL;J;9o ilmO)RC*l~mO)~f~t\l~<:fU
;J;tc, 8tJ7'C0)1J;f.7:J.=·y I-WC-010~ti$i'C9GL:cL', RC'E'Tivb'60)D.*~~·J7'Jv91' h.
iReceiver is an all-purpose receiver designed for use with RC modelsoA standard
receiver used in RC models responds to commands from a special transmitter, but
the iReceiver responds to commands sent over wireless LAN from an iPhone or
Android device.lnstalling the iReceiver instead of a standard RC receiver allows
nearly all RC modelstobe controlled with either an iPhone or Android deviceo
ln addition, the optional Camera Unit (WC-010) can be connected to transmit real
time video to your iPhone or Android device so you can watch the action on your
screen as you control your model.
~r.t~iS* Compatible Device
[Apple iOS~tJ-;(] [Apple iOS Series]
OS:i0571.X~~ ~*: iPhone4S/5/SS/5C, iPad Retina'E7''Jv, iPad mini
0 il'OJ;.'\>9~"'0)il2~b'S, *~ =.::1.? /liC'iPhone•, iPad•, iPad mini·~<iPhone>C:l!<~cLTL ':l:oo
OS: i057 Portable Device: iPhone4S/5/5S/SC, iPad Retina model, iPad mini
*For easy reference, this manual refers to iPhone•, iPad", iPad mini " under <iPhone>
[Android~>l<l [Android Devices]
OS:Android 4o2o2Jt~ CPU:1.2GHz Quad Corel.X..tJt~ :A? 1J- /-tt-{;(:4.51'/-TJt~
OS: Android 4.2.2 recommended CPU: minimum 1.2GHz Quad Core recommended 4.5inch screen recommeded
*'ili*I~J:-:>TlillfFvA.;:i</A.oJill1'l'ä[email protected]®~1§:Ji!!ill1!b\\ll;t.l: 1J:l:9o
*Control response, control range and image transmission range can vary
depending on the device.
itilii*O)~ßi Preparing the Device
<iPhoneO)il)l~> <For iPhone>
AppStore~<:li*ftL, li\IWIIll?:1 1J'T-~3/[iReceiver
~JiiL -r~·'//IJ- ~· L-r<tC:;!L \
(kyosho ireceiver, kyosho)]~
Go to the AppStore and down Ioad the [iReceiver (kyosho ireceiver, kyosho)] control
<Android~;;i<O)il)l~> <For Android>
GooglePiay~<:li*ftL...ll\l*ll!lll?:1 1 J'T-~3/[iReceiver (kyosho ireceiver, kyosho)]~
~JiiL"C1f?/1J- FL"C<tc;!L\
Go to GooglePiay and down Ioad the [iReceiver (kyosho ireceiver, kyosho)] control
ti*lll9~RC~7'111 ($, 1R~iml1J::E) O)~ßi
Preparing Your Model (car, airplane etc.)
l.iReceiverO):g.llflO)mBJl iReceiver components explained
We can connect power DC6V into
every channel slot.
2.iReceiverO)Ji~1';f.-~ ()f!.lfl-1 :1--~)
1J;f.5 ( jji)~WC-010) Jfl!i*>'C~r
Connection terminal for Camera
(sold separately WC -01 0)
iReceiver connection image (general purpose)
2 . iReceiverO):ti*ft1';>(-~
iReceiver connection image
RC'f:-7-'JvO)Iili/iJ~ J...n.Sc, .!Jf*·Ht.i:Etf1t.l<=lbt'F99<::cb'ii5'Jli:9o .!Jf*
~<!:~ 9-~~<:jjtit"[.Qi:fa~'*b'S~b'Lt.::t*;fl!!'t'·?z ·;-/LL' <ti<!~ '" IIU'TII~"­
t.::t*;McililiJ~ J...n-r <t.:<!~ '" ~L'O)!!tiEb'~:t.>•JIIlf'Flil~~~~tdt~<=. 111
0 .!JO)il]l'i5' For cars
Speed Controller
iReceiver:::J::.I!--C-JII.Ifir7' 1J?--.Y3/
iReceiver control application
5i:l: iPhonelll7':1'J'r-::.-3 /, Androidlll7':1 1J'r-::.-3 /l'~~-lll!ll<i2!J\ftl;j::Q~f;!JI~IJ:r:;tNll~~~ll'JL:l';o
Caution: While iPhone and Android apps appear slightly different, they function in the same way.
7"/7'-tti:'Z'~·Ut~tmrnH<=i!ll~;J!l;rffffll -r<tt<!~ ' "
Stretch the antenna wire vertically as high as possible
when mounting on a surface model.
Tap the WARNING mark to start controlling the model. Cars and airplanes
can move suddenly. Foramodel car, always place the chassis on a stand and
raise the wheels off the ground before tapping to start. For model airplanes,
helicopters and boats etc. always remove the propeller before tapping to
start. Afterall the configurations are done, make sure that the model is
functioning properly. Then turn off the power and install a propellar.
'J.'?/ o- t''I<:J:: 1Ji'l'ßX<!nt.:7"1'::J /~?z ·;-/LL'7":1 1J?--:;;3 /~~IIJL;;I;9"
After downloading, tap the icon to start the application.
Awarning screen will be displayed.
iReceiver~<:m~<!n.SIII;f,!fJ'i-~'t'·t.i:~ 'li'€i, iReceiverb'f'FIIJLt.i:~ ', ll:td<l:
V '6: iReceiver might not function properly or might lose control du ring
WARNING! operation if the current supplied to the iReceiver is insufficient.
0 1!Hrm!1J::C'3CHL.Xl:O)ilJl'i5' For aircraft and using with 3CH or more
ß\H'I'1J- '/I ltO)IIJ~ c"t- ;j{O)Ji*ft'f-'1' /:'?-1 lt~;l:L,X"FO)ii 1J't''9o
For airplane models etc. with more than 3CH, movement control cursor and servo
connection channel are as below.
'llilil*n'~~~:liigLtd1lH<=:;t;::r:t•J n'w.Ltl..l\\l:i'FLn '9.!J~mh!!Wn':::~/ t-o' lttil*t.i: (1J::9L:.cb'~'J;;!;9o llilil*~RC'E7''1 ltO)fflJ 1JO)A, !IWJO)'t;:~~lii~99t.:tlt>
1<:, momllilil*~ ~751' 1-'E- t''~ l<:ält:lEL L'<tt<!~ ' " -t-?9n~;l!·, ~t.i:t.:O)~l~ '11\Jr.:J
This application will stop if the device receives a phone call and may cause your
model car or airplane to lose controi.Switch the device into flight mode for the
safe operation of your model and for the safety or people and property around
you .By doing this, you can enjoy uninterrupted fun .
W'S:~ J:: <m<ff-, ;[email protected])~IIJII\JI<=<::.O)'ff'S:~~;r-<!-ttt.: <t.i:~ 'il!l'i5-l<=~;l:
IDon't remind me againJ O)'f-:r: ·;-?;1{·;- ?.AI<:'f-:r:·;-?~~ 't1.;;!;9o
Read the warning carefully and if you don't want to see it again the next time you
start the app, check the box "Don't remind me again".
;~O)iiruiiil<:illi:<!J"I<:~;l: IUnderstood,start gameJ ~?z ·;-/L;;I;9o
mti*O)maJJi!cl5-:b-tt-rsm<ff.l<=t.i:'J, ti*ft1' ;>(-~~~~~..--r.
")-;r-·, ESC (.At:'- t'':::J/t-D-7-J ~iReceiver~<:HJ:mLL'<TC:<!C ' o
Next, tap "Understood,
Piease read together with the instruction manual of the model and refer to the connection
image then connect the servo and ESC (speed controller) to the iReceiver accordingly.
Model selection
This is your very firsttime using
remote control with iOS, please
select adefault model by your
device type.
Connecting device with iReceiver
RC'E7''JV:<$;f:$0)~;W.~.A.n "[~1 Of'J>r.:J~15ll:9o
Switch the model's power ON and wait for 10 seconds.
<i PhoneO)ilJl'i5'> <For iPhone>
(j) d:lff~ 'O)iPhoneb'S [~)E] - [Wi-Fi;?, ·;- 1- '7 -?] ~~lRL'l <
( Setttngs
t2'~~\ fiJ/lliiJ~1J:'7-{1'f.,;l.;?..•JI-'7-?0)IJ;l.i-fJ\~;f-;!:hll:9o
0"iReceiver xxxx"~~lR L;;!;9o
® I~.A '7- t'' O).A.1J~J-1<tlt>S;f1.;;!;90)Z.·, "12345678"~
.A.:tr l "[[tim] ~?W/L;;I;9o
@:'?-·;- l-'7-?:ßO)ilfil<: "'f-:r:·;-?-:x -? "Hi~Z.-~t.:S,
Homei1{?z/~jljll "[(tt<!~'o
(j)Select the [Setting]-[Wi-Fi Network] from your
iPhone. Available wireless network Iist is displayed.
0 Select the "iReceiver xxxx".
® Enter password is requested. Piease enter
"12345678" then tap [Connect].
@lf you can confirm "V" is in front of network name,
press the Horne button.
< Androidllifil*O)ilJl'i5'> <For Android>
CD <Bff~ 'O)Androidllilil*b'S [ält:lEJ- [Wi-Fi:'ft..·;1-'7-?] ~~lRLL'<tt<!~'" fiJJf.IPJ~1J::'71'-?
[...._A_:?, •;> f-.'7-?0)IJ,A i-fJ\~;f-;!tJ.lj;9o
0" iReceiver-xxxx"~~lRlll:9o
® I~.A '7- t'' O) A :tr ~ :.1<tlt> Sn;;!; 90) 'Z',
" 12345678 " ~A1Jl L [Ji*ft] ~?z•J/l;;);9o
@:'?-·;- 1- '7 -?:ßO) I<= " tim~<ff-"~liii.'!l'Z'~t.:
L.,.;j{?z/~jljll L ( t(;!~ ' o
(j)Select the [Setting]-[Wi-Fi Network] from
your Android device.Available wireless
network Iist is displayed.
0 Select the [Setting]-[Wi-Fi Network] from
your Android device.Available wireless
network Iist is displayed.
® Enter password is requested. Piease enter
"12345678" then tap [Connect].
@lf you can confirm "Connected" is in under
the network name, press the Horne button.
Wi -Fi
lil 9
.Qi:O)'f:7''1lt~ll\H'F99ilJl'i5-l;l: 12CHJ, ilH':fmt, !i!l.!J1J::C'4CH~6CH~ffffl9 9'1: 7''1v~
iil 9
Enter Passward
l\Vd'F99ilJl'i5-l<:~;l:I6CH J ~?z ·;-/ l;;!;9o
This screen only appears the firsttime you start the app.lf operating a model car,
tap "2ch".
lf operating an airplane, tank or any model using 4ch-6ch, tap "6ch".
This selection is for iPhone only.
'bl(I<I:3CH~~~RlL'<tt<!~ ' o
For Android, go to [MODEL SELECn from the [Setting Screen] as explained below
and select 2CH or 3CH.
iflll~~79G~'€il<:~;l:, RC '1::7'1 vO)~;w.H~VJI<:OFH<:L Lb'S7"/ 1 J~~7<!-It"L <tt<!~ ' "
When finished using, Switch the RC model OFF first, then close the app.
• '7/if-'1'/""
One Point
iflll<P l<:ti*"Cb'J!til1.Jnt.:~'€ii<:~;J:iReceiver t7"/ 1J 'r-:/3 /~j!j:.A?z -I- <!-lt"L <tt<!~ ' o
When connection breaks up while in use, please restart iReceiver and application.
:[email protected]]:.I*J:t~f±
=f243-0034 fiii9RJII~~*mßB'T 153
·.::I.--tf-:t§[email protected]:~~~ 046-229-4115
<t0rp,~,,.g-tt~&:: FJBfi1~3%:11i(t5t~E3~1l#i<)13: oo~19:
• ::J/t-C-JIIm7'11J7"-'Y3/0)iWili Control Application Screen
<;>(-f/i00ilii6CH> <Main 6ch screen>
;JW:.-1':.17ot>' -;,3/0N/ OFF
[Information ON/OFF)
Channel controlling the ESC (speed controller) can be used to slow speeddown
with one touch on the [SPD] button.
Tapping this button can reduce speed from [1 00%] to [70%]-[50%]-[30%]
accordingly. ln some cases the model cannot run slowly at [30%] setting.
[D/Rl Dual Rate function simultaneously reduces the amount of left/right steering
volume of the corresponding channel.
Tap this button to display the slide bar and move left or right toset steering
volume to the desired angle.
This can also be set with the [SUB TRIM/ END ADJ] within the [Settings] menu.
Tap the [Stopwatch & Countdown Timer] button to choose [LAP] for stopwatch
and [COUNn for countdown timer.
ln [LAP]. tap the [TIME] button to measure LAP times. The countdown timer starts
counting down according to the time period set at [COUNn
< ~;:EiOOilii>
Setting Screen
~ 1 )L.4CH
Trim CH4
Left cursor
[~:fEJ!I*IIt~-1:1, ~CH(1)11JfF~~:tEL.ll:9,
[-1'/7?!" ;>(-:,t3 /ON/OFF]OFF1<:9.Qci00iliil<:~;f,~tl..Q1'Ul~i~6l..ll:9,
[~:IJ- '/I ll]i! ~~ ~(1)*ll,f,j~JI!kff l-:1:9,
J:. ""F~:Ei (1)11J'i! !<: ~:bi!"t CH2,CH41<:li$l'C"t- ;K ESCb'II:JfFL-:1:9, fi1JJI<:'E71 llilHRc· r2CHJ ~iHtR L.tcil!~l<:l;l:, J:. ""Fll:
[:Ei:IJ-'/I ll]i!~I<I::Ei~(1)*ll,f,j~!lfFL.ll:9, J:. ""F~:Ei(1)11J'i!l<:~:bi!ZCH 1,CH31<:li
*liL.tcif-;K ESCb'II:JfFL.ll:9, 8:1JJI<: 'ET'I lliHtRc· r2CHJ ~iJHR L.tctl~l<:l;l:, J:. ""F
[CH5]CHSI<:li*l'CL.tcif-;ft'tJ'II:JfFL.ll:9, A-{ •y'f(1)0N/OFFI<:J:: '), [~:fEJI<:"t t ·y t- L.
tc2?(1);f--{/ t-l<:if- if-b'IIJ'i!ll:9,
[CH6]CH61<:li$l'CL.tcif-;f-b'IIJfFL.ll:9, A-f ·y'f(1)0N/OFFI<:J::'), [~l:E]I<:"t t ·y t-L.
[t- 1 JL..CH1-CH4]~ t- 1 JL..~~ ·.:t:19.Qi:cc\ =~- t-7 111 ('Piz:) (1)Üllll~iti.lllmt...ll:9,
[:IJ:f.5lß1J~0)1Jj 5~iReceiverl<:ti*"iL.-n '.Qlitl'l<:l<l:, ?z·y /9.Qi:c7!1J:f. 5H~IJJL-ll:9,
[:,t~·;-1 ll't= ?z -J~'f-v /*1 lll<:~iät...n '.Q'f-v /*1 ll:,t~·;- 1~~~lii~c·'i!ll:9. r:t
1 J?--:,t3/I<:J::?"t~ff-b'A~-1:1ll:tci<I:B~-1:1c~'Jll:9,
IiJ!(1)t!:Ji'Oj:tJ.:!i!H<:d:>~ '"tl;l:, M-f:1(1)±J!~I<:I;I:, II:JffißiHII<I:""fi!H[1 0001 - =~(<Prrl [150oJ- J:.I!Hr2oooJc~'Jll:9.
B?z-('/(1)iJ!~I<:I<I:""Fi!H[-100]-=~- t-7111 (tpiz:) [0]-J:.i!H[+ 100]c~'Jll:9,
t-7 111
ll:tcL:(1)!ifF~ireißiHII<I:, [~;:E](1)tp(1)[5UB TRIM/ END ADJ](1)lJi§c·~J!c·'i!;!:9,
[Settings] control type, check movement of each CH
Switching [Information ON/OFF] to OFF reduces the information displayed on the screen.
[left cursor] is normally controlled with the thumb on the left hand. Servos
connected to CH2, CH4 as weil as the ESC can be operated accordingly.
lf CAR was selected, only up/down or left/right control will be available.
fRight cursorJ is normally cantrolled with the thumb on the right hand. Servos
connected to CH1, CH3 as weil as the ESC can be operated accordingly.
lf CAR was selected, only up/down or left/right control will be available.
[CH5] operates the servo connected to CH5. Switching ON/OFF configurated in
[Setting] allows the servo to be moved to either of two points.
[CH6] operates the servo connected to CH6. Switching ON/OFF in configurated in
[Setting] allows the servotobe moved to either of two points.
Tap [Trim CH1-CH4] for precision adjustment ofthe neutral position for each channel.
Tap [Camera] to start the camera (optional) connected to the iReceiver.
[Signal Monitor] allows signal transmission to each channel tobe checked. The
screen will display either A-Type or B-Type depending on app. Movement range
of A-Type at the default factory setting is as follows: Min. Limit [1000]- Neutral
[1500]- Max. Limit [2000].
For B-Type: Min. Limit [-100]- Neutral [0]- Max. Limit[+ 100].
The movement range Iimits can be adjusted at [SUB TAlMIEND ADJ] in the [Settings] menu.
ACJ •y t- I~~~~flllj(1)1J- '/I II c ·JI!kf'F9.Q(1)b', :6fJIIJ(1)1J-'/I II ~!ifF9.Q(1)b'~iHtR9.Q
i:cb'c·'i!ll:9, l!:tc, r6CHJ't- f"(1)±J!~I<:I<I: [throttle spring] ~ONI<:9.Qi:cc\ :IJ'/ lllb'6t.lHIL.tdl~l<:, :IJ-'/ lllb' §IIJ~I<:=~- t-7 III('Piz:l~.QJ::?I<:~;:E~~:il!
9.Qi:cb'c·'i!ll:9, (i!~m~'Jllf>"'):::J/9-~ll!kf!li9.Q±J!~I<:I<I:'fi 'Y?HI·L.ll:9, )
Choose whether throttle is tobe controlled by moving the right or left cursor.
Also, in 6ch mode the throttle spring slide button can be "ON" so the cursor returns
to neutral when your finger is released. (Normal setting for airplanes and
helicopters is "OFF"),
<;>(-f/i00ilii2CH><Main 2ch Screen>
----~ -------------~~==
~7'-~>/*lll~!if'FL."t, if-;f-(1)@1E1JJP:i, 't-9-(1)@1E1JJP:ib'.ili:X'<f(1)iJ!~I<:ftffl L.
ll:9. ~lli9.Q'fi/*111~9 ·.:t:1L."[email protected]:i~&E~tt"t<tE~~'.
Reverses the direction of servo movement and motor rotation of each channel.
Tap the corresponding channel to reverse its direction.
:S1J-'/Jv Right Cursor
2CH't- t''I<:I;I:[6CH]'t- t''l<:l<l:l!!l~ '1\j)JIJ~;f-9/•lllreb'<I5'Jll:9,
2CH mode has a special button and function not available in 6ch mode.
[SPD]ACJ 'Y t-111 (r?t!JV) I<:X'<'f-1'/*111(1)ESC (Al::'- t'':::J/t-CJ-5-) (1)??
tlllr.llm~i'ic t... Z!li(1)J!!Jr~7/9 ·y'f ~~<9.QL:cb'-c·'i!ll:9.
L:(1)if-9/~9 ·.:t :19.Q<::·cl<:f1 oo%J-f70%l-l50%l-l30%lc~ '?iliili~A 1::'- t"b'~<~
•J:~:9, [30%J(1)~;:E-c· I<I:AI::'- t''tJ'~<Jtn~~ 'il!~tJ'<I5'Jll:9,
[D/R]T'~rlllv- t-llirei<:J::')A 7' ? 1) /~'I<:X'<'f-v/:t-111(1)11JfFA~~:E;)ii]Jey
l<:ilt6ttll:9, i:(1);f-9/~9 ·.:t :1L.tdll<:~ff-~tt.QA 7-1 t''l ~-~~:Eil<:lbb'L."td:>
)ii]fl(1)~):EI;I:[~):E](1)tp(1)[SUB TRIM/ END ADJ]~'t~'J?i:cb'~'i!ll:9,
[Ä b:t?:ot·.:t'f &:IJ?/ t-?f?/9-{"?-]L:(1);f-9/~9 ·.:t :19.Qc, [LAP]A t- ·.:t:1?:ot
•y'f, [COUNn:IJ?/ t-?f?/9 -1"<' -~iHtR9.Qi:cb'c·'i!ll:9,
[LAP]~I<I:[TIME];f-9 /~9 •.:t:19.Qt::·ci<:LAP9-{ i..(1)SfiJIIJb'~lrec· 9, [COUNT]c·l;!:
i!!:;!eyrdlb'6!eyr,llb'ilbZL '( 9 -1"<' -cL.ZfFIIJ L., ll:t;:Jiilley)<:[TIMEJ;f-9/~
9·y/9.Qi:cc·LAP9-1 i..(1)~iJIIJb'~Jre~9.
~-T-v/.::t.-JvO)+t-;1{0)=::~. -1-?Jv C
tJ:ltz:l , li:Jft'ißllfl, 7I1" Jltt-70)1i:Jft'illlll
/ 1-) ~19:;E-r-· ~;!;9o ~1i'rl11Hilm9~1!1;H<:, ~111iH<:+t-;j{IJ'I'f0)1i'rlll-"~li:Jl;l;9o tlll
m~llll~9~'im1<=~9!l!-f*~gO)_H<:il!-\!, ?!1"i'~f,f<b'S~b'l-CF~~ ' o
For Android
;l;to::1D"\7b'~•~nn '~'E7M<I:~9:1D"\7~1&'J$'\-l-CF~~ ' o
CD-7--v/.::t.-JviBtR: tlllmlto:~ ''f"V/.::t.-Jv~iBtRl;l;9
il>=:J.- r?Jv (<j:l:lz:) O)jJ!Jm :jjfF1J-Y JviJ'Sf.iHtlLL '7.l!eyO)+t-;t-'0)1i'Ili~IDt:lEl:l:9o
@I / ~-;f-1'/ 1-A : ltfF1J-Ylv~-*t:l:l'ltfFltdl!;lO), it- ;f,'O)~IJJ8:;!;:1i'rlUIDt:;:EL:I:9o
@)I / l''if-1"/ 1-B : I / l''if-1'/ I-Aci<I:&M1JIIj0)~11Jft:;i;:1i'rlll~alt;El;l;9
® 7I1"1lt-t!-7 if-1"/ 1- : ~*b'SiReceiver-"O)f!:~b'~~;tt;:ij!~, +t-;j{~~li:J~
itto::~ 'if-1"/I-~IDt:;:El;l;9o i!:%.AD ·y 1-JltO)ij!~l;!:=::~. -l-71lt~/'L"-:F1i'rlll, fl.A
D-O)fi'rllll<=altlEl:l:9oCH5cCH6I<:IllllZI;I:, =::~. -1-?Jv (tp:lz:) O)alt;Eb'd5'J;l;1tlvo
I / l''if-1"/ I-A, I / l''if-1"/ 1-B~alt;El, ~1'/00iiliiO)CHS, CH60);j{$!/~ON/OFF9
~L:cc\ 'fO)c'JSSb'0)1i'LM-" +t- ;1{1<1:~111 l;l;9o
Sets the neutral position, movement range and failsafe point for the servo on each channel.
Each servo responds and moves to the adjusted position. Before adjusting settings,
place the model on a stand and raise the wheels off the ground.
And for propellerdriven models, remove the propeller.
CDChannel Selection: Choose the channel tobe adjusted
@Neutral Adjustment: Sets the position of servos when fing er is lifted off the control cursor.
® End Point A: Sets the maximum position a servo can move to when cursor is at its end point.
@End Point B: Sets the maximum position a servo can move in the opposite
direction to End Point A.
® Failsafe Point: Sets the desired servo position in case iReceiver loses the signal
from the device. Normally, throttle is set to neutral, brake or its slowest position.
CHS and CH6 have no neutral positions.
Set the End Point A and End PointBand then switch CHS & CH6 ON/OFF from the
main screen and the servos will move to either of those positions.
tli~O)~~~;I:·:h / '+t 1" H<:ZID/.BJlln '*9o
EXPONENTIAL Refer to the web site for details.
ti~O)~~~;!:?I/'+t1" H<=ZID/.BJlln
Refer to the web site for details.
ß1J~0)1.J ~ 7~1f!ll9~111il1<=1f!lll:l:9o 1J ~ 50)fU~:1J i1H<=
J;•) , imi®b' 180IJ:im~:l:l<:~l:±l ~:tl~li1;ll<:, L:O);j{$1/~?
1 h?9~c,
For when camera {sold separately) is being used.
lf the camera is mounted upside down, the image can be
inverted 180 degrees by clicking this button.
Return to main screen.
CD-t7''Jv~-t'J~ il!lnl;l;9.
CDDeletes the model.
lnstalling iReceiver on a Car (example)
(Djjft;~;!<I<::::J / I-D-Jlt7':1 1 J'T- "./3/ ~1"/.AI--Jltl:l:9.
@+t- ;j{ • ESCO)ti*"CI<:l.b Z , !l!-f*l<::tUi\9~-A 7'7' 1J /?'+t- ;i{CESC (.At:'-I'':::J / 1D-7-) ~iReceiverl<=ti*"Cl;l;9.
@Jl[j;$~gl<:ii\1!Z, $!-{-\7~);f<IJ'S~IJ'l;l;9o
@ilii3Ul~:tlt;:l \ ·y 7' 1J -HSCI<:ti*"ClZESCO).A 1" ·y 'f~ONI<: l;l;9.
@:::J /I- D -J 7':11) 'T-"./3 /~itilltJlZ[2CHJ~iBtRl;l;9. * iPhoneO)ij!~
..C!20)[MODEL SELEcnl<=lJbZ[My first 2CH]~iBtRl;l;9. * AndroidO)ij!~
0 ESCO)altli:IJ' ~~1;i:~~~<:l;l:, ESCO)ID/,BJltl l<:lJbZ=:J. -1-?Jv, I \-{;f--{;..t 1-0)alt;E
@[SCREEN CONFIGH<:Zjjft;$!1":1~iBtRl;l;9.
AI;I:?'-J.,.O):::J/I-D-7-c!iill::ii2!11<:'9. (.A7'7' 1 J/?'jjft;l;l:l:c~)
Bl;l:f.E*~O)RC.A 7'-f •Y ?$!1"/~~~~cliil l::ii2illl''9 o (.A 7' 7' 1J /?tl\':ftol;l:;ti~)
CDinstall the control application on the device.
@Connect the steering servo and ESC (speed controller) installed on the chassis to the iReceiver.
® Piace chassis on a stand so wheels are off the ground.
@Connect a fully charged battery to the ESC and switch ESC power ON .
® Connect the iReceiver to the control device.
® Start the control application and select [2CH] . * for iPhone
Select [My first 2CH] in [MODEL SELEcn screen. * for Android
0 1n some cases ESC setup is required . Refer to the ESC instruction manual and set
neutral and high points.
® Proceed to [Settings] screen.
® Select type of control in [SCREEN CONFIG]
Ais similar to a gamecentroll er configuration (steering is on left) .
B is similar to a traditional RC stick transmitter configuration (steering is on right)
Android~'ff!lll ZfJ.W.>Z~lEHil~9~ij!~l<:l;l:, ®;!;td<l: ®~?! ·y /lZ, 'fO)~
[My first 2CH]'bl(I;I:[My first 6CH]~iBtRlZ"'F~~ ' o
lfyou configure the app for the firsttime using Android, top eithe ® or ® and
select [My first 2CH] or [My first 6CH]
My first 2CH
@~1'/imiiliii<::~'J , ~ljjf!'HJ'~ ':1:9• .A'T 7' 1) /?'jjfl'b' &MO)~~~<:I;I: @-"ii<h­
1 ~ )Eimjjjij-"~'J;l;9o
2 tll~ ''Erllt~ft'J;Xl;l;9o
tll< ftoJ;X9~-t7''Jlt:ß~A1JlZ, [Done]~$! ·y /9~c
tll~ ' 'Erlvb'ft'J;X~:tl;l;9o :F -v /-t!Jlt9~ij!~I<:I;I:[Cancel]~$! ·y /lZ <tO:~~ ' o
3 7-I ·Y ?x-?b' A?Z~'~-t7Jltb'!Jl.üiBtR~n-r~'~-t7Jltl'·9o
@-t7J v:ß~?l ·Y :t9~c'f0)-t7''J v~iBtR9~llb'-r-·~;~;9. 'f0)-t7''Jv:ßO)iWI<= -TI ·y
® 2CH (~I<:Jl!!ll ) O)'ErJlt0) 1).A 1-b'~ff-~:11;1;9.
6 6CHO)-t7'WJ.A 1-b'~ff-~:11;1;9.
0-t7Jlt~'E'J~ il!ln9~00iiliil<=ii<h-;!;9. * iPhoneO)#
~ Return to setting screen.
@Creating a new model.lnput the name of the new modeland tap [Done] to
create.Tap [Cancel] to cancel new model.
® Model with the check mark is the currently selected model.
@Tap the name of the model to select that model. The checkmarkwill appear in
front of the nameofthat model.
s 2CH (mainly cars) modellist is displayed.
® 6CH modellist is displayed .
1 Proceed to model deletion screen. * for iPone
+t1";;C36.4x 27.0 x 16.2mm
II•: ff:\J10g
'f-v /.::t.-Jltl:l!: : 6Ch
;u~ : @i1.t4 . B~6 .ov
$'\-$~ 7- : t.J~7!llW!ll:::J:?-??!- ,
Jlt~;j{-l'' !ll?!-2-t-Jlt
ffli~ll!: : 2.4GHzl!H!!ItllLAN IEEE802. 11 g/b/n
11ti&i1Jlll!elft : so~ 1oom (jjl:lli) 1
35~40m ( ~ft )
Size: 36.4 x 27 .Ox 16.2mm
Weight: 10g
Channels: 6CH
Power: 4.8 - 6.0V direct current
External Connections: Connector for
camera, terminal for expansion board .
Frequency: 2.4GHz Wireless LAN IEEE
802.11 g/ b/ n Signal Range: 80- 1OOm
(control) I 35- 40m (image)
*R~i&ßtO)tcd.>, 7'6-t~< f±.f:l~~:!:1".Qil-g-1J(~'J*'l"o ·specifications are subject to change without prior notice!
•Technische Änderungen sind ohne vorherige Ankündigungen möglich!
"Les sp8cifications peuvent changar sans preavis! "EI fabricante puede modificar los kits sin previo aviso
© Copyright 2013 KYOS HO CORPORATION /l'il111UIIiti<IUl!l
;1;9. r.,J!IJ' I!!U:T:tll<t'@-"ii<h-;1;9.
@[alt;E]imiiliil<=ii<h-;1;9. [SERVO REVERSEH<=ZCH1 O)_A-{ •y 'f~$! ·y /lZONI<:l;l;9o
@[SUB TRIM / END ADJH<:Z CDCH 1~iBtRl;l;9. (.A7' 7' 1J/?'O)i§i;i:l'·9 .) @.A7'7' 1J
/?'0)=::~. -I-7Jlt~tlllfltl;!;9. 3 .A7'7' 1J/?'O)I/ l''if-1"/ I-A~tlllml;l;9. I \ / I''
Jltb'lft{~l<:t;J]:tlt.i:~'PliJ:I<: ~ml:I:[email protected]:A7'7' 1 J/?'O)I / I''if-1"/I-B~tlllml;l;9.
@[SUB TRIM / END ADJH<:Z 1 CH2~ iBtRl:l:9. (.AD ·y i-JltO)tJllmt:·9 .)07I1"1lt
t - 7-if-1" / 1-b' =::~. -1-?Jv l<=t.i:?-r~ '~L:c~lltMl l;l;9.
0 'LL, = :1- ~ 5 !1/C'I;I:I!!\~ '11 ~1 ~ 1 ;1:, =:1- ~51vl ~ilt;i:Lll: 9,
@~1"/imiiliii<=~'J, !l!f*~gb'S "f-?lZ~ltdtiWii~it;l;9.
@Jl!b\i!i;[email protected]: (' @Ji9~J;?I<: , 1- 1) J.,.;j{$1 /~$! ·y/lZtlllm l;l;9.
@Return to main screen and test movement.lf steering is responding in reverse
direction, go to @.lf function is normal, go to @.
@Go to [Settings] screen. Tap the switch for CH1 to ON in [SERVO REVERSE] .
@About [SUB TRIM/END ADJ] Choose CH1 . (Steering setting)[email protected] neutral
position for [email protected] End Point A for steering.Set at an angle where
steering doesn't have tobe forced ,@Adjust steering End Point B.
@About [SUB TRIM/ END ADJ](DChoose CH2. (Throttle adjustment) [email protected] that
the failsafe point is set to the neutral position.
**lf not set to neutral, please set to neutraL
@Return to main screen and remove model from stand and run a short distance forward.
@Tap the trim buttans so the car runs in a straight line.
• iffiüU<:IVI L.Z Trademarks
iReceiverl;l::ij\ifti~rt~t±O)~ail'ti~l'- 9o
Apple, AppletJ:f. iPad, iPhone, iPod touchl;l:*liil<BJ:Lffl!!O)Ii§J'-l"C''Il'~;!ntc
Apple lnc.O)ifli!Jc·9 , App Storei;I: Appl e lnc.O)"t-t:':;(:~-?1'· 9.
Android - sJ: V:Google Play- I;I:Google lnc.O)ifliill ll:td;l: ti'~ iflillc9.
iReceiver is the regi stered trademark of Kyosho Corporation .
Appl e, Appl e logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touchare the regi st ered Irademarks of
Appl e lnc. in th e U.S. and other countries.
App Store isaservice mark of Appl e lnc.
Android '" and Goog le Play- are t he registered trademarks of Google lnc.
-c a:•. m><
e <: O)ifli.ll.l;l: l 4::tt<.t>~tx-t~l~;;totL.
't'l;l:di> IJ a:tt~v.
This model is not a toy. lt is designed for users over 14 years of age. Dieses Modell ist kein Spielzeug, geeignet
DE PLUS DE 14 ANS. Ce modele est destine a une utilisation exclusive en interieur. Sa puissance n'est pas
suffisante pour interterer avec d'autres fräquences. Este modelo no es un juguete. Ha sido diseflado para ser
utilizado por mayores de 14 afios.
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