PYLE Audio PTA3000 User manual

PYLE Audio PTA3000 User manual
PRO Audio
Large Diaphragm Microphones
C414 XLS
Accurate, beautifully detailed pickup of any acoustic
instrument. Nine pickup patterns. Controls can be
disabled for trouble-free use in live-sound applications
and permanent installations. Three switchable
different bass cut filters and three pre-attenuation
levels. Peak Hold LED displays even shortest overload
peaks. Dynamic range of 152 dB. Includes case, pop
filter, windscreen, and shockmount.
#AKC414XLS������������������������������������������������ 1049.00
Perception Series
True condenser mics, they deliver clear sound with
accurate sonic detail. Switchable 20dB and switchable
bass cut filter. 135dB SPL handling. 220 and 420
include spider-type shock mount and metal case.
Perception 120, 2/3” (AKP120)������������������������ 99.00
Perception 220, 1” (AKP220)������������������������� 179.00
Perception 420, 1” and selectable cardioid,
omni or figure-8 polar patterns. (AKP420)�������� 249.00
Perception 820 9 patterns (AKP820)�������������� 699.00
This condenser mic produces a smooth yet
natural audio quality with low noise. Cardioid
pattern for minimal feedback and off-axis
noise. 80Hz high-pass filter switch eliminates
low frequency hum; 10dB pad provides more
headroom when capturing transient signals.
Includes shockmount and case.
#AUAT2035����������������������������� Call or Log-on
Cost-effective alternative to the dual-diaphragm
C414, delivers the pristine sound reproduction of
the classic condenser mic, in a single-pattern
cardioid design. Features low-cut filter switch,
20dB pad switch and dynamic range of 152 dB.
Includes case, pop filter, windscreen, and
#AKC214MP (Matched Stereo Pair)�������������������899.00
hand-assembled and individually inspected, the
AT5040 cardioid employs a four-part rectangular
element to provide purity of sound. Each of the four
parts function together and get proprietarily summed
to output. Offering very low-noise aerformance, an
advanced internal shockmounting system, effectively
decoupling the capsule or vibration-free performance.
#AUAT5040���������������������������������������������������� 2999.00
C-1 • C-3
The C-1 is a low-noise condenser
mic featuring a cardioid pattern.
LED indicates phantom power operation. The C-3
has a shock-mounted dual diaphragm that allows
cardioid or figure-8 style capturing. LED indicates
phantom power. Includes swivel mount and case.
#BEC1 (C-1)��������������������������������������������������� 42.98
#BEC3 (C-3)��������������������������������������������������� 69.99
#AKC414XLIIST (Matched Stereo Pair)������������ 2299.00
Cost effective studio condenser mic, the C3000 is
an ideal choice for both vocals and instruments with
its wide frequency response, cardioid polar pattern
and high SPL capability. -10dB pad switch maximizes
headroom, and a 500Hz low frequency roll off switch
minimizes low-frequency noise, proximity effect noise
and more. Includes metal case and a shock mount.
Effectively isolates source signals while providing
a fast transient response and high 144dB SPL
handling capabilities. Low-mass diaphragm
provides wide dynamic response for multiple recording applications. Open, acoustic design
reduces resonance and handling noise. Includes
pivoting stand mount and soft case.
#AUAT2020���������������������������������Call or Log-on
Mic package configured to suit any
recording budget. It includes the AT2020
side address large diaphragm condenser
for vocal capturing, and the AT2021
small diaphragm condenser mic
to capture nstruments in rich
detail and minimal noise.
Multi-pattern (cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8)
condenser mic. Produces a smooth yet natural audio
quality with low noise. 80Hz high-pass
filter switch eliminates low frequency hum and
a -10dB pad switch provides more headroom
when capturing transient signals that may otherwise
cause peak distortion. Includes shockmount and case.
#AUAT2050�������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
High audio signal reproduction with low self-noise
for a strong, up-front audio signal. Output stage with
transformerless circuitry eliminates low-frequency
distortion and maintains the integrity of transient
audio signal. 10dB pad and 80Hz high-pass filter.
ncludes shockmount, dust cover and case.
Unrivaled up-front sound is well-known for classic
music recording or drum ambience miking. Nine
pickup patterns enable the perfect setting for every
application. Three switchable bass cut filters and
three pre-attenuation levels. All controls can be
easily disabled, Dynamic range of 152 dB. Includes
case, pop filter, windscreen, and shockmount. AT4050
Provides the transient response and high level
handling capabilities for all-around source-capturing.
Delivers full, detailed sound with enhanced presence
for additional “sparkle” and “sheen”. 80Hz high-pass
filter and 10dB pad. Handles up to 155dB SPL.
Includes shockmount, dust cover and protective case.
Multi-pattern (cardioid, omni, figure-8) condenser
mic. Transformerless design and “extended life”
dual-diaphragm capsule produces a warm detailed
response with virtually no low-end distortion.
#AUAT4050������������������������������������������������������ 699.00
Designed for vocal and instrument capturing, has
omni, cardioid and figure-8 patterns, and FET
output stage. Features wide frequency response,
two position Pad (-6dB, -12dB) and two position
low cut roll-off switch. Includes shockmount and
aluminum carrying case.
#ARM3��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.00
M-Two Cardioid Large Diaphragm (ARM2)������������������������� 149.00
Class-A discrete circuitry delivers
excellent audio quality on a wide variety of sound
sources. Brings out clarity and detail on vocals,
guitars, drums, piano, horns, strings, etc. Includes
BirdCage shock mount and BirdNest pop filter.
#BLBBMQ������������������������������������������������������ 299.99
Baby Bottle Studio Mic (BLBBMSP)���������������� 399.99
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• Transparent upper and mid-range frequencies
• Switchable high-pass filter with 10dB pad
• 149dB SPL • 20Hz-18kHz frequency response
B-1 • B-2 Pro
Cardioid capsule delivers a
transparent 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
while handling up to SPL 138dB (148dB with pad).
Low-frequency roll-off switch. Otherwise the same,
B-2 Pro features switchable cardioid, omni and
figure-8 patterns. Both include shockmount, windscreen and case.
#BEB1��������������������������� 94.99 #BEB2PRO������������������� 149.99
Unique mic designed to facilitate
placement for stereo configurations, and
challenging positioning. Capsule rotates up
to 90°, and features selectable cardioid,
omnidirectional and figure 8 polar patterns.
The design allows for flexible placement in
Mid-Side (M/S) and X/Y configurations.
#BLREACTOR���������������������������Call or Log-on
PRO Audio
Large Diaphragm Microphones
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Designed for radio broadcasts, voice overs,
podcasts, announcers and more. Features a
cardioid, condenser element that features
its own isolation to minimize noise.
Includes a windscreen and features a high-pass
filter switch to minimize low-frequency noise.
#MXBCC1�������������������������������������������������� 229.99
Equitek E100S
1.1” diaphragm yields a high SPL rating and a
wide 10Hz to 20kHz frequency response. Variable
pattern control dial allows users to select cardioid,
omnidirectional and figure-8 patterns. 20dB Pad
switch provides higher headroom and high-pass
filter eliminates noise and rumble.
1” nickel plated capsule provides a full, rich tone
with an extended low frequency response. The
mic features a supercardioid pickup pattern,
80Hz high pass filter and a -10dB pad. Runs
on 48v phantom power, and includes a shock
mount and vintage cherry woodgrain case.
Vintage modeled capsule design. Designed for
recording applications where clarity, presence, and
detail are deal breakers. Transformerless FET
preamp, bass roll-off switch and 10dB pad. Includes
high-isolation shockmount and 3-year warranty.
#MX2003A��������������������������������������������������� 139.00
2006 Cardioid Mic (MX2006)��������������������������� 79.00
2010 Multi-Pattern Mic (MX2010)������������������ 139.00
Designed mainly for vocals, combines Class A FET
circuitry and a transformer/coupled output for an
open and pure sound. Gold-sputtered, 6 micron
diaphragm and solid state preamp. Delivers killer
vocals even in front of a busy mix. Gold-plated
round grill and distinctive, vintage body. Comes
with mic stand adapter and 3-year warranty.
TLM102 • TLM103
Condenser Microphone Kit Includes 2003 Studio Mic, 603S
Instrument Microphone, MXL56
and MXL41 shock mounts,
cables, windscreens and Case.
#MXPPP�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 178.57
V88 Cardioid Mic: includes an aluminum case
and shockmount. (MXV88S)������������������������� 149.00
MCA SP1 Cardioid Mic: metal body, high SPL
capability (MXMCASP1)���������������������������������� 49.00
770 Cardioid Mic FET output electronics ensure
low noise and high output gain. (MX770)�������� 78.95
The TLM102 features an internally shock-mounted cardioid capsule that prevents
unwanted noise from vibrations. Handles extremely high 144dB SPL levels. The mic
has a linear response, with a slight boost in the 6kHz range to provide excellent vocal presence.
The TLM103 features a flat frequency response resulting in accurate sound reproduction.Internal
shock mount reduces handling noise. Includes swivel mount and Wooden Jeweler’s Box.
Pro Pac Plus
Two selectable 1” diaphragms. Front side has a warm,
lush sound, the back side simulates some of the
brighter more airy sounding vintage capsules of the
1960’s. Gold-plated grille. Selectable pad and roll-off
filter. Includes mic clip and wooden storage case.
30Hz–20kHz frequency response and 140dB SPL
handling capability.
TLM102 in Matte Black (NETLM102MB)�����������������������������699.95
TLM102 in Nickel (NETLM102N)����������������������������������������699.95
TLM103 (NETLM103)������������������������������������������������������1099.95
TLM103A Anniversary Model (NETLM103A)����������������������1299.95
TLM 49 Studio Condenser Microphone (NETLM49)����������1599.95
U87 Ai with EA 87 Elastic Shock Mount (NEU87AISZ)��������3599.95
Complete solution featuring the NT1-A
side-address condenser mic. Intended
for general instrument and vocal recording,
provides a wide frequency response and
high S/N ratio. Includes studio-grade shock
mount with integrated pop filter, 20’
premium cable, dust cover and bonus DVD.
sE2200a II
Dual-diaphragm multi-pattern (cardioid, omni, figure-8)
condenser mic with ultra-low noise performance. Fixed
variable pad, pattern and filter adjustments for flexibility
and control. Solid cast metal housing and high-strength
steel mesh head. Internal capsule shock mounting.
Includes shockmount, pop filter and 10-year warranty.
Cost effective, features a rugged all metal housing
and grille. Large 19mm diaphragm results in high
sensitivity and flat 40Hz –18kHz frequency response.
Hyper-cardioid pattern greatly reduces ambient noise.
Gold-plated XLR for added sensitivity response and
greater S/N ratio.
Large 1” gold sputtered
diaphragm offers selectable omnidirectional, cardioid and figure 8 polar patterns to
suite any recording scenario. Features
a rubber paint finish and ships with a
shockmount and metal pop filter.
#RONT2ASSP�������������������������������������������������� 399.00
#SAC01���������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
#SE2200AII������������������� Call or Log-on
X1 Studio Bundle (SEX1MRFXRFC) 319.00
1” true condenser capsule, optimized for project
studio and home studio applications. Features
24-carat gold -plated diaphragm, internally
shock-mounted capsule and full metal housing
for low inherent self-noise and high maximum
SPL. Frequency response is 20Hz - 20kHz.
Class-A circuitry and extended “sweet spot” delivers
a smooth, detailed response. Use for recording piano
to percussion or violin to vocals. Built-in pop filter,
switchable low-frequency filter, and 15dB pad.
#SHKSM44ASL (KSM44A Side-Address Mic)�����999.00
SM27 Cardioid Condenser Mic (SHSM27LC)���299.00
PG42 Cardioid Mic (SHPG42LC)��������������������199.00
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Cardioid condenser with a 1” gold sputtered
diaphragm. Great for miking amps with high
SPLs, voice overs, and a variety music and
broadcast recording applications. Selectable
75Hz & 150Hz filters, and selectable -10dB
& -20dB pads. (STB1)��������������������������������119.99
#STC1 (C1 Mic)������������������������������������������249.99
Solid-state cardioid condenser mic for
project studio recording of vocals and general
instruments. Two different modes: Normal (out
position) provides increased low frequency sensitivity
for recordings with great impact and definition.
Focus mode features even greater clarity and detail.
Comes with pop-filter and shockmount and stylish
wood case for transport.
#BLSPARK���������������������������������������������� call or log
PRO Audio
Small Diaphragm Microphones
Perception 170
C 1000 S
Can change between cardioid and hypercardioid when a
more directional pickup is required. Attachable Presence
Boost Adapter (PB1000) which creates an emphasis of the
higher frequencies around 5 to 9 kHz by about 3 to 5 dB,
improving transmission of sibilances. Powered by internal
9v battery or external phantom supply. Includes
windscreen, stand adapter and Polar Pattern Converter.
#AKC1000S������������������������������������������������������������ 149.00
• Cardioid mic for capturing vocals, instruments and
speaker cabinets in recording or live sound situations.
• 135dB SPL handling capability and 20Hz-20kHz
frequency response. 20dB Pad switch maximizes
headroom and minimizes distortion from transient (peak)
audio. Includes stand adapter and 2-year warranty
Use for general instrument capturing, vocals, amplifier
cabinets, and more. Cardioid pattern, high SPL
handling and extended frequency response makes
it versatile in the studio or stage.
Fast response to transients contributes to the open,
transparent reproduction of the most difficult-to-capture
instruments. Hypercardioid pattern reduces pickup of
sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of
the sound source. Transformerless circuitry eliminates
low-frequency distortion. Switchable 80Hz high-pass filter
and 10dB pad. Includes mic clip, windscreen and case.
Pro 37
The C-2 is a stereo pair of condenser
mics designed for capturing vocals or
instruments. Matched in frequency and sensitivity, the
mics feature a wide frequency response, low-cut filter
and 10dB pad switch. Includes custom mic stand adapters, windscreeens, stereo-bar, and case.
#BEC2Q�������������������������������������������������������������� 59.99
#BEC4 (C4 Stereo Pair)����������������������������������������� 69.99
Stereo Set
Cardioid condenser mic for capturing, guitars,
overheads, piano, group vocals and X/Y style
stereo capturing when used in tandem. The low
profile of the Pro 37 enables flexible placement
and positioning.
Versatile dual capsule mic that
provides omni or cardioid pick up at the flick of a switch.
Features a two-position PAD switch for -10 and -20dB
attenuation and a flat frequency response for a rich,
natural sound. A high-pass filter reduces low-frequency
noise and hum. Ideal for both sound reinforcement and
recording applications.
#BEB5������������������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
#CAE70�������������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
Condenser Instrument Mic
#MX603P�������������������������������������������������������������� 139.61
#ROM3������������������������������������������������������������� 149.00
FC 4
High-quality, small-capsule
condenser mic, it comes with
three swappable mic heads,
each providing a different (omni, cardioid and
hypercardiod) pattern. Each has a 20mm, 3um
gold-sputtered diaphragm, and low-distortion
design. Features Class-A electronics, a heavyduty brass body, and a high-pass filter and pad
that are both externally switched. A shock mount is included.
#GOFC4MC����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.99
#AVCK1 (with shockmount and padded carrying case)��� 149.00
Tue condenser mic with interchangeable capsules that feature
cardioid and omni-directional polar patterns. Features
a -10dB Pad switch and low frequency roll-off which
suppresses low frequency hum rumble and wind noise.
Small-diaphragm condenser with interchangeable omni
and cardioid capsules providing versatility in capturing
instruments and vocals.
Rugged “pencil” mic with an elegant finish well suited for
capturing overheads , acoustic instruments, amp cabinets
and vocals. Interchangeable design includes 3 condenser
capsules with cardioid, omni and hypercardioid patterns.
Has a -10dB pad switch and 80Hz high-pass filter.
Pair of 603 wide-cardioid condenser mics for stereo
recording of instruments such as percussion and
piano. Internally wired with Mogami
cable for a low noise floor and
pristine fidelity throughout.
Includes two shock mounts
and deluxe case.
Low-noise, wide-response condenser mic features a
heavy-duty metal body, low self-noise, battery status
LED and a High Pass Filter. A three position Pad
switch maximizes headroom up to -10dB and -20dB.
Capable of either 24-48V phantom power or internal
9v alkaline battery.
Features the dynamic range necessary for accurate
instrument capturing, -10dB switchable pad and a low
frequency roll-off switch.
Condenser Mic Kit
550 large-diaphragm mic provides a high
level of clarity, and is perfect for vocals; the
551 small-diaphragm mic ideal for a variety
of acoustic and electric instruments. Internally wired with Mogami cable for low-noise
floor and pristine fidelity throughout.
#MX550551R�������������������������������������������� 81.74
Nady CM 90 Cardioid Condenser Mic (NACM90)������������������ 39.95
Hypercardioid condenser mic ideal for live, location, or
studio use. Its transformerless output and quality
construction delivers open, pristine sound. 48v phantom
powered with optional 9v battery operation for field
work. Battery status indicator. 140dB SPL handling and
20Hz–20kHz frequency response. Includes a zipper
pouch, windscreen and stand mount
Cardioid condenser designed for general instrument
recording and sound reinforcemen. Features 20Hz-20kHz
frequency response and low-noise output circuitry. Use for
drum over-head miking, stereo capturing of instruments,
vocal capturing etc. 24v or 48v phantom powered. Includes
windscreen, stand mount, custom carrying case and
10-year warranty. (RONT5S)����������������������������������� 219.00
#RONT5 (Stereo Matched Pair)������������������������������� 429.00
A favorite in film and music
production for its pristine sound quality and flexibility.
Featuring transformerless electronics, the CMC6 preamp
can utilize 20 different capsules for a variety of production
situations. Low noise floor and 40Hz–20kHz frequency
response. Includes MK41 Supercardioid Capsule, stand
clamp, popscreen. (SCCMC641S)���������������������������1918.00
Audix SCX1/HC Microphone (AUSCX1HC)��������������499.00
Neumann KM 184 MT (NEKM184MT)��������������������849.95
No para exportación
Designed for spot capturing in recording and sound
reinforcement. Offers exceptional attenuation at the
lateral sections of the capsule, for a focused pick up
without off-axis noise. Its wide frequency response
and high sensitivity result in pristine audio fidelity, no
matter the source. Also has low-frequency roll-off and
pre-attenuation switches.
#SEMKH50����������������������������������������������������� 1199.95
PRO Audio
USB Microphones & Podcasting Solutions
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Perception 120 USB
Takes all the quality features of the Perception 120
and adds a USB output for plug-and-play operation.
This is a cardioid, large-diaphragm condenser mic
with low-frequency roll-off switch and -20dB Pad.
Includes a table-top tripod stand, USB cable and
mic stand adapter.
Studio quality cardioid condenser miic
with a suudio quality mic preamp with up
to 40dB of gain. Record vocals and instruments with
confidence. Delivers fully digital audio to Mac, iPhone
& iPad. 1/8” headphone output with level control for
monitoring. About the size of an iPhone its the perfect
option for field and remote recording applications.
#APMIC��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.00
USB cardioid condenser mic ideal for podcasting,
and other computer recording applications,
20Hz-16kHz linear frequency response enables
the mic to accurately reproduce signals from any
source. High SPL handling and wide dynamic
range. Includes a pivoting stand mount, 10’ USB
cable and soft case.
#AUAT2020USB������������������������������ Call or Log-on
Affordable USB cardioid studio
mic for plug-and-play style recording with a laptop or
desktop computer. Record using your favorite
software without any interfaces or preamplifiers.
Well suited for capturing vocals and instruments
in today’s digital recording environments.
#BEC1U������������������������������������������������������� 54.99
Allows direct USB connection to a Mac or PC for
use with any recording software. Also provides XLR
output and cable. Plug into a preamp or mixer, for
live performances, general PA applications, etc. Has
a 1/8” (3.5mm) output for latency-free headphone
ATR2500-USB (AUATR2500USB)������ Call or Log-on
Microphone X
Built-in Aphex preamp and a switchable optical compressor for controlling your dynamic range. Built-in
Aphex Aural Exciter increases warmth and intelligibility
while Big Bottom adds low frequency harmonics without boosting levels. Both processors are switchable
and have independent level control knobs. Also offers
a built-in headphone amp with a 1/8” output.
Avid Vocal Studio
Combines a USB
mic and Pro Tools SE software turning
your computer into a recording studio.
Large diaphragm captures the subtle
nuances of vocal performances. Also
use to record instruments and other
audio sources. Included drivers allow
for monitoring a performance in real-time.
#AVVS������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 89.48
Compact and portable USB mic deal
for travel. Offers professionalquality results at an incredible price.
The mic capsule folds into the
compact case, which also stores
the included USB cable. When unfolded,
the case acts as a desktop stand or laptop clip.
Two separate capsules offers a
choice between cardioid and omni patterns.
Delivers outstanding clarity and detail. 10dB pad
switch for more headroom. Includes a desktop
stand and a USB cable.
In Aluminum (BLSBBAL), Black (BLSBGB), Ice
(BLSBI) or White (BLSBTW)������������������������� Log-on
Improves vocal
clarity for
online communication and
voice recognition software.
Brings your voice to the forefront using
voice isolation and noise-cancelling technology. Eliminates
computer fan noise by intelligently auto-muting. Recording mode
optimized for podcasts and music recording.
#BLYETIQ�����������������������������������������������call or log
#BLTIKIUSB���������������������������������������������������������������� call or log
#BLYETIPRO (Yeti Pro USB & XLR)������������������ 227.79
Four selectable patterns (stereo,
cardioid mono, omni and Figure-8). Adjustable
mic gain control and mute button, as well as a
headphone amp with volume control for direct
monitoring. Heavy metal construction with a desk
stand and angle-adjustable head.
Large diaphragm, USB-bus powered studio cardioid
condenser mic. Features a warm, extended
frequency response for smooth vocal and instrument
reproduction. Low-frequency roll-off and 10dB Pad
switch. Includes 10’ USB cable. (CAU37)������������� 43.33
#CAU1 (Handheld USB Dynamic Mic)��������������������� 28.00
#CAU9 (U9 USB Omnidirectional Mic)��������������������� 24.00
Featuring a stylish profile and equally attractive sound,
Tempo is an ideal choice for recording vocals and
podcasts to an iPad. Also features a headphone output
for monitoring. Includes desktop tripod stand, USB
cable and stand mount.
TempoKR in Black & Red (MXTEMPOKR)�����������������66.57
TempoSK in Black & Silver (MXTEMPOSK)���������������78.51
Studio 1 Red Dot USB Recording Mic Kit (MXSTU1REDDOT)�� 83.52
Quality handheld cardioid dynamic mic
with a USB connection.
Perfect for recording vocal tracks or
voice-overs on your computer or for online
communication, it features clear, crisp
sound with smooth response. Has a heavy
gauge mesh grill and durable construction,
and an on/off switch for added control.
Go Mic
Compact, plug-and-play mic with USB output and
1/8” headphone jack. Features
cardioid and omnidirectional
patterns, wide frequency
response and 44.1kHz/16-bit
resolution. Includes a USB cable,
cable clip, mic stand adapter, carrying
pouch and Cakewalk Music Creator software.
Meteor Mic
Featuring a large 25mm diaphragm
element, this stylish mic has an integrated
folding tripod base making it easy to
transport and set up. Simply plug in a pair
of headphones into the 1/8” headphone
input, adjust the headphone level and
enjoy latency-free monitoring. (SAMTR)��������������������������������69.99
No para exportación
Tailored-for-voice frequency response delivers rich,
full results. Status LED lets you know that your mic is
online. Onboard headphone output jack with volume
control.Tight cardioid pattern for superior
off-axis rejection. Powered from the USB port.
Audix USB12 Desktop USB Recording Mic (AUUSB12)��������149.00
Blue Spark Digital (BLSPARKDIG)��������������������������������������199.99
Blue Nessie - Adaptive USB Microphone (BLNESSIE)��������������99.00
MXL AC-400 Gooseneck Conference Mic (MXAC400)�����������79.95
MXL Tempo XLR Vocal Microphone (MXTEMPOXLR)��������������89.95
Studio Projects LSM Large Diaphragm Mic (STLSMB)�������179.99
Shure SM58 & X2u XLR (SHSM58X2U)������������������������������199.00
Shure PG27USB Cardioid USB mic (SHPG27USB)���������������199.00
Shure PG42USB Cardioid USB mic (SHPG42USB)���������������249.00
PRO Audio
Ribbon & Tube Mics • Dynamic Recording Mics
M 160
M 160 is a hyper-cardioid dynamic ribbon mic that
effectively suppresses lateral sound and noise. Ideal for
studio and live applications, where focused pick up is
necessary. Features a frequency response of 40Hz to
18kHz with a noise cancellation 25dB at 110 degrees.
Use to record string instruments, pianos and over-heads
on drum kits.
#BEM160��������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
4104B Lip Microphone
Designed for commentary and
speech capturing in noisy
environments. A sensitive ribbon
transducer is combined with a directional polar
pattern and flat, low-cut frequency response at 16Hz.
The result is accurate signal reproduction without noise
caused by ambiance or proximity effect.
#CO4104B������������������������������������������������������� 699.00
Fat Head
Handles any vocal or instrument
recording, and live sound. Its
frequency and sensitivity response deliver pristine
results, and the element’s design is very useful
when executing a mid-side or Blumlein recording.
In Brown/Gold (CAFHBGR)�������������������������������175.00
Brown/Gold Matched Pair (CAFHBPBGR)����������349.00
Fat Head II Pair (CAFHIIBPBGR)������������������������399.00
Project R1 MKII
Offers characteristic ribbon
performance at an affordable price.
Outfitted with a ribbon
50 mm long and 2 microns thick, the R1 MKII
provides fast and life-like transient response, and
can handle extremely high 160 dB SPL.
R1 MKII Ribbon Microphone (GOR1MK2)�����������179.99
R1 Active MKIII - Active Ribbon Mic (GOR1ACTMK3)������������ 219.99
Tube Condenser Mic
Large diaphragm tube condenser mic designed for
project and professional studio recording. Utilizes a
12AT7 type tube providing warmth and presence
without noise. Includes an external power supply
and is wired with Mogami cable.
#MXV69MEDT����������������������������������������������� 226.77
Long ribbon microphone with
vintage styling and a 2-7/16”
long ribbon element. Its true figure 8 polar pattern
and high sensitivity response deliver great detail
and presence while reproducing vocals, amplifier
cabinets, instruments and more. Includes machined yoke mount and aluminum flight case.
#CAVBS�������������������������������������������������������� 169.00
R1 Tube Active
Vintage-style ribbon mic with
active tube electronics. Combines
the mellow sound of a ribbon mic
with the warmth of a tube mic. The mic offers fast
transient response for ultra-realistic reproduction,
and its active circuitry, based around a 12AX7 tube
amp, gives it enough output to use with a standard
mic preamp. Can handle a whopping 165dB SPL.
#GOTUBEACTIVE�������������������������������������������������������������������� 299.99
CU-29 Copperhead Tube Mic
With 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon
and Figure-8 polar pattern, the R144 offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recording.
Performs brilliantly on acoustic instruments, strings,
and horns. High 130dB SPL capability. Also use for
broadcast applications. Distinctive body design with
purple and chrome metal finish. Includes shockmount
and carrying case. (MXR144)����������������������������� 80.64
Used for crucial recording of vocals and
instruments, the CU-29 reproduces
audio with presence and detail. Vacuum
tube output stage adds warmth and a wide frequency
response. “Present” but not “harsh” character, with
clarity and detail, but entirely devoid of the “bite” usually
found in mics in this price range. Cardioid pattern controls off axis, feedback and noise. (TECU29)������� 1295.00
RE27 N/D
The industry standard, the rugged RE20 is a cardioid
dynamic mic with reliable, low-noise performance and
exceptional clarity and definition. Response is tailored
especially for vocals with high SPL handling capability.
Frequency response remains flat even at extremely
close proximities. Internal blast and wind filter eliminates
“pop” and wind noise at the closest proximity.
Stepping up from the RE 20, the RE27 N/D features a
Neodymium based magnet which greatly improves
sensitivity, frequency response and SPL handling,
resulting in higher gain (up to 6dB more output) while
keeping the noise floor low. In addition, a highly
effective hum-bucking coil is used to attenuate hum
from lighting, bad grounds and other sources.
Engineered for world-class performance in studio and
stage applications. Unique “Dual Personality” switch
creates two mics in one Neodymium magnet creates higher output with faster transient response and
greater high-frequency detail. Exclusive Variable-D
proximity control ensures pure and natural tone. Humbucking coil guards against EMF interference and hum.
#ELRE320������������������������������������������������������������ 299.00
Stage mic that combines classic design with modern technology. Highoutput dynamic cartridge gives it a
big and powerful sound. Cardioid pattern helps reduce
onstage feedback. The mic’s frequency response is
60 Hz to 16 kHz, and has a presence peak that helps
your vocals come alive.
Rugged dynamic mic that offers no-compromise
performance for capturing speech in broadcast radio,
voice-over recording, podcasts, and more. Tight polar
pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response.
Balanced, low impedance output. Internal pop-filter
to reduce plosives. Internal shock mounting for low
handling noise. 10-year warranty.
PR 35
Handheld dynamic mic ideal for live
vocal performances. The large
dynamic element has a special magnet structure and
a low mass aluminum voice coil assembly to provide
a smooth, flat frequency response with natural and
articulate midrange. The mic element is mounted on
an internal Sorbothane shock mount, while the external rubberized coating provides a comfortable grip.
#HEPR35���������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Large diaphragm cardioid dynamic mic
for professional voiceover applications.
Flat frequency response enhances
the mid-range and high
frequencies that are
associated with the human
voice. Internal “air suspension”
shock isolation and built-in pop filter. (SHSM7B)�����������������349.00
No para exportación
PR 40
High-performance super cardioid
for use as a vocal mic for talk
show hosts and other voice over applications. Large
dynamic element produces a smooth response with
articulate and natural midrange. Achieves a wide
dynamic range and capture high SPLs. Internal
Sorbothane shock mount.
#HEPR40������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
ELA M-80
Built to deliver “condenser like” audio reproduction for the stage and studio. Well
suited for vocals and instruments with its
low mass super thin capsule, wide frequency response,
and high SPL capability. Includes a mic clip, wooden box,
and additional black head grille. (TEELAM80)��������249.00
M81 Dynamic Handheld Mic (TEM81)�����������������249.00
M82 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Mic (TEM82D)����399.00
PRO Audio
Instrument Mics
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Omni-directional instrument
condenser mic. Smooth, extended
response on- and off-axis provides
maximum ambient pickup. Runs on battery or phantom power. Super low sensitivity to
popping and overload make ideal for group vocals,
strings, cymbal overheads, acoustic guitar, piano
and interviews.
#AUAT8010��������������������������������������������������������������������� 149.99
D 112
Affordable instrument mic, the MB2K features a
dynamic cardioid element designed to withstand high
SPLs. Use for reproducing drums, percussion, guitar,
brass, piano and more. Comes with a 15’ XLR cable.
Cardioid mic with 168dB dynamic range
and high 73dB S/N ratio. High frequency
response is tailored to keep both bass drum
and bass guitar clearly distinguishable in the
mix. Built-in windscreen, includes SA-60
stage adapter. (AKD112)���������������������199.00
Dynamic mic ideal for
capturing snare drum, percussion, guitar and bass
cabinets, horns and vocals. Cardioid polar pattern
with a linear frequency response accurately
reproduces signals at high sound pressure levels
(SPL). Features a zinc alloy body with a steel grille
and black e-coat finish for terrific durability.
Cardioid dynamic mic
suitable for kick drums, bass cabinets etc. Features
VLM technology providing a sensitivity and sonic
response resulting in a rounded, warm low-end while
handling extremely high sound pressure levels. The
Audix D6 provides a consistent pick-up, eliminating
the need to locate the “sweet spot”.
#AUD6���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Use to capture drum overheads, snare drums, toms,
piano, guitar cabinets and more. Dynamic capsule and
hypercardioid polar pattern capture transient (peaking)
audio without distortion and off-axis noise that may
cause feedback. The output stage features a hum-buck
coil that reduces noise and maximizes gain.
#BEM201TG���������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
MD 421-II
Cardioid dynamic mic with a
5-position bass roll-off switch
and frequency response of
30Hz-17kHz. Dynamic capsule
allows even signal response even
close-up. Also handles very high sound
pressure levels, making it suitable for miking
instruments high in transient (peak) response.
M 201 TG
Rugged cardioid mic designed to handle the high
SPLs of drums, percussion, and brass instruments
without noise and peak distortion. Neodymium magnet yields high output gain with low noise and reliable
performance, regardless of climate. An integral
stand mount screws directly onto mic stands and the
included clip attaches the mic to the rim of a drum.
e604 Kit: 3 Mics, Drum Mounts, Pouches (SEE6043K)........349.95
Dynamic, supercardioid mic for capturing
instruments. Excels when placed in front of
guitar cabinets in sound reinforcement or
recording. Flat grill allows for easy placement.
The dynamic element is shock mounted and a
hum compensation coil controls low frequency
noise. Ruggedly constructed with silver finish.
#SEE609������������������������������������������������� 109.95
E906 Cardioid Guitar Microphone (SEE906)������������������������189.95
Super-cardioid instrument clip-on
condenser mic with in-line preamp
designed to clearly capture the
sounds of today’s professional horn
players. Gooseneck, ratcheting
swivel joint, and gooseneck angle brace allow for optimum
placement and fixed positioning. (SHBETA98HC)�����������������209.00
Dynamic supercardioid instrument mic for
capturing kick drum, acoustic bass, bass
amplifiers and more. Tailored frequency response
for capturing signal registering at low frequencies.
Accurately captures the attacks that contribute to the “punch” of
the signal. Built-in locking stand adapter with XLR simplifies
installation. Steel mesh grille. (SHBETA52A)�����������������������189.00
All the essentials for capturing
a percussion rig. Includes three
PG56 snare/tom mics, two PG81
overhead mics and PG52 kick
drum mic. Includes a rugged travel
case with foam inserts, mounting
hardware and XLR cables.
#SHPGDMK6XLR���������������� 399.00
Dynamic mic with cardioid pattern for use with vocals
or instruments. Metal body with steel mesh grille
contains cartridge mounted on an internal shock
mount with a neodymium magnet to provide high
SPL capability. Power switch turns the mic on/off
at a moment’s notice. Includes mic clip, thread
adapter and bag. (SHPG57LC)�������������Call or Log-on
Excellent for acoustic and electric instruments as
well as for vocals, the Beta 57A is a dynamic mic that
provides optimal warmth and presence. Maintains a
true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency
range. Hardened steel mesh grill design lets you take
better advantage of proximity effect. Packaged in an
advanced pneumatic shock mount.
#SHPG57XLR (same with XLR)���������������������������� 59.00
The USA’s presidential podium mic for over 30 years,
the SM57 cardioid is an exceptional choice for
instrument pickup or for vocals. Bright, clean sound
and carefully contoured presence rise make it ideal
for live sound reinforcement and recording. Excellent
for recording drums, guitar, and woodwinds.
#SHSM57LC�������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
Includes three SM57 dynamic
cardioid mics, Beta 52A kick
drum mic and three rugged
A56D universal drum mounts
to effectively mount the SM57’s
to drum and percussion rims,
hardware, etc.
#SHBETA57A������������������������������������������������� 139.00
No para exportación
Rugged high-quality cardioid condenser mic. Flat, neutral
frequency response makes it well-suited for use on piano,
acoustic guitar, cymbals and choirs. Low noise and highoutput clipping level. Low distortion over a wide range of
load impedances. Selectable low-frequency response: flat,
6 or 18dB/oct roll-off. 0/10dB lockable attenuator switch.
AKG C 411 PP Condenser Pickup Mic (AKC411PP)�������������� 169.00
CAD GXL-1200 Instrument Mic (CAGXL1200)������������������������ 46.97
DPA 4099P Stereo Mic System for Piano (DPVO4099P)���� 1198.37
Nady DMK-7 Drum Microphone Kit (NADMK7)������������������� 128.99
Pyle Pro PDKM7 7 Piece Drum Mic Kit (PYPDKM7)������������112.82
Shure PG81 Cardioid Condenser Mic (SHPG81LC)�������������� 124.00
Shure SM94-LC - Cardioid Condenser Mic (SHSM94LC)����� 169.00
Shure Beta 91A Kick Drum Microphone (SHBETA91A)�������� 239.00
PRO Audio
Handheld Performance Mics
Afordable mic designed to capture vocals and
instruments in live performances, rehearsals and
project studio recording applications. The P 5 features
a supercardioid polar pattern for maximum gain
before feedback. Additional features include an
internal protective windscreen and all-metal
#AKP5�������������������������������������������������������������� 65.00
Rugged cardioid dynamic mic. Sensitivity and
frequency response is optimized for
reproducing vocals in speech and
performance applications.
Includes stand adapter
clamp, and 20’ XLR mic cable.
PRO 41
Rugged dynamic mic with supercardioid pattern
cuts through loud stage performances. Laminated
Varimotion Diaphragm accurately reproduces vocals
during performances. Capsule features a dual
shockmount for enhanced protection against
handling noise. Includes mic adapter and case.
#AKD5������������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
#AKD5S (with on/off switch)������������������������������ 109.00
Studio grade quality at a modest price point. Features
a condenser element which enhances sensitivity,
detail and output level while maintaining a low noise
floor. Powered by 11-52v phantom or AA battery.
Includes stand clamp and pouch.
#AUMB3K�������������������������������������������������������� 40.45
#AUMB3KC (with 15’ XLR cable)�������������������������� 55.99
#AUMB4KC (with 15’ XLR cable)����������������������������91.73
PRO 63
#AUPRO63������������������������������������������������������������������������ 49.00
EXM-1800S (3-Pack)
Vocal & instrument
mic, full, clear sound
with slight bass proximity, for small to mid-size PA
systems. Audix microphones deliver rich, natural
vocal sound with exceptional clarity and detail,
superior off-axis rejection, and the ability to perform
at high levels without feedback or distortion
#AUOM2....................................................... Call or
OM2-S: with on-off switch (AUOM2S).......... 119.00
M 88 TG
pattern plus a
linear frequency response,
optimized for vocal reproduction.
A power switch is provided for
added user control. Includes a
convenient storage case.
Ideal for live sound, broadcasting, announcing, etc.
High SPL capability allows placement close to loud
sources such as a kick drum or bass guitar. Equally
impressive as vocal mic or for brass/windwood
instruments. Has a -20dB integrated humbucking
filter, and reinforced basket to withstand rough
#BEM88TG���������������������������������������Call or Log-on
N/D 267A
Rugged cardioid dynamic mic designed for
reproducing vocals in sound reinforcement and recording applications. Features extended frequency and
sensitivity response. Has a power switch for added
Cardioid dynamic mic for instrument or vocal
capturing in recording or live sound. Neodymium
magnet provides high output gain levels while
maintaining a low noise floor. Tailored frequency
response eliminates low-frequency noise. Twostage ball type head reduces “pop” sounds and
wind noise.
Cardioid condenser mic designed for professional
recording and sound reinforcement applications.
Utilizing the latest low-mass technology, frequency
and transient response is improved, while distortion is
reduced. Controls feedback and minimizes pickup of
unwanted sounds. Enclosed in a rugged housing with
a low-reflective matte finish.
Rugged cardioid mic optimized for vocals on stage
or recording applications. Dynamic element with neodymium magnet provides high SPL capability.
Frequency response is optimized for enhanced
intelligibility of vocals. On/Off power switch. Includes
stand clamp and soft case.
Supercardioid handheld mic for general speech and
performance capturing on stage, lecterns, desktops.
Varimotion technology provides a wide frequency
response and excellent signal reproduction. Its rugged construction ensures years of solid
operation. Includes a windscreen, stand adapter
and protective case.
N/D 767A
Cardioid pattern and extended frequency range with
improved transient response presents clear lead and
background vocals without the need for excessive EQ.
VOB technology provides tailored bass response for
controlled “proximity effect” and exceptional vocal
clarity. Warm Grip™ handle for comfortable feel.
Includes stand clamp, case and 2-year warranty.
Rugged supercardioid mic for live sound reinforcement
and general recording. VOB (vocally optimized bass)
technology reduces boominess, sibilance and
P-popping associated with close proximity capturing.
Switchable bass roll off filter, neodymium magnet,
and multistage shock mount. Includes stand clamp,
case and 2-year warranty.
#ELND267A������������������������������������������������������� 79.00
#ELND767A��������������������������������������������������� 129.00
No para exportación
Professional cardioid vocal mic with fixed-charge
permanently-polarized condenser element for a
pristine warm signal response during live
performances, speech and more. Robust
enclosure to handle the rigors of life on the
road. Includes stand clamp and case.
Dynamic vocal mic with smooth
mid-frequency presence rise for excellent vocal
projection. Features dardioid pattern, internal shock
mount and ultra-low distortion for a super clean sound.
Two-stage pop filter minimizes breath and pop noises.
Includes mic stand adapter.
enCORE Series
Rugged cardioid mics for reproducing
vocals and speech with clarity and detail, while
maintaining a balanced high-frequency response.
Heavy gauge-grille and reinforced ring and durable
plated finish make them ideal for sound reinforcemen.
#BLE100 (enCORE 100 Dynamic mic)�������������������� 99.99
#BLE200 (enCORE 200 Dynamic mic)�����������������Log-on
#BLE300 (enCORE 300 Condenser mic)��������������Log-on
enCORE 100
Cardioid Dynamic
The SP-1 and SP-5 are great value
mics featuring metal construction and
linear full range response. The SP-4C
has a On/Off switch and includes XLR cable. The SP-9n
has a dynamic, alnico element for high quality vocal
reproduction without noise.
SP-1 (NASP1)�����������������10.59
SP-5 (NASP5)�����������������10.99
SP-4C (NASP4C)������������11.00
SP-9 (NASP9)�����������������14.99
PRO Audio
Handheld Performance Mics
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
PV-MSP1 Mic Package
Supercardioid pattern, low self noise and
colorless off-axis pickup complements
in-ear monitor systems. Features
superior resolution of voice, with extended frequency
response and accurate transient detail. Unique triple
acoustic filter minimizes popping and wind noise,
filters eliminates handling noise.
Complete solution
for vocalists, small studios and
musicians. Includes the PVi100
dynamic handheld mic, adjustable
tripod mic boom stand and portable
gig bag. Also comes with a 20’ mic
cable, mic stand adapter and pouch.
The heart of the capsule features a neodymium
element for exceptionally high gain with a low output
noise floor. The linear frequency response results in
accurate reproduction of vocals. High SPL response
enables placement near transient signal sources such
as drums and guitar cabinets with minimal distortion
and noise.
Black Finish (NEKMS105MT)������������������������������699.95
Nickel Finish (NEKMS105NI)�������������������������������699.95
#PEMSP114 (XLR - 1/4” cable)���� 49.99
#PEMSP1XLR (XLR - XLR cable)�� 49.99
Cardioid pattern and 80Hz-12kHz requency response
is suitable for general vocal and instrument miking
and club PA. Silent on/off switch. Rugged metal
construction and internal damping isolates handling
noise. Hum compensating coil reduces electrical
interference. Includes mic clip and pouch.
#SEE815SX��������������������������������������������������������� 59.95
Cardioid mic for general vocal and instrument miking
and club PA. Rugged metal construction and internal
damping isolates handling noise. Hum compensating
coil reduces electrical interference. Shock-mounted
capsule for low sensitivity to handling noise. Silent on/
off switch. Includes mic clip and pouch.
#SEE825S��������������������������������������������������������� 81.99
Vocal stage mic with uniform frequency pick-up that
maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis
during performance. Gentle presence boost ensures
clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect for clear
bass and performance when singing closer to or further
from capsule. Includes mic clip and case.
#SEE835������������������������������������������������������������� 99.95
#SEE8353K (package of three)����������������������������� 249.95
#SEE835S (with on/off switch)����������������������������� 109.95
Super 55
Dynamic vocal mic with unmistakable vintage look
and equally impressive sound. Tailored frequency
response is well suited for speech and vocal
capturing. Features an integrated, self-tensioning
swivel mount, chrome-plated die-cast casing and
vibrant blue foam. Adds style and flair on stage,
podiums, houses-of-worship, and more.
#SHSUPER55�������������������������������������������� 249.00
55SH/II Dynamic Mic (SH55SH2)������������� 179.00
Top choice of performers and audio technicians
around the world. Superb accuracy and detail, rich
vocal production. Delivers studio-grade performance
and a smooth, extended high-end frequency response
in a cardioid condenser design. Low-frequency roll-off
for proximity effect. Three-stage pop filter minimizes
breath pop and noise.
True audio legend. Frequency response tailored for
vocals, with brightened midrange and bass roll-off.
Cardioid pattern minimizes background noise while
shock-mount system cuts down handling noise.
Built-in spherical wind and pop filter. Includes
break-resistant 180° rotatable stand adapter.
#SHSM58CN (with cable)�����������������������������109.00
#SHSM58S (with on/off switch)���������������������104.00
Extended high frequency response and supercardioid
pattern. Smooth warm tonal response and full dynamic
range, with presence lift for vocal clarity and projection.
Consistent on/off axis and proximity response maintain
audio quality while moving. Metal construction and
shock-mounting minimize handling noise.
#SEE845������������������������������������������������������� 139.95
#SEE845S (with on/off switch)������������������������� 149.95
E865 Supercardioid Condenser Mic (SEE865)� 269.95
Dynamic mics featuring 40Hz-16kz frequency response
tailored for vocals. Neodymium capsule withstands
extreme sound pressure levels. Shock mounted capsule
and rugged metal enclosure for durability in the studio
or on the road. Hum compensation coil minimizes hum
caused by electrical current, bad grounds etc.
E935 (SEE935)����� 169.95
E945 (SEE945)����� 219.95
High-output supercardioid dynamic mic with high
gain-before-feedback, maximum isolation, and
minimum off-axis tone coloration. Shaped frequency
response makes it a top choice of vocalists and
touring professional. Rugged construction,
humbucking coil, shock mount and hardened
steel mesh grille.
Premium quality, phantom powered supercardioid
condenser vocal mic with exceptionally smooth
frequency response and SPL capability. Used for
sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and studio recording. Controlled low-frequency roll-off
compensates for proximity effect. Characteristic
Shure presence rise brightens the upper midrange.
Cardioid mic deal for lead and backup vocals.
On/off switch for onstage control. Durable metal
construction with hardened steel mesh ball grille
that resists wear and abuse. Neodymium magnet
for high output level. Integral “pop” filter reduces
explosive breath sounds and wind noise.
Caridiod dynamic mic with a tailored frequency
response ideal for vocals. A presence rise brightens
mid-range performance, and low frequency roll-off
controls proximity effect. Shock-mounted cartridge
and “pop” filter reduce handling noise and explosive
breath sounds.
#SHPG58LC��������������������������������������������������� 54.00
#SHPG58XLR (with XLR cable)�������������������������� 59.00
#SHSM48SLC (with on/off switch)��������������������54.95
Phantom powered cardioid condenser used in
sound-reinforcement and recording applications.
Built-in 3-stage shock-mount and an internal windscreen. Rugged metal construction is made to withstand the rigors of touring and daily use.
SV100-W Dynamic Cardioid Mic (SHSV100W)����29.99
SV100-WA Dynamic Mic Kit (SHSV100WA)........ 34.99
SV-200WA Dynamic Mic (SHSV200WA)..............39.99
No para exportación
Professional handheld vocal mic that delivers studio
level quality to live sound reinforcement applications.
Choice of cardioid and supercardioid patterns are
provided for flexible operation and noise suppression
in any scenario. Wide frequency response enhances
vocal character. Advanced internal shock suppression
for minimal handling noise.
In Charcoal Gray finish (SHKSM9CG)����������������� 699.00
In Champaign finish (SHKSM9SL)��������������������� 699.00
#SEE815SC����������������������������������������������������� 59.95
Rugged and reliable cardioid mic. Neodynum ferrous
magnet with boron - keeps mic stable regardless of
climate. Rugged metal construction and internal
damping isolates handling noise. Hum compensating
coil reduces electrical interference.
PRO Audio
Microphone Accessories
Mic Clips & Mounts
SA 60 Mic Stand Adapter (AKSA60)�������������������������������������22.00
SA 61 Stand Adapter (AKSA61)�������������������������������������������22.00
Small Mic Clip (QUMP892)���������������������������������������������������� 1.99
Plastic Spring-Loaded Mic Clip (QUMP850)��������������������������� 2.99
Tapered Rubber Mic Clip (QUMP840)������������������������������������ 1.99
Universal Double Mic Clip (AUULC2MBL)���������������������������������� 3.00
AT8405a Snap-in Mic Stand Clamp (AUAT8405A)�������������������� 9.98
AT8456a Quiet-Flex Mic Stand Clamp (AUAT8456A)�������������16.95
AT8407 Universal Mic Clamp (AUAT8407)����������������������������18.00
MZQ1 Microphone Clamp (SEMZQ1)����������������������������������� 11.08
MZQ 800 Microphone Clamp (SEMZQ800)�������������������������� 13.95
MZQ200 Stand Adapter (SEMZQ200)���������������������������������� 34.95
Shure A55HM
WA371 Swivel Adapter (SHWA371)��������������������������������������� 7.36
A57F Microphone Clip (SHA57F)������������������������������������������ 7.95
Hosa Universal
Microphone Holder
Hosa Technology
A25D Mic Stand Adapter (SHA25DM)������������������������������������ 4.99
A25D Stand Adapter (SHA25D)��������������������������������������������� 4.49
Universal Microphone Holder (HOMHSC)���������������������������������3.46
25mm Microphone Holder (HOMH25)�������������������������������������3.48
A53M Shock Stopper isolation mount (SHA53M)����������������� 38.00
Audio Technica
MZQ 800
A55HM Shock Stopper isolation mount (SHA55HM)������������� 37.50
Ultimate Support
JS-MC1 Clothes Pin Style Clip (ULJSMC1)���������������������������� 2.99
JS-MC3 Slide-In Mic Clip (ULJSMC3)����������������������������������� 3.99
JS-MC9 Slide-In Microphone Clip (ULJSMC9)����������������������� 5.99
On Stage
MY100 Clip for tapered-styled dynamic mics (ONMY100)�������7.95
MY110 For straight-style handheld wireless (ONMY110)���������7.95
MY120 Rubber Condenser Mic Clip (ONMY120)���������������������7.95
MY200 Spring-loaded clip (ONMY200)����������������������������������5.95
MY250 Clip for tapered-styled dynamic mics (ONMY250)�������3.95
MY251 Elliptical-shaped clip for most mics (ONMY251)����������2.95
TM01 Microphone Table & Stand Clamp (ONTM01)��������������15.95
MZQ100 Quick Release for MKH-416 (SEMZQ100)������������� 29.95
A1K - Anti Roll Device for Handheld Mics (SHA1K)����������������� 4.97
311 Microphone Stand Clamp (3/4”) (EL311)�����������������������19.00
320 Microphone Stand Clamp (EL320)�����������������������������������39.00
323S Soft Microphone Stand Clamp (EL323S)����������������������16.50
85035 Microphone Clip (KM850355)�������������������������������������2.99
Mic Stand Adapter (KM850505)���������������������������������������������3.99
Mic Stand Adapter (KM85055)�����������������������������������������������3.99
RM5 Stand Mount for the NT5 (RORM5)������������������������������ 14.99
Stand Mount for NTK/NT1000 Mics (RORM2)���������������������� 14.99
MC-MICRO Mic Clip with 5/8” Thread (AUCSA)����������������������8.95
D-CLIP Microphone Clip (AUDCLIP)���������������������������������������9.95
MC-1 Microphone Stand Adapter (AUMC1)����������������������������4.25
Stand Mount for NT3 and NT4 (RORM3)������������������������������ 14.99
Audio Technica
PG-95 Pistol-grip shotgun microphone clip (WIPG95)������������ 6.95
MC-3 Rubber Clip for Wireless Handheld Mics (WIMC3)��������� 5.30
MC4 Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Mic Clip (WIMC4)��������������������� 5.75
Ultimate Support
MC-12 Slim Deluxe Mic Clip (WIMC12)�������������������������������� 6.95
Mic Stand Cable Clips (WICC6)��������������������������������������������� 7.50
Universal Spring Type Mic Clip (Black) (WISMC7)�������������������� 5.30
Studio Shock Mounts
AKG H 85 Universal Shock Mount (AKH85)�������������������������120.00
AKG SH-100 Shockmount (AKSAC1000SM)��������������������������39.00
Audio-Technica AT8458 Mic Shock Mount (AUAT8458)������56.92
Audio-Technica 8471 Isolation Clamp (AUAT8471)������������23.95
Blue Ringer Shock Mount (BLRSM)����������������������������������� Log-on
Blue Shockmount for Yeti and Yeti Pro (BLRADIUS)������������� Log-on
CAD GZM6 Mic Shock Mount (CAGZM6)������������������������������10.83
EV 309A Suspension Mic Shock Mount (EL309A)���������������109.00
Sabra-Som SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount (SASSM1)���������49.99
Studio Projects Shock Mount for B Series Mics (STSPSKB)�19.99
MY320 Shock mount for clip for condenser mics (ONMY320)13.95
MY325 Shock mount for clip for dynamic mics (ONMY325)���13.95
MY330 Shock mount for wireless mics (ONMY330)��������������13.95
MY410 Shock mount for large mics (ONMY410)�������������������24.95
Rode SM2
Heil Sound
SM1 Elastic Band for SM1 Shock Mount (ROSM1BND)������������7.99
SM2 Elastic Suspension Mic Shock Mount (ROSM2)��������� Log-on
PSM1 Shock Mount for Rode Podcaster (ROPSM1)���������������39.00
SM6 Shock Mount with Detachable Pop Filter (ROSM6)���������59.00
SM-2 B Shock Mount (HESM2B)����������������������������������������105.00
SM-2C Shock Mount (HESM2C)�����������������������������������������105.00
IInVision Universal Mic Shock Mount (RYINVUSM)����������������119.99
InVision Studio Kit with USM (RYIVSKIT)������������������������������149.99
SP01 Shock Mount (SASP01)����������������������������������������������23.73
P04 Shock Mount for G Track Mic (SASP04)������������������������24.69
MXL-MT001 Universal Microphone Mount (MXMT001)������������8.99
MXL 41-603 High-Isolation Shock Mount (MX41603)������������29.00
MXL-56 High-Isolation Shock Mount (MX56)�����������������������29.74
MXL-57 High-Isolation Mic Shock Mount (MX57)������������������24.96
MXL-90 Elastic Suspension Mic Shock Mount (MX90)�����������34.95
Audio Technica
EA-1 Shock Mount (Nickel) (NEEA1)�����������������������������������259.00
Nickel Shock Mount Rep. Bands (NE065404)������������������������11.95
Nickel Shock Mount Repl. Band for EA-1 (NE079074)�����������11.95
Black Shock Mount Replacement Band (NE065419)��������������11.95
Black Elastic Band for the EA-1 Mount (NE523779)���������������11.95
RK373 Elastic Bands for KSM32 (SHRK373)���������������������������4.69
A55M Isolation and Swivel Shock Stopper (SHA55M)������������22.61
A27SM Elastic Suspension Mic Shock Mount (SHA27SM)������55.00
RPM642 Rubber Rings for KSM27 (4 Rings) (SHRPM642)�������3.99
Blue Ringer
(in use)
No para exportación
AKG H 85
SP-20 Microhone Shock Mount (WISP20)�����������������������������10.50
SP-25 Microhone Shock Mount (WISP25)�����������������������������10.50
SM-2 Microphone Suspension Shock Mount (WISM2)�����������20.95
PRO Audio
Microphone Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Desktop and Gooseneck Mic Stands
AmpliVox S1075 Mic Stand (AMS1075)������������������������������24.50
Astatic Portable Desk Base for Goosenecks (AS40118)��������74.99
MXL DS-01 Desktop Tripod Mic Stand (MXDS01)������������������14.95
Rode DS-1 Microphone Desk Stand (RODS1)�����������������������29.99
Samson Desktop Microphone Stand (SAMD5)���������������������17.50
Shure S41E Microphone Desk Stand (SHS41E)��������������������10.00
On Stage
Microphone Desk Stand (AUAT8601)������������������������������������26.00
Quick Mount Desk Stand (AUAT8615)����������������������������������52.92
AT8646QM Shock Mount Plate (AUAT8646QM)��������������������39.95
Plug-In Mic Desk Stand (AUAT8615RS)��������������������������������59.99
Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound
Contemporary Mic Desk Stand (ATDS14)�����������������������������33.50
Square Base Mic Desk Stand (ATDS2)���������������������������������35.70
Round Base Mic Desk Stand in Chrome (ATDS5)������������������11.16
Round Base Mic Desk Stand in Black (ATDS5E)�������������������10.32
8-13” Adj. Round Base Desk Stand in Chrome (ATDS7)��������26.99
8-13” Adj. Round Base Desk Stand in Black (ATDS7E)����������19.95
GN-6E Gooseneck Extension (ATGN6E)����������������������������������4.95
GN-13 Gooseneck Extension (ATGN13)�����������������������������������7.95
GN-13E Gooseneck Extension (ATGN13E)�������������������������������6.95
GN-19 Gooseneck Extension (ATGN19E)���������������������������������9.50
QR Adjustable Desk Stand (ONDS7200QRB)�������������������������14.95
Posi-Lok Mini Boom Desktop Stand (ONDS300B)������������������17.95
Desktop Tripod Mic Stand with Clip (ONDS7425)������������������15.95
Fixed-Height Desk Stand w/Chrome Shaft (ONDS7100C)���������9.95
Fixed-Height Desktop Stand w/Black Shaft (ONDS7100B)��������8.95
Adj. Round Base Desktop Mic Stand Chrome (ONDS7200C)��13.95
Adj. Round Base Desktop Mic Stand Black (ONDS7200B)������12.95
6” Adjustable Gooseneck (ONG6B)�����������������������������������������3.95
19” Gooseneck (ONG19B)������������������������������������������������������7.95
13” Adjustable Gooseneck (ONG13B)�������������������������������������5.95
13” Gooseneck Desktop Mic Stand with Base (ONDS6213)����13.95
Desktop Mic Stand with Tripod Base (QUA188)���������������������15.99
Atlas Sound
Audio Technica
Konig & Meyer (K&M)
Miniature Tripod Mic Desk Stand (AKKM2311)����������������������15.00
Tabletop Tripod Mic Stand (KM2311N)����������������������������������12.99
Bogen Communications
Table Top Round Base Mic Stand (KM232B)�������������������������42.99
DS3 Desk Mic Stand (BODS3)����������������������������������������������30.78
Table Top Microphone Stand (Black) (KM23220B)�����������������39.99
G12B - 12” Gooseneck - Black (SHG12B)������������������������������20.35
G18 - 18” Gooseneck (SHG18)���������������������������������������������15.99
G27 - 27” Gooseneck - Black (SHG27B)������������������������������23.28
Extension Tube (SHA26X)������������������������������������������������������7.99
Ultimate Support
Table-Top Mic Stand (ULJSDMS50)�������������������������������������14.99
Table-Top Mic Stand/Gooseneck (ULJSDMS75)��������������������16.99
Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand/Clip (ULJSMMS1)������������������������14.99
JS-GN6 6” Gooseneck (ULJSGN6)������������������������������������������5.99
Clamps, Mounts and Brackets
ATS Clamp Ball Head (ATUCAT)������������������������������������������33.13
Countryman ISOMAX 2 Flute Clip (COA2CFLUTE)����������������14.99
DPA Mic Holder Stringed Instruments (DPMHS6001)�������������7.00
Hosa Technology MMH-346 Mic Holder (HOMH4)��������������25.50
IK Multimedia iKlip MINI Mic Stand Adapter (IKIKLIPMINI)����31.89
Sennheiser Lock-On Mic Stand Adapter (SEMZA421)���������33.95
TecNec ENG-4 Press Conference Clamp (TEENG4Q)������������22.99
K&M 237 Microphone Clamp (AKKM237)�����������������������������17.00
KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar (AKKM2351)����������������������25.00
Atlas Sound
CO-1B Clamp-On Mic Swivel (ATCO1B)��������������������������������19.65
TM-1E Twin Mic Mount (Ebony) (ATTM1E)�����������������������������13.89
LO-2BE Lock-On Accessory (ATLO2BE)��������������������������������17.67
LO-2B Lock-On Accessory (ATLO2B)�����������������������������������13.15
Microphone Instrument Mount (AUAT8418)��������������������������34.81
Swivel-Mount Mic Clamp Adapter (AUAT8459)���������������������43.00
Acoustic Guitar Microphone Mount (AUAT8444)��������������������35.70
236 - Four Microphone Mounting Bar (KM236)���������������������35.99
237B Table Clamp (KM237B)����������������������������������������������15.99
23550 Adjustable Mic Bar (KM23550)��������������������������������21.99
23510 Microphone Bar (KM23510)��������������������������������������23.99
TM03 Table Top Mounted C Clamp (ONTM03)������������������������7.95
MY500 Stereo Microphone Mount (ONMY500)�����������������������9.95
MY550 Mic Extension Attachment (ONMY550)��������������������10.95
MY570 Clamp-On Accessory Holder (ONMY570)������������������10.95
MY700 Multiple Mic Mounting Bar (ONMY700)���������������������19.95
Microphone Clip Rim Drum (ONDM01)�����������������������������������8.95
QK10B Quick Release Adapter (ONQK10B)�����������������������������6.95
7” Boom with Clutch and Clamp (ONMSA9508)��������������������13.95
DM50 Drum Rim Microphone Clip (ONDM50)�����������������������13.95
Quick Release Adapter (Black) (ONQK2B)�����������������������������10.95
Posi-Lok Clutch (ONMSA9501)�����������������������������������������������9.95
Clamp-On Utility Tray (QUMS329)���������������������������������������19.99
Atlas Sound
WindTech MA12
ST-4 Quad Microphone Support (SAST4)������������������������������49.99
ST-2 Double Microphone Support (SAST2)���������������������������39.99
A56D Universal Mic Drum Mount (SHA56D)��������������������������38.59
A27M Stereo Stand Adapter (SHA27M)��������������������������������66.98
A32M Swivel Mount for KSM27/KSM32 Mics (SHA32M)�������56.95
MA-12 Spring Loaded Clamp (WIMA12)��������������������������������11.25
Multi-Position “C” Type Clamp (WIMPC10)���������������������������18.99
Microphone Quick-Release (Black) (WIQC2B)������������������������13.50
Pop Filters & Shields
Blue The Pop - Pop Filter (BLTP)�������������������������������������� Log-on
Cascade Mics Metal Hexagon Pop-Filter (CAMSHPF)�����������25.95
Gator Cases 6” Nylon Pop Filter (GAPF6)����������������������������18.99
Middle-Atlantic PF-SS Split-Screen Pop Filter (MIPFSS)������41.73
Neumann 6” Pop Filter w/Gooseneck (NEPS30)�������������������44.95
Raxxess 6” Pop Filter with Goose Neck (RAPOMT)���������������24.95
Shure PS-6 Pop Filter (SHPS6)�������������������������������������������29.00
PF-002 Universal Black Metal Mesh Pop Filter (MXPF002)�����19.80
PF-003 Universal Metal Mesh Pop-Filter (MXPF003)�������������27.45
Universal Microphone Pop Filter (MXPF001)��������������������������13.99
RF-100 Reflection Filter (MXRF100)�����������������������������������169.00
sE Electronics
Dual Pop Screen
MudGuard Mic Isolation Shield (AUMUDGUARD)��������������������79.99
Metal Round Pop Filter/Gooseneck (AUPFMR5)�����������������������24.95
6” Nylon Pop Filter with Gooseneck AUPFN6)��������������������������14.95
Popless Voice Screens
3.5” Pop Filter for EV RE-20/RE-27 (POVACRE20)�����������������59.95
3.5” Pop Filter for the HEIL PR40 and PR3 (POVACPR40)������59.00
4” Pop Blocker Windscreen (ONASVS4B)�����������������������������14.95
6” Pop Blocker Windscreen (ONASVS6B)������������������������������19.95
Pop Filter and Gooseneck (CAEPF15A)����������������������������������12.95
Acoustic-Shield 32 (CAAS32)���������������������������������������������� 109.00
Metal Round Pop Filter with Gooseneck (5.5”) (PEPFMR5)�����24.95
Nylon Round Pop Filter with Gooseneck (6.6”) (PEPFN6)��������18.99
No para exportación
VoxGuard Nearfield Audio Absorber (PRVG)��������������������������89.00
VoxGuard Nearfield Absorber (PRVGDT)��������������������������������69.99
sE Electronics
Metal Pop Filter (SEPS)�������������������������������������������������������49.00
RF-X Reflection Filter (SESEERFX)���������������������������������������� 119.00
Project Studio Reflexion Filter (SEPSRF)������������������������������199.00
Reflexion Filter PRO - Acoustic Absorber (SERF)�����������������299.00
PRO Audio
Microphone Accessories
Podium Flange Mounts
Audio Technica
Astatic Flange Mount for Gooseneck Mics (ASFM2A)�����������16.00
Astatic Lectern/Podium Shock Isolation Mount (ASGSM1)����51.36
Audio-Technica AT8438 Surface Mount Adap (AUAT8438)��17.76
WindTech Podium Mounting Flange (WI8040B)���������������������6.75
Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound
AD-11B Surface Mount Mic Stand Flange (ATAD11B)��������������7.85
AD-11BE Desk Top Mounting Flange (ATAD11BE)��������������������8.77
AD-12B Desk Top Mounting Flange (ATAD12B)�����������������������8.95
AD-12BE Desk Top Mounting Flange (ATAD12BE)��������������������7.79
Audio Technica
Hosa MHD 4
WindTech Podium
Mounting Flange
Shure A12
TM02C Podium Flange Mount (ONTM02C)�����������������������������4.95
TM08B Deluxe Podium Flange Mount (ONTM08B)�������������������5.95
TM02B Podium Flange Mount (ONTM02B)�����������������������������4.95
In-Line Accessories
AT8202 In-Line Attenuator (AUAT8202)��������������������������������39.99
PHANTOMIII Phantom Power Supply (ARPPS)�����������������������55.00
PHANTOMII - Battery Operated Phantom Power (ARADPP)�����70.00
A12 Mounting Flange (SHA12)�����������������������������������������������8.55
A12 Mounting Flange (SHA12B)���������������������������������������������9.98
Recessed Shock Mount for Gooseneck Mics (SHA400SM)�����21.50
Combination Kit for Gooseneck Mics (SHA400SMXLR)�����������35.89
Adapters & Fittings
Audio-Technica Camera Shoe Mount (AUAT8469)����������������8.99
Hosa Mic Reducer Bushing 5/8”-3/8” (HOA58M38F)��������������2.55
Hosa MHD 4 - Thread Adapter (HOMHD4)������������������������������1.99
Manfrotto 148KN Reducing Bushing Set (MA148KN)�����������11.06
Manfrotto Female 3/8 to 5/8” Male (MAMIBA)����������������������4.95
Mighty Wondercam SCREWIT Mic Mount Adapter (MISQ)���11.95
Sennheiser MZA-216 Thread Adapter (SEMZA216)���������������3.95
Hosa Technology
XLR-F to XLR-M Polarity Cross Phase Rev. (HOPCRPXMXF)������5.99
In-Line Attenuator (HOATT448)���������������������������������������������11.60
In-Line XLR Barrel Mic On/Off Switch (HOMOOS)������������������11.19
XLR-F to Female XLR-F Adapter (HOAXFXF)����������������������������4.99
XLR-M to XLR-M Adapter (HOAXMXM)������������������������������������3.39
XLR-M to XLR-F Hum Stopper (HOAXMXF)������������������������������4.99
MicMate - USB Adapter for Dynamic Mics (MXDMM)�������������57.50
MicMate USB Adapter for Line Level Signal (MXMMLL)����������84.95
XLR Male to XLR Male Adapter (NENA3MM)����������������������������8.41
Pro Co Sound
3/8” Female to 5/8” Male Thread Adapter (AKKM217)�������������6.00
3/8” Male to 5/8” Female Thread Adapter (AKKM216)�������������6.00
3/8” Male to 5/8” Female Thread Adapter (AKKM216B)�����������6.00
ITX Isolation Tranformer for 600 Ohm Loads (PRITXMXF)�������44.99
GLX In-Line Barrel Ground Lift (PRGLX)��������������������������������18.35
MAX20 In-Line Pad (PRMAX20)������������������������������������������24.50
Atlas Sound
AD-8B Long Microphone Tube (ATAD8B)��������������������������������5.95
AD-7B Long Microphone Tube (ATAD7B)��������������������������������6.95
AD-5B Coupling 5/8”F to 5/8”F (ATAD5B)������������������������������4.95
AD-4B 3/4” Long, 5/8” 27 Coupling Adapter (ATAD4B)������������4.95
AD-15B Microphone Tube (ATAD15B)�����������������������������������12.29
MS2XTA Top Adapter (Chrome) (ATMS2XTA)��������������������������28.96
48V to 12T In-Line Barrel Adapter (PSA4812)�����������������������37.05
Line to Mic Level In-Line Barrel Adapter (PSALMP)����������������28.98
NR. 215 3/8” A-5/8” (BENR216)��������������������������������������������4.50
NR. 217 5/8” A-3/8” (BENR217625)��������������������������������������4.50
3/8” male and 5/8” female connection (KM216)���������������������3.99
3/8” female and 5/8” male connection (KM217)���������������������1.99
Reducer Bushing 1/2” and 3/8” F to 5/8”-2 (KM215)������������2.99
MA-125 Mic Screw Adapter (ONMA125)��������������������������������1.95
3/8” Male to 5/8” Female Screw Adapter (ONMA100)�������������1.95
3/8” Female to 5/8” Male Screw Adapter (ONMA200)�������������1.95
3/8” Female to 5/8” Male with
Knurled Outer Flange (2 Pack) (ONMA300)�����������������������������2.95
Camera and Recorder Mic Stand Adapter (ONCM01)���������������9.95
48V Phantom to 12T Adapter (SE12TP48)����������������������������59.95
Line Out to Camera Mic In Headphone (SEL2MZH4N25D)������35.95
Stereo Mini I/O Hum Eliminator (SEIL19MINI)�������������������������49.95
Portable Phantom Power Supplies
AT8801 Single Phantom Power Supply (AUAT8801)��������������52.79
PS400 Phantom Power Supply (BEPS400)����������������������������19.99
Portable Single Channel 48V Phantom Power (DEPS1A)������114.75
Portable Dual 48V Phantom Power Supply (DEPS2)�������������127.50
PB224 - 2-Channel Portable Power Supply (ROPB224)���������74.84
PB223 Dual 48V Phantom Power Supply (ROPB223)�������������57.50
PB23 Single Channel Phantom Power Supply (ROPB23)��������35.47
Modular Microphone Accessories
CK93 Hypercardioid Mic Capsule (AKCK93)������������������������199.00
SE-300B Power Supply (AKSE300B)�����������������������������������279.00
K6P Powering Module (Phantom Power Only) (SEK6PQ)������249.95
K6 Powering Module (Battery or Phantom) (SEK6Q)������������249.95
ME62 Omni Mic Capsule (SEME62)�����������������������������������159.95
ME64 Cardioid Mic Capsule (SEME64)�������������������������������169.95
ME66 Short Shotgun Mic Capsule (SEME66)����������������������209.95
ME67 Supercardioid Spot Shotgun Mic Capsule (SEME67)��299.95
MZF 8000 Filter Module for MKH 8000 (SEMZF8000)���������479.95
A15RF In-Line XLR RF Attenuator (SHA15RF)������������������������49.00
A15AS - In-Line Attenuator (SHA15AS)���������������������������������47.00
X2u - XLR to USB Mic Signal Adapter (SHX2UXLRUSB)�����������99.00
R184B Repl.Supercardioid Cartridge (SHR184B)�������������������61.85
R183B Replacement Cartridge (SHR183B)����������������������������38.28
Pads & Annenuators
In-Line XLR Barrel 40 dB Pad (WHIMPAD40)�������������������������13.94
In-Line XLR Barrel 20 dB Pad (WHIMPAD20)�������������������������17.49
In-Line XLR Barrel Ground Lifter (WHL)��������������������������������11.49
In-Line XLR Barrel 30 dB Attenuator (WHIMPAD30)���������������13.94
Line Level Summing Balancer for iPod (WHISOPOD)��������������52.50
Pro Co Sound
Short Stop - Passive Momentary Switch (PRCDSSM)�������������64.95
MicMute - In-Line Momentary Mic Mute Switch (ROMM11)���41.50
Mic Switch - Latching or Momentary Mic (ROMS111)������������45.50
Mic Stand Adapter (RY47302)������������������������������������������������9.95
Hot Shoe 1/4” Adapter (RYHSA.25BRS)���������������������������������16.95
Hot Shoe 3/8” Adapter (RYHSA)�������������������������������������������16.95
Hot Shoe Extension/Extender (20 cm) (RYHSEL)��������������������39.95
Hot Shoe Extension (RYHSE)������������������������������������������������19.95
Audio Technica
U.S. to European Stud Adapter (Chrome) (WIM1C)�������������������2.70
5/8” Replacement Mic Stand Nut (Chrome) (WIM2C)���������������2.70
M5 Stand Top Lock Nut (Black) (WIM5Q)��������������������������������2.99
Hot Shoe Adapter (Brass) (WICM57)�������������������������������������16.50
M4 Stand Top Lock Nut (Chrome) (WIM4Q)�����������������������������2.70
M-6 Large Knurled Edge 1/4”-20 Locknut (WIM6L)����������������6.95
M-7 Thread Adapter (WIM7TA)�����������������������������������������������6.95
Sennheiser K6P
Shure X2u
No para exportación
Rolls MicMute
PRO Audio
Floor Stands & Boom Arms
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Mic Stands & Boom Arms
Atlas Sound
Adjustable Instrument Mic Stand (ATDMS10E)���������������������29.46
8-13” Drum Miking Stand (ATDMS7E)����������������������������������34.50
35 - 63” Adj. Mic Stand w/Round Base Chrome (ATMS10C)��42.50
35 - 63” Adj. Mic Stand w/Round Base Black (ATMS10CE)����32.59
Low Profile Round Base Mic Stand Chrome (ATMS12C)���������44.50
Low Profile Round Base Mic Stand Black (ATMS12CE)����������40.50
Heavy Duty Low Profile Round Base Mic Stand (ATMS20)������93.50
Short Adjustable Boom Arm (ATPB11XEB)�����������������������������51.50
Adjustable Boom Arm (ATPB21XEB)�������������������������������������36.85
Pro Mic Stand with Boom Arm (ATSB36W)��������������������������319.99
MS-20E Mic Stand (ATMS20E)..............................................89.50
MS-25 Mic Stand (ATMS25)..................................................133.50
MS-25E Mic Stand w/Air Suspension (ATMS25E)����������������111.48
PB15H Fixed Length 34” Mic Boom (ATPB15E).......................39.97
PB21XCH Adjustable Mic Boom Extension (ATPB21XCH)........56.50
MS-5220T Tripod w/Telescoping Boom (AUMS5220)..........Log-on
MS-5230 Tripod (AUMS5230)..............................................Log-on
MS-5230F Tripod with Fixed Boom (AUMS5230)............... Log-on
Atlas Sound
Alfa Case
10” Shotgun
Mic Case
13” Mic Boom System
O.C. White
ProBoom Elite
Ultimate Support
Stackable Mic Stand
GST500 Tripod Microphone Stand (BEGST500)���������������������97.90
GST590 Short Microphone Stand (BEGST590)������������������� Log-on
Gator Cases
Bass Drum-Amp Mic Stand/ Boom (GAGFWMIC0821)............34.99
10” Roundbase with Clutch (GAGFWMIC1000)........................39.99
10” Roundbase with Deluxe Clutch (GAGFWMIC1001)............49.99
12” Roundbase with Clutch (GAGFWMIC1200)........................49.99
12” Roundbase with Deluxe Clutch (GAGFWMIC1201)............54.99
Frameworks Tripod Mic Stand:
with Clutch (GAGFWMIC2000)..................................................29.99
with Clutch & Boom (GAGFWMIC2010)....................................46.99
with Clutch & Telescopic Boom (GAGFWMIC2020)...................59.99
with Deluxe Clutch (GAGFWMIC2100)......................................39.99
with Deluxe Clutch & Boom (GAGFWMIC2110)........................59.99
with Deluxe Clutch & Telescoping Boom (GAGFWMIC2120).....69.99
Frameworks Single Section Boom Arm (GAGFWMIC0010).......24.99
Frameworks Telescopic Boom Arm (GAGFWMIC0020).............29.99
Konig & Meyer (K&M) distributed by AKG
Extra Tall Tripod (AKKM21021B)�����������������������������������������120.00
Heavy Duty Tripod with Boom (AKKM2109B)�������������������������85.00
Telescoping Boom Arm (AKKM2111B)����������������������������������40.00
Telescoping Boom Arm (AKKM2112B)����������������������������������40.00
Extra Low Profile Tripod w/Boom (AKKM259B)���������������������90.00
Low Profile Tripod Mic Stand w/Boom (AKKM2595B)�������������80.00
Heavy Duty Stand w/Round Cast Iron Base (AKKM2601B)������60.00
Tripod Mic Stand with Boom Arm (AKKM21070B)�������������� Log-on
Tripod Mic Stand with Boom Arm (AKKM254B)���������������������35.00
Konig & Meyer (K&M)
Tripod Mic Stand with Boom (KM2102B)������������������������������79.99
Telescoping Tripod Mic Stand with Boom (KM2108B)������������74.99
Tripod Mic Stand with Adjustable Boom (KM2109B)��������������84.99
Extra Low Mic Stand with Boom Arm (KM2591B)������������������79.99
Low Level Mic Stand with Boom Arm (KM25950)�����������������89.99
Low Tripod Mic Stand with Boom Arm (KM259B)������������������84.99
Telescoping Mic Stand and Tripod Base (KM199)������������������69.99
Tripod Mic Stand in Black (KM201A2B)��������������������������������59.99
Tripod Mic Stand with Adj. Boom (KM21021B)��������������������134.99
Tripod Mic Stand with 32” Boom (KM21070)������������������������59.99
Telescoping Boom Arm (KM2111B)��������������������������������������35.99
16.5-28” Mic Stand Boom Arm (KM21140)��������������������������35.99
260/1 One-Hand Adjustable Mic Stand (KM2601B)................49.99
26085 One-Hand Adjustable Mic Stand (KM26085)...............69.99
Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed Boom (QUA300BK)��������������������23.00
Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom (QUA341BK)�����������24.00
One Hand Clutch Round Base Mic Stand (QUA498BK)����������20.23
Tripod-Style Mic Stand/Telescopic Boom (QUA346BK)�����������35.00
Round Base Mic Stand with QR Clutch (ONMS7201QRB)�������25.95
10” Dome Base Mic Stand (ONMS7250)������������������������������19.95
Tripod Boom Stand and Mic Kit (ONMS7515)������������������������39.95
Euro-Style 36-63 Tripod Mic Stand (ONMS7700B)����������������19.95
Tripod Mic Stand with 19-33” Boom (ONMS7701TB)�������������34.95
Drum and Amp Mic Boom Stand (ONMS7411B)��������������������27.95
Kick Drum / Amp Tripod Mic Stand w/Boom (ONMS7411TB)���33.95
Adjustable Kick Drum Mic Stand with Boom (ONMS7920B)���28.95
16” Boom Arm for Mic Stand (ONMSA7040B)�����������������������12.95
32” Boom Arm for Mic Stand (ONMSA7020B)�����������������������13.95
19-32” Telescoping Boom Arm (ONMSA7040TB)������������������16.95
32-48” Telescoping Boom Arm (ONMSA7020TB)������������������14.95
7” Mic Boom Kit with Posi-Lok Clutch (ONMSA9502)�����������10.95
9-16” Mic Boom with Posi-Lok Clutch (ONMSA9505)������������15.95
7, 13 & 18” Mic Boom w/Posi-Lok Clutch (ONMSA9500)������34.95
19-30” Telescoping Boom Arm (ONMSA9720TB)������������������20.95
Heavy Duty Boom Stand w/ Tripod Base (ONSB9600)����������119.95
Heavy Duty Boom Stand with Rolling Base (ONSB96P)��������134.95
Hex-Base Telescoping Mic Boom Stand (ONSMS7650)��������169.95
34-60” Mic Stand with Round Chrome Base (ONMS7201C)��24.95
34-60” Mic Stand with Round Black Base (ONMS7201B)������21.95
36-63” Mic Stand w/30” Boom in Chrome (ONMS7701C)�����39.95
36-63” Mic Stand w/30” Boom in Black (ONMS7701B)���������24.95
34-60” Hex-Base Microphone Stand (ONMS7600B)��������������24.95
42-70” Hex-Base Mic Stand w/Boom (ONSMS7630B)�����������99.95
Lateral Boom and Clutch f/MS7515 Mic Kit (ONMSA8020)����20.95
36-64” Heavy-Duty Tripod Mic Stand (ONMS9700BP)............39.95
36-64” Heavy-Duty Tele-Boom Mic Stand (ONMS9701TBP)���52.95
Ultimate Support
Tripod Mic Stand with Telescopic Boom (ULPROTTK)�������������89.99
31.5” Fixed Length Boom (ULJSFB100)����������������������������������9.99
Tripod Mic Stand (ULJSMC100)�������������������������������������������19.99
Low-Level Tripod Mic Stand w/Fixed Boom (ULJSMCFB50)����29.99
Adj. Mic Stand with Round Base (ULJSMCRB100)�����������������27.99
Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom (ULJSMCTB200)�����32.99
Low-Level Tripod Mic Stand with Boom (ULJSMCTB50)���������29.99
20.75 - 35.75” Telescoping Boom (ULJSTB100)�������������������12.99
LIVE-SB Stackable Mic Stand (ULLIVESB)�����������������������������79.99
PRO-SB Stackable Mic Stand (ULPROSB)�����������������������������69.99
34-62” Mic Stand w/Round Base and Clutch (ULMC05B)������27.99
36-63” Tripod Base Mic Stand w/Boom (ULMC40B)��������������39.99
Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed Boom (ULJSMCFB100)���������������29.99
MC-125 Professional Studio Boom Stand (ULMC125)���������199.99
Mic Stand with Round Weighted Base (ULTOURRB)����������������59.99
Professional Tripod Mic Stand with Boom (ULPROTFK)������������79.99
Telescopic Mic Boom (ULTB)������������������������������������������������39.99
LIVE-T Tripod Base Mic Stand (ULLIVET)�������������������������������79.99
Wired Microphone Cases
Studio Mic Arms & Accessories
Alfa Case 10” Shotgun Mic Case (AL20010MTLB)���������������59.95
Alfa Case 12.5” Shotgun Mic Case (AL20012MTLB)������������74.95
Audio-Technica AT-BG1 Mic Pouch (AUATBG1)��������������������8.99
Porta Brace MH-2 10” Microphone Holster (POMH2)�����������42.53
Rode ZP2 Zip Pouch (ROZP2)���������������������������������������������12.99
Rode ZP1 Zip Pouch (ROZP1)�����������������������������������������������7.49
Sennheiser K6C-SM Case (SEK6CSM)��������������������������������39.95
Sennheiser Mic Case (SECLMKH)���������������������������������������25.33
AKG Table Mounted Scissor Stand (AKKM2385)�����������������169.00
K&M 23850 Mic Desk Arm and Clamp (KM23850)�������������159.99
MXL BCD-Stand Desktop Mic Stand (MXBDCS)��������������������67.95
Gator Cases
GX-33 Utility Case (GAGX33)�����������������������������������������������44.99
GM-4 4 Drop Mic Padded Bag (GAGM4)�������������������������������32.99
GM-12B 12 Drop Mic Bag (GAGM12B)���������������������������������49.99
GM-15-TSA ATA Mic Case (GAGM15TSA)���������������������������129.99
ATA 12 Compartment Mic Case (SK1200)��������������������������169.99
WindTech B-1 Microphone Pouch (WIB1)�����������������������������7.50
No para exportación
Heil Sound
PL2T Overhead Boom Mount (HEPL2T)������������������������������120.00
O.C. White
Deluxe Extended Two-Joint Mic Arm (OC14192B)����������������134.00
ProBoom Elite Mic Arm System (OC14199BC)��������������������129.99
ProBoom Elite Microphone Arm (OC14295BC)���������������������132.50
Deluxe Mic Arm and Riser System (OC51900B)�������������������144.40
Heavy Duty Surface Mount (Black) (OC11427B)���������������������24.00
Heavy Duty Clamp Mount (OC114401B)�������������������������������27.95
Heavy Duty Wall Mount Base (OC11426B)����������������������������25.00
PSA-1 Studio Boom Arm (ROPSA1)��������������������������������������99.00
PRO Audio
Mic Preamps
Tube MP
Tube Mic Preamp
• High-quality 12AX7A tube adds warmth to source material.
• All-aluminum stackable chassis
• Phantom power,
• Precision LED metering
• Up to 70dB of clean musical gain
• Use as a direct box
Tube MP
Studio V3
• Steps up from the Tube MP with V3
technology which presets that allow
you to select between preamp settings
designed for guitars, keyboards, bass
guitars, drums, vocals and more.
• OPL (Output Protection Limiter) precisely
and accurately controls and maintains the output peak signal.
MicTube Solo • Duo
Single or Dual-Channel Tube Mic Preamps
• 20dB pad, phase reverse, and 80Hz low cut filter
• 1/4” high-impedance DI inputs for instruments
• Gain and Drive controls; Vintage-style VU meter
MicTube Solo (ALMICTS) MicTube Duo (ALMICTD)�����������������80.39
A PRE 500 5
48v phantom power, phase reversal, a 26dB pad,
and a high-pass filter at 75Hz that are controllable
by the front-panel illuminated buttons. The A PRE
500 has a selectable output of 16, 20, or 24dB.
Font panel 1/4” instrument input and 20-segment
input meter. With 65dB of input gain, the A PRE
500 can be used with dynamic, condenser, and
ribbon microphones.
MP Project Series
MIC100 Tube UltraGain
Tube Mic Preamp
Tube Mic Preamp and Direct Box
• High-quality 12AX7A tube
• Phantom power
• Precision LED metering
• Variable input and output controls
• Up to 70dB of clean “musical” gain
• Fast FET limiter to prevent signal overload
#ARTMPPS������������������������������������������������������������������������ 69.00
#ARTMPPSU (same as above with USB port)�������������������������� 99.00
2-Channel Mic Preamp
Variable input impedance, V3 (Variable Valve Voicing) and OPL
(Output Protection Limiting). Accepts +20dB peaks while
maintaining over 120dB dynamic range. Also functions as a DI
box, with impedance matching and preamplification for instrument
or line-level sources. (ARTPSII)������������������������������������������185.00
• Tube mic/line preamp with integrated limiter
• 12AX7 vacuum tube with UTC technology
• Phase reverse switch, 20dB pad
• +48v phantom power
• Wide-range input gain and output
level adjustment. Balanced I/O on 1/4”
TRS phone and XLR connectors.
Tube Mic Preamp and Direct Box
Same as the MIC 100 (above), plus adds flexible
preamp modeling. Users can optimize
recordings by selecting one of the 16
preamp settings that matches their
needs, be it for vocals, or acoustic
and electric guitars, bass guitars,
keyboards, drums and more.
MIC800 MiniMIC
2-Channel Mic Preamp
Mic Modeling Preamp
#ARPMPA2��������������������������������������������������������������������� 299.00
Digital MPA II
2-Channel Mic Preamp
70dB of gain. Stereo or dual-mono mode. Outputs ADAT, coaxial
S/PDIF and AES/EBU. Also Wordclock I/O. Discrete class-A mic
pre-amp, variable low-cut filter, 20dB gain switch and a phase
switch. Also dual-channel DI box using front instrument inputs.
#ARDMPA2��������������������������������������������������������������������� 399.00
• Independent gain control,
output for routing to an
amp, independent XLR
output on the rear
• Four switchable input-impedance levels
• Independent DI • Headphone output with volume control
OctoPre MkII
8-Channel Mic Preamp
Use for Pro Tools system, DAW, analog or digital console, or a
stand-alone hard disk recorder. 24-bit/96 kHz output. Two inputs
feature XLR combi connectors to accept mic, line and Hi-Z inputs.
Each channel features a direct analog out and a 10dB pad. Five
LED input metering per channel (FOOPMKII)�����������������������499.99
OctoPre MkII Dynamic
8-Channel Mic Preamp
Same as above, plus 8 VCA-based Red 3-derived compressors,
and 24-bit/96kHz digital input/output. With just a single dial, users
can quickly achieve the desired amount of compression for each
channel, providing a natural but loud sound.
#FOOPMKIID��������������������������������������������������������������������� 699.99
MIC200 Tube UltraGain
Stereo or dualmono mode.
70dB of gain.
Variable input impedance and a dual-tube gain stage. Processes a
mid/side mic set-up, and functions as a dual-channel DI box.
ISA ONE Mic Preamp
Endow vocals, guitars, bass or synthesizers with low-noise
tube-like warmth. Includes output limiter, dedicated low cut filter,
phantom power, 20dB pad, and vintage-style VU meter.
MIC2200 Ultragain Pro
2-Channel Tube Mic Pre/Line Driver
• High pass filter with a sweepable range from 15 to 320Hz
• Parametric EQ with adjustable center frequency, bandwidth and
• Offers conversion from -10dBV home to pro +4 dBu levels.
No para exportación
m101 Mic Preamp with Ribbon Mic Mode
Single channel
mic preamp with
incredible bandwidth, headroom
and resolution.
Ribbon mic mode provides additional gain usually required for this
type of mic. Excellent DI box as well.
TubePre v2
Single-Channel Tube Mic
Drive potentiometer controls
the amount of signal routed
to the tube and therefore
the amount of tube saturation.
XLR mic and 1/4” instrument inputs,
phantom power, phase reverse, 20dB pad and 80Hz filter.
BlueTube DP v2
Two-Channel Dual Path Mic Preamp
Dual Path technology
delivers offers a
solid state preamp
stage and a tube
preamp stage in each channel,
delivering either fat, warm tube tone or invisible
solid state transparency. Functions as a DI for bass and guitar.
#PPRBTDPV2������������������������������������������������������������������������ 229.95
PRO Audio
Compressors • Channel Strips
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
DigiMax D8
8-Channel Mic Preamp with ADAT Output
Each include a direct output (as well as digital output), a variable
trim control, LED metering, 20dB pad and +48v phantom power.
Two front panel 1/4” instrument inputs. Balanced 1/4” TRS outputs. Wordclock sync input for any DAW with ADAT optical input.
MP13 Mini Mic Preamp
Simple and inexpensive solution, has both
XLR and 1/4” inputs and outputs, and a
single gain control with a clip indicator.
Provides +36v phantom power. The 1/4”
output is specially designed for use as either
a mono unbalanced output, or a stereo
headphone output. (ROMP13)���������������52.95
XPM1 Mic Preamp
Compact, single channel,
DC powered mic
preamp with 50dB
of gain and switchable 12v phantom
power. XLR and 1/4” TRS input jacks
on the front panel, along with a gain control
and peak and power LEDs. (SMPXPM11)����������������������������� 49.99
500 Series Class A tube preamp
with switchable Phantom power,
phase invert, low cut, selectable
20dB pad and an integrated optical
compressor. The 12AX7 tube can be replaced
with a variety of modern and vintage tubes to
customize sound and performance.VU meter
automatically changes from displaying output level
to gain reduction when the compressor is in use.
#SMTUBEBOX����������������������������������������������������������������������� 399.99
VTB1 Single-Channel Tube Mic Preamp
“Tube Drive” control allows you to blend as little or as much of the
12AX7 tube circuitry as required. The VTB-1 can go from a pristine solid state sound, to any combination of Tube Drive, including
hard distortion for guitars and bass. True class A/B switching.
#STVTB1������������������������������������������������������������������������� 149.99
More Microphone Preamps
Aphex Dual RPA 500 (APDUALRPA500)�����������������������������799.00
Aphex J PRE 500 500-Series Mic Preamp (APJPRE500)���599.00
Avalon Design V5 in Black (AVV5B) or Silver (AVV5S)�������1080.00
Black Lion AUTEUR 500 Series Preamp (BLAPRE500)������359.00
Focusrite Red 1 500 Series Mic Pre (FORED1500)�����������1249.99
Focusrite ISA Two Mic Preamp (FOISATWO)����������������������899.99
Lindell Audio 18Xs - Mic Preamp (LI18XS)����������������������899.99
Lindell Audio 6X-500 - Mic Preamp (LI6X500)����������������299.99
Rupert Neve 5012-V DUO MIC PRE (RU5012V)���������������1725.00
Rolls DU30b Audio Ducker with Mic Preamp (RODU30B)�����65.00
Nady DMP-2 Compact Dual Channel Mic Preamp (NADMP2)� 49.45
Nady PRA-8 8-Channel Mic Preamp (NAPRA8)�����������������109.99
Universal Audio
4-710D - Tone Blending Twin-Finity Mic Pre (UN4710D)����1999.00
710 Twin-Finity - Mic/Line Preamp (UN710)�����������������������799.00
SOLO/610 Mic Preamp (UNS610)���������������������������������������999.00
3630 Sound Max-X3
Dual Mono/Stereo Compressor/Limiter
• Two independent compressor/ limiters with noise gates
• R atio, threshold, attack and decay controls
• R MS and Peak compression styles, plus Hard and Soft Knee
dynamic curves. Two gates with threshold and rate controls
3632 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate (AL3632C)��� Log-on
MDX1600 Autocom Pro-XL
2-Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gating
• 2-channel expander/gate/compressor/peak limiter with
integrated dynamic enhancer, de-esser and low contour filter.
• Total dynamic control for recording, mixing or mastering
• Adjustable IDE dynamic enhancer provides subtle compensation
for bass “boost” effect that can result from heavy compression.
MDX4600 Multicom Pro
4-Channel Compressor/Limiter
• Four channels of Interactive Knee Adaptation (IKA) compression/
limiting, with peak limiter on all channels.
• Each compressor features program dependent attack and
release times with a switchable side-chain filter.
• CH-1/2 and 3/4 can be switched as pairs for stereo operation.
266xs • 166xs Compressors
Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter
design provides
smooth and
musical dynamic range control. Mastering-quality audio signal
path and tube-based gain stage. Variable ratios from 2:1 to 20:1.
Controls for adjustment of threshold and output level. Variable and
separate attack and release speeds.
MDX2600 Composer Pro-XL
Dual Channel Compressor with
Gating, De-Essing & Tube Emulation
Otherwise the same as the MDX1600, the MDX2600 provides
switchable simulation for the extra “warmth” and transparency
of classic tube circuitry. Also adds more compressor control,
detented ALPS potentiometers and illuminated switches.
#BEMDX2600������������������������������������������������������������������ 129.99
Dual Mono/Stereo Compressor/Limiter with Gate
Classic dbx response as well as full manual control over the attack
and release characteristics. Frequency dependent gain control is
easy to set up and execute with the side chain, and the Side Chain
Monitor button helps with setting up the required EQ.
#DB1066������������������������������������������������������������������������� 429.95
Gate and Compressor/Limiter with Mic Preamp
266xs - Compressor/Gate (DB266XS)�������������������������������� 149.95
166sx - Compressor/Limiter/Gate (DB166XS)��������������������� 239.95
Compact dynamics processor. Mic preamp
with 12v phantom power. Features smooth,
soft-knee compression and limiting and noise
gating for quiet operation. Side Chain for detector circuit access. Gating includes threshold and gate time controls. Gain reduction is
indicated via a five segment LED ladder.
#ROCL151������������������������������������������������������������������������� 84.95
VT-737SP Channel Strip
Microphone Preamp/Channel Strip
Combines a high-performance tube mic preamp with +48v
phantom power, front panel instrument DI, opto-compressor, and
a 4-band parametric EQ to provide incredible warmth, depth, and
character to digital recordings.
#AVVT737SP��������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Studio quality mic /instrument preamp, and four processors that
can be used independently or in any combination. Its the entire
mic processing chain needed in a single box, with the cleanest
signal path. Features wide-ranging input gain control, switchable
+48v phantom power and 80Hz high-pass filter to remove low
frequency hum, rumble or wind. (DB286S)�������������������������199.95
• Dual channel with stereo or dual-mono operation
• Classic dbx “Auto” Mode
• Side Chain Insert
• Separate LED displays
Universal Audio LA-610 MKII (UNLA610MK2)������������������1599.00
Aphex Project Channel (APPROJCHNL)�����������������������������499.00
ART Voice Channel - Tube Channel Strip (ARVC)����������������439.00
Audio Metering
American Audio dB-Display Rackmount Meter (AMDBD)�����58.95
Galaxy Audio CM-130 SPL Meter (GACM130)���������������������59.99
Galaxy Audio CM-140 SPL Meter (GACM140)�������������������129.99
Nady DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter (NADSM1)����������������������������99.99
Phonic PAA3 Handheld Audio Analyzer (PHPAA3)��������������379.99
Pyle Pro Mini Digital Sound Level Meter (PYPSPL01)��������� Log-on
Pyle Pro PSPL05R Digital Sound Meter (PYPSPL05R)�������� Log-on
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Studio Channel
Tube preamp with Gain and Drive, VCA compressor, and 3-band
parametric EQ. Gain control on each band, with a variable Q knob
on the mid frequency. (PRSTUDIOCHAN)�����������������������������276.00
PRO Audio
Effects Processors • Equalizers & Analyzers
MidiVerb 4
Digital Reverb and Multi-Effects Processor
128 factory plus 128 user-adjustable presets. 18-bit digital
converters. Auto Level Sensing instantly sets optimal input level
for you. Assignable footswitch input extends your control of
effects. #ALMD4��������������������������������������������������������������175.12
NanoVerb 2 Digital Effects Processor
Compact preset processor featuring reverb, delay, chorus, and
other time based effects, all easily accessible. Updated, naturalsounding reverbs comprise half of the effects selection. Users can
choose from lush and expansive hall, plate, spring or tape reverbs.
Effects Generator / Controller
X-Y touch pad interface for realtime
control of multiple effect parameters.
USB and SD card slot and editing software
makes it perfect for DJs. 128 effect
programs can be modified and saved. Is
also a sampler with mic and line inputs.
#KOKP3���������������������������������������� 229.00
KP3+ Kaoss Pad DYN Effect/Sampler (KOKP3PLUS)������������349.99
EQF 500
Single-slot 500-Series 3-band semi-parametric EQL.
Low band ranges from 25-500Hz, mid band from
250Hz-5kHz, and high from 1 to 20kHz. Each band
can be boosted or cut by up to 12dB, and the high
and low bands can be switched between shelving
and peak EQ curves. It also features a variable
high-pass filter at 20 to 500Hz and a variable
low-pass filter at 1 to 20kHz.
#APEQF500������������������������������������������������������ 499.00
Compact 9-Band Graphic EQ
with Feedback Detection System
• FBQ feedback
instantly reveals critical frequencies. Use as audio analyzer
• 6-digit LED input/output meters and level control; illuminated
faders, potentiometers and switches
FBQ6200 UltraGraph Pro
31-Band Stereo Graphic EQ
8-Channel Digital Graphic EQ
• Eight channels of independent or linkable digital graphic EQ with
analog-style controls for instant editing of any band or combination of bands, plus the ability to store programs.
• 30 center frequency bands per channel in 1/3 increments
• 12dB of boost or cut with center detente
• Real-time Analyzer (RTA) for visual feedback of audio signals
#ALDEQ830���������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
EQ 200
2-Channel Graphic EQ
Designed for
use within a
home entertainment system.
Each channel features ten bands of boost/cut EQ and all twenty
sliders contain illuminated LEDs.
Joemeek MEQ500 - 500-Series EQ (JOMEQ500)�������������� 299.99
Dual Channel 15-Band Graphic EQ
Kaoss Pad Quad
Dynamic Effects Processor
LED illuminated touch-pad allows users to
tap, slide, or move their finger across the
X-Y axis to change effect-parameters and
produce real-time changes in any sound source. Provides access
to four effects simultaneously. (KOKPQUAD)������������������������ 196.99
Dual Channel Multi-Effects Processors
Features 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs, dbx dynamics, 99 factory
and 99 user programs, USB “Hardware Plug-In” feature and
MX-Edit editor/librarian software. Offers four routing configurations:
Dual Mono, Cascade, Dual Stereo (Parallel) and Mono Split.
#LEMX200���������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.95
MX400 Reverb Processor (LEMX400)�������������������������������� 299.95
Dual Engine Multi-effects & Reverb Processor
Reverb section contains classic TC hall, cathedral, ambience, room
as well as plates and springs, while the comprehensive effects
section includes essential compression, modulation and delay
variations. 24-bit processing, MIDI I/O, MIDI clock tempo sync,
pedal control of tap tempo and global bypass. (TCM350)���Log-on
• Feedback detection • Limiters with gain reduction meters
• P ink noise generator • Illuminated 45mm faders, detent ALPS
potentiometers, illuminated switches • Mono subwoofer output
DEQ2496 UltraCurve Pro
24-Bit/96kHz EQ/RTA
Mastering Processor
• High resolution processor for EQ, RTA and dynamic applications
• F lexible compressor/expander function with peak limiter per stereo channel as well as a stereo imager and stereo delay
• 6 1-band FFT analyzer with additional auto EQ functions
• No integrated circuits in the signal path
• 3-bands with a dual-inductor-based mid-frequency band.
Separate bypass switches for each band.
• Wide selection of frequencies from 20 Hz to 24 kHz
• Control range up to ±18 dB
Dual Channel 15-Band Graphic EQ
Dual 10-Band Stereo Equalizer
• FBQ feedback detection system; low cut filter
• Highly accurate 4-digit LED output metering and input gain
control for easy level setting
• Servo-balanced input/outputs with 1/4” TRS and XLR connectors
31-Band Stereo Graphic EQ
Vocal Effect Foot Pedal
• FOH quality reverb and delay
• HardTune for live, auto-tuned
vocal effects. XLR mic input and XLR output in stereo or mono
• Complete pre-programmed effect chains. 100 factory styles are
available to customize presets. Edit and store up to 10 presets.
Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor (TATA1VP)�������������������289.97
EQ-73 Vintage Style Equalizer
FBQ1502 UltraGraph Pro
FBQ3102 UltraGraph Pro
VoiceTone Create XT
• 2/3-octave constant Q graphic EQ
• 20mm non-conductive sliders
• Switchable Boost/Cut range between ±6dB and ±12dB
• 12dB per octave, 3dB down at 50Hz low-cut filter
131s - Graphic EQ (DB131S)����������������������������������������������159.95
231s - Graphic EQ (DB231S)����������������������������������������������199.95
2231 - Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic EQ (DB2231)�����������529.95
• Feedback detection system • Sweepable high and low cut filters
• Mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency
• 12-digit LED input/output metering and input gain control
No para exportación
• 4 audio inputs with a VFD display screen utilizing blue LED
lights for easy visibility.
• Ideal for professionals and amateurs alike with its pro features
and removable rack mount brackets.
#PYPPEQ100������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
5-bands of parametric EQ in a
dual-slot 500-Series module.
Each band is identical and
features independent level, frequency, and
bandwidth control knobs. Each band also
has a frequency range operation switch that
lets you divide or multiply frequency range by
10. Master Bypass switch, Master Output Level control knob and
LED master output level display. (SMPEQ505)���������������������� 499.99
PRO Audio
A/D-D/A Converters • Digital Format Converters
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
SRC2496 High-Resolution
8-Channel A/D and D/A Converter
• Use for virtually any digital recording/mixing environment
• Eight mic preamps with phantom power
• All mic/line inputs are routed to the ADAT output
• ADAT input can be routed to all line outputs
D3 D/A Audio Converter
Accepts digital coaxial or optical signals and
converts it to a 2-channel analog audio output.
You can toggle between coaxial and optical
inputs. In addition, the converter can be
powered via the mini USB power supply port.
S/PDIF Digital to Analog Converter
A/D Audio Adapter
• Converts RCA, analog, L/R audio to S/
PDIF or TOSLink digital audio
• Operation of the unit simply requires
connecting input and output devices
Digital Audio to Analog Adapter
• Converts S/PDIF or TOSLink digital
audio signals to analog L/R audio
• Samples at 32, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz
• 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bitstream on
left and right channels
Digital Audio Decoder
• Converts S/PDIF or TOSLINK digital
audio to L/R analog audio
• Supports up to 6 channels (5.1 Surround)
of audio encoded in Dolby Digital
• 24-bit incoming bitstream on left and right channels
Reference Quality USB Headphone DAC
Proprietary AdaptiWave 24-bit USB
audio technology, JitterGuard
clock management system,
and an audiophile headphone
amp deliver pristine-quality playback anywhere. Plug ‘n play
operation in a cigar-sized, anodized aluminum tube.
Converts coaxial or optical S/PDIF digital
audio into a stereo analog output. Dual
RCA phono outputs can be connected
to an amplifier, while a 3.5mm mini
stereo output can be used to supply signal
to a wireless headphone system.
Aurora 8 LT-USB
A/D-D/A Converter
A/D-D/A converter that
provides digital I/O to
computers via its USB
2.0 port. It features 8
channels of analog I/O at up to 24-bit and 192kHz. Front panel
provides access to settings for sample rate, sync source, routing,
and metering. Included Aurora Remote Control, or ARC, software
allows you to adjust the trim settings of individual inputs. It also
gives you control over the input and output routing of the Aurora 8
LT-USB, acting as a built-in digital mixer for the unit.
Digital To Analog Converter
Two channel (stereo)
digital to analog converter
that features an overengineered power supply
for delivering high
resolution digital audio
conversion. Dual output stage allows for selecting either “Tube”
or “Opamp” flavoring. The clean op amp stage is best used for a
monitoring chain, while the tube output stage can be of used in a
mastering chain. The DACX features dual AES/EBU inputs, coaxial
and optical S/PDIF, and USB audio input. The selectable up-sampling feature allows for setting multiple output sample rates.
#LIDACX������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 2299.99
UAD-2 Satellite DUO • Quad
FireWire DSP Accelerators
A simple FireWire connection is all it takes to plug your Intel-based Mac or Windows 7 PC into the world’s
finest analog hardware emulations. The UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerators offer full access to UAD
Powered Plug-Ins, including exclusive titles from Studer, Ampex, Lexicon, Neve, Manley, Roland,
SSL and more. UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerators are available in two processing levels:
DUO or QUAD, with either two or four individual Analog Devices SHARC processors, respectively.
This outboard processing can provide a big mixing horsepower “boost” for your host computer —
letting you run larger mixes, filled with rich, sonically complex plug-ins — no matter what the rest of your system is doing.
UAD-2 Satellites are available as “Custom,” and “Ultimate” software packages. Custom includes Analog Classics bundle, plus you can pick
any three individual UAD plug-ins at registration. QUAD Ultimate includes over 55 UA-developed plug-ins up to and including UAD software.
UAD-2 Satellite DUO Custom (UNUAD2SDUOC)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1099.00
UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Custom (UNUAD2SQUDCU)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 1399.00
UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Ultimate (UNUAD2SQUADU)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4999.00
UAD-2 DUO Custom - PCIe DSP Card with Custom Bundle (UNUAD2DUOCUS)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1099.00
UAD-2 OCTO Custom - PCIe DSP Card with Custom Bundle (UNUAD2OCTCUS)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1899.00
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Sample Rate/Format Converter
24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A conversion, plus format conversion
between AES/EBU and S/PDIF (coaxial or optical) with high-quality
signal output at 16, 20, or 24-bit resolution. Universal sample rate
synchronization is done via word-clock or digital input. RCA and
optical outputs are simultaneously operational with separately
selectable inputs, turning this unit into a digital patch bay.
DacMagic 100 Digital to Analog Converter
Provides two channels of high
end digital to analog conversion. The result is audio with
greater detail, sparkling clarity,
and reduced distortion. Delivers
studio-master-quality audio from sources up to 24-bit/192 kHz.
USB implementation also means high-resolution digital audio files
stored on a computer can be shared with a Hi-Fi. Three digital
connectios are available (coaxial and optical S/PDIF and USB)
providing the ability to connect four devices simultaneously.
In Black (CADAMAGI100B) or Silver (CADAMAGI100S)�����������369.00
DacMagic Plus Digital to Analog Converter
Steps up with balanced and unbalanced audio outputs and audio
streaming via the optional BT100 Bluetooth Wireless Receiver.
In Black (CADAMAGIPB) or Silver (CADAMAGIPS)������������������599.00
BT100 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver (CABT100)������������99.00
Coaxial S/PDIF to XLR AES/EBU Data Link
Allows simultaneous transfer of two channels
of digital audio in either or both directions
between AES/EBU on XLRs and S/PDIF
on RCA coaxial connectors. Make
transfers without leaving the digital
realm. SCMS is disabled when
transferring from S/PDIF to AES/EBU.
Optical S/PDIF to XLR AES/EBU Data Link
Allows simultaneous transfer of two channels
of digital audio in either or both directions
between AES/EBU on XLR connectors
and S/PDIF on TosLink optical. Make
transfers without leaving the digital
realm. SCMS is disabled when
transferring from S/PDIF to AES/EBU.
TOSlink Optical F to Mini-TOSlink Male Adapter (HOOATMP)....4.03
Toslink-to-Coaxial Converter
Convert a S/PDIF signal from toslink
optical to RCA coax digital audio
signal. Will work with any device with
a toslink output or RCA coaxial input.
AV Toolbox POF-830 Optical-to-Coax (AVPOF830)��������������16.15
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
4-in/4-out USB Audio Interface
4-in/4-out USB Audio Interface
GuitarLink Plus
• 16-bit/48kHz resolution
• F our XLR/TS combo jacks with
phantom power and gain control
• F our nickel-plated 1/4” TRS outputs for two monitoring systems
• F our nickel-plated 1/4” TRS inserts for external processing
• Functions as a USB hub with 3 additional USB ports
• Headphone out with switchable source and direct monitoring dial
#AKEIE����������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• 24-bit resolution (supports 44.1, 48k, 88.2 and 96kHz)
• Four XLR/TS combo jacks with
phantom power and gain control
• Four nickel-plated 1/4” TRS outputs for two monitoring systems
• Four nickel-plated 1/4” TRS
inserts for external processing
• Functions as a USB hub with 3 additional USB ports
#AKEIEPRO��������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#ALGUITARLINP (with Guitar Rig LE software)���������������������������� 45.00
iO Hub
iO Mix 4-Ch. Recorder for iPad
2-Ch Audio Interface for iOS/USB
XLR to USB Cable
#ALIOHUB�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
Turns an iPad into a portable
studio capable of recording
multiple mics or instruments
directly into GarageBand or
any compatible Core Audio
app. Connections include four
combo XLR-1/4” input jacks, and balanced stereo 1/4”
outputs, 1/4” headphone output. (ALIOMIX)�������������������������� 299.00
iO2 Express 2x2 USB Audio Interface
The Control Hub connects to your
computer’s USB port or to an iOS
device via Apple’s Lightning connector. MIDI in and out support hardware
MIDI devices, and stereo 1/4-inch
outputs and headphone outputs provide the audio feed.
XLR to USB Cable
For easy connection of guitars, basses, or
other instruments to a computer without
the complexity of interfaces or soundcards.
Internal A/D converters deliver CD quality
16-bit/44.1kHz digital audio straight to a
computer without the need to install drivers.
• Plug any dynamic mic into a
Mac or PC and directly record
a mic signal. Perfect for
podcasting or singing practice.
• Cable has its own A/D converter with 6-bit/44.1kHz output. Any
USB-compliant software will recognize LineLink as input source.
#ALMICLINK����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 28.75
Dual 1/4” to USB Cable
• Elegant and simple solution for recording the
stereo output of a mixer, keyboard,
sampler, or drum machine into a computer.
able has its own A/D converter and
delivers 16-bit/44.1kHz output.
• Mic, line-level and instruments inputs • MIDI I/O
• Discrete-design preamps
• Inputs for mics, line-level and
instruments, including guitars
• Balanced studio monitor and
headphone outputs
• 48V phantom power
• Tricolor stereo level meter and lighted status indicators
#ALIO4 (includes Cubase LE software)����������������������������������105.00
• Record up to 24-bit, 48 kHz audio
• Monitor sessions with balanced studio monitor and headphone outputs
• High-quality A/D and D/A converters,
discrete-design preamps, 48V phantom power, tricolor stereo level meter
In 2
Desktop USB Recording Interface
• 24-Bit/192kHz conversion
• Two built-in optical compressors
• 75Hz High Pass Filter per channel
• 20dB Pad per channel
• Built-in headphone amp
• S/PDIF Digital I/O
• Two XLR and two 1/4” Instrument inputs
USB Microphone Cable
#APIN2��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 499.00
#ARXCONNECT������������������������������������������������������������������ 29.00
Pocket-sized USB Interface
Single channel input, stereo output interface for Mac with 24-bit
converters. Built-in condenser mic, plus preamp
input with 48v phantom power and +10dB to
63dB of gain. Unbalanced 1/4” high impedance
instrument input and line-level 1/8” stereo output. Multi-function encoder knob for input gain
control and output level control.
#APONE������������������������������������������������� 249.00
4-in/4-out USB Digital Audio Interface
• USB recording for any dynamic mic
• High quality 16-bit, 44.1 or 48kHz digital
audio interface
• Shielded cable with XLR-F connector
• LED indicator flashes during signal
ONE and Duet 2
Breakout Cable for ONE (APCBOO)���������������������������������������19.95
Table Top Mic Stand for ONE (APODTMS)�����������������������������19.95
Carry Case for ONE (APCCO)�����������������������������������������������19.95
Mic Mount for ONE (APMMO)�����������������������������������������������19.95
Duet Breakout Box (APDUBO)����������������������������������������������99.00
Duet 2 Breakout Cable (APD2BC)�����������������������������������������34.95
Duet Breakout
Breakout Box for Duet (DUBOB)�������������������������������������������95.00
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USB Dual Pre
Digital Audio Interface with Dual Mic Preamps
• Preamp and computer
interface in a rugged case.
• Use for field work or
desktop/studio recording.
• Headphone jack for monitoring
• Rear level and monitor mix controls for latency-free recording.
#ARUSBDP������������������������������������������������������������������������ 79.00
#ARUSBDTPA (USB Dual Tube Pre)������������������������������������� 149.00
Duet 2
USB Audio Interface
• Two mic preamps with up to 75dB of gain
• Two combo Line/Mic/Instrument inputs
• 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A conversion
• S electable 48v phantom power, Soft Limit
and phase invert.
• T wo balanced line outputs with +20dBu
maximum output level
• Multi-function controller knob
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Symphony I/O 2x6
2x6 Analog I/O, 8x8 Optical I/O
of the
I/O Chassis
and A2x6 I/O module. The I/O module also features two channels
of coaxial S/PDIF input and output, two channels of AES/EBU I/O,
and 8-channels of ADAT Lightpipe I/O, with support for SMUX
higher rate audio.
#APSIOCA2X6��������������������������������������������������������������������� 1995.00
Mbox Mini
Quartet Desktop Studio Interface
& Control Center for Mac
Four combo-XLR inputs each
with quality preamp to record
up to 12 channels of audio.
Two optical inputs support
another 8 inputs via external
ADAT lightpipe expander. Has
six analog 1/4” TRS line-level outputs, Word Clock output and dual
USB ports. Two OLED displays and customizable control buttons.
2x2 USB Digital Audio Interface
4-in/4-out USB Digital Audio Interface
Ultra-portable unit, features XLR/
TRS combo input with phantom
power, two 1/4” instrument inputs
and two 1/4” monitor outputs. Supports 24-bit/48kHz. Has 1/4” headphone jack, dedicated monitor
volume knob. Mix control for low-latency monitoring.
Two mic preamps with
48v phantom power with
separate source selection
and gain control per
channel. Two XLR/TRS
and two 1/4” DI Inputs. Zero-latency monitoring, headphone out
and monitor volume control. S/PDIF Digital I/O and MIDI I/O.
#AVPTEM (Mbox with Pro Tools Express)������������������������������375.00
#AVPTEME (Mbox with Pro Tools Express – Education)�����������375.00
#AVPTEMM (Mbox Mini with Pro Tools Express)���������������������� 230.95
#AVPTEMME (Mbox Mini w/ PT Express - Education)��������������� 212.99
Pro Tools HD Native
with Thunderbolt and HD OMNI Interface
Pro Tools HD Native
withThunderbolt and 16x16 Analog Interface
Recording Studio
M-Audio Fast Track
USB interface with a
mic preamp and
phantom power, along
with Pro Tools SE software provide all the necessary tools to
begin building compositions. Pro Tools SE contains a wide array
of music creation templates for creating hip-hop, electronic, pop,
funk, jazz, and rock and blues tracks. Fast Track USB interface is
also compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software.
Mbox Pro
8x8 FireWire
interface with
four mic inputs,
mic preamps, 48v
phantom power, and high-pass
filters. Has four 1/4” TRS and two unbalanced Alt line-level inputs
and six 1/4” TRS outputs. Also two 1/4” headphone outputs, stereo S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI and Word Clock I/O.
#AVMBPHE (Educational Discount)���������������������������������������569.99
#AVMBPP9E10 (Mbox Pro with Pro Tools 9)�������������������������899.00
Pro Tools HDX + HD I/O
16x16 Digital
Includes Pro Tools HD Software,
Native Thunderbolt Interface and
HD OMNI Interface
Includes Pro Tools HD Software, Native Thunderbolt Interface and HD I/O 16x16 Analog
Audio Interface.
Includes Pro
Tools HD software,
unparalleled HDX
hardware, and a top-of-the-line
HD series audio interface.
#AVPTHDNTOMNI���������������������������������������������������������������� 4999.00
#AVHDX1616DS������������������������������������������������������������������� 9499.05
KeyStudio Recording System
Includes 49-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard, Micro USB Interface
and Pro Tools SE.
Build compositions
using the included
3GB loop library.
Choose from 100 instrument sounds, add effects, polish the
tracks, and then share them. USB interface is also compatible with
Pro Tools M-Powered software.
#AVKS������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.98
UCA202 2-in/-2-out Portable
USB Audio Interface
Ultra-compact, USB-powered audio interface for Mac or Windows.
Has two analog inputs and
outputs, as well as a S/
PDIF optical output for direct digital conversion and
stereo headphone output with
level control. Behringer’s website
offers a huge software package for recording
and editing making it a complete audio solution.
#BEUCA202���������������������������������������������������������������������� 29.95
Eleven Rack
Guitar Recording and Effects Processing System
Combines Pro Tools software with a DSP-accelerated highresolution interface. The rack utilizes a unique tone cloning
design for creating the various amp and speaker models, and a
custom-designed True-Z input to re-create the experience of
playing through a full guitar rig.
#AVERPT������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
UCA222 2-in/-2-out Portable
USB Audio Interface
Two RCA phono inputs for line-level devices,
and two RCA phono outputs for connecting
speakers or studio monitors.
Also offers a stereo S/PDIF
optical output. Headphone
monitoring with volume control. Bundled with audio editor,
podcasting sofware and over 150
virtual instruments and effect plug-ins.
No para exportación
UFO202 2-in/-2-out Portable
USB Audio Interface
Transfer vinyl records and tapes to
and from a computer. Has
two RCA phono inputs that
can be switched between a
line source and the phono
preamp, and two RCA phono
outputs. Includes turntable grounding
lug and headphone monitoring. Includes audio editor, podcasting
software and effect plug-ins.
FCA202 2-in/2-out 96kHz
Firewire Audio Interface
Compact enough for use with a laptop. Features front-panel power
and FireWire status LEDs, and port for Kensington security lock.
Low latency drivers for Mac and Windows provide stable
operation. Separate headphone output with a dedicated volume
control. Bundled with Ableton’s Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition.
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
Podcasting Bundle (Firewire)
Podcasting Bundle (USB)
USB/FireWire Interface
• XENYX 802 8-channel mixer
• C-1 condenser microphone
• F CA202 firewire
• HPS3000 headphones
• A bleton Live
Lite 4 software
• Mic stand and cables (BEPCSFW)�����������������������������������200.86
• XENYX 502 mixer
• UCA200 USB interface
• HPM-1000 headphones
• Kristal Audio Engine,
Audacity, and Podifier
• Mic stand and cables (BEPCSUSB)����������������������������������124.95
USB Microphone Interface
• Easy way to connect a mic directly to
a computer. Has a mic preamp and a
USB interface, so it works with both
dynamic and condenser microphones.
• The preamp has a fully balanced, low-noise front end,
provides 48V phantom power, automatic analog gain control,
and requires no drivers or external converters to operate.
#BLICICLE............................................................Call or Log-on
MicPort Pro
USB Mic Preamp
Compact mic preamp with
24-bit/96kHz performance.
Offers 48v phantom power, high
quality A/D conversion and lownoise circuitry. One XLR input and 1/8” stereo mini output for use
with headphones. Ideal for interviews and broadcast, podcasting,
vocal and field recording.
Califone AX-14 Digital Audio Converter (CAAX14)����������������34.95
AudioFire Pre8
FireWire Audio Interface
16 x 16 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface
Two universal
inputs with mic
phantom power,
and trim knobs.
Two balanced TRS
inputs and 4 outputs, headphone out, two FireWire ports, S/PDIF
and MIDI I/O, and 6 channels of duplex 24-bit/96kHz with low
latency monitoring. Includes Tracktion. (ECAF4)������������������249.00
0204 USB 2.0 Interface
Analog channels have combo XLR and 1/4” TRS balanced inputs.
CH-1/2 have controls for phase, pad, DI, low pass filter, LoZ, and
phantom power. Also channel inserts for them. Channels 3 - 8
have their own gain trim knob, and phantom power button. 8
channels of ADAT I/O. S/PDIF I/O (optical or coaxial connectors).
#ECAFP8������������������������������������������������������������������������ 599.00
iTrack Solo
2x2 USB Interface for iPad
• 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D-D/A Converters
• 8 Channels Analog I/O • MIDI In/Out
• Dual Headphone outs with Volume Controls
• ADAT, S/MUX, and S/PDIF Digital I/O
• 4 Front-Panel Combo Inputs
#BEFCA1616������������������������������������������������������������������������� 249.99
Laptop SoundPort
Converts computer speaker
output into balanced mic level
signals (on two XLRs). Separate
volume controls for each
channel. Ground lift switch assures
hum-free operation. A sum switch can combine the two channels
into a mono signal. A stereo headphone loop-through allows for
confidence monitoring aided by the main output mute switch. Additionally, the unit can function via the computer’s USB interface
for a clearer signal. (DSLSP2)��������������������������������������������124.99
12-in/12-out FireWire Audio Interface
Same as AudioFire8, but with 12 balanced analog inputs and outputs for 24-bit/192kHz recording/playback. 2 FireWire ports, MIDI
I/O, word clock synchronization, and 12 channels of full duplex 24
bit 192kHz recording and playback. Includes Tracktion software.
Scarlett 2i2
Portable USB Audio Interface
Compact and
portable 2-in/4-out
interface, it offers
recording and
playback, direct monitoring, and a host of professional features.
Features a mi preamp that doubles as a balanced line input, and
a Hi-Z/line input. Also has a 1/8” mini jack. Two Class-A preamps
can be run independently or in stereo. Includes Acoustica Mixcraft
LE 4 software for Windows. (EM0204USB)�������������������������114.99
• 24-bit/96kHz
USB interface
with mic preamp,
XLR mic and 1/4”
instrument inputs.
• Dynamic range over 105 dB
• Dual RCA phono monitor outputs and a Direct Monitor Switch
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 8 and Scarlett Plug-In Editing Suite.
#FOITRACKSOLO������������������������������������������������������������������ 159.99
• Easily fits in a laptop bag
• 24-bit/96kHz USB interface
with two preamps,
• Rugged anodized aluminum unibody chassis
• Bus powered - no need of an additional power supply
• Gain knobs with surrounding halo indicators for each input
• Direct monitor switch on the front panel
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 8 and Scarlett plug-in suite
#FOS2I2�������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Scarlett 2i4 - USB Audio Interface (FOS2I4USB) ....Call or Log-on
Saffire 6 USB
Scarlett 8i6
Scarlett 18i6
2-in/4-out USB & MIDI Interface
8-in/6-out USB Interface
18-in/6-out USB Interface
Two award-winning
Focusrite phantom
powered mic
preamps, multiple outputs and MIDI I/O. The inputs can handle
mic, line-level signals, and be switched to accept instrument
inputs. There are six audio outputs with a pair of balanced 1/4”
TRS outputs for studio monitors, and four RCA jacks that can be
used for patching multiple signals into a mixing board. Headphone
output can be switched to monitor the different sets of outputs.
• 24-bit/96kHz USB
interface with two
• 8 input, 6 output
with S/PDIF and MIDI
• T wo Hi-Z instrument inputs
• Ultra low latency Scarlett MixControl DSP mixer/router
• B undled software includes Scarlett Plug-ins, a suite of EQ,
compression, reverb and gating plug‐ins
#FOS8I6������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
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• 24-bit/96kHz USB
interface with two
preamps, 6 analog inputs, and four analog outputs.
• Two Hi-Z instrument inputs; ADAT optical, S/PDIF and MIDI I/O
• T wo virtual Loopback inputs for routing digital audio
• 18 x 6 DSP software mixer
• Includes a suite of EQ, compression, reverb and gating plug-ins,
Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station and 1GB of samples.
#FOS18I6���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Scarlett 18i20
Saffire PRO 24 • Saffire PRO 24 DSP
8-in/20-out USB Interface
16 x 8 Audio & MIDI FireWire 96kHz Interfaces
• 8 Focusrite Preamps • 24-bit/96kHz
• Dual Independent Headphone Buses • MIDI I/O
• ADAT and S/PDIF I/O • Phantom Power
• Low-Latency Software DSP Mixer/Router
• Includes Ableton Live Lite, Scarlett Plug-in Suite and more
#FOS18I20���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 499.99
Saffire 14
8-in/6-out FireWire Interface
FireWire audio and MIDI computer interfaces. Two high quality mic preamps with phantom power, a suite of recording software (with instruments, effects, and audio loops),
and ample amount of I/0. Two FET-based preamps offer low noise, low distortion, and
a very transparent sound free of coloration. Inputs can handle mic, line-level or instrument inputs. Six balanced 1/4” TRS outputs. Otherwise the same, the Saffire PRO 24
DSP adds Focusrite EQ and Compression for tracking, as well as ‘comfort’ reverb to
place across your monitor mixes. It also allows you to hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers and from different positions, just using headphones.
Sapphire PRO 24 (FOSP24)���������������������������������Call or Log-on
Sapphire PRO 24 DSP (FOSP24DSP)�������������������Call or Log-on
Saffire PRO 40 • Liquid Saffire 56
Two award-winning preamps,
two more analog inputs,
two Hi-Z instrument
inputs, four analog
outputs and S/PDIF and
MIDI I/O. Two virtual loopback inputs
are available for routing digital audio between software. Includes
DSP software mixer, Ableton Live Lite, Novation’s Bass Station
soft synthesizer and over 1GB of royalty-free samples
20-input/20-output Saffire PRO 40 features 8
Focusrite low noise preamps, along with digital inputs and outputs.
Each channel features phantom power. 9dB pads on the first 2
channels providing additional headroom. Front panel 5-LED metering
for each analog input. Two independent headphone buses each with
its own level control. Main monitor dial with dim and mute switches,
all of which fully integrate with customizable software to cover every possible monitoring need, basic stereo to full 7.1 surround. Virtual
“loopback” inputs allow for routing digital audio between software applications, using the Saffire PRO 40 Control. This zero-latency DSP
software provides extensive output routing and monitoring, a clear mixing layout, and large on-screen metering for inputs, outputs and
sub-mixes. Liquid Saffire 56 steps up with 28 inputs and 28 outputs.
#FOSP14������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Saffire PRO 40 (FOSP40)�������������������������������������������������499.99
Alpha Studio
Liquid Saffire 56 (FOLS56)���������������������������������������������999.99
Omega Studio
Enhanced MIDI Interface
4-in/2-out Desktop Recording Studio
8-in/4-out USB Interface
A proprietary MIDI Data
Management Engine
enables communication
between the traditional
5-pin MIDI equipped
devices, USB MIDI, Mac
and Windows computers,
and iOS devices - all at the same time.
#ICM0101������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
2x2x2 USB powered
I/O mixer/interface with
Cubase LE and Lexicon
Pantheon VST reverb
plug-in. XLR mic preamp (no phantom power), 1/4” instrument
and stereo line inputs. Mic and line inputs have level controls and
peak meters. Two TRS and RCA line outputs and headphone amp.
Mono/stereo monitoring and zero-latency.
direct/playback monitoring. (LEALPHA)���������������������������������59.95
Lambda Studio 5-in/2-out (LELAMBDA)������������������������������119.95
Includes 8x4x2 USB I/O mixer, Cubase LE
and Lexicon Pantheon VST reverb plug-in.
Mixer supports tracking/monitoring
applications while requiring no additional
hardware. Two inputs with mic preamps
with 48v phantom power and 1/4” TRS
insert points. Four 1/4” TRS active
balanced line inputs, S/PDIF input and
instrument input.
PCI Express AES/EBU Interface
Provides up to 16-channels of AES/EBU I/O
to and from a computer. Supports the
single-wire, 192kHz standard
and is compatible with existing dual-wire AES/EBU devices.
Up to four cards can be installed into a
computer and with digital software mixer, the AES16 can turn a
computer into a powerful digital router or patchbay with extensive
flexibility and minimal cabling. Incorporates SynchroLock technology for extreme jitter tolerance at all inputs.
M-Track Plus
Audiophile Delta
1010LT 10-in/10-out PCI Sound Card
Two-channel USB Audio/MIDI Interface
Same as the Delta 1010 on a half-size
PCI card with two color-coded breakout
cables. Multiple analog I/O, MIDI, S/PDIF
and surround sound support are all
here. Two inputs even have
mic/line preamps on XLR
connectors, saving the expense
of outboard preamps.
Portable interface, the M-Track is equipped with
balanced XLR mic inputs and balanced
1/4” line inputs on each channel,
and MIDI I/O. Each mic input has
switchable 48V phantom power
and each line input also has a guitar
switch, that changes it from normal
impedance to Hi-Z.
USB Audio/MIDI Interface w/Pro Tools Express
4-channel USB Audio/MIDI Interface
24-bit/48kHz resolution on two channels
of audio. Includes a S/PDIF digital
and MIDI I/O. Each channel has
XLR mic input with phantom
power and a 1/4” TRS line/guitar
input. An input source switch, gain
knob and 1/4” send/return jack on each
channel. Bundled with Avid Pro Tools Express software.
24-bit/96 kHz resolution,
MIDI I/O, zero-latency
monitoring and an
onboard USB hub.
Each audio channel has a
XLR/TRS combo input that can be used
for mic or line-level signals, or switched to accept Hi-Z
instruments. Bundled with Avid Pro Tools Express software.
#MAMTRACKPLUS����������������������������������������������������������������� 149.99
#MAMTRACKQUAD���������������������������������������������������������������� 249.99
No para exportación
#MAMTRACK............................................................................ 99.99
Fast Track Ultra 8R
8 x 8 USB Audio/MIDI Interface
Eight preamps using M-Audio’s Octane technology. Onboard
converters deliver superior 24-bit/96kHz fidelity. On-board MX
Core DSP mixer processes eight hardware inputs and 8 software
returns to the 8 hardware outputs, expanding the total I/O to a 16
x 8 configuration. Two independent headphone outputs to create
the right mix for any performers, complete with reverb and delay.
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
ProFire 2626
26 x 26 Firewire Interface
Eight M-Audio Octane mic preamps along with extensive digital
conversion. 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs, each with an
onboard DSP mixer sourced from up to 52 audio streams. Also
function as a standalone preamp and digital converter. Connections include eight analog inputs, along with ADAT, S/PDIF, Wordclock and MIDI I/O. Jitter elimination ensures pristine audio quality
and reliable synchronization up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution.
2 x 2 USB Interface
Blackjack is a 2 x 2 USB
recording interface with two
boutique-quality Onyx preamps
and 24-bit/96kHz conversion in
a convenient tabletop housing.
Built-in DI on each input for direct connection of guitars, basses,
etc. True analog hardware monitoring of inputs, in mono or stereo,
for easy zero-latency recording
UltraLite mk3
Card for PCI Express Core System
FireWire/USB & MIDI Interface
A component of MOTU’s
424 hard disc recording
systems, is installable into
any Windows or Mac with
PCIe architecture. While a
PCI card is already included
with the original purchase of one of these
systems, user of older PCI-X cards may want to run their systems
on newer PCIe slotted computers.
#MAPCIE424������������������������������������������������������������������������� 295.00
• Half rack space
mobile 24-bit/
96kHz recording
studio with 10 inputs and 14 outputs.
• T wo mic/instrument inputs with preamps, 48v phantom power,
3-way pad switch and front panel trim knobs.
n-board SMPTE time code sync. Can also generate time code.
• U se built in 8-bus mixer to monitor all of the live inputs via the
main outs, headphone jack or any other output
#MAULMK3H������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Boutique-quality mic preamp
• Adjust input character - clean to gooey
• On-Board DSP Engine & Full +DSP License
• Link 3 ULN-8’s, Link with ULN-2 & 2882
• Stand-alone preamp & converter mode
• Top Quality Converters • v.5 Mixing Engine with 7.1 Surround
#MEULN8���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5745.00
MicroBook II
Pocket-sized, plug in your mic, guitar
and keyboard and record up to 4
inputs simultaneously. Even has a
connection for an iPod for rehearsing
or sampling. Mix live inputs with live
computer trackwith bundled CueMix FX
software. Apply DSP-powered effects. Professional
analog stereo output, digital output and stereo-mini output jacks
for headphones and speakers. Edit and finalize recordings with
AudioDesk software.
#MAMICROBOOK2������������������������������������������������������������ 249.00
828 mk3
Audio Express
6-in/8-out FireWire/USB & MIDI Interface
6-Channel Firewire/USB Audio Interface
Firewire/USB Audio Interface
• 24-bit/96kHz
• 4 mic preamps with
phantom power, 20dB
pad, Precision Digital Trim and plenty of gain
• Four combo jacks (four XLR mic, two hi-Z 1/4” guitar, and stereo line-level (+4/-10) inputs
• 8-Bus Digital Mixer
• Stereo 24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF digital I/O
• Time code support; standalone operation
Hybrid FireWire/
USB 2.0 connectivity and 6 x
8 physical
input/output channels - all available simultaneously and operate
independently. Features front panel controls, extensive metering,
MIDI and S/PDIF I/O. Compatible with virtually any DAW, plus
operates as standalone 8-bus digital mixer. Route inputs directly
to any output pair, each with its own unique mix.
#MAAE8456��������������������������������������������������������������������� 395.00
10 channels of 192kHz analog recording and playback, combined
with 16 channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF. Equally
suited for the studio and stage, the interface can function as a
standalone mixer. Two mic preamps with phantom power, pad
and trim. Mic /guitar instrument sends, input limiters, and digitally
controlled analog trim on all analog inputs.
#MA828MK3H����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
16-in/12-out FireWire Interface
esktop or rack-mounted, turns a Mac or PC into a 24-bit/96kHz
recording studio with eight mic inputs, 8-channel ADAT optical
digital I/O and MIDI I/O. When not connected to a computer, functions as 8-channel A/D converter. Bundled with CueMix software.
• Front panel controls and status LEDs
• Rear panel connectors for efficient studio installation.
#MA8PRE����������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
USB MicMate
16 x 14 FireWire/USB 2.0 Studio Interface
28-in/32-out FireWire/USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Offering a compact desktop form factor,
features 24-bit/192 kHz recording with 8
channels of analog I/O including mic,
line and Hi-Z instrument inputs. For
digital I/O, support either 8 channels
of ADAT, four channels of SMUX
optical, or two channels of TOSlink.
MIDI I/O jacks are also included. Bundled
with MOTU CueMix FX software.
Provides eight channels of 24-bit/192kHz analog recording and
playback, combined with sixteen channels of optical digital I/O,
stereo AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and separate analog main outs. Can
also function as a rack-mount, standalone mixer— without
USB MicMate Pro
Mic Preamp and USB Interface
Mic Preamp and USB Interface
Pocket-sized no-hassle solution for mobile
recording, podcasting and garage bands.
Preamp features a 16-bit A/D converter
(44.1 and 48Hz) while also
providing 48v phantom
power from a computer’s
USB port. Fully balanced,
low-noise analog front end, three-stage analog gain control.
Converts the XLR output on pro mics to
a USB output for direct connection to
laptop or desktop. Sends +48v phantom power to condenser mics, has a
mic input gain control, and offers
a 1/8” (3.5mm) mini connector with level control for headphone
monitoring. Compact size makes it perfect for bands, solo
recording artists, podcasters, and more.
Ultra Compact DJ Audio Interface
No para exportación
Easily fits in your pocket, features 24-bit/
96kHz A/D and D/A converters for
pristine audio quality, and two
high-gain stereo outputs. Included
TRAKTOR LE 2 software provides two
playback decks to spin tracks directly from a hard drive with full
iTunes integration and iPod compatibility. (NATA2)��������������� 99.00
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
6-input/6-output USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Stereo iO
USB Audio Interface for DJ Software
Features two high-end mic preamps,
four analog inputs and outputs,
S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O
and low-latency performance.
Includes over 1,000 productionready sounds and effects, instruments
for all styles of music, TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ and Cubase LE 5
#NAKA6�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 229.00
USB Computer Audio DJ Interface
Inputs for line-level devices like a CD
player and phono inputs for a
vinyl turntable. There are also
line-level RCA outputs. No
software installation is required.
The Stereo iO will simply plug in and
play on both Mac and Windows computers.
#NUSTEREOIO����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Designed for laptop DJs and
producers on-the-go, features
a set of RCA outputs for sending
24-bit digital audio to sound
systems, recorders, mixers,
powered speakers, etc. A 1/4” phone
mic input allows for voice-overs in DJ sets, performances, etc. A
1/4” phone headphone output provides DJ style monitoring.
#NUDJIO������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
USB “Direct Box”
“DI” box for connecting a computer
audio output to a live sound system.
Transformer-isolated XLR balanced
stereo outputs help eliminate ground
loops, often a problem when connecting computer audio to a sound
system, especially if a projector is connected to the computer.
Switch for stereo or mono output operation.
AudioBox USB
AudioBox 22VSL
2-in/2-out USB Interface
2-in/2-out USB Interface
24-bit 44.1 or 48kHz converters,
two high-quality mic
preamps with switchable
48v phantom power,
balanced 1/4” TRS phone
outputs, MIDI I/O and solid drivers.
Bundled with Cubase LE 4 and over 2GB of plug-ins, drum loops
and samples. (PRABU)������������������������������������������������������149.00
AudioBox Studio Set (PRABS)��������������������������������������������249.95
• Two combo mic/
instrument inputs
with Class-A XMAX
preamps. Over 50 Fat
Channel DSP Presets.
Near-zero-latency monitoring.
Includes Studio One Artist DAW software and 4GB of resources.
AudioBox 1818VSL
FireStudio Mobile
#PRAB22VSL������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.95
#PRAB44VSL (AudioBox 44VSL 4-in/4-out Interface)������������� 299.95
FireStudio Project
Compact 10 x 6 FireWire Interface
FireWire Recording System
#PRAB1818VSL���������������������������������������������������������������� 499.95
Two transparent mic preamps
with phantom power.
10 inputs include MIDI
and S/PDIF, and 6
balanced line inputs.
Studio One Artist
software lets you utilize every input and overdub an unlimited
number of tracks. Includes virtual instruments and effects, as well
as gigabytes of loops and samples.
10-in/10-out interface with eight Class A preamps, stereo S/PDIF
I/O, control software and Cubase LE 4 software.First two inputs
can be used for instruments, and are fitted with dedicated sends
and returns. FireControl Mixer/Router software can send up to five
individual mixes to different musicians during recording, allowing
each band member to have a custom headphone mix.
#PRFSP��������������������������������������������������������������������� call or log
Balance with Reason Essentials
10-in/12-out USB Interface
Combines a 2-in, 2-out interface
with a streamlined version of
Reason 6. Interface features two
XLR mic inputs with phantom power,
two 1/4” guitar or bass inputs with
PADs, two 1/4” TRS balanced main
outputs, and four 1/4” balanced line-in
jacks. Clip Safe technology lets you manage clipping
and any latency problems can be eliminated by directly monitoring
your signal. (PRSWBIRE)����������������������������������������������������369.00
192kHz sound, two mic preamps,
Instrument DI, MIDI I/O,
TotalMix FX and SteadyClock
technology in a sleek interface.
Optical TOSLINK I/O functions either as
ADAT I/O with SMUX support, or S/PDIF I/O for all sessions up to
192kHz. Headphone output on the unit and the breakout cable.
18-in/18-out USB Interface
• 2 Class-A XMAX mic/instrument and six mic/line preamps
• Individual input channel-trim controls with 0 to +35dBu
microphone gain range
• Coaxial S/PDIF and ADAT optical I/O
• Mix, adjust input and playback-returns levels, and add effects
and signal processing from your laptop or other computer
In Blue (RMBF)����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
In Silver (RMBFSE)����������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Fireface UCX
36-Channel USB/FireWire Audio Interface
• 2 balanced mic inputs with 48v phantom power, and Neutrik
Combo connectors for XLR and TRS
• Two balanced universal inputs for line and instrument signals
• ADAT, Word Clock and two MIDI I/Os —up to 192 kHz on all I/
• Eight analog inputs and outputs • Integrated DSP mixer
#RMUCXQ���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
FireFace UFX
USB and FireWire Audio Interface
• 60 channels of audio (30 inputs/30 outputs) —all can be used
• F our digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class
converters and full 192kHz operation.
• 12 analog inputs/outputs • TotalMix FX with Internal Effects
• MIDI I/O, AES/EBU, ADAT and Wordclock I/O
#RMFUFX������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
SL 3
USB 2.0 Interface for Serato Scratch Live
UA-22 Duo-Capture EX
Two sets of stereo RCA inputs let
you attach a pair of vinyl
turntables or CDJ decks,
and two sets of stereo RCA
outputs let you plug into a DJ
mixer. SL 3 hardware and Serato Scratch
Live software give you the power to control music
and video files in your Mac or PC with the turntables, CDJ decks,
and DJ mixer of your choice. (RASL3)������������������������������� 699.00
2-in/2-out USB Interface
No para exportación
Housed in a compact
road-tough metal case,
features two digitally
controlled mic preamps,
two combo XLR/TRS
inputs with phantom power, and one of the inputs accepts a Hi-Z
PRO Audio
Computer Audio Interfaces
2-in/2-out USB Interface
4-in/4-out USB /MIDI Interface
2 simultaneous inputs and 2 outputs
(44.1 and 48kHz only). Dedicated
front-panel controls make it easy to
mix, control and monitor a variety of
signals. XLR input with switchable
phantom power and 1/4” jack for guitar or bass. Rec mode section
provides selection of recording functions, including LOOP BACK for
web streaming applications. (ROUA33)������������������������������� 129.00
V-Studio 100
24-bit/192kHz audio
quality and ultra-low
latency performance.
USB bus powered, features two XLR/TRS combo inputs with VS
Preamps, each with switchable phantom power, a low cut filter,
phase invert, and digital compression.
#ROUA55 (with SONAR X1 LE software for Windows)������������ 241.15
Studio Capture USB Audio Interface
Digital audio interface/controller and standalone
recorder. As an interface, it features
analog I/O along with 2
channels of S/PDIF input
and MIDI I/O. As a controller
provides 100mm touch sensitive
motorized fader, 5 rotary controls,
11 buttons and a transport control
section. Digital mixing and built-in effects that include reverb, EQ
and compression. Also functions as a 2-track recorder using SD
cards. (ROVS100)����������������������������������������������������������������� 399.99
12 premium-grade mic preamps, 16 inputs, 10 outputs, and
in a tabletop unit that
fits in a travel bag.
Features 24-bit/192
kHz audio, front-panel
metering, XLR monitor outputs with dedicated level control, dual
headphone outputs, rock-solid drivers with VS STREAMING technology, and more.
Dual D-PRE mic preamps
coupled with 24-bit/192
kHz converters. Portable
device housed in an all
metal chassis also offers
dedicated high- impedance switch, separate headphones jack and
phantom power. Audio input is available via two Neutrik XLR/TRS
combo inputs both with Peak LEDs. Mix knob allows for blending
the direct signal and the output of the host. Includes Cubase AI
DAW software. (STUR22)������������������������������������������������������ 149.99
Two XLR mic preamps with phantom power.
Pair of balanced line inputs and a guitar
input. 96kHz/24-bit audio and zerolatency monitoring. MIDI I/O allow
connection of synths and drum
machines. Connect to monitors
through the line output or use
headphones with the front-mounted
stereo 1/4” jack. Comes with Cubase LE4 software.
2-in/2-out USB /MIDI Interface
Housed in a lightweight, portable
chassis, records audio with
up to 24-bit/96kHz
resolution. Features
dual mic preamps with
TRS/XLR Combi connectors with
phantom power, four rear-panel unbalanced RCA outputs, MIDI
I/O and direct monitoring path. Bundled with Cubase LE.
Features two low noise mic preamps
with phantom power, digital mixer
and effects, and low latency
monitoring. Inputs include XLR
and 1/4” TRS connectors with the
ability to switch Line 1 input to a
Hi-Z input. Includes Steinberg’s Cubase LE 6 software bundle.
#TAUS322���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 149.99
US-366 (4-in/6-out or 6-in/4-out Interface (TAUS366)�������� 199.99
16-in /4-out USB 2.0 Interface
• 8 mic preamps with 48v phantom power and 60dB of gain
• Six balanced line inputs, as well as stereo S/PDIF digital
• Up to 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution
• Four simultaneous outputs • MIDI I/O
• Independent monitor and headphone outputs
• Includes Cubase LE 5 workstation software
USBPre2 2-Channel Portable USB Interface
Interfaces studio mics
line-level sources,
instruments, and
consumer electronics
with Mac or Windowsbased computers. S/PDIF
coaxial I/O. Works with most recording, streaming, and
measurement software.
USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface
2-in/4-out USB /MIDI Interface
10-in/12-out USB Audio Interface
24-bit/192 kHz
audio quality.
8 VS mic preamps.
Auto Sensing function sets recording level of each input to the
best setting. A software compressor is available per channel, and
a reverb processor can be accessed by individual channel sends.
4 independent Direct Mixers. Includes Cakewalk Production Plus
Pack software. (ROUA10100)�������������������������������� Call or Log-on
USB 2.0 Portable Music Production Studio
2-in/2-out USB/MIDI Interface
16-in / 4-out USB 2.0 Interface
USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface
Otherwise the same as the
US-122MKII, the US-144MKII
adds S/PDIF stereo coaxial input
and output for a total of four
inputs and outputs at up to
96kHz/24-bit audio quality.
It also offers individual line and
headphone output level controls.
#TAUS144MKII����������������������������������������������������������������� 119.95
6-in/4-out USB /MIDI Interface
24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution. Four mic preamps with phantom
power and XLR/TRS combo
jacks. S/PDIF stereo digital
I/O, MIDI I/O and two RCA
outputs. Direct Monitor
function allows zero-latency
monitoring of the input. Signal Present and Overload LED meters
on each input. Monitor mix level control and mono/stereo switch
for direct input monitoring. (TAUS600)�������������������������������124.99
Universal Audio
Apollo Duo and Quad Core
18 x 24 FireWire/Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces
• 96kHz/24-bit resolution • Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O
• 8 XLR mic inputs with phantom power
• 6 TRS 1/4” balanced line inputs, 4 outputs
• 2 instrument inputs (channels 7/8 on front panel “combi” jacks)
• 100-LED meter bridge (5 segments for each input and output)
• 1/4” balanced stereo monitor output with its own volume control
No para exportación
To deliver the sound, feel and flow of analog recording, the
interfaces combine 24-bit/192 kHz sound quality with onboard
UAD processing. Allows music producers to track audio through
a range of classic UAD analog emulation plug-ins in real-time.
Apollo Duo Core (UNAPOLLODUO)��������������������������������������� 1999.00
Apollo Quad Core (UNAPOLLOQUAD)����������������������������������� 2499.00
PRO Audio
Control Surfaces
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
MPC Studio
MPC Renaissance
Ableton Performance Controller
Music Production Controller
Music Production Controller
Pre-mapped for use with Ableton Live.
Clip matrix gives you an instant
view of clip status. 16 knobs,
each surrounded by a ring of
LEDs. Control 8 track parameters
at a time. Special controls include
Tap Tempo, Tempo Nudge, record enables,
solo/cues, and two assignable footswitch inputs.
(AKAPC40)�����������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
#AKAPC20 (APC20 Compact Ableton Controller)��������Call or Log-on
Push USB Controller for
Live Software
Connected to Live, Push becomes a
recording workstation, beat creation
tool and virtual instrument. Control
melody and harmony, beats, sounds,
and song structure. 94 velocity-and
pressure-sensitive pads for adjusting
sounds while playing with 8 touch-sensitive endless encoders.
Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with a track while adjusting
swing or the repeat divisions in real time.
BFC2000 Total Recall
USB/MIDI Controller Desk
16 backlit genuine MPC
pads. USB-powered with
low-profile knobs. Large
LCD screen lets you make
tracks without having to
look at your computer. Four
touch-sensitive knobs provide
enhanced MPC software control. Less than 1” thin and fits easily
into a laptop bag.
Artist Mix
Steps up from the MPC Studio with
Vintage Mode, eight pad banks,
two XLR-1/4” combo inputs and
dedicated turntable input, two
MIDI inputs and four outputs, stereo 1/4” out, stereo assignable mix
1/4” out & S/PDIF I/O, 4-channel USB 2.0 interface and built-in
two-port USB hub.
Artist Control
Touch-Sensitive Fader Control Surface
Touch-Sensitive Fader Control Surface
EUCON enabled control surface
with 8 motorized, touch-sensitive, 100mm long throw faders,
and 8 touch- and velocity-sensitive rotary encoders. Provides
fast access to many software
functions like adjusting audio levels, plug-in parameters, panning,
automation modes, and more, all with excellent visual feedback.
EUCON enabled touchscreen control surface
displays top-level
information such as
track names/numbers,
metering (from mono to 5.1
surround data), fader/pan values and automation modes. Quick
acces to plug-in and EQ parameters, triggering macro commands,
performing surround panning, and more.
#AVMCMIX�������������������������������������������������������������������� 1219.99
BCR2000 Total Recall
USB/MIDI Controller Desk
USB-MIDI Controller
Hands-on control surface with eight 100mm
motorized faders for the control of
virtual mixers, synths and samplers.
Groups can be created to facilitate
moves that can’t be made with a
mouse. MIDI I/O/Thru and includes 8
rotary encoders, each with a 15-element LED
indicator plus a push-to-set function. This allows
you to select, adjust, set and control a myriad of functions.
Hands-on control surface with 24 endless
rotary encoders for control of virtual
synths, samplers, effects and
processors.4 virtual groups with
8 dual-mode, high resolution encoders
with LED rings and additional push function.
16 + 4 illuminated buttons freely assignable to all
types of MIDI functions. All panel elements freely assignable,
either manually or via user-friendly learn mode.
The size of
an Apple
keyboard, yet
provides a
huge amount of controller functions for DAW software or for
programming virtual instruments. Marker and Track Buttons, iPad
support, 8 faders, 8 knobs, 24 switches with programmable attack
and release times, and a full transport control section.
#KONKC2B (In Black)�����������������������������������������������������������58.00
#KONKC2W (In White)����������������������������������������������������������59.99
Alias 8
USB Mixdown Controller
Slim Control Surface
Eight “channel strips” of MIDI-based
controllers give you a 30mm
fader, two knobs and two
buttons each. A dual-function
encoder changes the MIDI
channel, instantly extending
reach with up to 15 MIDI channels,
while always keeping track of any LED feedback on the other
channels. Used as a MIDI control for flipping through tracks.
#LIALIAS8������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 299.00
Control Universal Pro
9-fader USB/MIDI controller for mixing,
editing, automation and navigational
control for supported DAWs. Each
of the 8 channel strips includes
100mm Alps touch-sensitive
motorized fader in addition to mute, solo, and record arming
buttons. Also includes Channel Select button, V-Pot, full
automation assignment section, and a Shift Modifier that offers
dual functionality for specific commands.
#MAMCUPRO���������������������������������������������������������������� 1099.99
Lightweight (6 lbs.) portable control surface. Every button is
programmable and feature
multicolored LEDs to create
visual maps and indicators for
use during performance. Also
offers 81 programmable buttons,
8 sliders, pro-style crossfader and
16 programmable knobs.
Base Drumpad / Touch Screen Controller (LIBASE)��������������399.00
and Plug-In Control Surface
16 knobs, 8 faders and 32 assignable
back-lit LED buttons support
flexible DAW control and
auto-mappable plug-in control.
Fully assignable crossfader. “SoftFeel” drum pads. Dedicated transport
buttons. Automap software maps parameters to
faders, buttons, encoders and pots and other controllers. Includes
a host of royalty-free loops and samples, soft-synthesizer and
Ableton Live 7 Lite. (NORZSLMK2)�������������������������Call or Log-on
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MIDI Performance Instrument
Portable, compact control
surface, features 48
programmable buttons,
8 sliders, 24 rotary knobs
and 12 pushbutton encoders.
Two 1/4” jacks let you connect
Roland-style foot pedals and
single analog controls. Editor allows you to remap controls,
change MIDI assignments, create LED maps and save.
#LILVCNTRLR��������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Motorized Fader & Transport Control for DAWs
Touch-sensitive motorized fader and comprehensive transport
control section provides a real-time input
option for DAWs, enhancing efficiency
and providing tactile method for
inputting volume and pan
automation. Pan control, mute,
solo and record enable. Single or
group channel automation. Buttons for
quick window selection (edit, mix and transport). Foot-switch jack
for hands free punch in/out. (PRFPQ)���������������������������������129.95
PRO Audio
CD Recorders and Players
DN-C615 CD-R/RW Player
• Vary pitch by up to ±12% of playback speed
• Single/continuous playback mode. CD text is supported
• Shock memory prevents skipping • Instant start and Auto Cue
• Direct track access is provided through an 11-key keypad
#DEDNC615�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Professional Broadcast CD Player
Slim and 1RU high, the DN-C620 supports CD-R/RW as well as
WAVE, CD-DA and MP3 CD formats. Has XLR balanced outputs,
RCA phono (fixed and variable) unbalanced outputs, and AES/EBU
and S/PDIF digital outputs. Includes IR remote, ±12% pitch
control, user programmable replay and Cue to Music function.
Slot-Loading CD Player/Recorder
• CD-Text which can be input and ID3 tags are show on the LCD.
• Level-dependent auto track incrementation, can play unfinalized
discs, auto-cue, +16% pitch control, auto fade in/out, and
program, shuffle, and continuous playback modes.
Rackmount CD Player w/Remote Control
• Supports CD TEXT & ID3 tags
• Continue, Random, Program and Repeat (Single/All) playback
• ±12% pitch control, available via the analog output.
• Coaxial and optical S/PDIF outputs; 1/4” headphone jack
Professional CD Player
Professional CD and CD-R/RW Player
Single 2RU rack-mount chassis offers CD-R/RW playback with
MP3 decoding. ±12% pitch control on long stroke sliding fader.
CD text is supported along with a single/continuous playback
mode. Balanced XLR and ubalanced RCA outputs. 10-second
hockproof memory prevents skipping. (DEDNC635)������������ Log-on
Single-Disc CD Player
SD/CD Recorder
Easy CD/SD recording and
CD burning in an all-in-one
mobile device. Features
high-quality stereo mic and
speaker system. Multiple
inputs include two XLR/TRS
combo jacks with phantom power; Plug In Power mic jack; stereo
RCA LINE IN jacks. Records direct to CD-R/RW discs or SD/SDHC
memory card. Built-in tuner and metronome.
CD-200i • CD-200iB
Rackmount CD Players with iPod Dock
• Plays CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 CD
• Random program, plus repeat track/all, and shuffle mode
• Front-panel headphone jack with volume control
• Rear-panel RCA phono output
#TECDP1260������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
CD-200SB Solid-State / CD Player (TACD200SB)��� Call or Log-on
Single-Rackspace CD Player
Same as
plus a
which reveals an iPod dock. Sends audio through the system to
the appropriate outputs. Output video via S-Video connector.
• Slim and lightweight 1RU chassis with slot-loading mechanism
• MP3 and WAV CD Support • Optical and coaxial digital outputs
• 10-key pad provides instant access to tracks.
• Frame-accurate searching, plus index and directory search
#TACD200I (RCA outputs)������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#TACD200IB (XLR and RCA outputs)����������������������� Call or Log-on
#TACD500���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#TACD500B (Balanced output)������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Rackmount CD Player/Cassette Recorder
Combination CD Player and MiniDisc Recorder
• Audio CD-R/RW, MP3 (192 KB) and WAV playback
• Flash start capability for up to 20 tracks
• Numeric keys for track selection and flash start
• Frame accurate search • Skip back function
• Highly reliable for broadcast, installation or touring applications
• Serial (RS-232C) and parallel control port (D-sub 15-pin)
• Plays CD-DA, MP3, and WAV • CD-Text and ID3 support
• CD-to-tape dubbing • CD and Cassette Pitch Control
• RCA and XLR I/O • Digital Coaxial output
• Cassette Auto-Reverse • Dolby B Noise Reduction
• Parallel and RS-232 Control Ports
• Plays standard CDs, MP3 and WAV file CDs, CD-TEXT discs.
• MiniDisc will play or record in SP, Mono, LP2, and LP4.
• Dub a CD to a MiniDisc at 4x speed.
• Continuous playback for seamless long-term audio playback.
• RCA analog plus S/PDIF optical and coaxial digital outputs
• PS/2 and RS-232C ports for wired control
#TACD6010��������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#TACDA750 (includes remote control)�����������������������������������397.94
#TAMDCD1MK3 (includes wireless remote control)������������������649.73
Slot-Loading CD Recorder
• Play and record CD-R/RW discs with MP3 files.
• Sample rate conversion, selectable disc reading speed, auto cue
and auto ready, pitch control of 0.1 to 1.0%, and more.
• Stereo RCA I/O as well as optical and coaxial digital I/O.
• Includes wirelss remote control
#TACDRW900SL�������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Slot-Loading CD Recorder
• Steps up from the CD-RW900SL with analog and digital XLR
connectors, and parallel and RS-232C ports for wired control.
igital fade in/out while recording, timed track and Skip mode
• Two units may be connected for continuous recording
No para exportación
High-Def CD, DVD, and Hard Drive Recorder
• Record 192kHz/24-bit PCM or DSD format
• R ecord directly to the internal hard drive, or to DVD+RW, CD-R,
or CD-RW media. Archive to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R /+RW discs
PRO Audio
Digital Recorders and Players
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Rackmount SD/USB Digital Audio Recorder
• XLR and RCA I/O, S/PDIF and AES/EBU Digital I/O
• Records to SD/SDHC Cards or USB Drives
• Intuitive interface with an OLED display and a jog wheel
• Serial, parallel, and contact closure remote control ports
#DEDNF650R���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Rack-Mount CompactFlash Digital Audio
Network Recorder
• Records stereo MP3 or WAV files up to 24-bit/48kHz
• Ethernet connectivity for network control
• Setup and control from any PC or Mac within the network
• XLR and RCA connectors for analog and digital I/O
SD Recorder
Easy SD recording and playback
in a convenient, all-in-one mobile
device. Stereo mic and speaker
built in. Multiple inputs include
two XLR/TRS combo jacks with
phantom power; Plug In Power
mic jack; stereo RCA LINE IN jacks.
Independent adjustment of playback speed and key.
SS-R100 • SS-R200
Solid State Digital Audio Recorders
Two-Channel Solid State Audio Recorder
Solid State and CD Digital Audio Recorder
• Records audio as WAV or MP3 files and stores it on Compact
Flash or SD/SDHC cards, or USB memory
• Adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch
• Computer keyboard can be connected via PS/2 or USB for
editing file names, transport control, and flash start
SS-R100: stereo analog RCA I/O (TASSR100)��������������������Log-on
SS-R200: balanced stereo analog XLR I/O (TASSR200)������Log-on
Same as the SS-R200 plus solid state recoding to any available
media (CF, SD/SDHC, USB Memory, and CD-R/CD-RW). Record in
MP3, audio CD, or convert WAV files to audio CD.
#TASSCDR200����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Rack mountable, records PCM or MP3 files to CompactFlash
cards or to USB drive via USB host interface.
• Balanced mic/line XLR I/O with 20dB pad and phantom power
• R CA and Euroblock analog I/O connectors, S/PDIF coaxial I/O,
RS-232, RJ45, and Parallel connectors for remote control
#TAHDR1������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
4-Track Digital Pocketstudio Recorder/Mixer
6-Track Digital Pocketstudio Recorder
8-Track Digital Pocketstudio Recorder
• Ultra compact, runs on AA
batteries or optional adapter.
• R ecord up to 4 tracks at
16-bit/44.1kHz to SD flash cards.
Simultaneously records 2 audio
• Integrated stereo mic, dual 1/4” mic/line inputs, stereo 3.5mm
output, USB 2.0 connector, knobs for setting level and pan
• Weighs just 12 oz
• Dual omnidirectional mics
• Record 16-Bit/44.1 kHz WAV files
• Two unbalanced 1/4” TS Inputs
• Mini USB 2.0 output
• Metronome and Tuner
• Runs 8 hours on 4 AA Batteries
• 1/8” stereo line and 1/8” stereo headphone output
#TADP006���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Steps up from the DP-006 with
onboard effects. Compressor,
2-band shelving EQ, de-esser
and exciter are available on
each track. Also has 6 types of
reverb built-in. Mastering effects for
the stereo mix are also included, offering
2-band EQ, multi-band compression and normalizing.
Portable 8-Track Portastudio Recorder
• Captures CD-quality audio, two
tracks at a time to SD cards
• Built-in mics
• XLR and 1/4” inputs
• Each track has its own row
of knobs for level, pan and effects, and 2-band EQ.
• Chromatic tuner and metronome
#TADP008���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DP-32 32 Track Digital Portastudio (TADP32)���������������������739.88
R8 8-Track Digital
• 16 or 24-bit WAV files
• XLR/TRS combo inputs with
48v Phantom power
• Integrated stereo mics
• Writes to SD Cards
• USB Interface
• Mixing and transport controls
• Runs on batteries/USB-power
• 8-voice pad sampler and sequencer
• Includes Cubase LE software and drum loops
8-Track Recorder with CD-Burning & Effects
24-Track Digital Portastudio
#TADP03�������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
• Color LCD display and
12-encoder channel strip
for easy operation
• 8 mic inputs on combo XLR1/4” jacks with phantom power
• Up to 8-track simultaneous recording at 48kHz/24-bit resolution
• Record to SD card, plus CD-RW drive for mixdown and backup
#TADP24������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
X-48mkII 48-Track Hard Disk Workstation (TAX48MKII)�����3734.67
R16 Multi-Track
Recorder/Mixer and Surface Controller
R24 Multi-Track
Recorder/Mixer and Surface Controller
Steps up from the DP-008 with
built-in CD burner that allows you
to burn your completed tracks
directly to a CD without the need
for additional equipment. You can
also import a recording via CD
In addition, 45mm faders and
dedicated pan knobs give you tactile control over your audio.
• Dedicated transport
controls and jog/shuttle
for Final Cut Pro and other
NLE programs.
• 8 mic preamps, guitar input,
built-in condenser mic, 100
built-in effects.
• Records to SD Cards • USB port
• Runs on AC or batteries
No para exportación
• 8 XLR/TRS combo inputs
plus built-in condenser mic
• Full mixing and transport
controls, with compatibility
for Cubase, Logic, Sonar,
and other software
• Pad sampler with 24 voices (8 pads x 3 banks)
• Loop-based audio sequencer for creating music
• Supports SD cards up to 32GB
PRO Audio
Cassette Recorders/Players • Recording Accessories
USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter
• Convert your tapes
to MP3 files
• Can also be used
as a standard
cassette deck
#IOTAPE2PC�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Portable Cassette Recorder
Uses standard cassettes to record voice or
other ambient sounds. External mic input
and headphone output. (PARQ2102)����������������������������������� 29.99
PT649D Rackmountable
Dual Cassette Player
• Dub tapes at normal or
high speed
• Auto stop with a 3 digit
tape counter
• Automatic recording
level setting plus a selector for chrome tapes.
#PYPT649D��������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
202MK V
Rackmount Dual Cassette Recorder/Player
• Auto-Reverse
• Mic input
• Pitch Control
• A-B Repeat • Normal and high-speed dubbing
• Continuous or simultaneous recording
#TA202MKV�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 329.99
Cable Testers & Tone Generators
Behringer CT-100: Cable Tester (BECT100)�����������������������������29.99
Ebtech SWIZZ-CT: Cable Tester (EBSWIZZCT)�������������������������81.49
Hosa CBT-500: Audio Cable Tester (HOCBT500)����������������������39.95
Pyle-Pro PCT-10: 8-in-1 Audio Cable Tester (PYPCT10)�����������19.99
Pyle-Pro PCT-40: 12-in-1 Audio Cable Tester (PYPCT40)������� Log-on
Pyle Pro PCT-60: 13-in-1 Audio Cable Tester (PYPCT60)���������42.99
Rolls MO2020: Testoscillator Wave Generator (ROMO2020)�����61.50
Rolls MU118: Digital Multimeter (ROMU118)����������������������������29.95
SM Pro Audio CT-2: Cable Tester (SMPCT21)�������������������������31.99
SM Pro Audio CT-3: Multi format Cable Tester (SMPCT31)���� 103.99
Whirlwind DCT-9: Cable Tester (WHDCT9)�������������������������� 96.99
Whirlwind MCT7: Multi Connector Cable Tester (WHMCT7)����119.00
Whirlwind QBOX: Line, Cable and Tone Generator (WHQB)��� Log-on
Cassette Tape
Maxell Communicator Series Normal Bias 90 (MACOM90)������1.29
Maxell Normal Bias UR 90-Minutes (MANBUAT)���������������������1.09
Hum Eliminators
Allen-Avionics AGL-600-2 (ALAGL6002)�����������������������������255.00
ART DTI: Dual Input Inline Transformer/Isolator (ARDTI)��������������60.00
ART T8: 8-Channel Transformer / Isolator (ART8)���������������������149.00
Behringer MicroHD HD400 (BEHD400)����������������������������������29.99
Ebtech HE-2: 2-Channel Hum Eliminator (EBHE2)���������������������65.99
Ebtech HE-2-XLR: Same as above w/XLRs (EBHE2XLR)�����������84.99
Ebtech Hum X: Plug-Style AC Hum Eliminator (EBHX)���������������59.77
JK Audio Pureformer: Stereo Isolation Transformer (JKPUR)�����56.05
Pro Co Sound IT1: Isolation Transformer Box (PRIT1)����������������89.95
Rolls DB25: Passive Direct Box (RODB25)��������������������������������21.27
Rolls HE18: Buzz Off (ROHE18)������������������������������������������������41.50
Whirlwind ISOXL: Line-Level Isolation Transformer (WHISOXL)��39.95
Sescom IL-19: Inline Audio Hum Eliminator (SEIL19)����������������44.95
Sescom IL-19-PRS-GLS: w/Ground Lift Switch (SEIL19PRSGLS)�����69.95
Sescom IL-19-2: 2-Channel Audio Hum Eliminator (SEIL192)���84.95
Whirlwind SP1X3
Whirlwind QBOX
JK Audio Pureformer
Level Matching Transformers
ART CleanBox (ARSC)������������������������������������������������������������65.00
Audio-Technica: Low to High Impedance Transf. (AUCP8201)��11.39
Audix T50K: Impedance Matching Transformer (AUT50K)���������24.95
Canare: 110 Ohm to 75 Ohm Digital Audio (CABCJXJTRC)��������29.00
Canare: 75 Ohm to 110 Ohm Digital Audio (CABCJXPTRC)��������27.99
DSAN LSP-1: Laptop SoundPort (DSLSP1)�����������������������������76.49
Ebtech: 2-Ch. Line Level Shifter & Hum Elliminator (EBLLS2)�����74.99
Ebtech: LLS-2-XLR (EBLLS2XLR)������������������������������������������ 95.99
Henry Engineering: The Matchbox HD (HEMBHD)����������������149.99
Hosa: Hi-Z to Low-Z Mic Transmformer (HOMIT129)�������������������9.51
Hosa: Low-Z XLR-F to Hi-Z 1/4” Male Transformer (HOMIT176)�16.99
Hosa: XLR-F Low-Z to 1/4” Phone-M Hi-Z Mic (HOMIT435)���������9.76
MOTU ZBox: Guitar Pickup Impedance Adapter (MAZBOX)��������39.95
Neutrik: AES/EBU Impedance Transformer (NENADITBNCF)��� 31.80
Pearstone: Low to High Impedance (PELMT100)����������������������19.95
Pro Co Sound AV1: Audio/Video Interface (PRAV1A)�������������118.69
Rolls MB15b Promatch: 2-Way Stereo Converter (ROMB15B)��58.50
Sescom: Inline XLR Line Matching Transformer (SESESXLRISO)�20.35
Shure A15LA: Line Adapter (SHA15LA)������������������������������������37.09
Shure A85F: Impedance Mic Matching Transformer (SHA85F)���18.75
Whirlwind LM2B: 2-Ch. Line Level Converter (WHLM2B)���� 140.00
Pro Co Sound AV1
Whirlwind LM2B
Splitters & Combiners
ART S8: 3-Way Microphone Splitter (ARS83WAY)�������������������279.00
ART SPLITCom Pro: Mic Splitter/Combiner (AR2MS)����������������35.00
ART S8: 8-Channel Mic Signal Splitter (ARS8)�������������������������239.00
ART SPLITMix4: 4-Channel Passive Splitter/Mixer (ARSM4)������50.00
Galaxy Audio: Jack In The Box Source Combiner (GAJIBR)�������29.99
Galaxy Audio: Jack In The Box Signal Splitter (GAJIBS)�������������29.99
Galaxy Audio: Jack In The Box Mic Splitter (GAJIBY)���������������29.99
Pro Co Sound: 1 into 3 Mic Splitter Box (PRMS3)����������������������89.00
Pro Co Sound: 1 into 2 Mic Splitter Box (PRMS2)����������������������79.95
Sescom: Pro line-level audio converter (SESOTLMAX)��������� 184.95
Whirlwind LBS: 1x2 Line Balancer and Splitter (WHLBS)����������86.00
Whirlwind SP1X2: 1x2 Mic Splitter (WHSP1X2)�����������������������79.00
Whirlwind SP1X3: 1x3 Mic Splitter (WHSP1X3)�����������������������82.50
Whirlwind SPLIT6: 1x6 Line Splitter (WHSPLIT6)���������������������65.00
Notation & Utility Software
Rackmount CD/Cassette Recorder
• Use as two
individual recorders.
• Record one source
to both mediums
• Dubbing is also supported from CD to cassette and vice-versa
• Analog RCA I/O, digital coaxial and optical I/O, RIAA phono input
#TACC222SLMK2������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
#TACDA550 (CD-A550 CD Player/Cassette Recorder)������������320.80
Audio Creator
Room Correction System
• Edit Audio • Burn and rip CDs
• Clean and convert Audio
• Encode, tag and organize sound library
• Back-Up Files
• Publish Music to Internet
• Works with Windows XP/Vista/7
Studio-acoustics room correction
solution, combines a calibrated
measurement mic with software that
captures the sound information and
calculates proper room correction,
and a multi-platform plug-in.
#IKA2CS���������������������������������� 246.48
Finale PrintMusic 2011
Professional Notation Software
Music Notation and Composition Software
Lets you compose, arrange, notate, and print
engraver-quality sheet music. Entering notes
can be achieved in multiple ways, from MIDI
to mouse, from scanning to exclusive
MicNotator. Experiment freely and compose
any imaginable music without constraints.
Finale 2012
• Manually enter notes, extract parts, arrange
full ensembles
• Plays music with pro sounds and nuance
• Scan existing sheet music, import and
export MP3 files • 128 Virtual Instruments
#MAPM2011��������������������������������������������� 89.99
SongWriter 2012 (MAS2012)��������������������� 39.95
First 7
Notation Software
Fast and easy way for anyone
to start writing and sharing music. Intuitive
interface guides you through the process.
Time-saving tools make it easy to get
professional results fast.
No para exportación
#MAF2012A (Academic Version)�����������249.00
Sibelius 7 Music Notation Software
Write, play, print and
publish. Input music by
singing or playing an instrument, then hit
a button to put the results into the score.
Sibelius 7 (SIS7)�������������������������� 369.95
Sibelius 7 Academic (SIS7A)��������� 249.98
Sibelius 7 Upgrade (SIS7UG)��������� 114.99
PRO Audio
Virtual Instruments • Effect Processors Plug-ins
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
V Collection 3.0
Quantum Leap
Virtual Synthesizer Anthology
Emulations of 7 legendary synthesizers
(Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, CS-80V,
ARP2600 V, Jupiter-8V, Prophet V and
VS.) Each has over 400 carefully
selected patches and provides photo
realistic interfaces that perfectly match
the original layouts on your computer
screen. (ARVCOL3)����������������������349.00
Symphonic Orchestra
Sampled orchestral collection originally
captured in a “state of the art” concert
hall. Recorded by eleven-time Grammy
nominated classical recording engineer Prof.
Keith O. Johnson, the virtual instrument
features strings, brass, woodwinds and
percussion. (EAEW180)����������������������� 195.00
Platinum Complete (EAEW177) .....895.00
Innovative sampling re-synthesizer
that frees you to create sounds that could
never before be produced. Dissect up to three
distinctive audio samples, lend and layer your
modified samples, then beef up their impact
with a choice of suboscillator waveforms. Add
attitude and dimension to your creation by applying iZotope’s effects. Synth features like amplitude envelopes,
LFOs, root note detection and key mapping are all there for advanced musical control.
#IZIRISP5������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 299.00
Virtual Instruments and Effects Collection
100GB of data spans 27 instruments and
effects, and contains more than 10,000
production-ready sounds, suitable for all
styles and genres. Includes KONTAKT 5
along with MASSIVE, ABSYNTH and FM8
deliver the ultimate synthesizer array
KOMPLETE 8 Full Version (NAK8)�������������������������������������� 399.00
KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate (NAK8ULT).������������������������������������ 699.00
Dubstep Grime Generator
Destruction Tools
Evolving blend of organic and
digital elements. It combines
a bevy of intuitive real-time
performance features with
state-of-the-art technology.
Over 200 fat and juicy factory
presets. Intelligent rhythm control for precision. Chorus, TempoSync Delay, Reverb. Automatable via Hardware or Software.
#SOSWOB���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
4 plug-ins, WOBBLE, TWIST,
VOCALIZER, and PULSE are all
incredibly flexible music creation
engines featuring a collective sound
library totaling over 8GB. With unique
and state-of-the-art tools to optimize
creative energy, each virtual instrument
will push your production quality forward.
#SODDT�������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Total Bass Virtual Instrument
34GB core library features highly-detailed
Acoustic, Electric and Synth basses — as
well as enhanced versions of classic Trilogy
sounds. STEAM engine technology allows
powerful integration with Omnisphere.
#SP3TRL������������������������������������������ 279.00
Stylus RMX Xpanded - Groove Module (SP2XRMX)������������ 3379.00
Combines a wide variety of real-time
synthesis techniques with 40GB core
sound library. Process already interesting
core samples with an intriguing set of
synthesis and effects processor, thereby
transforming the core material into truly
inspiring sounds.
More than 8,000 drum patterns with
pre-listening, quick browsing and “drag
and drop” functionality. 7,000 sound files
recorded with 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution.
Integrated mixer allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host software through
a single instantiation of the plug-in.
EZ-Drummer (TOTT106)����������������������� 99.99
Pop! EZX Drum Kit
Soundbank for EZdrummer
Collection of ten drum kits. Custom percussion
pieces are included to enhance the realism
and versatility of the kits. Pop! EZX will sound
great sequenced into any rock, pop, or dance
track. Will add dimension to anything you’d
call “popular music.”
Melodyne Assistant
Monophonic Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching
For use with monophonic material—
perfect for correcting intonation and
timing via a macro or by hand. Transpose,
move or erase notes and copy individual
notes or entire passages to different
#CEMA������������������������������������������������ 199.00
Alloy 2
Essential Mixing Tools
Six processor balance vintage emulation
with digital precision, with over 250 presets
that can be used as starting points, or
further edited to taste. Side chaining, cross
chaining, zero latency mode, comprehensive metering for visual feedback are just
some of the features that cover most audio
mastering, post, and mixing needs. (IZMODTWSTMIX)���������149.00
Ozone 5
Complete Mastering System
8 essential mastering tools (maximizer, EQ,
multi-band dynamics and stereo imaging,
post equalizer, multi-band harmonic
exciter, reverb, and dithering). The process
of mastering ranges from correcting
mistakes made in the mix, to preparing a
recording for targeted listening environments.
The Jack Joseph Puig
Signature Collection
Six plug-ins that deliver Puig’s personal palette of tones, shades and hues.
Many of them have illuminated and
empowered projects spanning the
gamut of commercial record making.
#WAJJPSCNAT����������������������Call or Log-on
#SPOMNISPHERE������������������������������������������������������������� 479.00
Virtual Drum Module
Vienna Ensemble PRO 5
Mixing and hosting
application, custom made
for hosting Vienna Instruments, as well as other
instruments and effect
plug-ins. Use it as a host on the same computer as the sequencer
to integrate plug-ins from Spectrasonics, Native Instruments,
Waves, and more. (VIVEPRO5)�����������������������������������������������270.00
iZotope Iris with +5 Sound Library (IZIRISP2)���������������������299.00
Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos (SYIVORY2GP)��������������������319.00
Sugar Bytes
Cyclop Monophonic Bass Synth (SUCYCLOP)����������������������129.00
Effectrix (SUEFFECTRIX)�����������������������������������������������������129.00
Complete Composers Collection HD – Mac (EAEW189MAC)Log-on
Complete Composers Collection HD – Win (EAEW189WIN)�� Log-on
No para exportación
McDSP Classic Pack v5 (MCBCPNV5)������������������������������� 349.00
Nomad MAGMA Virtual Studio Rack (NOMGMADL)������������ 179.00
Roland R-MIX Audio Processing Software (RORMIX)���������� 149.00
SoundToys SoundToys Native Bundle (SOSTEN4)������������� 495.00
Nectar - Complete Vocal Suite (IZN)���������������������������������� 249.00
RX 2 - Audio Repair Software (IZRX2)�������������������������������� 299.00
Insight - Essential Metering Suite (IZI)������������������������������� 449.00
Mix & Master Bundle (IZMMBQ)���������������������������������������� 299.00
Ozone 5 Advanced (IZO5A)����������������������������������������������� 799.00
Studio & Repair Bundle (IZSRB)����������������������������������������� 649.00
Native Power Pack (WANPPQ)������������������������������������������� 300.00
Platinum Native Bundle (WANPNAQ)�������������������������������� 1600.00
Mercury Native Bundle (WAMERNATQ)����������������������������� 6300.00
Diamond Bundle- TDM (WADATDMQ)������������������������������ 4400.00
Native Gold Bundle (WAGNBQ)������������������������������������������ 800.00
Native SSL Bundle (WASSLNATQ)������������������������������������� 650.00
Vocal Rider (WAVRDNATQ)������������������������������������������������ 300.00
Pitchmap Polyphonic Pitch Processor (ZYZYNPM1)������������� 369.00
Unveil 1.5 De-Reverberation (ZYZYNUN1)�������������������������� 369.00
Music Production Software
PRO Audio
Audio Pro
Live 9 Intro
Live 9 Standard
Music Production Software
Music Production Software
• 16 Audio Tracks
• 16 MIDI Tracks
• 3 Instruments and 26 Effects
• Over 700 Production-Ready Sounds
• Glue Compressor and Updated Effects
• Record Automation into Clips
• Audio to MIDI • Sounds Browser
Mixcraft 6
• Unlimited Audio Tracks
• Unlimited MIDI Tracks
• 3 Instruments and 37 Effects
• Over 1,100 Production-Ready Sounds
• Glue Compressor and Updated Effects
• Record Automation into Clips
• Audio to MIDI • Sounds Browser
Audition CS6
Multi-Track Recording Software
Audio Production Software
Record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks,
compose with virtual instruments, score and
edit video, and add effects. Track count and
instrument and effects are only limited by
the host CPU. Plug-in delay compensation,
tempo detection, and pitch shifting.
Easily handles a wide range of audio tasks,
including recording, mixing and sound restoration to make video and audio
productions sound their best. Features
5.1-channel support, sweetening tools, batch
processing, and plug-in delay compensation.
#ADACS6MW (for Macintosh)���������������� 333.00
#ADACS6WW (for Windows)����������������� 330.99
#ACMIXCRAFT6����������������������������������������������������������������������� 74.95
Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 (ACPSMXCRFT6)..................................149.95
Sonar X2 Studio
Live 9 Suite
Music Production Software
• Unlimited Audio Tracks
• Unlimited MIDI Tracks
• 9 Instruments, 40 Effects
• 24 Max for Live Instruments and Effects
• Over 3,000 Production-Ready Sounds
• Glue Compressor and Updated Effects
• Record Automation into Clips
• Audio to MIDI • Sounds Browser
#ABL9SUITE�������������������������������������������������������������������� 799.00
Pro Tools 10
Core Audio and ASIO compatible,
provides up to 96 audio tracks, 160
auxiliary tracks and 256 busses. Features automatic delay compensation,
multi-track beat detective,timecode
ruler, EUCON integration and built-in
OMF/AAF/MXF interchange support.
Sonar X2 Producer
Music Production Software
Music Production Software
Allows you to record LPs and tapes into a
computer, and clean up the audio. Connect,
record, clean and export the files directly to
iTunes, as an MP3, or uncompressed WAV
files for CD/DVD burning.
Covers every step of the production cycle,
from composing to recording and mixing in
stereo and surround.Roland V-Vocal editor,
dedicated instrument tracks, multiple virtual
instruments. Active Controller Technology.
Support for VST, DirectX and ReWire.
#BISS�������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#CASX2E (Sonar X2 Essential)�����������������������������������������������99.00
Recording, editing and mastering. With all
the creation tools and core technologies,
plus an expanded set of instruments and
effects, and the sound of the ProChannel
console strip, the software is the ideal
choice for anyone serious about music
Audio Cleaning Utility
Melodyne editor 2
Polyphonic Pitch Shifting/Time
Direct Note Access technology, makes access to individual notes in polyphonic audio
material possible. Correct wrong notes in a
piano recording, change chords in a guitar
accompaniment after recording, or refashion a sample lick.
FL Studio 10
Melodyne3 Studio Bundle
Analyzes the pitch and time of
monophonic, polyphonic and
homophonic audio files and offers the
opportunity to change whole melodies.
Change musical parameters of voices or instruments without any degrading the quality
of the recording. (CEMSB)�������������������������������������������������559.00
Record, edit, arrange, mix, process and
master audio and MIDI tracks side by side.
Unlimited tracks, modeled amp/speaker
emulator, guitar pedal emulations, surround
sound support, track comping and
comprehensive film scoring/post, Final Cut
integration and direct audio CD burning.
#MADP8���������������������������������������� 499.00
ReCycle 2.2
Fruity Edition
Everything you need to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality
music. Choose preferred workflow; compose
using the step-sequencer or piano roll. Huge
collection of virtual instruments.
FL Studio 10 Producer Edition (IMFLS10P)�������������������������� 199.00
FL Studio 10 Signature Bundle (IMFLS10SB)����������������������� 299.00
Studio One 2 Producer
Digital Performer 8
Audio Workstation with MIDI Sequencing
#CASX2P������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 432.55
Studio One 2 Artist
Digital Audio Workstation
Integrated mastering suite with unlimited
audio and MIDI tracks, virtual instruments,
buses, and FX channels. Includes 4 virtual
instruments, thirty 32-bit effects, soundsets
and 3rd party content.
#PRS1A2���������������������������� Call or Log-on
Digital Audio Workstation
Steps up from Studio One Artist with support for ReWire and Audio
Units and VST plug-ins,
MP3 import and export,
and more third-party
#PRS1PRD�������call or log
Studio One 2 Professional
(PRS1PRF)��������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Reason 6.5
Loop Manipulation Software
Music Production Software
Make the most of your grooves. Alter
the tempo, or replace sounds and
process them individually. Edit sampled
parts, chop up riffs, remix and do mash
ups. You are in control and free to
change the tempo or the pitch, without
one affecting the other.
#PRRECYCLE2.2�������������������������������������������������������������� 199.00
Wide variety of synthesizers, samplers,
drum machines and effects perform just like
their hardware counterparts. Pattern-based
and piano scroll style sequencers. Build
elaborate chains of instruments, effects,
and sequencers saved as Combi patches.
#RSWR6.5������������������������������������������� 373.77
Reason Essentials (PRRE1.5)���������������� 99.95
No para exportación
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Audio Editing and Production
Edit and master audio on a home computer.
Record live instruments and vocals, edit and
restore audio, apply effects, convert files and
create your own karaoke tracks with included
vocal remover software.
Drum Pad and Wind Controllers
PRO Audio
Audio Pro
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Sound Forge Pro 10
Professional Digital Audio Production Suite
USB/MIDI Percussion Controller
Controller for iPad 2
Recording and mastering, sound design,
audio restoration, editing, CD creation.
Support for 24- and 32-bit 192kHz file, AVI,
WMV, and MPEG-1/2. 40 studio effects, noise
reduction. Also instrument file processing,
audio conversion and time stretching.
• Eight high-quality, velocitysensitive percussion pads
• Pad sensitivity adjustment
• USB bus-powered
• T wo trigger inputs
• T wo switch pedal inputs and
up/down footswitch input
• MIDI I/O; stores MIDI setups with program change capability
• Includes BFD Lite, a virtual drum module from FXpansion
#ALCP���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 129.37
Multifunctional, double-hinged design
houses a controller section with 16
genuine MPC pads and numerous
control buttons, along with a fitted
compartment for iPad 2 (not included).
The case can sit upright, lie flat or be
closed for transport, allowing for creating
beats on the go that can be transferred to a Mac or PC for further
mastering. Record four tracks using the built-in sound library of
samples and drum kits. (AKMPCFLY)����������������������������������299.00
Sound Forge Pro Mac
MPC Fly Music Production
Professional Digital Audio Production Suite
Digital audio editor that has been rebuilt
for the Mac OS X environment and provides a contemporary application that’s
perfect for recording, editing, processing,
and rendering broadcast-quality audio
master files.
#SOSFM1000������������������������������ 215.96
Cubase Elements 6
Music Production Software
An excellent entry point to the world of Cubase, offers a comprehensive set of
tools for composing, recording, editing and
mixing. Features a powerful collection of
quality instruments and effects.
Cubase 7
Music Production System
Full-featured audio and MIDI recording
and editing, virtual instruments and
powerful audio mixing, with the added
flexibility of loop- and pattern-based
arranging and mixing.
#STC7R������������������������������������ 499.99
Upgrades and Educational Versions
Ableton Live 8 Educational Discount (ABL8E)������������������� Log-on
Ableton Suite 8 Educational Discount (ABS8E)������������������ Log-on
McDSP McDSP iLok2 USB Authorization Key (MCILOK2)�������49.00
Vienna Symphonic Library ViennaKey Control Key (VIVK)��29.00
iLok2 - USB Smart Key (AVILOK2)������������������������������������� Log-on
Pro Tools 10 for Educational Institution (AVPT10I)����������������279.00
Pro Tools 10 for Students (AVPT10S)����������������������������������292.00
Pro Tools 10 iLok + Activation Card (AVPTILC)��������������������565.79
Pro Tools 10 Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 (AVPT910)��������������285.00
Pro Tools 10 Upgrade from Pro Tools LE (AVPTLE10)�����������382.00
Pro Tools 10 Crossgrade - Activation Card (AVPTE2PTXG)���� 399.00
SONAR X2 Studio: Educational Discount (CASX2SES)����������� 149.00
FL Studio 10 Producer Educational (IMFLS10PE1U)�������������119.00
FL Studio 10 Signature Educational (IMFLS10SBE1U)����������179.00
Propellerhead Software
Reason 6.5 with Educational Discount (PRR6.5ST)..............299.00
Reason 6.5 Upgrade from Reason 1-5 (PRSWR6.5UG).........169.00
CD Architect 5.2 CD Mastering Software (SOSCDR5200)�������99.95
USB License Key (STSK)������������������������������������������������������24.99
Cubase Elements 6 Educational Discount (STCE6EEL14E)�������65.99
LPD8 USB-MIDI Pad Controller
• Perfect for a mobile
setup using a laptop
• 8 backlit, velocitysensitive drum pads can send note or program changes.
• Q-Link knobs for controlling virtually any parameters in software
• 4 programmable memory banks
• Includes editor software for Mac and PC
• Small enough to fit in a backpack or laptop bag
MPD18 Compact USB/MIDI Pad
• 16 velocity and pressure
sensitive pads
• 3 pad banks for a total of 48
sounds accessible from pads
• Q-Link assignable fader control
• MPC note repeat
• MIDI-over-USB interface • MPC 1 6-level and full level
• 16 configurable presets • USB powered, requires no AC adapter
#AKMPD18�����������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
MPD26 USB/MIDI Pad Controller
• 16 velocity and pressure
sensitive pads
• 4 selectable pad banks for
access to a total of 64 pads
• 6 assignable faders
• 6 assignable 360° continuously
variable rotary encoders
• Transport controls
• Includes Editor Librarian software and Ableton Live Lite
#AKMPD32 (MPD-32 USB/MIDI Pad Control Unit)������Call or Log-on
nanoPAD 2
USB-MIDI Pad Controller
• 16 solid,
and velocitysensitive
trigger pads
• 4 banks provide a total of 64 pad assignments
• Control multiple MIDI parameters via the X-Y Touchpad
• “ Touch Scale” function allows for playing phrases on the X-Y
touchpad, with a choice of 16 different scales
Black (KONP2B)��������������59.99 White (KONP2W)���������� Log-on
USB MIDI Studio Controller
• 16 illuminated drum trigger pads
• Control virtual synthesizers and
effects, trigger loops and video
clips, even acts as transport
controls for DAWs
• Each pad can be assigned a
note number and MIDI channel.
• Eight different dynamic curves are available for each pad
• Real-time control of both flam and roll timing and dynamics.
EWI4000s • EWI USB
Electronic Wind Instrument Controllers
3-D Multi-Touch Pad Controller
Features 27 pressure-, velocity- and
location-sensitive tactile pads, sliders and
rotary sensors. The 17 switches
also respond to how hard they
are pressed. 251 multi-color LEDs
deliver instantly responsive, delightfully
informative visual feedback. A total of 16
square pads each give you 127 velocity response levels, plus X-Y
location and continuous pressure.
MIDI Wind Controller
• EWI4000s has a
built-in sound
module that allows
performers to plug a wireless MIDI or audio setup into the base
of the unit and move freely while they play. Has a combination of
touch sensors and physical keys for control.
• E WI USB incorporates the same expressive controls. Configuring
it is simple with multiple fingering modes available including
saxophone, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI (Brass).
The WX5 is a full-featured
MIDI wind controller with
a sax-compatible, 16-key
layout and high-resolution
wind and lip sensors. Addresses the musical details and
requirements of the Wind-to-MIDI process with an astonishing
array of expressive performance controls. Comes with two
mouthpieces (Sax, with reed, and Recorder) and is fully GM, XG,
and VL compatible.
#AKEWI4000S������������� Log-on
#AKEWIUSB���������������� Log-on
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Keyboard Controllers
MPK mini
#AKMPKMINI������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Built-in dock for iPhone or
iPod touch gives your
device a two-octave set
of piano keys and audio
outputs. Includes pitch
and modulation wheels, along
with octave up and down and sound-bank
buttons. Use with virtually any MIDI music software.
Trigger hardware via USB/MIDI output.
LPK25 25-key USB Laptop
Less than 13” across, and under a pound, the LPK25 easily fits
into a
laptop case,
backpack or
bag. Features
sustain button, octave up and down, tap tempo controls, and four
memory bank. Plug and play with Mac and Windows software.
DJs can use it to trigger loops and samples in a live situation.
25 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch and
four LED touch faders. 8 MPC pads
for programming beats with
MPC Note Repeat and MPC
Swing functions. Also features a step sequencer
and expanded arpeggiators for
programming different timed effects. Has
four pad banks and four fader banks for a total of
64 assignable pads, faders, and buttons. (AKMAX25)���������� 399.00
MPK49 49-key USB/MIDI
Performance Keyboard
Performance Keyboard
25-key, semi-weighted
keyboard with aftertouch
and full-sized keys.
12 full-sized, 360°
rotation pots, with 2
banks.12 genuine MPC
pads with velocity and
pressure sensitivity 30
switches, including transport controls MPC Note Repeat, MPC
Swing, and arpeggiator.
#AKMPK25���������������������������������������������������������������������� 213.99
Performance Keyboard
Set of 12 tactile
rubber MPC-type
percussion pads
(with MPC-series
Note-repeat and
Swing functions) and
an arpeggiator. Control surface has 8 assignable sliders, 8 fullrotation control knobs, MMC/MIDI Stop/Start transport buttons
and a bright LCD. Assignable inputs include expression pedal,
footswitch, pitch bend and modulation wheel. (AKMPK49)���295.48
MPK61 • MPK88
USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller
61- and 88-key USB/MIDI Keyboards
Both offer 16
MPC pads with
velocity and
and 8 full-sized,
360° rotation pots. 72 assignable controls with assignable inputs
that include expression pedal, footswitch, pitch bend and
modulation wheel. Key Split, MPC Full and 16-Level, Tap Tempo,
MPC Note repeat and swing, and arpeggiator.
#AKMPK61�������������������399.99 #AKMPK88�������������������679.00
Revolutionary MIDI
and CV control at
your fingertips.
Intuitive layout and
AkaiConnect automatic-mapping
software, offers a
fully immersive experience with your music software and virtually
all VST plugins. 49 semi-weighted keys, 12 real MPC pads, LED
touch faders and vintage CV & Gate outputs.
#AKMAX49���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Q25 • Q49 • Q61
25-, 49, 61-key Portable USB MIDI Controllers
Compact design, fits perfectly on a computer desk while providing all the control needed for unfettered creativity. The keys have
a dynamic and fast response ideal for programming bass lines,
drums, or synthesizer lines. Include PreSonus Studio One Artist
software, but is compatible with any standard MIDI program.
25-, 49-,61-key USB/MIDI Keyboards
Velocity sensitive
keys. Pitch and
modulation wheels
for capturing
musical expression.
Backlit octave up/down buttons. Assignable volume/data-entry
slider enables control of most-used parameter. Sustain pedal
input. Include Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition.
Portable, lightweight with 4
drum trigger pads, 8 knobs,
6 assignable buttons and a
high-quality fader. Record
notes into audio software,
play software synths, hardware synths, trigger drums, loops and more. Keys are velocity
sensitive. Come with Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition.
UMX490 • UMX610
nanoKEY 2
49- and 61-key Controllers
with 100
virtual instruments and 50 VST effects plus an unlimited number
of sound creations. 300MB sound library. 8 real-time rotary
controls plus 10 assignable switches. Freely assign MIDI control
changes to the modulation wheel, volume fader and pedal port.
#BEUMX610����������������� 196.98
QX25 • QX49 • QX61
25-, 49-, 61-key USB/MIDI Keyboards
#BEUMX490����������������� 129.00
25-Key USB MIDI Controller
Piano for iPhone and iPod Touch
Ultra-portable software MIDI
controller with 25-note,
velocity-sensitive mini
keyboard. 8 backlit,
velocity-sensitive MPCstyle pads (2 banks). 8
assignable Q-Link knobs to adjust virtually any parameter. Built-in
Arpeggiator with adjustable resolution, range and patterns. TapTempo, Octave Up/Down and Sustain buttons. Powered via USB.
SynthStation25 25-key
25-key Mini Keyboard
USB/MIDI Extended
Keyboard Controller
Suitable for both
stage and studio
use, features
velocity-sensitive keys, assignable pitch and modulation wheels
and data slider, along with octave transpose buttons. Features
semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive key. Includes Ableton Live Lite
Alesis Edition software. (ALQ88)����������������������������������������199.00
25-key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller
37-key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller
Slim line
controller with
25 velocity
sensitive keys
can respond with 4 distinct velocity curves. Perfect for a mobile
setup using a laptop computer. Octave up/down buttons. Pitch
and modulations buttons provide a preset amount of pitch change
and modulation, but can be programmed for faster or slower pitch
bends, or in the case of the modulation button, the control change
number, and the values that will be transmitted.
In Black (KONK2B) or White (KONK2W)������������������ Call or Log-on
37 velocitysensing mini
keys use a
Touch” key-bed.
Octave Shift and Key Transpose features access the full MIDI note
range. Bend and Modulation wheels add expression to your
performance. Dual USB ports for adding other USB devices to
your setup. Includes 3 virtual instruments and LE edition of the M1
software synthesizer.
#KOMICROKEY�������������������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Keyboard Controllers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
QuNexus Smart Sensor
Keyboard Controller
25-key USB
MIDI controller
that features
mapping as well as OSC and CV/Gate support. 25 “Smart Sensor” keys give you comprehensive musical control. The controller
detects both the tilt and the pressure being applied to each key as
you play, both of which can be mapped to the MIDI parameter of
your choosing. (KEK708)����������������������������������������������������149.00
Mobile Keys 49
25-Key USB powered Controller
Premium Keyboard Controller
Lightweight (1.4 lb.) controller
with tap tempo, arpeggiator,
Features 49 keys and
complete compatibility
with iPad, iPhone, Mac
and Windows computers. The controller gives you the ability to
play and create music within seconds. There are pitch bend and
modulation wheels for expressive playing, and connectors for
sustain and expression pedals are features on the rear.
Volume and pan knobs, octave up/down buttons.
sustain and velocity-sensitive
“Natural Touch” mini-keys.
Expressive joystick transmits
pitch bend, modulation and control
change commands. Includes “Lounge Lizard Session”, “M1 Le”
software synthesizer, Toontrack’s drum sound module “EzDrummer
Lite” and “Ultra Analog Session”.
#KOMICROKEY25����������������������������������������������������������������� 69.99
Axiom 25 v2
25-key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard
Velocity sensitive with semi-weighted action and assignable
aftertouch. 8 assignable trigger pads, 8 assignable rotary
encoder knobs, and
6 transport buttons.
Assignable pitch bend
and modulation wheels,
octave/transpose up/down buttons, and sustain and expression
pedal jacks. Powered via USB or optional AC adapter. Includes
Ableton’s Live Lite 5. (MAA25V2)����������������������������������������189.00
Axiom 49 v2 • Axiom 61 v2
Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32
49- and 61-key USB/MIDI Keyboards
32-key USB/MIDI Keyboards
Stepping up
from the
Axiom 25,
they add four
configurable keyboard zones, nine MIDI-assignable sliders, and a
numeric keypad for speeding up the entry of any editable values.
Features velocity sensitive mini keys, eight back-lit trigger pads,
eight knobs and transport/navigation
buttons. Uses HyperControl
automatic control mapping
technology. Built-in cradle
allows for music creation with
an iPad or virtually any other tablet computer.
#MAAAMINI (with AVID Ignite Recording Software)����������������������� 99.99
Oxygen 25
Keystation 61ES
61-key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard
Semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboards, the 11 lb. controller
feature 10 programming options with advanced function button;
separate pitch bend and modulation wheels; volume slider doubles
as assignable control slider.
#MAK61ESMK2���������������������������������������������������������������� call or log
25-key USB/MIDI Controller
8 assignable knobs, dedicated
transport and track select
buttons. DirectLink mode
automatically maps controls
to common DAW functions.
Support for virtual instruments.
4 velocity curves and 3 fixed
velocity settings; sustain pedal input, single assignable MIDI
sliders; 6 dedicated transport buttons; pitch bend and
modulation wheels; and dedicated track up/down buttons.
Oxygen 49 • Oxygen 61
49- and 61-key USB/MIDI Controllers
35 MIDI-assignable knobs, sliders and buttons. Store 10 different
setups. 9 MIDI-assignable sliders for software mixer volumes, or
as drawbars on a virtual tone-wheel organ. Map knobs to any
synthesizer parameters.
#MAO49MK3����������������� 129.99
#MAO61MK3����������� Call or log
SL MkII Series
USB/MIDI Controllers
USB/MIDI Controllers
Remote MIDI Controllers
Semi-weighted keys with
assignable aftertouch.
8 rotary controls and 8
backlit drum pads,
along with pitch and
modulation wheels. Controls allow for hands on manipulation of
DAW functions, virtual instruments and plug-ins. Automap control
software takes the hassle out of assigning the controllers.
Impulse 25 (NOIMP25)�����������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Impulse 49 (NOIMP49), Impulse 61 (NOIMP61)������Call or Log-on
InControl mapping gives you hands
on control for most major
DAWs and plug-in software.
Over 35 hardware controls,
including 16 velocity sensitive,
multi-color launch pads, eight rotary
encoders, a pitchwheel and modulation wheel, dedicated transport
control, and faders. Two Novation Synth plug-in downloads.
Launchkey 25 (NOLK25), Launchkey 49 (NOLK49) or
Launchkey 61 (NOLK61)��������������������������������������������������249.99
Semi-weighted full DAW
and plug-in
control surface.
144-character display,
back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders show control status.
Ultra-quick mapping of all knobs, faders and buttons. Come with
loops and samples, soft-synth and Ableton Live 7 Lite.
Panorama P4 • P6
Carbon 49
49- & 61-key Controllers w/Reason Integration
49-key, USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
Comprehensive Reason
Additional extensive
programming options
for controlling other
ReWired DAWs, virtual instruments and MIDI hardware. Keyboard
and pads have a solid feel. Velocity sensitivity allows for complex
expression. 93 real-time controls available at any one time.
Panorama P4 (NEPANORAMAP4)���������������������������������������� 499.99
Panorama P6 (NEPANORAMAP6)�������������������������������������������599.99
Semi-weighted keys are
velocity sensitive, and its
Transpose and Octave
buttons make it possible
to quickly change settings in live-performance situations. Visual feedback is provided via
a 3 x 7-segment LED display. Assignable data knob and volume
slider. Has a dedicated iPad slot on its top panel.
#SAKC49����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.99
Graphite 49 - USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller (SAKGR49)�������� 219.99
No para exportación
25 SL MkII (25-keys) #NOR25SLMK2�������������������Call or Log-on
49 SL MkII (49-keys) #NOR49SLMK2�������������������Call or Log-on
61 SL MkII (61-keys) #NOR61SLMK2��������������������Call or Log-on
Expandable Studio Keyboard Controller
Housed in a solid metal casing
and features
Fatar’s TP 100
hammer action
Powerful control engine can be integrated with the Acuna CPanel
application for iPads. Four controls can be assigned to up to 4
programmable layers, giving you total tactile control over your setup.
PRO Audio
Portable Keyboards
SA-76 44-Key Portable Keyboard
Compact and battery operated.
Play along to 10 song bank tunes
and choose from 100
preset tones. There are 44 miniature size keys, five
percussion pads (two with Indian
percussion sounds), built-in speakers and easy-to-read display LCD which shows tone, rhythm, song
number, metronome, tempo, note played. (#CASA76)������������������������������������������������������������������49.99
76-Key Keyboard
76 touch-sensitive keys, 600
built-in tones, stereo piano
sounds, mini input and USB
port. Play along with
180 built-in rhythms and
accompaniments that follow your chord changes. 5 song recorder, capable of layering up to 6 tracks.
#CAWK225���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.99
WK-6500 76-Key Keyboards
61-Key Portable Keyboard with Piano-Style Keys
Built-in step-by-step lessons teach how to
play. 400 playable tones, 150 beats and
rhythms, and 110 songs. 10 additional sound
effects. Built-in sampler and multiple reverb
effects. Audio input for an MP3 or CD
player. Built-in metronome to help you keep
in time. USB port for MIDI data transfer.
The WK-6500 features a full arranger,
670 built-in tones, a
16 track sequencer, 32-channel
mixer, accompaniment editing
built-in stereo speakers, a mic
input, internal effects engine,
USB port and an SD-card slot. The
WK-7500 steps-up with 800 built-in tones (including 50 drawbar organ tones) and pattern sequencer.
#CACTK2300�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.99
WK-6500 (CAWK6500)���������������������������� 299.99
CTK-4200 61-Key Portable Keyboard
WK-7500 (CAWK7500)���������������������������� 449.99
PSR-E433 61-Key Touch-Sensitive Keyboard
Features 61 keys, up to 600 built-in tones, stereo
piano sounds and more. Has a 3.5mm mini input
for connecting MP3 players, and a USB port.
Play along with up to 180 built-in rhythms and
accompaniments that follow your chord changes.
Has a 5 song and 6-track recorder for sequencing
original parts and layering. (CACTK4200)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������149.99
CTK-3200 Portable keyboard with 61 standard-sized piano-style keys (CACTK3200)������������������129.99
CTK-6000 61-Key Portable Keyboard
61 piano-style keys with authentic feel and
range. 670 built-in tones for a full library of
playable sounds. 16 track sequencer lets you
record parts and edit notes for creating original
songs. Edit your own chord progressions
using the preset accompaniments. Additional
features include 32-channel mixer, built-in
stereo speakers, mic input, internal effects engine, USB port and an SD-card slot for storage.
LK-240 61-Key Keyboard with Lighted Keys
Equipped with a built-in amp and stereo
speakers, use the Auto-Accompaniment
section to access over 150 rhythms, bass,
and harmony parts in a wide variety of
styles. Light-up keys show you which
notes or chords to play when using one
of the 110 built-in songs. Over 400 tones are included, providing a huge range of instrument sounds.
10 digital reverbs to add ambience to your tones.
61-Key Keyboard with Lighted Keys
61 light-up keys, up to 600 built-in
tones, stereo piano sounds and more. Mini
input for connecting external
players, and a USB port for MID
operation. Play along with 180 built-in
rhythms and accompaniments that follow your chord changes. There is also a 5 song recorder, capable
of layering up to 6 tracks and an SD slot for storage.
731 voices and a wide variety of arrangements and backing tracks. Create custom
songs and save data to a PC. Real-time
control for filtering the main melody tone,
and changing the tempo of the arpeggio
like an analog synthesizer. Pitch Bend
wheel brings voices to life.
Internal speakers provide full sound.
PSR-E333: 61-Key portable keyboard features a total of 497 quality voices (including sound effects kit),
and up to 106 accompaniments to play along to. Also features 61 touch-sensitive keys, speakers,
headphone jack and 2-track song recorder. (YAPSRE333)����������������������������������������������������������149.99
PSR-E233: 61 Key Portable Keyboard (YAPSRE233)��������������������������������������������������������������������96.99
EZ-220 Lighted 61-Key Portable Keyboard
392 instrument sounds including strings,
guitars, brass, saxophones, drums and of
course, Yamaha’s renowned piano sounds.
100 preset stylesaccompany your playing so
you can spark up a jam session whenever you
wish. Keys light up letting you know which to
press as you play along. Wireless connectivity
to Yamaha’s free Page Turner iPad app—turns the pages at just the right time.
#YAEZ220���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 159.99
YPG-235 • YPG535
76- and 88-Key Portable Keyboards
Full-sized touch-response keys, 489
on-board high-quality AWM sounds including
a stereo-sampled Grand Piano, and built-in
digital effects with reverbs, chorusing and
harmony. Pitch wheel for real-time control,
master 5-band EQ, and 6-track
sequencer for composing. Built-in
speakers with 4.7” woofers,
1.2” tweeters and 12w amp.
Includes headphones, foot
switch and 3-year warranty.
Stepping up, the YPG-535
features a 88-key keyboard with
lightly weighted action. It has a Graded Soft Touch-response and a high-tech silver finish, and comes
with a matching wooden keyboard stand. It also adds 160 Auto-accompaniment styles. Comes with
Yamaha Survival Kit which includes AC adapter, foot switch, and 3-year warranty.
#YAYPG235��������������������������������������������� 249.99
No para exportación
#YAYPG535��������������������������������������������� 499.99
PRO Audio
Digital Pianos
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Celviano AP-620
Privia PX-150
88-Key Portable Digital Piano
88-Key Digital Piano
Tri-sensor scaled hammer
action, combined with a
Damper Resonance simulator, gives the user a closer
feel to an acoustic piano.
AiR sound source provides accurate instrument modeling with a high level of sonic detail. Oher tones,
include strings, organs, electric pianos and bass.. Provides split and layering capability. An integrated
two-track recorder can record and playback your practice and performances.
Enhanced “Ivory Touch” 88-key weighted
scaled hammer action keyboard with 3
levels of sensitivity. 250 tones including
a 4-layer stereo grand piano. 180
accompaniment rhythms. 3-pedal unit,
built-in recorder, USB port, SD card slot
and integrated speaker system.
Black (CAPX150)������������������������������������� 599.99
White (CAPX150WE)�������������������������������� 599.99
#CAAP620��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1399.99
SP-280 88-key Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard
Weighted hammer-action keys
and 3 stages of selectable touch
response. Pair of 4” dual-cone
speakers and 22w stereo amp.
30 sampled preset sounds
enhanced by reverb and
chorusing processors. Versatile tuning with Key Transpose, Fine Tuning, and Temperament options.
Two-voice layering, half-damper pedaling supported for realistic performance. Dual headphone outputs.
#KOSP280BK (includes Damper Pedal, Music Stand, and Keyboard Stand)���������������������������������������699.00
FP-7F 88-Key Digital Piano
SuperNATURAL Piano engine delivers
over 300 stunningly realistic piano
sounds. PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard
offers an authentic feel. Mic input
and harmony effects engine for singers, and support for audio playback.
The FP-7F’s Session Partner feature provides over 80 rhythm tracks (2 variations of each) for playing
along or practice. There is also onboard sequencing for recoding your own performances.
#ROFP7FBK (includes music rest and DP-10 damper pedal)��������������������������������������������������������� 1999.00
P105 88-Key Digital Stage Piano
Piaggero NP-V60 • NP-V80
76 full-sized keys with
Yamaha’s Graded Soft
Touch keyboard. Keys are
unweighted for the sake of
portability (sensitivity is
adjusted though). They
feature 89 preset voices, built-in reverb and chorus effects, speakers, a full accompaniment engine and
built-in songs for practicing. Otherwise the same, the NP-V80 steps-up with the Intelligent Arpeggiator.
88-Graded Hammer
Standard weighted keys,
built-in speakers and
lightweight, durable
construction. 10 pianist
styles give the user a
virtual built-in duet partner that plays along in one of 10 different playing varieties including boogie
woogie, stride piano, or ballad arpeggios.
NP-V60 (YANPV60)��������������������������������� 299.00
Black (YAP105B)����������������������������������������� 599.99
NP-V80 (YANPV80)��������������������������������� 399.99
DGX-640 88-Key Portable Grand Piano Keyboard
Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.
Built-in arranger, sequencer recorder,
DSP effects processor, music notation
display and much more. 237 DSP, 35
reverb, 44 chorus and 5 preset master
EQ types. Dual and split modes, 26
harmony/echo types, 165 preset styles and 30 preset songs. Record up to 5 songs. Built-in learning
tools, plus play along with a song on the instrument’s keyboard and produce a perfect performance
every time. USB input and built-in amplified speakers.
In Walnut (YADGX640W)��������������������������� 699.99
White (YAP105WH)������������������������������������� 599.99
In Cherry (YADGX640C)���������������������������� 699.99
88-key Digital Pianos
Authentic piano look, feel, and sound. Three
expression pedals; damper, sostenuto and
soft plus half-damper capability for continuous control over sustained notes. Choose
from any of the ten voices and demos along
with fifty preset songs. .Yahama’s 88 key
Graded Hammer Standard keybed produces
a subtle increase in weight at the lower section of
the keybed; much like an actual piano.Includes a piano bench. YDP-161 (YAYDPC71PE)�������������1799.99
More Digital Pianos
Casio AP-250 88-Key Digital Cabinet Piano
(CAAP250BN)�������������������������������������������������������������� 999.99
Casio PX-350 Privia PX-350 88-Key Digital Piano
Black (CAPX350)��������������������������������������������������������� 799.99
Casio PX-350 Privia PX-350 88-Key Digital Piano
White (CAPX350WE)����������������������������������������������������� 799.99
Korg SP-170s 88-Key Digital Piano
Black (KOSP170B)������������������������������������������������������� 499.99
Roland RD-700NX 88-Key Digital Piano
(RORD700NX)������������������������������������������������������������ 2699.00
Yamaha P-35 Compact 88-Key Portable Digital Piano
(YAP35B)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 449.99
Pa600 61-Key Professional Arranger
Yamaha NP11 Piaggero 61-Key Piano-Style Keyboard
(YANP11)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 159.99
Yamaha NP31 Piaggero 76-Key Piano-Style Keyboard
(YANP31)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 279.99
Yamaha P-155 88-Key Digital Piano
(YAP155)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 999.99
PSR-S750 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard
Over 950 preloaded sounds with 96MB of expansion
memory for adding new ones. Over 360 on-board
genres and musical arrangement styles that
accommodate to a wide range of performance
occasions. Each style includes intros, endings,
variations and breaks that allow you to create arrangements for your performances. Styles can be edited and custom styles can be created as well.
Includes four stereo master processors with 125 different effects including reverb, delay and chorus.
Additionally, each track features EQ with low, mid and high controls. (KOPA600Q)��������������������� 1099.00
Experience Yamaha’s highly expressive Super
Articulation Voices. Real Distortion DSP adds
high-quality distortion and overdrive effects to
guitars, electric pianos or any other Voice.
Assign and trigger WAV audio with Audio Link
Multi-Pads. Speaker box has extended lows along
with a digital amp for increased efficiency and a digital EQ to perfectly tailor the overall sound.
#YAPSRS750��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1199.99
PSR-S950 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard (YAPSRS950)�������������������������������������������� 1899.99
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PRO Audio
Stage Pianos & Organs • Keyboard Synthesizers
CTK-7000 61-Key Keyboard/Organ Drawbar
SV-1 88-Key Vintage Stage Piano
The CTK-7000 features a full arranger,
800 built-in tones, 16 track sequencer,
250 preset rhythms, 32-channel
mixer and a drawbar organ
function—at an unheard of
price. Plus, any piece of music
you create can be recorded as an audio file on an SDHC card. Nine sliders extend your
versatility and provide an impressive 50 drawbar organ tones. (CACTK7000)�������������������������������349.99
Features Korg’s finest RH3 graded
hammer action keyboard. Three-way
stereo versions of German and Japanese grand pianos, a
late 70s/mid 80s Japanese
electro-acoustic variation, plus a few layered piano sounds. Also electric pianos, clavs, tape-based and
analog strings, choir and a couple of fat analog synths. Includes tube-driven amp modeling, 18 studio
quality effects and a 3-band EQ.
Includes a music rack and damper pedal.(KOSV188BK).................................................................1699.00
SP4-8 88-Key Stage Piano
Delivers world-class sound quality
and intuitive functionality. Up to 128
presets including the Triple Strike
Grand Piano, classic electric pianos,
lush strings, orchestral instruments,
and top notch basses, guitars, winds,
brass, percussion and drums. Musicians can easily create splits of up to 4 zones at the touch of a button, and the SP4-9’s USB port makes it MIDI compatible with DAW software. OS is easily updated via
USB and the SP4 can also load programs created on the PC3 and PC3LE series keyboards.
SP4-7 76-Key Stage Piano (KUSP47)����������������������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Electro 4D 61-Note Semi-Weighted Keyboard with USB
Features everything from the award winning
Electro 3 series, adding a set of physical
drawbars, the tone wheel organ engine
from the Nord C2D and USB-MIDI - all in
a portable package sporting a 61-note
SemiWeighted Waterfall keybed. Comes
loaded with ounds from the Nord Piano Library - Grand, Upright and Electrical Pianos, Clavinet and
Harpsichords. Nord Sample Editor makes it possible to add any sound. Extensive Effect section for adding some dirt, glimmer or atmosphere to your sound. (NOELECTRO4D)���������������������������������������� 1795.99
Electro 4SW 73-Note Keyboard (NOELCTRO4SW)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2399.00
MS-20 Mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
Analog Monophonic Synthesizer
Takes you back to the basics of analog synthesis. Its classic 100%
analog audio signal path features a voltage controlled oscillator wave
mixer. Supports Aftertouch and boasts 25 semi-weighted keys. Toneshaping tools include a Steiner-Parker multimode filter, six waveforms
and bi-polar modulation destinations, two ADSR envelope generators
and a full function arpeggiator.
Introduced in 1978, the MS-20 Mini still coveted to this
day, thanks to its thick, robust sound, its powerful, iconic
analog filter, and its versatile patching options. Over
300,000 people have enjoyed the distinct MS-20 sounds
from the original, from Korg’s MS-20 plug-in synth, or the
iMS-20 iPad app. Today, the sounds of the MS-20 have
been reborn in hardware. Will amaze you with its absolutely authentic analog synth sound.
microKORG 37-Key Synthesizer, MIDI Controller & Vocoder
Large selection of waveforms, including those from Korg’s classic digital synths. Pitch and modulation wheels,
along with the 5 parameter control knobs.
8-band vocoder with a full range of effects, and a
flexible arpeggiator. Formant frequency shifting and
freeze function for gender-bending and keyboard
mapping. (KOMK)����������������������������������������������� 399.99
MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer/Vocoder (KOMXLPLUS)��������������������������������������������������������������������499.99
Krome 61-Key Music Workstation
Offers full-length, unlooped samples of every
key for a spectacular piano sound. Electric
pianos with 8-level velocity switching for
unmatched expressive power.Clear, intuitive
control with 7” color TouchView™ display.
In demand sounds including 640 programs
and 288 combinations. Poweful effects with 5 Inserts,
2 Master, and 1 Total FX, plus per track/timbre EQ. (KOKROME61)���������������������������������������������999.00
Kronos X Music Workstation
Powerful keyboard with an incredibly
detailed palette of sounds, integrated
editing features, detailed 8” TFT
TouchView display, 16 track
sequencer, 16 track audio
recording and powerful sampling
engine. Kronos implements Korg’s KARMA synthesis technology to produce 9 individual sound engines.
Kronos’ 16 track sequencer implements any combination of sound engines and imported samples
for some of the most powerful and expressive arrangements heard in a keyboard instrument. The 8”
TouchView display lets players easily program sounds, edit tracks, and more. Virtual Memory Technology (VMT), aided by a fast SSD (Solid State Disk) provides high polyphony and massive, ultra-long, and
unlooped samples; offering unheard of performance from a hardware instrument. The 8” TouchView
display lets players easily program sounds, edit tracks, and more.
Kronos 61 61-Key Music Workstation (KOKRONOSX61)�����������������������������������������������������������3199.00
Kronos 76 76-Key Music Workstation (KOKRONOSX73)�����������������������������������������������������������3699.00
Kronos 88 88-Key Music Workstation (KOKRONOSX88)�������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Korg KingKORG 61-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer (KOKK)������������������������������������������������ 1299.00
Nord Electro 4 HP 73-Note Weighted Hammer-Action Keyboard (NOELCTRO4HP)�������������������� 2799.00
Novation MiniNova 37-Mini-Key Compact Synthesizer (NOMININOVA)��������������������������������������� 499.99
Synthesizer Workstation Keyboards
They feature a host of improvements
for enhanced performance on stage
and in the studio. Yamaha’s own
AWM2 Expanded Articulation synthesis engine delivers 1664 voices
and 97 drum kits, featuring authentic
piano, keyboard, synth, orchestral,
wind, string and drum sounds for all styles of music production.
16-track sampling sequencer delivers a flexible feature set for speedy recording whenever inspiration
strikes. Up to 128MB of sampling RAM is included and direct-to-USB recording lets you bounce tracks
to a computer as a WAV file. All this in a keyboard with an arsenal of effects, editing, digital mixing,
flash wave memory expandability, intuitive display and more.
MOTIF XF6 61-Key Workstation Keyboard (YAMXF6)�������������������������������������������������������������� 2499.99
MOTIF XF7 73-Key Workstation Keyboard (YAMXF7)�������������������������������������������������������������� 3199.99
MOTIF XF8 88-Key Workstation Keyboard (YAMXF8)�������������������������������������������������������������� 3599.99
MX49 49-Key Music Production Synthesizer (YAMX49)������������������������������������������������������������� 599.99
MX61 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer (YAMX61)������������������������������������������������������������� 799.99
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PRO Audio
Keyboard Synthesizers • Keyboard & Digital Piano Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Keyboard Stands
UltraNova Analog Modelling Synthesizer
37-key, monotimbral wave table synthprovides a wide
range of programming and sounds for electronic music
production, and performances. Sound engine based on
SuperNova II provides DJs, producers and musicians with
a powerful synth engine that also includes Novation’s
Touch-Sense controls, for manipulating any parameter
the controls are routed to. Has built-in vocoder and mic
as well. (NOUN)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Casio CS-67
Roland KSC-44
Casio ARDX Double-X
GAIA SH-01 Virtual Analog Synthesizer
37 velocity sensitive keys and huge sound with three
virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated
oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO. Layer up
to five simultaneous effects, including distortion, flanger,
delay, reverb, low boost, and more. 64-voice polyphony
for massive sounds without note drop-out. D Beam, arpeggiator, and Phrase Recorder. USB ports for saving
user patches and for audio/MIDI connection. Runs on AC or batteries. (ROSH01)�������������������������699.00
61-Key Mobile Synthesizer with Song Player
Over 1000 great sounding presets,
can run on 8 AA batteries, and has a
built-in song player that enables you
to trigger backing tracks right from the
keyboard. Features a mic input with
reverb effects, real-time sound control
knobs, front and rear panel USB ports, software editor, large LCD display and D-Beam Controller.
lack (ROJDI) or White (ROJUNODIW)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������699.00
61-Key Mobile Synthesizer with Digital Recorder
1,300 high quality sounds and a well
placed control set that includes split
controls and Roland’s D Beam controller.
Can record up to 8 tracks plus 64 virtual
tracks. There is also a full set of effects.
Plug in a mic, guitar or line level device
right into the keyboard and record audio within seconds. Has a USB port and is a fully MIDI and audio
interface for your computer. Includes Cakewalk Production Plus Pack. (ROJGI)����������������������������945.00
Jupiter-50 • Jupiter-80
76-Key Mobile Synthesizers with Song Player and Digital Recorder
They feature 1500 SuperNATURAL
tones, 70 acoustic instruments with
Behavior Modeling and Live Sets.
Jupiter-50 offers 128 voices of polyphony, an array of pro-quality multieffects, color coded buttons and sliders for easy navigation. Controllers include D-Beam and a Pitch/
Mod lever. Built-in song player/recorder supports playback of WAV, MP3 and AIFF files and records up
to one stereo track in high-quality, 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV format.
Jupiter-50 Synthesizer (ROJUPITER50)���� 1999.00
Jupiter-80 Synthesizer (ROJP80)������������ 2599.97
Keyboard Benches & Stools
Casio ARBENCH - X-Style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench (CARB)���������������������������������������� 25.31
On-Stage KT-7800 - 3-Position Padded X-Style Keyboard Bench (ONKT7800)���������������������������� 34.95
On-Stage KT-7800+ Deluxe X-Style Keyboard Bench (ONKT7800P)������������������������������������������� 44.95
On-Stage KS8902B - Flip-Top Piano Bench with Music Compartment (ONKB8902B)������������������� 79.95
QuikLok ADJ-HT Musician Stool/Adjustable Foot/Backrest (QUDX749)�������������������������������������� 149.95
Ultimate Support JS-MB100 Medium X-Style Keyboard Bench (ULJSMB100)���������������������������� 39.99
Yamaha BB1 Traditional Piano Bench (Black) (YABB1)���������������������������������������������������������������� 62.96
Yamaha PKBB1 - X-Style Fold Up Keyboard Bench (YAPKBB1)���������������������������������������������������� 24.70
Yamaha WB2 Keyboard Bench for DGX-Series Keyboards (YAWB2)��������������������������������������������� 69.95
Casio ARDX: Double-X stand for LK, CTK and WK-series keyboards (CAARDX)���������������������������� 25.99
Casio ARST: X-style stand for LK, CTK and WK-series keyboards (CAARST)�������������������������������� 21.85
Casio CS-67: Keyboard stand for PX-130 and PX-330 (CACS67)����������������������������������������������� 89.00
Gator Cases: Frameworks Heavy Duty X Keyboard Standard (GAGFWKEY2000)��������������������������� 49.99
Gator Cases: Heavy Duty Keyboard Table (GAGFWUTILITY)���������������������������������������������������������� 99.99
K&M 18810: Omega Table-Style Keyboard Stand (KM18810B)�������������������������������������������������� 209.99
K&M 18860: Spider Pro Keyboard Stand in Black (KM18860B)������������������������������������������������� 309.99
On-Stage KS7150: Platform-Style Keyboard Stand (ONKS7150)������������������������������������������������ 89.95
On-Stage KS7190: Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand (ONKS7190)��������������������������������������������� 24.95
On-Stage KS7191: Classic Double-X Keyboard Stand (ONKS7191)�������������������������������������������� 37.99
On-Stage KS7350: Heavy Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand (ONKS7350)�������������������������������������� 99.95
On-Stage KS7365EJ: Heavy Duty Folding-Z Two-Tier Keyboard Stand (ONKS7365EJ)��������������� 139.95
On-Stage KSA7500: Universal Second Tier Add-on For Keyboard Stand (ONKSA7500)���������������� 34.95
On-Stage KSA7550: Second Tier Add-On for KS7350 (ONKSA7550)������������������������������������������ 49.95
On-Stage KS8191: Lok-Tight Classic Double-X Keyboard Stand (ONKS8191)����������������������������� 39.95
On-Stage KS8291: Ergo-Lok Double-X Lok-Tight Keyboard Stand (ONKS8291XX)����������������������� 59.95
On-Stage WS8540: Heavy-Duty T-Stand (ONWS8540)��������������������������������������������������������������� 79.95
On-Stage WS8550: Heavy-Duty T-Stand (ONWS8550)��������������������������������������������������������������� 99.95
QuikLok QL-623: X-Style Double Brace Three-Tier Heavy Duty (QUQL623)������������������������������� 119.99
QuikLok QL-642: X-Style Double Brace Two-Tier Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (QUQL642)������������ 89.99
QuikLok Z-716L: Single Tier “Z” Stand Extra-wide Keyboard Stand (QUZ716L)���������������������������� 71.99
QuikLok Z-726: Double Tier Height Adjustable Keyboard Stand (QUZ726)��������������������������������� 129.98
QuikLok Z-727: Fully Adjustable Second Tier (QUZ727)������������������������������������������������������������� 49.95
QuikLok: Z-Series Keyboard Stand Caster Kit (QUZM99)������������������������������������������������������������ 12.99
QuikLok WS-550: Base Unit for WS-500 (QUWS550)����������������������������������������������������������������������79.99
QuikLok Z-726L: Two Tier “Z” Stand X-wide Stand (QUZ726L)����������������������������������������������������� 122.00
Roland KS-18Z: Keyboard stand for any keyboard up to 198 lbs. (ROKS18Z)������������������������������ 74.99
Roland KS-V7: V-Stand Keyboard Stand (ROKSV7)������������������������������������������������������������������ 199.00
Roland ST-AX: Keyboard Stand (ROSTAX)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 44.99
Ultimate Support JS-XS300: X-Style Keyboard Stand (ULJSXS300)������������������������������������������ 29.99
Ultimate Support JS-500: X-Style Keyboard Stand (ULJS500)�������������������������������������������������� 29.99
Ultimate Support JS-502D: Double-Braced X-Style Keyboard Stand (ULJS502D)����������������������� 39.99
Ultimate Support APEX AX-48: Pro Column Keyboard Stand (ULAX48PB)������������������������������� 199.99
Ultimate Support APEX AX-48: Pro Plus Column Stand Black (ULAX48PP)������������������������������ 249.99
Ultimate Support APEX AX-48: Pro Plus Column Keyboard Stand (ULAX48PP)������������������������ 249.99
Ultimate Support 13241: IQ-2000 “X” Style Double Brace Stand (ULIQ2000)����������������������������� 69.99
Ultimate Support IQ-2200: Double Brace Two-tier X-Style Keyboard Stand (ULIQ2200)�������������� 89.99
Yamaha L85: Matching Stand for P85 / P95 Digital Piano in Black (YAL85)��������������������������������� 99.99
Yamaha CP-REST: Detachable Music Rest for CP33 and CP300 (YACPREST)����������������������������� 34.99
Yamaha L3C: Attachable Keyboard Stand for PSR293 and below (YAL3C)���������������������������������� 21.38
Yamaha L-140 Keyboard Stand for P-140 or P-155 (YAL140)������������������������������������������������� 119.99
Yamaha PKBS1: X-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand (YAPKBS1)������������������������������������������������� 21.74
Yamaha PKBZ1: Z-Style Height and Width Adjustable Keyboard Stand (YAPKBZ1)����������������������� 48.45
Yamaha YKA7500: Double X-Style Professional Keyboard Stand (YAYKA7500)���������������������������� 79.95
Keyboard Amplifiers
Behringer KT108 Ultratone 2-Channel 15-watt Keyboard Amplifier (BEKT108)��������������������������� 89.99
Roland KC-150 65 Watt Keyboard Amplifier (ROKC150)���������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
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PRO Audio
Keyboard & Digital Piano Accessories
Keyboard Cases
Casio Soft Case for Privia (CAPXCASE)���������������������������������59.00
Korg nanoBAG (KONBR)������������������������������������������������������12.99
Korg Soft Case for microSTATION (KOSCMW1)���������������������59.00
Nord GB73 Nord Logo Gig Bag (CLGB73)����������������������������99.00
Nord Soft Case For Electro 3 HP (NOGBE3HP)����������������������99.99
Novation UltraNova Gig Bag (NOUNB)���������������������������������79.99
Novation Soft Carry Sleeve (NOLS)�������������������������������������18.99
On-Stage KSB6500 Keyboard Stand Bag (ONKSB6500)�������34.95
On-Stage 61-Note Keyboard Cover - Black (ONKDA7061B)���15.95
On-Stage 88-Note Keyboard Cover - Grey (ONKDA7088G)���16.95
On-Stage 88-Note Keyboard Cover - Black (ONKDA7088B)��16.95
Ultimate Support USS1-61 Keyboard Bag (ULCS1KB61)������69.99
Ultimate Support USS1-76 Keyboard Bag (ULCS1KB76)�����79.99
Gator Cases
Gig bag for micro Alesis, Edirol, Korg (GAGK2110)�����������������34.99
Case with wheels for 61-key keyboards (GAGK61)��������������149.99
Case with wheels for 88-key keyboards (GAGK88)��������������189.99
Gig Bag for 49-key keyboards (GAGKB49)����������������������������69.99
Gig Bag for 61-key keyboards (GAGKB61)����������������������������89.99
Gig Bag for 76-key keyboards (GAGKB76)����������������������������99.99
Dust Cover for 61- or 76-note keyboards (GAGKC1540)���� Log-on
Dust Cover for most 88-note keyboards (GAGKC1648)����������24.99
TSA ATA 61-note keyboard case (GAGKPE61TSA)����������������289.99
GKPE-88SLIM-TSA ATA Keyboard Case (GAGKPE88STSA)� Log-on
Slim 88-note case with wheels (GAGK88S)�������������������������179.99
Slim 88-key keyboard gig bag (GAGKB88S)��������������������������99.99
Economy 61-note keyboard bag (GAGKBE61)������������������������34.99
Gig Bag for Juno Series 61-Note Keyboard (ROJUNOBAG)�����69.95
Case for GAIA SH-01 or Lucina AX-09 (ROCB37SY)�������������119.00
Backpack-Style Gig Bag for AX-09 (ROLUCINABAG)���������������59.99
Bag for 61-Note Portable Keyboards (YAYBA611)�������������������36.70
Bag for 88-Note Portable Keyboards (YAYBA881)������������������37.99
Bag for NP30 / 31 / V60 / V80 (YAYBNP76)��������������������������49.99
YBA-761 Keyboard Bag (YAYBA761)�������������������������������������46.08
MOX8 Bag (YAMOX8BAG)����������������������������������������������������99.99
YCWX5 Hardshell Case (YAYCWX5)��������������������������������������99.95
Pedals and Footswitches
Behringer: Dual-Mode Foot Pedal (BEFCV100)��������������������29.99
Boss: Footswitch - Unlatch (BOFS5U)����������������������������������26.42
Boss: Dual Latch & Momentary Footswitch Pedal (BOFS6)���54.95
Boss FS-1: Single Footswitch (BOFS1)��������������������������������26.95
Korg DS1H: Piano Half Damper Switch (KODS1H)����������������59.99
Korg PS1: Single Momentary Footswitch (KOPS1)������������� Log-on
Line 6 EX-1: Expression Pedal (LIEX1)���������������������������������49.99
On-Stage KSP20: Sustain Pedal (ONKSP20)�����������������������11.95
On-Stage KSP100: Sustain Pedal (ONKSP100)��������������������23.95
QuikLok PSP/125: Dual Pedal (QUPSP125)�������������������������25.95
Roland DP-10: Damper Pedal (RODP10)�����������������������������34.00
Roland DP-2: Damper Pedal (RODP2)��������������������������������12.95
Roland EV-5: Expression Pedal (ROEV5)�����������������������������69.00
Roland RPU-3: Pedal Unit (RORPU3)��������������������������������129.00
SP-32: Triple Pedal Option for PX-130/330 (CASP32)����������74.99
SP-3R: Sustain Pedal for CTK/ WK/PX Series (CASP3R)��������15.99
SP-20: Sustain Pedal (CASP20)�������������������������������������������25.99
Roland DP-10
Gator Cases
Roland Gig Bag
Gator Cases
GKC-1540 Dust Cover
Keyboard Power Supplies
Akai AC Adapter for MPC500 or XR20 (AKMP121)���������������19.00
Alesis AC/DC Power Adapter for Alesis (ALP3)���������������������16.99
Alesis Multi-Mix Power Supply (ALMMP)�����������������������������27.99
Boss BRC-120 - Power supply (BOBRC120)������������������������32.99
Boss PSA-120S AC Adapter (BOPSA120S)���������������������������18.31
Casio AC Adapter for CTK5000 (CAAD12ML)�����������������������29.99
Casio AC Adapter for Casio keyboards (CAAD5R)�����������������12.00
Casio AC Adapter for SA-76 (CAADE95100)������������������������14.99
Casio 12V AC Adapter for Keyboards (CAADA12150)������������22.99
Hosa ACD-477 Universal AC Adapter (HOACD477)���������������13.35
Roland PSB-1U - AC Power Adapter (ROPSB120)�����������������29.95
Roland PSB6U-120 AC Adapter (ROPSB6U120)�������������������39.99
Roland AC Cable with Square Housing (RO2PAC1)���������������14.99
Yamaha AC Adapter for PSR and EZ-Series (YAPA130)��������11.79
Yamaha AC Adapter for Keyboards and Drums (YAPA150)����20.58
Yamaha Repl. AC Adapter for PSR-1500/3000 (YAPA300)����47.96
Yamaha Survival Kit B2 Accessory Package (YASKB2)����������34.99
Yamaha Survival Kit C2 Accessory Package (YASKC2)����������34.99
Yamaha Survival Kit D2 Accessory Package (YASKD2)����������34.99
Yamaha Survival Kit 88B Accessory Pack (YASK88B)�����������34.99
AC Adapter for KP-1, X5D, X5DR (KOAKP)����������������������������29.95
AC Adapter for KP-2 and KP-3 (KOAKP2)�����������������������������19.99
AC Adapter f/X50, MICRO-X, R3, MR1000 (KOKA310)����������33.50
AC power cable for KA-310 (KOPCKA310)������������������������������5.77
AC Adapter (KOA30950)������������������������������������������������������13.95
KA350 Power Adapter (KOKA3502)��������������������������������������26.25
Sheet Music Stands
Gator Cases Standard Sheet Music Stand with Height Adjustment (GAGFWMUS1000)������������������������ 49.99
Hosa Technology MUS-439 Adjustable Steel Music Stand (Black) (HOSMSB)������������������������������������ 32.95
K&M 10065 Three-Piece Music Stand (Black) (KM10065B)��������������������������������������������������������������� 59.99
K&M 115/2 Sheet-Music Holder (KM1152)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 42.99
K&M 12240 Music Light Stand (KM12240)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 39.99
K&M 122E Classic Music Stand Light (KM12255)���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 54.99
Nord Extra-Wide Music Stand for C1 and C2 Organs and Stage 76/88 (NONOMSEW)������������������������� 89.00
On-Stage SM7122BB Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag (Black) (ONSM7122BB)������������������������� 14.95
On-Stage SM7122B Compact Sheet Music Stand (Black) (ONSM7122B)������������������������������������������� 11.95
On-Stage Conductor Sheet Music Stand Travel (ONSM7211B)���������������������������������������������������������� 39.95
Music Stand
QuikLok MS303 Clamp-on Sheet Music Stand (Black) (QUMS303)��������������������������������������������������� 19.99
QuikLok MS331 Sheet Music Stand (Black) (QUMS331)������������������������������������������������������������������� 29.99
R.A.T. Stands 82Q1 Scherzo Stand (RA82Q1)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 50.00
R.A.T. Stands Jazz Stand with Black Stem and Tray (RA69Q1)�������������������������������������������������������� 149.00
Raxxess Attachable Music Stand Small (RAAMSS) or Large (RAAMSL)����������������������������������������������� 17.95
Ultimate Support JS-CMS100 Compact Music Stand (ULJSCMS100)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14.99
Ultimate Support JS-MS200 Heavy-Duty Music Stand (ULJSMS200)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 44.99
The Beat Thang Mobile Music Production Studio
Ideal for genres such as hip-hop, dance, pop, dubstep, industrial and more. Features
an intuitive, user-friendly design, one octave pad layout and easy-to-read 3.5” color display. At the heart
of the Beat Thang is a 16 track sequencer with a 24-16bit/44.1kHz sampler and is packed with over 3000
original, radio-ready sounds. In addition to hundreds of drums tailored for top 40 production, it also includes
live basses, strings, horns, keys, synths, effects and exotic world instruments like tablas, sitars, kotos, djembes
and more. Equipped with dual SD slots and a USB connector for external hard-drive or flash drive storage. (BKBEATTHANG)����������������999.99
EX-P: Universal Keyboard Expression Pedal (MAEXP)������������29.99
SP-1: Switch-Style Keyboard Sustain Pedal (MASP1)������������11.00
FC3: Dual Zone Piano Style Sustain Pedal (YAFC3)���������������37.52
FC4: Piano Style Sustain Foot Pedal (YAFC4)������������������������19.18
FC5: Foot Switch Style Sustain Pedal (YAFC5)����������������������13.21
YFC7: Volume Control Foot Pedal (YAFC7)���������������������������37.43
LP5A: in Black (YALP5A) or White (YALP5AWH)���������������������74.99
LP-7A: 3-Pedal Unit for YPG-635/DGX-640 (YALP7A)����������74.99
PSB1U AC Adapter
Gator Cases
Octatrack Dynamic Performance Sampler
Designed to deliver flexible sampling, loop manipulation, effects processing and pattern sequencing
for producers, remixers, live performances, DJs and more. Reads samples from a compact flash
card or USB 2.0 device, and features up to 80MB of internal RAM. There are 4 audio inputs for
sampling from external audio devices and instruments. The Octatrack’s powerful engine is devised
of 4 software “Machines” (Flex, Static, Thru & Neighbor Machines). Easily sync loops and samples to the sequencer’s tempo, create swinging grooves, apply micro-timings, add real-time effects to grooves and more. Step Sequencer features 8 recording tracks, 16 banks per
project, 256 patterns per project, 8 arrangements per project, 4 parts per bank and 16 scenes per part. (ELOCTTRDSPS1)����������������1239.00
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PRO Audio
Drum Machines / Samplers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
XR20 Beat Production Station
Portable Drum Machine
12 responsive pads. 32MB drum
kits, electronic drums, hits, and
other sounds allow you to create
music in any genre. Integrated
effects. Plug in a guitar, and play
along. Play in bass parts using the
pads or connect a MIDI keyboard for fast, musical low end. Two
footswitch jacks. Runs on AC power or six AA batteries.
#ALSR16 (SR-16 16-Bit Stereo Drum Machine)����������������������� 134.95
DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
Drum Machine with Guitar/Bass Inputs
Hi-Z instrument input with
complementary multi-effects and proprietary COSM amp modeling. Large
library includes 1,000
patterns with fills, ghost notes and
chord progressions. 440 drum
and percussion sounds. Four
assignable footswitch and expressionpedal inputs. Individual outputs, S/PDIF digital out, USB port.
#BODR880���������������������������������������������������������������������� 459.00
Make hip-hop and R&B wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Over 700 sounds
by Chronic Music cover standard and
electronic drums, one-shot hits,
bass, and synth sounds. 99
preset and 99 User patterns.
Drum Roll / Note Repeat for realism and expression. Includes reverb, EQ,
and compression. Plug in a mic and mix vocals
with your beats. Runs on AC or battery power. Bright blue
pads light with the beat. (AKXR20)������������������������Call or Log-on
SPS-1 MKII Drum Machine, Synthesizer &
Employs 4 synthesis methods
that include TRX, P-I, EFM
and E12 synthesis methods.
Each synthesis method is
devised to create various
tonal, character and style variants. Sequencer features a total
of 16 tracks and 32 songs with step sequencing and realtime
sequencing modes. (ELMDSPS1MK2)������������������������������������989.00
Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII (ELMDSPS1UWP)����������������1489.00
SD Sample Pad Controller
Features 8 backlit velocity and
pressure sensitive MPC pads.
Onboard SD card slot lets
you load virtually any
sample and easily assign
it. Also comes with a library of
built-in samples. 5-pin MIDI I/O
as well as a USB port two balanced 1/4” outputs and an 1/8”
headphone output.
#AKMPX8�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
SD2 Orchestral Wizard
Arranger Sound Module
Ideal for laptop-based applications, the voice
library includes a stereo grand piano,
saxophones, brass, woodwinds,
guitars, organ, accordions, and
more. Also provides several drum
and percussion loops in a variety of
styles. MIDI in and thru connectors and
stereo RCA output. Up to 32 MIDI channels
can be controlled, along with DSP effects. Templates are provided
for seamless use with popular software. (KESD2)�������������� Log-on
Analog Ribbon Synthesizer
Analogue Ribbon Station
Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
Battery operated, pocket sized,
all-analog instrument, with
miniature ribbon keyboard,
built-in speaker, headphone
ck and mini aux input. Play the
keyboard with a swiping finger
motion across the ribbon. Same analog filter found in the Korg
MS-10 and MS-20. Full-fledged, true analog synthesizer: VCO,
VCF, LFO. Filter any external source using the audio input. LFO
can modulate either pitch of filter cutoff. (KOMT)������������������39.99
Incorporates analog synthesis,
three-part discrete analog rhythm
section (bass drum, snare, and
hi-hat) and Electribe-style pattern
sequencing in one batterypowered unit with built-in speaker.
Features advanced multi-function ribbon keyboard; Chromatic,
Continuous, and Wide modes. Auto-tuning, selectable oscillator
waveform, noise generator and versatile LFO.
Palm-size synth and rhythm machine, it
features 150 synth sounds, 15 PCM
drum kits, 25 Rhythm Loop
patterns, a Gate Arpeggiator and the
intuitive, Kaoss touchpad. Also offers
Loop Recording which allows you to create phrases with unlimited layers and a dual Loop Recording bank
to produce DJ-style mutes and cross-fades. Built-in mic, 1/8”
stereo mic input and microSD/SDHC card slot.
#KOKO2�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 159.99
Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder
Dual Oscillator Ribbon Synthesizer
Analogue Ribbon Station
200 sound programs, Electribe-inspired
gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording
banks. Rub, stroke, or tap the touchpad to instantly create gestures.
Control pitch and tone parameters
such as cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. 20 one-shot sounds for kick,
snare, and hi-hat etc., as well as 25 rhythm loop
patterns. Mic in and 15 types of vocoder programs. USB port and
SD card slot. #KOKOPRO���������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Compact and portable monophonic
analog synthesizer with a ribbon
keyboard and built-in speaker.
Dual oscillators for creating a
wide range of analog sounds and
intervals. There is a filter input for
routing external audio devices through the monotron DUO’s filter,
as well as a headphone output for playing and programming
sounds privately.
Pocket sized, all-analog synthesizer
optimized for sound effects with a
miniature ribbon keyboard, builtin speaker, headphone jack and
1/8” mini Aux input. In addition to
its analog oscillator, filter and LFO, it also provides an essential
Space Delay for swooping, cosmic type sounds.
Computer Based Groove
Production Studio
Computer Based Groove
Production Studio
Sequencer, sampler &
multi-effect unit, it features
USB 2.0, 16 multi-color illuminated
pads with velocity and aftertouch,
28 back-lit buttons, one endless encoder
(30 steps) and high-contrast, 128 x 64 pixel B&W display.
In Black (NAMMIKRMK2BK) or White (NAMMIKRMK2WH)����������� 349.00
Hardware interface features USB 2.0
and MIDI I/O connections, 16 touch-sensitive
illuminated pads, endless rotary encoders, back-lit
buttons and 2 large high-resolution displays. Delivers groove-box
style sequencing, audio manipulation and production. 6GB library
includes drum kits, synth sounds, loops and more.
In Black (NAMASCHMK2BK) or White (NAMASCHMK2WH)���������� 599.00
#KOMONTROND�������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard (KOMSKB)�������������������� 309.99
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Linear Wave Sampler
Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in
mic and battery power. 29 DSP effects,
including filter, delay, unique voice effects,
subsonic, and looper. 3 control knobs,
12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for
rapid repeat triggering. Create
patterns and loops with flexible pattern
sequencer with shuffle feature. Import audio
files, assign samples to pads. Uses SDHC cards.
#ROSP404SX�������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
PRO Audio
Electronic Drums
DM7X Kit
DM Dock Pro Kit
6-piece drumset, the
DM7X features four
8” dual-zone toms, an
8” dual-zone snare,
StealthKick 2 compact
drum trigger, a 10” hihat, a 10” crash cymbal
with choke, and a 10”
ride cymbal. The DM7X
module iwth backlit
LCD and intuitive layout
comes with 385 drum and percussion sounds arranged into 40
vintage and modern kits.
iPad integrated drum kit
that includes the DM Dock
drum module, 5 drum pad
triggers, 4 cymbal triggers
and the StealthKick 2 kick
trigger with kick pedal.
The DM Dock drum has
thirteen 1/4” TRS trigger
inputs, 1/4” TRS balanced
main outputs and a 1/4”
stereo headphone out. The
iPad fits inside the DM Dock and connects via lightning connector.
• 108 percussion sounds
• 40 preset patterns and one
user pattern
• 5 pads and 3 cymbals
• Snare pad has two separate
triggers for rim-shot and snare
• Built-in metronome and patterns
• USB out to trigger software
MIDI notes
• 1/8” input for CD player or iPod
• One audio output for headphones, one for sound system or amp
#ALDM6K����������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DM10 Studio Kit
DM10 X Kit
• 6-piece drum set with a
10” snare, four 8” tom
drums, a hi-hat, ride, and
two crash cymbals.
• DM10 module is loaded
with 100 preset drum kits,
1047 preset sounds
• Trigger software drum kits
via USB
• Record yourself with the sequencer;
aux input to jam with a CD or MP3 player
• Includes 4-post StageRack
Six-piece, professional
electronic drum set
with full-size 10 and 12”
drum pads paired with
12, 14 and 16” cymbals.
Also included is the
Alesis DM10 drum
module with over
1,000 premium drum
sounds, acoustic-like
RealHead drum pads
and the heavy-duty XRack support system.
• 65 drum sounds and
training exercises to help you
learn to play drums.
• Inputs for a kick drum pedal
and a hi-hat pedal
utput into an amp or a sound
system or use the headphone
output to practice quietly.
• Built-in metronome
• Record your performance so you can hear your progress
ounts on a cymbal stand or a snare stand, so you can
continue to use it as a part of your drum set.
#ALPPED.............................................................Call or Log-on
E-Practice Pad
Trigger-to-MIDI/USB Interface
• Allows your
drum pads
to trigger
sounds on
external synthesizers or drum modules—hardware or software.
• Use your drum triggers to play soft synths on your computer or
patches from hardware synths or drum modules.
• Using either MIDI or USB, you can fine-tune the parameters of
the triggered notes to your liking.
• Mount on any stand or rack using optional E-Percussion Module
Mount and integrate it into your drum set or percussion setup.
#ALTIO��������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Multi-Pad Sample Instrument
• Four velocity-sensitive pads
and a selectable input for a
trigger or switch pedal
Electronic Drum Practice Pad
Performance Pad Pro
4-Pad Percussion Instrument
Multi-Pad Percussion Instrument
• 4 durable, velocity sensitive rubber
drum pads, and up to 25 tunable
• B uilt-in sound library
• K ick input for instant expansion
• MIDI output
• F its a snare stand, sits tabletop, or
mounts on any stand or rack using the optional Module Mount
• T une and edit sounds, and assign them to any of the four pads
or the kick input
• 8 durable, velocity sensitive
rubber drum pads, and over
500 top quality sounds.
• Trigger input allows you to
connect a control pedal for
triggering a kick drum sound.
• Built-in drum machine lets you record and sequence patterns.
• MIDI output lets you trigger sounds from external MIDI
instruments and software.
5-Piece Electronic Drum Set
Global Edition Drum Synth
• MIDI out lets you control and trigger sound modules, software
Features XD60-USB sound module
with 110 drum, cymbal and
percussion sounds to choose
from. 15 programmable drum
sets, and USB/MIDI output.
Includes kick & hi-hat momentary
trigger pedals, 8” dual-zone snare
pad, three 6” single-zone tom pads,
three 8” cymbals, lightweight drum
rack with mounting hardware and
multi-pin breakout audio cable. (BEXD60LE)�����������������������299.99
200 preset programs cover a
range of sounds and 200 user
programs for storing your
own customized sounds
and settings. Equipped with
a pressure sensor as well as
multiple pickups that are capable
of capturing your strikes on both the head and the rim. An input
sensitivity parameter can be adjusted to match your range of
dynamics. Live mode stores up to 4 programs per each of the 3
banks for a total of 12 settings that can be instantly recalled. 140
loop phrases of various genres to practice with or play on top of.
XD60-USB 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set (BEXD60USB)��������399.99
• 25 in-demand drum and
percussion sounds
• Add any sound sample to
your setup via SD card
• Integrates easily into most any drum or percussion setup
• Mounts on most any snare stand or sits tabletop
• Tune and add reverb to your sounds, then assign them
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PRO Audio
Electronic Drums
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
5-Piece Drum Set
PTED01 Electronic Table Top Drum Kit
Pportable solution for practicing,
and home entertainment. The
PTED01 features 7 touch sensitive
pads and 2 pedal pads. Its sound
engine features 25 preset drum
kits with up to 215 sounds. A USB
port is featured for MIDI triggering
to other MIDI devices.
Affordable kit with adjustable
drum rack, 5 natural response
drum pads, hi-hat pedal, bass
drum pedal, and drumsticks.
Sound generator features 11
pre-set drum kits with 4 variations per kit, and 128 level force
velocity sensor pads for true,
velocity-responsive sound.
#PYPTED01��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 132.37
#PYPED04����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 176.89
DD-65 Electronic Drum Kit
• Eight touch-sensitive pads
ver 250 stereo-sampled voices
and can be assigned to any pad.
• Aux-in and MIDI I/O
• Two assignable foot pedals
• Reverb and Master EQ
eadphone jack and speakers
TransActive Drummer
Electronic Drum Amplifier
TD-4KP-S V-Drum Sets
Innovative folding design lets you quickly break down and easily transport the kit from location to location.
It features the TD-4 percussion sound module with 125 drum, cymbal and percussion sounds to choose
from. The module is also equipped with 25 built-in drum kits. It supports tuning and muffling for the kick,
snare and tom pads, which can be adjusted using the buttons and dials conveniently located on the
module’s front panel. It also features a Coach Mode with various exercises including Warm Ups and
Tempo Check. Plus, there’s even a Quick Rec function and a Mix input for playing along with songs from
an external audio source.
The foldable kit features DX series drum pads including a kick pad, snare pad and three tom pads - all of
which have cushioned-rubber surfaces that provide an authentic, natural playing feel. It also features a
hi-hat pad, a crash cymbal pad and a ride cymbal pad. The kit includes an FD-8 hi-hat controller as well.
The kit is also compatible with several accessories and upgrades including the CB-TDP custom carrying
case, the PDX-6 or PDX-8 mesh-head snare pad, the MDH-12 pad mount, the DAP-3X drum accessory
package and the TDM series drum mat. (ROTD4KPS)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Call or log-on
TD-11K • TD-15K V-Drum Sets
Affordable, mid-level drum-kit, the TD-11K incorporates Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound
technology and behavior modeling. Includes a 10” PDX series mesh snare pad with
dual-triggering technology for the most authentic feel and response. TD-11 drum sound
module offers 50 unique drumkits and 190 instruments. 10 ambience effects and a built-in
EQ allow you to customize your sound. The 10” CY-5 cymbal pad for hi-hat features natural
swing movement, separate bow and edge triggering and the FD-8 hi-hat controller for
realistic open and close effect. KD-9 kick pad delivers impressive dynamic response,
accurate triggering and great feel even when using a double pedal.
The TD-15K steps up with the TD-15 Drum Sound Module which offer 100 drum kits and
500 instruments. Also includes PDX series snare and toms and is compatible with Air Recorder iPhone App. Works with V-Drums Friend Jam iPhone App.
• Single-box complete practice-amp
wedge system for practicing and
monitoring your drums.
• F ull-range 50w amp with built-in
iPod dock, stereo 1/4” phone and
RCA Aux inputs, headphone output
and built-in handles. 10” woofer
and 1” tweeter make it ideal for keyboards as well.
#ALTD�����������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
200W Drum Monitor Amplifier
Features three Class-D power
amps, a 12” woofer with subwoofer mode, and two satellite
speakers that can be mounted
on a drum stand or the crossbar of the amp. Multiple I/Os,
3-band EQ and Punch feature.
Side handles, top crossbar, and
casters for easy transport. (ROPM30)���������������������������������599.99
Electronic Drum Accessories
TD-11K V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set (ROTD11KS)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 999.00
TD-11KV Same as above except with 3 CY-series Cymbals and 4 PDX Series Snare and Tom Pads (ROTD11KVS)����������������������������� 1599.00
TD-15K V-Tour Series V-Drum Set with MDS-9V Stand (ROTD15KS)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1999.00
TD-15KV V-Tour Series V-Drum Set with MDS-9V Stand (ROTD15KVS)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2699.00
DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit
Kit features a DTX400 drum trigger module with 169 voices to choose from. The module is
equipped with 10 preset kits that can all be replaced with custom kits as well. The kit features
a 7.5” snare pad, three 7.5” tom pads and a KU100 silent kick unit. The hi-hat pad is 10” and
the hi-hat controller pedal supports open, closed and foot splash hi-hat use. There is a 10” ride
cymbal and a 10” crash cymbal as well. The module also supports 10 training sessions for all
skill levels, as well as 10 play-along songs for practicing. However, more songs can be downloaded via USB. There’s a headphone jack for privacy and the entire kit is expandable.
#YADTX400K�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 499.99
DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit
This kit step up with a TP70S 3-zone snare pad, which allows playing the snare head, an open rimshot and a closed rimshot in each of the
three zones for more musical expression. Plus, the real kick pedal affords an authentic feel for the kick drum. Plus, the real kick pedal affords an authentic feel for the kick drum. For added versatility, the HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller pedal supports open, closed, half and
foot splash hi-hat use. Steel Rack provides a solid playing experience.
#YADTX450K����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 699.99
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Alesis E-Percussion Module Mount (ALMM)������������������������14.95
Alesis DMPhones (ALDMPHONES)���������������������������������������19.99
Alesis Pro X Kick Bass Drum Pedal (ALPXKICK)�������������������49.00
CAD DH100: Drummer Isolation Headphones (CADH100)������35.99
DA-100: Drumstick Holder (ONDA100)���������������������������������15.95
Wood Tip Maple Wood Drum Sticks (ONMW5A)����������������������2.01
Wood Tip Maple Wood Drum Sticks (ONMW5B)����������������������2.01
Nylon Tip Hickory Wood Drum Sticks (ONHW5A)���������������������2.01
Hickory Drumsticks with Nylon Tips (ONAHN5A)����������������������3.50
HN5A Hickory Drum Sticks (ONHN5A)�������������������������������������2.75
MDT2: Double-Braced Drum Throne (ONDTMD)��������������������44.95
CYM-10 Cymbal Parts Set (ROCYM10)�����������������������������������7.99
CY-5 - Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad for Hi-Hat (ROCY5)������������109.00
KD-7 Kick Drum Trigger Pad & Beater Unit (ROKD7)������������119.95
PDS-10 Pad Stand for HPD/SPD Series (ROPDS10)������������139.95
MH-8: 8” Mesh Replacement Head (ROMH8)������������������������35.95
MH-10: 10” Mesh Replacement Head (ROMH10)������������������39.99
MH-12: 12” Mesh Replacement Head (ROMH12)������������������43.37
MH-14: 14” Mesh Replacement Head (ROMH14)������������������54.99
PM-10 Personal Monitor Amplifier (ROPM10)����������������������216.00
DS-550 Lightweight Drum Throne (YADS550)�����������������������59.95
CYAT65 Cymbal Arm Attachment (YACYAT65)������������������������36.55
TP65S 3-Zone Electronic Tom Pad (YATP65S)�����������������������59.99
FP-7210A Kick Drum Pedal (YAFP7210A�����������������������������49.99
HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Contoller Pedal (YAHH65)������������������59.99
PCY135: 3-Zone 13” Electronic Cymbal Pad (YAPCY135)����123.16
PCY155: 3-Zone 15” Electronic Cymbal Pad (YAPCY155)���146.25
DTX-500 Drum Trigger (YADTX500)�����������������������������������259.99
Foot Pedal and Drum Throne Package (YAFPDS2A)���������������99.99
PRO Audio
MIDI Interfaces • Guitar Accessories
E2 Headrush
AudioLink Series
6’ MIDI-to-USB Cable
Makes it easy to connect any MIDI instrument
to a Mac or PC via a USB port. Turn any device
with MIDI output into a USB-MIDI controller.
Control virtually any MIDI-compliant software.
MIDI Mobilizer
Separate MIDI I/O cables. LED indicators for
power and MIDI in/out. Molded cable ends
indicate cable function
#ARMCONNECT������������������������������������������������������������������ 29.00
MIDI Mobilizer II
MIDI Interface for iPhone
MIDI Interface for iPhone or iPad
Provides a simple solution to quickly record
and recall MIDI Data virtually anywhere. Record a Standard MIDI File (SMF) from a MIDI
keyboard, or record MIDI settings (SYSEX)
from any MIDI device and instantly recall
that information.
Allows you to connect your iPhone or
iPad to MIDI hardware, launch CoreMIDI apps like GarageBand for the
iPad, and make music any time, any
place with any MIDI controller.
#LIMIDIMOBLZ2 .......................69.00
MidiSport UNO
1x1 USB MIDI Interface
Powered by the USB port, the
Midisport UNO is convenient and
great for laptop use.
Portable and powered via USB bus.
Small form factor makes it easy to
connect a keyboard or controller.
Ideal for use with a laptop. (MAMS11)��������������������������������� 38.79
FastLane (USB)
2x2 USB MIDI Interface
2x2 USB MIDI Interface
MIDI ‘Thru’ pushbutton allows it
to function even if the computer is
off– no disconnecting cables. In
this case Port A and Port B pass
through directly to their respective outputs.
Provides increased MIDI throughput,
better timing accuracy, support for
“hot-swapping” and plug-and-play
expansion. Can also function when
the host computer is switched off. (MAFLUSB)����������������������69.00
MIDI Express XT
micro lite
5x5 USB MIDI Interface
Large front-panel LEDs
indicate MIDI activity.
Takes full advantage of
USB, providing high-speed MIDI throughput, sub-millisecond
timing accuracy, support for “hot-swapping” and plug-and-play
expansion. (MAML)�����������������������������������������������������������139.00
8x8 USB MIDI interface with software provides comprehensive
routing, merging, and muting with 16 convenient, one-touch frontpanel presets (8 factory and 8 user programmable). Full Time
Code and MIDI Machine Control implementation.
1x1 USB MIDI Interface
1x1 USB MIDI Interface
In-line cable form factor
provides a single MIDI
output and a single MIDI
output connector on one side,
and USB cable on the other.
Data indicators for both MIDI input and output.
Compact, cable-style 1-in/1-out USB MIDI
interface. MIDI cables are engraved
with “In” and “Out” labels to avoid
confusion when connecting device. LED
indicators for I/O signal monitoring.
Features easy hot-swap connection.
Alesis Control Hub-MIDI Interface (ALCONTROLHUB)��������������99.00
E-MU Xmidi 1x1 (EMXMIDI1X1)�����������������������������������������������29.34
Elektron TM-1 (ELMIDINTTM1)�������������������������������������������� 115.00
Roland UM-ONE mk2 (ROUM1MK2)���������������������������������������39.99
iConnectmidi MIDI Interface/1X1 Version (ICMIDI1)�����������������59.99
iConnectmidi MIDI Interface/2+ Version (ICMIDI42LUS)�����������69.99
iConnectmidi MIDI Interface/4+ Version (ICMIDI4PLUS)�������� 199.99
MIO 1-In / 1-Out USB To MIDI Interface (ICMIO)���������������������35.99
Simulates a 4-head analog tape echo machine
and includes both a normal delay effect
and loop recording capabilities. Includes
a Normal Delay Mode, a Tape Echo Mode,
and a Looping Recorder Mode that lets you
play and record a phrase and immediately loop
playback so you can overdub. (AAKE2)������������������������������ Log-on
BDI21 V-Tone Bass
Effective EQ, Tube/Mic
emulation and a groundlift
switch combat unwanted
hum to offer greater control over a range of
sounds — from vintage to funk to modern
overdrive — and all points between.
#BEBDI21��������������������������������������������� 37.99
MIDISport 1x1
1x1 USB MIDI Interface
MIDISport 2x2
cho/Delay Simulator with Loop
MConnect USB to MIDI Cable
MIDI Cables
Ultimate Noise
Reducer Pedal
• Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without
altering your tone
• Preserves the original attack and envelope
while leaving your playing and dynamics intact
Dedicated Threshold and Decay controls plus a Mute mode for
#BENR300������������������������������������������������������������������������� 23.99
UO300 Ultra Octave
3-Mode Octaver
Effects Pedal
Create a monster sound. Add 2 more tones using
your guitar—1 and 2 octaves below the original
tone. Volume controls for all 3 tones. Flexible
3-mode Range switch.
#BEUO300������������������������������������������������� 23.99
Digital Multi-Effect
Guitar Pedal
Gives you a choice of six high-quality effects,
with control of the two most common
parameters. Stereo inputs and outputs let
you get the most out of each effect.
Acoustic Amp Modeler/ Direct
Recording Preamp/
DI Box
Enhance performance with authentic tube/mic
emulation, 3-band EQ with mid frequency
sweep, ground-lift switch and dual DI mode.
Premium Cable
Standard Cable
1’ Black (HOMM1B)����������� 4.49 3’ (HOMM3)������������������� 10.80
3’ Black (HOMM3B)����������� 4.72 5’ (HOMM5)��������������������� 7.49
5’ Black (HOMM5B)����������� 2.44 10’ (HOMM10)������������������ 8.53
10’ Black (HOMM10B)������� 3.90 20’(HOMM20)������������������� 8.95
20’ Black (HOMM20B)������� 4.70 25’ (HOMM25)������������������ 7.17
6’ 2 MIDI to 2 MIDI Dual Cable (HO2M2M6)��������������������������10.29
13’ 2 MIDI to 2 MIDI Dual Cable (HO2M2M13)����������������������10.95
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Digital Delay/Echo
Puts up to 1.3 seconds of delay at your
command, at 24-bit resolution. Also offers stereo outputs that give your sound a 3-D effect.
#BEDD400���������������������������������������������� 37.99
PRO Audio
Guitar Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
DD-3 Digital Delay
• Three delay time modes
• Control for adjustment of exact delay time
between 12.5ms - 800ms.
• Create echos, doubled instrument sound, a
reverb-type effect, and even sitar-like tones.
OverDrive Preamp/250
DOD has resurrected the smooth, classic tones
of the 70’s with the Overdrive Preamp/250
pedal. This simple pedal has level and gain
controls. (DODOD250V)������������������������������39.95
#BODD3�������������������������������������Call or Log-on
DD-7 Digital Delay
• Chorus, reverse, digital & analog delays
• 40-sec. on-sound looping
• Control settings with expression pedal
• Tap tempo delay control
• Stereo or dual amplifier outputs
#BODD7�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 169.00
DS-1 Distortion
Stompbox Pedal
DL4 Delay Modeler
16 effects models based on
vintage units and classic delay
effects techniques, all served
up in discrete stereo with 24-bit
resolution. Large parameter control knobs; silent, programmable
channel switches with bypass; and dedicated Tap Tempo control.
M5 Stompbox Modeler
Classic Boss distortion for your guitar or keyboard.
Custom tailor your sound whether soft or loud
with controls for distortion, level or tone.
Reproduces every nuance of your playing.
Over 100 distortions, choruses, reverbs
and other effects in a single-pedal-size
unit. Although it runs one effect at a time,
it has a complete collection of modern
and vintage effects that are delivered with
excellent sonic integrity.
#LIM5�������������������������������������������� 129.99
Super OverDrive Stompbox Pedal
This versatile pedal produces warm, natural
distortion sounds just like tube-amps without
losing the subtlety of your performance style.
Initiates recording as soon as you start playing.
#BOSD1�������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#LIM9SB������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 329.00
Over-the-top Boss distortion for your guitar. The
pedal has extreme mid and low level frequencies
for an ultra-saturated sound. 3-band EQ has a
semi-parametric mid control for a large range of
textures with long sustain.
16 state-of-the-art HD
amplifier models, over
100 modern and vintagestyled M-class effects, and a
comprehensive set of digital
and analog I/O. Also functions as a full featured looping, pitch
shifting and harmonizing machine. (LIPODHD500)���������������478.00
Up to 3 hours of stereo recording time, storage
for 99 loops, a “real drums” rhythm guide, and
USB 2.0 port to import/export WAV audio—all
in a small BOSS stompbox. Auto Record feature
initiates recording as soon as you start playing.
#BORC3LS��������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Loop Station
Twin pedal multitrack looper with
two synchronized stereo tracks
with dedicated volume faders and
track-select buttons and built-in
loop effects. Rhythm guide with
real drums, USB 2.0 port and
multiple inputs.
#BORC30LS�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
For use with the AmpliTube app or any
other guitar processing app that uses
the iOS mini-jack. Stompbox enclosure
is lightweight aluminum-cast and fits
seamlessly into your guitar pedal rig setup.
#IKIRIGSTOMP)������������������������������������������������������������������� 49.95
Guitar Distortion Pedal
Classic RAT tone in a compact, portable
design. Knobs for filter, volume, and
distortion let you find the perfect settings.
True bypass switching ensures that no
unwanted noise enters the signal path when
pedal is off. (PRRAT2)���������������������������������������������������������69.95
VoiceLive Play
Harmony and Effects Pedal
Automatic backing harmonies and
vocal double tracking, plus over
200 effects. Auto Key Detection
adjusts harmonies and pitch
correction to fit the music.
#TCVLP���������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
VoiceLive Play GTX
Harmony and Effects Pedal
Steps-up with award-winning guitar
effects and 10 AmpTones including automatic backing harmonies,
vocal double tracking and over 200
presets of popular effects including
Distortions, Flange, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, EQ
and much, much more. (TCVLPGTX)���Call or Log-on
Multi-Effects Pedalboard
Loop Station
Stompbox Guitar Interface
M9 Stompbox Modeler
• Over 100 stompbox effects
• Run up to 3 effects simultaneously (with 3 more on deck)
• Universal tap tempo syncs all
your time-based effects
• Dedicated knobs for each effect parameter. Create up to 24 pedal board scenes.
Metal Zone
#BOMT2���������������������������������������������������� 81.99
VoiceTone Harmony-G XT
Easy-to-use vocal effect processor in a foot
pedal form factor. An internal algorithm
analyzes the guitar and vocal input and
outputs smart and correct vocal harmony
choices. Improves your tone and surrounds
your voice with pro effects and vocal
harmony. (TCHARMONYGXT)����������������������������������������������195.15
RC-300 Loop Station
The RC-300 features three synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume faders,
footswitches and onboard effects. Immediately begin constructing impressive loops just
as soon as audio hits the RC-300. You can even plug in a microphone and capture/
loop vocals with the built-in, phantom powered XLR input. Features 16 popular effects,
large master expression pedal and a wide, easy to read control panel.The pedal board is
equipped with six footswitches for recording, playing and stopping loops. There are also
two additional footswitches, Master and Loop FX which provide convenient all start/stop control and instant activation of onboard effects.
Control effect parameters in real time and apply them to a single track or an entire mix. (BORC300)�������������������������������������������������� 549.00
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor
Professional-quality guitar effects processor/pedalboard, the GT-100 offers seemingly
limitless flexibility and creativity. It features next-generation amp modeling that replicates
highly sought after vintage amp tones and provides a plethora of popular COSM sounds
and multi-effects such as wah, tremolo, flanger and more. Includes two, easy to read
displays with eight corresponding knobs for extremely easy and intuitive operation. EZ Tone
functionality includes the ability to customize amp and overdrive/distortion in addition to its
graphical Tone Grid for constructing new patches. ACCEL pedal gives you simultaneous
control of multiple parameters and time-based effects. (BOGT100)��������������������������549.00
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PRO Audio
Guitar Accessories
BTR2000 Racktuner
Dual-input rackmount auto chromatic tuner with 11 different tuning
modes including chromatic, banjo or open tunings. Individual “A”
pitch calibration. Dial wheel for quick parameter adjustment.
Built-in microphone for acoustic instruments. Built-in metronome.
TU300 Chromatic Tuner
• Guitar and bass tuner with a
bright display
• Seven operating modes including Regular, Flat,
Double Flat, and Chromatic.
• Reference tone is highly adjustable
• Ensures signal integrity while in bypass mode
#BETU300���������������������������������������������������� 22.99
Pandora mini
Chromatic Orchestral Tuner
Effects Processor, Trainer and Tuner
• Easy-to-see needle-type indicator and
backlit LCD screen shows output level,
calibration, key and note name.
158 amplifier and effects types with
expressive analog characteristics such
as a vacuum tube simulation and the
ambient acoustic feel of a speaker
cabinet. Also 200 stage-ready presets,
internal tuner and USB port for bus power. (KOPXMINIB)������174.00
• R uns for 100 hours on two AAA batteries
(optional AC adapter)
Multi-Effect Processor with USB
• Use internal mic or piezo sensor
• Double joint for multi-angle positioning
• Backlit display for easy viewing
• Energy saving auto off and soft modes
• Clips on to the headstock of your guitar
180 effects, 744 rhythms, 80
econd phrase sampler, amp
and cabinet modeling. Manage
settings and presets; record to
computer via USB. Practice with
instant transpose and tempo change
that does not affect pitch. (KOPX5D)���������������������������������� 174.00
Chromatic Tuner Pedal
Precise and quick tuning with 21-segment LED
meter and note display. Accurate to ± one cent.
Change operational mode to handle flat tuning
guitars, 6 string basses, and more.
#BOTU3����������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PC-1 Pitchclip
Clip-On Guitar & Bass Tuner
• Fast pitch detection and processing,
±1 cent accuracy and A0 to C8
detection range
• Integrated battery provides a solid base
igh-contrast display • Flexible mounting system
Clip-on Chromatic Tuner
Provides reliable, dependable and accurate
tuning for guitars. Easy -to-read, True Color
LCD with reflection-display functionality.
#BOTU10BK������������������������������������������������������������������������ 27.38
Dr. Beat Metronome with Rhythm Patterns
Supports time signatures of up to 17 beats per
measure, and offers and rhythmic feel. Tap
tempo, 2 LED lights as a visual tempo guide, and
a 12-semitone set of internal tuning reference
tones. Headphone output and volume control.
#BODB30�����������������������������������Call or Log-on
TU-80 Tuner/Metronome
Supports chromatic tuning, plus
7-string guitars and 6-string
basses. Accu-Pitch sounds a tone
when pitch is correct. Reference
Tone Play makes it easy to verify
tuning. Stores tuner settings.
Metronome has 7 rhythms, 10 beats and animated LCD display.
#BOTU80�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19.99
DB-90 Metronome
Rhythm Coach 4-mode trainer for building endurance and accuracy, assisted by an
internal microphone. Loop Play, Tap Tempo,
Timer, and Stopwatch functions. Dual LED
visual tempo indicators. 6 control sliders and
MIDI pattern sync. Built-in speaker, headphone
output, and volume control.
#BODB90������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
PX5D Pandora
Clip-On Chromatic Tuner
MA-1 Solo Metronome
• 8 Rhythm Types
• Beat-Counting Display
• Tap Tempo Function
• Earphone Jack
• Chromatic Tuner
#KOMA1BLU���������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
microMetro MCM-1
Polyphonic Chromatic Guitar Tuner
Automatically detects the strings that require
tuning when strummed. Guitarists can tune
their guitars and basses polyphonically; saving
time during rehearsals, recording sessions and
performances. Also supports drop-tuning.
#TCPT��������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Guitar/Bass Auto Tuner
• Tunes any electric, acoustic, or bass
guitar with four, five, or six strings
• LED indicator lights for sharp, flat, and in-tune
• Built-in microphone; 1/4” input and output jacks
Digital Metronome
Portable Quartz Metronome
• Compact Clip-on Metronome
• 39 Pendulum Settings
• 7 Time Signatures
• LED Tempo Indicator and Click
• Variable Level Control
#KOMCM1RED������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
miniature quartz-accurate metronome
with a built-in chambered speaker and
an LED tempo indicator. The unit features
9V battery operation, recessed, bottom-mounted controls, and a
440Hz reference tone for general tuning purposes.
GA-1 Guitar and Bass Tuner
• LCD needle-style display
• Supports 7-string guitars
• Reference Tone
• Quinta flat tuning mode lets
you tune your instrument
between 1-5 semitones flat
CA-1 Chromatic Tuner
• LCD needle-style display
• LED indicators and marks for
major and minor thirds
• Calibration function
• Wide pitch range (C1 to C8)
• Produces a reference tone from the built-in speaker
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The GuitarJack
Model 2
iPhone, iPod touch,
iPad Interface
Housed in a sleek and rugged metal shell,
the GuitarJack features a guitar jack with
configurable Pad, Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes,
and stereo mic/line input, so you can connect instruments, mics and other audio
hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod
touch. Two inputs, such as a voice and
instrument, can be recorded simultaneously using Apps like FourTrack and StudioTrack. The stereo mic /line input features Pad,
Normal and Boost modes, and all inputs have 60dB of continuous
level control.. There is a line out as well as a stereo mini headphone output with increased drive for louder playback.
PRO Audio
Guitar Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Vocal Trainer
Multi-Effects Guitar Processor for iPad
• Pocket vocal coach
urable pedalboard controller
with program, effect,
bypass, volume and
continuous controls.
Tons of inputs and outputs.
Includes a kickstand for resting the
processor on your amp. (ALAMPDOCK)�������������������������������299.00
• Visually check pitch
• Built-in Metronome
• Detects two singers for two-part
• Record-in function with 10 tracks • AA battery powered
# ROVT12BK�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.00
CD Music and Voice Trainer
• Great for woodwind, brass, and
string players
• Slow down a song without
affecting the pitch
• Chromatic tuner and metronome
• Vocal cancellation and selectable cancelling pan point
#TACDVT2���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
CD Guitar Trainer
• Slow down a song without
affecting the pitch
• Built-in chromatic tuner,
guitar and footswitch input jacks,
and expanded effects banks.
• Adjust the pitch of a song so you don’t have to re-tune.
#TACDGT2���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Guitar-to-USB Interface
• Connect electric guitar or bass to Mac or PC
• 1/4” TS phone input and headphone output,
that also doubles as monitor speaker source.
• Variable-speed file playback function
• Includes Kristal 16-track and Audacity editing software
eBand JS-8
Audio Player with Guitar Effects
• Over 100 guitar effects
• Microphone/Guitar input
• Built-In Metronome & Tuner
• 300 Backing Track & Beat Loops
• Use as a USB Audio Interface
GT-R1 Guitar/Bass Recorder
& Instrument Trainer
• Built-in stereo mics • Records MP3 or WAV
• Up to 24-bit/48kHz recording
• 1/4” instrument and powered mic input
• Amp Simulation & Effects
• Over 80 built-in rhythms
• SD Flash Memory • USB 2.0 port
Pocket POD
Portable Amp and Effects Modeler
• Over 300 available presets, including
work from top artists
• 3 2 classic and modern amp models,
as well as 16 cabinet models so
you can find the perfect tone
• 1 6 effects, including compressor,
tremolo, reverb, multiple chorus and delay effects
USB Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder
• Amp modeling, delay,
reverb, chorus
• Loop playback
• 1/4” guitar/bass input
• Records 16-bit WAV files,
plays 16- or 24-bit WAV, MP3 files
• USB 2.0 • SD/SDHC card slot
#TAGB10������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
POD Studio UX2
Portable USB Interface
• Designed for recording
voice, guitars and basses.
• Mic and instrument inputs with phantom power
• Assignable VU Meters • 24-bit/96kHz with S/PDIF output
• Includes POD Farm Software
#LIPSUX1 (POD Studio UX!)�������������������������������������������������117.99
USB Vocal & Instrument Trainer
• Built-in stereo mic
• Internal speaker
• Overdub recording
• Loop playback
• Variable speed audition
• Records 16-bit WAV files,
plays 16- or 24-bit WAV, MP3 files
• Tuner and Metronome • SD/SDHC slot
#TALR10������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
POD Studio GX
USB Interface for Recording Guitar
• USB bus powered
• Quiet 1/4” guitar input,
1/8” headphone/line output
and a volume knob for instant,
straightforward 24-bit/96kHz recording
• Includes POD Farm Software
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15w 2-Channel Acoustic Amp
8” dual-cone speaker and Virtual Tube
Circuitry lets your instrumen achieve
the unique sound that comes from
classical tube amps. Dedicated CD
input, headphone output, and an
additional mic input with separate
volume control.
Spider IV 15
Guitar Amplifier Combo
• 4 realistic sounding amp models
• 4 channels of user presets
• 6 built-in effects (run 2 at once)
• Tap tempo
• Bass, mid and treble knobs
#LISIV15���������������������������������� 109.99
10w Guitar Amplifier
Portable guitar amp with built-in
amp modeling, effects and
tuner. With two 3” speakers,
the THR10 can be powered
via AC or 8 AA batteries for
on the go playing. Handles
uitar from its 1/4” input and stereo playback from its
1/8” auxiliary input. With multiple amp types to select from,
provides a variety of tonal choices. A selection of built-in effects
such as Chorus, Tremolo, Phaser, Delay, and three types of Reverb allow you to customize your tone further. (YATHR10���� 299.99
Additional Guitar Accessories
K&M 17541B Acoustic Raxe Guitar Stand (KM17541B)��������39.99
Korg TM-50 Combination Tuner & Metronome (KOTM50B)���29.99
Korg CM-100L Contact Microphone (KOCM100)��������������������9.99
Line 6 AC Adapter for Pod, Stompbox Modelers (LIPX2)��������21.96
Mogami 10’ Gold Instrument 1/4” Guitar Cable (MOGI10)����49.95
Tascam PSP520 AC Adapter for Trainers (TAPSP520)�����������19.95
Telefunken Delrin Picks (6-Pack) (TE1.6MMTRIAN)��������������12.95
10’ 1/4” Phone Guitar Cable (HOGICTP10)�����������������������������4.60
Goby Labs Mic Sanitizer (GOGLS104)�������������������������������������5.49
5’ REAN 1/4” Pro Guitar Cable (HOGCRSS5)���������������������������6.39
10’ REAN 1/4” Pro Guitar Cable (HOGCRSS10)�����������������������9.59
15’ REAN 1/4” Pro Guitar Cable (HOGCRSS15)���������������������12.94
20’ REAN 1/4” Pro Guitar Cable (HOGCRSRA20)�������������������16.99
6’ REAN Straight to Right-Angle Cable (HOGPCRRA6)��������������6.99
15’ REAN Straight to Right-Angle Cable (HOGCRSRA15)����������9.99
Traditional-Style Guitar Stand (HOGST437)������������������������������5.99
Short-A 16.3” Electric Guitar Stand (QUQL631)���������������������22.00
7-Slot Electric/Acoustic Guitar Stand (QUGS471)�����������������107.00
Pedal Juice - rech. 9v power for Pedals (SASPJB)���������������129.99
Ultimate Support
JS-FT100B Guitar Footstool (ULJSFT100B)�����������������������������9.99
GS-100 Adjustable Genesis Guitar Stand (ULGS100)�������������29.99
GS-1000 Genesis Guitar Stand (ULGS1000)�������������������������39.99
JS-AG100 A-Frame Guitar Stand (ULJSAG100)���������������������19.99
JS-TG101 JamStands - Tubular Guitar Stand (ULJSTG101)����14.99
PRO Audio
Wireless Microphones
3000 Series UHF Wireless Systems
Up to 1001 selectable UHF frequencies, clear sound,
intuitive and reliable operation, and easy selection of
usable frequencies. Illuminated transmitter screens
for clear reads on dark stages. ATW-R3100 receiver
features frequency adjustable UHF reception,
balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” outputs, LCD
display and a ground lift switch.
ATW-T310B Bodypack Transmitter (AUATWT310BD)������������������������������������������������������������179.95
ATW-3110 Body-Pack System (no microphone): Includes ATW-R3100 receiver and
ATW-T310 UniPak Transmitter in Band C (AUATW3110BC) or Band D (AUATW3110BD)����������������399.00
ATW-3131 Lavalier System: Includes ATW-R3100 receiver, ATW-T310 UniPak Transmitter and
AT831CW Lavalier Mic in Band D (AUATW3131BD)���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
ATW-3141 Handheld System: Includes ATW-R3100 receiver and ATW-T341D handheld transmitter
with AE4100 cardioid dynamic element. In Band C (AUATW3141BC) or Band D (AUATW3141BD)�� Log-on
ATW-3192 Headworn System: (AUATW3192BDT)�������������������������������������������������������������������639.00
Joining plate for mounting two ATW-R310, 3000 series or 2000 series receivers in a single 19” rack
space (AUAT8630)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������19.99
Choose between one of the 8 available UHF frequencies. Each
system includes the SR 45 receiver which provides XLR and ¼” jack outputs. Audio
level and squelch threshold are adjustable.
Presenter Set: Includes miniature PT45 Bodypack, CK99 Lavalier mic and SR 45
receiver (AKPWPSA)�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������299.00
Vocal Set: Includes HT45 handheld mic with 3-way on/off/mute
switch, gain switch and SR 45 receiver (AKPWVSA)����������������249.00
Sports Set: Includes PT45 bodypack transmitter and C 544 L
headworn mic (AKPWSSA)�����������������������������������������������������299.00
WMS-40 Mini Series
All WMS 40 Mini series components share the same brilliant sound and
ease of use at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Unique HDAP (High
Definition Audio Performance) technology
ensures the best possible, most realistic sound at any time. You can use
the PT 40 Mini bodypack and HT 40 Mini handheld transmitters with the
SR 40 Mini single-channel or SR 40 Mini2 dual-channel receiver.
• T he SR 40 Mini receiver provides three status LEDs indicating on/off
status, signal strength and audio clipping. Comes with a universal 12v switched mode power supply
with EU, UK, and US adapters. Otherwise the same, the SR 40 Mini2 provides the same functions and
indicators for each channel.
•T he incredibly small PT 40 Mini bodypack transmitter features a reliable mini XLR input. A single AA
battery will power the transmitter and a condenser mic for 30 hours.
• T he rugged HT 40 Mini handheld transmitter features an On/Off/Mute switch and a sturdy wiremesh cap protecting the cardioid dynamic microphone element.
WMS 40 Mini Vocal Set (AKWMS40V45A)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 119.00
WMS 40 Mini2 Vocal Set Dual System (AKWMS40M2VS)���������������������������������������������������������� 219.00
WMS 40 Mini2 Vocal & Instrumental Set Dual System (AKWMS40M2MS)����������������������������������� 219.00
R300 UHF Wireless Systems
32 user selectable frequency channels and diversity reception,
plus ClearScan which finds the clearest channel available at
the touch of a button. EZsync infrared channel transfer feature
keeps the transmitter and receiver in sync. The R300 receiver
has a metal receiver chassis with optional rack mount ears and
front mount antenna cables. It features detachable half-wave
receiver TNC antennas and has 1/4” phone and XLR outputs on
the rear. Rugged metal transmitters with backlit LCD display and
battery gauge run up to 14 hours on a pair of AA batteries.
R300-HD Handheld Wireless Microphone System (ELRE300HDA)������������������������������������������������ 299.00
R300-L Lavalier Wireless Microphone System (ELRE300LB)������������������������������������������������������� 299.00
HTU2D-767A Handheld Transmitter with ND767 Mic for RE-2 Series (ELHTU2D767AA)��������������� 239.00
Freeway 200 Series Professional VHF Wireless Systems
Reliable performance, easy setup and clear, natural sound
quality. Each system includes the ATW-R250 non-diversity,
single-channel receiver and body-pack or handheld mic/
transmitter. The ATW-R250 also offers volume control
along with AF Peak, RF and power indicator lights.
Gemini UHF-116HL
UHF Wireless Headworn & Lav Mic System
ATW-251 Lavalier System:
Includes ATW-T201 bodypack transmitter with
omnidirectional lavalier mic. Available in 169.505 MHz (AUATW251LT2) or 170.245 MHz (AUATW251LT3)�������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
ATW-252 Handheld System: ATW-T202 Handheld Mic/Transmitter with switchable RF output.
n 169.505 MHz (AUATW252T2), 170.245 MHz (AUATW252T3)���������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Stable wireless operation at an affordable price, the system
features the UHF-116 receiver and HSL-08 headset/lavalier
combo-mic for hands-free speech while mounted to clothing,
or worn around the ear. Easily choose between 16 UHF
frequencies. The UHF-116 receiver features a single antenna,
unbalanced 1/4” phone output and level control dial.
UHF- 216HL Dual Wireless Head-worn & Lavalier Mic System (EUHF216HL)������������������� Call or Log-on
2000 Series Frequency-Agile True Diversity UHF Wireless Systems
The metal half-rack ATW-R2100a receiver features 10 user
selectable frequencies and automatic frequency scanning.
It has a balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” output. Back-lit
LCD shows channel, AF, RF and diversity status information.
• All 10 user-switchable channels can be used together
• Tone Lock tone squelch system fights interference
• Ground-lift switch eliminates hum
• Includes rack-mount kit and detachable UHF antennas
AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System
ATW-2110 System: Includes ATW-R2100a and ATW-T210a
transmitter with 4-pin Hirose connection. Transmitter runs 9 hours on two AA batteries. In Band I (AUATW2110AI) or D (AUATW2110AD)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������299.00
ATW-2120 System: ATW-R2100a and ATW-T220a Handheld Mic/Transmitter with PRO 41 capsule.
In Band D (AUATW2120AD) or Band I (AUATW2120AI)�����������������������������������������������������������������349.00
ATW-2129 System: Includes ATW-R2100a, ATW-T210a UniPak and AT829CW lavalier cardioid mic.
In Band D (AUATW2129AD) or Band I (AUATW2129AI)�����������������������������������������������������������������349.00
ATW-T210a UniPak Transmitter (Only): In Band D (AUATWT210AD)���������������������������������������139.00
Combines advance battery technology, with miniature RF stable components.
The result is an ultra compact wireless head worn mic system that
eliminates the need for battery changes, while providing stable, RFI
free audio signal. The system includes the AR2 compact receiver, AR2
receiver dock, and AH2 head worn transmitter with omnidirectional mic. Transmitter and receiver have
built-in lithium-ion batteries that are capable of 7 hours of operation on a full charge.
In Channel 2 (SAAMESN2)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������249.99
In Channel 6 (SAAMESN6)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������249.99
AirLine 77 Fitness Head Worn Wireless Mic System (SAAL77HSQEN1)����������������������������������������349.99
AirLine 77 Vocal Head Worn Wireless Mic System (SAAL77QV10N1)������������������������������������������299.99
Concert 77 Fitness Lavalier Wireless Mic System (SAC77SLM10N1)��������������������������������������������149.99
Concert 77 Fitness Lavalier Wireless Mic System (SAC77SLM10N2)��������������������������������������������149.99
Concert 77 Head Worn Wireless Mic System (SAC77SSE10N1)��������������������������������������������������179.99
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PRO Audio
Wireless Microphones
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Encore Duet
Dual Lavalier VHF Wireless System
PG Series Wireless Mic Systems
Individual or simultaneous wireless operation over two
VHF frequencies. System includes a rugged receiver with dual
antennas, RF and AF 5-LED displays for monitoring incoming signal
strength and audio level; and 1/4” phone and XLR outputs. Comes
with two bodypack transmitters and omnidirectional lavalier mics for
hands-free operation. (NAEDUETLTOPR)����������������������������������� 169.99
UHF wireless technology with up to 8 user selectable frequencies.
The PG4 receiver is a table-top or rack-mounted unit with 1/4”
phone and XLR outputs and diversity reception. Systems combine
the PG1 body-pack or PG58 handheld transmitters and the PG4.
DKW-Duo Dual Handheld VHF Wireless System
Individual or simultaneous wireless operation over two fixed VHF
frequencies. The system includes a rugged receiver with dual
antennas, and a 1/4” phone output. The two handheld transmitters
feature DM-20B cardioid, dynamic capsules for clear sound.
DKW-Duo: On frequencies 185.150MHz and 209.150MHz
(NADKWDUOHTBD)����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DKW-Duo: On frequencies 206.350MHz and 212.100MHz
(NADKWDUOHTPR)����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
401X Quad 4-Channel VHF Wireless Mic Systems
Cost effective solution that supports simultaneous
operation of up to 4 wireless mics. Four
independent VHF receivers in one convenient, rugged, allmetal single-rack space housing. The 401X Quad
receiver features 4 discrete audio channels with level
control and an XLR output per channel. Adjust mic level
separately using the front panel level controls. Front dual
antenna jacks for either onboard or remote antennas.
401X Quad: With 4 handheld transmitters with dynamic mics (NA401QHTABDN)������������������������Log-on
401X Quad: With 4 bodypack transmitters & omnidirectional lavalier mics (NA401QLTABDN)������Log-on
evolution 100 G3 Series
PG1 with PG185 lavalier mic and PG4 Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG14PG185H), K7 (SHPG14PG185K) or M7 (SHPG14PG185M)���������������������������299.00
PG1 with PG30 headworn mic and PG4 Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG14PG30H7), K7 (SHPG14PG30K7), or M7 (SHPG14PG30M7)��������������������������299.00
PG58 with SM58 cardioid capsule and PG4 Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG24PG58H7), K7 (SHPG24PG58K7) or M7 (SHPG24PG58M7)��������������������������299.00
PG (Performance Gear) Wireless Systems
PG Series features UHF wireless technology with up to 8 user
selectable frequencies. At the heart of the systems is the PG88
dual receiver. Table-top or rack-mounted, it has two independent, internal receivers that enable two mic transmitters to operate simultaneously. Plus, it offers diversity reception to minimize
RF drop-out and interference. 1/4” and XLR outputs. Systems
also combine the PG2 handheld transmitter and the lightweight
PG1 body-pack transmitter which runs 8 hours on a 9v battery.
PG1 with PG185 lavalier mic, PG2 with PG58 cardioid capsule and PG88 Dual Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG1288185H), K7 (SHPG1288185K) or M7 (SHPG1288185M)����������������������������549.00
PG1 with PG30 headworn mic, PG2 with PG58 cardioid capsule and PG88 Dual Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG128830H7), K7 (SHPG128830K7) or M7 (SHPG128830M7)����������������������������549.00
Two PG1 bodypacks with two PG185 lavalier mics and PG88 Dual Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG188185H7), K7 (SHPG188185K7) or M7 (SHPG188185M7)����������������������������549.00
Two PG2 handheld transmitter with two PG58 cardioid capsulse and PG88 Dual Receiver:
In channel H7 (SHPG288PG58H), K7 (SHPG288PG58K) or M7 (SHPG288PG58M)���������������������������549.00
PG-1 Body Pack Transmitter Only: In H7 (SHPG1H7), K7 (SHPG1K7) or M7 (SHPG1M7)��������������95.00
PG2 Handheld Transmitter Only In channel H7 (SHPG2PG58H7), K7 (SHPG2PG58K7)
or M7 (SHPG2PG58M7)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������134.00
True Diversity UHF Wireless Microphone Systems
PGX Series Wireless Mic Systems
At home in theaters, clubs, town halls, houses of worship, DJ applications and
more. Featuring a rugged metal housing, the
rackmount EM100 is a true-diversity receiver with
1,680 tunable UHF frequencies. One-touch sync
enables it to communicate with G3 transmitters
via infrared, dramatically simplifying setup.
Integrates a 5-band EQ, and has a large, backlit
dot matrix display for menu options and information
readouts, and transmitter battery strength. SoundEM100 Diversity Receiver
check Mode lets you check the audio and RF signal
at any time—even during the performance.
The PGX4 receiver operates over an 18MHz UHF bandwidth with up to 90 selectable
frequencies. Features diversity reception and XLR and 1/4” phone outputs.
An infrared port enables frequency information to sync
with the transmitter remotely. The lightweight PGX1
bodypack has a 3-position input level switch to adjust mic
and line level signals, as well as provide added headroom.
The PGX2 handheld transmitter has a 2-position switch to
adjust input level and reduce noise due to signal overload.
Transmitters operate for up to 8 hours on 2 AA batteries.
All Systems include EM100 UHF Diversity Receiver:
EW112: SK100 Bodypack Transmitter and ME2 Omni Lavalier in Channel A (SEEW112G3A),
Channel B (SEEW112G3B) or Channel G (SEEW112G3G)�������������������������������������������������������������629.95
EW114: SK100 Bodypack Transmitter and ME4 LE Cardioid Lavalier in Channel A (SEEW114G3A2) or
Channel B (SEEW114G3B2)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������499.95
EW122: SK100 Bodypack Transmitter and ME4 Cardioid Lavalier in Channel A (SEEW122G3A) or
Channel B (SEEW122G3B)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������629.95
EW115: SKM100 Handheld Transmitter with e815 Mic Capsule in Channel A (SEEW115G3A2) or
Channel B (SEEW115G3B2)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������549.95
EW135: SKM100 Handheld Transmitter with e835 Mic Capsule in Channel A (SEEW135G3A),
Channel B (SEEW135G3B) or Channel G (SEEW135G3G)�������������������������������������������������������������599.95
EW145: SKM100 Handheld Transmitter with e845 Mic Capsule in Channel A (SEEW145G3A),
Channel B (SEEW145G3B) or Channel G (SEEW145G3G)�������������������������������������������������������������649.95
EW165: SKM100 Handheld Transmitter with e865 Mic in Channel G (SEEW165G3G)������������������ 749.95
EW152: SK100 Bodypack Transmitter and ME3 Headset in Channel A (SEEW152G3A)����������������649.95
SK100 Bodypack: In Channel A (SESK100G3A) B (SESK100G3B) or G (SESK100G3G)������������������279.95
SKM100- 835 Handheld Transmitter: in Channel A (SESKM1835G3A) or B (SESKM1835G3B)����329.95
SKP100 G3 Plug-on Transmitter: in Channel A (SESKP100G3A), Channel B (SESKP100G3B) or
Channel G (SESKP100G3G)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������299.95
Rackmount Kit for G3 100/300/500 Series (SEGA3)�����������������������������������������������������������������39.95
PGX1 with WL-185 Lavalier Mic and PG4X Receiver:
In frequency channel H6 (SHPGX1485H6), J6 (SHPGX1485J6) or L5 (SHPGX1485L5)��������������������449.00
PGX1 with WL93 Lavalier Mic and PG4X Receiver:
In frequency channel H6 (SHPGX1493H6), J6 (SHPGX1493J6) or L5 (SHPGX1493L5)���������������������419.00
PGX1 with PG30TQG Headworn Mic and PG4X Receiver:
In frequency channel H6 (SHPGX14PG30H) or L5 (SHPGX14PG30L)����������������������������������������������429.00
PGX2 Handheld Transmitter with PG58 Cardioid Mic Head and PG4X Receiver:
In channel H6 (SHPGX24PG58H), J6 (SHPGX24PG58J) or L5 (SHPGX24PG58L)������������������������������379.00
PGX2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Mic Head and PG4X Receiver:
In channel H6 (SHPGX2458H6), J6 (SHPGX2458J6) or L5 (SHPGX2458L5)������������������������������������399.00
PGX2 Handheld Transmitter with Beta 58 Mic Head and PG4X Receiver:
In channel H6 (SHPGX24B58H6), J6 (SHPGX24B58J6) or L5 (SHPGX24B58L5)������������������������������449.00
PGX-1 Body Pack Transmitter: In H6 (SHPGX1H6), J6 (SHPGX1J6) or L5 (SHPGX1L5)��������������198.00
PGX-2 Handheld: with PG58 in Channel H6 (SHPGX2PG58H6) or L5 (SHPGX2PG58L5)����������������178.00
PGX-2 Handheld: with SM58 in Channel H6 (SHPGX2SM58H6) or J6 (SHPGX2SM58J6)��������������198.00
PGX Digital Series with PGXD4 Wireless Receiver
With PGXD1 Bodypack and WL185 Cardioid Lavalier Mic (SHPGXD1485)��������������������������������������499.00
With PGXD1 Bodypack and WL93 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic (SHPGXD1493)����������������������������469.00
With PGXD1 Bodypack and PG30 Headset Mic (SHPGXD14PG30)������������������������������������������������479.00
PGXD2 Handheld Transmitter and Beta 58 Capsule (SHPGXD24B58)�������������������������������������������499.00
PGXD2 Handheld Transmitter and SM58 Capsule (SHPGXD24SM58)�������������������������������������������449.00
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Wireless Microphones
UWP-X7 Wireless Microphone System
SLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System
The SLX series include the SLX1 bodypack and SLX2 handheld
transmitters, and the rack or desktop mountable SLX4 diversity
receiver with XLR mic and 1/4” outputs. LCD display shows
frequency, group and channel information, transmitter battery status, audio level and more. The SLX1 has an infrared
sensor to remotely sync frequency settings with the receiver.
An adjustable mic / 0dB / -10dB switch allows input from
mics guitars, and instruments. Runs 8 hours on 2 AA batteries. SLX2 has a comprehensive display with timeout
The UTX-B2 bodypacktransmitter features a mic/line selectable
input and 188 selectable UHF frequencies for optimum operation.
It also allows selection between 5mW and 30mW power output.
Space diversity reception further minimizes drop-out radiofrequency interference and noise. The URX-M2 tuner module
features a modular design and easily installs into the UWP-X7
Tuner Base.
SLX4 Diversity UHF Wireless Receiver Only:
In channel J3 (SHSLX4J3), L4 (SHSLX4L4), or H5 (SHSLX4H5)����������������������������������������������������� 380.00
SLX1 Bodypack with WL-193 lavalier mic and SLX4 Receiver:
In channel J3 (SHSLX1493J3), L4 (SHSLX1493L4), or H5 (SHSLX1493H5)������������������������������������ 599.00
SLX1 Bodypack with WL-185 lavalier mic and SLX4 Receiver:
In frequency channel J3 (SHSLX1485J3) or H5 (SHSLX1485H5)��������������������������������������������������� 659.00
UTX-B2 with Omni Lavalier Mic: In Ch. 30/32 (SOUTXB2V3032) or 42/44 (SOUTXB2V4244)���Log-on
UT-B2X with Unidirectional Lavalier and URX-M2 Tuner: In Ch. 30/32 (SOUWPX73032)
or 42/44 (SOUWPX74244)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Log-on
UTX-B2 Bodypack Transmitter: In Ch. 30/32 (SOUTXB2X3032) or 42/44 (SOUTXB2X4244)���� Log-on
UTX-H2 Handheld Transmitter: In Ch. 30/32 (SOUTXH23032) or 42/44 (SOUTXH24244)�������� Log-on
UTX-P1 Plug-in Transmitter: In Ch. 30/32 (SOUTXP13032) or 42/44 (SOUTXP14244)�������������Log-on
URX-P2 Wireless Mic Receiver: In Ch. 30/32 (SOURXP23032) or 42/44 (SOURXP24244)������ Log-on
MB-X6 Modular Rack (SOMBX6)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������799.00
SLX1 Bodypack with WH30 headset mic and SLX4 Receiver:
In frequency channel H5 (SHSLX14WH30H)������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 659.00
SLX-2 Handheld Transmitter with Beta 58 mic capsule and SLX4 (SHSLX24B58H5)���������� 639.00
SLX2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 mic capsule and SLX4 Receiver:
In channel J3 (SHSLX2458J3), L4 (SHSLX2458L4) or H5 (SHSLX2458H5)������������������������������������� 599.00
SLX1 Bodypack with WL-185 lavalier mic, SLX2 with SM58 mic head and SLX4 Receiver:
In channel J3 (SHSLX12485J3), L4 (SHSLX12485L4) or H5 (SHSLX12485H5)�������������������������������� 889.00
SLX-1 Body Pack Only: In J3 (SHSLX1J3), L4 (SHSLX1L4) or H5 (SHSLX1H5)������������������������������� 199.00
SLX-2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 mic capsule:
In channel J3 (SHSLX258J3), L4 (SHSLX258L4) or H5 (SHSLX258H5)������������������������������������������� 219.00
ULX ‘Standard’ and ‘Professional’ Series
1400 user selectable frequencies for broadcast,
houses of worship, schools, and business. The
ULXS4 ‘standard series’ diversity receiver features
XLR balanced output switchable between mic and
line levels well as an unbalanced 1/4” output. LCD
shows group and channel information, transmitter
battery life, and more. Two 5-segment LED’s provide audio and RF metering. ULXP4 ‘professional
series’ receiver adds frequency and volume locks,
TV channel display, SCAN indicator, squelch indicator and antenna indicators.
The ULX1 bodypack transmitter has an input attenuation switch allowing 0dB and 20dB output. LCD
display on the ULX1 and the ULX-2 handheld transmitter shows group, channel information and more.
Professional 4-Channel Wireless Mic System
Offers affordable, multi-channel wireless mic operation
for small performances, karaoke, presentations, bars,
restaurants, etc. Features a rack-mountable receiver
with replaceable front-loaded receiver modules, four
individual outputs for flexible external mixing, as well
as a mixed output for sending a mixed signal of all 4
mics. The handheld transmitters operate on individual
UHF frequencies, allowing for simultaneous operation
and 2 AA batteries keep them powered for 12 hours.
UHF-5800 4-Channel UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System (VOUHF5800A)��������� Call or Log-on
UHF-5800 4-Channel UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System (VOUHF5800B)��������� Call or Log-on
UHF-5805 4 Channel UHF Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System (VOUHF5805B)��� Call or Log-on
UBP-4 UHF Wireless Bodypack Microphone Set (VOUBP4)�������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
UHF-3200 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Mic System (VOUHF3200C)������������������������������� Call or Log-on
UHF-3205 UHF Dual Channel Rechargeable Wireless (VOUHF3205C)���������������������������� Call or Log-on
VHF-3300 2 Channel VHF Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System (VOVHF3300)����� Call or Log-on
UBP-3 UHF Wireless Bodypack Microphone Set (VOUBP3)�������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
UHF-5900 UHF PLL Wireless Mic System with Frequency Scan (VOUHF5900)���������������� Call or Log-on
ULX1 Bodypack transmitter with WL93 lavalier and ULXS4 Receiver (SHULXS1493M1)�����689.00
ULX1 Bodypack transmitter with WL183 lavalier and ULXS4 Receiver (SHULXS1483M1)���� 699.00
ULX2 Handheld Transmitter w/Beta 58 mic and ULXS4 Receiver (SHULXS24B58M)������������739.00
ULX2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 mic capsule and ULXS4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXS2458G3), J1 (SHULXS2458J1) or M1 (SHULXS2458M1)������������������������������689.00
ULX2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 mic capsule and ULXP4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXP2458G3), J1 (SHULXP2458J1) or M1 (SHULXP2458M1)������������������������������859.00
ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter with WL185 lavalier mic and ULXP4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXP1485G3), J1 (SHULXP1485J1) or M1 (SHULXP1485M1)������������������������������889.00
ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter with WL51B subminiature lavalier mic and ULXP4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXP1451G3), J1 (SHULXP1451J1) or M1 (SHULXP1451M1)�������������������Call or Log-on
ULX1 with WL185 lavalier mic, ULX2 with SM58 mic capsule and ULXS4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXS12485G), J1 (SHULXS12485J) or M1 (SHULXS12485M)������������������������������989.00
ULX1 with WL185 lavalier mic, ULX2 with SM58 mic capsule and ULXP4 Receiver:
In channel G3 (SHULXP12485G), J1 (SHULXP12485J) or M1 (SHULXP12485M)����������������������������1159.00
Two ULX2 Handheld Transmitters with SM58 mic capsules and two ULXP4 Receivers:
In channel G3 (SHULXP24D58G), J1 (SHULXP24D58J) or M1 (SHULXP24D58M)���������������������������1699.00
ULX-1 Bodypack Transmitter Only: In G3 (SHULX1G3), J1 (SHULX1J1) or M1 (SHULX1M1)��������193.00
ULX-2 Handheld with SM58 mic : In channel J1 (SHULX258J1) or M1 (SHULX258M1)�������������253.00
UA506 Rack Mount for single ULX Series Receiver (SHUA506)�����������������������������������������������������26.00
UA507 Rackmount Hardware for Dual ULX Recievers (SHUA507)��������������������������������������������������25.00
ULX-D Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System (SHULXD248G50)�����������������������������������1349.00
ULX-D Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System (SHULXD245G50)�����������������������������������1429.00
P2TR215CL Wireless In-Ear Monitoring (IEM) System
Wireless in-ear monitoring provides much more mobility
on the stage and effectively eliminates the need for stage
monitors, thus offering the performers a much roomier
stage and a feedback-free environment for the house and
monitor engineers.
This is a multi channel, 8 frequency UHF wireless
monitoring system consisting of the P2T transmixer, a
combination transmitter and dual input mono mixer, the
P2R receiver, and the SE215 stereo earphones. The SE215
use Dynamic MicroSpeakers to deliver clear, natural audio
with an extended bass response for a rich, lifelike listening experience.
#SHP2TR215CL���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 599.00
Aviom A16II Personal Monitoring Mixer (AVA16II)�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 Wireless Stereo Audio System (A) (SEEW300IEM3A)������������������������999.95
Sennheiser EK 300 IEM G3 Wireless Bodypack Receiver (A) (SEEK300G3A)�������������������������������499.95
Shure P2R Hybrid Bodypack Receiver for PSM 200 System (SHP2R)������������������������������������ call or log
Shure PSM 200 Hardwired Beltpack Monitor with SE215 In-Ear Headphones (SHP2R215CL)�������329.00
Shure PSM900 Wireless Personal Monitoring System with IEMs (SHP9TRA425K1)��������������������1418.00
Sony MDR-7550 Professional In-Ear Headphones (SOMDR7550)�����������������������������������������������229.00
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Wireless Microphones
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Omni Lavalier Mics for Wireless
C411L Stringed Instrument Mic (AKC411L)�������������������������129.00
C417L with TA3 Mini-XLR (AKC417L)����������������������������������99.00
DPA 4088
AT831CT5 Lavalier (AUAT831CT5)���������������������������������������79.95
EX-503 with 1/8” mini-plug for ‘Pro’ Series Bodypack
Transmitters (AZEX503)�������������������������������������������������������19.95
EX-503 with 1/8” mini-plug with screw down terminal
B3 with TA5-F for Lectrosonics (COB3W4BLS)��������������������174.00
B3 with TA4-F for Shure in light Beige (COB3W5LSL)����������174.00
B3 with locking 1/8” mini for Sennheiser – optimized for
strong vocals (COB3W5BSR)����������������������������������������������179.99
B3 with locking 1/8” mini for Sennheiser – optimized for
general speaking (COB3W4BSR)����������������������������������������182.00
B3 with TA4 for Shure – optimized for general speaking (COB3W4BSL)��������������������������������������������������������������������������174.00
B3 with Mini 1/8” locking for Sony – optimized for
general speaking (COB3W4BSN)����������������������������������������179.95
B3 with Mini 1/8” locking for Sennheiser – optimized for
general speaking (COB3W4LSR)�����������������������������������������182.00
B6 with TA5-F for Lectrosonics (COB6W4BLS)��������������������279.95
B6 with locking 1/8” mini for Sennheiser (COB6W4BSR)�����339.45
E6 Earset Mic (Beige) with TA4F for Shure – optimized for
general speaking (COE6OW5L1SL)�������������������������������������368.50
E6 Earset Mic (Beige) with TA4F for Shure – optimized for
strong vocals (COE6OW6L1SL)������������������������������������������368.50
E6 Earset Mic (Beige) with 1/8” mini locking for Sennheiser (COE6OW5L1SR)���������������������������������������������������������������������377.50
E6i Earset Mic (Beige) with TA4F for Shure – optimized for general
speaking (COE6IOW5L2SL)������������������������������������������������369.95
E6i Earset Mic (Beige) with TA4F for Shure – optimized for
strong vocals (SHWCE6IT)��������������������������������������������������323.42
EMW with Flat Frequency Response with locking 1/8” mini for
Sennheiser (COMEMWFBSR)����������������������������������������������168.50
EMW with Peak Frequency Response with locking 1/8” mini for
Sennheiser (COMEMWPBSR)����������������������������������������������189.95
EMW with Flat Frequency Response with TA5-F for Lectrosonics���
EMW with Flat Frequency Response with Mini 1/8” locking for
Sony (COMEMWFBSN)������������������������������������������������������189.95
EMW with Shelved Frequency Response with Mini 1/8” locking
for Sennheiser (COMEMWSBSR)�����������������������������������������169.95
WL183 with TA4-F connector (SHWL183)����������������������������86.15
WL93 with 4’ cable and TA-4F connector (SHWL93)�������������73.00
WL93T with 4’ cable and TA-4F connector. Tan (SHWL93T)��68.54
WL93-6 with 6’ cable and TA-4F connector (SHWL936)�������73.00
WL93-6T with 6’ cable and TA-4F in Tan (SHWL936T)����������70.94
MX150 Subminiature Lavalier (SHMX150BOTQG)����������������199.00
E6 EarSet for Shure Transmitters in Tan (SHWCE6T)������������323.58
WB98H/C Clip-On Instrument Mic (SHWB98HC)������������������130.00
COS-11XPT with 1/8” mini for Sennheiser (SACOS11DPTEB)379.00
COS-11D with TA5 connector (SACOS11DPTT5)�����������������379.00
COS-11D in Beige (SACOS11DPT5T)����������������������������������379.00
ME2 Lavalier Mic for EW Series (SEME2)���������������������������139.95
MKE-2 Gold with TA5-F for Lectrosonics (SEMKE2TA5FG)���399.00
MKE2 Gold with 1/8” mini for Sennheiser (SEMKE2EWG)����389.95
ECM-V1BMP with Mini 1/8” (SOECMV1BMP)���������������������129.00
ECM-44BPT unterminated (SOECM44BPT)������������������������130.90
ECM-44B with 4-pin connector (SOECM44BC)�������������������107.95
ECM-44BMP with 1/8” locking miniplug (SOECM44BMP)���102.95
ECM-77BC9X with 4-pin Hirose (SOECM77BC9X)��������������259.00
ECM-77BMP with 1/8” miniplug (SOECM77BMP)��������������244.00
ECM-77BPT without any connector (SOECM77BPT)�����������286.00
ECM-88BC with 4-pin Hirose (SOECM88BC)����������������������349.95
TR50 with TTA5-pin connection (TRTR50BMLP)������������������241.46
TR50 with TA5 and TR79 power supply (TRTR50BMLXLP)���384.95
TR50 1/8” Mini for Sennheiser (TRTR50BSETP)������������������233.95
TR50 1/8” Mini for Sennheiser in Gray (TRTR50GSETP)�������219.95
TR50 1/8” Mini and TR79 power supply (TRTR50BSETXL)���379.95
TR50 Mini 3-pin for Sony UWP (TRTR50BSETM)�����������������229.95
M119 with TA5-F for Lectrosonics (LEM1195P)������������������100.00
M152 with TA5-F for Lectrosonics (LEM1525P)������������������147.00
M152 with moisture resistant sleeve (LEM152SM5P)����������158.00
VT500 with 1/8” mini for Sennheiser (VOVT0015)�������������� 253.00
VT500 with 3.5mm TRS for Sony (VOVT0057)��������������������� 253.00
4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Mic (DP4061BM)���������������443.00
OLM-10 with TA4F for Telex / Electrovoice (ELOLM10)����������45.00
OLM-10 with 1/8” Mini Plug (PEOLM10)������������������������������22.95
OLM2 with locking 1/8” Mini for Sennheiser (PEOLM2)�������119.95
OLM2 with 1/8” (3.5mm) mini (TRS) for Sony (PEOLM2S)�����79.95
Voice Technologies
EX505U with 1/8” mini for ‘Pro’ Series (AZEX505U)��������������34.49
M140-MC Cardioid Lavalier (LEM140MC)�������������������������100.00
MX150 Subminiature Lavalier (SHMX150BCTQG)����������������199.00
ECM-166BMP with 1/8” Locking mini (SOECM166BMP)����119.00
ECM-X7BMP with 1/8” miniplug (SOECMX7BMP)��������������139.95
Shure WL185 with TA4-F connector (SHWL185)������������������99.99
Shure PG185-TQG with TA4-F connection (SHPG185TQG)���39.00
Shure WL184 with TA4-F connector (SHWL184)����������������106.00
Headworn Mics for Wireless
AKG C544L Headworn Cardioid Mic (AKC544L)������������������139.00
Anchor Audio HBM-60 Headband Mic (ANHBMTA4F)����������82.00
Samson SE10TX Omnidirectional (SASE10TX)���������������������71.95
Sony ECM-322BMP (SOECM322BMP)�������������������������������126.00
Audio Technica
PRO 8/HEXCW (AUPRO8HECW)������������������������������������������89.95
PRO 8/HEMW (AUPRO8HEMW)�������������������������������������������88.47
PRO 8-HEX (AUPRO8HEX)���������������������������������������������������65.50
4066 Miniature Omni Headworn Mic (DP4066F)�����������������635.00
Point Source Audio
CO-3 Ear-Worn Omni for Audio Technica (POCO3ATBE)���������99.00
CO-3 Ear-Worn Omni for Sennheiser (POCO3SEBE)���������������99.00
CO-3 Ear-Worn Omni for Shure (POCO3SHBE)����������������������99.00
ME3-EW Supercardioid (SEME3EW)�����������������������������������139.95
HSP2 Head-Worn Mic (SEHSP2EW3)������������������������������������ 529.95
HS-9 Headset with omni-directional boom mic (AZHS9)��������28.95
SE10T Omni Micro Headset Mic (Beige) with locking 1/8” mini
HS5 Headset Mic (Black) with 1/8” mini (SASWAS5HS5)�������37.99
OLM2 Replacement Omnidirectional Lavalier (SEOLM2)������119.95
AKG CK 99 L Miniature Lavalier (AKCK99L)�����������������������149.00
Anchor Audio LM-60 with Mini XLR (ANLM60)��������������� Log-on
Electro-Voice ULM-21 Cardioid Condenser (ELULM21)�����129.00
Sennheiser ME-4 for EW Series (SEME4)�������������������������139.95
HM-5U HEADMIC (NAHM5UMXLR)����������������������������������������26.95
Cardiod Lavalier Mics for Wireless
Headset Mics for Wireless
Lavalier Microphone (ROLAV)���������������������������������������������249.00
PinMic Wearable Microphone (ROPINMIC)���������������������������249.00
LM10BX (SALM10BX)��������������������������������������������������������74.99
LM5 with Samson 3-pin connection for Samson (SALM53P)�44.95
LM5 with 1/8” (3.5mm) mini for Samson (SALM5MP)�����������39.95
Shure WL185
Electro-Voice OLM-10
Azden EX-503L
PG30-TQG Cardioid Condenser Headset Mic (SHPG30TQG)��39.00
E6 Omni EarSet Mic (SHWCE6LT)���������������������������������������399.00
No para exportación
WH20QTR with 1/4” connector (SHWH20QTR)����������������������78.00
WH20TQG with TA4 connector (SHWH20TQG)����������������������78.00
WH30TQG with TA4 connector (SHWH30TQG)����������������������99.00
SM10A-CN - Dynamic Headworn Mic (SHSM10ACN)�����������139.99
WH20XLR Headworn Dynamic Mic (SHWH20XLR)�����������������74.78
WH30 Headworn Condenser Vocal Mic (SHWH30XLR)���������158.00
MX153 Earset Headworn Mic in Cocoa (SHMX153COTQG)���199.00
MX153 Earset Headworn Mic in Tan (SHMX153TOTQG)�������199.00
MX153 Earset Headworn Mic in Black (SHMX153BOTQG)���� 199.00
PRO Audio
Wireless Microphone Accessories
Wireless Mic Cables
Wireless Mic Cables
Power Accessories for Wireless
AKG Mini-XLR to Standard XLR Mic Cable (AKMPAVL)�����������69.00
Azden MX-2 - Y Cable (AZMX2)���������������������������������������������24.95
Azden MX-1 Mini Stereo to XLR-M Cable (AZMX1)����������������17.95
Beachtek SC25 3.5mm to 2.5mm Stereo (BESC25)��������������� 9.00
Comprehensive 3-ft. XLR-M to Mini XLR-F (COXMMXF3)�����15.99
Point Source Hirose 4-pin Connector (POCONAT)������������������11.95
Azden BC-27H Power Supply for FMX-42 (AZBC27H)�����������37.33
Shure SB900 Lithium-Ion Battery (SHSB900)�������������������������99.00
SAEC50 Repl. Cable for SE50T (SAEC50TL)����������������������������24.73
XLR-M to P3-F Cable (SAX3)���������������������������������������������������19.99
Instrument & Guitar Cable (AUATGCW)������������������������������������10.68
CP8306 Adapter Cable (AUCP8306)����������������������������������������14.57
XLRW Input Cable (AUXLRW)���������������������������������������������������16.95
Countryman E6 & E6i Snap-on Replacement Cables
1mm diameter cable for Sennheiser
Beige (COE6CL1SR) or Tan (COE6CT1SR)��������������������������� 59.00
1mm diameter cable for Shure
Tan (COE6CT1SL) or Beige (COE6CL1SL)�����������������������������57.50
2mm diameter cable for Sennheiser Beige (COE6CL2SR)�������59.00
2mm diameter cable for Shure
Tan (COE6CT2SL) or Beige (COE6CL2SL)�����������������������������57.50
MicroDot to XLR Adapter (Belt Clip) (DPDAD6001BC)��������������99.00
MicroDot to Locking 1/8” Mini Connector (DPDAD6034)���������80.00
Miniature Series Microdot to TA4F Mic (DPDAD6010)�������������87.00
20” TA5-F to Dual XLR Out Cable for SR (LEMCSR5PXLR2)�� 118.00
Right Angled TA3 and TA5-F Connector (LERATPAC)���������������36.18
XLR-F to TA5-Female Line Level Cable (LEMC35)�������������������50.00
CM40 - XLR-F to TA5-F Mic Level Adapter (LEMC40)�������������50.00
MC41 37” XLR-F to TA5F 5-Pin Cable (LEMC41)��������������������92.90
MC55 Mono Mini Angled Male to XLR-M (LEMC55)����������������65.00
MC-60 XLR-F to TA5-F Cable (LEMC60)���������������������������������45.75
MC65 10-ft. TRS 1/4” to 3.5mm Cable (LEMC65)�����������������17.85
15” Stereo Mini to 2 RCA Cable for UCR100 (LEMC100RCA)���� 7.30
Mini to XLR Output Cable for UCR100 (LEMC100XLR)�������������60.00
12” TA3 to XLR Cable for SR receiver (LEMCSRXLR)���������������40.00
Deluxe Receiver Output Cable (18”) (PEROCLM2)�������������������29.95
Locking 1/8”TRS Connector (PEMLCSE)������������������������������������ 7.99
QUE Audio
QAD2 1/8” (3.5mm) to XLR Male Adapter (QUQAD2)��������������24.99
Q-Compact to XLR-M Phantom Power Adapter (QUQAD3)������34.99
Remote Audio
TA4-Male Connector (RETA4MB)����������������������������������������������� 6.49
TA4-Female Connector (RETA4FB)�������������������������������������������� 6.99
TA5-Male Connector (RETA5MB)����������������������������������������������� 8.49
TA5-Female Connector (RETA5FB)��������������������������������������������� 8.49
MiCon-1 Adapter (ROMICON1)�������������������������������������������������18.00
MiCon-2 Adapter (ROMICON2)�������������������������������������������������18.00
MiCon-3 Adapter (ROMICON3)�������������������������������������������������23.00
MiCon 4 Adapter (ROMICON4)�������������������������������������������������27.00
MiCon-5 Adapter (ROMICON5)�������������������������������������������������27.00
MiCon 6 Adapter (ROMICON6)�������������������������������������������������23.00
MiCon 7 Adapter (ROMICON7)�������������������������������������������������23.00
MiCon 8 Connector for HS1 Microphones (ROMICON8)�����������18.00
MiCon Cable (ROMICONC1.2)��������������������������������������������������32.00
MiCon Cable (ROMICONC3)�����������������������������������������������������39.00
XLR Female Microphone Cable (SECM1)���������������������������������39.95
CI1 Mini-M to 1/4”-M (SECI1)�������������������������������������������������34.99
CL-100 1/8”-M Mini to XLR-M (SECL100)������������������������������32.00
CL1 Mini to Mini Cable for EK100 (SECL1)������������������������������20.95
CL-2 Transmitter Line Cable 1/8”-M to XLR-F (SECL2)�����������19.95
Locking 1/8” (3.5mm) Connector (SEWLMC18)������������������������� 9.99
Line to Mic Attenuation Cable (SEL2MPCDM50)����������������������26.95
3.5mm Mic to Mic with Audio Monitor (SEDSLRMICMON)��������31.95
Line Out to Camera Mic In Headphone (SEL2MZMH4MON)�����35.95
Canon 5D MkII A/V Out Headphone Cable (SE5DMKIIHOCF)����22.45
Line to Mic Attenuation Cable (SEL2MZH4N)���������������������������26.95
Line Out to Camera Mic Level In Cable (SEL2MTDR100)���������26.95
XLR to Right Angled Mini Mic Cable (SESTR153)���������������������28.99
Line Out to Camera Mic Level In Cable (SEL2MZH4N2.5)��������23.95
AGC-Disable Y-Splitter Cable (SEDSLRAGCY)���������������������������27.99
Line to Mic Attenuation Cable (SEL2MZH4N6)�������������������������26.95
50dB Line Out to Camera Mic Level In (SEL2M50DB)�������������26.95
RPM654 Repl. Cable for the WCE6 (Tan) (SHRPM654)������������54.50
C122 Replacement Cable (SHC122)����������������������������������������48.50
WA302 Intrument & Guitar Cable (SHWA302)�������������������������14.97
WA310 Adapter Cable (SHWA310)������������������������������������������17.67
WA360 In-Line Remote Mute Switch (SHWA360)��������������������59.00
WA451 TA3-F to XLR-M Cable (SHWA451)�����������������������������34.95
WA-460 VP3 to TRS Mini Cable (SHWA460)����������������������������23.95
WA461 TA3-F to Mini Cable (SHWA461)���������������������������������23.95
EC-15CF SMC/XLR Microphone Cable (SOEC15CF)����������������69.95
EC-0.8BM 3-pole Locking Mini to Mini (SOEC0.8BM)������������13.95
EC-0.46BX 3-pole Locking Mini to XLR-M (SOEC0.46BX)�������29.95
EC-1.5BX 3-pole Locking Mini to XLR-F Cable (SOEC1.5BX)��34.95
3.5 Line to Mic Attenuation Cable (WHH4NL3.5)���������������������21.00
3.5 MON Line to Mic Attenuation Cable (WHH4NL3.5MON)�����35.99
Antennas for Wireless Mic Systems
PSC UHF Log Periodic Antenna
Wireless receiver antenna for use in the
field where long range use is often necessary. Coverage ranges from 450MHz to
900MHz with an average gain of 4.5dB
over that of a dipole antenna. Features a
standard BNC style connection, unobtrusive black finish and 3/8”-16 thread fitting for mounting on mic
and tripod stands. #PSULPA������������������������������������������������� 156.75
Antennas for 200/ 400 Series in Frequency Block
21 (LEA8U21), 22 (LEA8U22), 26 (LEA8U26)����������������������21.50
Antenna for 400 Series in Frequency Block
21 (LEAMM21), 22(LEAMM22)�����������������������������������������34.50
Antenna Kit for 400 Series (LEAMMKIT)����������������������������36.00
A8U Kit Whip Antenna & Template Guide (LEA8UKIT)������������21.50
Remote Audio
Miracle Whip Antenna for Lectrosonics Receivers BNC connector (REANBNC)��������������������������������������������������14.99
Miracle Whip Antenna for Lectrosonics Transmitters SMA connector (REANSMA)�������������������������������������������������22.99
ANSMAP-F Kit Ultra Flexible SMA Antenna Kit (REANSMAPF)��26.99
S72817 2-Section Telescoping Antenna (SES72817)��������������10.99
A181 Whip Antenna (SEA181)����������������������������������������������� 12.95
182 Whip Antenna (SEA182)���������������������������������������������������11.95
A1031U Omni UHF Antenna f/Evolution Series (SEA1031U)��� 159.95
UA820 1/2 Dipole Receiver Antenna (SHUA820G)�������������������30.45
Antenna for P6R, P7R and PSM Series receiver (SHP6P7RA)��29.03
UA820D 1/2 Wave Dipole Receiver Antenna A820D)��������������30.92
UA820L3 1/2 Dipole Receiver Antenna (SHUA820L3)�������������30.00
UA860SWB Passive Omni Antenna (SHUA860SWB)������������� 241.00
A874US Active Directional Antenna (SHUA874US)���������������� 317.00
No para exportación
Anton Bauer
PowerTap cable f/Lectrosonics (ANPOWERTAPL)�����������������������59.95
In-Line Powering Module (AUAT8531)������������������������������������68.16
AC Adapter for 3000 Series (AUATPA3000)�����������������������������22.58
AC Power Supply for receivers (LECH12)���������������������������� 16.17
CH20 115v AC Adapter/Charger (LECH20)����������������������������� 25.95
PS-12 Hirose 7-4 pin plug (LEPS12)������������������������������������� 68.25
PS-212: Dual Hirose 7-4 pin (LEPS212)�������������������������������� 99.99
PS200 LZR to Hirose 7 to 4-pin (LEPS200)��������������������������� 80.50
SR Battery Sled (LESRBATTSLET)����������������������������������������� 250.00
BA 2015G2 Rechargeable Battery (SEBA2015G2)������������������ 83.95
Charger for BA 2015G2 Batteries (SEL2015G2)������������������� 158.95
DC2 - DC Camera Power Converter (SEDC2)������������������������� 69.95
MZA 900 P - In-Line Preamplifier (SEMZA900P)������������������ 159.95
NT 2-3-US Power Supply (SENT23US)������������������������������������19.95
NT 1-1 US Power Supply (SENT11US)�������������������������������������83.95
SBC200 Transmitter & Charger (SHSBC200US)������������������� 218.40
In-Line Power Supply for UA844US (SHPS45US)���������������������65.99
RK100PK - RFI Resistant Preamp (SHRK100PK)������������������� 114.00
Repl. Battery Cup for Handheld Trans. (SHSLXTBC)��������������� 10.94
120V AC Adapter for Shure Wireless (SHPS41US)�������������������24.00
RPM626 - In-Line Mic Preamp (SHRPM626)���������������������������76.95
Sony BATC-2AA Battery Holder Case (SOBATC2AA)���������������16.00
Sony DC78 Battery Power Supply (SODC78)��������������������������91.80
Tram TR-79+ Power Supply (TRTR79MLP)�������������������������� 173.00
Tram TR-79+ - Power Supply (TRTR79SETP)��������������������� 174.95
Wireless Receiver Camera Mounts
IDX A-WMR Receiver Mounting Bracket (IDAMWR)������������� 298.00
J-Rod Super-Strong Twin Mic Mount (JRTMSS)���������������������44.95
J-Rod -Cube Accessory Shoe Adapter & Mic Mount (JRJC)�� 79.95
K-Tek K-SPT Shoe Plate Mount (KTKSPT)������������������������������35.10
Rycote Wireless Receiver Camera Bracket (RYWRCB)����������� 99.00
Sennheiser CA2 Shoemount Adapter (SECA2)����������������������20.95
Anton Bauer
Universal BP Required for Certain Gold Mounts (ANUBP)�������� 32.00
Wireless Receiver Side Mounting Plate (ANABWMKSI)�������������49.50
JVC-BP JVC Wireless Mounting Plate Kit (ANJVCBP)���������������34.95
WRB-185 Wireless Receiver Box (ANWRB185)������������������������55.95
WRB-200 Wireless Receiver Box (ANWRB200)������������������������60.81
Hot Shoe Adapter Kit for V/H Mounting (BEHSAKIT)�����������������74.95
Side Plate for Gold Mount System (BEABSPU)�������������������������44.95
Horizontal Shoe Adapter for Wireless Boxes (BEHSAHORZ)����� 64.95
Mounting Box for Mounting UCR 100 (BE100)������������������������74.95
AT-1820 Wireless Reciever (BEAT1820)����������������������������������74.95
Quick Plate - Receiver Mounting Plate (BRQP)������������������������29.95
Attachment Clip for Sony UWP Receivers (BRSCLIP)���������������19.95
Cold Shoe 1 - Optional Shoe Mount (BRCS1)��������������������������11.95
Cold Shoe Threaded Adapter (BRCSTA)�����������������������������������14.95
Micro Multi-Cold-Shoe Bracket (BRB1MICRO)�������������������������59.95
mini2 Wireless Camera Bracket (BRB1M2)��������������������������� 112.95
Attachment Clip for Sennheiser EW-100 (BREWCLIP)�������������18.95
SRUNI Mounting Kit for Unislot (LESRUNI)����������������������������� 129.00
SREXT SR Receiver Mounting Kit (LESREXT)������������������������� 129.00
SRSNY Mounting Kit for Sony (LESRSNY)������������������������������ 129.00
Shoe Mount Adapter for URX-P2 Receiver (SOSMADP2)���������17.95
PRO Audio
Wireless Microphone Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Accessories for Headset Mics
AT8142 Foam Temple Pads (AUAT8142)����������������������������������� 6.95
Small Foam Windscreen (AUAT8139S)�������������������������������������� 7.04
E2 Microphone Clip (COE2CLIPB2)������������������������������������������14.99
E6 Ear Clip for E6 and E6i - Left (COECLT)������������������������������69.00
E6 Ear Clip for E6 and E6i - Right (COECRT)���������������������������69.99
UHF LPDA (Log Periodic Dipole Array) Antennas
Provide enhanced signal pick up while
extending range and reliability. The
directional coverage pattern features a
beam-width of 90° and is often useful
in theatrical and musical performances as well as presentation.
#AUATWA49 (pair)������������������������������������������������������������������ 265.00
Cable for SE10T Micro-Headset (SAEC10TX)���������������������������18.00
WS5E Headset Mic Windscreens (SAWS5E)����������������������������12.99
Wireless Antenna Accessories
Audio-Technica BNC to BNC Antenna Cable (AUAC12)��������19.99
Sennheiser BNC to BNC Coaxial Cable (SEBB1)���������������������� 6.95
Lectrosonics Antenna for 200/400 Series in Channel
24 (LEAMM24), 25 (LEAMM25) or 26 (LEAMM26)��������������34.95
UA505 Remote Antenna Bracket Mounting Kit (SHUA505)������22.09
UA440 Front Mount Antenna Rackmount Kit (SHUA440)������ 105.00
BNC Antenna Cable - 6-ft. (SHUA806)�������������������������������������21.95
UA221 Passive Antenna Splitter / Combiner (SHUA221)���������99.94
UA825 Antenna Extension Cable (SHUA825)���������������������������49.96
UA850 Antenna Extension Cable (SHUA850)���������������������������79.00
UA844WB Powered Distribution System (SHUA844SWB)����� 445.00
Wireless Mic Cases
Auray Plug-In Transmitter Holster Case (AUUPOH)����������������29.95
Countryman Belt Clip (COBCQ)����������������������������������������������11.40
Pearstone Plug-In Transmitter Holster Case (PEUPOH)���������� 29.95
SKB Mil-Std Waterproof Case with Shure SLX/ULX Custom
(SK3I1711XLX)������������������������������������������������������������������ 129.99
Sony Belt Clips for UTX-B2V/B2X and URX (SOBLCBP2)�������� 18.00
Tram BCC Hard Case (TRBCC)����������������������������������������������� 12.85
UHF Active Antenna Distribution System
for 2000 and 3000 Series
Minimizes the bulk and
excessive antenna cable
runs while feeding up to
four external 2000 and 3000 series receivers. Four 12VDC outputs
provide power to external receivers, further minimizing bulk and
excess power cables. (AUATWDA49)���������������������������������� 399.00
Receiver Holders
WRB-201 Wireless Receiver Box
The WRB-201 is able to hold a variety of
receivers; in conjunction with an ABWMK-KIT
it will mount to the side or the back of the
WRB-201 Wireless Receiver Box (ANWRB201)������������������������55.95
ABWM-KIT Universal Mounting Plate Kit (ANABWMKIT)������������62.95
Bracket 1
Universal On-Camera Wireless
Receiver Mount
Mounts to the your camcorder’s tripod
mounting plate without blocking controls
or impeding use.
Universal Wireless Mount (BRB1A)����� 84.95
Mini Wireless Reciever Bracket (BRB1M2)����������������������������� 112.95
EX On Camera Wireless Receiver Mount (BRB1EX)���������������� 146.95
HD Wireless Reciever Bracket (BRB1AHD)����������������������������� 109.95
BEC receiver holders are
manufactured using plate aluminum, formed and
welded to the exact size of your receiver. Your
receiver is protected by a felt lining that keeps it
from the bangs and bumps of everyday use.
For Lectrosonics UCR Receivers (BE195)����� 84.00
For Lectrosonics UCR Receivers (BE201)��������������������������������� 74.95
For Sony UWP-V Series Receivers (BEURXP2)������������������������� 74.95
For Sennheiser EW Receiver (BE500)�������������������������������������� 69.95
Wireless Receiver Holder
Mounts under your
camcorder allowing connection to tripods and shoulder
braces. Soft touch fastener material
pads the inside; protecting the receiver
from bumps and jars. Handle offers
a point of balance when sitting the
camera down and stability in hand held applications.
#JIWRB���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 169.95
AT-BG2 Soft Protective Pouch (AUATBG2)������������������������������ 16.00
Gator Cases
GM-1WEVA System Bag (GAGM1WEVAA)������������������������������� 59.99
GM-2W Deluxe Wireless 2 Mic Bag (GAGM2W)������������������� Log-on
GM-5W Deluxe Wireless 5 Microphone Bag (GAGM5W)��������� 59.99
MICBOX for Lectrosonics Lavalier Mic (LEMICBOX)����������������� 4.89
Cordura Pouch for “plug-on” transmitters (LEPHTRAN2)������ 15.00
Zippered Case for wireless mic sytems (LECCMINI)������������ 25.00
PHTRAN3 Leather Pouch (LEPHTRAN3)�������������������������������13.50
Porta Brace
RMB-TP01 Radio Mic Bouncer (PORMBTP01)������������������������ 42.53
AH-2H Audio Harness Only (Blue) (POAH2H)�������������������������� 68.57
AH-2BM Audio Harness Belt (POAH2BM)��������������������������������23.95
AH-2M Padded Audio Harness with Belt (POAH2M)��������������� 77.25
RM-Multi/E Extreme Wireless Mic Case (PORMMULTIE)�������� 103.29
RMB-SK100 Radio Mic Bouncer (PORMBSK100)�������������������� 42.53
ATW-T1802 & HM Radio Mic Bouncer (PORMBT1802)����������� 42.53
Deca Wireless Pouch (Black) (PEPS613)������������������������������������ 8.58
Deca Double Wireless Audio Pouch (PEPS604)���������������������� 21.06
Wireless Pouch + Pocket to Hold a Name Tag (PEPS610)��������� 8.58
CC2 Carry Case (SECC2EW)����������������������������������������������������64.95
CC3 Carrying Case (SECC3)��������������������������������������������������� 59.95
Receiver/Transmitter Belt Clip (SE543660)������������������������������� 4.60
Handheld Transmitter Pouch (SEPOUCHEWSKM)����������������������14.95
ID Rings for G3 Handheld Transmitter (SEKEN2)����������������������17.13
POP1 Case (SEPOP1)���������������������������������������������������������������29.99
WA555 Switch Cover for LX2 (SHWA555)�������������������������������� 5.95
Multi-Colored Handheld Transmitter ID Rings (SHWA615M)���� 14.73
WA610 Carrying Case (SHWA610)����������������������������������������� 93.75
WA570A Belt Pouch (SHWA570A)������������������������������������������ 23.56
Belt Clip (SHUR1RBC)���������������������������������������������������������������11.78
Wireless Mobile Pack
600 denier nylon case with interior
foam padding designed to carry
and protect a wireless system.
Room for lavalier mics, cables and
accessories. Receiver is functional while in the bag– the front and
back unzip for access. Carried by a removable, adjustable shoulder
strap and padded carrying handles.
#GAGM1W������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 49.99
Wireless Microphone Case
Can hold up to four receivers and
transmitters. It can fasten to Porta Brace
mixer and audio cases or use various Porta
Brace shoulder straps, belts and harness arrangements to give audio crews exactly
the solution needed.
#PORMMULTI������������������������������������������ 85.93
PS608 Deca Wireless Bag
briefcase-style bag made of heavy duty
water-resistant Cordura nylon with fully
padded interior. Cold-molded laminate
panels provide extra protection.
Carried by padded carrying handle
or a removable, adjustable
shoulder strap with pad.
#PEPS608�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 81.12
AH-2.5 Padded Audio Harness
Lightweight and durable, the
harness is padded along the
shoulders, chest, spine, and lumbar for
lasting comfort, even with heavy loads.
Designed for boom operators and recordists, breathable mesh lining
creates a cool airflow between the padding and your body. (POAH25)����������������������������������������������� 181.41
CC2 Case
HS1N v2
Audio Harness
Heavy duty padded wide strap
prevents shoulder fatigue while
carrying audio equipment.
Designed for use with audio
mixer and recording cases.
Features attachment rings
for securing cases, two carabineers, removable waist strap and a
carry sack. (VEPAHV2)����������������������������������������������������������� 167.20
No para exportación
For Evolution Wireless
G3 Systems
Foam lined case with inserts
designed to fit a rack-mountable
receiver, handheld transmitter,
body-pack transmitter and
PRO Audio
Direct Boxes
AV Direct
Multi-Input Audio/Video Direct Box
Dual Channel Passive Direct Injection Box
Passive Direct Box
Accepts virtually any input/output
level and offers remote level control.
Has stereo RCA, 1/8” and and
1/4” TRS line level inputs, as well
as a 1/4” and bare wire pressure clip
speaker level inputs.
#ARAVD���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 55.00
Connect instruments (or other sources) to
balanced inputs. Also allows connection
of a music source to an instrument
amp while simultaneously patching it
to a mixer. Switchable input attenuation,
parallel link jack, and switchable ground lift.
Connect instrument, line or speaker
level signals to a mixer or other
balanced input through a high
performance audio isolation transformer.
Features a switchable low pass filter, ground lift switch, phase
invert switch, Input attenuator and input link for additional routing.
DI100 ULTRA-DI Active Direct
Box with Groundlift Switch
Buffers the input signal with an amplifier to
ensure that the sound source reaches the
mixer balanced and noise-free. Can also
deal with a guitar amps speaker output,
handling up to 3000w.
DI20 ULTRA-DI Active
2-Channel DI Box/Splitter
Ideal for guitar and bass players, multiple modes
allow for flexible usage. Can also be balance
unbalanced sources. Three levels of
switchable input attenuation allows
input levels of up to +48dBu.
Passive Direct Injection Box
Connect amp outputs of up to 3,000-watts.
It also converts any unbalanced signal to a
balanced signal. Filter switch reduces
annoying hiss and buzz
#BEDI600P����������������������������������������� 29.99
8-Channel Direct Injection Box
Use in the studio or live. Each channel features an attenuator
switch, pad and ground lift switches and the ability to take the
speaker output of an amplifier. A front panel LINK connector can
function as an additional input, or direct output. (BEDI800)��119.99
PDC21 • PDC22
FET Direct Box
Single & Dual Channel Direct
High quality discrete components in a
single ended class A circuit results in
smooth, pristine audio fidelity with low
noise floor. Ground lift switch and
voltage gain selector. (CODB)��������������������������������������������149.00
1/4” phone line input, XLR and 1/4”
outputs, parallel connection, and
attenuation switch.
#PYPDC21 (Single-channel)������������������� 8.16
#PYPDC22 (Dual-channel)����������������������������������������������������15.00
ProDI • ProD2
Passive Direct Injection Box
Connect instruments to mixers without
losing tone. Convert unbalanced signal
to a balanced signal. Thru/Out jack can
send the unbalanced signal to an onstage
amplifier while the balanced signal is routed
to a mixer. (#BEDI400P)������������������������������������������������������19.99
GI100 ULTRA-G DI Box with
Speaker Simulation for Guitars
Connect electric guitars to recording and
live sound reinforcement consoles. Also
emulates a 4 x 12” speaker cabinet so
there is no need to mike an actual speaker.
Passive Multi-Media Direct Box
Connections include 1/4” for instruments,
RCA and 1/8” connectors and a +4dB
XLR input. The front panel connectors
can also be used as thru-puts to allow
multiple patch points. (RAPROAV1)������������������������������������ 119.99
DB14 Director
Passive A/V Stereo Direct Box
Passive Direct Boxes
Stereo Direct Box/Signal Separator
Full two-channel stereo functionality.
Includes 1/4” and RCA connectors.
Transformer isolation eliminates ground
loops that cause audio hum and buzz and
video hum bars or snow.
Custom-made transformer handles high
levels without saturation. Exceptionally
linear 20Hz-18kHz frequency response,
15dB pad and ground lift switch.
For applications where a stereo source signal
can be separated, and then individual volume
controls can be used for the level of each
track. Use in situations like rehearsing a choir
to the background music track. Stereo RCA
inputs, RCA and XLR outputs. (RODB14B)�����������������������������43.96
Personal Audio Interface
• Stereo to mono direct box
• Single input passive DI
• Ground lift switch
• 1/8” stereo mini TRS input
• Dual RCA inputs, balanced XLR output
#RAPRODI (Single-channel)��������������������������������������������������99.99
#RAPROD2 (Dual-channel)��������������������������������������������������149.99
Converts unbalanced line, instrument or
speaker level signal to low impedance
balanced mic level. Features 1/4”
parallel wired in/out jacks, 30dB
pad switch, switchable high cut filter
and a ground lift switch.
Two-Channel Direct Box
Single Channel Direct Box
Interface unbalanced, stereo line output
with balanced equipment. 1/8” mini TRS
stereo jack or two sets of color coded
RCA inputs that also feature Thru RCA connectors. Ground lift
switch and 20dB pad switch in each channel.
(WHPCDI)������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
• 1/4” parallel wired in/out jacks
• Three position pad switch
• Ground Lift switch
#WHEDB1������������������������� Call or Log-on
IMP 2: Direct Box for PA or Studio (WHIMP2)�����������������������39.95
No para exportación
Two-Channel Passive Direct Box
Each channel features a ground lift switch
and a 20dB pad. Input and output grounds
are isolated from each other, allowing use
as if it were two separate DIs without worrying
about ground loop interaction.
#WHD2��������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Avalon Design U5 Mono DI with EQ (AVU5)����������Call or Log-on
Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKII (GOPRE73MK2)������������349.99
Hosa DIB-443 Passive Direct Box (HODIB443)����������������������13.84
Radial Engineering J48 Active Direct Box (RAJ48)�����������199.99
Radial Engineering JPC Direct Box (RAJPC)���������������������199.99
Rolls DB24 - Stereo Direct Interface (RODB24)��������������������58.50
Samson S-direct plus Direct Box (SASDIRECTP)�������������������39.99
SM Pro Audio Wireless Di Box - Receiver (SMTRANZR)������139.99
SM Pro Audio Wireless DI Transmitter (SMTRANZT)�����������139.99
PRO Audio
Utility Mixers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Four-Channel Personal Mixer
• Active preamp and mixing circuitry
• Stereo RCA and 1/4” inputs with
RCA output
• Headphone jack for mix
#ARM4C���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 59.00
Four-Channel Personal Mixer
Three-Channel Mic Mono Mixer
• Three sets of L/R unbalanced 1/4”
inputs and a headphone output
with level control.
• Individual level and pan control
• Mix mono or stereo signals down
to stereo or identical L/R mono signals.
• Three low-impedance XLR mic inputs
and one XLR and one 1/4” phones
aux output.
• Each channel has phantom
power, low-frequency cut switches
and level control.
Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer
3-Channel Mixer and Interface
• Set mic levels without effecting the
level on output.
• A lthough mic (XLR) and line level
signal (1/4”) are fed into the mixer,
only the mic signal is sent via Mic
Thru output.
• Dual headphone outputs.
• XLR/TRS combo input with +48V
phantom power can be switched for
mic or line use.
• B alanced 1/4” line inputs, 1/4” main
outputs and 1/4” headphone jack for
convenient monitoring.
• LED signal/clip indicator; gain and level controls
MicroMix MX400
Four-Channel Low-Noise Mixer
• Four 1/4” line inputs and a single
1/4” phone output.
• Features quiet level controls
on each input.
• Suitable keyboard mixer,
or use to mix signal from
CD and MP3 players.
MX28 MiniMix VI
#ARUSBMIX����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 69.00
3-Channel Mic Mixer
• Add and mix sound from
three wireless or hard wired
mic sources simultaneously.
• 31⁄4 x 1/4 x 21⁄8”, it weighs 3
ounces, uses no batteries,
and attaches to a camcorder
or the hand strap.
MX22s MiniMix
Resistance Mixer
2-Channel Audio Line Mixer
• Passive, four-to-one resistance mixer
with four 1/4” unbalanced inputs
and one 1/4” unbalanced output.
Each input has its own level control.
• Housed in a cast alloy chassis and can
be reversed for four outputs from one input.
#DOVAC240���������������������������������������������������������������������� 37.44
• 1/8” and RCA line-level signals
• Mix a microphone and a CD player
into a single input.
• Individual controls for each channel
• Two separate outputs, one stereo
mini-plug the other stereo RCA.
3-Channel Miniature Stereo Line Mixer
Stereo Four-Channel Passive Mixer
• Each channels has individual L/R
1/4” input and individual right
and left 1/4” jacks.
• Each channel has a level and
pan (balance) control.
• Master Level controls and two
headphone outputs.
#ROMX28������������������������������������������������������������������������� 74.95
• Four 1/4” TRS line level inputs
and one output. Can also be
used as a 1-in/4-out stereo
splitter box when all controls
are set to maximum.
• R equires no batteries or
external power.
MX44s MiniMix IV
4-Channel Passive Mini Stereo Mixer
• Mix four RCA-connected devices
to a common output, with individual level control for each.
• A ll signals are mixed via stereo
100K ohm potentiometers to stereo RCA output connectors.
• Can be used as a 1-in/4-out box
MX56c MiniMix A/V
Four-Channel Stereo Mini Audio Mixer
MX51s MiniMix II
• Mix up to four stereo line-level
signals to a single stereo
• P owered by 9v battery, it has four
1/4” and four 1/8” TRS
inputs jacks.
Four-Channel Stereo Mini Audio Mixer
• Two 1/4” inputs and six RCA
inputs mixed to MONO.
• Individual volume controls for
each channel and a separate
headphone/line output.
MX310 MorMic
Four-Channel Stereo Mini Audio Mixer
• Stereo 1/8”, mono 1/4”, stereo
RCA line input and XLR (phantom
powered) mic input.
• Each input channel has its own
level control.
• 1/4” phone, stereo RCA and 1/8”
stereo headphone outputs.
Portable 4 Channel Stereo Mixer
3-Channel Mic Mixer/Combiner
Personal Monitor Station
• Individual phantom power
• Balanced XLR connectors
• Individual level control
• Low cut filter
• Headphones or alternate
stereo outputs.
• Runs on two 9v batteries
• 3 XLR Mic Inputs, one output
• Individual Level Controls
• Phantom Power
• 3.5mm I/O
• Low cut filters
• Includes bottom mounts and
power supply
#ROMX310������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 96.95
• XLR mic, 1/4” phone line and
instrument inputs
• Select stereo or mono line in
• Independent level control over
mic, line & instrument signals.
MX34c LiveMix 2 Channel Mic Mixer (ROMX34C)������������������97.25
MX54 3-Channel Stereo Mixer (ROMX54S)�������������������������110.75
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Analog Recording Mixers
MultiMix 8 USB
MultiMix 4 USB
12-Channel USB Mixer with Effects
4-Channel USB Mixer
8-Channel Mixer with Effects and USB
• 6-mono inputs with mic
preamps and 3-band EQ and
three -stereo channels with
2-band EQ. Pair of balanced XLRs
on output section.
• 2 mono input channels
and stereo paired (L/R)
input with 1/4” connections.
• Delay and reverb effects.
• Low-latency, 16-bit/44.1kHz multi-channel audio recording.
• Inserts on all mono channels and stereo output
• Channels 1/2 offer high and low-shelving EQ, and switchable
high-pass filtering at 75Hz to eliminate handling and wind noise.
• High-gain mic/line (XLR & 1/4” balanced)
inputs with phantom power,
2 stereo balanced 1/4” line inputs
• Integrated USB 2.0 audio interface
• Supports 24-Bit/44.1-96kHz audio
• 100 onboard 28-bit preset effects
• 3-band EQ per channel with high/low
shelving and mid band pass/reject
• Includes Cubase LE software
• 2 XLR mic preamps with
phantom power and up to 50dB of gain.
#ALZED12FX (with Sonar LE recording software)�������������������� 499.00
ALMM4USB����������������������������������������������������������������������� 74.94
More Allen&Heath Mixers
ZED-10: Miniature Mixer (ALZED10)��������������������������������� 249.00
ZED-10FX Multi-Purpose Miniature Mixer (ALZED10FX) 299.00
XB-14 Radio Broadcast USB Mixer: Specifically designed for broadcasting, features
dedicated Telco inputs for incoming
telephone callers, flexible USB
computer connectivity, and
a host of other broadcasting friendly capabilities.
(ALZEDXB14)�������������������������� 1199.00
MultiMix 8 Line
MultiMix 8 USB FX
8-Channel Mixer with FX and USB Interface
• Mic, 1/4” line and guitar level inputs
• XLR inputs have gain trim, high-pass
filters, and 48v phantom power
• 3-band EQ with sweepable parametric
mids on CH-1/2, 3-band on CH-3/4
• Built-in DSP effects processor with
footswitch bypass control
#ALMM8USBFX��������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
8-Channel Stereo Line Mixer
8 stereo input channels, each with L/R TRS 1/4” phone inputs.
The first channel has an XLR mic input. The front panel features
audio level, pan and effects send controls. Master volume and
Effect Return controls are also featured.
XENYX 502 • XENYX 802
XENYX 1002 • XENYX 1002FX • XENYX 1202 • XENYX 1202FX
5- and 8-Channel Audio Mixers
10- and 12-Channel Audio Mixers
XLR mic with +48v phantom power, line
channel with 2-band EQ, and two
stereo line level channels. RCA line
input and separate volume controls
for the main and headphone outputs.
XENYX 802 has 6 line inputs on
1/4” connectors and two XLR mic inputs.
The XENYX 1002 has 2 XLR mic inputs with user switchable +48v phantom power and 10 line level
inputs. Inputs 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 are stereo paired. An additional stereo I/O is provided for
connecting tape and CD devices. Otherwise the same, the 12-channel XENYX 1202 has 12
line inputs and 4 XLR mic inputs.Otherwise the same as the XENYX 1002 and 1202
(respectively), the XENYX 1002FX and 1202FX incorporate a 24-bit effects processor
with 100 user selectable “real-world” presets that include, reverb, chorus and delay effects.
XENYX 502 (BEX502)����� 44.99 XENYX 802 (BEX802)����� 64.99
XENYX 302USB 5-Input USB Mixer (BEX302USB)���������������� 49.99
1002 (BEX1002)�����������������������������������������������������������������79.99
1002B: AC or battery operated (BEX1002B)������������������������119.99
1202 (BEX1202)�����������������������������������������������������������������89.99
1002FX (BEX1002FX)����������������������������������������������������������99.99
1202FX (BEX1202FX)��������������������������������������������������������109.99
XENYX 1204USB • X1204USB
12-Channel 2/2 Bus USB Mixers
• 4 phantom-powered mic preamps
• 4 compressors with “one-knob” functionality and control LED
• “British” 3-band EQs • 2 aux sends per channel
• Clip LEDs and mute/alt 3-4 function on all channels
• 2 subgroups with separate outputs for added routing flexibility
• Built-in FX processor with 16 editable presets including reverb,
chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, multi-effects, tap function
and storable user parameter settings.
• Control room and headphone outputs with multi-input source
X1622USB • X1832USB
Premium 16- and 18-input 2/2-Bus Mixers
4 or 6 phantom-powered XENYX mic
preamps. 4 or 6 compressors with easy
“one-knob” functionality and control
LED and “British” 3-band EQ.
Effects processor with 16 presets, long-wearing 60mm faders
and sealed rotary controls, and built-in
USB audio interface.
#BEX1622USB (with energyXT2.5 Audio Software)���������������� 229.99
#BEX1832USB (with energyXT2.5 Audio Software)���������������� 279.99
• Long-wearing 60mm faders
and sealed rotary controls
• Includes audio recording,
editing, and podcasting
software plus 150
instrument and effect
plug-ins and ultra-low
latency driver
#BEX1204USB (X1204USB)������������������������������������������������179.99
Steps up from the
1204USB with six mono mic
inputs. It also features
channel inserts, stereo
7-band graphic EQ, and
proprietary FBQ Feedback
Detection System. Has full-sized
faders (for MON and FX SENDs), XPQ 3D
stereo surround effect (creates a broader, enhanced stereo
image), and a Voice Canceller function.
22-Input 2/2-Bus and 24-input 4/2-Bus Mixers
• Ultra low-noise, high headroom analog mixers with 8 or 10 (respectively) mic preamps
and neo-classic “British” 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid band.
• 2 4-bit stereo FX processor with 100 presets
• 8 compressors with easy “one-knob” functionality and control LED
hannel inserts on each mono channel. Peak LEDs, mute, main mix and subgroup routing
switches, solo and PFL functions on all channels. Multi-functional stereo aux returns with flexible routing.
• Control room/phones outputs with multi-input source matrix; Tape inputs assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs
• L ong-wearing 60mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotary controls. They offer USB audio interface an come with energyXT2.5 music
production software, and have a built-in drum machine. They also include rack mount brackets.
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Analog Recording Mixers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
8-Channel Splitter/Mixer
•Flexible enough for use in homes, theaters, conference rooms,
houses of worship, PA, live sound reinforcement, and recording.
•Servo balanced inputs and outputs allow use as a DI-Box
• Can be used as multi-channel line matching transformer
• 8-segment metering of input gain on each channel. 4-segment
metering on Main In and Main Output Channels.
12-Channel Mic/Line Mixer with FX
• 19” rack
audio mixer
with eight
mono and two stereo channels.
• All channels feature a 2-band EQ with gain and level control.
• On-board effects processor
RX1602 16-Ch. Rackmountable Line Mixer (BERX1602)������149.99
4-Channel Mixer
• Four channels with 2 mono line
inputs, a stereo line input and
two XDR2 mic preamps.
ono line inputs are switchable
between instrument and line
signal, making it guitar friendly.
• 2-band EQ on the mono channels
• Comes with Tracktion 3 Software
1202-VLZ3 • 1402-VLZ3 • 1604-VLZ3 • 1642-VLZ3
8-Channel Mixer
12-, 14- and 16-Channel Mixers
• Two mono line inputs, three stereo line
inputs and three XDR2 mic preamps.
• Mono line inputs are
switchable between
instrument and line,
making it guitar friendly.
• All channels feature 3-band EQ
• Balanced XLR Main output, ALT 3/4 bus
assignment and stereo AUX send and return routing.
• The 1202 and 1402-VLZ3 have 12 or 14 balanced line inputs,
four or 6 XDR2 mic preamps, four insert points. The
16-channel mixers offer 16 line inputs switchable
• Super quiet XDR2 (Extended Dynamic Range) mic preamps
deliver studio-grade sound—over a 130dB dynamic range—
• All except the 1202-VLZ3 have 60mm tapered faders
• Aux sends, level, pan and PFL solo on each channel
• 3-Band Active EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz)
• Control Room/Phones source matrix
• Rack-mountable design using optional rack ears
Onyx 820i • 1220i
16-Channel FireWire Recording Mixers
8- and 12-Channel FireWire Mixers
8 or 16 mic inputs with 4-band dual
sweep Perkins EQ and Onyx
mic preamp. 4 or 6 aux
sends for monitor mixes
on stage, headphone
cue mixes in the studio, and
for effect sends. The Onyx 1640i also
has a 4-bus architecture for flexible sub-grouping of channels.
• Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software for Mac or PC
#MA1202VLZ3������������� 269.99
#MA1402VLZ3������������� 399.99
Onyx 1620i • 1640i
Tap into the power of computer recording
with their deep DAW integration. Fully
compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered 8
software making them full-featured audio
tools that can adapt to any situation.
Ideal for use with Final Cut Pro. Dedicated
talkback section with mic.
Onyx 820i (MAO820I)�������������������449.99
Onyx 1220i (MAO1220I)���������������������������������������������������649.99
MG102 10-Channel Mixer
• All line inputs feature balanced
1/4” TRS phone line and XLR
mic connections.
• 1-knob compression-adjust
for compressing incoming
vocals, instruments and
other signal.
• Inserts connections on the
mono channels.
Onyx 1620i (MAO1620I) with rack ears������������������������������ 949.99
Onyx 1640i (MAO1640I) with rack ears���������������������������� 1599.99
Rane MLM82S 8-Channel Mic/Line Mixer (RAMLM82S)�������439.00
Rolls RM65B 6-Ch. Mic/Line Mixer (RORM65B)������������������261.50
Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss (RUPORT2MSTR)������� 3995.00
Toft Audio ATB04M 4-Channel Mixing Console (TOAB04M)� 1999.99
Tascam LM-8ST Rackmount Line Mixer (TALM8ST)������������289.99
Yamaha MW10C 10-Channel USB Mixer (YAMW10C)����������168.90
Yamaha MW12CX 12-Channel USB Mixer (YAMW12CX)�����281.80
Yamaha MG166CX-USB 16-Channel Mixer (YAMG166CXUSB)�499.99
Yamaha MG166C-USB 16-Channel Mixer (YAMG166CUSB)��399.99
#MA1604VLZ3������������� 899.99
#MA1642VLZ3������������� 699.99
8-Channel Mic and Line Mixer
• 8 XLR mic inputs and eight 1/4” phone line input
• Line inputs can function as channel inserts or direct outputs
• Front panel features level tone, trim and master level controls
• Inserts allow loop routing to external processing gear,
• Microphone or line level output
• Pre-fade RCA phono input and output connections can be used
as alternate I/O or for cascading multiple RM82 mixers.
StudioLive 16.4.2
Recording & Live Sound Digital Mixer
Versatile 16-channel digital mixing console with integrated 22 x 18 FireWire audio interface.
Capable of handling 22 simultaneous inputs, its compatible with Logic, Sonar, and any ASIO
and Core Audio DAW software. 16 XLR inputs with XMAX mic preamps, inserts, and direct
outputs, and every channel has a dedicated Fat Channel dynamics and EQ section. Bundled
with Studio One Artist DAW software, 20 PreSonus Native Effects plug-ins and virtual
instruments and third-party loops, software and instrument sounds. (PRSL1642)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1999.95
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 (PRSL1602)�������������������������� 1299.95
PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 (PRSL2442)������������������������� 3299.95
PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2 (PRSLM3242AI)�������������������� 3999.95
Mackie DL1608 Digital Live Sound Mixer (MADL1608)��������� 999.99
Tascam DM-4800 Digital Mixing Console (TADM4800)����� 3499.99
Yamaha 01V96i Multitrack Digital Mixer (YA01V96I)���������� 2399.00
Mixer Cases & Covers
Behringer XENYX 1204USB(BE1204USB)���������������������������149.99
Nady RMX-6 Rackmount 6-Ch. Mic/Line Mixer (NARMX6)��Log-on
Gator Cases
G-MIX-B 1212 Padded Bag (GAGMIXB1212)���������������������34.99
G-MIX-B 1515 Padded Bag (GAGMIXB1515)���������������������39.99
G-MIX-B 1815 Padded Bag (GAGMIXB1815)���������������������49.99
G-MIX-B 1818 Padded Bag (GAGMIXB1818)���������������������49.99
G-MIX-B 2020 Padded Bag (GAGMIXB2020)���������������������54.99
G-MIX-20x25 ATA Mixer Case (GAGMIX20X25)���������������199.99
G-MIX-B 0909 Padded Nylon Mixer Bag (GAGMIXB0909)���29.99
G-MIX-B 2118 Padded Nylon Mixer Bag (GAGMIXB2118)���64.99
G-MIX-B 2519 Padded Nylon Mixer Bag (GAGMIXB2519)��79.99
MC-2222 Dust Cover (GAGMC2222)������������������������������14.99
G-MIX-20x30 ATA Case (GAGMIX20X30)�����������������������229.99
StudioLive 24 Dustcover (PRSLMDC)������������������������������39.95
No para exportación
ATA Pop-Up 12U Mixer Case (SK19P12)�����������������������269.99
1202 VLZ D Padded Mixer Bag (MAB1202VLZ)�����������������39.99
1402 VLZ D Padded Mixer Bag (MAB1402VLZ)�����������������44.99
Mixer Bag for 402-VLZ3 Mixer (MAB402VLZ3)�����������������29.99
Mixer Bag for 802-VLZ3 Mixer (MAB802VLZ3)������������������34.99
PRO Audio
Power Amplifiers
SLA-1 • SLA-2
RA150 150-Watt Stereo Power Amplifier
Constructed on heavy gauge steel chassis,
the RA150 uses convection cooling with
massive extruded aluminum heat-sinks
for reliable operation. Features electronicallybalanced 1/4” balanced TRS and balanced RCA inputs, detented front panel input level controls and
overload/protect indicators. Outputs are heavy-duty dual binding posts. Active circuitry continuously
monitors the output stage for short circuits and thermal overload. Protection circuitry will disconnect the
loudspeaker load. Runs on 120/230v AC.
100w- and 200w 2-Channel Power Amplifiers
Two-channel power amps with
XLR and 1/4” inputs along
with five-way binding post
outputs. They can operate in stereo or bridged mode, have a ground-lift switch and offer full protection
against short circuits, overloads, and overheating. SmartFan system offers silent fan-assisted convection cooling to keep them running reliably.
SLA-1: 100w (ARSLA1)���������������������������� 269.00 SLA-2: 200w (ARSLA2)��������������������������� 369.00
SLA-4: 4x 140w Power Amplifier (ARSLA4)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������439.00
EP2000 • EP4000
600W Power Amplifier
Inexpensive professional reference
power amp, the A500 features ultra-reliable Toshiba
/ Fairchild power transistors, bar graph level metering
with precise level meter and clip indicators, thermal overload protection,
230w of power output per side at 4 ohms, and fan-free convection cooling for minimal operating noise.
Input connections on balanced XLR, 1/4” TRS and RCA connectors. Speaker outputs on professional
“touch-proof’’ binding posts and 1/4” TS connectors.
Europower Amplifiers
“Built-like-a-tank” all-steel 2RU
chassis’ the EP2000 and EP4000 feature high-current
toroidal transformers and Toshiba/Fairchild power
transistors for rock-solid reliability and an ultra-high transient response. They feature XLR and 1/4”
inputs, Speakon and binding post outputs, protection circuitry, and rear-to-front ventilation. They have
independent limiters to prevent distortion, front-panel gain controls for each channel, selectable LF
filters to reduce hum, and LED lights for monitoring power, signal, and clip status.
#BEEP2000��������������������������������������������� 299.99
XLS Series DriveCore Stereo Power Amplifiers
DriveCore technology drives internal Class-D
electronics to consistently provide great audio,
regardless of power issues. Peakx limiter technology
achieves high SPL levels with minimal distortion. They feature XLR, 1/4”, and RCA inputs, along with
Speakon and binding post outputs. They can operate in stereo or bridged-mono mode. Individual level
controls let you adjust each channel separately.
XLS 1000 215W/Channel (CRXLS1000���� 299.00
XLS 1500 300W/Channel (CRXLS1500)���� 399.00
XLS 2000 375W/Channel (CRXLS2000)���� 499.00
XLS 2500 440W/Channel (CRXLS2500)���� 599.00
PTA1000 • PTA1400 • PTA3000
1000-, 1400- and 3000-Watt Power Amplifiers
Ideal for installations, they feature 1/4” and XLR inputs,
Speakon and binding post outputs and can operate in
stereo or bridged modes. They offer individual level
control knobs and LEDs for power, signal, clipping,
protection, and volume level. Also internal dual-speed
cooling fans, protection circuitry, ground-lift switch, and offer selectable voltage for worldwide use.
PTA1000 250W/Channel (PYPTA1000)������Log-on PTA1400 350W/Channel (PYPTA1400)������Log-on
PTA3000 with Built-in Crossover 750W/Channel (PYPTA3000)�������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
GX3 • GX5 300-watt and 500-watt Power Amplifiers
Easy to install, they feature balanced XLR and
1/4” phone, and unbalanced RCA phono inputs.
Outputs have speaker binding posts and Speakon
connections. Detented gain controls provide
precise level settings. QSC’s GuardRail protection
delivers full peak power while preventing
overloads. Built-in 180Hz crossover splits low
and mid frequency signal between the left and right channel, ideal for driving sub-woofers.
GX3 (300 Watts) #QSGX3������������������������ 299.99
#BEEP4000��������������������������������������������� 379.99
Rack Furniture
Hosa 19” Rack, Table-Top Design, 11U (HORMT254)������������������������� 34.99
Middle-Atlantic 8 Space Desktop Rail Rack (MIDR8)����������������������� 55.26
Middle Atlantic 12 Space Desktop Rail Rack (MIDR12)�������������������� 60.56
QuikLok RS-10 10U Tabletop Rack Stand (QURS10AM)��������������������� 32.95
Raxxess ER-04 Space Economy Rack (Black Oak) (RAER4)��������������� 79.95
Raxxess ER-08 Space Economy Rack (Black Oak) (RAER08)������������� 94.95
Raxxess ER-12 Space Economy Rack (Black Oak) (RAER12)������������� 99.50
Raxxess ER-12 Space Rack 18” Depth (Black Oak) (RAER1218)�������� 99.95
Raxxess ER-20 Space Economy Rack (Black Oak) (RAER20)����������� 109.95
Samson Steel Studio Rack Stand (SASRK16)���������������������������������� 219.99
Samson Steel Studio Rack Stand (SASRK12)��������������������������������� 179.99
Rack Drawers
Gator Cases GE-DRAWER-2U 2U Rack Drawer (GAGRD2U)�������������������������������������������������������� 94.99
Gator Cases GE-DRAWER-2US 2U 10” Deep Rack Drawer (GAD210)����������������������������������������� 89.99
Gator Cases GE-DRAWER-3U 3U Rack Drawer (GAGRD3U)�������������������������������������������������������� 99.99
Gator Cases GE-DRAWER-4U 4U Rack Drawer (GAGRD4U)������������������������������������������������������ 129.99
Gator Cases GE-WIRELESSDRWR Wireless Rack Drawer (GAGEWD)����������������������������������������� 149.99
Middle-Atlantic FI-2 2U Foam Drawer Insert (MIFI2)����������������������������������������������������������������� 33.18
Middle Atlantic 2-Space Rack Drawer (Black) (MID2)������������������������������������������������������������� 148.38
Middle Atlantic UD1 1-Space Utility Rack Drawer (MIUD1)�������������������������������������������������������� 94.00
Middle-Atlantic UD2 2-Space Utility Rack Drawer (MIUD2)������������������������������������������������������� 99.95
Middle Atlantic UD3 3-Space Utility Rack Drawer (MIUD3)������������������������������������������������������ 119.99
Middle Atlantic 2-Space Rack Drawer with Lock (Black Brushed) (MID2LK)������������������������������ 182.61
Middle Atlantic 3-Space Rack Drawer with Lock (Black Brushed) (MID3LK)������������������������������ 200.87
Raxxess Sliding Rack Drawer, 2-Space (RASDR2)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 94.99
Raxxess Sliding Rack Drawer, 3-Space (RASDR3)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 109.95
Rack Cables & Power Management
GX5 (500 Watts) #QSGX5������������������������ 399.99
RMX850 200-watt Power Amplifier
A high output rack-mountable (2RU) 2-channel
power amplifier with stereo/parallel/bridged mono
modes. Features 200w per channel driven into 8
Ohms, high-current toroidal transformer, fully
selectable low-frequency filtering with a choice of 30 or 50Hz roll-off, independent, user-defeatable clip
limiters, and front panel LED indicators for signal and clip. Offers full short circuit, open circuit, thermal,
ultrasonic and RF protection. Equipped with barrier strip, XLR, and 1/4” balanced inputs; speakon and
binding post outputs.
GX7 Rackmount Stereo Power Amplifier (725w/Channel) (QSGX7)����������������������������������������������599.00
Gator Cases GE-CBLMNGWC-1U Cable Management Panel (GAGECM1UCMC)��������������������������� 20.99
Gator Cases GE-PDU-6-UL 6 Outlet Power Strip (GAPDU6UL)���������������������������������������������������� 89.99
Middle-Atlantic CLAW14 14” Wallmount Cable Hanger (MICLAW14)����������������������������������������� 16.70
Middle-Atlantic PD-2015R-NS Multi-Mount Rackmount Power (MIPD2015NS)�������������������������� 83.04
Middle Atlantic PD-815R-PL 15A 8-Outlet Rackmount Power Strip (MIPD815RPL)��������������������� 97.59
Middle-Atlantic CLAW Wallmount Cable Hanger (MICLAW)������������������������������������������������������� 16.70
Middle-Atlantic TW12 8” Cable Management Straps, 12-Pack (MITW12)���������������������������������� 13.20
Middle Atlantic LBP-1A L-Shaped Horizontal Lacer Bar, 10-Pack (MILBP1A)������������������������������ 33.90
Middle Atlantic PD-815SC-NS 15A 8-Outlet High-Density Slim Power Strip (MIPD815SCNS)������ 76.50
Middle-Atlantic Rack Fan (MIQFAN)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 71.45
Middle-Atlantic CAB-COOL Cabinet Cooler (MICABCOOL)������������������������������������������������������� 103.88
Middle Atlantic COMP-COOL Cabinet Cooler (MICOMPCOOL)���������������������������������������������������� 54.20
Middle Atlantic UQFP-4RT Economical Ultra Quiet Fan Panel (MIUQFP4RT)������������������������������ 215.36
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Power Conditioners
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Rack Hardware
8’ Rackspace Ruler (MIRULER)��������������������������������������������������� 23.97
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 100 pc. (MIHP)����������������� 26.95
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 500 pc. (MIHP500)����������� 97.56
Philips Trim-Head Screws & Washer 100 pc. (MIHW100)������������� 26.85
Classic Philips Trim-Head Screws 500 pc. (MIHW500)��������������� 127.47
Star Post Screws & Washers 50 pc. (MIHTX)������������������������������� 15.38
CN1032-50 Cage Nuts (MICN103250)��������������������������������������� 33.38
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 25 pc. (MIHPS)������������������� 4.81
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 25 pc. (RAPTSW25)����������� 3.95
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 50 pc. (RAPTSW50)��������� 10.70
Philips Truss-Head Screws & Washers 100 pc.(RAPTSW100)������ 12.95
Rack Lights & Accessories
Allen & Heath 18” LED Lamp (ALLEDLAMPX)������������������������� 109.00
Allen & Heath LED Lamp with Dimmer Control (ALLEDLSX)������ 109.00
Hosa LED Gooseneck Console Lamp-BNC (HOLTE503BNC)�������� 15.99
Hosa LED Gooseneck Console Lamp-XLR (HOLTE503XLR)���������� 21.99
Littlite 1815 - 2.4 Watt Low Intensity Bulb (LI1815)��������������������� 3.59
Littlite 1815 Incandescent Bulb (2-Pack) (LI18152)��������������������� 5.75
Littlite Q5 - Tungsten Halogen Bulb (2-Pack) (LIQ52)����������������� 12.54
Littlite L-1 L-Series Lampset (12”) (LIL12LED)�������������������������Log-on
Littlite L-3 L-Series Lampset (12”) (LIL312)������������������������������ 66.75
Littlite Q5 - Tungsten Halogen Bulb (LIQ5)����������������������������������� 7.95
Mid-Atlantic LT-GN Gooseneck Light with USB (MILTGN)����������� 19.02
Numark Pro Gooseneck Light (NUPDL)�������������������������������������� 10.87
Rack Panels & Covers
Gator Cases 1 Flat Panel (GAPNLSTFLT1)����������������������������������� 5.99
Gator Cases 1U Vented Panel (GAPNLVNT1U)������������������������������ 9.99
Gator Cases 1U Perforated Panel (GAPNLVNSTD1U)������������������ 10.99
Middle-Atlantic PHBL-1 1U Flat Blank Panel (MIPHBL1)������������� 9.80
Middle-Atlantic Universal Connector Panel UNI-1-C (MIUNI1C)�� 40.07
Middle-Atlantic PBL-2 2U Flanged Blank Panel (MIPBL2)��������� 10.67
Middle-Atlantic EVT1 1U Vent Panel (MIEVT1)�������������������������� 13.50
Middle-Atlantic PBL-1 1U Flanged Blank Panel (MIPBL1)����������� 8.37
Middle-Atlantic VT1 1SP Vent Panel (MIVT1)��������������������������� 11.33
Middle Atlantic 3-Space (5.25”) Panel (MIRMLCDPNLK)��������� 135.60
Middle Atlantic 1-Space Security Cover (MIS1)������������������������ 23.78
Raxxess Steel Flat Panel, Model SFT2 (RASFT2)�������������������������� 7.50
Raxxess Steel Flat Panel (RASFT1)��������������������������������������������� 5.95
Raxxess RKRL 14 Space Rack Rail (1-Pair) (RAKRL14SP)���������� 20.95
Raxxess Steel Rack Rail RKRL-3, 3 Spaces (Pair) (RAKRL3SP)����� 5.04
Raxxess RKRL 10 Space Rack Rail (1-Pair) (RAKRL10SP)���������� 14.95
Rack Shelves
Gator Cases
GE-SHLF-UNIV-1U Shelf (GAGESUNIV1U)������������������������������������ 29.99
2U Vented Rack Shelf (GAGESEVH152U)������������������������������������� 54.99
1-space 10” Deep Utility Shelf (GAGES101U)������������������������������ 29.99
1U Vented Sliding Rack Shelf (GAGESSLD1U)������������������������������ 74.99
2-space 15” Deep Utility Shelf (GAGES152U)������������������������������ 44.99
3-Sp. Rackshelf (MIU3)�������������������������������������������������������������� 54.99
Steel Rack Shelf (MIU317)��������������������������������������������������������� 70.79
Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf (MISS)����������������������������������������������� 114.36
OCAP-3 3U Vented Clamping Rack Shelf (MIOCAP3)������������������� 32.74
OCAP-2 2U Vented Clamping Rack Shelf (MIOCAP2)������������������� 26.51
Rackshelf (half-rack component) (MIUTR1)��������������������������������� 29.95
VSA-1626 Adjustable Telescoping Rack Shelf (MIVSA1626)������� 112.31
U1 - Single Space Rack Shelf (MIU1)������������������������������������������ 38.90
U2 - 2SP Rack Shelf (MIU2)������������������������������������������������������� 43.53
U2V Vented Universal Rackshelf - 2-Spaces (MIU2V)������������������� 54.89
RC3 3-Space Clamping Rackshelf (MIRC3Q)������������������������������� 63.00
Econ. Sliding Shelf (RASLE1)������������������������������������������������������ 53.03
Utility Shelf, 1-Space (1 Shelf) (RAUTS1)������������������������������������� 26.99
1-Sp. Universal Shelf (RAUNS1)������������������������������������������������� 15.17
Utility Shelf, 2-Spaces (RAUTS2)����������������������������������������������� 33.16
PB 4x4 • PB 4x4 PRO
PS 4x4 PRO
“4x4” Power Distribution Systems
“4x4” Power Distribution System
Four of the outputs are 1.25” apart. This lets you plug in wide
power cables and multiple wall wart devices, and still have 8
outlets to choose from. Built in surge and spike protection, RFI
and EMI filtering, and circuit breaker reset switch. 1800w capacity.
Step-up features from PB 4x4 PRO include an LED meter that
displays incoming voltage and current metering, and two slide-out,
swiveling light fixtures that provide illumination for all your gear.
There is a separate “Rack Lights” switch for the lamps, plus a
dimmer control knob that regulates the lamps’ brightness.
#ARPS4X4PRO����������������������������������������������������������������� 155.00
#ARPB4X4PRO (with APF™ Advanced Power Filtering)����������� Log-on
M-8x • M-8Lx • M-8Dx
8-Outlet Power Conditioners
8-Outlet Power Conditioner & Surge Protectors
Exclusive SMP (Series Multi-Stage Protection) technology, LiFT
noise filtration, and EVS voltage protection. 8 rear outlets (3 with
wide spacing), and one front outlet. Also features dual retractable
LED lights, LED status indicators and BNC for gooseneck lamp.
The PL-PLUS C adds a segmented LED voltmeter which monitors
and displays incoming line voltage. The PL-PLUS DMC steps up
with a large digital voltmeter/ammeter, with discrete dimmer
button, displays line votlage and true RMS current draw.
#FUPL8C��������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
#FUPLPLUSC��������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
#FUPLPLUSDMC������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic
interference (RFI/EMI). Spike & surge protection. 8 rear outlets
(3 with wide spacing), and one front outlet. 15 amp rating, with
circuit breaker. Front panel indicator LED lets you know that your
equipment is being protected. Otherwise the same, the M-8Lx has
two retractable incandescent light fixtures with dimmer control
for convenient rack illumination, while the M-8Dx adds a Digital
Voltmeter which displays incoming line voltage.
Switched 8-Outlet Rack PDU
Horizontal PDU
(power distribution
unit) remotely
controls power to
individual outlets
and monitors the aggregate power consumption.
Features power on and off delays, current monitoring, alarm
thresholds, and network management. Individual outlet control to
turn outlets on, turn outlets off, or recycle power to equipment.
#FUM8X2����������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#FUM8LX������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
#FUM8DX������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
APC AV Network Rack Power Filtert (APG50NETB20A)��������� 259.95
APC AV 15A G Type Rack Power Filter, 120V (APG5BLK)�����Log-on
APC 24-Outlet Rack Power Distribution Unit (APAP7930)���� 652.99
Furman D10-PFP Power Distributor (FUD10PFP)������������������� 49.00
Furman Miniport 15 Power Relay Outlet (FUMP15)������������� Log-on
Furman PL-PRO DMC Power Conditioner (FUPLPRODMC)��Log-on
Furman Locking Outlet Strip 120v/15a (FUPLUGLOCK)������� Log-on
Furman PS-8R Series Power Conditioner (FUPS8RII)����������Log-on
Furman PST-8 Power Station (FUPST8)����������������������������� Log-on
Mid-Atlantic Rackmount PStrip 9-Outlet (MIPD915R).........104.49
Monster Cable PRO 600 PowerCenter (MOMPPRO600)������� 52.88
Pyle Pro PCO800 Power Conditioner (PYPCO800)..............Log-on
Audio Rack Cases
Gator Cases
GRB-2U Rack Bag (GAGRB2U)�������������������������������������������������79.99
GRB-4U Rack Bag (GAGRB4U)�������������������������������������������������99.99
GR2L Standard Rack Case (GAGR2L)����������������������������������� 139.99
GR4L Standard Rack Case (GAGR4L)����������������������������������� 159.99
GR6L Standard Rack Case (GAGR6L)����������������������������������� 169.99
GR8L Standard Rack Case (GAGR8L)���������������������� Call or Log-on
GR12L Standard Rack Case (GAGR12L)������������������������������� 239.99
GR2S Shallow Rack Case (GAGR2S)������������������������ Call or Log-on
GR3S Shallow Rack Case (GAGR3S)������������������������������������� 119.99
GR4S Shallow Rack Case (GAGR4S)������������������������������������� 139.99
GR6S Shallow Rack Case (GAGR6S)������������������������������������� 149.99
GRR-4L Roller Rack Case (GAGRR4L)����������������������������������� 189.99
GRR-6L Roller Rack Case (GAGRR6L)����������������������������������� 209.99
GRR-10L Roller Rack Case (GAGRR10L)������������������������������� 259.99
GR10L Standard Rack Case (GAGR10L)������������������������������� 219.99
GR12L Standard Rack Case (GAGR12L)������������������������������� 239.99
Pop-Up Console Rack Case (GAGRC12X10PU)��������������������� 499.99
No para exportación
SKB-R4 4U Rack Case (SKR4)���������������������������������������������� 129.99
SKB-R8 8U Rack Case (SKR8)���������������������������������������������� 204.99
SKB-XRACK2 2U X-Rack Case (SKXRACK2)����������������������������99.99
SKB-XRACK3 3U X-Rack Case (SKXRACK3)������������������������� 109.99
SKB-XRACK4 4U X-Rack Case (SKXRACK4)������������������������� 124.99
194U 4-Space Standard Rack Case (SK194U)��������������������� 194.99
SKB-RLX6 6U Rack Case (SKRLX6)�������������������������������������� 204.99
1SKB-R8W 8U Roto Rolling Rack (SKR8W)�������������������������� 239.99
SKB-R904U20 4U Shock Case (SKR904U20)����������������������� 534.99
1SKB-R6W 6U Roto Rolling Rack (SKR6W)�������������������������� 214.99
SKB19-R1406 Gig-Rig Case (SK19R1406)��������������� Call or log-on
PRO Audio
Studio Monitors
F5 • F7
2-Way Active Nearfield
A3X • A5X • A7X
2-Way Active Studio Monitors
ART tweeter delivers extended frequency response up to 50 kHz, resulting
in pristine, detailed and accurate high
frequencies well suited for high-resolution audio. The tweeter and mid-woofer
are independently amplified. nalanced
XLR and unbalanced RCA along with a
power switch and volume control dial.
4 .5” (A3X), 5.5” (A5X) or 7” (A7X)
carbon fiber/rohacell/glass fiber
midwoofer and an X-ART tweeter
deliver crisp, natural audio with a wide
frequency response. Each driver is
powered by its own 25W, 50W or 150W
amplifier. Dual bass ports extend the
bass response. XLR and RCA inputs.
F5 (ADF5)��������������������249.99 F7 (ADF7)��������������������399.99
SubF Active Studio Subwoofer (ADSUBF)��������������������������� 399.99
A3X (ADA3X)����������ea. 329.00 A5X (ADA5X)����������ea. 499.00
A7X (ADA7X)������������������������������������������������������������� ea. 699.00
A77X 7” 2-Way Active
Studio Monitors
Dual woofer near-field
solution for scenarios that
need horizontal audio
monitoring. Both woofers
deliver sub-bass frequencies down to 38Hz, however one is crossed-over to deliver mid-range frequencies. X-ART
tweeter delivers extended frequency response up to 50kHz. Can
use as a single cabinet, however, they are optimized for pairing.
A77X Left (ADA77XL) or A77X Right (ADA77XR)����������� ea. 1399.00
Elevate 3 • 5
A8X 8.5” 2-Way Active
Studio Monitors
Carbon fiber/rohacell/glass fiber
midwoofer and an X-ART tweeter
deliver crisp, natural audio with a wide
frequency response. Provides 200W of
total power. Front-panel gain control
and rear-panel tweeter gain control for
precise adjustments, plus high and low
shelving filter controls. Dual bass ports
extend the bass response. XLR and RCA inputs.
#ADA8X��������������������������������������������������������������������� ea. 999.00
Monitor One MKII
Powered 5” Desktop Studio Monitors (Pair)
2-Way Passive 6.5” Studio Reference Monitors
They feature a 3” or 5” woofer
and a 1” soft-dome silk tweeter
in each enclosure. Front panel
olume contro also serves as a
power switch. Left and right RCA
inputs and a Bass Boost switch
on the rear panel. 1/8” stereo
headphone out on the front panel.
Provides wide frequency range, clear
imaging and high-power handling. The 6.5”
polypropylene low-frequency drivers deliver
tight, accurate bass response. The 1” pure
silk-dome high frequency transducers deliver
a smooth and even response. Frequency
response is 45Hz to 20kHz. The cabinets
are mirror image, left/right pair for
symmetrical speaker placement.
Elevate 3 (ALELEVATE3) or Elevate 5 (ALELEVATE5)��������������149.00
#ALM1M2���������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 188.20
M1Active 320/520 USB
M1Active 520
M1Active MKII
USB 2-Way 3” and 5” Stereo Nearfield Monitors
2-Way Active 5” Nearfield Studio Monitors
2-Way Active 6.5” Studio Reference Monitors
Plug into the USB port on a Mac or PC and
go. 3” or 5” polypropylene woofers and 1”
silk dome tweeter provide a wide frequency
response. They also act as an interface,
allowing audio devices to be played through
them or directed to the computer and
recorded. They support 16-bit/48kHz for
crystal clear sound.
#ALM1A320��������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 79.00
#ALM1A520U����������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 149.99
75W of bi-amplification powers a 5”
woofer and 1” tweeter, housed in a
minimal-resonance, bass-ported
cabinet, replete with a cleverly mounted
combination power switch and clip
light. Features a set of frequency
control switches for fine-tuning, Gain
control knob, XLR and 1/4” connectors,
and dual-voltage power supply.
#ALM1A520������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 172.93
Internal active crossover and dual amps ensure
consistent performance. 6.5” carbon fiber
woofer offers high tensile strength and low
weight for quick transient response. The 1”
pure silk dome tweeter offers a natural
response. Bass driver amps deliver 75w
and the high frequency amps provide 25w.
Monitors can be mounted in either a
horizontal or vertical placement.
#ALM1AM2�������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 269.00
MS16 2-Way Multimedia Monitor
Magnetically shielded
2-way speakers, each
with a 4” woofer and a
1.5” tweeter powered by
an 8w amp. Features a
mic input and headphone
output, bass and treble
tone controls, and two line inputs which allow for simultaneous
monitoring of different sources. Speakers connections via RCA.
MS20 • MS40 20- and 40-watt
24/192kHz Digital Monitors
B1030A • B1031A 2-Way
Active 5.25” and 8” Monitors
Built-in 20 and 40w amps
power powerful woofers and
high-resolution tweeters to
provide ultra-linear frequency
response. Optical and coaxial
inputs. Volume controls for
line inputs plus Bass and
Treble EQ controls.
5.25” or 8” long-throw Kevlar woofer and
1” dome tweeter. Advanced waveguide
technology provides a wide sweet spot for
great results no matter where the speaker
is. XLR, RCA, and 1/4” inputs. Adjust
volume and tone, and even compensate
for the speaker’s position within a room.
#BEMS20����������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 129.00
#BEMS40����������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 163.99
#BEB1030A (75-watts)�������������������������������������������������������299.98
#BEB1031A (150-watts)������������������������������������������������������298.00
eXo2 Active 2.1 Desktop Speaker Monitoring System
Reference-quality audio in a compact package. 8” subwoofer houses
the amp and offers XLR/TRS combo inputs, stereo RCA input and highquality binding post outputs. A set of isolation feet decouple the sub
from the floor to prevent vibrations and reflections. Satellite speakers
have a 3” woofer with a neodymium motor structure and a 1” fabric
neodymium tweeter. Place them anywhere, or mounted on a wall or
ceiling. Desktop HUB remote controls system gain and subwoofer level.
Also has a 3.5mm input as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.
MediaDesk 5.1 MKII 5.1 Desktop System (BLMD5.1MK2)���������1595.00
No para exportación
Active 2-Way Studio Monitor
7” woofer and 1” high-resolution soft
dome tweeter each powered by 50W
RMS amplifier. A high-pass filter
switch and level control are provided
as well as a set of analog room filters
to create best results.
#DYBM6A�������������������������������������������������� sold as a pair 1698.00
PRO Audio
Studio Monitors
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
8” 250W 2-Way Active Nearfield
Monitor Speaker
8” mineral-impregnated
polypropylene woofer, and
1” silk dome tweeter provide realistic audio
with a wide frequency response. Large
bass port on the front helps to extend low
frequency response. Protection circuitry for
current limiting and thermal cutoff ensure
reliable operation. Selectable voltage for international use.
#EV2020BAS������������������������������������������������������������������� 349.50
CMS Series Active
2-Way Studio Monitors
Reinforced and damped die-cast aluminum
cabinet houses a Polyglass woofer and an
aluminum/magnesium inverted dome
tweeter. Volume, sensitivity, parametric EQ,
high-pass filter, and shelving controls allow
you to customize their acoustic response.
CMS 40 4” with 25W Amp (FOCMS40)������������������������ ea. 425.00
CMS 50 5” with 130W Amp (FOCMS50)���������������������� ea. 695.00
CMS 65 6.5” with 160W Amp (FOCMS65)������������������� ea. 895.00
Solo6 Be 6.5” Active 2-Way
Nearfield Studio Monitor
6.5” “W” composite sandwich midwoofer and
a 1” Beryllium inverted dome tweeter provide
full, neutral sound with a wide frequency
response. A front laminar bass port extends
bass response. Drivers are powered by their
own amps for a total of 250w of power for
distortion-free performance.
10W 4” Powered Digital Speaker
5” Active Nearfield Studio Monitor Speaker
Active Nearfield Monitors
Compact, it features a 4” driver powered by a
10W amplifier for powerful sound. It offers an
analog 1/4” TS connector and digital AES/EBU
in and thru jacks so you can connect to
virtually any system. Selector switch for left,
right, or left/right. Made from cast aluminum,
it comes with a multi-voltage power supply.
6301B 10W 4” Powered Analog Speaker (FO6301BE)�������� Log-on
4” woofer and 0.75” soft dome
tweeter provide a wide frequency
response. Biamplified design
sends 36W of power to the
drivers to deliver tight, punchy
sound. RCA and 1/4” inputs.
Can be wall mounted.
The 6010A delivers clear, realistic
sounds with solid bass response and low
distortion via 3” low frequency driver and
0.75” tweeter. Dual internal amplifiers
each produce 12W and use an active
crossover for exceptional response
throughout the frequency spectrum.
In Mystic Black (GE6010AMM), or White (GE6010AWM)������� 349.00
7050B 8” Active Companion Subwoofer (GE7050B)������������ 996.52
In Black (FOPM0.4NB), White (FOPM0.4NW) pair only���������� Log-on
4” Active 2-Way Nearfield Monitor
Active Nearfield Monitors
Active Nearfield Monitors
Ultra-compact, 4” woofer and a 0.75”
tweeter provide a wide 66Hz to 20kHz
frequency response. Power is supplied by a
pair of 20W amplifiers. A Directivity Control
Waveguide is incorporated for a smooth
response both on and off-axis. The included
Iso-Pod keeps the monitor stable on a
table or desk, and helps to reduce audio
reflections and vibrations. Volume and tone controls and threads
for ceiling or wall mounting. (GE8020BPM)������������������������ 487.00
Small, 2-way speakers with twin 40w amps
and shielded 5” and .75” LF and HF drivers.
Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) and
rear panel reflex port design for accurate
and balanced wave dispersion. Balanced
XLR I/O for daisy-chaining units or
connection to subwoofer. Tone control
DIP switches for adjustment to the room’s
acoustic environment.
Small, 2-way speakers with twin 90w amplifiers and shielded 6.5” and .75”
LF and HF drivers. Housed in a sturdy diecast aluminum enclosure. DCW and rear
panel reflex port design for accurate and balanced wave dispersion. Balanced XLR I/O for
daisy-chaining or connection to subwoofer.
Tone control DIP switches for adjustment to
the room’s acoustic environment.
#GE8040A�������������������������������������������������������������������� 1224.00
Control 2P
5.25” 2-Way Powered Speaker (Pair)
High-quality audio in a compact design.
Each speaker has a 5.25” woofer and
a 0.75” dome tweeter. An internal amp
provides 35W per channel. Offers XLR,
1/4”, and RCA inputs. Side-mounted
control lets you adjust the volume of
both speakers simultaneously. A stereo
headphone jack is provided for private
6” Two-Way Passive Nearfield Monitor
6” glass aramid composite cone
woofer maximizes performance while
minimizing distortion. 1” neodymium
soft dome tweeter provides a more
natural sound than metal-domed
tweeters. Recessed high frequency
waveguide focuses the sound away
from the cabinet and provides
optimal pattern control.
90W 5” Active 2-Way Studio Monitor
165W 8” Active 2-Way Studio Monitor
5” long excursion woofer and 1” soft
dome tweeter provide clear, wide
frequency response with superb detail.
XLR, TRS, and RCA input jacks. Volume control knob, and LF and HF trim
switches to customize response. Has
4 standard M6 threaded mounting
points. Neoprene rubber pad on the
bottom minimizes audio reflections.
Class A-B monolithic power amplifiers
deliver 165W to the 8” long excursion
woofer and 1” soft dome tweeter. XLR,
TRS, and RCA inputs. Vlume control
knob, along with LF/ HF trim switches,
let you customize speaker response.
Neoprene rubber pad on the bottom
help minimize audio reflections.
#JBLSR2328P�������������������������� 349.00
LSR2310SP 10” 180w Powered Sub (JBLSR2310SP)����������399.00
6- and 8” Active Monitors
RoKit 5/6/8 G2
5-, 6- and 8” Two-Way Active Monitors
Low-resonance cabinet houses a rigid
woven Kevlar woofer and a 1” silk dome
tweeter. Sleek, curved design creates
terrific imaging qualities and offers a wide
sweet spot. XLR/TRS combo input. High
and low frequency, level control, auto
mute, clip indicator/limiter switches.
5-, 6- and 8” (respectively) glass aramid
composite cone woofers maximize
performance while minimizing distortion.
1” neodymium soft dome tweeters
provide a natural sound. Bi-amp design
provides 45, 68 and 90-watts of power
to the speaker elements.
#KRVXT6 (90w total power)������������������������������������������������449.00
#KRVXT8 (180w total power)�����������������������������������������������599.00
RoKit 5 (KRRP5G2)��������������������� 149.50
RoKit 6 (KRRP6G2)����������������������������������������������������������199.50
RoKit 8 (KRRP8G2)����������������������������������������������������������249.50
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Studio Monitors
Studiophile AV 30
10” 225W Powered Subwoofer
Add powerful, punchy low range
frequencies to your nearfield
monitor setup. The compact
KRK10s has curved edges and
yellow glass-aramid composite
woofer with a front firing port
for accurate bass frequency
40-Watt Active 2-Way Desktop Monitors
Wooden cabinets feature a
3” composite woofer and
a 0.75” silk dome tweeter
each powered by 10w amp.
The rear panel features a
stereo RCA input and the
front panel a 3.5mm aux
input. OptImage III wave
guides on the front baffles help to improve detail and clarity, as
well as provide an accurate stereo image.
#MASPAV302G (sold as pair only)�����������������������������������������99.00
4” polypropylene-coated
woofers, 3/4” silk dome
tweeters and 40W of
power for wide frequency
response of 85Hz to
20kHz. RCA and 1/4”
input connectors. An
auxiliary 1/8” input and
an 1/8” headphone output on the front panel Bass boost switch
provides extra low-end response.
#MASPAV402G (sold as a pair only)�������������������������������������131.99
Three-Way 8” Active Studio Monitors
240W 10” Active Subwoofer
Features three-way fidelity in a
compact two-way footprint with
real wood baffle. Inline mid and
high drivers offer superior imaging.
8” woven Kevlar LF driver.
5” woven Kevlar mid-frequency
driver and 1” silk dome tweeter
with integrated waveguide. Triamp Class A/B power 220w total.
EQ with bypass; switchable low-cut filter. (MAM3SPEAKER) 299.99
Ideal for the BX series, the SBX10
delivers a response all the way down to
20Hz. Continuously variable crossover
can be set from 50 to 200Hz, allowing
use with any full-range speaker. Has a
180° phase switch, and a bypass footswitch connector for further
customization. Rear-panel volume
control, and voltage selector switch for
worldwide use.
#MASBX10���������������������������������������������������������������������� 399.99
6.5” 2-Way Passive Studio Monitor
HR624 MK2 • HR824 MK2
6.7- and 8.75” Active Two-Way Monitors
THX pm3-certified with low-distortion woofer
and 1” titanium dome tweeter. Amps provide
140W or 250W of power. OmniMount ready
for easy mounting on a wall or ceiling. XLR,
TRS, RCA inputs and controls for LF and HF
filters, along with acoustic space matching.
Compact design is ideal where
space is at a premium. The
bass- cabinet has a 1.5” thick
curved front baffle to provide
excellent imaging. 2” cylindrical
bass port delivers tight, punchy
bass. The 6.5” woofer and 1”
ferrofluid-cooled soft dome
tweeter provide accurate audio with a full frequency response.
Eris E5 • Eris E8
Sceptre S6 • S8
Two-Way Active 5.25” & 8” Studio Monitors
Two-Way CoActual Studio Monitor
• 5.25” Kevlar Woofer, 1” Tweeter (E5)
• 8” Kevlar Woofer, 1.25” Tweeter (E8)
• 70w or 130w Class AB Bi-amp
• 102dB Max SPL
• Acoustic tuning controls
• Acoustic space settings
• XLR, 1/4” TRS and RCA inputs
• Output current & overheat protection
They articulate nuances of your music that
can’t be reproduced by conventional designs. They feature panoramic soundstage
and a wide dynamic range. Advanced
coaxial design works integrally with a
32-bit/96 kHz, dual-core processor running Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ Temporal EQ
Sceptre S6 (PRSCEPTRE6)���������������������������������������������������� 649.00
Sceptre S8 (PRSCEPTRE8)���������������������������������������������������� 749.00
Eris E5 (PRERISE5)���������������������������������������������������������������� 149.95
Eris E8 (PRERISE8)���������������������������������������������������������������� 249.95
Studiophile AV 40
30-Watt Active 2-Way Desktop Monitors
sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System
Provides high-quality audio in a unique and distinct design. Each
speaker has a 6.5” polypropylene cone woofer and a 1” silk dome
tweeter to deliver clear audio with a wide frequency response. The speakers have
curved, egg-like enclosures that provide excellent rigidity while minimizing diffraction,
standing waves, and resonant effects that can distort and smear sound. Each speaker
has an integrated base with adjustable vertical alignment so you can set the system’s
“sweet spot” perfectly in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Unique LED locator
guide beams help you to find the sweet spot more quickly and easily. The control unit
has integrated amplifiers to drive the speakers, which are connected viaincluded 10’
matched cables. Amps are ultra fast and have very low distortion, offering a 100W per channel headroom indicator. The control unit has
source select inputs, active crossovers, LF and HF EQ, and mid-band control to emulate the mid-range response of Hi-Fi and NS10 type
speakers for hard, soft, or reference listening. (SEMUNROEGG)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2499.00
No para exportación
MR5 mk2 • MR8 mk2
5.25- and 8” Active Two-Way Monitors
Steel-frame woofer and a waveguide-loaded
1” tweeter provide full frequency response.
Class A/B amplifiers provide a total of 85W
or 150W of power.
A precisely-molded minimum-diffraction
baffle allows sound to travel smoothly in a
wide dispersion pattern. This provides a
wide sweet spot for accurate mixing.
MR5 mk2: 5.25” woofer/85W (MAMR5MK2)��������������������� 149.99
MR8 mk2: 8” woofer/150W (MAMR8MK2)������������������������ 249.99
KH 120
5.25” 2-Way Active Monitor
5.25” composite
sandwich cone woofer
and a 1” titanium fabric dome tweeter to
provide clear, natural audio with a wide
frequency response. Large ports on the
cabinet help to extend bass response,
while an elliptical MMD waveguide on the
tweeter provides a wide sweet spot.
2-Way Active Monitors
Rear-vented enclosures
feature a custom woofer
and a 1” silk dome
tweeter to provide a full
frequency response.
Dual Class A/B internal
amplifiers. Front panel
offers volume control, headphone jack, and a 3.5mm mini input.
MediaOne 3a 3” woofer/30W (SAM3A)��������������������������������99.99
MediaOne 4a 4” woofer/40W (SAM4AQ)����������������������������149.99
Reveal 601P
6.5” Passive 2-Way Studio Monitor
6.5” low-distortion low/mid driver and
a 1” soft dome tweeter. Front firing
bass-reflex port extends low frequency
response as low as 63Hz. Rigid, sculpted
front baffle minimizes diffraction and
provide clear stereo imaging. Power
handling capability of 50-100W. Standard
wire terminal inputs. Rear-panel HF trim
controls let you adjust the monitor’s
response to match environment. (TAR601P)�����������������������125.00
PRO Audio
Studio Monitors & Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Reveal 501A • 601A
5 & 6.5” Active 2-Way Studio Monitors
Studio Command System
Monitor Isolation Pads
5 or 6.5” low-distortion low/mid driver
and a 1” soft dome tweeter. Front firing
bass-reflex port helps extends low
frequency response to 64Hz. Rigid,
sculpted front baffle minimizes diffraction and provides clear stereo imaging.
XLR and unbalanced 1/4” inputs. Rearpanel volume and HF trim controls.
Tabletop level control
/ monitor switcher and
source selector and
talkback box with built-in
talkback microphone. Big, convenient volume knob for precise
level adjustments. Switch between 3 sets of studio monitors.
Provides sonic isolation between
monitors and whatever they are resting
on–be it speaker stands or the meter bridge of a console, instantly
improving the accuracy of the entire monitoring system. Made of
proprietary, high density foam, “tightens” and increases sonic
detail of studio reference monitors, particularly low frequencies.
#AUMPS (one set of four pieces – two per speaker)������������������44.99
#TAR501A (Reveal 501A)...........�179.00
#TAR601A (Reveal 601A)����������� Log-on
10W 4” Powered Monitor
4” driver housed in a bass-reflex enclosure
offers a smooth frequency response of 75Hz to
18kHz. Internal EQ boosts bass response while
maintaining clarity. Independent high and low
EQ controls for optimization within your listening
space. RCA and 1/4” line inputs, as well as a 1/4” mic input and a
1/4” line output. (YAMS1013)............................................149.00
MSP3 Powered Two-Way
Compact Monitor
Built-in 20-watt amp drives both the 4” woofer
and the 7/8” tweeter. Magnetic shielded, can
also be mounted on a mic stand with optional
BMS10A adapter. Volume controls for the two
line inputs plus high and low tone controls.
Balanced XLR input, a balanced 1/4” TRS
phone jack and an unbalanced RCA coaxial
input. (YAMSP3)���������������������������������� 145.69
MSP5 5” Active 2-Way Nearfield Monitor (YAMSP5S)���������274.99
HS50M • HS80M
5” and 8” Two-Way Active Monitors
HS50M features 70W of power, a 5” woofer
and 0.75” dome tweeter, housed in a sturdy
bass-reflex MDF cabinet. The HS80M offers
120 watts of power, an 8” woofer and 1”
dome tweeter. Both offer rear panel level
and room acoustics control switches,
balanced XLR and bal/unbal 1/4” inputs.
HS50M (YAHS50M)������149.99
HS80M (YAHS80M)������249.99
8” 120W Active Studio Subwoofer
Extra-large magnets for greater dynamic
range. Extensive controls include input
level knob, 3-way High Cut and Low Cut
filter switches, Phase switch and on/off
switch for Low Cut Filter. Extra-high
subwoofer feet isolate speaker from
floor rumble. XLR and 1/4” connectors.
BEHRITONE C5A 5.25” 30W Monitor (BEC5A)��������������������89.00
BEHRITONE C50A 5.25” 30w Monitor (BEC50A)���������������119.95
NPM5 Active Stereo Speaker System (Pair) (NUNPM5)������� Log-on
Level Pilot
Analog Stereo Volume Control
Adjustable Speaker Stand
Gives you precise control
over your levels without
cluttering your desk.
Constructed from
aluminum, the Level Pilot
has a slip-free design and a tight grip rubberized bottom plate to
keep it from sliding on your desk. Rquires no power supply, and
employs quad-core cabling with XLR connectors. (TCLP)��� Log-on
Features a stable, three-point triangle base,
with adjustable leveling floor spikes, and five
locking height adjustment positions from 32.7
to 45.3”. The speaker shelf is 9” square.
All-steel, arc-welded construction with a 125 lb.
capacity. High-tech design incorporates cable
#QUBS300��������������������������������������������� 39.99
PSPVC6 6-Channel
High Power Speaker Selector
Add up to
6 pairs
of stereo
speakers to your amp. Can handle 100w per channel from 1 of 2
amps. Each channel has an independent volume control and an
amp selector for custom tailoring your sound scenario.
#PYPSPVC6 (6-Channel Selector)����������������������������Call or Log-on
#PYPSPVC4 (4-Channel Selector)����������������������������Call or Log-on
MON800 Stereo Monitor Matrix
Mixer with Talkback Mic
Four selectable, mixable
stereo inputs and three
speaker outputs with
their own level control
for precise monitoring. All I/Os offer both RCA and 1/4” connectors and there is a
six-level, multicolor LED output level meter. Internal talkback mic
offers mute, dim, and mono functions for flexibility. (BEMON800)
Adjustable Studio Monitor Stand
Height is adjustable in 4” increments, up to 61”,
for seated or standing monitoring, and locks into
place with a security pin. 3 leveling spikes secure
the 18” base for carpet and rug placement.
Disassembles for storage or transport. 9.5”
speaker mounting platform has a 1mm-thick
polymer pad to prevent slipping.
#ONSMS6000P sold as a pair���������������������� 99.95
Studio Monitor Accessories
Crown Audio D-45 Amplifier (CRD45)������������������������������774.90
Dynaudio Repl. Tweeter for BM5A (DYRTBM5A)�����������������139.00
Fostex PC-1EX Speaker Volume Controller (FOPC1EX)����������49.00
Fostex PC-100USB Volume Controller (FOPC100USB)�����������49.99
Hosa SLW-333 Passive Stereo Speaker (HOSLW333)�����������71.49
Pyle-Pro PSS4 4 High Power Speaker Selector (PYPSS4) Log-on
QuikLok BS402 All-Steel Monitor Stand (QUBS402)�������������49.99
Raxxess 42” Speaker Stand - Pair (RAERSS42)����������������135.95
Adam Professional Audio
Wall Mount for A3X & A5X Studio Monitors (ADA3XA5XWM)���59.95
Monitor Station
Desktop Studio Control Center
Compact desktop monitoring and
communication system that brings
a high level of control to your
recording studio. Provides
you with input source switching,
speaker switching, talkback, and four
high-quality headphone amps. (PRMS)�����299.95
MC3 Studio Monitor Controller
with Headphone Amp
Select between monitors, subwoofer or headphones and compare how the mix translates. Features
mono sum for AM radio compatibility
and phase check. Sub output can be
switched to a 180° polarity reversal.
Each output is equipped with a topmount “set and forget”
dial. Two 1/4” headphone outputs with a volume control and a
separate 1/8” headphone output. (RAMC3)������������� Call or Log-on
No para exportación
Adj. Wall-Mount Bracket for 8000 Series (GEBWM8000)��������99.95
Floor Speaker Stand for 8000 Series (GE8000408)�������������175.00
ISO-L8R130 Studio Monitor Speaker Stand (ISOL8R130)�������79.99
ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stands (ISL8R155)������������������������������99.99
ISO-L8R200 Studio Monitor Isolators (ISOL8R200)��������������149.99
C-control Control Room Matrix (SACCZ)��������������������������������99.99
MS100 Adjustable Nearfield Monitor Stand (SAMS100)���������59.99
SM Pro Audio
Nano Patch+ Passive Volume Controller (SMPNPP1)�������������47.99
M-Patch 2 Controller/Switch Box (SMPMP2STD)�����������������129.99
M-Patch v2 Controller/Speaker Switcher (SMMPV2)�����������179.99
M-Patch 5.1 Surround Monitor Controller (SMPMP5SUR)�����399.99
Ultimate Support
JS-MS70 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands (ULJSMS70)����������79.99
MS-80 Desktop Studio Monitor Stand-Pair (ULMS80)����������149.99
Whiteridge Industrial
CRM-1 Rackmount Monitor (WHCRM1)������������������������������379.99
PRO Audio
Studio Headphones
K141 MK II
K171 MK II
K240 MK II
• Semi-open supraural headphones
• Varimotion speakers provide realistic sound
with a wide frequency response.
• Self-adjusting headband with leatherette
and velvet earpads. Single-sided straight
and coiled detachable cables.
• Closed-back studio headphones
ideal for broadcasting or DJ use.
• Varimotion speakers
• Self-adjusting headband with leatherette
and velvet earpads. Single-sided straight
and coiled detachable cables.
K240 Studio
• Closed-back studio headphones
with Varimotion speakers
• S elf-adjusting headband with leatherette
and velvet earpads
• A uto-mute feature silences the
headphones when you take them off
• Semi-open circumaural with
Varimotion speakers for uncolored sound
and extended frequency response.
• Self-adjusting headband with thick around-ear
cushions for lasting comfort
• Single-sided detachable straight cable
Circumaural, open-back reference phones
with extended HF to nearly 40kHz.
Varimotion speakers and flat-wire voice coil
technology, offer high sensitivity and clarity,
with high definition of sonic detail and stereo
imaging. Self-adjusting leather headband, soft
cloth “3-D Form” ear cushions. (AKK701)����� 349.00
• Reference-quality open-back
circumaural headphones with
Varimotion speakers, flat-wire voice coils,
and high-performance neodymium drivers.
• Genuine leather, adjustable headband and
heavy-duty replaceable 3D cut earpads.
#AKK702������������������������������������������������������������������������ 349.00
• Semi-open dynamic headphones
with Varimotion speakers.
• Acoustic ventilation for uncolored sound
• Self-adjusting headband with leatherette
and velvet earpads. Single-sided straight
and coiled detachable cables.
• Circumaural semi-open with
self-adjusting headband and
leatherette ear pads.
• L arge 40mm drivers provide a wide
frequency response with deep bass and
clear treble.
• Circumaural closed-back with selfadjusting headband and leatherette
ear pads for long-lasting comfort.
• Excellent ambient noise reduction
• Detachable single-sided cable
• Supra-aural open-back stereo headphones
with a wide frequency response and welldefined dynamics; especially suited for use
with portable digital listening devices.
• Extra-long 11.5’ cable with 1/8” stereo miniplug (includes 1/4” TRS phono adapter)
#AUATHM2X����������������������������������������� 17.91
• Circumaural closed-back dynamic headphones with an extended high-frequency
response and full low-frequency sound
• Extra-long 10-ft. cable
• Closed-back dynamic headphones with a
circumaural design and 40mm Neodymium
drivers. Good sound isolation, full bass
response, and extended high-end presence.
• Coiled cable with detachable 1/4” and 1/8”
stereo connectors
• Closed-back with exceptional sound
reproduction for audio recording and
monitoring situations.
• Neodymium magnets and copper-clad
aluminum wire voice coils
• Single-sided cable with stereo 1/4” and
1/8” mini connections
#AUATHM30��������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Closed-back with folding design with
40mm Neodymium drivers
• P added, adjustable headband with
around-ear cushions
• Ultra-long single-sided cable
#AUATHM35����������������������������Call or Log-on
• Circumaural closed-back with extended
frequency response; particularly well
suited for mixing and monitoring.
• Superb ambient noise isolation
• Single sided cable with stereo 1/4”
stereo and 1/8” mini connections
#AUATHM40����������������������������������������� 59.00
• 40mm neodymium drivers with copperclad aluminum wire voice coils produce
bass-enhanced frequency response
• Swivel earcups with around-ear cushions.
• Single sided cable with stereo 1/4” plug
• Field-serviceable
#AUATHD40�������������������������Call or Log-on
ATH-M50W Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones
Offering an incredibly accurate listening experience, e 45mm neodymium drivers provide a wide frequency response
of 15Hz to 28kHz so you hear the lowest bass and highest trebles. Adjustable, padded headband and cushioned
earcups let you listen for hours. Earpieces swivel 180° for single-ear monitoring, and the collapsible design is great
for storage and travel.
Black w/Straight Cable (AUATHM50)���� Call or Log-on
Black w/Coiled Cable (AUATHM50S)����� Call or Log-on
White w/Coiled Cable (AUATHM50W)��� Call or Log-on
Red w/Coiled Cable (AUATHM50R)��������������������169.00
• 40mm cobalt capsules
deliver full frequency
omfortable, padded headband and
earcups built for durability.
• Single-sided cable with 1/4” adapter
• Studio headphone
with a circumaural,
closed-back design.
• 40mm cobalt capsules
• Padded headband and earcups with
over-the-ear design. Single-sided cable.
• On-ear closed-back studio headphones
rivers use Tesla technology to provide
exceptional efficiency and low distortion
losed-back earcups and thick
on-ear soft-skin cushions
• Earcups have 90° swivel mechanisms
#BEHPS3000�������������������������������������� 19.99
#BEDT1350������������������������������� Call or Log-on
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Studio Headphones
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
DT250 80
• Closed-back circumaural dynamic
headphones ideal for audio monitoring in
broadcast and recording studios.
• Neodymium magnet driver system
• Coiled cable
• 10Hz-30kHz frequency response
#BEDT25080���������������������������Call or Log-on
• Extremely wide-range, closed-back
circumaural headphones
• Excellent noise isolation
• Very soft viscose earcups for comfort
• 5Hz-35kHz frequency response
• Rugged with replaceable parts
#BEDT770PRO������������������������Call or Log-on
DT770 M
• Wide-range closed-back circumaural
headphones for low impedance operation
without compromising quality.
• Excellent noise isolation
• Powerful bass reproduction
• Very soft viscose earcups for comfort
• 5Hz-30kHz frequency response
#BEDT770M������������������������Call or Log-on
• Open-back circumaural headphones
with excellent sound reproduction
and wide frequency response.
• Single-sided coiled cable
• Soft viscose ear pads
• 5Hz-35kHz frequency response
• Open-back design
• A djustable, padded headband and
swiveling, cushioned earcups
Tailored to produce an articulate frequency
response with extended lows, smooth mids
and accurate highs. Includes two sets of earpads one leather set and one velvet set.
#BEDT990PRO�������������������Call or Log-on
ffers analytical, high-resolution audio
reproduction with strong bass and treble,
yet he lightest headphone in its class.
Spirit One
• Lightweight magnesium frame with
adjustable headband and thick around-ear
cushions for comfort and noise isolation.
• Microfiber diaphragms provide faithful
reproduction of delicate sonic details
• Acoustic optimizer adjusts sound pressure
to balance low and mid frequencies.
#DEAHD5000���������������������������Call or Log-on
Sessions MH510
• Closed-back design
• P ivoting and articulating
ear cups
• Sealed, insulated ear cups deliver passive
sound insulation over 20dB
• OFC detachable anti-tangle cable with
Apple compatible in-line remote
#FOSPIRIT1B�������������������������������������������������������������������� 253.96
• Circumaural semi-open studio headphone
features smooth vocal reproduction along
with punchy low and well balanced mid/
high frequencies.
• Head pad and leatherette padded ear
cushions provide excellent sound isolation
#FOT20RP����������������������������������������� 89.00
•Circumaural closed-back stereo studio
• Leatherette padded ear cushions
•Head pad supplied for extra comfort
•Lockable 10’ headphone cord
#FOT40RP������������������������ Call or Log-on
Studiophile Q40
• Closed-back, circumaural design
• Large 40mm drivers
• Adjustable, padded headband and
cushioned around-ear earcups
• Single-sided, detachable cable
• Collapsible design, ideal for travel
•Damped, semi-open design with adjustable
earpiece rails and lockable cable
• Cushioned earpieces for comfortable fit
• RP diaphragm provides resistance to
high level input peaks of up to 3000 mW
for improved transient handling.
#FOT50RP�����������������������������Call or Log-on
KNS 8400
• Closed-back design with 40mm neodymium
• Adjustable, padded spring steel headband
• Thick around-ear cushions; swivel earcups
#KRKNS8400������������������������������������������ 149.99
• High-resolution neodymium drivers and
precision-tuned acoustic chambers
• Lightweight and rugged construction
• S elf-adjusting headband and thick onear cushions
• High noise isolating headphones with Sony
MDR-7506 drivers and custom baffling,
designed for use in high-noise field
#PRHD7��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 59.95
#REHN7506������������������������������������������� 309.99
• 40dB of attenuation in the voice range
HD 25-1 II
• Closed-back design and thick around-ear
cushions for comfort
• Large 40mm drivers
• Circumaural stereo studio headphones
• 45mm driver with neodymium magnet.
• 10’ single-sided cable
igh-tech appearance with aluminum
housing plate. Soft earpad for comfortable
prolonged listening
#RORH5���������������������������������������������������� 39.95
#RORH300�������������������������������������� 179.00
• Adjustable, padded headband
• Closed-back earcups and thick on-ear cushions
block out unwanted ambient noise and provide
lasting comfort
eodymium drivers and aluminum/copper voice
coils provide detailed, natural audio with a wide
frequency response and high SPL capability.
#SEHD25SP2���������������������������������������������� 121.99
• Lightweight, rugged design with padded
headband and cushioned earcups
• Great for high-noise environments
• Neodymium drivers provide extra wide
frequency response • Detachable steel cable
• Rotatable capsule for single-ear monitoring
#SEHD251II������������������������������������Call or Log-on
HDA 200
HD-280 Pro
• Audiometric closed-back stereo headphones,
they provide reference-quality audio ideal
for testing and calibration applications.
• Dynamic drivers provide a wide frequency
response, suitable for high frequency
• Around-the-ear, closed-back headphones
#SEHDA200�������������������������������������������������������������������� 599.95
#SEHD280P������������������������������������������� 99.95
No para exportación
• Collapsible design with swiveling earcups
• Use for critical monitoring applications
• Thick, padded leatherette earcup;
adjustable padded headband
PRO Audio
Studio Headphones
HD 380 Pro
• Large drivers provide a wide, accurate
frequency response and a high SPL
• E.A.R. technology and patented Duofol
• Closed-back design and around-ear cushions
• Padded, adjustable headband
• Audiophile playback headphones
• Open-back design
• 10Hz-39.5 kHz frequency response
• Comfortable, plush Velour-covered
cushioned earpads for extended wear
• Adjustable headband with interior padding
Professional Reference Headphones
• 40mm neodymium drivers
• Closed-back earcups
• Around-ear velour cushions
• Adjustable, padded headband
• Includes hard travel case
• Supra-aural closed-back stereo headphone
designed for general sound monitoring
in the studio or in the field.
• 30mm diameter drive
• Neodymium magnets
• OFC cable and gold plated Unimatch plug
HD 600
• Open circumaural high-def stereo headphone
igh-quality open metal mesh earpiece-covers
aid in delivering extremely transparent sound
omputer optimized magnet system
• Neodymium ferrous magnet system
• Extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils
Senal SMH-1000
• Closed-back, over-ear circumaural
• Rugged design for field/studio use
• Detachable, twist locking cable Design
• Midrange refined to reduce fatigue
• EQ curve
• Collapsible for easy storage
#SESMH1000������������������������������������������ 99.00
• 40mm Neodymium Drivers
• Open-Back Earcups
• Around-Ear Velour Cushions
• Padded Steel Frame Headband
SRH1840 Open Back Headphones (SHSRH1840).���������������� 699.00
• Circumaural closed-back design helps
eliminate “headphone bleed” when
overdubbing in the studio.
• 4 0mm diameter drive, Neodymium magnets
for maximum energy and minimum size.
ompact, foldable design
#SOMDR7506����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Adjustable, padded headband
#SOMDR7520��������������������������������������� 339.00
• Neodymium magnets
• Closed-back design
• Around-ear cushions
• Circumaural, closed back studio
headphones with reversible earcups
eodymium magnet and copper-clad
aluminum voice coil for extended
5Hz - 30kHz frequency reproduction
• 40mm aura-nomic designed drivers
#SOMDRV6������������������������������������������������������������������������ 67.99
Signature PRO
• Hand crafted in Germany
• S-Logic Plus Natural Surround Sound
• 40mm Titanium-plated drivers
• Ear cushions and headband are made
from genuine Ethiopian sheepskin leather
• Decentralized driver positioning create
snatural 3D sound.
#ULSIGHP������������������������������������� 1299.00
• Slim 1RU rackmount chassis • Individual input/mix sections
• 3 headphone jacks on each channel
4-Channel Headphone Amp
• Compact and rugged metal chassis
• Independent amplifier circuits
• Analog and S/PDIF inputs
• 1/4” stereo outputs
#APHEADPOD4����������������������������������������������������������������� 199.00
• 50mm LCP diaphragms
• Neodymium magnets
• Closed-back design
• Swivel earcups
• Around-ear cushions
• Adjustable, padded headband
• 50mm PET Diaphragms
MultiMix 6 Cue
6-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier/Mixer
2-Output Headphone Tap
• Passive headphone monitoring solution
with dual headphone outputs
• Direct connection to stereo or mono
headphone and monitor amplifiers; stereo/mono input selector switch
#ARHT������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 55.00
Four-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
• Up to two users per channel, for a total
of eight users
• Both 1/4” and 1/8” connectors are
available for all I/Os
• Four front panel level control knobs
#ARHEADAMP4����������������������������� 65.00
Rackmount 6-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp
• Can drive up to 18 headphones simultaneously
• Mix and balance controls for each channel
• Operating modes; Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right, or Mono Both
#ARHA6 (HeadAmp6)��������������������������������������������������������� 149.00
#ARHA6P (HeadAmp6 PRO)������������������������������������������������ 199.00
PRO 750
• S-Logic Natural Surround Sound
• Titanium-plated drivers
• Speed-switch earpads
• Two detachable cables
• Includes hard case
• Foldable design, includes hard case
• Supra-aural semi-closed stereo headphone
• 4 0mm diameter drive units deliver deep
bass with low distortion and wide
dynamic range
FC cable provides both 1/8” mini and
1/4” TRS phono connectivity
#YARH5MA������������������������������������������������������������������������ 59.99
No para exportación
Miniature Monitor Headphone
Amp with Mic Input
• Allows for simultaneous independent mic
and line level monitoring
• Accepts balanced and unbalanced 1/4”
inputs with accompanying mono/stereo
monitoring switch.
#BEMA400������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19.99
HA-400 MicroAmp
4-Channel Miniature Headphone
• Individual channel level controls
• 4 separate low-noise 4580 op-amps
(operational amplifiers) for efficient,
maximized output levels per channel
PRO Audio
Headphone Amplifiers & Accessories
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
AMP800 MiniAMP Compact
4-Channel Headphone Amp
• 8 headphone outputs
• A ccepts balanced or
unbalanced inputs
• Individual channel level control and input selection switching
#BEAMP800���������������������������������������������������������������������� 57.95
HA4700 4-Ch. Headphone Amp
Distribution System
• 4 amp sections offer 4 different mixes and individual output
level control. Left and Right Mute switches
• Individual EQ, Balance, Muting, and Stereo/Mono monitoring.
VRM Box Headphone
Monitoring/Mixing Solution
Consists of a robust, pocket sized
audio interface and the company’s
Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM)
allowing you to mix anytime,
#FOVRMBOX�����������Call or Log-on
HA8000 PowerPlay Pro-8
8-Channel Headphone Amp DA
• Individual direct ins, meters, volume controls, and two headphone jacks for each of the 8 headphone output channels.
300W Stereo Audio Amplifier
4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
The amp has a 3.5mm male input which can
connect to the headphone jack of virtually any
MP3 player or computer. Provides 15W per
channel RMS (150W per channel peak) of
output power with a stable 4 ohm impedance.
#PYPHA25���������������������������������������������� 11.81
• Stereo 1/4” input jack and 4 stereo
1/4” outputs
• Each output has its own level control
• Red power LED provides visual indication that the amp is receiving power
#PYPHA40�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 15.99
4-Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier
4-Output Stereo Headphone Amplifier
4-Output Stereo Headphone Amplifier
• Four discrete outputs each with its own volume potentiometer
and 150mW of amp per channel.
• Adjust control-room monitors with
a separate volume control, monitor
mute and mono switches.
#PRHP4�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 129.95
4-channel portable headphone amp
powered by a 9v battery or optional AC
adapter. Has a unique translucent blue
appearance, and provides separate level
control sliders for each of the 4 outputs.
All connectors are 1/8” stereo mini
jacks. (ROHA204)���������������������������������������������������������������35.50
• Four output level controls
PM55 Personal Monitor Amp
Personal Monitor Amplifier
• Personal monitor amplifier with
microphone pass-through
• Seperate volume controls for monitor
feed and microphone input
• Pair of headphone outputs
RA53B - 5-Channel Headphone Amp (RORA53B)������������������94.75
SM Pro Audio Q-AMP
4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
• Durable extruded aluminum
• 2 stereo inputs, each with a
pair of 1/4” connectors
• 1/4” and 3.5mm headphone jacks for each channel
• Each output has input selector switch and volume control
8-Channel Headphone Amplifier
• Rackmount design for easy installation
• Direct stereo input on all 8 channels, plus 2 group stereo inputs
• Each channel can select a direct source, group source, or
combination of sources.
Nady HA-1X4 4-Channel Headphone Amp (NAHA1X4)����������24.99
Grace Design m903 Headphone Amp (GRM903)������������1895.00
• XLR mic input and thru connectors
and a stereo/mono 1/4” monitor input
• Individual mic and monitor controls
• 3.5mm and 1/4” headphone jacks
• Ground-lift switch
• Runs on battery or AC power
3-Channel Portable Headphone Amplifier
• Durable, high-strength,
extruded aluminum chassis
• High output, very low noise;
frequency response from 10 Hz - 50 kHZ
• Three isolated headphone outputs with volume controls
• 125dB dynamic range with flat frequency response
• Dual XLR line level plus 1/4” and 1/8” stereo input connectors
Personal Headphone Monitor
Use with headphone distribution
systems to boost weak headphone
outputs and more. Can accept
balanced or unbalanced line-level
stereo signals via XLR or TRS
inputs, while 3.5mm and 1/4” outputs
let you use any pair of headphones. It has volume and balance
controls, as well as a stereo/mono switch, and can be powered by
two 9v batteries or the included external power supply.
No para exportación
• Small footprint
• Extremely low noise
• E ach output boasts a whopping
20 dB of clean channel gain.
Portable Miniature 4-channel Headphone Amp
• Separate volume control knobs for
each output
• Supports wide variety of
headphone impedances
• Standard 1/4” stereo input jack
C-que 8 - 4-Channel Compact Headphone Amp (SACQ8)������99.99
Compact, single-channel
headphone monitor
intended for microphone boom operators.
Features balanced XLR mic inputs and outputs
that connect between the mic and input device.
Both 1/4” and 1/8” mini headphone outputs
are provided. Level control, on/off switch and
belt-clip are also provided. Runs on a 9v battery.
#STAM300.���������������������������������������������������������������������� 149.00
Headphone Accessories
Beyerdynamic DT-Bag for Headphones (BEDTBAG)�������������24.90
K&M Table Clamp Headphone Holder (KM16085B)��������������42.99
K&M Spacewall Headphone Holder (KM44195B)������������������20.99
Pearstone 1/4” Stereo Phone Screw-On Adapter. Changes Male
1/8” to Male 1/4” (PEAMPS3S)����������������������������������������������2.79
Raxxess Headphone Hanger - Straight (RAHH1)��������������������6.99
Rolls PS27s 15v DC 100-240v AC Adapter (ROPS27S)��������18.36
Sennheiser Headphone Cable for HD Series (SEH92885)�����13.26
Sennheiser Repl. Cable for HD25-1 (SE523874)�����������������46.09
Shure Replacement Earcup Pads (SHHPAEC840)������������������14.25
Shure HPACA1 Replacement Cable (SHHPAC1)��������������������14.25
PRO Audio
Sound Reinforcement Mixers
MultiMix 16 USB 2.0
MultiMix 12R
12-input Recording/Sound Reinforcement Mixer
• Rack mountable enclosure • Mono & dtereo channels
• Balanced mic inputs • Channels 1-8 feature insert points
16-Channel Recording /
Live Sound Mixer
• 8-mono inputs and 4-stereo inputs via balanced
1/4” TRS connectors.
• 100 preset effects
• 8 mic inputs with up to 50dB of gain
and phantom power.
• Every channel features a 3-band EQ and 2 aux sends
Mix Wizard 3 16:2
16 x 2 Sound Reinforcement Audio Mixer
16 balanced 1/4” TRS line and 16
XLR mic inputs. Every input channel features a direct
output via 1/4” phone
connectors. Six Aux sends
and a pair of dedicated stereo
inputs. Master output section
includes dual XLR L/R stereo and single XLR mono connectors.
Provides quality reverbs and delay effects.
#ALW3162DX����������������������������������������������������������������������� 999.00
PMP2000 10-Channel
MX622 6-Channel Rackmount Mixer
• Three balanced XLR mic/line inputs. 15v phantom power for
mic channels.
• T hree stereo RCA inputs with separate level controls. Balanced
TRS 1/4” main output jacks with master level control.
• L evel control and clip indicators. Two-band master EQ.
• Separate stereo record outputs. Effects loop with level control.
PMP1680S 10-Channel
Powered Mixer with Effects
Powered Mixer with Effects
• Audio mixer and integrated 800w
amplifier with built-in
24-bit effects processor.
• 9 channels balanced XLR mic
and 1/4” phone line inputs
• 3-band EQ, effects level
control and send level.
• Dual 9-band graphic EQ and FBQ feedback detection system
• 2 x 800w stereo powered mixer
(1600w bridged mode).
• 8 mic preamps with switchable
+48 V phantom power
• 6 mono and 2 stereo channels
plus separate CD/Tape I/O
• T wo 24-bit stereo FX processors with 100 presets
• Stereo 7-band graphic EQ and FBQ feedback detection system
• 14 inputs (6-mono and 4-stereo)
•Mono inputs provide high
quality mic preamps and
3-band EQ
• USB connector
• Inserts on all mono
channels and stereo output.
#ALZED14 (with Sonar LE software)������ 399.00
#ALZED24 (ZED24 24-Channel Recording/Live Mixer)������������ 699.00
PMP1000 12-Channel
Powered Mixer with Effects
• Mixer and integrated 500w power
amplifier with 24-bit effects
• Balanced XLR mic and 1/4”
phone line inputs, 3-band
EQ, effects level control and
send level. Stereo paired 1/4” line inputs.
• 7-band graphic EQ and FBQ feedback detection
PMP6000 20-Channel
Powered Mixer with Effects
• 12 XENYX mic preamps with
+48 V phantom powe
• 12 mono and 4 stereo
channels plus CD/Tape I/O
• XPQ 3D stereo surround effect
• Two 24-bit FX processors
• Stereo 7-band graphic EQ and FBQ feedback detection system
ProFX 8
24-Channel 4-Bus Mixer with Effects and USB
8-Channel Desktop Mixer with USB
• 20 XDR2 Mic Preamps
• Phantom Power
• 3-Band Active EQ
• Dual 32-bit RMFX+
• 4x2 24-bit USB Interface
• 4 Subgroups with
• USB I/O (Mac & Windows)
• 32-Bit “Gig Ready” Effects
• Built-In Instrument Inputs
• 3-Band Channel EQ
• Dual 7-Band Graphic EQ
ProFX8 (MAPROFX8)������������������229.99
ProFX12 (MAPROFX12)���������������279.99
ProFX16 (MAPROFX16)���������������499.99
ProFX22 (MAPROFX22)��������������649.99
2404-VLZ3 (MA2404VLZ3)��������������������������������������������� 1149.99
3204-VLZ3 (MA3204VLZ3)��������������������������������������������� 1349.99
PV6 • PV8 • PV14
6, 8 & 14-Channel Live Sound Mixers
6-, 8-Channel Live Sound Mixers
Ideal for small venue installation,
schools, house-of-worship. 6, 8
or 14 input channels and RQ
(Reference Quality) mic
inputs. 3-band EQ on
all channels. PV14 has
built-in DSP effects processor.
14-Channel Recording/Live Sound Mixer
PV6 (PEPV6)������������������99.99 PV8 (PEPV8)����������������134.99
PV14 (PEPV14)�����������������������������������������������������������������299.99
Onyx 24.4
24-Channel Live Sound Mixer
2 4 input channels with
1/4” phone line level
connectors and
Onyx mic
preamps with
123dB dynamic range. Internal
compressor / limiter and each channel features
4-band Perkins EQ for “British” EQ style signal contouring. 6 x 2
matrix provides sufficient monitor sends.
PMX402M 400W 4-Channel
Powered PA Mixer/Amplifier
Same features as their PV6 and PV8
counterparts, except the
PV6U and PV8U feature a
USB port to digitize and
playback audio using
your favorite recording
software. They also have
DSP effects processor.
• USB 2.0 input for MP3
& WMA playback with
an LCD display
• Effects with
level controls
• 5-band graphic EQ
• Tone control on every channel
• Aux/tape/effect feedback input
PV6U (PEPV6U)����������� 129.99
PV8U (PEPV8U)����������� 169.99
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Sound Reinforcement • Live Sound Signal Processors
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
12-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer
12-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer
• 8 balanced XLR mic inputs,
with 15v phantom power
• 2 00watts per channel
• Internal Effects
• Effects engine
ual 7 Band Graphic EQs
• Feedback channel locating
• High, Mid and Low frequency adjustment dials on every channel
• Stand-by switch mutes all channels
• 12 line inputs
(4 mono and 4 stereo).
• 8 balanced XLR mic
inputs, capable of
15v phantom power.
• Effects engine
• High, Mid and Low
frequency adjustment dials are provided on every channel
• Dual 7-band graphic EQs for stereo signal contouring on output.
8-Channel Stereo Mixer with DSP FX Engine
• 8 line level 1/4” TRS phone
and 4 XLR mic inputs with
+48v phantom power.
• 16 user selectable presets
• Compressor on mono inputs for
ynamics control over instruments
and vocals.
• Inserts on channels 1 and 2
#YAMG82CX������������������������������������������������������������������� 159.99
MG12/4 12 Channel 4-Bus
MG124 CX 12 Channel 4-Bus
Mixer with DSP Effects and Compression
• 12 line 1/4” TRS balanced phone and 6 XLR mic inputs with
+48v phantom power.
• 4 stereo inputs
• 1 6 user selectable presets
ompressor on mono inputs for
dynamics control over instruments
and vocals.
• 3 -band EQ with sweepable
mid-range and high pass filter
MG166CX 16-Channel 4-Bus
Rack-mountable Mixer
Rack-mountable Mixer
• 12 line inputs via 1/4” TRS balanced
• 4 Stereo Inputs
• 6 XLR mic inputs with phantom power
• 1/4” TRS phone connections on every
mic input for flexible routing
• All mono channels feature a 3-band
EQ with sweepable mid-range and
high pass filter.
• 4 output buses
• 12 line inputs via 1/4” TRS balanced
• 1 0 XLR mic inputs with phantom
• Compressor on 6 mono channels
• 1 /4” TRS phone connections on
every mic input for flexible routing
• E ffects processor with 16 presets
including reverb, delay, chorus,
flanger, distortion and more.
DriveRack PX
Powered Speaker Optimizer
• Stereo feedback elimination with twelve feedback notch filters
• Stereo 28-band graphic EQ • Classic dbx compressor
• 120A sub-harmonic synthesizer
• Stereo PeakPlus limiters • Pink noise generator
• Auto-EQ with 28-band RTA (Real Time Analyzer)
• JBL preset speaker combinations
• Includes dbx M2 measurement mic and zippered pouch
• Front panel RTA microphone XLR input with phantom power
#DBPX���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 399.95
#DBPAPLUS (DriveRack PA+)��������������������������������������������� 499.95
Audio Processor with Feedback Suppression
• 2 -input, 2-output digital audio processor with feedback reduction.
• Stores 16 presets and provides 24-bit/48kHz sampling and a
minimum dynamic range of 100dB.
• Combining and non-combining 10 and 30-band graphic EQs
• 3- to 10-band parametric EQs with cut and shelf filters
• Two-way crossover and splitter • Subwoofer control
• Gate/downward expander • Ducker and Peak stop limiter
• Mono and stereo compressor/limiter with soft knee option
Behringer DCX2496 ULTRADRIVE PRO (BEDCX2496)��������349.99
Etymotic Research
ER-20 ETY-Plugs Triple-Flange - Clear/White (ETER20CCCC)�12.95
ER-20 ETY-Plugs Triple-Flange - Clear/Blue (ETER20SMBC)���12.89
ETYPlugs High-Fidelity Earplugs Blue (ETER20BSCC),
Purple (ETER20PSCC) or Red (ETER20RSCC)����������������������12.95
EarPro EP3 Sonic Defenders -Clear
Small (SUEP3SPR) or
Medium (SUEP3MPR)����������������������12.56
EarPro EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus
Medium (SUEP4MPR)����������������������13.46
EarPro EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Large (SUEP4LPR)���������13.46
EP5-Hearing-Protector Large (SUEP5BKLPR)�������������������������11.66
882i Dual Mono Sonic Maximizer
The sound-improving benefits of a Maximizer signal processor in
dual mono operation. For each channel there is a pair of Low
Contour and Process knobs plus an LED input level meter. There
is a bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed
signal. Balanced XLR and 1/4” inputs/outputs.
#BB882I��������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
2-Way Stereo/3-Way Mono
• Separate sub woofer section with independent frequency control
• Individual output level controls for all bands
• Individual output mutes for easy band adjustment and individual
phase reverse switches for instant phase correction
Stereo 2-Way/3-Way or Mono
4-Way Crossover with Limiters
• Individual output level controls for all bands
• Individual output mutes for easy band adjustment and individual
phase reverse switches for instant phase correction
• CD horn equalization for constant directivity horn compensation
Dual Channel 24-Bit Feedback
Suppressor/Parametric EQ
• Two digital processing engines provide independent or coupled
functions on left and right channels
• A utomatically and “intelligently” searches out and destroys up to
12 frequencies per channel
SX3040 Enhancement Processor (BESX3040)����������������������99.99
2-channel 24-bit/96 kHz Feedback
Destroyer and Parametric EQ
• Automatically and “intelligently” locates and destroys up to 40
feedback frequencies
• Ultra-narrow FBQ filters • “Set-and-forget” default setting
SHARK FBQ100 Automatic Feedback Destroyer (BEFBQ100)���99.99
AFS 224
Ear Plugs & Hearing Protection
Faders VIP Tuned Earplugs Electro Pink (VMEAVFDEP),
Gun Metal Black (VMEAVFDGB) or Rouge (VMEAVFDR)��������19.99
No para exportación
Two Channel Feedback Suppression Processor
• dbx’s Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) technology
• 24 programmable filters per channel
• F ilter types include Speech and Music Low, Med and High
• Live and fixed filter modes with selectable filter lift times
• Input channel and 24 LED per channel filter metering
PRO Audio
Live Sound Speakers
B212XL • B215XL
Eurolive F1220A
2-Way Passive PA Speakers
125-Watt Active Stage Monitor
• 12” (B121XL) or 15” (B215XL) woofer
and 1.75” titanium driver
• 800w (B121XL) or 1000w (B215XL)
peak power
• Two Speakon and 1/4” connector
• Mounts onto a speaker stand
• Overload-protection circuitry
Active Subwoofer (15” Driver)
Compact and powerful, this
subwoofer delivers bass with
thunderous results and pristine
audio fidelity. Rated at 1400w
(peak), itfeatures a class-D amplifier, active crossover and 15” longexcursion driver. Has balanced XLR
input and thru connections, controls
for crossover frequency and level.
EON 510 • EON 515XT
Powered Two-Way Portable Speaker
• 10” (EON 510) or 15” (EON 515) woofer
and 1” neodymium compression driver
• 280w (EON 510) or 450-watts
(EON 515) continuous power
• Efficient Crown Class-D amplifier
• Built-in 3-channel mixer
• Integrated M10 suspension points,
36mm pole mount socket
MRX515 15” 2-Way Speaker
• 15” woofer handles 400w of continuous
• Dual-angle pole mount allows placement
in vertical position with a 10° angle tilt.
• Dual-angle pole socket for situations
where tripod mounting is optimal.
• 16-gauge protective screen-backed
steel grill and a Duraflex enclosure
#JBMRX515�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Adjustable feedback filter and integrated limiter
• Mic/line input with volume
control and peak LED
• Dedicated 3-band EQ
• High-resolution 1” HF driver
and 12” long-excursion driver
• Integrated 35mm pole socket
for stand mounting
EON 305
B208D • B210D • B212D
B215D 2-Way Active Speakers
Class-D amplifiers provide 200 or 550w of
power to 8-, 10-, 12- or 15” long-excursion
drivers 1.35” compression drivers. They
feature XLR and 1/4” mic/line input with
volume control and Clip LED. Additional
line output to link additional speakers.
Stand mount or tilt for use as a floor monitor.
#BEB208DB (200w, 8” woofer)��������������179.99
#BEB210DB (200w, 10” woofer)�������������199.99
#BEB212DB (550w, 12” woofer)������������������������������������������279.99
#BEB215DB (550w, 15” woofer)������������������������������������������329.99
EON 315
15” Passive Two-Way Portable Speaker
• Durable composite enclosure houses
a 15” woofer and a 1” neodymium
compression driver
• 200-watts continuous with up to
800-watts peak output power
• Speakon/TRS combo I/O allows
loop-thru; daisy-chain options
• Built-in handles; M10 suspension
points; 36mm pole mount socket
#JBEON305������������������������������������ 379.00
JRX112M • JRX115
250W Two-Way Passive Speakers
• 12” (JRX112M) or 15” (JRX115) woofers
• 250w continous and 1000-watts peak performance
• SonicGuard circuit protection
• Dual-angle pole-mount socket allows
10° angle tilt for more uniform
coverage as a main speaker
• Non-resonant steel handles and
high-quality MDF
15” Powered Two-Way Portable Speaker
• Durable composite enclosure houses
a 15” woofer and a 1” neodymium
compression driver
• 280-watts continuous with up to
560-watts peak output power
• Line level and direct mic input;
selectable EQ settings
• Built-in handles; M10 suspension
points; 36mm pole mount socket
#JBEON315����������������������������������� 549.00
Dual 15” 2-Way Passive Speaker
• Dual 15” woofers, 90° x 50° waveguide
horn and 500w power handling capacity
• Quasi 3-way design offers extra bass with
uncompromised midrange performance
• 2.5” edgewound ribbon voice coil for woofers, ferrofluid-cooled compression
driver with titanium diaphragm
• Rugged MDF enclosure with 18-gauge
perforated steel grille • Non-resonant all-steel carrying handles
15” 1000W 2-Way Powered Speaker
• 15” Differential Drive Woofer
• 1.5” Neodymium Compression Tweeter
• Dual 500W Class-D Crown amplifiers
• DSP input section with EQ
• XLR/TRS combo iput with XLR loop-thru
• Dual-purpose enclosure
• Fly points and pole socket
• Aluminum handle with rubber grip
300W 2-Way Passive PA Speaker
• 1.75” HF compression driver and 12”
LF transducer
• 750W peak power handling
• Inputs and thruputs for parallel
connection of up to 2 sets of speakers
• R ugged impact-resistant enclosure with
sturdy side handles, pole-mount, and
integrated rigging points for “flying”
the speakers.
#MAC300Z�������������������������������������� 349.99
Powered Two-Way Portable Speakers
12” Powered Two-Way Portable Speaker
• Servo-controlled 10” neodymium
woofer and 1” titanium tweeter
• 165W low frequency amplifier
• X LR input and pass-thru
• A ctive Electronic time alignment,
phase correction, and EQ
an be flown, pole-mounted, or placed
on stage in a vertical or wedge position
• Servo-controlled 12” neodymium
woofer and 1.75” titanium tweeter
• 300W low frequency amplifier
• XLR input and pass-thru
• Active Electronic time alignment,
phase correction, and EQ
• Can be flown, pole-mounted, or placed
on stage in a vertical or wedge position
12- and 15” Powered Speakers
#MASRM350V2�������������������������������� 499.99
12-inch #MATH12A������299.99
No para exportación
• 12- or 15” high-precision woofer
• 1” compression driver
• 300W low frequency amplifier
• Adjustable 3-band contour EQ with
sweepable mid-frequency
• Mic/line input
• Pole-mountable and floor wedgeable
15-inch #MATH15A������349.99
PRO Audio
Live Sound Speakers • Portable PA Systems
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
PM-200A 5” Active Personal
Stage Monitor Speaker
• Dual 5” drivers • 150W RMS Amplifier
• Volume control and 3-band EQ
• X LR and TRS inputs; line and
speaker outputs; 1/4”
headphone output;
daisy-chain capability
• Integrated mounting socket
#NAPM200A������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PR10 • PR12 • PR15
Passive Two-Way Portable Speaker
Capable of 800 watts of power, the PR10
(10”), PR12 (12”) and PR15 (15” woofer) feature a 1.4” tweeter, heavy-duty crossover,
heavy-duty metal grille, and
lightweight molded polypropylene enclosure.
Use them on the floor or on a speaker
pole. Two 1/4” phone jacks run in parallel allowing daisy chaining.
10-inch #PEPR10�������������������������������������������������������������159.99
12-inch #PEPR12�������������������������������������������������������������189.99
15-inch #PEPR15�������������������������������������������������������������229.99
Additional Live Sound Speakers
Nady PM-100 5” Nearfield Personal Monitor (NAPM100)����84.99
Numark NPM100 Portable ActiveSpeaker (NUNPM100)��� Log-on
Peavey PV12M 12” 2-Way Stage Monitor (PEPV12M)��������199.99
Pyle Pro 12” 1000w Active Speaker (PYPPHP1299AI)�������� Log-on
B815NEO Powered Speaker/Mixer (BEB815NEO)����Call or Log-on
B208D 2-Way Active Speaker in White (BEB208DW)�����������199.99
B115D PA Speaker System (BEB115D)������������������������������299.99
MSR100 8” 2-Way 100w Powered Speaker (YAMSR100)���299.99
YAS115V 15” Two-Way 500w Passive Speaker (YAS115V)�379.99
BR12M 12” 2-Way 300-watt Floor Monitor (YABR12M)������259.99
Speaker Cases & Covers
Anchor-Audio CC-100 Carrying Bag (ANCC100)�����������������40.00
Gator Cases G-PA-SCVR450-515 Cover (GASCMS)�������������59.99
Gator Cases G-PA-450-515 Speaker Bag (GASBMS)�����������69.99
Gator Cases G-PA Ttransport-G Case (GAPATPL)���������������169.99
JBL EON10-BAG-DLX Carry Bag (JBEON10BAGDX)��������������64.99
JBL EON15-BAG-1 Speaker Bag (JBEON15B)����������������������74.99
JBL EON15-BAG-DLX Carry Bag (JBEON15BAGDX)���������������84.99
JBL Deluxe Padded Cover for PRX612 (JBPRX612MCVR)������44.99
JBL Deluxe Padded Cover for PRX615 (JBPRX615MCVR)������54.99
#RCART310A���������� call or log
BR12 • BR15
12- and 15” Passive Speakers
Portable P.A. speakers with 300- or 400watt power handling capacity, featuring a
12- or 15” woofer and a 1” titanium
horn-loaded tweeter, housed in a rugged,
steel-cornered enclosure. Ideal for small
club installations, or club-date musicians,
they are equipped with overload protection
circuitry and offer recessed, gravity-centered
steel carrying handles, for safe and simplified transportation.
#YABR12���������������������249.99 #YABR15���������������������289.99
Mackie SRM350B Speaker Bag (MACSRM350)�������������������71.99
Mackie SRM450B Speaker Bag (MACSRM450)�������������������74.99
QSC Soft Tote Bag for K8 (QSK8TOTE)����������������������������������69.99
QSC Soft Tote Bag for K10 (QSK10TOTE)������������������������������74.99
QSC Soft Tote Bag for K12 (QSK12TOTE)������������������������������84.99
QSC K12 Outdoor Cover (QSK12OC)������������������������������������52.00
QSC KSub Cover (QSKSUBCOVER)��������������������������������������112.99
SKB Bose L1 or L1 Model II Speaker Case (SK50009BL)�����229.99
Yamaha Stagepas 300 Rolling Case (YACSP300)���������������119.99
Portable PA Systems
Portable Sound System
8-channel powered
mixer delivers 300w
to a pair of
detachable 10”
speakers. Mixer
has 4 mic/line channels, and 2 dedicated stereo channels. Also
offers USB connection, internal effects, 7-band graphic EQ, LED
peak metering and more.
ART310A • ART315A
10- and 15” Active Speakers
312AI 2000w Powered 12” Speaker (PRSLS312AI)����������1399.00
315AI 2000w Powered 15” Speaker (PRSLS315AI)����������1599.95
328AI 2000w Powered Dual 8” Speaker (PRSLS328AI)�����1499.95
18sAI 1000w Powered 18” Subwoofer (PRSLS18SAI)�������1299.95
K8 • K10 • K12
Lightweight, polypropylene enclosures
packed with high-quality neodymium woofers, 1.5” compression drivers, 350w amp
and RCF low distortion. System processor
controls crossover, transducers, phase
alignment, limiter and protection functions.
Monitor functions via four
status LEDs. Built-in pole mount adapter
and M10 fly-mounting points.
EON 518S 500w 18” Subwoofer (JBEON518S)�������������������899.00
PRX635 15” 1500w Speaker (JBPRX635)������������������������1099.00
DLM8 8” Powered Loudspeaker (MADLM8)������������������������699.99
DLM12 12” Powered Loudspeaker (MADLM12)������������������849.99
DLM12S Powered 12” Subwoofer (MADLM12S)�����������������999.99
Powered Two-Way Portable Speaker
Packed with a powerful 1000w amplifier,
tough yet professional looking exterior,
and some really flexible input and output
mixing capabilities. Use them as a
stand-alone PA system, without need for
external mixer. Easy to use switches let
you accentuate a speaking voice, or add
depth to the bass in music.
#QSK8 (8-inch)����������������������������� 699.99
#QSK10 (10-inch)�������������������������� 749.99
#QSK12 (12-inch)������������������������������������������������������������� 849.99
#QSKW181 (KW181 1000W 18” Active Subwoofer)�������������� 1399.00
Sound Systems S610A
Half-Mile Hailer Megaphone
50w of power and an amp with separate
tone and volume for line in. Has corded
dynamic handheld mic, but you can
use all three mic inputs simultaneously.
There is also an auxiliary input jack.
Watherproof for indoor and outdoor venues.
#AMS610A��������������������������������������������������������������������� 329.78
SW610A Half-Mile Hailer Wireless (AMSW610A)�������������� 473.37
Wireless Audio Portable Buddy
Portable PA System
50w amp with built-in wireless mic
receiver powers Jensen speaker
to reach 1000 people. Has three
mic inputs and separate line
inputs and includes a handheld
mic transmitter. Hard-shell
plastic enclosure, handle and
shoulder strap for portability. Runs
200 hours on 10 D-Cell batteries.
Fully portable enclosure weighing only
15 lbs, with handle for easy transport.
Features full-range 8” speaker,
12v rechargeable battery, built-in DVD/
CD/MP3 player with video output,
pitch, tone and echo controls, iPod
dock, USB connection, line and mic inputs, and
integrated wireless mic system (includes wireless handheld mic).
Wireless Portable Speaker System
Portable audio playback from both wired
and Bluetooth enabled wireless sources.
Has XLR/TRS combo input, 1/4” line/guitar
input, and a stereo 1/8” input. Built-in amp
and speaker project your sound more
than 150-ft. and can be used indoors or
outdoors. Powered by built-in rechargeable
battery for up to 50-hours or via AC.
#ALTRNSACTWRL�������������������������� 199.00
No para exportación
Portable 30W Speaker
Powerful audio in a compact speaker
that weighs just 2 lbs. 4.5” neodymium
speaker and a 30W amp provide strong,
clear audio up to 109dB for addressing
crowds of 50 people or more.
Runs on 12-24V DC power and has an
integrated mount for attaching a wall or
ceiling bracket for easy installation. 1/4” and 3.5mm line inputs
and a 3.5mm line output.
PRO Audio
Portable PA Systems
AN-130+ 30-Watt Powered
Wall-Mount Speaker
2-way, magnetically shielded
speaker with 30w of
amplification. Speaker
features independent
front panel bass and
treble controls, along with
a volume knob. 1/4” mic and instrument
inputs, and RCA stereo line level inputs. Universal power supply.
In White (ANAN130P)������������������������������������������������������������ 175.00
In Black (ANAN130BPS)������������������������������������������������������� 175.00
300w Portable PA System
Integrated 300w amp and
6-channel mixer with mic,
line and instrument inputs.
Adds studio-grade 24-bit
effects processor, 2-band
EQ per channel, 5-band
graphic EQ and voice-canceller function for removing vocals and
creating pseudo karaoke tracks.
PA-300 Plus
Powered Two-Way Speaker
AN-1000X+ Powered 2-Way
Portable P.A. Speaker
2-way, magnetically shielded
speaker with 50w of amplification.
Features independent front panel
bass and treble controls, along
with a volume knob. The rear panel
has balanced XLR switchable Mic/
Line input, 1/4” connectors for the
speaker out and line in, and RCA line level I/O’s.
#ANAN1000XP���������������������������������������������������������������������� 307.00
EPA900 900w Portable PA
900w and
8-channel mixer with mic,
line and instrument inputs.
4 mic preamps with switchable +48v phantom power.
Powerful 10” woofers and
1.35” aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers. 24-Bit effects
processor, 2-band EQ per channel, 7-band graphic EQ and
voice-canceller function.
EPA150 Ultra-Compact
5-Channel 150-watt PA System
Briefcase format sets up
in seconds. Integrated
storage compartment.
2 mic preamps with
phantom power. CH-1/2
feature line and mic inputs, CH-3
mic / inst. input and CH-4/5 stereo line. 24-bit FX
processor with 100 presets. 7-band graphic EQ and Feedback
Detection system. Includes mic. (BEEPA150)����������������������329.99
B205D Active PA and Monitor
Speaker System
150w active
speaker with 5.25” full-range neodymium driver for vocal and
keyboard monitoring. Features
three XLR / 1/4” combo inputs for
mic (with +48v phantom power),
line level and instruments. XLR “through” connector with mic/line
switch for linking more B205Ds. Integrated ultra-low noise
3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ. Can mount between a mic stand
and boom. (BEB205D)������������������������������������������������������� 189.99
B1 Bass Module
Portable Line Array PA System
Passive Low-Frequency Speaker for the L1
Compact, self-contained
2-way, 30w amplified 10 lb.
speaker, with balanced and
unbalanced XLR and 1/4” mic
inputs, and a 1/4” line level
I/O. A stereo RCA connection
is also included. Bass and treble tone controls allow for adjustment to the acoustic environment. Daisy-chain up to 20 units for
fuller coverage of larger spaces.
Ideal for travelling musicians, presenters, mobile
DJs, etc. 2-channel mixer amplifier also serves as
the speaker’s base. The mixer features an XLR mic
input, RCA line input, 1/8” mini line input and 1/4”
phone input can accept line or instrument signals.
Six small drivers deliver nearly 180°of horizontal
sound coverage. Tailor the system’s sound
coverage with extended (78.5”) and collapsed
(16.5”) positioning,
The B1 enhances the low-frequency
response of the L1, adding depth and
bass to instruments, DJ rigs and other
sound reinforcement applications.
Connects to the base of the L1, or use
the optional A1 amp to provide added
power to a pair of B1 speakers.
#BOL1�������������������������������������������������������� 999.00
L1 Model II Single Bass Package
The L1 Model II series is Bose’s
elite system, ideal for pro-level
sound reinforcement - musicians,
DJ rigs, and more. The L1 Model
II Single Bass Package features
an integrated mixer amplifier
that also serves as the speaker’s
base. The power stand provides
clean, precise amplification for
L1 Model II system with up to two
B1 bass modules. Also included
is the Bose B1 Bass module for
reinforcing low-end frequencies
and enhancing the sound of
bass guitar, DJ rigs and more.
The speaker features 24 small
drivers, carefully positioned to
ensure balanced audio signal
t the direct and off-axis (sides)
of the system. Setting up the L1
Model II is quick and easy; simply
place the speaker extensions into the amplifier base, and slide the
speaker on top of the extensions. Two extensions are included and
allow easy height adjustment.
Passport P-150 Pro
B2 Bass Module (BOB2BM)�����������������������������������������������499.00
Passport 300 Pro
Portable Sound System
Portable Sound System
Collapses into a molded luggagestyle case. Pair of full range 5.25”
woofers, mic and line inputs,
4-input mixer with EQ, panning
and volume controls. Digital reverb
may be assigned to either the mains or
individual channels. Stand adapters are built in
to each speaker cabinet. Runs on 12v DC power or via the internal
switchable AC power supply. (FEPP150PSS)�����������������������399.00
300w amp, 8”
speaker drivers and
6-channel mixer
(4 inputs with
balanced mic/line
and 2 stereo inputs).
LED indicators above
each channel input.
Detachable speakers are pole mountable. Subwoofer out with
120Hz High Pass Filter. (FEPP300PSS) ������������������������������699.99
Passport 500 Pro
Portable Sound System
Steps up from the
300 Pro with 500w
amp and two speaker
cabinets with 10”
woofer and 1.2” horn
loaded tweeter. USB
port lets you record
with CD quality (.wav)
straight to a USB flash drive.
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Passport Executive PA
State-of-the-art NXT flat-panel
speaker technology results in a
slim-profile no bigger than a
briefcase. Its 100w amplifier is
perfect for addressing small
audiences, and a built-in wireless
receiver, bodypack transmitter and
headworn mic allow for hands-free
speech. Also has 1/8” mini input and XLR mic input.
#FEPESS������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PRO Audio
Portable PA Systems
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
EON 210P
300w Powered Speaker System
5” Compact Active PA System
Features a pair of two-way speakers with
10” drivers, and an 8-channel powered
mixer which stores into one of the speakers. Onboard effects processor
features 4 reverb variations and a variable
limiter control.
Built-in three-channel mixer has two
combo XLR/line inputs with
48v phantom power, instrument-ready
input, a stereo channel for CD/MP3
and a 3-band active
EQ. Built-in limiter for system
protection. Use as a floor monitor, stand-mounting, or mount in a
flying arrangement. (MASRM150)���������������������������������������249.99
Portable P.A. System
Self-contained system packed
into a molded case with wheels
and a handle Two speakers, mic
and 5-channel powered mixer.
4 XLR mic inputs with phantom
power, and 2 stereo line level
inputs with bass, treble and
reverb controls.
#PEESCORT��������Call or Log-on
PWMA230 • PWMA330
200W or 300W
VHF Wireless PA Systems
Integrated wireless receiver and handheld
wireless VHF mic. Two mic inputs, plus
guitar and line level 1/4” inputs. 8” speaker
with echo, bass and treble controls. Runs up
to 5 hours on internal rechargeable battery.
Integrated handle and wheels plus 35mm
socket for use with standard speaker mount.
PYPWMA230 (200 watts)�������� Call or Log-on
PYPWMA330 (300 watts)�������� Call or Log-on
Portable PA with iPod Dock
Compact unit with 2-way full range
speakers powered by 400W amp.
Mic, line and instrment inputs, plus
dock for iPod. Powered by 110 or
220v or by internal rechargeable
battery for up to 12 hours. Easy to
transport with its telescoping handle
and sturdy caster wheels.
PYPCMX240I������������ Call or Log-on
Waistband Portable PA
System with USB Input
Portable self contained PA speaker worn
around the waist. Ideal for
fitness instruction, coaches,
tour guides, teachers and more.
Full-range loudspeake features
a projection range of up to 1 /2
mile, and the included headset mic
delivers hands-free operation. Connect USB storage devices and
play audio files. (PYPWMA60UB)�����������������������������Call or Log-on
Portable PA System
Delivers 400 watts of power to full-range
speakers. Includes handheld mic, plus has
USB and SD card slots for playing
MP3 files. Mic/line input with volume
control. Built-In 7 AH rechargeable
battery. 35mm speaker stand
mount and telescoping handle
and caster wheels.
#PYPCMX260MB��������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
600W VHF Wireless PA Systems
with iPod Dock
PWMA930i is the same as the PWMA330
(previous box), plus has built-in iPod dock
(charges iPod nano or classic while docked)
and 600w of peak power. Otherwise the same,
the PWMA940BTI includes a wireless mic.
#PYPWMA930I������������������������Call or Log-on
#PYPWMA940BTI���������������������Call or Log-on
WA-120 Portable Wireless PA
Lightweight, battery and
AC powered speaker and
wireless mic system for presentations,
tours, fitness, worship and more. WA-120
speaker/receiver features a 20w amp,
mic and line-level inputs, and a carrying
handle. Includes bodypack transmitter and lavalier mic.
#NAWA120LTF������������������������������������������������������������������ 129.99
150w Portable Amplifier Speaker
Bull-horn style 150w PA speaker
system can address audiences of up to
3,000 people at sporting events, outdoor
events, schools and more. 1/4” mic input
plus 1/4” phone input for line level device.
Includes handheld mic.
#PYPAMP75�������������������������������������� 94.49
PWMA150 Wireless PA System (PYPWMA150)��������������������96.49
Portable PA System
400w of power and 12 hour rechargeable
battery. USB input and SD card slot for
playing MP3 files. DJ style cueing, pitch
control, loop, reloop capability and
reverse make it a perfect system for
DJ applications. Combi-jack for mics
or instruments. Has a retractable handle
for easy transport and is easily mounted
onto a speaker pole.
#PYPCMX265B���������������������������������������������������������������� 202.02
Portable PA with
Wireless Mic and iPod Dock
10” woofer, mid-driver and tweeter
powered by 800W amp. Two mic inputs,
guitar or 1/4” audio input or use the
included wireless VHF mic or your iPod
classic or nano. Batttery (up to 5 hours)
or AC powered. Easy to transport with
telescoping handle and casters.
PYPWMA1080I����������������Call or Log-on
PYPWMA1050 (same as above without iPod dock)����Call or Log-on
Active Monitor Speaker
Portable Stereo PA Amp and Speaker System
2-way, 6.5” active speaker with 30w
of built-in amplification. XLR mic or
line input plus two Aux inputs. Stereo
headphone output with level control,
built-in 2-band EQ. Link up two units
via Stereo Link function. Metal grill
cover for speaker, metal corner
protectors for enclosure. All-metal,
recessed carrying handle.
Four custom-designed 6.5” speakers
and two tweeters for wide stereo
projection. Two channels for mic/
instruments plus two stereo input
channels. Stereo aux input with volume
control. Built-in EQ, reverb, delay, and
wide (on/off per channel). Advanced
anti-feedback function. Built-in tilt-back
stand, plus speaker-stand adapter.
STAGEPAS 300 consists of two two-way
speakers 8” LF driver and
1” horn tweeter), and
an 8-channel 300w
powered stereo mixer
which conveniently
mounts in the rear panel
of one of the speakers.
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PRO Audio
Live Sound Speaker Stands and Mounts
LIve Sound Speaker Stands & Mounts
American Audio SPS-1B Speaker Stand (AMSPS1B)����������������������������������������������������������������� 29.99
Behringer WB208 Wall-Mount Speaker Bracket (BEWB208B)����������������������������������������������������� 29.99
QSC K Series Pole Extension (QSKSERSPEXT)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20.00
Anchor-Audio SB-1
SB-1: Stand mounting bracket for AN-1000X (ANSB1BK)����������������������������������������������������������� 61.00
SB-3: Wall-mounting U-bracket for AN-130 (ANSB3BK)�������������������������������������������������������������� 26.00
SS-250: Speaker stand for the AN-130 (ANSS250)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 96.00
SS-550: Heavy-duty speaker stand for Explorer and Xtreme systems (ANSS550)����������������������� 134.00
On-Stage SSA1.375
On-Stage SS-7730
Ultimate Support LTB-48B
Yamaha ADP138
Lightweight Aluminum Reverse Shaft Speaker Stand (AUSS4320)����������������������������������������������� 39.99
SS-5220 PA Speaker Stands (AUSS5220)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 59.99
QuikLok QL-30E
Gator Cases
Combo Amp Stand with Rubberized Leveling Feet (GAGFWGTRAMP)��������������������������������������������� 39.99
Frameworks Adjustable Speaker Stand (GAGFWSPK2000)������������������������������������������������������������ 49.99
Frameworks Aluminun Speaker Standwith Lifteez Piston (GAGFWSPK3000)���������������������������������� 99.99
SS2-BK: Tripod stand for EON, MPro, SR-X and SoundFactor (JBSS2BK)����������������������������������� 185.90
SS3-BK: Speaker Pole for MPro and MRX Series Subwoofers (JBSS3BK)������������������������������������� 54.95
24110 Speaker Wall Mount (KM24110B)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 109.99
13⁄8” Heavy-Duty Plastic Speaker Stand Adapter (ONEB9760B)������������������������������������������������������� 5.95
13⁄8” Speaker Cabinet Insert (ONSSA1.375)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.99
1.375” to 1” Stand Adapter (ONSSA3)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 6.95
SSA2SA - 1-3/8” - 1.5” Speaker Mounting Stand Adapter (ONSSA2)��������������������������������������������� 4.95
RS-7030: Desktop MIxer Rack Stand (ONRS7030)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 29.95
SS-7730: Steel Speaker Stand supports up to 200 lbs. (ONSS7730B)����������������������������������������� 44.95
SS-7740: 42” Subwoofer/Speaker Attachment Pole (ONSS7740B)���������������������������������������������� 10.95
SS-7745: Adjustable P.A. Subwoofer Speaker Attachment Shaft (ONSS7745)������������������������������ 13.95
SS-7761B: Lightweight Aluminum Reversible Shaft 150 lb. Speaker Stand (ONSS7761B)������������� 49.95
SS7913B: Wall-Mount Speaker Brackets (Pair)-100 lb. capacity (ONSS7914B)���������������������������� 58.95
LS-7730: Lighting Stands with Truss (ONLS7730)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.95
LS-SS7770: 120” Speaker Stand (ONLSSS7770)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 94.95
SS-7322B: Pair of Wall Speaker Brackets (Black) (ONSS7322B)�������������������������������������������������� 79.95
SS-7920: Dual Mount Speaker Bracket (ONSS7920)������������������������������������������������������������������ 12.95
SS-8800BP: Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand with 100 lb. capacity (ONSS8800BP)���������������������� 89.95
SSP7950 Aluminum Speaker Stand Pak: Two aluminum height-adjustable (44-80”)
and reversible speaker with stand bag. (ONSSP7950)��������������������������������������������������������������� 119.95
MIX-400: Autolocator/Mixer Stand (ONMIX400)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 139.95
Portable iPod PA System
Compact and portable PA system, includes two 2-way
speakers and an 8-channel mixer with integrated iPod
dock Components connect together into a single case
for terrific portability. Speakers feature an 8” woofer and
a 1” titanium tweeter. The removable 8-channel mixer
features a 300W Class-D amplifier, 4 mic/line inputs
with phantom power, as well as 2 stereo inputs.
#SAXP308I����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 499.99
Speaker Cases & Covers
Gator Cases GPA-88
SKB Freedom ATA Case
Ultimate Support Bag-99D
Speaker stand for any speaker with a 13⁄8” stand adapter (PESSB)������������������������������������������������ 69.99
QL-400: Adjustable, Roll-Around Mixer/Remote Stand with Casters (QUQL400)��������������������������� 69.00
RS-540: Heavy Duty Collapsible T-Shaped Stand (QUWS540)��������������������� 66.48
Ultimate Support
BMB-200K: Mounting Bracket (Black) (ULBMB200K)��������������������������������� 24.99
JS-MPS1: Multi-Purpose Mixer/Keyboard Stand (ULJSMPS1)�������������������� 64.99
JS-TS50: Pair of Height Adjustable Speaker Stand with 110 lb. capacity
each (ULJSTS502)������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
JS-KD50: Kick Drum/Amp Mic Stand (ULJSKD50)������������������������������������� 24.99
JS-SRR100: Heavy-Duty Rolling Rack Stand (ULJSSRR100)����������������������� 99.99
LTB-48B: 48” Lighting Tree Crossbar for TS-88/TS-99 (ULLTB48B)������������ 45.99
LTV-24B: 24” Lighting Tree Vertical Extension (ULLTV24B)������������������������� 34.00
TS-70B: Economy Aluminum Speaker Stand (ULTS70B)���������������������������� 49.99
TS-80B: Adjustable (44-79”) Aluminum Speaker Stand with 150 lb. capacity (ULTS80B)�������������� 79.99
TS-88B: Adjustable (62-110”) Aluminum Speaker Stand with 150 lb. capacity (ULTS88B)���������� 109.99
TS-90B: Adjustable (44-79”) Aluminum Speaker Stand with 150 lb. capacity (ULTS90B)�������������� 99.99
TS-99B: Adjustable (62-110”) Aluminum Speaker Stand with 150 lb. capacity (ULTS99B)���������� 129.99
TS-99BL: Same as above with Leveling Leg (ULTS99BL)���������������������������������������������������������� 169.99
TS-100B: Air-Powered Lift-Assist Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand (ULTS100B)������������������������� 149.99
TS-110B Tall Speaker Stand with Air Lift (ULTS110B)��������������������������������������������������������������� 169.99
TS-110BL: Tall Speaker Stand with Air Lift and Leveling Leg (ULTS110BL)��������������������������������� 189.99
ADP138: Stand Mount for Stagepas 300 & MSR100 Speakers (YAADP138)����������������������������������� 9.99
BMS10A: Adapter to mount speakers up to 11 lbs to a mic stand (YABMS10A)���������������������������� 19.95
SS238B: Tripod Speaker Stand (Pair) support up to 70 lbs. each (YASS238B)������������������������������ 92.46
GPA-50: Single Speaker Stand Bag (GASSB)������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 19.99
GPA-SPKSTDBG-58DLX: Speaker Stand Bag (GASSB58D)������������������������������������������������������� 29.95
GX-33: Utility Case for 3 Mic Stands, 5 Mics and accessories (GAGX33)�������������������������������������� 44.99
GPA-450-515: Single Speaker Bag (GASBMS)��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 69.99
JBL-SS2/SS4-BAG Deluxe Padded Carry Bag (JBSS2SS4BAG)����������������������������������������������������� 64.99
21311 Carrying Case for Speaker/Light Stands (KM21311)��������������������������������������������������������� 49.99
SSB6500: Heavy Duty Bag for 2 Speaker Stands or up to 6 Mic Stands (ONSSB6500)������������������ 29.95
MSB6500 Mic Stand Bag (ONMSB6500)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 39.95
X-Large ATA Stand Case with Wheels: Holds Audio and Lighting Stands up to
49½ x 20¼ x 13½” (SKH5020W)���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 299.99
Freedom ATA Stand Transport Case with Wheels: For Audio or Lighting Stands up to
48 x 12½ x 12½” (SKR4913S)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 159.99
Ultimate Support
Bag-90: Heavy-Duty Padded Bag for TS-90, TS-80 or TS-70 Stand (ULBAG90)��������������������������� 39.99
Bag-99: Heavy-Duty Padded Bag for TS-99 or TS-88 Stand (ULBAG99)�������������������������������������� 49.99
Bag-90D: Same as above except for two TS-90, TS-80 or TS-70 Stands (ULBAG90D)����������������� 49.99
Bag-99D: Heavy-Duty Padded Bag for two TS-99 or TS-88 Stands (ULBAG99D)�������������������������� 69.99
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Personal PA Systems
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Waist-Worn PA System
with Microphone
5W amp with mic input, adjustable
volume control, and 44” adjustable
belt. Includes headset and clip-on
lapel mics. Runs on 6 AA batteries.
#AMS206������������������������������ 91.07
Pro BeltBlaster
Passport P-10
Personal Portable Sound System
Ideal for small crowd or audience.
27-watts of power and 5” speaker.
Runs 8 hours on built-in rechargeable
battery. 1/8” line input. Includes handheld dynamic cardioid mic with coiled
mic and shoulder strap. (FEP10)����������������������������������������� log-on
Waistband Portable PA System
PA System and
Accessory Pack
Same as the BeltBlaster (above),
plus includes AC adapter, six
NiMH batteries, 12” band
extension and sport pack.
#AMS207���������������������� 114.73
Small super powerful voice amplifier
for a projection range up to 1/2 mile.
Built-in rechargeable battery. AUX
input for MP3 player or iPod. Includes
headset mic.
In Black (PYPWMA50B) or White (PYPWMA50W)������ Call or Log-on
Passport P10 Wireless UHF Kit
Battery powered (up to 8 hours),
self-contained system with a wireless
dynamic mic, battery charger and
shoulder strap. 1/8” auxiliary input jack.
Passport P10 Wireless UHF Executive Kit (FEP10WAEUHF)���Log-on
ER-1000 Personal PA System
Lightweight amplifier speaker
and elastic waistband with head-worn
cardioid mic. Speaker features volume
control, 6w (covers over 240’) and
10w modes, 1/8” line input.
#TOER1000WR������������������������ 193.00
Technical Pro WASP500 PA System (TEWASP500)������������119.99
Mity-Vox Portable Battery Powered PA System
Built-in amp with mic and line input
capable of addressing up to 150 people.
Built-in wireless receiver. Includes
handheld wireless mic. Runs on 8 D-cell
rechargeable batteries.
Lite-BP MiniVox Lite Portable
PA System
Less than 3 lbs, 4.5” neodymium driver
and a 30W amp provide clear audio for
over 50 people. Dual mic inputs plus
mini line I/O. Includes 10 rechargeable
batteries and charger, shoulder strap
and hand-held wired mic.
Europort EPA40 40W Handheld PA System
Sling this system over
your shoulder and stay mobile while
addressing up to 100 people. 5” fullrange speaker and 40w of power. Runs
8 hours on integrated battery. Includes
dynamic mic, charger and cables. (BEEPA40)�������������������� 119.99
PA-282AV • PA-285AV
Battery or DC-powered 2w
(PA-282AV) or 5w (PA-285AV) personal speaker
for up to 25 people with a belt clip and a headset
mic. Volume and tone controls. PA-285AV adds
recessed desktop tripod mount on bottom.
CAPA282AV��������������������������������� 64.95
CAPA285AV������������������������������� 123.95
PA-10 Portable Wireless
PA System
Wireless receiver/amp with built-in handle,
belt pack transmitter and lavalier mic.
Powered via internal battery or included
AC adapter. Transmitter stores in hidden
compartment. Also has a mini mic input.
CAPA10A (206.400MHz)��239.95 CAPA10B (210.250MHz)��169.99
PA15 15w Megaphone with
MityMeg 15/Plus
Built-In Siren
Piezo Dynamic Megaphones
• 1760-yard range
• Weatherproof
• Run 40 hours on 8 “C” batteries
• Volume adjustment
MityMeg 15 (AMS602)������������������������������������������������ 110.46
MityMeg Plus with detachable corded mic (AMS602M)� 126.65
• Coverage of up to 1000’
• Durable ABS construction for
all-weather use
• Volume control slider for both voice
and siren
PA20R • PA25R
Handheld Megaphones
PA20R steps up from the PA-15 with
detachable mic, 10-second message
record, Siren Mode and detachable
shoulder strap. The PA25R steps up
with a 1250’ range.
PA20R (CAPA20R)����������68.00 PA25R (CAPA25R)����������66.15
Mini Handheld Megaphone
Lightweight megaphone runs on 3 AA
batteries and has 10W of output power.
Can be heard up to 700 feet away.
Features adjustable volume control,
battery light indicators and wrist strap.
(PYPMP10)���������������������������������������������������������������������� Disc
PMP30 • PMP35
PMP30: 30w, 800-yard range
PMP35R: Adds siren recording
PMP35: 40w, 1000-yard range
and handheld mic (PYPMP40)���������� Log-on
Offers 40w of power and 1000 yard
range for indoor or outdoor use. Features
10-second Integrated audio memory, replay
and recording audio function, built-in siren
and variable volume control.
#PYPMP45R��������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PMP50 Piezo Dynamic
50W megaphone with a powerful piezo
driver and large bell diameter for 1-mile
projection range. Has integrated siren plus
a handheld mic, modes for talk and siren,
and variable volume control. (PYPMP50)�����������������������Log-on
#PYPMP55R (adds 10-Second Audio Recording Memory)��� Log-on
ER1215 23-Watt Grip
Megaphone with Siren
• 1000’ projection range
• Anti-bacterial treatment for mouthpiece,
mic and handle • 14-hours on 6 “C” batteries
• P olyimide diaphragm for improved speaker performance
#TOER1215������������������������������������������������������������������ 69.95
#TOER1215S (Same, but in Red)�������������������������������������� 74.95
No para exportación
Piezo Dynamic Megaphone
Same as the PMP50 except it adds a USB
input so you can connect an MP3 player or
other music/recording device to the megaphone.
#PYPMP58U������������������������������������������������������������������ 44.45
ER-2215W 23-Watt Shoulder Type
• 1300’ voice, 1600’ whistle
projection range
• Detachable mic with volume
control and anti-bacterial treatment
#TOER2215W���������������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
ER-2930W 45w Wireless-Ready (TOER2930W)��������������� 277.50
PRO Audio
Installed Sound – Microphones
Voice Tracker I
Voice Tracker II
Array Microphone
Array Microphone
Acoustic Magic’s “listening beam”
technology features 8 carefully
placed elements to provide
­coverage throughout a large room.
Ideal for capturing speech during conferences, voice recognition
software, and much more. (ACVTIAM)��������������������������������229.00
10” long mic for long range recording. Features
Acoustic Magic’s “listening beam” technology
plus AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and
automatic electronic steering of “listening
beam” to talker location.
Unipoint Boundary Condenser Microphone
Omnidirectional mic designed for highly intelligible sound
reinforcement, professional recording, television
and conferencing in surface-mount applications.
Accurately reproduces audio at 360°.
Hemi-Cardioid Condenser Boundary Mic
UniPoint Boundary Microphone
UniPoint Boundary Microphone
Hemi-cardioid (half-space cardioid)
condenser boundary microphone with
an integral power module (for
non-permanent installations).
#AUPRO42 (Unidirectional Boundary Mic)�������������������������������74.99
Cardioid pattern, plus the UA851’s capsules
are interchangeable, omni-directional and
hyper-cardioid polar patterns are available.
The output connection features a pivot
motion for easy installation on flat surfaces.
#AUU851A���������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.99
Features a frequency response curve, designed
to enhance intelligibility of speech. Cardioid
pattern and pivot motion for easy installation
on flat surfaces.
Cardioid Condenser Quick-mount
Gooseneck Microphone
• Measures 13.07” • XLR base enables quick
connection and release to any XLR mic input
#AUPRO49QL (16.46”)����������������������������������������������89.99
UniPoint Series Cardioid Quick-Mount
18” Gooseneck Mic
Gooseneck Mic with Cardioid Capsule
UniGuard shielding rejects RF interference. UniSteep
filtering reduces low frequency noise. Interchangeable
hyper-cardioid and omnidirectional capsules are
available as options.
#AUU857QL������������������������������������������������������� 179.99
Pro 45
Cardioid Hanging Condenser Mic
XLR male output connector at the base, optimized
frequency response, UniGuard shielding, UniSteep
filter and interchangeable elements.
Vinyl coated steel hanger allows inconspicuous
positioning over a choir, orchestra, stage, etc.
25’ cable attached between mic and XLR-M
In Black (AUPRO45) or White (AUPRO45W)������������������������������74.21
727-18 Miniature
Dynamic Gooseneck Mic
18” gooseneck with XLR connection
at the base. Dynamic cardioid capsule provides a
120° pick up pattern. Hardened wind screen resists
dents, scratches, etc.
#AS72718������������������������������������������������������� 49.86
PZM185 Herisphereical
(Half Omni) Boundary Condenser Mic
Excellent clarity with consistent
pickup anywhere around the mic.
Output is balanced, low impedance,
which allows long cable runs.
#CRPZM185�������������������������������������������������������������������� 229.00
Phase Coherent Cardioid Mic
Industry standard stage mic with half
super-cardioid pattern.Frequency
response of 50-18kHz provides accurate
signal reproduction. “Bass Tilt” switch further
reduces low frequency noise.
Desktop Dynamic Gooseneck Mic
Features deskotp base, 16” flexible gooseneck,
cardioid polar pattern and Push-to-Lock and
Push-to-Talk function.
UniPoint Series Cardioid
Condenser Hanging Mic
Same as the U853A except it can be powered by
11-52v phantom power or 1.5v AA battery.
In Black (AUU853R)������������������������������������������ 169.00
In White (AUU853RW)�������������������������������������� 166.89
UniPoint Series
Cardioid Condenser Hanging Mic
Flexible steel suspension hanger wraps around the
ceiling suspended cable and capsule. Features
interchangeable capsules, UniSteep Filter and
RFI shielding. Phantom power only. (AUU853A)������������������199.00
U7 USB Boundary Condenser
Recording Mic
Omnidirectional polar pattern effectively
captures audio at all angles. USB output
for direct connection to Windows and
Mac computers.
Small Pressure Zone Boundary
Large Pressure Zone Boundary
Hemispherical pattern with low
frequency roll-off. Wide frequency
response features switchable
Hemispherical pattern with low
frequency roll-off. Wide frequency
response features switchable
contouring. Has screw mounting terminals.
Wide Cardioid Boundary
Wide cardioid condenser capsule ensures
pristine audio quality without noise. The
low-profile design is ideal for unobtrusive
use on stages, conference tables, desktops, etc. Runs on +48v phantom power.
#MXFR402������������������������������������������������������������������������ 82.50
No para exportación
Boundary Mic
Features a sensitive
condenser element
with a cardioid polar pattern and smooth
frequency response. Flat low-profile makes
it an ideal for speech as well as instrument capturing.
Includes a 16’ mini to XLR cable. (NACBM40X)����������������������49.99
PRO Audio
Installed Sound – Microphones • Mixers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
More Installation Mics
Omni-Directional Boundary
Condenser Mic
Flat frequency response across the
vocal range for uncolored sound.
Balanced, transformerless output allows
long cable runs. Interchangeable polar pattern cartridges
#SHMX391O�������������������������������������������������������������������� 148.00
AKG C562cm: Ceiling Mountable Mic (AKC562CM)������������299.00
AKG DST 99S: Cardioid Gooseneck Mic (AKDST99S)����������149.00
AKG CHM 99: Hanging Microphone -Black (AKCHM99B)����149.00
AKG CHM 99: Hanging Microphone -White (AKCHM99W)���149.00
Astatic 827A:: 17” Miniature Gooseneck Mic (AS827A17)���99.00
Audio-Technica U891RX Boundary Mic (AUU891RX)���������244.88
Audio Technica AT808G: Dynamic Sub-Cardioid Gooseneck
Mic (AUAT808G)�����������������������������������������������������������106.99
Audio-Technica U855QL: Cardioid Gooseneck (AUU855QL)�99.00
MXL FR-401: Supercardioid Boundary Mic (MXFR401)��������79.99
Revolabs: Omni Table Top Wireless Mic (REEHDTTOM)�������349.00
Samson CM15: Gooseneck Podium Mic (SACM15P)������������89.99
Samson CM20: Gooseneck Podium Mic (SACM20P)������������99.99
Sanken CUB-01: Boundary Microphone (SACUB01GY)�������489.00
Shure MX395: Microflex Boundary Mic (SHMX395BO)�������135.66
Shure MX690: Wireless Boundary Mic (SHMX690H5)���������478.80
Cardioid Boundary Condenser Mic
Flat frequency response across the vocal range.
Programmable membrane switch with LED
indicator, built-in preamplifier, detachable XLR
cable. Interchangeable pattern cartridges.
#SHMX393C������������������������������������������������������������������� 199.95
Cardioid Boundary Condenser Mic
Flat frequency response across the vocal range
for uncolored sound. Balanced, transformerless
output allows long cable runs. Interchangeable
polar pattern cartridges.
#SHMX391C�������������������������������������������������������������������� 161.00
#SHMX393S (MX393/S - Super-Cardioid)���������������������������� 199.99
Omni-Directional Boundary
Condenser Mic
Flat frequency response across the vocal range.
360° pick up angle. Programmable membrane
switch with LED, built-in preamp, detachable XLR
cable. Interchangeable pattern cartridges.
• Two stereo inputs routed to five zones
• Source 1/2 volume knob on each zone
• 5-segment LED meter on every zone
• Balanced XLR inputs/outputs
• Sum to Mono buttons with LED indicator
#ARMX225������������������������������������������������������������������ 149.00
Hanging Condenser Mic
Flexible 4” gooseneck with a 30’ cable, captures wide dynamic
range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction.
Cardioid with stand adapter (SHMX202BC)��������������������������� 189.00
Cardioid with stand adapter in White (SHMX202WC)������������� 161.00
Super Cardioid with stand adapter (SHMX202BS)����������������� 166.18
Cardioid with plate mount in White (SHMX202WPC)�������������� 160.52
MX412 & MX418
Microflex Gooseneck Mics
Interchangeable cartridges. Snap-fit foam
windscreen. Balanced, transformerless output
allows long cable runs. Shock mount provides
over 20dB isolation from surface vibration noise.
Locking flange mount for permanently securing
mics to surfaces.
12” Cardioid (SHMX412C)��������������������������������������������������179.00
12” Cardioid with Switch (SHMX412SC)������������������������������206.00
12” Super-Cardioid (SHMX412S)����������������������������������������193.87
12” Desktop Mounted Cardioid (SHMX412DC)���������������������229.95
12” Desktop Mounted Super-Cardioid (SHMX412DS)�����������229.95
18” Cardioid (SHMX418C)��������������������������������������������������179.00
18” Cardioid with mute switch (SHMX418SC)����������������������197.00
18” Cardioid with flange mount (SHMX418SEC)�������������������200.96
18” Super-Cardioid (SHMX418S)����������������������������������������184.27
18” Super-Cardioid with Switch (SHMX418SS)��������������������208.99
18” Desktop Mounted Cardioid (SHMX418DC)���������������������260.00
18” Desktop Mounted Super-Cardioid (SHMX418DS)�����������244.00
8-Channel Audio Mixer
• 8 XLR mic and eight 1/4” phone line inputs
• Level control on each channel
• +48v phantom power on each channel
• Balanced & unbalanced mono output
• Prefade output for linking mixers
4-Zone Mixer
6-Channel Mic/Source Mixer
• Two mic inputs with individual volume controls, zone selector
switches, and automatic ducking
• 4 stereo RCA inputs with volume controls and zone selector
• Four output zones with XLRs, volume controls, 1/4” jacks
#RORM64������������������������������������������������������������������� 184.95
• Individual gain control • Stereo 1/4” TRS or RCA outputs
• “Talk Over” feature; Music/program priority
• Remote volume control
RM69 MixMate 3 (RORM69)������������������������������������������� 136.95
4-Channel Microphone Mixer
Stereo Mic Mixer
Zone Distribution Mixer
• Two XLR mic 1/4” line and 3 RCA phono line level
inputs. Stereo 1/4” phone and stereo RCA outputs.
• “Juke Box Mute”; “Page with Ducking”
• Can work as paging mixer
#SHSCM262��������������������������������������������������������������� 239.99
• 4 XLR mic, 4 RCA
line inputs
• X LR and AUX RCA
phono outputs
• Six sealed rotary pots • Supplies 12v phantom power
SCM800 8-Channel Mic Mixer
4-Channel Automatic Mixer
• 4 XLR mic
inputs, XLR output
• Input level control
• Provides 12v phantom power • MaxBus Channel Control
#SHSCM410���������������������������������������������������������������� 699.00
Fostex RM2 1U Rackmount Monitor (FORM2)���Call or Log-on
Marshall AR-AM1l Analog Audio Monitor (MAARAM1)��� 366.85
• All inputs are capable of line level or mic level signal. 48v
phantom power for condenser microphones.
• 8 inserts to send signal to effects and signal processors.
• Built-in limiter; low frequency roll-off and high pass shelving
#SHSCM810 (SCM810 8-Channel ‘Automatic Mixer’)������1248.89
Auralex Acoustic Treatment
2” Sonomatt-24 - Single Tile (AUSM24S)������������������������������22.92
2” Sonomatt-24- 12 Pieces (AUSM24)�������������������������������274.99
2” Sonomatt-48- 2 Pieces (AUSM48)���������������������������������189.99
2” Studiofoam Wedge-22 - Single Tile (AUSF222CS)�������������15.99
2” Studiofoam Wedge-22 - 12 Pieces (AUSF222C)�������������199.99
2” Studiofoam Pyramid-24 - Single (AUSF2PCS)�������������������36.58
2” Studiofoam Pyramid-22 - 12 Pieces (AUSF22212PC)������219.99
Studiofoam Wedgies - Single Tile (AUW24S)���������������������������3.95
Studiofoam Wedgies - 24 Pieces (AUW24)�������������������������109.99
GRAMMA Sound Isolation Riser (AUG)����������������������������������54.99
No para exportación
SpeakerDudes HD - Speaker Isolation Pads (AUSPDHD)��������44.99
SubDude - Subwoofer Floatation Device (AUSD)�������������������49.95
SubDude HD - Subwoofer Isolation Platform (AUSBDHD)��������60.00
ProMAX Acoustic Panels with Stands (AUPM243CH2MS)����289.99
LENRD Bass Traps (Charcoal, 4 Pieces) (AULBTCHP)�����������154.99
D36 Charcoal Grey Roominators Kit (AURDSTD36C)������������134.99
Foamtak Spray Adhesive - Single Can (AUAFT)���������������������24.99
Tubetak Pro Adhesive - Single Tube (AUATTP)�������������������������9.99
StopGap Acoustical Sealant - Single Tube (AUSG)����������������19.99
TEMP Tabs Studiofoam Mounting Solution (AUTSFMK)�����������64.99
PRO Audio
Installed Sound – Mixers/Amplifiers
Paging and Security Microphones
120-Watt 6-Channel Mixer/Amp
• 5 mic/line phantom power inputs and 1 stereo AUX input.
• Pre out/power amp in for patching of external processors.
• B ridge in/out; extensive muting and output options
Astatic 878HL: Desktop Mic (AS878HL2)����������������������������77.00
Shure 577B Handheld Mic (SH577B)��������������������������������129.99
Telex MCP-90-12: 12” Gooseneck Mic (TEMCP9012)��������210.00
Telex MCP-90-18: 18” Gooseneck Mic (TEMCP9018)��������225.00
TOA PM660U: Paging Mic (TOPM660U)����������������������������107.00
Bogen Communications
MBS1000A: Desktop Cardioid Paging Mic (BOMBS1000A)��144.95
Crown Audio
PZM10: Miniature Security Mic (CRPZM10)������������������������169.00
PZM-11: Wall Plate Mountable Security Mic with Line-Level
Unterminated Pigtail Connection in White (CRPZM11LL)������139.00
PZM-11LLWR: Weather Resistant Pressure Zone Line Level Mic
in White (CRPZM11LLWR)��������������������������������������������������179.00
450 Series II: Omni Desktop Paging Mic (SH4502)������������124.95
514B: Omnidirectional Push-To-Talk Mic (SH514B)���������������64.95
515SBG-18X: Dynamic Cardioid Paging Mic with 18” Gooseneck
515SBG-18XF: Dynamic Cardioid Paging Mic with 18” Gooseneck
and A13HD Mounting Flange (SH515SBG18XF)���������������������75.74
522: Cardioid Base Station Dynamic Mic (SH522)���������������119.99
527B: Cardioid Handheld Lo-Z Mic (SH527B)�����������������������74.99
562: Cardioid Noise-Cancelling Lo-Z Communication Mic for
Gooseneck and Stand Mounting (SH562)�����������������������������68.96
565SD-LC Cardioid Dynamic (SH565SDLC)������������������������105.00
Speech & Seminar Microphones
Audio Technica
ATR1100: Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Mic (AUATR1100)��������8.74
ATR1200: Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Mic (AUATR1200)������14.49
ATR1300: Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Mic (AUATR1300)������18.99
Pro 31: Cardioid Handheld Mic (AUPRO31)���������������������������36.75
AA240: 240w 6-Channel Mixer/Amplifier (ATAA240)����������728.50
8-input, 2 x 80W Mixer/Amplifier
• Designed for
systems, offers
4 ohm, 70v, and 100v outputs. Sends any input to any output.
• Independent bass and treble controls on each channel.
• 4 tone generator for bell, pre-announce chime, alert, evacuate
• Priority muting can be achieved by VOX or an external switch.
#CR180MA (180MA 4-Input, 80W Mixer/Amplifier)����������������459.00
135MA 3 x 1 35W Mixer/Amplifier (CR135MA)�������������������179.00
PT110 • PT210
80- and 120w Amp/Mixers
Versatile, mixer
amplifiers ideal
for a variety of
uses. They can
be used with AC
or DC power, even in a car or truck. Inputs for two mics plus an
auxiliary input. Multiple output options include series and parallel
plus a headphone output for flexibility.
PT110 (PYPT110)������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PT210 (PYPT210)������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
PT610 Five-Channel
PG48: Vocal Mic (SHPG48XLR)���������������������������������������������39.00
PG48: Vocal Mic with XLR-1/4” Cable (SHPG48QTR)�������������39.00
PG58: Vocal Mic with XLR-1/4” Cable (SHPG58QTR)�������������59.00
545SD-LC: Cardioid Dynamic Hi/Lo-Z Mic (SH545SDLC)�������95.00
F-V100: Vocal Mic with 10’ Cable (SOFV100)�������������������������7.99
F-V420: Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Vocal Mic (SOFV420)� Log-on
FV-620: Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Vocal Mic (SOFV620)� Log-on
Install Sound Amplifiers
Atlas Sound
600-Watt Mixer/Amplifier
• Four XLR/1/4”
combo inputs,
two RCA line
inputs, and a
mic/line switchable RCA input.
• Suitable for amplifying music or vocal program material.
• Individual volume controls for each of the input sources
PT710 Rackmount 3-Channel Mixer/Amp (PYPT710)����������Log-on
AA35 35W Three-Channel
• Ideal for paging, background
music, or music-on-hold
• Three mic/line inputs
• Level controls for each of the
three audio inputs as well as
bass and treble tone controls
• DIP switches for assigning zone preferences, setting phantom
power, mute preferences, and a low cut filter.
P1001AT 1000W Hybrid
Pre-Amp with AM/FM Tuner
• Dual mic
input jacks
for digital
system with
separate treble, bass and echo controls
• 3.5mm front panel input for portable media player
• Dedicated pre-amp and subwoofer output for expansion
P1001AT (PYP1001AT)���������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
P3001AT (PYP3001AT)���������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
PCA1 • PCA2 • PCA3
Mini Stereo Power Amplifiers
• Extremely compact
• Stereo RCA input
• Front-panel volume control
• Treble and bass controls
• Front-panel volume and tone controls
• Blue LED output level meters
PCA1: 30-watts (PYPCA1)�������������������������������������Call or Log-on
PCA2: 80-watts (PYPCA2)������������������������������������Call or Log-on
PCA3: 150-watts (PYPCA3)�����������������������������������Call or Log-on
Mini Stereo Power Amplifier
• Use for paging or musical applications
• Three switchable
RCA stereo inputs
plus RCA stereo out
for recording.
• Feature music
volume control,
headphone output jack, bass and treble tone control, switchable
mic pager and mixing mode.
PTA2: 80-watts (PYPTA2)�������������������������������������Call or Log-on
PA702: 2-Ch. 70w Amplifier (ATPA702)����������������������������281.50
PT1100: 1000w Power Amp (PYPT1100)�������������������������� Log-on
T3300: 3000w Power Amp (PYPT3300)���������������������������� Log-on
5-Input Mixer/Amplifier
8-Channel, 120-Watt Mixer/Amplifier
Crown Audio
280A: 2-Channel, 70v/160w Amplifier (CR280A)����������������499.00
CTs-600: Two-Channel 300w Power Amp (CRCTS600)�����1297.92
CTs 4200 4-Channel 190w Power Amp (CRCTS4200)�����1879.28
XTi 1002: 275w Power Amplifier (CRXTI1002)��������������������499.00
XTi 2002: 475w Power Amplifier (CRXTI2002)��������������������699.00
XTi 4002 650w Power Amplifier (CRXTI4002)���������������������999.00
RA170: 70v/70w Mono Power Amplifier (RORA170)�����������184.20
RA2100b: Amplifier (RORA2100B)�������������������������������������287.95
• 2 XLR mic inputs with phantom power and 3 stereo pairs of RCA
jacks. Tone controls for each mic input.
• Provides 70 watts of power into a 70 volt speaker system.
• Bass and treble controls, stereo pre-master record output, and
spring-loaded outputs. Priority ducking for paging is provided.
MA2152 5-Input Mixer/Amplifier (ROMA2152)��������������������383.95
No para exportación
• 25v and 70v operation with low self-noise, and wide frequency
response. 8 input channels accept any combination of TOA’s
plug-in modules.
• Accommodates external mute switchers for remote mute
operation. Insert jacks for outboard signal processing.
PRO Audio
Installed Sound – Speakers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
SM42T 16W 70.7/100V
4” Two-Way Weather-Resistant
Surface-Mount Speakers
4” polypropylene woofer and 1” dome tweeter.
TRX wave guide system provides wide
dispersion of audio. Internal 16W, 70.7/100v
transformer with power taps at 2, 4, 8, and
16 Ohms. Includes heavy-duty powder-coated
Black (ATSM42TB) or White (ATSM42TW)���������sold as pair 119.00
FAP62T Strategy II
SD72W Dual Cone Ceiling
Speaker with Baffle (White)
Coaxial Ceiling System Speakers
Complements modern architecture.
Extended bass response. Full selection of
taps as well as 16W and an 8ohm
transformer bypass. 70.7V/100V internal
transformers. 4-pole detachable phoenixstyle connector. Works with drop tile or
sheetrock ceilings with the included
C-ring/V-rail tile bridge and “dog leg” mounting system.
Control Contractor
EVID Series
Dual cone, 25w 8” speaker with ceramic
magnet and 1” diameter copper voice coil.
Factory installed 25/70.7V line matching
transformer with tap selections ranging
from .25 to 5 watts. Factory installed CRS
baffle with concealed loudspeaker mounting
studs and screw mount hardware.
#ATSD72WV (with volume control)�����������������������������������������33.50
Control 1 Pro
Premium Small Format Ceiling Speakers
Surface-Mount Speakers w/70v Transformers
5” Two-Way Compact Speaker
High power handling, overload protection and
exceptional sound level capability. Complete
with integral backcan, front grille and tile
bridge support hardware.
Beautify not only the sound of a room, but also the
looks. Great sonic characteristics and stunning high
fidelity make them ideal for retail environments,
boardrooms, restaurants, and bars. Durable ABS
enclosure with a zinc-coated steel grille protects
internal components.
Rugged enclosure houses
a 5” woofer and a 0.75”
dome tweeter. SonicGuard
protection circuitry keeps
them running smoothly.
Spring-loaded speaker
terminals. Magnetically
shielded, includes a ball
and socket mounting bracket for easy
installation and positioning flexibility.
Control 24C: 4” woofer and 3/4” titaniumcoated tweeter provide high-fidelity sound. (JBC24C)�����sold as pair
Control 24CT Micro: Same as above, plus includes multi-tap
transformers. (JBC24CTM)������������������������������ sold as pair 144.00
Control 24CT: 4” woofer and 1/2” polycarbonate tweeter,
multi-tap transformers in White (JBC24CT)������� sold as pair 228.00
Control 26: 6.5” woofer and 3/4” titanium-coated tweeter
deliver maximum sound (JBC26C)������������������� sold as pair 270.00
Control 26CT: Same as above, plus includes multi-tap
transformers. (JBC26CT)��������������������������������� sold as pair 312.00
Control Contractor
Surface-Mounted Speakers
Compact systems with rugged,
molded high impact polystyrene
shells designed for indoor and
outdoor applications. They offer
versatility, ease-of-installation
and paintability. Invisiball®
mounting technology revolutionizes
installation with built-in hardware easily secured with a standard
hex wrench from a front channel. Mounting bracket is included.
Control 23: 3.5” woofer and horn-loaded titanium-coated
tweeter. For mid/high operation in limited space environments.
In Black (JBC23B) or White (JBC23W)���������������sold as pair 208.00
Control 25: 51⁄4” woofer with horn-loaded 1” titanium-coated
tweeter. Excellent choice for moderately large venues.
In Black (JBC25B) or White (JBC25W)���������������sold as pair 270.00
Control 25T: Same as above, plus includes a multitap transformer for line distribution systems.
In Black (JBC25TB) or White (JBC25TW)�����������sold as pair 304.00
Control 25AV: Wide bandwidth, smooth response speaker.
60w multitap transformer for 70V/100V line distribution systems.
The transformer may be bypassed allowing use as an 8 ohm
impedance speaker. Includes stainless steel grille and MTC-PC2
panel cover included for additional weather resistance.
In Black (JBC25AVB) or White (JBC25AVWH)������sold as pair 354.00
Control 28: 8” woofer and 1” titanium- coated tweeter provides
vivid sound reproduction for large space applications.
In Black (JBC28B) or White (JBC28W)����������������sold as pair 480.00
Azden ACS-6.5 6.5” Drop Ceiling Speaker (AZACS65)�������� 37.95
Behringer CE500A 80w 2-Way Speaker (BECE500ABK)���� 129.99
Toa Electronics Paging Horn Speaker (TOSC610)�������������� 42.00
EVID 3.2: 150w with Dual 3.5” Woofers and 3/4” Titanium
Tweeter in White (ELE32W) or Black (ELE32)..........................269.00
EVID-4.2: 200w with Dual 4” Woofers and 1” Titanium Tweeter in
Black (ELE42) or White (ELE42W)�����������������������������Call or log-on
EVID-6.2: 300-Watt with Dual 6” Woofers and 1” Titanium
Tweeter in Black (ELE62) or White (ELE62W)������������������������593.00
Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Speakers:
In Black (JBC1PROB) or White (JBC1PROW)������� sold as pair 164.00
2-Way Round Ceiling Speakers
Completely waterproof, ideal for use on boats, decks, patios,
outdoors and poolside. Heavy duty ASB construction. Quick
connect/ disconnect speaker terminals. Unique spring loaded
mounting system. Removable rustproof mesh grills.
PDICS6: 6.5” full-range driver with a 1” voice coil and a 1.5”
tweeter cup. 120-watts (PYPDICS6)
PDWR30: 3.5” Cone Woofer and 1” Mylar Tweeter.
Black (PYPDWR30B) or White (PYPDWR30W)���� sold as pair Log-on
PDIC81RD: 8” midbass speaker and directable 1/2” polymer
dome tweeter. 250-watts. (PYPDIC81RD)��������� sold as pair Log-on
PDWR40: 5.25” Cone Woofer and 1” Mylar Tweeter.
Black (PYPDWR40B) or White (PYPDWR40W)���� sold as pair Log-on
In-Ceiling Weather-Resistant Speakers
with Installation Hardware:
PDWR50: 6.5” Cone Woofer and 1” Mylar Tweeter.
Black (PYPDWR50B) or White (PYPDWR50W)���� sold as pair Log-on
PDWR63: 6.5” long throw woofer and a 1” polyamide dome
tweeter. In White (PYPDWR63)������������������������� sold as pair Log-on
PDIC61RD: 6 1⁄2” midbass speaker and directable 1/2” polymer
dome tweeter. 200-watts. (PYPDIC61RD)����������� sold as pair 36.61
PWRC52: 5.25” driver, dual 1/2” tweeter, 200w (PYPWRC52)� 18.00
PWRC62: 6.5” driver, dual 1/2” tweeter, 300w (PYPWRC62)�����������
PWRC82: 8” driver, dual 1/2” tweeter, 400w (PYPWRC82)�� Log-on
Install Sound Accessories
PVC1 Wall Mount Rotary Volume Control Knob (PYPVC1)�������18.29
PVC2 Wall Mount Slide Volume Control (PYPVC2)����Call or Log-on
PVC3 High-Power Stereo Volume Control (PYPVC3)���������������16.99
PT504 AM/ FM Digital Tuner (PYPT504)������������������Call or Log-on
PSTND6 Wall Mount Speaker Bracket (Pair) (PYPSTND6)�������17.62
500’ 12AWG Bulk Speaker Cable (PYPSCBLF500)���Call or Log-on
Atlas Sound
100W Wall Mount Attenuator Decora Finish (ATAT100D)��������28.50
AT35 35W Single Gang Stainless Steel 70.7v (ATAT35)���������23.50
Bogen Communications
Ceiling Grille for 8” Speakers - Semi-Gloss (BOPG8W)�������������8.99
SLC Signal Level Control (BOSLC)����������������������������������������17.50
Input/Line Transformer (BOWMT1A)��������������������������������������29.97
RS80 AM/FM Tuner (RORS80)��������������������������������������������234.95
HR155 Rackmount Monitor Speaker (ROHR155)�����������������106.95
MTC-2P Mounting Kit (JBMTC-2P)���������������������������������������21.00
No para exportación
Marshall 4-Channel Audio Monitor (MAARAM4BG)�������������562.35
Rane DA-216S 2x16 DA for paging and
background music (RADA216S)�������������������������������������439.00
RDL PS-24AS Switching Power Supply (RDPS24AS)���������� Log-on
RDL EZ-UCB2 Under-Counter Mount Brackets (RDEZUCB2)���14.77
Rolls RS80 AM/FM Tuner (RORS80)����������������������������������234.95
Rolls HR155 Rackmount Monitor Speaker (ROHR155)��������106.95
Tascam TU-690 Stereo Tuner (TATU690)������������������������ Log-on
Ultimate Speaker Socket Mounting Bracket (ULTSM150MK)���24.99
Toa Electronics
U03R - Unbalanced Line Filter (TOU03R)������������������������������49.29
Rack-Mount Kit for Amps (TOMB25B)�����������������������������������29.50
Coax Cable
Canare L-4E6S Star-Quad Mic Bulk Cable
(656’) (CAL4E6S656)������������������������ 259.95
Premium 2-Conductor Flexible Plenum Bulk
Cable (COCVC2TWP)������������������������ 112.00
PRO Audio
DJ Players
Rack-Mount Dual MP3/CD Player
Dual CD and MP3
CD/MP3/USB Player
• Plays CD-R/RW and
D Text and MP3 File Search
• 2 seamless loop points and 2 hot stutter starts.
• Adjustable Pitch and Brake
• Analog RCA and digital S/PDIF outputs
• Plays MP3 and WAV files from USB storage device
• 1/4” mic iput; balanced XLR outputs
• Single & continuous play modes • Seamless loop with reloop
#GECDMP1400���������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
CDMP-6000 (GECDMP6000)�������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Supports CDs and audio files stored on USB storage devices. Also
variable pitch
control, seamless loop
and scratch to mix
and manipulate audio
like a pro. Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA output.
#NUMP103USB���������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#DEDND4500������������������������������������������������������������������� 639.00
Rack-Mount Dual MP3/CD Player
NDX400 Touch-Sensitive
NDX900 Professional DJ
Scratch MP3/CD/USB Player
CD Player and Controller
• Scratch and search wheel
• Text display for navigating folders
• A uto BPM with tap override for instant
BPM (tempo) analysis
• Start/stop-time adjustment for for vinyl-style braking
• Reverse mode for special effects
• Three hot cues for quick access to key points in the track
• Seamless looping with stutter start
#NUNDX400���������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
• CD/MP3/USB player with
USB/MIDI interface
• Beat-synced DSP effects with wet-dry
fader: chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, phaser
• 7-inch illuminated platter with touch-sensitivity adjustment
• Control MIDI software via USB
• Seamless looping • Adjustable pitch or bend with pitch buttons
• Adjustable start and stop time for vinyl-like deck performance
#NUNDX900���������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Professional Portable Multimedia Player
Dual CD decks and dual
USB inputs. Assign MP3
files to either deck, from
either drive, and enjoy
the flexibility of MP3 title
display on the large LED
displays. Additional
features include scratching, seamless looping and variable 4, 8,
16, 100% pitch control.
#NUCDN77USB�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Plays CDs & USB devices
• B eat display and Auto Beat loop function
• Auto BPM Lock
• Large touch-sensitive platter
IDI compatible with other DJ software
allowing use as an audio interface.
• USB I/O and RCA analog outputs
• Includes RekordBox Music
Management software
#PICDJ350�����������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Professional Multimedia and CD Player
Professional Multimedia and CD Player
Steps up from the CDJ-900 with:
• Includes RekordBox Music
Management software
• 6.1” color LCD panel and GUI
• Needle search helps DJs
instantaneously get
to a specific part of a
song with a simple touch
of the Needle Search pad.
#PICDJ900���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#PICDJ2000........................................................Call or Log-on
CDJ-2000nexus (PICDJ2000NXS)..........................Call or Log-on
• Slip Mode
• Advanced Auto Beat Loop
• MIDI Assignable Controllers
Professional Dual USB & MP3 CD Player
• USB and SD card slots enabling playback of
MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files.
•Dual CD Player
with looping & cue
points. Scratch
MP3s in real-time.
• Fader Start
• Displays text for ID3
tags and folder names for easy navigation
• Auto-BPM detection with tap override and display
• ± 4, 8, and 16% pitch control for beat matching
#NUCDN450�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
High Performance DJ Player
• Supports MP3, AAC, WAV & AIFF CD,
CD-R/RW formats
• Includes Rekordbox Music
Management Software
• USB Ports on rear & faceplate
• Fully assignable USB MIDI
functionality and advanced USB
MIDI software control
• Advanced auto beat loop • Pioneer Nightclub standard layout
In Black (PICDJ850K) or White (PICDJ850)������������� Call or Log-on
Dual Deck CD Player
• 8 sec. samplers
and digital outputs
for each deck
• Pitch bend and
tempo changes for
MP3 songs
• Built-in digital effects including filtering, flanging and echo
• Reverse play and Stutter play performance “tricks”
• Brake & Scratch wheel functions for analog turntable emulation
#TACDX1700��������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
DJ Stands, Tables, Mounts and Miscellaneous Accessories for DJ Players and Turntables
American Audio UNI LTS Accu Case (AMUNILTS)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 49.98
Audio-Technica AT634 Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution (AUAT634)��������������������������������������������� 10.41
Crane Hardware Stand Pro Laptop Stand (CRSTANDPRO)�������������������������������������������������������� 149.99
Decksaver Polycarbonate Cover (DEPCCD2000CF)������������������������������������������������������������������Log-on
Ion Vinyl Alive Record Cleaning Kit (IOVINYLALIVE)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 12.99
Music Hall Hunt E.D.A. Record Cleaning Brush (MUHUNTEDA)���������������������������������������������������� 30.00
Native Instruments Traktor Butter Rugs Advanced Slipmats for Turntables (NATRBTR)���������������� 19.00
Numark Dust Cover for Numark Turntables (NUDC)������������������������������������������������������������������Log-on
On-Stage Laptop Computer Stand (ONLPT5000)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 24.95
Roland SS-PC1 Support Stand for PC (ROSSPC1)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 79.99
Odyssey Innovative Designs Laptop Stand in White (ODLSTANDWHT)�������������������������������������� 37.00
Odyssey Innovative Designs Laptop Stand Clamps in Black (ODLSTANDCLAM)������������������������ 11.99
Odyssey Innovative Designs Laptop Stand with Interface Tray (ODLSTANDCOMB)�������������������Log-on
Odyssey Innovative Designs Stand-Alone Table-Top Laptop Stand (ODLSTANDS)���������������������� 24.99
Odyssey Innovative Designs LTBXS Heavy-duty X Stand (ODLTBXS)����������������������������������������� 59.99
Odyssey Innovative Designs DJ Worktable with Folding Legs (ODCTBC2060)������������������������Log-on
QuikLok LPH-001 Multi-Function Tripod Stand (QULPH001)������������������������������������������������������� 39.00
Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand (STUBERSTABLK)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.00
Ultimate Support LPT-1000 Hyperstation Portable Laptop Stand (ULLPT1000S)���������������������� 149.99
Ultimate Support JS-LPT400 Aluminum Double-Tier Laptop/DJ Stand (ULJSLPT400)����������������� 79.99
No para exportación
PRO Audio
DJ Turntables • DJ Cartridges & Stylus
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Direct Drive Professional DJ
Turntable with USB
• Rugged cast aluminum construction
with line and phono audio outputs.
• 3 3, 45 and 78RPM speeds,
±20% and 10% pitch control,
reverse mode.
• Includes Audacity software
AT-LP120-USB (USB & Analog) (AUATLP120UQQ)��������������� 219.00
Direct-Drive Turntable (USB & Analog)
• USB output to Mac and PC
• Built-in phono preamp
• Phono or line output
• Direct drive high-torque
multi-pole motor
• 33, 45 and 78 rpm speeds
• Sliding pitch control with quartz speed lock
Bounded round shank stylus, compatible
with P (Pin) or 1/2-inch (Headshell) mount turntables.
#AUAT92ECD (AT92ECD)������������������������������������������������������16.71
#AUATLP1240US (with Audacity Recording Software)�������������379.00
PLTTB3U Direct-Drive
Turntable with USB Output
High-Torque Turntable with USB and EZ Vinyl
• Durable, vibration resistant construction,
high torque direct-drive motor.
• Interchangeable S-shaped or
straight tone arms.
• Digital outputs, Key Lock
and ±50% pitch control
• Included EZ Vinyl software
simplifies transfer and archives audio files into iTunes.
#NUTTXUSB�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Tailor made for anyone in need of a
turntable for digitizing old vinyl, or
basic home listening.
• 33 and 45RPM speeds, rugged platter,
pitch adjustment, dust-cover,
counterweight and more.
• Includes Audacity recording software
Professional DJ Turntable
• S/PDIF digital output and analog RCA
phono output connectors.
Includes Cakewalk Pyro LE Software
• Heavy-duty steel construction
and world’s strongest
torque motor
• S/PDIF digital output
• Ultra stable platter and tone arm
• Selectable pitch control [±8%, 25%,50%]
• Start/Brake speed adjustment
#STST150HP (includes Stanton 680HP cartridge)��������������������599.00
Professional DJ Turntable
• Straight skip-proof tone arm
• Steel construction and
aluminum platter
• Phono / Line switchable out
• S/PDIF Digital output • Key Correction
• ±8%, 25%, 50% Variable Pitch
• Die-cast aluminum platter, with
selectable speeds of
33 1/3 and 45 RPM.
• Quartz direct-drive and
a brushless DC motor.
• Variable pitch range of ±8%,
and has a no-click pitch control
• Electronic brake can be adjusted;
users can set turntable to halt instantly, wind down slowly,
or respond anywhere in between.
High output and sleek design
enables scratch and back cuing
without skips.
#NUCS1���������������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
#NUCC1 (CC-1)�����������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
High track force and polished natural gem
stone stylus, designed for preserving vinyl
during intense scratching, spin-back and
back-cuing. Compatible with N44-7,
N44-7Q and N44-7Z replacement needles.
Replacement stylus for the M44-7 (SHN447)������������������������24.99
Competition DJ turntable cartridge
mounted on Technics headshell. Features
a high track force and polished natural
gem stone stylus. Compatible with Shure
N44-7, N44-7Q and N44-7Z replacement needles.
Same as SL-1200MK2, plus has the
ability to switch between 110 and
220 voltages. This makes it possible
to use your decks in
different European countries as
well as in the United States.
Analog DJ Turntable
Headshell and cartridge with Audio-Technica stylus. Mounts to
4-pin tone arms of most turntables. (GEHDCN15)������������������ 35.42
#GEHD15 (D-15 Headshell only)����������������������������������������������� 9.99
#GECN15 (CN-15 Turntable Cartridge and Stylus)��������������������� 24.95
Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable
• 33-1/3 & 45 RPM Speeds with Reverse
#PYPLTTB3U������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
USB Direct Drive Turntable
• High-torque, direct-drive
motor, S-shaped tone
arm and 33, 45 and 78
RPM speeds.
Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable
• Digital pitch control,
adjustable brake and
improved tone arm for
a rich quality sound.
• The perfect solution for
any professional nightclub
DJ booth, professional
touring DJ, performance
DJ and serious home DJs alike.
No para exportación
Dynamic stabilizer maintains a uniform
distance between the cartridge and
the record under difficult conditions.
Side-Guard stylus protection.
American Audio TT-Headshell (AMTTH)�������������������������������7.99
Audio-Technica AT91ECD Cartridge (AUAT91ECD)��������������29.99
Audio-Technica AT-HS1 Turntable Headshell (AUATHS1)�����24.15
Ion ICT04 Replacement Stylus (IOICT04)�����������������������������15.11
Numark CX-1 DJ Cartridge (NUCX1)������������������������������� Log-on
Ortofon MF6 Elektro MF6 (ORMF6S)�����������������������������������36.99
Shure Repl. Stylus for WhiteLabel Cartridge (SHNWHLB)������22.82
Shure SFG-2 Stylus Tracking force gauge (SHSFG2)������������25.00
Shure M92E Turntable Cartridge (SHM92E)�������������������������39.99
Shure White Label Headshell and stylus (SHWHLB�������������89.95
Shure SC35C DJ Turntable Cartridge (SHSC35C)�����������������38.95
Shure M447 Competition Turntable Cartridge (SHM447)�������59.95
Shure M78S - 78RPM Turntable Cartridge (SHM78S)����������59.99
Shure MCC: Molded case for up to 4 cartridges (SHMCC )���24.95
Shure RPP644 Accessory pack for the M44G and M44-7.
Includes mounting hardware, head-shell wires, screwdriver,
cleaning brush and stylus guard. (SHRPP644)������������������������3.99
Vestax VR1SS Replacement Stylus (VEVR1SS)��������������������20.00
PRO Audio
DJ Controllers
Additional DJ Controllers
Allen & Heath Xone:K2 DJ MIDI Controller (ALXONEK2)��� 299.99
Denon DJ DN-HC1000S (DEDNHC1000S)������������������� call or log
Denon DJ MC2000 DJ Controller (DEMC2000)����������� call or log
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 (NATKF1)������������ 249.00
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 (NATKZ2)������������ 799.00
Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller (PIDDJERGOK)�������������� 460.00
Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller-Black (PIDDJWEGOK)�� Log-on
Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller-White (PIDDJWEGOW)��Log-on
Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station (PIRMX1000)���������������Log-on
Pioneer XDJ-AERO Wireless DJ System (PIXDJAERO)������ Log-on
DJ Console MK4 USB DJ
Control Surface & Virtual DJ Software
• 2-deck controller for DJ software
• 2 jog wheels
• 1 crossfader and 2 volume
• 2 pitch encoders (knobs) to adjust
the speed of the music. 6 EQ potentiometers
• A utomatic loops on 1, 2, 4 or 8 beats; add effects to customize
your music; record your mixes as audio files
#HEDJCMK4�������������������������������������������������������������������� 169.00
BCD-3000 DJ Mixer, Audio
Interface and Control Surface
• 4-channel USB port for vinyl
manipulation and control of
Wave and MP3 audio files.
• Mixer features smooth crossfader, 3-band kill EQ and PFL
assignable headphone cue.
• Four user-assignable controls
and buttons for an integrated
FX section. Includes Native Instruments Trackor 3 LE software.
Control Surface & Virtual DJ Software
Dual, touch sensitive platters and
two dedicated pitch sliders. Three level controllers and a crossfader .
Additional control features
include EQ dials, numerical keypad,
transport controls and more. Includes analog
connections and Virtual DJ 5 DJC Edition software
Digital Mixer Controller
• 4-channel DJ mixer, DJ
software controller and
USB audio interface.
• Full gamut of fader,
level, dial, and transport
controls integrate with
any DJ software title.
Control level, EQ, effects, cuing and audio transport.
#DEDNMC6000���������������������������������������������������������������� 799.00
MC3000 Mixer Controller with Soundcand (DEDNMC3000)� 399.00
DJControl Instinct
DJ Software Controller
• 2 pressure-detecting
jog wheels for vinyl
style cuing, scratching
and more.
• 2-channel mixer with
level and crossfader
• RCA and 1/8” mini main outputs for connecting to a PA system
#HEDJCRMX������������������������������������������������������������������������ Disc
#HEDJCNTRLINS (includes DJuced DJ Software)����������������������129.99
4-Mx USB DJ Control Surface (HE4MX)���������������������������� 299.88
DJ Control Air 2-Channel USB DJ Controller (HEDJAIR)�����149.59
Kontrol S-4
Traktor Kontrol X1
Traktor Kontrol S2
• Compact tactile control
surface for Traktor and
other software.
• Controls include knobs,
back-lit buttons and
• Includes MIDI
configuration software.
Streamlined version of the Kontrol S4 with a 2-channel layout
and control of up to 2 decks
and a third channel reserved for
sample triggering. Traktor Pro
2 DJ software is built in, making it a complete and powerful
package right out of the box.
Dicer Cue Point &
Looping DJ Controller
Hardware Controller for Plug-Ins
• Surface mounted control surface
for use with Serato Scratch,
and other DJ software.
• Trigger samples, loops and cue
points. Up to 60 assignable MIDI controls from a pair of Dicers.
• Multi-color, soft touch “dice” buttons, provide LED feedback
• Comes with re-usable “DJ Putty” that will stick Dicer firmly to
CDJs, laptops, mixers - or any hard surface.
NODICER (sold in pairs)������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Dicer Carry Case (NODICERCC)��������������������������������������������14.99
DJ Controller
• Automap Universal
2.0 software provides
automatic, instant
and intelligent control
of all automatable
plug-ins within every
major sequencer, including Pro Tools.
• Illuminated buttons and a smooth 45mm crossfader
• Eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders with bright, 11-LED rings
#NONOCTURN����������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Ultra Portable USB DJ Controller
Includes Serato ITCH and
overlays for use with Traktor.
Has a mic input, headphone
output, and AUX inputs for
routing signal through
software effects. 2-channel
mixer for creative slicing,
looping, stuttering and real-time sample playing in Serato ITCH.
Sized to fit directly in
front of most laptops,
provides full 2-deck
control over included
Virtual DJ LE Lite software. The layout features tactile controls
over all Virtual DJ LE’s parameters. Includes two platters, a
crossfader, pitch and level controls as well as Deck A, Deck B,
Master and headphone gain controls.
#NOTWITCH�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#NUDJ2GO���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
No para exportación
TRAKTOR Controller
and Software
• 4-channel mixer with
ergonomic layout
• Touch-sensitive jog wheels
• Bundled TRAKTOR PRO S4 software features
4-deck mixing and effects, sample decks and a Loop Recorder
• MP3 management with iTunes integration and iPod compatibility
Ableton Live Controller
• Multi-color 64-button grid
and dedicated scene launch
buttons provide easy triggering and manipulation of clips.
• Switch to “mixer mode” and
volume, pans, sends, track
arming, soloing and muting can all be controlled via the grid.
• Jump to different levels across 8 channels at once
• Switch to “user mode 1” and the 64 buttons become drum pad
triggers laid out for playing Ableton Live’s Drum Racks
#NOLP���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DJ Software Controller
• Integrated DJ controller
with 2 touch-sensitive
platters, 2-channel DJ
mixer and tactile controls
for use with DJ software.
• Connect a laptop via USB
and a PA system or powered speakers to the analog outputs.
• Software reads files in your iTunes playlists
#NUMTP������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#NUMT (MIXTRACK DJ Software Controller)������������� Call or Log-on
PRO Audio
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Digital DJ Controller
• Large, touch-sensitive
turntables for scratching
and song cueing
• Music playback using the
built-in iPad/iPhone dock
• Preview & master outputs
• Complete mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls
• Includes Virtual DJ LE professional mixing software
#NUIDJ3������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
4Trak 4-Deck DJ Controller and Mixer (NU4TRAK)� Call or Log-on
NS6 USB DJ Controller
Integrating tightly with included Serato ITCH DJ
software, the NS6 lets DJs perform with or without software at all. 4-channel mixer/
controller may be used with
or without a computer. Has
inputs for four line, two turntables, two mics. Built-in 24-bit
interface with balanced XLR outputs.
Touch sensitive illuminated wheels.
#NUNS6���������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
N4 4-Deck DJ/Controller/Mixer (NUN4)�����������������Call or Log-on
Motorized DJ Controller for Serrato ITCH
• Direct-drive motorized platters
• Authentic 7” vinyl on top of slipmats
• Integrated mixer and USB interface
• Replaceable VCA crossfader
and level faders. Strip-Search
touch-strip on each deck.
• Includes Numark NSFX Effects
Controller, NS7 DJ Controller
and Serato ITCH software.
#NUNS7FX���������� Call or Log-on
DJ Controllers • DJ Computer Hardware & Software
MixDeck Express
Premium DJ Controller
Music Production Software
• Real-time audio/MIDI production
• Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192kHz
• Apply and extract grooves in real time
• Looper
• Instrument, Drum and Effect Racks
• Built-in audio and MIDI effects
• Warping and real-time time-stretching
#ABL8���������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#NUMDEXP (with Virtual DJ Audio/Karaoke/Video software)��� Log-on
Live 8 Educational Discount (ABL8E)����������������������Call or Log-on
Ableton Suite 8 - Music Production Suite (ABS8)����Call or Log-on
Ableton Suite 8 - Educational Discount (ABS8E)������Call or Log-on
Motorized DJ Turntable Software Controller
• Replaces the authentic feel of an
actual turntable by implementing
an adjustable torque platter,
vinyl record and slipmat.
• Features loop, cue, and
track-access controls, Strip
Search virtual needle-drop
control, effects controls and more.
• Includes Serato ITCH, compatible with Scratch LIVE libraries
#NUV7���������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DJ Controller & Virtual DJ LE Software
Audio interface includes balanced and unbalanced master
outputs, mic input, auxiliary line
input and headphone output.
The controller is USB powered
and features MIDI control. Has
2 large platters and a 2-channel mixer section, yet can control up
to 4 virtual decks. Integrated Pulse Control illuminates its platters
and control section in ways that aid in mixing DJ sets
#PIDDJERGOV�����������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
Serato ITCH DJ Software Controller
Full tactile control and
integration over Traktor
DJ software. Features
a plug-&-play USB port,
2 wheel control decks and an
assortment of preassigned faders, knobs,
buttons and switches. Designed to allow a
laptop keyboard to slip underneath the control surface, exposing
just the monitor and saving precious space.
#PIDDJT1������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
Full tactile control and
integration over Serato
ITCH DJ software. Features
a plug-&-play USB port, 2
wheel control decks and an
assortment of preassigned faders, knobs,
buttons and switches. Designed to allow a laptop
keyboard to slip underneath the control surface, exposing just the
monitor and saving precious space.
Live 8
• Fast, slot-loading drives with large,
touch-sensitive platters
• Play from MP3 CDs, USB flash drives,
computers, external inputs
• MIDI integration of decks for
controlling computer software
• 3-channel mixer with EQ/rotary kills,
replaceable crossfader, and external inputs
• Brake, Reverse, and Scratch effects
TRAKTOR DJ Software Controller
All-In-One DJ Controller & Software
2-Channel Controller for Serato ITCH
• High resolution, touchsensitive jog wheels
• Integrated 2-channel mixer
• High quality sound for
monitoring, master output
and a separate mic input
• Software controls
• USB powered and includes Traktor LE DJ software
• 24-Bit/48kHz interface
• 2 x 8 performance pads
with velocity & aftertouch
• 5 performance modes
• T orque Adjust & LED
Pointer on Wheels
• Independent Mixer with inputs and outputs
#VETYPHOON������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
#VEVCI380���������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
No para exportación
6-input USB Audio Interface
DJ audio interface with studiograde sound quality. 6 inputs,
6 outputs with two preamps to
connect turntables. Comes with
TRAKTOR DJ software so you can
start mixing right away
TRAKTOR Audio 10
10-input USB Audio Interface
10 inputs and outputs, microphone
input, MIDI I/O and more. Features
status LEDs for inputs and outputs,
24-bit/96kHz resolution and a rugged metal enclosure are all standard. Low latency and routing to
a 4-channel mixer leaves an extra
channel of I/O available for routing audio through Traktor’s internal
effects engine, and other routing applications. Comes with TRAKTOR DJ software so you can start mixing right away/
#NATSA10���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 499.00
SL 2
Interface with Serato Scratch Live
Connects one or two standard vinyl or
CD turntables to your computer
using a single USB cable and
audio connections to line inputs
on your DJ mixer. Features USB 2.0
Interface, 2-deck mixing and Serato
NoiseMap Technology. Includes Scratch Live
Software, Control Vinyl and Control CDs.
Computer DJ Accessories
Pioneer DJC-SC1 DJ Controller Bag (PIDJCSC1)��������������� Log-on
Vestax SDC7 7-Volt Power Supply (VESDC7)�����������������������29.00
Native Instruments
Traktor Scratch Multicore Cable - Repl. (NAMCTS)������������� Log-on
Traktor Kontrol X1 Bag (NATKX1B)����������������������������������������39.00
Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl MKII in Black (NATSPCVMK2BK),
Clear (NATSPCVMK2CL) or Red (NATSPCVMK2RD)������������������� 15.00
Serato Scratch Live Replacement Control CDs (RASSLCD)�����10.00
Scratch Live Vinyl in Black (RASSLVINYL), Blue (RASSLVINYLBL),
Clear (RASSLVINYLCL) or Purple (RASSLVINYLPU)��������������������14.95
PRO Audio
DJ and DJ iPod Mixers
Mobile PA System for iPod
Digital DJ Mixer
4-Channel Digital
Made from heavy-duty aluminum, with
built-in handles and two wheels, the
TransActive Mobile is built for the road.
Fatures an XLR/TRS combo input, a
TRS input, a stereo RCA input, and a
universal iPod dock Two-way speaker
outputs high-fidelity sound from any of
your audio sources up to 150’.
• Two channels with line and
turntable inputs
• Effects loop I/O
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced
RCA outputs
• Fast accurate metering
• 3-band EQ with full-cut isolator EQ
• XONE VCF filter with LPF and HPF select
#ALTM��������������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
#ALXONE22��������������������������������������������������������������������� 299.00
DJ Mixer
• Four independent effects
igital sampling with beatsync and digital crossfader
• F our line inputs that support phono
(turntable) and line signal
• T wo mic inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX control
• MIDI I/O and S/PDIF out; headphone cue with bass/snare boost
Mixdeck Quad
4-Channel DJ Station
• Replaceable crossfader
• Two pairs of Phono/Line inputs,
stereo line out
• Level control, gain control and
2-band EQ on each channel
• 1/4-inch mic input
• USB port
Complete DJ system ready for
performance. It includes
a 4-channel
crossfading mixer,
dual CD scratch decks,
and an iPad dock all built
into one unit. Includes Serato DJ
Intro software and is pre-mapped for
TRAKTOR PRO 2 and VirtualDJ Pro.
#NUMIXDECKQD������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
5-Channel 19” Rackmount DJ Mixer
• 10 line inputs and 3 (Dedicated) turntable inputs
• 5 channels with 3-band EQ on each channel
• Comprehensive LED metering
#NUC3USB��������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
M101USB • iM1
Two-Channel DJ Mixer
2-Channel Professional DJ Mixer
edicated sound color filter on
each channel
•Eight flexible inputs
•Premium XLR balanced outputs
•3-band Isolator per channel
• Fader Start Play function
• Coss Fader Curve Adjust function
• Peak level meter
#PIDJM250K������������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
4-Channel DJ Mixer with A/D-D/A Converters
• 5.8-inch color multi-touch LCD
panel for adding audio effects.
• 2 4-Bit A/D and 32-Bit
D/A converters
• S witching 3-band EQs &
3-band Isolators
• L ive Sampler capability
• Instrument FX provides six additional audio effects
• Evolved Beat Effects—effects with a turn of the knob
#PIDJM2000��������������������������������������������������������Call or Log-on
DJ Mixer and Dual CD/MP3 Player with
Integrated iPod Dock
• Play CD/CD-R and
• Vinyl turntable and mic
• Fader starts
• Looping, cue points, and pitch control
#NUM101USB���������� Call or Log-on
#NUIM1 (with built-in iPod Dock)����������������������������� Call or Log-on
USB 4-Channel DJ Mixer
• Four input channels, each with gain,
3-band EQ, and LED metering
• Playback MP3s
• 2 RCA turntable inputs
• 4 RCA line inputs
• Record your mix to your computer
• Dedicated XLR mic channel and
additional mic input on CH-4
• Replaceable crossfader; assign any
channel to either side of the crossfader #NUM6USB����� Log-on
#NUICDMIX3�������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
4-Channel Mixer with Built-in iPod Dock
• Record DJ directly to iPod
• Beatkeeper BPM detection
• Beat-synced effects
• Replaceable crossfader with channel assign switches
• XLR mic input with Gain & EQ
• Two phono line inputs, five RCA line inputs, balanced XLR outputs
• Built-in effects • 3-channel EQ on each channel
2-Channel Professional DJ Mixer
4-Channel Professional DJ Mixer
• 2 line and 2 phono inputs with 3-band
isolator EQ, level faders and
djustable crossfader.
• 2 4-bit A/D conversion
• R ecord mixes to a USB Type-A
storage device without a
computer or external digital recording
device (audio is stored as a .WAV file).
• 4 powerful digital effects for remixing audio
#PIDJM350��������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
• Integrated USB soundcard with
support for up to 4 stereo channels of
24-Bit / 96kHz audio.
• Features Pioneer’s Sound Color and
Beat effects, and its X-Pad touch pad
lets DJs manipulate and apply effects
in real-time.
• Wide variety of DSP effects
• Same audio input and output circuits as DJM-2000
#PIDJM900NEX���������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Sixty-Two Performance Mixer
with Serato Scratch Live
• USB 2.0 Serato Scratch Live Interface
• T wo USB 2.0 ports for laptop dhanges
• Includes Serato Scratch Live Software
• Internal effects engine
• Sample, Cue & Loop trigger controls
• Beat Joystick & Tap tempo
• Aux session input & record out via USB
• Magnetic crossfader & channel faders
#RAS2��������������������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
No para exportación
Raxxess iRDS-1
iPod Docking Station
Occupies one
19” rack space
and provides
a secure, sleek
docking station for
your iPod, iPod mini or iPod nano.
The unit closes to secure iPods and maintain the sleek profile
of your rack. Firewire, USB and audio outputs keep your iPod
charged, audible and integrated in your studio.
# RANAID1B�������������������������������������������������������������� Call or log-on
PRO Audio
DJ and DJ iPod Mixers
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Raxxess iRDS-4
DJ Mixer & Controller Cases
DJ Lighting
iPod Docking Station
Occupies 4 units in a 19” rack
space and provides a secure,
sleek docking station for your
iPod, iPod mini or iPod nano.
The unit closes to secure
Pods and maintain the sleek
profile of your rack. A built in charger
keeps iPods charged and Firewire, USB and audio outputs keep
your iPod integrated in your studio.
#RANAID4BA������������������������������������������������������������������������� 200.00
Multi-Format USB, DVD, CD+G Karaoke Player
Numark Mixdeck
Native Instruments
Traktor Trolley Rolling Case
American Audio Soft Bag for the VMS4 and
VMS 2 Controllers (AMVMS4BAG)������������������������������������69.99
M-Audio Torq Xponent Gig Bag (MAGBTX)������������ Call or Log-on
Arriba Cases Padded Lighting Fixture Case (ARAC115)�������29.95
Galaxy Audio Life Saver Sand Bag (GALSR38)��������������������29.99
Gator Cases
MB-8 Instant Mirror Ball Package (AMMB8)����������������������� Log-on
AR38 Spot w/Lamp (AMPAR38BL)����������������������������������������21.62
38 LED Pro PAR Can in Black (AM38BLP)�����������������������������99.99
64 LED Pro PAR Can in Black (AM64BLP)�������������������������� Log-on
CGS-9A Gel Sheets for PAR Cans (AMCGS9A)������������������������5.98
24” Black Light Fixture/Bulb (AMB24BLB)�����������������������������14.92
48” Black Light Fixture/Bulb (AMB48BLB)�����������������������������34.99
ECO FOG Fog Juice 1-Quart (AMECOFOGQ)����������������������������8.99
ECO FOG Fog Juice 1-Gallon (AMECOFOGG)�������������������������17.99
Snow Juice - 1 Gallon (AMSNOWGAL)����������������������������������19.99
H2O LED Water-Flow Effect Light (AMH2OLED)����������������� Log-on
Jellyfish Effect LED Light (AMJELLYFISH)����������������������������129.99
USB LED Light (AMUSBLED)��������������������������������������������������9.99
S81 LED Mini Strobe (AMS81L)�������������������������������������������19.99
B6 LED Police Beacon-Blue (AMB6BLED)������������������������������29.99
Mega Par Profile - RGB LED Par Can (AMMEGAPARPRO)��������99.99
Mega Bar 50 RGB RC Light Barn (AMMEGABAR50R)���������� Log-on
Fusion FX Bar 5 (AMFUSNFXBAR5)������������������������������������ Log-on
Micro Galaxian Laser (AMMICROGALAX)�������������������������������99.98
Micro Royal Galaxian (AMMICROYGLX)������������������������������ Log-on
Cable/60 Pro Lighting Safety Cable (AMSCA60)����������������������5.99
Big Shot Portable Strobe Light (AMBIGSHOT)������������������������39.99
EZ Bubbles Bubble Machine (AMEZBUBBLES)�����������������������49.99
Mini Fog Portable Fog Machine (AMMINIFOG)�����������������������39.99
Fog Storm 700 Fog Machine (AMFS700)�������������������������� Log-on
Fog Storm 1200HD Fog Machine (AMFS1200HD)�������������� Log-on
Fog Storm 1700HD Fog Machine (AMFS1700HD)�������������� Log-on
Mister Kool Low-Lying Fog Machine (AMMISTERKOOL)��������149.99
Kool Fog Juice (AMKOOLFOG)����������������������������������������������24.99
Dual Gem Pulse Dual Lens Moonflower (AMDGP)����������������129.99
LTS-1 12’ Lighting Tripod Stand (AMLTS1)������������������������ Log-on
LTS-2 12’ Aluminum Tripod (AMLTS2)������������������������������ Log-on
LTS-50T Portable Trussing System (AMLTS50T)���������������� Log-on
Gobo Projector LED (AMGOBOPROJTR)�������������������������������� Log-on
Color Burst 8 DMX Color Wash LED Light (AMC8DMX)���������129.99
Bubbletron Bubble Machine (AMBUBBLETRON)���������������������99.99
Mega Bar LED RC (AMMEGABARLRC)���������������������������������249.99
Mega Tri Bar LED (AMMEGTRIBAR)����������������������������������� Log-on
myDMX 2.0 DMX Controller & Software (AMMYDMX2.0)������299.99
G-MIX 17x18 (GAGMIX17X18)��������������������������������������������� 159.99
Native Instruments
Traktor Kontrol S4 Flight Case (NAKS4FC)���������������������������169.00
• Plays CD+G karaoke discs, DVDs, audio CDs, MP3s, and has a
USB port for attaching thumb drives and hard drives
• Two mic inputs and digital echo effects
• Digital audio outputs, component video, and 5.1 surround sound
• View slide shows of digital photos
#VODVX668K����������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DVD and Karaoke CD Player with USB Port
Odyssey Innovative
Flight Zone Case (ODFZGSTKS4)���������������������������������������199.99
Optical Fader for DDM4000 (BEIX1)�������������������������������������29.99
CFM2 Rep. Crossfader Module (BECFM2)�������������������������������9.99
Phono Preamps
Turntable Phono Preamplifier with RIAA EQ
• Plays DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3, HDCD and VCD
• USB, SD and Mini SD card playback
• Two microphone inputs
• Vocal enhancemens include digital echo and key adjust control.
#VODVG777KIII��������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
Provides adequate gain for connection to a line level input on newer
preamp, mixers and receivers. L/R
RCA inputs and outputs with a
ground screw terminal. Gain dial is
provided for level adjustment and
RIAA EQ compensates for low frequency loss and high frequency
noise. Low frequency roll-off filter eliminates hum and rumble.
DA-1000 Pro
Three-Microphone Karaoke Mixer
Ultra Compact Phono Preamplifier
• Up to three mics, three monitors and two A/V input sources.
• Level, treble and bass controls with source /left /right level LED
• Digital Echo with separate Repeat and Delay controls
• Vocal Cancel and Partner functions.
#VODA1000PRO�������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
DA-1055 PRO
6-input Mic Mixer with EQ and Effects
• Six inputs with three level controls for dynamic microphones
• Audio / Video input for CD players, DVD players, etc.
• Echo effect for enhancing vocal performance
• Parametric and Graphic EQ
• A vocal remover feature turns any CD into a karaoke CD
#VODA1055PRO������������������������������������������������������� Call or Log-on
American DJ
Handy phono preamplifier for
turntables. Has an RCA input and
output. Balanced 1/4” TRS phone
output enables a turntable to be
connected to professional mixers,
recorders, amplifiers, etc.
#BEPP400������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19.99
Alesis PhonoLink Stereo RCA-to-USB Interface (ALPL)�������� 28.00
ART USB Phono Plus Phono Preamp (ARUSBPPPS)��������������� 79.00
Behringer PP400 Phono Preamplifier (BEPP400)����������������� 19.99
Pyle-Pro PP999 Phono Preamplifier (PYPP999)������������������� 14.29
Rolls VP29 Phono Preamp (ROVP29)��������������������������������� 48.95
Sound Effects & Sample CDs
Sound Ideas Royaly-Free Music
Combo #3 Audio CD Collection (SORFMC3)������������Call or Log-on
Sample CD: Digiffects Complete Library (SODCL)��������������3295.00
Royalty Free Music Collection Hard Drive (SORFMCHD)������3995.00
No para exportación
Elation Control
DMX Controller (ELDMXOC)������������������������������������������������199.99
DMX Dimmer Pack (ELDPDMX20L)�������������������������������������� 199.99
COLORstrip DMX LED Linear Wash Light (CHCOLORSTRIP)��199.99
D-Fi PLUS Wireless DMX-512 Trans/Rec (CHDFIPLUS)���������149.99
COLORpalette LED Light Bank System (CHLEDPALET)����������149.99
Handheld Blacklight / Flashlight (CHNVF4)������������������������������5.99
Obey 3 3-Channel LED Lighting Controller (CHOBEY3)����������49.99
D SlimPAR 56 (CHSLIMPAR56)���������������������������������������������99.99
DMX-4LED 4-Channel Dimmer Pack (CHDMX4LED)�������������139.99
Obey 40 DMX Controller (CHOBEY40)���������������������������������119.99
Global Truss
ST-132 Med-Duty Crank Stand (GLST132)�������������������������257.00
Bag for ST-132 Crank Stand (GLST132BAG)�������������������������49.95
PRO Audio
DJ Headphones
K 81 DJ
K 181 DJ
• Lightweight stereo headphones for party and
event DJ’s
• Closed-back, high-isolation design
• 3D-Axis folding and swiveling mechanism
for optimum placement of the earcups.
• Audiophile frequency reproduction
capability from 5Hz to airy 30kHz.
• High SPL and input level handling
• Bass boost and stereo/ mono
monitoring selector switches
• 3D-axis, double-hinged folding mechanism
#AKK181DJ�������������������������������������� 129.00
• Padded, adjustable headband
• Cushioned swivel earcups
• Highly-efficient Cobalt drivers
• Single-sided coiled cable
#BEHPX2000 (HPX2000 DJ Headphones)�������������������������������19.99
#PARPDJ600K���������������������������� Call or Log-on
#NUREDWAVE�������������������Call or Log-on
• High output power
etailed low and mid frequency response
• Fully enclosed earpads
• S wivel single-ear monitoring
• Includes straight & coiled cables
In Gray and Black (PIHDJ500K)���������� Log-on
In Red and Black (PIHDJ500R)������������Log-on
In White (PIHDJ500W)������������������������Log-on
• R otating magnesium alloy hanger and hinges
• 2” dome drivers provide extra-wide
frequency response and clear detail.
• Mono/stereo switch
• Thick-cushioned earcups
• Swivel mechanism for single-ear
HDJ-1500 in Black (PIHDJ1500)����������������������������Call or Log-on
HDJ-1500 in Silver (PIHDJ1500S)��������������������������Call or Log-on
In Black (PIHDJ2000K) or Chrome (PIHDJ2000)������� Call or Log-on
Headphone Case for HDJ-2000 (PIHDJHC01)��������� Call or Log-on
• A mbient noise reduction
• P olyurethane leatherlike earpads
• Detachable cable can be replaced
• Closed ear design
• High-output
• Pro-level sound
• Removable 1/8” & 1/4” cables
#STDJP1000MK2������������������������Call or Log-on
• Comfortable with high-isolation and high
input level capability. High, distortion-free
output, stereo/mono monitoring.
• Folding design allows for single ear
positioning on either shoulder.
#PIHDJ1000�������������������������� Call or Log-on
#PIHDJ1000G (In Gold)�������������������������129.00
#PIHDJ1000K (In Black)������������������������129.00
• 90° swiveling earcups
• Supra-aural design
• 50mm dynamic drivers
• Enhanced bass response
#SHSRH750DJ (SRH750DJ)����������������149.99
• Closed-Back design
• Mini subwoofers provide thumping bass
• Inline subwoofer control
• Folding design
• Swivel earcups, around-ear cushions
• Inline Subwoofer Control
#SKSHPB�������������������������������������������������� 59.99
• Large 50 mm driver, neodymium magnet and voice coil for optimal response
• 90° swiveling ear cups
• Breathable protein-leather padding
• Balanced detachable headphone cable
with ¹⁄₈” adapter
• Large 50mm drivers
• Adjustable, padded headband
• 40mm neodymium drivers
• Circumaural earcups with thick
cushions for comfort and noise
• Swivel earcups
#DEDNHP700�����������������Call or Log-on
• Full size noise isolating headphones
• Folds flat for portability
• Transition from stereo to mono with the
flick of a switch
• Oxygen-free copper voice coils deliver
deep bass and signal clarity
• Stylish design with wivel earcups for
single-sided or freestyle monitoring
omfortable adjustable headband and thick
ear cushions
eodymium drivers for great sound with
strong bass
• Stylish with a rugged design
•40mm neodymium drivers
• Closed-back earcup design and
thick cushions provide natural
noise reduction.
•90° swivel mechanism for easy single-ear monitoring.
#DEDNHP500������������������������������������������������������ Call or Log-on
• Rugged design with audiophile frequency
reproduction of 5Hz to 33kHz.
• R einforced swivel joints for single-ear use,
3500mW power handling, comfortable,
replaceable earpads, and semi-coiled soft
insulated cable.
#DEDNHP1000����������������������� Call or Log-on
• 40mm closed-back titanium drivers
• Detachable cable with locking thread
• Includes interchangeable leather and
synthetic earpads
• Angled stereo plug for secure connection
#AITMA1����������������������������������� Call or Log-on
TMA-1 with iPhone Mic & Controls (AITMA1M)��������Call or Log-on
DJ-PRO 300
• Comfortable single-sided design
• Detachable 1/4” cable
• Single-side, closed-back design
• Heavy-duty driver and bass boost.
• Low-Impedance Dynamic Mic
• 40mm heavy-duty driver
• Ajustable metal headband with soft
vinyl covered foam pad
#STDJPRO300������������������������������������������ 39.99
#STDJP500MCMK����������������������� 59.99
More DJ Headphones
DJ1 Pro
• Provides 3D music experience
• Up to 40% lower dB output while
offering the same perceived loudness.
• Closed design helps block out noise
DJ1 (ULDJ1)����������������������������������151.99
No para exportación
AKG K67 Tiesto Headphone (AKK67TIESTO)����������������� 99.00
AKG K167 Tiesto Headphone (AKK167TIESTO)������������ 199.00
AKG K267 Tiesto Headphone (AKK267TIESTO)����������� 349.00
Gemini DJX-05 DJ Headphones (GEDJX05)���������������Log-on
Numark HF 125 Circumaural Closed-Back (NUHF125)�� 11.31
PRO Audio
Audio Cables
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Y & Insert Audio Cables
Mini to Mini (3.5mm or 1/8”) Cables
Comprehensive Stereo
3.5mm Mini Male to Two
RCA Female Y-Cable
Comprehensive Stereo Mini Male
to Mini Female
Comprehensive Mini
Female to 3-Pin XLR Male
Bescor 4-Pin XLR
Male to 2 4-Pin
XLR Female
Hosa Stereo 3.5mm Mini
Female to 2 Mini Mono
Right-Angle Male Y-Cable
Monster RCA Female to
Two RCA Male Y-Cable
6” 4-Pin XLR-F to 2 4-Pin XLR-M (BEYCXF2XM)�������������������21.95
6” Mini Male to 2 Phone Female Y-Cable (COYCMM2PF)���������3.99
6” Mini Male to Two Mini Female (COYCMM2MF)�������������������3.99
6” Mini Male Stereo to 2 RCA-F (COYCSMM2RF)��������������������3.99
6” RCA Male to Two RCA Male (COYCRM2RM)�����������������������3.99
6” RCA Male to Two RCA Female (COYCRM2RF)���������������������2.49
6” RCA Female to Two RCA Female (COYCRF2RF)������������������3.99
6” RCA Female to 2 RCA Male Y-Cable (COYCRF2RM)������������2.99
6” 1/4” Male to Two RCA Female (COYCPM2RF)���������������������3.99
6” Stereo Phone Male to Two RCA-F (COYCSPM2RF)��������������3.99
6” 3.5mm Mini Male (Mono) to Two RCA-F (COYCMM2RF)������3.99
1’ XLR-M to Two XLR-F (COYCXM2XF)���������������������������������19.95
1’ XLR-M to Two 3-Pin XLR-M (COYCXM2XM)����������������������15.99
1’ XLR-F to Two XLR-M (COYCXF2XM)���������������������������������19.99
1’ XLR-F to 2 XLR-F Y-Cable (COYCXF2XF)���������������������������14.95
Monster Cable
6” RCA Male to 2 RCA Female (MOIHPY2FMKII)����������������������9.99
6” RCA Female to Two RCA Male (MOIHPY1FMKII)������������������8.35
6” Two RCA Female to RCA Male (MOILJRY2F)�����������������������3.45
2.5’ Stereo Mini-M to 2 RCA-M (MOIP400.75M)�������������������24.00
3’ StudioLink 1/4” TRS to 2x 1/4” TS Insert (MOMSLSRM1)����24.95
6’ StudioLink 1/4” TRS to 2x 1/4” TS Insert (MOMSLSRM2)����29.95
7’ Stereo Mini Male to 2 RCA-M (MOIPMP32M)��������������������14.99
Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono 1/4”- F Adapter (MOMCLMSTMINI)������9.38
XLR-F to 2 XLR-M Adapter (MOMCLFX2MX)�������������������������22.70
Stereo 1/4”-F to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (MOMCLFST2M)�����������������19.95
Stereo 1/4”-M to 2 Mono 1/4”- F (MOMCLMST2MF)��������������19.95
Pro Co Sound
1’ XLR-M to 2 XLR-F (PRYCXM2XF)��������������������������������������18.50
1’ XLR-Fto 2 XLR-M (PRYCXF2XM)���������������������������������������29.99
20’ Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono 1/4” Male (PRSCM2PM20)������18.95
20’ Stereo Mini-M to 2 RCA-M (PRSCM2R20)����������������������14.95
10’ Stereo Mini to 2 XLR-F Y-Cable (PRSCM2XF10)���������������13.95
20’ Stereo Mini to 2 XLR-F Y-Cable (PRSCM2XF20)���������������14.95
10’ Stereo Mini to 2 XLR-M Y-Cable (PRSCM2XM10)�������������14.95
5’ iPatch STR XLR-M to 2 RCA Cable (PRIP15)����������������������43.95
Hosa Technology
6” Mono 1/4” Female to 2 RCA Male (HOYCPF2RM)���������������2.99
6” 1/4” Female to Dual 1/4” Male (HOYCPF2PM)���������������������3.95
6” Stereo 1/4” -F to 2 Stereo 1/4” Male (HOYCSPF2SPM)��������4.95
6” Mono 1/4” Male to 2 RCA Female (HOYCPM2RF)���������������2.49
6” Stereo Mini-F to 2 Mini Mono Angled (HOYCSMF2MMRA)���3.99
6” Stereo 1/4”-F to two 1/4” Mono-F (HOYCSPF2PFM)������������4.49
6” XLR-F to 2 XLR-M (HOYCXF2XM)���������������������������������������6.39
6” Stereo 1/4” Female to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSPF2RM)������������3.38
6” XLR-M to 2 XLR-F (HOYCXM2XF)���������������������������������������9.14
6” Stereo Mini Female to 2 RCA-M (HOYCSMF2RM)����������������3.22
6” RCA-M to 2 RCA Female (HOYCRM2RF)�����������������������������2.75
6” Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 1/4” Mono-F (HOYCSPM2PF)������������4.95
6” Stereo Mini-M Angled to 2 RCA-F (HOYCSMMRA2RF)���������2.99
6” Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 RCA-F (HOYCSPM2RF)���������������������3.25
6” 1/4” Male to Two 1/4” Female Y-Cable (HOYCPM2PF)��������4.25
6” Stereo Mini-F to 2 1/4” Mono Male (HOYCSMF2PM)�����������3.99
6” RCA Female to 2 RCA Male (HOYCRF2RM)�������������������������2.49
6” Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono Mini-F (HOYCSMM2MF)��������������3.99
6” Stereo Mini-M to 2 1/4” Mono-F (HOYCSMM2PF)���������������4.25
6” Stereo Mini-M to 2 RCA-F (HOYCSMM2RF)������������������������2.99
6” Stereo 1/4”- F to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSPF2PM)���������������3.08
18” XLR -F to Dual XLR-M (HOYCXF2XM18)����������������������������7.95
18” XLR-M to Dual XLR -F (HOYCXM2XF18)��������������������������12.97
1’ Stereo Mini Angled Male to 2 XLR-F (HOYCSMMR2XF1)�������9.10
2’ Stereo Mini Angled Male to 2 XLR-F (HOYCSMMR2XF2)�����12.00
3’ RCA Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCRM2RM3)��������������������������3.99
3’ Mono 1/4” Phone Male to two 1/4” (HOYCPM2PM3)�����������6.49
3’ Stereo Mini Angled Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCSMMR2RM3)����7.95
6’ (COCMMMM6)��������������������2.39
3’ (COCMMMM3)�������������������1.83
10’ (COCMMMM10)����������������3.99
25’ (COCMMMM25)����������������8.79
10’ Mini Male to Mini Female (COCMMMF10)��������������������������������������� 6.39
Stereo Mini to Mini (Male to Male)
15’ (COCSMMSMM15)������������6.39
3’ (COCSMMSMM3)����������������1.99
6’ (COCSMMSMM6)����������������2.47
25’ (COCSMMSMM25)������������4.25
10’ (COCSMMSMM10)������������4.79
35’ (COCSMMSMM35)������������9.99
50’ (COCSMMSMM50)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 14.24
Stereo Mini to Mini (Male to Female)
10’ (COCSMMSMF10)��������������6.39
6’ (COCSMMSMF6)������������������4.79
25’ (COCSMMSMF25)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8.79
6” 4-Pin XLR-M to 2 4-Pin XLR-F (BEYCXM2XF)�������������������24.95
Coiled Male to Male Mini Stereo Audio Cable
3’ (BECMSCIP353)������������� 10.99 6’ (BECMSCIP356)������������� 15.99
3’ Retractable Male to Male Mini Stereo (BERCIP353)��������������16.99
3’ Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono 1/4” Male (HOYCSMM2PM3)�������3.59
3’ Stereo Mini Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSMM2RM3)�������������4.49
3.3’ Mono 1/4” Phone Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCPM2RM3)��������6.95
3.3’ Stereo 1/4”-M to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSPM2PM3)����������3.99
3.3’ Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSPM2R3)������������ 3.79
5’ Stereo Mini Angled Male to 2 XLR-F (HOYCSMMR2XF5)����17.19
6’ Stereo Mini Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSMM2RM6)�������������3.82
6’ Stereo Mini Angled-M to 2 RCA-M (HOYCSMMR2RM6)��������6.66
6.5’ Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCSPM2R6)�����������������5.95
6.5’ Stereo 1/4”-M to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSPM2PM6)����������3.77
6.6’ Mono 1/4” Phone Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCPM2RM6)��������5.50
6.6’ S tereo Mini-Phone-M to 2 XLR-M (HOYCSMM2XM6)�����12.87
10’ Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSPM2R9)���������������4.50
10’ Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSMM2PM10)��������4.18
10’ Stereo Mini-Phone-M to 2 XLR-M (HOYCSMM2XM9)�������12.00
10’ Stereo Mini Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCSMM2RM10)������������6.16
10’ Stereo Mini-F to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSMF2RM10)����������������6.89
10’ Stereo 1/4”-M to (2) Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSPM2PM9)���������4.98
10’ 1/4” to 2 XLR (1 Male, 1 Female) HOYCSPM2XMF9)��������13.71
10’ Mono 1/4” Phone Male to 2 RCA-M (HOYCPM2RM9)���������9.95
13’ Stereo 1/4”-M to 2 Mono 1/4”-M (HOYCSPM2PM13)���������4.85
13.2’ Stereo 1/4” Male to 2 RCA Male (HOYCSPM2R13)����������6.99
15’ 3.5mm to Dual RCA Male Stereo (HOYCSMM2RM15)���������9.55
25’ 3.5mm to Dual RCA Male Stereo (HOYCSMM2RM25)������11.74
3’ REAN 3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4” TS (HOYCRTRSP3)���������������9.99
6’ REAN 3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4” TS (HOYCRTRSP6)���������������9.95
3’ REAN 3.5mm TRS to Dual RCA (HOYCRTRSRCA3)�������������10.99
6’ REAN 3.5mm TRS to Dual RCA (HOYCRTRSRCA6)�������������12.00
No para exportación
6’ Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini Cable (FSCS3.5AMM6)����������������������������� 4.95
10’ (FSCS3.5AMM10)��������������5.95
25’ (FSCS3.5AMM25)��������������8.95
4” L2 Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini Cable (FIL2)����������������������������������������� 8.49
3” L8 Stereo Mini with Right Angle Connectors (FIL8)����������������������������� 9.89
Hosa Technology Stereo Mini to Mini (Male to Male)
10’ (HOSMMSMM10)���������������4.06
3’ (HOSMMSMM3)�������������������3.95
5’ (HOSMMSMM5)�������������������4.39
15’ (HOSMMSMM15)���������������4.99
3’ Stereo Sub Mini (2.5mm) to Sub Mini Cable (HOSSMMSSMM3)���������� 4.77
5’ Stereo Sub Mini (2.5mm) to Sub Mini Cable (HOSSMMSSMM5)���������� 5.50
5’ 3.5mm to 3.5mm Coiled (HOSMMSMMC5)��������������������������������������� 4.72
3’ Mini Male to Mini Male Cable (HOMMMM3)��������������������������������������� 3.89
Stereo Mini to Mini (Male to Female)
10’ (HOSMMSMF10)����������������3.75
5’ (HOSMMSMF5)��������������������7.80
25’ (HOSMMSMF25)���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.79
Stereo Mini Male to Stereo Mini Angled Male
5’ (HOSMMSMMRA5)��������������4.95
8” (HOSMMRASMMR8)�����������2.99
3’ (HOSMMSMMRA3)��������������4.95
10’ (HOSMMSMMRA10)����������5.79
Stereo 3.5mm Right Angle to 3.5mm Right Angle Cables
5’ (HOSMMRASMMR5)������������3.95
3’ (HOSMMRASMMR3)������������3.99
10’ (HOSMMRASMMR1)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.49
Anchor Audio 15’ Mini 1/8” Cable (ANMINI15ST)������������������������������� 22.00
Griffin Technology 3’ Flat Aux Cable (GR35FCASA3)������������������������� 13.49
Kensington 4’ Mini to Mini Cable (KECCIP)������������������������������������������� 7.99
3’ iCable 800 for iPad, iPhone, iPod (MOIC8003)��������������������������������� 14.95
7’ iCable 800 for iPad, iPhone, iPod (MOIC8007)��������������������������������� 15.89
6’ Male to Male Mini Stereo (MOMS35AC6)����������������������������������������� 24.95
2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male (SEACPXC310)����������������������������������������� 9.99
3’ hookUP Auxiliary Audio Cable (SCAUX3BK2)������������������������������������ 99.99
Mini to Phone ( 1/4”) Audio Cables
Comprehensive 1/4” to Stereo Mini Plug
15’ (COSSQPSM15BK)�����������21.99
3’ (COSSQPSM3BK)���������������12.99
6’ (COSSQPSM6BK)���������������10.99
25’ (COSSQPSM25BK)�����������28.76
10’ (COSSQPSM10BK)�����������16.95
50’ (COSSQPSM50BK)�����������28.99
Mini Male to RCA Male Cable 3’ (COCMMRM3)������������������������������������� 3.99
10’ (COCMMRM10)�����������������5.95
6’ (COCMMRM6)���������������������4.79
Hosa Technology Mini to 1/4” Male
3’ (HOMMPM3)������������������������4.79
5’ (HOMMPM5)������������������������2.99
10’ (HOMMPM10)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.73
Stereo Mini Male to 1/4” Mono Male Cable
5’ (HOSMMPM5)����������������������3.51
3’ (HOSMMPM3)����������������������4.05
10’ (HOSMMPM10)������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 3.97
Stereo Mini Male to Stereo 1/4” Male Cable
5’ (HOSMMSPM5)��������������������5.19
3’ (HOSMMSPM3)��������������������4.05
10’ (HOSMMSPM10)���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6.99
Stereo Mini Female to Stereo 1/4” Male Cable
10’ (HOSMFSPM10)�����������������4.51
25’ (HOSMFSPM25)�����������������9.90
6” 1/4” Male to Dual 3.5mm-F Stereo Cable (HOYCSPMR2SMF)������������� 3.50
Stereo Mini Angled Male to Stereo 1/4”-F (HOSMMSPFRA6)������������������� 5.35
PRO Audio
Audio Cables
Mini to XLR Audio
Comprehensive Mini-F to XLR-M
3’ (COCMFXM3)����������������������5.50
10’ (COCMFXM10)������������������6.95
6’ (COCMFXM6)����������������������8.79
25’ (COCMFXM25)������������������9.95
3’ Mini- F to XLR-F (COCMFXF3)����������������������������������������������������������� 3.95
Comprehensive Mini
Male to Mini Male
Comprehensive Mini Female
to 3-Pin XLR Male
Mini-M to XLR-F
3’ (COCMMXF3)����������������������8.95
10’ (COCMMXF10)������������������9.99
6’ (COCMMXF6)����������������������8.79
25’ (COCMMXF25)����������������14.99
Mini-M to XLR-M
3’ (COCMMXM3)���������������������7.99
10’ (COCMMXM10)���������������10.39
6’ (COCMMXM6)���������������������8.79
25’ (COCMMXM25)�����������������7.99
EXF Stereo Mini-M to XLR-F
1.5’ (COCSMMXF1.5)���������������5.50
6’ (COCSMMXF6)������������������11.99
3’ (COCSMMXF3)��������������������6.50
10’ (COCSMMXF10)�����������������7.29
Pro Co Sound
BP-Series Stereo
Phone Male 1/4”
to Male 1/4”
to Stereo Mini Male
Stereo Phone to Stereo Phone (TRS)
Pearstone LMT100
Low to High Impedance
Matching Transformer
Stereo Phone (TRS) to XLR
5’ Mini Angled Male to XLR-M (HOMMRAXM5)�������������������������������������� 8.64
1/4” Male TRS to 1/4” Male TRS Stereo - 1.5’ (COCSPMSPM1.5)���� 5.99
1/4” Male TRS to 1/4” Male TRS Stereo - 3’ (COCSPMSPM3)��������� 3.99
1/4” Male TRS to 1/4” Male TRS Stereo - 6’ (COCSPMSPM6)��������� 4.79
1/4” Male TRS to 1/4” Male TRS Stereo - 10’ (COCSPMSPM10)������ 6.39
1/4” Male TRS to 1/4” Male TRS Stereo - 25’ (COCSPMSPM25)����� 6.99
50’ Studio Series 1/4” TRS to 1/4” TRS Male (COSSQTRS50BK)����� 34.99
2’ Stereo Mini Angled Male to XLR-F (HOSMMRAXF2Q)������������������������� 7.00
Hosa Technology
Stereo 1/4” Female to XLR-F - 3’ (COCPFXF3)������������������������������� 8.79
Stereo 1/4” to XLR-F
3’ (COCSPMXF3)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6.95
6’ (COCSPMXF6)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.50
10’ (COCSPMXF10)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 8.95
25’ (COCSPMXF25)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 18.39
Stereo 1/4” to XLR-M
3’ (COCSPMXM3)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.99
6’ (COCSPMXM6)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 12.49
10’ (COCSPMXM10)������������������������������������������������������������������� 12.79
25’ (COCSPMXM25)������������������������������������������������������������������� 18.39
25’ (COCSMMXF25)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16.49
18” EXF Stereo Mini-M to XLR-M (COCSMMXM18)�������������������������������� 7.99
3’ (COCSMMXM3)�������������������9.59
10’ (COCSMMXM10)��������������11.99
6’ (COCSMMXM6)�������������������6.49
25’ (COCSMMXM25)�������������17.99
Hosa Technology
5’ Mono Mini Male to XLR-F (HOMMRAXF5)������������������������������������������ 5.99
5’ (HOSMMRAXF5)������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 8.19
15’ (HOSMMRAXF15)��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8.59
1’ Angled 3.5mm to XLR -M (HOSMMRAXM1)��������������������������������������� 7.99
2’ Angled 3.5mm to XLR-M (HOSMMRAXM2)���������������������������������������� 8.99
Stereo Mini Angled M to XLR-M Cable - 5’ (HOSMMRAXM5)����������������� 7.22
10’ (HOSMMRAXM10)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.75
15’ (HOSMMRAXM15)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.49
1’ Mini Stereo Male to XLR-F Angled Cable (HOSMMRAXF1)������������6.99
1’ Mini Stereo Male to XLR-F Angled Cable (HOSMMRAXF1Q)���������7.42
2’ Angled 3.5mm to XLR-F Mic Cable (HOSMMRAXF2)��������������������9.50
10’ Right-Angle 3.5mm TRS Mic Cable (HOXVM110F)���������������������9.49
18” Gold Stereo Mini Male to XLR-F (MOSMXF18)������������������������� 40.95
LMT100 -1.5’ Mini to XLR-F Low to High Impedance Matching
Transformer for use with mono microphones (PELMT100)������������ 19.95
Pro Co Sound
5’ Mono Mini Male to XLR-F Cable (PRCCMXF5)��������������������������� 14.29
10’ Mono Mini Male to XLR-F Cable (PRCCMXF10)��������������������������9.95
20’ Mono Mini Male to XLR-F Cable (PRCCMXF20)����������������������� 18.95
Remote Audio
3.5mm Threaded Male to XLR Female Adapter (RECASEK100M)�� 34.99
18” Threaded Mini Male to XLR-M Cable (RECASEK100ST)����������� 32.99
2’ Mini Phone Threaded Male to XLR-F (RECASEK100L)��������������� 32.99
10’ XLR-F to Stereo Mini Male Cable (SHRP325)��������������������������� 13.59
Bantam (TT) Patch
Hosa Technology
1’ TT Male to TT Male Bantam Cable (HOPCSTTTT1)����������������49.99
1.5’ TT Male to TT Male Bantam Cable (HOPCSTTTT1.5)���������34.99
3’ TT Male to TT Male Bantam Cable (HOPCSTTTT3)���������������48.99
3’ Balanced Male TT/Bantam to XLR-F (HOTTXF3)�������������������12.00
3’ Balanced Male TT/Bantam to XLR-M (HOTTXM3)�����������������11.50
Monster Cable
2’ TT/Bantam to TT/Bantam Cable Set (MOMSLP2TT8)�����������78.95
Audio Camera Balun
18” XLR-F to 1/8” cable enables professional
mics to be connected to the EOS 5D
and EOS 7D DSLR cameras.
Sophisticated Balun technology results
in an audio cable that maintains a low-noise,
balanced signal for up to 2000’ in range.
#ETPA911���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 69.95
1/4” to 1/4” Male
3’ (HOSPMSPMRA3)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.64
5’ (HOSPMSPMRA5)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.26
3’ with Right Angle Plugs (HOSPMRASPMR3)��������������������������������� 5.29
5’ with Right Angle Plugs (HOSPMRASPMR5)��������������������������������� 2.69
1/4” TRS Male to 1/4” TRS Right Angle Male
10’ (HOSPMSPMRA10)������������������������������������������������������������������ 4.76
15’ (HOSPMSPMRA15)������������������������������������������������������������������ 3.90
1/4” Male to 1/4” Male Stereo Cable
3’ (HOSPMSPM3)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.83
5’ (HOSPMSPM5)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.10
10’ (HOSPMSPM10)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.99
15’ (HOSPMSPM15)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.11
25’ (HOSPMSPM25)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.99
Stereo TRS Patchbay 1/4” Phone to 1/4” Phone (set of 8)
1’ (HOPCSSPMSPM1)������������������������������������������������������������������15.60
1.5’ (HOPCSSPMSPMQ)��������������������������������������������������������������21.00
3’ (HOPCSSPMSPM3)�����������������������������������������������������������������17.99
Stereo 1/4” Female Phone to 1/4” Male Phone TRS
10’ (HOSPMSPF10)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.47
25’ (HOSPMSPF25)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.06
HSS Series Balanced 1/4” TRS Male to 1/4” TRS Male
3’ (HOHSS003)���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.99
5’ (HOHSS005)���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.49
10’ (HOHSS010)��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.33
20’ (HOHSS020)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9.95
30’ (HOHSS030)������������������������������������������������������������������������11.90
50’ (HOHSS050)������������������������������������������������������������������������28.95
HSS Series Dual 1/4” TRS Male to Dual 1/4” TRS Male
5’ (HOHSS005X2)���������������������������������������������������������������������17.99
10’ (HOHSS010X2)�������������������������������������������������������������������17.95
SS-10 1/4” Male to TRS 1/4” Male - 10’ (MOPPTRSTRS10)���������� 35.95
10’ Gold Stereo 1/4” to Stereo 1/4” Ext. (MOTRSMTRSF10)���������� 64.95
25’ Gold Stereo 1/4” to Stereo 1/4” Ext. (MOTRSMTRSF25)��������� 99.95
Monster Cable (DJ Series)
Stereo 1/4” Male Pair to 1/4” Male - 1m (MOMSLST1)����������������� 24.99
Stereo 1/4” Male Pair to 1/4” Male - 2m (MOMDJST2M)�������������� 24.95
3’ 1/4” Stereo Male to 1/4” Stereo Male (MOMSLST1)���������������� 24.99
6’ 1/4” Stereo Male to 1/4” Stereo Male (MOMSLST2)���������������� 29.95
Pro Co Sound
Excellines Stereo 1/4” Male to Stereo 1/4” Female
3’ (PRBPSPMSPM3)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 8.95
10’ (PRBPSPMSPM10)������������������������������������������������������������������ 9.95
20’ (PRBPSPMSPM20)���������������������������������������������������������������� 12.50
No para exportación
Hosa Technology
Stereo 1/4” to XLR-F
3’ (HOSPMXF3)���������������������5.50 10’ (HOSPMXF10)�����������������5.97
5’ (HOSPMXF5)���������������������5.89 15’ (HOSPMXF15)�����������������4.99
Stereo 1/4” to XLR-M
3’ (HOSPMXM3)��������������������6.75 10’ (HOSPMXM10)����������������5.59
5’ (HOSPMXM5)��������������������7.10 15’ (HOSPMXM15)����������������7.89
HSX Series Balanced 1/4” TRS Male to XLR-M
1.5’ (HOHSX001.5)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.95
3’ (HOHSX003)��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.09
5’ (HOHSX005)��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.63
10’ (HOHSX010)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.08
20’ (HOHSX020)�����������������������������������������������������������������������14.95
HXS-Series XLR-F to 1/4” TRS Male
1.5’ (HOHXS001.5)�������������� 7.39 10’ (HOHXS010)��������������� 10.50
3’ (HOHXS003)������������������� 5.99 15’ (HOHXS015)��������������� 14.95
5’ (HOHXS005)������������������� 5.49 50’ (HOHXS050)��������������� 18.50
Stereo 1/4” Male to XLR-F - 3’ (MOTRSXF3)������������������������������� 40.95
Stereo 1/4” Male to XLR-F - 6’ (MOTRSXF6)������������������������������� 43.95
Stereo 1/4” Male to XLR-F - 10’ (MOTRSXF10)��������������������������� 49.95
1/4” TRS Male to XLR Male Quad Patch - 6’ (MOTRSXM6)���������� 43.95
1/4” TRS Male to XLR Male Quad Patch - 10’ (MOTRSXM10)������ 49.95
1/4” TRS Male to XLR Male Quad Patch - 15’ (MOTRSXM15)������ 59.95
3’ Gold 1/4” TRS Male to XLR-M Quad Patch (MOTRSXM3)�������� 39.95
15’ Gold TRS Stereo 1/4” Male to XLR-F (MOTRSXF15)��������������� 59.95
Monster Cable Prolink DJ
Stereo 1/4” Phone to XLR-F
Pro Co Sound Stereo 1/4” Phone to XLR-M
Monster Cable Prolink DJ
Stereo 1/4” Male Pair to XLR-F Pair
3’ (MOMDJCFX1M)�������������������������������������������������������������������14.95
6’ (MOMDJCFX2M)�������������������������������������������������������������������24.95
Stereo 1/4” Male Pair to XLR-M Pair
3’ (MOMDJCMX1M)��������������������������������������������������������������������Disc
6’ (MOMDJCMX2M)������������������������������������������������������������������13.99
Pro Co Sound
30’ Excellines Stereo 1/4” Phone to XLR-M (PRBPSPMXM30)��16.95
PRO Audio
Audio Cables
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Phone (1/4”) to XLR Cables
RCA to RCA Cables (Audio)
Comprehensive 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male Cable
1/4” Male to 3-pin XLR Female - 10’ (AUAT831110)���������������������� 7.20
1/4” T/S Male to 3-pin XLR Female - 25’ (AUAT831125)���������������� 7.40
6’ (COC2R2R6)������������������� 4.49 35’ (COC2R2R35)������������ 13.24
10’ (COC2R2R10)�������������� 7.19 50’ (COC2R2R50)������������ 16.24
3’ XHD Series Stereo 2 RCA-M to 2 RCA (COC2R2RX3A3)������17.95
Phone to XLR-M
3’ (COCPMXM3)��������������������4.95
6’ (COCPMXM6)��������������������6.50
10’ (COCPMXM10)����������������9.99
25’ (COCPMXM25)��������������13.95
Hosa Technology 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male (Gold)
3.3’ (HOG2R2R3)������������������4.13 6.6’ (HOG2R2R6)������������������7.28
13.2’ (HOG2R2R13)������������������������������������������������������������������� 11.47
20’ with Nickel Contacts (HOCRA206)���������������������������������������� 8.28
Hosa Technology Mono 1/4” to XLR-F
5’ (HOPMXF5)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 6.75
15’ (HOPMXM15)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.49
PXM-100 Series Mono 1/4” to XLR-M 5’ (HOPMXM5)������������������� 5.49
1.5’ Unbalanced 1/4” TS Male to XLR-M (HOHPX001.5)����������2.61
3’ Unbalanced 1/4” TS Male to XLR-M (HOHPX003)���������������7.69
10’ Mono 1/4” Male to XLR-M Cable (HOPMXM10)�����������������4.49
20’ Mono 1/4” Male to XLR-F Cable (HOPMXF20)�������������������7.49
6’ Pure-Patch RCA-M to RCA-M Patch Cable (MOPPRR3)������18.95
6’ Gold RCA Male to RCA Male Patch Cable (MORR6)������������43.95
Phone to XLR-F
3’ (COCPMXF3)���������������������8.79
6’ (COCPMXF6)���������������������6.50
10’ (COCPMXF10)���������������11.19
25’ (COCPMXF25)�����������������9.95
Lynx Studio Technology
1.5’ 1/4” TRS Male to XLR-F (LYCSPMXFA18)��������������������������� 6.50
1.5’ 1/4” TRS Male to XLR-M (LYCSPMXMA18)������������������������� 6.50
Monster Cable
SL-CMX Series 1/4” Stereo Male to XLR Male Cable
3’ (MOMSLCMX1)������������������������������������������������������������������Disc
6.5’ (MOMSLCMX2)�������������������������������������������������������������29.99
10’ (MOMSLCMX3)���������������������������������������������������������������������� Disc
13’ (MOMSLCMX4)��������������������������������������������������������������24.95
1/4” to RCA Cables
Comprehensive 1/4” Male to RCA-M
3’ (COCPMRM3Q)�����������������5.59
6’ (COCPMRM6)��������������������4.99
10’ (COCPMRM10)����������������7.19
25’ (COCPMRM25Q)������������10.39
Hosa Technology
1/4” to RCA
3’ (HOPMRM3)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2.99
5’ (HOPMRM5)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2.95
10’ (HOPMRM10)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.95
15’ (HOPMRM15)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.93
Two (2) 1/4” to two (2) RCA
3.3-ft. (HO2PM2RM3)������������������������������������������������������������������ 4.95
6.6’ (HO2PM2RM6)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.14
10’ (HO2PM2RM9)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.11
13’ (HO2PM2RM13)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 6.92
20’ (HO2PM2RM20)������������������������������������������������������������������� 11.50
Two (2) 1/4” Phone to two (2) RCA
3’ (HOHPR003X2)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.16
5’ (HOHPR005X2)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 12.68
10’ (HOHPR0010X2)�����������������������������������������������������������������15.50
15’ (HOHPR0015X2)�������������������������������������������������������������������15.00
20’ (HOHPR0020X2)�������������������������������������������������������������������20.86
1/4” Angled Male to RCA Male Audio Cable
3’ (HOPMRARM3)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 2.95
5’ (HOPMRARM5)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.99
6’ Gold TS 1/4” Male to RCA Male Patch Cable (MORTS6)������������44.89
Monster Cable
3’ SL-R-1 RCA Male to 1/4” Male Cable (MOMSLCR1)����������������24.95
6.6’ 1/4” Male Pair to RCA Male Pair (MOMDJCR2M)������������������� 19.95
13.2’ 1/4” Male Pair to RCA Male Pair (MOMDJCR4M)����������������� 29.95
6.6’ 2 RCA M to 2 1/4” M Dual Cable (MOMSLCR2P)������������������� 29.95
Monster Cable
3.3’ 200i Advanced Performance Cable (MOMC200I1M)��������12.99
3.3’ 400i Ultra High Performance Cable (MOMC400I1M)��������27.69
6.6’ 400i Ultra High Performance Cable (MOMC400I2M)��������35.00
13’ 400i Ultra High Performance Cable (MOMC400I4M)���������47.99
18’ 100sw Subwoofer Cable (MOMB100SW18)������������������������Disc
13’ 400sw Subwoofer Cable (MOMC400SW4M)���������������������25.99
26’ 400sw Subwoofer Cable (MOMC400SW8M)���������������������41.00
26’ 600sw Subwoofer Cable (MOMC600SW4M)���������������������39.99
DJ Series RCA Male Pair to RCA Male Pair
3’ (MOMDJR1M)�������������������9.99
6’ (MOMDJR2M)�����������������19.95
2 RCA to 2 RCA
1.5’ (PEC2R2R1.5)����������������2.99 15’ (PEC2R2R15)������������������7.50
3’ (PEC2R2R3)����������������������3.99 25’ (PEC2R2R25)������������������8.99
6’ (PEC2R2R6)����������������������4.95 50’ (PEC2R2R50)����������������11.49
10’ (PEC2R2R10)������������������6.99 100’ (PEC2R2R100)������������19.95
Gold Series: 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA
1.5’ (PEPC2R2R1.5)��������������9.95 15 (PEPC2R2R15)���������������14.95
3’ (PEPC2R2R3)��������������������9.95 25’ (PEPC2R2R25)��������������16.95
6’ (PEPC2R2R6)������������������11.95 50’ (PEPC2R2R50)��������������26.95
10’ (PEPC2R2R10)��������������13.50 100’ (PEPC2R2R100)����������29.95
Gold Series 2 RCA
Male to 2 RCA Male
2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male
RCA to XLR Cables
EXF XLR-M to RCA-F 3’ (COCRFXM3)�������������������������������������������� 5.50
3’ (COCRFXF3)����������������������3.99 6’ (COCRMXF6)���������������������8.79
3’ (COCRMXF3)���������������������6.99 10’ (COCRMXF10)�����������������5.50
25’ (COCRMXF25)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 9.95
3’ (COCRMXM3)��������������������7.99 10’ (COCRMXM10)��������������10.39
6’ (COCRMXM6)��������������������6.99 25’ (COCRMXM25)��������������13.95
6’ 10’ XLR-F to RCA-F Cable (COCRFXF6)������������������������������������� 3.49
10’ XLR-F to RCA-F Cable (COCRFXF10)��������������������������������������� 3.99
6’ XLR-M to RCA-F Cable (COCRFXM6)����������������������������������������� 8.79
CPS-RX RCA to XLR M Interface (COCPSRX)�������������������������������� 51.99
1/4” Male to 1/4” Male
Pro Co 1/4”
Phone Male to
1/4” Phone Male
Phone to Phone (1/4”) Cables
1/4” Male to 1/4” Male Instrument Cable
1’ (AUAT83901)������������������ 6.00 15’ (AUAT839015)�������������� 7.34
3’ (AUAT83903)������������������ 6.00 20’ (AUAT839020)�������������� 8.99
6’ (AUAT83906)������������������ 6.61 25’ (AUAT839025)�������������� 9.09
10’ (AUAT839010)�������������� 4.85 30’ (AUAT839030)�������������� 9.99
1/4” TS Male to 1/4” TS Male Mono 3’ (COCPMPM3)������������������� 3.19
6’ (COCPMPM6)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.99
10’ (COCPMPM10)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.95
25’ (COCPMPM25)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.19
50’ (COCPMPM50)��������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.79
50’ Studio Series Quad Audio (COSSQPP50BK)�������������������������� 34.99
100’ Studio Series Quad Audio (COSSQPP100BK)���������������������� 54.99
10’ 1/4”-M to 1/4”-F (COCPMPF10)�������������������������������������������� 6.39
1.5’ TS Male to TS Male Mono (COCPMPM1.5)���������������������������� 4.99
6’ Touring Series Instrument Cable (COTS50006)�������������������������� 5.59
Performer Series Instrument Cables
3’ (COPS5253)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.99
10’ (COPS52510)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8.79
30’ (COPS52530)����������������������������������������������������������������������� 15.99
Hosa Technology
Phone 1/4” Male to Phone 1/4” Male - 1’ (HOPMPM1)������������������� 3.99
3’ (HOPMPM3)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.40
5’ (HOPMPM5)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2.99
10’ (HOPMPM10)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.20
15’ (HOPMPM15)������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.52
Two 1/4” Male to Two 1/4” Male
3.3’ (HO2PM2PM3)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.56
6.6’ (HO2PM2PM6)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 3.73
9.9’ (HO2PM2PM9)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 4.19
20’ (HO2PM2PM20)����������������������������������������������������������������� 10.52
3’ 1/4” Phone to Right-Angle 1/4” Phone (HOPMPMRA3)���������������� 4.44
1’ 1/4” Right-Angle Male to 1/4” Right-Angle (HOICRA1)���������������� 6.30
3’ 1/4” Right-Angle Male to 1/4” Right-Angle (HOICRA3)���������������� 5.79
18’ 3GT Series Cloth Guitar Cable (HOGCCRG18)��������������������������� 9.50
18’ Tweed 1/4” to 1/4” Guitar Cable (HOGCTSRA18)�������������������� 13.69
Patchbay 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male - 1’ (8) (HOPCSPMPM1)������������ 12.95
Patchbay 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male - 1.5’ (8) (HOPCSPMPM1.5)������� 10.43
Gold Instrument 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male Instrument Cable
10’ (MOGI10)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 49.95
25’(MOGI25)������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 62.95
10’ Gold Instrument 1/4” Male to 1/4” Angled (MOGIRA10)���������� 54.95
10’ Gold Instrument Angled 1/4” M to 1/4” Male (MOGIRARA18)��� 25.95
Platinum TS 1/4” Male to TS 1/4” Angled (MOPGRA12)�������������� 109.95
Pure-Patch TR 1/4” to TS 1/4” Patch (MOPPTSTS3)��������������������� 21.95
Hosa Technology
Monster Cable
2’ (HORMXM2)����������������������4.62 10’ (HORMXM10)������������������6.95
5’ (HORMXM5)����������������������5.41 20’ (HORMXM20)������������������7.49
21’ Standard 100 Series 1/4” to 1/4” (MOS100I21)��������������������� 29.95
21’ Standard 100 Series 1/4” Angled to 1/4” (MOS100I21A)�������� 20.81
6’ Bass 1/4” Male to 1/4” Instrument Cable (MOMBASS12)���������� 29.39
21’ Bass 1/4” Male to 1/4” Angled Male (MOMBASS21A)������������� 23.99
12’ Jazz 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male Cable (MOMJAZZ12)������������������ 39.95
Lynx Studio Technology
Two 1/4” Phone Male
to Two RCA Male
1.5’ RCA Male to XLR-F (LYCRMXFA18)����������������������������������������� 6.50
1.5’ RCA Male to XLR-M (LYCRMXMA18)��������������������������������������� 6.50
6’ Gold XLR-M to RCA Male Patch Cable (MORXM6)�������������������� 54.95
No para exportación
Pro Co Sound
Excellines 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male - 10’ (PREIPMPM10)���������������� 11.25
Excellines 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male - 15’ (PREIPMPM15)������������������ 8.99
PRO Audio
Audio Cables
XLR to XLR Cables
XLR to XLR Cables
25’ XLRF - XLRM Balanced Mic Cable (AUAT831325)����������������� 8.40
50’ XLRF - XLRM Balanced Mic Cable -25’ (AUAT831350)���������� 11.23
XLR Male to XLR Angled Female Cable - 1.5 (AUAT83141.5R)������ 19.99
XLR Male to XLR Angled Female Cable - 20’ (AUAT831420R)������� 20.00
Performance 2000 Series
XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cables
1’ (KOM2001)�������������������� 8.49 15’ (KOM2015)���������������� 12.49
1.5’ (KOM2001.5)�������������� 8.99 20’ (KOM2020)���������������� 12.99
2’ (KOM2002)�������������������� 9.49 25’ (KOM2025)���������������� 13.49
3’ (KOM2003)�������������������� 9.99 30’ (KOM2030)���������������� 12.99
5’ (KOM2005)������������������ 10.49 50’ (KOM2050)���������������� 15.49
6’ (KOM2006)����������������� 10.99 75’ (KOM2075)���������������� 18.99
10’ (KOM2010)���������������� 11.49 100’ (KOM2100)�������������� 22.95
SM Series XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cables
1’ (PESM01)����������������������� 3.49 15’ (PESM15)��������������������� 6.99
1.5’ (PESM01.5)���������������� 2.99 20’ (PESM20)��������������������� 7.49
2’ (PESM02)����������������������� 2.79 25’ (PESM25)��������������������� 7.99
3’ (PESM03)����������������������� 4.49 30’ (PESM30)��������������������� 9.49
5’ (PESM05)����������������������� 5.49 50’ (PESM50)������������������� 10.99
6’ (PESM06)����������������������� 6.49 75’ (PESM75)������������������� 14.99
10’ (PESM10)��������������������� 6.29 100’ (PESM100)�������������� 16.99
AT8314 Premium Microphone Cable
1.5’ (AUAT83141.5)��������� 14.95
3’ (AUAT83143)��������������� 13.97
6’ (AUAT83146)��������������� 14.99
10’ (AUAT831410)������������12.25
15’ (AUAT831415)����������� 14.00
20’ (AUAT831420)������������16.95
25’ (AUAT831425)������������17.95
50’ (AUAT831450)������������20.34
100’ (AUAT8314100)������� 34.99
Canare Star-Quad (L-4E6S):
1.5’ XLR-M to XLR-F Cable (CAXMXF1.5)����������������������������������16.95
3’ (CAXMXF3)�������������������� 17.95
25’ (CAXMXF25)�������������� 29.95
6’ (CAXMXF6)��������������������19.95 50’ (CAXMXF50)����������������49.99
10’ (CAXMXF10)����������������24.95 75’ (CAXMXF75)�������������� 54.95
15’ (CAXMXF15)����������������24.95 100’ (CAXMXF100)������������69.95
15-ft. XLR-M to XLR-F Neutrik Black/Gold Connectors
Red (CAXMXF15RD)������������ 24.95
Blue (CAXMXF15BL)����������� 26.95
Green (CAXMXF15GRN)������� 24.95
Purple (CAXMXF15PPL)�������� 24.95
Gray (CAXMXF15GRY)���������� 24.95
Yellow (CAXMXF15YL)���������� 24.95
Orange (CAXMXF15ORN)������ 24.95
White (CAXMXF15WT)��������� 24.95
Brown (CAXMXF15BRN)����������������������������������������������������������� 24.95
25-ft. XLR-M to XLR-F Neutrik Black/Gold Connectors
Blue (CAXMXF25BL)�����������29.95 White (CAXMXF25HT)������������29.95
Brown (CAXMXF25BRN)������29.95 Orange (CAXMXF25ORN)������ 29.95
Green (CAXMXF25GRN)�������29.95 Purple (CAXMXF25PPL)����������29.95
Gray (CAXMXF25GRY)��������� 29.95 Red (CAXMXF25RD)������������ 29.95
Yellow (CAXMXF25YL)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 29.95
Lo-Z Microphone Cable - 25’ (COPS12525)������������������������������ 22.99
Hosa Technology
XLR-M to XLR-F (“Clamp” style XLR plugs)
2’ (HOXMXF2)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 2.97
3’ (HOXMXF3)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 4.89
5’ (HOXMXF5)������������������������������������������������������������������������ 5.25
XLR-M to XLR-F (Black Connectors)
5’ (HOMCXMXFBC5)���������������������������������������������������������������� 6.99
10’ (HOMCXMXFBC10)������������������������������������������������������������� 7.49
25’ (HOMCXMXFBC25)������������������������������������������������������������� 8.40
XLR-M to XLR-F (Budget)
3’ (HOMCXMXF2C3)���������������������������������������������������������������� 5.85
5’ (HOMCXMXF2C5)���������������������������������������������������������������� 6.96
10’ (HOMCXMXF2C10)������������������������������������������������������������� 9.69
25’ (HOMCXMXF2C25)����������������������������������������������������������� 11.18
50’ #HOMCXMXF2C50 (HOMCXMXF2C50)��������������������������������� 13.81
XLR-M to XLR-F Premium
10’ (HOMCXMXF4C10)����������������������������������������������������������� 11.95
25’ (HOMCXMXF4C25)����������������������������������������������������������� 15.49
XLR Male to XLR Female (20 G)
15’ (HOMCNXMXF15Q)����������19.99
50’ (HOMCNXMXF50Q)����������36.48
20’ (HOMCNXMXF20Q)����������24.99
75’ (HOMCNXMXF75Q)����������39.99
30’ (HOMCNXMXF30Q)����������23.69
100’ (HOMCNXMXF1HQ)��������69.00
XLR-F to XLR Angled Male
1.5’ (HOXMRAXF1.5)����������������5.99
5’ (HOXMRAXF5)����������������������6.95
3’ (HOXMRAXF3)����������������������6.95
10’ (HOXMRAXF10)������������������8.49
15’ (HOXMRAXF15)������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 8.75
XLR-M to XLR Angled Female
1.5’ (HOXMXFRA1.5)����������������6.99
10’ (HOXMXFRA10)������������������8.25
5’ (HOXMXFRA5)����������������������7.49
15’ (HOXMXFRA15)������������������9.25
2’ XLR-F to RCA-M (HORMXF2)������������������������������������������������������������ 4.99
5’ (HORMXF5)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.49
10’ (HORMXF10)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5.99
Pro REAN XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cable
3’ (HOHMIC003)����������������������7.59
10’ (HOHMIC010)������������������11.99
5’ (HOHMIC005)����������������������8.79
25’ (HOHMIC025)������������������14.49
HXX Series Balanced XLR-F to XLR-M
1.5’ (HOHXX001.5)������������������4.06
10’ (HOHXX010)����������������������7.95
3’ (HOHXX003)������������������������5.95
15’ (HOHXX015)����������������������9.99
50’ (HOHXX050)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 24.95
Premium Performance 3000
Series XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cables
1’ (KOM3001)������������������ 11.49 15’ (KOM3015)���������������� 13.99
1.5’ (KOM3001.5)������������ 11.99 20’ (KOM3020)���������������� 13.99
2’ (KOM3002)������������������ 12.09 25’ (KOM3025)���������������� 15.99
3’ (KOM3003)������������������ 10.99 30’ (KOM3030)���������������� 15.29
5’ (KOM3005)������������������ 13.49 50’(KOM3050)����������������� 17.99
6’(KOM3006)������������������� 12.99 75’ (KOM3075)���������������� 23.99
10’ (KOM3010)���������������� 11.99 100’KOM3100)���������������� 26.99
Premium Performance 3000
XLR-M to Angled XLR-F
1.5’ (KOM3001.5R)������������������������������������������������������������������17.99
10’ (KOM3010R)�������������� 15.99 20’ (KOM3020R)�������������� 19.99
Studio Elite 4000 Series
XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cables
1’ (KOM4001)������������������ 14.49 15’ (KOM4015)���������������� 18.49
1.5’ (KOM4001.5)������������ 14.99 20’(KOM4020)����������������� 19.99
2’ (KOM4002)������������������ 15.49 25’ (KOM4025)���������������� 20.99
3’ (KOM4003)������������������ 15.99 30’(KOM4030)����������������� 24.95
5’ (KOM4005)������������������ 16.49 50’(KOM4050)����������������� 24.95
6’ (KOM4006)������������������ 17.99 75’ (KOM4075)���������������� 29.95
10’ (KOM4010)���������������� 18.95 100’ (KOM4100)�������������� 34.95
Studio Elite 4000 Series
XLR-M to Angled XLR-F
1.5’ (KOM4001.5R)������������������������������������������������������������������17.99
10’ (KOM4010R)�������������� 17.95 20’ (KOM4020R)�������������� 22.95
Studio Elite 4000 Series
Coiled XLR-M to Angled XLR-F
8-24” (KOM4000.8RC)�������������������������������������������������������������19.95
3-18” (KOM4003RC)�������� 29.95 1.5’ -5’ (KOM4001.5RC)�� 34.95
XLR to XLR Cables
XLR-M to Angled XLR-F
1.5’ (PEPM01.5RA)�������������������������������������������������������������������� 6.95
10’ (PEPM10R)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7.95
20’ (PEPM20R)�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9.95
PM Series XLR-M to XLR-F Mic Cable
1’ (PEPM01)����������������������� 5.99 15’ (PEPM15)�������������������� 9.99
1.5’ (PEPM01.5)���������������� 6.99 20’ (PEPM20)������������������ 10.49
2’ (PEPM02)����������������������� 7.49 25’ (PEPM25)�������������������� 9.99
3’ (PEPM03)����������������������� 7.99 30’ (PEPM30)������������������ 11.49
5’ (PEPM05)����������������������� 6.49 50’ (PEPM50)������������������ 12.99
6’ (PEPM06)����������������������� 8.99 75’ (PEPM75)������������������ 15.99
10’ (PEPM10)�������������������� 7.09 100’ (PEPM100)�������������� 18.99
Pro Co Sound
20’ (PRAMXMXF20)���������32.95
30’ (PRAMXMXF30)����������38.95
XLR Male to XLR Female Cable 5’ (PRMMXMXF5)�������������14.99 30’ (PRMMXMXF30)����������22.95
10’ (PRMMXMXF10)����������16.95 50’ (PRMMXMXF50)����������58.99
25’ (PRMMXMXF25)����������24.95 100’ (PRMMXMXF100)�������54.95
1’ (PRSXMXF1)������������������ 3.99
3’ (PRSXMXF3)������������������ 3.99
5’ (PRXMXFS5)�����������������10.93
10’ (PRXMXFS10)�������������� 6.95
15’ (PRXMXFS15)�������������� 7.95
20’ (PRXMXFS20)�������������� 9.25
25’ (PRXMXFS25)�������������11.50
30’ (PRXMXFS30)�������������16.99
50’ (PRXMXFS50)�������������16.66
100’ (PRXMXFS100)���������21.95
Accusonic+2 XLR-M to XLR-F
6’ (WHMK406)���������������� 13.49 25’ (WHMK425)�������������� 23.49
10’ (WHMK410)�������������� 15.99 50’ (WHMK450)�������������� 41.00
15’ (WHMK415)�������������� 21.50 100’ (WHMK4100)����������� 59.95
Hosa 8-Channel Audio Snake Cables
3.3’ 1/4” Phone (M) to 1/4” Phone (M) (HO8PM8PM3)��������������� 12.79
6.6’ 1/4” Phone (M) to 1/4” Phone (M)’ (HO8PM8PM6)��������������� 25.50
3.3’ 8-Channel 1/4” Phone to 1/4” Phone (HO8SPM8SPM3)������ 32.95
6.6’ Stereo 1/4” Phone to 1/4” Phone (HO8SPM8SPM6)�������������� 36.00
10’ Stereo 1/4” Phone to 1/4” Phone (HO8SPM8SPM9)�������������� 29.99
6.6’ RCA (M) to 1/4” Phone (HO8PM8RM6)������������������������������ 16.99
6.6’ 1/4” Phone to XLR-M (HO8SPM8XM6)������������������������������� 29.00
10’ XLR-M to XLR-F (HO8XM8XF9)����������������������������������������� 56.00
23’ XLR-M to XLR-F (HO8XM8XF23)���������������������������������������79.95
20’ Little Bro Stage Box Snake (HOSFB6X2P20)������������������������� 58.09
30’ Little Bro Stage Box Snake (HOSFB6X2P30)������������������������� 62.61
50’Little Bro Stage Box Snake (HOSFB6X2P50)�������������������������� 79.54
25’ Sub Snake Station with No Return (HOSFB8X025)����������������� 80.68
50’ Sub Snake Station with No Return (HOSFB8X050)����������������� 94.32
25’ SH Series Stage Box Snake (HOSFB8X4P25Q)���������������������168.50
50’ SH Series Stage Box Snake (HOSFB8X4P50Q)���������������������148.17
100’ SH Series Stage Box Snake (HOSFB8X4P1Q)������������������������ Disc
100’ SH Series Stage Box Snake (HOSFB8X4P100)�������������������249.95
23’ 8-Channel XLR-M to XLR-F (HO8XM8XF23)����������������������� 79.95
16.5’ 8-Channel XLR-M to XLR-F (HO8XM8XF16)������������������� 49.99
10’ DB-25 to 8-Channel XLR-M (HODB258XM9)���������������������� 40.08
10’ DB-25 to 8-Channel 1/4” Phone (HODB258SPM9)�������������� 29.00
10’ DB-25 to 8-Channel XLR-F (HODB258XF9)������������������������ 40.97
6.6’ XLR-M to XLR-F (HO8XM8XF6)����������������������������������������39.00
16’ DB-25 to to 4 XLR-M and 4 XLR-F (HOAESDSY4XMF)��������� 54.00
16’ DB-25 to 8x XLR-M (HODB258XM16)����������������������������36.50
3.3’ Male DB-25 to Male DB-25 (HODB25DB253)����������������16.00
6’ DB-25 to 8 Stereo Male 1/4” Phone (HODTP802)��������������37.99
6’ Four TRS 1/4” (M) to 8 TS 1/4” (M) Insert (HOIS4SPM8PM6)���12.71
10’ 8- Channel Male TRS to XLR-M Snake- (HOSTX803MPRO)��� 57.49
SH Series Stage 50’ Box Snake with 12 LR Send and 4 TRS Return
Channels (HOSFB12X4P5Q)�������������������������������������������������209.00
Pro Co Sound Multi Track Recording Cable D-Sub DB25 to 8x XLR F (PRDB258XF5)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 93.35
Pro Co Sound StageMaster Snake 12 Channel Stagebox to Fanout (PRSFB8X4P10Q)����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 183.95
Whirlwind Medusa Multitrack 8 Channel XLR Male to XLR Female (WHMT8FM50)��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 176.50
No para exportación
PRO Audio
Audio Cables
800-859-5252 | 212-444-5072
Digital Audio Cables
3’ XHD Digital S/PDIF RCA to RCA (COCSPDIFXD13)��������������15.99
6.5’ XHD Digital S/PDIF RCA to RCA (COCSPDIFXD16)�����������19.99
BNC-M to XLR-M Time Code Cable - 6’ (COXLRPBP6B)���������22.39
BNC-M to XLR-F Time Code Cable - 6’ (COXLRJBP6B)����������11.99
XLR-M to XLR -F AES/EBU Cable (COCAES10)����������������������20.29
XHD XD1 Digital Toslink Audio Cable
3’ (COCTTXD13)�������������� 13.78
6’ (COCTTXD16)�������������� 16.24
12’ (COCTTXD112)���������� 23.99
25’ (COCTTXD125)���������� 31.99
Hosa Technology
S/PDIF RCA Male to RCA Male Digital Cable
3.3’ (HOS3)���������������������� 5.99
6.5’ (HOS6)���������������������� 5.49
13’ (HOS13)��������������������� 6.29
20’ (HOS20)������������������� 10.89
Toslink Male to Toslink Male Fiber Optic Cable
2’ (HOO2)������������������������� 3.99 6’ (HOO6)������������������������� 6.95
3’ (HOO3)������������������������� 5.59 9’ (HOO9)����������������������� 12.95
16’ (HOO16)�����������������������������������������������������������������������17.00
Toslink to Mini-Toslink 3.5mm (HOOCTM10)�������������������������11.61
ADAT Toslink to Toslink Fiber Optic Cable 3’ (HOOCTT3)��������11.01
ADAT Toslink to Toslink Fiber Optic Cable 30’ (HOOCTT30)���22.99
Monster Cable
400DFO Advanced Performance Toslink to Toslink S/PDIF
3.3’ (MOMC400DFO1M)�� 29.99 6.5’ (MOMC400DFO2M)�� 32.00
13’ (MOMC400DFO4M)�������������������������������������������������������40.63
Audio Connectors
Atlas Sound
Mic Outlet Floor Box (ATFB4XLRF)����133.00
XLR-M Connector (COCX3M)���������������2.00
Mini-F Chassis Mount (COMJCM)��������0.99
Stereo 3.5mm F (COMJSCM)���������������1.49
9-Pin DE-9 Connector (CODB9M)��������2.71
1/4” Phone Plug (Mono) (COCP)����������0.79
XLR-F Connector (COCX3F)�����������������2.16
Stereo 3.5mm Male (COMPS)��������������1.19
Hosa Technology
XLR-Male Plug (HOCXM)���������������������2.83
1/4” Mono R/A (HOCPMRA)�����������������2.99
1/4” Stereo R/A (HOCSPMRA)��������������3.12
5-Pin Mini-XLR-F (SWTA5F)��������������11.12
Surface-Mount XLR-F (SWD3F)�����������2.99
XLR-F Connector (SWA3F)�������������������2.95
1/4” Stereo (TRS) Phone (SW297)�������4.49
XLR-M Connector (SWA3M)����������������2.79
4-Pin XLR Connector (NENC4FX)��������� 4.75
3-Pin XLR-F Connector (NENC3FXX)���� 2.69
3-Pin XLR-M Connector (NENC3MXX)� 2.44
4-Pin XLR-F Connector (NENC4FXB)��� 5.79
3-Pin XLR -F (NENC3FDL1B)��������������� 3.29
5-Pin XLR-F Connector (NENC5FX)����� 5.99
3-Pin XLR (NENC3MXB)���������������������� 3.39
2-Pole 1/4” Male Phone (NENP2X)����� 2.94
3-Pin XLR-M Connector (NENC3MX)��� 2.59
3 Pole Female (NENC3FXXBAG)���������� 2.98
3-Pin XLR-F Connector (NENC3FXB)��� 3.99
4-Pole Chassis (NECANL4MP)������������� 3.99
3-Pin XLR-M Wall Plate (NE203M)���� 11.66
4-Pole Speakon Connector (NENL4FX) 3.94
3-Pin XLR-M (NENC3MDLB1)�������������� 3.00
Male Phone Connector (NENP2C)�������� 2.79
3-Pin XLR-F Connector (NENC3FX)����� 2.98
Male Phone Connector (NENP3C)�������� 4.49
4-Pin XLR-M Connect (NENC4MX)������ 3.68
Male RCA Connector (NECANYS352)��� 0.89
Locking Power Connector- Type A (NENAC3FCA)����������������������������������������������������������5.99
Locking Female Stereo Phone Connector (NENJ3FP6CBAG)�������������������������������������������5.48
Wallplate with Dual 3-Pin XLR-F Connectors (NE203F)������������������������������������������������11.99
3.5mm Mini Plug (NENYS231L)�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������0.79
1/4” Pro Phone Plugs, X-Series - Contacts (NENP3XB)��������������������������������������������������4.99
1/4” Pro Phone Plugs, X-Series - Contacts (NENP3XBAG)���������������������������������������������4.39
3-Pole Male Cable Connector - Gold Contacts (NENC3MXXB)�����������������������������������������3.39
3-Pole Female Cable Connector - Gold Contacts (NENC3FXXB)��������������������������������������3.75
Stereo 1/4” Phone Connector (NENP3X)�����������������������������������������������������������������������4.29
4-Pole Speakon Connector with Latch (NENL4FC)���������������������������������������������������������4.97
600DFO High Performance Toslink to Toslink Fiber
3.3’ (MOMC600DFO1M)�� 40.99
6.5’ (MOMC600DFO2M)�� 55.64
Stereo XLR & Special Mic Cables
Remote Audio
Starquad XLR-M 5-Pin to XLR-F 5-Pin (RECAX5QN25)���������49.99
5-Pin Stereo XLR-F to Dual XLR-M Y-Cable (RECAXSTE25)����82.99
5-Pin Stereo XLR-F to Dual XLR-M Y-Cable (RECAXSTE)��������49.99
Mini-F Chassis Mount
3-Pin XLR
3.5mm Female Chassis Mount
Neutrik 4-Pole Speakon Connector
10’Stereo Mini-M to Stereo Mini-F Cable (ROVC1)����������������10.99
Neutrik 3.5mm Mini Plug
Mini-F to Mini-F
Monster Dual RCA-F to RCA-F
Monster Stereo Mini-M to 2 Mono 1/4”-F
C98D Repl. Cable for Beta 91, Beta 98 (SHC98D)�����������������20.09
Audio Adapters
Speaker Cables
Audio Technica
AT-690 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male Speaker Cable (14-Gauge)
10’ (AUAT69010)�������������� 8.99 25’ (AUAT69025)������������ 11.84
15’ (AUAT69015)�������������� 7.57 50’ (AUAT69050)������������ 21.99
AT-690 1/4” Male to Dual Banana (AUAT69050B)�����������������22.95
Hosa Technology
Speakon to 1/4” Male Speaker Cable (14-Gauge)
3’ (HOSKT403Q)������������� 13.95 25’ (HOSKT425Q)����������� 18.76
5’ (HOSKT405Q)�������������� 11.99 50’ (HOSKT450Q)����������� 31.99
Speakon to Speakon Speaker (12 Gauge)
20’ (HOSKT220)�������������� 29.95 50’ (HOSKT250)�������������� 63.95
25’ (HOSKT225�������������� 40.99 100’ (HOSKT2100)�������� 109.95
Speakon to Speakon Speaker (14 Gauge)
3’ (HOSKT403)���������������� 15.99 50’ (HOSKT450)�������������� 34.48
1/4” TS Male to 1/4” TS Male (HOSCPP16100B)�������������������33.77
Monster Cable 1/4” TS Male Phone to 1/4” TS Male Phone
6’ 100 Series (MOS100S6)����������������������������������������������������Disc
10’ 100 Series (MOS100S10)������������������������������������������������Disc
50’ (MOS100S50)�����������������������������������������������������������������Disc
3’ 500 Series MOP500S3)���������������������������������������������������20.99
20’ 500 Series (MOP500S20)����������������������������������������������29.95
50’ (MOP500S50)���������������������������������������������������������������59.00
20’ Studio Pro 1000 Series (MOSP1000S20)������������������������39.00
25’ Studio Pro 1000 Series Speakon (MOSP1000S25S)��������99.95
Pro Co Sound Lifelines PowerPlus
Speakon to Speakon (12 Gauge) - 50’ (PRPPSS1250)����������59.95
Speakon to Speakon (12 Gauge) - 100’ (PRPPSS12100)����119.99
Speakon to Speakon (12 Gauge) - 25’(WHSK525G12)�����������54.95
Speakon to Speakon (12 Gauge) - 50’ (WHSK550G12)����������94.99
Speakon to Speakon (12 Gauge) - 100’(WHSK5100G12)�����143.50
Mini-F to RCA-M (COAMFRM)�������������1.75
Mini-F to RCA-F (COAMFRF)���������������1.75
Mini-M to RCA-F (COAMMRF)�������������0.92
Mini-M to Phone-F (COAMMPF)����������1.43
Mini-M to 1/4” Female (COAMMPFS)��0.99
Mini-F to Mini-F (COAMFMF)��������������1.89
Mono Mini-F to Phone-M (COAMFPM)�1.03
RCA-F to RCA-F (COARFRF)����������������1.19
RCA-M to XLR-F (COARMXF)��������������4.95
RCA-M to XLR-M (COARMXM)������������3.59
RCA-F to XLR-M (COARFXM)��������������6.95
RCA-F to XLR-F (COARFXF)����������������6.34
Phone-M to RCA-F (COAPMRF)�����������1.67
Phone-M to XLR-M (COAPMXM)��������6.95
Phone-F to Phone-F (COAPFPF)����������1.50
1/4” Phone-M to XLR-F (COAPMXF)����6.95
XLR-F to XLR-F (COAXFXF)�����������������8.79
XLR-M to Phone-F (COAPFXM)�����������7.99
XLR-F to Phone-F (COAPFXF)�������������7.99
XLR-M to XLR-M (COAXMXM)�������������7.99
Pro Co Sound
Phone-M to 2 Phone-F (PRYCPM2PF)�1.49
1/4” Phone to 2 RCA-F (PRYCPM2RF)�1.29
RCA-M to 2 RCA-F (PRYCRM2RF)�������1.99
Hosa Technology
XLR-F to RCA-M (HOARMXF)�����������������4.79
RCA to XLR Adapter (HOARFXF)�����������3.28
1/4” TS Phone-F to RCA-M (HOAPFRM)�1.40
Phone to Dual Banana (HOABPF16B)����10.39
1/4”-F to Dual Banana (HOABPF16R)���10.28
Stereo 1/4” to XLR (HOASPFXM)������������3.40
Phone to Stereo Mini (HOASMFPM)��������2.69
Mini-F to Mini-F (HOASMFSMF)�������������2.85
Phone-F to Phone-F (HOASPFSPF)���������2.99
RCA-F to 1/8” Mini Phone (HOAMMRF)��1.99
Phone-M to RCA-F (2) (HOAPMRF)��������1.73
RCA to 2 RCA Adapter (HOARM2RF)������3.60
Stereo Phone to XLR (HOASPMXF)���������5.59
RCA to XLR Adapter (HOARFXM)�����������3.65
TS Phone to TRS Stereo (HOASPMPF)����1.99
XLR-M to RCA-M (HOARMXM)���������������3.48
Stereo Mini to 2 RCA-F (HOASMM2RF)���2.86
Stereo Phone to XLR (HOASPMXM)��������3.48
Splitter/Combiner (HOASPM2RF)������������1.99
Phone to RCA Angled (HOAPMRARF2)����2.69
1/4” Phone to Speakon (HOAPFS16)������6.81
Phoenix Adapter Cable (HOCPXM).........3.84
Right-Angle RCA (2) (HOARMRARF2)������2.49
Phoenix to XLR-F (HOCPXFF)...............3.71
Stereo 1/4”-F to XLR-F (HOASPFXF)������3.77
Phoenix to XLR Adapter (HOPNX206M) 6.29
RCA-F to RCA-F (2) (HOARFRF2)�����������2.69
1/4” TS to 1/4” TS (HOGPP296)...........2.99
Monster Cable
Right-Angle RCA Adapter (MORARCA)��������������������������������������������������������������������������8.95
Stereo 1/4” to 2 RCA(MOMCLMST2FR)14.95
XLR-M to XLR-M (MOMCLMX)�������������� 7.95
RCA-F to 1/4” TS Phone (MOMCLFRM)��� 8.38 Mono 1/4” to 2 RCA (MOMCLM2FR)��� 14.95
1/8” TS Male Mini Phone to 1/4 TS (MOMCLMMINIFM)�����������������������������������������������19.95
RCA-F to 1/8” TRS Stereo (MOMCLFRMSTMI)�������������������������������������������������������������11.95
XLR-F to 1/4” TRS Stereo (MOMCLFXFST)��������������������������������������������������������������������8.29
Stereo Mini 1/8” Male to 2 RCA-F (MOMCLMSTMINQ)�������������������������������������������������14.95
1/4” TRS Stereo Phone-M to to XLR -F (MOMCLMSTFX)���������������������������������������������14.95
Comprehensive Audio Adapter Kit
This audio adapter kit provides a pair of virtually every audio adapter in current use. Includes a sturdy
plastic storage case with 10 compartments created by a set of adjustable dividers.
#COAAK������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 99.95
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