How-to-raise-a-web-requisition guide

How-to-raise-a-web-requisition guide
How to raise a Web Requisition
Log on to the below link:
Select the New request tab and you should see the below:
Please complete each tab fully and correctly as possible.
The first tab populates your details automatically – the “Your reference tab” – enables you to put in
a unique reference number if you want to remind yourself what this is for at a quick glance – it is up
to you if you want to enter in a reference – it is not mandatory.
Select on the budget tab:
All of these fields are mandatory – you must complete before completing the requisition.
The validate button allows you to check the code is active
A Tax spec must be selected, the
majority will always be standard
rate, but if you are requesting it
to be Zero rated – another
declaration will pop up (this
states that the items or services
you require are eligible to be
zero rated under medical or
research purposes –you must
select this if you need a vat
exemption certificate raised)
Complete the Risk tab - you must select an option otherwise the requisition will not be complete.
*Please note that for any IT purchases including software or equipment - you must select the IT
purchase option – once you have completed the requisition it will automatically go to your CDO
(Computer Development Officer) who will then assess and approve the order*
Supplier tab:
Enter in the supplier name and select validate – this will check that this supplier is set up on Aptos (
if the supplier is not set up on the system please contact the purchasing team who will be able to
advise further)
If the supplier is set up on the system the files will automatically be populated.
You must select an option relating to the value of the order as the procurement regulations must be
adhered to:
£1,000-5,000 – we require 3 verbal quotations – we will need the supplier name / value / date of
£5,000-25,000 – we will require 3 written quotations
£25,000+ - procurement team will need to be involved.
(If your order is being funded by an ERDF/ESF grant – you must get 3 verbal quotations even if the
value is below £1,000)
*If the value is above £25,000 and will be funded wholly or even partially by college funds an RFA (
Request for Authority) will be required – please allow sufficient time for this as the ICG
(infrastructure coordination group) only meet monthly.
Delivery tab – please enter in the details as to where you want the items delivered. Please give as
much detail as possible (offering a different contact name if you know you will be away) as this will
enable the Post Room team to ensure your goods get to you.
Items tab – please fully complete each section with the product/services details you wish to
purchase. In the supporting info box – please enter in here any specific instructions that you want us
to know about for example - split the cost over different codes / special delivery instructions etc.
Attachments tab – please upload any paperwork to help support your requisition (quotations etc.)
Once all of the tabs have been completed please select the save button
This will take you back to your home screen – The requisition will now be saved in “My Saved
Requests” tab.
Go into this tab and you should see the below:
The status bar should be orange and say open – to submit your requisition you must select the
submit button under the actions heading
Your requisition should then go green and status should say “sent to ASU purchasing” (or if further
approval is required - for IT, radioactive and micro-organism requests – the status will go blue and
say ‘sent for approval’)
When the purchasing team has completed your order you should receive and email confirming the
purchase order number but if not – when you log in to the system – the status will turn blue and say
“completed” and a PO number will have been entered.
Once you have received your items / service – you need to receipt the order.
To receipt an order on the system, go back in to your saved requests tab – select the requisition you
wish to receipt. Go to the items tab – enter in the amounts received – select save receipt info – then
select Notify ASU of latest receipt - DONE
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