Day Events Terms Conditions

Day Events Terms Conditions
Day events
Booking terms and conditions
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When booking an event at the University of Exeter, we feel it is
vital to clearly indicate, from the beginning, the responsibility
of the University and the Organiser. Please read these Terms
and Conditions carefully as by signing a booking contract you
will then be legally bound to adhere to them.
1. Who is the contract between?
The contract is between The University of Exeter and your
organisation (as named on the Booking Contract). You accept
full responsibility for paying all charges, including any extra
charges arising under this contract.
2. Holding Dates
Upon request we will hold the facilities specified and the
following terms and timescales will apply.
• For bookings made more than 12 months in advance all
facilities will be held for a period of 8 weeks.
• For bookings made between 6 and 12 months in advance all
facilities will be held for a period of 4 weeks.
• For bookings made within 6 months of event date all
facilities will be held for a period of 2 weeks.
During the above timescales a letter of confirmation must be
received in order to proceed to a provisional booking. Unless
we have agreed an extension then all reserved facilities will
be automatically released after the agreed period, if written
confirmation of your booking has not been received.
3. Provisional Bookings
Upon receipt of a letter of confirmation a formal bookings
contract will be issued and a request for a non-refundable
4. Confirming Bookings
The University of Exeter will confirm your booking only on the
basis of these terms and a Booking Contract signed by you.
The Booking Contract will state the meeting rooms, catering
and other facilities that you have booked, and it should include
a clear statement of any other arrangements that have been
agreed between you and the University of Exeter.
5. Deposits and Payments
In order for your booking to be confirmed, a non-refundable
deposit must be received with the signed ‘Booking Contract’.
The deposit will be charged at £10.00 per person (if on Day
Delegate Rate, based on minimum numbers) or 50% of
the total room hire amount. The final invoice will be issued
following the event. You must pay in sterling, to the address
shown on the invoice, within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
You will pay all bank charges involved in making the payment.
The University reserves the right to charge interest on overdue
accounts at 15 per cent above the Bank of England base rate
applying as at the date of the invoice. The University reserves
the right to use external debt recovery agents and the court
system to pursue outstanding debts. Charges incurred to
be borne by the person/organisation stated on the booking
contract. All debts to the University are pursued.
6. Making a Booking more than a year ahead
We may need to increase our charges if you book more than a
year ahead. When you book, you agree to pay our charges for
the meeting rooms, catering and other facilities set out on the
Booking Contract, plus VAT (if applicable) at the current rate. We
reserve the right to increase our charges from the figures we
quote to you when you make the booking.
We will notify you in writing of any changes to our charges
after the date of your booking. If the changes would increase
the total amount payable for the items on the current Booking
Contract by more than the increase in the Retail Prices Index,
between the date of your booking and the date of the event,
• Tel: 0300 555 0214 • Email: [email protected] • Reed Hall Streatham Drive Exeter EX4 4QR
you will have the right to withdraw your booking, within 14
days of notification, without charge. If the rate of VAT changes,
the University reserves the right to charge at the rate applicable
at the time of the event.
10. Confirming Final Details
7. Value Added Tax
You must give us final rooming lists and catering schedule
(where applicable) not later than 21 days prior to arrival. As stated above, if you cancel any accommodation, rooms,
meals or other facilities after this time we will charge you at FULL RATE.
All bookings will be charged VAT at the rate applicable at the
time of the event. All cancellation charges, with the exception
of the non-refundable deposit, will be charged exempt of
VAT. VAT exclusive rates may be available to organisations
that qualify as an “eligible body” as defined by the VAT Act
1994 Schedule 9 Group 6. A VAT exemption certificate will be
supplied and should be completed and returned to the Sales
Office (University of Exeter).
8. Overseas Customers
If you are a customer from outside the UK, we reserve the right
to ask for a guarantee of payment from a UK bank and to cancel
the booking if the guarantee is not provided within 30 days.
9. Alterations to your Booking
It is the responsibility of the organiser to inform the Sales Office
of any alterations to the booking. We understand that it can
be difficult to predict numbers so you may need to cancel a
proportion of your booking. You may cancel up to 10% of the
catering booked without charge, provided that you give the
Sales Office (University of Exeter) written notification of the
cancellation no later than 21 days before the event.
• We need to know final numbers no later than 21 days prior to the event.
• Reduction in delegate numbers within 21 days of the event
will be charged at £2.50 per person (plus VAT).
Please note that a substantial reduction in numbers may result
in an alteration of the meeting rooms and/or dining areas
allocated to your event. We will only do this if the alternatives
we offer are suitable for your purposes as you explained them
to us when you made the booking.
You must confirm any special food requirements 21 days
before the event. If you do not do this, we will decide what we
should supply and charge accordingly.
11. Full Cancellation
In the event of the booking being cancelled by you, you shall be responsible to the University for a cancellation charge as follows:
• Up to 3 weeks prior to the event – loss of deposit.
• Within 3 weeks of the event – 100 per cent of the expected
total charges.
12. Force Majeure
Neither party shall be under any liability in the event of either
the University or the Organiser being prevented from fulfilling
it’s obligations under this contract due to the nature of any
event beyond it’s control, but not limited to:
• Acts of God.
• War, National Emergency, Civil Unrest, Acts of Terrorism,
• The government of the country of origin of the visiting group
issuing a formal warning advising against travel to the
United Kingdom.
If the University or the Organisers are unable to fulfil it’s
obligations in the event of a Force Majeure occurring the said
party should give notice as quickly and reasonably as possible
to the other party.
13. Cancellation by the University
The University reserves the right to cancel any arrangement for
the use of the premises at any time for the following reasons:
• If the University or any part of it is closed due to fire, flood,
failure of water, heating or electricity systems, dispute with
employees or by order of any public authority.
• If the Organiser becomes insolvent, or enters into liquidation
or receivership.
• If the Organiser is more than 30 days in arrears with
payment to the University for previously supplied services.
• The University reserves the right to charge for any additional
services requested during the event.
• The University does not allow any animals onto University
premises with the exception of disability assistance dogs.
The University reserves the right to provide alternative meeting
rooms of an equivalent standard to that outlined on the
booking contract.
15. Loss or Damage to Property
If this happens, we will make reasonable efforts to offer you
alternative arrangements. However, the University cannot
accept liability for any inconvenience or loss caused as a
consequence of such cancellation if alternative arrangements
cannot be made.
The Organiser shall be held responsible for any loss of, or
damage to, University property caused by delegates. Charges
for any loss or damage will be added to the final invoice.
The University cannot accept responsibility for any loss of, or
damage to, the personal property or vehicles of delegates.
Delegates are therefore advised to be extremely careful
regarding the security of their belongings. Delegates should
also ensure that cars are securely locked with no valuables left inside.
14. General Regulations
16. Personal Injury
• It might, in the opinion of the University prejudice the
reputation of the University.
The following general regulations will apply to all bookings and shall be brought to the attention of the delegates by the Organiser.
• Hazardous or dangerous items may not be brought into the
University without prior written permission.
• The Organiser shall ensure that delegates act in a proper
and orderly manner and shall comply with all reasonable
requests from University staff. The University reserves the
right to terminate any booking during the period of the
event/booking in the event that this is not adhered to.
The University is unable to accept any liability for death or
personal injury sustained by the Organiser or any person
forming part of the Organiser’s party unless proven to have
been caused by the negligence of the University or its servants
or agents.
The Organiser will be held liable for death or injury to any
employee of the University caused by the default or negligence
of the Organiser or any delegates.
• It is prohibited to consume food and drink not supplied by the University on the premises, unless previously agreed
in writing.
17. Indemnity Insurance
Organisations hiring University facilities must ensure that they
are indemnified by a UK insurer in respect of their liabilities to
the University and to their delegates. The University is insured
against legal liability resulting from the use of its facilities. The
University of Exeter reserves the right to request evidence of
adequate insurance cover.
20. Car Parking
Please note that Pay and Display parking is in operation on
the University campus, Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.00pm
throughout the year.
18. Other Conditions
Except with the prior agreement of the University:
• No public advertising of any function held in the University
is permitted.
• No sale of tickets or goods is permitted.
• No notices, decorations or signs shall be erected or displayed
within precincts of the University.
• No licence for the sale of excisable liquor may be applied for.
19. Statutory Requirements
Premises Licence: It is a prerequisite that you comply with
all requirements regarding licensable activities within the
premises you are using / have booked. We can provide detailed information upon request.
Performing Rights: The rooms in the University used for
concerts or dancing are licensed with the Performing Right
Society Limited.
Organisers are responsible for notifying the Society of the
details of the music to be performed. Please note that the
cost of room hire is not in respect of any liability under the
Performing Right Society legislation. Any costs incurred under this legislation will be recharged to the hirer.
In the event that there is any change to legislation we will be duty bound to meet your service within the new legal requirement.
Please note: Customer details are used for Event Exeter communications only and will not be passed on to any third party providers.
• Tel: 0300 555 0214 • Email: [email protected] • Reed Hall Streatham Drive Exeter EX4 4QR
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