CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 Specification

CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 Specification
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JK Audio Makes It Easy to Get Quality Audio
In/Out of Your Telephone Line
HOST Back Panel
JK Audio Digital Telephone Hybrids
JK Audio’s Broadcast Host digital hybrid contains everything you need to get
talk show-quality audio from standard telephone lines, with excellent separation
between your voice and the caller’s. In fact, the quality is so good it competes
with hybrids costing hundreds or thousands more. JK Audio’s new state-of-the-art
echo canceller in the Host achieves excellent separation on any telephone line.
The similar Innkeeper PBX connects to multi-line PBX telephone systems through
the handset cord. It achieves excellent separation without any setup, and without
sending a noise burst down the line.
HOST List $495.00 $43900
List $495.00 $43900
LowestPrice only $439 ea!
GUESTMODULE1 Remote control interface/keypad List $139.00 $11900
HOST Features:
• Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for IFB/monitoring
• RJ11C phone and aux phone jacks
• Select electret, dynamic, and carbon handset types
• RJ22 handset and phone jacks
Features, both:
• 16-bit digital signal processing; proprietary auto null algorithm, 50 dB null
• Send and Receive LEDs
• Balanced XLR input with Mic/Line pad switch
• 3.5 mm mono input; 3.5 mm output L=send/R=caller
• Balanced XLR caller output
• 3.5 mm headphone output (mixed send/receive)
JK Audio PBXport
Digital Telephone Hybrids
The JK Audio PBXport professional digital hybrid provides talk
show quality caller audio from your PBX phone system. It lets
you send mic or line level signals into your PBX telephone
system while maintaining excellent separation between your
voice and the caller. The balanced XLR CALLER output jack
contains only the caller’s voice, allowing full duplex voice
conferencing through the existing PBX phone system without
fear of echo and feedback. The MIX OUT jack contains both
voices mixed for archive recording. For complete flexibility,
PBXport provides connections for a microphone, headphones,
mixer, telephone handset and your telephone set.
Desktop ONE digital hybrid List$825.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• 16-bit DSP Echo Canceller
• Transmit female XLR with mic/line switch
• Caller output male XLR
• Mix output male XLR
• Front panel 1/4" headphone jack
• Speaker output terminals
• Switch selects between electret, dynamic, and
carbon handset types
• Front and Rear panel Handset and Phone Base
RJ22 jacks
• Remote control screw terminal block
JK Audio Innkeeper LTD Digital Hybrid
The new Innkeeper LTD is JK Audio’s simplest digital hybrid yet. The innkeeper LTD
connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the transmit/receive
crosstalk common to analog hybrids. Its Digital Signal Processor continuously monitors
both the phone line and audio signals to deliver excellent separation. This proprietary,
dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation, typically
exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line.
An auxiliary telephone is only required to place outgoing calls.
Innkeeper LTD features Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for use in IFB and monitoring
applications. Other applications include: telephone interviews, talk shows, church
PA interface, and more. The “Remote” jack allows connection to an optional JK Audio
Guest Module, allowing remote control and dialing without an auxiliary telephone. An
optional RA2 rackmount accessory holds two Innkeeper LTDs in a 1U rack space.
GUESTMODULE1 Remote control interface
Rackmount kit
only $519!
List $139.00 $11900
List $50.00 $4500
JK Audio BlueKeeper
Bluetooth Desktop Interface
The JK Audio BlueKeeper combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with professional
audio electronics in a convenient desktop design. BlueKeeper interfaces to your cell
phone like a Bluetooth wireless headset. Simply connect your favorite microphone
and headphone and enjoy an immediate improvement at both ends of the call. The
professional microphone preamplifier provides a dramatic improvement in sound quality
to the caller (or back to the station if you are away from the studio). The caller audio
comes in loud and clear over the convenient front-panel headphone jack.
For recording interviews, BlueKeeper allows you to maintain superb separation between
your voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your
voice on one channel (in full fidelity) and the caller’s voice on the other channel.
BLUEKEEPER List $495.00
only $449!
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Your Very
Best Remote
JK Audio RemoteMix 4
Telephone Hybrid/Mixer
The triple threat RemoteMix 4 is a 4-channel field mixer, headphone
amplifier plus a complete communications interface featuring
a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and a
cell phone interface. Simple to use, it offers plenty of I/O as well
as Bluetooth wireless technology for ultimate operating freedom!
Features: (4) XLR mic inputs; switchable 48-volt phantom power on
all mic inputs; mic/line pad on channels 3 & 4; (1) 3.5 mm line level
input; (1) 1/4" line level headphone cue input; PBX handset interface;
2.5 mm cell phone interface; Bluetooth Wireless Technology; dual
9V battery drawers; (4) 1/4" headphone output jacks; separate
headphone level controls.
REMOTEMIX4 List $1,395.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• 4-channel mixer, headphone amp and a communications interface
in one for maximum efficiency
• Loads of I/Os to handle most any remote broadcast application
• Bluetooth wireless technology for complete freedom
JK Audio RemoteMix Phone Hybrid/Mixers
JK Audio’s RemoteMix C+ is a combination audio mixer,
headphone amp and telephone hybrid in one! It’s perfect for
two-person remote broadcasts and field reporting from any
location via conventional phone lines.
Designed for three-person sports broadcasting, the more
advanced RemoteMixSport offers three XLR microphone inputs
(one switchable to line level), three headphone jacks and
VU meter. It works with conventional phone lines as well as
PBX or ISDN phones, and it also connects to cell phones.
REMOTEMIX C+ Features:
• (2) XLR mic inputs (one switchable mic/line)
• (2) 1/4" headphone jacks
• RCA line in and out ; XLR balanced mix output
• Runs on 9V batteries or AC adaptor (included)
• Auxiliary handset input for use as a telephone
Remotemix sport features:
• (3) XLR mic inputs (one switchable mic/line)
• (3) 1/4" headphone jacks; 1/4" headphone cue input
• XLR clean mix or phone mix output
• Speaker and talkback microphone; VU meter
List $595.00
List $995.00
Back Panel
Back Panel
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JK Audio BluePack Wireless Interview Device
The BluePack lets field reporters conduct live man-on-the-street interviews through a
Bluetooth-equipped cell phone. Its professional mic preamp and powerful headphone
amplifier make sure the message gets through, and its 3.5 mm stereo line input jack
allows the mixing of recordings into the broadcast. This versatile unit offers the options
of mixing the mic input (balanced XLR) and the 3.5 mm aux send for a 3.4 kHz station
feed back through a phone (via Bluetooth) and/or grabbing a full-bandwidth mix from
the 3.5 mm stereo output to a recorder.
List $495.00
JK Audio ComPack Universal Interface
Pick up this comprehensive road tool to get audio in and out of analog phone lines, PBX
systems and even cell phones. The JK Audio ComPack is perfect for remote broadcasts, IFB
feeds, or interviews over any phone connection. ComPack also functions as a simple telecom
interface for your beltpack intercom system— connect the 3-pin male XLR to your beltpack
intercom group for a full duplex, always-on connection to any phone line.
COMPACK List $495.00
only $449!
only $449!
• XLR mic/line in and line out; 1/4" headphone
• Standard RJ11 telephone interface
• PBX interface with handset type select switch
• 2.5 mm cellphone jack (cable provided)
• 3.5 mm line input
• Battery test button with indicator
The Remote Badge Of Honor.
Go Ahead...Wear It Proud!
JK Audio’s BluePack™ Delivers Incredible Performance Using Your Cell Phone and Bluetooth™
BluePack shown actual size.
Remote Scenario One - On Scene Interview Live To Station:
You’re at the game - any game...Pop Warner, High School, College, Pro...and you’re calling
it from the sidelines, live on the air with nothing but your Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, a
mic, headphones and BluePack! You sound great and are able to actually hear the station
cues above the crowd noise.
T ST !
Remote Scenario Two - Phone Interview From Anywhere:
It’s the morning after the game. You’re doing a post-game wrap up interview for tonight’s
news from the comfort of your hotel, home, car - heck, you might even still be in bed. Grab
your Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, headphones, mic and BluePack and bam! You’re
recording the interview to your recorder of choice using the world’s handiest pocket digital hybrid!
Info About BluePack and Bluetooth:
BluePack is compatible with all Bluetooth-equipped cell phones
and makes it a snap to connect – just press a button and
go – no confusing and unreliable cables. Bluetooth Wireless
Technology provides a substantial improvement in audio
quality by letting us send digital audio through the phone,
bypassing all signal processing in the phone. This results in
transmission better than any cell phone call you’ve ever heard.
*BluePack has a clip that lets you easily wear it on your belt
JK Audio
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JK Audio Innkeeper
Digital Telephone Hybrids
The JK Audio Innkeeper1x digital
hybrids now offer lower noise and even
better echo cancelling performance.
They also add an RS-232 remote interface using simple
ASCII protocol (cable included). Use the Innkeeper1RX
to bring in high-quality audio or interviews from your
telephone line. This rackmount single hybrid uses a
16-bit digital signal processor to continuously monitor the phone line and audio signals to
deliver better separation and to effectively prevent transmit/receiver crosstalk. This proprietary,
dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation, typically
exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line. Also
available in Innkeeper1X desktop model. Optional remote controls available.
JK Audio’s Innkeeper 4 squeezes four independent digital hybrids into a 1RU space.
The front-panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup, and
balanced XLR output jacks contain only the caller’s voice. You also get remote control and LED status
indication and it even stores 50 names/numbers. The Innkeeper 2 is a dual hybrid version (also with LED
screen). For details on each of the four models, please call or go online.
COMMON Features:
• Voice Presence Compensation for richer caller audio; AGC and caller ducking
• Proprietary auto-null algorithm, 50 dB null
• Headphone jack and monitor speaker terminals
Innkeeper Control Interfaces
JK Audio Guest Module 1 Remote Control
Single hybrid, rackmount
Single hybrid, desktop
4 hybrids, rackmount
2 hybrids, rackmount
List $875.00
List $795.00
List $1,795.00
List $1,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Web Control Interface
The Guest Module 1 gives you remote access to the onhook/off-hook and dial features of either the Innkeeper
series or Broadcast Host digital hybrids. This little timesaver gives you call control you simply can’t get with an
auxiliary telephone and a couple of switches. Connect
Guest Module 1 using an 8-pin RJ45 modular cable.
The RIU-IP is a remote control interface designed for
the Innkeeper 1x, innkeeper 2, and innkeeper 4 digital
hybrids. It contains a web server which allows the
user to send and receive control data through their
web browser. RIU-IP can be connected to the user’s
computer NIC card for direct control, to a switch or hub for network control, or to an
Ethernet port with internet access for control from anywhere in the world.
GUESTMODULE1 Keypad control List $139.00
only $119!
Web control interface List $345.00
only $295!
Comrex Digital Telephone Hybrids
Comrex’s digital hybrids provide the highest quality audio interface
between your telephone line and audio equipment. Common Features:
balanced XLR inputs and outputs; adjustable AGC and caller ducking;
selectable auto mix-minus; auxiliary and headphone monitor outputs;
remote control.
DH20 The DH20 offers the superior separation of a top-of-the-line
digital hybrid at a very economical price. It provides selectable automatic gain control and caller ducking. Both
the DH20 and the DH22 offer remote control and status as well as selectable caller ducking.
DH22 The DH22 offers the same functionality as the DH20 but in a dual configuration.
DH30 The DH30 adds more capability through the addition of AES/EBU inputs and outputs, interfacing with the
latest digital and analog consoles. It also provides acoustic echo cancellation with simple front panel controls and
remote control capability. See all three online at
DH20 16-bit digital hybrid
List $995.00
DH22 Dual 16-bit digital hybrid List $1,595.00
DH30 24-bit digital hybrid
List $1,795.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Telos ONE Digital Telephone Hybrids
The Telos ONE is the perfect low-cost solution for any telephone interface
application. It automatically adapts to each call and all processing is in the digital
domain. Two outputs are provided. The ONE is a desktop model. The ONE-R is a
rackmount version.
• Sophisticated AGC on input and output
• Advanced downward expander on the caller audio
• Digital processing reduces feedback when
monitoring with open speakers
• Inputs switchable for mic or line level
The Telos ONE plus ONE starts with two independent ONE digital hybrids in a
single rack-unit chassis. A unique internal mix-minus matrix cross couples the
outputs of the two hybrids. In a dual hybrid application, it requires just a
single mix-minus.
Desktop ONE digital hybrid
List $750.00
ONE-R Rackmount ONE digital hybrid List $969.00
1PLUS1 ONE plus ONE dual hybrids List$2,159.00
rackmount kit for ONE
List $89.00
ONE Back Panel
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JK Audio Inline Patch
Telephone Hybrid
Broadcast Tools
Auto Answer Coupler
The Inline Patch hybrid
connects between an analog
or cordless telephone and
the wall jack to give you more control over recording and playback. The unit’s two
back-to-back hybrids give you complete control of audio from both sides of the call.
Audio input jacks let you mix sound bites into your conversation. One stereo output
jack provides your voice on one channel and the caller’s voice on the other. A second
output jack contains a mix.
The tinyTOOLS TT-1 is a compact auto
answer and auto disconnect hybrid. The
TT-1 utilizes dual-hybrid transformers
providing full duplex audio. A multi-turn hybrid NULL trimmer achieves 20+ dB
separation. Rear-panel RJ-11 phone line jack and second loop-thru RJ-11. Both 3.5 mm
and screw terminals are provided for balanced send and caller audio.
INLINEPATCH List $270.00
only $239!
RA4 LowestPrice
only $169 !
Broadcast Tools
Smart Telephone
The Broadcast Tools STA III
provides an interface between telephone line and user equipment. The STA III
provides a self-null hybrid with balanced input and outputs. The STA III monitors
the telephone line for CPC calling party control and long dial tone hang up signals,
allowing use behind PBX telephone switches and POTS lines.
List $319.00
List $99.00
only $8995!
List $55.00
only $129!
from $88!
Circuitwerkes MicTel
Amplified Telephone Interface
The MicTel combines a high-quality single channel
mic amp with a headphone amp and telephone
interface in a compact package that’s ideal for field
interviews and other extended remote broadcasts.
The MicTel just replaces the handset of your
telephone. The MicTel also includes a line-level,
balanced input for mixing in tape players, etc. Along with high-quality audio, the
MicTel features audio limiters in both the send and receive channel.
List $329.00
only $269!
Auto Answer Coupler
TelTap Phone Tap/Coupler
The CircuitWerkes TelTap is a versatile
phone line monitor and manual
coupler. It allows you to seize or tap
the line, send or receive audio, and has
call indicator LED and mute switch.
RA-1 rack shelf
The HC-1 connects with the handset of any telephone
using modular connectors. 1/4" audio connectors on
back. The unit is passive, no power required.
The HA-1 hybrid adaptor connects through the
telephone handset and allows you to use your favorite
broadcast hybrid with almost any telephone...old, new,
single or multiple line, etc.
HC-1 Phone coupler
HA-1 Hybrid adaptor
AutoHybrid gives you simultaneous
send and receive audio through analog
telephone lines— this is a full duplex
AutoHybrid capable of 20 dB nominal
trans-hybrid loss. AutoHybrid is perfect for
monitoring remote locations, IFB feeds, and
many simple studio, conferencing, and PA
telephone interface applications. Passive
auto-answer/disconnect interface. Desktop
unit is rackable 4-across with optional RA4 shelf.
List $139.00
Excalibur Phone Couplers
JK Audio AutoHybrid
Telephone Audio Interface
AUTOHYBRID List $195.00
only $309!
Telephone Mix-Minus
The Circuitwerkes HC-3 automatically
answers your phone line. It features a simple
hybrid circuit that separates incoming and
outgoing telephone audio, bridging balanced
audio input with a send level control and
a low impedance, balanced output.
MixMinus Plus is a differential summing
amplifier designed to add a mix-minus
output to a broadcast console. MixMinus
Plus subtracts the hybrid receive signal from
the program output, creating a program mix
minus the receive audio. Null adjustment will
provide 40 dB rejection.
The economical TC-1
auto answer audio
coupler is powered by your phone line.
It includes dry relay contacts for Status
output, a reset button to disconnect
callers, audio send/receive (duplex
operation). Answers/seizes line, and
automatically releases upon hang-up.
List $279.00
only $219!
List $195.00
only $159!
List $155.00
only $129!
Paladin Professional Crimp Tools
The Paladin Tools 1530R is a professional-grade, all-in-one telephone
and data crimp tool. It does everything from Cat-3 to Cat-5e, and
crimps RJ22, RJ11/RJ12 and RJ45 plugs without having to change
dies. An advanced ratchet design and rubber-embedded handles
give it an easy, comfortable crimp cycle. Built-in cable cutter/stripper.
The 1545 is an economical, all-in-one telephone crimp tool at a great
price, with cutter/stripper.
The 1645 is a professional, open-barrel contact pin crimper for
30-18 AWG stranded wire. It features a heavy-duty 1600 series crimp
tool with 1645 die set, precision-calibrated crimp profiles, ultrasmooth ratchet system, and the lowest handforce required without
compromising force.
1530R Pro telco crimp tool
List$126.95 $10995
1545 Telco crimp tool
List $41.99 $3495
1645 Open barrel, contact pin crimp tool List$135.99 $11295
from $3495!
Comrex TCB Phone Couplers
Comrex’s TCB-1 telephone coupler sends or receives program
material via the switched telephone network. This unit requires
no external power and connections are via standard modular
plugs. Line level 1/4" input. The TCB-2 auto-answer coupler is
perfect for listen-line applications. Just plug in the standard
connectors, attach the power supply and you’re ready to go. The
coupler answers on the first ring and disconnects on hang up.
List $175.00 $16900
List $300.00 $26966 LowestPrice from $169!
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Got Callers? Lotsa Callers?
STAC ’Em with Comrex
Comrex STAC (Studio Telephone Access Center)
The Comrex STAC puts you in control of your talk shows, call-ins and phoners with
great sound, ease of operation and a scalable configuration. STAC incorporates
a pair of Comrex high-performance digital hybrids with automatic audio level
control. The result is a more natural-sounding telephone audio, even when
conferencing multiple callers. A rackmount mainframe houses the hybrids,
the multi-line controller and all telephone and audio connections. The STAC6
is a 6-line system; the STAC12 is a 12-line system.
• Dual, high-performance digital hybrids – 6 or 12-line system
• Screener Mode simplifies screening and queuing; web browser control
• Automatically answers calls with custom message and puts them on hold
• Buttons designate next caller on air and activate external recorder or delay
• XLR Send input; XLR Caller 1 and 2 outputs; two stereo mini headphone jacks
• Front panel LEDs indicate level status
• Aux DB-9 control output, momentary or latching
6-line phone system
12-line phone system
Additional control surface for STAC6 Additional control surface for STAC12 STAC6-to-STAC12 expansion module STAC12
List $3,200.00
List $3,900.00
List $600.00
List $900.00
List $900.00
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Broadcast Bionics PhoneBOX Call Management Software
Harnessing the latest SIP technology, PhoneBOX Solo routes VoiP or ISDN calls digitally to air via a standard
Windows PC. This software SIP hybrid transforms your soundcard into an advanced dual hybrid, with EQ,
dynamics, recording, playback and editing all integrated. Offering 4 to 16 lines for a single hybrid studio
system, it features fully integrated call recording, advanced visual talk back, multi track call editing and
playback, database logging, caller ID, persistent caller, prizewinner management and much more. A powerful
SQL database runs behind every PhoneBOX Solo, retaining the vital information that is keyed into it. It captures
caller ID both inbound and outbound, helping you to keep track of who's calling and making it easy to find
callers to call back. New features include the ability to conference up to four calls on one hybrid, support for
a Linksys VOIP telephone, GPI external device interface, function key shortcuts and a set of caller classification
icons for easy caller selection. If your calls are digital, this is the way to go! With no expensive hardware or
cabling, it is quick and easy to install and maintain. You can also add optional Buddies for additional control:
BUDDY is a remote for the PhoneBOX Solo that can be used in another studio or as a screener/producer
position. It can also share lines and control with the master Solo system. BUDDY AUDIO is a remote with
audio for the PhoneBOX Solo that can be used in another studio or as a screener/producer position. It can also
share lines and control with the master Solo system. Its soundcard can also act as additional software hybrids.
• 4-line phone system for VoiP
• Fully integrated call recording
• Multi track call editing and playback
• Advanced visual talk back
• Database logging
• Caller ID
• Persistent Caller and Prizewinner
Technical Requirements:
• Windows XP / Vista
• 1.8Ghz Processor+
• 1GB RAM+
• SQL Server 2005 Express+ (supplied)
• DirectSound compatible
soundcard (s)
Remote control
Remote w/audio
List $1,995.00
List $2,995.00
List $4,995.00
List $750.00
List $1,500.00
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Telos ProFiler Automated Program Archiving System
Telos ProFiler is the efficient, cost-effective way to automatically log your radio station’s program
audio using industry-standard MP3 audio compression. No more clunky tapes or expensive dedicated
hardware – ProFiler runs on a standard PC under Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional. Configure
it once and ProFiler runs unattended, making time-annotated MP3 files for space-efficient digital
backups of your station’s audio. Archived audio can be auditioned locally or remotely via LAN, WAN or
the Internet; you can also listen to audio during the encoding process. ProFiler records one stereo audio
channel, expandable to as many as four stereo or eight mono channels per PC by adding additional Telos
audio cards (ProFiler includes one Telos PCI audio card with balanced I/O).
List $645.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Your Call-In Show IS A Social Network...
STAC Makes It Simple To Build a Successful Following.
We all know that building a community is the way to go nowadays. A great call-in show will
always attract throngs of listeners (and advertisers), and STAC (Studio Telephone Access Center)
is the talk-show system to build it. Incorporating a pair of Comrex high-performance digital hybrids,
STAC provides the most natural sounding telephone audio.
Available in six (STAC 6) and twelve (STAC 12) line versions, STAC lets
you connect up to four control surfaces using standard CAT5 cable — no
custom cabling required. For on-screen control, just log onto the internet using
a standard web browser, go to your STAC IP address, and you are there! You can even control STAC
IP from multiple networked computers. STAC’s ‘Busy-All’ function makes starting contests a breeze.
There’s even an Auto-Attendant that answers, plays your message and puts callers on hold. And
STAC also features ‘Line Clustering’ to allow sharing of multiple phone lines between up to 12 STAC
Mainframes. Whether replacing an antiquated legacy key telephone system or looking to add
functionality to your studio phones, STAC makes managing your studio lines fast and simple.
So get STAC today and see how high you can STAC your listener base (and revenues).
half STAC
Put Comrex On The Line.
| full STAC
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Telos Nx12 12-Line Modular Telephone System
The Telos Nx12 is a powerful 12-line phone system offering state-of-theart hybrid technology with support for both ISDN and POTS phone lines,
including caller ID. A self-contained system, it sports four advanced
Telos hybrids that can be used in single- or dual-studio configurations,
and comes equipped with analog or AES inputs/outputs. Note: If you order
analog I/Os two hybrids are accessible. With digital I/O models, four hybrids are
accessible. Many configurations available. Call BSW today for more details.
To ensure that caller audio sounds its best, each of Nx12’s four hybrids is equipped with
its own Omnia AGC and noise gate, using the latest DSP algorithms to make caller-tocaller consistency better than ever, no matter how high or low the caller’s gain is. In
addition to hybrid cancellation, there’s also echo cancellation to handle those tricky VoIP
and cellular callers. It boasts all the bells and whistles producers and talent rely on to
make their lives easier, including Telos’ exclusive Status Symbols visual call system.
The rackmount hybrid and control surfaces are sold separately. For answering the phone,
choose from the TWOX12DD Desktop Director, 2001-00072 Extended Desktop Director
and 2001-00143 Call Controller. The Desktop Director is used to screening calls, dialing
and other talk show functions. It comes with handset and separate connection for
optional 3rd-party call screener’s headset. NX12 supports two Desktop Directors standard,
expandable to eight. The Extended Desktop Director provides line status for and permits
control of up to 12 incoming calls assignable to four hybrids. The Call Controller is a
compact control option for up to 12 lines and 2 hybrids. Connect the call Controller to an
ordinary POTS telephone for screener or studio telephone operation.
The optional 3001-00003 Assistant Producer v3.5 call screening software operates
with Microsoft Windows and provides instant communication between producers
and hosts with detailed on-screen line and caller status, allows remote screening/
supervision of talk shows via LAN or WAN.
12 lines POTS + Analog I/O
12 lines POTS + AES I/O
6 ISDN U (2B1Q 2-wire) + Analog I/O
6 ISDN U (2B1Q 2-wire) + AES I/O
6 lines POTS + 3 ISDN U (2B1Q 2-wire) + Analog I/O
6 POTS + 3 ISDN U (2B1Q 2-wire) + AES I/O
Desktop director
Extended desktop director
Call controller
Assistant Producer software
List $849.00
List $569.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Telos’ Affordable 6-Line
Talk Show System
Gets Callers On the Air
Telos 2101 Multi-Studio
Telephone System
The Telos Series 2101 Multi-Studio Talkshow System is the revolutionary whole-plant
telephone solution for any size broadcast complex. Using computer intelligence and
sophisticated routing technology, the 2101 makes the most of the superior audio and
line-signalling capabilities of ISDN lines. Plug it right into ISDN PRI phone lines (T-1 or
E-1) for up to 120 incoming call circuits, which can be dynamically allocated across
multiple rooms – from as few as two to as many as 32 separate studios!
From dual studio configurations up to mammoth 32-studio clusters, the Series 2101
is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Call BSW for the complete line and build your
perfect system from Desktop Director controllers, rackmount Studio Interfaces, Digital
Hybrids, and more. Talk to our sales staff today for a custom price quote.
• Configurable – the whole-plant solution, from 2 to 32 studios
• Modular – build a system from controllers, hybrids, more
• Expandable – start small and add pieces as your facility grows
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Telos 1X6 6-Line Telephone System
The affordable 1X6 has all of the telephone interface equipment necessary for talk
show programming. A single rackmount unit houses both a Telos ONE digital hybrid
and a six-line, broadcast phone system. The 1X6 is easy to install – all six phone lines
are connected using standard RJ-11C plugs and all audio connections are XLR. For
system control, the 1X6 uses a desktop Switch Console (sold separately). Special
function buttons on the Switch Console are used to automatically select the next
caller, to put callers on the air or to conference, and to access several other unique
features. A standard telephone set may be used for call screening.
• Telos ONE digital hybrid with 6-line broadcast phone system in one unit
• Separate Switch Console with buttons to control all popular functions
• Standard RJ-11 phone plugs and XLR audio connections
6-line telephone system
Switch console for Telos 1x6
List $1,939.00
List $649.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Assistant Producer software
List $569.00
“Go ahead caller… you’re on the air.”
Telos was first to use Mp3 technology, first to see the possibilities of ISDN, first to bring a DSP-based product to broadcasting, a hybrid by the
way. Breakthroughs and innovations adopted years later by everyone else.
So, let’s take our next call, shall we?
It’s the Nx12, our most powerful performer, giving you the one-two punch of the latest Telos hybrid technology and audio processing by Omnia
for the cleanest, most consistent call quality ever.
Nx12 has four advanced digital hybrids, each with its own AGC, noise gate, and caller override dynamics using carefully tuned DSP algorithms.
Each also includes DDEQ, a sophisticated multi-band equalizer, which analyzes and adjusts received audio spectral characteristics so that calls
sound smooth and consistent despite today’s wide variety of phone sets and connection paths.
Let’s face it, most people today are calling in on a cell phone. We get it. So, the Nx12’s hybrids incorporate special echo cancellation for tricky
cellular and VoIP calls. Unique to Telos, the Nx12 has an adaptive function that reduces the possibility of feedback in open speaker applications.
So go ahead… put that talkshow on remote with an audience.
Available in analog or ISDN Versions. Nx12 can connect to as many as 12 analog POTS lines or up to 6 ISDN BRI lines (which would provide 12
caller channels). A digital switch matrix inside the Nx12 connects the lines to hybrids. The Nx12 works with all Telos control surfaces including
the Desktop Director, Call Controller, and Console Director. Talent and producers benefit from the unique Telos features, such as our exclusive
Status Symbol visual call management icons which clearly show line and caller status.
And, it’s backed by the best support team in the business. The highly caffeinated 24/7 support techs.
Telos Nx12: 12 lines. No waiting.
© 2010. Telos and Omnia are trademarks of TLS Corp.
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
JK Audio
Telephone Taps
New Bluetooth wireless tap! The Daptor Three audio
interface offers Bluetooth wireless as well as balanced
XLR and unbalanced 3.5 mm connections to let you
send and receive audio through your cell phone. It also
works great with any laptop that has a wireless headset
connection! Ruggedly built, yet weighing just 7 ounces,
it runs on a single 9-volt battery. The non-Bluetooth
Daptor Two lets you connect any mixer to the 2.5
mm headset jack on your wireless phone. This passive
adaptor features balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4"
jacks (you may use either the XLR input or 1/4" input,
not both). You can send and receive audio from your
mixer or recorder through your cell phone. The Daptor
One converts the 2.5mm headset jack on your wireless
cellular phone to a modular phone line jack. This RJ-11
jack connects directly to any JK Audio RemoteMix series
mixer. Connect the JK Audio THAT1 or THAT2 between
your telephone and handset for quick access to audio
in and out of the telephone. THAT1 has RCA I/Os. THAT2
adds XLR I/O and a handset selector switch.
To record audio from your cellphone connect the CellTap
between the 2.5 mm earpiece jack of your cellphone and
your earpiece. It features a 3.5 mm audio output.
Use QuickTap between your standard telephone and
handset for access to audio out of any telephone. Simply
connect your audio equipment to the audio output jack.
VoicePath routes audio in and out of any telephone
using your PC sound card. Use PC software to play your
conversation right back into the phone line.
Conex FlipJack Series Cellphone Interfaces w/Mixers
from $255!
from $55!
List $3,300.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Marti GX-500
Telephone Interface
The GX-500 telephone
interface and mixer provides
all the features you need
for great-sounding remotes
through a standard phone line.
• 4 mic and 2 aux inputs
• 4 headphone jacks
• Peak limiter
• Squelch/mute switch
• Tone/pulse dialing and electronic ringer
• Rechargeable batteries or AC supply
• Aux output (line or mic level)
The FJ700 is loaded with a 4-channel
mixer boasting mic and line level inputs,
with balanced XLR connectors and 1/4"
unbalanced inputs. Use with most cell
and land line phones. Four headphone
channels. “AA” batteries or AC power.
• Operate on land line or
cellular system
• 4-channel mixer with line in, line out; pots for the 4 mic and headset channels
• Inputs switchable – program or cue
• 20 position memory for speed dial
• VU meter for program bus; A/C, battery (included) or 12V DC auto
Conex FlipJack 700
Cellphone Interface
FJ700 List $498.00
The Digital Cellcast provides
a Versatile cellphone/mixer
combination for use with digital
cell phone networks. The latest
version is updated for GSM
wireless service.
FJ500 Features:
• 2 XLR inputs (mic and mic/line)
• Aux line input and output
• Tuner input for off-air monitoring
• 2 headphone outs w/ volume ctrl
• Connects to a standard phone line
• “AA” batteries or external power
• Multi-LED level indicator
FLIPJACK features:
• 2 XLR inputs (mic and mic/line)
• 1 headphone out with volume ctrl
• Separate external tuner/aux input
• Powered by internal 9V battery
• LED level and low battery indicators
Bluetooth w/ XLR & 3.5mm
2.5 mm tap w/ XLR & 1/4"
2.5 mm tap w/ RJ-11
Telephone audio tap w/RCA Telephone audio tap w/XLR 2.5 mm cellphone audio tap
Telephone audio tap
Phone tap with software
Marti Digital Cellcast
The Conex FlipJacks are affordable
cellphone interfaces. The FlipJack
FJ500 offers a 3-channel mixer for
cellular broadcasts. The original
FlipJack is a smaller, 2-channel version.
Both use your phone’s 2.5 mm hand-free
port (or 2.5 mm adaptor). Includes cable.
List $417.90
FLIPJACK List $289.00
only $449!
List $1,295.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Digigram Pyko MP3 Audio Encoder and Decoder System
When distributing digital audio over a shared IP network, the Digigram PYKO-in and PYKO-out offer professional IP
solutions for a large scope of applications, such as transportation, industrial, background music, paging, and broadcast.
PYKO units may be used “as is”, without additional software for simple setups through a standard HTML web browser. The
PYKO-In converts analog and digital audio sources to high quality MP3 or PCM IP streams. The PYKO-out plays audio from
standard MP3 or PCM IP streams or from locally stored MP3 files. A required power supply is sold separately (PYKOPS).
PYKO terminals have been designed with pro audio applications in mind: Mic/line input with gain control & phantom
power on the PYKO-in; balanced audio I/Os on terminal block connectors, +18 dBu max levels; 8 GPIOs, RS232; USB
port on the PYKO-out.
MP3 audio encoder List $660.00
PYKO-OUT MP3 audio decoder List $470.00
Power supply List $55.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
CircuitWerkes HC-3
Hybrid Telephone Auto Coupler
The HC-3 automatically answers your phone line on
a programmable number of rings. It features a simple
hybrid circuit that separates incoming and outgoing
telephone audio, bridging balanced audio input with
a send level control and a low impedance balanced
output. The HC-3's features make it ideal for a variety of
telephone tasks such as listen lines, concert lines and
remote broadcasting. Dry relay contacts close at pickup.
• Auto-answer and auto-hangup
• Remote pickup and hangup control
for manual operation
• Simple hybrid circuit for bidirectional
audio connection
• Built-in tone generator for setting hybrid null
• All connections made to screw terminals
• LED’s for incoming ring/on line, and power
List $279.00
only $219!
CircuitWerkes DR-10
Dial Up Remote Control
CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 Recordable,
Talking Remote Control
The DR-10 is a user programmable remote control
that lets you operate your station's equipment from
anywhere there's a phone. It automatically answers the
phone and waits for you to enter your password, after
which you have complete control of the DR-10's relays.
They can be individually programmed for momentary,
latching or interlocked operation, and each relay can
be programmed to decode any of the 16 DTMF tones.
It features a two-tone sequence mode and an antifalsing delay mode that prevent accidental contact
closures when you're using it for remote broadcasts. A
built-in audio hybrid lets you control equipment while
monitoring a local audio source.
The CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 is an
affordable, full-featured dial-up remote control based
on proprietary voice recording technology that lets you
record your own messages, in any language. A complete
solution for facilities with basic to moderate control
requirements, all of its I/O, including 8 channels of relays,
are included on the main board, with all metering, status
and control connections are on depluggable screw
terminals. Designed to be controlled from its onboard
Ethernet interface, any dial-up telephone, an auto-answer
cell phone or its serial port, the Sicon-8 gives you plenty
of control options. Its onboard Web server gives access
to all of the Sicon-8's metering, Status and basic control
functions and supports several simultaneous users with 4
different access levels. The Web server requires no software
other than a Java capable Web browser to operate, and
works on multiple operating systems and browsers.
List $399.00
The CircuitWerkes Sub-03 can automate your network
feeds or take the guesswork out of when to cut away
from networks. The decoder listens to your network
audio and gives you dry contact closures from any
service that sends subaudible tones including satellites,
RPUs, ISDN loops and more. Its relay contacts interface
easily with your automation system. It accepts a wide
range of input audio signals, and its fully adjustable,
active, balanced output can be used to feed your
equipment. Internal filters greatly reduce the presence
of tones in the output.
SUB03 List $395.00
only $299!
only $359!
CircuitWerkes CP-2 Standalone Call
Progress Detector
The CP-2 allows any automatic telephone coupling
device to hang up properly on PBX or other telephone
lines that don't provide the customary end of call d.c.
signaling. It is designed to be used with all telephone
devices, regardless of maker.
List $1,299.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $189.00
CircuitWerkes Sub-03
Subaudible Tone Decoder
only $159!
CircuitWerkes DT-232 Dial-up
Controller and Universal
DTMF-to-ASCII Transceiver
CircuitWerkes SEN-6
Subaudible Tone Encoder
The SEN-6 subaudible encoder generates 25, 35, and
combo 25/35 Hz tones. It features active balanced
audio !/O with gain control and integral filtering that
keeps audio source material from falsely activating
decoders. It can be special ordered to generate 50, 75,
and combo 50/75 Hz tones.
SEN6 List $449.00
The DT-232 is an affordable dial-up remote control
offering DTMF access to four user-programmable relays
that can be programmed to respond to any DTMF tone
or sequence. With the ability to interface to virtually any
piece of hardware that requires serial control or input,
the DT-232 receives DTMF tones from either its audio
input connector or from its built-in telephone auto
coupler. It can also accept ASCII input from its serial
port and generate DTMF tones that are transmitted
to a phone line for controlling equipment in remote
locations. It comes with a Windows program for easy
control and programming.
List $289.00
only $249!
only $399!
CircuitWerkes REX Relay
Distribution System and Expander
CircuitWerkes DTMF-16
DTMF Decoder
Auto Coupler Rack System
The AC-12 fits up to 12 AC1B auto-couplers (sold
separately). It offers two balanced bridging input,
switchable busses for audio distribution. Each coupler
card has an individual 600 ohm bi-directional audio
connection with level trim.
• LEDs for ring, on-line and clipping
• Strappable input attenuator which accepts a wide
range of input signals
• Individual relay isolated, user-selected, momentary
or latching dry contacts
AC12 Mainframe
AC-1 Coupler card
CP1 Call progress decoder
from $112!
List $379.00
List $199.00
List $119.00
The CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 is a compact and rugged
remote control unit that provides 16 optocoupled outputs
using standard TouchTone signals. It excels in controlling
remote satellite receivers, network switching equipment,
repeaters, or virtually any application where local control
is inconvenient or impossible. Simply connect the DTMF16's bridging input across an audio line and its outputs will
activate whenever a DTMF tone is received.
The REX relay expander is a versatile tool to multiply
contact closures in your facility. It accepts a wide variety
of input signals and converts them to contact closure
outputs. Its optocoupled inputs can be driven from
active high or low incoming signals. The relays can also
be direct driven by changing a jumper. Each of the six
inputs controls four SPST relays for a total of 24 outputs.
Inputs can be paralleled to increase the number of
simultaneous relay outputs. It features a 50-pin SCSI (RJ21) type connector that interfaces easily with prewired
telco punchblocks.
List $229.00
only $209!
List $189.00
only $175!
CircuitWerkes DS-8 Programmable DTMF Switcher
The DS-8 is a DTMF sequence decoder providing dry closures for eight different tone
sequences. It can decode 1 to 4 digit DTMF sequences used by networks for
automating closed-circuit feeds and local insertions. Relays can be easily programmed
via DTMF phone to operate in momentary, latching, or interlocked latching modes.
List $299.00
only $269!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Comrex ACCESS:
The IP Codec That
Audio over the
Public Internet
• New BRUTE GREATLY enhances functionality
• Just add your broadband card for quality
WIRELESS broadcast remotes
• Touchscreen makes connecting faster and easier
• BRIC technology delivers stable full-bandwidth
• Compatible with non-Comrex IP codecs (utilizing
AAC modes) that follow the SIP protocol as defined
in the N/ACIP standard.
Comrex Access Portable Codec with Wireless IP
The Comrex Access Portable IP Codec makes a perfect field remote for places you just
can’t (or don’t want to) get to with a rack of gear. Handheld operation makes it VERY
convenient, but convenience is only the beginning. The ACCESS Portable has been
designed as a remote broadcaster’s dream machine. About the size of a camcorder,
it may be powered for seven hours by its rechargeable battery. In this super portable
format, you get an XLR mic/line input, plus an 1/8" stereo line input and output, 1/8"
headphone output and a hands-free cellular connection on 1/8" minijack. This is the
answer to your IP remotes! The Comrex ACCESS Portable uses BRIC (Broadcast Reliable
Internet Codec) technology to deliver reliable, wideband audio over IP networks in real
time. It offers connection to a range of networks via a Cardbus slot, including modem
connections, 3G cellular links, and Wi-Fi or Wi-Max ACCESS cards. Its Ethernet port acts
as an Internet sharing device allowing laptop use on circuits utilizing Cardbus cards.
For broadcasts that require larger mixing and headphone capabilities, the ACCESS
Portable may be “docked” into a 5-channel mixer management module (ACCESSMIXER
sold separately) to provide a full featured, multiple-mic-input mixer/codec. For
extremely high quality audio, MPEG 4-AAC algorithms are available as an option.
5-channel mixer
Optional algorithm
List $425.00
Now With ACCESS 2.7 Software
Major Upgrade with BRUTE Force!
In addition to functionality enhancements, added support for 3G wireless devices,
the addition of FLAC algorithms and web browser improvements, ACCESS 2.7
features a significant technology enhancement known as BRUTE (BRIC Reliable
UDP Transmission Enhancement). BRUTE delivers the best possible user experience
over modern networks, especially those plagued by overutilization and marginal
coverage. Think of it as ACCESS with Kung Fu Grip!
Comrex BRIC Traversal
Server Software
The BRIC Traversal Server
(BRIC TS) makes connecting your
ACCESS codecs fast and simple. Maintained by Comrex, it helps keep track of all of
your ACCESS codecs no matter where they are on the public Internet. Simply log on to
the BRIC TS server, create an account, define a group and list all of your ACCESS units
that belong to that group. After each ACCESS is "BRIC TS enabled" and connected
to the Internet, they all sync up. A "buddy list" of all of the codecs in your group will
appear on the Connections section of each ACCESS showing connection status, IP
address and availability. Just select the device that you want to connect to and hit the
"Connect" button! Even if you are behind a firewall or on a private LAN, BRIC TS gets you
connected. Call BSW today.
BRIC-TS1 One license List $250.00
BRIC-TS5 Five licenses List $650.00
BRIC-TS10 Ten licenses List $1,100.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
BSW Has ACCESS Portable Accessories:
Be prepared for any potential SNAFU (no matter how remote) with these handy accessories. Cover all your power needs
with a standalone battery charger, spare battery and 12V DC adaptor. And protect your Portable with a super-durable
hard case (that can withstand the most ornery baggage handler) as well as soft foam inserts to hold and cushion it.
Standalone battery charger Spare battery
12V DC Adaptor
Hard travel case
Small hard travel case
List $70.00
List $80.00
List $25.00
List $275.00
List $225.00
Get it First at BSW!
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Comrex BRIC-Link
STL System Over IP
Comrex Access Rackmount
IP Codec for Internet and Wireless Remotes
The Access Rackmount is designed to provide your studio network connection via an Ethernet jack or dialup phone
line, but it could also be used in the field. Setup ability, connection management, and status information are provided
by the internal web server and accessed via any web browser. The browser interface displays audio levels, network
impairment and connection status. Stereo or Mono audio connections are made via analog balanced XLRs or AES3
digital connections. And out of the box, Access Rackmount is also compatible with Comrex POTS codecs. Compatible
with: Cable and DSL, POTS capable; wireless Network-802.11x (Wi-Fi); 3G Data Networks,1x EV-DO, UMTS.
List $3,000.00
Optional algorithm List $425.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The BRIC-Link is a high-quality, low-cost Audio Over IP
solution for full duplex audio transmission over IP links.
Simple to configure via a standard web browser, BRICLink can be used on a wide variety of IP circuits including
T1, WAN, LAN, ISM band IP radios and satellite data
links. BRIC-Link offers superb audio quality with mono
and stereo linear modes on circuits with substantial
bandwidth. For reduced bandwidth applications, BRICLink offers AAC and HE-AAC modes as well as FLAC
lossless compression. Learn more on page 56.
BRIC-LINK List $1,800.00 per unit
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Your Story Is Out There.
Grab It LIVE with ACCESS!
IP • 3G • Wi Fi • 4G • BGAN / VSAT • PSTN • DSL
Put Comrex On The Line.
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Zephyr: IP Equipped and Ready to Roll!
Zephyr/IP Mixer with 4-Channel Mixer
Telos Zephyr/IP Series Advanced IP Codecs
Now available in two versatile models, with a brand-new compact mixer version,
the Zephyr/IP lets you use public IP networks and mobile phone data services for
high-quality, trouble free audio transmission. It does this automatically with minimal
setup and very little delay, with a near-bulletproof connection that easily traverses
firewalls and NATs. Utilizing ACT (Agile Connection Technology) to continuously adapt
to network conditions, the Zephyr/IP combines state-of-the-art loss detection and
concealment, dynamic buffering, and auto-varying bitrate functions.
In addition to wired IP connections, both Zephyr/IP models are wireless capable.
Using standard USB wireless devices, the Z/IP can connect to IP networks via Wi-Fi,
EVDO, UMTS, just to name a few. With ACT, the Zephyr/IP uses every bit of the
available bandwidth for the best audio performance. It also features a high-resolution,
information-rich interface with context-sensitive on-screen help. Easily configured
with the full VGA display, or web browser, the Zephyr/IP is out-of-the-box ready.
The Zephyr/IP is compatible with a variety of VoIP devices. Using the Session Initiation
Protocol (SIP) for signaling, an open standard for establishing VoIP connections and
a set of commonly used codecs, the Zephyr/IP has unsurpassed compatibility. In
addition to AAC-ELD, the Z/IP can use AAC-HE, MPEG Layer 2, G.711, G.722 and linear
PCM codecs. The Z/IP is Livewire-ready to connect to your other Livewire devices.
The new Zephyr/IP Mixer combines the versatility of the Zephyr/IP with the utility
of a digital four-channel stereo mixer, all in a portable 2RU chassis. It boasts four mic
line switchable inputs, a main mixer stage that feeds the codec directly, Omnia AGC/
limiter processing presets, 48V phantom power for two mic inputs, and two separate
headphone mixes. It has all the features of the Zephyr/IP except for AES/EBU I/O.
• Audio I/O AES/EBU, analog and Livewire interface (no AES/EBU with mixer version)
• Studio-grade 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters
• Ethernet and USB connections
• Works with high-speed mobile phone data networks via an EVDO USB modem
• Wi-Fi connectivity to any Wi-Fi hotspot
• Transmission bitrates from 18 kbps to 256 kbps
• High-resolution, information-rich interface
• Support of selected wireless devices, including UMTS devices
• Telos-hosted Z/IP Server
• Supports SIP, G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2
• Web server for remote configuration and remote control
Rackmount studio chassis
Portable chassis with 4-channel mixer
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Telos Zephyr Xstream ISDN Codecs
The Zephyr Xstream is a rackmount-style transceiver specially designed for use with a single ISDN line or
other low-bitrate transmission paths including IP networks. Zephyr Xstream is perfect for broadcast or
voice-over studios, permanent remote locations or wherever high-quality transmission of news, sports,
music or production is needed. Two-channel flexibility over a single ISDN circuit (or two synchronous
links) can be used to transmit and receive 20kHz stereo audio to and from a single location, or two mono
channels to and from separate locations. IP streaming is possible with both MP3 and AAC.
ISDN studio codec, rackmount, no mixer List $4,710.00
XSTREAMMX ISDN studio codec rackmount with mixer List $5,189.00
XSTREAMMXP ISDN portable codec with mixer
List $5,249.00
Telos Xport Portable POTS/ISDN Codecs
The Telos Zephyr Xport POTS field codec allows you to send
high-quality audio to a Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec back in
the studio. With the Xport in your remote tool kit, you can
do full-fidelity remotes to ISDN over standard phone lines,
fast and easy.
The Xport-PI version adds ISDN capability. With this unit you
can do full-fidelity remotes to an ISDN-connected Zephyr
Xstream back in the studio over standard phone lines OR
connect directly with ISDN—be ready, regardless of what
you find in the field!
List $2,699.00
List $3,229.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
XPORT Features:
• Custom DSP extracts maximum bit rate from
standard phone lines
• Groundbreaking CT-accPlus coding improves
efficiency 30% over MPEG AA
• Built-in web server for convenient remote
and local control
• Independent headphone, receive audio
and monitor mixes
• Ethernet port and DB-9 computer
• All XPORT POTS features as above, plus additional ISDN mode
• Low Delay AAC, equivalent to MPEG Layer III but with 75% less delay
• Supports G.722 for compatibility to other brand ISDN codecs
Gator Hard Carry Case
Protect your codec with this rugged hard case. Built to fit codecs or mixers up to 17"x18"x 6.5", the G-Mix17x18 is
also great for recorders, CD players and projectors. Made from nearly indestructible lightweight polyethylene, with a
Tricot-lined foam interior, this case keeps your valuable audio gear safe.
List $222.99
only $14499!
List $4,795.00
List $4,995.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Comrex Matrix POTS Audio Codec with ISDN Option
The versatile and best-selling Comrex Matrix 15 kHz POTS codec allows for easy conversion to ISDN operation using Layer
III or G.722 with an optional slide-in module. Besides real-time transmission, the Matrix includes a store and forward feature
so that 15 kHz audio cuts can be sent in “non-real” time. The portable version offers a broadcast mixer with 2 microphone
inputs and an input for your portable recorder. A studio rackmount version is also available for use back at the station.
MATRIX Portable Features:
• 15 kHz full duplex audio on a single, standard telephone line
• 2 microphone inputs (one is mic/line switchable)
• Headphone output
• Line level output on XLR
• -10 dBu tape input allows connection to a MD or DAT player
• Portable Matrix weighs 2.5 lbs.
Portable POTS codec Studio POTS codec ISDN module List$3,700.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $700.00
List $275.00
Comrex BlueBox
POTS Audio Codec
The Comrex BlueBox combines a high-speed
modem with a digital audio codec to produce
15 kHz audio from a standard dial line. For a
super economical price you also get a cellular
hands-free interface to send high-quality audio
over wireless services. And at just 1.5 lbs., it
won’t weigh you down.
List $2,800.00
• Mic/Line switchable input
• Headphone output
• Line level output on XLR
• -10 dBu input for connection to portable recorders
• Internal peak limiter
• Cellphone jack allows connection to cell phones
• Weighs 1.5 lbs.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $275.00
Lowest Cost
IP Codec
AEQ Phoenix Mobile
Portable IP Codec
The AEQ Phoenix Mobile
is a portable IP audio codec
boasting a digital mixer with four
analog inputs, protective cover and 12V
DC power supply/charger. It features dual
channels for backup and coordination/talkback,
an advanced user interface and full remote control of all
functions. Designed to ensure interoperability with both present and future AEQ and
third-party equipment, with two slots for inserting optional communication modules
(such as POTS, ISDN (RDSi), X21/V35 and GSM), it is also safeguarded to prevent
accidental user interruption.
PHOENIXMOBILE List $2,899.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
PHOENIXBATTERYPACK LI-ION Battery for Phoenix Mobile 2.5 hrs cycle List $399.00
PHOENIX-PGA-01POTS POTS board for analog phones
List $644.00
PHOENIX-PGA-03RDSI ISDN board for ISDN phones
List $899.00
AEQ Eagle Dual-Channel ISDN Codec
The amazing AEQ Eagle is a dual-channel ISDN audio codec. Now you can have
two remote broadcasts feeding audio to the studio with all three locations
communicating with one another, due to the Eagle’s unique multiplexing
capabilities. The Eagle also interfaces with many popular codecs on the market and
even has a back-up POTS mode with frequency extension for when ISDN lines aren’t
• IP remote control by internet or computer network
• Dual-channel for 64 kbps encoding modes
• G.711, G.722 and MPEG
• Mic input; headphone and front phone jacks
• AES/EBU analog and digital I/O; metering of send/receive audio
• Built-in terminal adaptor for U.S. and Europe; silent operation (no fan)
List $3,130.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Digigram IQOYA V*MOTE IP Codec Software for Remote Broadcasting
With IQOYA tools, Digigram offers a range of hardware and software solutions that changes the way broadcasters use and hear IP
audio. New V*MOTE turns any laptop into an IP codec for reporters in the field or for remote voice-over audio. Since reporters are
generally equipped with a laptop and an internet connection, using IP is now preferable to older ISDN networks.
V*MOTE uses FluidIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish reliable bidirectional broadcast quality audio. A reporter will be
able to use SIP to connect IP audio devices using familiar telephone-like operations. By installing V*MOTE and an audio interface
on their laptop, a reporter now has a professional-grade contribution codec in full-duplex with a newsroom or production studio.
It’s compatible with Digigram sound cards and DirectSound devices; provides RTP/UDP IP audio, SIP/SDP, VoIP phone compatible
and EBU Tech- 3326 (N/ACIP) compliant; offers Automatic Gain Control and TALK function (off air conversation with the studio).
VMOTE AACOPTION Optional algorithm
List $990.00
List $690.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Tieline G5 Stereo Multiformat Codec
Tieline’s new G5 is a remarkable solution for rock-solid multipoint
IP audio distribution and STLs with market-leading features and
management tools to keep you on the air at all times. So solid, in fact
that it’s at home in nearly every corner of your studio/transmitter site.
Really packing in the features, G5 is perfect for Studio-to-Transmitter
Links (STLs), audio distribution featuring multiple mono and stereo
audio connections, unicast, multicast and multiple unicast applications,
5.1 Surround sound audio distribution (using card option), reception of
remote codec audio streams and stereo (with low latency) IFB/Comms.
It offers one-touch dialing; programmable auto-dial and renegotiation
and hangup of connections. It's truly a one-codec-does-it-all!
G5 Available Q1 2010, Pricing TBA
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
• Dual-redundant power supplies
• Audio silence detection and failover
• Dual LAN ports supporting IP network redundancy and control
• Automatic failover to alternative IP networks, connections and transports*
• 16-24bit 96kHz low latency linear PCM audio
• G.711, G.722, MPEG 2, MPEG L3 Tieline Music and Tieline MusicPLUS AAC-LC, AAC-HE v.1
and AAC-HE v.2 enhanced aptX
• Optional 6 in/6 out card for 5.1 surround sound or other multichannel connections
• Network management software with control and config for each codec in the network
• TieServer automatically manages all IP addressing and network address translation
between codecs
• Compatible over IP with any SIP-enabled IP codec brand that supports EBU N/ACIP Tech
3326 standards
• Compatible over wireless 3G/3.5G/4G IP networks, wired LANs, WANs, the Internet, satellite
IP, WiMAX and Wi-Fi
• Connects automatically to Tieline Bridge-IT for STL and audio distribution applications
Tieline i-Mix G3
5-Channel Codec with Wired IP & POTS Audio
Doing more comprehensive mixing in the field? The i-Mix G3 features a full six-input
mixer (5 XLR mic and 1 RCA line) for multiple personalities, and incorporates an
expansion slot allowing you to select from a range of modules, including wireless IP,
ISDN, and more. Note: the IMIXG3 comes standard with wired IP audio capability and
mono POTS for use with regular phone lines.
I-MIXG3 with mono POTS and Wired IP module
List $4,590.00
COMM3GMOD Wireless Broadband IP card module (specify carrier) List $995.00
COMMISDNMODISDN module (stereo/dual mono)
List $1,095.00
COMMPOTSMODAdditional POTS module
List $800.00
USB wireless IP module for use w/users cell phone List $650.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Barix Instreamer 100/Exstreamer 100
Encoder and Decoder for MP3 Audio System Over IP
The Barix Instreamer 100 MP3 audio encoder is a versatile, network-enabled analog and digital audio-to-Ethernet
converter for broadcast audio distribution. Barix Instreamer 100 converts audio from an analog or digital device
into high-quality MP3 streams (connect to CD player, tuner, mixer, etc. via unbalanced RCA and S/PDIF inputs;
also a headphone monitoring jack). The audio is encoded in real-time, and the generated audio stream can be
distributed, via an IP-based network or the Internet, to one or more receivers or Shoutcast/Icecast-servers. It can be
easily managed via a web browser interface using PCs, web pads, PDAs or other web-enabled devices. It features a
DSub 9-pin RS232 control interface. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, open IP-standards, and the MP3 format,
the device can also be integrated with other components, controlled by automation systems, or used with Barix’s
Exstreamer 100 MP3 audio decoder as a flexible, cost-effective networked audio system. The Exstreamer 100
provides unbalanced RCA outputs, and a headphone jack, along with Ethernet connection and web-browser
control. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, the device can also be managed from typical automation systems. The
Exstreamer 110 is a versatile network audio decoder for a variety of applications. It enables users to create flexible,
cost-effective distributed audio systems using standard IP technology. It plays MP3, G.711 & PC audio files from PC or
web server (http) as well as legacy digital and analog sources (using the Barix Instreamer) and streams from sources
like Shoutcast, Icecast or RTP servers (Instreamer). It provides a backlit LCD with 32 characters showing status and
metadata information, unbalanced RCA outputs and a headphone jack, along with Ethernet connection and webbrowser control. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, it can also be managed from typical automation systems.
MP3 audio encoder
List $395.00
MP3 audio decoder List $195.00
Network audio decoder List $249.00
To mount Barix audio devices in a standard 19" rack List $140.00
Mounting bracket for Instreamer 100 or Exstreamer 100 List $8.00
Barix/Exstreamer 1000 MP3 Encoder
or Decoder with Balanced Digital I/O
for STL and Remote Broadcast, as
well as IP Audio Distribution
The Barix Exstreamer 1000 is a versatile network device
that can function either as an audio encoder or decoder
for a variety of high quality audio applications. The Barix
Exstreamer1000 features AES/EBU in and out to provide
a fully digital transmission path.
• Encodes or decodes audio in high quality
• AES/EBU and balanced stereo audio interfaces
(inputs and outputs) via 9-pin connection
• Supports streaming (http, UDP, RTP) with automatic
failover and USB playback
• 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection
• Contact closure interfaces (4 in, 4 relays)
• Control via standard web browser as well as serial,
EXSTREAMER1000 MP3 audio encoder
or decoder (must buy two for system)
List $950.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Tieline G5
A New IP Audio
Enters the STL
& Distribution
G5 packs more punch than any other brand of IP codec...
The heavy-hitters in broadcast expect and demand the very best hardware for their STL and audio distribution requirements.
G5 delivers a knock-out blow to the competition and is the leading solution for rock-solid multipoint IP audio distribution and STLs
with market-leading features and management tools to keep you on the air at all times.
Lift your network into a new weight division.
G5 raises the bar for your network’s IP audio applications
and is perfect for:
Studio-to-Transmitter Links (STLs)
Audio Distribution featuring multiple mono and stereo
audio connections
Unicast, multicast and multiple unicast applications
5.1 Surround sound audio distribution (using card
Reception of remote codec audio streams.
Stereo with low latency IFB/Comms
Connection Summary
Multicast Tx or Rx capability
Multiple unicast connections, (one with full-duplex
comms capability)
Stereo with low latency bidirectional IFB and Comms
One-touch dialing; programmable auto-dial,
renegotiation and hangup of connections.
Key Features
Dual-redundant power supplies
Audio silence detection and failover
Dual LAN ports supporting IP network redundancy and control
Automatic failover to alternative IP networks, connections and
16-24bit 96kHz low latency linear PCM audio
G.711, G.722, MPEG 2, MPEG L3 Tieline Music and Tieline
MusicPLUS AAC-LC, AAC-HE v.1 and AAC-HE v.2 enhanced
Optional 6 in/6 out card for 5.1 surround sound or other
multichannel connections
Network management software with control and config for each
codec in the network
TieServer automatically manages all IP addressing and network
address translation between codecs
Compatible over IP with any SIP-enabled IP codec brand that
supports EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 standards
Compatible over wireless 3G/3.5G/4G IP networks, wired LANs,
WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, WiMAX and Wi-Fi
Connects automatically to Tieline Bridge-IT for STL and audio
distribution applications
Contact BSW to arrange a free demo of Tieline G5 today
Call: 800 426 8434
*Check with Tieline or BSW for the 2010 release date of G5 rack-mount codecs integrated with POTS, X.21 and ISDN connectivity.
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There Are A Couple Of Points We’d Like
To Make About Codecs..
Tieline Bridge-IT
Point-to-Point Stereo IP Codec
The new compact Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply
and effectively over IP data networks such as wired and wireless LANs,
WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi. Its front panel interface
offers navigation, LCD display, PPM metering and dialing key pad, and
it features standard broadcast algorithms including 16-bit 22kHz linear
low latency audio for uncompromised audio, as well as G.711, G.722, MPEG
Layer 2, Tieline Music and Tieline MusicPLUS.
BRIDGE-IT List $1,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Live On the Air – Tieline
Delivers Higher Quality Connections
Over Challenging IP Networks
• Auto Jitter Adapt automatically learns and dynamically adapts each
IP connection (both wired and wireless) to significantly improve stability
• MusicPLUS algorithm delivers 20kHz stereo audio with low latency
• Forward Error Correction (FEC) helps ensure top quality
connections over both wired and wireless IP connections
Tieline Commander G3
Codec with Wired IP & Optional Wireless IP
With Tieline’s new QoS Performance Engine Technology over IP, you get greater connection stability with
less delay for live remote broadcasts over IP networks. The Internet and 3G wireless networks are packetswitched networks in which some data packets sent may never arrive. However Tieline’s QoS Performance
Engine manages the IP connection and adjusts settings to allow for late and lost packets with great quality
audio and surprisingly low delay. Check out the live wireless demo at
With the Commander G3, you get POTS and Wired IP Audio standard, on-board mixing capabilities for two
broadcasters, and in-field-swappable network modules. The COMMBASEFIELD fills one of two module
slots with the POTS/Wired IP Audio module. Then you can add the optional wireless IP, ISDN module, or
even a battery module so you can be completely cord free. Features: Dialing with programmable hot keys;
3 audio inputs: 2 balanced XLR mic/line and 1 unbalanced RCA; 3 audio outputs: 2 balanced XLR line and 1
unbalanced RCA; 2 headphone outputs; 2 CMOS control ports and 2 control inputs; LAN 10/100 MBIT, USB
data port, RS232 port; weighs only 3.3 lbs.
Field chassis mono with POTS/Wired IP module
Field chassis mono with Wired IP module
Specify AT&T, Verizon or Sprint wireless IP module ISDN module Rechargeable battery module
List $3,225.00
List $2,550.00
List $995.00
List $1,095.00
List $450.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
FREE $945 Matrix and Failsafe Software with Any Tieline Codec at BSW!
NEW! IP-Only Versions Save You Money!
With the new Commander IP-only models, you save money by not
purchasing capabilities that you don't need. Choose from a rugged
field or two studio codecs (the field model includes built-in mixing
capabilities). All models fill one of two module slots with the Wired IP
Audio module (included). Then you can add the optional G3 wireless
IP, ISDN module, or even a battery module so you can be completely
cord free. The Commander Field model features: 3 audio inputs: 2
balanced XLR mic/line and 1 unbalanced RCA; 3 audio outputs: 2
balanced XLR line and 1 unbalanced RCA; 2 headphone outputs; LAN
10/100 MBIT, USB data port, RS232 port; weighs only 3.3 lbs. All can be
battery powered with the optional COMMBATMOD.
Tieline Commander G3 Studio Codecs
The highly acclaimed Commander G3 studio codec can accept
two mono feeds (for your AM and FM stations for example) in one
rackmount unit—saving you money on equipment/installation
costs. It comes in two models: a COMMBASESTUDIO 2RU with full
front-panel hardware control and the COMMBASESTUDIOLITE 1RU
without controls (computer control only). Both include installed POTS and
wired IP Audio and accept all optional Tieline modules. Features: 3 input/3
output digital mixing capability including 2 balanced mic/line inputs, 1
unbalanced auxiliary in/out, 2 balanced outs, 2 expansion module slots (one
filled with POTS/wired IP module). Both models can be controlled by the
TLG3GUI PC codec control software (supplied) on your computer over LAN,
USB or serial connections. Note: Commander Studio units also come in your
choice of either analog or digital I/Os (please specify when ordering). Then you
can add analog or AES/EBU modules as your needs change.
2RU rack chassis w/ mono POTS/wired IP
COMMBASESTUDIOIP2RU rack chassis with wired IP;
with front-panel controls
COMMBASESTUDIOLITE 1RU rack chassis w/ mono POTS/wired IP;
no front-panel controls
COMMBASESTUDIOLITEIP1RU rack chassis with wired IP;
no front-panel controls
List $3,765.00
List $ 2,550.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Is turning heads
The ultimate low cost, point-to-point and
multipoint stereo IP audio codec
Perfect for STLs, backup audio links, IP audio distribution, STL
confidence monitoring, temporary remotes, multicasting
and multiple unicasting links
The ‘only’ low cost IP codec with full front panel screen,
keypad and navigation. You don’t need a computer to use it.
Bridge-IT to the
Automatic address book option. Connect Bridge-I
internet and watch other codecs in your network appear on
your screen just like Skype™. Perfect for non-technical
Tieline’s famous IP QoS performance engine for low delay,
rock solid, CD quality audio connections over LANs, WANs,
the internet, satellite IP, WiMAX and WiFi links
Broadcast quality analog and digital audio connectors you
expect to find on more expensive codecs.
Contact BSW to try it now for FREE!
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MAYAH Portable and Studio Codecs w/Digital Recorder
Need a complete digital recorder and IP codec in one? The economical MAYAH
Flashman II is all things in one chassis. This ultra-small and ergonomic device combines
linear or MPEG audio recording with up 20 kHz on-air bandwidth via IP or 3G (3G card
sold separately). Its Automatic Jitter Compensation makes sure your quality is the best
getting through your networks. It features 2 switchable Mic/Line XLR inputs with
48V phantom power combined with 1 stereo line out and 1 send/receive controllable
stereo headphone output. The Flashman II provides MPEG L2/L3/AAC, MPEG 4 AAC HE,
MPEG 4 ELD, G.711/G.722, and linear audio. You record simultaneously on SD-cards or
USB sticks while being On Air! Or you record first and then send a digital audio file. This
is the future of portable digital devices.
The larger MAYAH Sporty portable IP/ISDN codec provides 20 kHz bandwidth over
3G broadband and POTS (cards sold separately) and is even FlashCast compatible with
many other IP/ISDN codecs on the studio end. Reporting from any remote events,
Sporty can then bring your audio on-air via IP, ISDN, POTS and 3G (so you are ready no
matter what the situation). Sporty adds low delay with MPEG 4 AAC ELD. The Sporty is
exceptionally compact – and yet it even contains a built in 4 channel mixer! The Sporty
has 2 built-in switchable Mic/Line XLR inputs with 48V phantom power and 2 balanced
line inputs combined with 2 stereo headphone outputs. With the Sporty you can even
record simultaneously on SD-cards or USB sticks while being live On Air. Now, you
won’t miss what you reported and you may reuse it again for other purposes. Rugged
housing will handle years of abuse and keep looking good.
For a powerful studio IP or ISDN codec, look no further than the MAYAH C11 series.
With many different models, all with the same high-quality build and modern
functionality, you’ll get state-of-the-art codecs for years of reliable transmission.
The top-of-the-line C1191 dual IP codec is what you need for 24/7 streaming audiovia-IP. The C1191 provides two fully redundant working Ethernet connections for ultrarock solid IP transmissions. It utilizes FEC and AJC minimizing the effects of changing
bandwidth and packet loss. It combines automatic strategies for concealment and
audio format adaptation. With its user friendly browser web-interface to be accessed
from Windows, MAC OS and Linux, it simplifies any complicated situation. Other
features include: Audio I/O via AES/EBU and analog, headphone output; SD card slot for
audio storage card; 24-bit A/D-D/A; web-server for browser control; optional apt-X and
Eapt-X (sold separately); and more. See the entire C11 line at
Digital reporter IP codec 3G card for FLASHMANII Digital reporter IP/ISDN codec with 4-chnl mixer
POTS card for SPORTY
3G card for SPORTY
Dual redundant IP rackmount codec
Apt-X algorithm for C11 series codecs
Single IP rackmount codec (not shown above)
List $454.00
List $295.00
List $454.00
List $679.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Musicam Suprima, Roadwarrior and Prima Codecs
These IP/ISDN Codecs from Musicam offer enough flexibility and versatility to tackle
most any application. Call us or visit our website for full specifications.
The Suprima is a versatile, multi-network rackmount dual audio codec that can utilize
many different industry standard communication networks to transport studio quality
audio. It supports most popular coding algorithms, including G.711, G.722, MPEG1/2
Layer II with MUSICAM enhancement, MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4
LD and apt-X as well as bi-directional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP
through its standard Ethernet 10/100 port.
The RoadWarrior is a portable IP & ISDN codec with a 5-channel mixer (4 XLR mic
inputs) for remote broadcasts with most of Suprima’s high-end functionality and
algorithms. It can send and receive simultaneously via IP through its Ethernet port
(10/100BaseTX), and can connect to ISDN codecs through its built-in 1-BRI terminal
adapter. See it online for full details.
The new RoadWarrior LC is a smaller, and economical IP & ISDN full duple codec.
Lightweight, and easy to use, RoadWarrior LC provides most Suprima functionality
(AAC and Apt-X algorithms are optional and sold separately) and provides a built-in
2-channel mixer to route and mix both input and output sources (2 mic/line inputs).
All audio and communication parameters, including input/output signals and audio
levels are remotely configurable, and can be stored in presets to assist users with
setup. RoadWarrior LC is based on the Suprima IP & ISDN dual audio codec and can
send and receive simultaneously via IP through its Ethernet port (10/100BaseTX), and
can also connect to ISDN codecs through it’s built in 1-BRI terminal adapter.
The renowned Musicam Prima-110 rackmount digital audio codecs (not shown)
provide the best audio quality and the most connectivity for ISDN audio transmission.
Features: full duplex bi-directional 20 kHz stereo; full contribution quality of up to
384 kbps; use over ISDN, satellite, T1, E1 and dedicated lines; exclusive CCS MUSICAM
enhanced ISO/MPEG Layer II; compatible with ISO/MPEG Layer III and G.722; SMPTE
timecode; AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs; 20-bit A/D converters; ultra-low
distortion of less than 0.01%; built-in automatic smart features and programmable
functions. The Prima-120 adds VU meters and status LEDs.
PCip is the perfect solution to turn your notebook computer into a portable IP
audio codec compatible with both legacy and state-of-the-art audio compression
technologies, such as G.722, Mpeg Layer II and Mpeg4 AAC HE (optional). Running
this easy application on your PC provides a professional audio codec in those
situations where dedicated hardware is not available.
Dual audio codec, IP, ISDN & X.21 Portable IP and ISDN codec 5-chnl mixer
Portable IP and ISDN codec 2-chnl mixer
(without AAC or Apt-X)
Studio ISDN codec
Studio ISDN codec with VU meters
Software IP codec with hardware dongle
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $4,995.00
List $5,795.00
List $3,795.00
List $3,250.00
List $4,200.00
List $995.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Get it First at BSW!
APT Equinox Stereo IP Audio Codec
A Radio World 2009 “Cool Stuff” Award winner, the APT WorldCast Equinox is an
innovative platform that enables the delivery of bidirectional stereo over both IP
and ISDN links, while offering unprecedented redundancy for a stereo IP audio
codec. Users have the option of dual IP interfaces, dual ISDN ports and dual power
supplies all on a cost-effective 1RU rackmountable unit. It comes with APT’s Codec
Management Software package, a powerful and intuitive GUI that enables extensive
remote monitoring and management capability of up to six units deployed
throughout a network. The Worldcast Equinox is available as a base unit, controlled by
the software, or with the optional front panel (shown in picture), controlled by either
software or panel controls.
EQUINOX WorldCast Equinox Base unit List $4,280.00
EQUINOXPANEL Front panel option
List $500.00
• Automatic back up from IP to ISDN
• Support for SIP/SDP
• Support for Layer III bonding ensuring ISDN compatibility with existing units
• Analog and AES/EBU I/O (AES3), Digital Reference In
• Simultaneous Analog and Digital Outputs
• DSP-based platform for 24/7/365 reliability
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Codec Comparison Chart
Phone Service Type
Audio Inputs
List Price
3 ch mxr
$2899 +
G.722/MPEG 2&3
IP & POTS + opt AAC
mic/line + opt 5 ch mxr
IP & POTS + opt AAC
2 mic
POTS + G.722 opt.
POTS with ISDN opt.
POTS + G.722 opt.
USB I-Face or Soundcard
USB I-Face or Soundcard
IP - 3G
Transmit & Record simul
Transmit & Record simul
varies w/ config
2 ch mxr
5 ch mxr
software - DSL & CABLE
Multi IP, ISDN
$4500 +
IP module for SUPRIMAX
$3100 ea
$1225 ea
4 ch mxr
5 ch mxr
MPEG coding
MPEG coding
MPEG coding
IP + opt. POTS,ISDN, 3G
2 ch mxr
IP + opt. POTS,ISDN, 3G
analog or digital
POTS - IP + opt ISDN
same/no front panel control
POTS - IP + opt ISDN
5 chr mxr
mic/line analog & AES I/O
IP w/multiple conn. Opt.
mic/line analog & AES I/O
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