Radio Systems Millenium-A Analog Console User manual

Radio Systems Millenium-A Analog Console User manual
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IP or TDM, Wheatstone & BSW
WheatNet-TDM with E-Series Console is The Gold Standard
In Proven Networkable Console Technology.
Monitor not
included (user
• Stand alone or networked operation
• 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 & 24 configurations
• 4 Mix Output Busses, 4 Mix Minus Busses
• Individual fader mix-minus w/talkback
• 4 AUX sends with individual & master level
• Headphone, Control Room & 2 Studio
Monitor controls
• 12 Programmable Buttons, 99 Control
Surface Presets
• Built-in Clock and Timer
• Optional EQ/Dynamics on every fader
E-Series E-6 Control Surface
Wheatstone E-Series E6 Proprietary Console
for Use With WheatNet Systems
Whether you’re putting together a single broadcast or production studio, designing a facility SAMPLE Standard E-Series SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS INCLUDE:
or an entire multi-facility empire, Wheatstone’s E-Series E6 is exactly what you need.
Control Surface, Power Supply, E-SAT with Network Card, DSP Mix Engine, I/O and
Logic Cards as specified, XPOINTLITE
With E-Series, Wheatstone creates a networkable system that can handle any and all of
your production and on-air needs. The cornerstone of the E-Series series, the Wheatstone
E6-12 E6/12 Control Surface, 12 Inp. Faders, with E-Sat I/O equipped with: E-Net Card,
E-6 console is a powerful, compact and cost-efficient networked audio control surface that
DSP Mix Engine Card, 1 Analog Input Cards, 1 Analog Output Cards, 1 Digital Input
interfaces directly with the Wheatstone E-Series network switch and local studio satellite
Cards, 1 Digital Output Cards, 12 Logic Ports
List $21,920.00
I/O cages. Each studio surface operates independently, yet can share ALL network sources
and mixes with others. Network wiring to each studio is via single CAT-6e cables, eliminating E6-20 E6/20 Control Surface, 20 Inp. Faders, with E-Sat I/O equipped with: E-Net Card,
DSP Mix Engine Card, 2 Analog Input Cards, 2 Analog Output Cards, 2 Digital Input
point-to-point multi-pair runs.
Cards, 2 Digital Output Cards, 24 Logic Ports
List $29,995.00
The E-Net WheatNet Audio Network Switch allows for a whopping 128 channels of audio,
E6-24 E6/24 Control Surface, 24 Inp. Faders, with E-Sat I/O equipped with: E-Net Card,
plus logic and machine control.
DSP Mix Engine Card, 2 Analog Input Cards, 2 Analog Output Cards, 2 Digital Input
With all this networked processing and mixing power, E-Series
Cards, 2 Digital Output Cards, 24 Logic Ports
List $32,410.00
is astonishingly easy to use. A full range of programmable XY
controllers deliver configuration changes at the push of a button.
E-Sat Audio I/O Frame
Every E-6 Control Surface needs an E-Sat to handle its
audio input/output routing as well as it’s logic control.
Or, use it as a standalone I/O unit in rack rooms. This 2 RU
fan-less networked I/O cage, accepts E Series I/O cards (call for
individual card prices). Frame capacity: 4 Input cards, 4 Output Cards, 2 Logic Cards.
Unloaded E-Sat (includes E-Net card; call for individual card prices)
List $1,995.00
ESAT-3232-24 E6 I/O Frame equipped with: 16 Analog Line Inputs, 16 Analog Line Outputs,
8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 24 Logic Ports
List $8,495.00
ESAT-1616-12 E6 I/O Frame equipped with: 8 Analog Line Inputs, 8 Analog Line Outputs,
4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs, 12 Logic Ports
List $5,245.00
Glass E Control Software
E-Net Switch
The router for E-Series’s central nervous system,
the E-Net 16 Port Audio Network Switch handles
connections to and from 16 of your E-Sat enabled
Control Surfaces.
ENET16 16-port Audio Network Switch List $7,995.00
ENET8 8-port Audio Network Switch List $4,995.00
For complete remote operation of your Control
Surfaces, you’ll need the Glass E Remote Console
Interface for Windows. It provides full on-screen
control of all E-Series Control Surface functions.
GLASSE Control Software
List $1,995.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Have YOUR Perfect System!
Easy-To Use Audio-Over-IP Networking
for Radio.
Monitor not
included (user
Using Audio-Over-Ethernet, WheatNet-IP is YOUR most
affordable way to set up a networkable system.
E4 Console Surface
Wheatstone WheatNet-IP
Console System
Wheatstone is famous, first and foremost, for their audio consoles. And for the last
many years, Wheatstone is also known as the premier innovator of networkable
audio systems for broadcast facilities. We’ve been waiting for Wheatstone’s IP based
systems for awhile. Having dabbled in them (IP-based systems from others), we were
well aware of the issues many faced – from reliability to latency to unpredictability.
Based on Wheatstone’s reputation, we had high hopes for their IP-based system.
Looking at WheatNet-IP, we see where they’ve done their homework. WheatNet-IP is
bulletproof, reliable, and robust, WheatNet-IP looks bulletproof, reliable, and robust.
To get things jump started, we’re pairing an WheatNet-IP I/O BLADE and Digital Mix
Engine with a Wheatstone E4 control surface to offer a console that works great
standalone, but really shines as you expand your network.
WheatNet-IP Philosophy
Creating a network to link audio and control of MANY different sources in many
different locations (control rooms, studios, production suites, newsrooms, TOC,
automation, streaming, STL penthouse, etc) is a daunting task. Doing it on a budget
is even tougher. Prior to WheatNet-IP, doing it without a graduate degree in IT was
pretty much impossible. Your choices for IP-based solutions were slow and bug
ridden, often requiring you to wait for vendor-based fixes that never seemed to
come. Not anymore…
Introducing Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP. It is THE rock-solid, ultra-fast solution for
bringing your traditional broadcast engineering functions into an IT-based network.
Setup is easy, intuitive, and takes only a few minutes till you’re on the air.
WheatNet-IP is comprised of four routing models along with your choice of console
surfaces. Three of the routing models handle I/O in various configurations and one
is a digital mix engine. All models are linkable units (BLADES) that communicate
with each other via a single CAT 5E/6 over Gigabit protocol (1000/baseT) using
standard layer 3 Ethernet switches, and all are designed to interface seamlessly with
Wheatstone’s existing E-Series series audio control surfaces, control panels, most of
the popular automation systems, and streaming audio. In fact, with Wheatstone’s
AoIP driver installed in your automation system computers, you can eliminate the
expensive sound card and tons of wiring with a single CAT 5E/6 cable to your
WheatNet-IP network for two-way audio, console control, and routing.
Installation of WheatNet-IP is a breeze. The front-panel setup wizard in each BLADE
gets you up and running in moments. Extensive front-panel metering and status
indicators provide quick confirmation that all is well. Wheatstone’s web interface GUI
lets you further customize your system, locally or remotely, with input and output
names, logic associations, routing and much more. In addition, WheatNet-IP can
provide SNMP messaging for alerts.
Model E4 Console Surface
The E4 is a compact, cost-efficient networked control surface that integrates easily with
networked audio interfaces such as the WheatNet-IP audio network. Available in 8, 12 or
16 channel mainframes, primary features include: Alpha source displays above each fader;
pan, mode, and talkback for each channel; integrated GUI on direct driven screen (user
provided) with hi-res realtime graphic display metering; four main stereo output busses,
four mix-minus busses, each with talkback; programmable master panel switches for
customized functions like phone, intercom, salvos or machine commands; much more.
Model 88 I/O BLADES
Each 88 BLADE provides connectivity for 16 input channels, 16 output channels,
and 12 universal logic (GPIO) ports. Greatly reduce wiring time and complexity by
installing a BLADE in each equipment rack, studio, or control room furniture.
The 88A has 16 analog input channels and 16 analog output channels (8 stereo, 16
mono, or any combination). The 88D has 8 AES two-channel inputs and 8 AES twochannel outputs, and the 88AD gives you half analog/half digital (8 analog input
channels/8 analog output channels and 4 AES inputs/4 AES outputs). The 88M Mic I/O
BLADE gives you 8 analog mic inputs and 8 analog outputs.
Additional features include profanity delay and silence detection on outputs, and a
front panel headphone jack to monitor any source or destination.
WheatNet-IP Model 88E Digital Mix Engine BLADE
Every nerve center needs a brain. The Model 88E is it, handling all of the mixes from
Wheatstone E-Series Series E-4, E-5 or E-6 digital audio control surfaces. This BLADE
houses all DSP power for an individual control surface and distributes the PGM, AUX,
Mix Minus and other bus signals to the network. While the Engine doesn’t house
audio I/O, it does include 12 Universal logic ports.
System with 8-Fader E4 Control Surface/Mix Engine & 88AD
List $15,257.00
A La Carte:
E4 8-Fader Console Surface/Mix Engine
12-Fader Console Surface/Mix Engine
16-Fader Console Surface/Mix Engine
List $12,262.00
List $14,675.00
List $17,064.00
16 analog inputs/16 analog outputs
8 AES inputs/8 AES outputs
8 analog inputs/8 analog outputs and
4 AES inputs/4 AES outputs
List $2,995.00
List $2,995.00
8 Mic inputs/8 analog outputs
Digital Mix Engine
List $2,995.00
List $2,995.00
List $2,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Genuine Wheatstone Add-Ons Enhance Your
WheatNet Functionality. Do it all with Wheatstone!
Sideboard Control Surface
Front End for the Utility Mixer Built In To Every Blade
Wheatstone’s versatile WheatNet-IP Blades each have a built-in 8-channel UTILITY MIXER function.
They’ve designed Sideboard to allow you to access four of those channels, using it wherever a small,
purpose-driven mixer is needed. Its four input faders can each access any source in a networked BLADE
system and its PGM and AUX outputs appear as new sources in the audio network.
Each Sideboard fader channel has an ON/OFF switch, PGM and AUX output assign buttons, a TALKBACK
switch and a SOURCE SELECTOR knob with an associated 8-character display. The stereo PGM OUTPUT
is metered with dual 30-segment LED bargraphs. The monitor section has both speaker and headphone
outputs with level controls, and eight programmable monitor source hot buttons for instant selection.
There is also a source encoder knob with a TAKE switch and an associated display that, as with the input
channels, can access any signal in the network. This is one versatile control surface!
4-Fader Mixer/Control Surface for BLADES
8-Fader Mixer/Control Surface for BLADES
List $3,495.00
List $4,495.00
Virtual Mixer Interface Virtual Control Surface
With the E-Series Virtual Mixer Interface, you can place mixing consoles in places they’d never fit. A
single rack space is all you need to give you the full power of an E-4 or E-6 Control Surface without
actually having one. The Virtual Mixer Interface requires GLASS-E Software (see page 2) for operation.
Virtual Mixer Interface (requires GLASS E)
List $3,995.00
GP Series Control Panels
We all know the devil is in the details. Putting the right controls in front of your talent will put the finishing touches
on a well designed facility. To that end Wheatstone provides you with a series of exceptionally functional panels.
GP8 and GP16 Programable Button Panels
More than simple switch arrays, these 8 and 16 button panels come with their own scripting wizard. At the simplest
level they can do source selection, push-to-talk, and preset/salvo activation. But the intelligence in each panel allows
them to query the entire network and make switching decisions based on what they find. Conditional switching
using Boolean logic functions allows for complex switching scenarios such as IF Studio B has requested the airchain,
AND Studio A has acknowledged, THEN fire the Studio Change salvo.
8-Button Panel
16-Button Panel
List $985.00
List $1,258.00
GP3 Headphone Panel
A straightforward headphone panel with either hi or lo-z level control, 1/4" headphone jack and a programmable
switch with LED tally (typically used for the COUGH function). Connectorized with both RJ45 and Phoenix screw
Headphone Panel
List $158.00
GP4 4-Button Switch Array Panel
A 4-button switch array for remote mic functions (typically ON, OFF, COUGH, TALKBACK). Interfaces with any available
Blade GPIO ports. Of course, all four switches are fully programmable for other functions as well.
4-Button Switch Array Panel
List $209.00
GPC-3 Empty Turret
A compact desktop turret designed to house up to three (or six in our doublewide version) GP Panels.
Empty Turret
List $238.00
HBX8-R Rack-Mount Programable 8-Button Panel
An eight button rackmounted source controller for rapid access to eight preprogrammed sources.
An encoder knob with associated display also allows access to any signal on the network.
8 Button Rack Panel
List $938.00
XY-R-IP Rack-Mount Controller
A rackmounted controller with full dialup source and destination control.
Any signal accessible in a networked system is fully programmable.
List $938.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
When it comes to networking your facilities,
there’s only one best choice. Wheatstone.
For years, we’ve been the network/control
surface choice of top broadcasters.
And with good reason – we care.
Wheatstone’s Audio-Over-IP product is the
best in the business. Here’s why:
1. WheatNet-IP is easiest for a
station to implement and configure.
It is, hands down,the easiest in the industry.
No need for Wheatstone to provide factory
on-site assistance unless you really WANT
us there. The manual and app notes will
have you up, running and stable in less
time than any other system.
49 backups with failover in the event of a
failure. Cisco Stackwise technology provides
redundancy in the central core TOC switch.
A WheatNet-IP/E-Series console studio
complex can stand alone, even if the TOC
goes down, with backup analog or digital
program audio feeding a back end router independent of the core Gigabit infrastructure.
4. Modular is better. Why would you
want to combine your switch, mix engine
and I/O into one box? Beats us. With
WheatNet-IP, you install only what you
need, where you need it. We believe in
not overselling.
5. Manufacturing quality is very
important. Wheatstone is proud to have
2. WheatNet-IP is a natural for large
facility multi-station networking (and for the best track record in the business for
build-quality, reliability and intelligent
smaller facilities too!). It uses the IGMP
functionality. With far more up-and-running
features of Ethernet Layer 3 switches to
installations than anyone else, this is
identify a multicast packet, see which ports
where we really shine. An investment in |
are requesting that packet, and send it only
and E-Series control surfaces
to those ports. Traffic control is maintained
today will reward you with a future-proof,
and system bandwidth is optimized.
failsafe networking/control environment that’s
3. Redundancy is critical. A typical
infinitely updatable and in for the long run.
WheatNet-IP installation has multiple levels
of redundancy. Each BLADE holds the
complete map of the entire system within
its onboard memory – we call it distributed
intelligence – a system with 50 BLADEs has
6. WheatNet-IP has an advantage.
Take a look at your entire environment.
Wheatstone is a perfect partner because
we are always there, always innovating.
Built into every WheatNet-IP BLADE are
features others just didn’t think of – handy
utility mixers, silence detection, crosspoint
routing control, headphone monitoring
of any source, lots of logic GPIO, and
comprehensive metering of audio I/O, not
just signal-presence indicators. And, in the
hugely unlikely event that a BLADE needs to
be replaced, you just plug in a new one and
enter the BLADE number. That’s it.
7. Wheatstone is local. WheatNet-IP
and the E-Series, just like ALL Wheatstone
products, are designed, engineered and built
from start to finish in our New Bern NC USA
facility. Everyone who works on our products
is 100% knowledgeable and immediately
available. You can relax – as with the famous
insurance company, you actually ARE in
good hands.
With WheatNet-IP, we think we’ve done our
homework. In fact, we know we have. And
we’re happy to say that we’ve got the best
product on the market. To learn more, and
there’s a LOT more, get us on the phone or
visit us on the web. We’ll be happy to meet
with you and get you everything you need.
Audio Networking—Simply Evolved
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Audioarts: BSW’s Top-Selling Consoles.
Network or Stand-Alone, D75 Is Number One.
D7512 shown with
optional modules
Audioarts D-75 Modular Digital Consoles
The Audioarts modular D-75 comes with four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs,
sample rate conversion on all digital inputs, and interchangeable input module
daughter cards for easy analog-to-digital field switches. The hinged meterbridge
allows easy access to console dipswitch programming. LED meter displays have
full-scale digital peak plus VU metering. All switching features LED
illumination, and an automatic timer, built-in machine
interface and clock all come standard. The D-75
may also be ordered with an optional SuperPhone
module, which supports two callers. The D-75 is
available in two mainframe sizes (20- and 12-channels)
with three configurations (loaded with 18 or 12 channels).
Console Dim: 28.75" or 40.83"W x 24.5"D x 7.63"H. All consoles can be
purchased with prewire kits in pigtail or wired to Krone punchblock. Various
lengths from 3 to 15 ft. Prewire kits listed in 3 ft. length
(call for other prewire kits).
• Most trusted consoles in the industry—built for years
of reliable performance
• Flexible, modular digital design
• Easy analog-to-digital field switching
Audioarts D-75N Networkable Modular Digital Consoles
The D-75N is an enhanced version of Audioarts’ established D-75 digital audio
console that permits integration with the Audioarts AENET Digital Router, as well
as the Audioarts IOC-16 Digital Audio I/O Center. It allows the D-75N (normally a
standalone audio console) to access a digital audio network system on six of its input
faders (other inputs continue to operate independently) thus providing considerable
networked flexibility to an individual studio. Where standalone input channels have
an A/B dual source select switch, networked inputs have eight-character Source
displays, a Source Select encoder knob and a “Take” button, which allow selection
of any source made available to the D-75N console via its Cat-5 network connector
cable. In addition, the six router channels (collectively called the NET-75 panel) allow
two local stereo analog sources to be made available to the network system. At the
same time the D-75N’s four output busses (Program, Audition, Auxiliary and Utility) are
made available to the main router system through the console’s network Cat-5 link.
When you’re ready to network your consoles, you simply connect them via Cat-5
cable using Audioarts’ network products, such as the IOC16 and AENET. The IOC-16
audio input/output center acts as a networked intermediate link between a D-75N
digital audio console and the central NET router. THE IOC-16 chassis rear accepts
plug-in card modules for a clean and easy wiring installation. Each unit accepts four
input and four output cards (analog or AES digital) and each card can handle four
stereo signals.
The AENET Router is a high-speed central switch that links multiple studios (via Cat-5
cable) with your technical operations center. Each of its eight links can handle 64
bidirectional data paths with embedded control signals, allowing you to centralize
shared audio resources and integrate eight separate D-75N digital audio consoles as
a working network. An Ethernet link handles administrative tasks, and a Clock port
allows synchronization to an external master clock. Call BSW today for more info and
SuperPhone input module
6 position stereo line selector
List List 12-channel modular audio console List $9,775.00
20/12 modular audio console
List $10,399.00
20/18 modular audio console
List $12,479.00
SuperPhone input module
6 position stereo line selector
Tape remote/full function
Tape remote/start-stop
Copy stand
Prewire Kits:
D7512PTD-3 Module connectors wired to unterminated
end (3 ft.) for 12-channel console List $1,399.00
D7518PTD-3 Module connectors wired to unterminated
end (3 ft.) for 18-channel console List $1,829.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Connect Eight Studios with Just Eight Cat-5 Wires
System Setup Is Easy: The D-75N Consoles have all inputs and outputs
for your studio built right in. Each console then simply plugs into the Audioarts
AENET Router located in your engineering room. IOC-16 Audio Centers provide
input, output and logic cards for use with shared sources and destinations in your
engineering room. The IOC-16 could alternately be located right in the studio
to provide even more I /O at the studio location. Note: Consoles, Net Router
components and Cable are all sold separately.
Call BSW Today To Get A D75N System
Configured For Your Facility
12/12 networkable audio console List $11,578.00
20/12 networkable audio console List $12,190.00
20/18 networkable audio console List $14,230.00
16 AES I/O; 16 analog I/O interface List $8,495.00
4 AES I/O; 4 analog I/O interface List $3,695.00
8 port router for IOC or D-75N
List $4,995.00
D-75 Features:
• Cue function with auto-dropout
• Full scale digital peak plus VU or PPM metering
• Built-in machine interface
• Separate Source Selection for control room and studio
• Two air tally relays and four stereo busses
• Any combination of mic, analog line or digital audio inputs
• Heavy-duty on/off switches, and all switches LED illuminated
AENET flow diagram
AudioArts d-75
It’s no secret that Wheatstone is
the #1 name in radio consoles and
networking, known for top quality
performance and ruggedness. That
heritage is apparent in every aspect
of the Audioarts D-75 Digital Audio Consoles.
Fully modular plug-in construction. Built-in mic
preamps. Analog or digital inputs wherever you want
them. Optional dual phone mix-minus module. Four
stereo output buses. Built to last and last. Hinged
meter bridge for easy access to wiring and logic
programming without having to crawl under the
Need to network your plant? Easy! Install Wheatstone
or Audioarts network I/O frames and a switch in
your TOC/rack room. Install D-75N consoles in
your studios. The D-75N includes six networked
input channel modules that access any source
from anywhere in the network, plus two locally
connected sources that appear on your consoles and on your network. And the D-75N’s four
output buses are available on the network as well.
When we conceived the D-75, the idea was to
make it digital, affordable and networkable. And it’s
incredible just how fine it turned out. We’re proud of
the D-75 and it’s ability to play well with others. We
think you’re going to find it pretty incredible, too.
D-75 major market features:
• Fully modular
• 18 slot frame with 12 input modules
• 26 slot frame with 20 input modules
• Input channel A/B source select
• Optional dual phone mix-minus module
• Optional line selector and control modules
• Opto-isolated control ports on every input module
• Four stereo output buses: PGM, AUD, AUX, UTIL
• Clock and timer
• External rackmount power supply
Flexible. Affordable. Built To Last.
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Audioarts Air 2+ 12-Channel Console
The Air 2+ utilizes top-grade components and circuits for superb performance, and with basic
functions such as machine control, mix minus, and cue and talkback all handled, it’s perfect for smaller stations
looking to upgrade as well as larger facilities in need of an aux studio or newsroom console. Dim: 28.7 x 15.5 x 3.1".
• 24 stereo inputs (12 faders with A/B selector on
• 2 mic preamps, assignable to any fader
• Dedicated telephone channel…just add a hybrid
• 2 VU meter pairs. (one switchable)
• Cue channel with built-in cue speaker; headphone amp
• Talkback to caller or studio
• All line level inputs are -10dB unbalanced, on RCA jacks
List $2,995.00
• 2 balanced mic inputs on Euroblock connectors
• 2 balanced output busses on Euroblock connectors
emote starts for 12 devices; Remote On control for hybrid
onitor mute logic, tally output, “On-Air” light
• All LED lighting. No lamps.
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audioarts Talent Panels
Broadcasting is already a tough enough job, so why not make it as smooth as you can
with the fully customizable Audioarts GPC-3 Desk Turret System? Mix and match up to
3 talent panels to meet your specific on-air needs, backed by Audioarts’ long history of
award-winning innovation. Purchase the GPC-3 chassis along with modules.
Audioarts Air 1
8-Channel Console
Audioarts breaks the price barrier with this small-station console. The 8-channel Air
1 is exactly what you need for on-air radio, newsrooms, and even production and
webcasting. You get 2 built-in mic channels and 6 stereo line inputs. The mics are on
XLRs and the stereo inputs are on balanced 1/4" TRS jacks. Like all industry-leading
Audioarts consoles, the Air 1 provides dipswitch Logic Programming, input gains
for professional and consumer audio sources, VU meters and other desirable highend functions. A basic feature list includes: Monitor mute on Mic 1/Mic 2, Mono
Sum, headphone amp and level control, two stereo Program Bus outputs, Split Cue
for headphone and monitor, on-air indicator on meterbridge, cue bus output, LED
illuminated switches, linear monitor level controls, and an on-air tally output. The
console offers a low profile in a rugged design and a small footprint to fit on any work
surface. Dim: 15.2 x 11.5 x 2.5".
List $1,795.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Talent panel chassis unit
List $238.00
Headphone panel with volume control
List $158.00
4-switch mic control panel (on, off, cough, talkback) List $209.00
4-switch control panel (4 programmable buttons) List $209.00
8-switch control panel (8 Ethernet-based switches) List $985.00
16-switch control panel (16 Ethernet-based
switches); requires 2-slots in the chassis unit
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
BSW Offers Low
Package Pricing!
Call or Email Us with
Your Quote Today for
Discount Pricing!!
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Top-Selling Audioarts Analog Consoles
R55E-18 shown with optional modules
R55E-12 shown with optional modules
Audioarts R-55e Series Modular Analog Consoles
The popular Audioarts R-55e modular consoles come in 8-, 12-, and 18-channel mainframes
with illuminated LED switches and flip-up meterbridges that provide direct access to I/O
connectors and dipswitches. They feature a sleek, low-profile countertop design, with optoisolated logic control and built-in machine interface. The 8-channel R55E has 4 mic preamps, 8
stereo line input modules, control room/studio monitor module, output module, a cue speaker
and an installation kit with crimp tool/manual. The R55E-12 has 12 stereo line modules and a
digital timer. The R55E-1812 and R55E-18 models add a digital clock/timer, and have 12 or 18
stereo line modules standard. Console dimensions: 19.87" or 28.75" or 40.83"W x 24.5"D x 7.63"H.
Consoles can be purchased with prewire kits available in pigtail or wired to 66M punchblock in
lengths from 3 to 15 ft. (sample pigtails in 3 ft length). Krone available in custom configuration.
•Two VU meter pairs, program & switched (8-channel model: one switchable pair)
• Built-in cue speaker, timer and talkback
• Two stereo program busses, two mono busses
• Low profile countertop installation
• Rackmount power supply
• Built-in cue speaker with amplifier and external cue line output
• Flip-up meterbridge and A/B inputs
8-channel modular console
12-channel modular console
18/12 modular console
18/18 modular console
Phone input module
2nd studio monitor module
6-position stereo line selector
Spare stereo line input module
Tape remote, full-function
List $4,995.00
List $6,549.00
List $7,279.00
List $10,395.00
List List List List List $670.00
Don’t Forget Prewire Kits!
Prewire Kits:
R55E8PTA-3 Module connectors wired to unterminated end (3 ft.) List $959.00
R55E12PTA-3 Module connectors wired to unterminated end (3 ft.) List $1,229.00
R55E18PTA-3 Module connectors wired to unterminated end (3 ft.) List $1,649.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Audioarts W-12
12-Channel Digital Console
The W-12 from Audioarts gives small- to mid-market radio stations top-shelf features for high-end
performance. This digital thoroughbred offers uncompressed 24-bit operation (44.1 or 48 kHz), twelve A/B dual source
stereo line inputs (analog or digital), two microphone preamps, three stereo main busses, each with analog and digital outputs and a
phone channel with talkback. Electronic switching (with machine control) will provide years of performance and reliable operation. And the built-in
cue speaker with level control and separate control room and studio monitoring (with talkback) will always keep you on top of your game. It comes
with a tabletop mount and rackmount power supply. Dim: 31.2 x 20.5 x 6.25". Call your sales representative today for all the details.
W-12 List $6,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Arrakis MARC-15 Analog Consoles
The Arrakis MARC-15 modular analog console is a single
15-channel mainframe with a wide variety of input and option
module configurations to deliver ultimate flexibility in onair radio, Internet radio and production applications. The
console supports two phone modules for use with
external hybrids. All switches are LED illuminated
and all ICs are socketed (not surface mount) for
reliability. Machine source control is by isolated reed
relays. The meter panel hinges up and back for access
to I/O connectors and trimpots. All I/O is by RJ45
connectors (twelve foot wiring is supplied with RJ45 at one end). The power supply is
an external, auto sensing 110-220VAC module. The meter panel contains meters for
all three buses, a digital timer, and a built in cue/talkback speaker. MARC-15 includes
Digilink-Xtreme Radio Station software.
The 8, 12, and 15-channel mainframe models can be configured with any
combination of input modules that you choose. There can be a maximum of one PC
USB module, two Phone modules, and one Studio Monitor module per mainframe.
Any number of mic or stereo line modules can be added. Available modules include:
Mic Module, Stereo Line Module, PC USB Module, Phone Module and Studio Monitor
Module. Call BSW for full information.
Special Price Reductions
Extended on 12 and
15-input MARC-15s!
• Three stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns) plus Monitor,
Headphone, and Cue systems
• Real VU meters monitor all three output buses
• Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
• Built-in Timer with manual and automated control
• All I/O is by RJ45 connectors
MARC-15-8 8 input modules (specify when ordering) List $4,999.00
MARC-15-12 12 input modules (specify when ordering) List $6,499.00
MARC-15-15 15 input modules (specify when ordering) List $7,999.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Arrakis ARC-8
Advanced 8-Channel Analog Console
Get it First at BSW!
With a single stereo mixing bus, the new ARC-8 is ideal for fast paced on air,
production, and remote applications. 2 mic channels support a host and guest
talk format, while a mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports Telephone
talk formats or call ins. It features a built in PC USB sound card to play in
digital directly from PC audio software. At the same time, its Program
output records in digital over USB directly to your PC recording software.
It boasts both balanced and unbalanced input and output jacks, and it
comes with Digilink-Xtreme software to get you going immediately.
List $1,200.00
only $799!
Arrakis ARC Series 10 and 15-Channel Analog Consoles
These feature-packed consoles from Arrakis can handle a wide variety of broadcast
applications. The 10-channel ARC-10 offers two high-performance mic channels,
an advanced telephone interface to an external hybrid and seven stereo line input
channels to easily handle other studio audio sources. One channel can even be
optionally configured with a Windows PC USB interface for live on-air, automation
and production software (ARC 10-UP and ARC 10-BP versions). Your PC can be
a source through USB, and also you can also record whatever is on the audition
channel. Other features include two stereo program output mixes, real VU meters
for on-air monitoring, headphone amp and a cue-talkback system with built-in
amplifier and speaker. Digilink-Xtreme Radio Station software is included. For
studio switching, add the optional 16 x 3 stereo switcher (ARC-16SW).
The 15-channel ARC-15 offers a dedicated high performance mic channel
plus four channels that can be internally selected as either mic or stereo line inputs,
seven dedicated stereo line input channels, a phone input channel for interfacing
to an external hybrid for live callers, and a sound card channel configured with a
Windows PC USB interface for use with on air, automation, and production software
(Digilink-Xtreme Radio Station software is included). Your PC can be a source
through USB, and you can also record whatever is on the audition channel. And with
its XLR, RCA phono jack and balanced RJ45 connections, the ARC-15 is easy to install.
Arrakis Xtreme-Mixer Series Digital Consoles
Arrakis Xtreme-mixers are powerful digital audio consoles that support
both analog and digital sources. Offering professional level reliability, they
feature multimillion operation switches, Penny & Giles slide faders and LED
illumination for all switches. Installation is quick and easy with strain-relieved
connectors and a clamshell design that just flips open. They also boast 3
mixing buses, stereo cue, monitoring for a control room and studio, plus a
powerful telephone interface for on-air talk shows and off-line recording and
communication. With two models, X-mixers are ideal for any size on-air or
production application. The X-MIX-14-14 offers 14 inputs: 2 analog mic, 10
analog stereo line and 2 AES-3. The X-MIX-14-22 boasts 22 inputs: 2 analog
mic, 10 analog stereo line and 10 AES-3. Call BSW today for the lowest price.
XMIX14-14 List $5,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $6,995.00
ARC-10BP 10-channel balanced, with Windows USB interface List $2,495.00
ARC-10UP 10-channel unbalanced, with Windows USB interface List $1,999.00
ARC-10U 10-channel unbalanced, no Windows USB interface List $1,599.00
ARC-16SW Optional 16 input x 3 output switcher
List $995.00
ARC-15 15-channel balanced, with Windows USB interface List $3,495.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
full featured, professional consoles at amazing prices from ARRAKIS
3 buses
2 inputs per ch
supports 2 phones
PC interface module
control room & studio
If youthinkthatyou
can’t affordanewconsole,
thenyoucanthinkagain !
The Arrakis ‘Advanced Radio Console’ series (A.R.C.) features analog
electronics, ultra-low profile tabletop design, all electronic switching
with LED lighted switches, a powerful telephone hybrid interface, a PC
sound card channel for digital playback and recording directly to a PC,
and RJ45 IO connectors (with cables) for fast installation.
www. a rra kis - s ys te m s . c o m
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
AEQ Opera Modular Broadcast Console
A perfect fit for medium to large radio stations, the OPERA is a state-of-the-art revision
of AEQ’s popular BC-500 audio mixing console. While keeping the same basic features
as the BC-500, OPERA boasts cutting-edge technology and a slew of new features to
deliver superb sound quality and reliable, user-friendly operation. OPERA is available
in two standard configurations: OPERASTUDIO (4 mic/line channels, 6 dual stereo
line channels, 1 bidirectional line channel, 2 Main/Aux channels and 4 blank panels for
optional modules) and OPERAFM Auto Control (2 mic/line channels, 5 dual stereo/line
channels, 1 bidirectional line channel, 1 Main/Aux channel and 8 blank panels). They
can easily be upgraded by adding new modules, including up to two digital telephone
hybrids with extender and multiplex option, as well as additional I/O modules to give
you up to 17 I/O channels. Call BSW to customize your console and for module prices.
OPERASTUDIO List $7,599.00
List $6,590.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
AEQ Bravo 12-Channel Console
A smart buy for any small station, this 12-channel audio mixing console sports all the
necessary features for any station format. It starts out with 4 mic/line channels, 8 dual
stereo line channels on RCAs, a dual telephone channel with analog hybrids, built-in
talkback microphone, built-in speakers and much more. The two VU meters (Selectable
Master or Audition) have an adjustable viewing angle and the entire console boasts a
flexible design for tabletop or countersink into studio furniture. Dim: 28.5 x 16.5 x 7.5".
• 4 mic/line channels; 8 dual stereo line channels
• 1 dual telephone channel with analog hybrids included
• 2 stereo program buses, plus stereo CUE bus with built-in loudspeakers
• Stereo monitoring output with built-in 10W power amplifier
• Built-in Talkback microphone
List $3,145.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
AEQ ARENA Modular Digital Audio Mixing Console
The AEQ ARENA is a state-of-the-art digital mixing console for radio broadcasting applications. Especially
designed for controlling on-air transmissions, it offers automatic monitor cut-off, cough muting, fader start,
control signaling, control signals for the automation of external equipment, external communications
management, intercom, and more. It also gives you the capability to monitor all the signals present in the
system. Vastly flexible, the ARENA lets you implement a range of set-ups, from a system with a very few
inputs and outputs to one with more than 100 inputs and outputs. You can also configure the control
surface into a system with a greater or lesser number of channels, according your needs.
It easily adapts to different working configurations including auto control, control room-studio, control
associated with several studios, mixed configurations, and integration into large facilities. It boasts
incredible routing capability, with the ability to make more than 30,000 crosspoints.
The ARENA is designed to work with the BC-2000-D router system as a complete backbone for your
broadcast facility, and offers an enormous amount of I/O, processing and control module options. The
system listed is just one of many possible configurations. Call BSW with your system needs today!
List $26,025.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
AEQ BC-2000-D Modular Digital Audio Router
The AEQ BC-2000-D fully satisfies analog and digital audio routing and distribution requirements in both radio
and television program production centers, as well as other applications. Using TDM technology, the BC-2000-D
sums, distributes, and processes literally thousands of audio inputs and outputs. The use of fiber optic links to
interconnect sub-units makes it a versatile, decentralized system. One sub-unit may have more than 150 inputs
/ outputs, and can be located a distance of up to ~ 6 miles ( 10 Km ) from the other units in the system.
Digital and analog inputs/outputs, and even microphone inputs, can easily be combined – meeting existing
and/or future requirements. Additionally, the BC-2000-D has exceptional signal processing capabilities.
Control of the system may be from a central location, as well as from different workstations allowing users,
administrators, and supervisors access to the applications and even dedicated XY control panels.
The BC-2000-D offers a vast amount of I/O, processing and control module options, and the optional
TITAN Matrix Concentrator unit will let your system accommodate up to 5120 X 5120 audio channels.
Call BSW today to find the configuration that's right for you!
Call BSW To Configure Your System!
Built-in Dual Telephone Hybrid
Ready to take calls, the Bravo has
two phone modules built in.
Audio and Communications
Equipment for Broadcasters
Router & Multiplexer:
5120 x 5120 chanel
digital audio router,
and TI/E1/J1/Ethernet
PAW 120
Hand-held digital recorder.
New and improved design.
Now with 2 GB.
The ultimate
digital audio console.
Router based.
For large and small
High power send/receive
wireless microphone radio link.
Cost effective analog
audio console,
with built in digital
telephone hybrids.
Complete portable
audio codec and
communications platform
over IP, 3G, GSM, ISDN,
POTS(PSTN), and more.
Analog audio console,
with built in telephone
hybrids and power amplifier.
Incredibly low price.
In rack monitor
for analog, digital,
and SDI audio
embedded in video.
Ask BSW for our products.
Complete studio dual codec
and communications platform
over IP, ISDN,
and more.
TH 02
Digital telephone hybrid
with frequency extender.
Visit us at
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Radio Systems Millenium Series
Analog and Digital Consoles
The Radio Systems Millenium series of broadcast consoles offers a winning combination
of superb specifications, sleek modern styling and a wide range of features. Available in
both analog and digital models, with four different channel counts (6, 12, 18 and 24), and
with a choice of RJ-45 female connectors (StudioHub+) or 5-pin removable barrier strip
connectors, the Millenium series delivers plenty of versatility at budget-friendly prices.
Like every Millenium analog console, the 12-channel RS-12a features balanced I/O, full
metering with programmable LED peak indicators, an accurate time-of-day clock and
event timer, an 8-position switcher and a complete monitor section. LED illuminated
channel on/off keypad switches control channel audio as well as all logic and control
states. Switching is via conductive rubber keypads rated for 1+ million operations.
Millenium digital consoles are available in 6, 12 and 18 channel counts. Like all Millenium
digital consoles, the 12-channel RS-12d is both analog and AES/EBU capable on every
input and output. It provides 32-bit resolution and sample rate conversion on every
input and also offers 10 fully programmable mix-minus outputs and a serial RS-232
interface to third party equipment. IP-networked versions of the digital models are also
available. Call or visit our website for complete details.
Analog 12-channel, 5-pin
Analog 12-channel, RJ-45
Analog 6-channel, 5-pin
Analog 6-channel, RJ-45
Analog 18-channel, 5-pin
Analog 18-channel, RJ-45
Analog 24-channel, 5-pin
Analog 24-channel, RJ-45
List $5,995.00
List $5,995.00
List $4,495.00
List $4,495.00
List $7,995.00
List $7,995.00
List $12,995.00
List $12,995.00
RS12DRJ RS6D5P RS6DRJ RS18D5P RS18DRJ Digital 12-channel, 5-pin
Digital 12-channel, RJ-45
Digital 6-channel, 5-pin
Digital 6-channel, RJ-45
Digital 18-channel, 5-pin
Digital 18-channel, RJ-45
List $8,495.00
List $8,495.00
List $7,495.00
List $7,495.00
List $9,995.00
List $9,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
StudioHub+ Broadcast Interconnect Made Simple
StudioHub+ from Radio Systems is
designed to be the broadcast industry's
first prewired cabling system for digital
ready operation. With CAT-5 rated
shielded twisted pair cables, StudioHub+
efficiently routes both analog and digital
signals throughout a facility. StudioHub+
features pre-made source cables for all
types of studio gear and quick-connect
blocks and peripheral amplifiers to easily
harness all studio gear together. On-site
wiring time is dramatically reduced
due to the true plug and play nature of
StudioHub+. Every system component
quick connects with RJ-45 jacks, and
all peripheral products are phantom
powered with the built in DC-link system.
from $1795!
Complete Console Kits
These convenient and
economically priced console
kits boast all the CAT-5 cable
and adapters you'll need for
a large (18-channel), medium
(12-channel) or small (6-channel)
analog or digital console.
Here is a small listing of some of the most popular StudioHub+ Items
SHHP Headphone Amp SHMIC Mic Pre Amp
SHTALENT Talent Panel SHGUEST Guest Panel MJIN Matchjack Input MJOUT Matchjack Output MJSPDIFIN AES/EBU to S/PDIF Converter MJSPDIFOUT S/PDIF to AES/EBU Converter PSWWSH AC Wall Adapter Supply PSEXTU External Power Supply PSCUBE Power Supply Cube Power Inserter
PSWWCUBE Power Supply for PS-CUBE SH1BUT Push Button Panels SH2BUT Push Button Panels
SH3BUT Push Button Panels PATCH48 48 Channel Patch Panel HUB12 12 Channel Break out Box for ASI Cards
HUB16DC 16 Channel RJ-45 Hub MJAD A to D AES/EBU Converter MJDA D to A AES/EBU Converter Features:
• XLR Female Adapters
• XLR Male Adapters
• 1/4" TRS Adapter
• Pigtail Adapter
List: $85.00
List: $80.00
List: $262.00
List: $159.00
List: $75.00
List: $75.00
List: $85.00
List: $95.00
List: $20.00
List: $295.00
List: $65.00
List: $20.00
List: $65.00
List: $105.00
List: $95.00
List: $795.00
List: $195.00
List: $385.00
List: $145.00
List: $145.00
• 7' CAT-5 Shielded Patch Cords
• 10' CAT-5 Shielded Patch Cords
• 12' CAT-5 Shielded Patch Cords
• 15' CAT-5 Shielded Patch Cords
Console Kit Small
Console Kit Medium
Console Kit Large
List: $295.00
List: $350.00
List: $495.00
from $269!
BSW now stocks StudioHub+ patch cords and adapters! See us on the web:
Radio Systems
Millenium Consoles
Available in 6, 12 and 18 channel
console frame sizes
Livewire® IP audio connectivity
Millenium NETWORK
18 Channel Console
Analog or digital inputs on every fader
No-charge lifetime digital upgrade
for any analog inputs
Superb specifications and reliability
Available in 6, 12 and 18 channel
console frame sizes
Millenium DIGITAL
18 Channel Console
10 Mix-minus outputs
Analog or digital inputs on every fader
No-charge lifetime digital upgrade
for any analog inputs
Superb specifications and reliability
Available in 6, 12 and 18 channel
console frame sizes
Mic thru line level on every input
Millenium ANALOG
18 Channel Console
Three output buses with mix-minus
Complete monitoring, metering
and remote control
Superb specifications and reliability
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Simple, Powerful
Radio Automation!
Arrakis DigiLink-Xtreme
Exclusively at BSW!
• Easy to install/configure
• Complete turn-key system
• Powerful software does it all
Arrakis Xtreme-Complete Radio Automation System
Arrakis Xtreme-Complete is a cost-effective, PC-based automation workstation for
broadcast. It can perform simultaneous on-air playback, recording, production,
scheduling, and logging on a single Windows-based PC. The system is made up of a
Dell Business-class PC, Arrakis Bridge hardware, and Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme software.
Only one of the many unique features of the system is that the PC is unmodified
in any way. All sound cards, switcher, and logic functions are performed in the
Arrakis Bridge, which connects to the PC by a single USB cable. In contrast to other
automation systems that are very complex, the Arrakis Bridge is fast and easy to install.
Full Featured Software - Xtreme fully supports all types of on-air operation: live,
live assist, hard disk automation, and satellite automation. For live operation Xtreme
features a play list with up to 500 events, a 300-cart hot key wall, a directory search
by cart/title/time/artist, and a phone recorder with editor. For hard disk automation,
Xtreme features a powerful and yet easy-to-use music scheduler with up to 25
categories. The satellite automation system supports up to 16 satellite sources.
Powerful Hardware - The Xtreme automation system features dual audio outputs for
Program and Cue. Up to four audio streams can be mixed to program while cueing.
The system also features dual simultaneous records for timed recording and phoner
recording. The Bridge routing switcher has 16 stereo inputs with dual outputs to
support the most sophisticated news-talk formats. Any of the 16 inputs can be played on
air while any of the 16 inputs can also be recorded.
PC + Bridge = Better Design - Xtreme is simply better by design. The Bridge contains all
of the ‘radio specific’ parts of the system: sound cards, switcher, and logic. With this kind
of system, the PC can be supported by local IT techs who do not need to be broadcast
engineers, while the ‘radio’ parts of the automation system can be easily installed and
supported by radio engineers who do not need to be PC experts.
• Dell Optiplex PC (per current configuration), 19" LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse
• Dell, 3 year, next business day on-site service
• Arrakis Xtreme Bridge, Arrakis Xtreme software, Arrakis 1 Year DX-SUPPORT
List $6,500.00
PC and software for production studio
Pop/rock/oldies library 4500 songs Country library 2000 songs Christmas/holiday library 1200 songs Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Arrakis 1200 Series Broadcast Consoles
We’ve all seen these used in a station at one time or another. The rugged Arrakis 1200 series is ideal
for on-air, production and news applications. Only the highest quality components are used, such
as P&G faders, ITT Schadow switches and AB conductive plastic pots with stainless steel shafts.
The 1200-5 is 5-channel, 10-input, stereo output console (1 input per channel plus a 5-source multi-line
selector); the 1200-10 is a 10-channel board with 20 inputs and dual stereo out; and the 1200-15 has
15 channels with 25 inputs (the 1200-10 and 1200-15 each have two 5-line selector channels).
• Stereo and mono mix outs; mix-minus bus; stereo monitor outs with dim and talkback
• Remote channel on/off with tally, cough and talkback
• 2 monitor outputs; mono cue with Autocue
5-channel console List $2,495.00
120010S 10-channel console List $3,995.00
120015S 15-channel console List $4,995.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Allen & Heath Introduces a Better Small-Market/
College-Station Broadcast Mixer
Allen & Heath XB-14
14-Channel Broadcast Mixer with Telephone Channels Built In
Respected around the globe for its live sound/production consoles, Allen & Heath now offers the compact, fullfeatured XB-14 switching console for broadcast applications. Boasting 4 mono mic/line channels (XLR, TRS), 4 stereo
input channels (TRS and RCA), 2 telephone communication channels (XLR), a USB port and monitor input as well
as Main, additional mono and 2 guest headphone outputs, this mixer delivers plenty of I/O flexibility along with
renowned Allen & Heath sound quality.
It also features talkback for guests and telephone callers, a main program bus, a mix B bus (that can function as an
audition facility, clean feed mix or off air record bus) and an aux bus with pre or post fader switched source. It also
provides remote control D Type connectors for fader starts, deck start/stops, mutes, etc., and sports a rugged
worldwide voltage internal power supply without fan for ultra quiet operation.
List $1,249.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $1,295.00
List $500.00
List $500.00
List $500.00
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 •
Mixer with
Dixon NM-250MKII-USB Rackmount Console
The NM-250MKII Newsroom Mixer is a proven performer in hundreds of radio and
television stations. It’s perfect for many broadcast studios and contains almost all of the
features of a full broadcast console. This new version adds a USB interface for easy audio
transfer to and from a computer (also available in original version without USB interface).
Each of the first three inputs can be either a mic or line input with no component
changes required (simple jumper pin selector). This means mic processing can easily be
used ahead of the mixer. Also, an On/Off control has been added for the hybrid as well
as a computer Start/Stop control.
The 10-input,
SixMix USB
broadcast mixer
is a compact
yet fully loaded
professional radio
station audio
mixer boasting
an A/D + D/A digital audio codec with a USB computer interface for quick, efficient
connectivity to your audio library AND to deliver your show to your computer - ready to
stream live or be recorded of later broadcast. It also offers a stereo Program mixing bus, a
Mix-Minus output, a Cue bus with internal Cue speaker, and comprehensive headphone
and monitor systems for plenty of versatility. Features include: 2 mic inputs on balanced
XLR, 4 line inputs on either balanced 1/4" TRS or unbalanced RCA, a Talkback system,
guest headphone facilities, and accurate audio level metering. About the size of a laptop
computer, it’s a powerful audio production tool that’s intuitive and easy to use.
• 2 balanced mic inputs with 48V phantom power
• Monitor output mutes when mic is on
• Mono line input for telephone hybrid
• 2 balanced line inputs; input for computer sound card
• Input for audio player (DAT/cassette/CD)
• Built-in mix-minus bus for telephone hybrid
• Built-in talkback system with 2 sends and receives
• Relay closures for computer channel on, telephone
channel on and mic on
• LED VU meter display
alanced XLR line, mic and phone inputs; RCA I/Os
Newsroom console with USB connection List $1,428.00
Newsroom console without USB connection List $1,199.00
SIXMIX List $1,195.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
DM Engineering Switching Devices
The MIC PRO On/Off switching module combines with the STUDIOSLAVE or Henry Engineering SUPERELAY
controller to give any production mixing board the mic switching features of a professional broadcast console.
The state-of-the-art MIC PRO 2 (not pictured) is a stand-alone version. The STUDIOSLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack
is a switching and control interface for broadcast studio and control rooms where multiple and various isolated
outputs are required to operate from one or more control inputs.
List $76.00 MICPRO2 List $95.00 STUDIOSLAVE List $189.00 Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Console Comparison Chart
Number of
1 including hybrid
Cue Amp
Dimensions (WxDxH")
28.5 x 16.5 x 7.5"
1, 2 (optional)
1200 Series
5, 10, 15
1, 2, 2 std
15, 23, 30.25 x 12 x 7"
ARC10 Series
24 x 15 x 6"
X Series
10, 14
26.5, 32.5x21.5x7.4"
33 x 15 x 6
8, 12, 15
37.5 x 20 x 6.75
15.2 x 11.5 x 2.5"
28.7 x 15.5 x 3.1"
D75 Series
12, 18
2 (optional)
28.75, 40.83 x 24.5 x 7.63"
D75N Series
12, 18
2 (optional)
28.75, 40.83 x 24.5 x 7.63"
R55E Series
8, 12, 18
1, 2 (optional)
19.87, 28.75, 40.83 x 24.5 x 7.63"
31.2 x 20.5 x 6.25"
2RU rackmount mixer
11.5 x 8 x 4
6, 12, 18, 24
21, 33, 45, 57X27X9
12, 18
33, 45X27X9
12, 18
33, 45X27X9
Evolution 6 Series
8, 16, 24
12, 20, 28
20.8, 33.5, 45.9 x 17.9 x 5"
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