Yamaha YDS-11 Owner's manual

Yamaha YDS-11 Owner's manual
Universal Dock for iPod
Le Universal Dock pour l’iPod
iPod用Universal Dock
FCC INFORMATION (for US customers only)
This product, when installed as indicated in
the instructions contained in this manual,
meets FCC requirements. Modifications not
expressly approved by Yamaha may void your
authority, granted by the FCC, to use the
2. IMPORTANT : When connecting this
product to accessories and/or another product
use only high quality shielded cables. Cable/
s supplied with this product MUST be used.
Follow all installation instructions. Failure to
follow instructions could void your FCC
authorization to use this product in the USA.
3. NOTE : This product has been tested and
found to comply with the requirements listed
in FCC Regulations, Part 15 for Class “B”
digital devices. Compliance with these
requirements provides a reasonable level of
assurance that your use of this product in a
residential environment will not result in
harmful interference with other electronic
This equipment generates/uses radio
frequencies and, if not installed and used
according to the instructions found in the
users manual, may cause interference harmful
to the operation of other electronic devices.
Compliance with FCC regulations does not
guarantee that interference will not occur in all
installations. If this product is found to be the
source of interference, which can be
determined by turning the unit “OFF” and
“ON”, please try to eliminate the problem by
using one of the following measures:
Relocate either this product or the device
that is being affected by the interference.
Utilize power outlets that are on different
branch (circuit breaker or fuse) circuits or
install AC line filter/s.
In the case of radio or TV interference,
relocate/reorient the antenna. If the antenna
lead-in is 300 ohm ribbon lead, change the
lead-in to coaxial type cable.
If these corrective measures do not produce
satisfactory results, please contact the local
retailer authorized to distribute this type of
product. If you can not locate the appropriate
retailer, please contact Yamaha Electronics
Corp., U.S.A. 6660 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena
Park, CA 90620.
The above statements apply ONLY to those
products distributed by Yamaha Corporation of
America or its subsidiaries.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions:
1) This device may not cause harmful interface, and
2) This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired
operation of this device.
See user manual instructions if interference to radio reception is suspected.
Informations de la FCC (Pour les clients residents aux Etats-Unis)
Ce produit est conforme aux exigences de
la FCC s’fil est installe selon les
instructions du mode d’femploi. Toute
modification non approuvee expressement
par Yamaha peut invalider l’fautorisation,
accordee par la FCC, d’futiliser ce produit.
2 IMPORTANT: N’futiliser que des cables
blindes de haute qualite pour le
raccordement de ce produit a des
accessoires et/ou a un autre produit. Seuls
le ou les cables fournis avec le produit
DOIVENT etre utilises. Suivre les
instructions concernant l’finstallation. Le
non respect des instructions peut invalider
l’fautorisation, accordee par la FCC,
d’futiliser ce produit aux Etats-Unis.
3 REMARQUE: Ce produit a ete teste et
declare conforme aux normes relatives aux
appareils numeriques de Classe “B”, telles
que fixees dans l’fArticle 15 de la
Reglementation FCC. Ces normes sont
destinees a assurer une protection
suffisante contre les interferences nuisibles
avec d’fautres appareils electroniques dans
une installation residentielle.
Cet equipement genere et utilise des
frequences radio qui, en cas d’finstallation et
d’futilisation non conformes aux instructions
du mode d’femploi, peuvent etre a l’forigine
d’finterferences empechant d’fautres
appareils de fonctionner.
Cependant, la conformite a la Reglementation
FCC ne garantit pas l’fabsence
d’finterferences dans une installation
particuliere. Si ce produit devait produire des
interferences, ce qui peut etre determine en
produit, l’futilisateur est invite a essayer de
corriger le probleme d’fune des manieres
Reorienter ce produit ou le dispositif
affecte par les interferences.
Utiliser des prises d’falimentation
branchees sur differents circuits (avec
interrupteur de circuit ou fusible) ou
installer un ou des filtres pour ligne secteur.
Dans le cas d’finterferences radio ou TV,
changer de place l’fantenne et la reorienter.
Si l’fantenne est un conducteur plat de 300
ohms, remplacer ce cable par un cable de
type coaxial.
Si ces mesures ne donnent pas les resultats
escomptes, priere de contacter le detaillant
local autorise a commercialiser ce type de
produit. Si ce n’fest pas possible, priere de
contacter Yamaha Electronics Corp., EtatsUnis, 6660 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park,
CA 90620.
Les declarations precedentes NE concernent
QUE les produits commercialises par Yamaha
Corporation of America ou ses filiales.
Cet appareil est conforme a l’farticle 15 de la Reglementation FCC.
Son fonctionnement est soumis aux deux conditions suivantes:
1) cet appareil ne doit pas causer d’finterferences pernicieuses, et
2) cet appareil doit accepter toutes les interferences, y compris les interferences pouvant lui causer
un fonctionnement indesirable.
Se reporter au mode d’femploi si des interferences semblent perturber la reception radio.
■ Precautions
Read this before using this unit.
• To assure the finest performance, please read this manual carefully. Keep it in a safe place for future
• Install this unit in a cool, dry, clean place away from windows, heat sources, and sources of excessive
vibration, dust, moisture and cold. Avoid sources of humming (transformers, motors, etc.). To
prevent fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or water.
• To prevent the enclosure from warping or discoloring, do not place this unit where it will be exposed
to direct sunlight or excessive humidity.
• Do not place this unit where foreign objects such as water drips may fall. It may cause a fire, or
damage to this unit.
• Do not attempt to clean this unit with chemical solvents as this may damage the finish. Use a clean,
dry cloth.
• Do not attempt to modify or fix this unit. Contact qualified Yamaha service personnel when any
service is needed. The cabinet should never be opened for any reasons.
Secure placement or installation is the owner’s responsibility.
Yamaha shall not be liable for any accident caused by improper placement or installation of this
“Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod
and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.
Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory
■ Introduction
This product enables you to connect an iPod with Yamaha dock-compatible device and play the files
recorded on the device. The method of operating the iPod using this product as well as the usable
functions depends on the dock-compatible device or iPod you are using. For details, refer to the
operating instructions of the dock-compatible device or iPod. (Dock-compatible device: Device to which
the YDS-11 is connected.)
The types of iPods compatible with this product are listed below. (As of March 2008)
• iPod (Click Wheel, including iPod classic)
• iPod nano
• iPod mini
• iPod touch
“iPod” is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
■ Checking the package contents
Check that the following items are included in the package. (iPod is not included.)
YDS-11 (Main unit)
Dock cable (2 m (6.5 ft))
iPod dock adapters (
iPod with color display
(20 GB or 30 GB) or U2
Special Edition
iPod with color display
(40 GB or 60 GB) or iPod
(40 GB)
iPod mini (4 GB
or 6 GB)
* The iPod Dock adapter is an adapter for use with iPods with which no adapter is included.
* When using an iPod that comes with an adapter, use the adapter included with the iPod.
* The mark ( , , or
) is shown on the back of each iPod dock adapter.
1 En
■ Controls and functions
Upper side
1 iPod connector terminal
Connects your iPod.
2 Slits
Hold an iPod dock adapter.
3 Adapter holder
Holds an iPod dock adapter.
4 Dock cable terminal
Connects the supplied dock cable.
Back side
■ Inserting an iPod dock adapter
Insert the iPod dock adapter supplied with your iPod into the slot of the main unit. Depending on the
type of your iPod, you may need to insert one of the iPod dock adapters supplied with this unit. See page
1 for details about the iPod dock adapter.
Insert the stoppers of the iPod dock
adapter into the slits on the slot of
this unit.
Insert the iPod dock adapter until it
snaps into the slot of this unit.
2 En
When you remove
the iPod dock
adapter from this
unit, insert one of
your finger nails
into the slit on the
iPod dock adapter
and pull it up.
■ Connecting the dock cable
Connect one of the plugs of the dock
cable to the dock cable terminal of
this unit firmly.
Connect the other plug of the dock
cable to the DOCK terminal of the
universal dock compatible
Connect the plug
with the side with
the release button
facing upward.
Make sure the power of the universal
dock compatible component is turned
Be sure to connect the plugs of the dock cable
firmly to both the dock cable terminal of this unit
and the DOCK terminal of the universal dock
compatible component. When the connection is
loose, this unit may output some unwanted noise.
Connecting the dock connection cable while the
dock-compatible device’s power is on could
result in damage.
3 En
■ Connecting your iPod
Insert the dock connector port of your iPod
into the iPod connector terminal of this
unit firmly.
4 En
• Make sure that the output level of the
universal dock compatible component is
set to minimum.
• To protect the dock connector from damage,
do not twist or sway back and forth your iPod
when inserting or taking it off from this unit,
and be careful not to knock over this unit
when your iPod is inserted.
• Use this unit with the iPod dock adapter
(supplied with your iPod or with this unit)
appropriate for your iPod. If you use this unit
without using an appropriate iPod dock
adapter, loose connection may result.
• Do not take off your iPod from this unit when
you play back the music, photo, or movie
stored on your iPod with the universal dock
compatible component.
• Connect your iPod without any other iPod
accessories (such as headphones, a wired
remote control, an FM transmitter etc.)
• It is recommended that you update your iPod
software before using it with this unit. The
updater for the iPod software is available at
the Apple website.
■ Disconnecting the dock cable
■ Troubleshooting
Refer to the items listed below when this unit
does not function properly.
Make sure the power of the universal
dock compatible component is turned
Press and hold the release button and
then pull off the plug of the dock
• Connect your iPod to this unit firmly.
• Connect the dock cable to the universal dock
compatible component firmly.
• Connect the dock cable to this unit firmly.
• Update the software of your iPod to the latest
If the instructions above do not help, refer to the
instructions of your iPod or universal dock
compatible component.
Release button
■ Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) ........ 80 x 33 x 70 mm
(3.1 x 1.3 x 2.8 in)
Weight ....................................................... 135 g
(4.8 oz)
Disconnecting the dock connection cable while
the dock-compatible device’s power is on could
result in damage.
* Specifications are subject to change without
5 En
All rights reserved.
Printed in China
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