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WERTHEIM Dog & Cat W2000 User manual
Compact Bagged
Vacuum Cleaner
Dog & Cat W2000
User Manual
On/off button
Flexible hose
Telescopic wand
Wand length adjustment
Cord rewind button
Variable speed control
Combination floor brush
Microfibre hard floor
cleaning tool
Turbo floor brush
Mini hand turbo brush
Crevice tool
Dusting brush
Upholstery brush
32/35mm Adaptor
(not shown)
Dog & Cat W2000
Dog & Cat W2000
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Wertheim vacuum
cleaner. There are many useful features built into your cleaner and
we recommend that you carefully read this instruction manual so
that you may take best advantage of them.
Due to our program of continuous product improvement and
innovation, sometimes the product you buy may differ slightly
from the one shown on this product carton/manual.
The cleaner must be operated in accordance with these instructions
and used only for domestic household cleaning to remove DRY dirt and
dust from household carpets, flooring and fabrics. This cleaner is not fit to
be used as an industrial cleaner, and is not designed for the collection
of vitreous building material including particle board, construction
products and similar products such as wood/fibres, cement, fillers, fibre
glass etc or excessive or frequent sand. The infrequent pick-up of these
materials in these circumstances may be harmful to your cleaner and
may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Please read these instructions thoroughly
This will ensure you obtain full benefit from your new cleaner.
Keep this instruction manual in a handy place for future reference.
Always switch the cleaner off and remove the plug from the mains
power supply before cleaning your appliance, when not in use,
or attempting any maintenance task. The cleaner must only be
connected to an AC supply at the voltage shown on the rating plate.
This cleaner should only be used for its intended purpose as described
in these instructions. Never operate the vacuum cleaner without filters.
1. Do not operate the vacuum cleaner too close to
heaters, radiators, and other hot surfaces.
2. Before inserting the plug into the wall, make sure
your hand is dry.
3. Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, remove any
large or sharp objects from the floor or cleaning surface
in order to prevent damage to the filter.
4. When you want to pull the plug from the wall, do not
pull the power cable, gently pull the plug from the
power socket.
5. If the air inlet, floor head or telescopic tube are
blocked, you should switch off the cleaner straight
away and remove from mains power. First clear the
blocked substance before attempting to start the
vacuum cleaner again.
Dog & Cat W2000
Precautionary measures:
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury:
1. Do not leave the appliance connected to the mains power
supply when not in use. Disconnect from any power supply before
performing any maintenance duties.
2. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not use outdoors or on
wet surfaces.
3. This appliance must not be used as a toy. Do not allow children to
use the appliance unattended.
4. Use only as described in this instruction manual. Do not use for any
other purpose except those outlined in this instruction manual.
5. If the power cable or plug appears damaged, do not use. If the
vacuum cleaner is not working correctly, has been dropped,
damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, please contact
Customer Care: 1800 815 270 or email enquiries@wertheim.net.au
6. Do not pull or carry the appliance by the power cable, use the power
cable as a handle, or pull the power cable around sharp edges or
corners. Avoid running the appliance over the power cable.
7. Keep the appliance away from heated surfaces.
8. Unplug the appliance by grasping and pulling the plug from the wall.
Do not unplug the machine by pulling on the power cable.
9. Do not handle the appliance and/or power cable with wet hands.
10. Always ensure that all openings and entry points on the appliance
are clear from objects or any blockages before commencing use.
Removal of dust, lint, hair and dirt from all openings and entry points
will help improve airflow on the appliance.
12. Ensure the appliance is switched off before unplugging.
13. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
14. Do not use the appliance to pick up flammable items or
combustible liquids (i.e. petrol, hot ashes, cigarettes, matches or
anything burning) or use in areas where such substances and items
may be present.
Dog & Cat W2000
11. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all body parts away from
openings and entry points on the appliance.
15. Hold the plug when rewinding onto cord reel. To prevent accidental
injury do not allow the plug to whip when rewinding.
16. Ensure the appliance is disconnected from the mains power supply
before connecting the hose to the unit.
17. Do not use the appliance without dust bag and/or filter in place.
18. If the power cable is damaged, do not use and contact
Customer Care: 1800 815 270 in order to avoid a hazard.
19. Do not extend the power cable beyond the red mark.
20. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
21. If using an extension cord please make sure that it is of an approved
type and that it is fully extended. Failure to do so could cause your
cleaner to overheat and damage it.
Before using, unwind a sufficient length of cable and insert the plug into
the power socket. A yellow mark on the power cable shows the ideal
cable length. Do not extend the cable beyond the red mark.
1. Press the on/off button to turn
on the vacuum.
2. To rewind the power cable, press
the rewind button with one hand
and guide the cable with the
other hand to ensure that it does
not whip, causing damage to
the cable.
The cleaner should be switched off and disconnected from the mains
power supply before you start to assemble.
1. Connect the hose connector to
the cleaner making sure it fits firmly.
2. Fit the handle into the telescopic
wand until it clicks into place.
3. Extend or reduce the length of the
telescopic wand by depressing
the button and moving the slider.
4. Push the wand into the selected
floor tool/accessory until it fits into
place. To remove, just separate.
Dog & Cat W2000
Assembling Your Cleaner
Floor Tool
Ideal for daily
cleaning on carpets
and hard floors.
Cleaning on carpet
Cleaning on hard floors
Microfibre Hard Floor Cleaning Tool
Ideal for fine dust pick up on hard floors –
tiles, laminate, hardwood.
Turbo Brush
Ideal for picking up pet hair on carpets
and rugs.
Mini Hand Turbo Brush
Ideal for picking up pet hair on upholstery.
Note: The mini hand turbo brush adaptor
must be used to fit the rod to the accessory.
1. Insert the smaller end of the adaptor into
the end of the mini hand turbo brush.
2. Insert the larger end of the adaptor into the end of the telescopic wand.
3. The mini hand turbo tool is now ready to be used with the vacuum.
Note: By unlocking the side release buttons, the external bristles can be
rotated to face upwards allowing a closer clean as required.
The crevice tool and dusting brush are stored on the accessories
holder on the vacuum.
1. Crevice tool is used for radiators, crevices, corners, baseboards
and between cushions.
2. Dusting brush is used for the furniture, venation, blinds, book, lamp
shades and shelves.
3. The upholstery brush is used for cleaning the sofa.
Crevice tool
Dusting brush
Upholstery brush
Variable Speed Control
Push the (—) button to reduce suction power and to clean lightly soiled
areas or delicate fabrics. Push the (+) button for maximum cleaning
power in heavily soiled areas.
Dog & Cat W2000
Turbo Brush
The use of a turbo brush is recommended for the optimal cleaning
of carpets.
Safety Precautions
1. Keep hair, hands and feet away from rotating brush while the turbo
brush is running.
2. Remember the turbo brush will operate whenever it is connected
to a running vacuum. If children are present, make sure to turn the
vacuum system off when leaving the turbo brush unit unattended.
3. Do not attempt to service or unclog the turbo brush while the unit
is running.
Care And Maintenance
Ensure the cleaner is not connected to the mains power
supply when performing any maintenance procedures.
To remove any hair or debris from inside the turbo brush, remove the
clear top cover from the turbo brush for easy access to the roller brush.
Step 2: Use scissors to remove
any hair or debris that may be
tangled in the roller brush
Step 3: Replace the clear cover
and click back into place. The
turbo brush is now ready to use
Dog & Cat W2000
Step 1: Depress the buttons on
both sides of the turbo brush,
the plastic cover will release
Mini Hand Turbo Brush
Warning: Ensure the cleaner is not connected to the
mains power supply when performing any maintenance
Step 1: Unlock the neck on the hand
turbo brush by twisting anti-clockwise
Step 2: Push the release buttons on
the side of the Mini Hand Turbo Brush
down to unlock the external bristles.
Rotate this bristle attachment upwards
Step 3: Remove the clear cover
Step 5: Replace the clear cover
Step 6: Lock the neck on the hand
turbo brush by twisting clockwise
Step 7: Rotate the external bristles
down and lock the side release
buttons by pushing upwards
Dog & Cat W2000
Step 4: Remove any dirt or hair
from the roller brush
Ensure the vacuum cleaner is not connected to the mains power supply
when performing any maintenance procedures. Use a damp cloth and
mild detergent when cleaning the appliance.
Changing the Dust Bag
This dust bag has a unique sealing system
locking in the dust, making disposal easier, and
ensuring no allergens are returned to the room.
1. To remove and replace dust bag, open
dust bag cover.
2. Change the bag when full or when the
bag indicator illuminates.
3. Remove bag by sliding out of bag holder
and dispose.
4. Lift up dust bag holder and bend tab over
to seal bag for disposal.
5. Refit new dust bag by sliding into dust bag
6. Make sure that bag fits correctly and
close lid securely.
The HEPA filter should be replaced when
clogged or at least once a year. Do not use
cleaner without the filters fitted as it will cause
damage to the cleaner.
1. To remove motor filter, open cleaner
cover and remove bag.
2. Remove motor filter by holding tab and
pull filter out towards you.
3. Before cleaning or replacing motor filter,
remove any dust from surrounding area.
4. Remove the motor filter from its carrier
and wash under warm tap water. Dry
thoroughly and refit.
Dog & Cat W2000
Filter Maintenance
Filter Maintenance (cont’d)
5. The HEPA filter is located above the motor
filter, remove by lifting latch and slide
towards you.
6. Replace the HEPA Filter and refit. Refit the
motor filter back into cleaner.
Wattage: 1350w
Dust Capacity: 2.3L
Noise Level: 75dBa
Telescopic Tube: Stainless Steel
Power Cable Length: 6m
Net Weight: 7.08kg
Dog & Cat W2000
Service problems that appear to be major can often be solved easily. You
can be your own troubleshooter by reviewing this guide. All other servicing
should be done by an authorised service agent or qualified technician.
Motor does not
start or stops.
No power supply.
Check cable, plug and
socket. If still inoperative,
contact service agent.
Suction force
Dust-bag is full, suction hose
or wand is blocked or dirty
Replace dust-bag, remove
objects from hose & wand,
clean or replace filters.
Filter Set
Dust Bag 10pk
Hose Assembly
Rod, telescopic
Combination Floor Tool
Upholstery Brush
Dusting Brush
Crevice Tool
This warranty on your cleaner commences
from the original date of purchase and is not
transferable; please retain your original proof of
purchase for any warranty claims. This warranty
is valid only in the country where the cleaner
is purchased.
This cleaner is intended for domestic household
use only and is not designed for the collection
of vitreous building material including particle
board construction products, wood/fibres, sand,
cement, fillers, fibreglass etc. The pick-up of
these materials may be harmful to your cleaner
and will void the warranty.
Accessories and consumables including dust
bags and filters, unless defective in manufacture,
are not subject to this warranty. In order to prolong
the life of accessories and consumables, regular
care and maintenance is recommended.
When properly used and cared for, your
cleaner will render excellent service; refer to the
instruction manual for further details, as misuse
or failure to follow the instructions makes this
warranty void.
In the event of service or advice being needed,
Solutions Pty Ltd, Level 1, Building 2,
Brandon Park Business Park, 530 Springvale
Road, Glen Waverley Victoria 3150, or on
1800 815 270, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST.
Email: enquiries@wertheim.net.au.
The decision to repair or replace the cleaner is
at the sole discretion of International Cleaning
Solutions Pty Ltd.
International Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd is
unable to accept responsibility under this
warranty for any repair work not carried out by
an authorised International Cleaning Solutions
Service Agent or from the use of non-genuine
parts. If any part is no longer available or
manufactured, International Cleaning Solutions
Pty Ltd will replace it with a genuine functional
replacement part. This warranty does not apply
to the cost of replacing any parts of the product
due to normal wear and tear, alterations,
improper installation, physical abuse, misuse or
accidental damage. Any transportation costs
involved in the repair of defective parts shall be
borne by the claimant.
If proof of purchase cannot be provided at the
time of a warranty claim or service, any work
carried out on the cleaner is chargeable. The
repair or replacement of the cleaner under this
warranty does not extend the original period
of warranty.
The benefits conferred by this warranty are
in addition to all other rights and remedies
in respect of the product as outlined under
the Trade Practises Act and other State and
Territory laws.
“Our goods come with guarantees that cannot
be excluded in the Australian Consumer Law.
You are entitled to a replacement or refund for
a major failure and for compensation for any
other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
You are also entitled to have the goods repaired
or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a
major failure.”
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