Yamaha Midi XG S03S Specification

Yamaha Midi XG S03S Specification
MIDI Equipment
E-MU ................................1202-1211
Korg .................................1212-1231
Kurzweil ..........................1232-1239
Roland .............................1240-1257
Z4 • Z8
Z•Series Performance Samplers
The Z4 and Z8 are the industry’s first 24bit/96kHz hardware-based samplers. Z-Series samplers were designed for professional audio production
with 64 voices of polyphony (32 voices at 24bit/96kHz), 272MB of RAM
(expandable to 512MB) and a 60GB internal IDE hard drive for storing a
serious sample library. Both units include Akai’s award-winning ak.Sys
PC/Mac Control and Networking System Software allowing you to control
the Z4 and Z8 using your computer while taking advantage of the powerful DSP processing capabilities provided by Akai’s custom Z-96 LSI sampling engine and a high-performance Intel CPU. Both units also feature
balanced stereo analog I/O with 24-bit/96kHz converters. An option is
available for adding eight additional analog outputs. What sets the Z4 and
Z8 shown with front panel removed
and optional computer running ak.Sys
Z8 apart? Both units employ Akai’s realtime controllers called Q-Link
Control software.
knobs that can be assigned to a variety of parameters. The Z4 has four QLink knobs while the Z8 has eight. The Z8 also features a removable front panel for remote editing as well as a S/PDIF digital
I/O with a Word Clock input and a powerful 56-bit, 4-channel effects processor, both of which are optional on the Z4.
Supports 24- and 16-Bit linear samples at
sample rates of 44.1, 48, and 96kHz
272MB of internal SDRAM memory
expandable to 512MB using off-the-shelf
168-pin DIMMs (PC133/PC100, CL2,
256MB max.
Q-Link Knobs For
Realtime Control
64-voice polyphony, 128-part multitimbral
(32-voice polyphonic with the system clock
set to 96kHz)
60GB internal IDE HD
248x60 graphic LCD display
Built-in sample rate conversion is available
on the digital input for capturing audio
from peripherals such as CD players.
SMF (Standard MIDI File) playback
FAT32/DOS disk format and .Wav implemented as native format
EIII, EIV, Roland samples and programs
.AIFF also supported using ak.Sys
Networking Software on the Mac.
Two 1/4˝ TRS balanced record inputs
Two 1/4˝ TRS balanced outputs
24bit/96kHz A-to-D and D-to-A converters
with Enhanced Dual Bit 64-times oversampling A-to-D and Advanced Multi-bit 128times oversampling D-to-A conversion.
Two MIDI In and Two MIDI Out/Thru
Each assignable Q-Link knob can generate
MIDI controller data so that parameters
movements can be recorded and played
back from a sequencer.
USB master port allows you to interface
USB compatible floppy disk drives, hard
disks, removable media drives, or a USB
keyboard for quick name entry.
◆ An
The Z4’s four and the Z8’s eight realtime
Q-Link knobs can be individually assigned
to control a wide variety of parameters
including level, pan, filter cut-off and resonance, start offset, effect send, tuning and
more. Control of an entire program or a
sound assigned to a single keygroup is possible.
additional USB slave port is provided
for connecting a Mac/PC running the
AKAI Professional ak.Sys software.
Digital Dynamic Filters
File Compatibility
S1000, S3000, S5/6000 and
MPC2000XL - Sample and Program files
Inputs and Outputs
36 types of 6-pole digital dynamic resonant
filters plus a special 'Triple' mode that supports up to three independent 2-pole filter
blocks per voice.
Realtime control of the cut-off frequency
and resonance from the Q-Link knobs or
via MIDI control change messages.
50 pin high density SCSI port
Z8 Adds
2-channel S/PDIF digital I/O
◆ Word
Clock input
Dual independent LFOs with internal,
external modulation control and MIDI
clock sync.
8 x Q-Link assignable controllers for realtime modulation control
56-bit, 4-channel effects processor (EB4JS)
Three Digital Envelope generators including two multi-stage envelopes.
Removable front control panel for remote
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Z4 • Z8
IntelliSample uses an audio triggering to begin
and end the sample recording process:
Recording is triggered when the input level
exceeds an adjustable threshold level, and
stops when the level drops below the threshold
level. The recorded samples are automatically
named and assigned to a new program, or any
specified program.
Z4 Studio A — All Z4 features plus
IB-48P - 8-channel analog output
Z4 Studio D — All Z4 features plus
IB-4D, 2-channel S/PDIF digital I/O
board with WordClock input IB4ADT 2 in/8 out ADAT optical I/O
Z8 Studio A — All Z8 features plus
IB-48P - 8-channel analog output
Waveform Editing
Resample, Insert Sample, Delete Section,
Silence Zone, Reverse Zone, Pitch Shift, Fade
Up/Down, Normalize, Rescale (user defined
normalize), TimeStretch, BPM Matching,
Cross-Fade, Sound Slicing, and many more.
56-bit Multi-Effects
Also Available
Quick FX allows sounds to be easily resampled
and simultaneously processed with the internal
24bit/96kHz effects processor. A variety of presets are available that describe the final result
and further simplify the effects assign and programming process. Presets such as Dirty, Swell,
Squash, Stretch, Distant, and Fat will provide
immediate results for most effects applications
while retaining the original sample.
Z8 Studio D — All Z8 features
plus IB-4ADT - 2 IN/8 Out ADAT
optical I/O
ak.Sys Control and Networking
System software
Pitch Corrector effects is also provided for
intelligently correcting out of tune vocals and
other monophonic instruments.
EB4JS: 56Bit, 4-channel effects processor (Standard in the Z8)
The included ak.Sys software provides brings
intuitive, computer- based program editing,
multi editing and file management functionality to your Mac or PC.
The on-board USB Host/Slave port connects
to your computer allowing you to take
advantage of computer software control
while relying on the processing DSP power of
a dedicated hardware sampler.
IB-4D: S/PDIF 2-channel digital I/O
with BNC Word Clock input (Standard
in the Z8)
IB-4ADT: 2 in/8 out ADAT optical I/O
IB-48P: 8-channel analog output board
Z48-256MB: 256MB DIMMs
VZ8 – Software Sampler
The VZ8 is a 24-bit/96kHz compatible software sampler that offers the same
specifications and performance capabilities as its hardware counterpart, the Z8
Performance Sampler. The VZ8 is available as a VSTi under Windows and as an
Audio Unit plug-in under Mac OS X.
24-bi t/ 96kHz performance
Up to 64 voices and 16 audio outputs
per instance
◆ Over 30 filter types including 2, 4, and
6-pole lowpass plus various highpass,
bandpass, notch reject, peak, phase
shifting filters, a vowelizer and an
assortment of combination filters.
◆ ‘Triple’ filter mode lets you to create outrageous and unique filter combinations.
◆ Three envelope generators (two
multi-stage, one ADSR) per voice.
◆ Two multi-wave, MIDI synchable LFOs
with variable waveform phase and shift.
The comprehensive modulation matrix allows
up to 35 control sources to be routed in
completely variable amounts to over 50 targets.
Eight virtual Q-LINK controls allow real-time
Easy to use – just insert the VZ8 into a track
and start dragging and dropping sounds onto
it.Layer up to 128 sounds across 16 MIDI
True compatibility with S1/1100, S2/S3000,
S3000XL, S5/6000, Z4/8 sound libraries.
Sounds can be loaded from your Mac/PC
hard drive, CD-ROM drive or, using the ak.Sys
Disk Browser.
The Q-EDIT function provides quick and
easy access to filter cutoff, resonance and
envelope times.
Seamless integration with with Akai’s ak.Sys
software, which provides access to all of the
sampler’s parameters as well as the ability
to transfer data between your VZ8 and
Akai’s hardware samplers using simple
drag-and-drop procedures.
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The 24bit/96kHz 4-channel effects
processor (Optional on the Z4, standard with
the Z8) offers over 40 effect types including
reverbs, chorus, flanger, phaser, auto and
touch wah, rotary speaker, pitch shift, delay as
well as dynamics processors such as compressors, noise gates.
Quick FX
IntelliSample provides an automated sampling
function that allows you to easily create custom sounds while eliminating complete steps
in the sound creation process. For example,
using IntelliSample is a convenient way to
continually record from an audio CD,
normalize, name, and assign the samples to a
program automatically.
MIDI Production Center
The MPC2000XL is a complete MIDI production center that combines a
digital sampler, 64-track sequencer and a tactile work surface based
around 16 velocity sensitive drum pads. The sampling section features 16bit stereo sampling, 32-voice polyphony and is expandable to 32MB with
widely available standard SIMMs (2MB of RAM is included standard).
Each voice has access to a dynamic resonant filter and envelope and samples can be precisely edited using the MPC2000XL’s intelligent time stretch
function, graphic cut-and-paste sample editing and resampling capabilities. The sequencing section has a 300,000 note capacity and allows you to
record on up to 32 MIDI channels simultaneously. Two MIDI Out ports
allow you to integrate external synths and synchronize with other workstations. The MPC2000XL can be pre-configured with a host of options
including 8 individual outputs with S/PDIF I/O, SMPTE I/O and a 4-bus effects processor. These options, including memory
upgrades are user-installable and can be added at a later date.
64 Track Sequencer
Sampler/Sound Generator
Sampler, drum machine and MIDI
sequencer in one instrument
44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo sampling with 32voice polyphony
2MB of memory is included as standard
providing 21.9 sec. mono or 10.9 sec. of
stereo sampling.
Two memory expansion slots allow you to
expand the available memory to 32MB
using 16MB 72-pin SIMMs (70ns).
Control Surface
16 large, velocity- and pressure-sensitive
drum pads and 4 pad banks provide a total
of 64 pad/bank combinations.
Up to three samples can be assigned to one
MIDI note. The samples can be played
simultaneously or can be switched via
velocity, or with the Note Variation slider.
Up to 256 sounds and 24 programs can be
loaded into memory at one time.
Note Variation slider for programming a
wide variety of dynamics
Large 248 x 64 dot flip-up LCD display for
graphic waveform editing. Six soft keys
under the LCD display provide direct
access to functions on each page.
Dedicated buttons for most-used functions
The powerful and easy-to-use 64 track
MIDI sequencer offers a great alternative to
complex computer-based sequencers.
maximum of 50,000 notes (events) is
available per sequence. The sequencer’s total
memory supports a maximum of 300,000
notes (events) and 99 sequences.
Two (mergeable) MIDI inputs and two
independent MIDI outputs allow you to
integrate synths and other MIDI gear into
the sequencing environment. Up to 32
channels can be recorded simultaneously.
The sequencer’s timing resolution is 96
parts per 1/4-note (ppqn).
The Swing feature lets you add a swing-feel
to the rhythm.
The Auto Punch function enables you to
execute automatic punch in or punch at
designated points within a sequence.
The 2nd sequence function allows you to
have a separate sequence play at the same
time that another sequence (or song) is
being played/recorded.
Support is provided for both linear and pattern-style (loop-based) recording. The loop
recording function allows you to quickly
and easily loop short phrases.
The Step Edit function allows you to view
and edit the pitch, duration, position and
velocity of individual events.
dedicated Undo Seq key allows you to
undo sequence recordings or edits.
MPC2000XL models are available with either a 3.5˝ 2HD/2DD compatible 1.44MB disk drive
or a 100MB Iomega Zip drive for storing and loading samples.
50-pin high-density SCSI port allows you to back up large projects to a variety of removable
media such as Zip or Jaz disks, fixed hard drive or you can connect a CD Rom drive allowing
you to access a vast array of commercially available sample libraries.
File Compatibility
◆ You
can load samples from the vast Akai S-Series Sound Library as well as the Akai MPC60,
MPC60-II, MPC3000 libraries, E-Mu EIII and Roland S750/S760 CD-ROM libraries, as well as
.WAV files from PC disks.
Inputs and Outputs
Left and right balanced 1/4˝ TRS record
inputs with a Max. input level of +10dBu.
Left and right unbalanced 1/4˝ outputs.
The optional IB-M208P I/O board provides an additional eight individual unbalanced 1/4˝ outputs plus a coaxial (RCA)
S/PDIF digital input and master output.
Sample Editing
Extensive cut-and-paste sample editing
with waveform display.
1/4˝ stereo headphone output with dedicated volume control.
◆ Waveform
display with zoom function
allows precision editing.
Two independent MIDI outputs permit 32
simultaneous MIDI output channels.
Timestretch allows you to intelligently
lengthen or shorten a sample using 18 different preset algorithms tailored to suit a
variety of source material.
Synchronization and control capabilities
include MIDI clock, MTC, MMC (MIDI
machine control)
BPM Match enables you to change the
tempo of the sample so that it will fit into
the track that you are working with.
The optional IC-M2TC board supports
SMPTE time code synchronization. The
supported SMPTE frame rates are 24, 25,
29.97 drop and 30.
The Re-sampling function allows you to
change the sampling frequency of the sample which is useful for conserving memory
as well as for creating LoFi samples.
Realtime Control
The Note Variation slider allows you to
control the decay or filter value of the
sound in real time.
The Next Seq key allows you to select
another sequence to play directly following
the one already selected.
Track mute can be turned on or off and
sequences can be selected using the drum
The Erase key works in conjunction with
the drum pads to allow you to delete
sequence data on the fly, without stopping
the sequencer.
The note repeat function and the after
touch function pads enable you to easily
enter drum rolls and hi-hat beats.
The Tap Tempo function allows you to set
the playback tempo by tapping a key in the
time of 1/4-notes.
The ability to convert MIDI sustain pedal
data to note duration data allows you to
insert sustain effects independently from
the note data within a track.
12dB/octave dynamic resonant lowpass
filter is available per voice.
The Utilities page provides lets you
customize settings to suit your particular
work style such as whether MIDI notes are
shown as numbers or keys, loop lengths as
a time value or samples and whether you
want the Ent/Play button to play back a key
as one note, a chord or an arpeggio.
◆ All
customized settings can be saved to
Flash ROM so that your sampler boots up
exactly as you want it every time.
Settings can also be saved to floppy disk or
hard disk.
Data can be exported to or imported from
standard MIDI files.
Tempo changes can be programmed
mid-sequence or mid-song are supported.
Also Available
MPC2000XL Studio —
All MPC2000XL features PLUS IB-M208P, 8
output expander with S/PDIF digital I/O and
IB-M20T, SMPTE Read + Generate
MPC2000XL Studio Plus —
All MPC2000XL Studio features PLUS EB16,
4 bus digital multi-effects processor, capable
of 6 simultaneous effects
MPC2000XL-ZP —
MPC2000XL with built-in 100MB ZIP drive,
100MB ZIP disk loaded with 50MB of free
MPC programs and sounds
An Envelope with three parameters (Attack,
Decay and Decay MD) is also provided.
The optional EB20 effects processor offers
two independent channels of multi effects
plus two additional channels of reverb-only
effects – all of which are fully editable.
The two multi channels offer up to six
simultaneous effects each, including
reverb, echo/delay, distortion, EQ, ring
modulation, and a choice of modulation
effects such as chorus, phasing, flanging,
pitch shifting and rotary speaker emulation.
MPC2000XL Studio Plus-ZP —
MPC2000XL Studio Plus with built-in
100MB ZIP drive, 100MB ZIP disk loaded
with 50MB of free MPC programs and
In Multi Mode, the EB20 is configured as
four separate processors with effects sends
available on each multi-timbral channel.
The effects can also be configured to serve
as a stand alone dual channel FX processor
for other sound sources attached to the
sampler’s inputs.
IB-M208P: 8 individual output and digital
I/O board
EB16: Multi-effects processor board
FMX008M: 8MB Flash ROM board
16MB SIMM memory board
Fully Editable Multi-Effects
MPC2000XL Studio-ZP —
MPC2000XL Studio with built-in 100MB
ZIP drive, 100MB ZIP disk loaded with
50MB of free MPC programs and sounds
Optional Accessories
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Desktop 24-bit/96kHz Sampler/Sequencer
The MPC4000 is Akai Professional’s most advanced music production center
ever. Built around the same Z-96 LSI sampling engine found in Akai’s Z4 and
Z8 Performance Samplers, combined with a high-performance Intel CPU, the
MPC4000 provides ultra-fast processing with 24-bit audio resolution and support for sample rates up to 96kHz. This is the first MPC to integrate a full feature sampler that not only supports standard Drum programs, but also gives
you the ability to use keygrouped programs such as piano, bass, strings, synth,
etc. The MPC4000 uses .Wav as its native sample format and is compatible
with Z-Series and S-Series multi, program, and sample files offering you
instant access to a huge library of material. The MPC4000’s 128 track
sequencer boasts a 300,000 note capacity and 960 PPQN resolution. The
large 6-inch backlit, hinged graphic display offers high resolution graphical editing of waveforms as well as sequence event editing, including
piano roll style editing. Other features include: 272MB of RAM,
expandable to 512MB; a built-in four channel, 56-bit effects processor;
a 60GB internal hard drive and CD burner for archiving and loading
data as well as burning audio CDs; plus a whole lot more.
Includes all sampler functions of Z4/Z8
sampler – Z-96 sampling engine, combined
with a high-performance Intel CPU provides
ultra-fast processing and 24-bit audio
resolution with sample rates up to 96kHz
◆ 64-note polyphony (up to 48kHz), or
32-note polyphony at 96 kHz
◆ Includes 272MB of internal memory.
Expandable to 512MB maximum expandable
using standard PC100 or PC133 SDRAM.
◆ Samples can be recorded to RAM or directly to
the internal hard drive for streaming playback.
User Interface
Sixteen velocity and pressure sensitive
drum pads plus six pad banks provide
quick access to up to 96 different sounds.
Large backlit 320 x 240 dot hinged
graphic LCD display.
Up to six real-time controllers can be
assigned to control a wide variety of
◆ Virtually
all parameters are assignable
to two Note Variation sliders, or four
Q-Link knobs for real-time modulation
Data Storage
built-in 60 GB EIDE hard drive is included
for sample storage.
◆ An internal CD Burner is also provided for
master archiving, back-up, audio CD creation
as well as loading commercially available
samples CD-ROMs.
◆ FAT32 disk format is fully compatible with
S5/6000, Z4, Z8, DPS24, and as well as the
.WAV sample format allows data sharing with
anything supporting .WAV files.
◆ All
Q-Link knobs generate MIDI
controller data that allows performances
to be captured with the built-in sequencer.
Inputs and Outputs
Balanced stereo XLR-1/4-inch TRS combo
inputs with reference-grade preamps, as
well as (RCA) phono inputs that allows
you to sample form a turntable without
the need for an external mixer or amp.
Balanced stereo XLR and 1/4˝ outputs.
◆ All
inputs and outputs utilize high quality
24bit/96kHz converters.
Two MIDI In and four MIDI Out ports
control up to 64 independent MIDI
SMPTE I/O is included standard
50-pin Ultra SCSI port is provided for
accessing additional storage peripherals.
Two USB Ports
Memory meters display remaining free
sampler memory, sequence memory and
CPU memory
IntelliSample automates sampling,
naming, program creation and sample
USB host port supports an ASCII
keyboard for naming, or USB floppy, Zip,
CD-R, HD or MO drives for storage.
USB slave port is included for
computer interfacing ak.Sys utility software.
◆ You
Large Backlit 320 x 240 Dot
Hinged Graphic LCD Display
The sequencer allows you to capture MIDI
data at 960 ppq resolution and has a
300,000 note capacity per sequence..
The length (1–999 measures), tempo, and
time signature can be specified separately
for each sequence.
can freely select the output destination
for each track — the MIDI events recorded
in the 128 tracks can be sent to the sampler
section or you can access external synths by
channelizing tracks to any of the four
MIDI Outputs.
Sample Editing
Besides standard cut copy and paste
editing, the MPC4000 offers a wide range
of tools for extracting the perfect groove
for your productions
The Slice Sound Function (also available
on the MPC2000XL) allows you to divide a
a sample into 32 samples and assigns them
to a new program automatically.
The Beat Loop Function calculates the
tempo from the phrase length for Pitch
Shift and Time Stretch functions to change
the tempo.
There are 26 types of 6-pole digital
dynamic filters available with up to three
simultaneous filters per voice (192 total).
Filters can be independently controlled
from a variety of assignable modulation
Dual multi-wave LFOs with internal/
external modulation control
◆ You
Multiple sequences can be easily arranged
in any any order to create a “song.” A song
can be converted to a sequence.
The large LCD also allows an unprecedented view of sequence data showing data as a
piano roll or as a drum machine 'grid'.
Continuous MIDI data can also be shown
(and edited) graphically.
Realtime Synthesis Control
Graphical sequence event editing
envelope generator, two multi-stage
envelope generators,
EB4JS 4-Channel 24-bit/96kHz
Effects Processor
Four-channels of 24-bit/96kHz compatible
effects, processed at 56-bit. The four
processors can be configured as mono
in/mono out; mono in/stereo out or you
can strap two processors together for true
stereo I/O.
all parameters are assignable to
two Note Variation sliders, or four Q-Link’
knobs for real-time modulation control.
Graphic editing of sample waveforms
The effects are accessed via four effects
Quick FX resampling using powerful presets from the four-channel 24-bit/96kHz
effects processor. Samples can be edited by
simple descriptive commands like Dirty,
Swell, Squash, Distant, Fat, etc.
◆ All
Q-Link knobs generate MIDI controller
data that allows performances to be
captured with the built-in sequencer.
Computer Interfacing
Each of the four effect units has access to
one of 52 effect types and each effect is
fully editable allowing a wide range of
effects to be obtained.
Graphic editing of controller data
◆ Virtually
The free (downloadable) ak.Sys Network
and Control Software allows complete
Program editing, Multi editing, and file
management via Mac or PC computers.
The MPC4000’s intuitive interface combined with the generous ak.Sys software
GUI makes the MPC4000 extremely easy to
manage, and since all DSP processing takes
place within the MPC4000 instead of the
computer, it won’t overtax your CPU.
IB-4D stereo S/PDIF digital I/O with a built-in sample rate
converter to eliminate rate-matching problems and a
WordClock input
IB-48P analog output
board with eight assignable
balanced outputs.
IB-4ADT Two In/Eight
Out ADAT optical digital
I/O board.
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can record up to 128 tracks per
sequence and up to 128 sequences can be
stored in internal memory.
Control Surface
The MPD16 is a self-contained control surface based on the
drum pad design found on Akai’s legendary MPC series of
music production systems.The MPD16 connects via USB
and/or MIDI to your computer, synth, drum module or
sampler — anywhere you want to take advantage of a
velocity drum machine-style tactile interface.
Designed with simplicity in mind – allows you to program your
drum sequences using a drum machine style interface instead of
your keyboard.
16 MPC-spec pressure-and-velocity sensitive drum pads
16-Level mode allows you to generate the note velocity in 16 steps
with 16 pads. Full-Level mode produces data with velocity value of
127, regardless of the velocity of the pad tapped.
Bank key allows you to switch between two banks of sounds.
The Active key enables the fader which outputs MIDI control changes.
Parameter settings such as MIDI Note Assign, MIDI Channel, MIDI
Control Change, etc. can be assigned from the computer via USB.
Set-up is facilitated with the MPD16 Utility and PC/MAC driver
software CDROM.
Powered via your computers USB port or the optional AC adapter.
MFC42 MIDI Filter Controller
The MFC is a digitally controlled analog filter module optimized for use
with Akai’s MPC-Series of Music Production Systems. It features four
selectable filter types, real-time control of filter, LFO, distortion, phasing
and envelope parameters. The MFC42 can be rackmounted or mounted
directly on an MPC2000/MPC2000XL using the optional KIT-MFC
Mounting bracket kit.
Two independent channels: a stereo channel,
for processing MPC drum sounds, with a
choice of 2-pole and 4-pole filter curves; and
a mono channel, for bass with a choice of a
2-pole, 4-pole and an awesome 8-pole filter.
Four filter types are available including: lowpass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filters.
Toggle switches allow you to immediately
switch to any filter type, with having to
scroll through unwanted choices.
Dedicated controls are provided cutoff
frequency and resonance allowing real-time
sound sculpting – from sub-sonic to
extreme weirdness.
◆ An
assortment of standard inputs, plus
direct turntable inputs, allows the MFC42 to
be used in just about any application.
In addition to the powerful filtering
capabilities, the MFC42 provides one LFO,
one Envelope Generator
◆ Almost all of the controls on generate MIDI
controller data, allowing performances to be
recorded in the MPC’s sequencer.
can assign the LFO and EG (envelope
generator) to either channel to provide
real-time changes. The on-board LFO can
sync to external MIDI clock to easily match
the tempo of any beat.
◆ While
each of the channels is independent,
LINK and INVERT functions allow
interaction between the channels. By linking
the channels together, any changes made on
one channel will actually affect both
channels. The INVERT function allows the
control of one channel to have the opposite
effect on the other channel.
◆ You
The LFO rate can also be controlled using
TAP TEMPO as well as BEAT SYNC which
allows the duration of the LFO/Envelope
when using the tap tempo feature.
◆ When
using the stereo channel, you can shift
the LFO phase between the left/right outs.
Trigger button allows instant filter
triggering -no keyboard required.
Large, dedicated control knobs
Even greater sound shaping possibilities are
provided via the distortion, a stereo analog
phaser, and EQ.
Built-in effects
Drum/Percussion Sound Module
16-note Polyphony
127 velocity levels are available via MIDI or
trigger inputs.
◆ 21 drum kit memory locations w/defaults
permanently stored in ROM.
◆ MIDI In, Out/Thru connectors
◆ 1/4˝ TRS headphone output with variable gain
◆ 1/4˝ switchable footswitch input can be assigned
to control hi-hat or program advance mode.
Coarse (chromatic) and Fine (cents) tuning
is provided for each sound.
Data knob, front panel keypad sound auditioning via velocity sensitive Preview button
on front panel.
Expanded Dynamic Articulation uses velocity
to modulate the tone and pitch of samples
Random Sample feature brings new life to
static tracks by realistically varying the sound
of the drum as you play.
DM PRO — 64 Voice 20-Bit Expandable Drum Module
The DM Pro is Alesis’ most advanced drum module. It boasts 64 voice polyphony, and a 16MB drum and percussion library
with a diverse range of over 1,000 sounds designed to accommodate nearly any musical style. A PCMCIA card slot allows you
to add an additional 8MB of customized samples for a total of 24MB. The DM Pro also provides 16 drum trigger inputs using
Alesis’ most advanced triggering system. The DM Pro Expandable 20 Bit Drum Module is the most advanced device available
today. For composers who need a dedicated MIDI module for drums, or drummers looking for the professional solution for
triggered electronic drum performances, the DM Pro represents the most powerful tool for creative inspiration.
1,024 different kick, snare, tom, cymbal, hi-hat,
percussion and special effect samples derived from
16MB of PCM ROM.
◆ An
Create and store up to 32 virtual drumkits, and each
kit can contain up to 64 different drum sounds.
Up to four samples can be layered on each drum
sound. The DM Pro also provides complete envelope
expansion slot allows access additional sounds via 8MB PCMCIA-format cards.
◆ Alesis’ Sound
Customizable onboard multi-effects use the same
processing engine as the Q20 multi-effects processor.
Bridge sample management software allows you to burn your own
sounds and samples from your computer (PC or Mac) onto a PCMCIA-format card.
Inputs and Outputs
Six 1/4˝ audio outputs provide optimum mixing and processing flexibility.
Stereo RCA audio inputs accommodate external audio sources, like CD players or tape
decks, to be routed through an audio system so you can practice with recorded music.
16 fast trigger inputs for drummers using electronic pads or triggered acoustic drums.
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Four 1/4˝ analog outputs (2 stereo pairs)
12 trigger input jacks – each with 5 user
adjustable trigger parameters.
◆ 18-bit digital to analog converters and
48kHz samples
◆ 21 programmable drumsets.
◆ Over 500 sounds including stereo
samples with reverb, ambience
◆ User programmable panning for each
sample (7 positions)
The DM5 is an affordable, single rack space drum module that offers drummers and MIDI composers a professional, full featured tool for high quality drum, percussion and special effect samples. The DM5 puts over 540 sounds, many recorded in true
stereo and with ambient effects. You’ll find a range of classic Alesis studio drum sounds as well as cutting-edge sounds representing many of the latest musical styles. The DM5 also features four assignable 1/4˝ outputs as well as a 12 ultra-fast trigger
inputs. Whether you’re needs quality drums and percussion on a budget or are looking to add new sounds to your arsenal, the
DM 5 provides a low cost solution.
QS6.2 • QS8.2
64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer
Alesis introduced the QS8 in 1996, and
shattered the price barrier for professional
88-note keyboards. Normal working
musicians, and those just aspiring to work
more, could suddenly afford a no-compromise
instrument for a very compromising price,
and this tradition continues with the QS6.2
and QS8.2. Featuring serious sounds for
serious players, the QS synths are loaded with stunning pianos
and keyboards, a soup-to-nuts collection of orchestral instruments,
killer drum and percussion kits, and enough amazing synth
textures, fat basses, and sizzling leads to keep dance musicians
and remixers grooving into the next time zone. A deep
programmable synth architecture and four-bus effects processor
add the finishing touches. And a wide variety of fresh samples are available from our extensive QCard library.Whether you need an
88-note workhorse or a do-it-all synth, the QS8.2 and QS6.2 keep your fingers flying for a down-to-earth price.
QS8.2 features an 88-key, fullyweighted hammer-action keyboard
with velocity and release velocity.
QS6.2 has a 61-key synth-action
keyboard with velocity, release velocity,
and aftertouch
16MB of internal wave memory, expandable to 24MB via PCMCIA Q cards.
16-bit linear 48kHz samples
640 Programs (512 preset, 128 user)
including Alesis’ acclaimed Stereo Grand
Piano, and 500 multimbral mixes (400 preset, 100 user).
To make it easier to find a desired program, they are organized into 11 categories
based on instrument type: Pianos,
Chromatic, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Strings,
Brass, Winds, Synth, Rhythm/FX,
Pitch and modulation wheels as well as four user
definable edit/control sliders are provided for
controlling synth and effects parameters in realtime.
Mix Mode
QS Composite Synthesis
True 64-voice polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts.
◆ Sweepable lowpass filter, 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs and programmable effects
send per voice along with user defined
modulation routings.
◆ You
can use Mix Mode to create complex
layers and/or splits. Example you can create
a lush piano, string layer or create a split
with an acoustic bass on the left side of the
keyboard with an organ on the right side.
QS Parallel Matrix Effects
The powerful built-in 4-bus digital multieffects processor is capable of generating a
variety of effects for adding spaciousness,
presence or even mutate sounds including:
reverb, chorus, distortion, EQ, delay, rotary
speaker simulation, and more.
Mix Mode allows you to access up to 16
different Programs at once from the keyboard or an external sequencer. Each of the
16 parts can have its own level, panning,
transpositions and effect send settings.
◆ You
can also use Mix Mode to receive data
on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously from
an external sequencer, with each channel
representing a different instrument.
Inputs and Outputs
Stereo L/R 1/4˝ outputs using 24-bit 128x
oversampling delta-sigma Digital to Analog
◆ 1/4˝ Stereo headphone output
◆ Assignable aux pedal, sustain pedal inputs.
◆ MIDI in, out, and thru connectors
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QS6.2 • QS8.2
Available QCards
Stereo Jazz Piano – featuring multisamples taken
from a renowned concert grand favored by top
jazz players everywhere.
Sound Bridge
Latin –vibrant sounds and rhythms, ranging from
traditional to contemporary including Tex-Mex,
Tejano, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, and muc more
Classical – a collection of authentic classical
instruments including solo and ensemble strings,
brass, woodwinds, percussion and much more.
Hip Hop – a cool collection of sounds for HipHop, R&B, Swing, Jungle, Acid Jazz, House and
other urban music styles
Sanctuary – A wide variety of instrument, choral
and special effect sounds for the creation and performance of spiritual music for churches, musicians and composers.
Vintage Synthesizers and Classic Bea Boxes –
Groovy synth sounds and lo-fi drums from the
dawn of the age of electronic music.
EuroDance – Create powerful Techno, Trance,
Ambient, Industrial or House music with this awesome collection of drums, bass, noise bursts, filter
sweeps and synths
Vintage Keyboards – a collection of super-realistic sounds from the greatest keyboard instruments from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s including
electric pianos, clavs, organs and much more.
SR-16 Drum Machine
The SR-16 is one of the most popular drum machines ever made. It features a great
selection of 233 realistic, natural drum sounds, offered both in dry form and
sampled with Alesis’ renowned digital reverbs. 50 preset patterns, performed by top
studio players, are provided with enough rhythmic variations to create a complete
arrangement making the SR-16 an ideal companion for songwriters. Live musicians
and studios will appreciate the SR-16’s straight forward drum programming, 12
velocity sensitive drum pads and four outputs as well as its ability to sync to
external sequencers via MIDI clock and Song Position Pointer.
Drum Pads
233 internal 16-bit sampled sounds many
of which are stereo samples with reverb
and ambience.
50 preset drum kits are provide plus you
can create up to 50 of your own kits. Drum
kits program changes can be made via
◆ You
can access up to 12 sounds at a time
via the drum pads, and up to 120 sounds
via MIDI.
16 voice polyphony
◆ Adjustable
volume and pan per sound
12 velocity sensitive drum pads with a
Dynamic Articulation function that
enables a drum sound to change its tonal
content as it’s played harder, adding a
humanizing element to performances.
There 8 loudness (velocity) levels via pads,
and 127 levels via MIDI.
◆ You
can sync the SR-16 to external devices
via MIDI Clock and Song Position Pointer.
footswitch input allows you to access a
number of functions including: start/stop,
96 PPQN timing resolution
◆ You can create patterns with any time signature (1-128 beats per pattern)
◆ The tempo can be set between 20-255 bpm
◆ 12,000 note capacity with 400 pattern
memory locations (200 user, 200 preset)
and 100 memory locations for songs.
Four 1/4˝ outputs (2 stereo pairs) with 18bit D-A converters.
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Sound Bridge is a free (downloadable)
software application for the Mac and
PC that allows you to download your
own sequences, Program Banks, and
samples (.AIF, .AIFF, .SD, and .WAV)
from your computer into a Flash card
plugged into the QS. All you need is a
Flash card and a computer with a
MIDI interface.
Stereo Classical Piano – captures the rich, authentic tone of a world-class grand piano. It’s ideal for
any musical style that demands superb piano
QCard expansion slot, compatible
with Type I PCMCIA SRAM and flash
cards, allows you to add 8MB of additional samples and programs from
Alesis’ comprehensive QCard library.
◆ The programs in each QCard employs
16-bit, 48kHz uncompressed digital
samples for exceptional clarity,
dynamics and detail. Each 8 megabyte
QCard also offers 100% plug-and-play
convenience and can be used with any
expandable Alesis synthesizer.
Analog Modeling Synthesizer
The ION is a 49-key analog modeling synthesizer
with a super-charged sound engine that packs
eight voices of smooth, high-bandwidth analogstyle punch, with three oscillators and two
multi-mode filters per voice. This four-part
multitimbral sound engine serves up everything from warm, round bass tones to lush
pads and gritty lead sounds, making ION perfect
for music styles ranging from rock to funk and the latest house,
techno and trance dance styles. The ION’s intuitive user interface begs to be
tweaked with 30 knobs, over 70 direct-access buttons, a pitch bend wheel, and two assignable
modulation wheels that provide realtime control over synth parameters. From radical filter sweeps to subtle tonal changes,
everything is right at your finger tips, just like the classic analog synths of the past. The ION also has an array of onboard
effects including chorus, flange, phaser, echo, distortion, fuzz, compressor and more — all developed using Alesis' legendary
effects algorithms. The ION even offers a full-featured Vocoder, which can perform up to 40 bands of vocoding. Connections
include four balanced analog outputs and stereo balanced analog inputs, as well as MIDI In and Out/Thru ports. A built-in
switching power supply is also included.
49 velocity sensitive synth action keyboard
Eight note polyphony and four multitimbral parts with a proprietary 500 MIPS
sound engine that is capable of delivering
everything from warm, round bass tones to
lush pads and gritty lead sounds, perfect
for a wide range of musical styles from
retro rock and funk to futuristic house,
techno and trance dance styles.
512 Preset Programs, all of which are user
3 oscillators per voice, with continuously
variable wave shapes, Sync and FM.
16 types of filters are available – up to two
multimode filters can be used simultaneously in series, parallel, or stereo configurations.
Performance Friendly Interface
Cleanly laid-out and intuitive user interface
begs to be grabbed and tweaked.
30 infinitely adjustable, realtime control
knobs - on high-resolution pots, not
encoders, over 70 direct-access, backlit
Large 160x160 high resolution graphic LCD
provides visual feedback for a variety of
Sustain and expression pedal inputs are
also provided offering even greater control
Pitch bend wheel, and two assignable mod wheels.
2 LFOs, Sample and Hold and Arpeggiator
- all Sync to MIDI Clock
External signals can be routed via the balanced, 24-bit analog inputs where they can
access the onboard filters, effects as well as
a 40-band Vocoder.
Alesis Effects
4 Individual Mono/Stereo Insert Effects and Stereo Master Multi-FX Processor.
Includes many of Alesis’ renowned effects
including: chorus, flange, phaser, echo,
distortion, fuzz, compressor and more.
Four 1/4˝ balanced analog outputs and
stereo1/4˝ balanced analog inputs all with
24-bit converters.
full-featured Vocoder provides up to 40
bands of vocoding without affecting
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
MIDI In and Out/Thru ports.
◆ Built-in switching power supply
16-Voice Real Analog Synth
61-note synth-weighted velocity sensitive
keyboard with aftertouch.
256 internal preset programs and 128 user
16 true analog voices and 16-channel multitimbral functionality with full MIDI
True Analog
Subtractive Synthesis
Two oscillators per voice with five waveforms each (sine, triangle, square, up saw,
down saw), and two sub-oscillators.
2-pole multimode resonant filter and a
4-pole lowpass resonant filter per voice.
Three MIDI-synchable LFOs each with six
waveforms and three 7-stage envelopes.
total of 72 knobs and 144 buttons allows
for real-time control during performances.
Up to 16 user-defined arpeggiators can be
created and stored per program (one per
Pitch and mod wheels are provided as well
as a large ribbon controller, which offers
multiple, assignable functions, and allows
for greater tactile control.
Fully Progammable Effects
◆ Analog-Style
640 x 240 backlit graphic LCD display
provides real world values (time, frequency,
BPM, etc.) with high-resolution graphics.
◆ An
extensive audio input/output array
provides maximum routing flexibility.
16 mono outputs via eight 1/4˝ TRS jacks
— one for each of the 16 voices.
Stereo 1/4˝ main outputs
Two 1/4˝ mono aux outputs (jacks)
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
External audio sources can be routed to the
1/4˝ analog inputs and processed via the
A6’s Filters and modulation sources.
Dedicated 1/4˝ Pedal/CV, Switch and
Sustain jacks
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
Portamento with nine slopes, and legato
Sequencer with 16 steps and
four levels: Note, the note’s Velocity, the
note’s Gate time (duration), and Type
which selects whether a note will play or
the step will be a rest.
Inputs and Outputs
Hands-On Interface
Two complete effects systems are provided:
the first produces a variety of analog-generated distortions (overdrive, classic fuzz
box and more) and the other for producing an array of studio-quality digital effects
(reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitchshifting and rotating speaker).
The digital effects contain a number of single effects plus some very useful multieffects where two or more single effect generators are linked.
◆ An Auto-Tune
function automatically
tunes the 16 oscillators that may become
detuned due to temperature changes.
card slot allows you to save and recall
custom programs and mixes to a standard
PCMCIA-format memory card.
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The Alesis A6 Andromeda is a real polyphonic
analog synthesizer designed to uphold the
legacy of classic American synthesizers.
Andromeda offers a 61-note synth-weighted
keyboard features velocity and aftertouch
sensitivity, 16 true analog voices and 16-channel
multitimbral functionality with full MIDI implementation.
The keyboard’s powerful voice engine includes two oscillators per voice with five
waveforms each, and two sub-oscillators. To achieve the rich and resonant sound so characteristic
of analog synths, Andromeda features 2-pole multimode and 4-pole lowpass classically derived resonance filters. To unleash
the potential of Andromeda’s true analog sound, there are 72 knobs and 144 buttons that allow real-time control of virtually
every parameter. Other powerful features include MIDI-synchable LFOs, an arpeggiator and an analog-style step-sequencer.
To manipulate sounds even further, Andromeda offers a high quality digital effects processor along with a dedicated analog
distortion circuit. In addition to the standard pitch and mod wheels, Andromeda also has a large, multi-function ribbon
controller that offers an expressive alternative for controlling real-time parameters.
There are a total of six single rack space sound
modules available in the Proteus family covering a
wide spectrum of musical styles from Pop to
HipHop and Techno to Classic Synths and
Keyboards to Orchestral instruments. Each module
features a powerful synth engine with 32MB of sound
ROM packed with over 1000 presets, dual stereo 24-bit effects
processors, an ultra-fast 32-bit processor and real-time control over an extensive
range of synth parameters. In addition, each module can be further expanded by
adding any of the large number of Proteus 2000 expansion -ROMS. Modules are available with
either 64-note polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts or 128-note polyphony and 32 multitimbral parts allowing
you to play back complex sequences with timing and expressivity that will meet the expectations of the most demanding
composer and producer.
Expandable Sound Modules
Powerful Synthesis
Up to four synthesizer voices can be layered
per preset making it possible to program
just about any kind of sound. Layers can be
switched or crossfaded using key position,
velocity, real-time controllers or any
modulation source.
50 different types of 2nd to 6th order deep
resonant and modeling filters allow you to
shape and modify the raw waveforms.
64 modulation sources are also provided
including three multistage envelopes and
two LFOs per layer, as well as full MIDI
control over virtually every parameter.
24-bit stereo effects allow you to add
richness, depth and color to your sound.
You can choose from over 60 different
algorithms and effects can be linked to
each preset or used globally.
The effects section is actually two separate
effects processors with control over each
wet/dry mix level on four effects sends.
Effects Processor “A” contains primarily
ambiance algorithms like reverb and
delays, while effects processor “B” contains
primarily spectral algorithms such as
chorus, flange, phase, distortion, and delay.
The LFOs and Envelopes can be synced to
MIDI clock or to an internal tempo.
The digital patch bay, with 24 cords per
layer, (and 12 more cords per preset) allow
you connect modulation sources to up to
64 destinations in any imaginable way.
Four front panel real-time controllers can
be switched in three layers giving you
control over 12 user-selectable parameters.
The real-time knobs can also control
multiple parameters at once.
every synth parameter is
controllable using the real-time knobs or
by any internal or external control source.
Each module has between one and three
user installable expandable sound ROM
sockets for adding any of fourteen available
16MB or 32MB ROM sets.
◆ You
can also author your own -ROMS
using the E4 Ultra sampler.
Additional Features
The powerful Sound Navigator function
makes it easy to find the exact sound you
want from the thousands available. It’s
powerful, yet simple to use.
12 user-definable alternate tunings, and, of
course, an extensive MIDI implementation.
◆ Virtually
Selected Models Include–
Dual 24-Bit Stereo Effects
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Each module features either 64-note or
128-note polyphony.
◆ Modules may be outfitted with dual 1/4˝
outputs or upto six outputs and a S/PDIF
digital output.
◆ Modules may also be outfitted with either
16 or 32 MIDI channels.
SuperBEATS Mode (Available
in Selected Models)–
SuperBEATs Mode is a 16-track play-only
sequencer that is optimized for live
performance and groove creation. It
allows you to trigger, latch and unlatch
synced loops and grooves from your MIDI
◆ SuperBEATS compatible sound modules
include dozens of special 16-part BEATS
Riffs created by some of the best producers
in the business.
◆ Rhythmic Pattern Generator/ Arpeggiators
can play up to 16 synchronized arpeggiator
patterns at once.
◆ Patterns can be edited using pattern flow
commands such as: delay for 2 bars, play
for 4 bars, hold for 2 beats and repeat.
There are 200 factory patterns included in
addition, you can program or download up
to 100 user patterns.
Proteus 2000
Proteus 1000
The Proteus 1000 is a 64 voice expandable sound module
that offers the same 32 MB Composer soundset with 1536
presets (1024 ROM, 512 user) and lightning-fast processor
as the Proteus 2000. Proteus 1000 also provides you with an additional 32 MB ROM slot, so you can expand your sounds using any of the available
Proteus -ROMS including custom sound -ROMS using E-MU’s E4 Ultra samplers.
This powerful 128-voice expandable sound module is
E-MU’s first sound module to employ the ultra-fast
32-bit processor, extensive real-time controls and powerful
synthesis that allows you to playback complex sequences with remarkable timing and expressivity. The versatile 32 MB Composer soundset offers
you 1536 presets (1024 ROM, 512 user) with a wide and highly useful assortment of instruments covering many different styles of music. Three
additional 32MB ROM slots let you add up to 96 MB of additional sounds as well as the ability to author your own custom sound -ROMS using
E-MU’s E4 Ultra samplers.
Virtuoso 2000
Orbit 3
The Orbit 3 Super Synth is a 128-voice electronica/dance
sound module with a electrifying 64 MB soundset created by
famed sound designer Rob Papen – well known for his work
on both Access and the Waldorf synths. From fat analog
synth patches to “in your face” acoustic dance kits and percussion, Orbit 3 offers fresh, diverse and eclectic dance sounds. The Orbit 3 also employs
SuperBEATS mode which consists of multi-layered sequences that you can interact with to create unique performances. Using the front panel, realtime controller knobs, you can manipulate different aspects of a groove or rhythm pattern.
Mo’Phatt is a 64-voice Urban Dance Synth that is loaded
with the hottest Hip-Hop and R&B sounds and beats.
With its 32 MB expandable soundset, 12-pole digital
filters, synchable/programmable arpeggiators, and interactive SuperBEATs Mode, Mo'Phatt has become a production tool staple, found in the studios of many composers, producers and musicians. A Turbo upgrade option increases polyphony to 128 voices, and provides 4 additional outputs
(6 total), a S/PDIF digital output, two additional internal ROM expansion slots and 16 additional MIDI channels. Also available with the Turbo
upgrade pre-installed.
Vintage Pro
The Vintage Pro is a 128-voice retro-styled sound module
with a 32 MB soundset that packs an extensive collection of
sampled vintage keyboards from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, as
well as an assortment of samples from E-MU’s B-3 module. Each of the keyboards that were sampled had its own identity, both sonically and from
a design standpoint. Using samples derived from the finest vintage instruments available, the Vintage Pro is an indispensable tool for musicians
from classic rock and blues purists to the latest in dance music productions.
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The Virtuoso 2000 is a 128-voice expandable orchestral
sound module with a comprehensive 64MB orchestral
sound set powered by the Proteus 2000 synth engine.
E-MU’s sound designers spent months sampling dozens of solo and section instruments, all from the same professional symphony orchestra, to
develop an orchestral ROM sound set that is second to none in realism, versatility and consistency. Meticulously crafted into 512 presets that
include: violins, violas, celli, double basses, trumpets, French horns, trombones, bass trombones, tubas, Piccolos, flutes, oboes, English horn, clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons, contra bassoons, harp, orchestral bells, tubular bells, bell trees, celeste, xylophone, marimba and percussion battery
with over 20 instruments.
PK-6 – Proteus Keys
The PK-6 offers cutting-edge Proteus sounds and features in a high quality keyboard package.
The 32 MB composer soundset can be expanded to 128 MB using any of the Proteus expansion
ROMS available. The 16 real-time controllers allow you to tweak the PK-6’s synthesis architecture and filters, giving you total performance control over your sounds. And the PK-6’s 16 synchable/programmable arpeggiators and interactive Super BEATs Mode let you perform entire
pieces in real-time, all in perfect unison. Together with pristine 24-bit DACs and a lightningfast processor, the PK-6 offers professional results and playability at an incredible price.
XK-6 – Xtreme Keys
The XK-6 is a 61-key Electronica performance/production keyboard that delivers the advanced
synthesis architecture and 12th order filters found in the Xtreme Lead-1 Sound Module. A host
of interactive SuperBEATs, arpeggiators and effects, all synced to BPM, deliver unprecedented
rhythmic control. 16 mute/enable buttons bring beats in and out of your mix on the fly, while
the 12 controllers allow you to tweak filters and synth parameters in real-time. The diverse 32MB
Electronica/Techno soundset features everything from cutting lead sounds to drumkits to ethereal pads, and can be expanded using any of the
many Proteus expansion -ROMS available. You can even create your own custom -ROMS using E4 Ultra samplers. Whether it’s your main axe or an
addition to your arsenal, the XK-6 delivers total sonic satisfaction in at an amazing price.
MK-6 – Mo'Phatt Keys
The MK-6 puts Hip-Hop sounds and beats at your fingertips. Based on the sound set of
Mo'Phatt, it features a fresh new collection of presets and SuperBeats, giving you handson control of your sounds with a host of real-time performance controllers and buttons.
And keeping your grooves tight is no problem, as your synth parameters, arpeggiators and
interactive SuperBEATs all lock to your master BPM. The 61-key MK-6 ships with a 32 MB
soundset that has been carefully crafted by top sound designers to create the first “state-of-theart” keyboard dedicated to Hip-Hop and R&B. Three additional internal slots accommodate all
of the Proteus expansion -ROMS available (up to 128 MB total).
Vintage Keys
The Vintage Keys keyboard delivers over 30 classic keyboards in a high quality, 61-note package.
The 32 MB soundset includes the legendary synth and keyboard sounds that defined music in
the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. All sounds are optimized for the Proteus synthesis and filter architecture,
and many presets were voiced side-by-side with the the original instruments, for unmatched realism. Expand your sound palette further using any
Proteus expansion ROM to configure your soundset to match your individual sound requirements. Together with its 16 simultaneous, synchable
arps, real-time controllers and other performance features, Vintage Keys gives you an incredible selection of classic keyboard sounds.
They All Feature
High-performance 61-note keyboards with velocity and aftertouch.
64-voice polyphony and 16-part multimbral with a super-fast sound
engine for tight layered sounds, arpeggiators and grooves.
32 MB soundset, expandable to 128 MB using any Proteus
expansion -ROMS (three additional ROM slots available).
64 multi setups, 640 Factory and 512 User presets with up to 4 layers
per preset
Over 100 synthesis parameters per preset
Dual 24-bit effects processor with over 70 effects parameter
including a number of BPM-synced effects.
Over 50 types of E-MU’s legendary 6 and 12th order filters.
>100 BPM/ MIDI synchronized parameters per Preset
Use up to 16 simultaneous arpeggiators that are perfectly synced
to each other
300 Factory and 100 User arp patterns
◆ Control of the number of steps (up to 32 steps) with Key, Velocity,
Duration and Repeat parameters for each arpeggio.
◆ 2 line by 24 character LCD display
◆ 4 programmable real-time control knobs give you instant control
over 16 synth parameters including filters.
◆ Interactive groove control with 16 dedicated trigger buttons
◆ Other controllers include: Footswitch, Foot pedal, Modulation
Wheel and Pitch Wheel
◆ Four 1/4˝ analog outputs, with 24-bit D-to-A converters, configured
as 2 stereo pairs.
◆ MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
◆ Universal power supply: 90VAC – 260VAC at 50Hz – 60 Hz
◆ 40.75 width, 13.30˝ depth, 4.32˝ height (21 lbs.)
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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128-Voice Expandable Command Module
128 voice polyphony and 32 simultaneous
internal MIDI channels.
32 MB soundset, 512 presets and 512 user
presets, with up to four layers per preset,
provides you with a versatile sound palette
that includes everything from lush strings
and pristine pianos to synth stabs and hiphop scratches.
Three internal ROM slots allows expansion
to up to 128 MB of sounds using any of
the 14 available Proteus expansion -ROMS
as well as Flash -ROMS authored using E4
Ultra samplers.
Over 100 synchable synthesis parameters
per preset, as well as 50 of E-MU’s legendary 6/12th order filters.
The internal processor is three times more
powerful than the Proteus 2000, delivering
better audio performance and flawless
MIDI timing of even your most massive
Six 1/4˝ analog outputs with high quality
24-bit A-to-D converters and 24-bit coaxial
S/PDIF digital output.
One MIDI input and two MIDI outputs
supports up to 32 external MIDI channels.
16 Track MIDI Sequencer
Sixteen track sequencer with up to 16
MIDI channels per track can be used in
either linear or pattern based modes.
The sequencer’s intuitive and flexible operating system allows you to select sounds,
toggle between real-time, grid, and step
record modes, edit parameters, and mix
without ever stopping the recording
300,000 note sequencer memory with
room for 512 songs and 1024 patterns
384 PPQN resolution
Standard MIDI File import/export
Over 40 knobs and buttons deliver total
hands-on control of all synth parameters
(cutoff, Q, attack, delay, etc.) as well as
sequencer functions (track mute, pan,
volume, BPM, etc). Up to 24 modulation
routing patch cords can be assigned per
preset for customizing controller setups.
Knobs and buttons can be programmed to
control all of your external MIDI gear,
allowing you to use the Proteus 2500 as the
central control system for your studio
setup and live performance rig.
24-bit Dual Effects Processor
Two internal effects processors provide you
with over 60 effects algorithms — from
tempo-based delays to reverbs, distortion,
chorus, flanger, phasers and more.
The USB port offers easy connectivity to a
host computer allowing you to import and
export Standard MIDI Files to and from
the computer and accommodate easy
software updates from the internet using
E-MUs E-Loader application.
Multi-channel Pattern
32 simultaneous rhythm patterns or
300 ROM and 100 User Arp Patterns
Each arpeggio can have up to 32 steps with
variable Key, Velocity, Duration, Repeat
◆ Arpeggiators
can be saved with your
sequence and can be modified in real-time
using the control knobs.
USB Port
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The four rack space Proteus 2500
Command Module is E-MU’s
128-voice flagship sound module with
three times the processing power of the
Proteus 2000, a host of real-time
editing controls, a full-featured MIDI
sequencer, and USB connectivity to a
host computer. This latest processor,
combined with high quality 24-bit
analog and digital audio outputs,
delivers outstanding audio quality. The
Proteus 2500 ships with a 32 MB soundset
that can be expanded to 128 MB using any of the fourteen Proteus Expansion ROMS currently available. The Proteus 2500 also ships with over 100 MIDI sequences, allowing you to play and modify
existing sequences as well as your own.
XL-7 • MP-7
Command Stations
The XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations are tabletop groove-oriented
instruments each containing powerful multi-track sequencers and 128-voice
synthesizers. Each Command Station features 128-note polyphony, a 16
track pattern based sequencer with real time, grid and step recording capabilities, 13 velocity sensitive pads, 32MB of ROM with over 1000 waveforms, three additional ROM expansion slots, digital output, and over forty
performance realtime knobs, buttons and switches. The XL-7 Combines the
Proteus 2000 and Xtreme Lead — ideal for High Energy Dance and
Electronic music production. MP-7 Combines the Proteus 2000 and MoPhatt soundsets — ideal for Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B music production.
The Command Stations can also function as a dynamic MIDI controller
that will work with your external MIDI devices via its Sequencer,
Arpeggiators, Controller Knobs, Trigger button section and Key Pad.
Control Surface
The control surface is designed to provide
quick and intuitive access to sound and
sequence editing.
One octave keyboard — thirteen velocity
sensitive key pads (one octave) with aftertouch, transposable over a 7 oct range.
16 programmable controller knobs for
accessing synth parameters (LFOs,
envelopes and filters) in realtime.
Center detented touch strip
2 footswitches
4 button switches
Controllers can be assigned to access external MIDI gear.
Controller setups can be stored into multiple multi-setups.
Interactive Sequencing
16 track per pattern sequencer with up to
16 MIDI channels per track.
Realtime, Step and Grid recording modes
that can be switched in realtime without
interruption to your creative process.
384 PPQN timing resolution
300,000 note internal sequencer memory
with up to 512 Songs and 1024 Patterns
Tap Tempo control
16 internal MIDI channels, 32 external
128 factory sequences
Sequence editing tools include cut, copy,
paste, quantize, swing, and more.
16 dedicated Mute/Select buttons allow
you to add, monitor and modify parts on
the fly — perfect for remixing.
Multi-channel Pattern
32 simultaneous rhythm patterns or arpeggiators.
300 ROM and 100 User Arp Patterns
Each arpeggio can have up to 32 steps with
variable Key, Velocity, Duration, Repeat
◆ Arpeggiators
can be saved with your
sequence and can be modified in real-time
using the control knobs.
Inputs and Outputs
Six 1/4˝ analog outputs (configured as 3
stereo pairs) with 24-bit D-to-A converters.
Outputs 3 - 6 can be configured as a stereo
effects loop.
Stereo S/PDIF digital output
One MIDI Inputs and two MIDI Outputs
32 MB sound ROM — 512 ROM and 512
User presets with up to 4 layers per preset
Song mode allows you to chain patterns in
a cue list.
E-MU’s E-Loader program allows you to
import and export MIDI files to and from
your Mac and PC with ease.
2 line by 24 character backlit LCD display
plus a 4 Digit 7 Segment LED.
24-bit Dual Effects Processor
Optional rack ears for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack (6 rack spaces).
2 line by 24 character backlit LCD display
plus a 4 Digit 7 Segment LED.
12 volt goose-neck lamp adapter
128-note polyphony, 16 part multitimbral
50 types of 6 & 12th order filters
Expandable to 128 MB using three additional ROM slots — choose from a large
selection of Proteus 2000 Sound -ROMS to
enhance and increase the types of available
Two internal effects processors provide you
with over 60 effects algorithms — from
tempo-based delays to reverbs, distortion,
chorus, flanger, phasers and more.
Other Features
Sounds of the ZR
Sounds of the ZR faithfully reproduces the diverse
sounds of ENSONIQ’s popular ZR-76 keyboard,
including William Coakley’s Perfect Piano. You’ll
find everything from synths and orchestral instruments in this one soundset.
Pure Phatt
X-Lead consists primarily of analog, noise and
modern synthesizer waveforms, which are rich in
harmonic texture and are a perfect match with
the Z-plane filters in your Proteus family sound
module. With the included software upgrade,
you now have access to dynamic and rhythmic
features not found on any other instrument.
E-MU’s latest Hip-Hop soundset produces the
freshest and newest sounds and grooves from top
notch producers from the East, Southeast and West
coasts. Pumping leads and basses, silky pads and
those unique hits, scratches and drones that your
mix needs to bring it to the next level are ready to
provide the love.
Techno Synth
Rob Papen and E-MU deliver a compilation of
synth, techno, and ambient sounds from one of
Europe’s finest programmers. From atmospheric
pads to punchy sub-basses and crunch drum loops,
these sounds will help you tear up the dance floor!
Orchestral Sessions Vol. 2
A realistic and comprehensive collection of
woodwinds, brass, percussion, and solo strings –
the same sounds featured in E-MU’s Virtuoso
2000 sound module, complete with velocity
switching between p/mf/ff samples, special presets for 4 speaker applications and a percussion
battery with over 20 instruments.
World Expedition
An amazing collection of traditional instruments
from the four corners of the globe including
exotic stringed instruments, winds, percussion,
and chromatic percussion. World Expedition
delivers the most realistic ethnic soundset in the
Siedlaczek Advanced OrchestraSpecial Edition
Some of the finest orchestral samples ever from
Peter Siedlaczek, one of Europe’s most respected
sound designers. It brings together the finest
string, brass, wind and percussion ensembles of
Siedlaczek’s legendary Advanced Orchestra
Beat Garden
Dutch sound designer Rob Papen and E-MU
introduce the 32 MB Beat Garden expansion
ROM, a diverse palette of all-new
Electronica/Dance beats, synths, basses,
drumkits, acoustic and electronic percussion.
E-MU presents the ultimate sound compilation
containing presets from the groundbreaking
Proteus sound modules, all optimized for your
Proteus 2000’s advanced synthesis and filter
Proteus Pop Collection
The bread and butter sounds of E-MU’s Proteus
2500 Module and PK-6 keyboard. Provides 640
diverse presets that cover the sonic spectrum with
everything from traditional keyboards and
orchestral instruments to electric guitars, world
percussion and drumkits.
Ensoniq Project
The sounds of Ensoniq’s acclaimed Urban Dance
Project and Real World collections from their
legendary MR and ASR sound libraries. It features
the Hip-Hop and World sounds heard on countless
hits, all optimized for E-MU’s powerful synthesis
and filter architecture.
Vintage Collection
The 32 MB Vintage Collection delivers the keyboard sounds that defined popular music in the
60’s, 70’s and 80’s. From tonewheel organs and
suitcase pianos to analog and digital synthesizers,
Vintage Collection gives you an all-in-one, nocompromise source for all your classic keyboard
sounds. Meticulously sampled from the finest vintage instruments available and optimized for the
powerful Proteus architecture.
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Orchestral Sessions Vol. 1
A 32MB collection of the most realistic and
comprehensive section strings — the same
sounds featured in E-MU’s Virtuoso2000 sound
module, complete with legato, spiccato, pizzicato
and tremolande samples, and includes special
presets for 4 speaker applications.
Definitive B-3
John Novello and E-MU present the Definitive
B-3, a diverse collection of tone wheel organ
drawbar settings sampled direct and with rotary
speakers (chorale and tremolo) to give you the
most versatile and playable B-3 available!
E4 Ultra Series Sampling Synthesizers
E5000 ULTRA • E5000 ULTRA Turbo
The E5000 Ultra is E-MU’s most affordable E4 Ultra
Series sampling Synthesizer. It offers you all access to all
of the state-of-the-art features available to the powerful
EOS (Emulator Operating System), lightning-fast 32-bit
Risc processor and proprietary tools like Beat Munging
and Z-Plane filters. In fact, with the exception of its four
standard outputs, 64 voice polyphony, 2 fewer ROM slots
and new LED backlit display, the E5000 Ultra features the identical hardware and software of its more expensive models of
the E4 Ultra line. And with the revolutionary RFX Card option, your E5000 Ultra will push the envelope even further.
Never before has Emulator technology been so affordable. The E5000 Ultra Turbo adds a 3.2GB hard drive as well as the
16MB Orbit/Phatt Sessions ROM card with 500 presets derived from E-MU’s Orbit and Planet Phatt sound modules.
The E6400 Ultra is E-MU’s 64 voice expandable
sampling synthesizer that delivers professional results
at an affordable price. The E6400 is perfect for the
budget-minded professional, providing superior
sampling and synthesis flexibility with all of the latest
advances in the powerful Emulator Operating System
(EOS). The E6400 Ultra is fully upgradeable to EMU’s top-of-the-line E4XT Ultra, as well as supporting the various available sound -ROMS and flash -ROMS, allowing
your E6400 Ultra to grow with your needs. The E6400 Ultra features Digital Modular Synthesis (DMS), 16MB of RAM
(expandable to 128MB), a 48 track sequencer and more. The E6400 Ultra offers you all the features you need to deliver
unique, complex and expressive sounds no matter what style of music you create, now and in the future.
The E4XT Ultra is E-MU’s workhorse digital
sampling synthesizer, created for the world of
composition, performance and sound design.
Equipped with a new ultra-fast 32-bit RISC
processor, 128 voice polyphony, a 4 GB hard drive
and 64 MB of RAM (expandable to 128 MB), the
E4XT Ultra is a professional design tool to realize
any sound imaginable. The E4XT Ultra also comes with a comprehensive palette of digital audio sculpting tools like
Beat-Munging and Bit Converter, EOS Link software to control the E4 Ultra from your computer desktop, 24-bit dual
stereo-effects processor and the capability to author flash -ROMS for E-MU’s Proteus 2000 sound module. A legend in its
own time, the E4XT puts the professional tools you need at your fingertips.
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E4 Ultra Series Sampling Synthesizers
Sound Storage
◆ Arrange
File Compatibility
Roland S-700 & AKAI 3000/1100/1000
sound library compatibility
The dual 24-bit stereo effects processor
allows you to add reverb and chorus effects
without having to leave the digital domain.
◆ There are 76 different effects available, each
with a number of controllable parameters
◆ Sounds with effects applied can easily be
resampled and then saved as an entirely
new sound.
up to 128 analog-sounding filters
from the 21 different 6th order Z-Plane
Filters with variable, cutoff frequency and
resonance controls. These Filters include:
❑ 12, 24, or 36 dB/octave Low-pass filters
with resonance
❑ 2nd & 4th order High-pass filters with
❑ 2nd & 4th order Band-pass filters with
❑ Contrary Band-pass filter
❑ Three types of swept EQ filters
❑ Three Phasers and one Flanger with
❑ Six powerful Morphing filters
◆ Two LFOs with variable Rate, 17 waveforms, variable Delay, Variation and Sync
(key and free run)
◆ Amplifier Envelope (6 rates, 6 levels)
◆ Envelope (6 rates, 6 levels)
◆ Auxiliary Envelope (6 rates, 6 levels)
◆ The virtual Patch Cord architecture allows
you to easily target the Z-Plane filters, LFOs,
tuning functions, and three fully independent six segment envelope generators
per sample to create any sound imaginable.
◆ You can create up to 24 Patch Cords
derived from 60 sources and 60 destinations.
48-track Linear Sequencer
The 48-track sequencer contains a host of
powerful features such as high resolution
cut and paste editing, quantization, data
filters, and external sync capability.
Tweak sequences to perfection with
intuitive Copy and Paste style editing and
an array of tools which allow you to:
transpose, quantize, scale velocity or
rechannelize tracks.
Program changes, pan, initial volume, submix, tempo, controller changes and SysEx
data can all be stored with the sequence.
Record and save up to 50 sequences along
with each EOS bank.
Note capacity is dependent upon the
amount of RAM installed and how much
you have allocated to sequences. As an
example, over 400,000 notes can be stored
if you have 4 MB of preset RAM.
The virtual “Jukebox” lets you link up
to 7 sequences and play them back in any
Standard MIDI files (format 0 & 1) can be
read and played back direct from a DOS
floppy disk and saved to a hard drive.
EOS’s advanced digital signal processing
(DSP) features make sampling a breeze.
Undo and Digital Re-Sampling functions
Samples can be truncated, normalized and
placed keymapped automatically. Samples
can be controlled dynamically from the
keyboard using velocity and positional
crossfading and switching functions.
◆ Auto
Correlation, Loop Compression and
Crossfade Looping allow even the most
difficult sounds to be looped easily.
Digitally splice and mix samples with other
◆ Advanced
digital processing features such
as Compression, Parametric EQ and
Digital Tuning let you shape raw samples
quickly and with greater precision than
computer based systems.
Additional DSP Functions
Time Compression and Expansion:
Shortens or lengthens the sample time
without changing the pitch.
Pitch Change: Changes the pitch of a
sample without altering the time.
Transform Multiplication: Creates
weird and wonderful new timbres.
Aphex Aural Exciter: Adds brilliance
and sheen to your samples.
Dopplerization: Moves samples forward and backwards in space as well as
from side to side.
The arpeggiator is a powerful and easy to
use performance-oriented function that
moves a pattern of notes sequentially over
a range of the keyboard.
FIR Filters: Non-realtime digital filters
with “Ultra” high Q values and phaselinear filter response.
Control is provided for tap tempo, octave
extension, note value divisor as well as the
note pattern (up, down, or up and down
or random).
Bit Converter: Removes unwanted bit
resolution from your samples.
Beat Munging: Analyzes drum loops
and phrases and allows you to change
tempo, time signature, swing and individual beats in real-time.
◆ Arpeggiated
notes can be recorded into the
sequencer and are transmitted on the
MIDI Out port.
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Built-in 24-bit Digital Effects
Advanced DSP
Digital Modular Synthesis
◆ Access
up to 1000 samples per bank in up
to 1000 presets.
◆ The SoundSprint function automatically
loads presets from the hard disk as you
browse through them. You can continue to
play while the new preset is loading in the
◆ The Sound ROM option gives you 16 MB
of great samples with hundreds of user
programmable presets which are always
on-line and ready to go.
◆ A 50-pin SCSI connector is compatible
with a variety of storage devices, including
external hard disks (up to 18 GB), CD-ROMS, DVD-RAM, Jaz, Zip and more.
E4 Ultra Series Sampling Synthesizers
Digital Effects and Mixer Card
Take a giant step into the future of sampling and synthesis with the RFX-32
digital FX/mixer card for E-MU’s E4 Ultra Series Sampling Synthesizers,
and blur the line between MIDI and Audio forever. Transform your sounds
at the sample level with 32-bit effects, run external signals through E-MU’s
patented morphing filters and synthesis architecture, and then blend and
modulate them in real-time using your MIDI controller. Take total control of your sound with the RFX-32.
16 studio-quality 32-bit stereo effects-large effects polyphony
means you can have all those specialty effects as well as plenty of
fat reverbs spread across RFX’s many mixing busses
Multiple FX setups and routing configurations-program each
sample with its own exact blend of effects (up to 4 stereo sends
with amount per voice)
External signal processing through FX, filter and synthesis
architecture-your E4 Ultra becomes a world-class digital
effects/filter/mixing system with up to 16 inputs
128 Voice Polyphony Upgrade
This kit allows you to upgrade your 64
voice E4 Ultra to 128 voices of polyphony
(standard on the E4XT Ultra).
Multi-bus resampling-blend external and internal audio
with powerful effects to create new samples
Perfect Live System with instant recall of multiple RFX
and MIDI setups-your E4 Ultra becomes the perfect
centerpiece of your live and studio rig for mixing, effects
and samples
MIDI synchronization of FX parameters
Support for new 24-bit analog and ADAT I/O cards
R-Chip Multi-channel
Studio Effects Processor
16 MB Flash ROM
This kit allows you to add the revolutionary,
multi-channel R-Chip Studio Effects
Processor to your E4 Ultra.
16 Out/ 8 In A-DAT
This kit allows you to connect 16 channels
of ADAT outputs and 8 channels of ADAT
Word Clock I/O, ASCII,
additional 16 MIDI)
This daughter card upgrade for the E6400
allows you to add digital I/O, Word Clock
I/O, ASCII and an additional 16 channels of
MIDI to your E6400 Ultra (standard on
E4XT Ultra and E-Synth Ultra).
EDI (E-MU Digital Interface)
This kit allows you to add a multi-channel
EDI interface to connect your E4 Ultra to
EDI equipped E-MU products.
E-Synth 16 MB Sound ROM
This kit provides your E4 Ultra with 16 MB
of instantly accessible samples and 500
presets that are optimized for the E4 Ultra’s
synthesis capabilities. The E-Synth Sound
ROM features a diverse blend of both
standard instruments and digital
waveforms to provide you with an array of
useful and cutting-edge sounds (standard
on E-Synth Ultra).
Orbit/ Phatt Sessions
16 MB Sound ROM
This kit is similar to the E-Synth Sound
ROM with 500 funky/electronica presets,
and features all of the samples from
E-MU’s famous Orbit and Planet Phatt
sound modules.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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This kit allows you to create your own custom
16 MB sound -ROMS that never require
loading and provide you with the perfect way
to take your sounds on the road. You can edit
your flash -ROMS whenever needed, putting
your most-used sounds at your fingertips.
32 MB Flash ROM
This kit is similar to the 16 MB Flash ROM
above, but offers you 32 MB of Flash memory
for even more flexibility in storing your
Hard Drive Mounting Kit
This kit allows you to mount an internal hard
drive into your E4 Ultra (standard on the
E4XT Ultra).
6313 (8 Analog Output
This kit enables you to expand your E4
Ultra’s number of balanced 1/4˝ outputs
from 8 to 16.
E4XT Ultra
Hard Drive
E6400 Ultra
E5000 Ultra
E5000 Ultra Turbo
128 voices
64 voices
(expandable to 128)
64 voices
(not expandable)
64 voices
(not expandable)
64 MB
(expandable to 128)
16 MB
(expandable to 128)
4 MB
(expandable to 128)
16 channels
(expandable to 32)
16 channels
(expandable to 32)
16 channels
(expandable to 32)
8 (expandable to 16)
8 (expandable to 16)
4 (expandable to 12)
4 (expandable to 12)
Word Clock & AES/EBU I/O
(with Option 6862)
(with Option 6862)
(with Option 6862)
Ultra-fast 32-bit
Ultra-fast 32-bit
Ultra-fast 32-bit
Ultra-fast 32-bit
16 MB Internal Sound ROM
Orbit/Phatt Sessions
6860 128 Voice Polyphony
Not Available
Not Available
6861 16 Out/8 In ADAT
6862 D-WAM
6865 2nd SCSI Port
6870 E-Synth 16MB Sound ROM
6871 Orbit/Phatt 16MB Sound ROM
6876 16MB Flash ROM
6301 (for SCSI drives)
Not Available
6303 (for IDE drives)
6313 8 Analog Output Expander
RFX-32 Effects Mixing System
Stereo-Effects Processor
Balanced Analog Outputs
RISC Processor
EOS 4.61 Software
Included CD--ROMS
6864 RFX-32
6866 16 out/8 in 24-bit ADAT
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
6867 8 24-bit Output Expander
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
6868 4 24-bit Input Expander
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Optional (requires RFX)
Technical Specifications
2000 (1000 Ram, 1000 Internal/Flash)
Crossfade/Switch zones:
Sound Memory:
expandable to 128 MB; 72-pin simms
(RAM, Flash or ROM)
Data Encoding:
Signal to Noise:
Frequency Response:
20Hz-20kHz ±1db
THD + Noise:
Power Consumption:
Voltage Input:
Maximum Output Level:
Output Sample Rate:
Analog Inputs/Outputs
<50 watts
100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz. auto select
+10 dBv
44.1Khz, 48Khz
Balanced Stereo 1/4˝
Digital Inputs/Outputs AES/EBU (optional for E6400, E5000),
Optional 16 out/ 8 in ADAT card
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4.0 GB
32 channels
MIDI Channels
E4XT Ultra
Music Workstations
The TRITON Le inherits the main
functionality of the "classic" TRITON
music workstations within a streamlined and cost-effective package.
There are three TRITON Le models
available: the 61-key TRITON Le 61
and the 76-key TRITON Le 76 both
featuring synth action keyboards; and the 88-key
TRITON Le 88 which employs a piano weighted,
graded hammer action. Featuring Korg's HI (Hyper
Integrated) synthesis technology, TRITON Le provides
62-voice polyphony. The 61-key and 76-key TRITON
Le models offer a robust 32MB of PCM ROM that
provide numerous classic TRITON Programs and Combinations, along with a host of cutting-edge sounds geared toward
electronic music. The TRITON Le 88 adds an additional 16MB piano-based ROM samples. The user-installable EXB-SMPL
Sampling option adds two mic/line audio inputs, SCSI, and supports 16-bit 48kHz linear mono/stereo sampling along with the
sophisticated sample waveform editing functions you’d expect to find in a dedicated sampler.
Studio Quality Effects
TRITON Sound Data
512 Programs (448 factory and 64 user)
and 24 drum kits are available in internal
memory. 128 programs and 9 drum kits
are also included for GM compatibility.
Programs and drum kits are derived from
32 MegaBytes of internal PCM ROM using
Korg’s HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system and high-quality 48 kHz sampling.
These samples are divided among 425 multisamples and 413 drum samples and cover
a broad range of instruments from piano,
guitar, brass, strings and tuned percussion
to cutting modern synth sounds. The
Triton Le 88 uses 48 Mbyte of PCM ROM
and 429 multisounds.
There are also 384 Combis available each
comprised of up to eight Programs that
can be layered, velocity layered and split.
Combinations are a great way of creating
rich textures and for configuring complex
live performance setups.
62 note polyphony in single oscillator
mode and 32 note polyphony in double
oscillator mode.
There are a total of four independent studio quality effects processors available,
based on 89 effects types, including one
stereo insert effect, two master effects and a
master 3-band EQ.
Effects types include: filter and dynamics
effects, such as EQ and compressor; Pitch
and phase modulation effects, such as chorus, phaser, rotary speaker and pitch
shifter; early reflection, delay effects and
reverbs; as well as a number of mono and
mono-chain effects in which two mono
effects are connected in series.
Each effect is fully editable and many of
the effect’s parameters can be controlled in
The BPM/MIDI SYNC function allows you
to synchronize the modulation/delay time
of effects to the internal or external tempo.
You can specify each delay time as a note
value, easily setting up rhythms that will
follow any changes that occur in the tempo
of the arpeggiator, sequencer or external
MIDI clock.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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16-track Sequencer
The 16 track / 16 part multitimbral
sequencer features a 200,000 note/event,
200 song capacity and offers the flexibility
to record in real or step time.
The Cue List allows you to assemble your
song from separate elements (Intro, Verse,
Chorus, Bridge, etc.), and even convert
them back into a single song for further
recording or editing.
150 preset drum patterns and 100 user
patterns are provided.
Track Looping lets you play back specified
measures of a track as a loop.
The Template Song function provides 16
presets and 16 user template memories
containing program and effect setups
appropriate for various styles of music.
Sequence data can be saved as SMF format
0 or 1, making it simple for you to
exchange data with other sequencers.
Dual Arpeggiator
The AUDITION key allows you to preview
Programs using a selection of musicallyappropriate riffs while the CATEGORY key
allows you to find Programs and Combis
quickly and easily as well as selecting oscillator waveforms and effect algorithms.
Large, backlit 240 x 64 pixel LCD display
There are five Preset patterns (UP, DOWN,
ALT1 ALT2, RANDOM) available as well as
216 User patterns.
RPPR (Realtime Pattern
Play/Recording) Function
The RPPR function allows you to trigger
up to 74 different sequences directly from
individual keys on the keyboard.
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors are
provided for interfacing with external
synths, samplers, sequencers, etc..
Internal PCM samples or your own custom
samples can be assigned to an oscillator,
and processed via the filter, EG’s and LFO
Each oscillator has access to multiple
filter types, including resonant, hi and
low-pass, and two LFO’s with a choice of
21 different LFO waveform. LFO
Frequency can be linked to the sequencer
or arpeggiator using MIDI or TempoSync,
so that the LFO speed will follow any
changes in tempo. There are also
independent Pitch, Filter and Amplifier
envelopes available.
The HI synthesis system also lets you create
sounds that have unique effects by using 42
AMS (alternate modulation) sources to
apply modulation to any of 55 destinations
joystick allows expressive pitchbend and
modulation control.
Two assignable switches and four realtime
control knobs allows you to apply
modulation to the LFO and filters etc.,
control effect parameters or to control the
Three pedal inputs include: a dedicated
damper pedal; a foot pedal input that can
be assigned to continuous controller
functions such as volume; and a foot
switch input that can be assigned to a
number of functions such as soft pedal and
arpeggiator on/off.
Memory Back-Up
Internal memory (Program, Combi, Sequence and sample data) can be backed up onto
SmartMedia cards (3.3V, 4MB - 128MB) or external fixed and removable drives via the
optional, user-installable EXB-SMPL Sampling/SCSI upgrade board.
SmartMedia cards can also be used to exchange data with your computer via the readily
available adapters commonly used with digital cameras.
The sampling upgrade supports 48-kHz 16-bit linear mono/stereo sampling and adds two
mic/line switchable inputs with a variable gain knob as well as a SCSI interface.
The EXB-SMPL Board comes standard with 16MB of SIMM memory, which allows about 2
min / 54 secs of monaural sampling, and can be expanded to a total of 64-MB using two 32MB
Fast Page or EDO-compatible 72-pin SIMM modules with an access speed of 60 nsec or faster.
Sophisticated waveform editing functions include Crossfade Loop, Truncate, Normalize, Time
Slice, Time Stretch and Sample Rate Convert.
The SCSI interface is compatible with a wide range of storage media and will allow you to
access CD-ROM sound libraries including AIFF, WAVE, AKAI S1000/3000 (samples and
multisamples) as well as Korg format data.
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The sound from each oscillator, drum, timbre/track, or insertion effect can be freely
assigned to the 1/4˝ L/MONO and R main
stereo audio outputs or two additional
individual audio outputs.
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis is Korg’s
system for manipulating PCM sound
data. By filtering, shaping and modulating
the Triton’s high-quality PCM data and
then processing the result in the
powered-up effect section, Triton can
create richly expressive and nuanced
Four Outputs
HI Synthesis
User Interface
Two powerful polyphonic arpeggiators can
be used to create intricate and expressive
pitched patterns or drum grooves. One
arpeggiator can be assigned within a
Program, and two arpeggiators can be
assigned in Combi and Sequencer modes.
The arpeggiators can be synchronized to
MIDI clock, internal clock and can be
recorded into the internal sequencer.
Music Workstation / Sampler
The classic 61-key TRITON and
76-key TRITON Pro represent
where the legendary TRITON
series began. Employing Korg’s
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis
system along with powerful
sequencing, onboard sampling,
built-in effects and a wide selection of
user installable options, the classic
TRITON series is still on the cutting of
music workstation technology. Both
TRITON models contain 32MB of
internal PCM waveform ROM, 425
multisamples and 413 drum samples,
that range from edgy dance/techno
synths to real-world instruments. Both
TRITONs come with the EXB-SMPL sampling board already installed and includes 16MB of RAM that can be easily
upgraded to 64MB using standard 72-pin SIMMs modules. Both models also feature Korg’s intuitive TouchView Graphical
User Interface that will have you zipping around the TRITON’s extensive programming, sequencing and performance
capabilities with style and grace. The TRITONs also add an assignable ribbon controller allowing even greater expressiveness
to these already inspiring synths.
All the features of the TRITON LE Plus—
The internal memory is re-writable and
contains 640 Programs, 512 Combinations
and 64 drum kits.
256 programs and 9 drum kits are also
provided for complete compatibility with
the latest GM Level 2 specification.
Floppy disks or an external fixed or removable SCSI drive (optional EXB-SCSI interface board required) can be used to back
up this data, or to create your own data
Effects Section
The Effects section consists of five stereo insert effects, two master effects, a stereo three-band
master EQ and a mixer that controls the routing of these effects
Insertion effects can use any of the 102 available types, and the master effects can select from
89 types.
In addition to standard effects like reverbs, chorus and delays, Triton has unusual effects such
as stereo random filter and ring modulator.
vocoder effect is also available that can control internal sounds via the sampling input.
Sounds can be freely assigned to the 1/4˝
stereo outputs or to any of the four 1/4˝
individual outputs.
External audio sources can be routed
through the sampling input and processed
using insertion and master effects.
TouchView GUI
◆ All
functions and parameters are displayed in a large
and highly-visible 320 x 240 pixel screen using
Korg’s original TouchView Graphical User Interface
that lets you perform operations smoothly just by
touching the screen.
ribbon controller and an assignable slider and two
assignable pedal inputs.
Expandable Sound Module / Sampler
The same powerful 48 kHz 16-bit linear
mono/stereo sampler section as the TRITON keyboards, plus the ability to export
samples as .WAV and AIFF files for editing
samples on computer systems or use on
other products, such as Korg’s ELECTRIBE-S.
◆ Room for up to eight PCM expansion
boards, each with their own dedicated
bank for programs and combinations.
Multi Mode
48 kHz 16-bit linear mono/stereo sampling
with visual waveform editing, Time Slice,
Time Stretch, Crossfade Loop, and more.
◆ 16 MB of sample memory is included,
expandable to up to 96MB using three 32
MB 72-pin SIMMs.
◆ Export samples as .WAV and AIFF files for
editing samples on computer systems or
for use in other products, such as Korg’s
◆ The optional EXB-SCSI SCSI Interface
Board will allow you to load and save data
on an external SCSI device, and load AKAI
sample data from CD-ROM.
can edit and store up to 200 Multis
consisting of up to 16 programs with
transposition settings along with five insert
and two master effects.
Expanded TRITON Stereo
Digital Multi-effects System
◆ You
can use Multis for playing back tracks
from an external sequencer or the internal
playback-only sequencer which supports
TRITON and Standard MIDI File (Format
0 and 1) sequence data.
◆ Access
up to two master effects (mono in,
stereo out), 5 insert effects (stereo in / out),
1 master EQ (3-band stereo) simultaneously
per multi.
◆ You
Time-sliced pattern data, from the sampler,
can be saved as MIDI data (SMF file) and
loaded into an external sequencer.
Choose from 102 insert and master effects
Inputs and Outputs
Six 1/4˝ outputs (two main and four
individual), plus S/PDIF optical digital I/O
included standard.
The dual polyphonic arpeggiator provides
access to 5 preset and 328 User patterns –
200 patterns are preloaded.
1/4˝ stereo headphones outputs with level
control for the Main and Headphones.
Two 1/4˝ mic / line switchable inputs with
volume control for sampling.
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
User Interface
I/O Options
240 x 64 dot backlit LCD display
Four realtime controller knobs (with 3-step
selector), Arpeggiator ON/OFF key.
EXB-DI Digital Interface Board –
6-channel ADAT optical output
3.5 inch, 2DD/2HD compatible Floppy
Disk Drive
EXB-mLAN mLAN FireWire audio/MIDI
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The TRITON-Rack is a two rack space
module that features the same high
quality sound, effects and sampling
functionality of the TRITON
Workstation/Samplers with a few
enhancements including an increased
number of program and combination
locations along with significantly more
expansion and digital I/O possibilities. In Multi mode the TRITON-Rack functions as a 16-part multi-timbral tone generator
with 60 voices of polyphony and offers room for up to 2,057 programs and 1,664 combinations of up to eight timbres each. To
navigate this vast array of sounds, the TRITON-Rack features an Audition Riff function that can playback 382 different riffs
tailored to various types of sounds. The TRITON-Rack provides room for up to eight PCM expansion boards, allowing you to
expand the PCM wave memory from a very respectable 32MB to a whopping 160MB. In addition, up to 96MB of sample
memory may be added via three SIMM slots. The TRITON-Rack also supports the SCSI and MOSS options that are currently
available for the TRITON keyboards. The TRITON-Rack provides 60-voices of polyphony and functions as a 16-part multitimbral tone generator that can play back tracks from an external sequencer or from the internal playback-only sequencer.
Workstation / Sampler
TRITON STUDIO is Korg’s most advanced and
expandable music workstation ever. Available in
61 and 76-key synth action versions, as well as an
88-key weighted action model, each TRITON
STUDIO combines Korg's HI (Hyper Integrated)
synthesis technology, effects, sampling and sequencing into
what can only be described as a sonic powerhouse. The addition
of an internal CD-R/W burner not only facilitates a convenient
means of backing up and loading samples and sequence data, it also
allows you to create an audio CD of your finished work. In addition to the
original “classic” TRITON PCM ROM, TRITON STUDIO also offers 16Mbytes
of ROM devoted to a stereo acoustic grand piano – resulting a total of 48Mb of internal
PCM ROM. TRITON STUDIO is also the first TRITON to feature Korg's Open Sampling
System, which allows direct access to sampling and resampling functionality from within the Program, Combination or
Sequencing modes, as well as from the Sampling Mode.
All the features of the TRITON Plus—
Three models are available: 61/76 note synth
action and 88 note weighted action keyboards using Korg’s RH2 graded hammer
Ultra-powerful processor with 6 times the
power of the Triton and 2 times the Karma.
Expandable to a total 256 MB of waveform
➣ 48 MB of PCM ROM onboard, with 429
multisamples and 417 drum samples
➣ Includes a 16 MB stereo acoustic piano
with two levels of velocity switching.
➣ Room for up to seven PCM expansion
There are 1,536 Programs (512 preloaded)
and 1,536 Combinations (512 preloaded)
available in user writable memory locations
as well as 144 user drum Program locations
(20 preloaded) — Open memory locations
can be used for sounds that you edit/create,
load from expansion board packages or get
from other sources
◆ An
additional 256 sounds and 9 drum kits
are provided for GM2 compatibility.
120 note polyphony
Expandable to up to 96 MB of sample
memory (16 MB included standard)
Resampling is possible in Program,
Combination and Sequencer modes using
the full functionality of each mode (filters,
effects, arpeggiator, sequencer, etc.):
Sample keyboard phrases in realtime; or
bounce an entire mix from the 16 track
sequencer to a two track .Wav file.
The In-Track sampling function allows you
sample external audio sources directly into
the sequencer while your track is playing.
Samples recorded to hard disk can be
loaded into sample memory for editing
and use in Programs and drumkits.
Create Audio CDs
optional internal CDW/R drive is available for burning audio or data CDs as well
as ripping samples from audio CDs.
Enhanced TouchView
Graphic Interface
◆ An
The enhanced, easy-to-read 320 x 240 pixel
TouchView graphical user interface is faster
than ever and provides visual waveform
editing for samples, a clean mixing layout
for sequencing and a logical, categorybased system for finding sounds, effects
and even waveform data.
24-bit optical (S/PDIF) I/O is provided
with support for both 48 kHz and 96 kHz
audio sources.
5 GB internal hard drive is provided for
backing up samples
The internal hard drive is also available as a
two track HD recorder that allows you to
record live audio, or sequenced tracks onto
two dedicated tracks. Audio can be recorded through onboard effects, and a number
of editing functions are available.
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Music Workstation with Variable Performance Modeling
The KARMA is a totally unique Music Workstation that combines the sounds, effects and sequencing
capabilities of Korg's award-winning TRITON with a powerful realtime performance modeling
technology called KARMA. The result is a workstation that provides an unprecedented
amount of user-interaction that will allow you to reach, what was once considered,
unobtainable expressive control of your musical ideas. KARMA stands for
Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture and is the invention of
musician/programmer Stephen Kay, who has worked closely with Korg
for the past seven years to integrate and further enhance KARMA’s
functionality. Based on the notes and chords that are played,
KARMA will automatically generate and manipulate phrases
and patterns that are impossible to produce with conventional
arpeggiators or static pattern playback functions. KARMA can
produce anything from unhuman electronic rhythms and melodic textures to
acoustic emulations of harp glissandos and finger-picking and provides control over
almost 400 musical elements that allow you to interact with the phrases intuitively,
and to change them in ways that can range from subtle to extreme.
KARMA Function (Variable
Performance Modeler)
Karma (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music
Architecture) is a patented algorithmic
MIDI data generating technology that
takes input notes, chords and controller
movements to generate complex and
sophisticated musical phrases and effects.
Phrases and patterns are produced by a GE
(Generated Effect). Each GE consist of
nearly 400 parameters, such as note data,
rhythm development, chord structure and
velocity. Of these, 16 parameters are available for realtime control.
There are over 1000 types of phrase or pattern available covering a wide range of
instruments, playing styles and musical
genres: Create swirling cascades of complex
interweaving notes, tricked-out techno
arpeggios, dense rhythmic and melodic
textures, natural sounding glissandos for
acoustic instrument programs, guitar
strumming and finger-picking simulations,
to name a few. And because phrases and
patterns can evolve in response to realtime
controller movements, your performance
will never sound “canned” or static.
Realtime Control
61 note, synth action keyboard, Karma
Realtime control knobs 1-8, plus Joystick &
latching controller switches.
◆ Alternate
Modulation and Effect Dynamic
Modulation functions allow you to freely
assign modulation to parameters that affect
the pitch, filter, amp, EG, LFO, and effects
KARMA MW Software
HI Synthesis System
Includes the same HI synthesis system and
32MB of PCM wave ROM with 425
multisamples and 413 drum samples as
the classic TRITON.
640 user Programs and full General Midi
level 2 with 256 Programs and 9 Drumkits.
768 user programmable Combi sounds and
64 User Drumkits.
5 Stereo Insert and 2 Stereo Master Effects,
with 102 different effect types available and
a Master EQ section.
The 16 Track Sequencer has the same
capabilities as the classic TRITON with the
added ability to capture the performance
of KARMA phrases and patterns.
KARMA MW software allows PC and Mac
users to access all internal parameters of
existing GE's as well as make new ones
via their computer. Kamra MW also offers
the ability to import SMF phrases and
grooves (from any SMF source) as well as
TRITON Arpeggiator data and convert
them into GE’s.
Left and right 1/4˝ main outputs plus two
1/4˝ individual outs.
Up to two TRITON series PCM expansion
boards can be installed, for a total of 64
Mbytes of waveform data. The six-voice
MOSS DSP Synthesizer Board can also be
installed (EXB-MOSS), allowing you to use
both DSP and PCM synthesis technologies
without connecting external equipment.
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Korg offers a variety of user-installable ROM
and I/O options for enhancing your TRITON
Music Workstation including a number of 16
MB PCM data boards, each consisting of highquality PCM data and 128 programs and 128
Pianos / Classic Keyboards
- 128 Programs and 128 Combis,
plus 16MB of sample data
focusing on piano, electric
piano, organs, harpsichord and
other keyboard classics.
Studio Essentials
16 MB of sample data
delivering strings, brass, solo
instruments, guitar and even
gospel choir. 128 Programs and
128 Combis.
Future Loop Construction
16MB of time sliced sampled
grooves can be played back at
any pitch or tempo. 728 RPPR
grooves arranged into 18 song
EXB-PCM04 Dance Extreme
Modern contemporary sounds
enhance many dance genres.
16 MB highlighted by tons o’
drums; Synthesizer leads, pads
and basses; plus guitar and choir
hits. 128 Programs & Combis
EXB-PCM05 Vintage Archives
16 MB from the glory days of
analog synth provide rare classics treasures – including beat
boxes, vocoders, tape-trons and
more. 128 Programs & Combis
EXB-PCM06 / 07
Orchestral Collection
A 32 MB, two-board set
covering every instrument and
element needed to re-create a
symphony orchestra.
Concert Grand Piano
16 MB devoted to faithfully
capturing the Concert Grand.
32 Programs & 64 Combis provide a variety of tonal shadings.
Trance Attack
16 MB devoted to faithfully
capturing the Concert Grand. 32
Programs & 64 Combis provide
a variety of tonal shadings.
DSP Modeling Synthesizer
Add Korg’s Multi-Oscillator
Synthesis System technology to
the TRITON STUDIO for more
synthesis capabilities
ADAT Digital Output (EXB-DI)
Triton Studio’s six channels of
audio output can be sent in
24-bit 48kHz optical format.
Also provides a Word Clock In
for Synchronization.
mLAN Interface (EXB-mLAN)
Using a FireWire connector, the
Triton Studio can be connected
to other mLAN equipped
devices for transmission of
MIDI and digital audio data.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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CD-R/RW Rewritable CD Drive
for TRITON Studio
For burning audio or data CDs
and audio ripping.
Processor speed
Waveform memory
# of multisamples
# of drumsamples
PCM expansion
2 slots
2 slots
8 slots
7 slots
Total Program Locations
Preload Programs
User drumkits / Preload drumkits
24 / 16 preload
64 / 16 preload
64 / 16 preload
144 / 16 preload
144 /20 preload
GM2 Programs / GM2 Drum Kits
128 / 9
256 / 9
256 / 9
256 / 9
256 / 9
Total Combination Locations
Preload Combinations
Additional Programs w/ EXB-MOSS
Insert Effect Processors
# of Insert Effects
Master Effect Processors
# of Master Effects
16 track
200,000 note
16 track
200,000 note
16 track
200,000 note
Pattern sequencer
16 track
200,000 note
Optional EXB-SMPL
In-Track Sampling
64 MB / 2
64 MB / 2
96 MB / 3
96 MB / 3
Sample to HD
Burn audio CD
Maximum Sample RAM / SIMM slots
Dual Polyphonic
Dual Polyphonic
Dual Polyphonic
Dual Polyphonic
Arp patterns: Preset/User/Preload
5 / 216User
(200 preload)
1190 GE
(V2 +300 User)
5 / 232 User
(180 preload)
5 / 328 User
(200 preload)
5 / 507 User
(367 preload)
240 x 64 pixel
240 x 64 pixel
TouchView 320 x 240
240 x 64 pixel
TouchView 320 x 240
Assignable knobs
Assignable switches
# of Audio Outputs
# of inputs
2 with EXB-SMPL option
part of EXB-SMPL option
EXB-SCSI option
EXB-SCSI option
S/PDIF digital I/O
ADAT optical output
mLan digital I/O
Floppy drive
Internal Hard Drive
5 GB
Yes (128 MB)
Yes, optional CDRW-1x8
Keyboard type
Yamaha (Korg/Fatar f/88)
Keyboard sizes
61, 76
61, 76, 88
61, 76, 88
Smartmedia slot
CDR/W bay
Power supply
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Master EQ
MS2000 & MS2000R
Analog Modeling Synthesizers
The MS2000 44-note velocity keyboard and the MS2000R 4U
rack-mount are analog modeling synthesizers that use the
latest DSP technology to recreate the coveted analog sounds
and hands-on functionality of Korg’s classic MS20 analog
synth, VC-10 vocoder and SQ10 analog sequencer. All major
sound creation parameters are available on the front panel,
with 35 dedicated knobs providing the ability to create and
manipulate sounds in real-time. MS voices are built around
two multi-waveform oscillators and a noise generator and
have access to four types of analog-style filters, dual ADSR
envelopes and two MIDI-synchable LFOs along with dedicated volume, pan and distortion controls. The Korg MS2000 is housed in a
futuristic metallic blue-green body, with the keyboard version echoing
traditional analog instruments with rosewood side panels. The rackmount MS2000R can also be used on a tabletop. Both have an angled
front panel for excellent visibility and easy operation.
There are a total of 128 programs divided
into 8 banks of 16 sounds.
Each program can contain one or two
timbres (4 voices total), effects and an
arpeggitaor— If two timbres are used,
they can be split, layered or accessed
independently from different MIDI
Each timbre consists of Osc1, Osc2, and
Noise followed by a Mixer that allows
you to adjust the levels of each.
The tone generator uses a DSP-powered
analog modeling system based on the
KORG Prophecy, Z1, and Electribe series
and has been further refined to produce a
wide range of sounds. From sharp,
cutting leads to powerful and thick pads.
the mixer, signals are sent to the
Filter, Amp, EGs (envelope), LFO, Virtual
Patch, and a Mod Sequence.
OSC1 allows you to select from eight different
oscillator algorithms, including basic analog
synth waveforms such as SAW and PWM, Cross
Modulation, and 64 DWGS (Digital Waveform
Generator System) used on the Korg DW-8000
OSC2 allows you to select from three types of
oscillator algorithms: SAW, SQU, and TRI. It
can also be used as a modulator oscillator for
the Sync or Ring modulation characteristic of
analog synthesizers.
◆ You
The mixer section allows you adjust
the levels of OSC1, OSC2 and NOISE,
and send the combined signal to the
Filter section
Filter Section
Four filter types are available: 12 and
24 dB low-pass as well as band pass
and high pass, each with variable
resonance that can be adjusted into
In addition to volume and pan
controls for each timbre, the amp
section provides a Distortion on/off
setting so that even soft sounds can be
transformed into aggressive solo parts.
Dual ADSR envelope generators and
two four-waveform MIDI-synchable
LFOs provide flexible sound shaping
can also mix NOISE into the signal.
There are a total of 70 possible waveforms
which can be “wave-sequenced” using the Mod
AMP Section
of the analog-modeled waveforms include
modulation/shaping to help recreate the sound
of pulse width modulation as well as generating
frequency modulation from the Cross Wave.
◆ All
◆ All
◆ After
major sound creation parameters are
available on the front panel, with 35
dedicated knobs providing the ability to
create and manipulate sounds in real-time.
Oscillator 1 can be linked to Oscillator 2 for
Ring Mod and Sync timbres
External audio signals can even be used as a
waveform, and processed and modified with
filter, effects, and parameters
Envelope / LFO Section
MS2000 & MS2000R
Mod Sequence
powerful 16-band, four voice vocoder
modeled on the classic Korg VC-10 is also
provided. You can use vocal, using a
microphone connected to Audio In 2, or
rhythm sounds as an input source.
The vocoder uses two 16-bank filter sets to
simulate the vocoder sounds. Original
vocoder sounds can be created by shifting
the filter frequency, or adjusting the level
and pan of individual frequency bands.
MIDI-synchable arpeggiator is also
provided with six different patterns (UP,
DOWN, ALT1/2, Random and Trigger),
along with adjustable gate and swing
The programmable effects section provides
each program with access to a modulation
effect (phaser, chorus/flange and ensemble),
three types of delay, and 2-band EQ.
Virtual Patch
The Virtual Patch system, based on the
patching capabilities of the legendary Korg
PS series and MS series synthesizers,
delivers an array of rich creative
possibilities. It allows you to use the EGs,
LFO, velocity or keyboard tracking as
modulation sources to affect parameters
such as pitch, noise level, and pan.
◆ You
can select up to eight sources and
destinations directly from the front panel.
Inputs and Outputs
Left and Right 1/4˝ line level outputs and a
1/4˝ stereo headphone output.
◆ Two 1/4˝ inputs are provided allowing you
to use an external source as an waveform
for the oscillator 1. Input 2 can be switched
to accommodate mic or line level signals.
◆ MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors and
two footswitch inputs (one switch and one
pedal) are also provided.
Effect Section
16-band Vocoder
The Mod Sequence function allows you to
apply time-variant changes to sound
parameters in a way similar to varying the
control voltage on an analog synthesizer.
◆ Each timbre can have up to three
sequences with up to 16 steps each.
◆ Sixteen knobs on the front panel allow you
to set the value for each of the 16 available
steps. Knobs can be operated in realtime,
and you can record the movements of the
parameter values in each step using the
Motion Rec function.
◆ In addition to the 28 parameters on the
front panel, you can apply time-variant
change to the pitch or step length.
Classic Korg Instruments
to Return in Virtual Form
Korg has a long history in the world of synthesizers and they will now be bringing many of the classic,
discontinued instruments back to life for digital studios in the form of virtual instruments - the Korg Legacy
Collection. Korg uses Component Modeling Technology (CMT), to model the components that make up the
signal chains of the instruments and how they interact in the original hardware instruments.
Currently, Korg has only confirmed that they will be producing virtual instrument versions for three of their
synths: the MS-20, Polysix, and Wavestation.
Others Korg models are expected to be recreated as well, however.
The plug-ins will be available for both Windows and Mac OS (VST and AudioUnit formats). Release is expected
in the third quarter of this year (2003). More details will likely be released at the Summer NAMM show in July.
Korg has created a special preview section on their web site, currently offering a video summary with an audio
track produced with preliminary versions of the Legacy Collection instruments.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Analog Modeled Synth/Vocoder
The microKORG delivers state-of-the-art analog modeling and
multi-band vocoding in a compact, portable instrument.
With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the
microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for any
performer, producer, computer musician or
beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer. The
microKORG offers you the quality sounds and features
you expect from Korg at a price that will astound you. The
microKORG’s compact size is perfect for the musician or DJ
looking to add a portable synth to their setup. It’s also a great
choice for use in a computer-based music setup. And because
the microKORG will run on battery power, it is the perfect
choice for using with your laptop computer. The beige-gold body,
wooden side panels and retro-influenced design, the microKORG has a look that’s both vintage and funky.
An Ideal Compact MIDI Controller
Powerful Synthesis
128 great-sounding presets, including 16
vocoder programs are available covering a
wide range of contemporary and vintage
musical styles.
The same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis
engine, arpeggiator, and effects found in
Korg’s critically acclaimed MS2000 and
offers a wider selection of waveforms than
any other modeled synth.
Multi-Mode resonant filter, two ADSR
envelope generators and two MIDI-synchable LFOs.
The Virtual Patch matrix allows you to
create advanced modulation settings, providing an unprecedented level of control
over synth parameters at this price range:
route the Mod Wheel to control filter cutoff or pulse width; use an LFO to control
panning or amp level, etc.
Classic Vocoding
◆ An
8-band vocoder including its own
37-note velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard
with Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels.
◆ All editing parameters are located on the
panel for easy access to any function.
◆ A large dial and LED illuminated buttons
provide easy program selection even on a
dark stage.
Five realtime knobs on the front panel that
not only provide flexible realtime control
over filter cutoff, attack, release and other
important parameters. The knobs can be
used to transmit MIDI CC messages for
controlling both hardware and software
Audio and MIDI I/O
Two external audio input jacks permit you to run other instruments, CDs and more through
the microKORG’s filter and effects. This allows you to process sounds in creative ways.
1/4˝ left and right outputs as well as a 1/4˝ stereo headphone output.
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
The voice formant capture function allows
you to “freeze” the formants of your voice,
and then play it across the keyboard, or
shift the formant frequency to make your
voice sound male, female, or childlike, etc.
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Dynamic Effect/Controller
The Touch Pad controller provides unique
and intuitive ways of manipulating effects
using your fingertip.
The Pad Motion function lets you record
and playback complex finger movements
on the touch pad.
The Hold switch lets you freeze the effect
setting at the current location of the X-Y
pad. The effects depth knob allows you to
adjust the exact mix of effects desired.
Mute function, aka “Transform” in DJ
speak, allows you to cut off the incoming
signal leaving the effect’s “tail” or gate the
input to create interesting rhythms.
MIDI IN/OUT is provided, letting you
control the KP2's effects via MIDI IN from
an external sequencer.
The color of the pad changes dramatically
according to your finger position and the
type of effect (delay or reverb, etc.), adding
an even greater impact and visual feedback
during performances.
100 different effect programs can be easily
selected by turning a knob, and can be
assigned to any of eight programmable
buttons for immediate recall.
13 effects types including: Filter, Isolator,
Distortion, Wah, Talking Modulator,
Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo, Slicer, Auto Pan,
Phaser, Pitch Shift, Delay, Ping-Pong Delay,
Tape Echo, Multi Tap Delay, Reverb, Gate
Reverb, Reverse Delay, Ring Modulator,
Broken Modulator.
The BPM function allows effects to be
synchronized to the tempo of the music.
The Auto BPM function can detect the
tempo from an incoming audio source or
MIDI Clock.
BPM can also be set using the Tap tempo
Independent stereo RCA Line and Phono
inputs and a 1/4˝ Mic input
Stereo RCA line outputs
1/4˝ TRS stereo headphone output with
volume control
20 bit linear A-to-D and D-to-A converters
MIDI In and Out connectors allow you to
use the KP-2 as both a MIDI controller for
synths, samplers, effects or other external
devices and as a unique, MIDI controlled
effects processor/sampler for sequencing
and remixing applications.
Includes DC12V AC adapter and Touch
panel protection sheet.
The compact size (8.03˝ W x 8.15˝ D x
1.89˝ H)
can sample any incoming audio (up to
6 seconds each at 44.1 kHz) onto two sample playback keys.
Inputs and Outputs
◆ You
BPM Control
Realtime Control
◆ You
can sample through the effects, play a
sample through a new effect, or even
resample a sound through effects.
Samples can be modified using a variety of
effects (such as time stretch, reverse playback, loop time modulation and pitch
change). This is ideal for integrating sampled effects into a live performance situation or create sound material for further
wide variety of cool analog modeling
synth and drum sounds, drum patterns,
slicer, vocoder and other essential DJ
effects are also provided.
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The KP-2 is Korg’s second generation KAOSS PAD, an
innovative sound manipulation tool hat has become a musthave item for the cutting-edge DJ and remix artist. Using the
concept of “the effect processor as musical instrument”, the
KP-2 allow real-time control over digital effects processing for
any audio source (records, CDs, samplers, keyboards, voice).
The KP-2 puts 100 killer effects, along with synthesizer and
sampling functions, quite literally, at your finger tips – an
unique X-Y Touch Pad allows you to control effects parameters
with the touch (or sweep) of a finger. A wide variety of functions are provided to augment the X-Y pads realtime capabilities including; input mute (Transform), Pad Notion record/
playback, effect Hold and more. Plus, MIDI I/O allows the KP-2 to control or be controlled from external sources. The KP-2’s
compact size allows it to be easily integrated in to your studio or DJ rig.
Analog Modeling Synth
The ELECTRIBE·A (EA-1) is a compact tabletop analog
modeling synth with an onboard sequencer and a host
of realtime controllers designed to allow you to create
and record phat analog synthesizer, bass, and sound
effect sounds. Operation is easy and intuitive because
the results of tweaking any of the realtime knobs is
reflected immediately in the sound. The sounds you
create on this compact synthesizer can be input to the
internal sequencer to create phrases. The ELECTRIBE·A’s
high quality sound is descendant from the DSP synthesis
technologies used on the Z1 and Trinity V3 MOSS
synthesizer engines, as well as the legendary Prophecy
synthesizer platforms. Having produced classic analog
synthesizers such as the “Mini Korg 700,” the “PS
series,” and the “MS series,” Korg has a long history of analog sound creation experience. And with that heritage, Korg’s
ELECTRIBE·A provides the ultimate in analog modeling to give you the richest, most versatile analog-style sounds that are
sure to inspire today’s electronic dance music artists- from DJs to remixers to producers.
Two tone generators (or parts) based on
the analog modeling technology made
famous on Korg’s “Prophecy” and “Z1”
synthesizers generate the warm, fat tone
and rich distortion that make analog
sounds stand out.
Each of the two parts has access to two
VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with
a choice of Saw, Triangle and Square
waverforms, and a VCF (Voltage
Controlled Filter) with variable cutoff, resonance and envelope controls.
Step Sequencing
Oscillators can be further modulated using
Ring Modulation, oscillator Sync, or the
Decimator effect.
Realtime controllable distortion, delay, and
chorus/flanger effects are provided for each
Motion Sequence Function
◆ You
can control volume dynamics and filter cutoff of sounds or patterns in realtime
using dedicated control knobs. These
movements can be recorded into the
sequencer allowing you to create continuously evolving variations to the sounds.
The onboard sequencer uses a 16 step-grid
interface, with 16 step keys, that allows you
to create two-part sequenced patterns using
the two onboard analog modeling tone
The pad keys can be played as a pitched
keyboard in either step or real time. Pad
keys light up so you can easily see what
rhythm a part is programmed to play.
Phrases can be stored as a pattern that can
be from one to four measures long and
include a chosen knob movement as well as
an accent function.
◆ You
can create up to 16 songs consisting of
multiple patterns.
◆ You
can also assign different patterns to
each of the sixteen step keys allowing you
to quickly switch between different patterns
during live performance.
Each step of the pattern can be set to pass
or gate the audio input, so rhythm patterns
can be programmed to synchronize the gating of the audio in time with the rest of the
Tap Tempo allows you to synchronize with
a turntable.
There’s room for creating 256 patterns, each with its own tones programmed as well as the
sequences recorded.
Inputs and Outputs
Left and right 1/4˝ outputs and a 1/4˝ stereo headphone output.
1/4˝ audio input allows you to process an external audio source through the resonant filter
or effects knobs, and then sync them to your sequence. using the step-grid interface.
MIDI In Out and Thru connectors allow you to use the Electribe units as tone generators.
They also output note and controller information as well as MIDI clock for synchronization
with other MIDI gear including other Electribe units.
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Analog Modeling Rhythm
Korg has harnessed its 35 plus years of rhythm
programming expertise to create the ultimate analog beat
machine. The ELECTRIBE*R (ER-1) combines a fourpart DSP-based synthesizer with four additional PCM
sound sources, providing classic hi-hat and cymbal tones.
Its synth voices includes dual oscillators, waveform
modulation, amp and panning parameters. Effects
include low boost for booming low-end, normal or tempo
delay settings and the same Motion Sequencer as its
sibling, the ELECTRIBE·A. The onboard sequencer allows
you to program your own custom analog-style beats using
the 16 trigger pads. The combination of DSP and sampled
sound sources is what gives the ER-1 its unique character the voice is much warmer and more modulatable than
other sampled-only drum boxes. And with unlimited realtime control of every sound parameter, you know your sound will be uniquely your own.
Input two external audio sources and use
the ELECTRIBE·R’s synth parameters to
process the sound.
can store a total of 256 (64 x 4 banks)
phrases or other patterns plus 16 songs
consisting of multiple patterns, so all your
beats are with you.
Input sequences into the ELECTRIBE·R
and hear your results in realtime as you
play the steps.
Record Oscillator, amp or effect parameter
knob movements in realtime using the
“Motion sequence” function.
Sync the ELECTRIBE·R to other MIDI
devices using tap tempo or MIDI clock, or
tap in the beat and sync to a turntable or
other non-MIDI sound sources.
Built-in low boost and delay effects
Simply by tweaking the knobs you have
unlimited control over all the elements that
make up the sounds - like pitch, modulation depth, waveform shape and much
◆ You
Drop these sounds into the built-in
sequencer and you’ve got unique rhythms
with your own creative signature. And with
the ELECTRIBE·R, you can hear every
change you make as it happens, allowing
you to mold the groove on the fly.
Four Modeling Synths In One
Four analog modeling tone generators,
based on Korg’s renowned Prophecy and
Z1 synths, allow the creation of four completely different kinds of rhythm sounds
that can be used simultaneously.
"Motion Sequence"
Record the realtime movement of any of
oscillator, amp or effect parameters as a
Motion Sequence. Change sounds as your
groove progresses in unique and expressive
Four PCM (samples are also provided that
cover essential crash, open hi-hat, closed
hi-hat and clap sounds.
Every sound or rhythm you create can be
stored as a pattern that includes your knob
movements. And you can save up to 256 1
to 4-bar patterns in internal memory.
The built-in step sequencer’s 16 pad keys
make it easy for you to produce rhythms
from the sounds you create.
Each pad keys lights up so you can easily
see what rhythm a part is programmed to
play. You can also play in beats in real-time
using the 16 trigger pads.
Four of the pads are assignable to any analog modeling sound you come up with,
two are reserved for controlling sounds
accessed through the audio input, and the
other four permanently control the indispensable PCM sounds. So you can tailor
your own custom “kits” to fit each musical
Step And Real-Time Input
External Control
The ELECTRIBE·R can also be controlled
from an external sequencer, keyboard, or
sampler to function as an analog sound
rhythm tone generator, or set up to control
or be controlled by
◆ You
can also control the ELECTRIBE·R
from an external sequencer or keyboard
and it becomes a MIDI expansion tone
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Rhythm Production Sampler
Korg’s ELECTRIBE•S (ES-1) combines the ELECTRIBE
Series easy and intuitive realtime tweaking and
sequencing functions with extensive sampling, resampling,
signal processing capabilities. The ELECTRIBE•S was
designed to make sampling straightforward: play it, sample it
and then combine samples to create rhythm patterns and
grooves. The ELECTRIBE•S has 95 seconds of sampling time
(mono), and can store up to 100 samples in memory at a
time. In addition, the ELECTRIBE-S features a broad range
of editing capabilities, allowing you to create many unusual
sounds and grooves. Sounds may be sampled through any of
11 different effects. With the realtime resample function you
can apply pitch, filter effects to previously recorded samples and then resample the result. Sampled sounds can be assigned to
as many as ten parts, and then sequenced in real or step time. Samples can be stored and exported to your computer via
readily available SmartMedia cards.
95 seconds of mono sampling time with
room to store up to 100 samples in
memory at a time.
Sounds can be sampled through any of the
11 different effects, including standard
reverb, chorus/flange, and distortion as
well as unique effects such as the
Decimator, Isolator, and Resonant Filter.
Master tempo-synchable Delay offers a
wide range of realtime rhythmic possibilities.
Samples can be played in reverse with the
touch of a button, or you can trigger rolls
to create complex rhythmic variations.
Effect Motion Sequence is also provided so you can record changes in effect
parameters. A Delay Motion Sequence can
be used on the overall pattern.
Rhythms can be created by assigning sampled sounds to as many as ten parts, and
then triggering them in real or step time.
The step sequencer can be used to edit the
pattern via 16 step-keys, which control
when each sound is to play within the
Time Slice
The Time Slice function detects the attacks
of each part within a phrase, creating individual elements that can be played back
independently. This allows you the flexibility of rearranging rhythm patterns or modify the the pitch or filter values of individual slices without affecting the overall loop.
The Motion Sequence function allows you
to capture realtime knob movements of
pitch, filter, level and pan parameters as
well as effect on/off assignments and
record them as part of the rhythm pattern.
The real-time resample function allows
you to apply effects to previously recorded
samples and then resample the result without and loss in audio quality.
Pitch, filter and effects knobs can be
manipulated in realtime while resampling.
Incoming audio can be gated in time with
a pattern for rhythmic effects and the gated
audio can then be run though the Master
Delay for further processing.
◆ An
Effect parameters can be edited in realtime
using dedicated controller knobs and can
be switched on/off for each of the ten
available parts
Real-time ReSampling
Motion Sequence Function
Patterns can be from 1-4 measures long,
and there are 128 pattern locations available, including 64 preloaded patterns and
54 preloaded samples.
Up to 256 patterns/steps can be combined
to create a song, and then stored in one of
16 internal song memories.
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Smart Media Sample Storage
Samples, songs and patterns can be stored
on 3.3 V Smart Media ranging from 4 MB
to 64 MB. You can also use Smart Media to
load AIFF and WAV files of sampled data
stored on computer.
Mic/Line switchable 1/4˝ stereo input with
variable Gain adjustment knob.
Left and right 1/4˝ outputs, and a 1/4˝
stereo headphone output.
MIDI In, Out and Thru are provided for
easy connection to other MIDI equipment,
to create finished tracks. Power is supplied
via 9V AC adapter.
The Ins and Outs
Music Production Section
Dance Oriented Sounds
and Phrases
144 drum waves include vintage kicks,
snares, classic electronic tones, cymbals,
hi-hats percussion and more.
50 synth waveforms cover everything from
deep bass tones and vintage analog synth
waves, to moving modulation timbres like
sync and PWM, plus chord tones, various
hits and sound effects.
variety of cutting edge patterns covering
the latest dance music styles such as
Techno, Trance, House, 2step, Drum’n’Bass,
R&B, and Big Beat are also included giving
you the leg up when producing new tracks.
variety of effects are provided for
applying subtle to dramatic changes to the
sound. Effects can be edited via dedicated
knobs, and can be controlled by separate
Motion Sequences.
can access up to two different effects
simultaneously per Pattern to create a
highly polished mix. Eleven different Insert
effect choices are available, and you can
choose to send parts individually to your
selected effect or not.
Realtime Pattern
Realtime controller knobs and functions
such as Part solo/mute let you produce a
range of variations from a single pattern.
Using the Pattern Set function, you can
arrange up to 64 Patterns across the step
keys, and then switch patterns in realtime
by simply touching the keys.
The 16-keypad step sequencer, with its illuminated interface and intuitive visual feedback, allows you to create rhythm patterns
and phrases with ease and efficiency.
Each pattern can consist of up to eight
drum parts and two synth parts allowing
for extensive arrangement possibilities.
Each pattern can be from 1-4 bars long,
and each Song can hold a maximum of
256 patterns, and up to 35,700 events!
◆ You
Step Sequencer
The eleven types of Insert effect include
standards such as Reverb and Flanger,
Chorus, as well as radical effects such as
Decimator, Resonator, and Ring
Motion Sequence
The Motion Sequence function memorizes
the movements of knobs used to manipulate the volume, panning or filter cutoff of
a phrase you create. You can record up to
two Motion Sequences per Drum Part, and
up to three per Synth Part.
Left and right 1/4˝ outputs, and a 1/4˝
stereo headphone output.
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
Master tempo-synchable Delay effect is
also available.
The Drive effect allows you to add a
subtle presence to synth sounds to
extreme and intense timbres when opened
up and used in conjunction with filter
Inputs and Outputs
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The ELECTRIBE•M, the next step in the evolution of
Korg’s ELECTRIBE series. Now you can focus on creating
scorching dance tracks with one easy-to-use production
tool. With powerful sounds and the same motion
sequence functionality featured on other ELECTRIBE
models, the ELECTRIBE•M enables you to create an
entire song with a single piece of gear. Plus, its easy operation and killer sounds help you to produce sophisticated
music quickly and easily. With ELECTRIBE-M you have
access to a huge array of sounds and phrases including
144 drum waves and 50 synth waveforms, covering the
latest dance music styles such as Techno, Trance, House, 2step, Drum’n’Bass, R&B, and Big Beat, so that you can produce
tracks quickly and easily. The Electribe•M features the classic 16-keypad, illuminated interface found on all Electribe dance
tools. Also on-hand is Korg’s unique “Motion Sequence function” that can memorize the movements of knobs used to vary the
volume, panning or filter cutoff of a phrase you create. You can sync the ELECTRIBE-M with other models of the ELECTRIBE
series simply by connecting a MIDI cable. You can even use the Electribe-M as a step sequencer for external tone generator
modules, or connect it to a computer for running alongside another sequencing program or as a tone generator.
88-Key Portable
Digital Pianos
The SP-200 and SP-300 are slab-style stage pianos that
are an answer for any pianist — from student to
professional — looking for rich piano sounds in a
convenient and portable package. They come equipped
with an authentic-feeling 88-note hammer-action
keyboard that faithfully reproduce the touch of an
acoustic piano. Complementing this piano action are four
full stereo and mono grand piano sounds. Three carefully
tuned velocity-response curves are available so players can tailor the action of the SP-200 and SP-300 to their own playing styles.
The SP-200 and SP-300 feature 30 sounds in total, including a number of Vintage 60’s Electric Pianos, an Electric Grand, plus
Harpsichord, Clavinet, Wah Clav, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz and Church Organs, Strings, and Choirs. All of the
sounds can be played individually or in two-timbre layers. Reverb and chorus effects add spaciousness and depth to these sounds,
recreating everything from a subtle chorus to a concert hall. Effects settings have been optimized for each individual sound, and the
performer can choose from three levels of effect — Light, Normal, or Deep.
The Headphone output and built-in Metronome with adjustable tempo and time-signature are ideal for student use. For pro players,
they provide mono and stereo outputs, and for those interested in period tunings — the addition of Kirnberger and Werckmeister
Temperaments. They also offer a Transposition Function and up to 60-note polyphony. The SP-200 and SP-300 include a music stand
and a sustain pedal, while the optional DS-1H pedal provides a Half-Pedal Sustain function that will meet the needs of even the most
demanding pianists.
Otherwise identical, the SP-300 features a built-in
amplification system consisting of a main amp and
two 15-watt speakers. The SP-300 also features
mono/stereo audio inputs to play external MIDI
modules and other instruments through its internal
speaker system. The SP-300 is housed in a sleek silver
cabinet with dark cherry end pieces that fits into any
décor. The optional ST-300 stand—specifically
designed for use with the SP-300, has a dark cherry finish that matches the end pieces of the SP-300.
88 notes, Velocitysensitive, Hammer
Action keyboard
Touch Control:
Light, Normal, Heavy
Sound Generation:
Stereo PCM System
30 sounds in ROM
60 notes maximum
(the use of 2-oscillator
sounds, layer mode
and/or the effects
reduces the
maximum number of
simultaneous notes)
Reverb, Chorus
(3 levels each)
Tempo, Time
Signature, Accent
and Volume
Transpose, Fine
(Equal, Kirnberger,
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supported with
DS-1H (optional)
Audio output
Power switch
Master Volume
Sound selectors
Transpose Function
Housed in a stylish wood and brushed metal cabinet,
the SP-500 Digital Piano uses Korg’s TouchView display to
provide fingertip access to numerous piano and accompaniment
features. The 88-key SP-500 is a “slab” style digital piano equipped
with Korg’s Real Weighted Hammer-Action 2 keyboard, providing a heavier
touch in the low register and a lighter touch in the high register, just as on a real
piano. Key Touch Control function allows the performer to select from six different
velocity curves for a personalized touch.
The SP-500’s compact size allows it to fit in places where a traditional piano or larger digital piano
would be impractical, and its modern design blends well with any décor — from home, to church, to school.
88-Key Portable Digital
Piano with 396 Sounds
Highlighted by a stereo grand piano, the
SP-500 is loaded with 396 sounds derived
from Korg's professional synthesizers, and
an ample 64 voices of polyphony. In addition to 19 different piano sounds, the SP500 boasts an assortment of electric piano,
organ, flute, sax, brass, strings, guitar,
drum, and synthesizer sounds. Any two
sounds can be layered together or split
across the SP-500's keyboard.
Two independent stereo effect processors
offer up 37 different effect types, including
reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, exciter, distortion, overdrive, phaser, rotary speaker,
auto-pan, tremolo, and more. The amount
of the effect can be easily adjusted to suit
the user's taste.
The SP-500 contains an advanced autoaccompaniment system with professionally
produced styles that make it easy to create
great-sounding ensemble performances. A
wide range of Styles covering rock, pop,
jazz, and other musical genres enable the
SP-500 to deliver the full-sounding performance of a complete pro backup band
with up to six musical parts.
The Pianist Styles provide an accompaniment featuring piano-type left-hand passages that enable even novice players to
sound like accomplished pianists.
The sequencer features a full set of event
editing and quantization tools. Realtime,
step-entry and punch in/punch out record
modes are also available.
Comes loaded with 128 Rhythm Styles, 26
Pianist Styles, and room for 64 User Styles.
GM compatible, the SP-500 can be connected to a computer or other MIDI-equipped
devices for playing back song files, taking
interactive music lessons, and much more.
Advanced TouchView Graphical User
Interface is a touch-panel LCD that lets you
select or modify sounds and accompaniment styles with the touch of a finger.
Eight-track internal sequencer can capture
and record performances created using the
accompaniment system. This unique
arrangement saves all the accompaniment
data down to three tracks, leaving five tracks
available for overdubbing additional parts.
Additional features include dual headphone
outputs, audio and MIDI I/O, Key
Transpose, a built-in metronome, and ten
tuning temperaments.
Professional Arranger
Whether using the Pa60 as a
songwriting station or as a back-up
band, you can always be sure that
its performance will be truly
musical. The Pa60 combines
enhanced sequencing functions,
powerful performance features, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound
quality. Its huge, custom, backlit LCD screen displays the status of multiple features in an
organized and easy-to-read manner.
◆ Relies on the same HI synth engine found in
Korg’s TRITON workstations. Included with its
660 sound programs is a set of very expressive
solo instruments, sampled with a natural vibrato.
All sounds are fully editable, and simple sound
edits can be made inside the sequencer itself.
Four studio-quality effect processors are available
and feature 89 different effect types.
◆ Provides a huge collection of music
Styles created by top musicians from
around the world. Each Style provides up
to eight accompaniment parts – drum,
bass, percussion and more – that respond
interactively with your playing. With 256
editable Styles onboard (plus 48 user
Styles) the Pa60 can cover any situation.
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Single Manual and
Dual-Manual Combo Organs
For years, if you wanted the sound of a real tone-wheel organ, there
was only one instrument that could deliver – until now. Korg’s
Combo Organs accurately and faithfully re-create that classic sound
in two portable models – the single manual CX-3 and dual-manual
BX-3. The original Korg CX-3 first went on sale in 1979 followed by
its dual-manual sibling, the BX-3. Both went on to become favorites
in their own right, and are still widely used. Now, using advanced
DSP technology and painstaking attention to sound, touch and
style, they have been reborn and vastly improved upon.
DSP technology makes it possible to precisely re-create the unique sound that,
until now, could only be produced by the
real thing. Two different tone-wheel
sounds are provided: “VINTAGE” and
“CLEAN”. The CX/BX-3’s amazing realism
even extends to such details as allowing
you to add the “leakage” noise generated
by the tone-wheels, and the ability to
adjust their overtone levels.
The CX/BX-3 feature two sets of nine
drawbars that duplicate the sonic characteristics of the originals – including the
proper foldback settings and harmonic
distortion. Select between the presets and
these two sets of “live” drawbars while
performing for real organ-playing
experience. An EX mode in which all 18
drawbars can be utilized as one extended
palette is provided. The resulting harmonics
and percussion timbres can be used to
create organ sounds never before heard.
One of the unique characteristics of a genuine tone-wheel organ is the percussive
effect that adds a readily identifiable sound
to a note’s attack. The CX/BX3 re-creates
that beautifully. The volume, decay rate
and harmonic pitch (2nd, 3rd) of the percussion can be adjusted – and the percussion has the proper “multi-triggered-yetmonophonic” characteristic for authentic
organ performance. You can even control
the amount of key-click heard when you
press or release a key, simulating the dirty
contacts often found on older instruments.
With 128 programs, the CX/BX-3 are
ready to cover a wide range of musical
styles including pop, hard rock, jazz,
gospel, and rhythm and blues. Detailed
drawbar and parameter settings are displayed, and can be easily edited and stored.
Proprietary “REMS” modeling technology
is applied to create effects that add further
authenticity to the organ sound. The
rotary speaker effect, so important to the
organ experience, is recreated with total
realism. You can even adjust the time
required for the rotor and horn to speed
up or slow down when switching speeds,
or stop the rotation altogether.
Three types of amp simulation are provided:
a traditional rotary speaker sound, a blend
of rotary and tube amp sounds, or a preamp-only signal. The amp simulations are
dynamic, so your sound naturally evolves
from a warm and fat sound to a natural
overdrive as your volume increases. In
addition, the classic vibrato and chorus
settings are provided along with three
types of reverb, featuring adjustable time
and depth.
Attention has been paid to the longneglected aspect of keyboard response
speed. The key scanning method used on
the CX/BX-3 starts the sound at the first
key contact, ensuring a much faster
response to your playing. Notes speak
more crisply, allowing glissandi, trills and
“smears” to be played with total authenticity.
Not limited to a vintage recreation, the
CX/BX-3 is equipped with many advanced
MIDI features. Every drawbar, switch and
control can be transmitted as MIDI data
so your performance can be perfectly
captured by a sequencer. The keyboard can
be set to transmit key dynamics via MIDI
to an external device that can even be
layered with the onboard organ sound.
The BX-3 provides all these features in a
dual manual model. Pitch Bend and
Modulation Wheels for improved MIDI
control, additional voice parameters for
even more authentic sound reproduction,
and a newly-designed “waterfall” keybed
for absolutely authentic look and feel have
all been added.
Different sets of drawbars, and Chorus/
Vibrato On/Off can be assigned independently to the BX-3’s UPPER and LOWER
manuals, just like using a real tone-wheel
organ. The single manual CX-3 gives you
this functionality via a Split Mode,
enabling you to play the single keyboard in
two sections. Or you can plug in a second
MIDI keyboard to recreate the dual manual playing experience.
Drawbars, vibrato/chorus, and percussion
switches are placed in the same location as
on the classic tone-wheel organs, demonstrating a total commitment to tradition
and playability. The sturdy wood cabinet
gives them the proper vintage look, as does
theBX-3’s wooden stand.
Concert Pianos
Korg’s Concert Series piano’s are housed in a stylish cabinet and come
with all the essentials, including two types of piano sounds and a
variety of valuable features only available from a digital piano.
And with their stunningly beautiful sound, they are sure to bring
years of musical enjoyment. The C-3200 and C-6500 feature a real
weighted hammer action keyboard that responds to every movement
of your fingers. Just like a grand piano, the keyboard has a heavier
action in the lower register and lighter action as you play upward,
giving you the truest piano feel possible. All three models offer a
three-position key touch control that lets you select light, medium,
or heavy response, so you can choose how the sound will respond to
your playing dynamics. A two-track, 14,000 note sequencer lets you
record two parts separately (like a backing track and a melody). This can be a convenient function to use when you
are practicing or working on a new lesson.
Three separate pedals are provided for
damper, soft, and sostenuto, allowing professional-level piano performance.
In addition to the standard temperament,
they provide two historical temperaments,
Kirnberger and Werckmeister.
They also support half-pedaling, a technique where you only slightly depress the
damper or soft pedals for a wide range of
tonal possibilities.
With a maximum 64-note polyphony, you’ll
have plenty of notes for full piano performance even while using the sustain pedal.
In addition to two grand piano sounds,
they give you a total of nine sounds (six on
the C-4500) including electric piano, harpsichord, organ, string, and bass, all with
the same quality as on Korg's professional
synthesizers. You can choose to split these
across the keyboard with different sounds
in the high and low ranges, or layer them
for rich new sounds.
They come with chorus and reverb effects
that enable you to further enhance its
piano and other sounds. (On the C-3200
the effects can be adjusted in three stages.).
Brilliance is also adjustable in three steps
to control the brightness of the sound.
MIDI I/O allows connection to a synthesizer or other MIDI-equipped device. (IN
addition, the C-4500 has a PC interface).
Key transpose feature lets you transpose
the pitch of the instrument so you can play
in any key with ease.
A convenient metronome function is builtin for practicing.
Utilizing Korg’s world-acclaimed technology, the C-4500 and C-6500 boast beautiful,
professional piano sound and feel. Their
tone generator is equipped with the same
HI synthesis system as best-selling Korg synthesizers, like the award-winning TRITON
and KARMA workstations. With a new
memory-rich, dynamic stereo-sampled
piano sound, the C-4500 and C-6500 sound
like a true grand piano and respond faithfully to your keyboard playing dynamics.
On the C-6500, “Dynamic Stereo Sampled”
piano sound actually switches between two
different piano samples, one played softly
and the other hard so your expressive
playing is perfectly represented.
Audio output jacks allow their sounds to be
heard through external speakers. Or, via the
audio inputs (not on the C-3200) you can
plug an outside audio source and listen
through their internal speakers.
Their sophisticated and classic design
features a brown walnut finish that looks
good in any room. On the C-6500, the key
cover that protects the keyboard is designed
to close slowly, like a fine acoustic piano,
giving an extra measure of safety in homes
with small children.
New! EC-120 Concert Piano
The EC-120 is the most affordable 88-key Concert Series Piano. Using the latest sounds
from Korg’s professional voicing technology, the 32-voice EC-120 delivers a high-quality,
spacious stereo piano sound, plus electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, organ and string
sounds. The EC-120’s full-scale keyboard provides the same feel as a traditional hammeraction acoustic piano and includes three levels of touch sensitivity.
Two pedals provide true piano performance, with the ability to switch the Sustain pedal to
Sostenuto function when needed. Reverb and Chorus effects add spaciousness and color to
the sounds. A built-in, 4,000 note MIDI recorder can capture and playback the user’s performance for tracking progress or playing along to.Also features MIDI I/O, two headphone
jacks, line inputs, and key transposition. Housed in a rich black walnut finish cabinet.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Micro Ensemble Keyboard
The KME61 offers the power and versatility of the Micro Ensemble
in a 61-note keyboard. This synth action keyboard features 256
sounds from the PC2 series, including Triple Strike Stereo Piano,
electric pianos, award-winning Take 6 vocals and much more. The
KME61 has thirty effect combinations, with a choice of reverbs, choruses, delays
and flangers. Each effect has a wet/dry mix which can be controlled per channel. The
synth action of the KME61 also includes aftertouch, for a realistic playing experience. Pitch
and Mod wheels give expressive control for any musician. The KME61 allows for the creation and
storage of 16 multi-timbral setups, as well as customization of effects for each of the 256 sounds. KME61.
256 Preset programs using samples from the
Kurzweil PC2 including: Stereo Triple Strike
Piano, Electric Pianos, Strings, Basses,
Guitars (Acoustic and Electric), Take 6
Vocals, Brass, Drums, and Percussion.
30 effects combinations, with a choice of
reverbs, choruses, delays, and flangers. Each
effects has a wet/dry mix, which can be controlled per channel. Change and store effects
for each of the 256 presets.
1/4˝ TRS Stereo Headphone output
External Power Supply
Pitch and Modulation wheels
Data slider
32 Voice Multi-Timbral Polyphony
1/4˝ hold pedal input (Pedal is included)
20 Character x 2 line backlit LCD display
with contrast knob
1/4˝ continuous pedal input
Dimensions: 3.25˝ x 37.25˝ x 12.0˝
Two 1/4˝ Analog Outputs
◆ Weighs
32 Multi-Timbral Setups with up to 3
Zones. You can create and store up to 16 of
your own Setups.
MIDI In, Thru, Out responds on all 16
22 lbs.
Micro Essemble ME-1
In the tradition of Kurzweil's highly popular and successful Micro
Piano, comes our newest half rack module, the ME-1 Micro
Ensemble. This low cost module features a wide variety of piano,
keyboard and synth sounds, along with strings, guitars, basses,
voices, and drums - a total of 256 programs in all. The samples
and synth programming is taken directly from our PC2 series
instruments, including our newest stereo triple strike acoustic piano sample, and our new multi-strike electric pianos (both
Rhodes and Wurlitzer). It should be noted that the KB3 Organs from the PC2 are not found in the Micro Ensemble, but the
regular organ programs ARE included. The Micro Ensemble has 32 voice polyphony and is multi-timbral on all 16 MIDI channels. A Global effects processor features the same effects found in our Stage Piano series. You can choose from one of 9 different
effects, along with the wet dry settings for reverb and chorus, directly from the front panel, or via MIDI (the effects are applied
the same for the programs on all MIDI channels). The Micro Ensemble can also be transposed up or down up to an octave.
1/2 Rack Module: will fit into a regular rack with a standard 1/2 rack
MIDI: Receives on all 16 channels, In and Thru jacks
Internal Voices: 256 programs include Grand Piano, Tine E. Piano,
FM E. Piano, Ensemble Strings, Voices, Organ, Harpsichord, Clav,
Vibes, Marimba, Electric Bass & Acoustic Bass (with and without layered Ride Cymbal), Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Synth Pads.
Polyphony: 32 voices
Effects: 9 preset effects, featuring 8 different reverbs, plus chorus,
with separate controllable wet/dry levels for reverb and chorus
Outputs: 2 Analog Outputs (1/4 in. jack Left/Mono and Right), Stereo
headphone out.
Power: external power supply.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
SP76 • SP88 • SP88X
The SP Series Stage Pianos are the performance
keyboards you’ve been waiting for. Well-constructed
and affordable, these stage pianos have everything you
need. The SP Series comes in lightweight 76 and 88 key
semi-weighted action models, plus an 88 note fully
weighted action model. The Stage Pianos have the
award-winning Kurzweil sounds and transmit on two,
user-selectable, independent MIDI channels. Put your
music on stage with this new model of performance
piano from Kurzweil, the leader in sound technology.
Lightweight Stage Pianos
for the Next Century
with 88- / 76-note Semi-weighted
action keyboard, or 88-note fully weighted
action keyboard
32 High Quality Programs
◆ Available
Light weight design for easy transportation
32-note polyphony
The award-winning Grand Piano offers
stretched and non-stretched tuned versions,
and programs with different EQ.
Dual-Hardness Tine Electric Piano offers soft
and hard strike samples arranged in many
program variations, FM Electric Piano is also
provided in a variety of programs.
MIDI Controllers
Two Ribbons (used instead of traditional
wheels) provide flexible control.
The Pitch ribbon has a user programmable
software “spring”, allowing the pitch to
jump back to center or remain at the value
where the finger lifts off the surface.
The Mod Ribbon also has the programmable “spring”, and in addition, allows for different functions (software destinations) to
be programmed for the ‘up’ position separately from the ‘down’ position.
Tone Wheel Organ programs include
organ w/percussion, ballad organ, jazzy
organ and more.
9 preset effects, featuring 8 different
reverbs, plus chorus, with separate
controllable wet/dry levels for reverb
and chorus components.
Two (left/right) 1/4˝ outputs
1/4˝ stereo headphone out
MIDI In and Out connectors: Transmits
on 2 channels, Receives on 1 channel.
Inputs and Outputs
◆ Accepts
remote setup change on any
MIDI channel
12V DC external power supply
front panel control slider
Pedal inputs include a continuous control
pedal input plus a 1 dual footswitch input
for two pedals.
Programs based on the Ensemble Strings
include selections with different EQ’s and
envelope response.
32 user programmable MIDI setups, each
with 2 independent zones that can be used
to configure a variety of splits and layered
combinations with useful controller
2 independent external MIDI zones + 1
internal MIDI zone
SP76: 47.2 x 11.5 x 3.54˝ (27.5 lbs.)
SP88: 53.3 x 11.5 x 3.54˝ (30 lbs.)
SP88X: 54.8 x 14 x 4.8˝ (52 lbs.)
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
PC2 • PC2X
Performance Controller
Following on the design of their award
winning PC88, the PC2 features
outstanding sound and impressive
master controller capabilities. The Easy
Split and Layer feature makes it fast
and easy to create quick layers and splits.
The PC2 series comes in both the PC2 76 note and
PC2X 88 note keyboards. The PC2 features many incredible sounds
not found on any previous Kurzweil models, including a triple strike stereo
grand piano, the new lush stereo strings, newly recorded multi-strike classic electric pianos
(both Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer), brass sections, drums, percussion, voices (featuring Kurzweil’s outstanding Take 6 vocal
samples), and more. It also features Kurzweil’s KB-3 modeled tone wheel organ mode, giving you ultra-realistic tone wheel
organ programs. Orchestral Sounds include String Sections, Solo Strings, Woodwinds, Orchestral Brass, Jazz Brass, Orchestral
Ensembles, Choir, Organ, Harp, Nylon String Guitar, Orchestral Percussion, and Ethnic Percussion. Additional sound include
mallet percussion, guitar, bass, Clavinet, harpsichord, synth sounds, and more.
4 zone MIDI controller operations with
easy Split/Layer functions
◆ 76 note lightly weighted keyboard with
mono pressure (PC2) or 88-note,
two-piece weighted keyboard with mono
pressure (PC2X).
◆ Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front
panel sliders, 5 front panel switches
(momentary or toggle, software selectable),
2 continuous control pedal inputs, 3
footswitch inputs, mono pressure, breath
controller input, Kurzweil Ribbon input.
◆ 64-note polyphony dynamically allocated,
128 with the Polyphony Expansion option
◆ 64 factory and 128 user programmable
MIDI setups, each with 4 independent
zones, effects and arpeggiator settings.
Voice Control
Effects (Dual Processors)
Processor A presets provides a choice of:
58 Reverbs, 6 Delays, 10 Choruses, 6
Flangers, 3 Phasors, 4 Shapers, 2
Enhancers, 8 Filtered Effects, 4 Distortions,
1 Mono>Stereo, 3 Wide Stereo, 4
Compressors, 2 Panners, 7 Rotarys, Stereo
Tremolo, and 44 combination effects
chains utilizing Kurzweil’s unique
Processor B effects offers a choice of 30
Reverbs including booths, rooms, chambers, halls, and plates.
16 parts can send to A and to B in any
amount. A global send allows serial effects
changing from A to B.
Full-featured MIDI note arpeggiator with
multiple latch modes, selectable play order,
velocity and duration as well as tempo and
sync functions.
Two (L/R) 1/4˝ analog outputs
24-bit stereo, AES/EBU and S/PDIF
compatible coaxial digital output
1/4˝ stereo headphone out.
MIDI In, Out, Thru (hardware switchable
to copy of MIDI Out): Transmits on 4
channels, Receives on 16 channels.
9V AC external power supply.
KFP-1 Single Piano-Style Footswitch
Inputs and Outputs
◆ All
400 Internal Voice Programs
256 incredible sounds like the triple strike stereo grand piano, or the lush stereo strings,
recorded multi-strike classic e. pianos and keyboards, tone wheel organs, brass sections,
drums, percussion, mallet percussion, basses, guitars, voices, synths and more. 16 KB3
Programs use Kurzweil’s modeled tone wheel organ mode. General MIDI Bank also available.
◆ An
User Adjustable Voice Parameters (Timbre,
Envelope, LFO)
Dimensions and Weight
Orchestral ROM block comes pre-installed with 2 banks of 128 programs.
256 locations are provided for User created programs (128 for regular programs and 128 for
KB3 programs). Expandable with an optional ROM black which adds 128 preset programs
and 32 preset Setups.
PC2: 477⁄8 x 14 x 45⁄16˝ (39 lbs.)
PC2X: 545⁄16 x 14 x 45⁄16˝ (55 lbs.)
PC2 • PC2X
Optional Accessories
KFP-2M Double Piano-Style Footswitch
Flash ROM allows software updates via
system exclusive dumps.
CC-1 Continuous Control Pedal
Lightweight and compact design
DPC2-MDS Music Rack
XP-1 Polyphony Expansion - increases
polyphony to 128 voices
PCR-1 16MB Orchestral ROM expansion
(standard in current units, available as an
option for older units)
PCR-2 - 16 meg ROM Block adds additional
sound (not yet released)
1U Performance Rack Module
The PC2R is a 1U rack module, which incorporates the feature set from Kurzweil’s new PC series. 256 programs
featuring triple strike stereo grand piano, new stereo strings, great multi-strike classic keyboards and organs and more.
Kurzweil's award winning KB-3 tone organ models are also included. Dual stereo FX processors offer flexible routing
and extensive effects algorithms. 4 real-time performance knobs are provided and allow users the same real-time control
over functions as the sliders on their PC2 series. 64 voices expandable to 128 voices, easy split and layering capabilities,
powerful setups (allowing for up to 4 split /overlapping zones with extensive MIDI control), expandable sound ROM,
and 24 bit digital output with better than 117 dB S/N place the PC2R in a class of its own.
Designed for anyone in search of great
sound quality with great sounding effects
in a compact 1U rack module.
4 multi-function controller knobs
Four programmable zones
Onboard arpeggiator with multiple note
order modes, latch modes, selectable play
order, velocity, duration, tempo, and beat
values; synchable to MIDI clock
64 voice polyphony, user-expandable to 128
Same dual sounds and effect processors as
the keyboard models.
20-character x 2-line backlit LCD display
with front panel contrast knob.
Inputs and Outputs
Two 1/4˝ balanced TRS analog outputs
PCX-1 Polyphony Expansion
Coaxial digital with selectable format
(AES/EBU, S/PDIF), bit width (16, 18,
20, 24), and dithering
Front panel 1/4˝ stereo headphone
PCR-1 16MB Orchestral ROM
expansion (standard in current
units, available as an option for
older units)
MIDI jacks: In, Out, Thru
PCR-2 16MB ROM expansion (not
yet released)
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Professionals around the world use
Kurzweil instruments for all their
production needs. From Film Studios
and composers to the U.S. Government,
Kurzweil delivers the quality and award-winning audio
that is required by the best. Continuing this tradition, Kurzweil is proud
to offer the K2600. Fully compatible with all models that Kurzweil offers, professionals
can continue their work without interruption, always confident that archived work will be compatible. Building on Kurzweil’s
world-renowned operating system, the K2600 can do more than ever before. The new operating system expands the algorithms
from 32 to 127 with Kurzweil’s exclusive Triple Modular Processing. The K2600 is a complete workstation, allowing the user to
work from concept to completion without changing from station to station. Full MIDI controller capabilities including eight
sliders, two ribbon controllers, footswitches, pedals and breath controllers.
76 note semi-weighted and 88 note
fully weighted action keyboard versions
True 48 polyphony with 192 oscillators
16 MIDI channels, each can be a 32 layer
64MB sample memory upgradable to
Sampling option with analog and digital
I/O and sample-while-play capability
12MB of onboard ROM, including an
acclaimed Stereo Grand Piano.
Includes over 450 programs (with 100s
more available) for a wide and useful
selection. A search function allows you to
locate programs, setups or objects quickly.
KB-3 Organ Mode provides powerful tone
wheel organ synth models
Four expansion slots allow you to expand
your K2600 to a total of 44MB of sample
Optional ROM boards include the well
known Orchestral and Contemporary ROMS which already exist for the K2000
and K2500 series, as well as the newer
Stereo Dynamic Piano, and Vintage
Electric Pianos ROM options.
Extensive synth and sample editing is available via Kurzweil’s V.A.S.T. (Variable
Architecture Synthesis Technology) which
features different 60 DSP functions.
New Triple Modular Processing offers 126
sound shaping algorithms for per-voice
Even without the sampling option
installed, you can take advantage of the
many sample processing DSP capabilities.
Some of the Sample Processing DSP
functions include: time compression/
expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling,
pasting samples on beats-per-minute
timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix
sample, and many other functions.
Sound ROM
Powerful KDFX 5 stereo bus,
24-bit digital Effects
File Compatibility
K2000 and K2500 compatible, enabling it
to read Kurzweil or third-party libraries for
each instrument from disk or CD-ROM.
Reads/writes AIFF and WAVE files.
Reads libraries in Roland 700 series, Akai
S900, S950, S1000, S1100, and S3000, and
Ensoniq EPS, and ASR file formats.
Import and export either Type 1 or Type 0
Standard MIDI files.
Kurzweil KDFX utilizes Kurzweil's VLSI
DSP chip that delivers a versatile 5-stereobus design, 24-bit signal processing,
cutting edge DSP functionality, and
unparalleled real-time control, all with an
extremely flexible routing scheme.
KDFX offers over 100 effects algorithms
arranged into 260 effects presets.
◆ All
I/O can be routed through KDFX
including 8 outputs and 8 inputs from
Kurzweil Digital Stream (KDS) digital I/O,
or sampling I/O.
Full-function 32-track sequencer with an
internal resolution of 768 ppq.
Sequencer functions include: Linear,
Pattern and Step Record Modes
Editing functions include: Event Edit List
with view filters and audible scroll; Cut,
Copy, Paste facilities; as well as Reference
Quantize which allows you to quantize to a
groove track, and to quantize tracks not
previously recorded with a click..
◆ Advanced Auto Arranger
functions (allows
sequences to be triggered from keys with
velocity sensitivity and transposition).
Assignable Controllers
The front panel has eight independently
assignable sliders, useful as MIDI sliders, for
sequencer mixdown, or as organ drawbars
in the KB-3 Mode.
600mm ribbon controller, running
across the top of the keyboard, is
programmable in three distinct zones or
one long zone. It can be assigned to respond
to finger positions as follows: relative to
absolute center; relative to “virtual center”
(initial finger-press defines the virtual
starting point); return to center when finger
is removed; or maintain current value when
finger is removed.
Live Mode
shorter, pressure and direction sensitive
ribbon controller below the pitch and mod
wheels allows natural vibrato and subtle
nuances of expression.
◆ Two buttons above the pitch and mod
wheels are completely programmable.
◆ Additional controllers include sequencer
“transport control” buttons
◆ 4 footswitch inputs, and 2 continuous control pedal inputs (1 CC2 and 1 CC2/breath
controller). The breath controller input
accepts Yamaha BC-1, BC-2, and BC-3
breath controllers. The multitude of flexible
control surfaces make the K2600 the ideal
center piece for any MIDI production.
1/4˝ stereo headphone output is also
Two 25-pin SCSI connectors
SMP-2X Advanced Sampling Option
with Digital I/O, Optical I/O, and Samplewhile-play. DSP functions include time
compression/expansion, pitch shifting,
re-sampling, pasting samples on a beats
per minute time line (Mix Beat), volume
ramps, mix sample and many other
DIO-26 Digital Input/Output Option adds
the ability to input and output eight
channels of digital audio to/from the K2600.
All incoming audio can then be routed
through V.A.S.T. and KDFX processing.
DMTi Digital MultiTrack interface
performs real-time digital data format
conversion between K2600, AES/EBU,
S/PDIF, ADAT and DA-88. It simultaneously performs real-time sample-rate conversion to 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or a variety of
external clock rates.
Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM,
Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM, and Vintage
Electric Pianos ROM Soundblocks add
additional ROM samples, along with new
preset programs and setups
PRAM-26 Program RAM Memory
Expansion increases the amount of battery
backed RAM from 486k to 1503k.
Controller inputs include 4 footswitches,
one breath-controller and two
continuous control pedal jacks 1 CC2
pedal and 1 CC2/breath input).
K2600 – 76-note semi-weighted piano-style keyboard.
K2600S – 76-note semi-weighted piano-style keyboard with the SMP2X Sampling Option.
K2600X – 88-note fully-weighted piano-style keyboard.
K2600XS – 88-note fully-weighted piano-style keyboard with the SMP2X Sampling Option.
The K2600R – All of the same features as the K2600, minus the keyboard and MIDI
controllers, in a 3U rack space
K2600RS – Same as above with the Sampling Option installed.
Plug your guitar, microphone, mixer
or tape track directly into your K2600
and customize the sound using any of
the V.A.S.T. parameters, all in realtime. Then add effects using the
K2600's on board effects or the stateof-the-art KDFX.
the digital I/O option you get 8
in and 8 out KDS I/O which can bidirectionally communicate with the
DMTi and any other devices wired to
the DMTi, such as MDMs (Adat,
TDIF), Computer I/O (AES, S/PDIF)
and more.
MIDI In, Out and Thru (Thru switchable to a copy of Out).
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Outputs are 1/4˝ TRS balanced and
include a pair of mixed audio outs,
plus eight individual audio outs.
Process any mono or stereo signal via
the analog or digital sample inputs
(requires the sampling option) with
powerful V.A.S.T. synthesis functions
and built in KDFX capabilities.
◆ With
Multi-Bus Signal Processor
The KSP-8 is an eight channel, 2-space rack
mount signal processor designed for the pro
and semi-pro musician/engineer/producer
requiring high quality signal processing and
demanding unparalleled real-time control.
It is the world’s only 8-channel multi-effects
processor with twice the processing power of
Kurzweil's KDFX system. The Kurzweil
KSP8 includes all the high-quality effects algorithms from KDFX, and adds surround reverbs and other new effects. The KSP8
breaks through traditional barriers and delivers with a wide range of flexibility. The base unit comes with 4 analog inputs and
outputs, and stereo AES/EBU in and out, for a total of 6 possible channels. An I/O option slot provides a choice of expanding
with 4 additional channels of analog I/O or 8 channels of Alesis Lightpipe I/O, Tascam TDIF, or AES/EBU I/O. Inputs and
outputs may be flexibly routed. 24 bit precision is maintained
throughout. The unit offers a selectable master clock, dedicated EQ,
and can process 8 mono channels of audio simultaneously, making
the KSP 8 an ideal tool for today’s MDM based studios.
Factory ROM
249 effect algorithms (expandable)
636 effect presets (up to 999 user presets)
138 effect chains (up to 999 user chains)
14 studios (up to 999 user studios)
Effect Routing
◆ Any
8 of up to 14 possible inputs can
be processed and routed to any 8 of the
14 possible outputs. This allows the
KSP8 to be setup with 8 mono in, 8
mono out; 4 stereo in, 4 stereo out;
5.1 plus stereo I/O configurations and
anything in between.
Each input signal has its own multi-band
EQ and stereo or multi-channel panner.
Input and output routings can be saved
as part of the Studio.
Effect buses can be routed directly to the
KSP8's outputs, or to internal mixdown
buses for submixing.
The unique multi-stage metering section
allows for metering at 4 points in the
signal path, for all 8 channels.
◆ At
The Studio
the lowest level is the effect algorithm
which are designed for use in mono, stereo,
and surround applications.These high
quality, and highly tweakable algorithms
have been crafted exquisite effect presets
ranging from spacious and gorgeous, to
shocking and in your face rude.
◆ Effect presets are easily linked together to
form effect chains on up to 8 buses. You can
fully customize effect presets and chains and
have all the control they want.
◆ Parameters can be controlled in realtime and
automated via MIDI. A host of local modulation sources including up to 36 LFOs and
36 envelope generators, with 72 functions is
also available for combining control sources.
The highest level of the KSP8 architecture
is called the studio — a kind of “snapshot”
of the total state of the KSP8 at one time.
Studios contain all the physical connection
settings, signal routing (analog and digital
I/O selections), analog and digital signal
levels, as well as the assigned effect presets,
effect chains, effect bus assignments
(including all MIDI channel and controller
settings) and all multi-band EQ settings.
studio allows you to save and recall your
entire project, quickly and easily.
The KSP8 offers up to 999 locations for
user-created objects. SmartMedia cards are
used to store your work.
Effects Algorithms
Reverbs (booths, rooms, chambers, halls, plates, stages and more), Delays, Choruses,
Flangers, Phasers, Shapers, Enhancers, triggered Filters, Distortions, Tube Simulators,
Compressors, Limiters, Expanders, Gates, Bit Resolution Degenerators, Aliasing, Ring
Modulators, Cabinet Simulators, Spatializers, Rotary Speaker Emulations, Tremolo, Resonant
Lowpass, Highpass Filters, Bandpass, Notch, Parametric, Graphic and Multi-band equalizers,
Kurzweil1s unique Laserverb, Pitcher’ and Chaos, plus others.
SmartMedia slot can be used to store
data on cards up to 64Mb.
240 x 64 CCFL backlit LCD display with
front panel contrast
MIDI In, Out and Thru conectors with 16
channel operation. Data can be stored and
retrieved via MIDI Sys Ex.
ROM Upgrades: OS and objects upgradeable via SmartMedia card, or via SysEx
dump from a MIDI sequencer.
RSP8 – Remote Control
The optional RSP8 offers totally remote operation
over all KSP8 functions. The remote offers the
same display, navigation and data entry
controls as the KSP8. In addition, the RSP8
adds a joystick and 8 knobs to control the
KSP8 more efficiently. The RSP8's compact,
attractive design will be at home in any studio
environment. One RSP8 can control up to 7 KSP8s
when used with the optional HUB7 multi-port hub.
Intelligent Interface Design
The easy-to-use interface includes a 240 x
64 CCFL backlit display, scroll knob, data
entry keypad, and dedicated buttons for
navigation and actions.
Analog Inputs and Outputs
Four 1/4˝ TRS balanced inputs and outputs, expandable to eight with the optional
KANA4 analog I/O board.
24-bit, 128x oversampling A-to-D and Dto-A conversion
20Hz - 20kHz frequency response ±0.15dB
Dynamic Range: > 110dB unweighted @
Crosstalk: < -100dB @ 1kHz
24 bits Digital I/O with XLR connector –
110 ohms (AES/EBU) or 75 ohms
16, 20, or 24 bits output with a choice of
None, Flat, and 2 types of Shaped dither.
Analog I/O Specs
Digital Audio I/O
Optional I/O
Effects Processors
Say hello to the Rumour and Mangler, Kurzweil's two low cost effects processors.
Based on the award winning KDFX technology found in the KSP8 and K2600,
These single space rack units pack a powerful punch for a very low cost. The
Rumour features a comprehensive set of Kurzweil's finest reverbs and reverb
variations, including gated, reverse, and reverb/compression combinations,
along with Kurzweil's unique LaserVerb(tm), and chorus/flange+delay+reverb
combinations. The Mangler focuses on effects other than, but not excluding,
reverb, featuring chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary speaker, panner,
delay, filters, LaserVerb, Pitcher(tm), synth trigger, ring mod, distortion, and
compression effects, and many combinations.
Stereo Balanced Analog I/O
64 User Locations
Stereo Digital S/PDIF I/O
Extensive MIDI Control
KANA4 - 4 channel of 1/4˝ analog I/O
Stereo and Mono Input Channels
Up to 16 Effects Parameters
KAES8 - 8 channel AES/EBU or S/PDIF
I/O (multi-pin connector, serial connectors, BNC word clock)
Stereo Effects Buses
3-LED Input Signal Level Metering
44.1 kHz and 48 kHz Sampling Frequencies
Output Clip LED
Selectable Bit Depths of 16, 20, and 24 bits
Tap Tempo and BPM Sync
3 band parametric EQ
EQ and/or FX Bypass
192 Effects Presets
Tap/Bypass Pedal Input
KADT8 - 8 channel Alesis Lightpipe I/O
plus 8 channel TDIF I/O with BNC word
clock connector
KMLN8 - mLAN option
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The intelligent and intuitive design offers
features like Quick Pages, allowing instant
access to the most commonly needed effect
128-Voice Synth/Sample Player
The Roland XV-5080 128-Voice
Synthesizer Module is the ultimate
sound module based on the bestsounding, most expressive and
expandable synthesizer/sample player
architecture in Roland history. This
flagship module offers 128 voices, true
stereo waveforms per tone, expressive
Matrix Control, expandability via new 64MB
SRX- and popular SR-JV80-Series wave
expansion boards, Roland/Akai sample library
compatibility and a host of new studio-quality
effects. Put simply, cutting-edge synthesis doesn’t get any better than this.
32-part multitimbral and 128-note
polyphony allows you to create lush
arrangements without note robbing.
The massive 64MB internal wave memory
(16-bit linear equivalent) offers four times
the capacity of Roland’s JV Series synths.
Patches are comprised of up to four tones,
each capable of using stereo waveforms.
Each of the four tones can be velocityswitched and assigned its own key range,
providing a high degree of realism and
expression at the basic Patch level.
1,152 Preset patches (128 x 9 bank with
GM2 banks) and 128 User patches
Performance Mode allows you to create
complex setups, such as layers and/or
splits, by combining up to 32 different
patches. You can also assign each of the 32
patches to a different MIDI channel for use
with MIDI sequencers.
64 (32 x 2 bank) Preset performances and
64 User performances.
23 (14 + 9 GM2) Preset rhythm sets and 4
User rhythm sets
User memory can be greatly expanded
using SmartMedia storage.
Upward compatible with Patches from the
JV-2080/1080/1010 and XP-80/60/50/30.
Sample Playback
The XV-5080’s sample playback capabilities will allow you to load Roland S-700
and Akai S1000 sample libraries via its 25pin SCSI port.
can add up to 128 MB of sample playback memory via two 72-pin FP/EDO
SIMM slots.
Studio Quality Effects
Independent reverb, chorus and a multieffects processors are provided.
Many of the onboard reverbs are based on
algorithms from Roland’s top-of-the-line
SRV-3030 24-bit Digital Reverb Processor.
The multi-effects algorithms include
unique Roland effects like RSS, Isolator,
Shuffle Delay and more.
In Performance mode you can assign up to
3 sets of Roland’s acclaimed COSM algorithms guitar amp models and other
unique and powerful effects.
◆ You
Four expansion slots are available for
adding Roland’s popular SR-JV80 Series
expansion boards.
◆ Another
set of four expansion slots is provided for Roland’s latest SRX Series of
64MB Wave Expansion boards.
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
1/4˝ L/R main outputs plus three additional 1/4˝ stereo pairs with 24-bit D-to-As.
Coaxial and Optical S/P DIF digital outputs (24bit, 44.1kHz)
320 x 80-dot graphic backlit LCD
The PatchFinder button allows you to
quickly locate sounds by category. The
Favorite List function calls up your favorite
Patches in succession for live performance.
The Matrix Control offers an extensive
array of modulation routing capabilities,
providing a wide variety of expressive
control and sound shaping possibilities.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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proprietary 24-bit R-BUS digital output
port is available for sending eight channels
of audio to the latest VS recorders, or
ADAT and Tascam T-DIF compatible gear
using the optional DIF-AT Interface Box.
Two MIDI Ins (for accessing all 32 parts,
plus a, MIDI Out and Thru connector.
64-Voice Synthesizer Module
Inputs and Outputs
◆ Affordable, 64-voice
Stereo 4-Tone architecture and Matrix
Control for ultra-expressive sounds
64MB of internal wave memory (16-bit
linear equivalent) – 1,083 (XV-5080
equivalent) waveforms.
Includes all presets from the XV-5080,
select Fantom patches and all-new sounds
1,024 (128 x 8 Banks) Preset patches and
256 (GM Level 2) Preset patches
16 (2 x 8 Banks) Rhythm Sets plus 9 (GM
Level 2) Rhythm Sets
64 (32 x 2 Banks) Performances
128 User patches, 4 User Rhythm Sets and
64 User Performances
Two SRX-Series Wave Expansion Board
slots allow you to expand and customize
your XV-5050 with up to 192MB of highquality sounds designed to suit your needs.
Three independent effects processors with
everything from 24-bit reverb to chorus,
plus 90 multi-effects including COSM
Guitar Amp Modeling.
1/4˝ L/R main outputs plus two individual
1/4˝ outputs using superb sounding 24-bit
D-to-A converters
Coaxial and Optical S/P DIF digital outputs
(24bit, 44.1kHz)
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
Included accessories:
Owner’s Manual, CD-ROM (USB Driver),
Power Cable
USB port on the front panel can be used
as a MIDI interface for your USB-equipped
1/4˝ stereo headphones output on the front
Studio Quality Effects
The XV-2020 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module puts Roland’s flagship XV
sounds in a convenient half-rack design complete with USB. Expandable via two
SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards, it’s like a powerful “plug-in” synth with up to
192MB of sounds, 3 independent effects processors and intuitive editing software.
Half-rack synth module with 64MB of
XV sounds and USB port
64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral operation
Presets include 768 Patches, 17 Rhythm
Sets and 64 Performances
Expandable via two SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards
User Interface
Display 20 letters 2 lines (backlit)
Convenient 1U rackmount design
USB port for easy MIDI connection and
control via software
◆ 3 independent effects processors: reverb,
chorus and 40 multi-effects
◆ Stereo 1/4˝ and RCA outputs
◆ Includes editing software for Mac or PC
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16 part multitimbral
synth module based on acclaimed XV-5080
synth engine
The XV-5050 is a single
rack space, 64-Voice
Synthesizer Module that
gives musicians access to
Roland’s flagship XV sound
engine without breaking the
bank. This space-saving 1U
rack module offers four stereo Tones per patch, expressive Matrix Control and over a thousand inspiring Presets—expandable
via high-quality SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards. There are also three independent effects processors, digital outputs, plus a
new USB port for easy connection to PCs. Don’t compromise your sounds. Get the best for less!
Advanced Music
Roland’s Fantom-S workstation
keyboards are a complete solution for
professional music production. The
61-note Fantom-S and 88-note
Fantom-S88 both feature seamless
integration of audio and MIDI—plus
advanced sampling with realtime timestretch, sample
chop and new “Skip Back Sampling.” A Dynamic Pad
Bank makes it easy to arrange and trigger audio, while
all-new factory sounds, an onboard mastering processor
and USB file exchange give the Fantom-S
the power to take your music from idea to completion.
High Resolution Sequencer
Advanced music production studios with 61-note keyboard (Fantom-S)
or 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard (Fantom-S88).
64 voice polyphony and 16 part multitimbral (shared with Sampling Section).
Patches and Rhythm Sets built
from 64MB-equivalent wave ROM. These
stereo-sampled waves were painstakingly
sampled in world-class studios around the
world, and are the finest building blocks
ever offered in a Roland keyboard.
◆ All-new
640 Preset Patches and 256 General MIDI
2 Patches; 32 Preset Rhythm Sets plus 9
General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets; 64 (16 part
multitimbral) Preset Performances
256 User patches, 32 User Rhythm Sets and
64 (16 part multitimbral) User
Includes 32MB of sample RAM (expandable to 160MB) — enough to resample an
entire song.
(samples, loops, etc..) can be used as
a waveform in the expressive stereo 4-tone
synth engine, or sequenced seamlessly
alongside MIDI data - complete with realtime timestretching.
Because the sequencer is always active, you
can start recording as soon as inspiration
hits — whether it be while playing live,
tweaking the realtime controls or playing
Arpeggiator patterns.
favorite samples can be saved to the
internal 16MB flash memory or to an
optional SmartMedia card.
The oversized LCD display makes it easy to
view and edit track data with unparalleled
precision when using Microscope editing.
The unique “Skip Back Sampling” feature
continuously records performances,
enabling you to retrieve an idea that might
otherwise be lost.
Compatible with MRC Pro Songs and
Standard MIDI Files (format 0, 1)
The Mixer View screen takes advantage of
the large 320-240 LCD display to offer the
look and feel of a digital mixer. This screen
offers intuitive graphic editing of a multitimbral Performance allowing you to
change track levels, panning and effects
settings using the four front-panel knobs.
◆ Your
The user programmable LFO allows you to
program cyclic modulation (such as filter
cutoff, pitch, etc.) using 16 steps.
◆ Waveforms
◆ Audio
range of tweakable modulation routings
are available via the Matrix Control
Expandable to 192MB of internal sounds
via four optional SRX-Series Wave
Expansion Boards.
The internal pattern-based 16-track
sequencer features a 480 PPQN (pulse per
quarter note) resolution, and a 400,000
note capacity with support for both realtime and step recording.
Flexible User Sampling
Internal Sounds
Sampled waveforms are displayed
graphically for quick and precise editing
can be automatically divided
into 16 “slices” using the Chop function.
The onboard USB port allows you to grab
.WAV and/or AIFF files from your Mac or
Windows computer.
Layer View screen offers quick graphic
editing for layering and key zones.
Rear Panel
Arpeggiator and Rhythm
The onboard Arpeggiator provides 128
Preset and 128 User patterns that allow
you to create anything from wild synth
patterns to bass lines and chord comping.
Graphically build your own arpeggiator
patterns by inputting notes in the 32-step
Two pairs of stereo 1/4˝ line outputs
Two 1/4˝ inputs: input one is mic/line
switchable; while input two is line only.
Parameters such as pitch, velocity and note
duration can be specified for each step.
Coaxial and optical S/PDIF digital outputs
1/4˝ stereo headphone headphone output.
The Rhythm Generator is designed to
allow you to quickly and easily add realistic
sounding drums using a choice 256 Preset
and 256 User rhythms.
Hold and control pedal inputs.
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
Studio Quality Effects
3 MFX processors, plus dedicated reverb,
chorus and new mastering processor.
The onboard USB port makes it easy to load
.WAV/AIFF files, or export a finished song
to a computer for CD burning or further
SmartMedia storage slot accepts 8 to
128MB SmartMedia cards (3.3V) for
backing up samples, sequences, presets and
Sound collection optimized for XV-5080’s sample-playback capabilities*; Includes samples taken from popular L-CDP-Series for S-Series samplers; Perfect for composer/performers requiring very high quality sounds.
*Samples are in S-700-Series format and must be convert loaded for use with XV-5080.
◆ An
onboard 24-bit reverb on par with
rackmount processors and professional
dedicated chorus processor that serves
up warm, rich chorus and delay.
Three multi-effects processors handle
everything from tempo-synced delay and
Lo-Fi processing to COSM Guitar Amp
Modeling, Slicer, Isolator and more.
dedicated mastering processor with
multi-band compression lets you add that
finishing touch to your mixes.
◆ You
can resample phrases or entire songs
with effects to create entirely new sounds
or bring a mix into your computer for CD
Rhythm Section Instruments
Two collections on one CD-ROM:
Drums & Cymbals Vol. 1 and Guitar &
Bass Vol. 1.
Keyboard Instruments
Keyboards of the 60’s & 70’s Vol. 1 and
Vol. 2 on one CD-ROM optimized for
the XV-5080.
Expressive Interface
16 (velocity-sensitive) Dynamic Pads make
triggering internal sounds (such as drums),
RPS Phrases, samples and audio loops easy.
320 x 240 dots LCD Display with helpful
graphic icons including full waveform editing with zoom capabilities.
Pitch Bend / Modulation joystick-style
lever as well as 4 realtime assignable control knobs.
The D Beam Controller uses an infrared
beam of light that allows you to controller
a variety of synth and effect parameters.
Brass & Woodwinds
Two CD--ROMS containing Orchestral
Winds, Brass Sections, Super Sax and
Solo Brass.
Strings/Orchestral Percussion
Orchestral Percussion, Solo Strings,
Symphony Orchestra and String
Sections on two CD--ROMS.
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SRX Series Expansion Boards
Roland’s Premier Sound Library
The SRX-Series is Roland’s next-generation sound library for “SRXpandable” instruments like the Fantom-S/-S88,
XV-Series sound modules and RD-700 expandable synthesizer. With a strong focus on quality, each 64MB-equivalent
expansion is loaded with sounds for all types of applications and genres.
User-installable SRX wave expansion
boards with all-new stereo sounds with
astonishing quality
Drum Kits
64MB of worldclass drum kits
◆ Drum sounds
developed in
conjunction with Spectrasonics
◆ Stereo samples with multiple velocity
switches for unsurpassed authenticity
Fully compatible with XV-Series synthesizers, Fantom Workstations, and RD700 Expandable Keyboard
SRX-02 Concert Piano
Symphonique Strings
Includes violin,
viola, cello, bass
and full orchestra
◆ Multiple performance articulations
of virtually every
wave expansion
board offering the
best concert grand
piano sound in
Roland history
Equivalent to 64MB of high-quality
waveforms with zero loading time (when
converted into 16-bit linear format)
SRX-03 "Studio SRX"
Wave Expansion Board
◆ An
64MB collection of
all-new pop music
Entire 64MB
memory dedicated
to stereo samples of a single, very rare
European piano
SRX-05 Supreme Dance
64MB of all-new
waveforms and
patches for dance
music producers
Focus is on individual sounds: 818
waveforms, 312
patches, 34 rhythm
sets including 113 kicks and 133
snares alone!
Focus is on superb
sound quality
rather than
Includes 64MB
of waves from SRJV80-02/07/13/16
Includes 64MB
of waves from SRJV80-03/04/08/09/10
Includes 64MB
of waves from SRJV80-11/12/15/19
Includes 64MB
of waves from SRJV80-05/14/17/18
SRX-6/7/8/9 Wave Expansion Boards feature waves from 4-5 classic SR-JV80-Series boards with all-new patches programmed for XV-Series
engine. They include stereo waveforms, Matrix Control and multi-effects, plus most original Patches and Rhythm Sets on CD-ROM.
Keyboard Amplifiers
4-channel stereo mixing keyboard amplifiers with clean,
powerful sound
Stereo Auxiliary input (RCA type) for connecting CD/MD
XLR Microphone input for adding vocals or acoustic guitar
New Subwoofer output creates powerful low end with
optional powered subwoofer
KC-550/350 include Output Select and Shape switch, plus
XLR or 1/4˝ Line output
Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
The KC-550 boasts 180 watts of powerful sound via a 15˝ speaker and
horn tweeter. In addition to its four input channels, this flagship amp
includes an Output Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination, a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment and an XLR Line output
for direct connection to a mixing console.
A compact 60-watt amp with 4-channel capability including Aux
and Mic inputs. The KC-150 can also be expanded with an
optional subwoofer for a powerful low-end boost.
Affordable 4-channel keyboard amplifier with 60-watt/12˝
speaker and piezo tweeter
Powerful 180-watt/15˝ speaker and horn tweeter
Includes stereo Aux input (RCA) and XLR Mic input
Output Select feature and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment
2-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with KCW-1
3-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1
Headphones output; can be mounted on speaker stands
XLR Line output for connection to mixing consoles
Stereo Link In/Out for chaining to KC-550s for stereo applications
KCW-1 Powered Subwoofer
A convenient way to add 200
watts of punchy low-end to
sub-out equipped KC amps,
or standard amps via the
stereo Thru output.
Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
The perfect combination of power and value, the KC-350 is ideal for
medium-sized gigs. It features a 120-watt amplifier with convenient
3-band EQ, Output Select and Shape switch features, plus a Subwoofer
output for extra low end. The KC-350 can also be connected to mixing
consoles via its XLR Line output.
200-watt powered
subwoofer for use with
KC-Series amps
◆ Stereo
120-watt/12˝ speaker and horn tweeter
Output Select feature and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment
3-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1
1/4˝ phone output for connection to recording devices
Stereo Link In/Out for chaining to KC-350s for stereo applications
Thru Out jack
(XLR and 1/4˝) for amps
without a Subwoofer
Intuitive controls including Crossover knob, Phase switch and
Shape switch
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The Roland KC-Series has earned a reputation for
both powerful sound and flexible mixing features. Now
with the introduction of the KC-550/350/150, that
legacy is set to continue. All three models feature a
flexible 4-channel design with a stereo Auxiliary input
and XLR Microphone input—plus compatibility with
the new KCW-1 Powered Subwoofer and more.
RS-50 • RS-70
The RS-70 and RS-50 are streamlined and affordable synths
that boast hundreds of CD-quality sounds that can be easily
called up via simple Direct Access Buttons. Both units offer a
number of performance features including a D Beam
Controller, arpeggiator and chord memory. The RS-70 goes even further by adding an easy instrument-based Loop Sequencer,
USB-MIDI interface and floppy drive for playing back Standard MIDI Files.
Full of new sounds based on an entirely
new set of waveforms sampled at 44.1kHz.
Direct Access buttons let users call up
sounds by category, while bundled editor
software makes it easy to dive in and program new sounds.
The RS-70’s Loop Sequencer demystifies
MIDI sequencing by allowing you to simply choose a sound and record. As the
recording loops, additional sounds can be
selected and overdubbed until all parts are
Realtime and step recording are both supported, along with Microscope editing.
The Multi Chord Memory function allows
you to play a variety of complex chords
using a single note.
◆ You
Inputs and Outputs
can also trigger phrases at the touch of
a key using the Arpeggio/Phrase Generator.
The RS-70 adds the ability to program
your own Arps and phrases as well as the
ability to record these to the sequencer).
The RS-50’s Rhythm Guide metronome
offers a number of preset rhythm patterns
in a variety of styles.
Both models employ Roland's D Beam
Controller which offers realtime control
over a variety of functions like pitch and
filter cutoff.
Stereo 1/4˝ outputs and a 1/4˝ stereo
headphone output
Hold and Control Pedal jacks
MIDI In and Out connectors
The RS-70 Also Adds
The built-in floppy drive allows you
to load GM/GM-2-compatible
Standard MIDI Files.
◆ The onboard USB port can be used
as a MIDI interface for direct
connection to your computer.
XV-88 128 Voice Synthesizer
The XV-88 128-Voice Expandable
Synthesizer is Roland’s finest performance
synthesizer to date, featuring powerful
XV-3080 synthesis, an 88-note precision
hammer-action keyboard, and other
expressive features like the infrared lightsensing D-Beam controller. This synth
offers 128 voices, true stereo waveforms
per tone, expressive Matrix Control, expandability via new 64MB-equivalent SRX- and popular SR-JV80-Series wave
expansion boards, and a host of new studio-quality effects-marking the XV-88 as performance synth of the highest order.
88-note precision hammer-action synthesizer with D-Beam controller
and aftertouch.
Powerful Matrix Control gives sounds an unprecedented level
of nuance
128-voice synth engine for extensive layering and multitimbral applications
Massive 64MB-equivalent internal wave memory includes incredible new
sounds, plus all sounds from JV-2080 and a collection of waveforms from
the JD-990 Super JD
Studio-quality reverb and effects derived from Roland SRV3030, V-Studios, and RSS technology
◆ “SRXpandable” via
Stereo playback capability per tone for amazing velocity switches and
keyboard splits
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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SRX-Series 64MB-equivalent
Compatible with SR-JV80-Series wave expansion boards and
XP/JV-Series Patches (XP-80/60/30, JV-2080/1080/1010)
◆ Advanced
arpeggiator functions
Stage Piano
88-note weighted hammer-action keyboard with improved touch
Keyboard split and layer functions with separate volume controls for
upper and lower parts.
Full 64-voice polyphony with 64 sounds including Roland’s best
stereo grand piano plus electric pianos, clavinet, vibraphone, strings,
pad, voices, jazz and church organ, guitar, acoustic bass and more.
Stretch Tuning function provides instant alternate tunings
Built-in 2-track Recorder for practice or accompaniment
Master Keyboard functions for controlling external MIDI modules
Onboard reverb and chorus effects with eight levels
16 Programmable Setups allow instant recall of custom settings
MIDI In and Out connectors
8 levels of Sympathetic Resonance add realistic acoustic piano resonance when using the damper pedal
Half-pedal recognition for sustained playing just like an acoustic
piano (requires optional DP-8 Damper Pedal).
Expandable Keyboard
The RD-700 Expandable Keyboard is
loaded with 64MB of stereo-sampled
piano and instrument sounds —
expandable using quality-intensive
SRX-Series Wave Expansion
Boards—plus an 88-note Progressive
Hammer-Action Keyboard for the ultimate musical expression. And with its new graphic LCD, intuitive knob- and
slider-based editing and powerful arpeggiator, the RD-700 is everything an expandable keyboard should be.
Flagship expandable keyboard with 128-voice/16-part multitimbral
sound engine and 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
Onboard effects include Sympathetic Resonance and 63 algorithms identical to the XV-3080
Massive 64MB-equivalent internal wave memory includes
stereo-sampled piano sounds and a collection of Roland’s best
instrument sounds
One-touch Piano button instantly switches RD-700 for piano
Realistic tonewheel organ sounds with graphical drawbar editing
Large graphic LCD for easy operation; dedicated knobs and sliders
for quick sound shaping and direct volume control over parts
Powerful arpeggiator with 45 styles including guitar strumming;
50 onboard rhythm patterns for practice and composing
Expandable via two SRX-Series 64MB-equivalent Wave Expansion
MIDI Tx button for easy control over external MIDI devices and
sound modules
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The RD-170 is an entry-level stage
piano, for students and live
performers, with an 88-key weighted
hammer action that feels and sounds
like it should cost hundreds more. And
with an upgraded sound engine that’s equally realistic, the RD-150 sets a new standard for affordable digital pianos.
Roland’s SR-JV80 Sound Library
Genre-specific sound expansions compatible with a wide range of Roland synths and modules including the famed JV
Series sound modules and XP Series synths and workstations as well as the current XV-5080 128 voice sound module.
User-installable SR-JV wave expansion
boards with all-new patches and
Fully compatible with XP-80/60/30,
JV-2080/1080/1010, XV-5080 and
RD-700 Expandable Keyboard
Equivalent to 16MB of high-quality
waveforms with zero load time when
converted into 16-bit linear format
SR-JV80-01 Pop
SR-JV80-09 Session
A collection of basic sounds ranging from
rhythm sections, keyboards, bass and guitars
to strings, brass and synth patches. 224 waveforms and 145 Patches.
Includes lush stereo grand pianos, high-quality strings, choirs, nylon and electric guitars,
brass and synth textures. 206 waveforms, 255
Patches and 8 rhythm sets.
SR-JV80-02 Orchestral
SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums
Realistic sound for classical orchestration,
covering a variety of string, woodwind, brass
and percussion sounds. 174 waveforms and
255 Patches.
Contains cutting-edge bass and drum sounds
meticulously sampled from renowned studio
musicians including Marcus Miller, Abraham
Laboriel, John Patitucci, Abraham Laboriel
Jr. and Bob Wilson, adding a high-powered
rhythm section to your music. 241 waveforms and 204 Patches.
SR-JV80-03 Piano
Features an unprecedented variety of piano
sounds, including world-class grands and
electric pianos. 73 waveforms and 111
Includes various playing techniques such
as slapping, fingering and picking, slides,
harmonics and assorted playing noises
Dynamic drum waveforms with expressive
velocity control
SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth
The definitive collection of legendary “vintage” synth sounds, including most of the
classic Roland synths. 255 waveforms and
255 Patches.
SR-JV80-05 World
Extensive collection of ethnic instruments
from around the globe, including bagpipes,
quena, kayakcom and tablabaya. 255 waveforms, 255 Patches and 1 rhythm set.
SR-JV80-11 Techno Collection
High-quality Dance/Techno sound expansion
board featuring 255 waveforms, over 200
Patches and 8 full rhythm sets.
Provides a wealth of classic Roland drum
and synth sounds (TB-303, TR-808, -909,
etc.) as well as effected/distorted bass,
synth and rhythm sounds
Sound effects include noise, hits and
industrial sounds
SR-JV80-07 Super Sound Set
Contains sounds ranging from rock and pop
to Baroque and traditional music, such as
harpsichord, accordion, fiddle and banjo. 255
waveforms, 255 Patches and 8 rhythm sets.
SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop Collection
Features 256 Patches and 8 full rhythm sets
of the latest, fattest hip-hop sounds.
60s & 70s Keyboards
Offers various classic organ and electric
piano sounds, including a vast number of
Hammond B-3 settings. 255 waveforms and
255 Patches.
Over 40 cutting-edge hip-hop phrase loops
for quick song creation
wealth of hip-hop instrument sounds
including drums, bass and keyboards
Includes a variety of “Lo-fi” sounds,
human beat box sounds, vocal sounds and
sound effects
SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II
Includes stunning new string, brass, wind and
other orchestral sounds, as well as Celtic
instrument samples – great for film scores and
television commercials. 100 waveforms and 200
Stereo sampled Jazz scatting includes
five-stage velocity switching with very
responsive vocal sounds (in Performance
Mode only)
Contains a wide variety of useful sounds,
including stereo string sounds, brass, wind
instruments, percussion, ensemble, breath
noise and more
Contains 94 different waveforms focusing
on unrivaled sound quality
Celtic instrument sounds including Bosouki,
Uillean Pipe, Bodhran, and Clarsah Harp
“Asia” Collection
Authentic Asian instruments, including distinctive sounds from China, Indonesia,
India, Japan, Korea and more.
Features Asian string instruments with a
variety of distinct “weeping” sounds, as
well as rhythm instruments
Phrase loops include both Standard
(even-metered) and Asian-style timing
that can be tempo sync’d to MIDI
Chinese instruments include Er Hu, Yang
Qin, Suona and many others
Gamelan (Indonesian orchestral music)
instruments include Jegogan, Jublag and
Pemade — other Korean and Japanese
sounds also included
Indian instruments include Tabla,
Dholak, Dhol, Sitar, Santoor and more
Expressive possibilities are easily
enhanced with bender lever and
Arpeggiator functions
FX Collection
A range of sounds including ambient
sounds, noise, rhythmic hits, environmental
sounds, nature sounds and more – many
derived from the popular Distorted Reality
High-quality wave expansion board with
100 waveforms and 200 Patches
Includes a variety of synth-type effects,
Ambient sounds, Noise and Rhythmic
Environmental sounds include rivers,
ocean, birds, insects, weather sounds,
industrial sounds and machines, city and
construction sounds, and much more
Includes acoustic guitars, pedal steel,
resonator guitar (metal hollow-body), clean
electric guitars, fiddle, banjo, wash-tub bass,
and a variety of natural drum sounds
Perfect for studio use and live performance
SR-JV80-18 “Latin” Collection
Designed to meet the unique needs of Latin
music, this is an authentic collection of Latin
drum and percussion sounds, pianos, horns,
and other genre-specific instruments.
◆ Authentic
Latin sounds including pop,
mariachi, cumbia, and more
Genre-specific instruments include
percussion, pianos, horns, etc.
Onboard rhythm/phrase loops for easy
groove creation and song composition
House Collection
Loaded with all the fresh loops, phrases and
keyboard sounds needed to lay down your next
house track. Developed in collaboration with
Ueberschall, many of the sounds and loops
were created by legendary house music
producer Mousse T.
Based on Ueberschall’s acclaimed
“HOUSEWORX!” and “jam box” CD--ROMS
(from producer Mousse T.)
Includes 255 waveforms: drum and
percussion loops; piano and guitar phrases;
piano, bass, brass and string sounds; hits
and vocal samples
Contains 256 patches including key split
settings of loops and keyboard sounds for
instant house music creation
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SR-JV80-17 Country Collection
Easy access to hundreds of authentic country
music sounds.
SR-JV80-13 Vocal Collection
High-quality vocal sounds ranging from
choir groups and jazz scatting to Gregorian
chants. Extremely expressive and strikingly
realistic, they can add life to music ranging
from soundtracks to classical compositions.
61-Note Synthesizer
The Roland V-Synth is a distinctive and inspiring
new instrument that opens up a world of new
sounds full of life and motion. The V-Synth's
sound engine is designed to be configured in several different ways by choosing from preset Structure
types--just like a semi-modular synth. Imagine a
synth that combines multiple oscillator technologies with realtime control of a waveform’s pitch,
time and formant. Now add user sampling to create entirely new waveforms, powerful COSM filtering, a killer arpeggiator, touchscreen and a host
of realtime controllers including the revolutionary
TimeTrip Pad.
61-note synthesizer with velocity and
channel aftertouch
16 part multitimbral and 24 voices of
polyphony (depending on available DSP).
Two variable oscillators, each with a choice
of three sound generation techniques.
TimeTrip Pad
Sound Generator
The PCM oscillator uses Roland's
VariPhrase technology for independently
manipulating the pitch, time and formant of the over 300 preset or user-sampled waveforms.
The second oscillator type is Analog
Modeling which offers nine traditional
waveforms, utilizing Roland's latest
modeling technology to deliver sounds
that are fat and warm.
External Audio Processing is the third
oscillator type, which allows any external
sound to be used as a synth waveform.
oscillator types can be mixed and layered in several ways, or modulated using
FM, ring mod and hard sync to create
sounds never heard before.
Realtime Control
Over dedicated 20 knobs and sliders allow
you to grab essential sound parameters
quickly and easily.
The large and intuitive touchscreen interface responds to dragging motions, allowing you to access more detailed parameters
– Imagine setting an envelope curve just by
sliding your finger on the screen.
◆ All
Powerful COSM processing including filter
modeling, guitar amp modeling, resonator
and Side Band Filter.
The TimeTrip Pad is an innovative controller that lets you adjust the time parameter of a waveform in real time—without
affecting pitch or formant—simply by
dragging your finger along the pad. You
can speed up a waveform, slow it down, or
freeze it at any point.
The Twin D Beam controllers provide an
expressive interface for controlling parameters in realtime
Programmable Arpeggiator
Programmable arpeggiator provides additional rhythmic and timbral controls. It
allows you to create complex riffs from a
single note or chord, or to create timbral
changes that add rhythmic motion to a
Global reverb, chorus and multi-effects
enhance the sonic palette even further.
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Inputs and Outputs
1/4˝ stereo Mic/Line analog as well as
coaxial and optical digital sampling inputs
Two 1/4˝ Main and and two 1/4˝ Direct
outputs each configured as stereo paris
Coaxial and optical digital I/O
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
Hold pedal and two Control Pedal jacks
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
USB port allows .WAV/AIFF file import,
.WAV export and MIDI interfacing with
your computer.
VariOS (short for Variable
Operating System), is an
open-ended hardware/software
system that can be customized for
different needs. In its first configuration, the VariOS module
comes standard with the software program V-Producer. This software lets
musicians manipulate a sample’s pitch, time and formant—giving musicians the power to build
complete audio-based arrangements with seamless software/hardware control and without draining the host computer’s
CPU. The VariOS module can also be updated via PC cards so the system can take on entirely new functions, making it the
most open-ended and flexible hardware-based product ever.
Open System
Open-ended realtime audio construction
system consisting of VariOS module and
new V-Producer for VariOS software.
Play back up to 14 phrases simultaneously
with 6-part multitimbral operation
◆ Award-winning VariPhrase
Batch load/auto-encode .WAV/AIFF audio
files from computer via USB and browser
Internal memory holds up to 300 seconds
of mono samples (150 seconds in stereo)
Easy drag-and-drop sample arrangement—build a complete song in minutes!
PhraseScope window provides free-form
editing of a phrase’s melody content
GrooveScope window allows non-destructive reconstruction of rhythm loops
Graphic editing of VariOS module’s 40
multi-effects, 8 chorus types and 9 reverbs
Firmware Updates
Two firmware sets with control software allow you to turn the VariOS module into a polyphonic
Analog Modeling Synth (which can re-create Roland’s vintage Juno and Jupiter synths) and
monophonic Analog Modeling Bass Synth (to re-create a Roland TB-303 Bassline synth)
respectively, but with modern conveniences like onboard effects and more.
technology for
intuitive realtime manipulation of pitch,
time and formant—control audio phrases
like MIDI!
◆ V-Producer
for VariOS supports MIDI
clock/MTC sync and audio/SMF export
Flash memory and PC Card sample
storage for using VariOS module without
Open-ended design allows for future
software updates
Stereo 1/4˝ inputs (mic/line switchable)
with variable gain
Optical and coaxial S/PDIF digital outputs
1/4˝ stereo Headphones jack
Two pairs of stereo 1/4˝ line outputs
MIDI In and Out and a USB port.
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Desktop Synthesizer
The SH-32 Synthesizer is a nod to Roland’s past with a look
toward the future. This 4-part multitimbral synth uses Wave
Acceleration Synthesis to deliver up to 32 voices of fat synth
waves and entirely new waveforms. There’s also a full complement of knobs and sliders—plus analog-style drums, DSP
effects and a killer arpeggiator—giving musicians desktop
access to a range of stunning synth sounds at an unbelievable
low price.
Wave Acceleration Synthesis
◆ Wave Acceleration
Synthesis provides a
total of 67 waveforms including standard
synth waves as well as new waveforms like
Spectrum and Noise.
The onboard fully programmable arpeggiator can be used to create incredible user
synth lines or drum patterns. The
Arpeggiator can be programmed using step
input or in realtime.
There are also 63 rhythm waves available
for rhythm sets
32-note polyphony and 4-part multitimbral operation.
There are a total of 64 Arpeggio styles and
64 Rhythm styles available.
The Chord Memory function, with 64
Chord Forms, lets you produce complex
arpeggios well suited for modern techno
styles including trance. And with so many
front-panel controls, programming is still
The internal preset memory features 128
Patches and two rhythm sets. User memory
provides 128 Patches, Two Rhythm sets as
well as 64 Performances
Each Patch consists of up to two main
oscillators and 2 sub oscillators with ultrathick Subsonic mode. You can also apply
pulse width modulation plus a choice of
oscillator “hard” sync or ring modulation.
Patches using oscillator sync will be monophonic.
The Filter section features variable cutoff
and resonance with a selectable Low Pass,
Band Pass, High Pass and Peaking filters
and a choice of -12dB or -24dB slopes.
There are two ADSR envelopes. The first is
a filter envelope which also features a
depth control a key follow parameter. The
second envelope controls amplitude.
Two MIDI synchable LFOs, with a choice
of 7 waveforms and variable depth, can be
assigned to Osc 1, Osc 2, Filter, Amp (envelope) or pan.
Inputs and Outputs
1/4˝ Left/Mono and Right output
◆ 1/4˝ stereo headphones output
◆ MIDI in and out connectors
◆ 1/4˝ TRS footswitch input
Additional Features
Tempo variable from 20.0 to 250.0 BPM.
Three character LED Display
Dimensions: 1115⁄16 x 9 x 35⁄8˝ (WDH)
◆ Accessories: AC Adapter
(ACI Series/ PSB-1U)
Two High-Quality Effects Processors
The first processor is a Loop (Send/Return) effect processor that gives you 10 varieties of
reverb/delay effects.
The second is an Insert effect processor that offers 35 multi-effects algorithms. These include
everything from distortion, compressor and pitch shifter to proprietary Groove effects like
Slicer, Lo-Fi and Isolator.
Wave Acceleration Synthesis overcomes the limited
polyphony and sounds of modeling-based synths. You
get up to 32 voices, plus 67 waveform
variations from traditional analog waves to
entirely new waveforms like Spectrum and
variable Noise. And when combined with
the Subsonic mode, you can create everything from
thick bass sounds to entirely new sounds not possible on traditional synths. There’s even
drum maps with samples taken from the TR-808/909 Rhythm Composers.
MIDI Keyboard Controller
◆ Affordable
76-note controller keyboard for
MIDI studios and performance
Synth-weighted keys respond to velocity and
channel aftertouch
GM2-compatible; 128 User patches and 2
independent keyboard zones
Easy to use with improved 7-segment,
3-digit LED and assignable Data Entry slider
Convenient sequencer Start/Stop buttons,
Clock TX and Transpose buttons
Includes 2 independent MIDI outputs,
MIDI In and Thru, plus Hold and Foot
Pedal inputs
Battery or AC powered
MIDI Controller Keyboard
Building on the legendary design of the
AX-1, the new AX-7 MIDI Keyboard
Controller offers stage performers more
freedom and expressiveness. Just strap it on
and you’re front-of-stage with the band. A
host of controllers—including a D-Beam—
opens up a new dynamic for live players,
while the AX-7’s attractive pearl white design looks great on stage. It’s also very easy to use, thanks to a new LED display,
expanded patch memory and GM2/GS compatibility.
5 realtime controllers: Data Entry knob, Touch
Controller, Expression Bar, Hold button and
light-sensing D-Beam
128 patches with data backup via MIDI
Stage-oriented shoulder keyboard in attractive pearl white body
2 MIDI zones for independent control of Upper/Lower parts
45-note velocity-sensitive keyboard—perfect for solos and bass lines
GM2/GS Compatible
Intuitive operation via new 7-segment LED display
Battery or AC powered
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The A-37 MIDI Keyboard Controller is
designed with today’s MIDI musicians
in mind. Whether controlling a rack of
synths or a sophisticated computerbased setup, the A-37 puts you in
control with 76 velocity- and
aftertouch-sensitive keys, GM2
compatibility and an easy-to-use interface. And all of these practical features
come in a cool-looking design that will appeal to your sense of style as well.
Sampling Groovebox
The MC-909 Sampling Groovebox is Roland’s ultimate tool
for professional music production. Combining an expandable
synthesizer based on a custom wave ROM with a
professional sampler and sequencer, this revolutionary
studio offers power, flexibility and unrivaled ease-of-use.
A USB port makes it possible to exchange samples and
Standard MIDI Files with a PC, while onboard effects
and mastering processors give producers the ability to
create “finished” tracks. Audio and MIDI can be
integrated, synthesized and sequenced together
within a single, easy-to-use environment.
An “SRXpandable” Sound Set
16-part multitimbral with 64-voice
32MB of cutting edge dance-oriented
ROM containing 800 Patches, 64 Rhythm
Sets with 693 all-new waveforms
exclusively sampled and created for this
next-generation workstation. Each patch
contains up to 4 tones.
◆ Audio
Sounds include everything from house
pianos and organs to edgy techno hoovers
and stabs—plus favorites like the JP-8000
“SuperSaw” waveform and distorted
TB-303 sounds. There are also plenty of
basses, pads and sound effects perfect for
any track, along with the most complete
assortment of dance drum kits ever
Samples can also be used as raw waveforms in
the synthesizer section.
Samples can be triggered chromatically via
the velocity-sensitive pads or via an external
MIDI keyboard.
.WAV and.AIFF files can be imported from a
computer via the onboard USB port.
Upon completing your final mix, you can
resample the output and export it back to
your PC for CD burning.
◆ Audio
loops and phrases can be sequenced
right alongside MIDI tracks as the MC-909
synchronizes your loops automatically.
easy to program as an analog synth
thanks to a generous supply of knobs,
buttons and sliders.
expansion slot is provided for adding
an optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion
Board. The SRX-05 “Supreme Dance”
expansion, in particular, features special
Patches that can only be accessed with the
16MB of sample memory, expandable to
272MB using optional DIMMs.
can be recorded via the stereo analog
inputs or digitally using the optical or coaxial
S/PDIF inputs.
◆ As
◆ An
16 track linear and pattern ased
sequencer with Tempo and Mute
Control Track.
16-note drum machine-style keyboard
with velocity-sensitive pads.
480 pulse per quarter note resolution
and an approx. 1,300,000 note capacity
Tempo is variable from 5 - 300 bpm
Built-in “Piano Roll” style editing)
allows you to to view multiple notes at
once using the pads and LCD.
Store up to 50 songs in internal memory
128 Preset and 128 User Arpeggio Styles
Import and export Standard MIDI Files
(Format 0/1) via USB.
Patterns can be up to 998 measures
Chop, Stretch and Loop
Numerous graphic Wave Editing functions
are provided including truncating and
looping samples
The Chop functions provides the means of slicing up a loop into individual beats that can be
re-arrange and re-quantized to create customized grooves
Pro Sequencing
Flexible Sampling
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
The Timestretch function allows you to
change a loop’s tempo, to match your song,
without affecting pitch.
Club-ready Presets with all of
the Latest Dance Styles
215 Preset patterns, programmed by
professional producers, fully exploit the
onboard synth and drum sounds. These
hard-hitting grooves include many popular
styles like UK hard-house, trance and the
latest“broken-beat” hip-hop and R&B. Use
the presets as a starting point for your own
grooves or play them “as-is.”
Psy. Trance
US HardHouse
◆ You
can create or customize an additional
200 of your own patterns plus you can
store another 999 to using an optional
SmartMedia card.
1-5 (Dance Hall)
6-9 (Lovers)
Break Beats
Euro Trance
Hard Trance
10-11 (Roots)
12 (Dub)
Hip Hop
...total 215 patterns
SmartMedia Storage
SmartMedia slot is provided for storing User data such as samples, Patches, Rhythm Sets and
patterns—all on ultra-thin, 3.3V SmartMedia cards from 8 to 128MB.
Easy Operation and
Performance Control
The large LCD screen makes it easy to locate
sounds, sample audio, edit waveforms and
sequence MIDI arrangements.
◆ Almost
all major parameters are accessible via
dedicated knobs, sliders and buttons.
Large Backlit LCD display with “piano-roll”
and waveform editing screens
The dedicated Part Mixer provides real handson mixing.
The Turntable Emulation function uses realtime timestretching to allow you to adjust
pitch and time independently for MIDI or
The twin D Beams use an infrared beam of
light for controlling patches, tweaking filters
and more.
Tempo can be dialed in directly or tapped with
the dedicated Tap Tempo button
Studio Quality Effects
24-bit reverb is available for applying to
each sequencer part.
dedicated compressor allows you to get
tight bass and drums without sacrificing a
Two independent multi-effects (MFX)
provide the means of taking the internal
sounds and your own samples into new
dimensions. These effects include a steep
36dB/oct filter and an amazing Step Filter
as well as up to four seconds of temposynced delay, phasing, distortion and a
host of other proprietary effects like Lo-Fi,
Slicer and COSM Amp Modeling.
Rear Panel Connections
Dedicated Mastering Effects
The dedicated Mastering processor
includes a 3-band compressor, with dedicated knobs for each frequency band, for
creating “final” mixes that have incredible
clarity, definition and punch.
Six 1/4˝ line outputs configured as 3
stereo pairs
Two 1/4˝ inputs: input one is mic/line
switchable; while input two is line only.
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
MIDI In and Out connectors
Coaxial and Optical S/PDIF digital inputs
and outputs
The onboard USB interface makes it possible to import or export .WAV/AIFF files
with a computer, or even exchange
Standard MIDI Files with software
sequencers like Cubase, Logic and
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Dr. Sample
The BOSS SP-303 Dr. Sample offers DJs and musicians a compact, easy-to-use portable
phrase sampler with CD-quality sound, 8-note polyphony, 26 onboard effects and a realtime pattern sequencer–all at a price unmatched by the competition. For sampling and
effects processing anytime, any place, the SP-303 can’t be beat.
Compact phrase sampler with 44.1kHz sound
quality and 8-note polyphony
◆ Accepts
Onboard sampling time expandable via
optional SmartMedia cards
DJ-friendly operation via large, luminous
sample pads and three knobs
◆ 26 groove effects including new Vinyl
simulation; internal resampling
Realtime pattern sequencer with quantize
function for easy song creation
Selectable Gate, Loop and Reverse triggering of
up to 64MB SmartMedia (optional) for
sample/sequence storage
Imports .WAV/AIFF files stored to SmartMedia
cards. (Requires optional SmartMedia adapter
or PCI adapter card.)
◆ AC
adapter included
Groove Sampling Workstation
The BOSS SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation is the ultimate tool
for working with samples, loops and laying down beats. This
compact box gives you eight voices of CD-quality sampling,
sophisticated sample editing tools including Chop, Pitch and BPM
Sync, plus a 4-part sequencer for creating grooves using samples or
onboard Tones. And with 26 killer DSP effects—plus an easy graphic
interface with realtime control knobs—the SP-505 has everything
groove musicians need to build cutting-edge tracks.
Compact sampling workstation with onboard sequencing and effects
8 voices of CD-quality sampling, expandable up to 128MB via
Chop function divides loops and maps individual samples to pads
64 onboard Tones with drums, bass, keyboard, synth sounds and
Pitch function for playing back samples at new pitches as on a keyboard
4-part Pattern Sequencer with Quantize for easy song creation
Intuitive graphic LCD (with waveform display) and three knobs
BPM Sync function instantly matches up to 16 phrases to the same
26 effects like Tape Echo, Isolator and Vinyl Simulator with resampling and realtime control
Imports .WAV/AIFF files via SmartMedia*; Coaxial/Optical Digital
*SmartMedia cards sold separately; SmartMedia adapter or PCI adapter
card required for .WAV/AIFF conversion.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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Dr. Rhythm
BOSS’ most affordable drum machine for
jamming or practice
New Rhythm Progressions with 3 variations
each for Intro, Verse, Fill and Ending
100 Preset Styles and 100 User styles programmable via realtime or step recording
Realistic drum, percussion and bass sounds
with velocity-sensitive pads
New TSC with Sound Shape function and
Ambience for professional drum sounds
Footswitch input for easy live control; runs
on AC or battery power
Dr. Rhythm Section
The DR-5 Dr. Rhythm Section is an innovative new concept in rhythm composers.
Designed for guitarists, songwriters, live performers or anyone, it features a
programmable backing band including bass, drums and keyboards.
256 16-bit percussion/instrument
sounds, 64 drum kits (48 Preset /16
400 patterns (200 Preset + 200 User)
20 songs
External pitch function for triggering the
internal sounds from a guitar
4-track composer, MIDI In/Out for interfacing
to external devices
Guitar In with built-in tuner and amp simulator
Dr. Rhythm
As the follow-up to BOSS’ hugely successful DR-550mkII, the DR-670 Dr. Rhythm
stands as one of the most feature-packed and affordable drum machines in BOSS
history. This compact rhythm-creation tool offers all the acclaimed sounds from
BOSS’ flagship DR-770 model, while adding enhancements like velocity-sensitive
pads, footswitch control and much more.
◆ Affordable
BOSS drum machine with 255
superb-quality drum and percussion sounds
200 versatile preset rhythm patterns and 200
user-programmable patterns
◆ Velocity-sensitive
pads permit very
expressive rhythm pattern programming
New Bass part allows for programming bass
lines using 16 different bass sounds
With the DR-3 Dr. Rhythm, guitarists and songwriters can add incrediblesounding drums and bass to their music. This ultra-affordable drum
machine includes some of BOSS’ best acoustic and electronic drum kits and
a selection of bass sounds. Great for jamming, the DR-3’s Rhythm
Progressions and multiple variations make it easy to create a realisticsounding drum track for any style of music. And with Total Sound Control, you
can tweak your kits to perfection.
Large LCD for confirming pattern tempo at
all times
Unique pad interface designed like a bass
guitar neck for easy programming of
rhythm/bass lines
Foot control jack permits connection to
optional footswitch for hands-free start/stop
and fills
Direct Pattern Play function lets users assign
internal patterns to pads for triggering “on
the fly”
Selectable battery or AC operation
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Music Production Synthesizers
The MOTIF 6, 7, and 8 are 61- and 76-note synth action, and
88-note weighted action keyboards respectively. All three models
are potent music workstations that feature the equivalent of
85MB of wave ROM, onboard sampling with 4MB of RAM
(expandable to 64MB), a high resolution 16 track sequencer
with a 200,000 MIDI note capacity, studio-quality effects processing
and extensive expansion options for customizing the MOTIF to suit
your style and taste. The MOTIF’s real-time control modes allow the
four sliders and real-time control knobs to function as 16 virtual sliders and 16 virtual knobs. These controls can even be used to as a 16
channel control surface for computer-based DAWs including Logic
Audio, Pro Tools, Cubase , and Cakewalk. The MOTIF also features a
vast arsenal of connectivity including dual 1/4˝ inputs and outputs,
USB, high-speed SCSI, and an expansion slot that can hold a card
supporting Yamaha’s mLAN interface. Or you can use that last
expansion slot for the AIEB board which adds six assignable analog outs and S/PDIF. A Smart Media slot is also included to
transfer data, using standard 3.3V media.
The 61-key MOTIF 6 and the 76-key
MOTIF 7 each feature synth action, FS
keyboards with initial touch and aftertouch.
The 88-key MOTIF 8 is a fully-weighted,
balanced hammer effect keyboard with
initial touch and aftertouch.
The MOTIF’s Modular Synthesis Plug-in
System allows you to add up to three
expansion boards, each of which adds a
completely new, full-fledged synthesizer or
sound processing “engine” to your arsenal.
These expansion boards not only add new
sounds, but you gain more polyphony and
additional multi parts — without taking
any processing power away from the
keyboard itself.
AWM2 Modular Synthesis
16-part multitimbral and 62-note
polyphony (expandable with Modular
Synthesis Plug-in System boards)
85MB of internal wave ROM (when
converted to 16-bit linear format)
containing many of the best waveforms
from Yamaha's highly acclaimed S80, 9000
Pro, EX Series and RS7000 synthesizers as
well as a wealth of new and improved waves.
384 Preset voices, 128 GM voices and 128
User programmable voices ranging from
expressive stereo acoustic instruments like
pianos, drums, strings and brass to
never-before- heard dance sounds and lush
ambient textures.
48 Preset drum kits; 1 GM kit and 16 User
programmable drum kits
◆ You
can also create up to 128 User
Performances each containing up to four
voices. Each of the four voices can be layered and/or split to create even rich and
more expressive sounds.
The Category Search Function allows you to
quickly search and browse sounds via a
selected voice category (such as pianos or
diverse range of synthesizer expansion
boards is available, including analog
physical modeling, FM synthesis, vocal
harmony processing and more.
4MB of sampling memory expandable to
64MB using affordable PC SIMMs for a
maximum total sampling time of 6 minutes and 20 seconds (stereo, 44.1kHz).
Reads sample maps and voice parameters
for Akai S1000/S3000 and Yamaha
A3000/A4000/A5000 samplers. you can
also import AIFF and WAVE files.
Favorites category provides easy access to
the voices you need the most.
◆ Voices
are comprised of up to 4 elements
(waveforms) and have access to a myriad of
editing functions including a resonant filter
(21 types), multi-waveform LFO, amplitude
and filter envelopes and more.
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Sampling Sequencer
The 200,000 MIDI note sequencer supports linear based recording as well as pattern-based sequencing which offers the
flexibility of assembling your song as individual elements (Verse, Chorus, Bridge,
Breaks, etc.).
The Song Mode recording feature allows
you to combine MIDI and audio data in a
linear fashion from beginning to end.
The Slice with Sequence function takes a
recorded audio phrases and slices it into
pieces (based on amplitude peaks and divisions of the beat) and then generate an
extremely accurate MIDI sequence to perfectly re-trigger each of the pieces. This will
allows you to rearrange or change the
tempo of grooves without effecting the
audio phrase’s pitch.
There are 2 categories of effects processors
available: System Effects; and Insert Effects.
The System Effects section provides access
to an independent Reverb (12 types) and
Chorus (25 types) processor. A Send control allows you to dial in the desired wet
dry mix for each effect. In Performance
and Song modes, you also have access to 25
different Variation effects including amp
simulators, wahs, sonic enhancers, LoFi
effects and more.
There are two Insert Effects available that
can be used on a single voice or assigned to
individually to different part, when used in
Performance or Song modes. Insert 1 offers
a choice of 25 effects types, while Inert 2
offers 104 types
Groove-Oriented, Real-time
Pattern Chain Record
The various MIDI and audio parts of your
songs can be arranged in real-time using
dedicated Section, Mute and Song Scene
buttons. These buttons allow you to
instantly audition different arrangement
possibilities, and then record these performances as Pattern Chains. The Pattern
Chains can then be edited using the
detailed event editor, and upon completion, you can convert them back to a linear
song formats like SMF.
SmartMedia Card Slot
240 x 64 dot backlit LCD display
Four physical sliders and four physical
knobs are available on the front panel, with
up to four functions available to each, can
be assigned to edit the Reverb, Chorus,
Pan, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release and
EQ as well as 4 user-assignable parameters.
In Mix mode, these sliders and knobs work
in conjunction with the Track Select buttons to give you all the capabilities of a 16
channel digital mixer.
Mix mode can even be used as a real-time
external control surface for your favorite
sequencing software, including Emagic’s
Logic Audio, Steinberg’s Cubase,
Digidesign’s Pro Tools and Cakewalk’s
Easily store your samples on a SmartMedia
Card Slot card and transfer them to your
personal computer for editing. This storage
method also makes it easy to save and load
Standard MIDI Files.
Inputs and Outputs
Interactive Arpeggiator
The Arpeggio features a an extensive range
of rhythmic sequences, as well as “human”
patterns such as the strumming of a guitar
or the trilling of a flute. These performances were create by using real MIDI data
recorded by real musicians.
256 Preset and 128 User arpeggitaor types
are available.
velocity window which opens up
unprecedented possibilities; for example,
while playing a lead guitar voice, you could
trigger a sampled MIDI guitar phrase on
the fly by hitting a key hard.
◆ Arpeggio
performances can be recorded
into your sequences and you can import
new arpeggios from Standard MIDI files.
The Arpeggiator can be synced to MIDI
Two stereo pairs of 1/4˝ analog outputs
plus an optical S/PDIF digital output.
◆ Dual 1/4˝ analog inputs with gain control
are provided for sampling
◆ 1/4˝ stereo headphone output
◆ MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
◆ The Built-in USB MIDI interface is ready
to connect directly to your iMac, G4 or
newer G3 Macintosh computer as well as
any USB-equipped Windows PC
(Windows 98 or later).
◆ The 25-pin SCSI Port allows you to connect an external ZIP, MO, or hard drive to
MOTIF for easy storage of large amounts
of sample data. The SCSI interface provides fast loading times expected by performing musicians.
Optional Multi-Out
Expansion Board
The AIEB2 expansion board gives you 6
assignable 1/4˝ analog audio outputs as
well as both optical and S/PDIF digital
Connect to the Future
of MIDI and Audio — mLAN
◆ Yamaha's
mLAN protocol allows you to
link together all your digital audio and
MIDI data through a single high-bandwidth IEEE-1394 FireWire cable.
MOTIF is ready for the latest generation of
mLan expansions and future mLan products, so you’ll be able to stay current with
future possibilities.
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Master 5-band Equalizer is also provided
for fine tuning the overall sound before the
final output stage.
Total Hands On Control
128-Voice Sound Module
Perhaps the most requested Yamaha product of ‘02, the Motif Rack is more than just a single rack version of the award
winning Motif synthesizer — its newly designed sound chip that delivers 128 note polyphony and enough DSP to
accommodate 8 simultaneous insert effects, in 16 Part Multi Timbral Mode. The core Voices of the rack are identical to the
keyboards with the addition of two new Preset Voice Banks and 256 User Editable Voices (twice the size of Motif). Two
Yamaha PLG cards slots allow for expansion of polyphony, effects and synthesis capabilities. To insure complete connectivity,
the Motif Rack offers six 1/4˝ outputs (Stereo Main plus four individual assignable outs) as well as coaxial and optical
digital outputs. Plus the Motif Rack comes with both standard MIDI and USB interfacing along with Voice Editing, File
Utility, Multi Part Editing software, allowing you to take full advantage of your computer and the Motif Rack’s MIDI
capabilities The Motif Rack is perfect for both Motif owners who want to expand the power of their Motif system or for
those of you who already have plenty other keyboards and just want the Motif sounds in a convenient rack mount size.
Single Rack Space Tone
Multi Library
Two expansion slots are provided for
adding any of Yamaha's PLG Modular
Synthesis Plug-in Expansion boards, resulting in new sounds, effects, additional notes
of polyphony and new synthesis engines.
Since they are categorized according to
music type, you can quickly and easily call
up the settings you need.
Bundled with a Windows and Mac compatible CD-ROM that contains a dedicated
Voice Editor and Multi-part editor.
The Multi Libraries also serve as convenient templates to create new, original
Multis – just select a Multi, then tweak it
and customize it as needed.
Onboard arpeggitor with 256 presets
User Interface
intuitive user interface with a large data
wheel and dedicated function buttons provide quick access to all functions.
Stereo 1/4˝ main outputs plus four individual 1/4˝ outputs.
Optical and coaxial digital outputs
The 160 x 64 dot backlit LCD provides
clear and easily viewable display of all the
Motif Rack’s parameters.
1/4˝ stereo headphone output on the front
Built-in USB MIDI interface plus MIDI In,
Out, and Thru connectors
newly designed sound chip provides 128
notes of polyphony as well as up to 4 insert
effects when used in the 16-part multitimbral Mix mode.
768 Preset Voices and 59
Preset Drum Kits
48MB of onboard wave ROM (84MB when
converted to 16-bit linear format) with 896
Preset voices (including the General MIDI
bank) and 65 preset drum kits – the core
Voices of the Motif keyboard are all there
plus there’s an additional two new Preset
Voice Banks.
256 User voices and 32 User drum kits
System Reverb (20 types including 3 New
“R3” type Enhanced Reverbs) and Chorus
(44 types)
Up to 8 Insert Effects (107 types) -2 for
voice mode, 4 x 2 for Multi mode.
Each of the 16 Parts has access to it’s own
3-band EQ in Multi Timbral Mode.
◆ An
5-band Master EQ is also provided
Inputs and Outputs
Multi Library of 124 different Multis is
provided, each with its own specially programmed effect, equalizer and other settings, and each designed particularly for a
specific style of music or application.
S03 • S08
64 note polyphony and 16-part multitimbral
25.2 MB wave ROM (in 16 bit linear format) with over 700 sounds including: 480
XG/GM compatible presets, 128 additional
Presets and 20 Drum Kits
128 User presets and 2 Drum Kits are also
3 Effects Blocks with 64 types
32 user-definable Multis
High Quality Digital Effects
Independent Reverb (11 types) and
Chorus (11 types) processors as well as a
wide selection of Variation effects (42
types) such as delays and distortions
XGworks lite V3.0A
User Interface
Large custom backlit LCD display makes it
easy to see the names of voices and other
parameters at a glance.
Quick Access and Category Search
Pitch bend and modulation wheels
The included XGworks lite software is a
comprehensive yet easy-to-use MIDI and
audio sequencing package that gives you
everything you need to produce fully
arranged songs with your S03, including
100 MIDI/audio tracks for recording, a
built-in database of music styles, full
editing and mixing capabilities and more.
The Voice Editor features an intuitive
graphical user interface, making it a snap
to edit the keyboard's onboard voices.
The S08 adds
88 key weighted (Balanced Hammer)
action Synthesizer
SmartMedia slot provides an cost effective
Playback Sequencer for playing Standard
MIDI Files direct from SmartMedia
S03: 381⁄4 x 111⁄4 x 31⁄4˝ (Weighs: 12.56 lbs.)
USB interface
S08: 523⁄4 x 151⁄4 x 6˝ (Weighs: 44 lbs.)
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The 61-key S03 and 88-key S08
are versatile, yet highly cost effective, performance synthesizers
with full 64-note polyphony and
25 MB of wave ROM (at 16-bit
linear conversion). Yamaha’s AWM2
tone generation and over 700 incredible
sounding voices, including full XG and GM compatibility, provide a complete palette of high-quality
sounds: stereo grand pianos, funky basses, analog pads and pounding drum kits. A selection of onboard effects, including
chorus and reverb and variations such as distortion and “wah,” may also be applied. You can create your own sounds
(including analog-style synth sounds with the 64 resonant low pass filters) and store them in any of 128 user-voice memory
locations. Panel switches, a large custom-designed LCD display and controllers that include pitch bend and mod wheels provide
full control and access to all functions.
The portable S03 features 61 keys with Initial Touch, while the larger S08 features an 88-key balanced hammer design with
Initial Touch. Both units feature left and right 1/4˝ outputs, a stereo headphone out, MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors, as
well as foot switch and foot controller inputs. Both
units come bundled with Yamaha XGWorks and
Voice editing software for both the PC and Mac. The
S03 also offers a TO HOST serial port for direct
connection to a PC or Mac. The S08 offers a USB
port for computer interfacing and has a smart media
slot for MIDI file playback and patch storage.
S30 • S90
Music Synthesizer
The S30 is an expandable synthesizer with
a 61-note keyboard, full 64-note polyphony,
64 multi-mode resonant filters, effects, an
arpeggiator and 24MB of wave ROM.
On-board voices include 256 presets with
stereo-sampled pianos, strings, brass, as well as
a complete sonic palette of other high-quality
sounds. You can create your own sounds and
store them in any of 128 user-voice memory
locations. There are also 128 user-storable performances for layers, splits and multitimbral sequencer setups. A plug-in
expansion slot allows the S30 to accept Yamaha’s PLG Modular Synthesis Plug-in Expansion boards, which essentially adds
new synthesizers and effects processors to the system.
The S90 is Yamaha’s most feature-packed S series synth to
date. It features an 88-note weighted Balanced Hammer
Effect keyboard and a synth engine that contains the best
sounds of Yamaha's flagship MOTIF synth with an exquisite
three-layer grand piano sample. The S90 is also equipped
with three expansion slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in
System boards, so you can add new and exciting synthesis capabilities as your musical needs dictate.
61 key synthesizer with initial and aftertouch
64 note polyphonic and 16 multitimbral
parts (17 parts with PLG installed)
256 Preset voices and 8 drum kits
128 internal and 128 external User voices
plus 2 internal and 2 external drum kits.
128 internal and 64 User Performances.
SMF playback sequencer is provided
with direct play from Smart Media and
chain playback for up to 100 songs.
CDROM with XGworks Sequencer, Voice
editor and card filer included
3.3 volt SmartMedia memory card slot for
expansion and storage (cards up to 128
MB are supported)
Inputs and Outputs
88 key weighted action keyboard with initial and aftertouch
Four 1/4˝ outputs: Stereo Main plus two
assignable outputs.
110 MB wave ROM featuring a 25MB 3
layer S700 piano (in 16 bit linear format)
1/4˝ A/D inputs
384 Preset voices and 48 drum kits plus
128 GM voices and 1 GM drum kit.
To Host serial Port for interfacing with a
PC or Mac.
128 User voices and 16 drum kits
128 User performances
MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
256 preset and 128 user Arp patterns
2 foot pedals inputs, 2 foot switch inputs
plus Breath Controller input
3 PLG slots for Modular Synthesis
Expansion System Boards
USB port for easy computer interfacing
The onboard arpeggiator provides full
MIDI capabilities and offers 128 patterns,
(from standard Up and Down patterns to
catchy melodies and drum patterns)
S30: 397⁄16 x 139⁄16 x 37⁄8˝ (Weighs: 17.6 lbs)
S90: 533⁄8 x 151⁄8 x 63⁄8˝ (Weighs: 51 lbs.)
1 slot for PLG series Modular Synthesis
Expansion Boards
Dedicated Reverb (12 types) and Chorus
(23 types) processors as well as an Insert
effects (92 types)
4 zone MIDI master controller functions
with 128 memory locations.
◆ 5 assignable and 2 data entry knobs plus 4
assignable sound control sliders.
Bundled Software
The S90 Adds
PLG Plug-in Expansion Boards
MIDI Controllable Vocal Harmonizing
• 4 types • Vocoder harmony
• Chordal harmony • Detune and Chromatic harmony
64-note Polyphonic Piano Tone Generator
• 16 MB Wave ROM • 132 voices
PLG100-XG XG Wave Set
• 32 note polyphonic
• 3 effects blocks
• 16 Part Multi-Timbral
Vintage FM Synthesizer Plug-in Expansion Board
• 900+ preset voices • 16 note polyphonic • 64 custom voices
• Part EQ
Analog Physical Modeling Tone Generation
• 5 note Polyphony • AN1x compatible
Virtual Acoustic Plug-in Expansion Board Monophonic
• 256 preset, 64 internal, 6 custom voices • Compatible with VL70M
PLG150-DR Live Room Drums
• 80 preset kits (New Ambient Drums + Motif core kits)
• 8 User kits • Built in editable effects
• CDROM includes patterns, phrases and PLG editing software
PLG150-PC Latin Groove Factory
• 80 kits (Afro-Cuban + Brazilian Percussion)
• 8 User kits • Built in editable effects
• CDROM includes patterns, phrases and PLG editing software
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Yamaha’s Modular Synthesis Plug-in System is a
revolutionary expansion system that adds a COMPLETE
any Modular-Synthesis-Plug-in-compatible synthesizer.
This amazing plug-in board lineup, which includes the
PLG150 Professional Series and the PLG100 Standard Series,
not only gives you new sounds, but also new synthesis architecture,
new effects processors, extra polyphony and more. It’s like placing an additional synthesizer or digital effects processor inside your existing keyboard—but at a
fraction of the cost!
Once a plug-in board is installed, you can directly access any of its voices and edit them from the front panel of the host
synthesizer. You can also use a PC-based software editor (bundled with each plug-in board) to edit any of the voices in
detail. Many voice parameters are MIDI controllable, which, when used in conjunction with MIDI sequencing software, allows
you to record realtime edits, such as filter cutoff frequency and effect levels, for automated voice transformation during playback.
Sequence Remixer
The Yamaha RM1x is a complete Dance Music Workstation
that combines a powerful AWM2 tone generator with
realtime performance controls and a professional suite of
sequencing tools. An intuitive “hands-on” interface provides realtime control over synth parameters,
pattern playback functions as well as the three, fully
editable effects processors. The 32 note polyphony, 16
part multitimbral synth engine offers access to over 650
voices and 46 drum kits covering all major music styles. The
RM1X’s 16 track sequencer section delivers a professional-level timing resolution of 480 ppqn and a sizable memory of 110,000 note events. To help get you
right into the groove, the RM1X provides a library of over 7,000 drum, bass, guitar, percussion
and keyboard phrases organized into various styles including: Trance, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, House and Techno.
MIDI synthesizer tone generator, professional sequencing, and a real-time MIDI
controller surface.
16 Track Sequencer
700 Dance Oriented Sounds
16-part multitimbral, 32-note polyphonic,
synthesizer with 654 sounds and 46 drum
kits designed specifically for today’s dance
oriented music genres.
In-depth voice editing parameters allow
you to customize voices using a comprehensive range of envelope generator, LFO,
filter and other parameters.
Styles, Patterns and Phrases
60 Preset and 50 User Pattern Styles each
containing up to 16 Patterns for a total of
960 preset and 800 User patterns.
Each pattern can playback up to 16 Phrases
at a time, such as a bass line or kick drum
pattern. You can create up to 256 phrases
per pattern.
The two octave keyboard not only allows
you to trigger MIDI events: it is also a
real-time interface for accessing a range of
functions including track selection,
transposition, numeric data entry, track
mute/solo, and section selection.
Eight controller knobs provide realtime
access to virtually every parameter
including: synth parameters such as filter
cutoff and resonance; envelope decay: pitch
bend; effects and more
Controller knob movements can be
recorded in real-time, or applied to the
sequence data and edited.
The knobs can also be used transmit MIDI
control change data for real-time control of
external MIDI instruments and devices.
Editing detailed sequence parameters,
adjusting track pan or volume, or tweaking
effect send levels is made easy thanks to the
large 64 x 240-dot backlit graphic LCD and
control interface including 4 multifunction
knobs located directly beneath the display.
Tap BPM entry lets you define tempos on
the fly without entering specific numbers.
The mute memory function lets you
specify groups of tracks, which can then be
instantly muted or un-muted, by pressing
a single-key.
can easily record MIDI data via the
two octave keyboard or an external MIDI
keyboard using features
Detailed sequence editing functions allow
you to refine and shape your musical ideas
with extraordinary precision.
Because sequence data can be transmit via
MIDI you can integrate outboard synths
and samplers into your compositions.
The Pattern Chain mode, allows patterns
to be easily “chained” together for automatic sequential playback.
Up to 20 Songs and 20 Pattern Chains can
be stored in internal memory.
can easily mix and match a variety of
rhythm, bass, and chordal/melodic phrases
to create a virtually unlimited range of new
patterns quickly and easily.
The floppy disk drive allows you to load
both type 0 and type 1 Standard Midi Files
generated by other sequencing applications.
The Patch function make it easy to select
from the huge selection of 7,726 preset
◆ You
◆ You
Powerful 16 track, 64-note polyphony
sequencer allows you to record using a
variety of record modes: real-time replace,
real-time overdub, punch-in, step and grid
and has a large 110,000 note memory
along with a 480 pulse per quarter note
Real Time Controller Knobs
Track data can be freely moved back and
forth from Song mode (linear tracks) to
the looped-based Pattern tracks.
Three Fully Editable
fully editable multi-effect system
provides independent Reverb,
Chorus and Variation effects
processors that can be used to add
anything from studio-quality reverb
and subtle ambience, to delay,
modulation, distortion, and an
extensive range of other effects.
There are 11 Reverb types, 11
Chorus types and 42 Variations to
choose from.
The dedicated Digital Low Boost
function delivers earthshaking bass
allowing you to boost and cut the
main output signal ±24dB over a
50Hz to 2.0kHz range.
extensive Play FX section
includes a number of real-time
MIDI processes that can be applied
dynamically to song data as it plays.
These include: the harmonizing of
parts with octave and unison
parameters, clock-shifting to move
instrument tracks forward or backwards in time, note-duration quantizing and the ability to modify note
velocity offset.
Quick and Easy Sampling
Sampling times range from 44.1 kHz 16-bit
stereo down to 11.025 kHz 8-bit mono
Eight velocity-sensitive composed loop pads
Includes 4MB of sampling wave memory
expandable to 64MB.
Sample from a CD-ROM or audio CD, transfer
the audio information into the SU700, then
edit it, chop it up and slice it any way you want.
◆ Adjustable
◆ You
can create your own arpeggios
via an easy-to use grid interface.
◆ Arpeggio
data can be transmitted
via MIDI, and recorded to the internal sequencer.
There are five different Arp types to
choose from: (Up, Down, Alternate
1, Alternate 2, Random)
◆ Access
up to 3 simultaneous effects from a
total of 43 high-quality types including:
rich-sounding reverbs, warm choruses
and MIDI sync’d delays as well as a wide
selection of bizarre effects for creating
unique textures.
◆ You
can even process any external audio
source, such a vocal mic, a keyboard, or a
turntable, using the SU700's audio inputs.
data format (16-, 12-, or 8-bit).
The Groove Function is a time-slicing function
divides loops into discrete sections that can be
individually manipulated to create new and
interesting rhythms.
Instantaneous Time compression and expansion without pitch change — simply assign a
loop or phrase to one of the Auto Loop tracks
and you'll instantly have a looping rhythm that
automatically matches any selected tempo.
64-note polyphony
Four types of resonant filters: Low Pass, High
Pass, Band Pass, and Band Eliminate.
◆ An
LFO with variable rate and depth can be
assigned to a sample’s pitch, filter or volume
for adding tremolo, wah and vibrato effects.
also have control over octave
range and hold.
Built-in Multi-Effects
Realtime Control
12 assignable knobs for realtime control
of sound, groove, LFO, Filters, effects and
Use the Ribbon Controller to scratch a
sample over your mix.
The unit's sampling, looping, ribbon controller and multi-effects processing capabilities are perfect for the lo-fi, vinyl,
scratch approach used by hip-hop music.
◆ You
can store up to 8 scenes containing
the machine's current knob settings, mute
settings, and effect settings, and recall
them all at the touch of a button.
◆ Bright Florescent Display
◆ You
42 track sequencer with Real Time and Step
recording modes.
Tempo is adjustable from 40.0-299.9 BPM, and
has a resolution of 480 ppqn.
Inputs and Outputs
Dual 1/4˝ (L/Mono, R) outputs
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
MIDI In and Out connectors
1/4˝ footswitch input
Built-in 3.5˝ floppy disk drive for saving songs.
Up to 8 Audio Loops can be synced to MIDI
Inputs and Outputs
Left and right 1/4˝ line outputs
Left and right 1/4˝ mic/line inputs
1/4˝ stereo headphone output with high
output level
MIDI In and Out connectors
Optional SCSI interface
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Play Effects
◆ An
The SU700 is a powerful and
professional multi-functional
music production center which is
a hybrid combination of a
phrase sampler, 42 track
sequencer, tone generator
and drum machine. It is an
ideal workstation for the DJ
and hip-hop artist as well as a
valuable compositional, live performance
and recording tool for the professional musician.
Sample Factory
Music Production Studio - Integrated Sampling Sequencer
The RS7000 is a complete desktop studio designed to meet the needs of
modern music production. It offers a unique and powerful feature set
including sampling, a AWM2 tone generator, sequencing and effects
with an intuitive user interface and real-time control of virtually
every parameter. Perhaps the most unique function is the ability
to seamlessly integrate audio and MIDI data. You can import
samples from a variety of formats, sample actual sounds
from external sources—or even created unique loops and
phrases by re-sampling internally sequenced sounds within
the RS7000 itself. The Integrated Sampling Sequencer
(ISS) automatically breaks the samples into discrete parts
(based on amplitude peaks and divisions of time) and
generates a corresponding MIDI sequence. This allows loops
and phrases of differing tempos to be synched together and processed using
MIDI controls to change the Tempo, Swing or any other musical parameter
controllable by MIDI. Add to this a plethora of studio and DJ-style effects, SCSI and SmartMedia storage and you realize
that the RS7000 is the ideal nerve-center for your next remix, electronica or hiphop project.
On-Board Synthesis
Internal 62-voice AWM2 tone generator
with over 1,000 onboard ROM-based synth
voices and 63 drum kit sounds.
Six types of filters, including 24dB / 18dB /
12dB Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass and
Band Eliminate all controllable with a
multi-stage envelope.
The LFO section includes a number of
BPM-sync’d waveforms plus a unique user
programmable wave for creating unique
BPM-sync’d effects.
Sounds edits are stored as part of the song
and pattern data, so a virtually unlimited
range of user sounds can be created.
4-MB of onboard sampling memory,
expandable to 64 MB.
Import samples in RS7000, Wav, Aiff,
Yamaha A3/4/5000 and SU700, and AKAI
S1/3000 format. Export RS7000 format,
◆ Re-sample internally sequenced sounds to
create new audio loops and phrases.
The MIDI sequencer offers a choice of pattern-based recording with 16 sections of 16
tracks each, and linear sequencing with a
200,000 note-per-song capacity and a 480
ppqn resolution.
Real-time recording with input quantize,
step recording and grid style recording
methods are all supported. Advanced editing macros help refine sequences.
Type (Up, Down, Alternate1/2, Random),
Sort, Hold, Octave range
18 assignable knobs and two pads for subtle or radical real time control over sounds,
samples and MIDI sequences.
Knobs can be assigned to control the synth
and sound parameters, onboard MIDI
processors like MIDI echo, harmonize and
beat stretch, or to standard MIDI CC messages for controlling external devices.
Hands On Control
Different arrangements can be performed
and auditioned in real time using the dedicated section buttons. All pattern and section data can be easily converted to linear
sequence song format for final tweaking.
Effects Processing
Advanced MIDI Sequencing
Three effects processors: Reverb (11 types),
Delay/Chorus (22 types), Variation (92
types), plus a separate Master effect section
(8 types) with a multi-band compressor,
slicer, isolater, and other DJ-style effects.
4-band parametric Master EQ, plus 5 types
of Track EQ (Lo and Hi, 1-band parametric EQ, Boost6, Boost12, Boost18)
Inputs and Outputs
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
Dual 1/4˝ inputs and outputs with 20-bit
D-to-A and D-to-A conversion
One MIDI IN and two MIDI Outs
1/4˝ foot switch input
SmartMedia Card Slot
50-pin half pitch SCSI port for accessing
HD, removable and CD ROM drives
MRT-3 Micro Rhythm Trak
◆ Works
seamlessly with MRS-4
7 Velocity sensitive Drum pads
50 Preset, 20 User Drum Kits
(User can make original drum
200 Preset, 99 User Patterns and
99 Songs
◆ 10,000 Maximum notes/events
◆ 21 note Polyphony
◆ Quantize: 96 PPQN
Tempo: 40.0-250.0 BPM
Stereo out (Line and
Headphone): 1 x 1/4˝ stereo
phone jack
Mono out (Line): 1 x 1/4˝
phone jack
◆ Control In: 1 x Foot switch
◆ Optional AC Adapter: AD-0006D
◆ 4 AA-size battery
The functionality of RhythmTrak 234 in a compact body. Play cool backing patterns made up of two drum tracks and one bass track. 297
preset patterns provide a wide variety of popular rhythms. 99 additional patterns can be programmed and stored by the user.
Create a backing sequence with up to 99
patterns. As many as 99 songs can be stored.
Self-lighting pads indicate when sound is
Choose from a variety of 105 built-in
super-realistic drum and bass sounds.
LINE IN jack allows connection of external
◆ Simple and intuitive controls make it a snap
to operate even if you have never used a
drum machine or sequencer before.
Groove play mode allows changing
patterns during play simply by tapping
pads on the unit.
Optional FS01 foot switch allows pattern
start/stop control or tempo switching.
You can also operate an assigned sound
such as bass drum or open/closed hi-hat.
MIDI IN connector allows synchronization with external MIDI sequencer or
control of the RT-123 from other MIDI
RhythmTrak RT-323 - Drum Machine
500 Rhythm Patterns (400 Preset + 100
55 Bass Programs
Smart Media Storage Capability
Edit PS-02 Drum / Bass Patterns
Groove Play and Sound Jammer Slide
128 Drum Kits (64 Preset and 64 User)
MIDI In and Out
Store up to 100 songs
12-note Scale for Melodic Bass
(6 x AA) Battery or AC Adapter
Large Custom LCD easy-to-read Display
13 Velocity Sensitive Backlit Pads x 3 Banks
32 Voice Polyphony
Line Input / 2 Control Inputs / 2 Sub
◆ Assign
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
RhythmTrak RT-123 - Drum Machine
Zoom’s MRT-3 Micro RhythmTrak is an incredible stand-alone drum machine, and is also the perfect
add on to any digital audio recorder that lacks a built in rhythm programming. It has a consistent
appearance and functions with the MRS-4 4 track digital recorder. The MRT-3 features 7 velocity
sensitive drum pads, 50 preset and 20 user drum kits (user can make an original drum kit), 200
preset and 99 user patterns, 99 song memory (maximum notes/events: 10,000), 21 note
polyphony, quantizes to 96 PPQN, and tempos of 40-250 BPM.
Connections include a Mono out (Line) 1/4˝ phone jack, Stereo out (Line and Headphone)
1/4˝ stereo phone jack, a MIDI Input and a Control foot switch jack. The unit is powered by 4 “AA”
batteries or an optional AC adapter. The MRT-3 links to the MRS-4 4 track, sending its output to the
MRS-4’s AUX input and is synchronized through the MIDI clock, acting like a built in drum machine.
P60 • P60S
The P60 or P60S are the perfect pianos
from some one who is just starting out
and wants to learn to play piano or for
the accomplished player who wants a very
light weight, portable instrument.
It comes in two striking designs – the P60
in Black and the P60S in Silver.
It features the same the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard found on more expensive Yamaha digital pianos. The GH
action of the P60 has the right keyboard feel to insure correct technique and inspire you to play more.
The hi quality AWM ( Advanced Wave Memory) sampled sounds feature Grand Piano with 30 different sample points for
an accurate digital emulation of the nuances of a Grand Piano. The built-in speaker system is specifically designed to
reproduce all the tonal quality of the P60’s voices including the built in digital reverb to add the ambience of a concert hall
to your living room. The MIDI in/out/thru allow you to expand the P60’s musical and educational capabilities by connecting it to a home computer.
Digital Pianos
Graded Hammer 88 Note weighted action keyboard
for realistic piano feel
32 Notes of polyphony
P120 • P120S
10 Voices including Grand Piano, EP, Pipe Organ
and Strings
Dual voice mode to combine two sounds
Digital reverb
20W x 2 amplifier
Stage Pianos
Whether you’re practicing at home, playing with the band, or
doing a live solo performance, the Yamaha P series offers a range
of models with just the features you need. All boast superb
acoustic and electric piano voices along with a number of other
essential instruments such as organs, bass, and even strings. And
thanks to their GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard, the
action on these digital pianos is as close to the real thing as you
can get. Of course, what else would you expect from the world’s
leading manufacturer of acoustic pianos. The voices onboard the
P-120/P-120S are among the very best available on the market
today. In addition to their rich and expressive stereo-sampled
piano voices, they also feature a range of other essential instruments including electric pianos, harpsichord, organs and strings.
88 key weighted Graded Hammer action
Split and layer modes
64 note polyphony
Sustain pedal with half-pedaling capabilities
2 Stereo acoustic and 2 electric piano voices,
2 organs, strings , bass, harpsichord,
Clavichord and more each with Variation
Stereo Speakers with On/Off/SW
(sub-woofer) switch
3 song 2 Track 10,000 note sequencer
2 effect processors
120 Black/Mahogany
120S Silver/Cherry
PC interface
Optional Stand LP120 & LP120S
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Portable Professional Piano
8 effects: Room, Stage, Hall 1, Hall 2,
Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay
Dual/Split mode ◆ 2 track sequencer
Build-in stereo-amplification
2 Headphones jacks
◆ MIDI In/Out, integrated TO HOST interface
Professional Stage Piano
The P250 features three levels of Yamaha CFIII
Grand piano stereo samples for dynamic
selection according to your touch on the
keyboard. The result is a delicacy of tone and
expression that emulates the experience of
playing a real piano. And to give the P250 an
even more richly detailed sound, note off
samples, string resonance samples and sound
board samples simulate the acoustic interaction between different notes. The sound is unmatched, and so is the touch,
thanks to the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard. The GH keyboard uses weights and mechanical linkages to achieve an
entirely new level of realism. And to go even further, the key weight is graded from heavier in the lower registers to lighter in
the higher, exactly the same as a grand piano’s. To deliver the sampled instrument voices and 128 notes of polyphony with
all the power and authority they deserve, the P250 features a new speaker system and high power stereo amplifier. The P250
features 16cm polypropylene woofers and a 30 watts per side stereo amplifier. The result is astonishingly lifelike power.
Graded Hammer 88 Note weighted action keyboard for realistic piano feel
128 Notes of polyphony
◆ Acoustic
Piano Voices with Three Velocity DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling),
Note Off samples, String Resonance samples for realism and expressiveness
38 Panel Voices plus an extra 480 XG voices for a complete palette of sounds
16 Track Song Recorder with 223 Songs and 770 KB of
Internal Flash Memory
◆ Digital reverb and digital effects, Dual mode and split mode,
MIDI/TO HOST PC interface
◆ Built-in Speaker system with 16cm polypropylene woofers
and 30 watts stereo amplifier
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
88 weighted keys (Graded Hammer)
24 Voices
◆ 64 notes polyphony
As the successor of the famous P-80 the P-90
recommends itself as a professional portable
Digital Piano for the stage. Due to the triple
Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS) and special
sustain and key-off samples its piano sound is
incredible natural and accurate. With its 64
notes polyphony the P-90 stands even long sustained passages. 24 Voices include not only piano sound, but organs, strings,
choirs and basses, too. Using the Split or Layer functions two Voices can be played simultaneously - in two separated keyboard
ranges (Split) or unison or layered (Layer). Eight digital effects do the polish on the sound. The Graded Hammer keyboard is
responsible for the realistic touch - like on a acoustic piano the weight of the keys increases to lower notes. Its 2 headphones
jacks and many internal demo songs make the P-90 ideal for music lessons. MIDI In/Out and the TO HOST interface
recommend it as a master keyboard for large setups or computer aided music production. Power adapter, music rest and a
sustain pedal are included.
The PF500 brings the Yamaha’s years of experience in creating great sounding digital pianos
to a new market with the fresh contemporary
design of the new PF series of products.
The Yamaha engineers built the ultimate piano
sounds into the PF500: AWM with Dynamic
Stereo Sampling (DSS). The PF500 features
three levels of Yamaha CFIII Grand piano
stereo samples for dynamic selection according
to your touch on the keyboard. The result is a
delicacy of tone and expression that emulates
the experience of playing a real piano. And to
give the PF500 an even more richly detailed
sound, note off samples, string resonance
samples and sound board samples simulate the
acoustic interaction between different notes.
The sound is unmatched, and so is the touch, thanks to the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard. Unlike conventional
digital piano keyboards that use springs or oil dampers to simulate a piano feel, the GH keyboard uses weights and
mechanical linkages to achieve an entirely new level of realism. And to go even further, the key weight is graded from heavier
in the lower registers to lighter in the higher, exactly the same as a grand piano’s.
To deliver the new sampled instrument voices with all the power and authority they deserve, the PF500 features a new
speaker system and high power stereo amplifier. The PF500 features 16cm polypropylene woofers and a 30 watts per side
stereo amplifier. The result is astonishingly lifelike power.
The PF500 includes all the features you
would expect from a Yamaha Digital Piano
Graded Hammer 88 Note weighted action
keyboard for realistic piano feel
128 Notes of polyphony
16 Track Song Recorder with 223 Songs
and 770 KB of Internal Flash Memory
16 voice demo songs, 50 preset songs
Custom 3-foot pedal (Damper, Sostenuto
and Soft) with half pedal effect
Selectable dual mode and split mode
AWM Dynamic
Stereo Sampling
Piano Voices with Three velocity
DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Note Off
samples, String Resonance samples for
realism and expressiveness
Built-in Speaker system with 16cm
polypropylene woofers and 30 watts stereo
MIDI In, Out and Thru, To Host and USB
Two 1/4˝ stereo headphone outputs
Dual Aux Inputs and Outputs
Pedal and Aux Pedal
Keyboard stand, music rest and Three
Pedals included
Dimensions: Main unit with keyboard
stand 565⁄16˝ x 195⁄16˝ x 30˝ (92 lbs., 9oz)
◆ Acoustic
38 Panel Voices plus an extra 480 XG voices
for a complete palette of sounds including
strings, brass, woodwinds, synthesizers,
drums and more
Digital reverb, chorus and brilliance
Bundled CD-ROM with USB driver, File
Utility and demo software
Graded Hammer 88 Note weighted action
keyboard for realistic piano feel
96 Note Polyphony
Large 320x240 LCD for ease of use and for
displaying musical scores and lyrics
194 Music Styles each with 3 Intros &
Endings, 4 Variations and 4 Fills
Tunings include: Flat/Stretch (Natural
Piano Voice only) Equal Temperament,
Pure Major/Pure Minor, Pythagorean,
Mean Tone, Werckmeister/Kirnberger,
Arabic 1/2
AWM Dynamic
Stereo Sampling
Piano Voices with Three velocity
DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Note Off
samples, String Resonance samples
Built-in Speaker system with 16cm
polypropylene woofers and 30 watts stereo
Two 1/4˝ stereo headphone outputs
Keyboard stand, bench, music rest and
Three Pedals included
Microphone Input
MIDI In, Out, and Thru A & B
To Host Connector for PC
Dimensions: Main unit with keyboard
stand 565⁄16˝ x 195⁄16˝ x 307⁄8˝
◆ Acoustic
Huge selection of high-quality voices (308
panel + 480 XG + 16 drum kits)
6 blocks of digital effects (Reverb, Chorus,
◆ Custom 3-foot pedal( Damper, Sostenuto
and Soft) with half pedal effect
Score/lyrics display function and video out
◆ Weighs
94 lbs., 13 oz.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
The PF1000 features a weighted action 88 note
GH keyboard , 96 notes of polyphony and three
velocity layer Dynamic Stereo Sampling to
provide the highest quality piano sounds and
performance available on the market. It also
features unique home entertainment
features including auto accompaniment music
styles and lyric and notation display.
Dynamic Stereo Sampling features three levels
of Yamaha CFIII Grand piano stereo samples
for dynamic selection according to your touch
on the keyboard. The result is a delicacy of tone
and expression that emulates the experience of
playing a real piano. And to give the PF1000
an even more richly detailed sound, string
resonance samples and sound board samples
simulate the acoustic interaction between
different notes.
The addition of styles adds instant musical
enjoyment no matter the level of your musical
skills. A new 240 X 340 LCD makes operation incredibly easy and offers a score display for more performance versatility and
learning support than ever before. So it’s easy for anyone to grow, learn and enjoy music on the New Yamaha PF1000. For a
new level of performance versatility, Yamaha offers a huge selection of over 800 voices. Besides incredibly realistic Piano
voices and XG voices, these include new Sweet, Live, Cool and Natural voices.
You get a choice of built-in Normal, Session, Pianist and Piano Combo accompaniment styles covering virtually any musical
genre. What’s more, each style has three intros and endings, four variations, four fill-ins and one break. Using these
accompaniment styles lets everybody, even beginners, give accomplished solo performances. Music Finder offers an extensive
range of music styles with pre-programmed voices and effects setups.
Portable Digital
The PSR172 represents a remarkable value in a
61key, MIDI capable keyboard, complete with
100 voices and styles and educational components in the form of the Yamaha Education Suite.
Finally, a portable keyboard in this price range
designed specifically for the more demanding needs
of Music Retailers. The PSR172 is perfect for the
beginning music enthusiast on a budget. Yamaha
quality at an affordable price.
61 Full-size keys
◆ 100 AWM voices
◆ Yamaha Education Suite 2
◆ Portable Grand
◆ DJ button
◆ MIDI In/Out
100 Preset rhythm styles
16 Note polyphony
Music rest
4 Multi-pads for drum sounds
or musical phrases
Large LCD screen
Sustain Pedal jack
Multi-fingering auto
100 Demo songs with Music Minus
One and Song Book
Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or
PA3C power adapter
Headphone jack
100 “One Touch” settings
Stereo speaker system with bass ports
Bundled with Portable
Keyboard Survival Kit
Portable Digital Keyboard
The all new PSR273 is a breakthrough in sound quality
for a keyboard at such a low price. For the first time in
this price position, Yamaha has included its famous
XG-Lite voice compatibility resulting in the very best
sound while still being GM compatible. XG-Lite also
results in more voices. A lot more voices!
The PSR273 is perfect for computer/internet use with
a dedicated “PC” button that makes connectivity fast
and easy. With GM compatibility, a touch sensitive
keyboard, backlit screen, the Yamaha Education Suite, and more, the PSR273 is more value and performance than has ever
been offered at such an affordable price point.
First model in line that has a backlit LCD
General MIDI compatible: Internet ready
Touch Response: expressive touch like a piano
XG Lite offers 100s of high quality Voices &
DSP effects for better Internet compatibility
PC Button: Memorizes your favorite computer
◆ “Portable
Grand” button with stereosampled piano
◆ Yamaha
Education Suite: helps you
learn to play
100 Internal songs with Song Book
100 “One Touch” Settings
100 Styles
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
32 Note polyphony
Dual & Split mode
Headphone jack and Sustain pedal jack
Music rest (included)
Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or PA3C power
Lighted Key Keyboard
61 Full-size lighted keys
LED screen
100 AWM Voices
Headphone and Foot Switch Jack
16 Note polyphony
100 Preset rhythm styles with two variations
Stereo speaker system with bass ports
Education Suite 3 with 100
Built-in Songs and Music Book
4 Multi-pads
Music rest
Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
Portable Grand
100 “One Touch” settings
Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or optional
PA3C power adapter
◆ Yamaha
Lighted Key Keyboard
The EZ250i marks a new direction in Yamaha
Portable Keyboards. Portables with MIDI connectors
and General MIDI compatibility have always been a
natural fit for computers and the Internet. The
EZ250i brings that relationship even closer with the
addition of a USB connector and associated software.
EZ250i, with it’s lighted keys and educational
functions and features, is the first Yamaha portable to
be bundled with Konami’s Keyboard Mania software.
Making playing the keyboard fast, fun, and easy, is what this combination is all about. Kids relate to the gaming and parents
relate to the learning.
61 Full-size lighted keys with Touch
◆ “Keyboard
Mania” learning game and
Song Filer bundled with keyboard
USB Connection for easy Computer
Flash ROM: Download new songs into
the keyboard for learning
Portable Grand
GM/XG Lite Compatible
480 Voices
Dual & Split mode
◆ PC Button: Memorizes your favorite
computer setup
◆ 32 Note polyphony
◆ 38 Digital Effects
◆ Yamaha Education Suite 3
◆ MIDI In/Out
◆ 100 Styles with 2 variations each
◆ 6-Track Sequencer
◆ Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
100 “One Touch” settings
2 Registration pads (x 8 banks)
Large Backlit LCD screen
100 Songs with Song Book
Foot Switch Jack
Headphone jack
Two-way stereo speaker system with bass ports
Music rest
Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or PA3C power adapter
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
The new EZ150 represent the second generation of
lighted key technology. The EZ150 brings
Yamaha sound quality, the learning support of
lighted keys, and the Yamaha Education Suite
to a new, lower, price point. With 100 built in
songs, you’ll be playing in minutes. The LCD display actually shows the notes on a staff so that you
can see what you’re playing. This second generation
lighted keyboard takes all this form and function to
a lower more affordable price point. It’s all good.
The PSR-350 comes complete with a remarkable new Music
Database. Simply choose from over 200 song titles and the
entire keyboard prepares itself for that song; it couldn’t be
easier. It also helps that the PSR-350 includes a beefed up
version of the popular Yamaha Education Suite 2.
The sonic quality has also been ramped up with an incredible selection of 128 General MIDI voices, 480 Extended voices and significant increases in voice memory and new bass
ports. Plus, the PSR-350 gives you the ability to write
Standard MIDI files to disk so you can send music over the
Internet for others to enjoy.
61 Full-size keys with Touch Response
2 Note Polyphony
◆ 4MB Wave ROM (PSR-340 X 2)
◆ Yamaha Music Database (208)
◆ 128 Panel voices + 480 XG Lite Voices
+ 10 DJ voices
◆ 38 Digital effects ◆ 26 Harmony types
◆ 3.5˝ Disk Drive Writes Standard MIDI
file to disk
GM Compatible
Education Suite 2 with 100
built-in Songs
◆ Portable Grand
◆ MIDI In/Out
◆ 106 Preset rhythm styles with 2 variations
◆ 6-Track sequencer
◆ Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
◆ “One Touch” settings: One per style
◆ Yamaha
Large backlit LCD screen with icons and
◆ Headphone jack
◆ Footswitch jack
◆ 2-way stereo speaker system with Bass Ports
◆ Music rest
◆ Demo disk
◆ Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or PA5D or PA6 power
Yamaha PSR-500-series keyboards have always been powerful,
now they’re also colorful. The PSR-550 is one of the first portable
keyboards in its price range to include a backlit, multi-color LCD
display. The color changes by function to simplify operation. The
EZ Navigator — Yamaha’s great interactive help — has also been
improved to make the PSR-550 still easier to use.
Yamaha's remarkable new Music Database makes playing songs a simple proposition as well. Choose from over 200 song
titles in the database and the PSR-550 will set itself up for that song. Yamaha improved the PSR-550’s sound over its
predecessor by more than doubling the voice memory and by adding new voices and styles.
61 Full-size keys with Touch
◆ Multi color display with icons
and characters
◆ 8MB Wave ROM Memory
(PSR540 X 133%)
◆ Music Database (220)
◆ AWM Voices: 219 panel + 14
drum kits + 480 XG (includes
74 Digital effects
◆ 22 Harmony types
◆ 3.5˝ “Disk Direct” disk drive
◆ Pitch bend wheel
◆ 4 Multi-pads
◆ MIDI In/Out
◆ “To Host” connector
◆ 112 Preset rhythm styles
◆ 16-Track sequencer
Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
9 Demo songs
448 “One Touch” settings
Footswitch jack
128 Registration memories
Headphone jack
3 User styles
2-way stereo speaker system
with Base Ports
◆ “Direct Access” button
Music rest
32 Note polyphony
Demo disk
Improved “Easy Navigator”
on-screen guide
Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or PA5D
or PA6 power adapter
PSR1100 • PSR2100
Contemporary new look
61 Full-size keys with Touch Response
Huge Bitmap Screen displays both Lyrics
and Score
First in the line with 4 Auto
Accompaniment Variations & includes
many new Styles
◆ Over 700 Realistic instrument voices
including stunningly realistic “Sweet” and
“Cool” Voices and 169 Preset Rhythm Styles
◆ 16-Track Sequencer
◆ Music Finder provides hundreds of
keyboard setups by Song Name
◆ 32 Note polyphony
◆ 74 Digital effects
◆ 22 Harmony types
◆ 3.5˝ “Disk Direct” disk drive
USB Connection makes computer hookup
a breeze
Download & Play Scorch XF Files (Piano
Score with Lyrics & Chords) from the
Internet using built-in styles
Double the Wave ROM and Flash ROM of
the PSR-1000 translates to better sound and
more User Memory for storing Songs,
Registrations & other data
Pitch bend wheel
4 Multi-pads
Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
676 “One Touch” settings
◆ “Direct Access” button
Help wizard in 6 Languages
Footswitch and foot volume jacks
Headphone jack
2-way stereo speaker system
Includes Music rest, demo disk and
PA300 Power Adapter
More Wave ROM means Better Sound
- 50% More Wave ROM than the PSR9000
- 100% More Wave ROM than PSR2000
Double the PSR2000 Flash ROM
Organ Flutes with Virtual Drawbars
Microphone input with Vocal Harmony
64 Note Polyphony
New Styles
Mod Wheel
Large LCD with Notation & Lyrics Views
Ultra Realistic Sweet, Live & Cool Voices
16-Track On-Board Sequencer - 32 Tracks
via USB
61 Piano-Sized Touch Sensitive Keys for
Expressive Playing
793 Instrument Voices and 181
Accompaniment Styles Play Any kind of
Custom User style capability – create your
own styles
3.5” Disk Drive to load/store songs, styles
& setups
Interactive help in 6 languages
Stereo Two-Way Speakers with Bass Ports
Create a Dynamic Sound System
Music Rest Included
2 Footswitch Jacks
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
The first thing you’ll notice about the
PSR1100 and 2200 are the displays. Large,
back lit, bit mapped graphic displays are able
to show lyrics, scores and tons of information
available in seven different languages. Just
put in a disk, push play and the song starts,
the sheet music is displayed and the words to
the song appear in time to the music. If you
care to sing along, the PSR2200 includes a
microphone input with vocal harmony technology. As the song plays through the PSR2200, you read the words in the display
as you sing through the microphone, and the PSR2200 harmonizes with you in your voice in real time. Amazing.
Improvements over previous models include double the voice wave ROM memory and new and improved style and voice
content for spectacular sound, a USB connector for fast and easy computer connectivity, and improved operating functions.
Added to the PSR1100 over its previous model is the ability to display scores like the PSR2200.
Portable Digital Keyboard
with Karaoke
The Yamaha PSR K-1 is new from the ground up with
innovations never before available in this price point and
some never before available at any price. Start with the
new, bitmap graphic display that, in addition to the
standard information, displays both the score and lyrics
during song playback. USB replaces the standard MIDI
jacks and make connecting to a computer a breeze. The
all-new “Performance Assistant” function allows you to play
along with the song. You can’t play a wrong note. Save your
music to the smart media card, another first at this price
point. And, for the singers among you, sing through the
included, handheld microphone. There’s something for
everyone and every member of the family in the PSR K-1.
First Portable Keyboard from Yamaha with a
Karaoke Focus
8MB Smart Media card for song storage
USB equipped for ultra fast computer connectivity
MusicSoft Downloader included on CD-ROM:
Download new songs from the Internet
Microphone with Digital Effects included
Large FullDot LCD displays Score, Lyrics &
61 Full-size keys with Touch Response
Magic Performer: play chords along with XF
songs - you can’t make a mistake
◆ 480 AWM voices: General MIDI & XG Lite
◆ 46 Digital effects
◆ 26 Harmony types
◆ Portable Grand
◆ 100 Demo songs with Music Minus One and
song book
◆ 6-Track sequencer
◆ 100 One Touch Settings
◆ Registration Memory
32 Note polyphony
PC button
◆ 100 Preset rhythm styles with Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
◆ Dual/Split Voice
◆ Footswitch jack
◆ Two-way stereo speaker system with bass
◆ Headphone jack
◆ Music rest
◆ Power: 6 ‘D’ batteries or PA3C power
S U R V I VA L K I T 2
Portable Keyboards are just that — portable. So if you’re looking for the perfect
accessory for your Portable Keyboard, this is a must-see. The Survival Kit 2 consists of a
Yamaha bag that will protect your keyboard when you want to take it with you and a
lightweight, but sturdy, X-Style stand for putting your keyboard on when you get where
you’re going. There's even a pouch for your music!
Custom Yamaha keyboard bag ◆ Sturdy X-Style stand
Padded shoulder strap ◆ Limited lifetime Warranty
◆ Bag dimensions: 46 x 20˝
Height range: 25.63 x 38.75˝
Length range: 31.50 x 11.0˝ Width: 13.75˝
Portable Grand
88 Piano type keys with Touch Response
Large Wave ROM features a New AWM
(Advanced Wave Memory) Stereo Sample of
the Yamaha Portable Grand
26 Harmony types
◆ Yamaha
100 Demo Songs with Music Minus One
and Song Book
Education Suite 2
208 Music Database Selections
Dual/Split Voice
Pitch bend wheel
Headphone jack
135 Preset rhythm styles with Multi-fingering auto accompaniment
Two-way stereo speaker system with bass
Stand and Sustain pedal Included
Blue Backlit LCD
Floppy Disk Drive for storing/learning new
songs & loading new styles
619 AWM Voices: GM & XG Lite
6-Track sequencer
Music rest
46 Digital effects
32 Note polyphony
Power: 6 ‘D’ Batteries or PA5D
DGX300 Portable Grand
This is the keyboard that Yamaha customers have
been asking for. The DGX300 has all of the incredible
features of the DGX500* in a more compact 76-key
body. *Keyboard stand and sustain pedal optional.
76 note touch sensitive
3.5˝ disk drive records your
settings and musical creations
135 upgraded styles
610 high quality sounds
including a incredible sample
of a real Yamaha Grand Piano
Music Database gives you
instant access to a keyboard
set up of a well known song
6 track recorder to create your
own performances
◆ Yamaha
Education system will
help teach you to play.
PC ready button makes it easy
to use with a home PC.
Large Back lit Blue LCD
New speaker system
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 • www.bhphotovideo.com
The DGX500 is the first Portable Keyboard with
piano keys and is the flagship in a new series of
instruments from Yamaha called Portable Grand. It
is packed with functions and features designed
specifically for the new piano user. Included with the
DGX500 is a furniture-type stand that completes its
piano image. The Yamaha Portable Grand feature in
the DGX500 is immediately apparent when you see
the large, piano-shaped button in the center of the
front panel. When you push it, the best piano is
automatically chosen, the auto-accompaniment is
turned off, putting the keyboard in full keyboard
mode — just like a piano. A piano accompaniment
style is automatically selected and is waiting for you
if you choose to use it. Next to the piano button is a
metronome-shaped button, giving you a built in
metronome for practice.
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