Verbatim Acclaim 500GB User manual

Verbatim Acclaim 500GB User manual
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Optical Media . Hard Drives . Flash Memory . Accessories
As part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Group
products. Our products include an impressive selection of
(MCC), Verbatim benefits from outstanding research and
removable storage and computer peripherals, featuring
development enabling countless innovations shaping
a wide range of highly acclaimed CD, DVD and Blu-ray®
today’s storage media market. We deliver products and
media products. Verbatim also offers an array of lightning
services that exceed customer expectations by leveraging
fast desktop and portable hard drives, USB flash drives,
our technology leadership, as well as our world class
memory cards, stylish, feature-rich mice and keyboards and
manufacturing, marketing and distribution capabilities.
a broad range of replacement laser toner cartridges. Buy
Verbatim remains at the forefront of data storage technology
as THE go-to brand for a wide variety of quality storage
Verbatim and you get innovation, security and reliability—and
that means peace of mind.
manufacturers test their products for
maximum performance, they use Verbatim so why wouldn’t you offer this superior
quality to your customers?
Archival Grade
Look to Verbatim UltraLife™ Gold Archival
Grade CD and DVD-R for the ultimate in
data storage life. Each disc is manufactured
using proprietary dual reflective layers to
maximize both compatibility and longevity.
UltraLife™ Archival Grade
CDs & DVDs
96319 UltraLife CD-R 52X 5pk Jewel Case
96159 UltraLife CD-R 52X 50pk Spindle
96320 UltraLife DVD-R 8X 5pk Jewel Case
95355 UltraLife DVD-R 8X 50pk Spindle
Verbatim CDs and DVDs offer the highest quality
and compatibility around. Our Limited Lifetime
Warranty proves it and our reviews
online say it for us; we make CDs
and DVDs that work - no coasters!
Verbatim also offers specialized
technology like AZO that ensures
our products last.
Double Layer
Verbatim Double Layer (DL) media
is consistently ranked as the best DL
media available, and our online reviews
more than prove it. Not only do our
Double Layer DVD’s burn quickly and
flawlessly, they’re recognized by end
users for having “no compatibility issues
whatsoever.” That’s why Verbatim’s
been named the No. 1 Optical Brand
in the World**. These write-once discs
increase storage capacity from 4.7GB
to 8.5GB on DVD discs, and capacity is
what consumers want.
CDs & DVDs
96938 DVD-R 16X 10pk Blister
97513 Color DVD-R 16X 10pk Blister
97503 DVD-R 4.7GB Kaleidoscope
25pk Spindle
95101 DVD-R 16X 50pk Spindle
95102 DVD-R 16X 100pk Spindle
95179 DVD-RW 2X 30pk Spindle
96942 DVD+R 16X 10pk Blister
95037 DVD+R 16X 50pk Spindle
95098 DVD+R 16X 100pk Spindle
94834 DVD+RW 4X 30pk Spindle
96932 CD-R 52X 10pk Blister
97514 Color CD-R 10pk Blister
94691 CD-R 52X 50pk Spindle
94554 CD-R 52X 100pk Spindle
95155 CD-RW 4X-12X 25pk Spindle
Digital Vinyl™ and DigitalMovie™
96857 DigitalMovie DVD+R 8X
10pk Blister
94865 DigitalMovie DVD+R 8X
25pk Spindle
96856 DigitalMovie DVD-R 8X
10pk Blister
94866 DigitalMovie DVD-R 8X
25pk Spindle
96858 Digital Vinyl CD-R 52X
10pk Blister
94488 Digital Vinyl CD-R 52X
25pk Spindle
** SCG CD, DVD/R 2003 - 2009
Double Layer
DVD+R DL 8X 5pk Slim Case Box
DVD+R DL 8X 15pk Spindle
DVD+R DL 8X White Inkjet Printable 50pk Spindle
DVD+R DL 2.4X 10pk Spindle Box
95310 DVD+R DL 2.4X 20pk Spindle
95123 * DVD+R DL 2.4X White Inkjet Printable 20pk Spindle
95335* DVD+R DL 2.4X White Thermal Printable 50pk Spindle
96732* DVD+R DL 2.4X Shiny Silver 50pk Spindle
Verbatim leads the market in Blu-Ray®
compatibility; we have long-standing
relationships with manufacturers like
Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, LG and
more, and they use our discs for their
internal testing. Verbatim also boasts
an exclusive Blu-Ray® offering of BD-R Low
to High (LTH). BD-R LTH is produced using
the same equipment as our CD/DVDs—
limited re-tooling means cheaper production
costs. Also, our dye spin coating process
for BD-R LTH produces less waste than
traditional BD-R manufacturing. And the difference in BD-R and
BD-R LTH—well price—the quality and functionality are the same
but the reduced cost is certainly a plus!
BD-R 4X 25GB 1pk Jewel Case
BD-R 4X 25GB 3pk Jewel Case
BD-R 4X 25GB 10pk Spindle
BD-R 6X 25GB 1pk Jewel Case
BD-R 6X 25GB 3pk Jewel Case
BD-R 6X 25GB 10pk Spindle Box
BD-R 6X 25GB 25pk Spindle
BD-R 6X 25GB DataLifePlus White Inkjet,
Hub Printable 50pk Spindle
97338 BD-R 6X 25GB DataLifePlus White
Thermal, Hub Printable 50pk Spindle
96569 BD-R LTH Type 2X 25GB 1pk Jewel Case
97090 BD-R LTH Type 6X 25GB 20pk Spindle
96911 BD-R DL 6X 50GB 1pk Jewel Case
97237 BD-R DL 6X 50GB 3pk Jewel Case
97335 BD-R DL 6X 50GB 10pk Spindle Box
95358 BD-RE 2X 25GB 1pk Jewel Case
96921 BD-RE 2X 25GB 10pk Spindle Box
Verbatim offers a full line of LightScribe
discs with direct disc labeling capabilities.
Offered in both gold and color backgrounds,
these discs offer a no-hassle way to burn
professional, silkscreen-quality labels on CD/
DVDs. Using the same laser that burns data
a in
the disc drive, the disc label is a precise and
permanent iridescent personalized image.
96689 DVD+R DL 8X 10pk Spindle Box
96943 DVD+R 16X 10pk Blister
95116 DVD+R 16X 10pk Spindle Box
95091 DVD+R 16X 30pk Spindle
96939 DVD-R 16X 10pk Blister
95339 DVD-R 16X 30pk Spindle
96166 DVD-R 16X 50pk Spindle
96934 CD-R 52X 10pk Blister
95115 CD-R 52X 10pk Spindle Box
94934 CD-R 52X 30pk Spindle
96164 CD-R 52X 50pk Spindle
Color LightScribe
96941 DVD+R 16X 10pk Blister
96432 DVD+R 16X 25pk Spindle
96937 DVD-R 16X 10pk Blister
* DataLifePlus
96433 DVD-R 16X 25pk Spindle
96935 CD-R 52X 10pk Blister
95460 CD-R 52X 25pk Spindle
Printable Media
Verbatim offers an extensive range
of printable inkjet, thermal and
silk-screening media. Verbatim’s
printable media is available in unique
white, glossy white, silver and crystal
surfaces that result in vibrant color
reproduction and high-resolution
photo-quality printing. With Verbatim
proprietary dye technology and highend print surfaces, these discs have
unsurpassed quality – inside and out!
Printable - Inkjet
DVD-R 16X White Inkjet 10pk Blister
DVD-R 16X White Inkjet 50pk Spindle
DVD-R 16X White Inkjet, Hub Printable
50pk Spindle
DVD-R 16X White Inkjet, Hub Printable
100pk Tape Wrap
DVD-R 8X AquaAce Glossy White Inkjet,
Hub Printable 50pk Spindle
DVD-R 8X Silver Inkjet 50pk Spindle
DVD+R 16X White Inkjet, Hub Printable
50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Inkjet 50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Inkjet, Hub Printable
50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Inkjet, Hub Printable
100pk Tape Wrap
CD-R 52X Silver Inkjet 10pk Blister
CD-R 52X Silver Inkjet 50pk Spindle
CD-RW 2X-4X Silver Inkjet 50pk Spindle
* DataLifePlus
Printable - Thermal
DVD-R 16X White Thermal,
Hub Printable 50pk Spindle
DVD-R 16X White Thermal, Hub Printable
100pk Tape Wrap
DVD-R 8X White Thermal, Hub Printable
50pk Spindle
DVD+R 8X White Thermal,
Hub Printable 50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Thermal 50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Thermal, Hub Printable
50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X White Thermal, Hub Printable
100pk Tape Wrap
CD-R 52X Crystal Thermal 50pk Spindle
USB DRIVES. Verbatim offers a wide selection
of USB Drives - everything for storing personal
and professional data to hardware encrypted
devices for ultimate security.
Store ‘n’ Go® Clip-it
Verbatim’s award-winning Clip-it USB
drive offers first-of-its-kind functionality
the practical data storage. Designed
by Arman Emami and awarded the
2010 “Best of the Best” product design
recognition by Red Dot Online, the
Clip-it USB drive combines the speed
and simplicity of flash storage with the
usability of a paperclip. The Clip-it USB
drive is resistant to dust, water and static
discharges and is available in a range of
vibrant colors.
97549 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – Pink 4GB
97550 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – Blue 4GB
97551 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – Orange 4GB
Printable - Silk-screening Shiny Silver
97555 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – Black 4GB
97556 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – Green 4GB
97563 Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it – 3PK
- Orange, Blue and Green 4GB
DVD-R 16X Shiny Silver 50pk Spindle
DVD-R 16X Shiny Silver 100pk
Tape Wrap
DVD-R 8X Shiny Silver 50pk Spindle
DVD+R 8X Shiny Silver 50pk Spindle
CD-R 52X Shiny Silver 100pk Spindle
CD-R 52X Shiny Silver 100pk Tape Wrap
Store ‘n’ Go® USB Drives
A Verbatim classic, our Store ‘n’ Go® USB drives
offers what your customers want—a convenient
cap-less design and a reliable name they’ve
come to trust. The Store ‘n’ Go® gives end-users
the ability to capture all their data in one small,
convenient location and move that information
with them throughout the day. The retractable housing
easily slides in and out—great for preventing breakage and
prolonging product life. For sensitive files, these drives
offer password-protection.
95183 Store ‘n’ Go – 2GB
95236 Store ‘n’ Go – 4GB
95507 Store ‘n’ Go – 8GB
96317 Store ‘n’ Go – 16GB
96806 Store ‘n’ Go – 32GB
97005 Store ‘n’ Go – 64GB
Store ‘n’ Go® TAA Compliant USB Drive
TAA compliant USB drive with FIPS 140-2 Level 1
security features.
97001 Store ‘n’ Go TAA Compliant 4GB
Store ‘n’ Go® Pro
Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go® Pro USB Flash Drives contain advanced security features.
These features allow secure encryption and protection of sensitive data from
unauthorized access and offer speedy file transfers at read speeds up to 200X
(30MB/sec) and write speeds up to 80X (12MB/sec)! Security features include
a user-defined Privacy Zone and a Public Zone* for sharing of non-sensitive
data. All Privacy Zone data is password controlled and encrypted with powerful
hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption to prevent
unauthorized access. Even if your device is lost or
stolen Store ‘n’ Go Pro’s features protect your
private data!
*Public zone data can also be accessed by any Windows 2000, XP
or Vista equipped PC when using FAT format option
95237 Store ‘n’ Go Pro – 4GB
96316 Store ‘n’ Go Pro – 8GB
96663 Store ‘n’ Go Pro – 16GB
97231 Store ‘n’ Go Pro – 32GB
97449 Store ‘n’ Go Pro – 64GB
FLASH MEMORY CARDS. Verbatim offers
a full range of flash memory cards with
SD®, microSD®, SDHC®, microSDHC® and
CompactFlash® formats. Verbatim memory
cards offer fast, next shot recovery, smoother
video capture and playback and fast image
transfers to your PC, printer, or photo kiosk.
SD® Memory Cards
Verbatim Secure Digital (SD®) Cards meet the security,
capacity, performance and environmental requirements
necessary for a variety of digital devices. Each card offers
an incredible combination of high storage capacity, fast
data transfer, greater flexibility and excellent security - all
in an incredibly small size.
95407 Secure Digital 2GB
95496 Premium High Speed SD 2GB
96171 Premium SDHC 4GB (Class 6)
Penny-thin, travel-tough and water-impermeable,
Verbatim’s TUFF-‘N’-TINY™ USB Drives offer secure storage
in one of the most compact, durable USB flash drives in the
world… and it fits in all standard USB ports! Designed for
everyday handling and those not-so-everyday disasters,
these drives resist dust, water and static discharges.
microSD® Memory Cards
microSD® and microSDHC® memory cards are increasingly
popular removable storage solutions for mobile devices.
By simply adding or upgrading to a higher capacity
card, users easily increase their storage capacity for files,
videos, images, games and music. Verbatim microSD®
cards are compatible with all microSD® slot-equipped
mobile devices. microSDHC® cards are compatible with
any microSDHC® slot. By using an included SD® Adapter,
consumers can use cards in any standard SD® or standard
SDHC® slot equipped camera, card reader or computer.
97168 TUFF-‘N’-TINY – Black 16GB
97465 TUFF-‘N’-TINY – Red 32GB
96814 TUFF-‘N’-TINY – Orange 2GB
96815 TUFF-‘N’-TINY – Green 4GB
96816 TUFF-‘N’-TINY – Purple 8GB
Store ‘n’ Go® Netbook USB Drive
With dime-sized storage, the Netbook USB drive features a
snag-free design for easy transport and is easily removable
for file sharing. The Netbook USB is compatible with
Windows 7 and Vista and offers a USB 2.0 interface that
is a great addition to any netbook.
97462 Netbook USB Drive
97463 Netbook USB Drive
96318 Premium SDHC 8GB (Class 6)
96808 Premium SDHC 16GB (Class 6)
96871 Premium SDHC 32GB (Class 6)
96168 MicroSD 2GB w/ Adapter
96726 MicroSDHC 4GB w/ Adapter (Class 4)
96807 MicroSDHC 8GB w/ Adapter (Class 4)
97180 MicroSDHC 16GB w/ Adapter (Class 2)
97464 Netbook USB Drive
CompactFlash® Memory Cards
Verbatim CompactFlash® Memory Cards offer high capacity
flash memory for digital devices. Each card features an
integrated controller which performs flash management and
interface functions. Verbatim CompactFlash® Memory Cards
work in any device containing a CompactFlash® slot and are
100% compatibility guaranteed.
Store ‘n’ Go® for Mac OS X
Created specifically for Mac OS X users, Verbatim’s
Store ‘n’ Go® for Mac OS X allows protection of
sensitive data in a password controlled Privacy Zone,
yet allows easy sharing of non-sensitive data from the
Public Zone*. The user-defined Privacy Zone is also
adjustable, so it can expand to fit everyone’s needs.
*Public zone data can also be accessed by any Windows 2000, XP or Vista equipped PC
when using FAT format option
95500 Premium High Speed CF 4GB
96196 Premium High Speed CF 8GB
96885 Store ‘n’ Go for Mac OS X – 8GB
Store ‘n’ Go® Metallics
Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go® Metallic USB drives offer a hightech yet trend-right look. Metallic finishes meet the
modern consumer desire for individualized and stylized
products that fit with the rest of their technology.
96438 Store ‘n’ Go - Pink 2GB
96733 Store ‘n’ Go - Purple 4GB
47010 CompactFlash 1GB
47012 CompactFlash 2GB
95188 CompactFlash 4GB
96176 Store ‘n’ Go - Gunmetal 8GB
97452 Store ‘n’ Go - Pink 8GB
SDXC memory cards feature massive storage capacity and phenomenal speed,
so they dramatically improve the digital experience. These memory cards
feature increased storage capacities of up to 64GB and a UHS-I bus interface
supporting speeds of up to 104MB/sec—users can store more data on a single
card and access that data faster than ever before! SDXC cards are ideal for fast
action sequence photography and HD camcorders. SDXC cards require an SDXC
host device or an SDXC compatible reader. SDXC host devices are backwardly
compatible with SDHC and SD cards.
97466 SDXC 64GB
HARD DRIVES. Verbatim features a wide array
of portable and desktop storage solutions in
every size, capacity and style - something for
every consumer storage need.
Store ‘n’ Go® SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Portable Hard Drive
Experience transfer speeds up to 10x faster
with the new Store ‘n’ Go SuperSpeed USB 3.0!
This Verbatim compact external portable hard
drive features a sleek piano-black finish and
comes with the fastest USB connectivity available.
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 lets consumers blaze through
demanding tasks by reading and saving files faster. This external hard drive
features Nero BackItUp & Burn Essentials software that allows full system
backup and restore functions.
97397 Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0
- 500GB
97396 Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0
97538 Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0
12mm - 1TB
Store ‘n’ Go® SuperSpeed USB 3.0/FW
800 Portable Hard Drive For Mac
Mac-users unite! The Store ‘n’ Go SuperSpeed USB 3.0/
FW800 Portable Hard Drive provides a fast and safe
solution for Mac users to save and back-up files. This
drive is formatted HFS+ specifically for the Mac
operating system and it possess two interfaces—
FireWire 800 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for dazzling
speed with a super-cool look. USB 3.0 devices are
backwardly compatible with USB 2.0 devices.
53042 Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0 / FW 800 - 500GB
Acclaim Black USB – 320GB
Acclaim Black USB – 500GB
Acclaim Black USB – 750GB
Acclaim Black USB – 1TB
Acclaim Red USB – 320GB
Acclaim Red USB – 500GB
Acclaim Red USB – 750GB
Acclaim Blue USB – 320GB
Acclaim Blue USB – 500GB
Acclaim Blue USB – 750GB
Desktop SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Experience transfer speeds up to 10 times
faster with the new SuperSpeed USB
3.0! This Verbatim desktop hard drive
comes with the fastest USB connectivity
available. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 helps
consumers blaze through demanding
tasks by reading and saving files faster.
This external hard drive features Nero
BackItUp Essentials software that allows
full system backup and restore functions.
Save precious photos, videos, games,
graphics, music, data and more in
ultimate safety with Verbatim.
Backwardly compatible with USB 2.0.
97415 USB 3.0 - 2TB
USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drives
Thin, portable and executive-inspired- the Verbatim Wallet
Drive™ looks like a billfold but holds something even more
valuable—memories and data. This portable hard drive
offers high-end styling with a smooth leather enclosure
and contrast trim. The ultra-compact size is perfect
for sliding into a back pocket or briefcase. The Wallet
Drive™ is compatible with all USB connections and
includes Turbo USB software and Nero BackItUp & Burn
software with full system backup and restore functions.
97312 Wallet Drive Black USB – 640GB
Titan XS™
The Verbatim Titan XS™, the industry’s smallest
portable hard drive, easily backs-up laptops on-the-go!
This rugged and sporty drive offers a shock-resistant
rubber enclosure that protects against rough-andtumble use. The Titan XS™ is compatible with all USB
connections and includes Turbo USB software and
Nero BackItUp & Burn Essentials software with full
system backup and restore functions.
97179 Titan XS – 500GB
Experience Verbatim’s performance-driven
Acclaim™ - this USB portable hard drive is one
of the smallest in the industry. Compact and
stylish, Acclaim™ features a sleek piano-black
finish. Acclaim™ is compatible with all USB
connections and includes Turbo USB software
and Nero BackItUp & Burn Essentials software
for full-system backup and restore functions.
97416 USB 3.0 - 1TB
Wallet Drive™
97178 Titan XS – 320GB
97392 Titan XS – 1TB
Verbatim external desktop hard drives
deliver outstanding quality, performance
and reliability for both professional and
home users. Our USB 2.0 desktop drives
conveniently store music, photos, video
and data files on a PC or Mac. We also
offer a FireWire/USB 2.0 combination
desktop drive that blazes through
the most demanding audio/video
applications so users can work more
and wait less. Our USB 2.0 drives include
Nero BackItUp Essentials software that
allows automatic back-up of personal
content and incorporates scheduling,
backup sets and encryption of files with
password control.
96570 USB 2.0 - 500GB
96571 USB 2.0 - 1TB
96865 USB 2.0 - 2TB
96638 FireWire 400/USB 2.0 - 500GB
96639 FireWire 400/USB 2.0 - 1TB
MICE. Verbatim has a full line of notebook
and desktop mice, offered in wired, wireless
and Bluetooth® connectivity to match any
need. Features include nano receivers,
multi- speed settings, 2.4GHz technology,
tilt wheel scrolling, programmable buttons,
adjustable height options and more.
Verbatim has the perfect solution for
any mouse user.
Verbatim’s MediaShare™ Server is a
home network storage solution designed
to meet the needs of today’s consumers
– from technophobes to technophiles
– helping them consolidate all their
content onto one consistently-reliable,
high-performance device. Whether it’s
wirelessly uploading vacation photos
directly onto the server or accessing
an important document remotely,
MediaShare Server brings storage and
networking devices to the next level.
97159 MediaShare Server 1TB
The unit packs a lot of bang into a compact device and stands apart from
other consumer NAS products with its innovative and intuitive design and
software that meets users’ needs in several key areas:
• Access Anytime, Anywhere—unparalleled remote access for retrieving
and uploading files from any laptop, desktop, Blackberry and iPhone
• Share your Stuff—seamlessly upload and share photo albums directly to
social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr*, through RSS feeds
or “library links,” an innovative feature that allows users to create and email
specific albums directly from the server
• Stream Multimedia—from the server, easily stream music to iTunes on any
computer, display photos on a TV through a PS3 or Xbox360, use CoolIris*
to view photos as a moving 3D wall or wirelessly print any file
• Store & Save—one touch transfers from external storage devices with the
push of a button as well as server mirroring software and Time Machine™
support for Mac users
• Enjoy the Easy-to-Use Interface—the simplest and most user-friendly
interface available
• Features a Sleek Design—stylish aluminum casing and high-end 1.2 GHz
processor with a quiet, fan-less design, ideal for home use. The device also
includes an eSATA port, 2 USB ports and Gigabit Ethernet port.
Touch Mouse
Consumers can get the most from their Windows 7
Experience with the Verbatim Wireless Touch Mouse.
The Touch Mouse allows navigation of both Internet
Explorer and the Windows Live Photo Gallery with
the swipe of a finger – allowing users to browse
the internet and navigate their photo gallery with
ease. The Touch Mouse features a Nano wireless
receiver – small enough to plug in and leave connected –
which conveniently stores inside the mouse. In addition,
the ergonomic design enhances comfort for both left and
right-handed users.
97564 Touch Mouse
Nano Wireless Notebook Laser Mice
Users can get on the move with this stylish and convenient
Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse from Verbatim. The unique
design features a glossy mercury finish and a see-through
side that offers a view of the scroll wheel—this mouse is a
conversation piece! The small nano receiver plugs into the
USB port on a laptop and can stay—no need to plug and
unplug a bulky receiver! Besides a great look and nano
convenience, this mouse features a 1600 DPI sensor that
offers quick and precise movement on almost any surface
as well as 3 sleep modes for improved battery life.
* Premium Subscription Required
MediaShare™ Mini
Simply Connect, Share & Stream! The Verbatim
MediaShare™ Mini lets users connect any
existing external storage drive to their network.
Plug any USB hard drive or flash drive into the
MediaShare™ Mini, and the content automatically
becomes accessible on the network. Also,
remote access lets users connect, share and
stream the files on their drives via the internet—
from anywhere! The MediaShare™ Mini’s userfriendly interface gives quick and easy access to
everything stored on the connected drives so
consumers can organize their digital life!
97329 MediaShare Mini
97262 Nano Wireless Mouse
97263 Nano Wireless Mouse
– Red/Black
97264 Nano Wireless Mouse
– Red/White
97265 Nano Wireless Mouse
– Blue/Black
97266 Nano Wireless Mouse
– Silver/White
97267 Nano Wireless Mouse
– Creme Brulee/White
Optical Travel Mouse
KEYBOARDS. Verbatim keyboards offer
a selection of features that are perfect
for home or office use, such as integrated
dual speakers that provide stereo-quality
sound, a media console that lets consumers
play and navigate through their tunes and
internet browser controls for a great surfing
experience. Whether wired or wireless,
Verbatim has a keyboard for everyone.
Go Mini! This mini optical travel mouse works
great on the go! The ultra-portable design takes
up little space and is perfect for notebook users.
Consumers don’t have to wrap the cord around the
mouse or deal with tangles since this optical travel
mouse features a convenient retractable USB cable.
On a plane or in a car, this mini mouse easily plugs into
a USB port and then the consumer can start dragging and
dropping files. This portable mouse comes in a variety of
cool colors and works on any computer with a USB port.
97249 Optical Mini Travel Mouse Blue
97564 Optical Mini Travel Mouse Purple
97564 Optical Mini Travel Mouse Green
97564 Optical Mini Travel Mouse Red
97564 Optical Mini Travel Mouse Black
Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse
Nano Wireless Optical Travel Mouse
Go Mini! Verbatim’s new Nano travel mouse is ultra-compact
and wireless too! A great solution for people on the go—this
optical mouse is ideal for notebook and netbook users. The
small Nano receiver plugs into your laptop’s USB port and
can stay; no need to plug and unplug a bulky receiver or
deal with cords! With 2.4GHz reliability and performance,
the travel mouse ensures no delays in cursor movement.
This portable mouse comes in a variety of fun colors and
works on any computer with a USB port.
Short on space? The Mini Wireless
Slim Keyboard and Mouse is a
perfect solution. Designed with a
laptop-style keyboard configuration,
this ultra-slim, ultra-narrow
keyboard offers 2.4GHz wireless
communication, eliminating the
clutter of cords. The slim keyboard
maximizes functionality while saving space with features such as a
low profile, quiet soft-touch keys and a media console for controlling
digital music. Both mouse and keyboard utilize a Nano receiver that
is small enough to leave connected to the USB port and features
convenient storage inside the mouse.
97472 Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse
97540 Nano Wireless Optical
Travel Mouse Red
97471 Nano Wireless Optical
Travel Mouse Blue
97470 Nano Wireless Optical
Travel Mouse Graphite
97473 Nano Wireless Optical
Travel Mouse Purple
Wireless Bluetooth
Mobile Keyboard
The Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard
is ideal for customers who are looking for a
quick and easy way to compose e-mail and
other documents with their iPad/iPhone.
Designed to work with a Bluetooth-enabled
iPad/iPhone, this ultra-compact keyboard
folds for maximum portability and easily
stores in the included carrying case. The
iPad/iPhone keyboard has a built-in media
console that allows customers to play, pause
and control their iTunes with the touch of
a button. An iPhone stand, also included,
provides even greater freedom and mobility.
Nano Wireless Optical Notebook Mice
96781 Nano Wireless Mouse - Graphite
96897 Nano Wireless Mouse - Red
96898 Nano Wireless Mouse - Green
96899 Nano Wireless Mouse - Purple
96900 Nano Wireless Mouse - Yellow
96901 Nano Wireless Mouse - Pink
96902 Nano Wireless Mouse - Blue
Standard Mice
96672 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse
96673 Notebook Laser Mouse
96674 Bluetooth Wireless Notebook
Laser Mouse
97537 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
96675 Wireless Desktop Laser Mouse
96676 Desktop Laser Mouse
96677 Wireless Rechargeable Desktop
Laser Mouse
Easy Riser™ Mice
96992 Easy Riser Nano Wireless Mouse
96991 Easy Riser Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
96992 Easy Riser Nano Wireless Mouse
(with retractable cord)
96665 Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
and Mouse
96666 Wireless Slim Keyboard
and Mouse with Volume Wheel
96664 USB Keyboard with Vista Keys
96668 Speaker Keyboard-Windows
96671 Speaker Keyboard- Mac
Verbatim USA
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Charlotte, North Carolina 28262
Tel. (704) 547-6500
Fax. (704) 547-6619
Verbatim Canada
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Mississauga, Ontario L5V 1M5
Tel: (905) 858-1155
Fax: (905) 858-0644
1MB = 1 million bytes, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity less.
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