Embedding a User-Definable Web Page in the GUI

Embedding a User-Definable Web Page in the GUI
Embedding a User-Definable Web Page in the GUI
In this solution, the customer wants to embed a Web page in their GUI but also wants to navigate to any Web page they choose, not just
what is programmed in the builder.
1. Starting Point
Start with a page that has a URL inside, currently set to Google.
2. Set the URL Address to a Variable
Click on the URL on the page and view its properties.
Enter in the Address field a variable called � web_address� with a default value of ‘www.google.com’.
3. Add a Button to the Page
Add a button to the page called Set URL. This is the button the user presses to
change the
URL address.
4. Drag Input Variable Action
Drag the input
variable action to this button.
5. Set Input Variable Properties
Now the input variable action command is in the ‘Set URL’ button.
Edit the button and select the action to set its properties.
6. Finished
When a user wants to change a Web address viewed in the URL window, they press the Set URL button that prompts the user to
enter a new address.
After pressing OK, the new
Web site apears in the URL window.
To see the project in action, open the attached K-Touch backup file.
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