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Selections May 2014 - Cunnings Recording Associates
Anything Audio Total Visual Solutions
May 2014
Designing, Installing and Supplying
Quality Audio and Visual Systems
for Churches since 1977
Cunnings Recording Associates
Brodrick Hall • Brodrick Road • London • SW17 7DY
t: 020 8767 3533 e: info@cunnings.co.uk www.cunnings.co.uk
vocal microphones
Audio-Technica Pro31 £49
Cardioid dynamic vocal mic
MagnaLock on/off switch
Supplied with 4.5m XLR cable
Pro41 minimal handling noise £49
Sennheiser E835 £75.20
Dynamic cardioid vocal mic
High quality robust design
E845 super-cardioid dynamic £ 96.40
E865 super-cardioid electret £238.30
Audio-Technica ATM89R £109
High quality vocal microphone
Hyper-cardioid condenser
Integral pop filter
Excellent feedback rejection
general purpose mics
Audio-Technica AT8033 £149
Cardioid condenser microphone
Good sensitivity
Ideal for musical instruments
AT8031 with pop filter £165
lectern microphone
Audio-Technica Pro49Q
Slimline gooseneck microphone
Small diameter cardioid condenser
Rigid centre section
Flexible positioning
Pro49Q 332mm long £ 99.00
Pro49QL 418mm long £107.50
Audio-Technica Shock Mount Plates
Suspended rubber panel
Isolates microphone from mounting surface
Reduces mechanical noise and vibration
AT8646QM £45.80
microphone stands
JamStands MCTB200 £29.50
Heavy duty tripod mic stand
Telescopic boom for extra reach
Black metal design
3 year warranty
MCFB50 Low Level Stand £21.75
Cast Base Floor Stand
Solid metal base
Adjustable height, Black finish £32.00
boundary microphones
IMG Stageline ECM-306B £89.20
Discrete boundary mic
Black or white
On/off switch
Audio-Technica Pro42 £82.50
Low profile boundary mic
Small and discreet
7.6m cable
Beyerdynamic MPC65 £176
Half-cardioid condenser boundary mic
Good back rejection
Directional pickup
Black or white
microphone cables
XLR Connection Cables
Flexible low noise mic cable
Various colours available
1.5m cable £4.95
6m cable £8.55
3m cable £6.89
12m cable £8.95
AT8647QM/S with switch £81.65
multicore cable
8+4 Multicore Cable Reel
8 inputs, 4 returns
Numbered XLR tails
15m length
Retractable reel with integral handle
Stagebox on reel
16+4 Multicore Cable
16 inputs, 4 returns
Numbered XLR tails
30m length
16+4 30m £229 16+4 on Drum £299
floor boxes
Pop-up XLR Floor Box
4 XLR connectors in pop-up lid
Silver finish, metal back box
4x XLR Male
4x XLR Female
2x XLR-M + 2x XLR-F
1x XLR-M + 3x XLR-F
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
UHF radio mics
digital radio mics
Trantec S4.4 Systems
Desktop UHF radio mics
Diversity system
4 switchable frequencies
Handheld or tie clip systems
Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Microphones
Digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation
License free 2.4 GHz range
Automatic frequency selection
8 simultaneous channels
Balanced output
S4.4 LM lapel mic system £175
S4.4 MD dynamic handheld system £175
ATW-1101 Beltpack kit £239
ATW-1102 Handheld kit £259
Trantec S4.16 RX2 Dual HH Mic System £610
Dual channel UHF receiver with 2 transmitters
Ch 38, Built-in aerial distribution
One pair of aerials for up to 4 channels
headset microphone
Proel HCM3 Headset Mic £38
Discrete headworn mic
Omnidirectional condenser
Black or beige
4-pin mini XLR or 3.5mm MiniJack
Dual Lapel System £620
Handheld and Lapel System £630
HCM8 Headset Mic £81
Smaller 3.5mm capsule, folding ear bands, 3 adaptors
TOA 5000 Series Radio Microphones
Ch70 or Ch38 System
Audio mixing function
Built-in aerial D/A (WT5800)
Built-in charging port
Operates on single AA battery
WM5265 dynamic handheld
WM5225 condenser handheld
WM5325 beltpack lapel mic
YP M5310 omnidirectional mic
£ 35.00
HCM9 3mm capsule, single ear design £156
Audio-Technica BP892cW £249
Low profile headworn mic
Slim 2.5mm capsule
Omnidirectional condenser
Single or twin-ear design
Black, brown or beige
BP892cLM3 3.5mm MiniJack £257
BP893 extremely unobtrusive, 1” flexible boom £199
Duracell Procell Batteries
WT5810 portable receiver
WT5800 rackmount receiver
Sennheiser Evolution G3 Radio Mics
Switchable UHF system
Wireless IR sync
Auto-Lock function
4-step battery level
EW112 G3 omni lapel mic
EW122 G3 cardioid lapel mic £495
EW135 G3 dynamic handheld £495
SKP100 Plug-on transmitter £259
SKP300 Plug-on with 48V £399
Procell MN1500 AA Battery
Procell MN2400 AAA Battery
Procell MN1604 9V Battery
Consistent quality
Long shelf life
Easy colour coding
battery testers
Battery Tester £3.30
Small and simple design
Push-to-test operation
Suitable for all 1.5V, 9V &
button cell batteries
LCD Battery Tester £10.65
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
active loudspeakers
portable PA systems
Adastra DT50 £179.90
Desktop wireless PA system
USB & SD inputs, max 8hr batt
Twin VHF handheld mics
50+50W, 8” driver
Yamaha MS101 mkIII £108
Active 10W monitor
Jack & Phono mic/line input
Volume control
High & low tone control
Carry Bag £19.99
Access to all controls
BMS10A Mic stand adaptor £27
BWS20-190 Wall Mount Bracket £47.50
Adastra PAV8 £240
Portable wireless PA system
Twin VHF mic system handheld & neckworn
50+50W, 8” driver
QTX QR10PA £199
Portable wireless PA system
USB & SD inputs, 8hr batt
Wireless Neckworn mic
50+50W, 10” driver
MiPro MA303S £539
Portable wireless PA system
Single channel UHF receiver
Handheld or beltpack kit
5” driver, 1” tweeter
50W RMS output
Supplied with storage cover
Mackie SRM150 £214
Active 150W speaker
3 channel inputs
Mic and line inputs with phantom
Mic stand mounting adaptor
EQ and level controls
Yamaha DXR & DXS Speakers
Active speakers and subwoofers
1100W Class D amplification
Compact size with a high output
DXR8 8”
DXR10 10” £524
DXS12 Sub £628
QSC K Series
1000W Class D amp
Mic, line, aux inputs
Selectable 7.5° stand tilt
K8 8” 1000W
K10 10” 1000W £690
K12 12” 1000W £775
KSub Dual 12” 1000W £1039
active columns
portable PA kits
CRA PA-100 USB £269
Twin speaker system, 2x 75W
Powered mixer/amp
4 mic/line inputs & Aux
USB & SD card input
Integral handle and wheels
Yamaha StagePAS
Single or twin speakers
Removeable mixer/amp
4 mic/line & 2 stereo inputs
Cable storage, stand mountable
StagePAS 150 1x 150W
StagePAS 250 1x 250W
StagePAS 300 2x 150W
StagePAS 500 2x 250W
£436.50 Wheeled Case £77.35
£750.65 Wheeled Case £89.35
Tannoy QFlex Steerable Columns
Digitally steerable installation array speaker
Complete solution for difficult acoustics
Even coverage / SPL across listening plane
Built-in multi-channel amplifier
Steer beam away from surfaces
that cause reflections
First digitally steerable array to
maintain music quality over the
desired area of coverage
Qflex 8 8x 4" LF £2513
Qflex 16 8x 3" LF & 8x 1" HF £3543
Qflex 24 8x 4" LF, 8x 3" LF & 8x 1" HF £5832
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
passive loudspeakers
QSC I82H Multipurpose Speakers £320
240W RMS, 400W Max
Twin Speakon connectors
Horizontal or vertical mount
Speaker & mic stand mounts
8” + 1” compression driver
installation loudspeakers
Adastra Column Speakers
100V Line Slimline Column Speaker
With mounting brackets
installation loudspeakers
Tannoy VLS Column Speakers
Passive column array
Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology
Designed for improved speech intelligibility
Natural 8 degree down tilt
8 Ohm or 100V line
Black or White
VLS7 £499
VLS15 £699
VLS30 £1099
12W RMS, 24W Peak £45
20W RMS, 40W Peak £69
power amplifiers
Adastra Music Speakers £45
40W 100V Line or 8 Ohm Music Speaker
With mounting bracket
Tannoy Di Series Speakers
100V or low impedance
ICT or Dual Concentric drivers
Black or white, with yoke bracket
Di5 4.5” 100W £ 94 30W 100V line £124
Di5DC 4.5” 100W £143 30W 100V line £168
Di6 120W 6.5” £162 60W 100V line £205
Di6DC 120W 6.5” £234 60W 100V line £287
Di8DC 180W 8.0” £330 60W 100V line £355
QSC AcousticDesign Series Speakers
3", 5" or 8" low frequency driver
1" dome tweeter or compression driver
Rotatable waveguide, black or white
S32T 3", 30W, yoke & ball mount
S52 5" + 1", 60W with yoke
S82 8" + 1", 110W with yoke
S82H 8" + CD, 240W with yoke
S282H 2x 8" + CD, 450W with yoke
£219 (pair)
£329 (pair)
Tannoy i7 & i9 Architectural Column Speakers
Versatile architectural column
High quality speech & music reproduction
100V or low impedance
Black or white
Slave Amplifiers
100V line or low impedance output
2U 120W Amp £215.00
1U 120W Amp £222.75
1U 250W Amp £270.00
QSC GX3 Stereo Amplifier £325
2x 300W at 8 Ohm
Flexible in / out connectors
Lightweight 13.5kg
GuardRail protection
GX5 500W per channel at 8 Ohm £419
Lab.gruppen E-Series Amplifiers
Certified Energy Star 2.1 compliant
70V or low impedance - handles mis-matched loading
1U design with rear panel controls and power control
E 4:2 2x 200W £620
E 8:2 2x 400W £750
E12:2 2x 600W £880
mixer amplifiers
Adastra RM-120 £245
120W 100V Line Mixer Amplifier
XLR Mic input with 20V phantom
2 x mic/line jack, 2 x RCA line
USB & SD card input
RM-240 240W £298
i7 150W, 4x5" LF + 1x 1" HF £388 Bracket £78
i9 300W, 4x5" LF + 3x 1" HF £614 Bracket £89
VS10BP 400W 10” band pass sub £444
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
Yamaha MG102C Mixer £112.80
10 input mixer, 4 mic
Phantom power
2ch compressor
3 band EQ, aux send
Yamaha MG124C Mixer £218
12 input mixer
6 mic inputs with phantom power
4ch compressor
3 band EQ, 2 aux send
Fader control, Sub group
MG166C 16 input, 10 mic mixer £287.30
MG206C 20 input, 16 mic mixer £506.30
Yamaha MG24 Mixer £829
16 mic inputs, 4 stereo
3 band EQ, built-in FX
6 aux sends
4 sub groups
MG32 24 mic inputs £999
Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Mixer £1634
22 mic inputs, 2 stereo
Individual phantom
4 band EQ, 2 swept mid
6 aux sends
7x4 matrix, 4 groups
GL2400-32 30 mic inputs £2132
automatic mixers
Audio-Technica MX341a £565
4 channel automatic mixer
Mic/line in with phantom
Priority selection,
silent switching
MX351 with Aux in £733
feedback eliminator
Phonic I7100 Digital Feedback Eliminator £139
12 frequencies per channel
Single Shot, Auto or Parametric mode
24 programmable parametric filters
digital mixers
Allen & Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer £1699
16 mic + 3 stereo inputs
Touch screen control
USB audio streaming
Mute groups
Rack mounting
iPad App control
Qu-24 24 channel desktop £2199
Allen & Heath GLD Mixers
Compact digital mixer
Based on the iLive system
Touch screen control
iPad App control
GLD-80 20 channel £4399
GLD-112 28 channel £5249
AR84 8+4 rack expander £569
AR2412 24+12 expander £1219
Yamaha LS9-16 Digital Mixer £4675
16 fader, 32 channel mixer
16 XLR mic/line inputs
EQ on all channels
Delay & effects
Selectable lockout
LS9-32 32 fader, 64 channel £8509
SB168ES EtherSound Stagebox, 16 in, 8 out £3474
MY16-ES64 16 Ch EtherSound Card for LS9 £1240
Allen & Heath iLive System
MixRacks feature full processing and mixing
Up to 64 channels
32 configurable mix buses
8 stereo FX engines
Compressors and limiters
112 fully parametric EQs
Delay, 32 graphic EQs
High quality mic preamps
Control using network PC
or tablet, PL series wall panels
or via fader control surface
Connect using single CAT5 cable
iDR16 16 mic/line, 8 out £2899
iDR32 32 mic/line, 16 out £3899
iDR48 48 mic/line, 24 out £4729
R72 12 fader control surface, 8 in / out £4799
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
rackmount mixer
Apart PM1122 £339
Multifunction mixer
5 mic/line, 4 stereo inputs
Multi-zone outputs
PM1122R Remote Panel
PM1122RL Remote with line input
PM1122W Wireless control panel
induction loop amps
Current Thinking Wall Mount Loop Amplifiers
Ideal for meeting rooms
Mic input with phantom
Line input
£ 32.50
£ 47.60
digital signal processors
Ateis UAP G2 £1798
12 in, 4 out programmable DSP
Assignable front panel rotary controls
Built-in auto mixing and anti-feedback
Configurable up to 16 inputs or outputs
ET30 rooms up to 30m² £121
ET120 rooms up to 120m² £173
Adastra LA-600 Rackmount Loop Amplifier £295
3 mic/line inputs with phantom power
Bass & treble controls
2U, rooms up to 600m²
Current Thinking Rackmount Loop Amplifiers
URC universal room controller £210
Allen & Heath iDR8 £1989
8 + 2 input/output digital mix processor
Programmable DSP
Simple mixer based software
High quality audio DSP processing, soft key control
PL3 Wall plate, 4 switches £123
PL10 Panel, 8 rotary, 16 switches £320
Xilica Neutrino A0808 £1700
8 input, 8 output programmable DSP
Automatic mic mixing, built-in anti feedback
2 XLR mic, 1 mic/line inputs with phantom
ET150 200m² £285
ET300 450m² £342
ET450 800m² £414
Current Thinking Infrared System
Compact modulator with bracket
XLR mic/line input with phantom
Receiver with in-built neck loop
30 hours battery life
IR-MTX750 Modulator & radiator £199.00
IR-MTX750S Slave unit
IR-RX Neck worn receiver
£ 97.00
loop receiver
A1608 16 in, 8 out £2075
A1616 16 in, 16 out £2445
Current Thinking ETRX2 £72.50
Induction Loop Receiver
Simple rotary volume control
3.5mm headphone socket
Supplied with headphones
Mini K4 wall control panel £379
Touch 7SM 7” touch screen controller £669
Allen & Heath ME-1 £399
Personal monitoring mixer
Works with iLive, GLD & QU16
40 sources, 16 assignable keys
Custom channel naming
ME-U 10 port hub for parallel connection £999
portable loop amp
Contacta Portable Loop £154
Mains or battery operated
Built-in mic
Optional boundary mic
Optional carry case
1m² output
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
cd recorders
Marantz CDR300 £495
Table top CD recorder
Twin mic / line inputs with phantom
3 band EQ & built in speaker
Auto add tracks
Padded Case £39
CDR310 £879
Built-in 4GB HDD, mains or battery powered
Record CD-Audio, WAV or MP3
Tascam CD-RW900SL £540
2U CDRW recorder
Analogue & digital inputs & outputs
Digital input level control
Tascam CC-222SL MkII £732.50
Combined CDRW recorder & cassette recorder
Simple transfer from cassette to CD
cd players
cd & dvd duplicators
Acard CD / DVD Duplicators
Copy CDs at up to 52x speed
Copy DVDs at up to 16x speed
High quality Pioneer drives
1 to 1
1 to 3
1 to 5
1 to 7
1 to 9
1 to 11
1 to 14
blank CDs
CDR Light Branding
CDR Inkjet Print
18p each
17p each
15p each
14p each
20p each
19p each
17p each
16p each
blank DVDs
Teac CD-P1260 £124.75
CD Player, centre mounted mechanism, remote control
Tascam CD200 with rack mount ears £315.80
Tascam CD200i with iPod Dock
37p each
35p each
33p each
37p each
35p each
33p each
CD/DVD accessories
CD Wallet + Flap
Clear Polycase
9.9p each
8.8p each
7.3p each
32p each
26p each
25p each
White CD/DVD Labels
2 labels per sheet with jewel case labels
Denon DN-500C CD Player
CD and WAV, MP3 playback
Retractable iPod Dock
Adjustable pitch and tempo
IR remote included
£369 + VAT
Apart PC1000R Media Player £225
1U CD Player with SD Card and USB reader
Volume control on remote control
11.0p each
9.5p each
6.4p each
4.2p each
Price per label - 2 per sheet
USB interface
Tascam US-122 mkII £80
Headphone out with volume control
2 channel mic/line
Switchable phantom power
Dedicated level controls
US144 mkII with digital I/O £90
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
portable recorders
Tascam IM2 £69.90
Turn your iPhone 4,
iPod Touch 4G or iPad
into a PCM audio recorder
Stereo condenser mic
Built-in A/D converter
Mics swivel 180 degrees
Input level control
Free 2-track recording app
Tascam DR-1 £199
Solid state recorder
Record MP3 or WAV
AA batteries
Moveable mics
Li-Ion battery, 1GB SD
Tascam DR-100 £295
Solid state recorder ideal for podcasts
Built-in mics and speaker
Record MP3 or WAV
XLR mic inputs, 2GB SD
DR100 MkII improved quality £307.50
di boxes
Palmer PAN01 DI Box £35
Passive DI box
Ground lift, 30dB pad
PAN02 Active DI box £66
CRA DI Box £25.75
Active DI box
Filtered, ground lift
20dB & 40dB pad
rackmount wav & mp3
Denon DN-F450R SD Card Recorder £399
WAV or MP3 recording
½ width rackmount
DN-500R 1U, USB & SD Card £549
DN-700R 1U, Network, USB & 2x SD Card £769
Tascam SS-CDR200 £857
Solid state recorder
Compact 1U size
Record to USB,
solid state media
SanDisk Ultra II CF
Fast speeds: Read 10MB/s, Write 9MB/s
SanDisk Ultra II SD
Fast speeds: Read 10Mb/s, Write 9Mb/s
£ 8.35
£ 9.20
SanDisk Card Readers
USB media card readers
Passive DI box £28.95
USB to SD & Micro SD £7.49
ImageMate All-in-One CF, SD, xD or MS £35.80
useful boxes
CRA Dual Phantom Power Unit
XLR in & out, 12V or 48V
PHA-X2 £49.50
SoundLab CT02 Cable Tester £19
Tests common audio cables:
Jack, Phono, Speakon, XLR
Metal case with LEDs
Audio-Technica ATH-M20 £32.50
Monitor headphones
Full size ear cups
Great for PA use
ATH-M40 improved quality £65.80
SoundLab CT04 Cable Tester £44
Adds 8 pole Speakon, 3.5mm Jack
3/5/7/8 pin din & 4 pin mini din.
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
Our Design and Installation Department is available to provide the correct system to suit all budgets. The
design team are all actively involved in the sound and vision ministries of their own churches, and have been
responsible for some of the most exciting and exacting audio and video projects.
Whether you have a classic 'English Heritage' style building or a modern auditorium we have the experience
to provide a suitable solution.
Contact us to arrange a site survey or to request a bespoke system proposal.
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
system checkup
Your sound system is important for the congregation to hear the Word clearly week
by week.
You may have faulty microphone channels, equipment which has stopped working, or
annoying hums and buzzes which can develop and worsen with time.
We believe that it is sensible to have your sound system checked regularly rather than
waiting until it is needed for those important events.
You can take the opportunity to have your sound system brought back to full working
order by one of our experienced engineers using a full range of acoustic analysis
training sessions
Our in-house service department has a full range of
technical expertise and knowledge on all the
products we recommend.
A good sound system will only work well if it is used
properly and we therefore provide our customers
with a basic understanding of their system at the
time of installation.
However, a dedicated training session can be a
useful reminder and allows you to ask questions or
train up new members of the team.
We can offer comprehensive repair and servicing
of audio and video products including radio mics,
CD duplicators, cassette copiers, portable
recorders and loop amplifiers among others.
These sessions are
available to suit your
specific requirements
and are tailored to
match your system
and your operators.
contact us
Talk to a real person for great advice on choosing the best audio and visual
products for your system.
We’re not box shifters - we like to help you choose the best from the wide
selection of professional audio and video products.
Feel free to contact us and speak to one of our friendly team who will be
happy to help you or process your order:
Give us a call: 020 8767 3533
Email us: info@cunnings.co.uk
Online: www.cunnings.co.uk
Members of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
ultra portable projectors
NEC L series LED Projectors
LED, WXGA, 1000 ANSI Lumens,
2500:1 contrast, 20000 hours,
1.2 kg, 1GB memory, quick start ,
vertical keystone, SD card & USB reader
L51W 500 Lumens £439
L102W 1000 Lumens £619
NEC V Series Projectors
DLP, up to XGA, up to 3000 ANSI Lumens, 2000:1 contrast
up to 3500 hours, lightweight 2.5 kg, vertical keystone,
3yr warranty, 3D Ready,
6-segment colour wheel
V260 2600 Lumens, SVGA, 3500hr
V260X 2600 Lumens, XGA, 3000hr
V300W 3000 Lumens, WXGA, 3000hr
V300X 3000 Lumens, XGA, 3000hr
large venue projectors
NEC PA Series Stacking LCD Projectors
LCD, up to WUXGA (1920x1200), up to 7200 ANSI Lumens,
4000 hours, 2000:1 contrast, lens shift (V + 50%, H ± 30%),
geometric correction, keystone correction (H & V) up to 40°,
wall colour correction, LAN, USB viewer, image stacking,
edge blending, 5 lens options 0.8 - 7.2:1, 3 Yr warranty
PA500X 5000 Lumens, XGA
PA500U 5000 Lumens, WUXGA
PA550W 5500 Lumens, WXGA
PA600X 6000 Lumens, XGA
PA722X 7200 Lumens, XGA
NP13ZL standard lens (1.5-3.02:1)
£ 339
NP14ZL mid throw lens (2.98-4.77:1) £1425
NP55ZL long throw lens (up to 7.2:1) £1425
multipurpose projectors
NEC M Series LCD Projectors
LCD, XGA, up to 4200 ANSI Lumens, 4000 hours, 2000:1,
vertical keystone 30°, lens ratio 1.3-2.2:1, auto eco-mode
up to 3500 hours filter interval,
quick start, 2x VGA input,
LAN, 3yr warranty
M230X 2300 Lumens, XGA
M271X 2700 Lumens, XGA
M311X 3100 Lumens, XGA
M311W 3100 Lumens, WXGA
M361X 3600 Lumens, XGA
M420X 4200 Lumens, XGA
NEC P Series LCD Projectors
LCD, XGA, up to 5000 ANSI Lumens, 3000 hours, 2000:1,
geometric & wall colour correction, lens ratio 1.3-2.2:1,
up to 3500 hours filter interval,
lens shift (V + 50%), LAN,
VGA & HDMI input,
3yr warranty
P401W 4000 Lumens, WXGA
P451W 4500 Lumens, WXGA
P501X 5000 Lumens, XGA
stacking feature - up to 28,800 ANSI Lumens on
one screen using 4 projectors, simple software setup
i Image
ultra short throw projectors
NEC UM Series LCD Projectors
Ultra short throw, LCD, up to 3300 ANSI Lumens,
2500 hours, 2000:1 contrast, vertical keystone 30°,
lens ratio 0.36:1, 2x VGA input,
6-segment colour wheel, LAN,
wall bracket supplied,
3Yr warranty
UM280X 2800 Lumens WXGA £779
UM330X 3300 Lumens, XGA
UM330W 3300 Lumens, WXGA £999
high definition projector
NEC PE401H High Definition DLP Projector £1179
4000 Lumens, DLP, HD Resolution 1920 x 1080
3300 hour lamp life, HDMI 3D support
NP02LM2 wireless LAN adaptor £59
for M, P, PA series
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
wall screens
Adastra 67” Manual Wall Screen £99
Wall or ceiling mount
White case with mounting brackets
3cm black border
Weighted bottom slat bar
1:1 Ratio
Adastra Electric Screens
Wall or ceiling mount
White case with brackets
3cm black border
Weighted bottom slat bar
In-line control switch
RF Remote control supplied
winch screens
Inventia Twin Motor Electric Screen
Twin motor winch screen
RF remote control
4:3 matt white surface
Up to 5m casing drop
2m wide £1300
2.4m wide £1330
3m wide £1649
Screen International Screen Winch System
Raise / lower screen casing
Up to 7m drop
RF remote manual switch
67” wide 1:1 Screen £169.00
95” wide 4:3 Screen £215.00
95” wide 1:1 Screen £249.00
Draper Diplomat Electric Screens
Wall or ceiling mount
White case with mounting brackets
6’ wide 4:3 screen
8’ wide 4:3 screen
6’ wide 10’ drop
8’ wide 10’ drop
portable screens
Adastra 67” wide Tripod Screen £99
Free standing screen, 16:9 or 4:3
Quick and simple to use
Retracts into casing
Carry handle
Black edge borders
Adastra 64” wide Lift-up Screen £230
Fast Errect Ground Screen 4:3
Height adjustable up to 2m
Simply lift up to use
Case with carry handle
Only 8.0kg
Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen
Lightweight, stable folding frame
Frame folds without coming apart
Front or rear projection surfaces
Durable storage case
74x54” Front
8’x6’ Front
Winch system for electric screens £2135
Compact Electric Screen 2.2 x 1.7m £ 664
Compact Electric Screen 2.5 x 1.9m £ 707
song software
SongPro 5 Software
Over 3000 songs
6 Bible versions
Full text searching
PowerPoint compatible
SongPro 5 £80 inc
Vs4 Upgrade £70 inc
Annual Licence £35 inc
Download a free trial at:
projector mounts
Unicol Projector Mounting Hardware
CP1: Flat ceiling plate
£ 28.70
CP6: Angled ceiling plate £ 49.00
Pole: 1m: £22.50 2m: £ 45.00
PSU: Projector mount
WB0: Wall arm 38cm
£ 58.00
projector trolley
Unicol Projector Stand Kits
S-Base: 45x55cm PA platform: 30x45cm
Telescopic Pole 2: 84cm or 3: 128cm
AP side tray: 30x30cm
Unicol Stand S-2-PA
Unicol Stand S-3-PA
Unicol Stand S-3-AP-PA £215.85
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
lcd screens
LG 37” Commercial Pro Screen £539
Consistent quality and features
Full HD image 1920 x 1080
USB image viewer,
HDMI & RGB / PC inputs
42” Screen £645
47” Screen £819
dvd recorders
NEC E Series LCD Screens
Entry-level Large Format Displays
350cd/m², LED backlight
12/7 proof, 3 Year Warranty
USB picture viewer
32” screen
42” screen
46” screen
55” screen
65” screen
dvd players
Denon DBT-1713UD Blu-ray Disc Player £349
Universal Blu-ray Video
Network Media Player
Supports 3D Blu-ray, DVD,
SACD, and DVD formats.
Multiple network playback functions, including
YouTube, Music, Photos and Video, front USB port
visual foldback
Visual Foldback Kit
High quality TFT screen
Unicol mounting hardware
1m fixed pole & heavy duty base
With VGA cable extension
19” 16:9 Kit £259
19” 5:4 Kit £299
Panasonic DMR-EZ49EBK £275
DVD Recorder / VCR
One touch 2-way copying
Built-in Freeview
1080p up-conversion
DMR-EX773EB DVD Recorder, 160GB HDD £259
fixed camera
High Resolution Bullet Camera £65
Day / night colour camera
High resolution 520 TV lines
Built-in infra-red LEDs
Excellent image quality
EverFocus EQ1650P £275
¼” CCD high resolution camera
Auto focus, 480 TV Lines
Manual 16x zoom
EQ2700 27x zoom £450
Stand only with mount, pole & base £169
VGA cables
Kramer Male to Male VGA cables
Moulded 15-pin HD connectors
4.6m £14.00
7.6m £20.00
10.6m £24.00
15.2m £34.00
22.9m £44.00
Kramer Male VGA cables with 3.5mm Audio
Moulded 15-pin HD with 3.5mm MiniJack
4.6m £23.00
7.6m £29.00
10.6m £42.00
15.2m £50.00
22.9m £82.00
video isolator
Humbloc Video Isolator £19.90
Ground loop isolator
With short BNC cable
pan/tilt cameras
Sony EVI Series SD & HD Pan/Tilt Cameras
SD: D80 18x zoom, D90 28x zoom
HD: H100V 20x zoom, 1080p resolution
6 presets, black or white casing
EVI-D80 £695
EVI-D90 £725
EVI-H100V £2445
EverFocus EPTZ100 Mini Speed dome £645
High resolution picture quality
¼” Super HAD CCD
10x optical zoom
64 preset positions
EPTZ1000 18x zoom £950
EKB200 USB joystick controller £225
EKB500 Joystick controller £374
info@cunnings.co.uk • www.cunnings.co.uk
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
wall plates
Kramer WXV-1 Wall Plate £39
Composite and XGA sockets
Rear terminal blocks
Grey or white
WXA-1 XGA & 3.5mm Audio £39
Kramer VP-728 Switcher / Scaler £899
2x VGA, 2x HDMI
4x Composite / S-Video / RGB input
PiP, split, freeze, zoom, audio delay
Output scaling and aspect ratio, USB
cat5 distribution
Kramer PT-110 & PT-120
Transmit up to 100m
Power over CAT5
PT-110 XGA transmitter £99
PT-120 XGA receiver £129
Kramer WP-110 Wall Plate £99
XGA line transmitter up to 100m
Power over CAT5
Grey or white
WP-120 CAT5 receiver £129
Kramer TP-114 £169
1:4 XGA line transmitter over CAT5
XGA in & out
4x CAT5 outputs
Kramer WP-301 £209
VGA + Audio panel
CAT5 transmitter
White or Grey
VP-730 4x VGA input £1199
XGA switcher
Kramer VP-31 £229
3-way XGA switcher
Switch between different computers
Direct button for each input
XGA amplifiers
Kramer VP-2L £99
1:1 line amplifier, level and EQ controls
VP-200XL 1:2 £119
VP-4XL 1:4 £209
video mixers
Roland VR-3 £1349
4 Channel video switcher
1 PC input
Audio mixer, 4 mono, 2 stereo
Built-in LCD screen
USB port for live streaming
Kramer TP580T/R £199
HDMI, Bidirectional RS-232,
Power & IR over HDBaseT
Twisted Pair Transmitter/Receiver
wireless HDMI
Kramer KW-11 £479
Wireless High Definition Transmitter/Receiver
Zero latency, 12m range
HDMI max resolution up to 1080p @60Hz
system controllers
Kramer RC-8IR £249
8 button room / device controller
Configurable back-lit buttons
RS232, RS485, IR, relay
15 commands per macro
Program via Ethernet
Kramer RC62 £299
6 button panel
Back-lit buttons
Relay, RS232 & IR control
Tel 020 8767 3533 • Fax 020 8767 8525
All prices exclude VAT
E. & O. E.
system design
Cunnings Recording Associates
Brodrick Hall • Brodrick Road • London • SW17 7DY
t: 020 8767 3533 e: info@cunnings.co.uk www.cunnings.co.uk
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