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Instant-on for Android
User Guide
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Instant-on for Android User Guide
Original Issue: 08/2010
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Connecting to a network
Browsing the web
Using the camera
Installing Instant-on for Android
Using Instant-on for Android
Going online
Installing Instant-on for Android
Important! To enjoy all the benefits of the Instant-on system, you
will need to enter your Gmail account information. If you do not
have a Gmail account, you may set one up during the setup
The first time you turn on your computer, it will complete the
Windows XP or Windows 7 setup. Once Windows is set up, you will be
asked if you wish to setup the Instant-on system. You will then be led
through setting up the system.
You can also check for updates to your installation at any time or
according to a schedule by selecting the Live Update tab.
In the event that your Instant-on system should not work correctly, you
can select the Recovery tab to recover the original installation.
Warning: This will delete any data you have installed under the
Instant-on system. Please back up any data you need to keep
before starting the Recovery process.
If you skip any of the steps during the initial setup, double-click the
icon on your Windows desktop at any time to open Acer Configuration
Manager for Android to adjust settings.
Click Recover Now to start the process.
Using Instant-on for Android
If you select to boot to the Instant-on system, your computer will
automatically boot the Android operating system each time you turn it
on. If you want to boot directly to Windows, press the <F9> key when
you see the Acer logo after pressing the power button.
Note: Double-clicking is not necessary when using Android. You
can accomplish any action with a single click.
The Home screen is your starting point for using the installed
applications. You can customize the Home screen to display the
application icons, shortcuts and folders you prefer.
You can return to the Home screen at any time by pressing the
Windows key.
The Home screen extends beyond the screen width to provide more
space for adding icons. Press the left or right arrows to move to the
right or left side of the extended home screen.
To switch to the Windows operating system, click
hand corner of the Home screen.
in the top left-
<Fn> + <F3>
Turn the communication functions on or off.
<Fn> + <F4>
Enter sleep mode.
<Fn> + <F5>
Toggle external display.
<Fn> + <F6>
Turn display on or off.
<Fn> + <F7>
Turn touchpad on or off.
<Fn> + <F8>
Turn audio on or off.
<Fn> + <F11>
Turn NumLk on or off.
<Fn> + Right arrow
Increase display brightness.
<Fn> + Left arrow
Decrease display brightness.
<Fn> + Up arrow
Increase system volume.
<Fn> + Down arrow
Decrease system volume.
Going online
The Instant-on feature of your new computer allows you to access
email and Internet content within a few seconds of pressing the power
Connecting to a network
Your computer should automatically detect any wired network.
However, you will need to manually connect to a wireless network the
first time you use it.
On the Home screen, press the Menu key or right-click to open the
Settings menu. Click Settings > Wireless controls. Then select Wi-Fi
settings and your computer will scan for available networks. Click the
selected network and click Connect in the dialog box that opens.
You can control many functions of your computer using hotkey
combinations as described below.
If your wireless network doesn’t appear in the list of available
networks, click Add Wi-Fi network to manually enter the SSID and
other required information.
Browsing the web
Once the computer has booted, you’ll be able to use the Firefox
browser to surf the web. Click the Firefox icon on the Home screen to
start surfing.
Using the camera
Your computer is equipped with a built-in webcam that you can use to
take pictures. Open the Applications tab and click Camera to open the
camera function. In the upper right corner, click the icon to take a
picture. Pictures you’ve taken will be shown as thumbnails on the left
of your screen.
Click a thumbnail to view the picture. Using the icons at the top of the
screen, you will be able to open the Gallery to view all your images; Set
as a Contact icon or Wallpaper; or Delete the picture.
You can view the photos or pictures that are downloaded from the
Internet through Gallery. Supported formats are .JPG, .PNG and .GIF.
Music plays digital audio files from the computer’s storage. Supported
file formats are:
M4A (iTunes application AAC, DRM-free)
MP4 (AAC decode)
OGG Vorbis
You can view music files by Artist, Albums or list the individual Songs
or Playlists.
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