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Sync, Charge & Storage Solutions.
Storage / Charging / Sync / Security / Mounting and Protection Solutions
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Sync and Charge Solutions
Charge and sync content to as many as 20
iPodTM and iPhoneTM devices from a single iTunes
Ergonomics and Aesthetics:
Compact, lightweight, attractive
and versatile.
Ease of Use: No third party
management software
required! Just launch iTunes.
Handy Indicator Light: Shows
charge and sync modes.
Structural Integrity and
Compatibility: Optimal device
Lightning Connector version
available Jan 2014’
$1,390 EX GST
Store, charge and sync content to 10 iPad V2 +
iPad V3 devices from a single iTunes library!
No Manual Cable
Connections: Simply insert
iPad with the included case
into a slot to charge and sync.
Device Protection: Includes
specially designed protective
cases (valued at $350)
for exclusive use with the
Lightning Connector version
available Jan 2014’
Charge Status LEDs: Allows
user to visually determine the
charge status of iPad devices.
$1,490 EX GST
BCIT P/N: PA95400
“Made for iPad”, “Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPad, iPod or iPhone, respectively, and has been certified by the
developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device nor its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory
with iPad, iPod or iPhone may affect wireless performance. iPad, iPod and iPhone not included.
The all-steel PARASYNC for iPod Security
Enclosure bolts to a fixed surface and locks with a single key to
safely protect a MacBook, PARASYNC, 20 iPod/iPhone devices and
small accessories from theft while charging
BCIT P/N: PA95700
security Enclosure Locked
16-port Sync/ charge Universal Hub
Charge and synchronize up to 16 Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices that support USB
charging. It’s a perfect table-top or portable solution and also mounts easily in an existing cart,
cabinet, transport case or other enclosure.
Software Neutral: Works with third party mobile
device management software, iTunes and Apple
Intelligent: Automatically recognizes which type of
device is connected and intelligently provides the
appropriate amount of power to it for an optimum
full-rate charge for all connected devices.
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$1,090 EX GST
BCIT P/N: PA95180
“Crowbar” Resistant Tablet Protection
iPad Mini Sync/Charge Safe
• Durable steel construction and industry-best locking mechanism
• Holds up to 16 iPad minis, Kindles, Nooks or other small tablets or eReaders
• Removable and adjustable dividers to accommodate a variety
of device thicknesses
• Mounting holes for bolting to counter or desk
$1,790 EX GST
BCIT P/N: DA95200
Desktop Tablet/iPad Safe (charge and sync/charge)
Store and Charge
$1,090 EX GST
• Provides storage and protection for a MacBook
• Charges, stores and/or syncs up to 16 iPads with or without cases
• Provides a USB pass-through jack and a certified USB cable to
optimize the connection
• Charge only versions suitable for all brands of tablets
BCIT P/N: DA95810
Sync and Charge
$1,980 EX GST
BCIT P/N: DA95800
iPad Management Solutions
8 Port Universal USB Sync and Charge Hub
• 8 Port USB portable hub with Cambrionix state-of-the-art technology
• Virtually anything that syncs and charges via USB is compatible
• Future proof (firmware upgradeable)
$790 EX GST
BCIT P/N: DA95100
16 Port Universal USB Sync and Charge Hub
• 16 Port USB portable hub with Cambrionix state-of-the-art technology
• Virtually anything that syncs and charges via USB is compatible
• Two expansion ports (USB-A) allow multiple hubs to be daisy-chained
• Future proof (firmware upgradeable)
$1,090 EX GST
BCIT P/N: DA95110
32 Port Universal USB Sync and Charge Console
• 32 Port USB Console with Cambrionix state-of-the-art technology
• Can be used to convert an old laptop cart to a sync and charge iPad™ cart
• Works with the Apple 30-Pin and Lightning connector USB cables
• Compact, durable, easy-to-use form factor
$1,690 EX GST
BCIT P/N: DA95500
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The Ultimate Case for your iPad
• The ultimate case for maximum
protection, handling and portability
• Also ideal for special needs students
For iPad V2, V3 & V4
26cm L x 31.1cm W x 3.2cm H
212.6 g
$45 EX GST
Order Codes Vary
BCIT P/N: GR95700
Available in:
Gripcase Mini
For iPad mini™
19.7cm L x 26.8cm W x 3.2cm H
206 g
$40 EX GST
Available in:
Black Blue Red Purple Green
Order Codes Vary
Protection, Handling & Portability
Gripcase’s EVA foam construction and patent pending design protects your
school’s investment.
• Smart designed handles make it easy for students to handle as well as
carry around
• Protruding handles protect the glass during front impact
• Corner cushions redirect impact force away from the device
The GripBase Stand™
Compatible with Gripcase for iPad™, iPad™ 2, the iPad™ and iPad mini™
Sturdy & Durable
The GripBase stand is intentionally designed without fragile hinges
or parts to ensure it is as durable as the Gripcase itself. Its wide base
and rubber finish keeps the iPad™ from tumbling or sliding.
The GripBase stand allows you to easily pass through any dock-sync
cable to conveniently charge and sync the iPad™.
The GripBase stand is designed to conveniently nest within one
another for easy and efficient storage.
$25 EX GST
BCIT P/N: GR95500
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Black Blue Red Purple Green
Any Tablet Any Case.
Store and Charge any Windows, Android or iPad tablet device in the
versatile “Ultimate” Multi-Tab trolley. Designed to securely house and
protect your tablet and netbook devices in whichever case you choose.
Don't break your back pushing heavy trolleys around the school. Insist on a super lightweight Ultimate Multi-Tab trolley.
32 Bay
$1,990 EX GST
BCIT P/N: TD07310
• Multi-Tab’s adjustable wall allows you to vary the
compartment size to suit virtually any tablet of any size,
with or without cases, in portrait or landscape mode
• Loads from the top for easy access
• Storage and charging solution which can be upgraded to
• Sturdy and robust, the light-weight Multi-Tab is designed
for longevity and easy transportation
• Separate lockable compartment to store a notebook as
well as prevent unauthorised access to power adaptors
16 Bay
$1,650 EX GST
BCIT P/N: TD07320
Bay size adjusts from 150mm H x 200mm W to 320mm H x 300mm W
UMT-16 Bay - 16kg
UMT-32 Bay - 24kg Light as a feather... (Almost)
Designed and manufactured in Australia.
Sync/Charge iPads
AVer Tab Sync
iPad sync and charge cart
Loves to store and sync iPads. 32 of them in fact.
- Charge: Full 2.1 amp charging power with LED status indicators
- Sync: 32 iPads over USB 2.0 and iTunes
- Store: Rugged plastic/steel enclosure with padded and numbered slots
- Secure: Lockable slot-in double doors
- Transport: 5” wheels with two locking swivel casters
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$2,790 EX GST
BCIT P/N: AV4500
Trolley Dollies Laptop Trolleys
Slim, Trim and Beautiful!!!
Short on Storage Space? At nearly half the size of equivalent trolleys,
the Trolley Dollies Laptop Trolley range can help reduce the amount of space required to store and charge
your laptop/netbook fleet. Choose from a range of sizes and colours to suit your school. The Trolley Dollies
range offers you an affordable, secure, lightweight, small form factor solution to suit nearly all situations.
The large wheels make transporting the trolley a breeze across asphalt and rough surfaces.
Customisation – You can customise your trolley with your school name or any other type of identification.
E.g. Trolley 1, 2 or 3. Campus A, B etc.
$1,395 EX GST
$1,695 EX GST
$1,545 EX GST
$1,745 EX GST
BCIT P/N: TD07100
BCIT P/N: TD07110
BCIT P/N: TD07150
BCIT P/N: TD07160
Full Size Notebook
12-Bay Trolley/
Wall Cage
Full Size Notebook
16-Bay Trolley/
Wall Cage
Ultra-Thin 16-Bay
Trolley/Wall Cage
Ultra-Thin 20-Bay
Trolley/Wall Cage
Available in:
Trolley Dollies Electric Motorised Height Adjustable Stands for
TV’s and Interactive Flat Panels
The ideal mounting solution for all screens and Interactive Flat Panels.
The unique design of this kit will allow your new Flat Panel to be mounted $1,650 EX GST
with 500mm of height adjustment. This simple to construct frame comes
with all hardware required to mount virtually any Flat Panel currently
available. The Universal VESA Mount will adjust from 200mm x 200mm
centres to 600mm x 600mm centres.
Electric Height Adjustment - The FPM is a motorised electric height adjustable stand capable of holding a monitor weighing up to 150kgs.
Assembly Required - For the purposes of easy transportation and freight cost reduction, this stand
comes flat packed and requires only a few standard hand tools for assembly.
Caddie Buddy Tablet/iPad Mount
CB Tablet Mount is a revolutionary design that allows
you to take virtually any tablet and mount it to a tripod,
desk, chair, pole and the list goes on and on ………
• The unique adjustable clips hold the tablet firmly in place.
• The Large clips will even accomodate a tablet with a thick
case up to 20mm
• The gooseneck arm allows you to hold the tablet when filming
or viewing content.
• CB Tablet Mount can also sit your tablet on any surface at
various angles.
• The included strap attaches your Tablet Mount to car headrests
or other large fixtures.
TabletMount 10
For 10” Tablets/iPad
BCIT P/N: CB95100
TabletMount 8
For 8” Tablets/iPad Mini
BCIT P/N: CB95200
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Budget-friendly Video Conferencing
Experience Education in High Definition with AVer
Superior price/performance to meet school budgets
• Virtual field trips
• Access to subject matter experts
• Interactive distance learning
• Innovative applications: arts, robotics, biology,
music & medical research
• Sign language training and special needs
• Community programs
• Efficient administrative meetings without travel
The new AVer EMC1000 is a 10-way connection that bridges AVer room systems with desktops,
VOIP phones as well as mobile clients. Built especially for the SMB world, the EMC1000 extends
the high quality video experience people expect from AVer’s room-based systems to any PC
desktop or iOS mobile device. You can even share content from any AVer room-based system to
any connected device.
You can now invite clients, colleagues and partners to join in AVer
meetings with their own devices. They simply download the AVer
EZMeetup App on their PC desktop, iPhone or iPad and that’s it.
They can dial, view content and participate in any AVer
video meeting.
10-Port Unit
The HVC130 and HVC330 make connecting classrooms simple and easy!
The HVC130 and HVC330 include the following features:
• Full Duplex Audio and Echo Cancellation
• High Definition 720p
Additional features in the HVC330 make it
• Records VC sessions direct to USB drive
perfectly suited for multi-party collaboration
• HDMI & VGA Connectivity
and video recording/distribution.
• Content Sharing and Dual Display Support
• Low Bandwidth requirements
$2,600 EX GST
$3,600 EX GST
The AVer HVC is compatible with all other major VC brands.
Bring any Skype user into a video conference at any time with the VCBridge.
• Wireless content sharing • Intelligent technical support • Mobile image sharing • Seamless integration
$490 EX GST
Any SkypeTM
friendly device
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AVer Visualisers
M70 Mechanical Arm
$990 EX GST
F30 Flexible Arm
$870 EX GST
$780 EX GST
• 192X total zoom
• One-touch recording
• 12X optical zoom
• 5-megapixel sensor
• HD1080p resolution (HDMI)
F50 Flexible Arm
• 16X total zoom
• One-touch recording
• 30fps frame rate
• 3-megapixel sensor
• High output resolution
• 80X total zoom
• One-touch recording
• 8X optical zoom
• 5-megapixel sensor
• Full HD1080p resolution
Multi-Bay Battery Chargers
Multi-Bay Battery Chargers for Notebooks and Netbooks
• Reduce downtime by having fully charged spare batteries on hand
• Simultaneously charge up to 16 notebook or netbook batteries
• Recalibrate batteries and effectively extend battery life and performance
• Datamation Battery Chargers are available for most laptop models
Please note that whilst Datamation has a wide range of chargers available for most laptops, there are some
models not yet available. Datamation can custom build chargers for almost any brand of laptop, netbook or tablet.
Chargers are developed and manufactured using genuine vendor approved batteries. Datamation cannot
guarantee the compatibility of 3rd party batteries.
$3,000 EX GST
Interactive LED Flat Panels
$3,600 EX GST
$5,450 EX GST
RP550 55”
RP650 65”
The new BenQ Range is just around the corner!!!
The NEW RP550 and RP650 come equipped with 5-point touch technology, four groups
of built-in high-precision sensors and supports Nextwindow technology. The displays support
Windows as well as Mac OS in addition to multi-touch features in Windows 8. With a light life of 50,000
hours minimum, you can say goodbye to old projectors, lamp replacements and cleaning filters. Ambient
light sensor for eye care LAN control and LAN display function
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More Coverage, Fewer Devices
Are you ready for the Tablet Revolution?
The Old Way
The New Way
Reduce infrastructure and ongoing costs by up to 75%
Much like the Cellular Antenna, Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays utilize high-gain sectored antennas that focus the
RF energy into a single direction, thereby intensifying the strength of the signal that is transmitted
much like a flashlight directing a strong beam of light in the direction that it is pointed. Doing this
allows the Xirrus AP to transmit further and “listen better” to the signals of wireless clients. By
integrating up to 16 separate Integrated Access Points in a single platform, each with their own
sectored antennas, Xirrus has created a solution for today and tomorrow’s bandwidth intensive
The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array allows for large coverage areas and high-density radio service at a fraction of
the cost of deployment, and a fraction of the management pains of legacy products. Instead of installing
large numbers of access points, each requiring a power and Ethernet connection, a single Xirrus Wi-Fi
Array can be installed.
Competitor APs = Lightbulbs vs Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays = Flashlights
The Wi-Fi Array integrates:
4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 802.11abg+n radios, High-gain directional
antenna system, Onboard multi-gigabit switch, Wi-Fi controller,
Wi-Fi Firewall, Dedicated Wi-Fi threat sensor, Embedded
spectrum analyzer.
As a result, the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array delivers the most coverage,
bandwidth, throughput, and support for more users on a perFewer Devices
device and per system basis than anything else available on the
The most powerful Wi-Fi in the Universe! market today.
The Wi-Fi Array's design of integrated components, security,
intelligence results in a solution that requires 75% fewer devices,
cabling, switch ports, space, energy, and installation time
compared with any other offering
With Xirrus High Performance Wireless Network
solutions, you can:
Upgradeable to the new
802.11AC 1.3Gbps Standard
• Identify and prioritize learning applications over recreational
• Exceed the bandwidth expectations of students and faculty
• Effectively support cutting-edge curriculum with appropriate
instructional technology
• Protect your institution from risk and security breaches
• Anticipate the changes that come with future technology with a
highly scalable solution
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Fireproof and Waterproof your most valuable
and confidential data!!!
The ioSafe Solo is shock resistant and designed to withstand the
sort of real world disaster that would reduce a normal hard drive
to a useless lump of metal. Think of it as an aircraft “black box” for
your irreplaceable information, such as financial files and other
confidential data. This drive is built to survive a house fire
and the firemen’s hoses that inevitably follow. It attaches to
your computer via USB and can be secured by cable or bolted to
the floor to foil potential thieves.
Why choose it over a standard external drive which costs less? Quite
simply, peace of mind. A standard external hard drive can be easily
stolen or damaged and in a flood or fire you will likely lose everything. Backing up to “the cloud” over the internet is relatively slow to
do and can be even frustratingly slower to get your information
back again in the event of a mishap.
The ioSafe is local storage, so it’s fast and there when you need it.
And it it’s tough. Really tough. Its maker claims fire-protection of
$490 EX GST
up to 843 degrees Celsius for half an hour and survival in
three metres of water for up to three days.
with 2TB Harddrive
ioSafe Solo G3
BCIT P/N: IS16310
AV Tech
Simple Surveillance, Install It Yourself, Won’t Break the Budget
AV Tech’s new surveillance system is one of the
most affordable and easiest to install. Some of the
features include:
• High Definition 720p
• Easy to use. Can be DIY. NVR Software Auto Set-up
• 4 or 8 Channel NVR with POE built in
• 4 different types of IP cameras to choose from
• Eagle Eyes app for Android and iOS so you can
view activity remotely
• Bonus 2TB HDD included.
• Recording Time = 11 days to 33 days footage.
The AV Tech System does not require separate
electrical power to the cameras. With PoE
(Power over Ethernet) it all goes across the standard
network cables. Installation is a simple 4 step process:
1. Mount the cameras in the required locations
2. Set up the NVR and plug it in
3. Connect the cameras to the NVR via standard
network cables
4. Switch the NVR on, click the “Set Up Wizard”, wait
6 minutes and you’re done!
(Dependent on frame rate from 5fps to 30fps)
• Smart recording auto adjusts frame rate according
to activity. Low frame rate where there is no activity
and auto high frame rate when activity occurs.
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Complete 4-Camera Set Up with NVR priced
between $1,000ex GST ~ $1,200ex GST
(*Price is dependent upon choice of camera)
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