For the Memotech MTX 500/512 and RS128.

For the Memotech MTX 500/512 and RS128.
For the Memotech MTX 500/512 and RS128.
There are six options:
Tele Bunny is a game with two
main characters, the swifty
Bunny and the greedy Turtle.
Both of them are trapped in a
fruit maze, so are some wicked
snakes chasing after Bunny.
Life is not so easy. All the
fruits are hidden under those
red hearts scattered around.
Turtle should be well fed with
fruits before he gets out of the
maze and advances to a brand
new level.
Simply press the number to
choose your desired mode. If
option 4,5 or 6 is chosen,
another message will be displayed:
After a successful load the
game will start automaically.
If two joysticks are chosen,
Player 1 uses ”Right” Joystick
and Player 2 uses ”Left” Joystick.
Keys are mapped to joysticks Pause Feature:
as shown here:
The game has a pausefunction,
just press the ”F1” key
”Right” Joystick during gameplay. During pause
FIRE/Tele Turtle you can press the ”S” key at
the keyboard to swap firekeys
Dig a Pond
for the current player. To reCursor Key UP
Move UP
turn from pause-mode just
press the ”F1” key again to reCursor Key DOWN
Cursor Key LEFT
Cursor Key RIGHT
”Right” Joystick
FIRE/Tele Turtle
Dig a Pond
B or Y
Move UP
If one joystick is choosen,
Players will share ”Right” Joystick or the keys.
*=It’s possible to swap firekey
functions if ”S” is pressed in
PAUSE-mode.(F1 KEY)
If during a game, you want to
start over again, press the
”ESC” key. The game will
start from the game mode selection page.
Restart from Game Over:
If you want to play again when
the game is over, just press any
key, or move joystick.
Turtle and Bunny are messing
about in a fruit maze. Only you
can control them through joystick/keyboard. See, Bunny is
busy leaping around to unveil
whatever is hidden under red
hearts. It might be a broken
heart, stawberry, carrot or the
fruit displayed at the top of the
screen. Turtle is rather choosy,
he doesn’t like carrot or broken hearts. The latter is fatal to
him while a carrot should be
reserved for Bunny. Those snakes are disgusting. They hang
around Bunny. She’s got to run
for her life, or dig holes or
pass through tunnels. Here
comes the chance to take revenge! Quick, go and bite the
carrot. Bunny turns into an
alien. Now she’s able to attack
those snakes. But time is short,
Bunny will return to her nor-
mal self pretty soon.
As Bunny is safe for a while
from the hot pursuit, why not
help Turtle to enjoy some
fruits?. Press the ”Tele Turtle”
key/trigger, the Turtle is under
your control. Move him towards those juicy fruits, in particular strawberry. Watch out!
Don’t endanger Bunny’s life as
Turtle lingers on. Release the
key/trigger if necessary.
There are other usefull features: a pond dug by Bunny
can drown a snake as well as
herself; it may quench the
thirst of Turtle. A flying
mosquito threatens Bunny’s
Turtle has to finish enough
fruits in each maze before its
name is spelled out. Once this
happens, a gate will be opened.
Move Turtle towards it and he
can march to the next maze.
Another splendid feast and
crazy chase are waiting for
him and his partner.
A: Number of Bunnies still surviving.
B: Number of Turtles still surviving.
C: Outlet of snakes.
D: The only exit. A gate will be opened after a certain number
of fruits have been eaten.
E: As this fruit is eaten, a highter level is accessed.
F: Name of the fruit. The exit gate is opened when the whole
word appears
G: Show the number of strawberries being eaten. A bonus page
will be given when the color of the word FRUIT has been
changed. It serves as a counter in the bonus page.
As Bunny eats a carrot, she will turn into an alien.
Take full revenge on snakes by eating them, but
this change is only transient.
Good friend of Turtle. There are six of them in
each game. Control your joystick or keys to move
Bunny around. Tread on red hearts and whatever
is hidden underneath will be revealed. Beware:
Snakes are her deadly enemies. She may dig holes Red heart
or change a broken heart or fruit into something
else by using the ”Dig a pond” key/trigger.
He needs to get out of the maze by consuming a
certain amount of the fruits. There are 3 of them
in each game. By then a gate will be opened at the
top of the maze. Broken heart is fatal to Turtle. He
loves strawberry and empties a pond whenever he
meets it. He feels thirsty in “Arcade Levels” control him using joystick/keyboard and the “Tele
Turtle” key/trigger.
It always runs after Bunny and has no interest in
turtle or fruits at all. As a bunny turns to alien, she
will kill it, yet more will stream out from the bottom outlets.
A terrible enemy for Bunny, it will not appear in
“Practice Level”. It hatches from an egg. Mosquito dashes to kill a Bunny. Bunny can’t kill the
Mosquito, but if Turtle eats the egg the Mosquito
will not hatch.
When a Bunny goes across it, this will either be
changed to a broken heart or a fruit. Also it may
automatically change to an egg or strawberry.
It costs a Turtle’s life if he eats this. It might
change to an egg or strawberry automatically. A
snake may change a broken heart to a carrot or a
red heart by crawling across it.
It might change to an egg or strawberry automatically. A Bunny will become an alien after eating a
It appears only for a short period of time. If Turtle
eats it, you will be one step closer to the bonus
page. Concurrently, double score is awarded if the
turtle has eaten any fruit other than strawberry.
A turtle should eat it before it hatches to a mosquito. When it appears, the motion of the Turtle
speeds up.
A pond is formed as Bunny digs a hole and water
fills it up. Both Snake and Bunny will get
drowned. In “Arcade Level” the Turtle needs wa- Joystick/Keyboard:
ter to quench his thirst.
For more information about joystick/keys are mapped look at
the ”Getting started” session.
”Tele Turtle” key/trigger:
Signal Turtle to change his direction, unless his way is blocked. Also the trigger is stored and the appropriate movement
Tunnels A and D are in pair. So are tunnels B and will be executed later if this can not be taken immediately.
C. Very useful feature to get away from chasing For example, as Turtle is going upward, he recieves a downsnakes and mosquitoes. When Bunny is under ward signal. He will reverse his direction immediately if posbridge A, give a leftward push to joystick/ sible. Say another signal to turn left is on, and Turtle can not
keyboard and she will appear right under bridge change his direction at that moment. He will keep going until
D. Bunny will reappear at tunnel E after digging he can turn left. When the signal is on, an arrow will be dishole.
played outside the left margin of the maze, also Bunny is turned green.
The twelve pages are distinguished by the following sequence
of fruits: Lime, Pear, Apple, Lemon, Peach, Mango, Grape,
Banana, Papaya, Tomato, Cherry and Orange.
”Dig a pond” key/trigger:
For Digging Hole:
Bunny can dig a hole in the maze simply with a press of the
”Dig a pond” key/trigger. After digging a hole, she will disappear from the hole and reappear under bridge E. She should not
stand on bridges or run through tunnels as she digs holes.
Neither should she stand on fruits.
The Dark Page:
When you reach the highest page, it turns into a black maze.
Everything will be same except that only the frame and the
brigdes are visible.
The Bonus Page:
There are five fruits and eight carrots in the maze for Bunny
For Destroying:
and Turtle to enjoy. They should finish these fruits within a fiBunny should tread on a broken heat or fruit as the ”Dig a xed period of time. If Turtle eats the fruit outside the maze, a
pond” key/trigger is pressed. A red heart will be generated. bonus 2000 points will be added to your score. An extra Bunny
will be awarded to you. No bonus Bunny if you’ve got six alHowever, mosquito eggs cannot be destroyed in this way.
ready. On the other hand, mosquitoes will be more severe after
each bonus page.
Practice Only Normal Play Arcade Level
Turtle thirsty
Normal Page
Bonus Page
Turn Red Heart
Turn Broken Heart
Turtle recovered from thirst
Snake fallen into pond
Eat Fruit in maze
Eat Fruit outside maze
Eat an Egg
Eat strawberry
Snake eaten by an alien
Eat a Carrot
When mosquitoes are flying, don’t stay at the bottom of the
maze. They will catch you. In order to get away from their attacks, Bunny should keep on moving left or right, or make use
of the pairing tunnels.
If you want to a get higher score, trap the snakes by making
more water ponds or eat them by changing into an alien. Remember you cannot control Turtle once Bunny has been changed into an alien.
Special Thanks / Credits:
Andy Key:
For MEMU emulator, for quick answers to my questions. For listing to my sugestions about extra debug
functions. For testing beta-versions, and test final-versions of games, at REMEMOTECH.
Dave Stevenson:
For checking this PDF manual, for errors, and correct of ”my bad english” :)
Paul Daniels:
For creating MTX files, not only for Telebunny, but also for my other conversions.
Also big thanks to the Memotech MTX500 Facebook group.
And to the creators of:
AS80 assembler by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
DASMX by Conquest Consultants
DOXBOX by Dosbox team
And Microsoft QBasic
And ofcause Spectravideo, Mass Tael Ltd, and the original programmer of Telebunny…
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