Bogen Catalog 108 - Wire Supplies, Inc.

Bogen Catalog 108 - Wire Supplies, Inc.
Single-Zone Universal Telephone
Bogen’s UTI1 is a single-zone telephone interface that is compatible with all standard analog
port types. A background music (BGM) input with variable muting coordinates music and
page announcements. An additional audio output provides a “page only” function
(no BGM) for application flexibility. A built-in 24V DC, 1A power supply is provided for powering amplified speakers. Paging volume controls are provided for each of the outputs. An output limiter function, with limiter active indicator, provides consistent page volume regardless
of loud or soft paging announcements. Contact-triggered tones and night ring signals, as
well as programmable AUX relay contacts, are all programmed using DTMF tones through the
dual-purpose override input. Plug-in terminal strips provide for easy installation. An optional
security cover/rack mount kit (RPKUTI1) is available.
UTI1 Control Panel
• Microcontroller operated, DTMF
• One-way paging only
• Night ring tone or chime selection
• Simple 2-switch interface setup
• Programming through override jack
• Background music (BGM) input with level
control and variable muting
• Programmable timeout for station mode
• Separate Page & BGM and Page Only
(no BGM) outputs
• Responds to CPC disconnect signal
• Setup test tone
• Pluggable terminal strip connectors
• Programmable trunk port timeout
• Level control for each output
• Wall-mount design
• 24V DC, 1A power supply
• Rack-mountable with RPKUTI1 kit (optional)
• 150 Speaker T/R drive capacity per output
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• Page level limiter with active indicator
• Listed to UL Standard 60950
for US and Canada
All this selectable functionality
allows the installer improved
ways to control external equipment in conjunction with the
UTI1 operation. Programming is
accomplished through simple
DTMF programming codes.
• Override input (loop start or page port)
• Contact-triggered Night Ring input
• Programmable AUX Relay
• Pre-announce/confirmation tone
Security Cover & Rack Mount Kit
(sold as a set)
• Tone burst (2 to 7 sec), chime,
and slow whoop tone selections
• Interfaces to Loop Start, Ground Start,
Analog Station, and Page Ports (with
or without contact closure activation)
• Adjustable automatic level control
For example, the AUX relay could
be programmed to respond only
to a night ring trigger independent
of anything else the UTI1 was
doing. The UTI1 would suppress
the night ring tone if a general
page were made; however with
the AUX relay programmed this
way, the AUX relay contacts
would remain active until the
night ring input stopped regardless of the other UTI1 inputs.
The AUX relay contacts can also
be programmed to operate after
the triggering event has finished.
In this case, the AUX relay contact
activates for 1 second and then
stops. This type of operation allows
external equipment to be triggered
after an event has occurred.
Product Features:
• Emergency override & general paging
The UTI1 provides a way for installers to decide how the AUX
relay contacts will trip based on
which inputs on the UTI1 are active. The UTI1 has 4 inputs:
override, tone trigger, paging,
and night ring. The installer can
program the AUX relay to respond to one or any combination
of these inputs. The UTI1 prioritizes these inputs (in the order
shown above) so that higher priority inputs preempt lower ones,
but the AUX relay contacts can be
programmed to work independently of this hierarchy.
Programmable AUX Relay
UTI1 shown with optional
rack mount / security cover kit
120V AC,
12-1/4" W X 5-1/4" H X 2-1/2" D
(without rack mount kit)
5 lb.
Telephone Access
The TAMB2 interfaces a telephone system with a paging system allowing announcements to be made
through any telephone. Any of three types of analog ports can be connected using the TAMB2: loop start
trunk, ground start trunk, and station port (90V ring up). This wide range of port compatibility makes
the TAMB2 indispensable for any telephone paging application because it eliminates the possibility of
mismatching paging interfaces and port types.
Product Features:
• Loop start, ground start, and station port
(90V ring up) compatibility
• 600-ohm output
• Built-in confirmation tone indicating access
to paging system (defeatable)
• Built-in pre-announce tone produced over paging
system before announcement (defeatable)
• Adjustable tone volume
• Works with one-way and two-way (talk back)
• Background music input with volume control
• Suppresses background music during paging
• Station access disconnect is dynamically
controlled using a combination of disconnect
timer, silence interval timer, and Calling Party
Control (CPC) signal detection
• Disconnect VOX timer is adjustable from 1 to 11
seconds (defeatable)
• Station Port maximum page times from 1 - 200
• VOX and default timers independently inhibitable
• Calling Party Control (CPC) signal from switch
immediately disconnects station port
• 1 C-Form (N.O. and N.C.) contact pair available
for operating external equipment
• Trunk Timer feature helps prevent system
• 24V Talk Battery
• 24V DC @ 150mA power supply required
(not included)
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• Listed to UL Standard 60950
for US and Canada
Rack Mount
Power Requirements
24V DC @ 150mA (user supplied)
8-1/2" W x 1-3/4" H x 3" D
Multiple Interface Options
The problem with selecting a telephone line
interface device is knowing exactly what type
of line will be available at the site. Because of
mistakes in planning, a return trip to the supply house is not that uncommon. The TAMB2
was designed to eliminate this problem.
The TAMB2 has the ability to interface to
ground start, loop start, and analog ring-up
2 lb.
Power Supply
(24V DC)
Power Supply
(24V DC)
Override Zone Group
Bogen’s UTI312 is a multi-zone paging controller with universal telephone interface.
It is expandable from 3 to 12 zones in 3-zone increments using ZX3 expansion modules.
Each zone has its own buffered paging output (150 speaker drive capacity) with volume control, a C-form relay contact and “zone active” indicator. Each module includes a pluggable
24V DC power distribution terminal strip and pluggable terminal strips for each zone for
easy wiring. A built-in 24V DC, 1A power supply is provided for powering amplified speakers.
The UTI312’s universal telephone interface is identical to the UTI1 (page 31). Two background music (BGM) inputs, with volume controls, provide each zone with a choice of BGM
sources or no BGM. Two tone triggers are available as well as a 90V night ringer input.
Separate volume controls for the night ring and tone triggers, along with an adjustable
page level limiter, make it easy to set appropriate levels.
For example, assume that in a 12-zone
system 11 zones are used to provide
audio to different parts of a building, but
one zone is not used for audio purposes.
The contact closure for this zone is used
to control a door latch. When this zone
is active, the latch is open. If the override
was predefined to activate all zones,
then the door latch would open during
override operation which may not be
desirable. By programming the override
zone group with all zones except the one
connected to the door latch, an override
can be made and the door will remain
Multi-Zone Universal Telephone
Powerful software features provide the UTI312 enormous flexibility for demanding applications. 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-digit dialing plans allow the UTI312 to fit into any dialing structure.
Twenty-four zone groups, zone groups for each tone input and night ring as well as a zone
group for the override input, provide plenty of installer flexibility. A programmable AUX
relay contact, in addition to the zone relay contact, provides flexibility for controlling external
equipment based on the UTI312’s activity.
Product Features:
• Expandable from 3 to 12 zones (in 3 zone
increments using ZX3 modules; one ZX3
module included)
• One-way paging only
• Separate night ring and tone volume controls
In a system with multiple zones, it is not
uncommon to find applications that
have different background music (BGM)
requirements in different zones. To
provide flexibility in these situations, the
UTI312 has 2 BGM inputs. Each zone,
through jumper assignments on the ZX3
module, can select one or the other BGM
source, or none at all.
When using the auto select paging feature, there is no need to dial a zone or
zone group. Whenever the paging input
becomes active, the auto select paging
zone group, with user-assigned zones,
will determine what zones are active.
This may seem to be an unusual function
for a multi-zone paging application.
However, often the need for zoning is
determined not by voice paging needs,
but by the need to play tones in different zones.
• Simple 2-switch interface setup
• Microcontroller operated, DTMF programmable
• 2 Background music (BGM) inputs with
level controls
• Night ring tone or chime selection
• BGM sources assignable per zone
• Pluggable terminal strip connectors
• Level control for each zone output
• Programming through override jack
• Zone active indicators
• Programmable timeout for station mode
• C-form contact per zone
• Programmable trunk port timeout
• 150 Speaker T/R drive capacity per zone
• Responds to CPC disconnect signal
• 24V DC, 1A power supply
• Includes wall or rack brackets
• Programmable AUX Relay
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• Page level limiter with active indicator
• Listed to UL Standard 60950
for US and Canada
• 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-digit dialing plans
• Setup test tone
In these instances, a shift change tone
may need to be produced in the factory
areas but not in the office areas. So a
tone trigger zone group will be set up to
channel the tone just into the factory. In
this case, voice paging is done like an
All-Call, but the tones are zoned.
Auto Select Paging
• Separate override, all-call, tone trigger,
night ring, and code call zone groups
• Auto select paging zone group
• Adjustable automatic level control
Two Background Music Inputs
• 24 User-assignable zone groups
• Interfaces to Loop Start, Ground Start,
Analog Station, and Page Ports (with or
without contact closure activation)
The override input on the UTI312 has
the highest priority of all the inputs
but does not have to provide an AllCall function. Since the override has a
zone group associated with it, the
installer can determine which zones
receive pages during an override.
• Override input (loop start or page port)
• Code calling capability
• 2 Tone trigger inputs for tone burst,
chime, double chime, and slow whoop
tone selections
• Contact and 90V Night Ring inputs
UTI312 shown with
3 optional ZX3 Modules
• Pre-announce tone
• Confirmation tone
120V AC,
16-3/8" W x 3-1/2" H x 4-7/8" D
(without mounting flanges)
19" W (with mounting flanges)
8 lb.
3-Zone Plug-In
Expansion Module
(one included
with UTI312)
Paging System
Telephone Interface
The PCM2000 Zone Paging System provides
robust zone paging for applications requiring
1 to 99 zones, and up to 32 paging zone
groups. Its multi-function modules ensure
flexibility and future expansion with minimum
time and expense.
Central Processor
3- Zone Module
Product Features:
Paging Features:
Talk Back Module
• Allows for 1 to 99 paging zones, in 3-zone increments
• Up to 32 programmable paging zone groups
• Emergency All-Zone Override Paging input
• All-Call function can be disabled
• 250-watt power handling capacity (separate amplifier required)
• Works with systems that are central- or self-amplified, or mixed
• Drives up to 40 self-amplified speakers per zone module
in low-power mode
Works with both centraland self-amplified systems.
Night Ringer:
Installation Features:
• Operates with 70V and self-amplified (24V) paging systems
• Future expandability up to 99 paging zones using 10 PCM2000
slave assemblies
• Universal Telephone Interface allows simple connection to loop
and ground start trunks, to PBX or KEY paging ports, and to
analog 90V station lines
• Easy connections using standard RJ11 and Euro-style
terminal blocks
• Relay driver outputs mirror the operation of each paging zone
to control external equipment
• Two C-form relay contacts change state when system is
activated to control external equipment
• A setup tone can be produced by the system to check system
operation and volume levels
• Easy programming of system features through the telephone
• System programming can be reset to factory defaults
• Wall-mountable (brackets included)
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• Listed to UL Standard 60950 for US and Canada
Background Music:
• No interruption of background music in zones
not being paged (two amplifiers required)
• Inhibit background music in any zone
• Zone modules can accept separate background
music sources
• Night Ring activated from 90V ring signal or contact
• Night Ring tone can be selected as either simulated
ringer sound or chime
• Night Ring tone can be directed to a specific group
of zones
• RJ11 input connector
Code Calling:
• Code-Call capability using pleasant chime sound
• Code calling can be directed into a specific
group of zones
• Directly dial number of chimes produced or use
preset table of chime patterns
• 1 or 2 automatic replays of the code call
Signal Tones:
• Contact closure input controlled tone annunciation
• Tone signaling can be directed into a specific
group of zones
• Tone can be selected as tone burst, chime,
or 4 quick beeps
• Tone can be selected to follow state of contact
closure input or preset burst length
Modules Required For Zone Paging Applications:
This system configuration
guide will assist you in
designing zone paging
It illustrates many popular applications for the
PCM2000. This valuable guide is available to
you at no cost. Download online at:
*Note: One PCMPS2 Power Supply (not included) is required for each PCMCPU Module.
PCM2000 Modules:
Time Tones*:
Telephone Interface Module
A universal interface connects
to any type of telephone port,
rapidly and trouble-free.
Provides input for night
ringer and emergency page
override. One required per
Two-Way Communications*:
• Provides hands-free, 2-way talk back communications in 70V paging systems
(amplifier required)
• Zones can be individually selected to be talk back or one-way only
• “Privacy Beep” can be enabled in talk back zones to prevent eavesdropping
*Requires PCMTBM Module
Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s f o r P C M 2 0 0 0 :
Audio Power
Capability +
12V [email protected] Power Supply
(not included –
(9-zone system)
PCMPS2 recommended)
1.5A max.
(9-zone system)
1-1/2" W x 7-1/2" H
x 4-1/4" D,
each module
Central Processor Module
The PCMCPU controls system
operation and holds all programmed parameters. One
required for every 3 PCMZPM
modules (9 paging zones).
• Built-in real-time clock
• Controls up to 8 time-triggered tone-signaled events
• Each time-triggered event’s tone can be directed to a specific group of zones
• Time-triggered tone burst length adjustable (2-8 seconds) or chime tone
• Simple programming of times and events through the telephone
• Master clock synchronization ability
1 lb.,
+ Separate Amplifier Required
Pre-Assembled Paging
The PCMSYS3 is a pre-assembled and tested
3-zone PCM system with a PCMPS2 power
supply. Use it right out of the box for 1 to 3
zone applications or expand it with other
PCM modules.
right out of the box.
• Add PCMZPM modules for up to 9 zones
• Add PCMTBM module for talk back and
realtime clock/tone applications
• Add satellite assemblies for up to 99 zones
Rack Mount Kit
Module housing for 10 modules
max., with 12 wiring saddles,
knockouts for wire access, and
8 mounting brackets.
Rack Mount Kit
2 panel adapter,
6 modules max.
Power Supply
(12V DC)
Talk Back Module (optional)
Allows 2-way, hands-free
talk back communications
throughout the paging system.
The built-in real-time clock
allows up to 8 user- scheduled
time tones to be emitted in
a specific group of zones.
The clock can be synchronized with an external master
clock. Only one PCMTBM is
required for the entire system, when needed.
1 PCMTIM - Telephone Interface module
1 PCMCPU - Central Processor module
1 PCMZPM - 3-Zone Paging module
1 PCMPS2 - System Power Supply
3-Zone Module
The 3-Zone module provides
3 paging zone outputs.
Increasing system capacity is
as easy as adding an additional module, up to 3 zones
at a time. The zone outputs
can drive 70V or self-amplified
speaker systems. Relay driver
outputs mirror the state of
each paging zone to control
external equipment. If desired,
the system-wide background
music can be disconnected and
a separate music source can
be connected to any PCMZPM
module. Background music
can also be inhibited in any
Zone Groups
One of the unique features of the ZPM3
is its ability to group together a number
of zones and page in to them at the same
time. Many times the functional layout of
a facility dictates how the paging zones
are arranged. However, the people you
are trying to contact may spend their time
in more than one zone area. By grouping
zones, you increase your chance of
contacting that person.
An example of a typical 3-zone facility is a
medium size location with an office area,
manufacturing area, and warehouse. Each
area is set up as an individual zone. A number of employees may spend their time in
both the manufacturing and warehouse
areas. By grouping these two zones and
paging simultaneously into both, the
chances of the page being heard by the
specific individual are greatly improved.
For this same facility, the ZPM3 can also
produce a tone that will be heard only in
a specific group of areas. This is ideal for
signaling within the factory for breaks,
lunch, and shift changes – but will not be
heard in the office area. An external
contact closure from a master clock is
typically used to trigger the tones.
Power Supply
(24V DC)
3-Zone Paging
The ZPM3 allows for economical one- or two-way paging (w/ TBA15 Talk Back
Amplifier) to be directed to any of up to 3 different paging areas. Zones can
be grouped together so that more than one zone is paged at the same time.
All areas can also be paged at once. Zone selection can be made using DTMF
tones or pulse dialing.
Product Features:
• 3-Zone paging plus All-Call
• 3 easily programmable zone groups (1-3 zones in each)
• One-way and two-way paging (talk back operation requires
TBA15 Talk Back Amplifier)
• 100 watts total power handling capability
• Background music input
• Directly interfaces to paging ports (requires contact closures), loop start,
and ground start trunks
• Interfaces to station ports using TAMB2 Telephone Access Module
• Operates with central-amplified (70V) and self-amplified (24V) paging systems
• Selectable pre-announce and confirmation tones signal back through
the handset and over the paging system
• Built-in night ringer triggered from 90V ring or contact closure
• Separate night ringer zone group
• Two selectable tone types can be directed to one or more zones for
shift change or emergency announcements (separate zone group)
• Privacy beep can be enabled during two-way operation to prohibit eavesdropping
• Separate volume controls for tones, night ring, and background music
• 24V or 48V talk battery option
• 48V operation requires additional PRS48 power supply
• Optional back-up battery retains zone group field programming
(batteries not included)
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• Wall-mount design
• Screw terminal connections
• Industrial grade steel cabinet
Power Supply
(48V DC)
Access Module
Talk Back
External 24V DC @ 350 mA
9" W x 7-1/4" H x 1-3/8" D
3 lb.
Network-Enabled Paging
Bogen's Voice Over IP Gateways (VoIP) allow paging communications to be sent over the Internet
or Intranet. Each gateway connects directly to Bogen paging systems and equipment to provide
overhead paging to all locations within a facility or across a campus without running new lines.
Product Features:
• Can also be used for toll-free voice and fax communication when connected to phones, fax machines,
key systems, PSTN lines, or a PBX to provide real-time,
toll-quality voice connections to any office on your
VoIP network
• Utilizes H.323 or SIP protocols to provide complete
inter-operability with other Internet telephony solutions
• FCC Part 68 Registered
• UL and C-UL listed
Max. Port
4-3/8" W x 1" H x 5-5/8" D
1 lb.
6-1/4" W x 1-1/2" H x 9" D
2 lb.
17-1/2" W x 3-7/8" H x 8" D
8 lb.
17-1/2" W x 3-7/8" H x 8" D
8 lb.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft.
• Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with
existing routers and WAN infrastructure
• Single- or multi-zone paging at any or all locations
when used with Bogen's Multi-Zone Universal
Telephone Interface (UTI312); 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-port/
zone models available
• Efficiently communicate company-wide emergency
alerts or general announcements, saving both time
and money while improving communication
• Connects directly to phones or PBX; compatible with
virtually any telephone port type
• One-port model supports FXS and FXO; multi-port
models support FXS, FXO, and E&M
• FXS/FXO connector on each port for direct analog
connection to Bogen's telephone paging interfaces
• Multi-port models provide contact closure Receive
& Transmit in E&M mode capabilities
• Configurable from a web browser
• Gateways are easily managed locally using a Windows®-based software application or remotely
with a web browser or SNMP
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