S-Class Brochure

S-Class Brochure
2015 S - Class Sedan
Five examples,
all exemplary.
Many ideas, a single ideal.
A singular ambition drives the S‑Class: to be the best car in the world. It’s why
each of the five 2015 S‑Class Sedans is the one car that all others look up to.
S 550. The standard-bearer of
the automotive world teams
a 449‑hp biturbo V‑8 with a
choice of rear-wheel drive or
4matic® all-wheel drive.
S 63 AMG 4matic. Crafted by
hand to be quick on its feet, a
577‑hp biturbo V‑8 and AMG
performance all-wheel drive
deliver agility with authority.
S 550 Plug‑In HYBRID. Enter a
new era of eco -friendly luxury
with a 329‑hp biturbo V‑6 plus
an 80-kW (107-hp) motor that
can go 18 miles on electricity
alone. The lithium‑ion battery
recharges on the go, or in just
2.5 hours when plugged in.1
S 600. Sumptuous, seamless and superlative describe its
523‑hp biturbo V‑12 and its
extraordinarily outfitted cabin.
S 65 AMG. Elegance takes a
decidedly extreme turn at the
exquisitely appointed helm of
a 621‑hp biturbo AMG V‑12.
S 550 Sedan shown on cover with Anthracite Blue metallic paint, and optional
Premium Package and Sport Package with 20" AMG multispoke wheels. S 550 Sedan shown above with Iridium Silver metallic paint, and optional Driver
Assistance and Premium Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
It’s not what it goes for,
but what it stands for.
Many cars are born from inspiration. The S‑Class is born to serve as one — not just to other automakers,
but for its own driver. Its mission is to elevate every
dimension of capability, confidence and comfort to
levels never before achieved by an automobile.
The true worth of a car does not come from the value of its
standard features. It comes from the values and standards
it upholds. You feel it in the sense of well-being it inspires.
And the experiences that cannot be duplicated at any price.
For decades, only one sedan has continually set the pace
of leadership for all automobiles. And for 2015, the S‑Class
establishes five new pinnacles among luxury sedans.
What every S‑Class Sedan has in common is precisely what sets each of them apart from every other car on the road. Their presence and identity are unmistakable, defined by
proportions that are both majestic and athletic. Every detail
is modern yet elegant, from the iconic grille to the all ‑LED
lighting — one of countless industry firsts. But as always, the
surface of an S‑Class is shaped by the substance within.
An S‑Class can engage, protect and indulge its occupants in
ways that only recently seemed beyond imagination. A new
era of technology watches the world around you, so it can
help you avoid danger, or even react autonomously to avoid
it on your behalf. Its performance breakthroughs accelerate
progress itself. And its cabin innovations can not only satisfy
your senses, they can soothe and stimulate them, too.
S 550 Sedan shown with Black paint, and
optional Premium Package and Sport Package
with 19" AMG twin 5 ‑spoke wheels.
S 550 Sedan shown with optional Silk Beige/Espresso Brown Exclusive
Nappa leather, designo Brown Sunburst Myrtle wood trim, Burmester
High-End 3D Surround Sound System, power rear seats with memory,
Surround View System, and Premium and Sport Packages.
With real innovation,
change embraces you.
When you’re the leader, the only thing you can follow
is your imagination. With so many first-of-their-kind
innovations, an S‑Class offers a visionary preview of
the car of tomorrow. More importantly, it delivers a
one-of-a-kind experience that you can enjoy today.
At Mercedes‑Benz, the rich tradition of luxury is something
that’s rooted firmly in the future. With every new generation,
the S‑Class Sedan has introduced bold new ways to attend
to the well-being of its occupants, without sacrificing the
qualities that never go out of fashion. For example, its clever
power seat controls — intuitively shaped like the seat itself — were first patented for the S‑Class in 1979. Whenever you
use its pushbutton KEYLESS-START, gaze skyward through
its Panorama roof, or bask in the glow of its ambient cabin
lighting, you’re enjoying innovations that made their world
premieres under the Three-Pointed Star. The 2015 S‑Class
once again seats its passengers at the very forefront of
luxury. A network of nearly 300 LEDs encircles the cabin,
highlighting its flowing design while soothing its inhabitants.
Seven hues, three zones and five levels of brightness let the
driver further tailor the mood. The S‑Class can purify its
cabin air three different ways — including activated charcoal
filtration and electric ionization — and then infuse it with the
rejuvenating subtlety of aromatherapy. Information comes
to life on a pair of animated 12.3" widescreens. Web-linked
audio and navigation2 respond to your fingertip gestures and
handwriting, thanks to a new touchpad controller, or to your
natural voice. Best of all, these innovative luxuries don’t just
set a new standard. Every one of them actually is standard.
Sometimes by years, sometimes milliseconds,
but always ahead.
When innovations reach the road first in a Mercedes-Benz,
they do more than break new ground. They cover ground
more quickly, cling to it more surely, and reshape it more
smoothly. The performance legacy that began at history’s
first auto race only sped up from that victory — bringing the
world the multivalve engine, all-wheel drive, fuel injection,
the independent suspension, electronic throttle, the driveradaptive transmission, countless breakthroughs in braking,
the lithium-ion hybrid car, and now, the only camera-based
active suspension in production. Whether each innovation
leaps forward to start a new generation, or hones the car’s
response by mere milliseconds, together they help ensure
that the driver of an S‑Class is always ahead of the curve.
S 600 Sedan shown with Palladium Silver metallic paint.
Its power is nearly as magical
as its powers.
The seamless swell of acceleration. The nonchalant
unraveling of a corner. The swift, silent dismissal of
a bump. The way an S‑Class performs comes from
a network of components, each performing their
own function brilliantly, and collaborating to create
magic. In a single millisecond, its engine can conjure
its fuel into a jet spray of near-molecular droplets,
and spark it into action as many as four times. Its
semi-active and active suspensions can speed-read
the road, each in its own way, and translate it into
moving poetry. Its brakes can predict when they’re
about to be called upon urgently. And even though in
your head you know it’s pure physics that makes your
S‑Class perform like no other, what you feel in your
heart is the chemistry. That’s what makes it magical.
Quick thinking. Every S‑Class engine
is engineered to be leaner and greener.
Each of the biturbo V‑6,1 V-8 and V‑12
powerplants turn less gasoline into more
torque. An innovative rapid-multispark
ignition can fire each spark plug up to
four times in a millisecond, for cleaner,
more complete combustion. Ancillary
components that are engaged only when
needed — along with electromechanical
power steering — help increase efficiency
while leaving more of the engine’s power
output available for quick acceleration.
And as you wait at red lights or in traffic, ECO Start/Stop can automatically shut
off the engine, helping to save fuel and
emissions. When you’re ready to go, the
engine instantly and seamlessly restarts.
Year-round confidence. Optional on
the gasoline-only S 550 Sedan, 4matic®
all-wheel drive automatically sends the
engine’s torque to the wheels with the
best grip — whether that’s all four wheels,
two of them, or even just one. Nimble,
lightweight and fuel- efficient, 4matic
enhances handling in any season.3
Gas -free driving. A new S 550 Plug‑In
HYBRID1 teams a biturbo gasoline V‑6
and an electric motor. It can travel up
to 18 miles at highway speed on 100%
electricity — with zero local emissions.
An E‑BOOST feature combines gasoline
and electric power for even stronger
acceleration. The lithium-ion battery can
be recharged by the car’s gas engine
and regenerative brakes while you
drive — or just plug it in at home or at a
public EV charging station to replenish
the battery in just 2.5 hours or less.
Swift shifting. A sporty, smooth and
efficient 7‑speed automatic transmission
features an elegant electronic selector
and shift paddles — all fingertip- close
with your hands on the steering wheel.
At any time, a tap of the paddles offers
instant manual control of gear changes.
Pushbutton Sport and Comfort modes
let you tailor the automatic shift patterns
to your driving mood of the moment.
Cleaner power. On the V‑6 and V‑8
engines, high-pressure Direct Injection
atomizes the fuel into a fine spray, and
can adjust it within one millisecond to
maximize power and minimize waste.
Poise under pressure. Two advanced
suspensions serve up silky comfort with sharp handling. Both offer 4‑wheel level control, speed-based lowering 4 for better
highway stability and fuel-efficiency, plus
Comfort and Sport modes. Semi-active
AIRMATIC® suspension teams precise sensors with pressurized air spring-struts. MAGIC BODY CONTROL®— the world’s
first proactive suspension — is standard
on the V‑12 models and optional on the S 550 Sedan.5 In Comfort mode, cameras scan the road surface ahead to prepare
the suspension for bumps and dips. In
real time, high-pressure active hydraulics
generate counterforces to minimize body
motions, for an uncannily smooth ride.
In Sport mode, they actively counteract
lean, for cornering that’s virtually flat.
Rolling art. Meticulously engineered
lightweight alloy wheels offer generous
sizes in a wide array of styles.6 For the
S 550 models, 18" wheels are standard
and feature a 10‑spoke design. Or you
can opt for any of five distinctive 19" and
20" wheels — including a choice of two
AMG® designs in the Sport Package. The
S 600 wears standard 19" wheels in an
exclusive multispoke configuration, or
select any of three 19" or 20" options.
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
Highway authority.
For 47 years, AMG has been creating championship racecars
and thoroughbreds for the street. Every trophy earned, and
each experience learned, has shared the same starting line:
an engine crafted by the hands of its own master. “One man,
one engine” is more than a guiding philosophy — it’s a pedigree
of performance that’s evident throughout the car. And it’s
a promise made during the rigors of competition that every
Mercedes-AMG fulfills even in the routine of a daily commute.
Is it a racecar for the road? No. It’s an automobile that can
conduct itself with absolute authority in any arena of driving.
S 65 AMG Sedan shown with Lunar Blue metallic
paint, and optional AMG Carbon Ceramic Braking
System. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
A pledge that starts
with hand on heart.
Crowning the engine of an S 63 AMG or S 65 AMG is
a plaque bearing the signature of the man whose two
hands carefully brought it to life. The same passion
for exactitude courses throughout the vehicle, from
its racing-derived chassis, drivetrain and bodywork, to
its exclusive instruments, controls and appointments.
The impeccable intensity of AMG engineering and
craftsmanship puts a world of performance at your
feet — and more importantly, directly into your hands.
S 63 AMG 4matic. A handcrafted AMG
biturbo V‑8 achieves staggering peaks of
output: 577 hp and 664 lb‑ft of torque.
A lithium-ion battery and the strategic
use of carbon fiber in its predominantly
aluminum body help save nearly 220 lbs,
for a class-leading ratio of weight to V‑8
power. The 7‑speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT®
MCT transmission offers three driving
programs. Its paddle -shifted Manual
mode can upshift in 100 milliseconds,
and rev-match every downshift.
AMG Performance 4matic® all-wheel
drive features a 33:67 front/rear torque
split and torque-vectoring ESP® Curve
Dynamic Assist.3 Together they transmit
power to pavement so effectively that
60 mph arrives in just 3.9 seconds.7 And
yet they preserve the agility and driving
fun for which AMG automobiles have
long been treasured by enthusiasts.
The AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension
teams the semi -active, self-leveling
AIRMATIC® setup with exclusive AMG
calibration and geometry. Selectable
Sport and Comfort modes let the driver
fine-tune the electronically controlled
damping, for an ideal balance of crisp
feedback and calm composure.
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
S 65 AMG. Among AMG engines, the
handcrafted 621‑hp biturbo V‑12 is the
all-time king of the torque hill, sending a
thunderous 738 lb‑ft to the rear wheels.
New multispark ignition and high-speed
engine management conspire with the
3 ‑mode, 7‑speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT
PLUS transmission to thrust you to 60 in
4.2 seconds of rapid-paced refinement.
The groundbreaking, road-conquering
MAGIC BODY CONTROL® is exclusively
calibrated by AMG. The camera -based
active suspension scans the road while in Comfort mode, or select Sport mode
for a no -compromises blend of comfort
and control. The S 65 AMG may be a
flagship, but it goes like a speedboat.
Distinctive details. Aerodynamic AMG
lower bodywork is set off by black and
matte silver accents on the S 63, or by
brilliant chrome or black on the S 65.
Each model wears its own standard 20"
AMG® wheel design, or one of several
options.6 Racing-derived AMG Carbon
Ceramic Brakes are available on either
model.8 The interior options are no less
exquisite: AMG -specific stitching tailors
Nappa or designo semi -aniline leather.
Exotic wood, piano lacquer or carbon
fiber is liberally applied throughout the
cabin. And the clock is modeled after
the iconic IWC® Ingenieur sports watch.
It’ll see you to your future now.
For more than 60 years, Mercedes-Benz engineers have been foretelling
the future of automotive safety. From 1951’s crumple zone to the first
stability control 20 years ago, countless breakthroughs have predicted
the safety standards all cars eventually come to follow. Today’s S‑Class
doesn’t just imagine what’s next, it actually looks ahead — and all around
the car — to detect imminent danger, and responds to help you avoid it.
As history has shown, someday all automobiles will be able to do this.
As for now, no car helps you see tomorrow the way an S‑Class can.
S 550 Sedan shown with Iridium Silver metallic paint,
and optional 4matic all‑wheel drive, 20" 5‑spoke wheels,
Executive Rear Seat, Premium, Rear Seat and Warmth &
Comfort Packages, and Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS.
It can see danger. And see you through it.
With Intelligent Drive, Mercedes-Benz introduces the next generation of safer driving, and its breakthroughs are truly visionary. Multipurpose cameras, multirange radar and a multitude of sensors continually
survey your surroundings. An integrated network of systems can
alert you to danger from almost any direction — because they’re able
to see more at once than the human eye. They can adapt the car’s
speed, steering, braking and exterior lighting to rapidly changing
situations — because they can multitask more effectively. And they
can even take action autonomously on your behalf — to ease your
journey, help protect you, and look out for others, like never before.
Learn more about the many safety innovations in the S‑Class at MBUSA.com/S
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.
Stereo multipurpose cameras.
While you drive, a set of multitasking
cameras continuously captures a rapid
series of images of the environment in
front of the car. High-speed algorithms
help the system’s “eyes” to recognize
other vehicles, cycles and pedestrians,
and then predict their movement in
six dimensions of space and time. This
ongoing perception helps the various
systems of Intelligent Drive respond
instantly as needed, when needed.
Radar-based autonomous braking.
When you’re driving above 5 mph,
PLUS uses multirange radar to monitor
your speed and distance to the vehicle
ahead. If it senses that a collision is
likely, it alerts you to brake. As soon as
you do, its Adaptive Brake Assist can
automatically increase braking to the
ideal level.9 And in certain situations, it can apply the brakes autonomously
if you do not respond to an alert.
Detecting cross-traffic and pedestrians.
Included with DISTRONIC PLUS are systems that can help to detect an impending collision with a vehicle or pedestrian ahead — even while you aren’t using cruise control. If the sensors of Intelligent Drive detect cross -traffic or recognize pedestrians in your path, an alert sounds. The instant you apply the brakes, it can boost braking pressure precisely to the appropriate level.
And if you fail to heed the alert for a stopped vehicle or a crossing pedestrian, it can automatically
apply up to 100% braking force to help prevent or reduce the severity of an impact.15
Pedestrian Recognition takes action: 1. Cameras detect pedestrian crossing.
2. Audible warnings alert driver
to urgently apply the brakes.
3. If driver brakes, BAS® PLUS instantly
increases braking to level needed.
4. If driver doesn’t brake soon enough,
PRE ‑SAFE Brake does automatically.
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
A watchful eye if it’s time for a rest.
By continually monitoring a variety of
driving behaviors, ATTENTION ASSIST®
can alert you if it detects signs of
drowsiness on long trips. It measures
more than 70 variables, starting in the
first minutes of a drive, to establish a
profile for the warning thresholds. If
the system issues an alert, the car’s
navigation system will simultaneously
offer to help find a nearby rest area.10
Multilane multitaskers. Two available
systems make highway driving easier.
Active Blind Spot Assist can alert you to some unseen vehicles in the adjacent
lane.11 Active Lane Keeping Assist can
vibrate the steering wheel if you start
to drift across visible lane markings.10 It can even help detect an oncoming or overtaking vehicle in the next lane. If
you disregard the alerts, both systems can gently brake selected wheels to
help guide the car back into its lane.
5. Earlier or autonomous braking helps to
prevent a collision or reduce its severity.
Cruise control that steers and stops. Available DISTRONIC PLUS® adaptive
cruise control, a Mercedes-Benz first, uses radar-based technology to adapt
your set speed in response to the flow
of traffic ahead. It can automatically
slow the vehicle — or even brake it to a
halt — until your path clears, and then resume with just a tap. As you cruise,
its Steering Assist feature uses the
cameras to help keep you centered in
your lane, even around mild curves.12
Virtual vision for driving after dark. Available Night View Assist PLUS uses
invisible infrared beams to display a
supplemental view of the road in the
instrument panel. Infrared and thermal
imaging helps it identify and point out pedestrians and animals. It can even
try to alert pedestrians with a focused flash from the LED headlamps. To make using the system even easier, you can
set the display to turn on only when it
senses a pedestrian or an animal.13
A better view of what’s around you.
A standard rearview camera shows
a live view of what’s just behind your
vehicle on the central in-dash screen.
Active steering guidelines help you
back smoothly into a parking space.
The available Surround View System
uses four cameras to create a single
live “birsdeye” view of your immediate
surroundings. It helps you maneuver
more easily in tight spaces, whether
you’re moving forward or backing up.14
6. With a collision averted, driver and pedestrian continue
on their way. Intelligent Drive continues to look ahead.
S 550 Sedan shown with optional Nut Brown/Black Exclusive
Nappa leather, designo Brown Sunburst Myrtle wood trim,
and Burmester High -End 3D Surround Sound System, power
rear seats with memory, and Premium Package.
Inspiration, even for your respiration.
An S‑Class wants you to feel more than comfortable within its flowing spans of artful
design and spacious comfort. It wants you to enjoy the benefits of its thoughtfulness,
and feel special in its care. That’s why it can heat not just its seats but its armrests
and door panels. Why its seats can offer you a gentle massage, a vigorous massage,
or a “hot stone” massage that might make driving to the spa more refreshing than the
spa itself. And why it can electrically ionize impurities, spores and even viruses out
of its cabin air, to boost your lung capacity by up to 15%. Of course you want a luxury
sedan’s cabin to take your breath away. The S‑Class would also like to give it back.
Mode keys. The COMAND system makes it
easy to select, access, adjust and personalize
an enormous number of in-car features — from
seating to settings to songs on your smartphone.
An arc of keys lets you jump directly to a mode,
paralleling the top menu on the in‑dash screen. Rotary controller. COMAND’s clear, animated
on‑screen menus use an intuitive “carousel”
layout. Turn the knob, and your selection options
rotate exactly the same way, with tactile “clicks”
adapting to the number of items in each menu.
Touchpad. The new fingertip interface responds
much like the tablet you use at home, but is easy
to master by feel alone. You can swipe left–right
or up–down to navigate maps and menus, and
pinch to zoom on a map. You can even handwrite
letters and numbers on it, with each one shown
on‑screen and confirmed by the system out loud.
Quick-access keys. Three keys on the touchpad
let you call up the main audio menu, go back one
step, or access your programmable favorites.
Drive modes. A variety of pushbutton driving
options surround the COMAND controls, to
minimize hand movement. Transmission and suspension Sport modes, ride height, and the ECO Start/Stop system are all easy to adjust,
often without taking your eyes off the road.
Volume and mute. A thumbwheel control lets
the driver or front passenger adjust the volume
of whatever mode is in use — audio, a phone call,
or a navigation announcement. Push down on the
thumbwheel to mute the sound, or to shut off the
microphone during a call. The driver can also do
all of this from the multifunction steering wheel.
Easy to reach,
simple to grasp.
This is not a touchscreen. But it does respond to your touch — on
a big, vivid 12.3" screen placed high in the dash. Mercedes -Benz
engineers have studied human behavior and the human body for
decades. And even as they keep dreaming up new technology,
certain facts remain constant: Your eyes are up there, and your
hands are down here. The new COMAND® touchpad controller
connects with human nature more naturally than ever before — and more comfortably, too. It responds to fingertip gestures and
even handwriting. In addition, a rotary controller and dedicated
keys offer you multiple input options — so you can use whichever
method you prefer for many of the functions. An S ‑ Class will
not make you reach for a touchscreen — nor wipe fingerprints
from one. An S ‑ Class will reach out to you, to make sure its
technological firsts quickly become your own second nature.
A sensation for all your senses.
An S‑Class can immerse you in euphoric sound. Fill the air with the freshness of a summer storm. Turn pixels, color and motion into knowledge, enjoyment
and convenience. It will listen to your voice. And give you 360° of perception
and clarity. It’s a car that gives all of your senses a new sense of well-being.
Instrumentation for a new generation. Fully electronic
instruments and intuitive controls make technology easy
to reach, and to grasp. Twin 12.3" color screens and a new
touchpad central controller unify most every in‑car feature.
The primary screen teams analog-style gauges with graphic displays for key driving functions. At center stage in the dash, a second widescreen unites entertainment, navigation and
many convenience systems, using lifelike illustrated menus.
Eyes on the road. The available new Head-Up Display can
project an 8"-wide high-resolution virtual image a few feet in
front of the windshield.16 Color graphics show your speed, the
next navigation instruction and more, well within your natural
field of vision. The display is adjustable for brightness and
height, with the position stored in the driver-seat memory.
Music from around the world. Listening knows no limits in
the S‑Class. Start with local HD Radio™ stations, nationwide
SiriusXM Radio with a 6 ‑month All Access plan trial,17 and
global, Internet-based TuneIn® Radio.2 You can set up alerts
for your favorite artists and sports teams on SiriusXM, and
tag songs for later purchase. Or bring your own music via
DVD, SD card, two USB ports, Bluetooth® audio streaming,18
and a 10GB in‑dash Music Register. The optional SPLITVIEW
front-seat entertainment system can play a DVD movie on
the in‑dash screen that only the front passenger can see.19
Home -quality high fidelity. Germany’s Burmester,® known
for handcrafted home audio, brings S‑Class audio to a new
crescendo. The standard 590 ‑watt Surround Sound System’s 9‑channel digital/analog amplifier feeds 13 high-performance speakers. The available Burmester High-End 3D Surround
Sound System delivers an audio experience likely unmatched
in the industry. A 1,540 ‑watt, 24 ‑channel amplifier drives its
24 ultrahigh -performance speakers, including 3D speakers
in the ceiling plus two rotating, illuminated tweeters. A trunk-
mounted subwoofer is powered by its own 400‑watt amp.20 Both systems delight the eye with exquisite aluminum speaker grilles, while the award-winning FrontBass® enriches the sound by utilizing the car’s front body structure as bass enclosures.
Easy navigation of the road, or the Internet. The standard
navigation21 features a fast 80GB hard drive, 3D maps with
building profiles, three years of map updates, and three years
of SiriusXM Traffic and Weather.17 The Cloud - based apps of
Mercedes-Benz mbrace® bring the Internet to your dash, so
you can search for places via Google,® Yelp and other familiar
tools in the car, and be on your way with a few clicks. You can also send destinations from your smartphone or computer.
And mbrace even makes your S-Class its own WiFi hotspot.2
A team of virtual valets. At the driver’s left, a cluster of
switches unifies access to the many available driving assists.
In addition to such visionary systems as Night View Assist
PLUS and the 360° Surround View System, the PARKTRONIC
system includes Active Parking Assist. Its sensors measure
open parallel and perpendicular parking spaces as you drive
by them, and let you know which ones are a good fit. Choose
a spot, and Active Parking Assist can automatically back the
car in, expertly steering and braking the car on your behalf.
Create a mood, or a microclimate. It’s possible that no
automobile has ever offered such extensive control of its
cabin’s atmosphere. Multizone LED ambient lighting, a glass
Panorama roof and up to five power sunshades let you suit
the sunshine, starlight and shade to your state of mind. You
can finely tune the dual - zone and 4 -zone climate control
systems, or bask in their thoughtful automation. You can
enhance the purified air with subtle scents. And while the
front and rear seats are available with comforts ranging from
soothing heat to cooling ventilation to multicontour support,
you can also heat the steering wheel, armrests and doors.
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
A well-earned upgrade from first class.
The S‑Class wraps five-star luxury in the ingenuity and thoughtfulness that earn it the shining star on its hood. Its rear cabin welcomes you with expansive space and exquisitely crafted furnishings, then treats you to amenities that perhaps only room service could make more fulfilling. Four available cabin configurations progressively add upgrades from power recliners to twin seats with folding tables. And unlike other forms of first-class travel, there’s never a line at check‑in.
Warmth & Comfort Package.22 A power rear seat20 is the starting point for a dazzling array
of rear-cabin comforts. Each power seat offers its own memory system, and reclines up to
37° without reducing legroom. In addition to heated and ventilated rear seats, the package
includes heating of the steering wheel and all of the armrests and door panels. The lavishly
outfitted S 600 and S 65 AMG Sedans include all of these amenities as standard.
Rear Seat Package.22 The next upgrade (standard on the V‑12 models) adds 4‑zone climate
control and plush detachable pillows for the outboard rear head restraints. The passenger in
the right rear seat can slide the front seat an extra 3 inches forward, and fold down a power
footrest. Both outboard rear seats include innovative seat-belt air bags23 with LED‑illuminated
active buckles that automatically rise when you open a rear door, to facilitate buckling up.
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
Executive Rear Seat Package.22 The motoring equivalent of a corner office — and a standard
V‑12 perk — adds active multicontour outboard rear seats. Along with pneumatic adjustment
of your lumbar, thigh and shoulder supports, six massage programs include two “hot stone”
treatments. The right rear seat reclines farther, to 43°, and offers a power-operated calf rest.
Many features are operated via the Rear Seat Entertainment screens and wireless remotes.
Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS.22 For the ultimate in travel by land, a pair of individual
power seats are divided by a functional console. Elegantly trimmed in hand-finished wood and
shimmering metal, the console’s multiple compartments open to reveal lined storage and a
pair of LED‑illuminated cupholders that can be heated and cooled. A pair of sleek aluminum
writing tables can be raised from within the console, or folded and stowed away with ease.
Mercedes-Benz mbrace can make any trip easier, safer, more productive and more enjoyable.24
It brings you a world of security and convenience. It brings the Internet to your dashboard. It connects you to your car, from your smartphone or computer. It even updates over the air.
For more information and a complete list of
mbrace services, visit MBUSA.com/mbrace
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
mbrace Package 6-month trial included
mbrace PLUS 3-month trial included
Advanced features you’ll enjoy every day.
Support you can count on when you need it most.
Personal assistance to make your life easier.
Helpful ways to look after your loved ones.
Safety and Security
Personal Concierge
From Roadside Assistance25 to antitheft measures
to emergency aid, mbrace looks after you, your
passengers and your Mercedes -Benz.
Enjoy virtually unlimited assistance from an actual person with the knowledge and resources to help with almost any request.
• Call for assistance after an accident or in any emergency
situation. If an air bag is activated, your Mercedes-Benz can place an SOS call automatically, even if you can’t
• Directly connect with Mercedes -Benz Roadside Assistance
for help with a dead battery, flat tire or other car trouble
• Get notified if your car’s alarm is set off, and let your car’s
built-in GPS help authorities with stolen vehicle recovery
• If you ever find yourself unable to drive, let an mbrace
specialist help arrange alternate transportation home
• Let an expert Concierge help you stay more productive on
the road, or from the Mobile App on your smartphone
• Get expert recommendations and reservations for dining
out, tickets to events, and answers to most any question
Remote Connections to Your Vehicle
• Set speed limits and be notified if they’re exceeded
• Set up virtual boundaries and be alerted if they’re crossed
• Receive an alert if the car is started after curfew
• See where your vehicle’s been driven on an online map
Interact with your vehicle’s features, and send addresses to its navigation system, from your iPhone, Android or computer.26
• S end destinations and even exact routes to your car’s COMAND® navigation system from your computer or smartphone
• Locate your vehicle from the Mobile App on your phone when you can’t remember where you parked
• Remote-lock and unlock your car’s doors
• Sound your car’s horn and flash its lights to help you spot it in a crowded parking lot, or to call attention to a hazardous situation
Family Driver Monitoring
Let mbrace add to your peace of mind when the secondary drivers in your household use the family Mercedes- Benz.
Advanced Travel Assistance
Keep your eyes on the road with agent-assisted route
guidance based on where you are, or plan a trip to
somewhere far away.
• Receive spoken assistance in your car with weather and
traffic conditions, Point of Interest information, and turn-byturn driving directions to your destination
• Let your Concierge book and change airline, hotel and rental
car reservations from your car or the Mobile App
Mercedes-Benz Apps 3- month trial included
In-Vehicle Internet
A n
ever-growing variety of in-car apps, offering Internet-based connections to the
interests you enjoy, the information you need, and the world you call your own.
• Search restaurant and business reviews with Yelp, and navigate
directly to them with just a few clicks
• Listen to Internet radio stations from around the globe with
TuneIn® Radio
• Create an in‑car hotspot to connect up to 4 devices to the Web
• Stay connected to friends with Facebook, and navigate directly
to places where they’ve checked in
• Find and view local Points of Interest with Google™ Local Search
with Street View and Panoramio images
• Keep up -to -date on the latest news from around the world
• Follow your favorite stocks through Morningstar ®
• Access your Mercedes-Benz Financial Services account
• View local traffic cams in many major metropolitan areas
• Search for hotel rooms by distance and price, and book them,
provided by HRS — Hotel Reservation Service
• Check weather locally and around the world
• Compare fuel prices at nearby filling stations
• Check the status of flights and airport conditions
• Look up showtimes at local movie theaters
• Enjoy your daily commute or any trip with audio books27
• Check out local deals when you’re shopping, dining and more27
• Share your location and ETA on social media via Glympse27
• Enjoy a variety of music curated by Mercedes-Benz via
Mercedes-Benz Radio27
• Keep up with your RSS feed and more27
• Enjoy even more new apps whenever they become available
Express yourself.
Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories are exclusively engineered to fit your car as well as they fit your life. A wide selection of accessories lets you
enhance your vehicle’s appearance, expand its versatility, or offer it some extra protection in everyday use. From stylish wheels to clever storage
innovations to scintillating scents, they’re a great way to make your S ‑Class unmistakably yours while keeping it genuinely Mercedes -Benz.
See the entire accessory selection at MBUSA.com/S
Atomizer scents.
Four distinctive aromas are available for the
standard cabin atomizer. Each scent comes in
its own elegant glass vial, with the vial backlit by
LED illumination when placed into its receptacle
in the glovebox. Scent choices include the warm
and woodsy Nightlife Mood, clean and refreshing Sports Mood, soft and calming Downtown Mood, and the rejuvenating clarity of Freeside Mood.
Rear spoiler.
Aerodynamically contoured to accentuate the
lines of the S‑Class Sedan, the rear spoiler is
designed for secure attachment without drilling
and to provide a perfect fit with the trunklid.
20" 10-spoke two-tone wheels.
Enhance your car’s poise and performance while
preserving its precise engineering. Ten spokes,
polished to a high - sheen finish, each feature a
chiseled groove inlaid in contrasting Himalaya
Grey paint. Their elegant design and generous
size accent the athletic profile of the S‑Class.6
Comfort box.
Help keep smaller items from rolling around the
trunk with a clever bin that folds up and retracts
out of the way to maximize cargo room. The bin
can also be easily removed from the trunk. (Not
available in combination with refrigerator box.)
Basic carrier and ski/snowboard rack.
Easily mounting to factory fittings in the car’s
roof, the basic carrier lets you attach a variety of
racks and containers — each available separately.
The ski and snowboard rack features a clever
pull-out function to ease loading and unloading.
All-season floor mats.
Deep channels help keep water, mud and melting
snow away from your car’s carpeting. Each rubber
mat is precisely contoured to fit the footwells of
your S‑Class. Easy to remove and clean, they’re
available as front and rear sets in Beige or Black.
(Remove standard floor mats before installing.)
Build your own.
S 550
Option Packages
S 550
Premium Package
S 600
S 63 AMG
S 65 AMG
• Ventilated front seats with rapid-heating feature
• Active multicontour front seats with “hot stone” massage
• PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist
• Power rear-side window sunblinds
Driver Assistance Package
Requires Premium Package
• DISTRONIC PLUS® with Steering Assist12
• PRE-SAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition12
• BAS® PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist9
• PRE‑SAFE PLUS rear-end collision protection
• Active Blind Spot Assist11
• Active Lane Keeping Assist10
Warmth & Comfort Package
Requires Premium Package (and Driver Assistance Package on S 63 AMG)
• Heated steering wheel
• Power outboard rear seats, each with memory and detachable headrest pillows20
• Heated and ventilated outboard rear seats with rapid-heating feature
• Heated front and rear center armrests, door armrests and door panels
Rear Seat Package
Requires Warmth & Comfort Package or power rear seats 20
• 4‑zone climate control
• Power right-rear footrest
• Right-rear passenger power controls for right front seat, with 3" additional fore–aft movement
• Outboard rear seat-belt air bags23 with illuminated PRE‑SAFE® active buckles
Executive Rear Seat Package
Requires Rear Seat Entertainment system and Rear Seat Package 20
• Active multicontour outboard rear seats with “hot stone” massage
• E xecutive right rear seat with added recline angle and power calf rest
Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS
Requires Executive Rear Seat Package 20
• Two-passenger rear cabin with dual power rear seats
• Wood-trimmed rear center console with dual folding tables, and
heated and cooled cupholders
Sport Package
• 19" AMG® twin 5-spoke wheels with all-season tires6 or 20" AMG multispoke wheels with high -performance tires6
• Sport lower body styling
• Brushed aluminum sport pedals with rubber studs
AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package
• Carbon fiber front air-dam splitter, side-sill and rear diffuser
inserts, and side mirror covers
• Carbon fiber engine cover Standard on S 65 AMG
= Standard
— Not Available
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
S 550
Individual Options
4matic® all -wheel drive AMG Performance 4matic on S 63 AMG
MAGIC BODY CONTROL® Requires Driver Assistance Package; not available with 4matic
S 550
S 600
S 63 AMG
Head-Up Display
Electrically heated windshield Requires Head-Up Display
Surround View System14
Night View Assist PLUS13
19" twin 5-spoke alloy wheels with all-season tires6 20" 5 -spoke alloy wheels with high-performance tires6
20" multispoke alloy wheels with high-performance tires6
19" AMG 10-spoke wheels with high-performance tires6
20" AMG forged- alloy 10 -spoke wheels (Silver) with high-performance tires6
20" AMG forged- alloy 10 -spoke wheels (Black) with high-performance tires6
20" AMG twin 5 -spoke forged- alloy wheels with high-performance tires6
Red-painted brake calipers
AMG Carbon Ceramic Braking System 8
Carbon fiber engine cover Also available in AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package
Black finish for front air-dam flics and mesh grilles No charge
Burmester ® High-End 3D Surround Sound System20
Rear Seat Entertainment system
SPLITVIEW front-seat entertainment system19
Refrigerator box in rear cabin20
Also available in Warmth & Comfort Package
Heated outboard rear seats Also available in Warmth & Comfort Package
Heated steering wheel28 Also available in Warmth & Comfort Package
Wood/leather steering wheel
AMG Performance steering wheel with DINAMICA side grips
Leather upholstery
Nappa leather upholstery
Exclusive Nappa leather upholstery, leather-trimmed dash and DINAMICA headliner Requires Exclusive Trim, plus Warmth & Comfort Package or power rear seats
Leather headliner
Black Poplar or Burl Walnut wood trim No charge
Eucalyptus wood trim No charge
Exclusive Trim (additional wood trim on doors, front seatbacks, and rear of console)
Requires Exclusive Trim, plus Warmth & Comfort Package or power rear seats20
designo Exclusive semi-aniline leather upholstery, leather-trimmed dash, leathertrimmed floor mats, and DINAMICA headliner —
1 24.6"
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
83.9" w/ mirrors
Curb weight
S 550: 4,630 lbs (w/4matic : 4,773 lbs)
S 550 HYBRID: 5,071 lbs
S 600: 5,038 lbs
39.7" front / 39.2" rear
41.4" front / 43.0" rear
Shoulder room
59.7" front / 59.1" rear
Cargo capacity
S 550: 18.7 cu ft20
S 550 HYBRID: 13.9 cu ft20
S 600: 16.2 cu ft20
S 550, S 550 Plug-In HYBRID and S 600
designo Brown Sunburst Myrtle wood trim Requires Exclusive Trim
designo Metallized Ash wood trim29 Requires Exclusive Trim
designo Black Piano Lacquer wood trim Requires Exclusive Trim
AMG carbon fiber trim with Black Piano Lacquer accents Requires Exclusive Trim
Power outboard rear seats, with memory and detachable headrest pillows20 —
S 65 AMG
S 63 AMG 4matic and S 65 AMG
1 24.6"
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
83.9" w/ mirrors
Curb weight
S 63 AMG: 4,806 lbs
S 65 AMG: 4,969 lbs
39.7" front / 39.2" rear
41.4” front / 43.0” rear
Shoulder room
59.7” front / 59.1” rear
Cargo capacity
S 63 AMG: 18.0 cu ft20
S 65 AMG: 15.2 cu ft20
S 550
S 550 Plug-In HYBRID1
S 600
S 63 AMG 4matic
S 65 AMG
4.7‑liter biturbo Direct Injection V‑8
449 hp @ 5,250–5,500 rpm
516 lb‑ft torque @ 1,800–3,500 rpm
3.0‑liter biturbo Direct Injection V‑6
+ 80kW hybrid electric motor
329/107 hp (gas/electric)
354/251 lb‑ft torque (gas/electric)
6.0‑liter biturbo V‑12
Handcrafted 6.0‑liter biturbo AMG V‑12
523 hp @ 4,900–5,300 rpm
612 lb‑ft torque @ 1,900–4,000 rpm
Handcrafted 5.5‑liter biturbo Direct Injection AMG V‑8
577 hp @ 5,500 rpm
664 lb‑ft torque @ 2,250–3,750 rpm
7-speed automatic with shift paddles
7-speed automatic with shift paddles
7-speed automatic with shift paddles
7- speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT with shift paddles
7- speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS with shift paddles
18" 10 -spoke6 with all-season Extended Mobility tires30
18" 10-spoke6 with all-season Extended Mobility tires30
19" multispoke6 with all-season tires30
20" AMG 5-spoke6 with high-performance tires30
20" AMG forged, polished multispoke6
with high-performance tires30
4‑wheel multilink with self-leveling AIRMATIC® and Adaptive Damping System (ADS)
4‑wheel multilink with self-leveling AIRMATIC and Adaptive Damping System (ADS)
4 ‑wheel multilink with MAGIC BODY CONTROL®
4 ‑wheel multilink AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension with AIRMATIC® and ESP® Curve Dynamic Assist
4 ‑wheel multilink AMG Adaptive
Sport Suspension with MAGIC BODY
CONTROL and Curve Dynamic Assist
Rear-wheel drive or 4matic® all -wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
AMG Performance 4matic all -wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
621 hp @ 4,800–5,400 rpm
738 lb‑ft torque @ 2,300–4,300 rpm
Color and trim.
Upholstery styles S 550 and S 600 shown. AMG patterns differ. See your dealer or visit MBUSA.com/S
Leather Standard on S 550 models
Nappa leather Standard on S 63 AMG; optional on S 550 models (shown)
Exclusive Nappa leather Standard on S 600 and S 65 AMG; optional on S 550 models (shown) and S 63 AMG
designo Exclusive semi-aniline leather
Optional on all models (S 600 shown)
Upholstery colors
Leather, Nappa leather or
Exclusive Nappa leather
Crystal Grey/Seashell Grey Leather, Nappa leather or
Exclusive Nappa leather
Upper dash and upper doors
Upper dash and upper doors (plus armrests with semi-aniline)
Seats and dash/door inserts
Lower dash and carpeting
Dash/door inserts, lower dash and carpeting
Interior color configuration
Leather, Nappa leather or
Exclusive Nappa leather
Interior color configuration
designo Exclusive Nappa or
Exclusive semi-aniline leather
Nut Brown/Black
Leather, Nappa leather or
Exclusive Nappa leather
Porcelain/Black Nappa leather or Exclusive Nappa leather
Silk Beige/Espresso Brown
Leather, Nappa leather or
Exclusive Nappa leather
designo Deep Sea Blue/Silk
Beige (S 550 and S 600 models)
Exclusive Nappa leather
designo Silk Beige/ Satin Red Pearl
Exclusive semi-aniline leather
designo Silk Beige/ Titanium Grey Pearl Exclusive semi-aniline leather
Interior trim
designo paintwork, leather and interior trim choices
offer an extraordinary degree of handcrafted quality.
To learn more about designo for the 2015 S- Class,
please ask your dealer, or visit MBUSA.com/designo
Black Poplar wood Burl Walnut wood Eucalyptus wood (S 550 Plug-In HYBRID only) designo Brown Sunburst Myrtle wood (optional) designo Metallized Ash wood29 (optional) designo Black Piano Lacquer wood (optional; includes metal designo insignia) AMG carbon fiber/Black Piano Lacquer wood
(AMG models only, optional)
Please see endnotes at back of brochure.
Color and trim.
Wheel choices
18" 10- spoke6 =S 550 models
19" multispoke6 =S 600
19" twin 5 - spoke6 S 550 models, S 600
19" AMG® twin 5 -spoke6 S 550 Sport Package
20" AMG multispoke6 S 550 Sport Package
20" 5 -spoke6 S 550 models, S 600
20" multispoke6 S 550 models, S 600
20" AMG 5-spoke6 =S 63 AMG 4matic
20" AMG forged multispoke6 =S 65 AMG
19" AMG 10-spoke6 S 63 AMG 4matic (no charge)
20" AMG forged 10-spoke (Silver) 6 S 63 AMG 4matic, S 65 AMG
20" AMG forged 10-spoke (Black) 6 S 63 AMG 4matic, S 65 AMG
20" AMG forged twin 5- spoke6 S 65 AMG
= Standard
Introduction dates vary. 100% electric driving range may vary based on terrain, temperature, driving style and other factors. Charging times are
estimated and may vary by location and equipment. 2.5-hour charge time requires 240V charger. Charging stations must be J1772-compatible.
See your dealer for more information.
Internet-based features require an active subscription to mbrace Mercedes-Benz Apps Package. Connection may be limited by cellular signal.
No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt.
Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice and other conditions can affect. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions.
Best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires.
Obey local speed and traffic laws.
Not available with 4matic all-wheel drive or on S 550 Plug‑In HYBRID. Road Surface Scan active only at driving speeds below 80 mph while in
Comfort mode, and may be limited by weather, lighting and road surface conditions. Obey local speed and traffic laws.
Lower aspect ratio tires and accompanying wheels provide substantially increased treadwear, increased tire noise and reduced ride comfort.
Serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris
or obstacles. These tires are not designed for use on snow and ice. Winter tires mounted on appropriately sized and approved wheels are
recommended for driving in those conditions.
Stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer’s track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road
surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.
The carbon-ceramic brakes are designed expressly for high-performance braking. It is a characteristic of their materials and design that brake
noise/squeal may result, along with differing brake pedal feel at lower brake temperatures compared to higher operating temperatures.
COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS may not be sufficient to avoid an accident. It does not react to certain stationary objects, nor recognize
or predict the curvature and/or lane layout of the road or every movement of vehicles ahead. It is the driver’s responsibility at all times to be
attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle.
Drivers are cautioned not to wait for the system’s alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely.
Autonomous braking is available at speeds between approximately 5 and 65 mph.
Driving while drowsy or distracted is dangerous and must be avoided. ATTENTION ASSIST® and/or Lane Keeping Assist may be insufficient to
alert a fatigued or distracted driver of lane drift and cannot be relied on to avoid an accident or serious injury. Lane Keeping Assist operates at
speeds above approximately 20 mph.
Blind Spot Assist may not be sufficient to avoid all accidents involving vehicles in your blind spot and does not estimate the speed of approaching
vehicles. It must not be used as a sole substitute for driver awareness and checking of surrounding traffic conditions.
DISTRONIC PLUS® adaptive cruise control is no substitute for active driving involvement. It does not adapt cruising speed in response to
stationary objects, nor does it predict the curvature and lane layout of the road ahead or the movement of vehicles ahead. It is the driver’s
responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for the DISTRONIC Proximity Warning System before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely.
Night Vew Assist PLUS does not replace the use of headlamps and must not be used as the primary visual source for the driver.
Rearview camera and Surround View System do not audibly notify driver of nearby objects and are not a substitute for actively checking around
the vehicle for any obstacles or people. Images displayed may be limited by camera field of view, weather, lighting conditions and the presence of
dirt, ice or snow on the cameras.
Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake maintenance, and tire and road conditions.
Head-Up Display may not be visible with certain eyewear, including polarized glasses.
The purchase of a new, satellite radio-enabled vehicle includes a 6‑month trial of the Sirius All Access package, and three years of SiriusXM
Anthracite Blue metallic
Diamond Silver metallic
Iridium Silver metallic
Lunar Blue metallic
Magnetite Black metallic
Obsidian Black metallic
Palladium Silver metallic
Ruby Black metallic
Verde Brook metallic
designo Diamond White
designo Magno Alanite Grey31
(matte finish)
designo Magno Cashmere
White31 (matte finish)
designo Mocha Black metallic31
Traffic and SiriusXM Weather. SiriusXM Traffic and Weather services are available for select markets. SiriusXM Satellite Radio, SiriusXM Traffic
and SiriusXM Weather subscriptions are sold separately or as a package after trial period. If you decide to continue listening after your trial, the
subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates.
Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call us at 1‑866‑635‑2349. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at siriusxm.com. All
fees and programming subject to change.
Bluetooth® interface does not provide phone charging or external antenna. Voice interactivity feature is dependent on selected handset. Visit
www.mercedes-benz-mobile.com for details. Phone sold separately. See dealer for a list of approved compatible phones.
System availability and use is not yet approved in some states. See your dealer for the latest information, and check local laws regarding the use
of front-seat video displays in your area. Driver can also view the entertainment features while the gear selector is in Park.
Available power rear seats, Burmester® High‑End 3D Surround Sound System and refrigerator box reduce trunk space. Please see your dealer.
While the navigation system provides directional assistance, the driver must remain focused on safe driving behavior, including paying attention to
traffic and street signs. The driver should utilize the system’s audio cues while driving and should only consult the map or visual displays once the
vehicle has been stopped in a safe place. Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area.
Option requires Premium Package and/or other optional equipment. Please see Options listing in this brochure or MBUSA.com/S for details.
All Mercedes-Benz mbrace® services operate only where cellular and Global Positioning System satellite signals are available, which are provided
by third parties and not within the control of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. An mbrace Package trial period is offered on new, Certified Pre-Owned
and pre-owned sales and leases at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Subscriber Agreement is required for service to be active. Some
services are only available on select vehicles. Your PIN is required in order to use certain services. Some services may be limited or restricted
in some areas. Apps may be introduced and updated at varying dates, and may also require a vehicle software update. Driver is responsible for
complying with traffic and other laws. See your dealer or MBUSA.com/mbrace for details, including a list of compatible smartphones.
Roadside Assistance repairs may involve charges for parts, service and towing. Vehicle must be accessible from main roads. Depending on the
circumstance, these services may be provided by an outside provider, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance. Restricted roadways,
acts of nature and vehicle accessibility may limit our ability to provide services to you. For full details, eligibility requirements, and limitations/
exclusions of Sign and Drive services, as well as the Roadside Assistance Program, please see your dealer.
The mbrace Mobile App is compatible with Apple iPhone® models running iOS 7.0 or later, and Android-based phones running OS 2.3 or later.
Please visit MBUSA.com/mbrace for more information.
Introduction dates vary. Please see your dealer.
Heated steering wheel is available only as part of the Warmth & Comfort Package on S 550 models with Nappa or semi-aniline leather upholstery.
Available only with Black, Crystal Grey/Seashell Grey or Porcelain/Black upholstery.
S-Class models are not provided with a spare tire. Models without Extended Mobility tires are provided with TIREFIT sealant and a portable air pump.
Extra-cost option. Some designo paint options may require additional production time.
The personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young
people than they are for automobiles. Instilling the values of leadership, goal-setting, discipline and
teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future. It’s why Mercedes-Benz USA is collaborating with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country. Sports
offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun. It’s also an opportunity to have
a mentor who can guide them, help them learn how to deal with major life issues, and help them grow
stronger not just physically but in their character. As a Mercedes-Benz driver, you become a part of
this effort to give hundreds of thousands of kids a better life today, and all of us a brighter tomorrow.
Learn more about how Mercedes-Benz USA believes in giving back at MBUSA.com/community
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