Transportation Brochure

Transportation Brochure
» Application Ready Platforms
for Transportation «
Train Management System
Interlocking & Control Center
Internet on Train / Passenger Information
Video Surveillance
In-Vehicle PCs
The pulse of innovation
» Kontron in Transportation «
For many years, Kontron has been developing reliable embedded computing products,
designed to meet the specific needs of the transportation market.
We offer a broad product portfolio, ranging from boards to
application-ready platforms and a full range of services for the
most demanding application requirements. Kontron’s facility
in Toulon has successfully received the IRIS (International
Railway Industry Standard) certification revision 02.
Kontron has been involved in many high-profile embedded
transportation projects including:
The IRIS certification developed by the UNIFE, attests that
Kontron complies with international unified quality standards
and fulfills the highest demands for reliability and lifecycle
management of the railway industry.
» French TGV East, Autorail
» Automatic train of Lille
» Virgin’s Voyager
» Electrostar, Turbostar
» Meridian
» Pioneer
» Metro Dubai
» Warsaw Subway
Vehicle Management
& Control
Ticketing & Passenger
& Control
Driver &
& Passenger
& Control
» Train Management System «
Train control systems must be designed to withstand the
toughest environmental conditions: extended temperature
ranges (-40°C to +85°C), humidity, vibrations and power
fl uctuations. Even heat build-up and energy absorption have to
stay within narrow ranges. Only passive cooling technologies
are permitted.
The EN50155 standard for electronic railroad applications
places heavy demand on COTS based equipment beyond just
operational characteristics. The standard assumes that electronic systems on trains will need to operate 24 hours a day
for 30 years or approximately 250,000 hours without failure.
Kontron develops and manufactures EN50155 certified products like PanelPCs, CPCI Systems or BoxPCs designed to be
used in safety critical Train Management Systems.
» Interlocking and Control Center «
Ethernet Switches by Kontron
Kontron’s fully managed Ethernet Switches support the latest
network standards to connect on board units, even in redundant
mode. Highly integrated switch silicon, IPMI and SNMP management set the foundation for a robust Ethernet network.
Integrated into a train management system, the CompactPCI
or standalone Switches allow Layer 2/3 management and non
blocking packet transfer for fast and reliable communication.
Graphical User Interface
Train control systems require driver interaction to set up a
train configuration or to simply read the vehicle status, speed
and warnings. Kontron provides driver display units for the
train driver as well as intelligent displays, which can be used
in the passenger compartment. The display units are designed
according international standards, UIC612-01 and/or EN50155
and are intuitive to use. The latest Intel technology provides
long term availability, scalability and power to support high
interface speeds, redundancy and coding/decoding standards
for video and audio.
Remote I/Os
TMS / Gateway
Train Lines
Kontron’s reliable embedded solutions are used in several
installations for interlocking and control installations
worldwide, ranging from the dispatch centers through the
decentralized, unmanned remote control centers and rolling
stock. Kontron can provide the full range of embedded
computing solutions for interlocking and control in various
international railway applications such as PTC (Positive Train
Control) as well as the current ETCS (European Train Control
System), and ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System).
These embedded computing solutions are built from Kontron’s
offering of EN50155 certified boards and application ready
platforms tailored up to fully customized computers for specific
operational requirements such as natural cooling. Thanks
to Kontron rugged industrial servers, boards and modules
portfolio, OEMs focus on their dedicated application instead of
the computer details shortening their time-to-market.
Furthermore, OEMs benefit from Kontron vast pool of expertise,
covering FPGA solutions, BIOS customization, OS and driver
development as well as manufacturing test expertise along
with logistics and deployment know-how.
Delivered as turnkey platforms, ready to run OEM interlocking
application, redundant architectures are currently deploying.
Designed from Kontron vast product portfolio, they are based
on multiple OS and processor architectures to avoid systematic
errors, so as to fulfill the highest levels of SIL-X safety
Management Level
In the dispatch centers, Kontron’s rugged platforms are used
for operating and monitoring purposes, enabling operators
to graphically follow the movement of rolling stock and
enter commands to adjust control points. Kontron offers the
complete range of products to suit the specific requirements of
the visualization, processing and communication tasks.
Control Level
Redundant control systems consist of a distributed main control computer and computers at each of the stations. Kontron
supplies the equipment that allows staff to monitor and control
the position of all trains along the tracks.
A distinctive technical achievement for rail transport safety is
the computer interlocking system, which complies with highest
SIL levels. This guarantees the correct interaction of several
thousands of real-time I/Os and offers an extremely high MTBF.
Field Level
For field level control, Kontron’s proven platforms provide
highest reliability and flexibility. They collect and process
information on the position and speed of the trains as well
as the status of lights, signals and points etc. from wayside
sensors and automatically change the status of control points
as required. Providing field bus interfaces such as Profibus
or serial backup lines plus Gigabit Ethernet, they also act
as ports for cross-protocol communication and full network
integration, enabling field level parameters to be transmitted
to the dispatch centers at the management and control level.
This approach at the computer level simplifies project management, enabling Kontron’s transportation customers to concentrate on their core competences such as system of systems
certification, and ensure faster time to delivery for the
dedicated applications.
Customized safety critical redundant platform.
Air and Conduction cooled versions
» Internet On Train / Passenger Information «
To fulfill the rising demand for interactive passenger information and entertainment systems, as well as Internet On Train
services, Kontron provides 19" 3U CompactPCI® Modular Platforms INTERPARLO. The open, rugged embedded architecture
is specifically designed for harsh environments and EN50155
With CompactPCI, OEMs have a readily equipped platform to
quickly start system development through final field test
activities and decreasing time-to-market.
Market-available modules for UMTS, LTE, GPRS, WiFi are provided. Of course, module brands as preferred by the OEM can
be selected as well. Free CompactPCI slots can be populated
with additional radio modules or communication interfaces.
Up to two server CPU-boards including mass storage, diverse
functionalities on a single system platform can be provided as
additional option. Typical server functions are streaming applications for realtime transmission of media data, passenger
information such as station announcement, or CCTV applications for surveillance.
An integrated managed Gigabit Ethernet switch can efficiently
handle the different communication networks, for instance
towards several intelligent IP based Human-Machine -Interfaces
(HMI) inside the passenger and driver compartments.
The connections to the different CPUs are integrated in the
system itself to avoid unnecessary cabling at the platform
front side.
A RAID system option offers ample mass storage for data
logging or media data to be presented. RAID 0/1/3/5 is
supported by use of up to four disks. The system controller
and the server CPUs can be chosen from the wide range of
Kontron’s 3U CompactPCI CPU board families, a CPU selection
from Intel® Atom™ up to Core™2 Duo and Core™ i7, including
several low voltage and extended temperature options.
Application specific features:
» Internet On Train: WiFi, GSM, LTE, GPS
» Server CPUs/Disks for streaming or CCTV
» Gigabit Ethernet Switch function integrated
» 4 hot swap disks subsystem, RAID 0/1/3/5
General features:
» Scalable modular 19" platform, EN 50155 compliant,
M-type Connectors, 24…110 VDC
» Wide CPU range Intel® Atom™, Core™2 Duo, Core™ i7
» Free slots for field communication or maintenance
» Remote access option for power management
» Supported by Linux, Windows 7 Embedded, etc.
» Video Surveillance «
To stay ahead of the growing demand for passenger security,
Kontron has developed robust video recording platforms for
mobile applications. These platforms feature open embedded
architectures, offering highest level of performance and robustness. Loaded with the appropriate customer software, the
RAID servers collect video streams from Ethernet cameras and
store them on the local hot swap hard drive set.
That's unique: Automated maintenance for long service
cycles. Several kind of powerful utilities handle events of
disk defects during runtime and take care that the storage of
data can proceed in a safe way. Additional utilities make the
disk status transparent, for optimized maintenance planning.
The triple advantage is
1. Highest possible data reliability,
2. Minimized maintenance,
3. Optimized use of valuable storage!
Kontron video surveillance platforms consist of a processor
board, a power management unit with Ethernet switch and a
hardware RAID controller with up to eight hard disks. By using low power to high performance processor boards, these
systems are scalable to the individual application demands,
from passive cooling in extended temperatures, up to high
performance systems. These servers may record and play video
and be connected to stationary systems to fulfill the requirements for remote storage or driverless operation. By using optional carrier cards, the stored video data, service messages or
alarms can be directly transmitted over GSM or WLAN.
Passenger Information Display
Video recorder &
Since the hard disks or solid state disks are integrated on hot
swappable carrier boards without internal cabling, the maintenance is simplified and accelerated. The management unit supports temperature and supply voltage sensors as well as remote
power-on or graceful shut-down of the recorder.
While in standby, the surveillance platforms require just a few
milliamps, allowing their usage inside battery-based light rail
vehicles. The integrated Ethernet switch provides direct access
to the CPU, the disk set and to the management unit.
Kontron provides COTS platforms for surveillance application. For information on OBSERVO eight disks RAID Server and
INTERPARLO four disks modular platform, please see Application Ready Platforms for Rail on page 15.
For special environments, Kontron custom design capabilities
allow OEM to add their own specific features such as customized IOs, rear fl at connectors, and benefit from other Kontron
field proven know-how, such as natural convection cooling
and adapted long-term supply program.
Multimedia server
Video recorder &
Multimedia server
Ethernet / high speed serial lines / wireless
Ethernet / high speed serial lines / wireless
Local monitor
» Vehicle Management System «
The Venturo product family is a central
vehicle management platform for Road
and Railway Vehicles. It provides ticketing, telematic services, communication
and various vehicle interfaces to optimize
and ease the service and fleet management. Venturo consists of the following
computer and display products:
» In-Vehicle-PCs «
Kontron offers specialized, fanless In-Vehicle-PCs for various
applications in busses, cars, trucks, and (automated) heavyduty vehicles used in intralogistics. In cabs and buses they
can be used for passenger infotainment, video surveillance,
or ticketing systems. Typical truck applications include CAN-
based trailer and goods management, GPS navigation combined with communication via GSM, and UMTS/GPRS for fleet
management. For vehicles used in intralogistics, the applications range from the control of automated vehicles, to logistics for forklift trucks with WLAN and barcode/RFID interfaces.
Fleet management solutions enabled with Kontron’s M2M platforms can manage and conduct control over vehicles and cargo
anywhere. This includes monitoring the real time status and
location of a fleet vehicle as well as its technical status and
maintenance schedule. This data is used to plan fleet management strategies, to improve efficiency and productivity and to
reduce overall transportation and staff costs.
Thanks to their extensive I/O support, the Kontron vehicle
computers MICROSPACE® MPCX60 and MPCX28 can be designed to suit a wide variety of tasks i.e. for application in
public transport, in utility vehicles or mobile machines. Although they boast a very small footprint, the E1 certified and
fanless vehicle computers are fitted with all the common, integrative vehicle computer interfaces.
Asset tracking is another area of M2M-enabled fleets. This
enables companies to rapidly and continuously track any asset
and receive real-time information about the current location
of their goods.
Any type of individual design is possible via industrial purpose
extension cards, which Kontron also has in its portfolio. This
makes fast and uncomplicated tailored solutions with full system responsibility possible from just one source.
» Central computer device, called
Venturo CBox
» GSM Voice & Audio communication
system, Venturo GBox
» Display device and ticket printer,
Venturo HMI
» Additional accessories like an RFID
badge reader, antennas,…
The built in COMe-mSP1 Computer on
Module with Intel® Atom™ processor of
the CBox is the central server, which handles all incoming and outgoing data. It
interfaces to the vehicle by galvanically
isolated digital IO and serial lines and to
the ‘outside world’ by the integrated GSM
and WLAN interfaces. To support vehicle
localization for improved service management, the CBox is fitted with a GPS receiver including dead reckoning option.
The Venturo HMI is connected to the CBox
to provide fare information and tickets
to the passenger and to show application
specific software menus to the driver.
The GBox is connected to the CBox to extend the standard feature set by an audio
switch to announce passenger information or to set up an audio alarm channel
to the stationary service department.
» Transportation Services «
S p e ci f i c a t i o n
u lt
zed Des ign
Program Management
Semi-/Full custom-design
Kontron relieves the strain of additional for transportation customers
with its proactive project management, certified to ISO 9001:2000.
Cross-functional project teams lead
and manage all stages of the specific
project to ensure a successful product release and to minimize management attention on customer’s side.
From the specification to the implementation of standard boards in application ready platforms or individual semi
or full custom designs, Kontron handles
all management processes, granting
highest level of quality and minimizing
For applications where off the shelf
products just not quite fit, Kontron
offers semi- and full-custom designs,
tailored to the individual demands of
the application. Thanks to Kontron’s
broad product range and excellent
expertise in board and system design,
customers benefit for their application
specific designs from the same high
quality, ruggedness and longevity
Kontron offers in its standards based
products. Additional services from
software services to life-cycle and obsolescence management can of course
also be included.
For its embedded products, Kontron
offers the full range of software support: starting from firmware services
such as dedicated BIOS, EFI and an
individually configured ACPI to drivers,
EAPI protocol stacks and security
frameworks. To leverage the advantages
of modern processor technologies,
Kontron support its customers with OS
& virtualization / hypervisor configuration as well as drivers and EAPI
porting. But Kontron’s software support
does not stop at the hardware level.
Kontron’s extended software design and
validation /verification offerings include toolkit and framework services
as well as software application design,
verification and validation services to
minimize time-to-market and TCO.
r am
C e r t i fi c a t i o n
Technology Partners
Member of
Li f
Cy c l e M a n a g e m e
In t e g r a t ion
Sy s
Kontron provides a full range of services that meet the requirements of your transportation
Kontron has received its IRIS certification for the activity of design, development and manufacturing of embedded computer boards and systems for
real-time applications. The scope of
certification includes propulsion and on
board vehicle control as well as passenger information systems, communication systems and single railway
components. Customers who integrate
Kontron products thus have now also
the official certification of the UNIFE
that they partner with a high quality
and reliable supplier. Kontron furthermore ensures that its railway products
strictly adhere to standards such as
EN50155 and SILX.
Life Cycle &
Obsolescence Management
Resulting from our long experience in
application for the transportation business, we are aware of the importance of
providing products over long life time.
Products used in the transportation industry must have long lifecycles so that
consistency can be maintained in transportation systems. This is why Kontron
designs longevity into the products and
offers OEMs a long-term delivery contract.
Post Sales Support
We want you to feel it’s easy to do business with Kontron, so we let you choose
freely from our different support and
maintenance levels. Our technical support staffs are comprised of experienced
and local engineers who are ready, able
and eager to respond to your requests.
The advantages for you are enormous –
you are instantly brought into contact
with a specialist who understands your
situation, listens to your description
and analyzes the problem. And above
all – they get it resolved!
» Application Ready Platforms for In-Vehicle «
Kontron offers a wide range of application ready platforms
dedicated to the transportation market. Customers benefit
from the practical feature of the flexibly configurable Box-PCs,
HMIs and rugged, long time available Industrial Silent Servers,
underscoring the trend in the field of embedded computing
towards ready-to-use application platforms. All systems are
available direct from the warehouse as standard configurable
systems or customized further as needed and delivered as a
fully tested and independently certified solution for improved
time to market.
E1 certif
E1 certif
EN50155 ied
E1 certif
The small and fanless box with
Intel® Atom™ Z510 or Z530
Small and fanless with the AMD
embedded T44R 1,2 GHz single core
or T40N, 2x1 GHz dual core
Speed time-to-market for M2M
The compact, fanless vehicle
computer with high flexibility!
The compact and energy-efficient
vehicle computer
Vehicle Management Platform for
Road and Railway Vehicles.
The fanless Kontron embedded Box-PC
MICROSPACE® MPC-pONE is scalable
from the Intel® Atom™ Z510 processor
with 1.1 GHz up to the Z530 with 1.6 GHz
and provides up to 2 GByte system memory. It comes in a small footprint of
only 122 mm x 99 mm which is smaller
than a CD cover and can be deployed in
a range of space constrained applications.
The MICROSPACE® MPC-p2 supports the
latest 3D graphics libraries such as
OpenGL 3.2 and DirectX® 11 and offers
hardware acceleration for Flash-based
applications. OEMs can create graphicoriented applications ith a totally new
user experience in areas such as Digital
Signage, media playback and Gaming
and POS/POI applications.
The Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit enables more efficient enterprise solutions by generating a faster
time to market through the quick development and deployment of M2M
applications connectivity and performance.
With the MICROSPACE MPCX60, Kontron
offers a very cost-attractive basic
version in their vehicle range (E1 certified), which is extremely expandable
and very suitable for customization.
Numerous extensions such as PCI/104Express, FPGA, cPCI, and many more,
are possible, all with total software
The MPCX28 is based on the Intel®
Atom™ processor and only needs typically 12 Watts of power consumption.
Absolutely noiseless operation is
achieved through a rugged aluminum
profile which integrates passive and
fanless cooling
Venturo provides modular devices for
ticketing, telematic services, communication and various vehicle interfaces to
optimize service and fleet management.
» Application-ready platform for costsensitive projects
» Bootable microSD support
» High performance combined with
lowest power consumption
» Integrated 2.5" SSD for maintenancefree designs
» For graphic-oriented applications
» mSATA & PCIe miniCard extensions
» 4x COM ports, 2x 1Gbit LAN,
6x USB, audio, 10-30V DC
» PTCRB Certified
» Small connected computing device
for application development/testing
» 802.11b/g/n WLAN/802.15.4 WPAN
capable for immediate application
wireless connectivity testing.
» 2 options for broadband wireless
1) Integrated 3G for drop-in SIM or
2) Drop-in a precertified standard
PCI Express minicard 3G/4G module
and SIM
» Up to 2x 1.8 GHz performance
» Gateway, passenger entertainment,
passenger safety
» For 12-48V motor vehicle battery
power supplies
» E1 certified
» Various extensions possible (e.g.
PCI/104-Express FPGA, cPCI and
» Designed to work in the extended
temperature range -25°C to +70°C
» 2.5" SATA HDD or SDD and Compact
Flash media
» Internal PCI/104 and 2x PCIe MiniCard expansion slots allow for various application-specific extensions,
such as Dual-CAN, GPS, GSM/UMTS,
and WLAN
» For 12-48V motor vehicle battery
power supplies
» E1 certified
» Intel® Atom™ based On-board
Management Platform
» GPS telematic device with dead
» GSM and Wifi service and updates
» Digital IO and Serial lines to
support on board devices
» 24VDC, EN50155 compliant and
E1 Certified
For deeper product information and the complete Kontron portfolio please visit our website
» Application Ready Platforms for Rail «
UIC612-01 compliant Driver Display
Industrial Silent Server
The fanless Atom™ railway computer
The fan-free 19" rail computer
Surveillance Data Recording in
Harsh Environments
Internet On Train Server for WiFi
and Passenger Infotainment
Intelligent Driver Display Unit for Trains,
Trams & Underground Vehicles. The HMITR
is based on a scalable and modular display concept for various mobile applications.
The Kontron KISS 4U KTC 5520 TR server
fits perfect for passenger infotainment
and control center applications.
The MPCX28R includes all the standard
interfaces (COMs, Video, Sound, USB,
LAN) as well as an additional external
eSATA300 connector. On the front is an
exchangeable SATA300 hard disk or SSD
drive as well as a CF for the OS.
The MPCR50R has many interfaces
(COMs, USB, LAN, Digital I/O, video input) and is expandable with PCI slots
and PC/104express cards (e.g., CAN,
measurement cards). For mass storage,
a shock-absorbing, „hot plug“ exchangeable SATA300 hard drive or SSD drive
is built-in (a second drive is optionally
The rugged data server platform is
ideally suited for recording of video
data, where high volume mass storage
and data integrity is requested.
Unique tools like disk supervision
or event handling allow for automated
maintenance for long term services.
OBSERVO is based on the open and
robust architecture of 3U CompactPCI.
The modular universal Internet On
Train platform is ideally suited for
passenger infotainment services and
any application where wireless communication is needed. By selecting the
right mounting options, the OEM has
a readily equipped hardware platform
to immediately start application development.
» Video server in railway vehicles,
passenger entertainment, passenger
» Expandable, e.g. with 8x COM, 4x
» For 24-110V galv. 1.5kV isolated rail
power supply
» EN50155, TX certified, M12 connectors
» Fanless RAID system with up
to eight hot swap HDD / 2TBytes
» High performance hardware
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50
» Automated maintenance at runtime
» Rich variety of system controllers
» System management via Ethernet
» EN50155 compliant
» Separate controllers supporting
streaming applications
» Modular, robust, switched
CompactPCI system
» RAID Kit for CCTV option
» EN50155 compliant
» Intel® Atom™ E6xx Processor based
Driver Display Unit
» 10.4" Keyboard or Touch Version,
modular with all standard interfaces
» Low power, battery and fanless
for low life cycle costs
» Upgradable and scalable through
PCIe mini cards
» 24/36VDC and 72/110VDC wide range
power supplies, EN50155 compliant
One Chassis, unbelievable features
Certified according EN 50122
Low noise design
Long life support
Newest processor architectures
Shock proof design
Excellent thermal design
Flexible Customization
» Integration in railway vehicles
» Passenger entertainment, passenger
» Extensible and Service friendly
» 24-110V galv. 1.5kV isolated power
» Rugged design M12 connectors
» EN50155 / TX certified (-40°C to
Rear View
For deeper product information and the complete Kontron portfolio please visit our website
» Building Blocks «
CompactPCI™ provides a rugged, modular embedded hardware platform for
various in-vehicle and wayside applications with high demands in performance, ruggedness and reliability. The
slot board based system architecture
with a passive backplane and optional
rear-IO modules enables flexible system
architectures. Kontron provides a wide
range of CPU, expansion and switches
as well as complete certified systems.
Target applications include train information and control systems, video-surveillance and passenger infotainment
VME products offer the highest flexibility, robustness and
long term availability for transportation embedded computer
VPX is improving the widespread VMEbus open standard
and is suited for space and weight-constrained applications, requiring highest data-bandwidth via the backplane
and operating in the harshest environments. Kontron offers
a complete VPX Ecosystem with payload (SBC, Mezzanine,
Carriers, FPGA) and PCIe and Ethernet switchboards supported by a family of VPX backplanes and enclosures.
PowerPC processor boards
PowerPC processor boards
Rugged Carrier K I T for 2.5"
16-port managed 3U CPCI Switch
» Versatile solution for installation
in 3U and 6U 19"enclosures
» Hot pluggable HDD/SSD carrier
» SATA II compliant
» Fully managed layer 2/3 switching
and routing
» Leading edge technology based on
» Versatile design with RJ45 or M12-D
front options
» EN50155 compliant (M12 version)
Fully managed 1/10 Gb Rack Mount
Ethernet Switch
Intel® Atom™ 3U CPCI CPU board
3U, 12HP 100 W DC Power Supply
» Fully managed non blocking switching and routing
» 6x 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+, 2x 1GbE
SFP, 12x or 24x 10/100/1000Base-T,
M12 option
» Complete Layer 2 and Layer 3 support
» Management by SNMP, Command Line,
Web Interface
» N270 1.6 GHz, up to 2 GByte
soldered RAM
» Passive cooling concept for
convection cooled applications
» Comprehensive I/O capabilities:
Gigabit Ethernet, USB, VGA, SATA,
» Optional Ethernet and USB via
M8/M12 connectors
» EN50155 compliant
» Ultra wide input range
(24V to 110 VDC)
» Extended temperature range
(TX, -40°C to +85°C)
» EN50155 compliant
» 1 GHz Freescale MPC8544 PowerPC Processor
» PCIe (4x), SATA, Gigabit Ethernet on the VPX Backplane
» Available also as turnkey Evaluation/Development platforms
Freescale MPC8541 [email protected]
128 MB fast DDR-SDRAM with ECC, 16 MB soldered Flash
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interface
Fast Ethernet Interface
3U VPX P2041 SBC
» PCIe (4x), SATA, Gigabit Ethernet on the VPX Backplane
» Support for PMC or XMC Mezzanines
» Commercial and Rugged Versions
Single PowerPC [email protected] MHz
I/O-oriented SBC, 2 PMC slots
Forced-air, Convection and Conduction Cooled Versions
Fast Ethernet Interface
x86 processor boards
x86 processor boards
6U VME Intel® Core™ i7 SBC
VX3030, VX3035, VX3042
3U VPX Intel® Core™ i7 SBC family
PMC, XMC, FMC support
Exceptional I/O versatility
Commercial and Rugged versions
Extended Life Cycle with adapted long term supply program
» Select from 1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 CPU
» Standard Air- and Rugged Conduction-cooled versions
» Support of Kontron VXFabric™ and VXControl™
» Computer-on-Modules and Boards «
The PC/104, PC/104-plus (ISA plus PCI) and PCI/104-Express
(PCI plus PCI Express) form factors offer a cost effective
solution for the development of stackable in-vehicle computing
solutions. With its broad ecosystem of stackable extension
cards and housings, PC/104 leverages system designs based
on COTS building blocks for various transportation appliances
on an extremely compact footprint (90.17 x 95.89). Kontron
PC/104 SBCs and expansion modules have been successfully
used in applications such as Intelligent Transport Systems
(ITS), boardcomputers, railway surveillance, analysis systems,
as well as electronic interlocking and automatic block signaling
Kontron Computer-on-Modules enable the fastest and most
efficient development of various embedded systems by
utilizing different base technologies.
The broad, scalable COM Express® portfolio with x86 CPU
technology ranging from Intel® Atom™ up to Intel® Core i7
quad core on basic compact and mini form factors.
The Ultra-Low-Power Computer-on-Modules with ARM SoC
technology are optimized for small and mobile applications in
rugged environments.
The LX800 board with extended
temperature range
PC/104-Express™ SBC with Intel®
Atom™ processor D525 / D425
PC/104-Plus™ SBC with AMD™
embedded G-Series processor
» AMD Geode™ LX800 (0.5 GHz)
» LVDS (option)
» Extended temperature -40°C to
+85°C available
» USB, SATA, PATA, COM, 2x Gbit LAN,
» Highest Dual-Core energy for harsh
» Extended temperature -40°C to
+85°C available
» Most powerful graphics for long-term
available PC/104-Plus™
» For extremly compact multimedia
» Up to 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM, integrated ATI Radeon graphics
Mini-ITX Motherboards
With the Pico-ITX™ form factor,
Kontron supports the new definition
of small (100 x 72mm), powerful and
very cost effective 2.5" Motherboards for ultra-mobile applications
A very compact standard motherboard form factor which is mechanically compatible with ATX motherboards. Kontron offers Embedded
Mini-ITX motherboards with long life
and many industrial features
Finally, the COM Express® QorIQ™ COM designs based on
Freescale™ Power Architecture® P-series are specifically suited
for low-power, deeply embedded number crunching systems
and for high-bandwidth telecommunication and data processing applications.
All Kontron’s Computer-on-Modules help to preserve your
development resources and combine the comfort of a
standardized, long term available and scalable COTS module
with the flexibility of a custom design.
Additionally, Kontron offers Carrier board designs tailored to
the individual demands of your application. Kontron’s broad
product range and proven expertise in board and system design
provides the same high quality, ruggedness and longevity
Kontron offers in its standards-based products. Kontron also
offers customers a wide range of software and support services
and diverse training opportunities to meet application-specific
Kontron has one of the broadest ranges
of high-quality embedded motherboards from Pico-ITX to full size ATX.
Of course these products are based on
state-of-the-art processors and chipset
platforms and utilize advanced technology components. They follow international industry size standards with
well-defined mounting holes and standard I/O bracket areas.
» NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor
» Ultra Low Power Consumption about
3 W full board
» High Dual Core Performance
» Excellent Graphics Performance
» Available with latest CPU and Chipset
Technology from Intel, AMD and ARM
» Up to 4 independent display outputs
& outstanding graphics performance
COM Express® x86 CPU
Ultra-Low-Power ARM SoC
COM based on QorIQ™ Power
Scalable in performance, size, power
NEW COM Standard optimized for
The most effective data processing
» Intel® Atom™ up to Quad Core™-i7
» COM Express® basic, compact, mini
» TDP < 5W up to > 35W
» The broadest COM product portfolio
» COM with the smallest form factor
» Optimized pin-out definition for
ARM technology
» Perfect for mobile and low power
» Power consumption far below 5W
» Freescale QorIQ™ P-series SoC
» For number crunching systems and
for high bandwith telecommunication
(up to 10 Gbit Ethernet)
» Follow the COM Express® principals
with flexible QorIQ pin-out
Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 40 % of its
employees in research and development, Kontron creates many of the standards that drive the
world’s embedded computing platforms. Kontron’s product longevity, local engineering and
support, and value-added services, helps create a sustainable and viable embedded solution
for OEMs and system integrators.
Kontron works closely with its customers on their embedded application-ready platforms
and custom solutions, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. The result is
an accelerated time-to-market, reduced total-cost-of-ownership and an improved overall
application with leading-edge, highly-reliable embedded technology.
Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX stock exchanges under the symbol “KBC”. For more
information, please visit:
Europe, Middle East & Africa
North America
Asia Pacific
Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 1
85386 Eching / Munich
Tel.: + 49 (0) 8165 / 77 777
Fax: + 49 (0) 8165 / 77 219
[email protected]
14118 Stowe Drive
Poway, CA 92064-7147
Tel.: + 1 888 294 4558
Fax: + 1 858 677 0898
[email protected]
17 Building,Block #1, ABP.
188 Southern West 4th Ring Road
Beijing 100070, P.R.China
Tel.: + 86 10 63751188
Fax: + 86 10 83682438
[email protected]
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