MEN Mikro Elektronik F302-3U User manual

MEN Mikro Elektronik F302-3U User manual
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
F302 - 3U CompactPCI®
Managed 8+1-Port Eth. Switch
The F302 is a managed 3U Fast Ethernet switch module
with a maximum of eight channels at the front panel (8
RJ45 or M12 connectors) plus one additional Ethernet
channel that is led to the CompactPCI® J1 connector at
the rear.
The F302 is managed by its own PowerPC® CPU that
integrates the configuration firmware. A service
interface is accessible at the front panel,
providing an easy way to configure the switch. A
command line interface is available via the RS232 at
the service port and over Ethernet via Telnet or
Secure Shell (SSH). The switch can also be
configured via SNMP (version 3) and through its HTTP
web server. Additionally, the service connector can
be used to attach an external dongle to store or
update the switch configuration. This makes it easy
to exchange the unit for service purposes.
The F302 supports full-duplex and half-duplex
operation with auto-negotiation, high-speed nonblocking store-and-forward-switching, Quality of
Service (QoS) support with four traffic classes IEEE
802.1p and three-level 802.1x security as well as the
12 or 16 HP 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI®
8 Fast Ethernet ports (front) on RJ45 or M12
Configuration via web interface, Telnet CLI,
SNMP ver. 3 or external dongle
Switch accessible via cPCI for router
Service interface via D-Sub
LEDs for port and board states
-40 to +85°C with qualified components
EN 50155 compliant (railways)
logical segmentation of ports (802.1q VLANs). The
switch is fault tolerant and restores itself on its
own: If a link is temporarily unavailable, frames can
be sent via backup/redundant links (spanning tree
protocol / link aggregation) and no data loss occurs.
Its built-in test mechanisms make the F302 an even
more reliable component in the communication system.
The F302 was specifically designed for rugged mobile
communication systems. It is thus for example fully
compliant with the EN 50155 railway standard. All
components on the board are specified for a -40 to
+85°C operation temperature. There are no socketed
components, hardening the card against shock and
vibration. The board is ready for coating (standard
with M12 connectors) and has a guaranteed minimum
standard availability of 5 years.
Depending on the connector type, the F302 has a frontpanel width of 12 HP (3 slots) with RJ45 or 16 HP (4
slots) with M12 connectors. In either case the card
occupies only one CompactPCI® backplane slot.
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
Technical Data
Switch Fabric Key Features
n Eight 10/100Base-T ports at front panel
o Electrical isolation: 1500 Vrms
n Ninth 10/100Base-T port via CompactPCI® J1 (rear)
n Auto-negotiation
n High-speed non-blocking, store-and-forward switching
n 8K MAC address lookup table with automatic learning and
n QoS (Quality of Service) support with 4 traffic classes
(IEEE 802.1p tagged frames)
n Layer 2 switching
n Back pressure or IEEE802.3x flow control
n Automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover (all ports)
Management Firmware System Features
n Saving and restoring user configurations
n Software upgrades through TFTP
n System logs (syslog) and e-mail alerts for critical events
n Remote monitoring (RMON) and alarm generation
n Displaying the running configuration in the form of CLI
n DHCP client, server and relay
n Management interfaces through
o CLI (RS232 console, Telnet, SSH)
o SNMP v3
n Switch configuration can be loaded from external dongle
Management Firmware Layer 2 Features
n TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
n Transparent bridging
n QoS (DiffServ) and 802.1p traffic prioritization queuing,
polishing, shaping
n VLAN-aware bridging with GARP
n Static and dynamic VLANs (through GVRP)
n Dynamic learning of multicast groups through GMRP
n Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol and Multiple Spanning Tree
Protocol to ensure loop free topology formation
n Reducing multicast traffic in the network through
multicast snooping - IGS (IPv4) and MLDS (IPv6)
n IGMP proxy
n Aggregating physical ports for increasing bandwidth and
redundancy through link aggregation (LACP)
n Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
n SNMP (v1, v2c, v3) agent and MIB support, configuration
Management Firmware Security Features
n User authentication using 802.1x
n Controlling management access through SNMP, CLI and web
only from authorized managers
n MAC based access list (ACL) for traffic filtering
n Rate-limiting and storm control to prevent packet
flooding from malicious peers
Supported Ethernet Standards
n Transparent bridging: IEEE 802.1d, 2004
n VLAN: IEEE 802.1q Rev D5.0, 2005
n Port based VLANs: IEEE 802.1q Rev D5.0, 2005
n GVRP/GMRP support: IEEE 802.1d
n Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol: IEEE 802.1d
n Multiple Spanning Tree: IEEE 802.1s, IEEE 802.1q Rev
D5.0, 2005
n IGMP snooping: draft-ietf-magma-snoop-12.txt
n MLD snooping: draft-ietf-magma-snoop-12.txt
n Link aggregation: IEEE 802.3ad, 2005
n Port based authentification with EAP: IEEE 802.1x REV2004
n Link Layer Discovery Protocol: IEEE 802.1ab, 2005
n Priority based switching: IEEE 802.1p
Service Interface
n 9-pin D-Sub connector at front
n RS232 / V24
n I2C interface for external dongle
Front I/O
n 8 Ethernet ports via RJ45 or M12 D connectors
n 1 service interface via 9-pin D-Sub plug connector
n 16 link and activity Ethernet status LEDs (2 per channel)
n Status LEDs for power, reset and error codes
CompactPCI® Bus
n Compliance with CompactPCI® Specification 2.0 R3.0
n Only one slot required on the 3U CompactPCI® bus
n Peripheral slot
n Compliance with PCI Specification 2.1
n V(I/O): +3.3 V
n Ninth Fast Ethernet port via CompactPCI® J1
Electrical Specifications
n Supply voltage/power consumption:
o +3.3 V (-3%/+5%), 5 W
o +5 V (-3%/+5%), 5 W
n MTBF: 778 505 h (RJ45 model) or 752 506 h (M12 model) @
40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
Mechanical Specifications
n Dimensions: conforming to CompactPCI® specification for
3U boards
n Weight: 316 g (16HP model with M12 connectors)
Environmental Specifications
n Temperature range (operation):
o -40..+85°C (qualified components)
o Airflow: min. 10 m³/h
n Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
Technical Data
Relative humidity (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
Relative humidity (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
Altitude: -300 m to + 3000 m
Shock: according to EN 60068-2-27
Bump: according to EN 60068-2-29
Vibration (sinusoidal): according to EN 60068-2-6
Conformal coating on request (standard with M12
n PCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by
UL recognized manufacturers
n Tested according to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC
1000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 1000-4-4 (burst)
n Firmware for configuration and management included
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
Configuration & Options
Standard Configurations
Article No.
Front Panel
Conformal coating
12 HP
On request
16 HP
Front Connectors / Mechanical
n RJ45 connectors
o 12 HP (3-slot) front panel
n M12 D connectors
o 16 HP (4-slot) front panel
Environmental specifications
n Conformal coating for RJ45 models (standard with M12
Cooling Concept
n Also available with conduction cooling in MEN CCA frame
Please note that some of these options may only be
available for large volumes. Please ask our sales staff
for more information.
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
Ordering Information
Standard F302 Models
Managed Switch with 8 Fast Ethernet ports,
1 Fast Ethernet controller, RJ45
connectors, 12HP, -40..+85°C with qualified
Managed Switch with 8 Fast Ethernet ports,
1 Fast Ethernet controller, M12 connectors,
16HP, -40..+85°C with qualified components,
conformal coating
Related Hardware
I2C dongle for F302, G302 and managed SFxx
switches, 512Kb, D-Sub, -40..+85°C
Software: Firmware/BIOS
Ethernet Switch Firmware for managed RSx,
SFx and F302 models
For operating systems not mentioned here contact MEN
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F302 User Manual
14ETSW-00 Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware
Managed Ethernet Switch Quick Start Guide
Managed Ethernet Switch Command Line
Interface User Manual - Command Reference
For the most up-to-date ordering information and direct
links to other data sheets and downloads, see the F302
online data sheet under »
F302 Data Sheet - 2012-08-21
Embedded Solutions
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