Williams Sound PFM 300 Owner`s manual

Williams Sound PFM 300 Owner`s manual
Do you want to hear better in noise?
Try MyLink™
• MyLink gives you direct, wireless access
to a speaker’s voice, even in difficult
• MyLink can be used in combination with
most hearing instruments
• MyLink is very easy to use
• MyLink is very affordable
Alerting Devices/Signaling Systems
The Western Institute
for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing (WIDHH),
in operation since
1956, offers exceptional
services to Deaf,
Deafened and Hard of
Hearing individuals.
We provide innovative
products, services and
programs, which promote
accessibility equal to that
of the hearing public.
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Sonic Alert
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Alarm Clocks, Watches and Timers
Alarm Clocks
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Travel Clocks, Watches, Timers & Accessories
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TTY’s / TDD’s
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Voice Carry Over (VCO) Telephone
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Amplified Telephones
Desktop Telephones
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Cordless Telephones
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Telephone Accessories
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Personal Amplifier
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Personal FM Systems
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Television Assistive Devices
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Other Assistive Devices
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Specialty Products
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Return & Exchange Policy
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We’re non-profit.
We listen to you.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Alerting Devices & Signalling Systems
To Hear the Phone Ring
Phone L: $29.00
You will never miss an important
sound or signal. The Simplicity
system is made of units, that can
work individually or together, to
turn everyday sounds into signals
you can see.
Basic Signaller. Flashes lamp when phone rings.
Simplicity signallers notify you
of: the doorbell, telephone ringer,
smoke detector or a baby cry.
Desktop model. Flashes lamp when phone rings and
transmits to Simplicity receivers.
The Simplicity unit can flash a lamp
or activate a bed shaker. Different
patterns help you identify which
sound is occurring.
Installation is simple: just plug the
unit into the wall.
Phone LT: $49.00
Flashes lamp and transmits to Simplicity receivers.
Phone LTD: $55.00
To Hear the Doorbell
Door LT: $65.00
When your doorbell rings, this unit will flash a lamp
and transmit to Simplicity receivers. Requires simple
wiring. Includes doorbell button and wire. Works in
homes with or without an existing doorbell system.
Door LTW: $109.00
Wireless model. This unit flashes a lamp and
transmits to Simplicity receivers. No wiring required.
Includes wireless doorbell button and transmitter for
chime. Works in homes with or without an existing
doorbell system.
Smoke Detector/ Baby Cry
Sound T: $39.00
Don’t miss
an important
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Detects important everyday sounds such as a baby’s
cry, smoke detector or oven timer and transmits to
Simplicity receivers. Must be used with a Simplicity
remote receiver.
Sound LTD: $49.00
Desktop model. Detects important everyday sounds
such as a baby’s cry, smoke detector or oven timer and
transmits to Simplicity receivers. Must be used with a
Simplicity remote receiver.
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Understanding Simplicity
Model Names:
T = Transmits to remote
S = Features built in
L = Flashes a lamp
R = Receiver
D = Desktop model
strobe light
W = Wireless
Remote Receivers
Receiver LR: $49.00
Receiver LRD: $49.00
Remote Receiver, flashes a
plugged in lamp when activated.
Desktop model, flashes a plugged
in lamp when activated.
Receiver SRD: $55.00
Simplicity Strobe: $35.00
Desktop Model, flashes built-in
strobe lamp when activated.
Attention getter! A simple,
easy to use Strobe Light that
can be used with Simplicity “L”
products and receivers.
Gentex Smoke Detection System
Gentex Portable Smoke Detector 710LS: $229.00
This portable, small smoke detector gives a reliable early warning in the presence
of smoke. Easy to set-up, just plug into any electrical wall outlet and take it with
you anywhere. Portable, audible and visual smoke detector, perfect for small
apartments, dorm rooms or bachelor suites.
Gentex Hardwired Smoke Detector 710CS: $106.00
This smoke detector gives a reliable early warning in the presence of smoke.
Audible and visual units that must be hardwired into a wall or ceiling.
Installation is done by a licensed electrician. Used with a remote strobe (Gentex
XS120) to alert you in other areas of your home.
Gentex Remote Strobe Receiver XS120: $106.00
This device meets ADA, NFPA and other code requirements. Can be flushmounted to a wall or ceiling. This flashes when a Gentex smoke detector is
activated by smoke. To be used with Gentex 710CS only.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Sonic Alert offers a series of
signallers that monitor your
doorbell, telephone, a baby cry,
alarm clock, etc. When any of
these sounds are detected, the
signaller flashes a light plugged
into it.
Sonic Alert signallers can also
send a signal through your
home’s electrical system to remote
receivers that can be plugged in
any room of your home.
ti D
lli S
Telephone Ring Signallers
TR-50: $33.00
TR-55: $73.00
An economical
telephone ring
signaller. Identical to
the TR-55, except the
TR-50 does NOT send
to remote receivers.
Ideal for one-room
The TR-55 plugs into
any wall outlet and
phone jack. When the
telephone rings, the
lamp plugged into the
signaller will flash. The
TR-55 also sends a signal
to remote receivers in
other rooms, causing
them to flash as well.
TR-75: $82.00
TR-75VR: $89.00
The same as the TR-55,
but with a switch that
allows you to use the
lamp plugged into it
for room lighting as
well as for alerting you
to incoming telephone
and TTY calls.
Same as the TR-75,
but is a signaller for
the Video Phone. This
device allows you to
switch to different
flash patterns.
Smoke Detector/ Baby Cry
BC-400: $69.00
Plug the BC-400 into a wall outlet in your baby’s
room and plug the remote receiver anywhere you
want to be alerted. When your child cries, a lamp
will flash. Great for peace of mind.
USS-360: $79.00
Seeing the sounds
you need to hear.
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Place the USS-360 next to the sound source (smoke
detector, alarm clock, oven timer, baby, etc.) and it
will convert the sound into flashing lights or a bed
shaker (SS-120V). The USS-360 also sends a signal to
remote receivers in other rooms. The light plugged
into the USS-360 can be used for room lighting as
well as for alerting.
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Doorbell Signallers
DS-800: $126.00
DB-100: $139.00
This doorbell signaller alerts you
when the doorbell is pushed. A lamp
plugged into the DS-800 will flash 4-5
times each time the doorbell is pushed.
The DS-800 will work in homes
with or without an existing doorbell
system. Wire and doorbell button
included. The DS-800 also sends a
signal to remote receivers in other
rooms, causing them to flash as well.
The DB-100 is the only doorbell and
intercom signaller that requires no
wires and can be installed in seconds.
Features include different flash code
for front door, rear door or intercom
(requires additional sensor) and built
in chime for hearing members of the
family (can be turned off).
DS-70: $62.00
DB-200: $160.00
The same as the DS-800, except
that it does not transmit to remote
Same as the DB-100 except that
it also has a telephone ring
Remote Receivers
BL-300: $78.00
SA-201: $76.00
The Sonic Blink receiver will alert
you by flashing its bright strobe
light when a signal is received.
This deluxe remote receiver allows
you to use the lamp plugged into it
for both room lighting and also for
signalling/alerting. Just plug into
any wall outlet and plug a lamp into
the receiver. Ideal for use in living
rooms and bedrooms or anywhere
the lamp would be needed for room
lighting and signalling.
RH-100: $59.00
SA-101: $59.00
When the doorbell, telephone or other
signallers are activated, the remote
horn emits a loud (78-85 decibels),
low-frequency audio horn sound. The
Remote Horn receiver is operational as
soon as it’s plugged in.
Same as the SA-201, only the lamp
or bulb that is plugged into the SA101 can be used for signalling and
not for room lighting. A bed shaker
(SS-120V) may be used in place of the
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Alerting Devices Signalling Systems
AM-6000: $236.00
The AlertMaster System is a
remarkable visual or tactile
notification system which uses a
vibrating pager, flashing lamp, or
powerful bed-shaker and panel
of indicator lights to inform you
which action has triggered the
Additional accessories will
transmit a signal to the base
console or pager up to 80 feet. It is
totally wireless, just plug it in.
All-In-One wireless
notification system.
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The AlertMaster AM-6000 is a complete signalling system
that alerts you of all the activities in your home. The
system is useful in hotel rooms, bachelor suites or student
residences (additional devices may be added if the system
is required for other rooms). The AM-6000 comes with
a powerful bed-shaker and a wireless clip-on doorbell.
Accessories sold separately.
AM-100: $113.00
The system flashes a lamp when the telephone or doorbell
rings. Different flash patterns help you tell what’s
happening. No wiring, just plug in! Wireless doorbell
included. Works with AM-PX personal vibrating signaller.
Accessories for the AM-6000
Remote Receiver AM-RX2: $84.00
Motion Sensor AM-SX: $115.00
You will be notified wherever
the receiver is placed - kitchen,
livingroom, garage, basement,
This will monitor the area
you place it in and will alert
you when someone has
entered and flashes the lamp
of the AlertMaster system.
Personal Signaller AM-PX: $112.00
Door Announcer AM-DX: $75.00
You can wear this lightweight receiver
anywhere around your house and
you’ll be alerted to activity around
your home. It has a mini-console
of indicator lights and alerts with
different vibrating motions for each
Place the AM-DX next to your
existing doorbell or intercom. Ideal
for apartments, condos or suites with
a common security door or gate.
Tactile Signaller AM-PXB: $135.00
Baby Monitor AM-BX: $69.00
Similar to the AM-PX, plus a touch
switch for persons who have a visual
Place this portable monitor near
your infant to alert you when your
baby cries.
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Alarm Clocks, Watches and Timers
Alarm Clocks
Sonic Boom: $86.00
If an ordinary alarm clock is not
loud enough to wake you up, or if
using a clock radio is not possible
because it will annoy others, you
can purchase an alarm clock that
flashes a lamp or activates a bed
The bed shaker, which is normally
placed under the mattress, will
vibrate strong enough to wake you
up, but will not disturb others.
Wake up to any combination of a loud pulsating
audio alarm, flashing lights or pillow vibrator.
Choose the flashing lamp or the bed shaker and you
will not disturb family members in other rooms of
the house. Also has built in receiver and will work
with any Sonic Alert product. Does not include bed
Sonic Boom with Shaker: $115.00
Sonic Boom clocks also serve as Sonic Alert remote
receivers and will work with the full line of
telephone, door and sound signallers. You will not
disturb family members in other rooms of the house.
Includes bed shaker.
Sonic Boom Analog Alarm: $74.00
Analog Alarm with an easy to set alarm with no AM
or PM to be confused with, easy to see extra large
display and adjustable volume and tone control.
Includes bed shaker.
Wake Assure: $88.00
Loud audio tone and flashing lamp options. Super
bright 2 inch display makes for easy reading day
or night. Auto snooze feature and battery back up.
Includes bed shaker.
Never sleep through the
alarm again.
Travel Size Alarm: $62.50
Lightweight and portable, with tone and volume
control. Includes bed shaker.
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To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Afraid that you’ll miss your
flight, or that you’ll be late
for work?
These alarm clocks ensure
you’ll never be late again.
They work by activating a
flashing lamp, bed-shaker,
a quiet buzzer or all.
Travel Alarm Clocks and Watches
Portable Alarm: $43.00
Use it for travel, a dorm room or
wherever your lifestyle takes you.
Shake Awake Travel Clock:
Perfect for home, office and
travel. Uses 2-AA and 1-AAA
Vibralite 3-SS Watch: $108.00
Vibralite 3-BL: $94.00
Vibrating watch can be used
as an alarm or to remind you
of important appointments.
Stainless Steel Band.
Features two alarm events,
automatic countdown timer.
Leather Band.
Vibralite 3-VB: $80.00
Serene Innovations VW100:
Same features as the other
vibralite watches with Velcro
band in light blue, white or dark
This vibrating alarm watch, has a
timeless classic style, perfect for
business and classy events.
Timers and Accessories
Triple Tell Timer: $29.00
Multi-alert timer with beep, flash and vibration.
Useful as medication reminder, presentation timer or
parking meter alert.
Bed Shaker SS-120V: $73.00
Bed Shaker SS-12V: $55.00
Can be plugged into Sonic Alert
receivers and when activated, will
awake even a heavy sleeper.
Designed to be plugged into the
vibrator outlet on the back of the
Sonic Boom™ Alarm Clock.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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TTY’s / TDD’s
Minicom IV: $329.00
For nearly 30 years, Ultratec
has set the pace in research and
development for persons who are
Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech
Impaired. Text communication
products for your home, workplace or on the go - all guaranteed
by Ultratec’s stringent standards
for exceptional quality.
The Western Institute for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing carries
a complete line of TTY’s. Our
factory trained technician is
available to answer any of your
questions about the different
models available.
Basic TTY, easy to use. 20 character display, easytouch keyboard, can be connected to a printer.
Universal cups for traditional and modern analog
telephone handsets.
Miniprint 425: $609.00
Basic printing TTY, Turbo Code™ for conversations
as fast as you can type. Features include, direct
connect, 3 different printing fonts, Auto ID™, preprogrammed messages and auto-answer that prints
your messages.
Supercomm 4400: $499.00
Direct Connect - TTY can be connected directly
into the telephone line. TTY announcer, pre-set
answering machine, memory dialing by name,
keyboard dialing. Can be connected to a printer.
Superprint 4425: $725.00
Page 11
Advanced technology with Direct Connect, Turbo
Code™, 32K memory, supports 3-way calling,
interrupt capability, saves and prints messages,
built in answering machine and you can modify the
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Specialty TTY’s and Accessories
Uniphone 1140: $415.00
Compact “C” TTY: $470.00
The one phone for everyone,
combining a telephone, TTY and
amplified phone, all in one! Has
a volume control for telephone
handset, built-in ring/flasher and
has printer port to connect to an
external printer.
Attach certain cell phones
for portable calling. Full-size
keyboard, 80 character 2 line
display tilts automatically for
comfortable viewing. Long
lasting batteries for many hours of
portable use. Cellular phone must
have TTY mode or option.
TTY Paper - Box of Three: $6.95
2 ¼” thermal TTY paper for most standard TTY’s.
Ultratec Power Adaptor: $22.00
Ultratec Power Adaptor: $22.00
UTI-PWR1 replacement TTY
power adaptor for most standard
UTI-PWR2 replacement TTY
power adaptor for Uniphone and
Compact “C” TTY.
What is a Voice Carry Over (VCO)?
The VCO TTY Relay Service is for people who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf or late-Deafened who
wish to speak to a hearing person and receive a typed response.
A VCO allows a person to use their own voice on the telephone and read the other person’s
response. People who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf or late-Deafened can use the VCO.
Voice Carry Over Telephone
Dialogue VCO: $359.00
A powerful amplified, hearing aid compatible phone that allows you to make
VCO calls through the local Message Relay Service. It’s easy to use and no
typing is required. Features a speed dial button for fast Relay access, 3.5mm
audio jack, preset message indicates VCO calls, adjustable tone control,
adjustable super loud ringer and a built in text answering machine.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Amplified Telephones
Desktop Telephones
GEEMARC GM 1100: $99.00
Are you having trouble hearing
friends and family on the
We have a range of phones that
can help. But more importantly,
we understand from first-hand
experience, how difficult and
frustrating the telephone can be.
For innovative solutions to specific
problems with the telephone,
check out our demonstration room
and let us work on a solution with
Features 30dB incoming gain, hearing aid compatible,
12 memory buttons, visual ring indicator and an
adjustable ring level and melody selection. Also
amplifies your outgoing voice by 12dB. Available in
GEEMARC GM 400: $149.00
Features up to 50dB incoming gain, tone control,
caller ID capabilities, 3 emergency speed dial keys,
speakerphone, strobe ring signaller, 95dB adjustable
ringer and a headset and neckloop jack. Also
amplifies your outgoing voice by 12dB. Available in
black or white.
Ameriphone XL30: $159.00
Features 30dB incoming gain, amplifier automatically
resets to normal volume level when you hang up,
extra large buttons, tone control, anti-feedback filter,
hearing aid compatible, super bright ring flasher and
super loud ringer.
Ameriphone XL50: $229.00
Features up to 60dB incoming gain, adjustable
volume and tone control, super loud ringer with
adjustable ring tone, extra large backlit buttons,
bright visual ringer, 11 memory buttons, hearing aid
compatible. 1 year warranty.
NoiZFree Handsfree Headset:
in touch.
Mono - single ear hook...........................................$69.00
Dual - for both ears.................................................$79.00
Bluetooth - Mono - single ear hook....................$179.00
Bluetooth - Dual - for both ears...........................$199.00
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To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Amplified Telephones
Cordless Telephones
Clarity W425: $169.00
Cordless Phones:
Cordless phones can offer many
benefits for those of who are Hard
of Hearing. Since you can carry
the phone with you, it’s easier to
hear the telephone ring and miss
fewer calls.
All the cordless phones we carry
are hearing aid compatible and
have built in memory to store
important phone numbers.
You can hear better and go
handsfree. All of our cordless
phones have a convenient headset
jack which allows you to use
an amplified neckloop with
your hearing aids. This helps to
eliminate annoying squealing
(feedback) and allows you to talk
Don’t miss
a call.
Features up to 30dB incoming gain, large lighted dial
pad buttons, customized extra loud ringer, visual
ring indicator, 1 year limited warranty.
Clarity C420: $179.00
Features up to 30dB incoming gain, large lighted
dial pad buttons, customized extra loud ringer,
bright visual ring indicator, call waiting and caller ID
compatible and 1 year limited warranty.
Clarity CL4205: $219.00
Features up to 40dB incoming gain, 3 tone settings to
customize your listening experience, digital sound
processing, 2.4 GHz cordless technology.
Telephones and Hearing Aids
Many hearing aids have a “T” switch, that can allow you
to hear on compatible telephones without a high-pitched
whistle (feedback). Most phones, made after 1989 (with the
exception of cordless and cellular phones), are compatible
with hearing aids that have a “T” switch/ program.
If your hearing aid has a “T” switch and you have a
compatible phone, follow these steps:
• Before you pick up the phone, switch the hearing aid to
“T” or to the Telephone Program (you will usually hear 2
• Turn up the volume of the hearing aid. Hold the earpiece
to your hearing aid and move it around until you can hear
• When you are finished with your call, turn down the
volume on your hearing aid and switch it back to the
microphone position.
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To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Telephone Accessories
Ameriphone In-Line Amplifier
HA 40: $60.00
TA-1 PT-Tools: $50.00
Powerful and easy to use, works
with most phones, adjustable
volume and tone control, uses 9
volt battery and has a low battery
Strap-on telephone amplifier.
You can take it anywhere with
you. Light-weight, has on/
off volume wheel control that
amplifies up to 25dB and a 3.5mm
output jack. Requires 2-AAA
Cellphone Headset Amplifier
MHA100: $59.00
Clearsounds Phone Ringer
with Strobe Light: $80.00
Amplifies incoming sounds up
to 24dB and makes words easier
to understand. Portable and
convenient, this device is designed
for mobile, cordless and cellular
phones with a 2.5mm headset jack.
Extra loud ringer, adjustable pitch
and volume, flashing strobe light
and can be mounted on the wall.
Easy to install - just plug it in.
Super Phone Ringer SR 100: $60.00
Phone Flasher 200: $35.00
Up to five times louder than
normal phone ringers, adjustable
volume and pitch, and has a
modular jack for easy connection.
This device is powered by
your phone-line, requiring
no additional power outlet.
Improved 180 degree dome cover
spreads an ultra bright LED
signal throughout the room. Also
works with most PBX systems
and video phone equipment.
Amplified Neckloop GEEMARC T-Loop: $129.00
This neckloop with a built-in microphone that addresses feedback problems experienced
by people with t-coil hearing aids when using telephones. It allows the user to hear clearly
in both ears and talk handsfree on the phone. Just slip it over your head to rest on your
shoulders and listen with your hearing aids. The neckloop works with most cell phones, as
well as cordless and desktop phones, audio devices and iPods™, uses AAA batteries. One
year warranty.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Assistive Listening Device
Williams Sound PockeTalker: $219.00
Are there situations where
you have trouble enjoying a
conversation with friends and
Are there times when you can’t
enjoy listening to the television
without turning up the volume
and risk annoying others?
Perhaps you can’t enjoy lectures
because the speaker is too far
A Personal Amplifier may be of
benefit to you in these situations.
The PockeTalker features simple fingertip adjustable
volume and tone control, plug-in microphone, belt
clip, lanyard cord and listening accessories jack
(accommodates a variety of headphone & earbud
options. Can be used with an optional neckloop).
The device can also be used to listen to the television
with the included 12 foot extension cord. With
the Telelink adaptor (sold separately), telephone
conversations can be heard clearly. Includes 2-AAA
batteries for 100 hours of performance. 5 year
Williams Sound PockeTalker Accessories:
Single Earbud...........................................................$20.00
Dual Earbud.............................................................$23.00
Behind-the-Neck Headset.......................................$27.00
Williams Sound Neckloop......................................$59.00
Replacement Microphone.......................................$48.00
Picture Not
Mini-Lapel Microphone..........................................$90.00
Get more
out of life.
Neckloop Coupler (for hearing aids with “T” switch)..........$80.00
Williams Sound Telelink........................................$80.00
Conference Microphone CM3.............................$112.00
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Picture Not
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Made for active living.
And ready for anything.
CENTRA Active™ is the wearer-focused receiver-in-canal hearing instrument specially
designed for people on the go. Simple to fit and easy to wear, its durable design
stands up to moisture and works all day on a single night’s charge. It’s everything
today’s wearers want, with breakthrough technologies like SoundSmoothing™,
DataLearning™, and e2e wireless™. For more information please visit our website:
CENTRA Active. For active people, it’s central to what really matters.
Siemens Hearing Instruments • www.siemens.ca/hearing
Personal FM Systems
Williams Sound PFM 300: $989.00
Eliminating background noise and
echoes is often the key to hearing
in difficult situations.
An FM System consists of a
transmitter and a receiver. The
transmitter sends the voice or
other signals you want to hear
directly to the receiver. It’s as
though you were right next to the
Perfect for classrooms, job training, conferences and
more. Has a range of up to 150 feet and brings the
speaker “closer” and greatly reduces background
noise. Operates on easily replaceable AA batteries.
Williams Sound PFM 350: $1,069.00
Same as the PFM 300, but the receiver has an
“environmental” microphone which is useful for
situations where you want to hear those close to you
and from a distance.
FM Systems & Hearing Aids:
Many hearing aids are designed to
use an integrated FM System. This
will enable easier hearing in noisy
situations and over distances. Ask
our audiologists to show you how
an FM System will work with your
hearing aids.
Hear at
a distance.
Wide Area FM Systems
Williams Sound Personal PPA 375: $1,235.00
An easy and effective way to allow those who
have difficulty hearing to participate in large
meetings, places of worship, etc. The PPA 375
is ideal for auditoriums, stadiums, theatres or
large venues where superior coverage is essential,
operating up to 1,000 feet.
Setting up the transmitter is easy. Quickly choose
between voice, music or hearing assistance in
the Application Preset Menu. The device will
configure itself to the appropriate setting - taking
the guess work out of complex audio installation.
The PPA 375 comes complete with 4 stylized
single-channel R35 receivers.
Additional Receivers are $172.00 each.
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To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Integrated Signal Processing™ A Significant Breakthrough
Widex is pleased to announce the latest in hearing technology - Integrated Signal
Processing™ (ISP™) - a unique system that integrates the user, the environment
and the technology to create a three dimensional world of hearing.
The main limitation of traditional hearing aid
processing is that all the devices and systems
work independently. Information is not shared
and the best quality sound for each person may
be difficult to obtain. With ISP™, Widex has
solved this problem. For the first time, all
processing units work together like a computer
within a computer.
All processes functioning as one allows:
• Increased efficiency, accuracy and the
ability to individualise your hearing aid
to your needs
• You to hear and understand people much
more clearly, even in noisy environments
For more information phone today: Toll free 1 866.878.0924 or visit www.widex.ca/info
Television Assistive Devices
Clarity TV Amplifier C120 : $229.00
If enjoying the television means
turning it up too loud for others,
these devices may help and bring
peace to your life.
The devices use infrared
technology and they work
by sending the sound to you
wirelessly using an invisible beam
of light.
They are easy to install,
lightweight and convenient to use.
Wireless stereo sound transmits from a television,
stereo or MP3 player to your amplified headset.
Amplifies up to 50dB at 124dBSPL with adjustable
volume and tone control, automatic shutoff. Has
telephone call notification, by connecting your
telephone line to the base. Includes 2 rechargeable
batteries, external TV microphone, AC adaptor and 2
audio cords. 1 year warranty.
Sennheiser Set 810: $425.00
Cordless listening within rooms of up to 60sq.m.,
delivers mono or stereo TV sound, maximum volume
level of 125dB, turns on automatically when worn,
rechargeable directly on transmitter, individually
adjustable ear-bows, large, easy-to-use volume
control, weighs only 65g including rechargeable
Sennheiser Set 810S: $469.00
Wireless infrared listening system for use with
hearing aids and delivers sound directly to your
ears. Functions within rooms of up to 60sq.m.,
quickly recharge on the transmitter, large, easyto-use volume control, only weighs 49g including
rechargeable battery.
Sennheiser Set 820: $489.00
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Wireless infrared listening system, with 100 foot
average range, so you can leave the room while still
listening to a TV program or music. The system is
enhanced with radio frequency (RF) technology for a
larger coverage area. It consists of an 820 RF stereo
transmitter and receiver with automatic frequency
tuning. Has a large, easy-to-use volume control dial.
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Other Assistive Devices
Chattervox: $300.00
This Chattervox is a portable voice amplification system for those
who need to make their own voice louder. The system can boost your
volume by as much as 18dB. It consists of a rechargeable “fanny pack”
speaker unit along with an extremely comfortable headset microphone.
Can be used by, fitness instructors, tour guides or for trade shows.
Listen toTV
without disturbing
Enjoy listening to your TV
anywhere in the house.
Great for anyone who has
hearing difficulties.
Can also be used with stereo,
DVD and MP3 players.
Compatible with hearing aids
and cochlear implants.
To hear how the Sennheiser system
can help you enjoy TV sound,
come by for a demonstration
Sennheiser (Canada) Inc.
The Western Institute for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing carries many
other specialty items. Contact
us for information on Sound
Conditioners, Tinnitus Maskers,
Wide Area FM Systems, Infrared
and Loop Receivers and adaptive
devices for the telephone.
Please Note: For Sale items and
Special Orders - No Returns
Private Page: $279.00
Private Page base transmitter and vibrating
pager (1 transmitter & 1 pager). Notify
employees, coworkers or relatives in a large
area, for attention. Your employer can also
page in alpha-numeric codes for specific tasks
in mind. Great for grocery stores, restaurants,
warehouses, construction sites and where
public address systems are not convenient
or lack the necessary range. This device can
transmit a signal for up to 2 miles. Ask for
prices for additional pagers. You can also
order a magnetic shut-off, vibrating only, or
tone and vibrating pagers.
Personal Pager: $69.00
Your one-stop source for
quality products.
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A gentle, vibrating pager lets you know when
someone wants your attention, i.e.. your boss,
parents, teacher or coach. This Personal Pager
is lightweight and clips easily to your clothes
and vibrates whenever someone presses the
push-button transmitter. Transmits up to 80
To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Smoke Detection System
Silent Call Shake-Up Kit (with vibrator): $500.00
When the Smoke Detector with transmitter is activated the audible siren
sounds and the transmitter sends a signal (up to 100 feet away) to the
Shake-Up receiver with vibrator to wake you up. Included in this kit is
1 Smoke Detector with transmitter and 1 Shake-Up receiver with bed
vibrator. Add additional smoke detectors and receivers throughout
your home for complete coverage. Ask for prices.
Silent Call Shake-Up Kit (with built-in transmitter - requires a receiver): $109.00
When a Silent Call Smoke Detector or Fire Alarm transmitter is
activated, a Shake-Up Receiver (purchased separately) alerts you. It
can also be used with a battery backup in case of a power failure. This
device is simple to install, easy to operate, can be placed up to 100 feet
from the transmitter and you can use multiple receivers in the same
Video Phone
D-Link DVC-1000: $299.00
You can see and hear your family, friends and colleagues with
videophone calls using your television. With the D-Link DVC1000 users can use their broadband Internet connection to make
and receive high quality video conference calls across town or
around the globe. This device is easy to use, a remote control
is included and no PC is required: just plug in to your existing
network and you are set to go in minutes. Works with phone
signallers for flashing lamp notification. Includes a one year
warranty. Requirements: TV, Ethernet network cable, broadband
cable, DSL or Ethernet Internet Connection.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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The Communication Aids
Department is your one-stop source
for quality products for Deaf and
Hard of Hearing individuals.
Every product has been carefully
selected to offer the highest level of
quality and value.
Return & Exchange Policy
We will gladly provide a refund or exchange within 14 business days (including
Saturdays) if you are not completely satisfied with the product. For on-line or
mail orders, we will gladly provide a refund or exchange within 30 business days
(including Saturdays), if you are not completely satisfied with your order.
• The item must be in the original carton and in “like new” condition to receive
a full refund. If this criteria is not met, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee.
• We do not refund shipping costs.
• Delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer.
Our staff have the expertise to help
you solve telephone communication
problems, repair TTY’s and assist
employers with accommodation
• Returns must be accompanied by the original sales invoice, including your
credit card receipt (if applicable).
• Returns must be returned with all original packaging materials, instruction
booklets and accessories.
• No Returns Accepted - After 60 Days.
Showroom TTY:
• No Returns Accepted - Sale Items & Special Orders.
[email protected]
The Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is not responsible for
repairs on products after the 14 day return period.
• If you return a defective product to us within 14 days, we will replace it at no
We’re non-profit.
We listen to you.
• After 60 days and within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you must return
the product to an authorized warranty repair centre (except for Sonic Alert
products). Please contact us for authorized warranty repair centre.
• Warranty information varies from item to item. Please ask us for more details.
• Please read the Owner’s Manual of the product you purchased for more
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To order our products on-line, please visit our website www.widhh.ca
Our Locations
Head Office: (Showroom Location)
2125 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6K 1X9
604-736-7391 Voice
604-736-2527 TTY
604-736-4381 Fax
Willow Office: (Audiology Services Only)
#514 - 2525 Willow Street (at Broadway)
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 3N8
778-329-0870 Voice
778-329-0874 TTY
778-329-0875 Fax
Learning for Life Office: (Media Development Only)
#100 - 630 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC, V3M 1A5
604-777-0215 Voice
604-777-0216 TTY/ Fax
Okanagan Office: (Employment Services Only)
#120 - 1735 Dolphin Avenue
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 8A6
250-763-3562 Voice
250-763-3547 TTY
250-763-7608 Fax
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Experience How Good Life Can
Be with ClearSounds
Assistive Listening Products
CSC50 – UltraClear™
Sound Shaping
Telephone with
Caller ID
CL1 – UltraClear™
Sound Shaping
Phone Ring Signaler
CLA7 – UltraClea
Sound Shaping
Power Neckloop
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