Emerson Liebert NX User manual
AC Power Systems for
Business-Critical Continuity
Liebert NX - Next Generation UPS
for protecting your Business Critical Systems
Next Generation UPS for new levels
of modern equipment protection
Today’s advanced digital computing, communications, process control and medical
systems require power protection that is
just as innovative. These systems, however,
face many of the traditional threats to their
availability - foremost among them is a lack
of high quality power required to operate
sensitive electronics.
Emerson Network Power goal is solving
these challenges with a power solution that
combines high performance, compact size,
reliability and cost-efficiency.
Emerson Network Power Liebert NX is the
Next Generation of true-online, double
conversion digital UPS. Designed to meet
the high availability power needs of a wide
variety of applications, the Liebert NX
combines innovation and simplicity and
low cost of ownership. The result is a power
system that delivers both reliability and
a return on investment beyond what has
been traditionally offered.
The Liebert NX
An Outstanding Performer
The system’s advanced true-online, double
conversion topology features a digital
signal processor (DSP) controlled IGBT
rectifier and a digital signal processor
(DSP) controlled IGBT inverter.
DSP Power Factor Corrected IGBT Rectifier
generator sizing requirements leading
to reduced investment costs.
Low input current THDi enables avoiding
damage to other loads connected to
the upstream power distribution bus.
Wide input voltage window and frequency
tolerances contribute to higher system
availability by minimizing battery usage.
The rectifier provides ≥ 0.99 Input Power
Factor (PF), less than 3% of Input Current
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) and the
DSP Controlled IGBT inverter
widest input voltage window and frequency
Advanced inverter control technology
provides the highest output power quality,
0.99 Power Factor ensures maximization of ensuring very low output voltage THD
active power leading to reduced electricity and superior waveform to protect connecusage, minimization of cables and backup
ted loads.
It operates under a wide variety of conditions, handling 100% non-linear loads with
3:1 crest factor, as well as 100% unbalanced
The inverter control enables Liebert NX to
be suitable for the widest ranges of loads
required by the market; delivering full active
power rated kW up to 0.9 leading PF loads.
Pf=0.9 leading
rated kW
Pf=0.8 lagging
rated kW
kVAR leading
kVAR lagging
Leading Pf
de-rate profile
Rated kW limit
Pf=0.5 lead,upper
Pf=0.5 lagging,lower
limitreduced kW
limitreduced kW
True On-line Double Conversion Only a doubleconversion topology provides 100% protection
with complete input to output isolation and
totally regenerated power.
A double-conversion UPS delivers 100%
power conditioning, zero transfer time to
battery, great stability of output voltage
and frequency and better transient suppression
than line-interactive units.
Double-conversion systems also offer a wider
input voltage window that allows the UPS to
absorb deeper sags without having to transfer
to battery.
DSP Control
Fully digital control technology provides a
highly accurate, drift-proof control compared
to traditional analog electronics.
These features enable the UPS to provide
accurate, reliable power protection under
a wide range of conditions.
Extended Load Ranges
Modern Data Centers, Blade Servers, and IT
applications in general, need more active power.
Moreover In some instances, new Data Centers
have capacitive, or leading, features, while traditional systems had inductive power factors, also
known as lagging.
Leading Power Factor
exists when capacitive circuits prevail over
inductive circuits. In this case, current is said
to be “leading”, because its curve on a 2D chart
is phase-shifted ahead of the voltage curve.
UPS must be able to work according to real load
requirements. While in the past 0.7-0.8 Power
Factor was common for IT applications, today
computers’ PF is getting closer to 1.
The best investment you can make
in a UPS system: Reliability, Efficiency
and Value in a compact package.
How can I get the Highest levels
of Protection and Availability?
• The Liebert NX gives you built-in reliability
with redundant power supply cards,
highly efficient stratified cooling
of critical components and optional
redundant cooling fans.
• Wider input voltage and frequency
tolerances contribute to high power
• Digital controls provide the fastest
possible power management to enhance
reliability, accuracy and efficiency while
reducing component count.
• Dual bus compatibility and system
redundancy further enhance the
availability of power.
• High overload protection handles 110%
overload for 60 minutes, 125% for 10
minutes, and 150% for 1 minute.
How can I save on my electricity
bill and investment costs?
• The improved input power factor of
the Liebert NX can actually reduce
your electricity usage.
• It delivers the highest possible input
power factor - greater than 0.99 at rated
linear and non-linear loads - for maximum efficiency.
• The unique ability of the Liebert NX to
adjust power walk-in from 5 seconds
to 30 seconds, along with reduced input
current distortion and power factor correction, also enables you to save money
by reducing back-up generator sizing
• The unit’s compact footprint requires
less floor space, leaving you with more
room for other equipment.
• Liebert NX has built in Parallel and
Load Bus Synchronization (LBS) boards,
no extra hardware is needed, it may be
easily parallelized just with parallel cables.
• This ensures that clean power flows
upstream, avoiding damage to other
loads connected to the upstream
power distribution bus.
How can I satisfy the requirements
of the latest generation servers?
How can I protect and extend
the life of my batteries?
• Liebert NX is capable of driving wide
ranges of loads, from 0.5 lagging
to 0.9 leading; this feature makes the
UPS able to follow the latest IT industry
trends, with more active power available
for all kind of loads.
• Liebert NX minimizes transfers to batteries
thanks to its wide input voltage tolerance
down to 305 V.
• Temperature-compensated battery
charging extends battery life.
How can I protect also my
upstream-connected devices?
• The Liebert NX provides the clean
est level of upstream power with
the lowest level of input current
THDi in the industry.
How can I extend the system
when I need more power?
• Liebert NX features easy and simple
scalability and redundancy, in fact up
to six Liebert NX modules may be
paralleled in a redundant configuration
for added reliability and serviceability.
• The Liebert NX is compatible
with Liebert 's unique LSB.
How can I ensure the UPS will work
under the most severe conditions?
• The wide input voltage window of +10 to
-20% and a frequency tolerance of 40Hz
to 70Hz provide high quality power,
even when input parameters are below
standard. This helps to minimize transfer
Configurations A Full Range Of Features
To Meet All Your Power Availability Needs
Single Or Dual Input Operation
Your Liebert NX power system can be utilized
with either single or dual power inputs.
The dual power feature allows you to take
advantage of a secondary power source.
An optional wrap-around maintenance bypass
is also offered for the single input configuration.
How can I check my UPS status?
• The Liebert NX features easy access for
Liebert NX
Normal Mains
By pass Mains
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Critical Loaded
Dual Bus Configuration
Signal Cable
Dual Bus
Signal Cable
Critica Loaded #1
Critica Loaded #2
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Liebert NX
Source Two
Liebert NX
Source One
Liebert NX
• To meet a variety of needs, the Liebert
NX can provide power simultaneus
communications through a Relay
Contact Card, OpenComms™ Web Card
and MODbus J-Bus Card and MultiLink™
shutdown software.
1+N Configuration
Liebert NX
How can I monitor and
communicate with my UPS?
• Flexibility is achieved through many
choices including type of battery, number
of single and multi-unit configurations,
and an array of internal and external
power and communication options.
• Auto restart capability
provides added availability.
• Ultra-quiet performance with noise
levels below 54dB allows greater
latitude in where to place the unit.
• Adjustable power walk-in, numerous
user-specified settings, a choice of power
monitoring communications alternatives
and user friendly control are all handled
through the menu-driven LCD control
panel with detailed data reporting.
• Emerson Network Power is recognized
to be a great solution provider.
Please contact your local Emerson Network
Power office or Liebert representative to
receive special solution consultancy.
Hot Stand-By
Critical Loaded
Liebert NX
How can I satisfy my
particular installation needs?
• Liebert NX includes a built-in maintenance
bypass, optional wraparound maintenance bypass with IP 20 UPS enclosure protection - even with the front doors open.
• Redundant configuration allows you to
utilize one module while the other is
being serviced.
• Dual bus compatibility enables you to
transfer the load to an alternate power
source for maintenance activities.
Liebert NX
How can I easily maintain my UPS?
Stand Alone
Liebert NX
service thanks to front accessibility
of critical components, self-diagnostics
and various monitoring options.
• Large and user-friendly LCD display
provides operating information in
twelve different languages.
Liebert NX
to battery, reducing the charging
and discharging cycles.
• Back-feed protection sensing
ensures system integrity.
• Short-circuit-proof, DSP controlled inverter
provides highest output power quality.
Advanced Monitoring and Communications
Capabilities Keep You in Control
Communications Options
The Liebert NX includes three Intellislot™
ports designed to house multiple electronic
cards for a variety of monitoring and communication applications. These optional
cards include:
OpenComms™ Web Card - to meet the
needs of network managers by providing
interface to network management systems.
Relay Contact Card - addresses the basic
monitoring and communications needs
of users/maintenance personnel.
OpenComms™ MODbus-Jbus Card - to
interface with advanced Building Management Systems for facility monitoring.
In addition to remote communications,
service personnel can also use the RS-232
port for local downloading of data, while
the RS-485 port can be utilized for a variety
remote communications application.
Local Communications
Liebert NX provides excellent local communications through its LED-based mimic diagram and LCD panel.
While the mimic shows the live power path,
the back-lit contrast-adjusting LCD provides
you with detailed data on the unit and the
system in twelve different languages through
a user-friendly menu.
Liebert Power Monitoring Capabilities:
• MultiLink ™ Automated System
Shutdown Software
• OpenComms(tm) Nform
Monitoring System
• SiteScan(tm) Web Comprehensive
• Remote Power Monitor Panels
• Third-Party Monitoring Systems
Other Remote Communications
The Liebert NX provides other communications alternatives through RS-232
& RS-485 ports.
Emerson Network Power Service
Emerson Network Power Service offers a
wide variety of services and maintenance
programs designed to keep your mission
critical equipments operating continuously
and smoothly. Our aim is to design and
offer an overall service package to meet
customer’s needs from a technical and
commercial point of view.
More and more organizations around the
world trust Emerson Network Power Service
to minimize critical systems emergencies
and interruptions. We're backed by the largest
technical support and customer response
organization in the industry with factorytrained customer engineers and service
professionals in more than 100 service
centers ready to assist in maintaining your
uptime, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Emerson Network Power Service can provide service capability for your entire business critical infrastructure: from AC and DC
power systems, to battery systems, commutation systems and environmental and
site monitoring services.
Technical Characteris
Rated Power @ 0.8 PF [kVA]
Rectifier Input
Rectifier Type
Input Voltage
Input Frequency
Input Current THD
Input Power Factor
Power Walk-In
Bypass Input
Input Voltage
Battery Type
End-Cell Voltage
DC Ripple Current
DC Ripple Voltage
(float & const V Ch)
Temp. Comp. Charge
Inverter Type
Output Power
Output Voltage
Output Frequency
Output Voltage THD
Max. Load Crest Factor
Transient Volt. Resp.
Max. Leading PF Load
Voltage Displacement
Physical Parameters
Weight (approx.)
without batt.
UPS Enclosure IP
EMC Class
Storage Temp.
Operating Temp.
Relative Humidity
Maximum Altitude
above Mean Sea Level
IGBT-based Vector Controlled PFC (PF Corrected)
380 / 400 / 415 (Accepted from 305 to 477 without batt. Use)
50 or 60 (Accepted range from 40 to 70)
<3% (without any Filter)
≥ 0.99 (without any Filter)
5 to 30 (selectable)
Liebert NX 10 to 40 kVA is designed
to house optional battery bank
within the UPS cabinet for a specified run time.
380 / 400 / 415
VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or Wet / Flooded or NiCd
Selectable from 1.60 to 1.90 (for VRLA)
A complete range of external cabinets is available for all Liebert NX:
battery cabinets, transformer
cabinets, and maintenance bypass
<5% (of C10 AH capacity) RMS value
<1% (RMS value)
Standard (where internal batteries 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 kVA)
and Optional (for all other battery configurations)
IGBT-based Vector, Repetitive & PI Controlled
380 / 400 / 415 +/- 0.5 Regulation (3-phase RMS average)
50 or 60 with +/- 0.05 Regulation
1% (max)
3:1 (compliant with IEC 62040-3)
10 to recover ± 5% of Nominal Voltage for 0% to 100% or 100% to 0% step load
Up to 0.9
120°+/-10 el (with 100% unbalanced load)
110% for 60 minutes, 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 1 minute
up to 96
720 1050
IP 20 (even with open front door)
IEC 62040-3, IEC 62040-2, IEC 62040-1-1, IEC 60146-1-1,
IEC 61000-4-2, 4, 5, 6, 8,11, EN 50091-1-1, EN 50091-2,
EN 50091-3, EN 60950, EN 60529, ANSI C62.41 (IEEE 587)
Class-A (Applicable for both Radiated & Conducted)
-20 to 70 (UPS) & -20 to 30 (Battery)
0 to 40 (UPS) & 25 +/-5 (Battery)
0 to 95% (non-condensing)
1000 (as per IEC 62040/3)
Liebert NX comes in 10 popular
ratings: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80,
100, 120, 140, 160, 200 kVA (400V,
50/60 Hz). All these UPS’s are of
identical look, and declined in 4 different dimensions.
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