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Allworx 6x Overview
Award-winning phone systems for small and medium businesses
Thousands of SMBs have made the smooth, risk-free VoIP transition with Allworx — the only solution
that combines the features, reliability and price of traditional systems with the benefits of VoIP.
Phone Systems
• Full PBX & Key System
• Presence Management
• Multi-site Integration
• Unified Messaging
• Voice Over Internet
IP Phones
• Customizable Features
• High-Fidelity Voice
• Powerful Conferencing
• Connect Anywhere
• Built to Last
Software Features
• Call Assistant ™
• Call Queuing™
• Conference Center™
• Internet Call Access™
• Dual Language Pack
It’s true! Small and medium businesses can have it all!
Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an all-in-one
communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones
and powerful software features that can substantially improve your company’s
productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The 6x is an excellent choice if
you are upgrading your existing antiquated system or starting a new forward-thinking
business. If you meet any of these situations, the Allworx 6x is designed for you:
Existing phone system costs too much
Business is moving, expanding or your needs are changing
Need to make your business more efficient
Looking to save 30–50% on your telephone and operational costs
9224 IP Phone with Tx 92/24 Expander
6x Phone System
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Key advantages for businesses
Many companies make the claim that they are the best or the easiest, but
few can back up these claims. Allworx makes it easy to see why it is the
only right choice for your business.
More savings for you
No compromising on features
Allworx is priced right — your savings will be equal to or greater
than any other fully-featured VoIP communication system.
Allworx is the only analog, VoIP and data system available with a
complete feature set for small businesses.
Lowest expansion cost — with no need for gateways,
expansion cards or other third-party products, Allworx
has the lowest total cost over the life of the system.
Same features, same operation — calls continue to work
like your traditional phone system, so the switch to an Allworx
system is transparent to users.
No hidden charges — Allworx pricing is
straightforward and uncomplicated.
Analog and VoIP — add VoIP and keep some analog lines
for 911 use.
Internet calling saves you money — with our Internet
Call Access™ option, calling between sites is free and
saves additional money by switching to an ITSP for
telephone service.1,2
New features — caller ID based routing, find me/follow me
calling, unified messaging and more.
Instant remote access — remote users connect
instantly using ordinary broadband connections and
without extra hardware, software or cost.
Powerful conference calling — with the Allworx
Conference Center™ option, you get the added convenience of
an eight-seat conference bridge.
No per-seat software charges — software options
have one-time fees with unlimited users.
Transition at your own pace
It’s got to be easy
New technology can be daunting. That’s why Allworx gives you
the largest set of traditional telephone capabilities of any VoIP
solution in its class! Now you can simultaneously use both analog
and VoIP phone connections as you control the pace of your
transition to new technology.
Whether you are installing a single site or linking together
multiple offices and remote users, no other system comes close
to providing the simplicity and speed of installation.
You control when to use VoIP — enough analog ports in
the base configuration allow you to control when and how
you move to VoIP … so you can do it without disrupting your
business operations.
You control when to add features — power features
like Call Queuing™, multi-site calling, Call Assistant™ and TAPI
are activated via easy software keys … add them as you
need them.
Easiest to use — a choice of Allworx phones with ample
buttons means you can replace what you have today, and
makes the Allworx system the easiest to use and administer.
Easiest to grow — add phones without costly software or
installation charges in hours, not days.
Simple transition — it’s easy to learn the new system
without skipping a beat.
Multi-site/remote users — connecting sites across town or
across the country has never been easier — or as seamless.
Easiest access to Internet calling — multiple service
providers to choose from.
Allworx is the answer!
Allworx 6x Overview, Page 3
Phone system
With its flexibility and expandability, VoIP and multi-site calling capability, remote user support,
follow-me calling and auto attendants, the Allworx 6x is the perfect modern phone system.
Phone interface
• 30 user extensions (e.g., individuals) with
voicemail and 30 system extensions (e.g.,
conference rooms) without voicemail.
• Optional software upgrade available for 31– 60
• Six RJ-11 dedicated loop-start FXO ports,
expandable to 24 with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.1
• Two standard, dedicated RJ-11 FXS ports for
analog phones or fax. Expandable to 8 FXS ports
with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.1
• VoIP capable (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
• Supports SIP 2.0 (Session Initiation Protocol)
for VoIP.
• Allworx supports both analog and VoIP phones.
All VoIP phones are connected on Local Area
Network (LAN).
• Fax machine support — creates dedicated
line without requiring new CO line; system
automatically utilizes line for outgoing calls
when not in use.
• Power Fail Phone Port for a dedicated analog
phone ensures connectivity during power failure.
• Industrial strength surge protection built into all
analog ports.
• TAPI compliant — included for all users with Call
Assistant license.
• Each Allworx handset can have its own Direct
Inward Dial (DID) information.
• 3-Way Calling — each Allworx phone on the
network can support its own three-way call.
• Seamless integration with Call Assistant.
• “Park” and “Hold” buttons on the handset.
• Fast and simple navigation of scrollable phone
Unified messaging
• Receive, review and respond to all email and
voicemail in one InBox.
• Listen to, forward and delete voicemail messages
via PC.
• Supports and consolidates multiple email accounts
and phone extensions per user.
• Supports voicemail notification to cellular text
messaging services.
• Additional voicemail storage available via external
USB hard drive.1
• Compatible with any POP3 or IMAP4 email client.
Internet Telephony Service
Providers (ITSP) 2
• Connect the Allworx 6x to an ITSP and drastically
reduce phone charges.
• Supports both ITSP and traditional phone lines
(Central Office lines) simultaneously.
• Apply different dialing rules to different telephone
services (i.e., ITSP vs. local telephone company).
• SIP Call Appearance functionality with incoming
and outgoing VoIP calls.
• Allworx 6x is compatible with various ITSPs.2
Off-Site Calling Access
• Make outbound calls through the Allworx system
by calling into your voicemail from anywhere.
• Authentication prevents abuse.
• Off-site Access calls leverage the company’s
Caller ID information and local system phone lines
(analog or SIP).
• Call information is tracked for call detail reports.
• To make multiple calls, external dial tone returns
after recipient hangs up.
Presence management
• Each phone user gets seven unique phone
presences (In Office, At A Meeting, On Vacation,
On Business Trip, At Home, Away, Busy).
• Current presence is displayed on Allworx phones
and built-in My Allworx Manager site for other
users to see.
• Call routing structure can be changed by the
Allworx System Administrator via the system
software or by authorized users over the Internet
via My Allworx Manager.
• User can “toggle” between presence settings via
Allworx phone display, voicemail or My Allworx
Manager site software.
• Each presence setting has its own call routing
structure that can be changed at any time.
• Users can record a separate voicemail greeting for
each of their presences.
Multi-site calling1
• Each Allworx 6x can connect to other Allworx units
— supports up to 99 other sites.
• Calls between offices are free over the Internet —
no ITSP required.
• Calls can be seamlessly transferred between sites.
• VPN connection not required.
• Multi-site extensions allows businesses to setup
and use a unique 3-digit or 4-digit uniform dialing
plan across Allworx servers.
Page 4, Allworx 6x Overview
• Receive SMS text message alerts on your
cellphone when voicemail is left at the office.
• Escalate your text message alerts to multiple
mailboxes and email addresses.
• Listen to and manage voicemail in your email InBox
or over the phone.
• Reply to voicemail with email; include voicemail in
outgoing email message as an attachment.
• Voicemails are automatically purged from phone
when managed from email InBox.
• Eight-port voicemail system; date and time
• Twelve hours of voicemail (with 512 MB
Compact Flash).
• Messages can be listened to, saved, deleted or
forwarded to another extension.
• Direct access to voicemail from on and off site.
• Message Waiting and New Call indicators
supported through Allworx phones and
client software.
• Voicemails can be sent to any POP3 or IMAP4
email client.
• One phone can display multiple voicemail
indicator lights.
Auto attendant
• Nine unique auto attendants.
• Time-dependent Auto Attendant routing options
for day and night mode business hours.
• Compatible with Music-On-Hold and Overhead
Paging systems.3
• Auto attendant can be fully customized.
Follow-Me-Anywhere calling
• Routing can simultaneously follow multiple
phones, including outside lines and cell phones.
• Each of the seven unique phone presences for
each user has its own routing rules and filters.
• Incoming Caller ID can drive different call routes.
Remote users
• Remote users connect to Allworx 6x via Internet.6
• Remote plug-and-play with Allworx VoIP phones.
• After initial setup, remote Allworx phones
connect easily to Allworx 6x with minimal user
• Remote Allworx phones can:
– be programmed from main office
– receive calls from queue(s)
– use Intercom feature
– access main office’s local phone line from any
location (call from overseas at local rates)
– operate without additional licenses
– access all other main phone functions
(Direct Station Selection, Busy Lamp Field,
Line Appearances, Call Appearances, SIP
Appearances, Queues).
• Non-Allworx phones will work and have similar
functionality, depending on the type of phone used.
“Allworx’s solution was $10,000 to $15,000
less than other systems.”
Jim Martin Jr., General Manager, Wegman Associates
Industry compatibility
High end calling features
• Compatible with third party SIP 2.0 compliant endpoints,
including phones, gateways and wireless devices.
• Supports G711 and G729 endpoint connections.
• Compatible with ITSPs (Internet Telephony
Service Providers).2
• Supports SIP 2.0 (Session Initiation Protocol).
• Outbound call control with PIN codes and
system-wide blocking.
• Password protection at both user and
administration levels.
• Call detail reporting of all phone system activity
with easy export to Microsoft Excel or any standard
spreadsheet program for further analysis.
• System backup and restore — automatically saves
configuration attributes, voicemail and email messages.
Built-in eight seat conference bridge.1
Each Allworx phone can support its own three-way conference call.
Programmable dialing plans route your calls to the lowest cost long distance provider.
Broadcast message capability — internal or external distribution lists.
One Touch Day-Night Mode PFK Button allows users to toggle between day and night modes
at the press of a button.
• A Dual Language Pack is available in English and Castilian Spanish.
• Powerful call control functions, including:
– Audited outside line
– Call blocking
– Call forward and transfer
– Call hold
– Call monitors
– Call park and retrieve
– Call pickup
– Call Queuing1, 4
– Call routing
– Call waiting
– Caller ID
– Dial by name or extension;
dial from directory
– Distinctive ring
– Do not disturb
– External call routing
– Flexible numbering plan
– Hunt groups
– Internal extension
distinctive ring
– Multiple line access
– Overhead paging3
– Parking orbits
– Programmable parked
– Private lines
– Redial
– Speed dialing
– TAPI support —
automatic dialing1
My Allworx Manager
The Allworx 6x — a powerful and flexible IP-based telephone system — has an intuitive and easy-to-use
Web-based interface. Each Allworx 6x comes standard with the “My Allworx Manager” web portal that
allows users to manage their extension and access important information pertaining to their system.
• Reports of all calls made and received
on an extension.
• Add, modify, delete and view
conference calls.
• Change presence setting.
• Directory listings of each extension on
the system — including users, system
extensions, speed dial numbers and
remote user’s extensions.
• Each user’s current presence setting
and email address.
• Listing of every email list on the system
as well as all of its members.
• Live reports of all active, parked and queued
calls occurring on the system.
• Detailed reports on each queue in the system
show the number of calls that queue has
received and serviced, the average time taken
to service each call in that queue and more.
• Listing of all keypad functions of the phone
as well as instructions on how to perform
other functions such as transferring a call and
setting up a conference call.
Allworx 6x Overview, Page 5
Hardware specifications
Figure 1: Front View
Power LED –
Indicates system
start up activity
Power switch
Press and release –
Normal shutdown
within a few
Press and hold –
Forced shutdown.
Two Inside
Extension LEDs
– Indicates status
of a particular
Six Outside Phone
Line LEDs –
Indicates status
of a particular line
Figure 2: Rear View
Drive Activity
LEDs – Green
mounted drive;
flashes for
Network LEDs –
Indicates Ethernet
link status; flashes
for activity
Compact Flash Slot –
Accepts Ultra 2
SanDisk Compact
Flash card
USB Port
Release Relay
Two RJ-11 FXS
ports for inside
(Ports 7–8)
RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX
Auto-Sensing Auto-MDI/
MDIX Local Area Network
Ethernet port (LAN)
RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX
Auto-Sensing Auto-MDI/
MDIX Wide Area Network
Ethernet port (WAN)
RJ-11 Power
Fail analog
2.1 mm power
Six RJ-11 loopjack. Input 12
start FXO for
VDC @ 1A
central office
3.5 mm stereo
audio mini jack for
(Ports 1–6)
music-on-hold and
overhead paging
Hardware interfaces
Size and weight
• One RJ-45 10/100 Base-T LAN Ethernet port.
• One RJ-45 10/100 Base-T WAN port for Internet
connection from DSL, cable modem or T1.6, 7
• Six RJ-11 dedicated loop-start FXO ports,
expandable to 24 with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.1
• Two RJ-11 dedicated internal FXS ports,
expandable to 8 with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.1
• One RJ-11 Power Fail analog phone connector.
• One 3.5mm mini jack for Overhead Paging3 and
• High capacity Compact Flash card — minimum
512 MB.
• Optional external USB 2.0 hard drive.
• Door Release Relay.
• Overhead Paging Amp Control.
• Public WAN interface and fully secured LAN subnet.
• Email server — POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP email
standards (requires external USB hard drive option).
• Web server — Intranet and Internet with HTTP and
FTP functionality.
• Built-in company Internet and Intranet site.
• DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server
to LAN.
• DHCP client support on WAN.
• Fully integrated DNS (Domain Name Server).
• TCP/IP routing support between LAN/WAN.
• PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet)
• Supports classful and classless routing.
• Supports use of external SMTP Smart Host for
routing email.
• Network installation tools:
– DHCP Server Discovery Tool identifies IP/MAC
addresses of all other DHCP servers on the LAN
– Trace Route Tool maps the paths packets take
through the network.
• 12.1 × 1.9 × 7.6 inches (30.8 × 4.8 × 19.3 cm).
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Table or wall mountable.
Electrical and regulatory
Line voltage: 120V AC.
Frequency: 60Hz.
Typical use: 8W.
Environmental conditions: 0 – 40° C,
15 – 90% RH, Non-condensing.
• UL listed. FCC Class A.
Full router and firewall
Page 6, Allworx 6x Overview
SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall security.
NAT (Network Address Translation) mode.
Network port forwarding capability.
Ethernet-based WAN access direct from DSL or
cable modem.
Static IP, DHCP client, or PPPoE support on WAN.
DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) mode to protect
WAN interface — stealth and normal modes.
SIP Proxy registration services provided
through Allworx.
Fully functional SPI firewall/router from
Standard data router capability.
System administration software allows you
to set routing tables.
Remote office and multi-site calling
• Allworx phones work automatically as remote
• Connect up to 100 Allworx systems for
multi-site calling.1
Connectivity options
Allworx Px 6/2 Expander. 1
Analog and VoIP phones.1, 3
Analog Station Gateways.3
CO Line Expansion Units.3
Music-On-Hold Devices.3
Network Switches.3
Power over Ethernet Switches.3
Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS).3
Virtual Private Network (VPN).3
Software options
Allworx Call Assistant™. 1
Allworx Call Queuing™. 1
Allworx Conference Center™. 1
Allworx Internet Call Access™. 1
TAPI (bundled with Call Assistant).1
Dual Language Pack.1
Software features
Allworx provides software feature options to help your business
increase its productivity, efficiency and customer response.
Call Assistant ™ 1,4
• Live answering position.
• Software tool; works in conjunction with any
Allworx phone.
• All key calling functions available via software —
answer, release, hold, transfer, park, etc.
• View status of all users.
• Manage outside lines, auto attendants, queues,
parked calls, monitors, etc.
• Record calls directly from the Allworx Call
Assistant. Active calls can be recorded by a simple
click in your Call Assistant Tool Bar.
• Call History screen allows users to record incoming
and outgoing calls with the Call Assistant and quickly
redial those contacts at the touch of a button.
• Ten queues supported with up to 16 calls across
all queues.
• Up to 8 calls available for each queue.
• Customizable queue messages.
• View continuously updated queue status on your
PC (number in queue, longest wait time, average
wait time).
• Call Details Report available — export to Microsoft
Excel for further analysis.
• All phones ring when caller is in queue, first one to
answer gets caller.
• Remote users can participate in queue.
• Each phone can be set to ring after:
– X number of callers in queue
– Caller(s) have waited longer than X seconds.
• Phones can answer multiple queues.
Internet Call Access™ 1
• Internet Call Access using SIP protocol:
– Multi-site connectivity
– Users access Allworx VPN through Microsoft’s Network Connection Tool.
• Multi-site calling does not require an ITSP service.
• This option is required when you want to call
directly between multiple Allworx sites or connect
the Allworx to an ITSP. 2
Call Queuing™ 1,4
Conference Center™ 1
• Full administrative view of users and conferences.
• Setup conference calls 24/7.
• Secure conferencing option — ID and Password
• Centralized scheduling and moderation of calls.
• Easy-to-use graphical user interface.
• Seamless integration with Allworx systems and
• Quick and easy installation.
• Ability to create recurring conference calls.
Conference Center capability by system
Seats per
Virtual Private Network (VPN)1
• VPN (Virtual Private Network) 1 — PPTP
(Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) security.
• PPTP-based VPN for up to 16 simultaneous users.1
• One VPN license comes standard for the system
• Access Allworx remotely via VPN and get full
functionality (email, directory, etc).
System Software
My Allworx Manager
• Allworx automatically generates a company Intranet
site containing web pages with access to shared
folders, phone extensions, user’s current presence
status, company directories, call queue statistics,
user’s conferences and other useful information.
Allworx 6x Overview, Page 7
Use analog and
VoIP phones
PBX or Key
system features
Internet access
Nine built-in
auto attendants
Call Access ™ 1
Conference Center ™ 1
Call Queuing ™ 1
Call Assistant™ 1 ­
live answering
position software
High-Fidelity Voice
One (1) eight-seat
conference bridge1
Dual Language Pack 1
Virtual Private
Network (VPN)1
How it works
A Incoming call enters New
York location via phone
lines or VoIP.
B Call is answered internally
via PBX or Key functions, or
routed to remote location.
C Call is routed to remote
user in California according
to user’s presence
management settings.
D California user transfers call
to office site in Australia,
who then conferences in
additional users (local or
E The Allworx 6x handles the
entire process in a manner
transparent to the caller,
and because calls are sent
via the Internet there are no
long distance charges.*
Site 1 — New York office
Computers, servers
& peripheral devices
IP Phones
& voice
Site 2 — Australia office
Remote user (California)
& voice
Computers, servers
& peripheral devices
& voice
IP Phones
IP Phone
NAT Firewall
Laptop, printer &
peripheral devices
* Connect Allworx to an ITSP to save on long distance calls,
and to an ISP for Internet access.2
1. Sold as an Allworx option.
2.Contact Allworx or your authorized reseller for a list of Allworx-certified ITSPs; fees may apply.
3.Sold as a third-party add-on. Third-party products may be purchased from an Authorized Allworx Reseller.
4.Requires Allworx VoIP phones.
5.Non-Allworx VoIP phones will work, but may need additional equipment (i.e. firewall, ATA device).
6.Internet access requires a compatible Internet Service Provider, fees may apply.
7. Third-party T1 gateway sold as an option from an Authorized Allworx Reseller.
300 Main Street • East Rochester, NY 14445 • Toll Free 1-866-ALLWORX • 585-421-3850 •
P/N: 8520082-05
Supports VoIP,
traditional phone lines
© 2008 Allworx Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of PAETEC Holding Corp. All rights reserved. All other names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Allworx 6x system
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