Seiko IP-4500 User manual

Seiko IP-4500 User manual
Pigment 6-Color Inkjet Printer
Pigment 6-Color Inkjet Printer
Piezo Printing Solutions
54” Printer with PostScript® RIP
54” Printer with Ethernet
54” Printer with Ethernet and PostScript® RIP
36” Printer with PostScript® RIP
36” Printer with Ethernet
36” Printer with Ethernet and PostScript® RIP
• Product samples in this brochure are fit composites.
• Use SII genuine papers to obtain the highest print quality.
• The brochure content is based on hardware specification;
there may be some limitation due to software specification.
• Printheads are considered consumable parts.
"New History for Inkjet Printers Bigins"
Basic Specification
Printing method
On-demand piezo inkjet
Print resolution
360dpi x 360dpi, 720dpi x 720dpi
Oil-based pigment ink 6 colors (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm)
SII super wide piezo heads, 510 nozzles x 6
Ink capacity
500ml ink cartridge
Print speed
Draft mode: 360dpi x 360dpi, 2 passes, approximately 1 min for A0-size
Operating temperature 59º-86ºF/15º-30%RH (no condensation)
Standard mode: 720dpi x 720dpi, 4 passes, approximately 3 min for A0-size
Power supply
100V~240v ±10%, power consumption 300VA or less during operation
(33.11" X 46.8", 841mm X 1189mm) (coated papers, glossy papers, etc.)
Outer dimensions
85.83" (W) 33.86" (D) 45.87" (H) (54-inch model)
(33.11" X 46.8", 841mm X 1189mm) (exclusive plain papers, etc.)
Kinds of papers
Coated Papers, Glossy Papers, White PET Film, Unflamable Cloth,
Scrim Vinyl, Plain Paper, Backlit Film, Adhesive Vinyl, Outdoor Polyester Banner,
Economical Cloth and others under development
Halt state 41º-95ºF/5º-35ºC, humidity 10-80%RH (no condensation)
High-quality mode: 720dpi x 720dpi, 8 passes, approximately 3 min for A0-size
2180mm(W) x 860mm(D) x 1165mm (H) (54-inch model)
(33.11" X 46.8", 841mm X 1189mm) (coated papers, glossy papers, etc.)
69.29" (W) 33.86" (D) 45.87" (H) (36-inch model)
(1) SCSI model
(I/F) SCSI2-conformance
1720mm(W) x 860mm(D) x 1165mm (H) (36-inch model)
(2) Network model
155kg or less (54-inch model),
(I/F) Centronics/100BASE_TX (10 ports), 10BASE_T (10 ports)
(*without roll
paper and ink)
135kg or less (36-inch model)
(F/W) HP-GL/HP-GL2/HPRTL-conformance, supplied with remote control tool
Power cord, pigment ink (K, Y, M, C, Lm, Lc), waste ink bottle,
Software supplied
PS3 supported Postershop™
Postershop™ CD-ROM, Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0-supported driver (network
Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0-supported driver (Only network model)
model only), roll paper for initial installation,
Max. printout length
SCSI cable (SCSI model only)
Max. paper width
54.02"/1372mm (54-inch model), 35.98"/914mm (36-inch model)
Print precision
0.3% or .02"±0.5mm whichever larger
• Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox®
5mm in circumference (roll paper only) Depends on application
• HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and HP RTL are graphic languages
Paper feed
Cut sheets (manual feed): 420mm-1372mm (54-inch model), 420mm-914mm
developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.
Oiliness pigment
The fastest
• All other company names and products names are
(36-inch model)
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Roll paper: 1 roll 420mm-1372mm, settable up to outer diameter of 170mm
• The brochure may be subject to change without prior notice.
around 3-inch core (54-inch model)
At 720DPI
Only 3 min.
Paper thickness: 0.07mm-0.3mm supported
Contact us for any inquiry or question:
Over sea sales section
for A0-size 1sqm
color printing
6-14-6, Kameido, Koutou-ku,
Tokyo,131-0071, Japan
Seiko I Infotech Inc. is
one of Seiko Instruments Group.
[email protected]
in its class
The world class leader in printing speed in the 21st century
Well-reputed IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 is so advanced as to improve the printing quality by the
enhanced printer head attached color plofiles for vivid color and provide more kinds media.
In addition, it takes less time to print out in the high-quality mode by about 2 times faster
movement of the new printer head than the former.
Oil based pigment-enabled lightfastness, water resistance, and unprecedented high speed.
IP4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 offers a new industrial standard for inkjet printers.
Oil based pigment-enabled weatherability and unimaginable high speed
Oil based pigment-enabled weatherability
When genuine PVC is used for IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2, the pigment ink enables non-laminated Adhesive
Vinyl to be displayed for six months to one year. This type of printer meets professional needs with high
weatherability, maintaining high image quality the same as watercolor pigment print.
Worldwide class-fastest speed of printing*
*720dpi and approx.18sqm /hr for A0-size color printing
The class-fastest printing speed of IP4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 generates the superior productivity and allows
the printer to be in a leading position of the imaging industry. Even in the high quality mode, IP-4500Mk2/4010Mk-2 maintains the superior productivity by printing out an A0 sheet(1sqm) in 3 minutes.
Wide coverage of media and low running cost
IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 can print out on low-cost coated paper, glossy paper, PVC, white PET, back-lit
film, inflammable cloth, outdoor cloth, scrim vinyl, soft cloth, and thin soft cloth.
Support for the genuine RIP, "ONYX Postershop™"
IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 is equipped with ONYX Postershop TM, the print software supporting PostScript
3.Onyx Postershop™ is optional for Network model.
It is possible to upgrade to Pro or Sever Version.
Oiliness pigment
The fastest printer
Excellent Quality
Super High Speed
Outstanding weatherability and stable high image quality. New standards for Inkjet printers!
Enabling non-laminated Adhesive Vinyl to be displayed
for six months to one year.
High weatherability by the use of oil based pigment ink
The oil based pigment ink features high water resistance and lightfastness,
allowing non-laminated SII's genuine Adhesive Vinyl to be displayed for about
six months to one year*. It realizes brilliant output durable for outdoor
advertisement such as signboards, as well as indoor display such as posters.
Moreover, the pigment ink demonstrates its weatherability on the outdoor
media that cannot allow the post image processing, such as outdoor banner.
The range of its use for outdoor advertisement is expanded.
High resolution of real 720dp x 720dpi.
Graceful and stable image quality by piezo print method
High resolution of 720dpi x 720dpi is achieved without any correction. Piezo
print method offers beautiful, stable graphic-arts-quality output using fine dots
which never look granular. In addition, 8-passes mode enhance the image
quality. Also New 8 passes mode is as fast as Former 4 passes mode.
Outstanding weatherability and stable high image quality. New standards for Inkjet printers!
SII's Super-wide piezo head offers
superior printing quality
Quick-drying time because of Oil based ink
The SII-developed super-wide piezo head for large format printers is so
advanced that the enhanced Super-wide piezo head can achieve superior
printing quality. The Super-wide piezo head is about 72mm wide, equipped
with 3,060 nozzles in total (510 nozzles for one color by six colors). The Superwide head contributes to high-speed printing. Moreover, the piezo method
uses fine ink droplets to produce precise prints all the time, and reduces both
ink consumption and waste ink. Specially, the oil based ink printer reduces
much waste ink. so it keeps running cost lower.
Since the oil based ink allows printouts to be dried and taken up immediately
after printed, continuous or large-volume printing can be accomplished. No
equipment such as a fan is needed to be dried for the printouts.
Quality test (Our Adhesive Vinyl, Non-laminate, Tested durability against light out of doors)
Excellent color reproducibility
by 6-color ink and improved color profiles
Condition for the test
12months after
Support for SCSI to transfer data at a high speed
IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 supports SCSI, which enables high-speed printing of
data in addition to super high-speed printing. Even in the draft mode, the
interface allows for high-speed printing.
Six ink colors (yellow, magenta,
cyanogen, black, light magenta,
and light cyanogen) are used. Even
human's delicate skin can be recreated by photo-quality printing.
This feature provides optimum
output for professionals who pursue
coloring as closer to the original
image as possible.
Tested durability against light out of doors / A year counted as 1200 consecytive hours
Energy of irradiated light / 0.52 lightw/m2 at340mm depending on SII's acceleration test
*Durability may vary with the users' environment and operating conditions. Also, SII does
not guarantee the durability (photo, quality test, outdoor direct-sunlight exposure test)
No need to address wrinkling
Clean ink with little odor
Unlike solvent ink, pigment with very little odor is employed as ink material. No
equipment such as an expensive air exhauster is required.
Water based printers usually generate wrinkling, which are wrinkles emerging
on papers during solid print. But the oil based printer doesn't generate
wrinkling. The oil based pigment-type ink is available for laminating processing,
pasting of papers to panels, and even water-filled paper hanger.
The world's class-fastest as a pigment printer.
Super high-speed printing of 18 sqm / hr at A0 true
Various printing modes for each of Applications
IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 achieves the world's fastest print speed in its class of
about 18 sqm / hr (200 sqf / hr) at true 720dpi, which is an unprecedented
speed for pigment printers. Even in the high quality mode, it produces15sqm/h
(180 sqf / hr) A0 printing at true 720 dpi. The advent of IP-4550/4010 brings
about a great impact on the new-generation inkjet printers.
Output times by printing modes
Draft 2pass
Printing Speed (Sqm/hr)
360dpi 2 passes
Draft 4pass
360dpi 4 passes
720dpi 4 passes
720dpi 16
5 passes
Qualitymode 720dpi
High Speed and
High quality 8pass
720dpi 8 passes
High Speed and
High quality 10pass
720dpi 10 passes
Adapted Application
Drafting, POS
Indoor signage
signage, Poster
Poster, Indoor
signage, Canvas
Photo, Poster,
Indoor signage
*Data transfer or process time is not included.
IP Connectivity
Cost Performance
Accommodate various environment with many drivers and network connectivity functions.
SCSI model and network model available to provide
the connectivity suited for the environment
Equipped with ONYX PosterShop™ and
supported for Amiable Color Maker Driver
ONYX PosterShop™ , a leading high-performance, wide-format RIP, controls
all features of the Seiko IP4500/4100. You get a flexible, full-featured front end
that accesses all of the advanced features.
Amiable support for the driver of Color Maker Driver.
Support for various graphic functions
The high-speed SCSI model has no data transfer bottleneck, enabling printing
with no stress. Equipped with a 6-m SCSI cable, this model is ideal when your
PC is close to the IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2.
Wide coverage of media and low running cost
Wide coverage of media to meet various industries' needs
To meet output needs from various industries such as signs, posters, and
wallpapers, various types of print media are supported, including coated
papers, glossy papers, back-lit film, white PET, Adhesive Vinyl, unflammable
cloth, scrim vinyl, outdoor cloth, soft cloth, and thin soft cloth. In addition to
weatherability by the use of Oil based pigment ink, the wide coverage of media
can meet demands from the industries.
Simple media replacement
Efficient output can be obtained from your applications supporting PostScript .
File formats available include TIFF, JPEG, Targa, KodakPhoto CD, ScitexCT,
ICC profiles for various media
Improved ICC profiles for Vivid Color are included for optimized color printing
on various genuine media.
Support for various high-performance RIP and
Simple panel operation
In order to comfortably use IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2
even in a continuous run, the use of a large-capacity ink
cartridge of 500ml minimizes media replacement during
printing due to a shortage of ink. The ink cartridge is
replaceable through a simple one-touch operation,
without worrying about getting your hands dirty during
its replacement.
In order to comfortably use IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2
even in a continuous run, the use of a large-capacity ink
cartridge of 500ml minimizes media replacement during
printing due to a shortage of ink. The ink cartridge is
replaceable through a simple one-touch operation,
without worrying about getting your hands dirty during
its replacement.
Support for PostScript
Replaceable large-capacity ink cartridges through one-touch operation
SCSI Model
An easy-to-manage graphic creation environment that enables nesting, tiling,
copying, scaling, cutting, and other various graphic functions.
IP Userability
The network model supports 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T and Centronics
interfaces. The network prepares 10 ports; various settings are configurable for
each of the 10 ports plus one Centronics interface. Of course, the printer is
capable of receiving data simultaneously from multiple PCs; troublesome
interface selection is not necessary. The network model contains a largecapacity hard disk of 15GB. By storing data in the hard disk, the user can
reprint multiple pages of desired data under control of the printer without retransferring the data from PCs.
Each of Vendors provide the driver of RIP and Scan to print Applications.
Please see the information on SIIT home page.
Wide coverage of media
Coated Paper
Good quality paper.
Use for all presentation applications.
Glossy Paper
Excellent image quality for photo realistic prints.
White Pet Film
White matte film.
A true water resistant media for outdoor.
Unflamable Cloth
High strength,
woven polyester fabric ideal for use in banner.
Scrim Vinyl
Good quality, heavyweight opaque banner material.
Plain Paper
An economical paper solution designed for
use in line drawing.
Back Lit Film
Ideal for all backlit display fixtures indoors
and outdoors.
Adhesive Vinyl
PCV film for use in flat surface installations such as
metal, glass and painted surfaces.
Outdoor Polyester
Water resistant cloth media for
use as banner application.
Economical Cloth
An economical cloth solution designed for
use as banner applicaton.
Equipped with Windows printer driver
(network model only)
The network model contains a driver supporting Windows_95/98/2000/NT4.0.
The user-friendly GUI enables various settings on the screen and provides a
variety of functions. Furthermore, the color matching function as well as
profiles for various media are prepared to produce convenient and high-speed
prints that fit each user's needs.
Low running cost
The Seiko Instruments super-wide
piezo head consumes less ink and
wastes less ink. This results in lower
running costs.* Printing with pigmented
inks can be very cost-effective.
Up to 70% less ink usage**
* The running cost of A0 size was examined by
SIIT, using Japanese Standards Association
SCID color graphics data A and some other
print data.
** The running cost may vary with the user's
environment and operating conditions.
Japanese Standards Association SCID data
Media such as paper rolls and cut sheets can be
replaced simply by fitting the media to the specified
Automatic winding unit for printouts of posters and other long media
An optional automatic winding unit is available. It takes
up the printed media automatically, allowing trouble-free
printouts of posters and other long media as well as
automatic operation.
Equipped with a remote control tool (network model only)
A remote control tool is provided as a standard
component, which allows monitoring the status of the
IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2 through the Web browser. The
user can remotely check the media type, residual ink,
and equipment error status on the Web. In addition, the
Web browser can be used to activate the reprint
function which reprints print data stored in the hard disk
of the IP-4500Mk-2/4010Mk-2.
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