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Replace the Producer II
Use this procedure to set up your replacement unit when you are completing a rapid
The term ‘Producer II’ is used throughout this document to refer to the Autostar II, Protégé
II, Amigo II, and AutoPrinter II.
 Note: Your system may not look exactly like the system pictured.
Remove the printer.
a. At the back of the printer, disconnect the cables:
• Printer cable
• Printer power cord
• USB cable
Caution: Some cables in your system may be latched. Equipment
damage may occur if cables are not disconnected appropriately.
Before you begin:
b. Remove the printer from the Producer II and set it aside.
1. Stop or pause all jobs.
2. Power off the external control center (PC).
3. Power off the Producer II.
4. Disconnect the power cord from the Producer II.
5. Remove the cover (Autostar II and Protégé II only).
Caution: Lift the Everest printer with care; it is very heavy.
Everest printer
Printer Cable
USB Cable
Disconnect the autoloader cables.
At the back of the Producer II, disconnect the cables:
• USB cable (Autostar II & Protégé II only)
• Power cord
• Serial cable
• FireWire Cable
Autostar II and Protégé II
Serial Cable
Printer Power Cord
Amigo II or AutoPrinter II
USB Cable
FireWire Cable (Amigo II only)
Prism printer
Serial Cable
(Amigo II only)
USB Cable
Printer Cable
Power Cord
FireWire Cable
Printer Power Cord
Power Cord
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Pack the autoloader to be returned.
a. Tape the power cord and cables to the top of the autoloader.
b. Lower the lift arm.
c. Place tie wraps around the shaft and through the frame, directly below
the lift arm and directly above the lift arm to secure the lift arm.
Tie Wrap
Unpack the replacement Producer II.
Refer to the label on the box of your replacement Producer II.
Pack the autoloader to be redeturned.
Refer to the packing instructions included with your replacement Producer II.
Tie Wrap
d. Insert the shipping foam just above the carousel.
e. Tape the mailbox feed tray to the side of the autoloader.
Set up the replacement Producer II.
Complete the steps in the setup and installation guide included with your
product. The documents are also available at
www.Rimage.com/Support.html. Navigate: Producer Family > Support - your
product > Documents tab.
 Note: You are installing the same printer that you removed from the
Producer II.
Update the Rimage software.
--Important! Install the appropriate service pack included with your
replacement autoloader. This ensures that the recorders are supported
by your software.
If no service pack was included with your replacement autoloader, be sure
you have the most recent service pack installed.
Service packs and instructions are available at www.rimage.com/support.html.
Navigate: Product Family > Support - Rimage product > Downloads Tab.
Copyright © 2008 Rimage Corporation
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