IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
Welcome Screen
Welcomes the guest when he arrives to his room for
the first time
Thanks to the PMS connection hotels can welcome their guests by their
name and language, selecting the most suitable welcome channel.
Main functionalities
16:9 and 4:3 support
Multiple language support
Circular Main Menu with plugins support
Television, Miniguide, Videoclub, TimeShift, Home networking, Guest
Media Services, Preferences, Apps, etc.
• Contextual info top bar with sponsorships support
• Complete TV+STB control with one single remote
Live TV
You hotel can group the channels by country of origin
OSD zapping while watching TV
Personalized TV list
Navigation through the EPG info comparing several channels programs
Channel logo support
Multiple audios support
DVB subtitles support
Fast access to LiveTv options
– Shows current and following programs allowing access to the EPG
– Allows to check other channels programs without changing the
– Audio selection / Subtitles selection / Teletext activation
Teletext as an interactive app
– 16:9 and 4:3 support
– Allows selecting a different teletext channel than the current playing
on TV
– Teletext subtitles support
– 16:9 screen division allowing using teletext while watching complete
TV signal (r)
Brings program info to the users
Present / following while watching TV
Complete schedule on request
Complete program info
HDMI-CEC Integration
– HDMI-CEC integration means one single remote control
– Guests can control both TV and set-top box with the same remote
– Hotels can place STB everywhere:
• In a safe location
• Hidden for not disturbing room design
• No IR receiver considerations!
– Using specific remote for each device is also available
Provides access to video on demand services
– Guests can rent movies from the catalogue
– Main screen showing current offers or news
– Complete Browse Catalogue support
– Multiple languages / currencies / audios / subtitles
– Parental control support for adult content
Browse the video catalogue
– Customizable navigation behavior through media categories as a tree
– Multiple possibilities
– Intuitive left-to-right navigation
– Integrated with the parental control
– Full asset view keeping context allowing channel lists Pricing
– Title, Description…
Playing VoD
General functionalities
– Configurable renting period
– Start-over or restart for rented media
– Change audio support
– Subtitle selection support
– Trailers and artwork
– Fast forward and rewind support
PIN control
Controls actions and restricted contents
– Parental Control for media accessing adult content
• Customizable levels
• User can configure Parental Control behavior
– Restricted areas and restricted contents
• Combined with parental control configuration allows to hide
protected sections and artwork in the VoD catalogue
– Purchase/confirmation PIN
Guest Services
• Guest services allows your guests to have updated information about your
hotel and their account
• Thanks to the Guest Services module your guest can:
– Access to their billing
– Access to the Hotel Information Pages
– Buy products and services
– Ask for room services
– Set up the wake-up hour
• The Guest Services module integrates information from your PMS and
offers an information management tool. This tool make adding and
managing existing information easy and does not require technical
Guest Services
Guest Services
Information Pages
– Suitable for displaying local information about the hotel, the city and its
• Information pages can be structured by categories, into menus and
• Shopping malls list
• Tourism point of interest
• Recommended restaurants
• Pharmacies
• Unlimited possibilities
– Hotel information.
• Including hotel services, telephone directory, and a long etcetera.
Guest Services
Guest Services
PMS Integration
The system is able to integrate with several property management systems
(PMS) that can be part of the IT infrastructure of the customer. This way the
hospitality system is able to generate per-user contents with the information
acquired from the PMS. This service is used for automatic posting the costs
of the film rent or whatever pay service that the hotel must decide to
implement on the billing of the customer.
• Current integration includes:
– Guest check-in, check-out and related data modifications
– Customized guest welcome message
– Billing view from the comfort of the room.
– eShopping
– Service room and wake-up
– Live TV, including premium channels and adult content
– Video on Demand posting services
Guest Services
Conference Channel
• The system is capable of transmitting live contents coming from cameras
installed in the conference rooms to provide the guests with a live
conference channel.
• This kind of events can also be recorded and broadcasted later in a
playout channel or accessed through VoD technologies.
Guest Media Services
Browsing and playing personal media files
– Guests can review their personal photos and videos connecting
directly their cameras to the set-top box (USB or network
– Local networking and personal content access through the STB
• Customers can easily share extra contents with their users
– UpnP/DLNA server and client
Services and Infotaiment
• Interactive applications are available providing to the guest the best user
experience out from the TV set in his room. Games, currency exchange
app, world clock... will turn the TV set into a complete multimedia and
entertainment center.
• Full featured web-browser included in the set-top box, with HTML5,
advanced Javascript support.
• Instant messaging between hotel desk and guest's room. Optionally
available between rooms too.
• News. VoDKA.TV can act as an RSS news aggregator so guest can
check chronologically sorted a long configurable list of relevant news.
• Wake-up calls. Guest can set-up a radio or TV channel as a wake-up
• Fire Alarm
Services & Infotainment
Ads support
Push advertisement
– Automatic pop ups on certain user interactions
– Pop ups forced by the provider from the management console
– Banners on different sections and areas of the screen
– Static and dynamic text and graphical banner options based on
different banner server parameters.
– To be defined based on customer needs
IPTV – Digital Signage
Digital Signage Controls the contents shown on public screens
– Compounds advertising screens dynamically
– Send announcements to screens as response of events
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for hospitality solution provides to the guest:
– Access to Hotel Services: check-in, check-out, etc.
– Access to Internet services with full Internet web browsing
– Direct access to his personal photos and videos
– Digital TV with time shift and Video on Demand
– Messaging
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for hospitality solution provides to the guest:
– Guest Services
• Billing information
• Room services and eShopping
• Information pages (Hotel, tourism, restaurants, etc.)
• Help using the system
– Complete TV and set-top control box using one single remote thanks
to HDMI-CEC integration
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for hospitality solution provides to the hotel:
– A complete and service oriented High Definition Digital TV platform
– Digital Signage. Use their public spaces to provide information and
advertising to their users.
– Provide access to interactive Internet based services through TV sets,
including full browsing support.
– Personal multimedia services through USB
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for hospitality solution provides to the hotel:
– Complete PMS (Property Manag, System) integration through open API
• With check-in and check-out
• Guest preferences (name, language, arrival and departure dates,
• House keeping
• TV services
– New generation Set Top Box with HD and personal media support
IPTV for Hospitality Solution
IPTV for hospitality solution provides to the business:
– To be cost-effective to address investments
– Increases customer loyalty thanks to value added services like
personal media player in the set-top box or Internet based services
– New profit sources based in new TV services
– Quality of service perceived by guests
– Digital signage. Allows hotel brand creation and reinforcement
– Scalability possibilities and digital signage platform allow the customer:
• Not make large initial investments
• To deploy the service as the demand grows
• Not no have technical facilities or technical stuff
IPTV – Overview
An IPTV system is made of some of the following elements:
– Middleware Server
– Set Top Box
– Satellite, cable and digital terrestrial TV contribution support
– VoD server
– Digital signage server
– Playout server
– Personal video recorder
– Routers and switches
– Structured network cabling
IPTV – Architecture
IPTV – Architecture
IPTV – Set-top Box
Set-top Box:
Decodes the IP audio/video streams for playing in a standard TV set
– Generation of the GUI
– Manages interaction with the user
– Keyboard
– Remote control
– Can be remotely controlled via the Middleware
IPTV – Middleware
Core of the IPTV system. Manages interactions between each part of the
– Menu generation
– Content authorization
– Billing
– Statistics collection
– Media cataloging
– DVB-IP gateways management
– Etc…
IPTV – IP Contribution
IP Contribution:
Performs the tuning of Live DVB video streams
and conversion into IP streams
– Responsible of channel descrambling
when necessary
– CAS modules provided by third party
– Each module can provide several
– DVB-S/S2 (CI) to IP, DVB-T (CI) to IP, TS
to IP, Analogue to IP… wide range of IP
streamers available
IPTV – VoD Server
VoD server:
Serves individual and independent video streams to each user
– Each stream is unique for each user
– Stores contents to be streamed
– Stores metadata for this contents
– Manages behaviour of VCR controls
– Fast Forward
– Rewind
– Pause
– Etc.
– Controls the bandwidth for each stream
Digital Signage
Digital Signage
– Allows the creation of own TV
channels both SD and HD
– Compounds advertising screens
– Screens are connected using a
high-speed local area network
– Channels can be server-side
generated and delivered through
the network as a video channel
– Supports from SD to Full HD
channel creation
– A set-top-box like device is required
to play the channel
Digital Signage
• Channels are created served-side
– Channel generator output is encoded and transported in IP
– Then distributed in multicast to all players
– One multicast stream per channel
– Multicast optimizes channel distribution
• Set-top boxes are used instead of PCs
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