Setting up your device to read Sussex e-mail
You can also read your Sussex e-mail on your device
whenever you are connected to the internet.
Email for undergraduates and taught postgraduates
• In Settings, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
• Tap Add account and choose Other
• Tap Add mail account and enter your name, Sussex
e-mail address and password
• Tap Next then make sure the IMAP option is selected
• Under Incoming Mail Server, enter:
Host Name: mail.sussex.ac.uk
User Name: your Sussex username
Password: your Sussex password
• In Outgoing Mail Server, enter:
Connecting to
wi-fi with iOS
T +44 (0)1273 678090
E [email protected]
The wireless network at Sussex is called
eduroam (short for education roaming). It
enables students and staff to connect their
personally owned computers and devices to the
This guide explains how to register and
configure your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to use
the wireless network.
If you are in any doubt of any of the steps
described in this guide, IT Services Enquiries
in Shawcross will be able to help. Additional
information about the wireless network can be
found online at:
Host Name: smtp.sussex.ac.uk
User Name: your Sussex username
Password: your Sussex password
• Tap on Next
Email for staff and research postgraduates
• In Settings, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
• Tap Add account and choose Microsoft Exchange
• Enter your email address and for the domain, type in
• Type in your username and password and tap Next
• The Server name should be automatically completed
exchange.sussex.ac.uk after a few seconds so tap Next
to finish
• If you wish, you can also turn on Contacts and
Calendars at the same time for access to your Outlook
calendar and address book and tap Save (if you have
existing contacts or calendar entries, you will be asked
if you want to keep them. If so, there is also a warning
that you may have duplicate entries if the same contacts
or calendars are in your Sussex accounts).
version 5, April 2014
University of Sussex IT Services
Shawcross, Falmer
Brighton BN1 9QT
© IT Services 2014
iPad / iPhone /
iPod touch
1. Register your device
2. Connect to the network
• On the Home screen, then choose Settings and
• Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on
• From the list choose the Sussex wifi setup network
• Now go back to the home screen and open the web
browser to go to the registration page (if this page
does not open automatically or you see a “Page not
found” screen, wait for a minute or two and then try
• Tap on the GO button for staff and students, enter
your IT username and password and make sure the
box to register your device is checked. Tap login
You only have to register once so now that step is
completed, you are ready to connect to eduroam.
• On your device, go into Settings and then Wi-Fi and
under Choose a Network, select eduroam
• You will be asked for a username and password to
log on to eduroam – make sure that you enter your
Sussex username followed by “@sussex.ac.uk” e.g.
[email protected]
• Enter your Sussex password as usual
• Check that the security certificate for the network
is labelled AddTrust External CA and click on
• Finally, make sure that you remove the setup
network: in Settings, go to General, then Network,
tap on the blue arrow next to sussex.ac.uk-wifisetup and then tap on Forget this network
You normally need to follow this process the
first time you login - in future your device should
automatically detect and connect to eduroam.
Your device is now set up to use the eduroam Wifi
network. Open the web browser and try connecting to an
external web page (such as www.google.co.uk) to test
that the connection is working.
Unable to authenticate If you find that your device
is unable to authenticate when logging on to the
network, check that you are entering the right
username (with @sussex.ac.uk after it) and that you
have a recent software version (iPhone OS 2 or later).
Device connects to the wrong network The device’s
software remembers networks it has used in the
past and may try to connect automatically to the
setup network. The setup network is only used for
registration and so you may need to tell your device
not to select it automatically:
• Choose Settings and then Wifi and tap the blue
arrow on the right-hand side of the tab for the
setup network
• Click on Forget this network
This will make sure that your device does not
automatically try to connect to the setup network
every time you want to use Wifi (the setup network is
only used for the initial registration).
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