Connecting to eduroam (green sheet)

Connecting to eduroam (green sheet)
to wi-fi
The wi-fi network at Sussex is called eduroam. It’s available
in the Library and all of the teaching buildings on the
campus as well as most of the residences.
• Make sure you know your IT username and password
(confirmed when you registered) and check the date
and time are set correctly, your wi-fi is turned on and
your device is not connected to a network cable
• In the wi-fi settings for your device, connect to the
setup network (
Open a web browser (such
as Internet Explorer) and you
should see a Sussex web
page. Click the GO button for
Member of the University
(Hint: if you don’t see this page
immediately, just wait for a minute
or so and try again)
Enter your IT username and
password and make sure the
box to register your device is
checked. Click login.
Click on the button to set up
your connection
You will then be guided through the
setup process and when it’s finished,
you should see a Sussex web page.
Don’t worry if the Auto
setup doesn’t work - just
try the manual setup
instructions on the righthand side of the page
If you still have problems,
see the troubleshooting
guide on p6 or come to IT
Services in Shawcross
with your device and we’ll
help you get online.
Make sure you’re protected
from viruses if you’re
connecting to the internet.
See p3
You should only have to
follow this process the first
time you connect After
that, your device should
connect whenever you are
in range of eduroam.
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