Connecting to eduroam with Nexus 7

Connecting to eduroam with Nexus 7
to wi-fi with a
Nexus 7
Before you start:
• Make sure you know your IT username and
password (confirmed when you registered)
Tap the red button to install
and run XpressConnect
Choose Direct download from
the drop-down list and click on
12Enter your IT username
(followed by
and password when prompted
• On your device, go to Settings and then Wi-Fi
and connect to the setup network (
Open a web browser and you
should see a Sussex web page.
Tap the GO button for students
(or go to https://www.sussex. if you don’t
see this page).
Tap Register again to log
your computer’s unique
This should be filled in
automatically - choose
Wireless and tap register
Login with your username and
password (and accept the terms
and conditions for the University
network the first time you login)
Tap on the button to Register
a computer
Once your device’s address
has been registered, you
have to put in the right
settings so your Nexus 7
knows how to connect. This
is done automatically using
a special program called
When the XpressConnect app
has downloaded, tap on it to
Install but don’t open it yet.
10Go back to the browser and tap
on the link to run through the
configuration of your Android
11This will launch the
Complete the details for your
device and tap register
Tap on the Setup link at the
top of the page
XpressConnect app and start
the configuration
When the process has finished, you
will be connected to eduroam. You
can also try opening a browser and
connecting to an external site such
as to make sure
you’re on the web.
Make sure you’re
protected from viruses
by installing software
You should only have to
follow this process the
first time you connect to
eduroam. After that, your
device should connect
whenever it is in range, as
long as the wi-fi is turned
Don’t worry if you have
problems connecting come along to IT Services
in Shawcross with your
device and we’ll help you
get online.
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