Summary: How to use Punchout

Summary: How to use Punchout
Summary: How to use Punchout
When ordering goods from Punchout Suppliers you must use the Agresso Tab Punchout.
If you have logged into a Punchout Supplier before using your own login details you will need to clear your Internet
History before using that Supplier in Agresso: See FAQ 6.2 How to delete Internet History
1. Go to Procurement: Requisitioning: Requisitions advanced
2. [Requisition entry tab ]
a. Type R as the PO destination (so you get a copy of the electronic order that is automatically sent to the supplier)
b. Type your dept/division prefix or use field help to find the relevant code
3. Go straight to Punchout tab
4. [Punchout Tab ]
a. Click on Go Shopping
b. Click on relevant supplier
c. In the suppliers catalogue Add items to your basket
d. When you have added all items, click on Checkout
e. Select Checkout or Continue until it automatically takes you back to Agresso Punchout tab
f. Press Retrieve Shopping
g. Tick the box next to today’s date and time and press Generate to Requisition
5. [Requisition Detail]
a. Click on the first product item (activating the line)
Do not amend the product or product description
Click on GL Analysis
Input your sub project
Click on the next product line and input the sub project for that item
Repeat for all lines
6. [Delivery]
a. Check the delivery address is appropriate
b. Choose a different address from the drop down list (addresses can’t be amended)
c. Delivery Attention: Only use if essential as the Supplier will need to read the contents manually
which will impede the ordering process and potentially impact on deliveries
N.B. Your contact details will appear on the order automatically
7. Save
The requisition will go into workflow and once approved Agresso will transmit an electronic order straight to the supplier and
you will receive a copy via email
For full instructions on raising requisitions please see the user manual Requisitioning on our Agresso web pages
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