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Internet Security Appliances
Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
E-mail Anti-virus protection
Content and spam filtering
Secure IPSec and PPTP VPN
The RouteFinder Internet security appliance is an integrated firewall/VPN
gateway designed to maximize network security without compromising
network performance. It uses Stateful Packet Inspection, for the ultimate in
firewall security. In addition, it provides optional e-mail anti-virus
protection, free one-year content filtering, as well as spam filtering. The
RouteFinder’s VPN functionality is based on IPSec and PPTP protocols and
uses 3DES and AES encryption to ensure that information remains private.
The browser-based interface eases configuration and management.
VPN Gateway/
Firewall for Secure
Communications over
the Internet
Supports IPSec and PPTP VPN tunneling
Utilizes Triple Data Encryption standard (3DES) and AES encryption
Built-in Stateful Packet Inspection firewall with Network Address
Translation (NAT)
Free one-year content filtering subscription
Free spam filtering for unsolicated bulk e-mails
Automatic dial-backup with built-in modem (RF660VPN and RF760VPN) or
via an external dial-up modem or ISDN terminal adapter
Automatic system updates to protect your network against the latest threats
Application layer security using SMTP, POP3, HTTP, DNS and SOCKS
Caching server improves Web surfing performance
Secure local or remote management using HTTP, HTTPS or SSH
Reporting function provides valuable troubleshooting information
Three built-in Ethernet ports (LAN, WAN, DMZ)
Shared broadband or dedicated Internet access for up to 255+ LAN users
with one IP address
Internet access control tools provide client and site filtering
Traffic monitoring and reporting
IP address mapping/port forwarding and DMZ port
Two-year warranty
RouteFinder Applications. The RouteFinder combines
firewall, e-mail anti-virus protection*, content filtering,
spam filtering and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) in
one box. It is a cost-effective, easy to manage solution
that is ideal for the small to medium business looking to
add one or all of the following applications to their
Firewall Security. As businesses move toward
always-on broadband Internet connections, the
network becomes more vulnerable to Internet
hackers. The RouteFinder provides a full-featured
Stateful Packet Inspection firewall to provide
security from intruders attempting to access the
office LAN.
E-mail Anti-Virus Protection. An optional e-mail
virus protection subscription ensures the network is
protected against the latest virus outbreaks.
Content Filtering. A free, one-year URL content
filtering subscription allows you to automatically
manage what Web content is available.
Spam Filtering. A free spam filtering feature protects
your network from unsolicited bulk e-mail utilizing
real-time as well as user-definable white and black
Remote User VPN. The client-to-LAN VPN
application replaces traditional dial-in remote access
by allowing a remote user to connect to the
corporate LAN through a secure tunnel over the
Internet. The advantage is that a remote user can
make a local call to an Internet Service Provider,
without sacrificing the company’s security, as
opposed to a long distance call to the corporate
remote access server.
Plug-and-Play Security Appliance. The RouteFinder
plugs in at the Internet connection of each office. It
provides three independent network interfaces (LAN,
WAN and DMZ) that separate the protected office
network from the Internet while offering an optional
public network for hosting Web, e-mail or ftp servers.
Each network interface is independently monitored
and visually displayed on the front of the RouteFinder.
State-of-the-Art Firewall Security. The RouteFinder
provides network layer security utilizing Stateful
Packet Inspection, the sophisticated firewall
technology found in large enterprise firewalls, to
protect the network against intruders and Denial of
Service (DoS) attacks. It also uses Network Address
Translation (NAT) to hide internal, non-routable IP
addresses and allows internal hosts with unregistered
IP addresses to function as Internet-reachable servers.
In addition to network layer security, it provides
application level security using SMTP, HTTP, DNS and
SOCKS proxies. The RouteFinder also utilizes filters
to block specific Internet content to protect against
viruses, dangerous ActiveX controls, Java, Javascript,
and Cookies. An automatic update feature provides the
highest level of security by automatically downloading
and installing the latest system software and security
patches protecting against any newly discovered hacker
attacks with a single click.
E-mail Anti-Virus Protection. Computer viruses are one
of the leading security threats to
Internet-connected networks. Users can
unknowingly download and launch
dangerous viruses that can damage data
or cause computer crashes.
An optional e-mail virus protection subscription utilizes
Kaspersky 's high-performance, ICSA-tested,
anti-virus engine which checks both incoming and
outgoing e-mail for viruses in real-time. Automatic
anti-virus updates are downloaded at user-defined
intervals to ensure protection is current. The e-mail
anti-virus protection can be easily renewed on an
annual basis. Ask about our free 30-day evaluation.
Content Filtering. The RouteFinder includes a one-year
URL content filtering subscription. It utilizes
SurfControl 's content categorization list, the world's
largest database of Internet content, which includes 5
million Web sites covering over 900 million Web pages.
Daily updates of categorized sites are available for
download. In addition, it includes URL access and deny
reporting. The subscription can easily be renewed on
an annual basis.
Branch Office VPN. The LAN-to-LAN VPN
application sends network traffic over the branch
office Internet connection instead of relying on
dedicated leased line connections. This can save
thousands of dollars in line costs and reduce overall
hardware and management expenses.
* Optional yearly subscription.
Spam Filtering. A free spam filtering feature protects
your network from unsolicited bulk e-mail utilizing realtime as well as user-definable white and black lists. In
addition, the spam filter checks for null sender and bad
address patterns in e-mail addresses. It also utilizes the
reverse DNS test as well as attachment and expression
Automatic Dial Backup. The RouteFinder provides a
serial port that, when connected to a dial-up modem or
ISDN terminal adaptor, can serve as a backup resource
for Internet access and VPN tunneling if your cable or
DSL service goes down. In addition to the serial port,
the RouteFinder RF660VPN and RF760VPN models
includes a built-in modem.
Secure VPN Connections. The RouteFinder uses IPSec
and PPTP industry standard protocols, data
encryption, user authentication, and the Internet to
provide high-performance, secure VPN connections.
For LAN-to-LAN connectivity, the RouteFinder
utilizes the IPSec protocol with strong 3DES and AES
encryption using IKE and PSK key management. In
addition, it provides very high performance with up to
70M bps of encryption throughput.
Web Caching Server. To enhance performance, the
RouteFinder also provides web caching. By storing
frequently visited web sites on a local drive, web surfing
performance can be improved by as much as 50%.
For client-to-LAN connectivity, Multi-Tech provides
optional IPSec client software. The RouteFinder also
supports remote users that want to use the PPTP
VPN client built into the Windows operating system.
This provides 40-bit or 128-bit encryption, user name
and password authentication.
Reporting. The RouteFinder also includes a suite of
integrated monitoring and reporting tools that help
administrators troubleshoot the Internet security
system and report to management the usage of the
Internet. This includes reporting on system uptime,
hardware and network utilization. HTTP and SMTP
proxy reports provide information about any actions
needed to handle virus-infected e-mails. The
RouteFinder also disables and logs attempted port
scans. In addition, it provides accounting reports and a
self-monitor that sends an e-mail notification of
system-level issues.
Robust, Easy-to-Use Management. The RouteFinder
includes robust management support allowing a
network administrator to securely manage the devices
either through a web browser or at the command line.
The browser-based option uses the HTTP or HTTPS
protocol, also known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to
provide 128-bit encryption to secure the management
session. The command line interface is accessible via
SSH (Secure Shell) and supports SCP (Secure Copy).
User Authentication. To increase the level of security,
user identity can be verified before access to Internet
services is permitted. The RouteFinder supports
authentication at a local user database as well as at
external user databases, like Windows 2000 or Radius
Optional VPN Client Software. Multi-Tech provides
an easy-to-use IPSec VPN client software that
transparently secures Internet communications
anytime, anywhere. VPN client software is ideal for
business users who travel frequently or work from
home. It provides secure remote access through the
RouteFinder VPN gateway for applications such as
remote access, file transfer, e-mail, Web browsing,
messaging or IP telephony. Encryption and
authentication operations are completely transparent
to the end user. In general, IPSec provides stronger
encryption than PPTP resulting in better overall
SOHO RouteFinder. The SOHO RouteFinder VPN is
ideal for the small branch office or telecommuter who
needs secure access to the corporate LAN. In addition
to providing a WAN Ethernet port for DSL or cable
broadband Internet access, it also offers both client-toLAN and LAN-to-LAN VPN connectivity based on
the IPSec or PPTP protocols. It supports up to 10
IPSec tunnels and provides 3DES and AES encryption
to ensure that your information remains private. Go to for more details.
Comprehensive Service and Support. The Multi-Tech
commitment to service means we provide a two-year
product warranty and service that includes telephone
technical support, 24-hour web site and ftp support.
LAN Ports
Number of Ports: 3 (LAN, WAN and DMZ port)
Interface: 10BaseT/100BaseT
Standards: 802.3
Algorithms: 168-bit Triple Data Encryption Standard
(3DES-CBC), MPPE 40-bit/128-bit
Throughput: 15M bps (3DES)
Security: IPSec, IKE, NAT, PPTP, HTTPS, SSH,
Authentication: Shared secret and built in
authentication server
Network: TCP/IP, DNS
Filtering: Protocol, port number, and IP address
Pentium-class 566MHz processor
Disk Space
10 GB hard drive
Voltage & Frequency: 100-240v AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 30 Watts
Physical Description
17" w × 1.75" h × 10.5" d; 10 lbs. (1U rack
(43.18 cm × 4.45 cm × 26.67 cm; 4.54 kg)
Operating Environment
Temperature Range: 32° – 120° F (0-50°C)
Humidity: 25-85% noncondensing
FCC Part 68, FCC Part 15 (Class A), CE Mark,
Ordering Information
Internet Security Appliance
Internet Security Appliance
Internet Security Appliance
IPSec VPN Client-1 User
IPSec VPN Client-5 User
IPSec VPN Client-10 User
IPSec VPN Client-50 User
* These products may have country specific versions for regions not listed. Specify
country when ordering.
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1-Year Anti-virus Upgrade/Renewal
1-Year Anti-virus Upgrade/Renewal
1-Year Anti-virus Upgrade/Renewal
1-Year Content Filtering Renewal
1-Year Content Filtering Renewal
1-Year Content Filtering Renewal
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