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Upon registration with Morphy Richards
(UK & ROI only)
Register online for your 2 year
guarantee. See back of this
instruction book for details.
(UK and Ireland customers only)
Professional Steel Fryer
Please read and keep these instructions
Getting the best from your new fryer...
Hot Oil
Do not attempt to move the fryer while it is still hot - wait two hours
after frying for your fryer to cool.
Easy cleaning
Your fryer breaks down into component parts for easy cleaning, but
don’t immerse the control unit in water
Storage lid
The lid should not be in place during heating up or frying.
Do not overfill the basket
As a guide, do not fill the basket more than half full.
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If you have a problem or complaint, please call our dedicated UK based helpline
before returning your product to the retailer from where it was purchased.
UK Helpline: 0844 871 0952
Replacement Parts: 0844 873 0718
Ireland Helpline: 1800 409 119
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The use of any electrical
appliance requires the
following common sense
safety rules.
Primarily there is danger of
injury or death and secondly
the danger of damage to the
appliance. These are
indicated in the text by the
following two conventions:
concerning use of the
appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Product safety
When unpacking the fryer,
make sure all packing
material is removed.
Never connect the fryer to the
electricity supply without oil
in the tank.
Never operate with the oil
level below minimum mark or
above maximum mark (2.6
Do not place the lid on the
fryer when in use or heating
up. The lid is for storage only.
In addition we offer the
following safety advice.
Your safety
WARNING: To protect
against the risk of electric
shock, do not immerse the
control unit in water or
other liquid.
Never leave the fryer
unattended when connected
to the electricity supply.
Never lean over the fryer
when it is in use.
Be careful not to touch those
surfaces of the fryer which
become hot when in use.
This appliance is not intended
for use by persons (including
children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given
supervision or instruction
UK Helpline 0844 871 0952
This appliance is intended to
be used in household and
similar applications such as:
by clients in hotels, motels
and other residential type
The use of attachments or
tools not recommended or
sold by Morphy Richards may
cause fire, electric shock or
Never pour oil out of the fryer
with the bowl in position.
Do not operate any appliance
with a damaged cord or plug
or after the appliance
malfunctions or has been
damaged in any manner.
Telephone the helpline
number (the telephone
number can be found on the
front cover) for advice on
examination and repair.
Do not use the fryer for
anything other than it’s
intended purpose.
Always dry food before frying,
e.g. chips which are too wet,
as they can cause the hot oil
to froth excessively.
This appliance is not intended
to be operated by means of
an external timer or a
separate remote control
This appliance is only to be
used with the control unit
bed and breakfast type
It is not suitable for use in
staff kitchen areas in shops,
offices and other working
Place the appliance on a
horizontal, flat and stable
surface, away from a heating
source and where it cannot
be splashed by water.
Allow adequate air space
above and on all sides for air
Do not use your fryer under
cupboards or shelves.
Do not use outdoors or near
Replacement Parts 0844 873 0718
Do not use your fryer near or
below combustible material,
such as curtains.
Other safety
farm houses;
Unplug from the electrical
outlet when not in use and
before cleaning. Allow to cool
before putting on or taking off
parts, and before cleaning the
WARNING: Never attempt to
move your fryer until it is
completely cool. This can
take up to three hours. Use
the handles at the side.
The control unit and heating
element must never be
immersed in water.
WARNING: Danger to the
IMPORTANT: Damage to the
Never allow a child to operate
this appliance. Teach children
to be aware of dangers in the
kitchen, warn them of the
dangers of reaching up to
areas where they cannot see
properly or should not be
Children do not understand
the dangers associated with
operating electrical
appliances. Never allow
children to use this appliance.
Ireland Helpline 1800 409 119
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Children should be
supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the
Should the fuse in the 13
amp plug require changing, a
13 amp BS1362 fuse must be
WARNING: This appliance
must be earthed.
Run cold water over the
affected area immediately. Do
not stop to remove clothing.
Seek medical help
The mains cable should reach
from the socket to the base
unit without straining the
¤ Basket with locking handle
If the supply cable is
damaged it must be replaced
by the manufacturer, its
service agent or similary
qualified persons in order to
avoid a hazard.
Check that the voltage on the
rating plate of your appliance
corresponds with your house
electricity supply which must
be A.C. (Alternating Current).
If the socket outlets in your
home are not suitable for the
plug supplied with this
appliance, the plug should be
removed and the appropriate
one fitted.
WARNING: The plug
removed from the mains
cable, if severed must be
destroyed, as a plug with a
bared flexible cord is
hazardous if engaged into
a live socket outlet.
The fryer consists of five
main components which
dismantle easily for cleaning.
⁄ Lid for storage use
Do not let the cable run
across an open space e.g.
between a lower socket and
Mains cable
Do not let the cable hang
over the edge of the table or
the counter and keep it away
from any hot surface.
(see ‘Frying times &
temperature chart’ for
maximum capacity of
different foods)
‹ Control unit with element and
› Safety oil filter
fi Enamelled tank
fl Body
‡ Variable temperature
· Power on Indicator (red)
‚ Reset button
„ Cable Storage
‰ Carrying handles
 Oil level indicator
(see note)
Preparing for the
first time
Clean the parts to remove
any dust or manufacturing
Ensure fryer is disconnected
from the electricity supply.
Remove the lid, control unit,
basket and tank.
Note that the basket handle
folds back and locks into
position. B
For details of other Morphy Richards products, please see our website:
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When the food is cooked,
place the basket on its raised
position for a few seconds to
connect the fryer to the
electricity supply if there
is no oil in the tank.
Remove the basket and put
the fried food in a dish with
fat absorbing paper (eg.
kitchen paper/kitchen roll).
Filling with oil
After use, set the
temperature knob to the
lowest position by turning it
towards you, then switch the
fryer off. Remove the mains
plug from the socket.
Allow 2 hours for the oil to
cool down.
Wipe any spilt oil from the
fryer body.
Press the handle forward to
unlock it from its fixed
position and lower into the
Remove the lid and take out
the basket.
Pour the oil into the tank up
to the maximum level
indicated (approx. 2.6 litres of
oil). C
Safety thermostat
The fryer has a safety
thermostat that switches fryer
off in case of overheating.
Wash the lid, basket and tank
by hand in hot soapy water.
You can wash the tank in the
Wipe the control unit with a
damp cloth and/or paper
tissue. IMPORTANT: Never
immerse the control unit in
Dry all parts of your fryer
thoroughly and replace the
tank, control unit, basket and
lid. When replacing the tank,
make sure that it is in the
correct way round with the
max/min lines to the right. C
This may happen if there is
no (or too little) oil in the tank.
If the thermostat has
switched the fryer off, allow
the fryer to cool completely
and carefully press the reset
button on the back of the
fryer. E
UK Helpline 0844 871 0952
Cooking home
battered foods
This method allows for the
fact that if wet batter is
placed in the basket prior to
cooking the food may stick.
This method of cooking
requires extreme care.
There are two methods of
cooking in your fryer; one
general method for most
food types and another for
home battered products.
Adjust the temperature
control to the desired
Wait 15 minutes for the oil to
heat up to the required
Remove the fryer lid before
heating up and cooking.
General cooking
Adjust the control dial to the
desired temperature.
Wait 15 minutes for the oil to
heat up to the required
Lift the basket and put it on
the rest. The basket should
always be in the raised
position when it is to be filled
with food.
Place the food, which should
be as dry as possible, into
the raised basket. Lower the
basket into the tank.
Assemble as shown. A
Ensure the oil filter is in place
and the control unit is
correctly fitted to the back
ensuring the two ribs of the
control unit slide into the two
slots. D A safety switch
prevents the fryer from
switching on if fitted
10 Replace the storage lid.
Replacement Parts 0844 873 0718
Leave the basket in the down
Coat the raw food in the
batter and allow it to drain
slightly to get rid of the
excess coating.
Very carefully, slowly lower
the coated food into the hot
oil, using a suitable
implement or tongs. This
allows the batter to become
solid and prevents it sealing
to the mesh of the basket.
Ireland Helpline 1800 409 119
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WARNING: Take care as
the oil may spit as the
food is added.
Follow the instructions as
given in parts 5 to 10 in
general cooking method.
Getting the best
from your fryer
Cook your food thoroughly.
Remember that your food
may begin to turn golden
brown before it is cooked
Select your cooking utensils
with care.
Always ensure that you use a
good quality oil for deep
frying. We recommend corn,
groundnut, rape seed or
vegetable oils. Do not use
margarine, butter or olive oil.
Avoid mixing oil of different
Change the oil when it
becomes brown or milky in
If there are water droplets on
the base of the tank, the oil
should be changed.
Do not use utensils that may
melt. Metal utensils become
hot and therefore should
have insulated handles.
IMPORTANT: When using
metal utensils take care not
to damage the heating
Change the oil in your
appliance after frying 15
As a general guide
pre-cooked food needs a
higher cooking temperature
than raw food.
Your food must always be
completely dry in order to
avoid overflowing and to
prolong the use of the oil.
All foodstuffs, particularly
frozen food and potatoes,
contain moisture. When
lowered into the hot oil, the
water in the food turns to
steam and escapes.
Do not overload the basket
as it may cause a drop of the
temperature that may leave
the food greasy.
Avoid leaving food to drain
for too long in the basket as
the food may become soft
and lose its crunchiness.
Old potatoes are ideal for
making chips. Your chips
should be evenly sized so
that they cook evenly. They
should be rinsed in a
colander under a cold tap
and dried using a kitchen
towel or absorbent paper. For
best results fry your chips at
160°C for 4-6 minutes and
then place the basket on its
rest. Turn the temperature dial
to 190°C and when the
temperature control light
goes out lower the basket
again for a further 2-4
minutes. During this time,
shake the basket at short
intervals to ensure the chips
get an even browning.
Take into account the food to
be cooked before you select
your frying temperature.
Your fryer has a maximum
capacity of 700g of food,
depending on food type (see
‘Frying times & temperature
WARNING: Cleaning
should only be carried
out when the fryer is
switched off and the plug
removed from the socket.
The fryer should have
completely cooled. Allow
two hours for the oil to
completely cool.
If filled with oil
Remove the lid, basket and
control unit.
Remove the tank and pour
out the oil through fine muslin
or absorbent paper placed in
a suitable funnel into a
Wash the lid, basket and tank
by hand in hot soapy water.
You can wash the tank in the
Clean the control unit with a
damp cloth and/or paper
immerse the control unit
in water.
Your fryer will always be
ready to use if you store
cooled and filtered oil inside,
with the lid in place.
IMPORTANT: Ensure that
the wires connected to
the heating element are
not damaged while
Dry all parts of your fryer
thoroughly and replace the
tank, control unit, basket and
lid. When replacing the tank,
make sure that it is in the
correct way round with the
max/min lines to the right. C
You may store your filtered oil
in the fryer if you make sure
that it is covered by the lid.
For best results with frozen
chips, we recommend no
more than 600g are being
For details of other Morphy Richards products, please see our website:
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Trouble shooting
Fryer doesn’t switch on
Food not browning
Cooking temperature too
Adjust the dial to the correct
cooking temperature.
Not plugged in
Check the plug is in its
socket and the switch in the
‘on’ position.
Control unit not fitted
Re-assemble as shown. D
Frying times &
temperature chart
These frying times are
intended as a guide only and
should be adjusted to suit
quantity or thickness of food
and your own taste.
Fresh chips (700g)
10-12 minutes
Frozen chips (600g)
see packet for temperature or
10 minutes
Scampi Frozen in crumbs just
enough to loosely cover the
basket area
3-5 minutes
Fresh Cod, Haddock in batter
5-10 minutes
Frozen Cod, Haddock in
10-15 minutes
Frozen Plaice
5-6 minutes
Chicken portions in crumbs*
small/medium size
15-20 minutes
Do not fry food above stated
quantities and weight.
Oil not hot enough.
Faulty thermostat. Telephone
Morphy Richards consumer
service using the helpline
Plug itself or the socket
Check this by plugging in
another appliance.
Chips sticking together
Food not washed before
being placed into hot oil.
Wash potatoes thoroughly
and dry carefully.
Appliance has been turned
on without oil.
Allow the fryer to cool down
and press the reset button
concealed at the back of the
Temperature control dial not
at correct setting.
If you have any difficulty with
your appliance, do not
hesitate to call us.
Choose cooking temperature.
We are more likely to be able
to help than the store from
where you bought it. Please
have the following
information ready to enable
our staff to deal with your
query quickly.
Strong smell
Oil has gone bad.
Replace the oil.
The correct oil is not being
Use only high quality oil. Do
not mix oils or fats of
different types and qualities.
Oil overflowing
Fryer is filled above
maximum level.
Check oil level inside fryer
Wet food placed in hot oil.
Large size
Basket overloaded.
Name of the product.
Model number as shown on
the underside of the
Serial number as shown on
underside of the appliance.
UK Helpline
0844 871 0952
Replacement Parts
0844 873 0718
Dry food.
20-30 minutes
Ireland Helpline
1800 409 119
Stated quantities exceeded.
Fresh chicken drumsticks in
15 minutes
Do not fry food above weight
You may also contact us
through our website, or visit
the site to browse and
purchase appliances, spare
parts and accessories from
the extensive Morphy
Richards range.
Beef burgers*
100% meat
2-3 minutes
*Chicken and beef burgers
can taint the oil leaving a
taste you may not want when
frying other foods, if so
change the oil.
UK Helpline 0844 871 0952
Replacement Parts 0844 873 0718
Ireland Helpline 1800 409 119
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This page is intentionally left blank.
For details of other Morphy Richards products, please see our website:
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Your standard one year guarantee is
extended for an additional 12
months when you register the
product within 28 days of purchase
with Morphy Richards. If you do not
register the product with Morphy
Richards within 28 days, your
product is guaranteed for 1 year. To
validate your 2 year guarantee
register with us online at
N.B. Each qualifying product needs
to be registered with Morphy
Richards individually.
Please note that the 2 year
guarantee is only available in the
UK and Ireland. Please refer to the
one year guarantee for more
It is important to retain the retailer’s
receipt as proof of purchase. Staple
your receipt to this back cover for
future reference.
Please quote the following
information if the product develops
a fault. These numbers can be
found on the base of the product.
Model no.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are
individually tested before leaving the
factory. In the unlikely event of any
appliance proving to be faulty within
28 days of purchase, it should be
returned to the place of purchase
for it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days
and within 12 months of original
purchase, you should contact the
Helpline number quoting Model
number and Serial number on the
product, or write to Morphy
Richards at the address shown.
4 The appliance has been used for
hire purposes or non domestic use.
5 The appliance is second hand.
You may be asked to return a copy
of proof of purchase.
Subject to the exclusions set out
below (see Exclusions), the faulty
appliance will then be repaired or
replaced and dispatched usually
within 7 working days of receipt.
If, for any reason, this item is
replaced during the 1 year
guarantee period, the guarantee on
the new item will be calculated from
original purchase date. Therefore it
is vital to retain your original till
receipt or invoice to indicate the
date of initial purchase.
To qualify for the 1 year guarantee,
the appliance must have been used
according to the instructions
supplied. For example, crumb trays
should have been emptied regularly.
6 Morphy Richards are not liable to
carry out any type of servicing
work, under the guarantee.
7 Plastic filters for all Morphy
Richards kettles and coffee makers
are not covered by the guarantee.
8 Batteries and damage from leakage
are not covered by the guarantee.
• This guarantee does not confer any
rights other than those expressly set
out above and does not cover any
claims for consequential loss or
damage. This guarantee is offered
as an additional benefit and does
not affect your statutory rights as a
• This guarantee is valid in the UK
and Ireland only.
Morphy Richards shall not be liable
to replace or repair the goods under
the terms of the guarantee where:
1 The fault has been caused or is
attributable to accidental use,
misuse, negligent use or used
contrary to the manufacturer’s
recommendations or where the fault
has been caused by power surges
or damage caused in transit.
2 The appliance has been used on a
voltage supply other than that
stamped on the products.
Morphy Richards products are intended for household use only.
See usage limitations within the location safety instructions.
Morphy Richards has a policy of continuous improvement in product quality and
design. The company, therefore reserves the right to change the specification of
it’s models at any time.
3 Repairs have been attempted by
persons other than our service staff
(or authorised dealer).
For electrical products sold within the
European Community. At the end of the
electrical products useful life, it should not
be disposed of with household waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check
with your Local Authority or retailer for
recycling advice in your country.
The After Sales Division
Morphy Richards Ltd
Mexborough, South Yorkshire,
England, S64 8AJ
Helplines (office hours)
UK 0844 871 0952
Spare Parts 0844 873 0718
Republic of Ireland 1800 409 119
DF45078 MUK Rev1 05/10
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