Sierra Wireless AceView User guide

Sierra Wireless AceView User guide
Windows Dial Up Networking
(DUN) for AirLink Modems
Application Note - How To
Dial-up Networking (DUN) allows a computer or other device to use your AirLink modem to connect to the Internet or private network using PPP just like an analog modem using a standard phone
Note: The Setup Wizard is the preferred method to install a modem driver and con-
figure PPP for your modem. Use the instructions here only if you do not have the
Setup Wizard available. iDEN and most GPRS or EDGE modems do not use a
Setup Wizard for activation.
Using the Setup Wizard, if do not need to activate your modem, you can select just
Setup a DUN Connection from the opening menu to install the driver and set up
DUN. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install DUN with the
Setup Wizard.
Microsoft Windows XP is used in the examples below. The modem driver installation and DUN
setup and configuration is similar in Microsoft Windows 2000. Examples are not provided here for
installing the driver or configuring DUN for any other operating system.
Caution: To install any driver on your computer, you may need to be logged in as
Administrator or have Administrator privileges for your login.
Installing the Modem Driver in Microsoft Windows
Standard installations of Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 include a generic modem driver which
will work with your AirLink modem.
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Connect the modem.
a. Connect the modem to the computer with the DB-9 cable.
b. Plug in the AC adapter, connect the antenna(s) and power on the modem.
Install the driver.
a. Select Start > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options (in Classic View).
Phone and Modem Options
b.In the Phone And Modem Options dialog box. Select the Modems tab. Select Add.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Install New Modem
c. Check Don’t detect my modem; I will select it from a list and select Next.
d. Select (Standard Modem Types) from the Manufacturers column, select Standard 33600
bps Modem from the Models column, and select Next.
Note: If you have the speed for your modem configured as something other than
the default, use the Standard Modem that matches the speed you configured.
Modem Driver
e. Check Selected Ports, select the COM port the modem is connected to (commonly COM1),
and select Next.
Modem Port
f. Once the modem driver is installed, select Finish.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Configure the driver.
a. When you return to the Phone and Modem Options window, you should see the newly
installed modem “attached to” the correct COM port. Highlight the modem and select Properties.
b. Select the Modem tab. Maximum Port Speed should be set to 115200 (default). Select OK
to exit.
Setting Maximum Port Speed Maximum Port Speed
c. Select OK again to exit out of the Phone and Modem Options.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Dial-Up Networking (PPP) Configuration for Microsoft Windows
Once you have a driver for the modem installed on your computer, you can set up and configure
Dial Up Networking (DUN) to use the modem as your connection to the Internet using PPP.
Before you start, you will need:
• Administrator privileges to the computer you are configuring or access granted by an administrator on the network to add/remove devices to your computer. (Not necessary on Windows 98/
• A wireless user account, password, and access number (obtained from your wireless service
provider). May not be required.
• Windows COM Port and modem set up for a Standard 33600 Modem (see previous section).
• No other program running on your computer that is using the same COM port (serial port) configured for your modem.
Caution: If you have an existing LAN connection, installing DUN for the modem
may interfere with the LAN connection. It's recommended to disconnect your
LAN connection before using a PPP connection with your AirLink modem.
Once the DUN connection is initiated, by default, it will take over as the “default
route” for network communication and specifically for Internet access. If you want
the two connections to co-exist, you will need to de-select “Use default gateway on
remote network” (described later) and use the route command in Windows to setup
routing through the modem properly. This guide does not provide information on
the route command. You may need to consult with your network administrator to
properly configure routing.
Create a new network connection.
a. Select Start > Connect > To Show All Connections to open the Network Connections
Network Connections
b. Select Create a New Connection under Network Tasks in the menu area on the left. Select
Next to start installing and configuring the DUN connection.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
c. Select Connect to the Internet and then select Next.
Connection Type
d. Select Set up my connection manually and then select Next.
Preparing the Internet Connection
e. Select Connect using a dial-up modem and select Next.
Internet Connection
f. Type in a name for the connection, such as AirLink 3G Connection. Select Next.
The name provided here will not effect the connection in any way. It is only a
label for the icon. It can be the name of your wireless service provider, your
modem, or any other designation for the connection.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Connection Name
AirLink 3G Connection
Optional: If you have multiple modems installed on your computer, you may be prompted to
select the modem to be used. Check Standard 33600 bps Modem and select Next. If you only
have one modem installed, this option will be omitted.
g. Type in #777 (Redwing) or 10001 (all others) as the phone number for the modem to dial
and select Next.
Phone Number
Optional: If you have multiple users configured for your computer, you may be prompted for
Connection Availability. If you select My use only, the account currently logged on will be
the only one able to use this DUN connection.
h. Generally the modem takes care of the Account Information (User name and Password) for
the connection, so you can leave these fields blank (unless otherwise instructed by Support).
If you want to allow others to use the same login for the modem, select Use this account
name and password... Select Next to continue.
Caution: If you have a LAN connection to the Internet and select Make this the
default Internet Connection for the DUN configuration, you will not be able to
use the LAN to connect to the Internet and may also affect the network connection
on your computer to the rest of the LAN. Select this option ONLY if the modem
will be your sole network connection.
Note: For the Redwing, it is often necessary to enter the User name and Password.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Account Information
i. If you want to add a shortcut for this DUN connection to your desktop, check Add a shortcut... Select Finish to exit the Network Connection Wizard.
Configure the connection.
After you complete the New Connection Wizard, there are a few more things you will want to configure in the connection.
a. When the Connect window opens, select Properties.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
b. Uncheck Use dialing rules. Select Configure, below the Connect using line.
Modem Properties
c. Select 115200 as the Maximum speed. Check Enable hardware flow control. Do not
check any other option. Select OK.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Modem Configuration
Optional: You may want to check the Options tab and change the settings for applications you
might be using. The default options are generally applicable for most uses.
d. Unless specifically directed to do so by Support or your network administrator, you do not
need to make any changes to the options on the Security tab.
e. Select Network. Select Settings. Remove the checks from all three PPP settings. Select
Connection Properties - PPP Settings
f. Select (highlight) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then select Properties. For most configurations, you will be obtaining the IP address and the DNS server address automatically. Select
Advanced. Uncheck Use IP header compression. Check Use default gateway... Select OK.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Internet Protocol
g. Select OK and OK again to return to the Connect window.
Making a DUN Connection
Establishing a DUN Connection using AceView (PinPoint and Raven modems only)
This guide assumes you have a default installation of AceView.
Caution: You cannot use AceView to connect to a Redwing modem.
Start AceView.
Right-click on the AceView window to open the menu and select Connection Settings.
Start > All Programs > AirLink Communications > AceView
AceView: Menu
a. Select Auto Start in the DUN section.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
b. Select the DUN connection you have already installed on your computer from the drop
down menu once you select Auto Start (you may only have 1 selection which would be preselected for you).
Note: When using the DUN connection, make sure the IP Address is set to the local
IP address of the modem.
c. Select Maintain Persistent Connection: When checked, AceView will continually check
the DUN connection to ensure it is not down. If so, AceView will attempt to connect again.
d. Click OK.
AceView: Connection Settings
AceView’s window will show the dynamically updated status of your connection to your wireless
service provider as well the status of the connection between your computer and your AirLink
modem. .
Windows 98 and Windows NT
The direct DUN connection features of AceView are not available in Windows 98 or Windows
Establishing a DUN Connection with Windows Networking
AirLink Communications
Start the DUN session.
Start > Connect To > AirLink 3G Connection (or whatever you named the connection).
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
MS Windows XP: Connect
For some accounts, you need to enter the User name and Password provided by your wireless
service provider for the cellular account.
You can also enter these parameters beforehand using *NETUID and *NETPW
(refer to the AT Commands in your modem’s User Guide).
Connect to the network.
Select Dial to connect to the modem and the cellular network. When you’re connected, an icon
should appear in the system tray showing the connection status.
MS Windows XP: Connect
Note: The speed shown in the connection is the speed between the modem and
your computer, it is not the speed of the modem’s connection to the Carrier or the
AirLink Technical Support
If you encounter problems with operation of your RJ-11 IP Gateway or AirLink modem, AirLink’s
support staff can help.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) for AirLink Modems
Caution: The configuration suggestions offered in this guide are not supported nor
is any equipment other than AirLink products. Only the operation of the modem or
software obtained directly from AirLink is supported.
Refer to the User Guide for your modem or the AirLink website for AirLink product warranties.
AirLink Support Web Site
The AirLink web site is updated frequently with Setup Wizards, Utilities, How-To Guides, and
other documentation:
AirLink Documentation and Guides
• Modem User Guides - These guides are specific to your modem type, cellular provider, and
cellular technology and contain comprehensive information about the operation of the modem
and its features.
• Modem Quick Start guides - These guides are also specific to the modem type, cellular provider, and cellular technology and are a step by step guide to activating the modem using the
Setup Wizard or other steps as applicable.
• Utility Guides - These guides focus on the features of one of the AirLink modem utilities:
Wireless Ace, AceView, AceNet, Modem Doctor, etc.
• Application Notes and How-To Guides - These guides detail configuring the modem to work
with a specific feature set or how the modem can be set up to work with a specific 3rd party
(non-AirLink) device.
• Data Sheets and White Papers - These are technology based information documents.
Contacting Technical Support
For support assistance please email [email protected] or call 510-781-9760 Monday through
Friday 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time). Support is not available weekends or holidays.
Information in this document is subject to change without notice.
©Copyright AirLink Communications, Inc., 1993-2006. All rights reserved.
AirLink Communications
December 2006
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