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Fire Safety
FireFinder Intelligent
Fire Detection Systems:
The new standard in speed,
accuracy and simplicity.
Next to fire itself, a firefighter’s
biggest adversary is guesswork.
If there’s a fire in your building, firefighters have
alarms using a simple sequence of lighted but-
just a few seconds to pinpoint its location and
tons and maps. For installers, the system offers
identify the whereabouts of building occupants
innovative electrical and software features that
and any hazardous materials. This critical time
can help slash installation time by up to 25%*
frame makes all the difference between safety
and tragedy. To get the information they need,
firefighters must read the Operator Interface
Screen on your fire detection system panel. But
Greater flexibility
and compatibility.
the small screen on most systems can only display a limited amount of text, which often
For the greatest possible protection, the
appears as vague abbreviations that can con-
FireFinder system operates with a full range
fuse and delay firefighters.
of proven, high-performance devices and
systems, including:
The FireFinder Intelligent Fire Detection System
eliminates guesswork by using the world’s largest
standard fire system screen and unrivaled message
capacity to deliver clear, accurate alarm message
descriptions. FireFinder is the only system available that can communicate in hundreds of
easy-to-read, large-text characters, hazmat
icons, maps and NFPA fire safety symbols. All
• Network Command and Control (NCC)
Wide Area Network
• Multiple FireFinder Networking System
(compatible with MXL)
• Integrated digital emergency voice
evacuation system
designed to be readily understood by users at
all levels, based on the premise that a big pic-
• FirePrint intelligent fire detectors
ture really is worth a thousand words.
• Special hazards extinguishing systems
Faster response and
easier installation
and maintenance.
• Notification devices
Lower life–cycle cost.
The focus of the FireFinder system is unbeat-
Along with unmatched message capability, the
able accuracy and ease-of-use for your building
FireFinder system responds with remarkable
personnel, installers and firefighters. And all the
speed, detecting and notifying occupants in
features that make it so simple to handle are
under 3 seconds. It’s also the easiest intelligent
also designed to reduce your costs over the life
system to install and maintain. System control
of the system. From its flexible architecture, to
is tailored to the knowledge level of the opera-
its time-and-money–saving installation features,
tor. Large lighted buttons prompt less familiar
to its large screen with unrivaled safety and
users through typical system control sequences.
maintenance capabilities.
While more knowledgeable users can use the
password-protected touch screen to view and
control the entire system and locate specific
*Depending on size and type of building.
Groundbreaking features mean
the greatest possible protection.
The FireFinder system is available in two mod-
typically in the area (children, disabled, bedridden,
els, the XLS and XLSV. The XLSV offers you the
etc.). Information regarding building exit locations
same advanced features of the XLS, plus an
can be indicated to help fire officials evaluate the
Integrated Digital Emergency Voice Evacuation
situation (accessibility, emergency exits, etc.).
System (see description bottom right).
Standard NFPA 170 fire safety symbols –
The Big Picture.
At 6”, the screen on the FireFinder detection
system is the largest standard operator interface
available in the industry. This feature makes system status much easier to read and understand,
Provide firefighters with critical information
about the type of fire service equipment available in the alarm area (standpipe connection
points, automatic sprinkler connection and control points, area of refuge, hose connections
points, etc.).
especially during a stressful fire emergency. By
following the prompts to press a simple sequence
FireFinder XLS
of buttons, fire personnel can access all the
information they need:
Large-font text messages – Typical screens
are limited to 80+ characters, which forces the
installer to enter alarm message descriptions in
abbreviations that often only the installer can
understand. When a real alarm occurs, these
FireFinder XLSV
cryptic messages can delay firefighters from
responding to the correct location. The FireFinder
system can handle hundreds of text characters,
which allows installers to enter very accurate
descriptions. A full-detail screen is dedicated to
each event to provide additional text messages
and descriptions.
Maps – The large graphical display contains simple maps of a building’s floor plan, indicating the
Voice Evacuation – The FireFinder XLSV
location of the activated fire alarm device. Most
includes Integrated Digital Emergency Voice
importantly, it shows the location of responding
Evacuation, a high-quality system (200Hz -
fire personnel in relation to the fire, indicating
12KHz+) with 8 digital audio channels. It is UL
“You are here.”
864 listed for background music and convenience
paging applications, a cost-saving alternative
Hazmat Icons – Indicate the presence of explosive
to installing additional speakers. The system
gas, liquids, poison, fumes, etc., that firefighters
is designed to meet pending NFPA and ISO
might encounter, and the type of occupants
intelligibility standards.
A simple sequence of screens
A new record in detection
and response speed.
tells the whole story.
When a fire is detected, the FireFinder system
sends the message from the point of detection
Step 1, Alarm Event Screen: When an
alarm is detected, this screen displays the
type of alarm (Smoke, Manual, Heat,
Waterflow, etc.), location (customized message) and time of event.
to the fire panel in a mere quarter of a second.
Activation of alarms and other building control
devices occurs in under 3 seconds. The system
can accommodate more than 250 devices
per card.
Simplified interfaces save
time, increase control.
Easy operation and maintenance.
Step 2, Event Details Screen: Press the lighted
“More Info” button to view specifics on alarm
location (200+ characters of text description),
available fire equipment in the area (presented
in the form of standard NFPA 170 fire safety
symbols), hazards, and occupants typically in
that area of the building.
Your operations and maintenance personnel
must interact with your fire detection system
at an even greater level than firefighters. For this
reason, we’ve designed the FireFinder system to
represent your facility’s layout the way building
personnel see it. This helps them perform dayto-day system duties – including running
reports, troubleshooting simple problems and
making minor changes – with more flexibility
and ease than ever. Several important features
make this possible:
• Maintenance Mode – A single mode using
a simple sequence of lighted buttons lets
Step 3, Event Map Screen: Press the “Map
Button” to view a simple building floor plan
that shows fire or building personnel their
proximity to the alarm event.
personnel view the entire system, including all
modules and devices (each with a custom message), arm and disarm the system, run device
sensitivity reports and print review screens.
• Alarm Location Display – No address numbers
are required because the entire system structure
can be viewed and navigated through on the
large display by using real device and module
locations – rather than needing to know the
address numbers of devices.
Fast and easy installation
on retrofits.** To further reduce installation
Built for speed in every way, the FireFinder system
ligent detector loops, notification appliance
contains revolutionary SureWire technology that
circuits or telephone circuits which may cause
can help eliminate installation errors and reduce
more ground faults.
costs, there’s no need for shielded wire on intel-
installation time by up to 25%.
Hand-held Device Programmer and Loop
Tester helps reduce installation time.
Windows™ Configuration Program* – A simple,
This technology includes:
Windows-based configuration tool makes programming faster and easier for all levels of
Device Programmer and Loop Tester Unit*
programmers, from system design engineer
(DPU) – FireFinder is the only intelligent system
through installing technician. It also allows
equipped with this powerful tool that will save
configuration programming to be created and
many hours of installation time! The DPU allows
changed in less time.
installers to test and verify the correct connec-
* Patents pending.
tion of devices as they are installed instead of
waiting until the end of installation to test at
** Use of existing wire requires approval of
local authority having jurisdiction.
the fire panel. It instantly communicates with
devices and confirms whether they’re functioning
properly, reporting individual device addresses,
the type of each device, and a summary of total
devices on the loop according to type (i.e.:
# Manual Stations, # Smoke detectors, etc.).
The DPU will also check detector loops for
ground faults and shorts.
Polarity Insensitive Detector Loop Wiring*–
Another big time-saver, polarity insensitive wiring
allows fire detection devices to operate flawlessly
even when detector and module wiring polarity
are inverted on the wrong screw terminals.
When wiring polarity doesn’t need to be observed,
wiring troubleshooting is greatly reduced.
Ground Fault Detection by Module – Ground
faults are easily the most time-consuming wiring
problem to locate in a detection system. But the
FireFinder system greatly simplifies locating
the problem by identifying the specific pair of
wires that contain a ground fault.
Use of Any Existing Wire – The system can be
connected to existing field device and notification circuit wiring, which saves time and money
Devices and software that enhance
system performance.
Network Command
and Control (NCC)
Wide Area Network.
The NCC is a PC-Based Graphic Command Center
that provides the customer with one central
point for annunciation and control of networked
FireFinder systems (or a combination of FireFinder
and MXL systems). The NCC can also be expanded
to include multiple command centers with the
ability to direct control as required. Designed to
be compatible with past, present and future
Siemens fire detection systems, the NCC wide
area application allows communication over
long distances between remote buildings using
fiber-optic cable, dedicated wiring or unlimited
distances using dedicated phone lines. The wide
area application also allows grouping of these
Networking Multiple
FireFinder systems.
Ideal for large or high-risk facilities, this peer-topeer network coordinates multiple FireFinder
systems (or FireFinder and MXL systems) to act
as a single system. Simultaneously, it ensures
that each FireFinder control panel performs its
own life safety functions independently, providing a high level of system survivability. This
includes evacuation and notification of occupants, HVAC control and elevator capture, even
if catastrophic failure occurs in another part of
the building.
Among its many capabilities, the network can:
• Interface with other building management
and control systems.
networked systems into one display point for
clear and focused annunciation and control.
• Accommodate virtually any size facility by
interconnecting up to 64 systems on a single
network, providing a system capacity of more
than 4,000 nodes and 300K intelligent devices.
• Minimize the risks and costs of faults by automatically compensating for one or many
faults in the network communication path.
• Accommodate any building or campus architecture using one of the wiring configurations
pictured at right.
A. Bus Configuration
B. Loop Configuration
C. Star Configuration
The FirePrint Intelligent
Fire Detector.
of critical assets is vital. From clean rooms to
telecommunications facilities, military installations,
chemical storage facilities and critical health
care facilities. FM-200 is capable of extinguish-
Using a neural network which operates much like
ing fire within 10 seconds, without harming
the human brain, FirePrint combines the world’s
occupants or damaging precious equipment,
largest bank of fire test data with the conditions
processes or objects.
in your building to decide if a fire situation exists.
False alarms are eliminated because the detector
knows and recognizes the difference between
Notification Devices.
false alarm conditions and genuine fire. Through
the FireFinder system, FirePrint can be set for the
type of environment it’s detecting. This allows
the detector’s decision-making process to adjust
as needed, looking for the fire scenarios it expects
to find in that environment.
FirePrint can be set for any of 11 different environments in which fires are most likely to occur:
Developed to meet ISO 9001 quality standards
and ADA requirements, this complete line of
products is both energy efficient and easy to
install. The selection includes speakers, chimes
and our newest advancements:
Strobes – This new selectable strobe is the first
of its kind with a selector switch on its face rather
than on the rear of the product. The exclusive fea-
Computer room
Parking garage
Precious storage
Hostile environment
Utility room
Horns – Choose from a variety of reliable, state-
HVAC duct
of-the-art horn products, including multi-tone
ture will allow installers to change the intensity
level of each adapter device after mounting.
electronic models with eight horn outputs, and
horns that can be synchronized with a temporal
Maintenance feature: During system mainte-
output. The selection also includes explosion-
nance procedures, there’s no need to turn off the
proof, weatherproof and electromechanical horns.
entire system. FireFinder has the unique ability to
disable portions of the FirePrint detector, which
Speakers – With advanced digital technology, the
allows the device to continue to provide the highest
FireFinder XLSV system can provide emergency
level of protection – even during construction. For
voice evacuation, and optional convenience
example, detectors are typically disarmed to pre-
paging and background music through the same
vent nuisance alarms during construction, leaving
set of speakers. Choose from ClearSpeak™ state-
critical areas of a building unprotected. With the
of-the-art speakers or speaker/strobe units for
FireFinder system, the smoke-detecting portion
emergency or non-emergency voice evacuation
may be disarmed, while the thermal portion
may be left on to provide protection at all times.
Special Hazards
FM-200™ Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
are the most effective firefighting clean agent
systems for any environment in which protection
The fire safety tradition from Siemens:
Expertise that helped build an industry.
When it comes to fire detection, we can honestly
say we do it all. And in many cases, we’ve done
it first, including introducing the world to the
first ionization, analog and field programmable
fire detectors.
A member of the Siemens Building Technologies
Group, we’re the world’s largest manufacturer of
fire detection systems. For 50-plus years, we’ve
designed solutions for virtually every type and
size of facility, protecting lives and business
operation worldwide. Our market leadership is
built on long-term customer relationships, and
solidified by a commitment to R&D, consistent
value and customer-driven solutions.
Learn how our big-screen system can bring
you big savings and big peace-of-mind. Call
Siemens Building Technologies, Fire Safety
Division at 973-593-2600 or visit
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