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About U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology
Solutions for Screen Printers Since 1979
U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Techn ology (fo rme rl y The U.S. Screen Printin g Institu te) was esta blishe d i n 1 979 by
leadi ng indu stry e xperts, Scott an d Pat Fresene r. We offer books, vide os, DVDs, ha nds-on workshops, software solutions for screen pri nters, i nclud ing FastFi lms™, th e i ndustry’ s nu mb er on e col or se paration program;
FastRIP™, so ftware tha t all ows fil m posi tives to b e p ri nted on an inkjet printer, and, the hottest new prod uct in
the in dustry - Fast T-Jet ™,a complete lin e o f inkje t-to-garment i nkjet p rinter.
The Indu stry’s Leading Internet Site
In 199 4 U .S. Screen establi sh ed www.Screen Pri nte rs.Net. With over 100 ,00 0 vi si ts per mo nth an d thou sa nds
of pag es of informati on, ScreenPrin ters.Net i s the clear lead er i n i ndustry we bsite s.
The BestHands-On Training in the World
Si nce 1979 the we have had over 12,000 stud ents fro m arou nd the wo rl d attend it’s trai ning workshop s on
scree n p rinting and computer graphi cs. The 3,000 square foot train ing center con tai ns the latest screen prin ti ng
and computer g ra phics equi pment. Classes are tau ght monthly by a team of aw ard w inni ng industry veterans.
Product Development
The Fresener’s know that the key to a stronge r in dustry is thro ugh solution s that he lp printers d o b etter qual ity
work i n a more effici ent an d p rofi tab le ma nner. Th ey are continu ally devel opin g a nd testing new prod ucts fo r
the in dustry in their product develop me nt research la b.
A Quick Word About the Freseners
Scott an d Pat started in scre en printing in 19 70 when th ey b egan a sma ll garment p rinting busin ess ou t of their garag e. Th is b usiness grew to be a larg e compa ny wi th automatic equip me nt
a nd gave th e Freseners experie nce in both techni cal areas and busin ess mana gement. Th e
l ack of stand ardization an d train ing programs prompted the Freseners to write th eir books and
start gi ving classes.
Scott Fresener, the Institute’s D irecto r, h as con trib ute d o ve r 30 0 a rticle s to industry trade magazi nes a nd is a po pular gue st speaker at majo r in dustry tra de sh ows w orldwi de. Scott has contribu ted techni ca l arti cl es to th e Screen printing and Graphic Ima ging Associ ati on’s Scre en
Prin ti ng Technical Guide book and is the past ch ariman of SGIA’s Textile Graphics Committee .
H e i s al so the past cha irman and a li fetime member of the Aca demy of Scree n Prin tin g
Te chnolo gy an d for th e yea rs 200 4 - 200 6 i s on the Bo ard of Dire ctors of SGIA.
The Fre se ner’s tw o a dult ch ildren , Mike and Mishell e, are very i nvolved in the busine ss. Mi ke i s
the company’s jack-of-all -trade s and mana ges vi deo produ ction , th e Screen Pri nters.Net websi te, co mp any IT issue ™s, and te aches porti ons of the cl asses. Mi shelle i s Techni ca l Su pport
Man ager fo r FastFilms a nd handl es a ll trave l a rra ngements for the l arge outsi de installa tio n
The Fre se ners a nd the Institu te have receive d d ozens of ind ustry awards and are tw o-ti me wi nn ers of the coveted Magnu s Award by th e Screen printing an d Graphi c Ima ging Asso ci ation fo r
o utstandi ng servi ce to th e i ndustry. They are also two -time win ners o f Impressi ons Mag azine's
Quest for th e Best a ward for the best trainin g co urses an d b ooks i n the ind ustry. In 1 996, Scott
w as aw arded the Pa rmel e Award by th e Screen printing and Graphi c Ima ging Associ ati on. This
i s the high est award you can receive from them and is g iven fo r ou tsta ndin g l ife ti me service and
maj or co ntri buti ons to the industry.
Excellent Technical Support
We have a re putati on for givi ng excellen t te chnical supp ort for ou r prod ucts and even prod ucts ma de by other
co mp anies. The technical supp ort team h as extensive computer graphi cs, scree n p rinting and prog rammi ng
background s an d p ri de the mse lves o n fast respo nse a nd answers tha t work!
Experienced, Friendly Sales Staff
The Sale s Staff at the U.S. Scre en mu st pass the “fri endl y” te st before the y are hi re d. Wi th over 130 years of
co mb ined in dustry experi ence, this great g roup of pe ople hel p scree n p ri nters deci ded what is the best p ro duct
and solution wi thi n thei r bu dget a nd do it wi tho ut hig h p ressu re. Ou r sal es ph ilosop hy i s to make excell ent
products that p eople lo ve, and le t th e p roducts sell themselves.
In -House Video Produ ction
We have a state-of-the -a rt video prod ucti on studi o tha t inclu des the latest i n d igital edi ti ng and video equ ipme nt. The stu dio sta ff is constantly b usy shoo tin g n ew title s for the ind ustry.
Product Manufacturing
In order to b e a ble to make qui ck upg ra des and change s to p roducts, mo st of U.S. Scre en’s products are created in-hou se - from th e Fast T-Jet printers l ine, to software, DVDs an d vi deotape dup licating.
Same Day Shipping
We offer same d ay shi pping on most p ro ducts and main tai n a la rge i nventory. On any given day, 10 0 to 150
packages are shippe d to destination s arou nd the worl d from U.S Scre en’s large, well stocked, ware house.
The Fine Print
General Term s and Conditions:
All prices and product specifications subject to change without not ice. Consult printed or online order form for terms,
condit ions, and shipping and handling charges. Prices are FOB Tempe, Arizona and are in US dollars. Orders are
generally shipped the same-day. COD shipment sare charged a $8.50 COD collection fee pl us applicable frei ght.
Orders paid by personal or company checks maybe held until the checkclearst he bank.
Di scount sare given t o Screen Printing Equipment and S upplyCompanies, Government Agencies, Educational
Inst itutions, A rt Stores, Schoolsand Universities who resell the product sor use them for training programs.
Call for a Price Schedule.
International Orders:
International orders gladlyt aken but must be prepaid with a credit card, check drawn on a US bank, money order or
wi re transfer. Fax the order with a request for total chargesincl uding freight. Note that all DVD products are only
available in NTSC format (North America). They can be played on any comput er but will not playon a DV Dplayer
that is not NTS Ccompatible.
Return Poli cy:
Books, videos, DVD’s, FastPOSITI VE, FastRIP and the Fast T-Jet carry a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Some
termsand conditions applyf or t he Fast T-Jet. A 25% restocki ng f ee will be chargedon all returns. Shipping and handling charges are not ref undable. For security reasons FastFil ms™ is not returnable and is not refundable once the
programs have been unlocked in accordance wit h standard software pract ice.
Copyright 2007 U.S. Screen Print & I nkjet Technology, a division of U.S. Graphic Arts, Inc.
A ll shirt graphics shown are copyright and/or trademark of t heir respect ive owners.
Specialty Graphic & Imaging
The Fast T-Jet is clearly the leader in
inkjet-to-garment printers and technology.
From small shops to large factories,
we have a machine for you.
Printing T-Shirts has never been easier!
Over 3,000 machines sold!
Inkjet directly to garments. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
The Fast T-Jet is very easy to use. Simply
load a garment on the shirtholder and press
the Load button. The printer does the rest.
*Most images print in under one minute on
light shirts. Darks shirts and large graphics
take a little longer. Dark shirts require a
simple pretreatment step.
Print images with our specially formulated
FastINK for Textiles. FastINK is a waterbased pigment ink that when properly
cured/dried is very durable and washfast.
You can use a simple heat transfer press
to cure the prints, or a larger conveyor
screen print dryer.
Crea te Ima ge w it h
Com pu ter Gra ph ics
Use customer supplied images, scan
from a photo, take a picture with a digital
camera, or create graphics yourself with
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or
Corel Draw (not included). You can also
create images using the very powerfull
FastARTIST included with every T-Jet.
Print image in under one
min ute on the T-Jet.*
Cure Images with Heat
Press or Conveyor Dryer
Make money. Have happy
customers. Have Fun!
The F ast T-Jet loves to print full-color
images on light AND dark shirts. We have
the best white ink in the industry. It is
durable and very bright! Print one shirt or
hundreds. Charge full retail for short runs.
Turn around jobs the same day! Print
caps, mousepads, shorts and towels.
• Easy to use.
• Excellent washability for light and dark shirts.
• Superb detail...better than screen print!
• Print from any graphics program.
• Great for name drops!
• T-Jet3 is portable for events.
• Excellent support - 24/7.
• Buy from someone you know and trust. Since 1979.
• Print on 100% cotton, 50/50, caps, and more.
• Ink costs of 15 to 40 cents per print for light shirts.
• Safe, waterbased textile ink - solvent and odor free.
• Brilliant color and prints! Very soft hand and feel!
• Perfect for individual shirts or production runs.
• World-wide dealer network.
• The BEST white ink on black shirts anywhere!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee*
Every Fast T-Jet carries a 30 Day Money Back
Guarantee.* In order to have a happy Fast T-Jet
and be a happy owner, you must agree to read
the manual, call immediately if you experience
any problems, keep your “baby” in a controlled
environment that is not dry or dusty, and do regular simple maintenance.
*Details of this guarantee are available from U. S. Screen Print or
from your dealer.
** Except t he large T-Jet PRO.
Wehave theBEST supportin theindustry - 24/7!
When looking at inkjet-to-garment printers, the first question you
should ask is about support. We have a large phone and internet support staff with years of hands-on-experience. We pride ourselves on
answering toll free support phone calls in less than two minutes. We
respond to email support requests in less than an hour, AND, we have
a moderated Support Forum and an excellent internet support site.
Support Hours:
7:00am to 8:00pm M-F MST USA
9:00am to 3:00pm Saturday-Sunday
After Hours Emergency Support.
Support Phones:
Toll F ree 1/888-MYTJETS (698-5387) USA and Canada
International Support +1 480-929-2937
L ease
The entire line of Fast T-JET™ printers is revolutionizing garment
decorating. No, they won’t replace screen printing (yet). They will not
lay down a heavy rubbery print for athletic printing and numbering.
They won’t print puff, glitter or high density.... yet. But, they will print
vibrant, washfast prints on white, light and dark s hirts VERY FAST.
Fast T-Jet3 Model SDT-1300
00er Mo .
$3 00
se wiion.
ear lea
Five y urchase op
10 %
With our Fast T-JET3™ you can print a full size 12” x 12” (30.5 x
30.5cm) print in ONE MINUTE on a light shirt and under THREE
MINUTES on a black shirt with white ink! Print a small chest print in
FIFTEEN SECONDS on a light shirt!
Fast T-JET3 ™ SDT-1300 is a small table-top unit that measures 34”
W x 40” L and 19” H (63 x 114 x 43cm). It uses four color inkjet technology (CMYK) plus white ink and c omes complete with a bulk continuous flow ink system, four 8 oz. s tarter bottles of FastINK™ TEXTILE c olors, 16 oz. of FastINK ™ White along with a gallon of special
pretreatment for dark shirts. It can print on baseball caps in 30 seconds with a s pecial optional baseball c ap holder. It also prints on towels, panties, shorts, mouse pads, bibs, bandanas and more.
The maximum print size is 12.5” x 22” (30.5 x 51cm) with the optional
oversize shirt holder. In fact it will print TWO shirts end to end! It also
has a laser light sensor to tell if a garment is in the way of the print
head. This printer includes a very powerful design/graphics program
called FastARTIST (PC/Windows program only). You can create the
image in any graphic program (Mac or PC) and bring the image into
Fas tARTIST for output. Or, you c an create the entire image in
Fas tARTIST because it is very similar to Corel, Illustrator and
30 to 70 light
shirts perhour.
Produc ti onl owerw ith whi te
ink on dark s hirts.
Very fast print times, long bed for big images, easy to load shirt holder,
brighter white ink, heavy duty bulk ink system, exhaust fans, touch pad
controls, print from any graphic program, very robust and Heavy Duty.
The power of the FastT-JET printers is FastRIP - magic software
that tells the printer how much ink to print, how to print white ink, and
has special ICC color profiles to match colors. This machine is great
for small and large jobs. With an ink cost of less than 40 cents per
shirt (standard print size) and speeds of one to three minutes per
normal print, you can get great production! And, how about hooking
up two units together and running the machines like an embroidery
machine (optional software upgrade).
The new FastT-Jet3 inkjet garment printer has major improvements
over the FastT-Jet2. It prints 30% faster on light and dark shirts, has
a longer bed and simple shirt loading feature. It also includes a very
robust bulk ink system, and ex haust fans to remove exc ess ink mist
and lint from the print area. Best of all it is MADE IN AMERICA
(except for the Epson pr int engine) using aerospace manufacturing technology and standards!
FastINK™ TEXTILE gives you a very washfast print. The finished
print needs to be heat set using either a standard heat transfer press
or c onveyor dryer. Dark shirts with white ink need a simple pretreatment spray application before printing. Small imprintable items are
held in place with a youth or infant shirt holder. T-Shirts are held in
place by simply laying them on a specially designed shirt holder.
To learn more about production rates, the
latest product information and to see a video
of the Fast T-JET™ in action go to
Optional T-Jet Accessories and Supplies
Includes Fast T-JET3 unit with bulk ink system,
standard 13” x 18 ” (33 x 46 cm) T-Shirt holder,
four 8 oz. bottle s of FastINK CMYK c olors , 16
oz. of FastINK white, 1 gallon of Fas tINK
Pr etreatme nt (nece ssary for white ink), FastRIP,
FastA RTIST and tr aining ma nual. Production
rates will be lower when printing on dar k s hirts.
Cap Attachment
Stan dard 13” x 18” Shirt H older (33 x 45 .7 cm)*
Ove rsi ze 1 3” x 21” Sh irt Hol der (33 x 53 cm)*
Yo uth 10 ” x 12” Shi rt Hol der (25 x 3 0.5 cm)*
Slee ve 6” x 1 8” h older (15 x 4 5cm)
Infa nt 6” x 6” Shirt H older (15 x 15 cm)*
Rep lacement printing hea d
$37 5.0 0 e a.
$ 155.00 ea.
$1 75.00 ea.
$14 5.0 0 e a.
$1 45.00 ea.
$12 5.0 0 e a.
$2 95.00 ea.
(One combined head per machine.)
On-site in stal lation & train ing
$ 1,5 00.00
(Customer pays travel and hotel.)
Fast T-Jet3 I NCLUDES FastARTIST and FastRIP! These are both PC/ Windows
based program s and do not work on a Mac. You need a PC/ Wi ndows computer to
run the FastT-Jet li ne ofpri nters. You can create im ages on a MACand then bri ng
them to the PC for printing.
Price s may va ry dep endin g o n cou ntry, duties, sh ippi ng and hand ling charge s, and exchang e ra tes. C heck wi th your dea ler for th e curre nt price and avai labi lity i n™you r lo ca ti on. Outside of the
USA w e o nly se ll Fast T-Je ts throu gh authorized de alers who provide in stal lation, se rvi ce an d train ing. Ship ping and ha ndli ng charges not i ncluded . Fa st T-JET3 in cludes a one-year li mi ted
wa rra nty on parts and la bor. The wa rra nty is NOT on -si te an d req uires th e un it to be re turn ed to U.S. Scre en or au tho rized service ce nte r in your country. The li mi ted wa rra nty does not includ e
the printin g h ead. Re placemen t printing he ad is $ 295 USD and can be replaced i n l ess than ten mi nutes. All pri ce s and de sign specifications subje ct to chan ge.
Available from a large international dealer network.
User’s Manual
Training DVDs
All Fast T-Jet printers
include a detailed training
manual and a number of
training DVDs. For most
users this is all that is necessary. Hands-on classes
are also availble.
Easy Controls
Object Sensor
All Fast T-Jet printers
include an excellent
graphics program called
FastARTIST. It is similar to
Corel and Photoshop and
is designed to work handin-hand with the T-Jet.
To prevent the head from
hitting garments, the printer is equiped with optical
object sensors to stop the
print head motion if there
are any obstructions in the
print path.
FastARTIST includes a
series of DVDs for training
and a complete User’s
Easy Load
Shirts are simply laid on a
special non-slip shirtholder. Optional holding rings
are available for hard-tohold garments.
The Fast T-Jet is easy to
use with simple touch pad
Exhaust Fans
Ink mist can get on key
components. The special
exhaust fans remove
excess ink mist and impurities inside the printer.
Includes foam easy-clean
Bulk Ink System
Reliable ink delivery to the
print head is critical when
printing ink FAST. T he
industrial bulk ink system
uses large refillable bottles
with extra large hoses for
troublefree printing. No
complicated valves. Easy
to refill. Adjustable shelf.
Adjustable Bed
You can adjust the height
of the printing bed up to 2
inches (5cm) for items of
various thickness.
Print Caps
Print baseball caps two at
a time with the Fast T-Jet.
Our special holder keeps
the cap flat during printing.
Print caps in 20 seconds!
Print from Corel
Draw, Photoshop
or Illustrator.
Most printers have 90
inkjet nozzles per color.
The Fast T-Jet3 has 180
nozzles per color for faster
and more vibrant prints.
And, more nozzles means
much brighter white.
If you prefer, simply print
from your favorite graphic
program to light and dark
Heavy Duty Ink
Hose Holder
In order to maintain positive control over the ink
feed tubes, they are
housed in a special industrial cable chain.
Direct Drive
We use a heavy duty drive
motor connected to a Teflon
coated direct drive shaft for
accurate bed movement.
This method prevents registration issues common with
friction drive machines.
Print Two Shirts at
a Time.
With the optional 2-Up Youth
Shirtboard you can print two
10” x 9” (25 x 23cm) images
at a time.
Size: 36”W x 21”H x 36”L* (91 x 53 x 91cm)
* Due t o the long bed t ravel, a total of 60” (152cm) clearance end-t o-end
is necessary.
Weight: 100 pounds (46kg)
Inkjet Engine: 8 color (4-CMYK 4-White)
180 nozzles per color.
Box dimension: 37”W x 40”D x 26”H (94 x 101 x 66cm)
Printer ships on a skid and will not ship via UPS or FedE X. I t must be
shipped via common carrier or truck.
Electrical: 100 - 240v AC 60/cycle 4 amps.
Computer con nection: USB or Firewire.
Additional machinery: Heat press/dryer, powerful PC
computer for FastARTIST and FastRIP.
Room conditions: The printer will operate best in a
clean, dust-free room at a steady temperature between
68° F and 85° F (20°C and 29°C), with relative humidity
between 40% to 80% (noncondensing).
Operation of the printer at humidity below 40% humidity
or above or below the recommended temperature range
will result in poor nozzle print performance and poor print
image quality.
CE approved.
Made in the U.S. A.
(Epson print engine made in Japan)
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Get HIGH Production with TWO Fast T-Jet3 Printers!
AN C !
Print b lack shirts in about one min ute! And, g et brilliant ligh t shirt p rin ts.
With our High Performace setup you can print dark shirts
more than TWICE AS FAST as a normal single Fast TJet. This system uses two specially setup printers. One
printer has EIGHT colors (CMYK plus Orange, Blue,
Green, Red). This machine prints with very bright colors
on light and dark shirts. The second machine prints
ONLY white ink in all EIGHT of the print heads. The
white ink prints very fast.
By printing the white ink on the first machine and then
moving that shirtholder to the second machine for the
colors, very high production can be obtained. And, you
have the brightest and fastest white ink in the industry
when only white is needed and you have the fastest and
brightest colors on light shirts. You get the best of both
worlds without registration issues. One operator can
easily keep both machines running at the same time.
Print two shirts at a time
for highproduction.
One operator!
A $37,000 value
Price incl udes two comple te Fast T-Jet3 pri nte rs (one wi th
8-col ors an d o ne with 8 -white) a nd all accessorie s, ink and
softwa re that go with e ach p rinter, one HIX 16” x 2 0” he at
transfer pre ss, ful ly con fi gured computer , two user version
of FastARTIST, tw o e xtra adul t shirtboards, a nd sp ecial
shi rtboa rd reg istra tio n g uides for ea ch p ri nte r.
24/7 Support! Toll Free 1/888-MYTJETS (698-5387) International +1 480-929-2937
New Product!
40 to 90 light
Productionlower wi thw hiteink on
dark shirts .
Fast T-Jet Blazer TJB-1650
Installation and training - $1,500 additional.
(Travel expense and housing not included)
Same great print quality
features as the T-Jet
Jumbo2 plus this
machine is
Lea se fo
$475 00
Fiv e y
(except for Epson print engine).
lea se w
ith 10% p
ur chase
opt ion .
Print up to 16.5” x 44” (41 x 111 cm).
Fast T-JET™ Blazer is similar to the Fast T-JET™Jumbo2. It
uses the very robust and fast Epson 4800 as the print
engine. It will print vibrant, washfast prints on white, light
and dark shirts VERY FAST.
Fast T-JET™ Blazer is a full-size floor-standing unit that
measures 48” W x 85” L and 48” H (121 x 215 x 121 cm). It
also prints on towels, panties, shorts, bibs, bandanas and
more. You can print up to 16.5” x 44” (41 x 111cm) and print
three shirts back-to-back!
Plenty of storage for ink!
Fast T-JET™ Blazer is great for small and large jobs. With
an ink cost of less than 40 cents per shirt (standard print
size on light shirts) and speeds of about 45 seconds for a
standard size image you can get great production! It also
has a built-in laser light safety stop that prevents the unit
from working if there is anything in the path of the adjustable
height print head.
Fast T-JET™ Blazer uses four color (CMYK) inkjet technology and comes complete with a bulk continuous flow ink system and four 8 oz. starter bottles of FastINK™ TEXTILE
CMYK color, 1 liter of FastINK White, two gallons of pretreatment for dark shirts, AND a great graphics program
called FastARTIST and FastRIP. You can print from most
graphic programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel draw,
or you can create the artwork and print from our powerful
You get a very washfast print. The finished print needs to be
heat-set using either a standard heat transfer press or conveyor dryer. No additional treatment is necessary.
* Production rates are lower when printing white ink on dark shirts.
To learn more about production rates,
the latest product information and to
see a video of the Fast T-JET™ Blazer
in action go to
Print three shirts at a time with our
heavy duty non-slip shirt holders.
Easy-to-use touch screen display.
Print Two to Three Shirts
end-to -end.
The Fast T-Jet Blazer Includes three 13” x 16”
(33 x 40.6cm) shirtboards and two large 16” x 20”
(40 x 50cm) shirtboards.
High Definition
Optional Accessories and Supplies
Descriptio n
Cap Attachment (two cap holde rs)
$695 .00 ea .
Large Ove rsi ze 1 6” x 20” (43 x 59cm) Sh irt Hol der
$2 25.00 ea.
Youth 10” x 12 ” (25 x 30.5 cm) Sh irt Hol der
$145.00 ea.
Sleeve 6” x 18 ” (15 x 4 5cm) Shirt h old
$145 .00 ea .
In fan t 6” x 6” Sh irt Hol der (15 x 15 cm)*
$125 .00 ea .
Repl acement pri nti ng head
$595 .00 ea .
On-si te install ati on & trainin g
$1,500 .00
(Customer payst ravel and hot el. )
One Ye ar Extended Wa rra nty
$3,300 .00 1 yr.
Two Yea r Exte nded Warran ty
$5,995 .00 2 yr.
Exten ded warranty must be purchased at time of sal e o f FastT-JET.
All Fast T-Jet
printers print
white ink!
We have the BEST white ink in the industry.
Easy-to-use. New im proved formula has less
settl ing. Very washfast and BRIGHT!
Fast T-JET™ Blazer inclu des a on e ye ar l imite d w arranty on parts a nd labor. The limited warranty d oes not in cl ude the printing hea d a nd does not in clude on-site service. Repl acement p ri nting head
is $595 and can be repl aced in less tha n 2 0 min ute s. On-site servi ce is avai lable for a n ominal add itional fee. R esponse time i s from on e d ay to fi ve da ys dep endi ng o n l ocation. Prices ma y vary
dep endin g o n co untry, du tie s, shippi ng and hand ling charg es, and exchan ge ra tes. Check w ith you r dea ler for the cu rre nt price and ava ilabi lity i n yo ur l ocati on. Ou tside of the USA we on ly sel l Fast
T-Jets through au tho ri zed deale rs who pro vi de installa tio n, service and tra inin g. Ship ping and ha ndli ng ch arges not in cluded .Al l p rices a nd design speci ficatio ns sub ject to ch ange.
U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology 1/800-624-6523
High Definition
80 to 130 light
shirts perhour.
Production lower withwhiteink on
dark shi rts.
L ea se f
Fiv e y
lea se w
ith 10% p
ur cha
Per Mo
se opt ion
Includes very robust and
reliable bulk ink system.
Fast T-Jet Jumbo2 LF-2400
Price INCLUDES installation and training!
(Travel expense and housing not included)
When you need it BIG or when you want to print
more than one item at a time! With a large 24” (61
cm) bed you can print oversize T-Shirts and more!
Print different images on each shirt!
Fast T-JET ™ JUMBO2 is just like the T-Jet3 and T-Jet
Blazer but MUCH bigger. It will also print vibrant, washfast
prints on white, light and dark shirts VERY FAST. Better yet,
this printer will print oversize prints like race car images. In
fact, it will print up to 23.5” x 48” (60 x 121cm)!
Fast T-JET ™ JUMBO2 is a full-size floor-standing unit that
measures 55” W x 120” L and 47” H (139 x 304 x 120 cm).
It can print on baseball caps in 30 seconds with a special
baseball cap holder. It also prints on beach towels, panties,
shorts, bibs, bandanas and more.
Print six-shirts at a time with
easy-load non-slip shirtholders.
Print full size beach towels with
images up to 23” x 48” (60 x 121cm).
All-over prints are the rage again.
Print huge prints on the Jumbo2.
Try this on a small machine! This
is why we call it the Jumbo!
Fast T-JET ™ JUMBO2 is great for small and large jobs.
With an ink cost of less than 40 cents per shirt (standard
print size on light shirts) and speeds of about 45 seconds for
TWO shirts at a time* you can get great production! It also
has a built-in laser light safety stop that prevents the unit
from working if there is anything in the path of the adjustable
height print head.
Fast T-JET ™ JUMBO2 uses four color (CMYK) inkjet technology and comes complete with a bulk continuous flow ink
system and four 8 oz. starter bottles of FastINK ™ TEXTILE
CMYK color, 1 liter of FastINK White, two gallons of pretreatment for dark shirts, AND a great graphics program
called FastARTIST and FastRIP (you must print from
FastARTIST - a PC/Windows based program).
You get a very washfast print. The finished print needs to be
heat set using either a standard heat transfer press or conveyor dryer. No additional treatment is necessary.
Prin t two shirts across!
T he Jumbo Includes a large bed with six removable 11.5” x 13” (29.3 x 40.6cm) shirtboards
(shirts can be laid sidew ays for wide prints). It also includes one oversize 16” x 20” shirtboard.
Optional Accessories and Supplies
* Production rates are lower when printing white ink on dark shirts.
To learn more about production rates,
the latest product information and to
see a video of the Fast T-JET™
Jumbo2 in action go to
Cap Attach me nt (tw o cap ho lders)
Large Oversize 16” x 2 0” (43 x 59cm) Shi rt Hold er
Youth 10” x 12” (25 x 30 .5 cm) Shi rt Holde r
Sl eeve 6” x 18” (15 x 45 cm) Shirt ho ld
Infant 6 ” x 6” Shi rt Hold er (15 x 15 cm)*
Repla ce me nt prin tin g h ead
One Yea r Exte nded Warran ty
Two Year Extend ed Warranty
Print on baseball caps
with optional cap holders.
$695.00 ea.
$225 .00 ea .
$ 145.00 ea.
$145.00 ea.
$1 25.00 ea.
$595.00 ea.
$ 3,3 00.00 1 yr.
$ 5,9 95.00 2 yr.
Extended warran ty must be purchased at ti me of sa le of FastT-JET
JUMBO2 and can be inclu ded as p art of a le ase p ackage.
Fast T-JET ™JUMBO2 i nclude s a six-month on-site limited warran ty on parts and lab or. The li mi ted wa rra nty doe s not includ e the prin tin g h ead and doe s not inclu de on-site service to re place the
p rinting hea d. Repla ce me nt prin tin g h ead is $595 and can be repl aced in less tha n 2 0 min ute s. Re sponse ti me i s fro m one da y to five days depe nding on l ocati on. Prices may vary d epend ing on
country, du ti es, shipp ing and han dlin g cha rges, and excha nge rate s. Check with yo ur de aler fo r the current pri ce an d a vailab ili ty in your l ocation. Outsid e o f th e U SA w e o nly se ll Fast T-Je ts
throu gh authorized dea lers w ho provide in stall ati on, service an d train ing. Shi ppin g a nd handl ing charges not includ ed. All prices and desig n sp ecifi cati ons su bject to change .
24/7 Support! Toll Free 1/888-MYTJETS (698-5387) International +1 480-929-2937
High Volume inkjet-to-shirt printing is now a reality!
Inco rp orating th e l atest DuPont™ Arti stri™ te ch nolog y.
If you are one of the people who thought you couldn’t get
“screen print press production” from an inkjet printer, Fast TJET™ PRO HV will prove you wrong. How does 150 to 300
shirts or more per hour* sound - day after day, 24/7 with minimal maintenance and downtime? This is a real money maker.
You get ink costs from 10 to 30 cents per print (light shirts)
and $1.00 per print for black shirts, high production, AND, no
more screen making, long setup times, color separations,
cleanup, harsh chemicals or lots of employees. With ONLY
two non-skilled operators you are printing more shirts with less
floor space than screen printing. How about FIVE minute
setups between jobs!!
Fast T-JET™ PRO HV prints shirts non-stop. The shirts are
loaded and unloaded just like in a normal screen printing
shop. The printer uses special printing beds that hold four or
five shirts at a time.As the beds come off the machine they
are loaded and unloaded and then moved to the back of the
machine for printing using a unique conveyor system. You get
100% throughput with no starting or stopping. Finished shirts
just keep coming off the press! It prints a basic 12” x 8” (30cm
x 20cm) image on four shirts at a time at the rate of up to
Print over 150 to 300
light shirts per hour
and 150 dark shirts
per hour!
Run this 24/7!
If yo u wa nt the i nd ustry’s h ig hes t
pr odu ctio n ma chin e w ith RE ALISTIC
ac tu al p rod ucti on ra te s, loo k no fu rth er.
With a u ni qu e dua l 8 -he ad prin ting
syste m, yo u ge t 1 6 h igh -spe ed , h ig hvo lum e in du str ial prin ting he ad s!
For larger images or images needing a heavier deposit of ink,
production rates may drop. When printing white ink on dark
shirts expect TRUE production rates of 125 to 175 prints
per hour!
Production rates of over 400 to 450 per hour are
possible when printing unit or piece printing of small
images on youth size holders.
* Pro ducti on rate s vary depend ing on size and qua lity of image. R ate s are based
on a normal cartoo n type image that i s ap proximately 12” x 8” (30 x 20cm) printed
with the hi ghest spe ed/non-critical image setti ng. These rates are ba se d o n a ctual
print times and are based on ha vi ng NO pre-pre ss fo und in a typi cal scree n p rinting
shop. A fo ur-co lor 500 pie ce ord er usi ng scree n p rinting woul d have an additio nal
hour or two of a rtwo rk and colo r sepa ra ti on time (minimum), fil m output for each
color, screen making (30 minutes) press setup and tear down (up to two hours),
scre en reclaimin g (1 5 min ute s) and po ssi ble re-makes o f separation s and screens
on criti cal jobs.
Don’t buy another automatic
screen printing press until
you look at Fast T-JET™ PRO HV.
Fast T-Jet PRO Price
Light Shirts Only $240,00000
Light & Dark Shirts $260,00000
Optional Automated Conveyor $24,995
* Does not include white ink up grade.
** Includes white ink upg rade (24 hour ink recirculating system,
magnetic stir, complete re-plumbing of unit for wh ite ink).
Printer Price INCLUDES installation and training!
Pricesmay vary depending on country, duties, shipping and handling charges, and exchange rat es.
Check with your dealer for the current price and availabilit yin your location. Outside of the USA we only
sell Fast T-Jets through authorized dealers who provi de inst allation, servi ce and t raining. Pricesand
specif ications subject to change without notice. Shipping and handling charges not included. A dditional
equipment or services requi red to operat e machi ne are not included. Price does not include shi rt dryi ng
system, air compressor, runni ng wat er, propervoltage, drain and possible monthly wast e disposal.
Fast T-JET™ PRO HV includes a one-year on-site limited warranty on
parts and labor and six month warranty on defects in printing heads. All
prices and design specifications subject to change. Warranty and additional specification details available at
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks.
Fast T-JET™ PRO HV is a rugged machine that is well-built. It measures 116” W x 83” D x 56”
H (295 x 211 x 142 cm). The entire footprint for the printing machine, the garment moving
conveyor system, a conveyor dryer and staging areas is NO LARGER than 24’ x 20’ (731cm x
609cm) The machine weighs 3800 pounds (1725 kg) and requires 220 volts 30 amp single
phase, a small compressor, and running water and drain or sump pump.
A Fast T-JET™ PRO HV outfitted with the White Ink Option includes a complete garment
moving conveyor system, six standard shirt beds with four 12.5” x 16” (31.75cm x 40.5cm)
shirtholders each (optional five holder bed shown in pictures), 32 liters of ink colors, 20 liters
of white, complete white ink upgrade, operating manual, spare parts package, FastRIP T-Jet,
FastARTIST, free supportAND free installation and training (price does not include freight or
equipment such as air compressor, dryer, room prep, etc.) Optional youth and oversize shirt
holders are available along with holders for odd size units or cut pieces.
Get vibrant bright prints with EIGHT COLOR ink set! The Fast T-Jet
PRO uses CMYK plus Red, Orange, Green and Blue as spot colors for
outstanding print quality and excellent washability. You will get superb
detail that is unsurpassed with any other printing process!
The future of
decorating is
here today.
Fast T-JET™ PRO HV uses specially formulated FastINK™ to give bright, vibrant
prints on light and dark colored shirts. The ink is packed in easy-to-use 2 liter bags
that fit into reusable cartridge cases that can be changed while the machine is printing. The colorset for FastINK is CMYKROGB - cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red,
orange, blue, green. With the addition of four “spot” colors and CMYK you get
TRUE reds, greens and blues!
Finally...High Volume Direct-to-Garment
Printing is Here!
The problem with inkjet direct printing garments in a high volume shop is that
inkjet printers don’t have an easy method of throughput. Traditional systems
have no way of moving shirts around without sacrificing print speed. We
have taken our over 35 years of Screen Printing experience and developed a
unique, patent pending method of printing shirts using a specially designed
printing bed with a circular conveyor system to easily move shirts, cut pieces,
or “units” from the exit end of the printer back to the input end.
In fact, this system works with only TWO unskilled operators and a
small footprint compared to a traditional screen printing shop!
Product Specifications for Fast T-Jet™PRO HV
Printable image area
10” x 12” (25.5 x 30.5cm)
(Depending on printing bed) 12.5” x 16” (31.75 x 40.5cm)
16” x 20” (40.5 x 51cm)
Number of Print Heads
Light shirts only 16-CMYKROGB
White Upgrade 8-CMYKROGB 8-White
Print Speed and Resolution - Light & Dark Sh irts**
12” x 8” (30.5 x 20cm) image at normal quality
12” x 14” (30.5 x 35.5cm)
*360dpi is ideal for a T-Shirt type print.
** A printing resolution of 540 or 720 will produce the brightest white
prints when printing on dark shirts.
Head Clearance
10 mm max. (adjustable for thick garments)
Nozzle Type
Drop-on-demand piezo
Ink Capacity
2 liter sealed bag per print head (16 heads)
Ink Type
Waterbased pigment
Ink Color Set
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, White
Pro HV only
83” (211cm)
116” (295cm)
63” (160cm)
Installed Weig ht
Printer 3,750 lbs (1,700kg)
Conveyor system and beds 1,500 lbs. (680kg)
Operating Temp.
59º to 86º F (15º to 30º C) and 40% to 80% RH (non-condensing).
Ink Storage Temp.
-4º to 131º F (-20º to 55º C)
200-230 volt single phase 50-60 Hertz, 30 amp
5 kg/cm2 (72 psig) @ 50 NL/minute (1.8 ft 3/min), clean dry air, oil free
3 liters/minute clean water
3 liters/minute of water
Automatic shirt moving conveyor system.
Ink Cost
$250.00 USD per liter for colors and $295.00 USD per liter for white.
Sold in 2 liter bags. (Volume discounts available.)
Ink Cost Per Print
Optional fully automated conveyor system.
Complete System F ootprint
24’ (731cm)
20’ (609cm)
63” (160cm)
Ink usage varies greatly with the size of print and print quality.
Average print costs for a standard garment print is $.20 to .35 per print
for light shirts and $1.00 to $1.50 per print for full size dark shirts.
Optional Bed s
Adult $1,795.00 ea. 5up
Youth $1,995.00 ea. 10up
Oversize $1,795.00 ea. 4up
Extended Warranty
One Year $17,500 (Price for second year. First year covered.)
Printing has never been easier. Simply drop the images into predone templates in FastART IST and press the RIP button. Most
images rip in less than five minutes. Print!
You are in good hands with the Fast T-Jet PRO. Why?
Bec aus e it is ba sed on the po pul ar D uPo nt Ar ti str i 20 20 ro ll -to -rol l textil e pri nte r u sed
aro un d the w orl d. In fa ct th ere a re o ver 15 0 Artistri 2 020 mach in es in stall ed !
U.S. Scree n Pri nt & In kje t Te chn ol ogy h as a n excl usi ve li cen se w ith D uPo nt to b e a ble to
mod ify an d se ll thi s mach in e excl usi vel y fo r T-Sh irt an d pi ece g oo ds a ppl ica tion s.
The mo di ficati on s to ok ove r 8 mo nths to en gi ne er an d test an d in clu de p rec ise ra isi ng o f
al l the h ea d carri ag es, cap pi ng s ta ti on s and key syste ms, a nd th e de sig n of a pa ten t
pe nd in g ga rmen t mo vin g co nve yor w ith ae ros pace qu ali ty s hirt be ds tha t ca n be le vel ed
in di vidu al ly. Othe r maj or mo difi catio ns in clu de a comp le te be lt r ein forci ng stru ctu re a nd
com ple x cha ng es to the “p lu mbi ng ” to i nco rpo rate th e use o f w hi te in k. The p rin te r ha s a
system o f mo ni to rin g the w hi te in k a nd s ti rrin g it eve ry fe w h ou rs to k eep it fro m settlin g.
The tota l mod ifica tion pa rts li st to ta ls ov er 20 0 in di vid ua l pie ce s a nd ta kes 10 0 ma n ho urs
to in sta ll a nd te st b y U.S. S cree n’s D uPo nt certifi ed tec hn ical sta ff.
Spe cia l softwa re wa s de vel ope d to cre ate the pro per u nd erb ase fi les for p rin ti ng o n d ark
shi rts a nd to c olo r cal ibr ate the ma ch ine fo r prin tin g on j erse y kni t g arme nts.
Call for a separate brochure and DVD on the Fast T-Jet PRO.
Better yet, come to our Tempe office and see a PRO for yourself!
This is N OT a s tandar d Ar tistr i 2 02 0 print er. This is the Fas t T-Je t PRO des igned by
gar me nt dec ora ting ex pe rt Sc ott Fr es ener a nd the s taff of U.S. Scr een.
See a short video of this machine in action online at:
ur s S A y
pp o ST My - Su n 3 8 7)
Su pm Mtu rd a (6 9 8-5 7
N ewm to 8:0:000pm YSTaJ ET0S-92 9-n29.c3omport!
8 r ee Sup
7 : 0 a m t o 1/ 88 8- l + 1- 4
uss nc y
9 :00 Fr ee a ti on aor t@ er ge
Tol I nte rnl s up u rs E
Em fter H
Printing White Ink on a T-Jet
White Ink Overview
Printing white ink on an inkjet printer is VERY HARD. In fact,
we spent over one year trying to develop the proper ink. The
problem is that inkjet nozzles print very thin deposits of ink
that is like water. It is certainly NOT the same as a thick traditional screen print plastisol. In fact, it really should not work.
And, white ink tends to settle if not used properly. The only
real way to print white is to find a way to keep the pigment
setting on top of the garment.
Create th e i ma ge in your favori te graph ic p rogram or i n FastARTIST. Or, use customer suppl ied
art. Fa stARTIST creates a n u nderbase and hi ghli ght file. Pri nt di re ctly fro m Fa stARTIST.
Spray a ligh t mist of p re trea tment on the ga rme nt and dry it qu ickly i n a he at transfe r press or
co nveyor d rye r. A he at press works b etter because
it mats dow n the garment fi bers.
Pretreating Garment
In traditional inkjet printing on textiles (bed sheets, shower
curtains, gaming tables, carpet, etc.), a pretreatment is used
to make the fabric inkjet ink receptive and to keep the pigment on top. This is the same method we use to create
STUNNING black shirt prints.
L oad a sh irt in the printer and print from
FastARTIST. Most prints wi ll need two passes o f
w hite i nk to get g ood coverage. Me dium colored
sh irts ma y on ly ne ed one pass of whi te.
The la st pass i s for the colo rs of C MYK. This
pass a lso prints a hig hlig ht whi te ink th at boo sts the
white ink even more maki ng it lo ok be tter than
scre en printing!
Software is part of the magic
Even with the ink and pretreatment, software is needed to tell
the printer how much white to print out of what ink cartridges,
AND, how to print a grayscale underbase of the image (only a
novice prints solid white). And.... a great black shirt print
needs a highlight white to boost the white where it needs it.
This is what give “US” the edge. Over the years we have
become known as black shirt printing and underbase experts.
Our FastFILMS color separation program for screen printing
is used on most black shirts that are screen printed around
the world. We were able to transfer these years of knowledge
and experience to FastARTIST and FastRIP.
Cu re the print in a h eat transfer p re ss (recommend ed) o r through a conveyor dryer. Dark shirt
pri nts look great and hold up throug h rep eated
wa sh ings.
Why buy a T-Jet from U.S. Screen?
We are the market leaders
A Word About the Competition
As the market gets crowded with competitors the obvious question
is “why should you buy a printer from U.S. Screen?” If you are new
to the industry you may not know who we are.
We do not try to sell by spending all of our time talking about the
competition. We feel the way to sell products is to talk about what
benefits we can give you and how our products will help you make
more money and have a successful business.
U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology has been around since 1979,
and company founders, Scott and Pat Fresener, have been in the
industry since 1970. You will be dealing with one of the most
respected and reputable companies in the industry.
But, what does this mean? It means that we stand behind our products; they are manufactured to exacting standards; the Freseners
bring their screen print and garment printing knowledge and apply it
to inkjet printing; they offer the best support in the industry; they
have sold more machines than any other manufacture; AND, they
have the brightest colors and best white ink in the industry!
But, we feel it important that you not be swayed by comments from
our competitors. Make sure to get names of actual users and to
see shirt samples. Ask for real production rates and ink costs and
demand that you get the real numbers. Anyone can generalize at
production rates. Get the facts.
It means you will not be dealing with an “agent” for a foreign manufacture who will “have to get back with you” for support. It means we
talk your language and are here with live body support even after
As for white ink, do NOT buy a printer based on the promise that
“white is coming.” It took us over a year to develop white ink and
we know we are on the leading edge. Make sure when you buy a
printer to print white ink that it really prints WHITE ink. One well
known company offers “discharge printing” as “white” when in fact
discharge is an old screen print technique to bleach the dye from
the garment. It gives you the natural shirt color and not white.
Again, get samples.
What more can you ask for? Do not buy on price alone. There
is much more to an expensive purchase than that.
When competitors have to spend all their time talking about us
there must be some reason they don’t talk about themselves!
Find a dealer from our world-wide dealer network.
See this printer in action at
T J-AutoTreat
Now you can get perfect pretreatment when printing white ink on dark shirts or when using
our exclusive FastBRIGHT pretreatment on light and medium colored shirts. Our new
Au toTREAT Pretreatment Center is a robust, heavy duty, pretreatment machine.
Simply lay a shirt on the bed and press the Load button. Shirts can be pretreated in 15 to 20
seconds! And, you can adjust the amount of pretreatment (light or dark shirts), the speed of
the bed AND you can pretreat specific areas depending on the image size. You can choose
between our normal pretreatment for dark shirts; FastBRIGHT for light and medium colored
shirts; or water to flush out the pretreatment lines.
The AutoTREAT Pretreatment Center is not just a simple spray nozzle and tank. It contains
industrial strength spray controllers designed to pulsate the pretreatment and apply it in a
very uniform controlled pattern. The digital readout control panel allows you to dial in the
exact amount of pretreatment required for different shirt colors. The special spray nozzle is
the same as used in very high end industryual spray applications. There is even a cleaning
cycle to flush out the system.
T his is NOT ju st a simp le spray booth. From the
industrial controller to precision valves and spray
nozzles, the AutoTREAT applies the pro per amount
of pretreat....every time!
The unit is easy to maintain and requires no training.
Print on Non-Textile items
with your Fast T-Jet!
FastINK™ TEXTILE is a specially formulated water based pigment textile ink that will work
on 100% cotton (light and dark) and 50/50 (light colors) material. It only needs a simple
heat setting to make the print washfast. FastINK is manufactured to exacting standards
and is the brightest ink in the industry. And, we have T HE BEST white ink anywhere.
FastINK TEXTILE Ink and Pretreatments
You can now print on a variety of non-textile products using your Fast T-Jet.
Print on golf balls, koozies, tiles, plastic, wood, metal and more using your standard F astIN K Textile ink. No ink to change!
Most items need a special inkjet receptive pretreatment that can be sprayed or
brushed to the items. F or items that need abraision resistance you can coat or
spray a Post Treatment.
You can make holders for these items or simply lay them in the printing bed. We
can supply a special optional golfball holder for $99.95.
A pply the Pret reat ment or P rimer wit h a brush or spray bott le. Print the it ems on your
T-Jet. Dry the images with a hair dryer, heat press or let the item air dry. Easy!
Non-Textile Pretreatm ent
Fast T-Jet™ Pretreatment for Non-Textiles is designed for use as an inkjet ink
receptive base coat when printing directly onto non-textile materials such as plastic,
metal, and wood using your standard Fast T-Jet™ Garment Printer and FastINK™
Textile ink. For increased durability of the final print use our Fast T-Jet™ PostTreatment on top of the final print. Certain high gloss material may need to be prepared with our Non-Textile Primer Pretreatment BEFORE using this Pretreatment.
You do NOT need to change inks when using this product.
Non-Textile Prim er
Fast T-Jet™ Brand Non-Textile Primer is designed to be used on high gloss nonporous surfaces as a primer coat prior to the application of our standard Fast TJet™ Brand Non-Textile
Non-Textile Post Treatment
Using Fast T-Jet™ Non-Textile Post Treatment: For increased durability to abrasion
and added UV protection, spray the F ast T-Jet™ Non-Textile Post-Treatment over a
fully dry printed piece. Consult the Fast T-Jet™ Non-Textile Post Treatment label for
proper use and warnings.Pretreatment.
Item No.
Ink Type
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Magenta
Yel low
Lt. Black
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
4 oz.
4 oz.
4 oz.
4 oz.
4 oz.
4 oz.
4 oz.
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
$55.95 ea.
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Magenta
Yel low
Lt. Black
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
8 oz.
8 oz.
8 oz.
8 oz.
8 oz.
8 oz.
8 oz.
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Magenta
Yel low
Lt. Black
Whi te
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
$165 .00 ea .
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Magenta
Yel low
Lt. Black
Whi te
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
Pig me nt
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
1 Liter
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
$299 .00 ea .
Pretrea t*
Pretrea t*
Pretrea t*
*Pretrea tment is n eeded wh en printing whi te ink or
1 Liter
Bottl e
$ 30 .00 ea .
1 gall on
Bottl e
$ 95 .00 ea .
1 gall on
Bottl e
$ 31 .95 ea .
for brig hte r prin ts on ligh t shirts.
FastINK TEXTILE Ink - For Fast T-Jet PRO HV
All colors
Pig me nt
2 liter
$550 .00 ea .
Ava ilab le co lors: Cyan , Magenta, Ye llow, Bl ack, Orang e, Gre en, Re d, Blue. We also carry a
complete line of purgin g flui ds for th e Sta ndard, Ju mb o, Gi ant a nd PRO HV. Call for prices.
FastINK Non-Textile Pre- Post- and Primer Pretreatments
Non-Tex tile Pr etreatme nt
8 oz.
16 oz.
1 Liter
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$ 16.95 ea.
$ 28.95 ea.
$ 55.95 ea.
Non-Tex tile Post Trea tm ent
Post Tre at
10.5 oz.
$ 26.95 ea.
Non-Tex tile Pr imer
8 oz.
16 oz.
1 Liter
Bottl e
Bottl e
Bottl e
$ 15.95 ea.
$ 26.95 ea.
$ 50.95 ea.
24/7 Support! Toll Free 1/888-MYTJETS (698-5387) International +1 480-929-2937
HIX Heat Transfer Presses
Cure your prints with the number one brand of heat
transfer presses - HIX. When printing with white ink,
a heat press helps make the print brighter.
Presto 15 Standard Economy Press
• 15"x15" heavy duty, even heating platen.
• Separate digital timer included.
• Sturdy steel design that is very portable at only 53 lbs.
• Calibrated thermostat can be set from off to 450°F.
• Heat indicating light turns off once set temperature is
• Easy to open and close handle with spring assist.
• Press opens a full 50° for easy placement of products.
• Lifetime warranty on heating element and 1-year war ranty on components.
HT-400D Digital Standard Press
SwingMan 15 Economy 15"x15"
15"x15" heavy duty, even heating, swing away platen.
Sturdy steel design that is very portable at only 64 lbs.
Separate digital timer included.
Easy to use open and close handle with full range pressure
• Calibrated thermostat that can be set from off to 450°F.
• Heat indicating light that turns off once set temperature is
• Lifetime warranty on heating element & 1-year warranty on
• 15"x15" heavy duty, even heating platen.
• Digital timer is adjustable up to 999 seconds, shows time
countdown on readout, beeps after elapsed time.
• Calibrated digital temperature control is adjustable up to
450°F (232°C) and displays the current temperature.
• Self leveling, silicone rubber covered lower platen provides
even alignment on delicate objects.
• Easy to open and close handle that has spring assist.
• Press opens a full 40° for easy placement of products.
• Lifetime warranty on heating element and 1-year warranty
on components.
Save $200 on ANY
HIX Heat Press with
the purchase of a
Fast T-Jet!
Presto 20 Large Economy Press
Hobby Lite 9” x 12” Heat Press
• 9"x12" even heating, swing away platen.
• Separate digital timer included.
• 23 lbs. Lightweight and portable for hobbyist to use at
malls, flea markets, shows, and more.
• Works on items up to 1-1/2" thick.
• Easy to open and close handle with full range
pressure adjustment.
• Calibrated thermostat can be set from off to 400°F.
• 1-year manufactures warranty on components.
• 16"x20" heavy duty, even heating platen.
• Separate digital timer included.
• Economical for a start up shop or to use as a backup.
• Works on items up to 1/2" thick.
• Calibrated thermostat can be set from off to 450°F.
• Heat indicating light.
• Full range pressure adjustment.
• Press opens a full 40° for easy placement of products.
• Lifetime manufacture warranty on heating element and
1-year manufacture warranty on components.
HT-600D Digital Standard Press
• 16"x20" heavy duty, even heating platen.
• Sets the standard in the manual heat press industry.
• Applies all types of transfers on items up to 1/2" thick.
• Digital timer.
• Calibrated digital temperature control.
• Easy to open and close handle that has spring assist.
• Press opens a full 40° for easy placement of products.
• Lifetime manufacture warranty on heating element and
1-year manufacture warranty on components.
HOSS High Volume Press
The HOSS is fully automatic, all the operators need to do
is load the garment on the pallet to the right, it cycles automatically. Then load a garment on the left pallet, it cycles
automatically and the right pallet returns. Repeat the
process again.
• Two 16"x20" upper heat platens and four 16"x20" silicone
rubber covered lower platens.
•Adjustable dwell timer to control transfer pressing time.
• Separate digital temperature controls.
• Independently adjustable air pressure controls for each
• Platens automatically index at your set cycle time.
•Adjustable work height.
• Plug in electric and quick connect air fitting.
U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology 1/800-624-6523
B-250 Cap Press
Use to cure T-Jet printed caps.
Sturdy design that is lightweight and portable.
Separate digital timer included.
Calibrated thermostat can be set from off to 450°F.
Easy to open and close handle with full range pressure
• Press opens a full 70° for easy placement of products.
• Lifetime warranty on heating element & 1-year warranty
on components.
Create Film Positives on an
Inexpensive Inkjet Printer!
Have you been looking at inkjet printers for film output but were turned
off by the speed? Inkjet printers with a software RIP driver have taken
the industry by storm the last few years. The only thing that has separated us from Thermal Imagesettes was speed - Thermal Imagesetters
were faster. That has all changed! We have developed a way to use
FOUR black ink cartridges in an Epson 4800 along with patent pending
variable dot software to print FULL SIZE FILM POSITIVES IN UNDER
ONE MINUTE! And, at very high resolution! WOW!
If you are new to the business you don’t realize how huge this is.
We call this variation on our FastRIP PRO software, FastRIP PRO
High Speed. And, it is a thing of beauty!
For guaranteed results, highest print speed and film
that dries immediately - this printer and FastRIP
package is designed to use FOUR FastINK Dye
black cartridges with FastPOS Waterproof film only.
When using four black cartridges the quality of color
output may suffer slightly.
We will NOT guarantee the quality if you use film and
ink from other third party companies. This is a system of film, ink and software that works beautifully
when used together.
• Available for Windows/PC or MAC.*
• Free support.
• Easy to use.
• Imagesetter quality.
• Clean, crisp halftones.
• Sharp “Index” stochastic square dots.
• Uses off-the-shelf Epson ink or FastINK.
• Perfect registration!
• Calibrated and designed for screen printing.
• Works with PhotoShop, Corel Draw,
Illustrator, Freehand, Quark and FastFilms.
• Print color calibrated proofs AND heat transfers!
• 130-page manual in English AND Spanish.
View a 13 minute online video about FastRIP at:
What is FastRIP?
FastRIP is a PostScript interpreter called a raster image processor (RIP). Without
PostScript it is impossible to print high-quality halftone dots on a “non-PostScript” inkjet
printer such as an EPSON R1800 or 4800. Even if your printer has PostScript, it may not
be able to print halftone dots because PostScript is often just used to calibrate and balance colors on an inkjet. The EPSON “RIP” does not print halftone dots! FastRIP does!
And, FastRIP tells the inkjet printer to lay down a much denser deposit of black ink. You
will think you are looking at imagesetter quality output. And... the halftone dots are carefully calibrated so if you specify a 50% dot you get a 50% dot on the film!
Easy To Use
With FastRIP you print directly from Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand
or FastFilms. There are no additional steps and no confusing commands or “hot folders.”
Just press the Print button as you normally would. You specify the halftone line count and
angle just like you always do. And, when you burn screens from clear film with crisp,
sharp black images that are as dense as imagesetter output, you will find your screens
expose MUCH better. No more playing with exposure times like you do with laser output.
Your halftone dots are a thing of beauty!
And.... there is more!
FastRIP™ comes with a handy
Wall Chart Cheat Sheet.
You aren’t limited by the size anymore. If you output to an EPSON 4800, you can print up
to 17” x 22.” Better yet, go to the EPSON 7800 and output 24” wide material or the
EPSON 9800 and get 44” output! This is HUGE. No more tiling and no more shrinking jobs
to fit on your laser printer. Plus the registration is DEAD ON! You can also do accurate,
calibrated paper color proofs in both normal inkjet output or in halftones so the customer
will see what the print will really look like, and if you print T-Shirt transfers using special
coated paper, FastRIP is calibrated to make them look great! The FastRIP Manual and
Training DVD is also available in Spanish!
Check our website for the most current supported printer list.
Order Toll Free 1/800-624-6532. We Accept COD, Company or Personal Check, Check by Phone, and
FastRIP Software Only
If you have the printer we have the software!
For Epson 1520 &2200 - 13”wide
For Epson R1800 &R2400 - 13”
For Epson 3000 - 17”wide output
Fo r g uar an tee d r esu lts we ONLY r eco mm en d u sing
t his p rin ter an d Fast RIP with FastI NK Dye blac k an d
Fa stPOSITIVE Wat erp ro of f ilm.
Epson R180 0 w ith
Fas tRIP St anda rd.
For Epson4000 & 4800
17” wide output
Item# FASTRIPPROHS* $1,495
We now have over 4,500 VERY HAPPY
FastRIP users around the world!
For Epson 7600/7800 - 24” wide
For Epson 9600/9800 - 44” wide
Item# FASTRIPLFHS* $3,695
Item# FASTRIPXLHS* $2,495
For g uar an tee d r esu lts, h igh est p rin t sp eed an d f ilm t hat dr ies
im m edia tely - t his p rint er an d Fast RIP pa ckag e is de sign ed to u se
TWO Fa stINK Dye b lack car trid ge s with Fa stPOS Wa ter pr oo f film
o nly. Wh en usin g t wo b lack car trid ges the qu ality of color o utp ut
m ay suff er. *Fas tRIP PRO High Spee d uses fou r b lack inks!
Epson 480 0 w ith
Fas tRIP PRO .
RIP Combo Packages
Includes FastRIP, EPSON printer and FastPOSITIVE
Save $$ with FastRIP, FastFILMS and
Inkjet Printer Combo Packages.
RIP Combo
Epson R1800
Epson 7800
Ep son Stylus Col or R1800 & FastRIP
100 sheets FastPOS WP 13 " x 18"
Epson Stylus Pro 7800 & FastRIP XL
(Opt ion al stand add ition al $295)
24" x 100' Roll - FastPOS WP
Call about Combos
for the R2400.
Item # RIPCOMBO7800*
High Speed version
Item # RIPCOMBOR1800
Item # RIPCOMBO7800HS*
Rip Combo for the R2400 including the printer, FastRIP, 100 sheets of FastPOS WP
and FastINK Dye cartridge. Item #RIPCOMBOR2400 $1,630.00.
Epson 9800
Epson Stylus Pro 9600 & FastRIP LF
(Stand include d.)
44" x 100' Roll - FastPOS WP
Item # RIPCOMBO9800*
High Speed version
Epson 4800
Epson Stylu s Col or 4 800 & FastR IP PRO
FastPOS WP 13" x 1 00’ roll
TWO 110ml cartridge FastINK Bl ack Dye
Item # RIPCOMBO4800
High Speed version
Item # RIPCOMBO4800HS*
Item # RIPCOMBO7800HS*
With FastRIP XL or LF you will be able to gang “nest”
multiple images across the page and save money.
(Four black cart ridges for High Speed version. )
Add FastFilms to any RIP combo for only $795!
Simply the bes t clear inkjet film on the
mar ket ! Ver y smooth on both sides.
Contains anti-cur l coating and works
with off-the-shelf dye-based Epson inks
and FastINK™ dye based ink.
The ind ustry’s most affordable no n-waterproof film.
We worked hard on this one. After A LOT of testing and R&D, we developed what is undoubtably THE BEST inkjet film on the market.
FastPOSITIVE is specially formulated clear film that produces very dense
black images using off-the-shelf EPSON dye-based ink. It will work with
FastRIP and other software RIP’s designed for black image inkjet output.
FastPOSITIVE is very smooth on both sides and has a special back coating to prevent curl and static. FastPOSITIVE is not water-proof.
Don't buy less expensive inkjet film ...
Less expensive inkjet films (like the matte finished films on the market)
have major dot gain and give the image a rough edge. Don't save a few
pennies on inferior film and waste dollars trying to get the job to burn and
print correctly. For the best edge definition and dense dark blacks without
pinholes, use film with a smooth coating - like FastPOSITIVE.
With FastPOSITIVE you will get imagesetter quality with excellent registration and no need to adjust exposure times or deal with shrinkage associated with vellum paper. Best of all, you get a very dense positive and it
is designed to control ink absorption allowing for fast drying and excellent
dot shape retention.
Rolls or Cut Sheets?
Many customers assume the best economy is to buy film by the roll. The
problem is that some small format inkjet printers like the Epson RE1800
and R2400 DO NOT print in register when feeding off of a roll. If you want
PERFECT registration on these printers, purchase boxes of sheet film.
Note: the Epson 4800, 7800 and 9800 have a different feeding mechanism and registration is perfect using roll film.
Do I need a RIP?
If you want DENSE black images and halftone dots, you need a RIP like
FastRIP. FastRIP tells the inkjet printer how many passes to make when
printing black so the printer lays down a much denser ink deposit when
using FastRIP. The magic of getting dense black images is not entirely in
the film. The rip is part of the magic!
Call today for FREE sample output of FastRIP and
blank samples of FastPOSITIVE.
FastPOSITIVE Non-Waterproof Film
Item #
1 box 5 - 9 boxes 10+ boxes
(100 sheets per box)
Save 8%
Save 15%
8½” x 11”
FastPOS8114 8½” x 14”
FastPOS1117 11” x 17”
FastPOS1318 13” x 18”
$115.00 105.80
FastPOS1722 17” x 22”
$185.00 170.20
42cm x 59.4cm $190.00 174.80
21cm x 29.7cm
29.7cm x 42cm
35.3cm x 50cm $130.00 119.60
8½” x 50’
FastPOS8100ROLL 8½” x 100’
FastPOS13100ROLL 13” x 100’
FastPOS17100ROLL 17” x 100’
FastPOS24100ROLL 24” x 100’ $149.00 137.08
FastPOS24200ROL 24” x 200' $289.00 265.88
FastPOS36100ROLL 36” x 100' $216.00 198.72
FastPOS36200ROLL 36” x 200' $420.00 386.40
FastPOS44100ROLL 44” x 100’ $260.00 239.20
FastPOS44200ROLL 44” x 200’ $485.00 446.20
Custom roll and sheet sizes available on request. Call for quote.
Save money by ordering online at www.ScreenPrinters.Net!
FastRIP Fine Print...
Second user versions for independent workstations are available. FastRIP will work across most networks. FastRIP uses a USB dongle as a
security device.
FastRIP support is free to the original purchaser. Mac FastRIP are for OSX operating system ONLY. There is a FastRIP support area on the
internet. All printers are warrantied through the appropriate manufacturer. FastRIP upgrades are not free. There is an “upgrade” charge for
FastRIP to upgrade to new operating systems, new versions of software applications, or printer models. We DO NOT ship Epson printers
outside the US due to warranty and service problems. Please consult your local Epson distributor for availability or check
For user testimonials and more product
information visit the FastRIP website.
Do you want a film that will not be affected by
humidity, perspiration, washout sink overspray, or
a coffee spill? Better yet, do you want a film that
comes out with the ink immediately dry?
OK, not good enough? How about a film that
works with both pigment and dye based ink?
FastPOSITIVE™ WP is the answer!
FastPOSITIVE Waterproof Film
A Word About Waterproo f and No n-waterproof Film
So.... which film do you need? FastPOSITIVE™ or FastPOSITIVE WP™?
It really depends on your needs. If you want to use off-the-shelf pigment
inks that come with the Epson 2200, R1800 and 4000/4800, then WP is a
must. If you have high humidity or just don’t want to worry about images
getting smeared, then again, WP is for you. If you are looking for an
affordable solution and you are using Epson dye ink (3000 and 1520) or
FastINK dye ink, then our standard FastPOSITIVE™ is fine. If you have
problems with your ink drying because of humidity or just the pressure of
getting a job on press right now, then WP is a good choice. The special
micorporous coating causes the ink to dry IMMEDIATELY!
In the past, waterproof inkjet film has been VERY
expensive. Our new FastPOSITIVE™ is 35% less
expensive than any competing brand!
Item #
1 box
5 - 9 boxes 10+ boxes
(100 sheets per box)
Save 8%
Save 15%
8½” x 11”
FastPOSWP8114 8½” x 14”
FastPOSWP1117 11” x 17”
FastPOSWP1318 13” x 18”
FastPOSWP1722 17” x 22”
FastPOSWPA4 21cm x 29.7cm $98.00
FastPOSWPA3 29.7cm x 42cm $210.00
FastPOSWPB3 35.3cm x 50cm $249.00
FastPOSWPA2 42cm x 59.4cm $389.00
8½” x 50’
FastPOSWP8100R 8½” x 100’ $129.00
FastPOSWP13100R 13” x 100’
FastPOSWP17100R 17” x 100’
FastPOSWP24100R 24” x 100’
FastPOSWP24200R 24” x 200'
FastPOSWP36100R 36” x 100'
FastPOSWP36200R 36” x 200'
FastPOSWP44100R 44” x 100’
FastPOSWP44200R 44” x 200’ $1025.00
Custom roll and sheet sizes available on request. Call for quote.
Call today for FREE sample output of FastRIP™
and blank and printed samples of
Films are now easy, affordable and FAST with FastRIP HIGH SPEED,
FastPOSITIVE Waterproof film, an Epson printer, and FastINK!
Print films in under one minute that dry immediately and burn a great screen!
Order Toll Free 1/800-624-6532. We Accept COD, Company or Personal Check, Check by Phone, and
Epson 1520 Compatible FastINK
Item No.
In k Typ e
US152 0BLKD25
US152 03D45
USBLKD90 Bl ack
Cartri dge
$24.50 ea.
Cartri dge
$24.50 ea.
Ba g
$59.95 ea.
Bu lk System Black Onl y $ 125.00 ea.
Black Onl y
Epson 2200 Compatible FastINK
Item No.
In k Typ e
US220 0BLKD18U
US220 0PURG( Spe cify Color )
Black Onl y
All colo rs
Pu rge flu id
Cartri dge
Ba g/Bul k Syste m
Bu lk System
Cartri dge
Item No.
In k Typ e
Inkjet ink is NOT all the same. We carry both
o riginal EPSON ink and our own ink brand (We do not carry the standard Epson 2200 18ml pigment ink colors due t o the easy availabil ity and low cost. )
called FastINK™.
Epson 3000 Compatible FastINK
Cartri dge
FastINK™ is the best ink on the market for film output US300
US300 0CYD110
Cartri dge
on inkjet printers. Our FastINK™ Dye ink is specially
US300 0MAGD110
Magen ta
Cartri dge
Ye llow
Cartri dge
formulated for printing on clear film and is designed to US300
All colo rs
Pu rge flu id 110ml
Cartri dge
be quick drying, scratch resistant and have excellent
Epson 4000 - 7600 - 9600 Compatible FastINK
UV blocking characteristics.
( Specify Color)
Item No.
US479 BL KD11 0U
US79BLKD110 (only 7600 /9600) Black
US479 BL KD220U
US479 PU RGE(Specify Color) All colo rs
$24.50 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$12 5.0 0 e a.
$16.50 ea.
$59.95 ea.
$59.95 ea.
$59.95 ea.
$59.95 ea.
In k Typ e
Pu rge flu id
220 ml
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
$49.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
Epson 7800 - 9800 - Compatible FastINK
Save money with our Bulk Ink System.
We have developed an easy-to-use continuous flow (black only) system
for the Epson R1800, R2400, Epson 2200 and Epson 1520. Simply drop
in the special new cartridge head and connect the tube to a quick connect ink bag! These bulk systems are one color black only systems.
Item No.
In k Typ e
US78/98L BL KD 11 0U
US78/98L BL KD 220U
US78/98L LBLKD110U
US78/98L LBLKD220U
US78/98LTCYAN22 0U
Lt.Bl ack
Lt.Bl ack
Lt L t Black
Lt L t Black
Lt.Mag enta
Lt.Mag enta
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Cyan
220 ml
220 ml
220 ml
220 ml
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
Epson 4800 - Compatible FastINK
Item No.
In k Typ e
US48L BL KD11 0U
Lt.Bl ack
Lt.Bl ack
Lt L t Black
Lt L t Black
Lt.Mag enta
Lt.Mag enta
Lt. Cyan
Lt. Cyan
220 ml
220 ml
220 ml
220 ml
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
Cartri dge
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$89.95 ea.
Epson R1800 - Compatible FastINK
Item No.
In k Typ e
US180 0PURG( Spe cify Color )
Black Onl y
All colo rs
Pu rge flu id
Cartri dge
Ba g/Bul k Syste m
Bu lk System
Cartri dge
Epson R2400 - Compatible FastINK
Item No.
In k Typ e
US240 0PURG( Spe cify Color )
Black Onl y
All colo rs
Pu rge flu id
Cartri dge
Ba g/Bul k Syste m
Bu lk System
Cartri dge
$24.50 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$12 5.0 0 e a.
$16.50 ea.
$24.50 ea.
$49.95 ea.
$12 5.0 0 e a.
$16.50 ea.
**The E pson 2200, R1800, R2400, 4000, 4800, 7800, 9800 and certain 7600 and 9600 print ers are designed to use pigment i nk.
FastI NK dye blackf or t hese Epson has a “pigment ” computer chip so the printert hinksit is seeing a standard pigment cart ridge.
We carry Genuine EPSON
Ink. Call for prices and
availability or go to
Same day shipping on most orders. Order online at www.ScreenPrinters.Net.
Push Button Separations! Its time to automate the art department with FastFilms™
r s!
H ou- F US Ada y
pp o S T M - Su n 3 87)
S u pm Mtu rda y(6 98-5 7
N ewm to 8:0000pmYSTaJ ET0S-92 9-n29.c3ompo rt!
Get FastPROOF™ for only $125.00if you purchaseFastFilms™
and FastPROOF™ at the same time! Seepage 7.
Over 4,000 users worldwide in 75 countries.
Works withAdobe Photoshop 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0CS &CS2.
Available in English, Spanish, French,
Portuguese, Japanese and German!
It’s Easy! Scan, Separate and Output.
Imagine being able to scan a photograph and in just a few minutes separate from two to twelve colors ready to print out for dark and light shirts!
FastFilms™ is anAdobe Photoshop plugin that is very easy to use and
includes a 60-page reference manual, Quick Reference sheet, online support, free phone support, PLUS a special web-based user area and
detailed Training Video! You can even create the image in Corel Draw,
Illustrator, Freehand or Photoshop. When you are done separating - printout a very accurate color proof on an inkjet printer.
e Sup
7 :0 a m t o1 / 888 - l + 1-4 ssc r e
9 :0 l Fr ee a ti on por t@me rg
Tol Inte rn sup ur s E
ai l
E mA fter H
FastFilms™ uses off-the-shelf plastisol ink and even tells you the mesh
count, Pantone® color, color sequence, halftone frequency and angles!
Its’ so easy that even beginners with limited Photoshop experience
and homemade equipment can do outstanding prints.
Best ofall FastFilms is availablefor bothMAC andWindows.
Laser Printer
or Inkjet
Inkjet Output
Inkjet Proof
Final Shirt
Buy from som eone you know and trust!
This unique automated software is based on Scott Fresener's years of teaching the processes and his intimate knowledge of screen printing and using
Photoshop® for high-end separations. It is like having Scott sitting at your computer doing the seps for you! When you invest in software like FastFilms™ you
need to buy from someone you know and trust. Besides being a highly
respected industry leader, Scott is also a member of the Adobe Developers
Network and was on the beta test team for Photoshop 6.0.
FastFilms™ separates most jobs in less than five minutes AND
you get a very accurate monitor preview of what the job will print
like. Now you can quit sending out for high-end seps - do them inhouse just like the pros. Output to an inkjet with PostScript, your
laser printer on vellum or laser acetate, or an imagesetter. You
can even do square dot index separations with FastFilms™ !
Its so easy you will do jobs the
day you get the program!
View the entire manual in fullcolor right on your computer.
Get free on-line support at the
FastFilms™ User's Arena.
Success breeds imitation and there are a number of “look alike” programs to
FastFilms. Don’t let a few dollars savings tempt you to buy a program that is
inferior and provides poor or no support.And, a program is not a “bargain” if
the separations don’t work at press and you spend hours making adjustments.The quality of a separation program is directly based on the knowledge
of the person who wrote the program. Some programs are being sold by ink
companies. Do you really think an ink company should be selling separation
software? Trust your instincts and buy from someone you know and trust.
For Testim onials from happy users go to
Check out our NEW FastFilms Training Class on page 27.
Great for small and large shops! Even if you only have a four-color press!
F a s t F i l m s ™™ i s a S u i t e o f S I X P r o g r a m s !
Simulated Process Color Separations
On light and dark shirts
You don't even need to be good in Photoshop to use FastFilms ™. It does
everything for you. It will build terrific underbases for black shirts and creates
all the color channels ready to output. It makes beautiful fleshtones and the
printed image matches what is on the monitor! It even tells you the proper
mesh counts, color sequence and more. Great SIX-COLOR routine for manual
Real Process Color
CMYK on light and dark shirts.
Now you can print stunning CMYK four-color
process on light and dark shirts. FastFilms ™ also
creates an underbase, highlight white and and lets
you add up to three spot colors. Some of the
largest printers in the world us FastFilms!
Special Image Effects
Jazz up images with neat effects.
Choose from five different edge effects to liven up images AND do the
distressed look too!
Hot-Split Heat Transfer
Screened transfers!
FastFilms™ is being
used by some of the
largest transfer companies in the world for seps.
FastFilms ™ is being used by most major licensed merchandise printers including
people who print for Disney, Harley, World Wrestling and more. In fact, we have one
customer who has done over 1,000 separations with F astF ilms ™.
Sepiatone Old Photo Separations
A great routine!
This is a hot look. Take any colored photograph and turn it into a rich looking
black and white image (its actually five colors) or give it an old photo look
with the sepiatone routine. FastFilms™ creates an underbase and highlight
for these too, so they work on dark shirts.
Index Color Separations
On light and dark shirts
FastFilms™ creates GREAT “square dot”
index separations and you don’t need any
additional programs beside Photoshop. It
also makes excellent underbase and highlight whites! Many index jobs can be done
with six colors or less!
Spot Color Separations
With and without trapping.
FastFilms ™ works great with simple spot color images. You can have the
program create butt register separations or provide a slight trap to the image
AND it will create an underbase with or without a choke!
View hundreds of customer’s samples online at
For more information,
product comparisons, and
sample downloads go to the
special FastFilms™ web site:
Single User Item # FASTFILM • Specify Mac or PC
2-User Item #FASTFILM2USER $1,5000 0
5-User Item #FASTFILM5USER $2,5000 0
10-User Item #FASTFILMS10USER $5,00000
See for yo urself. Download a Free Trial version that is FULLY
FUNCTIONING for 20-Days! To get the mo st ou t of the trial,
you can even p urchase the FastFilms™ Training Video for
$29.95 - fully refundable when you purchase FastFilms™ .
We would like to t hankour many artist f riends and customers for the use of t heir images and shirt samples. Shark
image copyright S hlomo Cohen, Watercol or Horse copyright Tom Fayen, Michal Tucny courtesy Procent rum,
Af rica Collage courtesy Silkmasters, S nake Hunt and MardiGras courtesy Teamwork Graphics, Tradition courtesy
Hard Edge Designs, Fast Man cartoon character byMonst er Graphi cs, Chevy design courtesy Greg Tedder,
Matrix and Entrapment shirts printed by Pico. All ot her trademarks and t radenames acknowledged.
Learn How To Start and Run a Profitable Garment Printing Business! It’s Easy ... with “The Book!”
How To Print
T-Shirts For Fun and Profit!
By Scott and Pat Fresener
Ove r120,0
being int ro 00 sold sinc e
duced in 1
This is the book the industry talks about. It is responsible for getting thousands of T-Shirt printers into the profitable garment printing business! Every successful shop has a “well used” copy of this book. How To Print T-Shirts For Fun
And Profit has literally become “the Bible” of the industry. It is written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner by
industry experts Scott and Pat Fresener who have been in the industry since 1970.
This book covers everything from A to Z about screen printing T-Shirts and Heat Transfers, and includes sections on
printing Nylon Jackets, Baseball Caps and more. It tells you how to set-up a shop, where to find customers, how to run
your business, PLUS it contains a complete suppliers listing, dozens of charts and forms AND plans to build your own
equipment including a 4-color printer for under $150, plus a Buyer’s Guide with 450 suppliers and their web addresses!
Revised 2005 Edition, 260 pages.
Item # B-HTP
Getting Started in T-Shirt Screen
Beginner to Intermediate level
with Scott and Mike Fresener
If you are just starting out, this course is for you! If you already
print, you will be surprised at what you didn't know!
This is what you have been asking for. One course that covers the entire process from start to finish.
Learn how to screen print T-Shirts from industry veteran Scott Fresener and his son Michael. From "this is
a T-Shirt," to creating color separations, and making a multi-color print. This information packed two DVD
course is designed to get you up and running and successfully printing shirts. Some topics are covered in
detail and other topics are covered on a basic level. Topics like computer graphics, plastisol inks, and marketing are covered in much more detail in our separate videos and DVDs on those topics. The perfect
companion for this course is the book, How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit.
Here are just a few of the th ings you will learn:
• About the Industry
• Setting up your shop and equipment needed
• Basics of art preparation and color separations
Two DVD's! Almost three hours!
• Screen making
• Using plastisol ink and ink curing
• Press setup and printing 1-color and multi-color
Item # DVD-STARTED English $79
• Basic dark shirt techniques
• Cleanup and basics of Heath and Safety
• Marketing Overview
Item# DVD-STARTEDSP Spanish $79
• Shop tour - see the inside of a working shop!
Everything you want and need to
know about screen printing T-Shirts.
I nt ro d uc to ry G a rme n t P rin tin g
C Just
o urstarting
se out? Need a quick reference for new employees? This is it!
This introductory course includes the two DVD set Getting Started in T-Shirt
Screen Printing,AND the popular 260 page manual How To Print T-Shirts for
Fun and Profit.
The entire course
is packaged in a
durable vinyl video
album case that
holds the DVDs and
the book. Learn the
basics all the way
through multicolor
printing. It's easy
with this course.
Watch it on DVD
and then learn more
about it with the
This is a complete course that will teach you everything you need to know to
start a successful garment printing company.
The Professional Garment Printing Course includes four of our most popular DVD titles: Getting Started in T-Shirt Screen Printing, Heath and Safety in
the Screen Printing
Shop, How To Use
Plastisol Inks and
Jacket Printing. It
also includes a
copy of How To
Print T-Shirts for
Fun and Profit.
Great for beginners.An excellent
reference set.
Perfect to train
Packed in sturdy
A perfect reference for your company library.
Professional Garment Printing Course
Re g Price
Re g Price
T- Shi rt Graphics Wi th
CorelDRAW ®11.0 With Scott Fresener
T-Shirt Graphics With Adobe
Photoshop® 7.0 With Scott Fresener
Corel Draw is the world’s number one vector based drawing program. If you want to
learn how to do T-Shirt graphics with Corel
and learn 100's of tips and tricks thatARE
NOT in the manual, then you need this set
from Scott Fresener.
From how to install the program and the
basics of all the tools, to doing color separations, special effects and more, it’s all here!
Plus learn lots of undocumented tips, how to
fix problems, proper scanning techniques,
using Corel Trace, creating underbases for
dark shirts, proper trapping, and using
halftone dots. Six hours of video instruction
on this four DVD series featuring Scott
The beauty of DVD is that you can play it
on most computers and you can watch a
section and then try what you have learned.
PLUS, there is no rewinding or searching
because there are dozens of “chapters” that
you can go to with one mouse click!
Adobe Photoshop is the number one image
manipulation program and Adobe’s version 7.0 is
HOT! Now you can do your own process color
separations IN HOUSE and save thousands of
dollars every year. Why send out your process
jobs when you can learn what the separators
With this step-by-step course you'll learn all
about image manipulation, halftones, color correction, proper scanning, unsharp masking, special
effects filters, creating process separations AND
spot color separations, how to create a white
plate, basic dark shirt separations, adjusting separations for specific inks, undercolor removal, tone
curve and levels adjustments, action palette, and
Four DVD Set
YOU! Also works great with Photoshop 6.0
Works with CS 8.0
and CS 8.0 and CS2 9.0!
This four-DVD set also covers the tools and fundamenand CS2 9.0!
tals of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and is designed for the
beginner AND power user who needs to know about T-Shirt separations.
Dozens of “Chapters” for easy reference. This is the course you will constantly refer back to as a refresher.
Four hours of video instruction featuring Scott Fresener.
All new digital mastering for higher quality!
Four DVD Set
Works with 10.0, 11.0,
12.0 and 13.0
N ote, there is v ery little (if a ny) difference be tween C ore l 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 1 2.0 and 13.0.
For that re ason, this training course work s well with most e arlier and later vers ions of Corel
Dr aw.
This D VD do es n ot cover how to use Corel Pho toPai nt.
Includes a large wall chart cheat sheet for easy reference!
Basic to In termediate
Item # DVD-COREL11
Learn all about the new drag and
drop features, how to adjust
bitmaps in Corel, all about the new
tools, lots of undocumented tips,
how to fix problems, proper scanning techniques, doing spot color
and process color separations, creating underbases for dark shirts,
proper trapping, using halftones,
doing hot special effects and a lot
more! Four hours of videotape
instruction featuring Scott Fresener. Each tape is fully indexed so it is easy
to review specific sections. All new digital mastering for higher quality!
There is very little (if any) difference between Corel 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0.
For that reason, this training course works well with Corel 10.0 & 11.0.
Two-tape set includes a large wall chart
cheat sheet for easy reference!
Draw C ar s L ike The Pr os!
T-Shirt Graphics With Illustrator ®9.0
Adobe® Illustrator® 9.0 is one of the most popular
Mac and PC based drawing programs. If you want to
learn how to do T-Shirt graphics with Illustrator and
learn dozens of tips and tricks that ARE NOT in the
manual, then you need this video program.
This video training course teaches you basic to
intermediate techniques and includes all about setting up the program, the key tools, lots of undocumented tips, how to fix problems, proper scanning
techniques, doing spot color separations, creating
underbases for dark shirts, proper trapping, using
halftones, doing hot special effects and a lot more!
Over three hours of video instruction featuring industry veteran, Bob
Alabaster. Each DVD is fully indexed so it is easy to review specific sections.
All new digital mastering for high quality!
Two-DVD set!
90 minutes
Basic to Intermediate Level
WIth Bob Alabas ter
With Dave “Big Wav e” Moore
Have you ever wondered how they did
those realistic car designs on shirts? The mystery is over with this 90 minute DVD by industry veteran and super artist, Dave Moore.
Dave’s nickname is “Big Wave Dave” because
he spent years doing T-Shirt graphics for the
famous Crazy Shirt line in Hawaii. You will
learn how to start with a photograph of a car
and do a detailed tracing. You will then learn
the tricks of the pros on how to colorize the car
using Adobe Illustrator (these techniques also
work in Corel Draw).
Learn how to give the car highlights, reflections and bring a simple line drawing back to
life. This basic to intermediate level video will
have even non-artists doing great car designs.
Now on DVD!
This DVD is very cool. If you like watching
the PBS shows where they show you how to
“paint” a scene, you will like Dave showing
you the tricks of creating a complete image
in Photoshop.
Taught by veteran artist, Dave “Big Wave”
Moore, formerly with Crazy Shirts in Hawaii,
you will find Dave easy to follow. This DVD
is loaded with dozens of tips and tricks of
using Photoshop to create images whether you plan to “paint” a Seascape or
From image creation, to image touchup,
great shortcuts and just good computer
graphics training, you will like this DVD!
Basic to In termediate Level
46 minutes
Two VHS Tape Set.
Works with Corel 10.0 too!
Item # VC-COREL9
Painting Seascapes in
Photoshop With Dave Moore
T-Shirt Graphics With
CorelDRAW®9.0 With Scott F resener
Basic to Intermediate
Includes a large wall chart cheat sheet for easy reference.
Basic to Intermediate
Now on DVD!
Find more product information and place orders on the web at www.ScreenPrinters.Net.
Business building DVDs that will help
you fill your Marketing Toolbox!
W i t h
J e f f
S o l o m o n
Creating A Package for Your Company
This session shows you how to put together a “package” of marketing materials that will
distinguish your company from the others. Learn how to be positioned for growth. Discover
what elements make up an effective business package and how simple it can be to use.
58 minutes
Creating An Image to Build Your Business
Buy the
entire set!
Purchase all four
DVDs for only
What goals do you have for your company? The image you create will determine how successful you will be in achieving your goals. This presentation addresses the marketing tools
you can use to create a positive image that will enable you to build a stronger business.
51 minutes
Off The Wall Marketing Ideas to Build
Learn how to build your business utilizing unique “Off The Wall” marketing ideas. Stand out
from the crowd with creative and easy ways to distinguish your company from others. This
session will help you gain an advantage over your competitors.
57 minutes
Who is this Marketing Promotional Products...Are They For You?
Toolb ox guy?
Have you ever been asked to provide imprinted products like pens, mugs, gifts or awards
Jeff Solomon is the “Business
Construction Foreman” (President) of All
American Marketing Group, located in
Ventura California. With over 20 years
of industry experience, Jeff has developed proven, effective marketing strategies that have enabled companies of all
sizes to build their business.
for your clients? This session covers everything you ever wanted to know about the promotional products industry and the opportunities it presents. How much of this business do you
want to leave on the table for others to take? If you want to strengthen your position in the
marketplace, you need to have these proven, effective products available for your clients. In
this fact filled session, you will get an inside look at the booming promotional products
60 minutes
Creating and Selling A Successful
Preprint Line With Dawn Marsh
Business and Marketing Course
Have you created a line of shirts and don’t
know how to sell them? T his DVD was shot
live at the U.S. Screen Printing Institute and
features Dawn Marsh, an industry veteran with
over 20 years of selling her own “pre-print”
line. Dawn tells you all of her secrets and the
pitfalls of selling a pre-printed line of garments.
R unning a business in a professional manner
and good marketing are the keys to being a success and this course covers it all! Whether you
are just getting into the business or are trying to
make a profit in an existing business, this
course is a must.
How To Use Plastisol Inks
With Scott Fresener
Questions on how to use your inks? T he
answers are here! This tape w as shot live at
the U.S. Screen Printing Institute and features
Scott Fresener lecturing and demonstrating
the use of Plastisol Inks.
How To U se Plastisol Inks is a how -to-do-it
video cassette covering the important
aspects of using plastisol ink in the garment
screen printing shop.
Topics include types of plastisol, using additives and reducers properly, curing techniques, using high opacity and low-bleed
inks, troubleshooting and much more.
45 minutes
With Scott Fresener
It covers everything from creating your own catalog, to how to price your work, getting the larger accounts, getting credit, giving credit, all
about the industry, trade shows, trade magazines and more.
You will learn how to get in to see Buyers,
how to present your line, all about packaging
requirements like hang tags, bagging and
more. You will also learn about pricing your
line and where to find reps to carry your
This D VD presentation is VERY specific to
selling a line of pre-printed garments with
“tourist” type of images that you might find
in airports, gift shops, specialty stores and
in the mall. It does not cover how to sell a
specific line of garments to specialty
45 minutes
It also covers copyrights and trademarks,
licensing, and trade standards. It is a great
morale booster w ith terrific tips and ideas on
how to package your company for success.
T his two DVD set is a video seminar that was
videotaped live at the U.S. Screen Printing
2 hours 40 minutes
Two DVDs!
Special Effects That
ake Shirts Sell
With Dawn Marsh
Are you trying to make your prints stand out from
others? Are you creating a line of shirts and
need a creative boost? This D VD is designed to
help you understand how to use Special Effects
inks such as glitter, puff, foil, puff and foil, overprints, suede and more to make your images
jump off the shirt.
T his DVD is a live seminar that was videotaped at the U.S. Screen Printing Institute and
features industry veteran D awn Marsh.
T his is NOT a how-to-do it video, although
many technical aspects are covered. This is
a program to help you design and print special effects to help your images become
more outstanding.
45 minu tes
Same day shipping on most orders. Simply call toll free 1/800-624-6532 or order online at www.ScreenPrinters.Net.
Using Roller Frames
Shirt Treatments
With Charlie Taublieb
With Charlie Taublieb
Learn how to stretch the industry’s popular roller
frames in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner. This D VD includes manual stretching techniques, using a stretching table and using precut panels.
If you like the “cooking shows” you will love this DVD.
Charlie shows how to paint, roll, spray and use other
methods to really give the shirt a “treatment.”
Taught by industry veteran, Charlie Taublieb, you will see
how easy it is to jazz up a shirt using simple methods.
Learn how tighter mesh and better screen
stretching give you a superior print, plus dozens
of tips and tricks for improving stretching times.
A great training tool!
30 Minutes
This is a fun DVD with lots of tips and
tricks from an industry pro.
This D VD is taught by industry expert,
Charlie Taublieb and shows the right way
to use roller frames and how to make
stretching easy.
60 Minutes
Stop tearing mesh and
stretch screens the
right way!
High Density, Caviar Beads and Glitter!
With Charlie Taublieb
Learn the latest techniques for doing prints
w ith a “feel.” Industry veteran, Charlie
Taublieb, will teach you how to make images
jump off the shirt w ith high density ink. Learn
all about thick stencil screen making, proper
ink usage, doing multi-color prints and more.
Health and Safety in
the Screening Shop
With Bob Alabaster
It's time to think about the health and safety of you
and your employees in the screen printing shop AND
complying with the law. This D VD covers all of the
important points of both OSHA and EPA regulations
and how you can come into compliance w ith regulations that effect your business.
T his presentation w as videotaped live at the U.S.
Screen Printing Institute and features industry
expert Bob Alabaster.
75 min utes
T his DVD also teaches how to use the popular “Caviar Beads” that give the print a “glass
bead” feel to it. Learn about screen making,
and how to apply the beads using either a
manual or automatic press.
Making Plastisol transfers.
PLUS, you will learn about sparkle glitter. Create stunning garment prints w ith
large flake glitter. Learn about special screen making and how to apply the glitter in both a manual or automatic shop environment.
55 Minutes
Screen Printing Heat
Transfers are useful when you need to print more
colors than your press allows, for "event" and concession work, and in other ventures where a large
pre-printed inventory would be required and therefore prohibitive. This step-by-step video shows you
how easy it is to make your own transfers!
Topics include hot and cold split transfers, sublimations, all about papers and inks, curing and drying,
mesh and stencil systems, multi-color transfers,
puff and foil, cap transfers, art requirements and
much more. Featuring Scott Fresener and Bob
30 minutes
Walk into any mall and THIS is the stuff you see.
Charlie shows you how easy it is to add pizzaz
to your images!
Item# DVD-FX1
It's Not Difficult!
Jacket Printing
With Scott Fresener
Jackets can be very profitable! Now you
can quit turning down those jacket orders.
If you already print jackets this video will
help you minimize your mistakes and teach
you how to do top quality work. Salvaging
just one or two jackets could pay for this
Topics include screen making and art
requirements, nylon inks, multicolor prints,
printing lined jackets, troubleshooting and
30 minu tes
Note: T his DVD do es NOT cover d igital co mp uter gen erated in kjet tran sfers.
We are very excited about DVDs. Most new computers have a DVD player
built in and DVD players for your TV are less than $100. With DVD, the
quality you see is excellent because it is digital and you see exactly what
we shoot. There is no image loss compared to video.
PLUS, if you watch the DVD on your computer, you can have the DVD
training session running at the same time you are using a program. The
best feature is there is no more rewinding or fast forwarding tape. Simply
click on the “chapter” or “topic” you want and you are there in fractions of a
Check our website often for new titles.
Please no te that all of our DVDs are on ly produced in NTSC format (North
American Standard) an d are n ot pro duced in PAL format (many Eu ropean countries). They will p lay on any computer in any country. T hey will NOT play on
intern atio nal DVD players that do not support multi-format or NTSC standard.
The easy way to learn at your own pace. Great for experienced printers and newcomers.
Learn at your own pace without having any travel
expense. This course includes everything you need to
learn how to screen print on garments AND make
money doing it!
Just add equipment, a computer,
shirts - and you are ready to go!
ours o f
DVD tr ai
A $900 00 Value!
You Get All This!
How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit
Screen Printing DVDs
Getting Started in T-Shirt Screen Printing
Health and Safety in the Screening Shop
Screen Printing Heat Transfers
Creating and Selling a Preprint Line
All About Plastisol Inks
Nylon Jacket Printing
Stretching Roller Frames
High Density, Caviar Beads, Glitter & More
Business and Marketing DVDs
Business and Marketing Course
Marketing Toolbox - Creating a Package
Computer Graphics
T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop 7.0
T-Shirt Graphics with Corel Draw 11.0
(Can substitute Adobe Illustrator video)
Get it ALL!
• Complete Class-In-A-Box
• FastFilms
• FastRIP and Epson R1800 Printer
• Three FastART of your choice
• Plus One 13” x 18” box of FastPOSITIVE
Upsize it
A $3,60000 Value!
Now you can print a paper proof of
ANY channel separation you create
in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or higher.
FastPROOF ™ is a standalone program that works on both Windows
or Mac operating systems. It lets you take any image that is color
separated in “alpha channels” in Adobe Photoshop and print out a
paper proof that includes color swatches, screen print detail and job
information. In fact, you can even email the proof to the client.
This is the perfect way to include color swatches, a full-color image of
the job and job information for the production department. They will
thank you for this program!
Works great with FastFilms™ or any
other channel separation program!
Get FastPROOF™ for only $125.00 with
the purchase of FastFILMS™
Find more product information and place orders on the web at www.ScreenPrinters.Net.
Sim ply m ix-and-m atch, add text and separate!
Each FastArt™ CD contains high-resolution, royalty free, photographic quality images that
can be used to create complete designs. Artists use them as building blocks. Non-artists
use them to amaze their customers! Most images contain multiple layers with additional
graphic elements that can be used in other designs. Take a layer from one image and
simply drag it to another image. Use a background from one and a main object from
another. Add a little text, give the text a shadow and you have Instant Design! Files are
150 to 200 dpi at T-Shirt size! Many files are 20 to 30 mb. Works great with FastF ilms!
$14995 per CD
Purchase any three CD’s for $425.00.
Ten for $995.00. Twentyfive for $2,295.00!
All designs are in Photoshop's PSD format. They work on both Mac and Windows platforms. Each CD also contains low resolution images for quick preview. Images work in
Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand and Adobe Illustrator.
To view or download images go to www.ScreenPrinters.Net.
Buy the New FastART Sets for only $99500 each!
Set 1 - Vol. 1-10
Set 2 - Vol. 11-20
Set 3 - Vol. 21-29
Great Special Effects
“Holographic” Latent Image Effect
Puff Effects Including
Puzzle Look
Now you can really jazz up your designs with terrific effects. This Adobe Photoshop
Actions Plugin contains Backgrounds, Edge Effects, Text Effects and Special Effects
such as the popular high-density “Latent Image” holographic look. You can easily create a worn look with the Distressed effect or even give the image an Embroidery look.
T hese effects work on any image or text in Adobe Photoshop 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 &
8.0CS. Use these effects all by themselves or apply them to images you separate with
F astF ilms ™. They are easy to use and come with complete instructions.
Washed and Worn Distressed Look
Embroidery Look
Works onMac or PCin Photoshop5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0CS & 9.0CS2.
View all the effects at:
Item # FastFX
Over 30 Edge Effects Over 20 Text Effects
Over 50 Backgrounds
Hands-On Workshops Since 1979
About the Institute’s workshops.
Learn the right way.
Whether you are a beginner just starting a part-time business,
or a seasoned professional needing to learn the latest techniques, the Institute’s classes have something to offer. The U.S.
Screen Print & Inkjet Institute has been teaching industry courses since 1979! Our classes are a true educational experience,
designed to teach you what you need to know to get a successful start in the Garment Decorating Business.
Classes are held in Tempe, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix), in a modern and very well
equipped workshop. Students benefit from actual hands-on experience with everything
from manual printing presses, to flash-cure units, exposure units, and dryers, to washout
sinks, inks, computer graphics, direct-to-garment printing machines and more. Classes
are held monthly and fill up very rapidly. The Institute’s headquarters hotel, the Holiday
Inn of Tempe, offers a special rate to students and has free airport pickup and daily shuttle service to and from the class!And, Tempe is the home of Arizona State University with
LOTS to do!
Professional Garment Printing Workshop
Class #GP101 3-Days $495.00 per person
Disc oun ts a re give n wh en mo re tha n o ne per son
a tte nds fro m the sam e com pan y. Re fer to the
Clas s Disco un t Sche du le .
Instructors: Scott Fresener, Mike Fresener, Terry Combs
About This Class
Are you thinking of starting a T-Shirt screen printing business? Are you sending out printing to a
local screener and not getting the quality or service you need? Are you looking for a profitable parttime business? Are you a self-taught screener who wants to learn better ways to do things and get
on top of the latest techniques and products?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this class is for you! It is a professional,
commercial class that teaches everything from A-Z about printing T-Shirts, and other printables.
You will learn more in three days with USSPI than in years of "going it alone". Graduates of this
course will be able to immediately set-up and run a garment printing business and do great onecolor and multi-color work.
P a r t i a l
To get you started on the right foot you
will be given an overview of the entire
industry with a quick look at how much
money you can make. You’ll actually
print a shirt in the first hour of class.
Art talent isn’t a requirement. With tricksof-the-trade you learn to take customers
ideas and rough sketches and turn them
into finished designs. Learn the basics
of computer graphics (not hands-on)
including overviews of programs like
Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and
Adobe Illustrator, proper scanning, using
clip art, color separations, using halftone
dots, how to use a laser or inkjet for film
output, and much, much, more.
The screen is a critical part of the entire
process. You’ll learn about screen
frames including wood, metal and retensionables. Also covered are screen fabrics, how to use a tension meter, mesh
counts, and the correct screen mesh to
use for light shirts, dark shirts, baseball
caps, nylon jackets, heat transfers, foil
and more.
You will actually make a screen and will
learn about emulsions and stencil systems, screen reclaiming, storage, screen
exposure (including simple methods like
sunlight!), and more.
It is vital to understand how to use inks
properly. You’ll learn about plastisol ink,
heat transfer inks, ink for jacket printing,
PLUS you’ll learn the most up-to-date
information on specialty inks such as puff
and glitter. This section also covers how
to make inks work better, proper curing,
using ink additives, and basic color
The classroom contains a variety of
equipment from various industry manufacturers. Learn to discern between
important features and what is just “window dressing.”
C ou r s e
C o nt e nt s
You will have an opportunity to use all of
the equipment in the classroom. If you
have not made an equipment purchase
yet it is advisable to wait until you come
to class and get some HANDS-ON experience before you buy. Important note:
T he U.S. Screen Printing Institute DOES
NOT sell screen printing equipment. If
you are starting on a shoestring, or perhaps just want to try the business on a
small scale first, we will provide plans for
equipment that you can make yourself!
T his section covers everything from setting up the press for one-color and multicolor jobs, to what type of squeegees to
use, how to hold shirts in place, how to
get good looking spot color prints on
dark shirts, types of printing strokes, getting high production, flash curing for better prints, printing multi-color wet-on-wet
and a lot more!
You will print a number of shirts in class
including one-color, multi-color , puff
prints and heat transfers - and Hanes
provides the garments! Other topics
include athletic printing, spot removal,
clean-up, supply requirements and printing with blends.
Learn to make plastisol heat transfers,
including hot and cold peel. T his section
covers inks, curing, transfer paper, multicolor transfers, cap transfers, artwork,
and screen making requirements. You
will also learn about computer generated
sublimation dye transfers for garments,
metal and mugs; and using foils on
transfers. You will actually print and
apply hot-split, cold-peel, and foil transfers in class.
An important section! This covers who
the customer is, how to price your work
competitively, making your own catalog,
management, using generic catalogs,
mailing lists, advertising, where to find
customers and how to keep them!
Learn how to be a good business person, understanding “trade standards,”
dealing with employees and customers,
giving and getting credit, industry trade
magazines, trade shows and trade associations and how to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.
You’ll receive a complete shopping list of
equipment and supplies designed for different sized shops plus tips on working
out of your home, renting a building,
shop layout, zoning, safety considerations and more.
You will also see a demonstration of the
latest direct-to-garment inkjet technology.
Classes taught by
Class Hours
The hou rs of this class are d esigne d so
parti cipants can dri ve or fly i n the
morn ing of the fi rst day and stil l get a
ful l d ay of instructio n.
1st Day 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2nd Day 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
3rd Day 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Classes are held monthly. Call or
check the internet for class dates
and availability.
You’ll also learn about special techniques for items such as sweatshirts,
caps, towels, socks, totes, aprons,
patches, uniforms and NYLON JACKETS! Non-textile items such as signs,
posters, containers, vinyl binders, and
bumper stickers are also discussed.
Classes are held monthly. For class dates and additional information on these
and other classes call 800-624-6532, (480)929-0640, or simply go to Email: class@
Scott Fresener, Terry
Combs, and Mike Fresener
Class 101 uses a team approach to teaching. Scott Fresener teaches a majority of
the class with specific sections taught by
Terry Combs and Mike Fresener. Between
the three instructors you get almost 80
years of combined experience from a well
respected group of industry veterans.
Who Should Attend?
This class is of interest to all who are planning to start a garment printing business or
who are involved in the management or artwork preparation areas of screen-printing.
It is also valuable to experienced printers
wanting to learn good fundamentals and new
techniques, sales people, business owners
who want to know as much or more than their
employees, and people who are dealing with
outside screen printers now, and want to be
able to deal with them better. It is highly recommended for people who sell screen-printing supplies and equipment, plus garment
wholesalers who deal with screen printers.
Basic Fast T-Jet Printing Workshop
Class #TJ201 1-Day $195.00 per person
We've been the innovator in this new industry and have placed more machines in businesses around the
world than all the other manufacturers combined. The T-Jet is the inkjet garment decorator's machine of
choice worldwide.And our new Professional T-Jet Garment Printing Workshop will help you enter this new
marketplace with the training and confidence necessary for success.
P a r t i a l
C o ur s e
Co n t e n ts
Who Should Attend
Whether you're a new start up business, a seasoned screen printer or an embroiderer, and you own or are
looking to own a Fast T-Jet, this is the course for you. This is also an ideal class for your employees who will
be operating your T-Jet machine.
The Class
This one-day event will give you hands on experience with our classroom machines. You will be working with
our table-top T-Jet2 and T-Jet3 inkjet-to-garment printers.
We'll start by teaching the basics of preparing artwork in FastARTIST and how to deal with you customer supplied artwork.
You will then learn how to setup a T-Jet printer and how to prepare the artwork files to be printed. You will
learn all about the different settings for different garment types and how to pretreat dark shirts for printing with
white ink.
One of the most important parts of the class is on machine maintenance and troubleshooting. Our lead maintenance and repair manager guides you through simple procedures to help you have a happy T-Jet.
The second half of the day is spend actually printing. Class sizes are kept to ten to twelve people with plenty
of T-Jet printers and computer. The best part is the fact that during the hands-on portion we have at least five
instructors giving a lot of one-on-one training. You can bring your own artwork or create images in the class.
Class Time
9:00 5:00 p.m.
I n s t i t u t e
R e g i s t r a t i o n
Our classes are VERY popular. They generally fill up two
or three weeks before the class date. We will gladly accept
phone registrations. They are taken on a first come, first
served basis. Registration can be made by phoning tollfree at 1/800- 624-6532 between the hours of 8:30 a.m.
and 5:00 p.m. (mst) Monday through Friday. You can also
fax your registration to (480)929-0766 or email
Since the classes fill up rapidly, you should ALWAYS verify
availability by phone or online first to make sure there is
room in the class. Do not make travel arrangements until
space availability has been verified.
In order to guarantee your place in class, full payment
must accompany your registration. Class reservations
made without accompanying prepayment are not guaranteed and may be cancelled by the U.S. Screen Print &
Inkjet Institute without notice to make room for daily prepaid reservations.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American
Express, bank wire, and ACH check by phone. Personal
and company checks are also accepted but must be presented at least ten days before the class start date.
If you sign-up months in advance for a class, it is only necessary to send a 50% deposit with the registration. Full
class fees are due one month prior to the class start date.
Purchase orders are only accepted from institutions, insurance companies, rehabilitation centers, government agencies and major corporations.
Phone and online registrations will immediately be confirmed by letter or email outlining details about the school,
the location, housing, transportation, what to bring, what to
wear and what to expect.
Although the classes always fill up, there are occasional
last minute cancellations. We can also put you on a class
waiting list in case the class is full. If you are a last minute
registrant it may be necessary to "overnight” your payment
to guarantee your place in class.
a n d
All advance payments are fully refundable until five days
from the class date. After that time there is a $50 per person service charge for late cancellations. CLASS FEES
If for any reason a class is cancelled, students will be notified and full refunds sent.
In order to make the class more affordable for groups,
teams, spouses or business partners we offer multiple student class discounts. Class fees and discounts are as follows:
Class Fee Schedule
C las s
1 Pe rs on 2 Pe ople 3 People
GP101 - B asic Garme nt Pr inting $495 .00 $ 850.00 $ 1,2 75.00
TJ20 1 - Profe ssional T-Jet Cours e $195 .00 $ 390.00 $585 .00
Hotel accommodations are not included in the class fees.
Reservations should be made directly with the hotel as far
in advance as possible. Students must tell the hotel they
are attending the U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Institute in
order to get the special class discount. If you are arriving
after 6:00 p.m. make sure to guarantee the room with prepayment or credit card. If for some reason the hotel does
not have vacancies please call the school at once so alternate arrangements can be made.
Holiday Inn Tempe
915 E. Apache Blvd.
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: 480-968-3451 Toll Free: 800-553-1826
Fax: 480-969-6262
We have negotiated a special rate with the Holiday Inn
which includes shuttling you to and from the class. For
less confusion, PLEASE call their local number of 480968-3451 rather than the normal toll free reservation number. Remember, Phoenix/Tempe is a tourist area so book
your room early. Other, less/more expensive hotels and
motels are available. For additional hotel information call
the Institute.
I n f o r m a t i o n
FREE shuttle service is only provided to the school from
the Holiday Inn in Tempe. The Holiday Inn Tempe also
provides free airport shuttle and they will drive you within a
five mile radius for shopping.
According to Treasury Regulation 1.162-5, registration
fees, travel, meals, lodging, etc., are tax deductible as
educational expenses if the instruction is TO MAINTAIN
OR IMPROVE SKILLS necessary to employment or
required by an employer or by law. If you HAVE NOT started your business prior to attending one of these classes it
may NOT be possible to deduct these expenses. Consult
your accountant or CPA for additional information.
Every student receives a Certificate of Completion
at the end of each class.
The U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Institute uses an
interactive approach to teaching. By combining
audio-visuals, lecture, question and answers,
problem solving, peer interaction, and hands-on
sessions, the students of the Institute learn AND
RETAIN a great amount of information in a short
time period!
This approach coupled with a relaxed, casual
teaching environment full of hundreds of samples,
the latest equipment and a patient, professional
instructor with years of actual field experience
makes the total learning experience easy and
In fact the Institute provides free coffee, soda and
snacks through-out the day for attendees.
Classes Held Monthly.
Call fora current class schedule.