Movies to go. More portable power. It`s the next generation of iBook

Movies to go. More portable power. It’s the next generation of iBook,
the iMac to go.
Impressive performance and portability
• 366- or 466-MHz PowerPC G3 processor with 256K
on-chip level 2 cache
• ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics controller with 8MB
SDRAM for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration, faster
games, and enhanced movie playback
• 64MB of SDRAM, expandable up to 320MB
• 10-gigabyte Ultra ATA hard disk drive 1
• Up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge 2
Stunning style designed to go wherever you go
• Striking shape designed for easy carrying—in a
choice of three colors
• Brilliant, high-resolution TFT active-matrix display
• Convenient foldaway handle and simple closing
mechanism with no latches to break
• Durable construction of polycarbonate and rubber
Movies to make, movies to go and show
• Preinstalled iMovie software for professional-looking
titles, transitions, and special effects
• FireWire port for high-speed input from your
camcorder and up to 63 other multimedia devices
• DVD-ROM drive in iBook Special Edition for watching
your favorite movies
• AV port to show off your movies and presentations
on a big-screen TV
Fast, easy Internet access
• 30 days of free Internet service from EarthLink
• Setup Assistant that gets you on the Internet in less
than 10 minutes and can sign you up for iTools
• Preinstalled Internet software for browsing the web
and sending and receiving email
• Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, ready to connect
to a DSL or cable modem or a high-speed network
• Support for AirPort wireless networking 3
Easy setup and use
Easy-to-use Mac OS 9 system software
Preinstalled applications so you can begin working
and playing right away
Interactive tutorials to get you started with your
new computer
Comprehensive online help available whenever
you need it
The new iBook. It catches your eye with exciting new colors. It empowers you with processor
speeds up to 466 megahertz, equips you with a huge 10-gigabyte hard disk drive,1 and connects
to your digital camcorder instantly with FireWire.
Open iBook to discover a brilliant 12.1-inch TFT active-matrix color display. Inside lives a
PowerPC G3 processor running at 366 megahertz in the iBook and 466 megahertz in the
iBook Special Edition, each enhanced by a 256K on-chip cache that runs at full processor
speed. You’ll also find 64 megabytes of memory you can expand up to 320 megabytes, a
10-gigabyte hard disk drive for storing all your creations,1 a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and
the rocketlike ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics accelerator with 8 megabytes of RAM dedicated
to graphics. With all this power, your adrenaline will start pumping the moment you pop in
your favorite 3D game.
Then comes the really good part. With iBook, you can make and take movies anywhere. Use
your FireWire-equipped DV camcorder and iMovie, Apple’s easy-to-use digital video editing
software, to make professional-looking Desktop Movies, complete with smooth transitions and
special effects. Or, with iBook Special Edition, take along your Hollywood favorites and play
them on the built-in DVD-ROM drive. Watch movies on the iBook display or connect almost
any TV to the new AV port and enjoy the show on the big screen.
The award-winning iBook is designed to go wherever you go. Its convenient handle folds away
nicely. There are no doors, latches, or edges to get caught or damaged. And with up to 6 hours
between charges to its lithium-ion battery, iBook is perfect for a full day on the road, in class,
or watching a feature-length movie on DVD.2
You also get everything you need for surfing the web, including a built-in 56K modem 4 and
an Ethernet port, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and 30 days of free
EarthLink Internet service. In as little as 10 minutes, Setup Assistant will connect you to the
Internet and can sign you up for iTools, Apple’s innovative suite of free Internet services that
makes the web a safer, simpler, more productive and fun place to be.
To access the Internet, check email, and share files—without wires—from almost anywhere
in your home, school, or office, simply equip your iBook with the optional AirPort Card and
an AirPort Base Station connected to your compatible cable or DSL modem, phone line, or
Ethernet.3 Multiple Macintosh users can even share an Internet connection simultaneously.
It’s all there in the new iBook. Just choose your favorite color, dim the lights, and start the show.
Specification Sheet
Technical Specifications
Processor and memory
366- or 466-MHz PowerPC G3 processor
256K on-chip level 2 cache
66-MHz system bus; 66-MHz memory bus
64MB of PC100 SDRAM; single 1.35-inch standard
SO-DIMM slot (3.3 volt) supports up to 256MB
SO-DIMM for a total of 320MB of SDRAM
• 10GB Ultra ATA hard disk drive 1
• 24x-speed (maximum) CD-ROM drive; or 6x-speed
(maximum) DVD-ROM drive (plays DVD-Video discs;
plays CD-ROMs at up to 24x speed)
• Support for external FireWire and USB storage
• Built-in 12.1-inch (diagonal) TFT SVGA active-matrix
• Supports millions of colors at 800- by 600-pixel
• Supports resolution scaling to 640- by 480-pixel
resolution with millions of colors
Graphics support
• ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics accelerator with
8MB of SDRAM graphics memory and AGP 2X
• Built-in 56K V.90 modem (RJ-11 connector) 4
• Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)
• Optional 11-Mbps AirPort Card; IEEE 802.11 DSSS
compliant 3
• Optional AirPort Base Station containing 56K
modem and 10/BASE-T Ethernet port 3
Peripheral connections
• One 12-Mbps USB port
• One 400-Mbps FireWire (IEEE 1394) port 5
• 16-bit CD-quality stereo sound output minijack
through AV port
• Single built-in mono speaker
• Support for external USB audio devices such as
microphones and speakers
• Composite video output to TV through AV port
Battery and power
• 50-watt-hour lithium-ion battery
• Up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge 2
• Power adapter port
• Built-in full-size keyboard with 76 (U.S.) or 77 (ISO)
keys, including 12 function keys, 4 arrow keys
(inverted “T” arrangement), and embedded keypad
Apple trackpad
• Solid-state trackpad provides precise cursor control;
supports tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities
Electrical requirements
• Line voltage: 100V to 240V AC
• Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
• U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR compliant
Environmental requirements
Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Storage temperature: –13° to 140° F (–25° to 60° C)
Relative humidity: 20% to 80% noncondensing
Operating altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet (0 to 3,048 m)
Maximum storage altitude: 15,000 feet (4,572 m)
Size and weight
• Width: 13.5 inches (34.4 cm)
• Height: 11.6 inches (29.4 cm)
• Average depth: 1.8 inches (4.6 cm); depth ranges
from 1.24 inches (3.15 cm) at the thinnest point to
2.06 inches (5.2 cm) at the thickest point
• Weight: iBook—6.6 pounds (3.0 kg); iBook Special
Edition—6.8 pounds (3.1 kg)
Specification Sheet
Order no.
Level 2 cache
Memory (PC100 SDRAM)
Hard disk drive 1
Optical drive
Composite video output
Modem 4
Wireless networking 3
366-MHz PowerPC G3
256K at 366 MHz
10GB Ultra ATA
CD-ROM drive
12.1-inch TFT SVGA
One port
One port
56K V.90
AirPort ready
iBook Special Edition
466-MHz PowerPC G3
256K at 466 MHz
10GB Ultra ATA
DVD-ROM drive
12.1-inch TFT SVGA
One port
One port
56K V.90
AirPort ready
All models include a built-in keyboard and trackpad; modem cable; power adapter and power cord; lithium-ion
battery; Mac OS 9, QuickTime, AppleWorks, iMovie 2, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook Express,
Netscape Communicator, Palm Desktop, FAXstf, Bugdom, Nanosaur, and Acrobat Reader software; complete setup,
learning, and reference documentation; limited warranty; and 30 days of free Internet service through EarthLink.
Internet access requires an Internet service account. Most applications are preinstalled. Some applications require the use of an included CD-ROM. Product
contains electronic documentation. Backup software is provided on CD-ROM.
Build-to-Order Options
For More Information
In addition to choosing from the preconfigured systems above, you can order iBook in Key Lime from your authorized
Apple reseller or the online Apple Store. You can order an iBook in any of the three colors with factory-installed
options such as more RAM, a larger hard drive, and AirPort wireless networking. Visit or call
800-MY-APPLE for up-to-date information on options and availability.
For more information about this product, or
to find out where to buy Apple products, visit on the World Wide
Web or call 800-538-9696. To purchase
products from the Apple Store, go to or call 800-MY-APPLE.
Other Options
iBook Power Adapter
iBook Battery
AirPort Card
AirPort Base Station
Visit the Macintosh Products Guide at for the latest information
on more than 18,000 hardware and software
products for your new computer.
Apple offers a free suite of Internet services,
including iReview, iCards, and iTools, to help
you get more out of using the web. Visit to sign up.
Your iBook comes with 90 days of telephone
support and a one-year limited warranty.
Purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan and
get three years of service and support. Only
the AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with
direct telephone support from Apple technical
experts and the assurance that repairs will be
handled by Apple-certified technicians using
genuine Apple parts. For more information,
visit or call
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
Order no.
For hard drive capacity measurements, 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.
Battery life depends on configuration and use.
Wireless Internet access requires AirPort Base Station and Internet access (fees may apply). Some ISPs are not currently compatible with AirPort, including
America Online. Range may vary with site conditions.
Actual modem speeds lower; speed depends on connection rate and other factors.
Actual rates will vary.
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