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v 30
We hope you enjoy this product as much as we have enjoyed developing it.
Please unpack the products carefully and take a moment to read the instructions.
• v 30 vacuum tube stereo amplifier
• 1 x Line out RCA cable
• 1 x Power Cord
• 1 x Replacement audio valve
• 1 x Line out USB cable
• 1 x Dusting Brush
v 30
• 1 x Remote control
• 1 x Line out 3.5mm cable
• 2 x full range stereo loudspeakers
• 2 x desk stands
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• 2 x 1.5mtr polarised speaker
connection cables
• 1 x Cotton gloves
Please read the following precautions before attempting to
operate the v 30 amplifier
All safety and operating instructions should be read thoroughly before attempting to
operate this equipment
• Retain Instructions for future reference
• Follow all instructions detailed in this manual
• Observe all safety warnings stated in this manual
• This unit should NOT be situated in close proximity to water.
• Avoid placement near bathtubs, sinks, washing machines, etc.
• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or to extremes of temperature or humidity
• Do not place near direct heat sources such as radiators, stoves, gas fires, naked flames or candles.
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• Ensure that the unit is placed on a clean, dry and flat surface
before operation
• Do not drop unit, apply excessive force to the controls or place
heavy objects on top of the unit.
• Do not allow excessive levels of dust to gather on the v30. Use
the supplied brush to carefully remove dust.
• To clean, use a soft dry cloth. If necessary, use a damp cloth
without any solvents
• Ensure that the area in which the unit is situated has adequate
• Do not place the v 30 in a position where its ventilation may
become obstructed.
• Avoid placement on beds, sofas, rugs, enclosed bookcases/
cabinets and any other area which may cause interference to the
ventilation of the product thus causing it to overheat
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• Ensure that the unit is connected to the correct power
supply as indicated on the unit.
• Unplug the v 30 when not in use for a long period.
• Always make sure power cables are placed safely and are
not obstructing a walkway
• This product can get hot. Do not touch the tubes and keep
away from babies and children
• To avoid risk of electric shock, do not attempt to remove
the cover or the baseplate of the unit. There are no user
serviceable parts inside.
• When this product is moved from a cool to a warm place,
condensation may occur on the surface of the vacuum
tubes. In this instance, allow at least 1hour before
attempting to operate the unit. This will avoid leakage or
blowout of the vacuum tubes due to sudden heat
• The v 30 should be serviced by an authorised service engineer in the event
of any of the following circumstances
1. The power supply or cord sustains damage
2. The unit is struck by a falling object
3. The unit is exposed to rain or moisture.
4. Liquid is inadvertently spilt on the unit
5. The unit does not seem to operate normally or exhibits a sudden
change in performance
6. The unit has been dropped
7. Any unauthorised changes or modifications to this equipment would
render the manufacturer’s Warranty null and void
8. In the unlikely event that either the LEFT or RIGHT audio tubes
malfunctions a replacement tube has been supplied. More
information can be found in the Maintenance section.
To avoid damaging the vacuum tubes, the v 30 should only be
re-started 5 minutes after switching off.
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v 30
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Power on/off
treble +
v 30 Connections
Computer USB
TV Line out cable- (RCA – mini jack)
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Before attempting to make any connections to or
from the v 30 , firstly ensure that the amplifier and
all connecting devices are switched OFF.
When making connections to other devices from
the v 30 , take the time to ensure that they are
correct, for instance, (L) Left to (L) left, and (R)
right to (R) right.
Always turn the power switch to the OFF position
when making connections or disconnecting the
v 30.
When using the USB plug to connect to a PC or
Laptop the software will automatically install.
A message window or beep will confirm successful
Do not switch on the v 30 until after you have
connected the AC power lead
Connect the speakers to the v 30 using the supplied
high quality speaker cables.
Please note that if the speaker cables are not
connected properly you may hear no sound, or if
the polarities are reversed, you will hear oddities
in the signal path with an unnatural loss of bass
Make sure the terminals on the loudspeakers
and the rear of the v 30 are firmly screwed in to
prevent wires from becoming loose. If wires touch
each other, the speakers and/or the v 30 could be
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The supplied speaker cable has a red line running
along the length to determine the (+) side
• Switch off the v 30 amplifier when not in use
• Allow unit to cool completely before cleaning
• Clean using a soft cloth or the supplied dusting brush
• Do not attempt to clean the products with chemical solvents as this may damage the finish of the v 30
In the unlikely event that either of the audio driver tubes (Left and Right) malfunctions, the
replacement tube can be fitted by following these instructions.
1. Power off the v 30 amplifier and leave for at least 1 hour to cool down.
2. Carefully (trying to avoid scratching the top plate) unscrew the four round headed nuts holding
the top plate in place.
3. Carefully remove the top plate
4. Using your index finger and thumb gently wriggle the tube to be replaced whilst gently lifting up.
5. Once removed, note the orientation of tube socket pin receptacle in the tube base.
6. Fit the replacement tube carefully ensuring the pins are aligned with the tube base and push
home fully.
7. Replace the top plate and secure with the 4 top round headed nuts
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If your v 30 system fails to operate normally, please check the
following points to determine if the fault can be corrected with
one of the suggestions below.
If you feel your system is still faulty after reading this, please
contact your authorised dealer or Service centre or email
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No Power
Power adaptor is not connected
Mains supply is off
If using Remote, battery
needs replacing
No sound from
Volume control is turned down
Speaker cables not connected
Source selection incorrect
Make sure power adapter is firmly
plugged in.
Test with another appliance /different
Replace battery
Check volume control on front of v30
and volume control on remote control
Check connections on rear of v30 and
Check Source selection
Low or dead battery
Remote not being pointed
in the correct direction, or
within range
Replace battery
Point the remote control in the direction
of the v30 within 20ft (6.1M)
Distorted sound
Volume level is set too high
Source device sound level
is set too high
Decrease volume of v30
Decrease output level of source device
Acoustic image
has insufficient
low range tonal
The speakers have not been
wired correctly and are “out
of phase” with each other
Ensure that the red (+) and black (-)
wires have been correctly connected
at the speakers and v30. The speaker
cable has a red line running along the
length to determine the (+) side
Radio interference
Equipment is situated too
close to a radio
Move the speakers or amplifier away
from the radio.
Remote control not working
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& Features
Power Output
Freq. Response.
Harmonic distortion
Signal to noise ratio Input Impedance
Input Sensitivity
Output impedance Vacuum tube Type
Audio Inputs
Power Supply
Short circuit protection
Thermal overload protection
20w per channel
20Hz – 20 KHz +/- 1.5dB
47K Ω
1.0V +/- 25%
6n1 x 2 6e2 x 1
RCA/USB mini B/3.5mm mini jack
AC 220-240V/50-60Hz
Dimensions: H: 140mm W: 255mm D: 200 mm Weight 3.5Kg
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High Frequency Unit
Low Frequency Unit
Frequency Range
Crossover Frequency
Max RMS Power
¾” Soft Dome
3.5” Paper cone
55 – 20000Hz
12dB/Octave @3.0KHz
30 watts per channel
Wall mountable
Fully Shielded drive units
Dimensions: H: 175mm W: 112mm D: 145mm Weight: 2.5Kg each
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Blue Aura Worldwide Guarantee
This entitles you to have the unit repaired free of charge,
during the first two years after purchase, at any authorised
Blue Aura distributor provided that it was originally
purchased from an authorised Blue Aura dealer or
distributor. The manufacturer can take no responsibility for
defects arising from accident, misuse, abuse, wear and tear,
neglect or through unauthorised adjustment and/or repair;
neither can they accept responsibility for damage or loss
occurring during transit to or from the person claiming under
the guarantee.
The warranty covers: Parts and labour costs for two years
from the purchase date. After two years you must pay for
both parts and labour costs, the warranty does not cover
transportation costs at any time.
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Claims under guarantee:
This equipment should be packed in the original packing and returned to the dealer
from whom it was purchased, or failing this, directly to the Blue Aura distributor in the
country of residence. It should be sent carriage prepaid by a reputable carrier. No
responsibility can be accepted for the unit whilst in transit to the dealer or distributor
and customers are therefore advised to insure the unit against loss or damage whilst in
All Blue Aura products undergo exhaustive tests and inspections both before and
during manufacture to ensure we deliver products of the highest quality. However, for
complete peace of mind please register your product within 30 days to take advantage
of our extended 12 month guarantee.
Please register your product on line at or return the
completed registration card to Blue Aura PO Box 293, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 (EW
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Product Registration
Serial Number
Date of purchase
Customer details
Address line 1
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Postcode/zip code
Dealer details (if applicable)
Blue Aura
PO Box 293
St Neots
PE19 9EW
Dealer name
Address line 1
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