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Thank you for purchasing the ButtKicker Simulation Kit.
Package Contents
1. ButtKicker mini Concert with wire nuts*
5. 10’ of 14 Gauge Speaker Wire
2. ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-OE
6. RCA & mini “Y” adapters
3. Remote Control
7. (x6) RI-4 Rubber Isolators
4. 5‘ Male-to-Female RCA Cable
8. (x6) Cable Ties
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& 5’ Male mini 3.5mm-to-RCA Cable
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Safety Information
Read these instructions.
Keep these instructions.
Heed all warnings.
The information contained in this document is
subject to change without notice.
Follow all instructions.
Edition .01, 03/2011
Place the amplifier in a stable location so they will not fall
causing damage to the electronics or bodily harm.
ButtKicker is a registered trademark of The Guitammer
Unplug the amplifier from the audio source and power
outlet before cleaning the amplifier with a dry cloth.
QQ) Everything is hooked up but I’m not getting any output from the ButtKicker mini
Concert. What do I do?
Do not block or push objects into the vents on the ButtKicker transducer or amplifier because of fire or electric
shock hazards, and provide sufficient space around the
ButtKicker transducer and amplifier for proper ventilation.
Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized plug.
A polarized plug as two blades with one wider than the
other. The wide blade is provided for your safety. If the
provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an
electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
Operate the amplifier only from the audio line out jack of
a computer, gaming console or other audio device.
Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched
particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the
point where they exit from the amplifier.
Only use attachments/accessories specified by the
For added protection during lightning storms, unplug
the amplifier from the electrical outlet and turn off the
Unplug the amplifier when unused for long periods of
Servicing is required when the amplifier has been damaged in any way, such as liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the amplifier, the amplifier has been
exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally,
or has been dropped.
Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
The audio output should only be disconnected from the
amplifier when the amplifier power is turned off.
The amplifier should be operated only on the voltage
indicated on the amplifier. If you are unsure about the
power supply in your home, consult your dealer or local
power company.
Here are a few things to check. Make sure that:
All connections are tight.
Audio software is installed and functioning.
Your computer’s sound card is turned up and the bass setting is set high enough.
Do not use the apparatus near water, and do not immerse it in any liquid or pour any liquid on it.
Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, stoves or other apparatus that produce
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Frequently Asked Questions
QQ) I’m feeling the music and sound effects more than the car or plane’s engine in
my simulator. How can I change this?
The ButtKicker mini Concert is reacting to the low frequency audio that has been mixed by
the game studio. Higher quality audio mixing will result in a better ButtKicker experience.
Turn on the high cut switch and dial the “High Cutoff Frequency” knob down to a lower
frequency. The extra shaking may also be eliminated by turning off or lowering the
background music or effects from the in-game settings menu.
QQ) My sim rig/cockpit is rattling. How can I fix this problem?
Use foam, cardboard or a rubber band to secure any loose parts.
QQ) I hear a knocking or banging noise coming from the ButtKicker mini Concert what should I do?
That is the internal piston hitting the inside of the housing. Although this will not immediately
harm the unit, you should turn the volume down on the amplifier to avoid “overdriving.”
QQ) Sometimes when I press the power button on the remote control, the BKA130-OE power amplifier doesn’t seem to respond - why?
If the BKA-130-OE power amplifier is in STANDBY mode (orange light), pressing the power
button will first switch it to the OFF mode. Simply press the power button again to turn the
amplifier ON and wait a few moments for the circuits to receive power.
QQ) The ButtKicker mini Concert suddenly stopped working, and then it started
again 10 or 15 minutes later - what happened?
The ButtKicker mini Concert is equipped with thermal protection which will disengage the
transducer from the power amplifier before it reaches a potentially hazardous operating
temperature. After cooling, it will begin operation as normal.
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Tweaking & Optimizing
1. Optimizing Your Simulation Rig/Cockpit
About the ButtKicker® Simulation Kit
This ButtKicker-brand product kit offers sim racing enthusiasts a powerful and versatile solution for
adding ButtKicker realism to any simulation setup. Originally designed for professional musicians
as a monitoring tool, the ButtKicker mini Concert is now used in commercial airline and military
simulators all over the world due to its extreme accuracy, dynamic frequency range and power.
Place the included rubber isolators under your sim rig/cockpit to increase the efficiency and
strength of the system. See “Rubber Isolators” under “Final Setup Steps” for more information.
Table of Contents
Quick Setup ................................................................ Page 3
If you need to be able to move your sim rig/cockpit when it’s not in use, consider finding a
stationary position away from the rig/cockpit to place the amplifier. When you need to move the
rig, chair or cockpit, simply disconnect the speaker wire from the back of the amplifier. Use the
included cable ties to strap the speaker wire down to the frame of the rig/cockpit.
2. Setting the Amplifier Frequency Controls
For Flight and Racing Simulations
ButtKicker mini Concert Setup ....................................... Page 4
Power Amplifier Setup ................................................... Page 5
PC Setup .............................................................................. Page 5
Console Setup ................................................................. Pages 6 - 7
Engine sounds utilize a wide range of low frequency sound. Therefore, it is ideal to either turn off
the “High Cutoff Frequency” control by disengaging the “High On/Off” button, or keep it between
70-110hz by engaging the button and turning the knob between “70” and “110.”
Final Setup .................................................................. Page 8
For First-Person Shooters, Action Movies and Other Video Games
Optimizing your Sim Rig/Cockpit .............................................. Page 9
Amplifier Frequency Controls .................................................. Page 9
Action video game and movie soundtracks sometimes have music which is as loud, or louder
than the sound effects, which can cause the ButtKicker mini Concert to react stronger to the
music than the action. The result is “ambient” rumble that doesn’t seem to correlate with what
is seen. To minimize the ButtKicker mini Concert’s response to the music soundtrack in a movie
or game, complete the following steps:
1. If gaming, turn the music soundtrack volume down in your in-game audio
2. Engage the “High Cutoff Frequency” control on the power amplifier and turn the
High Cutoff knob down between 90hz and 40hz.
Tweaking & Optimizing .................................................... Page 9
Frequently Asked Questions ........................................ Page 10
Contact and Warranty Information ........................... Back Cover
Please Note:
This product requires additional mounting hardware and tools for installation.
In many cases it is not available to use a ButtKicker-brand product on a PC with USB-style headphones
or speakers. When USB headphones or speakers are plugged into a PC, the Windows operating system
cannot output audio to both the USB device and your sound card simultaneously. Unless your USB headphones or speakers feature an analog audio pass-through, or audio-out, it will most likely be unavailable
to use a ButtKicker-brand product.
Page 9
Page 2
Quick Setup Steps
Final Setup Steps
1. Connect the ButtKicker mini Concert to the BKA-130-OE Power
Mount the ButtKicker mini Concert. (See page 4)
Connect an audio signal to the amplifier. (See pages 5-6)
Connect the amplifier to the ButtKicker mini Concert with the
included speaker wire. (See page 8)
Place the rubber isolators under your simulation rig/cockpit or chair.
(See page 8)
Adjust the amplifier frequency settings. (See page 9)
1. Use the included wire nuts to connect the 10’ speaker wire to the bare speaker
wire ends of the ButtKicker mini Concert. (See Fig. 5)
2. You can use the included cable ties to strap the speaker wire down to part of
the frame of your sim rig/cockpit.
3. Connect the other end of the 10’ speaker wire to the 5-way binding post
outputs on the back of the amplifier (“Class 2 Wiring, Speaker Level Output”).
Note: To keep strain from pulling the wires out of the wire nuts, cable tie each set of wires together
about 1 inch away from the wire nuts.
2. Rubber Isolators
The included RI-4 rubber isolators help ‘float’ your rig/cockpit off the floor, dramatically
increasing the efficiency and perceived strength of the ButtKicker system.
1. Set as many rubber isolators as needed under the frame of your sim rig/
Page 3
Page 8
Power Amplifier Setup (Illustrations)
ButtKicker mini Concert Setup
The ButtKicker mini Concert features a multi-directional mounting bracket which allows you
to directly mount it to almost any surface.
Option 1 - Fig.1
Option 2 - Fig.2
1. Mount the ButtKicker mini Concert
For most small simulation rigs or cockpits, mounting the ButtKicker mini Concert
to part of the frame/chassis is the best solution because it will transfer the effect
throughout the rig.
For medium to large simulation rigs or cockpits (or certain small ones), mount the
ButtKicker mini Concert directly to the chair or seat in order to feel it the most.
Note: Mounting the ButtKicker mini Concert horizontally will not negatively affect the
product, but perception of the effect is greater when mounted vertically.
2. Mounting Hardware (NOT INCLUDED)
Use up to 1/4” diameter screws, at least 3/4” long.
Option 3 - Fig.3
For example: the mounting holes are about 1/2” deep, so a 3/4” screw will extend
about 1/4”.
Option 4 - Fig.4
Use wood screws for wood surfaces and sheet screws for metal or other surfaces.
Note: Use a hand screwdriver to tighten the last few
threads of each screw to ensure they don’t strip out.
Screws that aren’t completely tightened may cause a
rattling sound.
Page 7
Page 4
Power Amplifier Setup
Use the 4 holes in the side flanges to mount the BKA-130-OE Power Amplifier under your desk
or chair or in another convenient location. Hardware is not included.
Ensure there is adequate ventilation and that top and bottom vents are not blocked.
Consult the BKA-130-OE Owner’s Manual for a complete list of precautions and warnings prior to
mounting the amplifier.
2.a PC AUDIO HOOKUP ................................... pg. 5
2.b CONSOLE AUDIO HOOKUP .......................... pg. 6
2.a PC Audio Hookup
1. Connect the Audio Source
For On-board Audio, Stereo or 4-Channel Sound
Insert the mini “Y” adapter into the “Line Out”
(usually green).
For 5.1 - 7.1 or Greater Sound Cards:
Insert the mini “Y” adapter into the Sub/Center
output (usually orange).
2. Connect the mini end of the 5’ mini-to-RCA cable to one leg of the “Y” adapter.
3. Connect either the red or the black into the RCA “Line Level Input” on the
back of the amplifier. Leave the other end disconnected.
4. Connect the regular signal cable for your speaker system to the other leg of the
mini “Y” adapter.
Power Amplifier Setup (Continued)
2.b Console Audio Hookup
There are four basic methods for connecting audio to the ButtKicker Power Amplifier from a
gaming console. Illustrations are provided on the next page.
Option 1
Option 3
Audio Source is Direct from Game Console
Use this option if your console is equipped with,
and you are using, analog outputs to your A/V
processor or TV. (See Fig. 1)
Audio Source is A/V Processor Using RCA
Use this option if the audio output from your
game console is running to an A/V processor
equipped with RCA audio pre-out. (See Fig. 3)
A. Connect the female end of the included RCA “Y”
adapter to the end of the red or white RCA cable
coming from the output on your console.
A. “Sub-Out” is the ideal connection: connect one leg
of the included RCA “Y” adapter into the output.
Red/white stereo output can also be used.
B. Connect one male leg of the “Y” adapter to the
red/white RCA audio input on your TV.
B. Connect your subwoofer or speaker to the female
jack of the RCA “Y” adapter.
C. Connect the other leg of the RCA “Y” adapter to
the 5’ female-to-male cable. Connect the male
end of that cable into the “Line Level Input” on the
back of the amplifier.
C. Connect the female end of the included 5’ RCA
cable to the remaining leg of the RCA “Y” adapter
and the male end into the “Line Level Input” on
the back of the amplifier.
Option 2
Option 4
Audio Source is TV
Use this option if your game console is plugged
directly into your TV and you are using your
TV’s speakers or speakers connected to the
output of your TV. (See Fig. 2)
Bare Speaker Wire from Sub or A/V Processor
Use this option if none of the above options apply and if you have a subwoofer or A/V Processor with a bare speaker wire connection.* (See
A. Plug one leg of the included RCA “Y” adapter into
the red or white RCA output on your TV.
A. Connect the Speaker Level Interface Adapter
(available separately) to the bare speaker wire
inputs on your subwoofer (or outputs on your
A/V processor) along with the normal speaker
wire carrying the audio signal.
B. Do not connect anything to the female jack of the
RCA “Y” adapter.
C. Connect the female end of the included 5’ RCA
cable to the remaining leg of the RCA “Y” adapter
and the male end into the “Line Level Input” on
the back of the amplifier.
Fig. 4)
B. Connect one male leg of the included RCA “Y”
adapter to the end of the SLIA (Speaker Level
Interface Adapter).
- Do not connect anything to the female jack of
the RCA “Y” adapter.
C. Connect the female end of the included 5’ RCA
cable to the remaining leg of the RCA “Y” adapter
and the male end into the “Line Level Input” on
the back of the amplifier.
* Bare speaker wire connections require the Speaker Level Interface
Adapter (BK-SLIA) which is sold separately. Contact support for details.
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Page 6
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