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High volume
full colour powerhouse
Sophisticate your
document production
Professional high volume printing
Today’s printing world teems with challenges. New possibilities in digital printing have increased your
clients’ demands for high quality at great speed. Let us help you meet them. The new
Pro™ C900/C900s colour solution is ultra fast at 90ppm. Built for heavy duty and fitted out with a
wealth of finishing options, it processes the most complex printing jobs from start to finish. To give
your business that extra edge, Ricoh brings you heavy production performance at an affordable price.
• 90 pages per minute B&W and full colour.
• No loss of productivity on thick stock up to 300gsm.
• High paper capacity of 11,000 pages maximum.
• Versatile paper handling with air assist for coated paper stocks.
• Unique in-line finishing options.
• Easy operation.
• Standard built-in EFI print server.
• Copy facility available with the Pro™ C900s.
Your workflow
in the fast lane
Achieve top speeds
Your document processing must keep
pace with a fast-moving world. For a
Professional print runs require true production power. As the heart
quick turnaround, the Pro™ C900/C900s offers
exceptional colour at a super fast print speed.
muscle of your business, the Pro™ C900/C900s boasts:
Meet deadlines by not slowing down for
• High speed printing at 90 full colour or B/W prints per minute.
heavier paper. Toner replacement can be
• Equal print speed for heavy stock, up to 300 g/m2.
performed during operation.
A straightforward operability allows
• Built-in Fiery server for swift ripping.
users to create highly finished documents
• Integrated workflow encompassing all steps from input to output.
without special training. Engineered to
cope efficiently with high volume, the
Uninterrupted productivity
Pro™ C900/C900s is continually at your service.
To provide the quick turnarounds your customers require,
• High productivity.
the Pro™ C900/C900s has the duty cycle to manage long periods of
• Amazing paper capacity.
sustained work.
• Continuous availability.
• Optimal ease of use.
Downtime is minimised through:
• Exceptional paper capacity of 11,000 sheets.
• Up to 7 trays.
• Toner replacement while running.
• SRA3 large capacity tray with Air-Assist Paper Feed.
• 2 additional 2,000 A3 large capacity trays standard with the
protm: short for professional, relating to a job that requires special training.
Something is qualified as professional when it displays great skill and high
standards in the activity undertaken.
Productivity, Professionalism, Performance: Ricoh puts its extensive
expertise in high end printing at the service of the professional production
market. The Protm line caters to the quality, speed, reliability, durability and
finishing needs of printing professionals. Robust and straightforward in use,
Protm engines are built to be the crucial componant of your business.
Intuitive operation
The Pro™ C900/C900s offers Ricoh’s 10.4”colour operation display, renowned for its ease
of use. It has a regular screen for versatile printing functions and a simplified screen for less
demanding jobs. Thumbnail views on the display and previews of the document server files let
you check scans prior to sending them. The limited number of steps and versatile edit function
ensure minimum trained user mistakes. Animated procedures appear on the display to guide
you should an irregularity occur. Visibility of jobs on the Fiery server is also possible allowing for
reprints direct from the machine.
• Newly designed, intuitive interface.
• Trained Customer Replaceable Units’ (TCRU): with a little training, users can perform
maintenance themselves.
• ‘Customer Replaceable Units’ (CRU): some parts can be replaced by untrained users.
• Extensive, easy print management functions like Rush Printing, Print/Process Next, Advanced
Job Re-Order or Suspend on Mismatch.
• Visible Fiery queues.
Satisfying your
professional wants
The Pro™ C900/C900s is a flexible colour
Print for pay
digital solution for professionals in the
To stay on top of the game and raise your profits, you have to increase
commercial and graphic arts printing
your colour production. You want to offer Variable Data Printing, but
industry. Its uniquely integrated
limit outsourcing.
approach to graphic-intensive colour
production synchronises all processes to
The Pro™ C900/C900s offers you:
work smoothly with each other.
• Straightforward and accessible colour printing.
• Variable Data Printing application support.
• A cost-effective digital colour solution.
CRD efficiency
As a reprographic professional you are responsible for the documents
that make your company stand out. You have to meet the most diverse
With the Pro™ C900/C900s you achieve:
• 1,200 x 1,200 dpi image quality and 0.5 mm registration accuracy.
• Fast, reliable equipment to keep you up and running.
• Low running costs.
Commercial print shop power
To increase client satisfaction, you require equipment that can
print colour documents at high volume. Your ability to meet
deadlines depends on reliable equipment and heavy stock capability.
The Pro™ C900/C900s’s strengths are:
• Non-stop operation at 90 ppm, also on heavy stock.
• Minimal operator intervention with Fiery solutions.
• Professional in-line finishing tools.
Your workflow covered
from start to finish
Easy input & processing
The Pro™ C900/C900s makes complex printing easy with its EFI Fiery Controller:
• Superior operability with intuitive user interface.
• LCD panel print queue visibility for easy reprinting.
• Easy programming of complex, customised jobs with EFI Impose feature.
• Advanced document assembly functions.
• Check quality with thumbnail view/preview.
Print status monitor
• View spooled print job information.
• Check job status.
• Save & delete jobs.
• Password protect print jobs.
• Change number of copies.
Web based remote monitoring
Check the device status, manage networked systems and
restrict usage if necessary: it can all be done from your
desktop using Web SmartDeviceMonitor™ and Web Image
Monitor (with second network connection).
Uninterrupted production
• Huge maximum paper capacity: 11,000 A4 sheets/9,000 A3
sheets. In addition, the Protm C900s come standard with 4,500
A3 sheets capacity.
• 7 different paper trays and automatic tray switching.
• Easy toner/paper refill on the fly.
• Duplexing at full engine speed.
Print confidential jobs
Secure print option - password protection
Quick troubleshooting
for sensitive jobs.
• With the new Purge Tray, paper is automatically
recovered should an irregularity occur.
• Should paper jam, an animated procedure for paper removal is
displayed on the operation panel, enabling fast and
easy removal.
Flexible performance
• Copy facility available (Protm C900s).
• Scan to email or folder, using either Ricoh or Fiery scan functionality.
Unique automated finishing
• Stapling, punching and double cover insertion.
• Fully automated ring binding.
Transparent cost allocation
Using Equitrac Office™ software, you have the tools to
accurately keep track of all print/copy costs. Allocation to the
appropriate person/department/customer is easy.
• First rate booklet making and glue binding.
Superior colours with
EFI technology
Colour printing professionals know
All-in-one robustness
great colour when they see it. Because
EFI server-based technology is built into the Pro™ C900/C900s’s base
quality is paramount to you, the
unit for optimal performance. The Fiery System 8.2 has an Intel Core 2
Pro™ C900/C900s boasts state-of-the-art
Duo 2.16 GHz CPU, 2 GB memory and 250 GB x 2 Hard Disk Drive.
EFI technology. Its powerful performance
To ensure efficient resource management, the platform has been
and flexible workflow solutions are bound
specifically developed alongside the Pro™ C900/C900s’s engines and
to meet your clients’ high standards.
Automatic colour management
Keep control over colour quality with EFI ColorWise. Calibrate
the printer, or create and manage colour profiles. Advanced CMYK
and RGB management functions are available.
• Optimum accuracy with ICC profiles, even from RGB applications.
• Automatic balancing of different colour management systems.
• Check output with press proofs or simulations.
• ‘Print grey using black only’ function for maximum cost-efficiency.
• Calibrate the Fiery using either ColorCal or Profiler Suite.
Meeting graphic arts standards
The Pro™ C900/C900s attains the quality standard of the graphic arts
market with its expert-level tools. Save time by checking output and
correcting mistakes in full-screen previews.
• Halftone simulation for perfect integration of Fiery-driven devices
into blended offset/digital workflow.
• Reliable and accurate results with ‘Unlimited Separation’ feature.
• Pre-flight and Image Viewer.
Extra professional excellence
Push your image processing to the next level with the optional Fiery
Graphic Arts Package Premium. Its tools for colour proofing, editing and
management are tailored to graphic-intensive environments. Graphic arts
professionals will find the optional EFI Color Profiler Suite an easy to use
profiling solution.
Attain professional colour quality
with powerful Fiery tools
Excellence within
easy reach
Simple, fast and accurate – those are the
Complicated jobs simplified
new job programming keywords. With
The Pro™ C900/C900s’s automated workflow solutions take work
the Pro™ C900/C900s it does not take
out of your hands.
a skilled operator to perform complex
• Enhanced graphic workflow for intuitive booklet-making.
print jobs. Via the EFI driver’s compact,
• Automatic management of different paper stocks.
tabbed interface, anyone can create
• Imposition feature arranges pages of print job for folding or cutting.
professional booklets in a few clicks.
• Layout function for page alignment and creep adjustment.
Advanced document management and
imposition features complete this picture
of user-friendliness.
Ultimate efficiency
To keep tight deadlines, use the Pro™ C900/C900s’s management tools
to your advantage:
• Drag & drop jobs into Hot Folders to automate repetitive tasks.
• Fit in a rush job while keeping up productivity.
• Combine multiple documents as a single job with Quick Doc Merge.
• Re-order jobs, schedule for overnight printing to avoid bottlenecks.
Introducing Variable Data Printing
Because variable data solutions are on the rise, the Pro™ C900/C900s
comes standard equipped with Fiery FreeForm™. This entry-level tool
produces effective one-on-one marketing documents. FreeForm™
creates and stores master templates to which variables can easily be
added. It supports PPML and Creo VPS.
Flexible imposition features
Ricoh’s Pro™ C900/C900s is equipped with EFI Impose, a flexible PDF
tool that facilitates complex finishings. Assembling books, manuals,
business cards and variable data applications has never been so easy.
Operators who require even more job setup functions can opt for
EFI Compose.
The most versatile in-line
finishing solution
Finishing used to be the most labour
intensive part of the document production
process. It no longer has to be. Ricoh’s
Pro™ C900/C900s takes the extra work
out of your hands with a unique array
of finishing options. Its trendsetting
solutions allow you to create completely
finished sets, and impress even the most
demanding client.
• A variety of finishing options unmatched
at this end of the market.
• Eye-catching booklet making and
cover insertion.
First class documents
Clients expect classy presentation materials, professional colour prints
and beautiful brochures. Create the application you need with the
Pro™ C900/C900s’s robust 3,000-sheet finisher with 100-sheet stapler.
The optional punch unit saves you time and makes expensive pre-punch
paper redundant. The BK5000 saddle stitch unit is available for cost effective finishing of internal documents.
Automatic booklet creation
Impress your clients with professional booklets. The SR5010e booklet
maker produces accurately folded A5 and A4 sets. This solution speeds
up the production of leaflets, brochures, catalogues and other marketing
& sales materials. It automatically folds and saddle-stitches booklets of
up to 120 pages. The optional trimmer gives a truly professional finish.
In-line book folding
This option on the SR5010e automatically creates square back booklets
with the same look and feel as perfectly bound books at a fraction of
the cost.
Advanced Z-folding
Including A3 charts and tables in an A4 presentation is straightforward.
The handy Z-folder unit automatically folds A3 sheets into A4 output,
or A4 documents into A5. Larger sheets now become a natural part
of smaller-sized sets. There are simple answers to complex jobs.
Professional cover insertion
To brighten high-value documents, insert a full colour or pre-printed
front and back cover using the double cover interposer. It is the perfect
choice to create product catalogues, user manuals and brochures for
a lasting impression.
A varied range of finishings for high-value colour documents
The added value of
automated finishing
The Pro™ C900/C900s presents the most
complete array of finishing options that
can be combined in one device. No need
to choose between booklet making or
glue binding: you can have both and offer
multiple ways of finishing without any extra
investments. Whether your clients require
basic booklets or perfect books with glued
backs, you can print them on demand and
accommodate every wish.
Ready to bind documents
Forget manually punching documents offline and hand-loading each
set into a table top punch. The GBC StreamPunch™ III unit produces
perfectly punched and ready-to-bind documents at the touch of a
button. Its operation does not compromise the Pro™ C900/C900s’s
output speed.
Fully automated ring binding
Ricoh’s Pro™ series boasts the industry’s first fully automated ring
binder. Its innovative technology drastically cuts down the traditional
• Industry standard wire-binding facilitated.
• In-line production of all kinds of
bound books.
workload of finishing documents. The Pro™C900/C900s automatically
punches and binds booklets. For that extra professional touch, rings are
available in two sizes and two colours.
• Binding capacity: up to 50 or 100 sheets (100 or 200 originals).
• Punch/stack latitude: up to 216 gsm.
• Booklet size: A4.
• Productivity: 55/30 booklets per hour (50-sheet/100-sheet).
Perfectly glued books
Perfect Binder produces professional quality booklets with very strong,
glued backs. The GB5000 is exceptional in accepting oversized paper
for body pages. Capacity is up to 200 sheets per book; the cover inserter
supports paper up to 300 gsm. It is the ideal solution to offer your
customers books on demand.
• Binding capacity: up to 200 sheets (400 originals).
• Cover page insertion: standard.
• Three/one edge automatic trimming: standard.
Professional quaity ring binding
• Book size: A4 & A5.
Technology: 4-drum dry electrostatic transfer system
with internal transfer belt
Continuous print speed:
Black & white/full colour: 90 prints per minute (A4)
Multiple copy speed:
Full Colour & B&W: 90cpm
Multiple copy:
Up to 9,999
Warm-up time: Less than 420 seconds
Dimensions (W x D x H): Print engine:
1,250 x 1,100 x 1,440 mm
Scan/print engine:
2,605 x 1,100 x 1,440 mm
Weight: Print engine:
Less than 700 kg
Scan/print engine:
Less than 940 kg
Power source: 220 - 240 V, 25 Amps, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Maximum: Less than 5.5 kW
Energy saver mode: Less than 3.2 kW
Duty cycle: 400,000 pages per month
EFI Controller (Standard)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz
Standard: 2 GB
Hard Disk Drive: 500 GB
Network: TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, Apple Talk, SMB
Driver: PostScript® 3™, PCL5c, PCL6
VDP format: PPML, Fiery Free Form, Creo VPS
PCL: 80 fonts
PostScript® 3™ : 138 fonts
Interface: Ethernet 1000/100/10base-T
FACI feature: Standard
Fiery utilities: EFI Command Workstation
EFI Web Tools
EFI HotFolder
MS Office Filter for HotFolder
EFI Virtual Printers
Macintosh Print Center Plug-ins
Rush Printing
Print/Process Next
Advanced Job Re-Order
Suspend on Mismatch
Quick Doc Merge
Schedule Print
EFI Fiery ColorWise
Fiery Graphic Arts Package
Mixed Media
Paper Catalogue
Tab Shift
Insert Tab
Booklet Maker
EFI Impose, Fiery Edition
EFI Fiery Free Form
Fiery VDP Resource Manager
Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition (option)
EFI Color Profiler Suite (option)
EFI Compose Fiery Edition (option)
Paper Handling
Paper input capacity:
Standard: 2 x 1,000-sheet paper trays
1 x 500-sheet paper tray
Maximum: 11,000 sheets
Maximum printable area: 320 x 480mm
Paper size: Maximum: 330.2 - 487.7 mm
Paper weight: 60 - 300 g/m2
Scanner (ProtmC900s only)
100/150/200 (default)/300/400/600 dpi
1,200 dpi (Twain: B&W)
1,200 dpi (Twain: Colour)
File format:
Scan speed:
B&W and colour: 80spm
Scan to email:
SMTP and TCP/IP required
Scan to folder:
Via SMB, FTP, NCP protocol
Document Server:
HDD Capacity:
Maximum stored documents:
Maximum page of all stored documents:
Toners: Black/C, M, Y: 72,000 sheets
External options: 2 x 2,000-sheet large capacity trays1
500-sheet, bypass tray
Multi 4,550-sheet A4 large capacity tray
Dual station cover interposer
3,000-sheet finisher with 100-sheet stapler
and jogger unit
Punch unit (2/4 switchable hole punch,
3 hole punch)
Saddle stitch unit
Professional booklet maker
GBC StreamPunch™ III
Ring Binder unit
Perfect Binder unit
5000-sheet Stacker1
Roll away cart
Tab sheet unit
A3 tray kit
VM card
Fiery Compose
Fiery Graphic Arts package Premium Upgrade
EFI Color Profiler
Up to 2 units can be attached.
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