Epson Business Inkjet printer for the home and the office

Epson Business Inkjet printer for the home and
the office
Epson Stylus Office B40W
Print up to 27ppm in business quality ensuring laser-like text
New X L black ink c artridge prints up to 4 times more pages,
giving cost per page c omparable to a laser printer*
Individual inks mean you only replace the colour you use
Epson DURABrite™ Ultra Ink ensures prints are w ater, smudge
and highlighter resistant
Integrated w ireless and Ethernet for shared printing in the office
Save money and protec t the environment w ith this ENERGY
STAR® qualified printer
*For more inf ormation visit www.
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Achieving the best results using the Stylus Office B40W
Make sure you select the correct driver and media settings.
Select Text mode for printing high-quality text documents, or Photo for high-quality
Choose the correct paper settings - e.g. select 'Premium Glossy Photo Paper' for the best
photo quality on glossy paper.
To achieve high quality photo prints, it is recommended that Epson media is used.
Choose the 'Borderless' photo setting to get true edge-to-edge printing without any
white borders.
This Epson printer includes a permanent Micro PiezoTM print head. This means that a
head alignment should not be required during the set-up process.
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The Shor tcut menu below can be used to make a quick and easy selection of the pr int settings r equir ed.
When each pr inting pr eset is select ed, a br ief description of the setting is giv en.
Driver Settings
The dr iver settings can be contr olled manually t oo. It is impor tant to select t he appr opr iate settings
befor e pr inting, to achieve the best r esults. Star t by selecting the Main tab in the dr iver .
Text Printing
Select Dr aft on the pr inter dr iver for economical high
speed text pr inting.
Select Text mode for pr inting high-quality text
Select Text & Image for pr inting high-quality c olour
documents with images.
Photo Printing
Select Dr aft mode for pr inting photo pr oofs.
Select Photo mode for standar d day-to-day photogr aphic
pr inting.
Select Best Photo mode for high-quality photogr aphic
pr inting, such as album images.
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Media Settings
To get the best fr om an Epson pr inter , it is impor tant to
choose the cor r ect media setting.
This can be done by selecting t he appr opriate media fr om
the dr op-down menu (see image to t he left).
For optimum photo quality, Epson Pr emium Glossy media
is r ecommended
This function is of gr eat help for the business user .
You can c hoose fr om a selection of differ ent water mar ks
(shown cir cled in r ed on the left), whic h wi ll then be
pr inted in feint acr oss each sheet to denote t he stat us of a
par ticular document.
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Black Ink Only
When pr inting text documents, by ticking the box (cir cled her e
in r ed) only the black c ar tr idges will be used for tr ue black and
white pr inting, eli minating any use of composite b lack and
r educing the use of the colour car tridges, whilst giving dense
laser -quality black text.
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Epson Easy Photo Print
Epson Easy Photo Pr int is a softwar e which is i nc luded with all Epson i nkjet pr inter s. It offer s easy-to-use
functions such PhotoEnhance, r ed-eye r emoval and adding fr ames.
Epson PhotoEnhance
When selected, Epson PhotoEnhance automatically adjusts colour and contr ast to your photos to ensur e
per fect r esults. It is a default setti ng for pr inting photos on glossy media, howev er as you can see below,
it can be tur ned off by clicking on the tick box.
Before After
Red-Eye Removal
You can c lick on Red-Eye Fix All
(cir cled her e in blue) for automatic
r ed-eye r emoval.
Please note that this function will not
show a pr eview on your scr een;
however , the image wi ll be pr inted
without r ed-eye.
You can also manually or automatically
r emove r ed-eye, with a pr eview, by
clicking on the Image Correct button
(cir cled in r ed).
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Image Cor r ect will take y ou to t he
scr een shown her e. You can t hen
choose to r emove r ed-eye manually
(cir cled in Gr een) or automatically
(cir cled in Yellow).
PhotoEnhance can also be accessed via Epson Easy Photo Pr int as you can see below (cir cled in r ed).
Once it is select ed, you can t hen choose t he pr eferr ed Scene Corr ection
(cir cled in blue).
With PhotoEnhance and Red-Eye Fix
(Auto) selected, the i mage c an be
pr eviewed befor e pr inting.
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Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Wi-Fi and Ether net ar e now i ntegr ated within t he pr inter r emoving the need of an exter nal
dongle. This allows you t o shar e the pr inter printer between sev er al user s in your office.
Ther e is an easy i nstallation pr ocess called EpsonNet EasyInstall which guides you st ep by step
when setti ng up the wir eless connecti on between your pr inter and computer s.
Your fir ewall or anti-spywar e softwar e may display war nings dur ing installation. Cr eate an
exception for EpsonNet EasyI nstall to allow it to car r y out networ k configur ations:
For W indow s XP Service Pack 2 or later
Confir m that the pub lisher is SEIKO EPSON, and then c lick Unblock.
For Mac OS X 10.5.1 or later
Configur e the Application Fir ewall to allow acc ess for EpsonNet EasyInst all.
It is necessar y to hav e and Et her net (wir ed) connection dur ing installation t o configur e your
pr inter to communicat e via Wir eless LAN. Select the fir st method and click Next
- Connect an Et her net cab le and switch on t he pr inter
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- Select a pr inter
Select a connection type
Choose a wir eless networ k
Enter your WEP Key or WPA passwor d – both ar e case sensitive
Check that Obtain an IP address Start is set to Automatic
Confir m settings ar e complet e
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Epson DURABriteTM Ultra Ink
Epson’s DURABr ite™ Ultr a Ink is an advanced pigment-based ink technology that encapsulates the ink
par ticle in a pr otective r esin coating.
Laser -like text: Epson DURABr ite™ Ultr a Ink deliver s text as shar p as a laser pr inter
Brilliant colour s: Pr int pr ofessional doc uments wit h full colour char ts and gr aphics
Instant dr ying: Pr ints ar e water , smudge and highlighter r esistant
Mor e choice: The r esin-coat ed pigment tec hnology allows you to pr int on any type of paper including
Evaluating Water Resistance – Test A
1. Using plain paper or Epson Pr emium Glossy Phot o Paper , print an output sample of your choice
using the Stylus Office B40W
2. Pour tap water over the image and look for smudging of the i nks. You wi ll notice t hat the ink
stays in plac e and your output samp le r emains unhar med.
For a compar ison, per for m a similar test with c ompeting models usi ng the instr uctions abov e.
Evaluating Smudge Resistance – Test B
1. Pr int a text document usi ng plain paper .
2. Using a nor mal office highlighti ng pen, highlight a li ne of t ext - star t fr om the left and continue
the str oke once to t he end of the line.
For a compar ison, per for m a similar test with c ompeting models usi ng the instr uctions abov e.
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Epson DURABriteTM Ultra Ink
Competitor Ink
Test B
Test A
Test A
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Ink Cartridges and ISO Yields
Epson Stylus Office B40W
ISO Yield
Approx. 995 pages
Recommended Inks
Approx. 815 pages
Also Available
Approx. 385 pages
Approx. 230 pages
Approx. 310 pages
The above page yields wer e based on ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712 and measur ed using the following colour
page test suit e.
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Full Product Specifications
Stylus Office B40W
Print technolog y
Printing method
4-colour inkj et printer, Epson Micro Piez o™ print head
Nozzle configuration
384 nozzl es bl ac k / 128 nozzles, eac h col our (c yan, magenta,
Droplet size
2pl (mini mum) with Variabl e-sized Droplet T echnolog y
Ink s ystem
Epson DURABrite™ Ultra Ink
Up to 5760 x 1440 optimised dpi on s uitabl e medi a usi ng RPM
(Resolution Performance Management)
Print reso lution
Print speed
Blac k text A4
Up to 38 ppm*1
Colour text A4
Up to 38 ppm*1
Photo 10x15 c m
Approx. 20 secs*1
Hi-Speed USB - c ompati ble with the USB 2.0 specification*4
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g - compatibl e with 802.11n*6
Ether net
Wired LAN IEEE 802.3 (100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T
W ireless Secur it y
WPA-PSK (TKIP) - compliant with WPA2
WPA-PSK (AES) - compliant with WPA2
Paper h andling
Ink cartridges
Input: 120 sheets A4 plai n paper (64 g/m2)
Media size
A4 , Letter , Legal , 13x18cm(5x7") , 10x15cm( 4x6") ,
9x13c m(3.5x5") , 13x20c m(5x8"), 20x25c m(8x10"), A6 , A5 , B5,
Envelopes : No10, D L, C6
Print margin
0 mm top, left, right, bottom via cus tom s ettings in printer driver *5
4 indi vidual ink cartridges
Recommended Inks
T1001 Blac k
T1002 C yan
T1003 Magenta
T1004 Yellow
Power consumption
Approx. 16W (stand-alone c opying, ISO10561 l etter pattern)
Approx. 4.5W (sleep mode)
Also Available
T0711H Blac k
T0711 Blac k
T0712 C yan
T0713 Magenta
T0714 Yellow
Electrical sp ecification
ENERGY ST AR® qualified printer
AC 220-240V
Operating systems
Windows 2000/XP/XP- x64/Vista, Mac OS 10.3.9 / 10.4x / 10.5x
or later
W arranty
1 year standar d warranty
Optional extension to 3 years subject to availability
Gener al
Softwar e
Dimensions (LxWxH) Including Carton
497 x 294 x 230mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) Excludi ng Carton
435 x 250 x 161mm
4.0kg (excluding ink cartridges and power cable)
Noise level
5.5B 41dB(A), accordi ng to ISO7779 pattern with Eps on
Premium Gl oss y Photo Paper/Photo RPM mode
Epson Web-To-Page
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Epson E-Photo/Eas y Photo Print
Epson Net Eas yInstall
Print speed (PPM) when printed on A4 plai n paper in the fastest mode. 10x15c m photo print s peed when printed on Eps on Premi um Gloss y Photo
Paper in dr aft, borderless mode. Print s peed may var y depending on s ystem c onfigurati on, print mode, document complexity, s oftware, type of paper
used and c onnecti vity. Print s peed does not include proc essing time on host c omputer.
Adaptor R equired (not s upplied in the box)
USB cable required for PC/Mac us e (not s upplied in box)
Other wise 3mm top, left, right, bottom
Trans mission rate will be limited to 802.11g and will operate i n the 2.4GHz frequenc y band
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