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CM47087 MUK Rev 3
Upon registration with Morphy Richards
(UK & ROI only)
Filter Coffee Maker
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Product overview
(10) Display Screen
Control Panel
(11) Auto Button
Water Gauge
(12) Programme Button
Jug Lid
(13) Hour Button
(14) Minute Button
Hot Plate
(15) Aroma Function Button
Removable Permanent
(16) On/Off Button
Removable Filter Holder
Water Reservoir
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Using your coffee maker
Fill the Water Reservoir (9) with cold water. Do
not overfill.
Spoon filter coffee into the Removable
Permanent Filter (7). We recommend 7g of
coffee per cup. Place the Filter into the Filter
Holder (8) in the coffee maker ensuring the
Filter Holder clicks into place.
Close the Lid and replace the Jug on the
Warming Plate.
Press the On/Off Button (16) to start the
brewing process. To stop the brewing process,
press the button a second time.
Before first use
• Take your coffee maker out of the box and remove
the packaging.
Refilling your coffee maker
• Switch off the coffee maker and allow 3 minutes
to cool before refilling with cold water.
• Wash the detachable parts of the machine in
warm soapy water.
• The first time you use your coffee maker, operate
the coffee maker with water only.
Setting the clock
• When the coffee maker is plugged in, the display
will illuminate and flash.
Using the Aroma Function
• Use this feature if you want your coffee to taste
more intensive.
Fill the Water Reservoir to water level 4 and add
your required amount of coffee into the
Removable Permanent Filter (7).
Before pressing the On/Off button (16), press the
Aroma Function Button (15). The aroma and
On/Off lights will illuminate on the display.
The aroma brewing cycle will then commence,
taking longer than the standard brewing cycle,
creating a more intense coffee flavour.
• To set the time, use the Hour (13) and Minute (14)
Buttons. The display is a 24 hour clock.
• When the coffee maker is in standby mode, you
can use the Hour and Minute Buttons to adjust
the clock.
• To stop the aroma brewing cycle, simply press the
Aroma Function Button (15).
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To pre-set a brewing time
Follow ‘Using your coffee maker’ steps 1-3 on
page 3.
Press the Programme Button (12).
Select the brewing start time using the Hour
(13) and Minute (14) Buttons.
When you have selected the desired time
press the Auto Button (11), a white light will
illuminate. To Cancel, press the Auto Button
(11) again.
Keep warm
• Wash the Glass Jug, Jug Lid, and Filter Holder in
warm soapy water. Rinse and dry all parts
thoroughly. Refit the Filter and Filter Holder.
After the brewing cycle has finished, your coffee
maker will switch to the keep warm mode for 2
• Wipe all external surfaces, including the warming
plate, with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
The lights on the Display will switch off when the
keep warm cycle has finished.
• Care must be taken to ensure that the non-drip
valve situated on the bottom of the filter holder is
not damaged during cleaning.
To switch the keep warm mode off press the
On/Off Button (16).
• Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Cleaning your coffee maker
• Unplug the coffee maker and allow to cool.
• Do not immerse the coffee maker in liquid.
• Rinse the Water Reservoir occasionally with cold
water. Do not use a cloth as any residue or lint
may be left behind to clog the coffee maker.
• Remove the Permanent Filter, discard any used
coffee and wash. Extended soaking helps to
remove coffee stains from the mesh.
• NO parts are suitable for cleaning in a
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• If you live in a hard water area, we recommend
that your coffee maker is descaled at regular
intervals, e.g. every 2-3 months. In areas of
moderately hard water, you should descale every
6 months.
• If the water filters through more slowly than usual,
it is a sign that descaling is necessary.
• We recommend you use a proprietary liquid
descaler which is especially made for coffee
makers and plastic kettles. Follow the instructions
on the bottle or sachet, and then operate the
coffee maker with just water 3 times before
making coffee.
• Do not use a kettle descaler unless the packet
specifically states it is suitable for coffee makers.
Note: The permanent mesh filter should not be
used during descaling.
Contact us
If you are having a problem with your appliance,
please call our Helpline, as we are more likely to
be able to help than the store you purchased the
item from.
Please have the product name, model number
and serial number to hand when you call to help
us deal with your enquiry quicker.
UK Helpline: 0844 871 0960
IRE Helpline: 1800 409 119
0844 871 0926
Talk To Us
If you have any questions or comments, or want
some great tips or recipe ideas to help you get
the most out of your products, join us online:
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• Never use warm or hot water to fill the water tank.
Health and Safety
The use of any electrical appliance requires the following
common sense safety rules.
Primarily there is danger of injury or death and secondly
the danger of damage to the appliance. These are indicated in the text by the following two conventions:
WARNING: Danger to the person!
• Do not overfill the water tank.
• Take care to pour hot coffee slowly and carefully without
tipping the glass jug too fast.
• Do not place the glass jug on the hot plate unless the lid
is in position.
• Make sure the mains lead does not touch the hot parts of
the machine.
IMPORTANT: Damage to the appliance!
• Do not wind the mains lead around the hot appliance or
store the appliance until it has fully cooled down.
In addition, we offer the following safety advice.
• Do not open the reservoir lid whilst brewing.
• This appliance is intended to be used in household and
similar applications such as:
farm houses;
• Children do not understand the dangers associated with
operating electrical appliances. Never allow children to
use this appliance.
by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
bed and breakfast type environments.
Treating scalds
It is not suitable for use in staff kitchen areas in shops,
offices and other working environments.
• Run cold water over the affected area immediately. Do
not stop to remove clothing, get medical help quickly.
• Remove all the packaging and retain for future reference.
Other safety considerations
• Ensure the coffee maker is used on a firm, flat surface.
• Disconnect the coffee maker from the mains supply when
filling, cleaning or not in use.
• Do not use the coffee maker outdoors or near water.
• Do not place the coffee maker on a highly polished
wooden surface as damage may occur to the surface.
• Do not place the coffee maker on or near hot surfaces
such as a hot plate, radiant rings or near a naked flame.
• WARNING: Do not place the coffee maker onto a metal
tray or metal surface whilst in use.
Mains cable
• Do not let the mains cable hang over the edge of the
worktop where a child could reach it.
• Do not let the lead run across an open space e.g.
between a low socket and a table.
• When unplugging, turn any control to ‘off’, then remove
the plug from the wall outlet.
• Keep the outside of the coffee maker area clean and dry
at all times.
• Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use handles or knobs.
• Do not immerse the coffee maker itself in water and
always ensure the electrical connections are kept dry.
• Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or
plug or after the appliance malfunctions or has been
damaged in any manner. Ring the helpline number for
advice on examination and repair.
• Do not let the cable run across a cooker or other hot area
which might damage the cable.
• The use of attachments or tools not recommended or
sold by Morphy Richards may cause fire, electric shock
or injury.
• The mains cable should reach from the socket to the
base unit without straining the connections.
• Do not use the coffee maker for anything other than it’s
intended purpose.
• If the mains cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, it’s service agent or similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.
• CAUTION: To prevent damage to the appliance, do not
use alkaline cleaning agents when cleaning. Use a soft
cloth and mild detergent.
Personal safety
• Ensure the lid of the glass jug is securely in place before
• Take care to pour hot coffee slowly and carefully without
tipping the glass jug too fast.
• Do not fill above the capacity mark of the water level
gauge marked on the jug or reservoir.
• Do not use the glass jug in a microwave.
• Do not touch metal parts until the unit has cooled.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning the use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Electrical requirements
Check that the voltage on the rating plate of your
appliance corresponds with your house electricity supply
which must be A.C. (Alternating Current).
If the socket outlets in your home are not suitable for the
plug supplied with this appliance, the plug should be re
moved and the appropriate one fitted.
WARNING : The plug removed from the mains lead, if
severed, must be destroyed, as a plug with a bared
flexible cord is hazardous if engaged into a live socket
Should the fuse in the 13 amp plug require changing, a 13
amp BS1362 fuse must be fitted.
WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.
• Do not move when switched on.
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CM47087 MUK Rev 3 06/11
Registering your 2 year
Your standard one year guarantee is extended for an
additional 12 months when you register the product within
28 days of purchase with Morphy Richards. If you do not
register the product with Morphy Richards within 28 days,
your product is guaranteed for 1 year. To validate your
2 year guarantee register with us online at
Or call our customer registration line
Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replace or repair the
goods under the terms of the guarantee where:
1 The fault has been caused or is attributable to accidental
use, misuse, negligent use or used contrary to the
manufacturer’s recommendations or where the fault has
been caused by power surges or damage caused in
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage supply other
0844 871 0962
1800 409 119
than that stamped on the products.
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons other than our
N.B. Each qualifying product needs to be registered with
Morphy Richards individually.
Please note that the 2 year guarantee is only available in
the UK and Ireland. Please refer to the one year guarantee
for more information.
service staff (or authorised dealer).
4 The appliance has been used for hire purposes or non
domestic use.
5 The appliance is second hand.
6 Morphy Richards reserves the right not to carry out any
Your 1 year guarantee
type of servicing under the guarantee at its discretion
7 Plastic filters for all Morphy Richards kettles and coffee
It is important to retain the retailer’s receipt as proof of
purchase. Staple your receipt to this back cover for future
Please quote the following information if the product
develops a fault. These numbers can be found on the base
of the product.
Model no.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are individually tested before
leaving the factory. In the unlikely event of any appliance
proving to be faulty within 28 days of purchase, it should
be returned to the place of purchase for it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days and within 12 months of
original purchase, you should contact the Helpline number
quoting Model number and Serial number on the product,
or write to Morphy Richards at the address shown.
You may be asked to return a copy of proof of purchase.
Subject to the exclusions set out below (see Exclusions),
the faulty appliance will then be repaired or replaced as
appropriate and dispatched usually within 7 working days
of receipt.
If, for any reason, this item is replaced or repaired during
the 1 year guarantee period, the guarantee on the new
item will be calculated from original purchase date.
Therefore it is vital to retain your original till receipt or
invoice to indicate the date of initial purchase.
makers are not covered by the guarantee.
8 Batteries and damage from leakage are not covered by
the guarantee.
• This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those
expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for
consequential loss or damage. This guarantee is offered
as an additional benefit and does not affect your statutory
rights as a consumer. Morphy Richards products are
intended for household use only. See usage limitations
within the location safety instructions.
Morphy Richards has a policy of continuous improvement
in product quality and design. The company, therefore
reserves the right to change the specification of
it’s models at any time.
For electrical products sold within the
European Community. At the end of the
electrical products useful life, it should not be
disposed of with household waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with
your Local Authority or retailer for
recycling advice in your country
To qualify for the 1 year guarantee, the appliance must
have been used according to the instructions supplied.
For example, crumb trays should have been emptied
The After Sales Division
Morphy Richards Ltd
Mexborough, South Yorkshire,
England, S64 8AJ
Helplines (office hours)
UK 0844 871 0960
Spare Parts 0844 873 0726
Republic of Ireland 1800 409 119
0844 871 0960
1800 409 119
0844 873 0726