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RVON Family of
VoIP Solutions
* All RTS™ products are 100% IP compliant and work on existing networks with shared traffic
R T S ™ Vo i c e O v e r
Network Card
Installed directly into ADAM matrix intercom systems, the
RVON-8 (RTS Voice Over Network) Card expands the
connectivity of the ADAM intercom by supporting 8 audio
channels (ports) in and out. Each channel has configurable
network and bandwidth parameters that can be tailored to
individual network requirements, as well as ancillary data for
keypanels and trunking control. As with all ADAM intercom
products, the RVON-8 card is hot swappable and
configurable through AZedit™ configuration software. The
RVON-8 card supports both Telex intelligent Trunking over
IP, as well as remote keypanels and virtual keypanels via
VOIP. Fully compatible with Internationally recognized
standards, the RVON-8 card supports the following
protocols: G.711,G.729AB, G.723(2 speeds).
Installation: The RVON-8 card is hot-swappable and installs in
any available slot in an ADAM intercom matrix. The card
provides a single RJ-45 Ethernet connection for use with
any10/100 Mb network.
Trunk Capable -The RVON-8 card supports ancillary data control
for use with Telex® Intelligent Trunking.
Ethernet Compatible -Fully Ethernet capable. RVON-8 uses
standard Ethernet protocols and is fully compatible with all
Ethernet compliant devices and networks.
AZedit Configurations -The user has the ability to adjust the
audio parameter of each channel of the RVON-8 card, to match
the available bandwidth of the network.
Addressing -Eight individually addressable audio channels.The
RVON-8 card can feed simultaneously VOIP (Voice Over Internet
Protocol) capable key panels,matrices and VKP enabled PC's.
R T S ™ Vo i c e O v e r
Network I/O Interface
The RVON-IO can be used in a variety of applications
where it is not possible to use the RVON-8 card. RVON-IO
converts 8 analog 4 wire audio channels and key panel
data to a single digital channel using VOIP protocol. This
allows RVON-IO to be used as the interface with a variety
of RTS intercom products such as ADAM CS,Zeus,
CRONUS and CS9500 Series matrices. In addition RVONIO may also be used as a standalone solution for any
application where analogue audio must be routed via
Installation -The RVON-IO is a stand alone 1RU rack mount
unit.The unit will interface up to 8 analogue 4 wires to a
single RJ-45 Ethernet connection for a user with any 10/100
base network.
Trunk Capable -The RVON-8 card supports ancillary data
control for use with Telex® Intelligent Trunking.
Ethernet Compatible -Fully Ethernet capable.RVON-8 uses
standard Ethernet protocols and is fully compatible with all
Ethernet compliant devices and networks.
AZedit Configurations -The user has the ability to adjust the
audio parameter of each channel of the RVON-8 card, to
match the available bandwidth of the network
Vo i c e O v e r N e t w o r k
KP32 Module
The RVON-1 module is installed direct into a KP32
family keypanel and provides voice over IP (Internet
Protocol) communication for the RTS ADAM intercom.
This combination is an integrated solution for
connecting standard keypanels the intercom matrix
over standard IP network. The RVON-1 is compatible
with any RTS Intercom system with a suitable RVON
interface (RVON-8 or RVON I/O). All IP and matrix
system relevant parameter are configurable through
the keypanel service menu and Telex´s configuration
software AZedit. It is also compatible with
internationally recognized standards and supports
three different protocols (see feature box).
• Installation - The RVON-1 module can be plugged into any
KP-32 family keypanel.
• Protocol - The RVON-1 card supports three different IP
protocols (G.711, G.729AB and G.723 (2 speed)).
• Connectivity - Standard RJ45 Ethernet plug.
Vo i c e O v e r N e t w o r k
Virtual Keypanel
The RTS VoIP Virtual Keypanel (VKP) is a Windows based
application that allows any user to have a fully
functioning RTS Matrix user station on their PC. The
virtual keypanel application connects via the PC's
ethernet port that can support IP protocols, including
LAN, WAN and VPN. The RTS VKP application is
compatible with any RTS Matrix intercom equipped with
an RVON interface. The VKP brings a new level of
flexibility to your RTS matrix intercom. An assortment of
skins are included for different applications. Custom
skins are available
upon request.
Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
Sound Card: Must be detected as an audio device
Peripherals: Microphone and loudspeaker or headset
Hard Drive: 5 MB space required
Connections: Ethernet Connection and USB port for Security Dongle
Protocols: G711
Digital Matrix Intercom System
• Full Bandwidth (50 – 19.5 kHz) Audio
• Available in size from 8 to 1,000+ ports per matrix
extensive, most widely used, and most “obsolescence
• Compatible with RTS Intelligent Trunking (except
original Zeus)
proof” line of intercoms in the world today. From the
• 8 GPI/O standard per frame
“top of the line” ADAM matrix, available in sizes from 8
to 1,000+ users, to the original Zeus 24 port matrix, RTS
• Configurable on-line/off line using AZ-EDIT in real
matrices are the standards for reliable, mission critical
• Non-volatile configuration and crosspoint memory
The RTS family of Digital Intercom matrices is the most
communications in broadcast, military, industrial and
• Supports Multiple priority IFBs
entertainment applications.
• Dual purpose ports support BOTH keypanels and 4
wire audio
• Compatible with ALL current and legacy RTS
keypanels and accessories… ALL
Digital Audio
• Provides 8 AES audio channels (4 stereo pairs) in and out
• Available with BNC or DB-25 Rear Cards
VoIP Interface card
• Provides 8 Channels of bi-directional audio and data via IP
• Supports remote keypanels, trunking, and virtual keypanels
ADAM Digital Matrix Intercom
• Supports 8 to 1,000+ users per system; 272 ports possible in just 7 RU
16 Channel Analog I/O Card
Provides 16 ports of audio
Compatible with Existing ADAMs and AIO-8 cards
Provides Individual VOX per input
Wide variety of wiring options
24 bit wideband Audio at 44.1 kHz
8 Channel Analog I/O Card
• Provides 8 ports of Audio, “cd quality” - 16 bits @ 44.1kHz
• Continued availability to expand existing ADAM and ADAM-CS
System Controller Card
2nd Generation Master Controller for ADAM
Adds EtherNET connectivity for AZ-EDIT Sessions
Backward compatible to existing ADAM-frames
Supports 35 Simultaneous AZ-EDIT sessions
Use 2 for Full Redundancy, hot swappable
Use in Multi-Frame Systems where Remote peripherals are
Dual Bus Expansion Card
Links Multiple frames of ADAM into large systems
Available with Coax or fiber inter-connections
Can be configured with standard or fully redundant connections
Supports all above interface cards and all size ADAM frames
Requires ADAM Rev D backplane or newer (circa 1999 or newer)
• Widest Variety of Interface Cards in the Industry (see table at right)
• Fully Redundant Power and Controllers STANDARD
• Widest Variety of Wiring Options in the Industry
Compact System Digital Matrix Intercom
• Most affordable fully Redundant
Digital Matrix on the Market
• 8 to 64 ports in 5 RU
• Pre-Wired Rear Breakout available with
wide variety of wiring options
• All Cards and Power Supplies Hot
DSP Matrix Intercom
• Designed for Growth and Flexibility
in the Field
• 8-32 ports per Frame; up to 4 Frames
maybe Linked for 8-128 ports per system
• Redundant Power Supplies;
hot swappable
• 24 Bit audio conversion
• Programming with AZ-EDIT via USB or
Ethernet connections
• Seamless Sizing for “on the fly” hook-ups
between Systems
• Ideal for Trucks and Small Facilities
Digital Matrix Intercom
• All the features of the ADAM
(except Trunking) at an entry-level price
• 24 Ports in 2 RU
• 20 Bit audio conversion
• Compatible with ALL
RTS Matrix Accessories
• Front Panel Status Indicators
• Pair it with a RVON-I/O for Full VOIP
Capability at an unbeatable price
Digital Matrix Intercom
• 24 ports of 20 Bit audio in just 2 RU
• Redundant Power Supplies
• Most Affordable Digital Matrix with
Support for RTS Intelligent Trunking
KP32 DSP Keypanel Series
The RTS KP32 FAMILY of user stations offers an
unbeatable match of features, options, and
models, RTS is the only intercom manufacturer to give
• Full scroll list access to all assignable
YOU the choice of any or ALL of these standards.
• Individual Talk/Listen function on each key
Features contemporary styling and extensive
• RTS Digi-action for latch /non-latch operation
performance. Now available in 4, 6, and 8 character
programmability for unprecedented function and
performance. Each of the models is 2 RU high by less
• High Brightness Alphanumeric LED for call waiting,
scroll and key assignments
than 4 inches deep behind the rack. The KP32 family
of DSP keypanels provide all the functionality of the
KP-96 and KP-12 series, and add significant features
such as DSP processing for mixing and audio
control.Depending on the model selected, the
• Wide variety of form factors for ease of installation
• Full control of keys through ADAM-EDIT for latch
restrict, listen mode and other functions
• Supports both headset and speaker/mic operation
keypanel may provide from 16 to 32 keys, with 4, 6,
or 8 character alphanumeric displays on bright
fluorescent or high contrast LCD backlit displays. All
displays are dimmable, providing excellent visibility,
whether in darkened control room, or broad daylight.
The original 4 character alphanumeric panel with fluorescent display. Provides
30 individually assignable keys, along with numeric keypad and call waiting
and programming windows.
Shown with optional MCP-90 microphone
All the functionality of the KP-32 with
14 individually assignable keys for
simplified, lower cost option where 32
keys are not required.
The power and flexibility of the original
KP-32 with enhanced contrast LCD display
supporting 22 individually assignable keys
with 6 character alphanumerics for
increased naming options.
The power and flexibility of the original
KP-32 with enhanced contrast LCD
display supporting 18 individually
assignable keys with 8 character
alphanumerics for the ultimate in
naming options.
Expansion Keypanel for increasing the
number of directly accessible keys at a
given location. Model EKP-32 shown,
available in 4, 6, or 8 character versions
for KP-32, KP-632 and KP-832 keypanels.
Level control panel providing direct “knob
access” to individual cross-point level
controls for operator convenience. Model
LCP-32/16 (shown), available in 4, 6, or 8
character versions for KP-32, KP-632 and
KP-832 keypanels and expansion panels.
VOIP Adapter
Provides full VOIP capability to any KP-32 family keypanel. Easy installation into existing KP-32 panels.
Permits operation of keypanel 100 feet or 10,000 miles away from RVON equipped RTS Matrix using
standard EtherNET connection
Coaxial Cable Adapter
Provides interface to allow any KP-32 family keypanel to connect to matrix via single coaxial cable.
Requires RTS CSI-200 interface at matrix end. *not shown
GPI/O and Connector Panel
Provides extensive rear panel wiring and control options, including 2 auxiliary audio input, hot mic
output, external speaker connection, GPI opto input and relay outputs, external headset connectors,
and ability for footswitch operation of panel.
*All above options can be factory or field installed.
KP12 ModularKeypanel Series
The RTS KP-12 Modular series of keypanels
represents the ultimate in compact, fully
programmable user stations. Based on a common
set of internal modules (modules also available
separately for custom designs) the KP-12 series
have a common set of very powerful features, which
make them attractive in mobile applications and in
other situations where space is at a premium.
• Extremely long-life, high visibility green
alphanumeric LEDS
• Fully programmable via pull down menus selected
via front panel shaft encoder
• Lever key versions provide individual Talk/Listen
functions on each key
• Push button versions provide individually assignable
talk, listen or T/L function on each button
Available in lever key versions and push button
• All keys assignable for all functions
(point to point, IFB, ISO, PL, SL, relay, GPI)
versions, the basic KP-12 provides a menu driven,
• Removable, optional gooseneck microphone
fully programmable 12 key user station in a single
rack unit of space. Expansion panels and level
control panels round out the offerings in the rack
mount form factor. Desktop and Tektronix® WFM
1/2 x 3 RU form factor units are also available.
• Universal power supply for 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60
Hz operation
• Optional rear connector and GPI options available
for rack mount panels
• Wide range of keypanels and expansion panels
for specific applications
Desktop keypanel. Perfect for use on desks, console shelves, and
remote locations available in 8 and 12 key versions, in both push
button and lever key style. All units are fully programmable using pull
down menus and shaft encoder. These units use optional MCP-90
series gooseneck microphones. Rear connector panel and GPI panel
are NOT available for these models.
1 RU keypanel with 12 keys plus call
waiting window with display. Perfect for
installations where space is an issue. Only
5.5" deep (less connectors), allowing easy
console mounting. Available with
optional MCP-90 series gooseneck
microphones. Available in both lever key
and push button versions. Available rear
panel options include GPI and rear
connector panel.
Expansion panels for KP-12 series of rack
mount keypanels. Adds 20 keys to
intercom station; up to 2 panels can be
added per station, giving a total of 32
keys in 2 RU, or 52 keys in 3 RU. Available
in push button and lever key versions.
Level Control Panels for KP-12 series of
rack mount keypanels and EKP series of
expansion panels. Available with 12 or
20 level controls in a single RU. Provide
individual cross-point level adjustments,
with corresponding level displayed on
keypanel LEDS.
8 position keypanel in Tektronix® WFM
form factor (1/2 RU wide by 3 RU high).
Includes mounting bezel and universal
100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply.
Same general specifications as the DKP
series of panels. Perfect for Director, TD,
and video consoles.
(Shown with optional MCP-90 microphone)
KP12 Kits
The extremely compact modular
circuit boards used in the KP-12
line of products are available in
kits including the circuit boards,
interconnect wiring, switches,
etc. for those applications where
a custom enclosure or mounting
is required. Please contact Telex
for further technical information.
The KPM-CK and KPM-IO are rear panel option kits for the KP-12
series of rack mount keypanels. The KPM-CK option provides
connections for external mic in, auxiliary line input, microphone
pre-amp out, secondary headset connector, and external speaker
jack. The KPM-IO option provides 4 opto-isolated logic inputs, 2
open collector outputs, and 2 relay outputs. Status and control of
GPI signals can be programmed
and controlled from KP-12 or
AZ-Edit programs. These options
are NOT available with KP-8T or
DKP series of panels.
Value Keypanel Series
The RTS Value Keypanel Series are ideal where
simplicity of operation and cost are of primary
• Full scroll list access to all assignable
importance. The keypanels share a common
set of features across the entire family. The
• Individual Talk/Listen function on each key
alphanumeric call waiting window is used for
• RTS Digi-action for latch /non-latch operation
scrollable access to all ports, PLs, ISOs, IFBs,
etc. and to check and make key assignments.
Keys may be assigned to any intercom
• High Brightness Alphanumeric LED for call waiting,
scroll and key assignments
• Wide variety of form factors for ease of installation
function including talk, listen, talk/listen,
relay, PL, ISO, IFB, and SL. All models use the
• Full control of keys through ADAM-EDIT for latch
disable, restrict, listen mode and other functions
optional RTS MCP-90 series gooseneck
microphones. These keypanels are ideal for use
with the RTS Zeus and ZEUS II intercom
matrices, but (like all RTS Matrix keypanels)
• Supports both headset and speaker/mic operation
are compatible with all RTS matrices past and
present, including the CS-9500, CS-9600, CS9700, ADAM, and ADAM-CS.
M K P 1 2 The top of the Value Series Line, the MKP-12
provides 12 fully programmable Talk/Listen keys, internal 4
watt speaker for clear communications, and universal power
supply for operation from 100 – 240 VAC.
The MKP-4 is the “baby brother” of the MKP-12,
providing 4 fully programmable Talk/Listen keys and
headset operation, the MKP-4 keypanel is perfect
for installation tight on space or budget. In the RTS
1/2 rack format, the MKP-4 can be mounted along
side any of the wide variety of RTS intercom
Modular speaker for use with the MKP-4 keypanel.
Available mounting options include the MCP-1 and
MCP-4 for side by side or stacked mounting.
The BKP-4 is ideal for desktop use or in any
application where portability is important. The unit
includes built-in speaker and is housed in an
extremely rugged aluminum enclosure. Power is
provided by a built-in universal power supply for
operation from 100 – 240 VAC.
The WKP-4 is designed for wall mounted applications.
Perfect for use in commercial sound and industrial
settings, the WKP-4 is compatible with the Telex U
series flush mount box. Flush mounting into consoles,
custom enclosures and walls is a snap. The least
expensive of the value series keypanels, the WKP-4
requires 15 – 24 VDC at 1 Amp
The WKP-1 keypanel is the industrial keypanel from
Telex. Telex has refined the look of multi-location
security with this keypanel. It offers simplified
operation and integrates seamlessly with RTS™
digital intercom systems (RTS™ Adam™/Zeus™
intercom systems). The physical size and weatherresistant design provides a flexible and robust
intercom system. The GPI relay switch lets the user
set up door latching, unlatching and other related
actions by pressing a single button from any panel
in the system. The WKp-1 fits a standard dual gang
electrical box.
The TKP-4 is ideal for installation in broadcast
facilities, owing to its 1/2 x 3 RU form factor,
compatible with Tektronix® and other
WFM/Vectorscope products. Provided with a
pressure fit front bezel and universal 100 – 240 VAC
power supply, the unit is perfect for TD consoles,
equipment racks, camera control positions,
anywhere an empty “slot” is available in a WFM
rack assembly.
U B o x (not shown)
The U-Box is used for wall mounting speaker
stations. The U-Box mounts to studs and has
top/bottom (depending on mounting orientation)
and side access holes for permanent installations.
Intercom cabling connects directly to the terminals
on the back of the speaker station.
Trunk Master Series
• Supports all Current and Past RTS Matrices (except
original Zeus)
What is “RTS Intelligent Trunking”? It’s no less
than your own private version of the long distance
• Allows 2 – 31 INDEPENDENT Matrix Intercoms Systems
to be intelligently linked for automatic “long distance”
call routing
telephone system, allowing users of 2 or more (up
to 31) separate matrices to instantaneously,
• Trunk Master and Supervisor provide the Control
seamlessly communicate with one another with all
the same presets, scroll lists, and tallies available
on local matrices. Whether the systems are located
in adjacent studios or continents away from one
another, Intelligent Trunking brings all your
communications together.
• Any methodology may be chosen by the user for
providing audio trunks between systems
o Hard Wire
o Satellite
o Telco
o Fiber
• Trunk masters are available with Auto-Changeover and
redundancy capability
• RTS Intelligent Trunking employs advanced algorithms
to utilize multi-hop cascading when direct paths are
not available between matrices.
Trunk Master Controller
• Provides RTS Intelligent Trunking Control for up to 31 Intercom
• Modular I/O in groups of 8 systems for easy, efficient expansion
• Linux based Controller for Exceptional Stability
• Available with Auto-Changeover and Full Redundancy Options
• Runs Windows Based Trunk Edit for Easy Configuration and
System Status
Mini Trunk Master Controller
• Provides RTS Intelligent Trunking Control for up to
16 Intercom matrices
• Modular I/O in groups of 8 systems for easy efficient
• Linux based Controller for Exceptional Stability
• Available with Auto-Changeover and Full Redundancy
• Runs Windows Based Trunk Edit for Easy Configuration
and System Status
R T S Tr u n k
• Provides real time monitoring, diagnostics and reporting of
trunk status
• Scheduled audio line tests of trunk paths, with automated
• Provides paging and email notification to maintenance
organizations of failures
• Includes Automated Audio Test Set and Windows based
Configuration Program
RTS Matrix Accessories
A full line of products to complete your communications SYSTEM, including interfaces to party-line intercoms, coaxial cable, telephone
lines, and relays. Accessories also include control panels for IFB levels and assignments, panels for adjusting system audio levels,
microphones and 4 wire beltpacks.
MCP90 Series
designed and manufactured by
Electro-Voice, and compatible
with RTS Matrix and TW
Intercom products, the MCP-90
series of microphones provide
superior vocal response. Shown
in lengths of 8", 12", and 18"
and low profile mount fixed.
Single channel
Intelligent Telephone
Interface allows incoming
and outgoing telephone calls
from ADAM and Zeus
matrices. Provides full
programmable routing of
telephone communications,
password protection, and the
highest quality digital hybrid
for exceptional audio nulling
and quality.
Two channel Coax Cable
Interface for matrix-keypanel
interconnect. Works with the
KP-32 series of panels using
the optional plug in card; can
also be used in matching pairs
with other keypanels. Adapts
the RTS standard 3 pair
interconnect to a single 75
ohm coax.
Gooseneck Microphone
The SSA-324 Analog Hybrid
provides 2 independent channels
of 2 wire (TW) to 4 wire hybrids in
a 1/2 rack wide by 1 RU package.
The TW interface is suitable for
balanced and unbalanced
systems, allowing RTS party line
systems to interface to virtually
ANY party-line intercom system in
use today. Features system to
system level, duck and null adjusts
with front panel headset
connector for use during setup.
Option card allows translation of
call lights and two-way radio
The SSA-424 Digital Hybrid
provides 2 independent
channels of 2 wire (TW) to 4
wire hybrid in a 1/2 rack wide
by 1 RU package. The TW
interface is suitable for
balanced and unbalanced
systems, allowing RTS Matrix
systems to interface to virtually
ANY party-line intercom system
in use today. Easy to read front
panel level meters make
matching audio levels simple,
and the RTS advanced DSP
hybrid eliminates all need for
manual nulling, even under
varying loads. A call signal
option is available, which
encodes and decodes TW call
signals that can be used to
interface matrix GPI circuits.
The RTS ISDN 2005 System incoporates an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (1 x
S0). Two Audio codecs according to
G.711 and G.722 coding algorithms
for bi-directional communication
are implemented. The coding delay of
the 7-kHz G.722 coding algorithm is
less than 10ms. The two Audio
codecs can be configured as 3.1-kHz
(G.711) or 7-kHz (G.722) Audio
codecs. Each coded Audio signal
occupies a single ISDN B channel (64kbit/s channel).
4-Wire eltpack matrix-compatible
The LCP-102 is a multi-function
version of the venerable RTS
panel for matrix systems. It can be
BP-300 beltpack. Headset user
switched via front panel control to
station without need for separate
any one of three functions. In
hybrid. Takes external power either
“TRIMS” mode, it can be used to
via XLR connector for audio and
adjust any input or output audio
power or separate connector.
levels for the matrix. In “PAP”
mode, you can select any input
source for an IFB and adjust the
level of the source for each of the
IFBs. In the “CDP” mode, you can
IFB level controller provides power,
make assignments to party-lines
matrix interface and easy audio
and adjust listen levels for any
level control for 8 channels of IFB.
party-line member. In all modes,
Compatible with RTS IFB-325, IFBthe bright LED displays provide
4020 and IFB-4030 beltpacks.
full details on the action being
performed. Selection and
adjustment are made using
PA P 3 2
shaft encoders.
Program assign panel provides
quick direct access to change
program sources assigned to IFBs.
Panel can access all sources and
destinations, and display any 16 at
one time. EKP panels can be used
to increase sources and
General purpose interface provides
Mounting Bracket for 2 main
16 GPI inputs and outputs that
(modular style) components.
can be programmed from AZ-Edit
Comes with 1/4" to 1/4" link
to control virtually any intercom
function, or to activate any
external function based on a wide
range of programmable
parameters. Inputs are optoMounting Bracket for 1 main
isolated logic levels, outputs are
(modular style) component.
DPDT relays.
Up to 16 UIO-256 units can be
connected to a single matrix,
13 M C P 4
providing over 250 logic inputs
Mounting Bracket for 2 main
and outputs. Front panel LEDS
(modular style) tandem
indicate real-time status of all
components. Comes with 1/4" to
inputs and outputs.
1/4" link cable.
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Telex offers the widest variety of Professional Wireless Intercoms
in the industry. From entry level fixed frequency VHF units to the
state-of-the-art BTR-800 UHF frequency agile system, Telex has a
wireless intercom product for any need.
In conjunction with RTS Digital Matrix products, Telex wireless
intercoms can provide the ultimate in assignable flexibility where
being tethered by a cable is not desirable.
Telex offers a full range of antennas, battery chargers, splitter
combiners and other accessories. See the full line RadioCom
catalog for more information.
Full duplex hands-free operation
Compatible with RTS TW and Digital Matrix
Hardwire Intercoms
Wide-band low noise circuitry
Encrypted models available for
secure applications
Uses readily available alkaline or NiMH
AA batteries
Rugged metal beltpacks
(Hi impact polycarbonate on TR-300)
Support for “stacking” multiple systems
for additional beltpacks
Half duplex option for sharing single
channel between multiple beltpacks (perfect
for users that primarily listen)
Telex staff engineers provide full frequency
coordination services
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