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DES 80
Thank you for choosing this elegant Amcor low temperature dehumidifier.
For over 50 years, Amcor has specialised in complete indoor environment control,
manufacturing: dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, coolers, air purifiers /
ionisers and aromatherapy products. These world-class products incorporate the
latest technological developments and are designed to create a quality environment.
For safety reasons, read this manual carefully before operating.
Persons who are not familiar with this manual should not use this dehumidifier.
We strongly recommend keeping this manual in a safe place for future reference.
This is a compressor free dehumidifier which operates without refrigerant. It has an
almost consistent rate of water extraction at all temperatures and is more efficient
than compressor based dehumidifiers when used at temperatures below 15°C. The
unit should be located centrally in the home or in the area where there is a major
damp problem.
Damp air from the environment is drawn through the unit where it comes into contact
with a chemically impregnated rotating wheel. The chemical on the wheel removes
the moisture from the air and warmer, drier air is put back into the room. As the
wheel rotates to a different position the heater drives the water from the chemical and
the water is collected in the removable water tank.
As the heater is running continuously within the unit, it heats the air as it dries it, thus
warming the home.
This appliance must be earthed and should only be connected to an earthed 230V/
50 Hz mains. The installation must be in accordance with the regulations of the
country where the unit is used. See next page.
The unit is designated for indoor operation.
• Operate this unit on a flat horizontal surface to avoid water leak.
• The unit contains a chemical substance. The unit will emit a chemical smell during
the first hours of operation without any dangerous consequences.
• The unit contains a heater and must not be placed within 1 metre of anything that
may be flammable.
• Disconnect from the mains before cleaning the unit or any of its components, or
moving the unit.
• STOP the unit with the power button and ensure the fan has stopped before
disconnecting from the mains. This allows the heater to cool.
• The unit features an anti-tip safety device that will switch the unit off if it is tipped
whilst operating.
This appliance must be earthed.
For voltage and power input refer to the
rating plate.
Your dehumidifier is supplied with an
electrical cable and an earthed plug.
Should it be necessary to replace this
plug at any time, you must use an
earthed electrical plug as shown.
If the attached plug is unsuitable cut it
off and throw it away.
NEVER insert the severed plug into an
electrical socket or outlet. Never use
the plug without the fuse cover fitted in
place. The replacement fuse is 5 Amps
and should conform to BS1362.
5A fuse
Cable grip
The BLUE (Neutral) wire should be
connected to the terminal in the plug
marked N or coloured black.
The BROWN (Live) wire should be
connected to the terminal in the
plug marked L or coloured red. The
YELLOW/GREEN (Earth) wire should
be connected to the plug marked E 
or coloured green.
Check the wiring instruction and
diagram while refitting a plug. The
wires of the cable are colour coded in
accordance with the standard electrical
Exposed to the
weather outdoors
Near water
If ther power cable
Where small children
wires are frayed or cut
may be left
If an extension lead
may become
Where the power cable
may be damaged
On a slope or uneven
Where there is risk
of fire or close to
a naked flame
Where it may be
damaged by
Where there is a risk
of interference by
foreign objects
This product is not
made for DIY repair
If there is a risk
of water falling on
the unit
Starting the unit
1. Insert the plug into the mains socket.
2. Press the “Power” button
The “Function” key allows you to select Hi or Continuous or Low mode.
1). Hi
Fan on high speed
2). Continuous
Fan on high speed
The unit will run and perform continuous dehumidification
3). Low
Fan with low speed
Switching off the unit
Press the “Power” button
The lights will turn off
The fan motor will continue running for 2 minutes to cool the heater
• After switching off the unit, wait at least 2 minutes before switching off the
power at the mains. This allows the heater to cool.
• Operate this unit on a flat horizontal surface to avoid water leaks.
• Do not operate the unit without the AIR FILTER.
• When water tank is full, the alarm will beep 3 times. The tank full light will glow
and the unit will shut off until the tank is emptied and re-installed.
• The operational temperature range for this unit is 1-35 ºC.
• Water extraction will vary slightly at low temperature/humidity and the
operation mode.
• If the unit is tipped during operation, it will stop automatically and beep ten
times. After repositioning the unit upright, press the “Power” button to re-start
the dehumidifier.
Timer programming
Setting Timer-Off when the unit is running
• Press the “Timer” button
The LED indicates “0”
• Press the “Timer” button to advance 1 hour (From 0, 1, 2 - 24 hours in a cyclic
mode). If the display shows “5”, it means that unit will turn off automatically after
five hours.
If the timer-off is set, pressing the “Power” button will turn off the unit immediately and
the timer setting value will be cancelled automatically.
• When the water tank is full, the timer setting value will be cancelled
• For safety reasons, if the appliance continues running for 36 hours, it will turn
off automatically.
Setting the Humidity level
• Press the “Humidity” button
The LED display shows the pre-set humidity level (60%).
• Press the “Humidity” button to advance 5% (60% to 65%, 65% to 70%, 70% to
75% ... in a cyclic mode, the humidity setting can be from 40% to 80%).
After the humidity level is set, the display will show the actual humidity level in the
Fan function
When pushing the “Fan” function button, the unit will temporary terminate the dehumidification function, but the function of “Fan” and “Timer” will still be operational.
• When the unit is running the room temperature will rise slightly (5-10ºC).
• Water will start flowing into the water tank after 10-20 minutes of unit operation.
• Water extraction will vary slightly according to temperature / humidity and the
operation mode.
The unit does not
• Check that the fuse in the plug is ok.
• Check the plug is inserted in mains and mains
power is on.
• Is tank full light on? Check water tank and
empty if necessary.
• Check if the float of the water tank is blocked
by foreign material. Is the float of water tank
correctly positioned?
• Is the unit standing upright and level?
Abnormal noises from the
• Check and clean the air filter
• Is the unit standing upright and on a level
The unit leaks water
• Has the unit been tipped?
• Check if the float of the water tank is blocked by
foreign material.
Changes in temperature
at the air outlet
• Is the unit on “Standby” or “Normal” operation
After the unit has been
switched off, the fan
motor is still running
• After the unit stops, about two minutes are
The water tank was not
properly inserted into
the unit
• Make sure to insert the water tank in its right
• The internal heater of the appliance will be
switched on/off automatically.
needed to cool down the electric heater by
running the internal fan.
• Is the float of the water tank correctly
Please turn off immediately the power when the unit emits strange
noises, odours, etc.
Unplug the cord and contact the Amcor service department.
DES 80
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Running Current
Dimensions (W X H X D)
416 X 600 X 190 mm
Net Weight
9 KG
Operational Temp. Range
Safety Device
unit tilt switch
Overheat Protector
Product complies with Directive 2002/96/EC, and cannot be
disposed of as unsorted municipal waste.
This product must be returned to the appropriate collection
facility, as specified by your local council .
If this product is found to be defective as a result of faulty materials
or workmanship within one year from date of purchase, it will
be repaired or replaced free of charge.
This guarantee is subject to the following terms:
Amcor Limited must be notified of the fault.
Proof of purchase must be presented to Amcor’s
nominated representative.
The warranty will be void if the product is modified,
misused or repaired by an unauthorised person.
The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse,
or consumable items such as filters.
The guarantee after repair or replacement will not be
extended beyond the original one-year period.
All replacement parts or units will be new or reconditioned.
Parts or units, which are replaced, become the property of Amcor Limited.
Amcor Limited disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.
The warranty applies to the domestic use of the product in mainland U.K.
This GUARANTEE is in addition to your Statutory Rights.
Creating Quality Environments
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DES 80 dehumidifier -07/2005
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