Paper Size (max.)
Paper Size (min.)
Paper Weight*1
4-Bit Image Processing LED
A3 wide
Plain paper: 64 to 105 g/m2
Heavy paper: 106 to 300 g/m2
Paper Capacity*2 (std.)
750 sheets (500 + 250 bypass)
Paper Capacity*2 (max.)
5,250 sheets with options
Print Speed*3 (max.)
Full Colour: 26 ppm (A4), 13 ppm (A3)
B/W: 32 ppm (A4), 15 ppm (A3)
600 dpi
Colour: equivalent to 256 levels
B/W: 2 levels
Warm-up Time
Less than 99 sec.
Power Requirements
220-240v, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (max.)
1.5 kW
Dimensions (W x D x H)
670 x 595 x 480 mm
Approx. 64 kg
Printer Board: 640 MB, Hard Disk: 40 GB
Supported OS
Windows®95/98/Me, Windows NT®4.0,
Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x, Mac OS X 10.1.5,
10.2 to 10.2.8 (excluding 10.2.2)*4
10Base-T/100Base-TX, USB 1.1, IEEE 1284 parallel port
Compatible Networks
Windows NT®, NetWare, Macintosh
PDL Emulation
PCL5c, PS3 (with optional AR-PK4)*4
Resident Fonts
80 fonts, 136 fonts for PS (with optional AR-PK4)*4
Power PC 7410 500 MHz
RIP Once/Print Many, Duplex print*6,
Face up/down output,
Pamphlet style, Margin shift, N-up, Watermarks,
Cover/transparency interleaving, Fit to page,
Job control (confidential/hold/proof), Print auditing
Number of Trays
Paper Capacity
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Stapling Capacity
Staple Position
Duplex Size
ADU Paper Transport
Opt. Saddle Stitch Finisher
Upper: Offset Tray
Lower: Saddle Stitch Tray
1000 Sheets Max.
Lower: 20 sets or 10 sets
Upper: Face-up A3W to A6R, Face-down A3W to A5
Lower: A3, B4, A4R
Upper: 30 Sheets
Lower: 10 Sheets
3 Locations (front, rear or both)
Network Protocols
Printing Protocols
IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, AppleTalk*4
Novell Printserver application with NDS
and Bindery, Printer resident LPD
(includes reaction to LPQ request),
TCP FTP for downloading print files,
AppleTalk*4 printing, IPP1.0,
NetBEUI for Windows
Stand with 500 sheet paper drawer
Paper Size: A3 to A5
Stand with 3 x 500 sheet paper drawers
Paper Size: A3 to A5
Duplex Module with 2 x 500 sheet paper drawers
Large Capacity Tray
Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit
Saddle Stitch Finisher
2 Hole Punch
4 Hole Punch
4 Hole Wide Punch
Exit Tray
PostScript3 Expansion Kit *4
* AR-RB1 required when using AR-F13 or AR-D19
300 g/m 2 paper can be used for simplex printing when fed through multi-bypass feeder.
Duplexing is available for paper weights up to 200 g/m 2 .
Special paper, such as heavy paper weighing 201 to 300 g/m 2 , transparencies
and envelopes, are output face-up on the left tray.
80 g/m 2 paper.
When printing same document continuously on A4 plain paper in non-offset mode,
excluding processing time.
Optional AR-PK4 required for 1 BIT PostScript printing only.
Some features are not available according to the printer driver used.
Optional AR-D19 and AR-RB1 required.
Opt. Duplex Module
Upper: 500
Lower: 500
A3 to A5
64 to 200 g/m2
A3 to A5
Opt. Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit
Face up: A3W to A6R, envelope
Face down: A3W to A5
A3 to A5
Shown with all available options.
Note:Total machine width is 1,756 mm with
finisher and multi-bypass trays expanded.
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.The ENERGY STAR logo is a certification mark and may only be used to certify specific products that have been determined to meet the ENERGY STAR programme
requirements. ENERGY STAR is a US registered mark. The ENERGY STAR guidelines apply to products only in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other company names, product names and logotypes are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ©Sharp Corporation 2004.
All trademarks acknowledged. E&OE.
Digital Full Colour Printer
Built to handle the rigorous demands of office life, the AR-C260P offers a combination
of economic black and white printing with the impact of high speed colour – all from
a single, cost effective business machine.
Employing leading-edge image production technologies, the AR-C260P delivers the
highest levels of quality and performance. Numerous set-up options enable you to
build the exact colour printing system you need, while versatile paper handling
capability offers you a greater range of printing applications.
The ideal network printer
Supreme quality and efficiency
Let all your network users benefit
The AR-C260P is a highly versatile
from the AR-C260P’s powerful
printer featuring many options and
capabilities. Compatible with today’s
printing functions to maximise user
commonly used operating systems,
productivity. Sharp’s sophisticated
it provides highly secure network
imaging technologies ensure super-
printing. It features convenient
efficient colour and monochrome
security functions such as Print Hold
output, while its tandem printing
and Confidential Print and a Network
capability delivers high-speed output.
Security and Auditing Mode. The
You’ll find it’s also simple and
AR-C260P also includes useful Printer
intuitive to operate – no more
Administration Utilities for easy
searching through complex sub
management of your printer
menus or small LCD screens.
Get the best return on your investment
Able to handle your in-house printing needs with ease, the AR-C260P offers a
reliable, cost-efficient alternative to outsourcing your business printing needs.
Quality image
Security functions
Thanks to Sharp's original 4-bit image
The embedded Network Interface ensures
processing LED, the AR-C260P reproduces
highly secure printing. Access can be
256 gradations per CMYK colour and
restricted, so only authorised PC’s are
enables you to create beautiful printouts
allowed to use the AR-C260P.
with impressive and faithful colour detail.
For added security, the Confidential Print
function requires the user to enter a
Powerful network printing
Extend the power of the AR-C260P
to your entire office network. And by
adding the optional PS3 Expansion
Kit*, the AR-C260P also supports
Appletalk and PostScript printing in
the Macintosh ™ environment*.
* For 1 BIT basic PostScript printing only.
personal identification number at the
machine before printing can begin.
Productivity enhancing options
Versatile paper handling
Convenient printing functions
The highly productive optional Saddle
The AR-C260P can handle a wide range
The AR-C260P can place up to eight pages
Stitch Finisher folds and staples sets
of paper sizes including paper stock
of documents onto a single printout. It also
of documents, so professional looking
up to 300 g/m .* Even in the optional
offers an automatic Fit to Page capability as
booklets can be created in-house. An
duplex mode it can handle stock up to
well as complete Proof Printing, which lets
optional 3,000 sheet large capacity tray
200 g/m . Save time and money by
you check a trial multi-page document
and stand with 3 x 500-sheet paper
creating packages and promotional
before you print in order to avoid printing
drawers can be added to handle high
material in-house.
mistakes. The AR-C260P also supports the
volume work.
*When using manual bypass feeder,
single-sided printing.
PCL5c printer language emulation and can
print on two sides with the optional duplex
module and duplex bypass/inverter unit.
Super-efficient colour and B/W output
Smooth office workflow
Using tandem printing the AR-C260P
The quick and efficient RIP Once/Print Many function can download and store large print
delivers a fast output of 26 ppm in full
files on the built-in hard disk, freeing up your PC and reducing network congestion. The Job
colour and 32 ppm in black and white. At
Offset function makes it easier to locate and retrieve your documents by stacking each print
the same time misfeeds are minimised,
job slightly apart from each other.
saving you paper and toner costs. Just like
a printing press, the four inline drums
Versatile paper handling
inside the machine are arranged side-by-
The AR-C260P prints on a wide range of paper sizes, from A6R to A3-wide, handles heavy
side, so the four CMYK colours print in
paper stock up to 300 g/m 2* and also prints on overhead transparencies and other types of
order via a short, straight path.
paper. With such incredible paper handling versatility you can create packages, POP displays
and other promotional materials in-house, saving both time and money. What’s more, you can
Productivity enhancing options
do A3 full-bleed printing onto A3-wide paper, enabling printing size-for-size, without loss
Working together with the highly
of image area. With auto duplexing option, for paper weights up to 200 g/m2, you can create
productive Stackless Duplex Module,
impressive company brochures and business proposals with thick paper covers.
the optional Saddle Stitch Finisher
*When using manual bypass feeder, single-sided printing.
folds and staples documents to create
Application Examples
professional looking booklets. A Punch
Package Design
POP Displays
Module punches holes in documents
for easy filing.
For high-volume work, an optional 3,000sheet Large Capacity Tray and stand
with 3 x 500-sheet Paper Drawers can
Convenient printing functions
be added. This provides a total capacity
• N-up places up to eight pages of documents onto a single printout.
of 5,250 sheets, minimising the risk
• Fit to Page automatically sets the appropriate reduction/enlargement
of running out of paper in the middle
of a job.
ratio according to the paper size you select.
• Proof Printing lets you check a trial multi-page document before printing
multiple sets, avoiding printing mistakes and wasted paper and time.
N-up 2/4/6/8
Fit to Page
Two sided Printouts
The AR-C260P supports PCL5c printer language emulation. For compatibility with more
fonts and better graphics handling, PostScript 3 emulation is available with the optional
AR-PK4 PS3 Expansion Kit. (For 1 BIT basic PostScript printing only.)
Powerful network printing
Easy administration
The AR-C260P works as a powerful and
Printer Administration Utility* 1
versatile workgroup printer thanks to
This handy utility software allows network administrators to check the printing status
its embedded Network Interface.This
or change the IP address directly from their PC.
enables you to extend the power of the
* 1 Available in Windows® environments only.
AR-C260P to your entire office network.
It also supports 100Base-TX and 10Base-T
Ethernet standards and TCP/IP and
IPX/SPX protocols. By adding the optional
AR-PK4 PS3 Expansion Kit*, the ARC260P can support AppleTalk and will
allow PostScript printing in Macintosh OS.
The AR-C260P can be used with most of
today’s popular operating systems:
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0,
Printer Status Monitor
The Printer Status Monitor lets you check the
Windows 2000/XP and Macintosh* OS.
operational status of the printer - including toner
* Requires optional AR-PK4, for 1 BIT basic
PostScript printing only.
levels, what paper has been loaded, its format and
quantity and whether the AR-C260P is ready for your
print job - all without leaving your desk.
Sharp’s advanced
As a result, the AR-C260P reproduces the equivalent of 256 gradations for every CMYK
imaging technologies
colour and enables you to create beautiful printouts with impressive and precise colour
The AR-C260P employs a write head with
detail. Automatic Registration ensures accurate colour output every time. The Colour
Sharp’s original 4-bit image processing
Image Stabilising System uses feedback sensors to guarantee consistent colour quality
LED. This system is capable of producing
over a long period of time by monitoring the machine and making precise adjustments
16 colour gradation patterns on a single
whenever necessary.
pixel. Working in combination with a
dither matrix process, it delivers superb
Sharp’s newly developed oil-less toner generates vivid, natural-looking colour documents
colour fidelity which is equivalent to the
without leaving a glossy coating on the paper’s surface. Writing messages or sticking notes
quality of an 8-bit colour device.
onto printouts is easy – no matter how many colour images they contain.
Network security and auditing mode
The embedded Network Interface restricts access to the AR-C260P from your office network
giving you a high level of security when printing. Only PC’s that have their IP address, MAC
(media access control) address or even both addresses registered are allowed to use the
AR-C260P. Any attempted access from an unknown IP or MAC address will be denied,
preventing unauthorised use.
The AR-C260P has an audit mode that allows an administrator to monitor and control the
amount of use and the costs accumulated by individual users on the network.
Unknown IP or MAC
addresses will be
denied access
Print hold and confidential print
The AR-C260P allows you to keep others from seeing confidential documents as they are
being printed out. Its Print Hold function withholds output until the user arrives at the
machine and executes a print command from the operation panel. For added security, the
Confidential Print function requires the user to enter in a personal identification number
at the machine before printing can begin.
Print Hold
Confidential Print
Pass Code
Proof Print
2 AR-TE3
7 AR-LC5 N
3 AR-RB1
4 AR-D17
5 AR-D18
6 AR-D19
8 AR-PK4
1 & 1a
AR-F13 & AR-PN1A/C/D
1 AR-F13 Saddle Stitch Finisher*
Allows automatic stapling of up
to 30 sheets and folding and stapling
booklets of up to 10 sheets
1a AR-PN1A/C/D
Punch Module
2 Hole Punch
4 Hole Punch
4 Hole Wide Punch
2 AR-TE3 Exit Tray
Required for use with Main Machine
only or Main Machine with AR-RB1
Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit only
4 AR-D17 Stand with 500-Sheet
Paper Drawer
Paper size: A3 to A5
5 AR-D18 Stand with 3 x 500-Sheet
Paper Drawers
Paper size: A3 to A5
6 AR-D19 Duplex Module with
2 x 500-Sheet Paper Drawers*
Duplex size: A3 to A5
Drawer paper size: A3 to A5
7 AR-LC5 N Large Capacity Tray
Paper capacity: Max. 3,000 A4 sheets
3 AR-RB1 Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit
Required for use with AR-F13 and AR-D19
*AR-RB1 required when using AR-F13 or AR-D19. Some options may not be available in some areas.
8 AR-PK4 PostScript3 Expansion Kit
Enables 1 BIT basic PostScript printing
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