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Welcome to the Blackmagic Design world of 4K production
<Hyperdeck Studio Pro
<Optical Fibre 4K
Playback 4K footage from ultra-high
speed SSD
Convert 6G-SDI 4K signals to
optical fibre
<DeckLink 4K
Play 4K titles & live
<Production Camera 4K
Capture stunning high-resolution
images: 2.5K 12-bit RAW video with
13 stops of dynamic range
<ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
3 independent
outputs ”
10 6G-SDI input, fully creative switcher with 4K
DVE & multiple keyers.
3 4K HDMI out
3SDI Preview out
3 Multiviewer
3 SD (down-converted), HD / 4K out
<SDI Multiplex 4K
<SmartScope Duo 4K
4K monitoring with waveform,
vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade,
histogram and audio phase level displays
4 x 4K 6G-SDI out
HD and ULTRAHD Live Production Workflows
Affordable live switchers with creative effects
With the ATEM 1M/E Production
Studio 4K live switcher with
DVE, stingers and 6G-SDI which
supports SD, HD and UltraHD. It
features 10 inputs, chroma keys,
transitions, 4 upstream keyers,
mixer, multi view, full motion
DVE, stinger transitions, large
media pool with full motion clips
and 3 auxiliary outputs.
ATEM switchers can be controlled by software or a dedicated panel.
The ATEM 2M/E Production Studio 4K is an and SuperSource. Its 13 outputs mean that
incredibly well specified and creative vision users will never be short of ports, including
mixer which features 20 6G-SDI inputs, DVE all-important SDI down-conversion.
Software Control AUX Out Control ATEM from a Mac or ATEM systems feature an
PC laptop. Up-grade to the unusually large number of
hardware panel at any point.
clean AUX outputs.
This allows users to connect
recorders, encoders, monitors, large format screens
and more - with-out ever
running short of outputs.
Working with the highest
quality RGB 1080 50p video?
3G-SDI is up to the task.
ATEM 1M/E 4K supports
6G-SDI, a single cable which
supports 4K workflows - even
RAW signals.
< Cinema Camera
Breathtaking 2.5K 12-bit RAW video
with 13 stops of dynamic range.
Recording options include ProRes
and DNxHD for a fast workflow into
post. Buy with EF or MFT lens mount.
<Pocket Cinema Camera
Shoot detailed and rich
video, record-ing ProRes
or CinemaDNG HD files.
Use high speed SD cards
to capture hours of quality
footage. The camera is
happy as a discreet second
unit or fully rigged with
moni-tor, matte box, follow
focus and tripod plate.
Its active MFT mount can
be adapted to PL or other
<DaVinci Resolve 11
DaVinci is an incredibly
powerful grading tool Now
it also offers huge, intuitive
editing functionality. As such,
it’s the perfect companion
to Blackmagic cameras:
users have full control of
every image characteristic,
en-abling them to create
the precise look required by
the director.
Taking advantage of GPU
processing, Resolve is a
which supports dozens of
power windows, multi point
tracking and blurs, in real
Windows and MacOS. We
recommend HP workstations.
Camera 4K
Early large sensor UltraHD
cameras have been extremely
popular in the marketplace.
Whether the producer expects
to publish in UltraHD or to crop
from the full frame, UltraHD
acquisition is taking off.
Blackmagic Design’s nextgeneration camera delivers
stunning results at a scarcely
believable price. Despite
the cost, this is a very well
featured system:
•4K Super 35 sensor
•Global shutter
•CinemaDNG RAW
•ProRes 422 (HQ)
•Record to SSD disk
•6G-SDI output
The Active EF lens mount supports leading optics such as
Canon’s Cinema Zooms, Zeiss
Compact Primes & Planars
and Schneider models.
As with all Blackmagic cameras, control is via a touch
screen. Users rave about the
simplicity of setting up and
using the system.
<URSA B4, EF and PL
Welcome to URSA
Ergonomics & Features
URSA re-defines camera
ergonomics with multiple
touch screens giving the
camera operator, assistant
and sound engineer
dedicated working areas.
This level of innovation - from
a modular 4K camera at an
astonishingly low price - will be
very welcome on film, drama
and other high end sets.
Built to handle the
ergonomics of large film
crews as well as single
person use, URSA has
everything built in, including
a massive 10” fold out onset monitor and a separate
5” screen for settings,
camera status and scopes. It
features a user upgradeable
Super 35 global shutter 4K
image sensor and 12G-SDI
Ursa records high resolution
Ultra HD 12 bit lossless Cinema
DNG RAW, plus UltraHD or HD
in Apple ProRes for an easy
post production workflow
Camera Workflow
Keep track of every shot by
logging metadata into the
camera. Enter infor-mation
search tags, scene number,
timecode and more.
Image Settings
Use UltraScope test and
measurement soft-ware to
set up and match cameras
for each shoot. Assess
pictures and sound via any
USB-connected PC or Mac.
Transfer Files
With MultiDock, SSD drives
can be mounted to any
workstation. Either work on
the files directly or else copy
the data to shared or local
drives for post production.
Grade & Edit
DaVinci Resolve (full or
lite) is included with the
cameras. Correct, grade
and cut pictures: apply
curves, styles, colour spaces
and much more. Export to
Final Cut Pro 7/X, Premiere
Pro, Avid or Edius Pro.
Return to DaVinci Resolve
for final grading and export
at the preferred bit depth
and resolution.
Production Technology
Blackmagic’s rack modules are not just for studio managers.
Engineered to be tough and robust, typically they are low
profile and lightweight - perfect for integration into portable
production units.
<Audio Monitor
Audio monitoring for all SDI, AES/EBU and analogue audio
sources - 4K compatible.
<Video Monitors
The low-cost 17” SmartView and 8” Smartview Duo have
3G-SDI for accurate SD, HD and 2K monitoring. Slim, easy to
connect and add to your workflow, they have proven very
<Test & Measurement Monitors
SmartScope Duo adds dual source waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade, histogram and audio
phase monitoring with audio level displays. Also available is
SmartScope Duo 4K with 6G-SDI.
<Video Recorders
Very fast SSD drives have the speed - and capacity - to record
very high bit rate video. Blackmagic’s HyperDeck Studio SDI /
HDMI recorders capture un-compressed QuickTime, DNxHD,
ProRes (422, 422 LT and 422 Proxy). A Pro version adds XLR
inputs, 6G-SDI, Thunderbolt connectivity and 4K playback.
<Live Switchers
In addition to the M/E vision mixers, ATEM Television Studio
is a 6-input HD switcher with chromakey, downstream keyer
& creative effects. Extremely cost-effective, the studio even
includes an H.264 recorder.
<Studio Converters
ATEM Camera Converters are mounted to cameras. Up-to 4
connect with the ATEM Studio Converter to add significant
functionality, including 28 mile optical cable runs, return
video signals and talkback & tally indicators.
<Teranex Video Processors
Teranex is a world-class video capture and processor solution.
Used in post production houses, film studios and by leading
broadcasters, it performs critical conversions between 100s
of formats in real-time, such as:
•HD-SD Standards / Cross Conversion
•Cadence Detect and Remove
•Noise Reduction
•Scaling & Aspect Ratio Conversion
•Multi-channel audio conversion
<Teranex Express
Teranex Express, the world’s first real time SD, HD and Ultra HD
broadcast up and down converter. Equipped with 12G-SDI
technology, The Express model includes 178 different SD, HD
and Ultra HD up and down conversions in full 10-bit quality
complete with audio, closed captions and timecode.
<Studio Camera PL & M4/3
Housed in a lightweight alloy body, the camera
features a 10” viewfinder, 4 hour battery, talkback,
tally indicators, phantom powered microphone
connections and built-in optical fibre and SDI
connections. This connects the camera to the
switcher with a single cable.
The Studio Camera is available in HD and Ultra HD
models, and is packed with advanced features for
multi camera production and broadcast.
2D Version
4:4:4 / 3D Version
Capture | Control | Ingest | Monitor
Blackmagic develops a huge range of HD and 4K capture cards and external interface
units, many of which also allow full raster, full motion external monitoring on a dedicated
video display. Choose a PCI card, Thunderbolt attached device or USB3-connected unit.
<Intensity Pro
HDMI & Analogue I/O
<DeckLink SDI 4K
SDI I/O, reference & RS422 control
<DeckLink 4K Extreme
RGB 444 for UltraHD workflows
<DeckLink Studio 4K
HDMI, SDI, analogue & audio I/O
<DeckLink Mini Recorder / Monitor
SDI & HDMI in or out
<Intensity Extreme
HDMI & Analogue I/O
<UltraStudio Mini Recorder or Monitor
SDI & HDMI in or out
<UltraStudio Express
SDI, HDMI & Analogue I/O
<Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt
HDMI & Analogue I/O
<Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0
HDMI & Analogue I/O
<UltraStudio SDI / Pro
SDI, HDMI & Analogue I/O
To-disk, To-screen
Blackmagic technology is leading the revolution in media
ingest. It started with the single channel capture devices
(highlighted opposite) but has exploded with the arrival of
multi-channel DeckLink cards.
Now, workstations can be used in studios and machine rooms
to ISO record numerous live video feeds, simultaneously
archive video from multiple sources or compliance- record a
number of TV channels.
<DeckLink Duo
Dual independent capture and playback in
and out. Features 2 SDI inputs & 2 SDI outputs
plus a common tri-sync/black burst reference
<DeckLink Quad
DeckLink Duo and Quad
rely on 3rd party software to
capture and encode video
Capture, stream or
Metus Ingest enables users to
record 6 HD channels into a
variety of codecs, including
MPEG-2, AVC-Intra, H.264
and XDCAM. The software
also features transcoding,
making it a true all-rounder.
4 SDI inputs & 4 SDI outputs, plus a common
black burst/tri-sync input for all channels
DeckLink PCI cards - in a laptop!
Thunderbolt (1 & 2) technology
delivers phenomenal speed
(up-to 20Gb/s). Sonnet Technology harnesses this power in its
Echo expansion chas-sis which
enable users to add PCI cards
to Thunderbolt compact workstations (such as the Mac Pro)
or laptops (HP Z notebooks or the Mac Book Pro.
Live Graphics & Media Playout
DeckLink can drive video walls,
playout servers and live motion
graphics systems. With Datavideo’s
cost-effective CG-500 soft-ware,
DeckLink 4K Extreme can be used to
embed live titling and graphics into live
TV, video streams or AV presentations.
Avid MXF or MOV Capture
Quadrus Ingest Machine:
capture up-to 8 HD streams
directly to Avid Unity ISIS and
check-in to Avid Interplay.
The tool supports scheduled
capture, optional fallback
storage and multi-camera
3G-SDI Routers
• Connect, control and monitor all the equipment in your facility via a single hub
• Easily change connections in software, or by using a simple hardware controller
• No need to manually patch or keep a collection of different length cables
• Send a SDI video connection to as many outputs as you like
• SDI re-clocking ensures clean signals with support for simultaneous SD, HD and 3 Gb/s
• Broadcast and Studio models include RS-422 ports for remote deck control
<Smart Videohub: 12 x 12 SDI routing with control panel
<Micro VideoHub: 16 x 16 SDI routing
<Compact Videohub: 40 x 40 SDI routing
<Broadcast Videohub: 72 inputs, 144 outputs and 72
deck control ports all packed into a compact 8 rack unit size
<Studio Videohub: 16 inputs, 32
outputs and 16 deck control ports in a 2
rack unit size
Router Control
<Programmable Videohub Smart Control
<Videohub Master Control
with control knob and LCD - perfect for larger routers
<Control the router via PC software or an iPad app.
Flexible, Modular Universal Videohubs
Universal Videohub: build your own broadcast quality 3 Gb/s
SDI and optical fibre SDI router for SD, HD, 4:4:4 and 2K video
Frames are available in 72 x 72 or 288 x 288 crosspoint size.
Each interface card features 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Mix and
match SDI / fibre interfaces to build your ideal router, with total
redundancy for 24/7 reliability.remote deck control
<Universal VideoHub 288
<Universal VideoHub 72
<SDI Interface
<Fibre Interface
Open Gear
Rack-based Conversion Unit
A centralized modular converter system is highly
cost-effective and efficient.
• Based on 3G-SDI technology
• Software controlled & monitored
• Use any mix of OpenGear cards
• All cards are hot swappable
• Auto-switch between SD & HD
• Support 2/4 channel 24-bit audio
SDI to Audio
Audio to SDI
SDI-Optical Fibre
Sync Generator
SDI Distribution
SDI to Analogue with down-converter
Signal Box
Mini Converters
SD, HD and 4K mini converters with low jitter 3G-SDI with SDI re-clocking.
SDI to Analogue 4K
< SDI to Audio
< Optical Fibre 4K
< SDI Multiplex 4K
< Audio to SDI
< UpDownCross
< Sync Generator
< Optical Fibre
< SDI to HDMI 4K
< SDI Distribution 4K
Battery Converters
Tough mini converters with 3G-SDI technology. Features an integrated
rechargable lithium-ion polymer battery.
Mini Converters Heavy Duty
Precision-engineered, virtually indestructable, weather-resistant converters.
SDI to Analogue< SDI to HDMI
SDI to Audio
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