Euro-Pro | Bravetti FP105B | Owner`s manual | Euro-Pro Bravetti FP105B Owner`s manual

5 Liter
Electronic Deep Fryer
Model F1066
120V., 60Hz., 1700 Watts
EURO-PRO Operating LLC
Boston, MA, 02465
1 (800)-798-7398
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
followed, including the following:
9. Be sure handle is properly assembled
1. Read all instructions for use carefully
to the basket and locked in place.
and look at the illustrations before you
See detailed assembly instructions.
start using the appliance.
10. The use of accessory attachments not
2. Do not touch hot surfaces, always use
recommended by the appliance
handles or knobs.
manufacturer may cause injuries.
3. To protect against electrical shock, do
11. Always insert heating element in the
not immerse cord and plug of this
appliance first, then plug into the wall
appliance in water or other liquids.
outlet. To disconnect, remove plug
4. Close supervision is necessary when
from wall outlet then wait for the unit
any appliance is used by or near
to cool completely before removing
the heating element.
5. Unplug from outlet when not in use
12. Extreme caution must be used when
and before cleaning. Allow to cool
moving any appliance containing hot
before putting on or taking off parts
oil or other hot liquids.
and before cleaning the appliance.
13. Do not leave appliance unattended
6. Do not operate any appliance with a
while in use.
damaged cord or plug, or after the
14. Do not use outdoors.
appliance malfunctions, has been
15. Do not let cord hang over the edge of
dropped or damaged in any manner.
the table, counter or touch hot
Return the appliance to EURO-PRO
Operating LLCfor examination, repair
16. Do not place on or near a hot gas or
or adjustment. See warranty.
electric burner, or in a heated oven.
7. Never plug in before the control panel
17. Do not use appliance for other than
is installed in the body of the fryer and
intended household use.
the heating element is placed in the oil
8. Never overfill the fryer with oil. Fill
only between the minimum and
maximum levels, as indicated inside
the oil container.
Important Safeguards ………………………………………………………….. 1
Special Safety Instructions ……………………………………………………. 1
Main Components ……………………………………………………………... 3
Using for the First Time …………….…………………………………………. 4
Prior to First Use, Clean the Unit Thoroughly …….…………………………. 4
Filling the Stainless Steel Container With Oil …………..……………………. 4
Using Solid Fat …………..……………………………………………………… 5
Installing the Control Panel Into Its Place ……..……………………………... 5
Using the Electronic Deep Fryer ………………………………………………. 5
Pre-Heating ………………….………………………………………………….. 6
Filling the Frying Basket ……….………………………………………………. 7
Frying Food …………………………………….……………………………….. 7
At the End of Cooking ………………….………………………………………. 7
Frying Tips ……………………………..………………………………………... 7
Temperature Settings ………………………………………………………….. 8
Filtering and Changing the Oil ………………………………….…………….. 8
Cleaning Instructions ……………………….………………………………….. 9
• A short power supply cord is provided to
reduce the risk resulting from becoming
entangled in or tripping over a longer
cord. An extension cord (or longer
detachable cord) is not recommended
for use with deep fryers.
• Never plug in the control panel before it
is installed in the body of the fryer with
the heating element inside the oil
• Do not immerse the control panel and
heating element in water.
• When opening the lid after frying, first
release the lid by pushing the latch with
your finger, then wait a moment to allow
the steam inside to escape before
opening fully.
• To avoid a circuit overload, do not
operate another high wattage appliance
on the same circuit.
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce
the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized outlet only one
way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit,
contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.
Rev. 04/02F
Read all the sections of this booklet and follow all the instructions carefully.
Using for the First Time
Warning: Never plug in the control panel
Warning: Never immerse the control
when it is not installed in the fryer body
with heating element in the oil container.
Do not immerse the control panel, cord or
plug in water.
Warning: All components must be
panel in water or any other liquids.
completely dried before filling with oil
or using. Special care must be taken
to ensure the washable oil filter in the
lid is completely dry, otherwise the
filter will not function properly and may
lead to steam being trapped within the
fryer during use.
Warning: Never exceed "MAX" line when
filling the basket with food.
Warning: This unit should not be used
to boil water.
Prior To First Use, Clean The Unit
Warning: Always let the fryer cool
completely for 2 hours before taking it apart
for cleaning. Never carry or move the
Deep Fryer with hot oil inside. Before
cleaning, always make sure the plug is not
in the wall socket.
1. Body
2. Support Foot
3. Body Handle
4. Body Handle Plate
5. Oil Container
6. Heating Element
7. Temperature Sensor
8. Control Panel
9. Function Reset Button
10. Power Button
11. / 12. Timer Adjustable Button
13. / 14. Temperature Adjustable Button
15. Digital Display
Ready Indicator Light
Power Indicator Light
Decorative Plate
Filter (*cannot be seen)
Lid Handle
Lid Handle Plate
Lid Cover
Frying Basket
Basket Handle
Filling the Stainless Steel
Container With Oil
Warning: Never plug in the Deep Fryer
before filling with oil to specified level.
Always make sure control panel is
securely in place in the body and the
heating element is inside the oil in the
container before plugging in.
• All components with the exception of the
electrical parts, can be washed in warm
soap water. Dry thoroughly before use.
• Use basket handle to remove the frying
basket. Always make sure the basket
handle is securely attached to the
basket. Attach the handle to the frying
basket, insert the metal part of the
handle inside the metal bracket on the
frying basket. (Fig. 1)
• Lift the control panel with heating
element out of its slots by pushing it up
from the bottom with one hand while
holding the body of the deep fryer with
your the other hand.
• Remove the oil container.
• Clean the oil container and the frying
basket with hot water, dishwashing liquid
or other non-poisonous detergent and
non-abrasive sponge.
• Use blended vegetable oil, pure corn oil
or canola (rapeseed) oil. Do not use
olive oil, margarine, lard or drippings.
• The oil level must always be maintained
between the minimum and the
maximum levels marked inside the oil
container. Check the oil level before
each use. For best results, keep the oil
close to the maximum level (19 cups/4.5
liters). Fig. 2
• Never mix different oils and fats together.
Do not mix old and new oil.
Technical Specifications
Oil Capacity:
120V., 60Hz.
1700 Watts
5 Liters
Fig. 2
Fig. 1
Using Solid Fat
Control Panel
• Set the required temperature – The
temperature is adjustable from 155 °F
to 385 °F in 5ºF increments. If you
want to elevate the temperature, press
the button. When you press the button
the unit will beep. If you want to lower
the temperature, press the button.
When you press the button the unit will
beep and the upper screen will display
the temperature that you set. When the
setting temperature is reached, the
green ready indicator light come on.
Fig. 3
• Timer: The MAX timer time is 15
minutes. If you want to add time, please
press "+" button. If you want to
subtract time please, press "-" button.
The lower screen will display the time
that you set.
• Reset function: If you press the function
reset button, the unit is in default status.
The default temperature is 320 °F and
the default time is 00:00.
Warning: Never plug in the Deep Fryer
Warning: Do not put solid shortening in
the oil container or the frying basket.
• If using solid vegetable shortening, melt
it first in a separate pan and then very
carefully pour the melted fat into the oil
• Previously used solid vegetable
shortening which has curdled and
hardened in the oil container should be
removed from the oil container and
melted in a separate pan before reusing.
Warning: If you try to melt the solidified
fat in the oil container, there is a risk of
warm melted fat suddenly sputtering from
below through the still solid top layer of fat.
Therefore use only the following procedure:
• Make sure the fat is at room
temperature. If the fat is very cold, there
is a greater risk of splashing.
• Using a fork, carefully make some holes
in the fat. Make sure the lid is securely
closed while fat is melting. Press the
"Function" Reset button and press timer
button to set the time you require.
Using the Electronic Deep Fryer
Warning: Never plug in the Deep Fryer
before filling with oil to specified level.
Always make sure control panel is securely
in place in the body and the heating
element is inside the oil in the container
before plugging in.
Important: Ensure the control panel is
fitted correctly to the main unit otherwise
the unit will not function. This is not a
defect. This product is fitted with a safety
switch to prevent the unit from turning on
Installing the “Control Panel With
the Heating Element” Into its Place
before filling with oil. (See "Filling"
instructions on page 4.) Always unplug
the appliance when not in use.
• Make sure the oil level in the oil
container is between the "minimum "
and " maximum " lines inside the oil
• The frying basket should not be
immersed in the oil during the preheating.
• Replace the lid cover.
• Plug the appliance into a 120-volt
outlet.The unit beeps .
• Press the power button. The unit beeps
and the power indicator light comes on .
It’s showing that the power on. The
upper screen display 320 °F and the
lower screen displays _ _: _ _ . It’s in
constant boiling status.
• Lift up the Control Panel with Heating
• Insert the "Guide Edges" on the Control
Panel into the "Guide Rails" mounted
on the metal body.
• Slide the "Guide Edges" down till the
Important Notice: The Automatic
Safety Switch ensures that the unit will
not operate unless the Control Panel has
been inserted into the "Guide Rails" on
the metal body correctly.
Guide Rails
Fig. 3
Function Reset Button
10. Power Button
11. / 12. Timer Adjustable Button
13. / 14. Temperature Adjustable Button
Back of Main Body
Digital Display
Ready Indicator Light (green)
Power Indicator Light (red)
Warning: In order to avoid injury or
At the End of Cooking
burns, never touch any metal parts on the
deep fryer because they may be hot.
• Press the power button and the
power off.
• Unplug the main cord from the wall
• Lift up the lid cover slowly and wait to
allow steam to escape before
opening the lid cover completely.
• Lift up the frying basket by the
handle. Place it on the oil container
and allow the food to drain for a
• Once the oil has drained from the
frying basket, the basket may be
lifted off and the food served.
Filling the Frying Basket
• Do not fill the frying basket when it is
immersed in oil.
• Place the food in the frying basket. Do
not overfill it and never exceed the
maximum quantities. For optimum
results and shorter frying time, basket
should be only 1/2 full.
• The basket has approximately 1.5 lb.
food capacity. It will hold 4-5
average size pieces of chicken.
• Do not fill the basket higher than the
MAX line on the basket with frozen
Warning: When frying foods, remove
the frying basket from the deep fryer before
filling with frozen food because oil will
spatter and cause burns.
Always let the deep fryer
cool completely (approximately 2 hours)
before cleaning or storing. Never carry
or move the deep fryer with hot oil inside.
Frying Tips
Caution: When frying frozen foods such
as French Fries, you should not exceed
1.25 Lb. (564 gr.) or less. Clean off any ice
from frozen food prior to frying. Failure to do
so may cause fryer to overflow when food is
placed in oil.
Frying Food
• Always use the frying basket to fry food.
• Always close the lid cover during frying.
• When the oil is pre-heated, ready
indicator light will come on it indicating
that the desired temperature is reached.
• Slowly lower the frying basket into the
hot oil. Lowering the frying basket too
quickly can result in the oil overflowing
and splashing.
• Replace the lid carefully.
• It is normal for steam to escape through
the sides of the lid while frying.
• Avoid standing too close to the deep
fryer while it is working.
Warning: When opening the lid cover
after frying, lift up the lid slightly, then wait
to allow steam to escape before opening
the lid completely. Keep face away from
unit to avoid burns caused by escaping
• Do not mix different oils or new and old
oil together.
• Replace oil regularly. In general, oil
will be tainted fast when frying food
containing a lot of protein, (such as
poultry, meat and fish). When oil is
used mainly to fry potatoes and is
filtered after each use, it can be used
up to 8 to 10 times, but do not use the
same oil for more than 6 months.
• Always replace all oil as soon as it
starts foaming when heated or when
color becomes dark or when it has a
rancid smell or taste or becomes
• Make sure that the food to be fried is
• Remove loose ice from frozen food
before frying.
• To cook evenly, pieces should be the
same size and thickness.
• Thicker pieces will take longer to cook.
The following cooking times reflect only the approximate time needed to fry one
basket 1/2 full. The exact time may be different depending on actual quantity,
personal cooking preferences, size and thickness of pieces, etc...
Temperature Settings
In general, use lower settings for delicate foods (vegetables, fish) and higher settings
for frozen foods, French Fries and Chicken.
Cooking Time
French Fries
6-9 minutes
Fish Fillets
3-5 minutes
Chicken Fingers
6-8 minutes
Chicken Pieces
13-20 minutes
Fried Zucchini
3 minutes
Fried Mushrooms
3 minutes
Onion Rings
3 minutes
3-5 minutes
Apple Beignets
4 minutes
4-6 minutes
Filtering & Changing The Oil
• Make sure the deep fryer is unplugged
and the oil has cooled before cleaning
or storing the deep fryer.
• The oil does not need to be changed
after each use. In general, the oil will
be tainted rather quickly when frying
food containing a lot of protein (such
as poultry, meat or fish). When oil is
mainly used to fry potatoes and is
filtered after each use, it can be used 8
to 10 times. However, do not use the
same oil for longer than 6 months.
• To filter the oil first make sure the oil
has cooled and then empty the oil from
the oil container into another container
or bottle. Fig. 4
Wash and dry the oil container and
basket. Refill the oil container with the
oil, pouring the oil through a wire
strainer or paper filter. Fig. 5
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Connecting the Detachable
Power Supply Cord
Cleaning Instructions
Your Bravetti Platinum Pro Deep Fryer
has been specifically designed with your
safety in mind. Bravetti Platinum Pro
has incorporated a unique detachable
power supply cord. This power supply
cord cord is designed to “Break Away”
from the fryer body in the event that the
supply cord is inadvertently pulled. This
is intended to prevent the tipping of the
appliance and hazardous spillage of hot
The female receptacle portion of the
power supply cord is permanently
attached to the rear of the the control
panel. To connect the male power cord
plug to the female receptacle on the
appliance, orient the male plug so that it
mates with the female receptacle. The
male plug can only be inserted one way.
If the male plug will not go into the
receptacle on the appliance, rotate the
male plug 180° and insert again.
IMPORTANT: Should the male plug
become detached from the appliance
during use, it is important to:
1. Unplug the power cord from the wall
2. Turn off the appliance at the control
3. Re-attach the power cord to the
4. Re-connect to power outlet.
5. Turn the appliance back on.
Always remove the plug
from the wall socket before cleaning.
Allow the deep fryer and the oil to cool
completely (approximately 2 hours)
before cleaning. Never immerse the
control panel, cord or plug in water or
Helpful Hints
any other liquid.
• Follow the cleaning instructions on
page 4. (Before using for the First
• Never immerse the control panel, cord
or plug in water or any other liquid.
• Do not place the control panel, cord or
plug in the dishwasher.
• Clean the control panel only with a
damp cloth.
• The oil container, frying basket, lid
cover and filter can be washed in the
• The body of the deep fryer can be
washed in warm soapy water. Do not
put the body of the deep fryer in the
You can re-set the deep fryer to 320 degrees by simply pressing the re-set
button located just below the thermostat on the front panel.
Your deep fryer is equipped with a special Auto-Off Safety Feature. The
heating element will shut off when the timer stops.
The temperature control allows you to set the desired temperature for each
recipe. Once the temperature is achieved, the ready light will turn on. This is
the point to set your timer. Once the time has elapsed, the element will shut
off and the oil begin to cool down. If you want to do another recipe, simply
press the re-set button, set your temperature and wait for the ready light.
Once illuminated, then set the timer.
If you would like to use the fryer continuously for multiple batches, do not
set the timer. Simply set the desired temperature, wait for the ready light
and begin!
Model F1066
EURO-PRO Operating LLC warrants this product to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase when utilized for
normal household use.
If your appliance fails to operate properly while in use under normal household
conditions within the warranty period, return the complete appliance and accessories,
freight prepaid. For Customer Service support , call 1 (800) 798-7398 or visit our website
If the appliance is found by EURO-PRO to be defective in material or workmanship,
EURO-PRO will repair or replace it free of charge. Proof of purchase date and $14.95 to
cover the cost of return shipping and handling must be included.*
The liability of EURO-PRO Operating LLC is limited solely to the cost of the repair or
replacement of the unit at our option. This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts
and does not apply to any unit that has been tampered with or used for commercial
purposes. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse,
negligent handling or damage due to faulty packaging or mishandling in transit.
This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the unit and excludes all other
legal and/or conventional warranties. The responsibility of EURO-PRO Operating LLC if
any, is limited to the specific obligations expressly assumed by it under the terms of the
limited warranty. In no event is EURO-PRO Operating LLC liable for incidental or
consequential damages of any nature whatsoever. Some states do not permit the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not
apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which
vary from state to state.
*Important: Carefully pack item to avoid damage in shipping. Be sure to include
proof of purchase date and to attach tag to item before packing with your name,
complete address and phone number with a note giving purchase information,
model number and what you believe is the problem with item. We recommend you
insure the package (as damage in shipping is not covered by your warranty). Mark
the outside of your package “ATTENTION CUSTOMER SERVICE”. We are
constantly striving to improve our products, therefore the specifications contained
herein are subject to change without notice.
--------------------------------------------------------------OWNERSHIP REGISTRATION CARD
Please fill out and mail the product registration card within ten (10) days of purchase. The
registration will enable us to contact you in the unlikely event of a product safety notification. By
returning this card you acknowledge to have read and understood the instructions for use, and
warnings set forth in the accompanying instructions.
RETURN TO EURO-PRO Operating LLC, 4400 Bois Franc, St-Laurent, QC, H4S 1A7
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