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CP150™ & CP200™
Commercial Series
Two-Way Radios and Accessories
Motorola M7: Delivering All the Elements You Need to Succeed
Whether it’s a solid, a liquid, or a gas, everything in the universe
requires certain elements to make it what it is—including Motorola
From listening to you, we’ve identified seven essential elements
Motorola radios must have to meet your communication needs:
Element 1: Value
The CP150 and CP200 Portable Radio
Standard Package Includes:
1100 mAh NiCD battery
Drop-In Charger
3” Spring Belt Clip
Antenna (VHF Heliflex, UHF Whip)
Users Guide & Safety Manual
2 Year Standard Warranty
Today’s two-way customers want to know they’re getting the most
for their communication dollars. That means creating radios that
offer all the features users demand—at an exceptional price.
Element 2: Reliability
Rugged and reliable, the CP150 and
CP200 undergo rigorous testing—so you
can rest assured they will hold up under
demanding conditions.
Blowing rain—steady rainfall & wind for 30
minutes on every surface
Vibration—multiple hours of exposure to
vibration to simulate rigors that radio could
undergo while being carried or transported
Shock—18 shocks with a minimum
gravitoinertial force of 40 G each
Temperature Storage—multiple hours of
exposure to temperatures as low as -70°F and
as high as 160°F
No matter what their work environment, two-way users need radios
they can depend on. Only rugged, durable radios tested under the
industry’s most rigorous standards get the job done.
Element 3: Ease of Use
The CP150 and CP200 radios support 2
programmable buttons that are
programmable with any of the customer
selectable features:
• Monitor
• Sticky Permanent Monitor
• Hi/Lo Power (CP200 only)
• Repeater Talkaround
• Tight/Loose Squelch
• System Scan On/Off
• VOX Operation
• Volume Set
• Nuisance Channel Delete
• LED Battery Indicator
• Unassigned
Two-way customers want radios they can easily operate and customize to
meet their needs. Extensive channel options and a wide range of userfriendly, programmable features provide the solution they are looking for.
Product Ergonomics
CP150 and CP200 radios are ergonomically designed and easy to operate
3 Color LED
indicates radio status &
battery levels
Rotary Channel
Large, easy to use, even
when wearing gloves
Rotary On/Off and
Volume Control
2 Fully
Supports up to 4
product features
(short/long press)
to meet your
3” Spring Action
Belt Clip
Attaches radio firmly to
Battery Latch Lock
Ensures battery remains
Rugged, Die-Cast
Chassis with
Connectorsecurely attaches
audio accessories
Push to Talk
Large, Textured button
is easy to press even
when wearing gloves
Physical Features and Benefits
Tri-Color LED (Red, Yellow, Green)
- Provides radio status feedback to the user at glance
- Visible both from top and front of radio for ease of use
- Quickly and easily indicates battery life
Large, Textured PTT button
- Easy to locate
- Provides clear activation point with positive ”click”
Standard 3” Belt Clip
- Enhanced spring action belt clip securely
attaches radio to your belt
Physical Features and Benefits
Audio Accessory Connector (Side)
• Compatible with SP50, P1225, and CT Series audio
• Optimum balance between reliability and ease of accessory
• No special tools required to connect/disconnect accessories
Battery Lock Feature
• Securely attaches the battery to the radio
• Ensures secure connection, even in harsh conditions
Radio Signaling Features (CP200 model only)
Quik Call II™ Decode Signalling (Selective Call, Call Alert)
Provides an efficient way for a dispatcher to initiate a page to
an individual or a group
“Selective Call” feature allows the dispatcher to communicate
directly with a single radio user
“Call Alert” allows the dispatcher to “page” a specific radio
MDC PTT (Push-To-Talk) ID Encode
• Allows the dispatcher to visually identify the transmitting user
(dispatcher must use a radio device capable of decode
Element 4: Audio Quality
• The CP150 and CP200 radios provide
powerful 500mW audio output to
penetrate high noise environments
• The CP150 and CP200 radios provide
crisp audio while also minimizing
distortion at high volume levels
Two-way users need to get their messages through loud and clear,
even in noisy work settings. Clear, crisp audio and a variety of audio
accessories are crucial to keep them connected.
Accessories: Audio
Remote Speaker Microphone -- HMN9030
• Water resistant, compact unit
• Allows the user to talk and listen without removing the
radio from the belt, case, or charger
• Features a coiled cord and swivel clothing clip
Medium Weight Headsets -- HMN9021 and HMN9022
• Dual muff headsets with noise cancelling boom microphones
• Over the head and behind the head styles available
• Provides 24dB of noise reduction
Accessories: Audio
Lightweight Headsets -- HMN9013 and RMN4016
• Provides high quality radio communication and all day comfort
• Over the head style
• Available with or without in-line PTT
Breeze Headset with Boom Microphone & PTT -- RLN5411A
• Ideal for customer facing personnel – hotels, restaurants, retail
• Light and discrete, provides high quality radio communication
and all day comfort
• Innovative flexible design - worn around back of the head
• Adjustable boom microphone
Accessories: Audio
Surveillance Accessories -- HMN9727
• Allows the user to privately receive communication
• Ideal when environments require discrete communication
• Available in 1, 2, and 3 wire configurations
• Optional noise kits and clear comfortable earpieces
available to enhance user comfort.
Noise Kit -- NTN8370 and NTN8371
• High noise kit offers a foam earplug for 24dB of noise reduction.
• Low noise kit offers a rubber ear tip for low to moderate noise
environments. Optional clear comfortable earpieces are available.
Element 5: Size and Weight
– (H) 127.5mm x (W) 61.5mm x (D) 45mm
– Radio only
– With std NiCd battery
(1100 mAh)
– with Li-ion battery
(1800 mAh)
8.5 ounces
14.98 ounces
13.04 ounces
Today’s fast-moving two-way users want communication that won’t slow
them down. The answer? Ergonomically designed radios that are sleek
and lightweight—making them easy to carry for workers on the go.
Element 6: Battery Life
Accessories: Batteries
Extended Battery - 1800 mAh Li-ion -- NNTN4497
Talk Time: 17 Hours (2W), 14 Hours (4W/5W)
Typical number of charge cycles = 350 - 400
Environmentally safe
Built in safety circuit protection
Standard Battery - 1100 mAh NiCd -- NNTN4496
Talk Time: 9 Hours (2W), 8 Hours (4W/5W)
Typical number of charge cycles = 600 -700
Most durable of all the chemistries
Robust in cold weather
Accessories: Chargers
Rapid Rate Desktop Charger -- WPLN4138
• Lightweight and compact, this rapid rate charger will
charge your NiCd or Li-ion battery within two hours
• Batteries can be charged while attached to the radio, or
on their own allowing users to charge spare batteries
• Tri chemistry charger will support NiCd, NiMH, and Liion battery chemistries eliminating the need to replace
the charger as new batteries become available
In demanding work situations, two-way users need radios that perform
the first time, and every time. A wide range of battery choices and
recharging capabilities give customers the power to talk for as long as
they need.
Element 7: Range
Accessories: Antennas
UHF Heliflex Stubby, 438-470 MHz -- NAE6522
Engineered for maximum output and greatest
communication coverage
Low profile design is less obtrusive when the radio is worn
on the body
System tested with the radios to ensure optimal
Flexible Whip, 403-510 MHz -- NAE6483
One-piece finish and steel core for optimal radiation
This antenna covers the entire UHF band. An ideal
solution for individuals requiring multiple frequencies
in their radios.
General Specifications
Mode of operation: Conventional
4 or 16 channel models
Frequency Bands:
VHF: 146-174MHz
UHF: 438-470MHz
RF power
CP150: 2W (UHF & VHF Models)
CP200: 4W (UHF Models) & 5W (VHF Models)
38 PL Codes (also capable of Non-Standard Codes)
83 DPL Codes
Target Markets
• Quickly and effectively coordinate hotel staff to
maximize efficiency and customer service
• Compact and lightweight size is comfortable to
wear all day
Quickly and easily communicate with store
personnel – a critical tool to provide efficient,
optimal customer service
Lets you connect instantly to get the
information you need—when you need it
Target Markets
• Ideal for managing campus security – quickly
and easily alert administrative staff regarding
school safety and security issues
• Optional audio accessories allow for hands-free
Quickly communicate issues with dispatcher
and security staff members
Rugged enough to handle the most demanding
Accessories: Carry
Leather Carry Case with High Activity 3”
Swivel Belt Loop -- RLN5385
• Leather case protects radio in demanding environments
• Swivel design allows case to travel side to side to
accommodate user’s position
• Unique swivel design holds case securely to belt loop,
while also allowing easy removal
3” Spring Action Belt Clip -- HLN8255
• Simple and easy to use, ideal for individuals
who want a low cost, light weight carrying
• Durable spring action belt clip designed to
withstand user’s rigorous environments
• The perfect solution for individuals who do
not require the protection of a carry case
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