CS1000 Automatic Sliding Door System

CS1000 Automatic Sliding Door System
Apply to doors for garage, usage of anti-radiation for hospital, warehouse, science and technology factory,
barrier-free space, fire prevention, commercial buildings, salerooms, craft.... etc.
We, Tronco, accumulated over 10 years
experiences for development, manufacture
as well as production in Automatic Sliding
Door System for CS1000 series.
Based on the demand of consumers, we
research and develop for new potential
products ourselves which passed through
multinational safety standards and have
been sold to European and American
regions for many years.
The motion of door leaves for Tronco
CS1000 series is set up by IC microprocessor controller and support the security
system. The controller has multiple
emergency set-up to ensure the users'
safety. CS1000 series adopted DC
Brushless Motor with accurate opening and
closing action, environmental protection,
low noise, electricity saving and durable
rotation rate 1,000,000 times. The low
consumption motive power supply system
make door wings with elegant and smooth
The applications of narrow and small space
The minimum opening distance for CS1000 series is 400mm. It
means that you can install bi-parting automatic door system in the
condition of smaller exits in a golden shop front in city area.
All components for Tronco CS1000 series
are modular. It makes the installation and
overhauling more convenient. In addition,
one more function, LED display, is for your
visual inspection when there is a
breakdown. Tronco's CS1000 series is
applied to doors for garage, usage of
anti-radiation for hospital, warehouse,
science and technology factory, barrier-free
space, fire prevention, emergency doors,
commercial buildings, salesrooms, craft
and has produced widespread favorable
Excellent Electrical Functions
Environmental protection, Safety,
Efficient circuit system
Between opening and closing,
everything is under your control
Intimate design for power supply system
CS 1000 series adopted high efficiency changeable
The rhythm of opening and closing for
door leaves follow your inclination.
Tronco's CS1000 series use high efficiency DC magnetic
power supply unit which can input universal voltage
Whatever in commercial buildings or salesroom, the
brushless motors which developed and researched
85VAC ~ 265 VAC and provide extra power source
motion of door leaves influence the viewpoint of guests
ourselves with tiny volume, high rotational speed, low
12VDC/1.5A and 24 VDC/1.5A to satisfy surrounding
and visitors directly. Tronco always keep an eye on the
electricity consumption and not to give out heat under the
electrical requirements of other electrical appliances and
most smallest requirements for the CS1000 series to have
temperature 50 degrees centigrade. It runs quietly and
not need to purchase extra power supply to save cost and
you to set up the motion of door leaves leisurely and
possesses the functions of overloading protection and
automatic restoration, especially for high load bearing in
High efficiency circuit design for
electricity saving
To remind the operation status of
There are a lot of advantages for traditional D.C. motor.
It includes RFC design and power rate to tend towards to
Tronco CS1000 series included monitor display to make
linear variation for voltage and the rotational speed ... etc.
perfect 100% so as to make utilization rate the optimum
users understanding the existing operation status easily
For traditional D.C. motor got respectable market
and the consumed power of this system is only 25W. This
and below 6 points can be revealed.
occupation but a big defect, the high-speed sliding of
device can operate smoothly only requiring power supply
A. R.P.M. for Motor at present
brushes and commutators causes friction each other and
that is equal to a energy saving light Bulb or fluorescent
B. Position display for door leaves
even made the carbon sputtering to bring unusual electric
C. R.P.M. for Motor
arcs. And further to occur unnecessary electrical
D. Speed of Opening and Closing for each second
obstacles and failures. It needs to adjust and overhaul for
Safety power supply system for
E. Power display for batteries in reserve
a period of time and also increase the maintenance cost.
F. Position display for Opening
To be aimed at this defect of brushless D.C. motor, we
The CS1000 series support UPS and can connect with
Whatever inspection, maintenance, installation and to
remove brushes and commutators with shortcoming and
rechargeable batteries or normal batteries. The
save strength easily are through monitor display to
choose electronic components instead. But original
rechargeable function is able to turn off as you installed
decrease wrong judgement.
advantages for former D.C. motors can still be reserved.
Tiny but ingenious, high efficiency,
environmental protection DC
sites of salesroom, hospitals, office buildings.
normal batteries. The controller can response the volume
Such as rapid response, potent actuating torque. plus
It is said that the high efficiency DC magnetic brushless
motor is an upgrade version for original traditional D.C.
status of door leaves in advance as power of emergency
To set up functions in humanistic
is going to use up. All up to your decisions.
If the set-up for multiple functions of Tronco CS1000
powder-driven machines, synchronizing machines ... etc.
A. Regular opening
series is time-consuming ? Or only need the crossed
They are not so called brushless motors. The brushless
B. Regular closing
keystroke on panel of controller to complete the set-up of
motors without brushes and commutators but add some
C. Manual opening
functions. Buttons have sound assistance and make
characteristics which not provided for traditional D.C.
D. Regular closing and lock up
operators to use more easily. Simple and easy Menu help
motors, such as small inertia, acceleration in a short time
you to set up and test anytime so as to shorten time of
and fit for frequent motion of keystroke ON / OFF. That's
why most of them adopted brushless motors, such as
of power for emergency. It is also available to set up the
motor without brushes , such as AC interaction
VTR, FDD, HDD on the moment ... etc.
On the basis of human beings and up
to durability.
The function of pressurizing to against
vacant spaces
Closing time of door leaves will be
adjusted automatically after induction.
To supply solutions of load bearing
under 1000kgs
Tronco's door leaves can avoid leaking out of an air
The pause of opening time for Tronco CS1000 series
The CS1000 series automatic sliding door system can
conditioner and pollution of dust and will not have gap
automatic sliding system is able to set up according to
operate door leaves under load bearing 1000kgs easily to
when affected by wind pressure or be fiddled with.
user's demand.Besides, plus the function of induction and
cooperate with different level transmission accessories. It
adjusting. It is said that the microprocessor controller will
can also run smoothly for high carrying capacity door
Set-up for crashproof sensitivity & to
examine foreign body automatically
increase seconds of opening automatically to match up
leaves, such as protection against radiation doors of
the actual situation and reduce repeating opening
medical treatment center or negative pressure doors, fire
1. When door leaves closed and struck staffs or foreign
consumption of door leaves and no pressure to access
prevention doors ... etc
bodies, door leaves will reverse. This function is available
for the staff as the pause of opening time that
to set up sensitivity.
pre-scheduled is over the original set-up values in actual
2. After door leaves reversed and re-closed, the system
Applied to negative pressure isolation
The CS1000 series can apply to negative pressure
will close slowly to ensure without obstacles and to
isolation room and the system can also react air pressure
3. This function is to assist the infrared sensor collision
The functions of rapid emergent
close-off and lock-up
avoidance system to prevent from invalidation and the
Tronco CS1000 series automatic sliding door system
more stable and smooth.
injuries of staffs.
possesses the function of emergent closing and locking.
resume to regular speed of opening and closing.
Set-up for multi-function automatic
automatically and increase R.P.M. of Motor to let it operate
The door leaves will close and lock immediately to
Display of emergent signals
besiege or prohibit gangsters to prevent the possessions
To supply a contact of a relay as 1, The switch over of
and staffs from danger.
signal after door closed. 2, The switch over for operation
1. Substantial offices, such as a Financial Department or
of power-driven machine. This connection point can be
cited by other control systems in the condition of
will close and lock up immediately after staffs left.
The speed of opening will slow down or
stop when reacted human beings at the
side of door opening.
2. After staffs came back, it is capable of using key to
In the process of opening for door leaves if reacted
connecting Alarm to match up your environmental
open door leaves or to open according to Security to
human beings or objects, the system will slow down or
requirement to install additional control systems.
achieve your demand of official safety.
stop automatically to avoid the damage of people or
MIS server room, staffs just need to switch to the
'automatic lock up' mode when leaving. The door leaves
foreign body and to avoid the accident occur.
Only Exit mode
operation and the door leaves have been locked up.
The display function of signal is also capable of
Set-up for Logical signals
In order to satisfy more requirements of automatic door
systems, this system can set up to be once for opening
the closing time of a shop every day, this mode can make
The minimum opening distance is
the customers outside unable to enter but the customers
The minimum opening distance for CS1000 series is
It depends on your decisions of the actual usage.
inside be able to go out. This function is also available to
400mm. It means that you can install bi-parting automatic
apply to guide the route.
door systems in the condition of smaller exits in a golden
The set-up mode can switch to "only Exit mode" before
shop front in city area.
and another for closing or reversing function immediately.
Free set-up half-opening distance of
door leaves
Set-up motions for door leaves in a fire
accident and ordinary emergency
In support of Security
hospital only need half-open to avoid intrusion of disease
Users need to make use of security card to access the
germ and infection of patients to protect their personal
Tronco CS1000 series automatic sliding door system can
door. The controller will notify door leaves to open after
cooperate with fire prevention door to do fireproof
replying the sensor. After door opening, the sensor start to
2. Simple and convenient set-up and just need to move
discrimination. There are five types emergent movements
operate to react until no objects in the inducting area and
door leaves to the required size of opening and finish the
for door leaves that can set up emergency flee route and
then notify the controller to close door. After door closing,
steps according to system set-up value.
map out fireproof discrimination in advance. When a fire
the sensor stop action and have to use security card to
3. This function can be applied to the essential exit and
accident comes up, these movements will help door
open it. This system can co-operate with various Security
entrance of a sickroom for hospital and laboratory ... etc.
leaves to close off the scene of a fire, escape guidance
products easily and to achieve the result under Security
and emergent power supply in reserve ... etc.
control. In the circumstances of different levels for
They can decrease the loss to the lowest level and protect
Security System, it is available to install surrounding
The best protection of hygiene and
the safety of your life and property.
facilities anytime, such as a remote control, access
Infectious diseases are more and more formidable and
controller system, the card swipe machine, Encryption,
easy to infect in the present generation. To make use of
fingerprint access... etc.
automatic door systems can avoid being infected with
A.P.O. mode
For special circumstances, (for example in the midnight),
if customers want to buy something, you can switch to
APO mode to open door leaves in smaller range. The
staffs of store can proceed business transactions through
a crack between a door and its frame and prevent
mobsters get into.
1. The opening of door leaves for an operation room of
touching and diseases spread out.
Precise interior, intelligence included
Low consumption motive power transmitting system.
Microcomputer digital controller
Intelligent digital controller that is micro computerized completely. The
regular function circuit is controlled by the computer indication with
fixed-point switch free. The door position adjustment, tracking distance
set-up, various energy strength, open and closing speed are all controlled
by the microcomputer. In a long time operation, the open and closing ction
is still precise. Auto-detection by the microcomputer improves the using
safety: When the auto-door is opening and closing, if the door hits
something while functioning, the digital control system will reverse moving
immediately and get into safety protection condition with a continuous
warning sound to avoid the accidence of any damage to human body or
broken machine parts and increase the entering safety
Rails and Hangers
L5 level rails and hangers (700kgs~1000kgs)
L5 level rails and accessories are special designed for door leaves that belong to the load
between 700kgs and 1000kgs. To collocated with the formidable functions of CS1000 series,
Drive belt
Hi flexible function is provided with superior anti-gland feature that can be
they can satisfy the professional demands for fire-prevention doors, anti-radiation doors ... etc.
L5 rails and accessories passed through the national endurance test and acquired widespread
repeated uses without getting loosen and fatigued resilience after long term
The structural drawing
of Aluminum material
Drive motor
Hi efficiency permanent magnet brushless serve motor, which is small
volume, Hi-RPM and low power consumption that will not heat after
continuous using. It makes the door open and close quickly and silent
during whole functioning period. For the reason of strong twist distance,
Carbon Steel
the door can execute the mission of the door open, close, slow speed, and
stop correctly.
Door fixing hanger
The door system is adapted the hanger type of the fixing hardware with
L2 level rails and hangers (150kgs~240kgs)
small resistance and smooth turning that is easy to open and close. It
equips with stopper wheel to prevent the door from slipping down.
The structural drawing
of Aluminum material
Strong alloy housing with the flexible using may easily combine with other
accessory parts after cutting. The alloy housing is one-unit shaping that
Aluminum alloy housing
has beautified profile and smooth track would not get deformed or worn
down after long term using.
Increasable entrance guard system available
Good quality of the CS series has super-elasticity expended functions with
entrance guard system together allow only inhabitants or management
open the auto-door that prevent other people enters to the department. It
did achieve a target of the intelligent auto door can accept inhabitants or
specified people entrance.
Easy installation, Easy maintenance
It is capable to set up "Trigger" switching
to "Latch" for 4 sets functional contacts.
Detecting breakdowns and protecting
itself in abnormal situations.
The function of buzzer is adjustable.
This system supply 4 sets functions. A. To close doors B.
This system possesses the function of detecting
and remind automatically in below 4 conditions and you
To lock up C. Fire accident D. The prevention of robbing.
breakdowns itself. When the system out of order, the
got 4 choices to set up the status and to adjust according
It is no problem to set up functions freely from "Trigger"
Led lamp will flash lights to reveal the anomalous
to the demand of exact environment. A. The first time
switching to "Latch", whatever in opening or closing
conditions to remind maintenance staff to survey and
detecting stroke B. To reset the location of switch-on C.
mode, it can set up to be your preferable mode and no
maintenance promptly, for example, if foreign matter
The alarm of knocking against foreign matters D. Warning
need to purchase new switches and only need to set up
interfere with the process of operation for door leaves and
signal of abnormality.
system in the process of installation.
bring about extraordinary conditions, the door leaves will
This system included the function of buzzer. It will alarm
reverse and test automatically. If the extraordinary
Led Display
To gather up wiring in favor of maintenance.
conditions still fail to shut out after several times
This system displays self-inspection signal of motor's
examination, the system will stop the operation
operation. The maintenance staff reviews signals to see if
To be arranged in all kinds of Connecting sensors,
automatically to avoid accident and the destroy of
the operation of motor is normal by means of LED (light
Security control systems, Power supply, Emergent
automatic door systems to extend its using life-span.
emitting diode). Upon receipt of any extraordinary signals
stopping buttons, Security switches, Timing controller,
of automatic door systems, the maintenance staff will do
suitable handling for failures on-site directly.
on the wiring HUB and make it ordered and be clear at a
Learning itself after switching on and
judging itself after operation.
glance in favor of construction and examination or
After switching on, the system will learn the operational
modification for wiring in the future.
logic automatically itself according to the weight of door
Full accessories, modular, speedy
installation and easy maintenance
Multiple function expanding facilities to gather up and fix
leaves and factors of the scene. It will operate itself
Tronco CS1000 series automatic sliding door system is
Hangers of door leaves are adjustable
for locations "up", "down", "front", "rear".
automatically and not need man-made set-up additionally
modulize for full components, easy examination, easy
additionally . This system will also judge itself
maintenance. In addition, its high compatibility is available
Hangers of door leaves can process slight adjustment for
automatically to see if in extraordinary situations or to
to collocate with other brand components.
locations "up", "down", "front", "rear" , the vertical and
reveal alarm signals according to the figures of starting
horizontal height on the rail to achieve accurate
operation for door leaves.
construction in favor of maintenance and adjustment in
To load and unload is very easy for RJ45
connecting wire
the future. Hangers of door leaves can pass through the
The signal wire hole for Tronco CS1000 series automatic
underneath of Motor so as to make the installation and
sliding door system is RJ45 wire hole. Easy to obtain and
adjustment of door leaves easy.
easy to install.
Power Supply
AC 110V 60HZ
Emergency stop
close to door,
Key switch,
code card reader
with floating
contact or similar
AC 110V 50HZ
Drive unit
and contral
Touchless Switch
Safety Beam
CS1000 Specification
Door Fitting Size
Door Fitting Size
Please refer to the right side snd confirm with
the commercial agent(manufacturer)upon
manufacturing and using
Power supply
AC 90V~ 250V 60/50Hz
DC12V/1.5A DC24V/1A
Output Power
Case Dim.
Ambient temperature
Temp. range
150-450 mm/sec (Adjustable)
150-650 mm/sec (Adjustable)
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