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Hearing like second nature
Empower users
to tune in to life
ReSound Verso™
The only true support for
binaural processing
The power to navigate in any environment. The freedom to enjoy a
rich soundscape. The ability to naturally react, respond and engage
in what they want. That’s the ReSound Verso experience.
ReSound Verso is a breakthrough hearing solution that makes hearing feel instinctive
again – like second nature.
Introducing breakthrough Binaural Fusion™ technology, ReSound Verso takes the
Surround Sound by ReSound experience to a new level. Using 2.4 GHz wireless
device-to-device communication, Binaural Fusion seamlessly adapts to any changes
in the sound environment and delivers perfectly balanced sound input – so users are
empowered to instinctively focus on what they want to hear, rather than having the
hearing instruments make that decision for them. That’s a new reality and an industry
Surround Sound by ReSound™ is our philosophy of treating
sound like the human ear does. It models, cleans, balances
and stabilizes all sound input, immersing users in a clear,
rich, vibrant sound experience.
ReSound Verso’s highly evolved technology unfolds in a full range of beautifully designed
hearing instruments. Cleverly adaptive and amazingly versatile. For a hearing experience
that’s like second nature.
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The power to
navigate 360°
With Binaural Fusion™ technology, ReSound Verso™ delivers a new reality
in binaural processing. Like never before, users get a true-to-life hearing
experience that gives them more opportunities, more freedom and more
comfort – wherever they are.
Using our unique 2.4 GHz wireless device-to-device technology, Binaural Fusion allows the
hearing instruments to work seamlessly as one system to dynamically adapt to any changes
in the sound environment. It combines Binaural Directionality™ and Binaural Environmental
Optimizer™ II technologies to provide users with a holistic, natural sound picture that supports
the auditory system’s own binaural capabilities to determine what sounds to attend to.
With perfectly balanced sound input and optimal audibility, users perceive sounds more
naturally – so they instinctively react and respond to sounds of interest. That’s true binaural
Binaural Fusion simply gives users the best of everything: unmatched sound quality, the ability
to react and respond to what they want to hear, plus full awareness of their surroundings.
The only thing users notice is a truly harmonious listening experience.
Optimizer II
ReSound Verso is powered by the new ReSound Range™ II chip
With increased processing power, the chip improves the Surround Sound by ReSound™ experience by enabling the new
Binaural Fusion wireless device-to-device technology and the DFS Ultra™ II feedback suppression system.
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Sound in
perfect balance
Binaural Directionality™
– the freedom to tune in to what they want
Automatic focus on the loudest speech seems like a useful feature. But what if that speech
is not the sound of interest? With Binaural Directionality, it is the user – not the hearing
instruments – who decides what to focus on. The technology will find the most intense
speech signal and ensure that it is clear and audible. But unlike other binaural processing
technologies, it doesn’t automatically assume that this is the sound of interest. Instead,
Binaural Directionality enables the hearing instruments to dynamically adjust microphone
settings and choose the optimal directional pattern to suit any environment. This provides
users with the information they need to instinctively react and tune in to the sound they
are interested in. Using device-to-device communication to deliver the best speech
understanding in noise plus a more natural sense of surroundings.
By supporting true binaural processing, the Binaural Fusion™
technology in ReSound Verso™ allows users to react, respond and
engage naturally with the world around them.
With Binaural Fusion, the hearing instruments work as one system, using our unique
2.4 GHz wireless device-to-device communication. They constantly compare notes to
dynamically analyze the sound environment and exchange and balance every piece of
input. Then the instruments automatically and seamlessly apply the optimal microphone
mode, noise reduction and gain settings for every type of listening environment.
This provides optimal support for true binaural processing, which is naturally done
in the human brain. Users get clear speech understanding and full awareness in all
Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II
– In sync with surroundings
The new, highly sophisticated Binaural Environmental Optimizer II is more accurate and
personalized than ever before. It uses device-to-device communication to dynamically
exchange, analyze and balance every piece of sound input. Every listening situation is
accurately classified with respect to seven different environmental categories – the most
detailed classification offered by any manufacturer. The instruments then automatically
adjust gain for optimal audibility. And our industry-leading Noise Tracker™ II sets the most
appropriate level of noise reduction for optimal listening comfort in every environment.
Giving users the best audibility and comfort for what they want to listen to.
In addition to Binaural Fusion, ReSound Verso features Synchronized SoftSwitching™ as
well as Synchronized Push Button and Synchronized Volume Control for precise alignment
of both instruments. This ensures a seamless hearing experience.
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Although we’ve had the industry’s best feedback suppression system for
years, we’re always looking to improve it. In ReSound Verso™, we break
new ground again.
DFS Ultra™ II sets a new standard with even better sensitivity to distinguish feedback from
high-frequency sounds. Thanks to our unique two-filter feedback cancellation system,
the hearing instruments perform the most refined feedback management on the market.
Unlike other feedback systems which use the calibration for limiting gain only, DFS Ultra II
uses the calibration procedure to set a static filter. This optimizes the system’s performance
in cancelling feedback. Better precision and scaling in DFS Ultra II allow the adaptive filter to
cancel feedback more accurately than was previously possible.
Users can now enjoy extra comfort, better audibility and all the subtle nuances of rich sound.
Even in the most challenging situations such as listening to music and using the phone.
Music as it was meant to be enjoyed
The new Music Mode™ setting in ReSound Verso gives users a clearer, richer
distortion-free music experience, thanks to more thorough sound input analysis.
High and low notes are reproduced with remarkable clarity, and music sounds
like it should. For users who have experienced issues with ringing or chiming
artifacts when listening to music with other hearing instruments, Music Mode
can make all the difference in the world.
A more natural phone experience
In combination with DFS Ultra II, the unique Comfort Phone™ feature gives
people easier and more comfortable phone use. The PhoneNow™ program
detects when the user holds a phone to their ear, and the new Comfort Phone
feature uses wireless communication to adjust settings in both instruments. On
the phone ear, the user will experience vocal quality and clarity like never before.
On the opposite ear, the volume automatically decreases, without blocking out
other sounds. So users can focus fully on their phone conversations and still be
aware of what’s going on around them.
Many needs
– one complete
The new IIC – for ultimate discretion
ReSound Verso IIC is the advanced custom hearing instrument that virtually disappears
on your customers’ ears. Many of our most advanced features are available in this highperforming and very discreet solution. Due to the deeply recessed faceplate, it conforms to the
ear naturally and takes full advantage of pinna and ear canal acoustic cues to provide better
localization and speech understanding in noise.
With this model, even the most cosmetically conscious users will be able to get an almost
invisible, tailor-made hearing solution with all the sound quality benefits of ReSound Verso.
And the inconspicuous fit on the ear and simple handling make it a perfect choice for
active lifestyles.
New S-receiver
New NP-receiver
New HP2-receiver
Greater receiver-in-ear offering than ever
There is no average user or typical listening day. So to help you meet
your customers’ individual needs and style preferences, ReSound Verso™
comes in a full line-up of models – from the new ultra-cosmetic IIC to the
top-performing high power BTE. Our dedication to great design means
that every model is sleek, ergonomic and durable – for optimal comfort
and discretion.
ReSound Verso RIE models balance cosmetics and high performance. Now, more users can
experience the robust and reliable benefits of an RIE model, thanks to three new receivers: High
Power, Normal Power, and a, smaller S-receiver option for users with very small ear canals. This
gives you greater flexibility to ensure that each RIE fitting provides performance, cosmetics and
Durability – inside and out
Color options for Behind-the-Ear and Receiver-in-Ear models:
Color options for Standard Custom and Custom Remote Microphone models:
Every ReSound Verso model is protected by iSolate™ nanotech – a unique water
repellant coating that provides unmatched moisture protection and great durability.
iSolate nanotech coats all components of the hearing instrument – both inside and
outside – with a thin protective layer that shields them from moisture and corrosion,
without affecting their performance. Moisture, oil and debris coming into contact with
any part of the hearing instrument simply roll right off.
For users, this means increased durability and fewer repairs. For you, it means more
satisfied customers.
A full scope
of unrivaled features
Faster and simpler fitting
To match your customers’ needs and preferences, ReSound Verso™
comes in our two highest technology levels, with all the features you
expect for the best performance.
ReSound Verso™ 9
ReSound Verso™ 7
ReSound Range™ II chip
2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
2.4 GHz Device-to-Device Communication
Surround Sound by ReSound
WARP™ compression – number of bands
ReSound Aventa® 3.4 fitting software makes it easy and simple to
provide your customers with a hearing experience in perfect balance.
It has been updated with new features and functionalities to ensure
a comfortable fitting experience for you and your customers.
Greater fitting flexibility
Aventa 3.4 introduces three input levels, which enable you to fit your customers with greater
flexibility and more accurate fine-tuning. This helps you accommodate their preferences and
allow for different types of hearing loss and fitting rules. By adding a control to adjust the
moderate input level – in addition to the existing soft and loud input levels – it is easier for you to
find the right balance between complaints that are often conflicting.
Environmental Classifier
Easy and simple
The new Auto DFS™ feature and the copy/paste program functionality build on the Aventa
philosophy of being an easy-to-use fitting software – that saves you time and effort.
NoiseTracker™ II
Personalized Noise Reduction
Truly wireless
When fitting ReSound Verso in Aventa 3.4, you are ensured a professional and comfortable
wireless fitting experience. ReSound Airlink™ uses a strong, direct 2.4 GHz wireless connection,
requiring no uncomfortable cables or intermediate devices for your patients to wear.
Binaural Directionality
Directional Mix Processor
- Adjustable directional mix
Natural Directionality™ II
Synchronized SoftSwitching™
AutoScope Adaptive Directionality™
MultiScope Adaptive Directionality™
Fixed Directionality
Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II
Environmental Optimizer™ II
Environmental Optimizer™
DFS Ultra™ II
- Music Mode™
Auto DFS™
Convenience Features
Synchronized Push Button
Synchronized Volume Control
Comfort Phone™
iSolate™ nanotech
Fitting Features
Gain handles
Fully Flexible Programs
Onboard Analyzer™ II
In Situ Audiometry
A world of
with no strings
ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone
ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip
Hear even more
Every phone call,
crisp and clear
For customers who want to optimize oneon-one communication, the Mini Microphone
streams the voice of the conversational
partner, or sound from any audio device,
directly to their hearing instruments.
For customers who value staying
in touch, the Phone Clip makes
phone conversations effortless.
As part of the market’s most advanced hearing system, ReSound Unite™
wireless accessories extend the range of your customers’ hearing
instruments and help them get the most out of modern communication
devices. So they can comfortably – and naturally – connect to all the
good things in life.
ReSound Unite wireless accessories connect directly to ReSound Verso™ hearing instruments
– with no third device. Our unique wireless technology – based on the 2.4 GHz standard –
makes this possible. Users get crystal clear sound and direct, seamless connection to the world
of communication around them.
ReSound Unite™ TV
ReSound Unite™ Remote Control
Home entertainment at its best
Visual overview,
discreet control
For customers looking for crystal clear,
high quality stereo sound streaming, the TV
streamer transmits directly from audio devices,
while keeping users aware of what’s going on
around them.
For customers who want intuitive,
hassle-free control over their hearing
instruments and accessories, the Remote
Control puts it all at their fingertips.
Get inspired by the full
ReSound Verso™ experience
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ReSound® helps people rediscover hearing. We develop hearing
solutions that emulate the natural ear to let people forget their hearing
loss and that they wear hearing instruments – enabling them to live rich,
active and fulfilling lives.
Now, ReSound breaks new ground again with ReSound Verso™.
A versatile hearing solution that empowers users to tune in to what they
want to hear, so hearing becomes like second nature.
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