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Dominion® SX
How do I enable Direct Port
Access with a Dominion SX unit
running SX3.0 firmware?
Enabling Direct Port Access (DPA) from the CLI in Dominion SX3.0 Attached is a sample run for DPA configuration from CLI.
The following are main steps:
1. Configure DPA mode from Configuration->Services.
2. Configure which port need DPA and type of DPA (TelnetTCP, SSH-TCP, IP ADDR) from Configuration->ports
3. Reboot SX
4. Reapply Configuration-Services settings, for SSH, Telnet to
take effect of DPA settings.
5. Reboot SX
DPA should be functional on 2
Why do I get a “This page
contains secure and insecure
items” prompt when using IE6?
This message may or may not be displayed, depending on the settings of IE6.
Why do I get an “Invalid
certificate message” when using
some browsers?
The Certificate Authority (CA) used by Raritan, Inc. may not be on the CA list
of the browser.
What is the purpose of the
Disable Local Authentication
For security reasons, some users do not want to allow any locally
authenticated users to log into the Dominion SX unit. This option allows only
for remotely authenticated users to log into the Dominion SX unit. This option
should only be enabled AFTER remote authentication has been successfully
tested and configured.
When I Disable Local
Authentication, how come I
cannot log into the Dominion SX
This is because of a couple of reasons:
1) A valid remote authentication source has not been entered.
2) The remote authentication source is not reachable.
The Disable Local Authentication option should only be enabled AFTER
remote authentication has been successfully tested and configured.
Why do I lose connectivity to the
Dominion SX unit after resetting
it to factory default?
By default the unit in factory reset mode enables DHCP to get an IP address.
If there is no DHCP server, it will reset to the IP address with
the username “admin” and password “raritan”.
What settings will be lost when
restoring a unit to factory
All user-entered settings: usernames, passwords, all networking parameters –
including IP address, security profiles, firewall rules, all services, TCP port
numbers for services, idle logout timer, strong password rules.
Why does the Device disconnect
indication not work with all my
devices and servers?
Device disconnect indication requires both hardware (RS232) control signal
support, and the right serial cabling to work. If either of these is missing,
device disconnect indication cannot correctly track the loss of connection to a
serial device. Most, but not all, servers and devices support these control
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does my device show
“Down” in the port access menu
on the GUI and the CLI, but I
can still log into it?
If a device is configured for device disconnect indication, but the device cannot
support the control signal or (RS232) serial cabling is not correctly made, the
device will indicate “Down” on the Port access screen (GUI) and on the CLI,
but it can still be accessible when connected. Disable the device disconnect
indication option to show default indication that the device is “Up”.
How many lines can I cut and
paste with the Dominion SX?
With Release 3.0, the SX is user-configurable and can be set up to copy-paste
an industry-leading 9999 lines.
Where can I get a copy of the
MIB for Dominion SX?
The SX MIB is available from the SX User Interface on the GUI SNMP
configuration page. You can also find on the Firmware, Software and Product
Documentation page for the SX: www.raritan.com/support/dominion-sx
With Dominion SX release 3.0 or
higher, do I still need to type
dominion before I get the
username and password prompt
using SSH/Telnet?
No. Beginning with release 3.0, enter the username in the “Login as:” or
Username prompt.
When I SSH into Dominion SX, I
am unable to log in, even when I
use a local account that I know
works through the web/GUI
[Only applied to firmware releases 2.1 though 2.5] The initial login name for
Dominion SX over SSH interface is dominion (no password). Once this
account is accessed you will see the "Welcome to Raritan Dominion Server"
message and be prompted to enter a username. At this prompt, type the
account that exists locally on the SX or the remote account (this assumes that
the SX unit is configured with remote authentication information).
My Dominion SX has just been
configured with a network
address and I can successfully
ping the SX IP, but when I try to
access it using a Web browser,
the message reads "Page
cannot be found or server error,
please contact System
Check your Web browser settings and confirm that a proxy server is being
used. If so, click on the checkbox to 'Bypass local addresses or configure DSX
IP in the exception list.' Next, make sure the Web browser has 128-bit cipher
strength. From the Help menu, click on "About" to find this information.
When I select the "Send Break"
option from the Emulator menu
in Raritan Console (on my DSX),
it does not send a break to my
Sun server. What could be
wrong and how can I address it?
If the SUN machine does not respond to the break signal, verify that the line
'KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable' is commented out in the /etc/default/kbd file
(on the SUN machine). If this line is not commented out, it will disable a
keyboard abort sequence; comment out this line to enable the sequence.
Is there any software
requirement for PCs connected
to Dominion SX?
Depends. For access using a web-browser, the Dominion SX does not require
any software to be loaded on the client; the browser does have to be Javaenabled. It is 100% operating system independent. When using an SSH/Telnet
client, the customer has to provide an SSH/Telnet client. In some operating
systems, like Linux®, an SSH client is included in the distribution. Also,
OpenSSH.org has an SSH client.
How can I consolidate the sites
where I have a Dominion SX
Raritan's CommandCenter® Secure Gateway is designed specifically to
provide centralized management. It is the ideal solution if you are looking to
consolidate management of devices such as Dominion SX and other Raritan
network-based products.
Is the Ethernet port on the
Dominion SX unit 10/100Mbps
auto sensing?
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the network port(s) on the
Dominion SX be set to 100Mbps
Does Dominion SX support
RS422 and RS485?
No. Currently Dominion SX supports only asynchronous RS232 (also
commonly called serial, even though serial is a broad term that covers more
than RS232). RS 422 and RS485 are used in industrial automation and other
markets. Dominion SX is currently designed for connection to serially
managed servers and other devices typically found in the data-center and
server rooms. This includes serially controlled power strips like Raritan's line of
remote power control units.
Do I need to be a UNIX expert to
install Dominion SX?
Dominion SX is the easiest to install of all the secure console servers on the
market. From power-up, typical time for installation is less than 3 minutes, with
no need to edit files and use the command-line. Dominion SX does not require
an external server to operate.
I have a server/serially managed
device that is more than 90
meters from the Dominion SX how do I connect?
You will need to purchase a 3rd party RS232 to RS422/485 converter for each
end (two units total)-one at the Dominion end and one connected to the
Does Dominion SX provide an
integrated interface that allows
you to view all the Serial devices
that are connected?
Yes, Dominion SX provides a single, consolidated view of all serial devices via
one-sign-on. A single IP address gives access to all connected serial devices
while any Java-enabled Web browser provides terminal emulation. Or, use an
SSH/Telnet client.
Can I open multiple windows
and "tile" to monitor multiple
servers and other IT equipment?
Yes, you may monitor and "tile" as many windows as there are serial ports on
the Dominion SX. For example, up to 32 serial ports on a 32 port unit, 16 on a
16-port unit and 48 on a 48-port unit. This is assuming one (1) user session
per port; in some applications more than one user session per port is possible.
I manage many servers. How do
I select a server to connect to?
From a browser, a simple menu provides the user-assigned name of each
server. Users simply click on a server to connect to its console port. When
using SSH/telnet, the user gets a list of ports they are authorized to connect
with when they log in.
As a user, do I see all servers
connected to a Dominion SX?
No. Each user sees only a list of servers they are authorized to manage/view.
The administrator of the Dominion SX sets up the access privileges to each
server by user group, or under control of privileges from a directory service like
LDAP, Active Directory®, or authentication system - TACACS+, RADIUS, or
Does Dominion SX work with
Raritan's CommandCenter®
Secure Gateway?
Yes, Dominion SX is deployable as part of an enterprise-wide management
solution with Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway; hundreds of
Dominion SX units can be managed via CommandCenter Secure Gateway.
Is the modem used only for
administering the Dominion SX
No. Unlike other products in its category, Dominion SX offers modem access
to administer the box and get to the target servers.
Is a modem standard on any
Dominion SX models?
Many Dominion SX Models with 4- to 48-serial ports include a built-in 56K
modem. Competitors charge for an additional PCMCIA modem; other models
have a dedicated modem port via a DB9-Male connector.
What level of control does
Dominion SX have over
attached target servers?
The remote user has direct command line access and total control of target
devices for maintenance, administration, troubleshooting, and even rebooting.
User rights are only restricted by their log-on privileges on Dominion SX and
the server itself.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the MTBF for the power
supply in the Dominion SX?
350,000 hours. But, keep in mind that the life of a power supply depends on
environmental factors like temperature, humidity, variation in power, and other
What is the ESD (electro-static
discharge) protection on the
Dominion SX serial ports?
15KV (Kilo volts)
Why do I need to use a serial
adapter to connect to some
While EIA published a standard for RS232 on DB25 and DB9 connectors,
there is no standard for RS232 on RJ45 connectors. Also, some
manufacturers have chosen not to follow the pin out assignments of the EIA on
DB25 and DB9 connectors.
Is the Dominion SX unit SUN®
All Dominion SX units are SUN "break-safe" for use with SUN Solaris, and the
units are Solaris Ready certified by SUN.
I have lost my Admin password
to the Dominion SX. Is there a
back door or secret password?
For security reasons, there is no back-door password. The only option is to
restore the unit to its factory default settings. A hardware reset function to
restore the unit to factory default settings is provided.
Does Dominion SX include the
19" rack mount kit or is there an
extra charge for this option?
Dominion SX comes standard with a complete ready-to-install 19" rack mount
kit on the models with 16 or greater serial ports. One 8-port model with dualpower also comes with a rack-mount kit. Some competitors charge extra for a
rack mount kit. On models with less than 16 ports, a rack mount kit is available
as an option.
What remote access connection
methods can Dominion SX
Dominion SX provides multiple choices for remote access. These include:
HTTP/HTTPS, SSH/Telnet, or dial-up modem. That means servers can be
accessed both in and out of band so remote access to mission critical target
servers is always available-even if the network is down.
Which ports need to be open on
the corporate firewall for a
secure console session using
Dominion SX?
Port 443 (for https); optionally port 80 (http) for user sessions. For units
running software version 2.2 or higher, port 51000 (or other port between
1024-65536). On software releases PRIOR to firmware 2.2 (2.0Bx or 2.1.x)
either port 23 or a user-designated port between 2000 and 2400. When using
SSH, port 22 needs to be open. Starting with Dominion SX firmware 3.0, the
TCP ports for HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH are all user configurable. These
user configured ports will need to be open for access. Also, TCP port 5000.
How do I get access to the
operating system of the
Dominion SX?
Dominion SX is a secure appliance. Therefore, NO access is possible to the
operating system.
I have a few serial devices
located a distance away from my
server closet and the Dominion
SX. Can I connect these devices
to my Raritan switch?
Yes. EIA RS232 specifications defined in the 1970s recommend that the
maximum distance serial devices be 10 meters. However, with good cables,
no patch panels, and lower baud rates, customers report success up to 60
How do I upgrade the software
on my Dominion SX?
Use the Administrator option for Upgrade from a menu. The upgrade is done
over the Ethernet port of the Dominion SX. Access to an FTP server is
Are updates to Dominion SX
software free?
Yes. Currently, all software upgrades are free.
Does Dominion SX require any
additional client software?
No. Dominion SX is truly "Plug-and-Play" making installation quick and set-up
easy. It is not necessary to buy any additional client software or hardware. In
addition, no special networking equipment or design is necessary.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
What code-sets does the
terminal emulator in Dominion
SX support?
Dominion SX release 3.0 or higher supports VT100/VT220/VT320 and ANSI
with the following code-sets:
ISO 8859- (Latin-1)
ISO-8859-15— (Latin -9)
What is the name of the terminal
emulation package included with
Dominion SX?
Beginning with Release 3.0 it is called the Raritan Serial Console (RSC). For
firmware releases 2.00 through and including 2.5, it was called
Can I use Dominion SX over a
VPN connection?
Yes, Dominion SX fits into most any network configuration utilizing TCP/IP. Set
up the VPN (typically IPSec) connection then start the web-browser and enter
the URL for the Dominion unit. The session to the Dominion runs transparently
over the VPN tunnel.
The Dominion SX uses the Web
browser to access serial
devices. What are the
advantages of Java-enabled
Web browser access?
For many Solaris /Unix®/Linux system administrators, the de facto standard
for accessing serial hosts is SSH. However, the SSH clients available for
Unix/Linux do not support Apple Macintosh. Additionally, Java-enabled
browsers are available on many platforms, including PDAs and handheld PCs.
The easy "point-and-click" access offered by Dominion SX allows
administrators secure access from any Java-enabled Web browser.
I need an IP-enabled console
switch. Now that Dominion SX
support local (direct) Port
access, beginning with release
2.2, by using the AUATC, can I
connect a Dominion SX to the
Paragon network, instead of
using an SCS232 Console
Switch (or equivalent)?
Yes. Connect the AUATC to the Paragon switch, and connect the AUATC
(DB-25-Male connector) to the Dominion SX (DB9-Male connector) using a
DB25-female to DB9-female cable. Then Enable the local port access (LPA)
feature on the Dominion SX; ensuring that the communication parameters
(baud rate, parity, etc.) matches between the AUATC and the Dominion SX.
What Authentication
mechanisms does the Dominion
SX support?
Local database, RADIUS, LDAP/S, TACACS+, Active Directory, and Kerberos
What Authentication and
Authorization mechanisms does
the Dominion SX support?
Local database, RADIUS, LDAP/S, TACACS+, Active Directory, Kerberos V5.
Optionally, local authentication can be Disabled.
Can the Dominion SX support
Authorization at a per port level?
Yes. Dominion SX can support Authorization at a per port level – via Local
database, RADIUS, LDAP/S, TACACS+, Active Directory, Kerberos V5.
Does Dominion SX support
Yes. Dominion SX supports SNMP traps via the Raritan Enterprise MIB.
SNMP v2 and v3 are supported.
Does Dominion SX support
Yes. Dominion SX supports syslog – to primary and secondary servers.
Can I log every keystroke of a
session (input from user and
response from a server/device)
with a server?
Yes. Dominion SX supports logging over NFS. Beginning with Release 3.0, the
session can be optionally encrypted with a user-defined key.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Dominion SX support
Yes. Dominion SX supports enabling of the telnet daemon on the Dominion SX
unit. Because telnet sends all information “in the clear”, enabling telnet is at
the customers own discretion, and telnet is disabled by default when the unit
ships from the factory. Raritan strongly suggests the use of SSH as a safer
alternative to telnet, since all data is encrypted, including the login sequence.
Can I send an intentional “break”
signal to the SUN Solaris server
when using SSH?
Can I send an intentional “break”
signal to the SUN Solaris server
when using a Web browser?
Can I send an intentional “break”
signal to the SUN Solaris server
when using telnet?
Can I get the buffered off-line
data from a serial port when
using SSH?
Can I get the buffered off-line
data from a serial port when
using telnet?
Can I get the buffered off-line
data from a serial port when
using a Java-enabled webbrowser?
Does Dominion SX support local
(direct) port access for “crashcart” applications in a data
1. Dominion SX supports local port access. Feature is disabled by default from
the factory. Default parameters are 9600-N-8-1. The local port on the
Dominion SX 4/8/16/32 is a DB9-Male.
2. The local port on the Dominion SX 48 port models with a modem is RJ45
Female. For models with two local ports (models without a modem), the 2
local port is DB9-Male.
What are the pin-outs of the
Dominion SX RJ45 serial ports?
Dominion SX Serial Pin-outs
The RJ45 connector on the rear of the unit has the following pinout:
What are the browsers (and
versions) supported?
Signal GND
Please check the documentation or release notes for the specific firmware
version on the SX.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most commonly
used cables and adapters?
Connectivity Table:
This table lists the commonly used Dominion SX hardware (adapters and/or
cables) to common Vendor/Model combinations:
Checkpoint Firewall
adapter and
CAT5 cable
PIX Firewall DB9M
adapter and
CAT5 cable
adapter and
CAT5 cable
HewlettUnix Server
adapter and
CAT5 cable
adapter and
CAT5 cable
SPARCStation DB25F
adapter and
CAT5 cable
Netra T1
adapter and
CAT5 cable
Windows NT DB9M
adapter and
CAT5 cable
How do I install Java?
See the Standalone Raritan Serial Console section of Chapter 5: Port
Configuration and Port Access Application of the Dominion SX User
Is the status of the unit limited by
the status of the device or
equipment to which it is attached
(that is, Server, router, firewall,
load balancer, or other network
No, because the unit is a totally “out of band” solution that runs on its own
dedicated microprocessor.
Can I reset the unit without
losing my settings?
Click Maintenance > Reboot to reset the system.
Even if the target devices to which the Dominion SX is attached are turned off,
you will still be able to access the unit.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I reset the unit back to
its factory-default settings?
Performing a factory Reset returns the Dominion SX unit to its default factory
settings. Be very careful when doing this, because it will erase all the data and
settings on the Dominion SX unit and return it to the state in which it was
originally shipped.
To perform a factory reset, choose Maintenance > Factory Reset
In case you are not aware of the administrative password to log in the
Dominion SX GUI to perform a factory reset, you may want to try resetting
from the Dominion SX hardware. To do so, insert a pin into the RESET hole
on the back panel of the Dominion SX unit and hold for about 15 seconds.
The Dominion SX is then reset to factory defaults.
Does the unit need to be on the
same physical LAN as the client
host during installation and
No, setup can be performed via the SX’s LPA port with a straight serial
Once the physical installation is
complete and my ping query
elicits a response from the unit,
how do I initially access the unit
and begin to customize the unit?
Open a supported network-enabled web browser, type “” in
the address line, and press the <Enter> key.
The system displays the start-up screen for the unit, and prompts you
through the entire set-up process.
Once setup is complete, log off the console, and use the
IP address you assigned during set-up to re-access the unit.
Once I have assigned the unit a
unique IP address, how do I
access the unit in the future?
Can I assign specific port access
to a specific user?
Yes, but only if the user is NOT an Administrator. The Administrator will always
have access to all the ports.
I performed maintenance on my
NFS server, which affected my
Dominion SX port logging. I had
port logging enabled, but I could
not access any port on the DSX.
This is a designed feature. The idea of NFS port logging is to avoid missing
anything on the ports.
Disable port logging when performing maintenance on the NFS server.
Sometimes when I try to log on, I
see a message that states my
“login is incorrect” even though I
am sure I am entering the
correct User Name and
Password. Why is this?
This is a security feature.
What should I do if the browser
returns with the message that
the device timed out?
Try reloading using <Shift-Reload>. If this does not work, check your network
connections and network status.
Open your supported Web browser,
Type the IP address you have assigned to that unit into the Address field
Press the <Enter> key. The login/password screen for the unit will
There is a session-specific ID that is sent out each time you login to the unit.
This ID has a time-out feature. If you do not login to the unit before the timeout occurs, then the session ID becomes invalid.
Performing a <Shift-Reload> refreshes the page from the unit, and not from
the now-expired cache. Similarly, you may close the current browser, open a
new browser, and login again. This provides an additional security feature so
that no one can recall information stored in the cache to access the unit.
You may also want to ping the console or perform a route print (as described
in other FAQs) to ensure that proper network communication is occurring.
If a web page does not load to your browser, there are probably network
difficulties that are preventing the page from loading.
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I upgrade the Dominion
SX software?
Since Release 3.0, Click Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade and fill in the
What if I forget or lose my
Any Administrator can assign any user (Administrator, Operator, or Observer)
a new password if it is forgotten or lost.
Important: If there is only one Administrator, and he/she forgets his/her
password, then the unit must be factory-reset and re-configured from the initial
set-up screen. All saved values will be lost.
Is there any way for me to
optimize the performance of
Microsoft Internet Explorer if it is
my preferred Web browser?
I am having trouble using the
128-bit SSL on the unit. Do you
know what might be causing
To improve the performance of Microsoft Internet Explorer when accessing the
1. Select ToolsInternet OptionsAdvanced from the main menu.
2. Scroll through the list until you see the following items and disable
JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled
Java logging enabled
Java console enabled
It is likely that the browser you are using does not support 128-bit SSL
encryption. Depending on the version of browser installed on your workstation,
you may need to do one of the following:
Install a 128-bit SSL compatible version of your browser.
Upgrade your current browser to be 128-bit SSL compatible.
See the browser manufacturer’s web site for instructions.
Sometimes when I am trying to
dial-in to the unit or when I am
connected to the unit via the
modem and I lose my
If I immediately try to dial-in
again, I can’t get connected.
However, if I wait for a few
minutes, the dial-in is
successful. Why is this?
In this case, “a few minutes” is the key:
The modem has a pre-defined "clean up time" after every connection
ends – it does not matter whether the connection is dropped,
severed, or intentionally closed by the user.
The modem will take about one minute to re-cycle itself to be ready
for the next incoming call.
What’s the MTBF for Dominion
131,566 Hours. Keep in mind that the life of a SX depends on the environment
factors such as temperatures, humidity, variation in power and other factors
How do I select the language
and how many languages are
there that RSC can support?
Open RSC - Emulator - Setting - Display - Language. SX 3.1 RSC can
support four languages: English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
Dominion SX
Frequently Asked Questions
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